Ohio Mayor Warns That Ice Fishing Will Lead to Prostitution

Plus: Election laws and voter turnout, New York questions Spotify, and more…


Ice fishing promotes prostitution about as much as the Super Bowl does. Hudson, Ohio, is considering opening up the town's Hudson Springs Lake to ice fishing. Mayor Craig Shubert has an unusual reason for being opposed. Opening up the lake to ice fishing would lead to prostitution, Shubert says.

In a city council video that reads like sketch comedy—Shubert's comic delivery would be perfect, if this were comedy—the mayor warns that if you open up the lake to ice fishing, ice shantytowns will follow, and the​​n commercial sex. (Doesn't everyone know that ice shanties are irresistible to sex workers? Nothing like the feeling of fish guts and freezing water to get someone in the mood!)

"If you open this up to ice fishing, while on the surface it sounds good, then what happens next year—does someone come back and say I want an ice shanty?" asked Shubert. "And if you then allow ice fishing with shanties, then that leads to another problem: prostitution."

"Just data points to consider," he added. (Apparently, Shubert doesn't understand what "data points" means.)

That the mayor's comments come this week—Super Bowl week—is pretty perfect. Maybe this isn't reality or comedy but brilliant commentary on another prostitution narrative: the idea that big sporting events, and especially the Super Bowl, are magnets for sex trafficking.

Every year, the idea that the Super Bowl leads to sex trafficking gets spouted by law enforcement and picked up uncritically by some media. This, despite the dearth of evidence for such a claim and that it's been debunked again and again, all over the place. (Check out our list from 2020 of all the times it's been debunked.)

Cops seem to like the Super Bowl sex-trafficking myth because it gives them a good excuse for stings that target adult sex workers and consensual commercial sex. (And the feds like it because it gives them a good pretense for more surveillance and security theater.) But if you follow up on any Super Bowl "sex trafficking stings," you'll see that they just lead to the arrest of a lot of sex workers and their customers.


Research on election laws suggests some fears about them may be overblown. The research, from political science professor Alan I. Abramowitz and the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, suggests limited impact from voting procedural rules of the sort being targeted for change in statehouses around the country:

In the aftermath of the high-turnout 2020 election, many Republican-controlled state governments have passed legislation that Democrats believe will harm their party's voter turnout.

However, voting rules did not appear to have much impact on turnout and had no measurable impact on vote margins at the state level in the 2020 presidential election.

Both voter turnout and voting decisions in 2020 were driven by the strong preferences held by the large majority of voters between the major party candidates.


New York state comptroller sends threatening letter to Spotify. "As we have seen with other technology and media companies who host or publish content, the failure to successfully moderate content on a company's platforms can lead to various reputational, regulatory, legal, and financial risks," Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli wrote in a February 2 letter to the company. He is seeking more information from Spotify about its content rules.

"Last month, amid a wave of artist boycotts, Spotify added content warnings to its COVID-19 content to quell anger at vaccine misinformation hosted on the platform," notes Pitchfork. But "the tweak did little to satisfy critics" like New York's state comptroller. Reuters points out that "DiNapoli has been among a group of influential activists that have successfully pushed for more content oversight at other social media companies."


• The cost of protectionist policies:

• U.S. senators have reauthorized Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) programs, but with a controversial new gun provision known as the "boyfriend loophole" removed. (More about the VAWA and President Joe Biden's role in it here; more about the so-called boyfriend loophole here.)

• Wearing a "fuck the police" shirt isn't cause for arrest, rules the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.

• Facebook's monopoly was always doomed.

• "At the beginning of the pandemic, we were too slow to adapt to changing circumstances. Now we are once again in danger of prolonging the status quo more than is justifiable. It is time to open everything," writes Yascha Mounk at The Atlantic.

• How "machine learning is making fruits and vegetables more delicious."

• Georgia's election investigation has failed, once again to find massive voter fraud.

• Sigh:

NEXT: Ross Ulbricht's First Nonfungible Token

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  1. Ohio Mayor Warns That Ice Fishing Will Lead to Prostitution

    Good and hard.

    1. Anybody that has gone ice fishing will realize that an ice fishing shanty is probably in the running for the worst place to have sex

      1. The obvious winner is sarcasmic's bedroom.

        1. SPB’s basement.

          1. Oof. Think he should just be straight disqualified.

            1. That should be filled with concrete after Forensic Files pays a visit.

          2. Silence of the lambs baby goats

            1. Buffalo Bill's fishing line has a note for Charlie Tuna:

              "It rubs the bait upon it's scales,
              And then gets eat with pasta shells."

          3. Yes, but it's the best place for Pluggo.

          4. Kirkland's mother's basement.

      2. I was in the pool! I was in the pool!
        Do women know about shrinkage?
        I was in the ice shanty! I was in the ice shanty!

      3. What about some place really uncomfortable, like the back of a Volkswagen?

      4. Wouldn't all that knockin' the boots and shakin' the shanty cause the ice to crack and cave in and throw cold water on the festivities?

      5. Second worse, comes in right behind the outhouse!

        1. Where Jerry Falwell was conceived.

          1. And if Falwell had taken an enema, he'd both fill up the outhouse and, according to The Hitch, have been buried in a matchbox.

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    2. Something seems fishy about that prediction.

      1. Imagine the lines you could use on the workers.

        1. Hooking


          Large mouth

          Scales of justice

          Carping on

          1. Luring
            Stringing along

            1. Poling
              Ice hole
              Rod stiffness
              Keeping you hands warm in a fur muff

              1. Felt a tug on the rod

                1. Sounds like somebody's angling with a big worm.

              2. My corks are a'bobbin'! I got somethin'!

        2. I would imagine the most useful pickup line for a hooker is "I have $100"

          1. Oh, buying in bulk I see.

          2. Well look at mr Richie Rich over here.

          3. $100 for an ice shanty BJ?

            "I have $100."
            "You got four friends on the way? I don't make change, baby."

          4. Fuck this im outta here. Ill build my own ice shanty! With blackjack! and hookers!

          5. "I have crystal meth"

          6. Sarc’s mom once came home after working the docks with $100.25. Her then boyfriend asked, “Who gave you the quarter?”
            She replied, “Each of them did.”

        3. Or the "fish stories" you could use with your friends in the shanty:

          "I caught one THIS BIG!"

          Then when word got out abou "fish stories" in shanties, of course, Misek would would be outside breaking the glass and setting them on fire.

        4. Can I put my rod in your ice hole?

          1. That would have resulted in far more than just a fine from an Einsatzgruppen Game Warden.

            1. You like it.

              1. I'd like nothing from you or your ilk. Fuck off, Nazi!

      2. Who knows what they might catch.

        1. Crabs?

      3. But the scales of Justice have weighed in!

    3. They are called "hookers" for a reason...

      1. Yes, we can thank General Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Hooker (Civil War) for that. 🙂

        1. I wonder if the hotel registries of that time had lots of "Johnny Rebs" and "Billy Yanks"?

    4. the mayor warns that if you open up the lake to ice fishing, ice shantytowns will follow, and the​​n commercial sex.

      And mara-ju-wana, which is bad, Mmm-Kay? Just like the song says...

      Shanty--Jonathan Edwards 1971
      (Not the one who wrote the sermon "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God.")

    5. Let's hope Mayor Clowncar doesn't find out about motels.

    6. Mayor Shubert: "Do you have dry, normal, or oily hair?"

      1. Biden can sniff that out for you.

      2. Now I'm gonna have to DuckDuckGo that one. I haven't had to look up something after a joke since Dennis Miller's hey-day.

        1. You won't find it because I got it wrong. Here's the actual quote: "Would you say your hair is normal or dry?"

  2. I say we boycott Reason until they get commenting fixed and buy Wordle out from under the NYTimes. WHO'S WITH ME?

    1. Someone wasn't first....

      1. Someone has never been first...

        1. Keep your personal problems to yourself.

    2. It would be awesome if all the right-wingers here who criticize Reason on a daily basis, and brag about how they don’t subscribe to Reason or donate during webathons, would boycott her comments. Not sure why Reason would miss any of them, or care whether they ever come back.

      1. It would be awesome if you stopped shitting up the boards with your squawking.

      2. If you think Fist is a right-winger, you should really try to pull your head out of your ass.

      3. "or donate during webathons"

        I donated during the last webathon, but look at White Mike try to disenfranchise everyone he disagrees with, based on his suppositions.

        What a piece of garbage.

  3. Ohio Mayor Warns That Ice Fishing Will Lead to Prostitution

    It's all about the hole in Ohio.

    1. "That's when the whores move in . . . "

      Oh wait, that was Sandusky, OH.

      1. Underage whores you say?
        I wait that was Jerry sandusky

      2. Gillty as charged.

        1. That pun is well worth a fin or two.

  4. You must register with the state and use your assigned racial emoji.

    Ten years from now it will be required to be sewn on your clothes.

    1. Fuck NPR.

      1. You remember NPR a decade ago, when on a weekend you could listen to the oddball shows a word a day and pairie home companion/live from here, and it was sometimes good, sometimes a little hokey, but a respite from the weekly news cycle leftist shit?

        No more. I can't remember turning on NPR, even on a Saturday afternoon when I might be driving to a place half an hour away, where it wasn't some vocal-fry female voice handwringing about how everything is racist, sexist, mosogynistic, transphobic... and somehow they are probably still complaining about Trump.

        I'm sure hidden brain or word a day are still on, but I don't know when. NPR isn't even one of the buttons on my radio in the truck anymore.

        1. Trump broke so many people.

        2. "Hmm!...Hmm!...Hmm!..."

    2. I use the dark skinned emojis on purpose even though I'm almost as white as Elizabeth Warren

      1. If your sex and gender are mutable on whim, why not race and ethnicity?

        1. You could also go with the whole "I don't see color" angle, if they've got a problem with the black dude emoji they're the racist.

