Clueless Newsom Shocked at California's 'Third World' Conditions

The governor needs to leave his fancy Sacramento-area compound more often to see what's going on throughout the state.


During a photo-op recently at a stretch of Union Pacific railroad tracks in Los Angeles, Gov. Gavin Newsom expressed shock at the accumulated garbage: busted-open cargo containers, looted packages, cardboard boxes, and acres of trash. "I'm asking myself, what the hell is going on? We look like a third-world country," he said.

The governor needs to leave his fancy Sacramento-area compound more often to, you know, see what's going on throughout our state. Union Pacific executives offered the most shocking information regarding the detritus left behind by vandals who raided slow-moving freight trains as they head to an intermodal facility near downtown LA.

In a letter to Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, the company pointed to a 160-percent increase in criminal theft in the county since last December. The disorder doesn't only involve pilfered packages and wanton vandalism, but includes "increased assaults and armed robberies of UP employees performing their duties moving trains."

Here's the kicker. Out of hundreds of arrests, Union Pacific "has not been contacted for any court proceedings." This shouldn't be news to Newsom. Months ago, fellow writers and I met with business interests who are trying to solve the absurd backlog at the Los Angeles area ports, and they detailed the very scene that the governor recently discovered.

Business leaders described an administration that was more interested in placating unions than dealing forcefully with the port logjam—and uninterested in enlisting them to hammer out a solution. That's a common theme, whether we're dealing with crime, ports, or COVID-19 shutdowns. The governor's team doesn't have the bandwidth to tackle the issues that are eroding our quality of life. Maybe he's too busy plotting a state healthcare takeover.

The governor announced his usual solution, which involves new task forces and increased spending. His Real Public Safety Plan "includes $255 million in grants for local law enforcement to increase presence at retail locations and combat organized retail crime," which is fine, of course. But, as usual, Newsom can't stick to the basic problem without getting a bit off track.

Just as his water plan is more about restoring habitats and his infrastructure plan tilts heavily toward bicycle lanes and transit, Newsom's rail-safety plan focuses on "getting guns and drugs off our streets." This is the difference between lefties such as Newsom and traditional liberals such as Jerry Brown. The latter would push for similar goals but would tend to basics first. You know, stop the thefts rather than worry about gun control.

That's a crucial point to make with regard to Gascón and other progressive prosecutors. For too long, police unions largely elected district attorneys, who generally turned a blind eye toward police misbehavior, overcharged people for minor crimes, and lobbied for tough-on-crime laws that fueled an over-incarceration crisis. The justice system tilted too heavily in the direction of the government, which has led to many injustices.

Reform was overdue, but prosecutors still are responsible for prosecuting criminals. The rail thefts and recent surge in brazen smash-and-grab retail robberies remind us that DAs need to implement justice reforms artfully. There still are plenty of dangerous characters out there. Practically speaking, soaring crime rates—and widely publicized dystopian scenes, such as the one that Newsom witnessed—erode public support for sensible reforms.

Meanwhile, the homeless situation has been terrible for a while but is encroaching on our everyday lives. I recently picked up a friend at his newer suburban apartment—and a vast homeless encampment spread across the neighboring field like a grim scene from some impoverished distant country. People now reportedly leave their cars unlocked in San Francisco so that when thieves ransack them, at least they don't smash the windows.

California remains a lovely state, but it increasingly embodies other third-world characteristics. For instance, it has the largest population of super-wealthy people in the nation, as any drive near the Pacific coast will remind us. But it also has the highest percentage of poor people, using the Census Bureau's cost-of-living-adjusted figures.

The progressives who control this state are obsessed with such South American-style inequality, but they seem more fixated on leveling (or chasing away) the rich rather than improving conditions for the poor and middle class. There's an obvious reason, given that their government-centric policies have driven up the cost of everything, eroded public services, and helped create the economic chasm.

Furthermore, they've made it tougher for people to work in service to unions and bureaucratic interests and cost-prohibitive to start a business. That's another characteristic of poor, backward nations—government functionaries have inordinate control over ordinary people's lives and extremely lucrative jobs are found in government agencies.

