Brickbat: It Was Him or Me


The St. Petersburg, Florida, police department has fired officer Matthew Cavinder after he Tasered a 64-year-old man in a wheelchair four times. Cavinder and another officer were answering a call about Timothy Grant trespassing at a store. They ran his name and found that Grant had outstanding warrants. When they arrested Grant, they tried to make him stand up, claiming they'd seen him walking around earlier. While Grant was on the ground, Cavinder used his Taser on him. In his report, Cavinder claimed Grant was resisting with force. But Police Chief Anthony Holloway said body cam video showed clearly that was not the case.

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  1. Going to a concert a few years ago me and my friend are walking past a couple Boston cops having a conversation. One says "You can't use a Taser as a compliance tool" and after a short pause they both started laughing.

      1. The real lie was when he said he had a friend.

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      2. Why would I make something like that up?

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  2. I don't think the revolution will be as funny as these guys think it will be.

  3. Clearly these are the bravest and best among us.

  4. Probably a dick cop move, but still I cannot reconcile these two statements from the short Brickbat:

    he Tasered a 64-year-old man IN A WHEELCHAIR four times......While Grant was ON THE GROUND, Cavinder used his Taser on him.

    1. I don't know anything for a fact except Reason's abject outrage clickbait narration of these stories, but if you tip the wheelchair over on its side, I'd say the person is in a wheelchair on the ground.

    2. "Body-camera footage shows the officers arresting Grant, who is sitting in a wheelchair. Footage shows them attempting to lift him and telling him to stand up."

    3. You are reading way to much into it. "old man in a wheelchair" is likely just general descriptor of the person, not intended as the literal state of being during the actual tasing.

      Years ago, I was at a bar with some friends and a couple of the basketball players from the local JC and their girlfriends. A dude in a wheelchair kept hitting on one of the player's girlfriend and he kept getting pissed and running the guy off (typical drunk dude bullshit posturing). As we were getting ready to leave, the guy in the wheelchair rolled by and made a big show of grabbing the girls ass. She spun to slap him and in trying to back away from her, he ended up falling and rolling out of the chair. The boyfriend then jumped on him and wailed on him till he was pulled off.

      Point is, while he technically wasn't currently in a wheelchair when it happened, that didn't stop everyone from ruthlessly mocking him for years for beating up "a dude in a wheelchair".

      1. Rac got it that makes the most sense.

  5. You never know when electrical stimulation will allow the wheelchair bound to stand and begin to walk.

  6. This firing comes as no surprise to many St. Pete residents who have come out in response to the video and demanded justice for William Charles, who is experiencing pain and suffering after being Tasered four times by a police officer who should not have been carrying one in the first place. wordle website

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