          1. If you don't see color then you are the worst kind of racists.

      2. I do too and have since my iphone 5.

    3. What about the poop emojis? Poop comes in a wide range of hues too.

      1. If your poop is brown, you're a racist.

  5. However, voting rules did not appear to have much impact on turnout and had no measurable impact on vote margins at the state level in the 2020 presidential election.

    It's more about sowing doubt for the upcoming electoral slaughter.

    1. Google, how many days to midterm elections?

      Google says 271 days.

      1. Google says 271 days until you cast your vote for the loveable progressive who will bring utopia, and oppose the evil Republicans and libritarians that want to enslave you and kill you

        1. Wait, if I vote L and we win, I get some slaves? How many?

          1. No no no everyone is a slave and dead at the same time, don't you even prog bro?

      2. Early voting starts in 241 days.

        Remember: vote early, vote often.

        1. And tell your dead friends.

  6. "Archives Found Possible Classified Material in Boxes Returned by Trump
    The National Archives consulted with the Justice Department about the discovery after the former president sent back documents that he had improperly taken from the White House when he left office."

    Lock him up!

    1. Was the any silverware missing ?

    2. We were assured this is no big deal.

    3. The boxes contained items taken from the White House’s residence during a hasty exit after Mr. Trump had spent the bulk of the presidential transition trying to find ways to stay in power, according to two people familiar with the process of how the boxes were returned. At the time, Mr. Trump’s aides were either preoccupied with helping him overturn the election, trying to stop him or avoiding him.

      The Washington Post reported earlier that Mr. Trump had handed over the boxes to the National Archives.

      Other items in the boxes were reams of news clips printed out for Mr. Trump, as well as at least one item of clothing, the people familiar with the process said.

      Fuckin' mens rea, how does it work?

      The proper parallel here would be if Trump ordered the materials taken, then destroyed them, then sent a picture of the documents back to the Archives as a final "fuck you, I'm untouchable."

      There's also another, small difference (from the Times article):

      Mr. Trump faces questions about his handling of classified information — a question that is complicated because as president he had the authority to declassify any government information. It is unclear whether Mr. Trump had declassified materials the National Archives discovered in the boxes before he left office.

      1. You mean if he had wiped it with a cloth?

      2. as well as at least one item of clothing

        Blue Dress?

        1. The devil, you say!

          1. Good Golly, Miss Molly!

      3. Anything the WaPo says should be taken with a few grains of imported salt from the Himalayas. Why not the N.Y. Times ?
        The press can't be trusted with anything not even to report on an ice fishing contest.
        Just ask Brian Stelter.

      4. It's not nice to pick on the 'tarded.

      5. What Joe Friday didn’t mention, and I’m kind of surprised he didn’t, was Trump’s habit of ripping up documents that were supposed to be preserved.

        1. That's a non-issue and you know it.

          Nothing that comes to the president's desk is the only copy. Aside from all the electronic files, there would be multiple copies with his secretarial staff and bureaucrats. Unless he ripped a document after signing it but before any copies or scans were made, there is no loss whatsoever (and in that case, it would simply be an unsigned document).

          No one cares about a single copy of a document being ripped up for dramatic effect. What we care about are records being deleted from official archives en-masse. Especially documents that are destroyed after subpoenas are issued, which would get you or I incarcerated, but the Feds seem to do routinely.

          1. Don’t agree that it is a non-issue.

            Don’t think you actually know for a fact that there was a copy of anything coming to his desk. Especially if it was a memo from White House staff or one of Trump’s circle of unofficial cronies such as Giuliani, Pillow Guy, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, etc.

            1. You have a mental illness

            2. He should have just wiped them, like with a cloth.

            3. Don’t think you actually know for a fact that there was a copy of anything coming to his desk.

              Actually, yeah, there would--the originals are on the computer terminals of the people who sent the paperwork to him.

              Figured an autistic tech bugman like you would know about these sorts of things; are you really stupid enough to believe that typewriters are still being used?

        2. I heard he then burned them in a garbage can by the air intake
          for the heater of the Democrat caucus, thus increasing global warming in the halls of congress

        3. You mean like what Nancy did after President Trump's 2020 SOTU address?

    4. Why? We've already set the precedent that this isn't necessary and that a strongly-worded letter from the head of the FBI is all that's required.

  7. New York state comptroller sends threatening letter to Spotify.

    Someone is looking to make a name for himself in the DNC.

    1. Hey, nice website ya got there……..

      1. DiNapoli does sound Sicilian.

    2. Build your own state regulatory agency!

    3. Since I'm listening to Joe talk to Josh Dubin from the Innocence Project, that jives. The DNC doesn't like releasing innocent people.

  8. Well, at least now I know why my in-laws are always going ice fishing.....

    1. Bring on the fish porn.

        1. Be alert for catfish.

      1. You mean prawn, right?

      2. Blowfish.

        1. Blowfish are ocean dwelling. But in Ohio you might find White Suckers, Hog Suckers, Carpsuckers, or a Bigmouth Buffalo.

          1. What about The Mudshark


          2. Or if you swing that way, the Rainbow Darter.

        2. FU gu!

          1. A.k.a. Puffer Fish.

        3. Who gives a Hootie about Blowfish?!

    2. That's one excuse for the smell.

      "Honey, that's not glitter, that's fish scales."

      1. "Honey, that's not glitter, that's fish scales."

        Skeptic wins the internetz.

      2. Like the T-Shirt at Myrtle Beach said: "If It Smells Like Fish, Eat It!"

    3. Imagine being more naive than the naive kid staying with his Grandparents in the Downy Wrinkleguard commercial.

  9. But "the tweak did little to satisfy critics" like New York's state comptroller.

    At some point they will realize that appeasement doesn't work.

    1. It will be right around the time that Neville Chamberlain finally figures it out.

      1. Herr Misek chortles unwholonely

      2. Uh, he's dead, so nothing and no one to figure out.

  10. Spotify is a prive company that can do what they want. They are privately censoring views, that private government workers are privately treating private action against the private company. So nothing to see here
    Did I "reason" correctly

    1. Are you interested in serving your country on the Supreme Court?

  11. The cost of protectionist policies...

    Small price to pay for the votes and donations.

    1. “Right now, every signal that we’re seeing is positive,” CEO Chip Bergh told analysts."

      Levi Strauss & Co. raised prices last year by roughly 7% above 2019 levels because of rising costs, including labor, and plans to do so again this year. Even so, the San Francisco-based company has upgraded its sales forecasts for 2022.

      1. Oh, raising prices by 7% sure seems as a positive.

        Do you even think before you post?

        1. I got you. I didn't say that and I didn't appreciate that statement either. That's how the corporation described the situation. They are loving it.

          1. Yeah. All corporations love rising costs.

            1. Why are costs rising?

              1. Because the government printed (and spent) an additional $2 trillion or so last year. They artificially raised the supply of dollars in circulation.

                Because the government's pandemic shutdown policies of the last two years are finally catching up to us. They artificially lowered the supply of goods and services.

                Because we trade dollars for goods and services, and one is artificially high in supply, and the other is artificially low in supply, what do you expect to happen?

                1. Well, once the feds take over distribution of goods (based on equity and social justice, no doubt), inflation will be over.

                2. I expect the working class to eat the imbalance like a good Republican.

                  1. It wasn't Republicans raising the supply of dollars or shutting down the economy.

                    Why did it seem, for the past two years or so, that Democrats, those stalwart champions of the working class, did just about everything imaginable under the sun to alienate those people? How many urban-suburban pajama-class white liberals just assumed everyone else on earth could just work from home like they did?

                    1. I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed that right after the election, the Democrats have stopped asking how to help Main Street during the pandemic. One could almost think it was simply a ploy to get votes!

                    2. And this is exactly the attitude of Stroodle and the pajama liberals. Let them eat cake (or Uber eats).

                      They never think for a second that others might not have it as good. The way Stroodle has talked about stocks in the past is also telling (though he is probably just playing internet tough guy). "I had a killer year so if your poor and inflation sucks sorry you got rekt, get better at stocks bro". "I made 20% on my investments, why should I care that inflation is 10%?!"

                    3. Because, as OBL's First Law states: The Democrats are the party of Billionaires and will do whatever those billionaires tell them to do.

                    4. The Republicans absolutely added to the supply of dollars. Trump was even insistent that his name be on stimulus checks.

                    5. Trump and the Republicans spent too much money when they were in power. The one thing that establishment Republicans and Trump have in common is that they are not fiscally conservative enough. (Or in Trumps case, much at all). It's not like the Democrats were trying to rein them in, though. Dems wanted to spend even more money, just on a different wish list.

                      But here, take a look at this graph from last week's Stossel video and tell me something has not changed in the past year or so:


                      Michael Mann couldn't make a hockey stick graph that severe.

                      Progressive / Democrat policies cause inflation. Printing extra money like it doesn't matter causes inflation. Borrowing money to spend on temporary shit you decide is 'infrastructure' causes inflation. Randomly shutting down large sectors of the economy and disrupting people's ability to be productive causes shortages of goods and services, which causes inflation.

                    6. Republicans AND Democrats overspend and cause inflation.

                    7. Yes, Mike, for the thousandth time:

                      Republicans are bad.

                      Democrats are worse. Far worse in most cases.

                    8. Don’t disagree that Democrats are worse than Republicans on spending. But it is a distinction without importance, since both parties are bad enough on spending that neither is worthy of support.

                  2. Progressive policies lead to inflation, yet you still try to find a way to blame Republicans. Do you ever just feel embarrassed by your blatant partisanship?