These problems started long before Newsom became governor, but they're getting noticeably worse under his charge. I'm pleased he finally is noticing the state's escalating third-world conditions, but who feels confident that he has any clue what to do about them?

This column was first published in The Orange County Register.

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  1. San Fran is exactly as intended.

    Democrats = fascism = the elites tell you what to do = resources concentrating in fewer and fewer hands = San Francisco becoming real life Hunger Games.

    This is the plan for all of us if democrats get their way.

    1. Obviously I disagree with the "fascism" part, but you're exactly right about this:

      "resources concentrating in fewer and fewer hands"

      And in a happy coincidence, the primary objective of Koch / Reason libertarianism is to concentrate wealth at the very top. So it's not surprising Koch-funded libertarians want Democrats in power, and promote immigration policies that will import more Democratic voters.


      1. You should agree with the fascism part because without it you are missing the big picture.

        And it isn't just the Democrats but many Republicans as well.

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      2. Look the solution is to shut down about 90% of the State agencies that don't actually do anything but provide billions to well-connected folks to provide services that are not needed but passed by politicians who then have their relatives, friends, tribe provide the services. Make govt sector unions illegal. There you go and the Cali miracle will again occur.

        This is not going to occur. Which is why Cali is an example of what America has become. Not a nation of any shared values but a multitribal "I'm going to get mine" country. When I visit Cali unless I'm in a rural area, this is not America but some nameless shithole which is why so many folks from those places came to cali in the first place. National Divorce is the best solution. That includes each county should decide which State it wants to go to..

    2. The mayor was shocked and seems to be making a slight pivot, as she realized what a dump and hellhole her city was. Just gotta get these people out of their nightclubs and onto the street so they can see what's happening.

      The story talks about homeless encampments in middle class residental neighborhoods. That's not new. That's been going on for five or six years now. I drive down a residential street lined with permanent tents and campers on cinder blocks, to get to my brother's middle class home in the middle of middle class San Jose, the second largest city in the state. The city doesn't give a shit. They get their taxes either way.

      1. Actually, the cities in California keep saying their hands are tied; that they can't just arrest or force the homeless vagrants to move out. So, as always, they're working on "programs" to help them. Heavily supported by the advocates for the homeless. Yes, they actually have a pretty active and vocal body of supporters to ensure that they can..............well...........keep on doing what they're doing.

        In the meantime, my city, after failing to contain homeless encampments in any meaningful way, has unleased a new barrage of code enforcement officers, citing and ticketing people for "eyesores" such as RVs, boats or trailers parked in driveways in front yards.

        Funny how they don't cite those homeless encampment residents that collect piles of trash and stolen goods and mound it up all around them.

        Record numbers of burglaries, catalytic converter thefts (both have happened to me in the last month), vandalism, recycle thefts, etc.

        What's actually scary though, is all the video recordings being released of these criminals in action. In the news, on the Nextdoor app, by companies like Ring. The thieves are obviously not afraid of anything or anyone in these videos. It's apparent by their brash actions. They carry out their deeds in broad daylight on public streets with no fear of retribution. They seem to figure the worse case scenario is someone will intervene and they'll just run away. Which sadly, is exactly true.

        Anarchy has arrived. And, I suspect vigilantism will soon follow. California is a wasteland in progress!

        1. The leftist plan is to create as much fear and chaos as possible so that good citizens finally give in and beg the government to "keep them safe".

          It is part of the psy-op against us. Jut ask John Brennan and James Clapper.

          1. Was Ronald Reagan still a Democrat when he signed the law protecting heroin, stimulants, ripple wine and malt liquor against competition from Owsley acid? I have trouble telling looters apart...

        2. Keep in mind that what happens in California quickly spreads to all other states.
          They were the first to introduce emissions controls and now look.
          So be prepared to witness the same effect in your own home state and city.

          1. NewScum should be educated in the badness of White Supremacy such as cause the disparity between the railroad bums and wealthy privileged mostly WHITE elitists in Beverly Hills, OC and San Fagcisco.