                    1. It's hard for someone that stupid to feel embarrassed about anything.

                  3. Here is the dirty secret, the working class is what makes your life possible. Who delivers and produces your goods? Who maintains the roads? Who grows and processes your food? If we rebel, we will have fuel, transportation, shelter and food, those of you living in the cities, working a white collar job will be starving without fuel, without food, without water etc. You mock us, but you will find out what all elites find out when the working class gets tired of elitism. And it never turns out well for anyone, but especially not for the elites.

                3. It’s like the government decided to shoot the economy with a shotgun in the chest, and then used a defibrillator to stimulate it.

                  That’s now how reality works.

              2. Stop being retarded.

          2. Stroodle.........

            Do you even know what the Produce Price Index is? And how it effects business? And why it doesn't matter what CPI is in regards to a business if PPI increases at the same rate?

            Again... do you think before you post?

            1. Not everyone loses. There's a winner for every loser. When the stock market sells off the money doesnt just vanish. It may feel that way if you're the broke dick losing the money but there's a rich dick out there collecting your loss

              1. Okay, so you don't understand economics.

                Thanks for letting us know.

              2. You understand nothing.

              3. Yes, because during massive sell offs like say October 1929, there were so many rich "dicks" who cleaned up? Wait, there wasn't. Yeah, figured you were just spouting shit without understanding.

              4. Stop being retarded.

                1. He is well into 'criminally stupid' territory.

              5. Yes. The winners are the people who are close to the ones running the literal money-making machine. Everybody else pays for their 'win', that's why we're so fucking against it.

                1. unfortunately, this is always the tale of socialism/communism. Stroodle just has never read a history book

              6. When the stock market sells off the money doesnt just vanish.

                Wait, do you seriously believe this? A stock is purchased at $75 and is later sold at $65 and no money is lost?

                Who do you think got the benefit of the $10 difference?

              7. LOL! 1929 on line 1.

          3. From the article:

            “Even so, the San Francisco-based company has upgraded its sales forecasts for 2022.
            “Right now, every signal that we’re seeing is positive,” CEO Chip Bergh told analysts.”

            He’s saying that sales forecasts are positive for 2022. He’s not saying “we love inflation and feel positively towards it!”

            1. Pants sales may end up slacking.

              1. Maybe Biden can give them a leg up with some stimulus.

                1. They want to pocket the profits and hem in their competition.

                  1. It would seam that way.

                    1. That one left me in stitches.

                    2. This is turning into a long thread. We have a lot of material to work with.

                    3. Are you suggesting we should button this up?

                    4. Just zip it already.

                  2. Their corporate greed is truly unseamly.

                    1. This calls for fisty cuffs!

              2. Maybe he can kick them in the seat of the pants with more unseamly high stimulus in package

                1. When it comes to Brandon the seat of his pants very much Depends

              3. Dave Letterman hardest hit.

    2. LOL

      We already knew Washington Examiner should be classified as a operation. Unfortunately the formerly respectable AP has now joined that category.

      BREAKING: Inflation soared over the past year at its highest rate in four decades, hammering America’s consumers and wiping out pay raises. The Labor Department said that consumer prices jumped 7.5% last month compared with 12 months earlier.

      The only explanation is that Putin is blackmailing almost the entire American media and forcing them to spread anti-Biden misinformation.


      1. The Washington Examiner is a political operation. It's not journalism.

          1. I feel sorry for you.

            1. I don't care how you feel at all. You mean nothing to anybody.

              1. Is that projection? Are you lonely?

                1. Says the person who has no problem quoting Vox, MSNBC etc.

                2. No, it isn't projection Pee Wee Herman. It is a description of your life.

                  1. When Pee Wee Herman went to court, he didn’t have a lawyer. The judge asked if he would like to have a public defender assigned to his case. Pee Wee replied, “I’ll handle it myself.”

      2. is blackmailing almost the entire American media and forcing them to spread anti-Biden misinformation.

        We're calling it MDM now.

        1. *GROWL!* *GROWL!*

          No wait! That's the movie company MGM. Isn't MDM rhat drug Ravers used in the Nineties?

    3. Inflation is always profit.

      1. Stroodle seems to imply that in his post.

        1. Strazele seems to be gunning for SPB's position as OBL's preferred comment board economist.

      2. The money doesn't just disappear. There's more it in my bank account and less of it in your broke dick account.

        1. More of something that is worth less is not a gain.

          1. Property is worth more. Debts are cheaper. Profits are great. This is fucking awesome if you're positioned to reap the benefits. If you're on fixed income and you don't own much well that's a different story but we're all live and let die libertarians here I thought. If people would just die then they wouldn't have to worry about paying the bills.

            1. Consumer spending power decreased by 2.4% last year...

            2. Why not just come out and admit you are a communist?

              1. Because I'm not. It's the biggest joke in the world to even mention communism in a country like this. You're so brainwashed by big money. It's adorable.

                1. No, the only joke is your economic "understanding". My 5th grader understands economic reality better than you.


              1. Company After Company Reporting Record Profits As U.S. Economy Reopens

                Shipping company Maersk sees record profit as demand surges


                1. May we return to the era of the Continental!

                  1. Only if it's Platinum, Gold, or Silver. But keep the motto, which was not "In God We Trust" but a more Libertarian one: "Mind Your Business."

                2. So that’s a no on stopping?

                3. They reported profits at the beginning because they had back inventory, but now that production costs have gone up, their profit margins have gone down. As for a shipping company making profit as companies scramble to replenish inventory... If you can't understand the fundamental involved with that, it wouldn't help to explain it to you, because you are beyond help.

                  1. A friend was bitching about a surcharge from a shipping company to get something from Germany. Got me thinking.

                    1. Unprecedented demand.
                    2. Problems with staffing (multiple reasons, including the whole world just went through Omicron)
                    3. Fuel prices are climbing, oil is staring at $100 a barrel so it's not getting better soon.

                    Staffing up for global shipping like DHL/Fedex/UPS includes... pilots of jumbo jets. Drivers of trucks (including long haul, not just delviery), and other pretty heavily in demand professions that require substantial training. Etc.

                    The mind boggles at how tough it probably is to expand all that. For Christmas or a short surge like that a lot of the help is labor, loading trucks, ridealongs to help delivery, last mile stuff. But when you're completely booked and 10% of your pilots and truck drivers go out sick for a week, you can't replace them with college kids looking for a temp job. And there's no escaping the price of gas, diesel, and jet fuel.

                    1. We are reaping the fruits of decades of "everyone must get a four year degree" mentality. We are short drastically in several key technical blue collar jobs, welders, machinists, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators etc. And the average age of workers in most these fields is over 45. This is also a major problem for farming and ranching, but the average age of these fields is actually quite a bit higher.

                      Some states are getting the memo and actually doing something to promote trade and tech schools. But at this point America is facing a critical shortage of economically important, well paying blue collar workers and very little is being done to address it. In fact one party has completely turned it's back on these workers and now openly mocks them.
                      I was reading a piece yesterday on how AI will not replace the need for these workers, but will replace a lot of white collar jobs help currently by white collar professionals. The constant drumbeat that robots will replace these workers hasn't yet played out and doesn't appear likely in the near future.
                      America's ruling elite made a gamble that the trends of the 1980s would persist indefinitely and that the answer was conveying over to a service and managerial economy. That gamble has weakened us and left us in a bind. Luckily, no other wealthy country is doing any better, especially China, which is actually doing worse.

                4. When inflation is the highest it’s been in 40 years, everything will be a record.

                  Yeah, a bottle of coca-cola is more than 5 cents! Record profit!

                5. Now if they could just unload all those container ships parked off shore from L.A. and if those containers weren't being broken into by homeless drug addicts and the contents emptied out.
                  Those flat screen TVs look really great inside a homeless tent. I bet they can get 100 channels off the air.

                6. And here stroodle proves he doesn't understand how inflation effects money.

            4. And democrats have been running the show for a year now.

              Get ready to own it come November.

            5. Is property in Cities run by "Progressives" worth more?

        2. Quite believable, captain 1040-EZ.

        3. Wtf is a broke dick account and why did you feel the need to share something so personal of yours?

          1. Democrats and leftist used to at least pretend to be the party of the workers and downtrodden. Now, they openly mock them and anyone not from the upper Eastside, at the same time questioning why the people they mock "are voting against their interests, we know what's best for those stupid, mouth breathing rednecks". Self awareness is not a trait that runs very deep on the left. Then again if it did, they wouldn't be on the left.

            1. The Democratic Party my blue collar, proud union member Grandpa supported his whole life, doesn't exist anymore. Hell, Truman would probably be a liberal Republican today.

              1. It really is true. Has been for quite a long time, judging by where the riches billionaires tend to pitch their political tent.

                Unions represent school teachers and other government employees now much more than blue collar. They still own the Democrats, looking at where 95-99% of union contributions go, but they definitely are focused differently than in your grampa's day.

              2. If Truman were alive he'd have been cancelled for sending mean tweets letters.

            2. In longer form:


              In one recent display of moon logic, the Canadian activist, writer and self-described socialist Nora Loreto complained that “labour” was invisible in the resistance to the “fascist” truckers that had occupied Ottawa. An exasperated comrade chimed in with a story of being a shop steward for a teamster (truck driver) union, and — horror of horrors — the painful truth was that many teamsters were more likely to be in the protest themselves than protesting against it.

              The exchange is modern Western Leftism in a nutshell. Is there a single better illustration of the contradictions of the moment? An “activist” and organiser” recoiling in horror at a bunch of truckers — people who work in the real, material economy, ferrying the foodstuffs and goods we all depend on to survive — staging a political protest, only to then ask “but where is the organised working class in all of this?”. Isn’t it obvious to the point of parody that the workers are the people inside the trucks?

              1. Yeah, Labour in both the UK and Canada has definitely abandoned it's working class background, the same as the Democrats in the US. Now, most party members would be appalled at actual workers showing up at a party meeting.