      2. The story talks about Hoovervilles. It took God's Own Prohibition fanatics from 1932 to 1952 to get Americans to forget the name of those dry slums. Republicans screamed against the communists their Crash uplifted. They banned mescaline, wore silver shirts and shrieked that "we" needed to impeach FDR and help Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Father Coughlin and The Pope in the War on Reds. Now Amerika again has Hoovervilles caused by Nixon's prohibitionist tax subsidies for looter Kleptocracy parties.

        1. When is your hospice finally going to euthanize you?

        2. You might want to take a look at Nixon and the gold standard if you want to understand what caused the flood of inequity and deindustrialization of America

      3. This is the democrat way. And they want to expand these homeless camps through the whole country.

    3. This shit is all over the Denver metro area, too, and is the inevitable result of what happens when progressive Democrats become the dominant political faction in any society--you get an increasingly dual-caste economic system of uber-wealthy champagne socialists and the working poor, with the middle class squeezed out.

      It happened on a micro-scale in Boulder, and is now all over the place except in more conservative areas like Douglas County, which is more upper-middle class and upper class but doesn't have near the homeless problem that Denver and the suburbs north of County Line Road do. Jefferson County, which used to be more conservative, is now becoming dominated by these idiot neoyuppie leftists, and the same thing is going to take place there in the next 5-10 years, if not sooner.

      1. Ditto Portland and Seattle.

        1. I think we should just erase Portland off the map. Maybe when the Juan deFuca fault finally hiccups, it will take Portland with it.
          And Mt. Ranier buries Seattle in mud.

          1. the coming M9.2+ quake will do that.

            See GEER 2010 Chile. Worse.

      2. Those "more conservative" exceptions you mention are full of armed citizens who will not put up with this shit.

        This is true here in California as well. There are plenty of rural or semi rural towns (central valley, mountains, gold country and norht coast) that aren't experiencing this boom in property and petty crime. They jump on it right away and they're not afraid to do whatever it takes to stop it.

        Intolerance has its benefits!

      3. Actually, slum life was all over Hamburg, Dresden and Berlin after a dozen years of Lutheran-Catholic fascist crackdowns on everything that moved voluntarily. Instead of Hoovervilles they started out with Dachau, Auschwitz, Treblinka and Sorbibor. Jews and liberals were incarcerated like tipplers in 1930s Americal. Pretty soon all of Germany was one huge Christian Hooverville of trash pickers in smoking ruins.

        1. Sounds like a good idea. We can start with all the garbage homeless drug addicts, then onto the mentally ill and finally those who choose to live such a life.'
          Drug addicts especially. A final solution.
          That is if you want to see more innocent people being murdered like the woman who was stabbed to death while working at a local store in L.A.

        2. At least Agile Cyborg's drug-fueled posts were funny and even relatively lucid. Yours are just tragic.

          1. He has dementia. His website is filled with this word salad too.

            1. He's been like that far too long for it to be any organic process.

              No, he's always been a try-hard Hunter Thompson wanna be who thinks his schtick makes him edgy.

    4. Right you are. No more Democrats is the way to vote this year and the next till they at least try to work for the people instead of how they feel we should be herded like sheep.

      1. Translation: the only alternative to Judeo-Bolshevism is Orange Hitler Christian National Socialism with bulging prisons.

        1. Fuck off. You’re at least as senile as Biden.

  2. If only Idaho had land that reached the pacific ocean with a deepwater port…

    1. Then we'd attract the same fucks who ruined California.

      1. They seem to be moving there without the ocean view. To Montana too.

        1. I've noticed the last crop of migrants (at least in the panhandle) are political refugees from California. They left to escape the progs and seemed to be happy leaving the CA political landscape behind.

          1. Many of us are the same since it became clear that Cali has become the next Venezuela and since our vote doesn't count anyway the only path to freedom is voting with our feet. We moved and may not have chosen perfectly, CON laws + ABC idiocy, but at least where we are now there's a chance to preserve or even expand on the freedoms we have.

        2. Relocating them within the US exacerbates the problem. They need to go away. The most humane thing would be to have an expatriation program to divest America of the hardcore left. Send them to the leftist shitholes they cherish. I’m sure progs like Tony would be much happier in Caracas.

        3. Most who come to Montana, and Idaho, tend to be conservatives fleeing California. But the progressives congregate in places like Boise, Moscow, Coeur d'Alene area, Missoula, Butte, Helena and Bozeman. Then they try and change Idaho and Montana into California.

          1. The Skinheads will balance the scales.

      2. Need to start doing something about them. Clearly free range Marxists are a problem.

      3. I can name at least a dozen Californians that I know that have either moved to Idaho or are working on it right now.

        Years back, if someone mentioned Idaho around here, people would go off about militias, rednecks, social misfits.

        Today, they're studying up because they want their next move to be their last. And Idaho looks promising now.

        Boy, do I feel sorry for the folks in Idaho. Just ask what happened when the wine sucking liberals from California moved in because it was "such a nice place".

        Emphasis on "was".

        1. That doesn’t even make sense. Damn, you’re boring.

    2. Lewiston, Idaho is a seaport on the Columbia River.

      1. Mainly barge traffic though. Grain and timber mostly.

    3. National Divorce really is the only solution it seems to stop the bolsehviks

  3. But if any business leaves the state it's because they're racist! Check your privilege!

  4. I was wondering what caused reason to suddenly change is tune on DA's not enforcing crime laws. Then I noticed the writer didn't write the article for reason initially.

    1. Surely you aren't expecting anything libertarian from Greenhut!

    2. I am surprised Reason would even reprint an article critical of Newsom, Pelosi or Biden. Somehow all of California's problems must be Trump's fault in their minds.

    3. The thing is, why tiptoe around property crime to begin with? This isn't drug use or prostitution; victimless "crimes" that libertarians have talked about for ages.

      Property crime has a real victim and protecting property rights is one of the few things libertarians generally agree is the responsibility of government. The libertarian position on this one is easy; throw the train robbers in jail.

      1. No lie! As a victim of burglary a couple of times, I can attest that the damage is real. And way beyond the price of the actual items taken. It even warps your psyche. You'll never feel safe again. And, you can never replace the heirlooms and great memories they ruined or stole from you. At any cost.

        1. Start shooting the burglars. It is the only real answer we will ever get.

          1. And dump their bodies in the woods. At this point, calling the cops is a 50/50 proposition on whether they'd even consider the castle doctrine to be in play, and charge you with murder instead.

            1. Scavenging badgers and bears approve of this plan.

          2. Or chop off their hands...

            This is what you get when a culture develops under authoritative or oppressive governments that are effective only at preventing or punishing crimes against the the government, not against their subjects. Men go armed and cluster together with their kinfolk for mutual protection. To reduce the chance of rape, women go escorted by men and dressed in tents. And when they do catch a thief, the punishment is brutal.

            1. Saudi America. Has a nice ring to it.

    4. Ronald Reagan sent men with guns to ban production and trade of LSD in 1967. Violence is the alternative to voluntary production and trade.

      1. What the fuck is it with you and Reagan? He has nothing to do with any of this. So you’re basically just gibbering. As usual.

  5. "I recently picked up a friend at his newer suburban apartment—and a vast homeless encampment spread across the neighboring field like a grim scene from some impoverished distant country."

    This is why the sudden change: because it's personally affecting him and making HIS life uncomfortable. As long as it's somebody else's problem, it's not a problem.

    1. Which was after all, the point of the article.

      Golden boy Newsom needs to get his head out of his privileged butt and take a look at what's happening where the other half live.

      This is so reminiscent of much of Europe in the time of the French Revolution. Even the dawn of what would become socialist theories.

      Life is unfair. Kill the rich. Save the poor. Everyone should be equally disenfranchised and miserable. It's only fair. And, the aristocracy fiddles.

      1. In the recent recall, woke Californians chose the privileged upper class cis white male over the black man who gores up poor in the hood.

        It’s just more democrat racism.