                1. Yeah, Labour in both the UK and Canada has definitely abandoned it's working class background, the same as the Democrats in the US.

                  Labour never HAD a 'working class background' Nor did the Democrats--they're the party that fought FOR slavery--even today they keep writing laws designed yo give people the profit off the labor of others.

                  The left pretends to 'working class' for the sole purpose of being the hand that holds the whip, of ruling over them. They use a false 'worker' skin to mask themselves when their disdain becomes too obvious.

                  Why, how could anyone not see this?

              2. Obviously, someone can't count which ones are the real 99 %.

              3. This isn't a new phenonium. In the late sixties the dems were split between the hardhats and the progs. In 72 they made their choice and threw the white working class under the bus when they went for McGovern. The blue collars drifted off to the Republicans and were a big part of Reagan's win.

        4. God, even your insults are retarded.

  12. They should make the yellow hand have 3 fingers so it's a Simpson's hand. I identify as a Simpson's character.

    1. So we know you not Indian.... Rip apu

      1. Turns out the Quickie Mart had a secret massage parlor in the back. Quickie Mart.

        1. It was disguised as a fishing shack.

          1. For shacking up.

          2. Quickie Marlin?

            1. Thank you! Cum again!

              1. No, it's "Please Cum Again!" Goodness knows, Apu said it enough.

                I miss Apu. He was the only one on The Simpsons who had any sense.

    2. The real reason cartoon characters have only three fingers is because there was never room in the budget for four.

  13. Reminder, most major banks are now using ESGs in consumer and corporate account decisions. What is ESG?

    “ESG scores take a lot of information into account when it comes to commercial and industrial entities. On a personal level, just as much information is used to create a picture of who you are and how your personal actions influence the world around you.

    Buying a gun, alcohol, or even clothing will all affect your overall ESG score. Not only will your purchases matter, but who you purchase from and how they do business.

    Your political affiliations also factor into your personal ESG score. Aside from the politics in governance, the party you support and even the person you vote for will make your score go up or down based on that person’s actions, policies, and voting habits.

    The type of car you drive, how often, and even how many people are in the car when you drive will also come into play when deciding your score.”

    1. Wait booze is a metric? But if I run on ethonol doesn't that make me environmentally sound?

      1. 2 + 2 = a fifth

        1. Is that Sarcasmic talking to O'Brien in Room 101? 🙂

          1. Your what hurts?

            1. MUTE HIS ASS!

            2. My sides hurt. 🙂

          2. Sarc once got interested in classical music after he heard someone mention Beethoven’s Fifth.

            1. Walter Murphy, call your office!

    2. Meh. Are we using ESG to weight votes yet?

    3. That's why I bank with a Montana owned and operated bank. That and I have a personal relationship with the bank manager, we're in Lions together, and my loan officer (our kids go to the same school). Guarantee this shit won't fly with a Montana operated bank.

      1. Guess who's moving to Montana.

        1. Any number of Californians unfortunately.

        2. Frank Zappa?

    4. Bringing China's social credit system to the People's Republic of America.
      I get it.


      Wokism has transitioned from being simply a bad idea to becoming the most powerful institutional force in global power dynamics

      If you aren't familiar with ESG (aka Stakeholder Capitalism) you desperately need to be, thread...

    6. I'm sure jeff will be along to explain to all us morons why this is a good thing.

      1. I just read a couple of forum threads on this, and you would be surprised at the amount of people who think this is a great idea. Investors love it because Woke money rules the world now, and ESG scores help keep them from losing money. Never mind about the morality, ethics, privacy violations, or potential for abuse, as long as investors don't lose money.

    7. The Rubin Report had an interesting segment with Glenn Beck where ESG came up as a discussion point. Interesting take on what ESG has the potential to become. You might not like Glenn Beck for whatever reason, but it is worth hearing his take on ESG.

  14. U.S. senators have reauthorized Violence Against Women Act...

    In the spirit of gender equality.

    1. They're working on a Violence Against Men Act, but it has a slightly different slant to it.

      1. The Chinaman is not the issue here, Dude.

    2. Wait, are they authorizing violence against women?

      1. If they really wanted equality, it wouldn’t be called spousal abuse. It would just be called losing the fight.

    3. That's a bit sexist using the words "women" and "act" together, isn't it?

    4. Violence

      1. Now do pussy. 🙂

        1. Proclamation

          1. You are....a god-damned national treasure! I wish I had your talent.

            1. Proclamation

            2. Bill

            3. Common

            4. Bill

            5. Act

    5. Shouldn't it be the Violence Against Persons With Vaginas Act?

  15. Now we are once again in danger of prolonging the status quo more than is justifiable. It is time to open everything...

    Their tiger ride has become personally costly. They want to get off.

  16. Canada arrests 78 year old great grandfather for honking in support of the trucker convoy protests.

    1. Violent insurrectionist

    2. Buffalo police officers suspended after video shows them shoving 75-year-old and splitting his head open on the concrete.

      Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said he was "deeply disturbed" by the video of a 75-year-old man being knocked to the ground during a protest.

      1. Oh, that justifies Canada. Thanks stroodle. Did you have a point?

        1. It’s on top of his head.

          1. Leave the Down's syndrome people alone!

        2. No, just reminding you of a more violent assult on an old man protesters and I vaguely remember you mfers defending the cops or excusing them or neglecting to care. But now apparently blocking traffic is free speech. It was run the protesters over when they block traffic but now it's we're so proud of them for blocking traffic. You people are just retarded frankly.

          1. No, we adopted your rules and are making you live by them, and you can't stand it. If anyone is guilty of hypocrisy, it's dipshits like you.

          2. Do you have a citation on anyone defending it?

          3. You REALLY don't like the taste of your own medicine, do you?

      2. Don't worry, it will be regular citizens who split your empty head open

    3. This is even more effective in Canada than elsewhere in the west.

      With their human rights commission already chafing the people, awarding tens of thousands of dollars in damages against comedians for making jokes and other ridiculous overreaches and violations of basic rights by government.

      In that context, having your government lying about racists, insurrection and violence has got to be extra galling.

      I would expect that Trudeau is in real trouble.

      1. Time for him to put on his favorite disguise.

      2. Fuck Justin Castreau

    4. transphobic rayciss Putin nazi!

    5. He might have been armed with a nuclear weapon.

  17. How "machine learning is making fruits and vegetables more delicious."

    Skynet is vegan?

    1. When you're stuck in the battery pod, at least the food will taste good.


    As the SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to kill thousands of Americans each week, bioethicist Parker Crutchfield has suggested a controversial approach to battling the pandemic — namely a “morality pill.” Specifically, he suggests that widespread administration of psychoactive drugs could provide “moral enhancement” that would make people more likely to adhere to social norms such as wearing masks and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

    1. But we will still be fighting the drug war.

    2. "Parker Crutchfield" -- if that really is his name -- has apparently noticed the many people who adhered to social norms after ingesting psychoactive drugs in the 1960s.

    3. See the plot of "Serenity".

      1. Do you want Reevers? Because this is how you get Reevers!
        I'll be in my bunk if anyone needs me.

        1. Reavers ain't too gorram shiny to be moseying up to the bunk over.

          1. Most libertarian show ever, and surprising it's from Joss Whedon.

    4. '...something, something opiate of the masses...'

      1. Or soma

        Huxley was pretty shrewd.

        1. A gramme is better than a damn, afterall

    5. The whole premise, aside from being evil, makes no sense. Masks and social distancing were never ways to stop the virus, just slow it down.

      1. And into the memory hole goes all the admonishment from public health authorities and politicians about stopping the virus.

    6. Just inject people with toxoplasmosis. It makes men more docile, and women more likely to collect cats.

      1. Seems unnecessary at this point.

    7. Sounds like a brave new world.

    8. Will the marketing genius who names this be compelled to call it Soma?

    9. "If you put your mask on, you can have these free drugs."


    10. chemfat radical simp just spit out his Mountain Dew in ecstasy.

      Imagine promoting something like this and thinking you're one of the good guys. The only "morality pill" that elites like Crutchfield deserve is a .45 delivered at high speeds.

    11. "Bioethicist" is one of the biggest oxymorons out there.

  19. You'll own nothing and be happy.

    Stock Picking Shouldn't Be Allowed for Everyone
    Most people who own shares in individual companies don't really know what they're doing. Should the government set more guardrails?

    Markets this year are putting the risk in risk premium. Any asset that typically pays more than a low-risk bond (or zero return) will expose you to losses from time to time, and that happened a lot last month. But that’s the deal: Risk is the cost of potentially higher gains. Some investors take more risk than others. If you face bigger losses than you can afford and don’t get an overall higher return out of it, you need to rethink your investing strategy. And if that describes you, then odds are you own individual stocks. As volatility comes back and the Memestock era ends, it's worth asking: Should retail investors even be allowed to own individual stocks?

    1. There are many people here who feel that the average person is incapable of making the “right” decisions.

      1. Except in the voting booth*.

        Filling out absentee ballots as a favor to your family members, friends, and random strangers is a favor, especially since you help them make the "right" decisions.

    2. Most people who own shares in individual companies don't really know what they're doing. Should the government set more guardrails? ... Should retail investors even be allowed to own individual stocks?

      Let's ease into this kind of thing with a pilot study: Most people who have children don't really know what they're doing....

    3. You know, we should really just confiscate all their money since they are bad with money. Let government decide what they need.

      1. It's not that some people are bad with money and picking stocks, it's that some people are good with money and picking stocks, and it's not fair.

        1. Yes. All stock purchases should be made at random. It's the only way to be fair.

    4. the Party will tell you what stocks you can buy and sell.

      And which ones you are forced to short.
      And which stocks you must boycott.