  6. Greenhut's column for next week: "Pearl Harbor atrocity allegedly perpetrated by Japan."

    1. No. It would be "US Navy ships source of Dec 7 pollution over Honolulu"

  7. CA is exactly what everyone knew it would become.

    Elect far left socialists (wanna be communists). Tax everyone significantly more. Gov is incompetent to actually deliver anything with all the revenue. The poor get poorer. The commies at the top of the food chain get their maskless mansion parties. A class of "more equal" people rules from the top (Newsom and his commie buddies). Everything decriminalized for "equity" and all of a sudden people are breaking in, stealing, looting, and shitting everywhere.

    The experiment was "what if we took all the policies failed countries/nations have used, and implement them in a state that would otherwise be booming" and the result was predictable. Its a shithole now

    1. The people of CA are getting the government they voted for...good and hard. I have no sympathy, no pity whatsoever. Their wounds are self-inflicted, by their own hand (pulling that voting lever).

      Love the climate, but LA is now officially a shithole. Truly third world. But you won't see that in the upcoming Super Bowel coverage. The police are rousting and ousting the homeless so it 'looks better' on TV. So typical of progtard behavior.

      1. Let's hope the commies in Cali are nicer to the stray homeless for the superbowl in L.A. than the commies in Russia were to the stray dogs for the Olympics in Sochi.

        1. They did have to clear a homeless camp in Inglewood. Claimed it was because of fires.

          There're always fires there, every night. Homeless keeping warm -- it's sunny during the day, but 40 degrees at night, even in Southern California. This is not something new.

          Curious that it suddenly became a thing a month before a major event at their new stadium.

          1. Around here in 2020 the only time the homeless were 'cleaned out' was just before the election.

            1. Spokane does it right before a big event where tourists travel from around the region. I would rather keep the homeless in the short term and force the democrats out permanently.

              1. Spo-compton has always had its problems. Used to be a lot of guns and drugs run out of the Northside by the biker gangs and white supremacists.

          2. Some really smart homeless broke into an old unoccupied cottage downtown. They decided they needed a fire to keep warm but, they didn't want to attract any attention to their presence from the neighbors an all.

            So, they decided to not use the fireplace and lit a fire in the bathtub instead. Just for warmth and all.

            Needless to say, the house burnt down. And the homeless were sent on their way.

            And people want me to be more sympathetic to the homeless.

            That's California for ya!

      2. Ive said it over and over. It is a damn shame because CA has some of the best weather and landscape in the world. But the people and govt there have made it unlivable. Truly a shithole now.

        The further left the politicians elected are, the quicker the city becomes a shithole. CA, chicago, detroit, baltimore. All the same fate. Hardcore lefties and socialists voted in, city becomes a trash pile shortly after. Every time

        1. I've heard the same thing about he weather and landscape in Venezuela. Must be something about weather and landscape that attracts shithole politicians and voters.

      3. Love the climate, but LA is now officially a shithole. Truly third world. But you won't see that in the upcoming Super Bowel coverage. The police are rousting and ousting the homeless so it 'looks better' on TV. So typical of progtard behavior.

        If anything embodies a modern Russian potemkin society, it's the California coast. Maybe this shit isn't as bad when you get to the more inland areas, but most of the people don't live there.

        John once remarked how these people took what was a paradise and turned it in to a cesspool in a little over a generation. It's obviously still awesome for anyone who's extremely wealthy, but for anyone who can't afford a gated mansion and private security, it has to be extremely frustrating. It also embodies why the shibboleths of diversity and mass immigration aren't positive in and of themselves.

        1. I regularly ask, and get verbally accosted, when I hear someone state "diversity" as an absolute statement of good and I reply, "What is so good about diversity".

          I've never received a logical or factually supported answer. But I sure have been called a lot of not so nice names and shunned by many who claim to be tolerant people.

          1. But I sure have been called a lot of not so nice names and shunned by many who claim to be tolerant people.

            "Repressive tolerance" has been a feature of left-wing ideology for at least 40 years now.

          2. You should see how they react when some9en loudly proclaims ”fuck diversity!”. That’s when the entertainment really begins.

      4. Absolutely the choice of the voters to have their crappy broken society and incompetent govenor.

      5. You beat me to this thought. The voters of California keep electing these same people. They just 'reelected' Newsom in the latest recall election.