      1. I think there was a political and economic model that did something similar in the first half of the 20th century. I wish I could remember what it was called...hmmmm

    1. We are truly fucked.

    2. What are they trying to palm off on us now?

      1. We just have to knuckle down and accept it.

        1. More like knuckle up, amirite?

  20. A comprehensive study out of Britain from December 2021 examined data from more than 42 million people who have taken a Covid-19 shot found a noteworthy increase in myocarditis with mRNA vaccines that persisted and increased with every dose and booster. “An association between Covid-19 infection and myocarditis was observed in all ages for both sexes,” the study’s abstract states. “These findings have important implications for public health and vaccination policy.” Indeed they do—especially in light of the questionable way the FDA approved vaccines in kids from 5 to 13 years old, and the pending FDA applications to approve vaccination in babies starting at 6 months old.

    1. February 4, 2022, a CDC advisory committee proposed extending the gap between Covid-19 shots to mitigate the cardiovascular damage of the vaccine.

      Reminder. Jeff has constantly been claiming there is no risk of vaccines at all. Same with Mike. And implied the vaccine related myocarditis is insignificant.

      1. “Safe and effective “
        “No downside”

        1. "stops the spread"
          "only kills the young"

      2. Yeah, that was disquieting, JesseAZ. Either way, you're fucked with the China virus. I think that study will need verification, but the trend is unmistakable.

        1. Supported by DoD data that mysteriously had to be fixed for inaccuracies, but even after fixing still showed a marked increase.

          1. We are learning a hell of a lot with this China virus.

  21. Georgia's election investigation has failed, once again to find massive voter fraud.


    1. "Oh, very well. No *wide-spread* voter fraud."

      1. Look, we already told you before we even started looking that it wasn't wide spread enough to overturn the election. What more do you want from us?

    2. If your first inference of cleanest election ever turns out to be wrong, just change the adjective like that was your claim all along.

      1. Here is the thing any level of fraud should not be acceptable. Even if it doesn't change the outcome, it always has the chance to. If you accept any level of fraud, you'll just get more fraud.

        1. And no we won't be able to eliminate all fraud but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make it as difficult as possible to commit fraud.

    1. How truck convoy supporters like Pierre Poilievre have weaponized ‘freedom’

      More recently, political leaders, and others, with an unprecedented megaphone in the form of the internet and social media, have used the call for “freedom” to promote bigoted, racist and anti-democratic ideas.

      As Elisabeth Anker, a professor of American studies at George Washington University and author of Ugly Freedoms recently wrote in The New York Times: “Today, more and more, laws, caucuses, rallies and hard-right movements use the language of freedom as a cudgel to erode democratic governance and civil rights; these laws expand the creep of authoritarianism.”

      Don’t forget that the organizers of the Freedom Convoy have called for the overthrow of the federal government as well as the rescindment of all COVID-19 mandates across Canada.

      Which brings us back to Mr. Poilievre and his courtship of these folks.

      As a strategy, it does offer a fuel line of support for his leadership bid. The social conservative wing of the party would certainly applaud his freedom mantra and may be seduced into thinking that, in Mr. Poilievre, they have someone who will promote their controversial wish list (see: ban on abortions). Moreover, the freedom cry will be welcomed by the party’s grassroots in rural Western Canada, a faction that is increasingly bitter and angry.

      Whether Canadians more generally will feel comfortable with Mr. Poilievre’s adoption of language associated with Mr. Trump and the worst elements of the Republican party (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marjorie Taylor Greene et al) is highly doubtful. Poll after poll has shown little appetite in this country for Mr. Trump’s divisive, anti-media, autocratic style of leadership.

      1. Check out Pierre Poilievre speeches on YT. Awesome.

      2. There is almost nothing true in that article

        1. Well, it's truly written by a TDS-addled pile of shit.

          1. That Elizabeth cunt is literally pulling the "freedom is slavery" card

      3. "weaponized freedom"

        My god. George III felt the same about freedom I'm sure.

      4. You know who else weaponized freedom?

        1. Tommy?

        2. Marshall Applewhite?

          1. Amazed how both Mike Hihn and squirrel avoided getting roped into that.

      5. During the Potsdam conference, Stalin responded to Truman's and Churchill's demands that the Soviets allow democratic elections in conquered Eastern European countries, as per the Yalta Conference agreements, with "if it isn't fascism it's democracy".

      6. People like Anker use inverted speech as David Icke explains, what ever they say is exactly the opposite of of the truth and opposite of what they are actually saying.
        For instance that woman complains those as she explain , hard right movements use the language of freedom to erode democratic governance and civil rights to expand the creep of authoritarianism.
        Meanwhile those on the left are silencing anyone who dares utter heresies against their woke religion, want government to continue to force restrictions on people through mandates and severely punish any who doesn't acquiesce. It is the woke left that is actually using weasel words to crush free speech, freedom of association and most of all the right to be left alone.
        After all it is the left who support post modernist Marxism, one of the worst afflictions on humanity. So that woman is using inverted speech.

      7. ...have used the call for “freedom” to promote...anti-democratic ideas.

        Freedom IS anti-democratic. Freedom depends on placing basic human rights beyond the reach of the majority.

        ...use the language of freedom as a cudgel to erode democratic governance and civil rights

        Yes, protection of civil rights is a direct infringement against democratic governance. Does Anker know nothing about the history of the US civil rights movement?

  22. ...signals a lack of awareness about white privilege, akin to society associating whiteness with being raceless

    NPR is running out of outrages?

    1. MLK spinning in his grave.

      1. There should be an emoji for that.

      2. He's probably been reduced to fine dust from decades of high-speed spinning.

    2. What if we just use the palms of the hands?

  23. While the Ohio mayor maybe exaggerating the problem just a bit, ENB is equally naïve to think that icing fishing couldn't lead to prostitution due to the cold and smell - hint not all sex workers are DC madams. Where men go, whores will follow.

    1. hint not all sex workers are DC madams

      Yeah, I'm thinking ENB has been paid to have sushi eaten off her naked body or something and found the whole experience revolting.

      The whole joke certainly gives of an astoundingly privileged "I only engage in sex, work, or both when I'm in the mood." vibe.

      1. The idea of ENB's naked body is pretty gross

      2. Where would this be taking place? In what Popeye called "A House of Ill-Re-Pukes?"

    1. The Great Backpedal picks up steam!

      Last year it was ‘Neanderthal thinking’ to lift mask restrictions. This year it’s ‘the right step.’

      What changed, I wonder?

      (Poll numbers)

      1. Workers revolts across the Western World.

        1. Notice how the party of the "workers" is framing actual workers protesting for their rights.

  24. Hospitals refused to treat toddler because his parents were unvaccinated
    Boy, 3, will now have operation in Greece but case highlights ethical dilemmas facing health authorities

    1. Hospitals refused to treat toddler because his parents were unvaccinated in the wrong political party.

      1. Hospitals refused to treat toddler because his parents were in the wrong race.

        Back to the future!

    2. JFree's utopia in action.

      1. It's what gets their little dicks hard.

        1. Maybe LoS will make a deposit in his broken dick account.

    3. the bootlicking socialists' response to this has been horrifying and my opinion of those types was already pretty low

      1. these types during the pandemic have often made me think "oh so thats how they got german citizens to do those things"

        1. Nailed it.


      "Every citizen should be offered vaccination. If they refuse, this is automatically considered a living will to forego treatment in the hospital at the expense of the general public in the event of illness from the virus ..." Welcome to fascist New Normal Germany!

  25. Mandates are going away because Biden saved us, then unelected judges will just put them right back:

    This strategy is spreading b/c it is working

    Judges are forcing counties into mask mandates they do not want based on a revolting reading of the Americans with Disabilities Act


      While all these blue states are celebrating the lifting of mask mandates, bragging about how smart they are, a federal judge is literally sending mask police into Knox County schools to force compliance

      1. holy shit.

        I have been scoffing at the idea of a 'national divorce' but this kind of shit seems designed to try to force one.

  26. I always wondered about those women walking from shack to shack on the ice. It all makes sense now.

    1. And that up-until-now-strange expression: "Shacking up".

  27. Reuters points out that "DiNapoli has been among a group of influential activists that have successfully pushed for more content oversight at other social media companies."

    So government officials are merely "influential activists" now? So that's why laws are now just suggestions that you can choose whether or not to follow? Libertarian moment!

  28. ..."And if you then allow ice fishing with shanties, then that leads to another problem: prostitution."...

    Begins with a P and that rhymes with T and that spells trouble, right here in River City!

  29. "Ice fishing promotes prostitution about as much as the Super Bowl does. Hudson, Ohio, is considering opening up the town's Hudson Springs Lake to ice fishing. Mayor Craig Shubert has an unusual reason for being opposed."

    Somebody's wife has his nuts in her purse.

    1. I'm guessing the Super Bowl has a bit more.

      1. NFL owners have been able to kraft a way to visit prostitutes during the Super Bowl.

  30. "Research on election laws suggests some fears about them may be overblown. The research, from political science professor Alan I. Abramowitz and the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, suggests limited impact from voting procedural rules of the sort being targeted for change in statehouses around the country"

    But what about the impact on fortification?

  31. 'New York state comptroller sends threatening letter to Spotify. "As we have seen with other technology and media companies who host or publish content, the failure to successfully moderate content on a company's platforms can lead to various reputational, regulatory, legal, and financial risks," Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli wrote in a February 2 letter to the company.'

    I wonder if DiNapoli went to Mafia U for his MBA. (Is that racist?)

    1. Totes just a private company action.

    2. the failure to successfully moderate content on a company's platforms

      Who is defining "successfully" here?

    3. Hes from naples, not sicily.

      1. Yeah, no Mafia there.

      2. So was Al Capone

  32. Doesn't everyone know that ice shanties are irresistible to sex workers? Nothing like the feeling of fish guts and freezing water to get someone in the mood!