        1. The voters WANT all this.
        2. The voters are too ignorant to recognize that the people they elect are implementing the policies and actions of their government.
        3. There is no 3.

        Either 1 or 2, the voters deserve no sympathy. They should ENJOY these fruits of their choice of leaders. From a distance, I kind of enjoy watching the California voter's choices continue to take form.

        I hope they double all their income taxes, which is what current legislation is proposing. It will be fun to watch the consequences.

        1. Next they’re go8mg to expect more federal do,Lars to deal with it. It’s time to realize that the democrats have declared war on all dissenters and act accordingly.

  8. narrator voice But Newsom was not shocked, not shocked at all, as things were going just as he had planned.

  9. There's an obvious reason, given that their government-centric policies have driven up the cost of everything, eroded public services, and helped create the economic chasm

    All of which will leave the unwashed masses clamoring for more government solutions.

    1. The only thing the voters their learned is that the govt hasnt done enough yet. If only it had even more money and power to provide all the necessities of life...then itll be utopia.

      And every time gov takes on something new, outcomes get worse for the people (esp the poor). They wont learn, and they deserve it

      1. All it takes is to collect more taxes and pass more laws.

  10. It's not just Newsom, as much as I loathe the man, it's the entire power structure in California. They are out of touch with the world, living in a fantasy, isolated in their insular environments, operating according to a rarified ideology that only the academics and credulous media accept.

    This is the problem with centralized power. The bigger the state the more the power needs to be decentralized. We have a culture where a single man in a far off mansion is excepted to micro-manage every detail of a state. It's nuts. But you know damned well what would happen if local LA police cracked down on this banditry. The media would have had a field day.

    The media is at the core of it. The media is the willing sycophant for this kind of government power. Newsom and Garcetti were caught without masks at a game in defiance of their own rules, and I don't hear about it from the big newspapers or media companies, I hear about it because of local news out of Fresno reported by the local station about a local school. I heard about it because parents at a school board meeting were bitching about it.

    Contrary to the wingnuts, right wing populism isn't the answer. The fastest growing political party in this state is STILL "Decline to State". Over a third of the state has told both parties to fuck off. We need counties and cities to revolt from Sacramento, to withhold funds, to rule themselves locally.

    We had a big revolt here once. Prop 13. We told the state rulers to fuck off. In many ways it led to the Reagan revolution. Most of a decade where the people on the ground told the government to fuck off.

    1. The media and the democrats have fused. you can't blame one, but not the other and cry about right wing populism. It's obvious who caused the problem, which also means they aren't going to fix it. For all of the talk of right wing populism, I haven't seen it play out anywhere other than twitter. While it may not be the answer, I don't really buy that there's very much of it in actual practice.

      1. After control is taken from democrats the media has to go. They aren’t journalists, just an extension of the DNC. As such they are guilty of thousands of campaign law violations, plus various crimes related to sedition and insurrection during the BLM/antifa riots.

        It should be a simple matter to bankrupt these organizations and incarcerate their key people.

    2. Contrary to the wingnuts, right wing populism isn't the answer.

      Except for the fact that the entire Reagan/Goldwater revolution WAS a populist one--it was mostly western, libertarian-adjacent, small-government Republicans telling the establishment northeastern/DC wing to get bent, and it came about because of the New Left, its neomarxist allies, and the Great Society failed to bring about the socialist revolution during Vietnam while cities throughout the country devolved in to crime-ridden, dysfunctional, gang-infested shitholes.

    3. "The media is at the core of it. The media is the willing sycophant for this kind of government power."

      Here! Here! Here!

      And sadly, they try and manipulate it so that they are calling the shots. Behind every successful politician, is a group of media elite pulling his/her strings and underlying desire for recognition and power.

    4. The same liberal media that labeled Larry Elder as the black face of white supremacy.

      1. In favor of the poster child for ‘white privilege’, Newsom. Democrats should be destroyed wherever they’re found.

  11. California is a big state, and much of it always has been something of a hardscrabble place. What’s gotten tougher is that the Democrats seem determined to immiserate the hinterlands. Pick most any blue state, but you’re in for a rough go if you live in the rural areas or second tier cities if your state is dominated by some large city, even if it is hundreds of miles away.