    So, I can't tell if ENB is terribly naive about fishing, ice fishing, regular work, sex work, or the general nature of people of the opposite sex in confined quarters for long periods of time... or if the lady doth protest too much about having sex in fish guts and freezing water.

    1. Some of these "ice shanties" and "deer blinds" are luxury chalets with heat, generators, kitchens, comfy furniture, and satellite TV. Still, when guys go fishing or hunting, they generally don't really want women around.

      1. Still, when guys go fishing or hunting, they generally don't really want women around.

        Rather than being verbose, I'll just present my favorite fishing channel (probably NSFW but, YouTube) in my defense against *all* the naivete and rest my case.

        1. Holy Shit. So, I've always watched this from my mental 'Gone Fishing' head space. Trying to watch it from a tabula rasa head space, the male portion of my own brain only makes all the "Are you on still?" "Yeah, he's still on there, but I'm weeded up." "Alright he's on too, we've got a double." so much less about fishing.

          Not that I'm complaining.

  33. "At the beginning of the pandemic, we were too slow to adapt to changing circumstances. Now we are once again in danger of prolonging the status quo more than is justifiable. It is time to open everything," writes Yascha Mounk at The Atlantic.

    Ha! Every step they took from the beginning was wrong. Every move they made was wrong. Every word they spoke was a lie. They weren't "too slow" at the beginning, they never should have done a goddamn thing.

    1. Had they just not done anything there would have been no change in COVID deaths, and the economy wouldnt be in the toilet. Inflation would be significantly less of a problem.

      Classic govt. Try really hard, spend lots of money, get worse outcome. The Biden way

    2. …They’ll be watching you.

    3. They should have handled it in the way epidemics are normally handled—quarantine the sick and those exposed to the sick; offer isolation to those at high risk; discourage unnecessary travel; and advise people to avoid situations where transmission is likely, such as sporting events and gyms. Nothing further was necessary, but I can't agree with "they never should have done a goddamn thing."

  34. This whole story smells fishy.

    1. So does ENB.

      1. Did Summer's Eve get caught in supply chain problems?

        1. A Summer’s Eve truck smashed into a Massengill truck. The sound of the crash?

          1. I always enjoy your fresh takes on things.

            1. As long as it stays clean.

            2. I’m flush with them.

  35. “ New York state comptroller sends threatening letter to Spotify.”

    First amendment: violated.

    1. He should be fired immediately.

      Then tarred and feathered and run out of town.

    2. How does it violate the First Amendment?

      1. Sigh….

      2. Government threatening legal actions if a company doesn't comply with the government's request for censorship isn't a 1A violation in your mind? Fortunately for freedom, the USSC is believes differently.

      3. The government isn’t supposed to threaten people for their speech.

        1. I agree, but that is different than saying such threats violate the First Amendment.

          1. Not according to the USSC, it isn't.

          2. And I say they do violate the first amendment.

            1. How?

              1. Because they’re threatening to punish them if they keep exercising their right to free speech.

                1. The threat itself isn't a violation in my view.

                  1. You’re entitled to your opinion, but yours is wrong.

                  2. Now do people being threatened if they vote.

                  3. That’s because you’re an authoritarian.

                  4. Luckily, you don't set on the supreme court. Fucking authoritarian by proxy.

      4. And to think just yesterday you were contending laws stating teachers can't teach racism had a chilling effect.

      5. Also please educate yourself.

        Bantam Books v. Sullivan

  36. So does the author of the NPR tweet on thumbs up emojis want white people to think of themselves and others as a particular race and identify specifically as "white" or is that bad? I think we are getting mixed messages here, and rather arbitrary rules.

    1. Don’t I decide whether or not I’m white?

  37. "At the beginning of the pandemic, we were too slow to adapt to changing circumstances. Now we are once again in danger of prolonging the status quo more than is justifiable. It is time to open everything," writes Yascha Mounk at The Atlantic.
    Just going to wave away the death and destruction caused by the lockdowns and pretend The Science has meaningfully changed, I guess.

    1. The science on COVID-19 has significantly changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Do you think it hasn’t?

      1. No, just like the science behind the Earth revolving the sun has never changed. Only the politics have changed about what the evidence has always said.

      2. It has not. We knew who the vulnerable were since the beginning. We knew the virus was too widespread to stop since April 2020. We knew masks and travel bans didn't work.

        We forgot all that to get Trump out of office. Now the Biden admin has to carefully backtrack and start sounding exactly like the people who have been pointing out this shitshow has been all politics since the start.

        1. “We knew who the vulnerable were since the beginning. We knew the virus was too widespread to stop since April 2020. We knew masks and travel bans didn't work.”

          That is not even close to a summary of what we know about COVID-19 scientifically. Your “scientific” summary is summarizing politics, with barely any mention of any science.

          1. The Diamond Princess cruise gave us all the science we needed to know. Not everybody can catch it. The old and sick are the ones at risk. Nothing has changed since then, except that the virus has gotten weaker - as expected.

            1. That isn’t science. That is hand waving.

  38. ICYMI: Looks like we're going to get a stock trading ban for Members of Congress.

    Of course there are elements in both parties fighting it. But hopefully it will pass in some form.

    1. As I keep saying: A platform of "good government" could really serve third parties well, like the Libertarian Party. Let's face it: in the near term we're not going to get the 90% cut to the government that most of us want. So for the short-term we could at least advocate that the government that we does have isn't a corrupt incompetent cesspool.

      1. That’s an interesting theory, but what are you prepared to do about the part where no one cares what you say?

        1. Like you when you responded to my comment?

          1. I doubt my vote will help you much. That’s my point.

          2. Mocking you doesn’t mean caring.

        2. As a true Party man, he will ignore and this uncomfortable fact and persevere, like the Party itself has done for half a century.

          1. What party do you think chemjeff is affiliated with?

            1. The Libertarian Party, duh. That's the joke..

              1. Got it.

                1. Don't think you actually did...

      2. Jeff, just stop lying about your views. It is pathetic. In the last week you've supported corporate censorship, ruling from elites over citizens, and yesterday's CRT thread was just a laughable defense of indoctrination being hidden from parents.

    2. While government officials using knowledge gleaned from their positions to do insider trading is gross, I have my doubts that banning from participating in markets is a heavy handed, blunt instrument of a solution, that violates their rights as citizens.

      1. Think of it as a condition for employment. There are any number of jobs where a condition of employment is a voluntary restriction of one's behavior. This is no different.

    3. Might be the first place I can find some agreement with you.

      They should be restricted to something more reasonable such as index funds only; maybe less restrictive than that but there clearly needs to be a line.

      Current system gives them way too much incentive to either make policy favoring holdings they have, or buy/sell based on upcoming legislation. Human nature unfortunately.

      But the amount of politicians that hold a bunch of Pfizer stock which they picked up somehow at the perfect time (as well as hundreds of situations just like this) is large.

      Also telling they had to get twitter to cancel the "Pelosi tracker" because somehow she and her husband are beating the hedgies. Who knew we had such a market genius as speaker of the house right?

      1. He is trying to recover a fake veneer from the CRT thread from yesterday. It is the only time he brings these things up.

    4. Just in time for a crash

    5. The stock trading ban seems to me to be unworkable and a violation of basic economic freedom, although I will acknowledge it seems good intentioned.

      1. Well, as they don’t seem to have the ethics to restrain themselves from the same sort of insider trading that landed Martha Stewart some jail time, we have to do something.

  39. At first I thought this was something out of the Onion or Babylon Bee; this mayor was serious. Maybe he's drinking too much cheap beer, or possible cognitive decline like our dear president.
    It's also possible he said that because he doesn't like people fishing out of some distorted view of the save the planet crowd.
    I can't wait for the ice fishing contest that's taking place next week up here as the number of hookers will increase. That is the hookers sitting in their portable shanty and hopefully landing that prized Walleye or Northern Pike. They do bring a little needed cash to the town.
    As far as prostitutes in this town I haven't seen any but you never know what goes on behind closed doors. besides the young "ladies" and I use the term rather loosely would require you to pay twice the going rate as they are twice the going size of the typical hooker.

    1. To fucking bad, your job is to teach not indoctrinate kids.

      1. I guess a story from wasn't a big enough of a giveaway for you.

        1. I remember back when the onion used to actually be funny. They’ve ceded that to the Babylon Bee now.

          1. I was going to say, this is a perfect example of the "left cant meme" meme.

            Unfortunately a huge limiting factor in being funny is you usually have to be willing to make someone at least a little uncomfortable. PC / woke comedy is the most cringe stuff to watch, and this is a great example as to why.

            1. Jimmy's jokes in South Park's streaming specials were absolutely perfect, just for this reason.

            2. Exactly humor is the most funny the closer it is to the edge of blasphemy.

              The left looks of that edge and runs in the opposite direction.

          2. Pretty unsubtle attempt by the Onion to pretend that CRT is only about black people and their history, rather than reworked Nazi Racial Theory.

            chemjeff's repeated attempts to push CRT and pretend it's not actually 'scientific racism', are part of the reason I think he's a literal Nazi.

          3. No no, I get it. A story that mocks the right-wing reactionaries is not funny. A story that mocks the teachers is totally funny.

            1. A story that’s boring isn’t funny.

              “ Ha ha those right wingers they would ban at his teacher for being black ha ha”

              Ha ha indeed.

              1. Lefties can't meme.

            2. Its just more about how comedy / irony / satire works, and the article you put out isnt that. Its basically a sanitized, packaged, DNC talking point you would get on Joy Reids show, with a veneer of "joking". "Hey these racists just dont want to talk about the TRUTH! Ha ha! They cant even admit that a person IS black, amirite?!?" Its something you would see Colbert or Kimmel do. Its hack, its not the least bit edgy. Its party-approved talking point comedy.

              The bee article below is the perfect example of satire / irony. Something that actually happened (you missed that article, somehow...) where a district actually pushing CRT had students, especially minority students, failing it hard. The irony being that despite their best efforts, they are so bad at teaching everything that kids failed it too. It hits that perfect zone of "its funny because we all know its true and arent supposed to say it". Actual funny satire.

              (The irony of explaining jokes making them unfunny is not lost on me here)

              1. You can try to explain it to them, but they really don’t get comedy or humor.

            3. A story that mocks the right-wing reactionaries is not funny.

              It's not that it mocks "right-wing reactionaries" (apparently everyone to the right of Pol Pot these days). It's that it peddles the big lie that CRT is "just conversations about race", whereas it is in fact discredited "scientific" racism from the beginning of the last century.

              The Holocaust demonstrates very well the final results of CRT-type indoctrination. If CRT isn't stopped now a lot of people are going to die and things are going to end very, very badly.

              Misrepresenting the nature of the evil is what's not funny about your "parody", Jeff.

          4. The Babylon Bee is only funnier than The Onion if you are a right winger, who has no sense of humor at all about crazy shit that Trump or the right does.

            1. The Bee's headlines are way, way better at this point, which is all that really counts in the Twitter age.

              They don't exactly treat the Trump brigade with kid gloves, either.

              1. Aww... Don't wreck poor Mike's narrative, Claptrap.

            2. It must suck, going through life with that big a stick up your ass.


          Bad News: Teachers Are Teaching CRT. Good News: They're Teaching It About As Well As They Teach Math

          1. And here, a perfect example of the bee getting the actual zinger in.

          2. Just for the record, neither The Onion article jeff linked to or the Babylon Bee article you linked to were funny. Bofh Sidz!

            1. That's because you have no sense of humor. Like all leftist.

        3. I guess you being in the CRT thread yesterday wasn't embarrassing enough for you.

        4. No, it's a statement of fact. Even if this is poor satire, it's still a fact that their job is to teach not fucking indoctrinate. And it isn't even really satire as the piece is pretty thinly veiled propaganda. It wouldn't be to bad if a teacher got fired for indoctrinating a political view as opposed to teaching. So, the piece isn't even fucking funny, it's just blatant partisanship.

  40. The research, from political science professor Alan I. Abramowitz and the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, suggests limited impact from voting procedural rules of the sort being targeted for change in statehouses around the country"

    I maintain that support for those rules was about 1) shoring up people's confidence in the election results, and 2) preempting attempts by Congress to do things like H.R. 1.

    H.R.1, for instance, contained the following two provisions:

    1) "Prohibit states from requir­ing voters cast­ing a ballot by mail to provide iden­ti­fic­a­tion aside from a signa­ture"

    2) "[It] require states . . . to accept any mail-in ballot post­marked on or before Elec­tion Day if it arrives within ten days after the elec­tion"

    It should be noted that the qualitative preference for voter security is important--even if there isn't any quantitative evidence of fraud. We're talking about political legitimacy here, and if you want to have a January 6 after every election going forward, by all means, don't check the identities of voters and let activists canvas highly Democrat neighborhoods with prepaid envelopes up to ten business days after the election.

    It is often the case that the best reason not to do something is for qualitative reasons, If being force fed brussel sprouts is quantitatively good for you, plenty of reasonable people might object to that for qualitative reasons. Maybe they don't like the taste. Maybe they prefer freedom for qualitative reasons!

    If progressives really cared about whether the American people accept the results of our elections, they wouldn't be pushing so hard to pass laws like H.R. 1 that will only lead to more Americans questioning election results going forward. I care about this country, and I care about democracy--in its proper purview--for qualitative reasons. So, I want election security, thank you.

    P.S. If anything is racist, surely it's progressives who think that black people are too stupid or too lazy to go to the trouble to vote if they have to show up at the polls or show an ID. Those progressives should be called out for their racism every time that shit rolls out of their mouths--and, yes, the stupidity of progressive racism should also be opposed for qualitative reasons.

    1. It's not voter turnout they're worried about, it's ballot turn-in.

    2. 2) "[It] require states . . . to accept any mail-in ballot post­marked on or before Elec­tion Day if it arrives within ten days after the elec­tion"

      Why is this controversial? Once again, why should a voter be disenfranchised because the post office was slow in delivering absentee ballots, or returning absentee ballots to the elections office?

      1. H.R. 1 has some good ideas and some truly awful ideas, but this is one of the good ideas. All states ought to count all absentee ballots that are postmarked by election day.

      2. "Why is this controversial?"

        Why isn't this controversial to you? You want everyone to vote and then you treat that vote like used toilet paper. Vote fraud disenfranchises the voters just as much as literacy tests ever did.

        1. I don't know what was said, but insisting that you explain the obvious to them is a classic shitposting tactic.

          They'll actually brag about being too stupid to understand what you're saying.

          1. Yeah, at this point chemjeff's just here to disrupt and post his bosses talking-points.

          2. That’s cool. Insult chemjeff instead of answering his question. That’s essentially an admission on your part you don’t have a good answer to chemjeff’s question.

            1. If you weren't a complete and utter idiot, you would've known that people you have muted already answered the question.

              If you don't want to listen to some people, don't imagine that everyone else is and then get huffy.

      3. The first step in any audit of votes is to know the total number of votes. You want to make this the last step apparently.

      4. Why is this controversial?

        Because the election is over when the polls close. Why should everyone else wait for the results?

        1. Why would facilitating ballot stuffing with federal legislation be controversial?

          Because a progressive troll is using shitposting tactics.

        2. Either that or he's genuinely too stupid to understand why laws facilitating ballot box stuffing are controversial.

          Assuming he's a shitposter is probably giving him the benefit of the doubt.

          1. If you’re intentionally obtuse, are you dumb or just dishonest?

            It’s like a chicken and egg question with Lying Jeffy.

      5. Why only ten days? Why not a month, or a year? There has to be some standard, people disagree on that standard. Just because you like this standard doesn't make it the golden standard.

    3. Unfortunately for election integrity, representational democracy and freedom, fewer than 20% of Americans could even pass a basic US history and civics test (e.g. understanding the Revolutionary War, US Constitution, Bill of Rights, federal/state/local representative democracy, three branches of government, Democrat Party's Slavery/Civil War/Jim Crow/KKK Racism, WWI, WWII, Communism, the Cold War, 9/11, etc.).

      1. As evidenced by the modern left who labels people fighting for less government, more free markets, less regulations, personal freedoms, fascists. In actual governing philosophy and economics, and tactics, the left is far more similar to fascism than the right.

        1. The main difference between fascists and communists is which books are on the coffee table.

    4. Agree with your main point. If Republicans want voter ID laws or whatever to make them more confident in elections, let them have those things.

      Specifically, though, I don’t see a big problem with the 10-day rule. I have a minor problem with it, in that I think the states should make their own election laws for the most part.

      I’m not sure I can be absolutist about that, though, because of things I have seen like Georgia’s failure to provide adequate numbers of policing places, resulting in crazy long voting lines. I’m open to the possibility, for example, that the Federal government must impose some minimum standard for providing adequate polling places, for Federal elections, at least.

      1. After multiple people thing you that local election officials decide the number of polling stations you keep repeating this idiocy.

  41. • Facebook's monopoly was always doomed.

    But not before Zuckerberg and his monopoly gave the 2020 election to Joe Biden by promoting anti Trump propaganda, while blocked/censored stories/posts that truthfully exposed lies about covid by WHO's Tedros, Tony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Robert Redfield, and blocked stories/posts that truthfully exposed Hunter Biden's corruption and many unlawful actions.

    Meanwhile, Zuckerberg gave hundreds of millions of dollars (derived from his monopoly) to partisan election officials and left wing NGOs in Democrat controlled cities/counties to increase voter turnout (especially via mail in ballots) by Democrats.

    While ENB pooh poohs Zuckerberg's monopoly that rigged the election for Biden, the rest of us know better.

    1. Facebook's monopoly is advertising, spyware and information gathering. The Facebook and Instagram pages are just a little legitimate storefront for the vast mafia empire behind.

      He really couldn't give a toss about it. Particularly because, as you pointed out, he bought a presidential administration.

    2. Four years before that I was being told that Facebook, with the help of the Russians, rigged the election from Trump.

        1. Which was bullshit with very little evidence, however, there is a vast paper trail showing what Facebook did to help the Democrats in 2020. They even bragged about it. One was paranoia, the other is factual.

          1. Let's say you're correct.

            Who is really going to be swayed? How many people decide how to vote based upon what they see on Facebook? Those aren't rhetorical questions. I don't know the answers. I'd like to think the numbers are not large, but I really have no idea. Do you?

            1. This response shows sarc doesn’t even know what is being discussed.

            2. If you aren't sure about what people are talking about, how about keeping your mouth shut and you might learn something.

              1. Maybe you could be a total dick when people ask honest questions. Oh, too late.

          2. I think you need a pretty contemptuous view of your fellow man to think Facebook can decide an election. Or maybe I lack sufficient contempt.

            1. You lack basic information of the issue.

            2. It wasn't a couple grand on ads that someone else paid them, it was half a billion dollars donated by them in a handful of cities.

              1. Specifically spent on targeting voters for get out the votes and for funding election observers and precinct oversight staff, with their own people in a lot of cases. They literally paid to be the people counting the votes.

                1. And paid so that they could place their people in charge of the polls in certain cities and neighborhoods.

  42. ""the failure to successfully moderate content on a company's platforms can lead to various reputational, regulatory, legal, and financial risks," Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli wrote in a February 2 letter to the company."

    Hey Jeff, Sarc, White Mike! Muh private company, right?