    1. Agreed. Those of us who live in in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are constantly out voted by the liberal trash in Wayne county, Washtenaw county and every city south of Grand Rapids and Lansing.
      They don't mind coming up here for vacation though. At least they spend their money here.

  12. Totally. As a gay Black conservative I’m looking at picking up and moving to Texarkana where I can just be me. Besides, with California being run by unrepentant communists and the predictable outcomes ( everyone in California will probably just die off and be replaced by fun-loving patriots and the progressive social policies of the Catholic Church. As a gay, Blsck msn I can’t wait for that!

    1. You are an idiot and really, really bad at this.

      1. Uh, that's not nice. His opinion is as valid as anyone else's here.

        1. Not THAT many sockpuppets here...

        2. Trollings not nice.

  13. The people of California voted for this. this is not a Third World nation to them this is how it's supposed to look because if they were offended by it they would never have voted for Gavin Newson on a recall. And on top of it they will keep electing more radical Democrats.

    1. The only thing that offends them are people who are offended by it.

  14. There was no "both sides" argument in this article.
    I haven't seen that in a while...

    1. Because there is no room at all for it in this case. If there were even a sniff of power for any Republican in Sacramento, there would have been. But CA state politics are completely, 100% a team blue uniparty.

      1. I'm waiting for the assertion that the existence of the opposition requires Dems to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot. Look. What. You. Made. Them. Do.

        Oh wait, they already fired the unclean nurses. Surely it can't fail that spectacularly when they cleanse everyone else, amirite?

  15. To be compared with LA is an insult to well-managed third-world countries. Los Animales is a cesspool ????

  16. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but when I was a kid, my parents and grandparents taught me how to be honest and respectful. If I were to find a box from Amazon that had a person's name and address on it, I would be obligated by my upbringing to return it to it's owner, not open it, steal the contents, and throw the box in a pile of trash.

    We have been failing to teach our kids simple, traditional values. It's what's making us a 3rd world country

    1. Yep. Now too many parents, particularly those who's lives are dependent on government support, teach them finders keepers, losers weepers.

      The kids who try and honor the values you espouse are going to get the shit kicked out of them by the others. Just think of the gang banger mindset. Then visit a high school in Oakland and tell me what percentage are gang bangers or gang banger wanna be's.

      Such an adventure can take away any hope that one has for a happy future. The next generation lying in wait for their opportunity to act out their Mad Max fantasies and terrorize everyone.

    2. "We" have been taught by subsidized looter parties that asset-forfeiture armed robbery is Christian sharing. This is thanks to the Nixon, Reagan, Holy War and G Waffen Bush regimes that have finally managed to bring back Herbert Clark Hoover's Hoovervilles and are working on Hoovercarts next. Libertarian spoiler votes are the only things that scare the fascisti enough to bring about change.

      1. You’re a drooling senile moron. Tell them to turn your morphine up all the way so nature can take it’s course.

    3. They found flat screen tvs in the tents of homeless drug addicts.

  17. Newsom is not a hard man to shock. He believes that it is perfectly OK to make demands of others and threaten them with police action if they do not comply, but he and his friends can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Newsom always wears his mask - EXCEPT when he is sipping his chardonnay, eating his large steak or dessert, speaking to the public or his celebrity, hollywood, athlete or entertainer friends, in his office or in meetings or out at the club. Actually, any photo of newsome wearing his mask is simply a photo op.

  18. Californians have now had more than four months to react to Newsom's victory in the recall election and flee the state. It's time to admit all the salvagable ones have already left and build a border wall to keep the ones who have chosen to remain in the state out of America.

    1. Sometimes the pull of family, friends combined with economic realties keeps one in place. Even if going away seems like the best option.

      If this wasn't the case, the "salvageable" ghetto dwellers would have moved out of the ghettos for a better life, long ago.

      1. If this wasn't the case, the "salvageable" ghetto dwellers would have moved out of the ghettos for a better life, long ago.