    Politicians and bureaucrats never overtly or covertly pressure companies to censor or deplatform.
    It was totally in Facebook's business interests to shadowban and defame the British Medical Journal. It was totally in Twitter's business interests to ban several Oxford virologists from discussing the virus's providence among themselves.

    Political interference is impossible.

    1. Hell, Congress is doing the same damned thing. Only they get to issue subpoenas and compel CEOs to endure hours of pontificating by useless and stupid politicians testify about their business practices.

    2. Hey Jeff, Sarc, White Mike! Muh private company, right?

      As usual, I feel obligated to point out that this is *exactly* what Cox and Wyden laid out with regard to Compuserve when they passed S230. A defense of S230 is inextricably a defense of this exact behavior. Arguments of 'but Prodigy!' are immaterial (and wrong as Prodigy knowingly moderated, still distributed misinformation, and, according to S230, should've been granted immunity), the law was passed while explicitly firing warning shots at companies who didn't moderate online content they hosted.

      1. Not sure what strawman ML is flailing at, but I don't have to read it since the tool is on mute.

        1. Hey guys look at how ignorant I am yelled sarc cheerfully.

        2. I don't know what I am ridiculing so I can't make a cognitive argument therefore I am going to resort to retarded screaming... Sarc

    3. See above, ChemJeff is actually defending this, and doesn't believe it violated the spirit of the 1A.

      1. Violating "the spirit" of the First Amendment is not violating the First Amendment. Don't be a Jesse, don't put words in my mouth.

        1. But it's actually, really, truly, definitely violating the First Amendment.

          Don't be a chemjeff and lie about or misrepresent what's actually happening.

        2. That is just stupid. Violating the spirit of the law, is violating the law. The USSC has already ruled that.

        3. I'm pretty sure it's been decided in court cases that if the government is coercing or cajoling a private actor to do something it itself is barred from doing, that's a big no no and highly unconstitutional.

          1. I even gave him a case to reference this fact.

          2. It is a federal crime. From the Department of Justice:

            Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
            For the purpose of Section 242, acts under "color of law" include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official's lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

            The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any

        4. Quoting your past statements is literally repeating the words you typed idiot.

        5. So you weren't saying government threats against a company forcing them to censor people isn't a violation of the 1A? Because anyone can go up thread and see you say those exact things.

  43. "The Labor Department on Thursday said the consumer-price index—which measures what consumers pay for goods and services—was last month at its highest level since February 1982, when compared with January a year ago, and higher than December’s 7% annual rate."


    Can you believe the progressives were pushing a bill to spend trillions more just a few weeks ago?!

    1. They are still pushing it.

    2. Now they are going to push it in pieces, because as some have said, it will reduce the sticker shock, and people won't realize the overall costs.

    3. But Uncle Joe said more money (inflation) reduces inflation (more money).

    1. You mean they don't just blindly shoot anyone caught trespassing? Color me (not) shocked!

    2. ChemJeff assured us yesterday that this was all paranoia and was already debunked. He never did respond when I asked him about the IG investigation.

      1. Lefty Jeffy is a left wing shill.

  44. I forgot, who's gaining their shit these days over sex traffic: the "left" or the "right"?

    1. Depends. The left thinks is both misogyny and women empowerment. The religious right thinks it is morally depraved. The classically liberal/capitalist right thinks whatever, if they are adults they should feel free to do whatever they want to earn money as long as it doesn't harm others.

    1. I live about 2300 miles from Ottawa, but even in my town there's usually about 150-400 people outside the mall waving Canadian flags and honking on evenings and weekends. Usually started by highschool kids and then joined by everyone else when people get off work.

      I don't think Canada has ever had a real, grassroots mass protest like this before. Maybe in Quebec over WW1 conscription, but not nationwide like this.

  45. Seems like Reason has ignored the most successful grassroots libertarian protest against a dictatorial regime in decades.


    NEWS: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Are Necessities in U.S. Military. [Link]

    1. The return to closed-order combat tactics in 2022 would be hilarious if it weren't our troops lining up shoulder-to-shoulder on the battlefield so that everyone had an equal opportunity to get shot.

    2. Not that it means much, but the two of the three most toxic NCOs I ever had were black. But three of my favorite NCOs were also black, and one was Puerto Rican (probably had some black background by his skin color). Overall, I didn't notice that diversity helped with leadership. Toxic leaders came in all colors. Good leaders came in all colors.

      1. Also, blacks tend to join the Army and Marine Corps at a rate less than their percentage of the population, it's closer in the USAF and USN, but still below their percentage of the population. Whites are overrepresented, whites also are overrepresented in the combat arms. Blacks are way underrepresented in the combat arms, and even lower in elite units such as airborne, rangers, special forces, or any other special operations. Since it's an all volunteer force and you can basically choose your MOS, as long as you meet the ASVAB requirements, this isn't the result of racism, but rather a result of personal choice. Blacks are underrepresented in the more technical fields in all four branches, but the also have lower average ASVAB scores, and therefore fewer of them are qualified for those schools. Interestingly enough, some minority groups, such as Hispanics, are actually overrepresented in some technical fields such as medical, and Amerindians are overrepresented in combat arms.

        1. Also, promotions past E-4 and O-3, require testing and or schooling to be eligible.

          1. Well, we all know testing is racist.

        2. Gays are reputed to be overrepresented in medical and intelligence. Do you think that's true?

          1. Not sure never really asked around. There were a few we knew about but I served during don't ask don't tell. Interestingly enough most of the ones we knew about were lesbians.


    Latest DHS Terror Alert Calls Those Who Disagree With Government 'Narrative' 'Threat Actors' [link]

    1. Is that like someone who once performed in Stomp?


      Nobody has done more to undermine public trust in US Government instructions more than those institutions themselves. Their complete failure is the entire reason that people are looking elsewhere for information that matches reality. I certainly didn’t want to spend two years of my life digging into the official data that directly contradicts the official narrative, but here we are.

      If this is your first trip to the ‘subversive’ list, welcome aboard! But also sort of shame on you for it taking this long! 🙂

    New York state comptroller sends threatening letter to Spotify. "As we have seen with other technology and media companies who host or publish content, the failure to successfully moderate content on a company's platforms can lead to various reputational, regulatory, legal, and financial risks," Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli wrote in a February 2 letter to the company. He is seeking more information from Spotify about its content rules.

    This is consistent with section 230. You receive immunity as long as you moderate in good faith. If Spotify is not moderating in good faith, then they lose their section 230 rights.

    1. This is New York State trying to coerce Spotify. It doesn’t have anything to do with Section 230 one way or the other.

        1. The jokes don't come with a roadmap.

  49. Rep. Nehls: Capitol Police Intelligence division secretly entered my congressional office and took photos

    Where's the coverage, Reason?

    This story has been live for at least a couple of days. It ain't going away. If true, and if authorized outside of Capitol Police, it has Watergate written all over it.

    1. Oh wait, it was just a Republican who was the victim of federal law-breaking. Never mind.

    2. The wrong team was affected. That is why Reason fails to address it.

    3. I know, right? Why doesn't Reason have their fingers on the pulse of the latest conspiracies from Team Red? Don't they read Breitbart and The Federalist religiously like you do?

      1. "conspiracies"

        The Intelligence division definitely entered his congressional office without permission and took photos, you dishonest piece of shit. They aren't denying it.

        If you weren't retarded you would have just ignored it, instead of sounding like a party shill.

      2. Why does everyone accuse me of being a leftist jeff thought to himself.

      3. Still ignoring that it was serious enough that the IG is investigating it, I see.

  50. “Which skin color emoji should you use?”

    No orange skin? Just showed the anti-Trump bias of emojis!

    1. Hey look, Dee’s bringing up Trump out of nowhere again.

      1. White Knight states, correctly, that Dee is a sea lion.

        1. A most ferocious sea lion.

  51. Oh, wow. It’s just being reported that gaps have been found in recordings of White House phone calls from January 6th.

    Getting all nostalgic.

    1. Bummer. It’s just gaps in the call logs:

      Guess the spirit of Nixon has not yet risen from the grave.

      1. "Investigators have not, however, found evidence of tampering or deletion, notes the Times. Trump also routinely used his personal cellphone or those of his aides to make calls.
        The logs given to the committee only document calls to the White House switchboard, "and any calls that were being made from the White House to others."

        So sorry this is happening to you White Mike. Don't worry, you'll get him one day.

        Say, speaking of Watergate...
        What's the penalty for a President employing the Director of the FBI, the Deputy Director of the FBI, the Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI, the Director of the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and members of the Justice Department and the State Department to gather dirt on members of the opposition political party in an effort to ensure his former Secretary of State wins the Presidency?

        1. Not a damn thing. Obama is untouchable.

      2. Dee admits she wishes Trump did something he didn’t so he can be imprisoned. Truly evil.

      3. Go get those missing 15 minutes.Mike!

    2. Walls are closing in!

      Indictments will be handed out any day now!

      1. Probably not.

        Wasn’t really my point. My point might go over the head of anyone who is younger than 50.

        1. No, your point, as usual, is that you hate Trump and you hope your side destroys him and his family.

  52. Holy shit. I have a pond. And people ice fish on it. Now, I just need to hire a bunch of whores and my fortune is made in my small town of 1800 people. Maybe I can hire Stormy Daniels for opening day.

    1. I'm gonna start my own ice fishing pond! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the pond and the blackjack.

  53. Hey, we’re ice fishing really were ahead in to prostitution, I personally cannot see the connection, think we will again see high class houses with Dixieland Bands and fine dining?

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  55. post hoc ergo propter hoc

  56. "Ohio Mayor Warns That Ice Fishing Will Lead to Prostitution"
    I seem to be missing something. What's the problem here?

    1. As I said above, the problem is women barging in when men are trying to fish.

  57. OK, just so long as there's no dancing.

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