        In a way, they sort of did--a lot of the black gangbangers who got pushed out by the Hispanic cartels ended up moving to the Antelope Valley area.

  19. Sorry, but I’ve traveled the world and been in many so-called 3rd-world countries and they are nothing like what we see in these reports.

    The governor insulted 3rd-world countries.

    Anarchy is no way to thrive.

  20. Ronald Reagan sent men with guns to ban production and trade of the most harmless, non-habit-forming enjoyable medicine ever. Immediately, as when Hoover cracked down on Beelzebub's Beer and The Demon Rum, the economy began crumbling. Hoovervilles are the slums that now--as in the 1930s--crowd the sidewalks of California cities. Legalize LSD and narcotics lose their appeal, as they did before Nixon-Reagan National Socialism began incarcerating and shooting the populace.

    1. More gibbering. Reagan was a good president, and you’re a lunatic piece of shit. In any event, I’m ten times the libertarian you ever wished you could be. Which isn’t a high bar.

    2. Your mindless rantings would indicate that either you don't have a problem acquiring more LSD than you need, or you're just plain-old batshit fucking crazy.

  21. Retarded liberals voted for this. Like they do every time.
    They continue to vote for the Newsoms the Pelosis, the Garcettis and London Breeds who bring about destruction of their cities and states. They voted for it so they shouldn't nor do they have any right to complain about the conditions.
    That's right. If you voted for these people, you have NO right to complain.
    The Entire west coast is a third world state. lawless,crime riddened, increasingly impoverished and run by the least intelligent people on the planet. They are all examples of exactly what not to do.
    Note, to the people of California: you voted for these failures now live with it. Shut up. You have no right to complain about it.

  22. WAD

    Working As Designed

  23. CA Nazism results; as predicted 10000000000000000 times while Nazi-Supporters (syn; National Socialism) pushed their Socialism, Racism and Sexism all over the books in complete SELFISH GREEDY ignorance.

    Leftards; let me ask you this. What is the difference between a massive gang of gun-toting criminals and an armed government?

    Once upon a time the massive gang (called government) was about ensuring Individual Liberty and Justice.

  24. LA was a dump when I visited in September. They built SoFi Stadium in the middle of a dump. I was staying on Century Blvd and walked through a homeless camp and dump site. The entire area smelled like piss.

    Detroit and Newark are cleaner.

  25. Every article written that is critical of CA some leftist points out CA is the world’s 5th largest economy, as if that has some relevance.
    The same land mass on the east coast would go from Boston to DC, which has an economy they’d most likely be much larger.
    CA’s progressive policies are a disaster. Can’t be argued.

  26. In San Francisco, drivers don't only leave their cars parked unlocked. They also roll the windows down and open the trunks. It is a sight to see.

  27. Californians deserve California.

    1. Maybe the landfills. I favor cleaning out all the democrats and taking that great real estate for ourselves. The treasonous RE having been taking from us for decades. So reparations are in order.

    2. Yeah but the rest of us DONT!

  28. Narcissism is a hell of a drug.


  29. CA simply has way too many people living in a house of cards. This is an underlying challenge for the state that won't go away even if the state miraculously turns red.

    CA has more people than Canada, and 10 million more people than Texas. And that's not counting all the undocumented people. Liberals and some libertarians tout the state as a Jerusalem of immigrants and diversity, but in reality, most of these people are dirt poor, requires constant government assistance, and the fruits of the economy are taken mostly by the wealthy 1%.

    Once even one of the pillars that uphold this society starts to crumble, a crash is eminent. BLM and the pandemic ate away policing and stability, so now the shadowy elements of the empire strike retail stores, train stations, and murder college students and hairdressers minding their own business.

    You can't stop them all, you can't feed them all, you can't guarantee equity for them all. CA is a decadent society that appears opulent from outside from rotting from within. Historically these places crumble from internal strife or get taken over by foreign power. I honestly think within the next 10 years half of tech will leave the state and then it will really become exposed.

    1. The tech that doesn't fail, Facebook and Twitter don't appear to be doing that hot right now.

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