At High Cost, COVID-19 Lockdowns Saved Few Lives

“Lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”


Restrictive public health measures were sold as temporary trade-offs of liberty for safety from infection. The pitch was that, if we give up freedom of movement, trade, and normal social interaction for a short time, we could beat COVID-19 and then get back to living. But from day one (as Reason has emphasized) the costs to liberty and prosperity have been high for uncertain return. And now researchers present new evidence that the world got very little benefit for the freedom that was taken away.

"Lockdowns in Europe and the United States only reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% on average," finds a meta-analysis of 24 studies published this week by researchers with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise. The authors were Jonas Herby (with the Danish Center for Political Studies), Lars Jonung (Lund University), and Steve H. Hanke (Johns Hopkins University) "SIPOs [Shelter-in-place-orders] were also ineffective, only reducing COVID-19 mortality by 2.9% on average," the trio wrote.

The analysis finds "some evidence" that closing bars reduced deaths. But "no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality."

"While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted," the authors advise. "In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument."

While we're comfortable enough with pandemic-era terminology to know what's being discussed, it's worth knowing that the paper defines lockdowns as "the imposition of at least one compulsory, non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI). NPIs are any government mandate that directly restrict peoples' possibilities, such as policies that limit internal movement, close schools and businesses, and ban international travel." Shelter-in-place-orders are dictates generally confining people to their homes.

This paper won't be the last word on the effectiveness of public-health policies, given that they continue in many places, as do their effects. But it's also not the first word, since we've been warned since the early days of COVID-19 that authoritarian efforts to control infection are counterproductive.

"It's becoming clear that a lot of people have been exposed to the virus and that the death rate in people under 65 is not something you would lock down the economy for," Sunetra Gupta, a professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford University, cautioned in June 2020. "We can't just think about those who are vulnerable to the disease. We have to think about those who are vulnerable to lockdown too. The costs of lockdown are too high at this point."

Gupta later co-authored the Great Barrington Declaration, which called for a less-restrictive approach to combating COVID-19.

"Really important point by Professor Gupta," David Nabarro, special envoy on COVID-19 for the World Health Organization, commented in October 2020 with regard to the Oxford epidemiologist's economic concerns. "We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus. The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we'd rather not do it."

In the midst of concern over inflation, empty shelves, and labor shortages, the cost of public-health interventions into the economy should be obvious. Researchers find that mandatory lockdowns slammed business revenues in California and choked-off international trade. Flooding the economy with money to offset disruptions devalued currencies and caused prices to rise.

"Overall federal debt rose nearly 30 percent," pointed out economist John H. Cochrane in a December 2021 paper. "Is it at all a surprise that a year later inflation breaks out?"

We also paid a price in terms of liberty.

"The withdrawal of civil liberties, attacks on freedom of expression and the failures of democratic accountability that occurred as a result of the pandemic are grave matters," The Economist's Democracy Index 2020 reported early in 2021.

"The world is becoming more authoritarian as non-democratic regimes become even more brazen in their repression and many democratic governments suffer from backsliding by adopting their tactics of restricting free speech and weakening the rule of law, exacerbated by what threatens to become a 'new normal' of Covid-19 restrictions," Sweden's International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance warned at the end of last year.

Fortunately, many places are now easing COVID-19 policies and admitting that we need to learn to live with the virus. 

"We are ready to step out of the shadow of the coronavirus. We say 'goodbye' to restrictions and 'welcome' to the life we knew before," Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said this week.

But residents of Boston, Washington, D.C., and other U.S. jurisdictions are still required by law to show proof of vaccination to enter many businesses. Amnesty International recently condemned Italy's draconian pandemic policies. And the World Health Organization continues to urge countries to abandon travel restrictions.

"Lift or ease international traffic bans as they do not provide added value and continue to contribute to the economic and social stress experienced" around the world, the organization urged in January.

Now we have further evidence that enormous incursions into civil liberties and economic prosperity have done little to reduce deaths from COVID-19. We've had an awful lot taken from us in return for very little, if any, gain.

"Overall, we conclude that lockdowns are not an effective way of reducing mortality rates during a pandemic, at least not during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic," the Johns Hopkins paper's authors add. "Our results are in line with the World Health Organization Writing Group (2006), who state, 'Reports from the 1918 influenza pandemic indicate that social-distancing measures did not stop or appear to dramatically reduce transmission.'"

There's a lesson here, though it's not just about the ineffectiveness of the most intrusive efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic. It's a caution that any benefits the political class promises in return for disrupting our lives may be illusory. We'll have to fight to regain our liberty and prosperity, and we may never fully regain what we had.

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  1. So the government spent a shitload of money doing meaningless shit? I am shocked, this sounds totally unlike any other government program ever.

    1. Not only that, businesses spent shitloads of money meeting the requirements just to stay open; money that might have spent on capital equipment maybe or creating a job or two. Fun stuff.

      1. We must forget the pretty damn good economy in jan 2019. Mean tweets were a cancer that would lead to insurrection.

        1. Yep getting the orange man out was ‘totes worth the damage. I havent forgotten who was on what side and when. This level of level of stupid, evil, lemming bullshit is to the bone. “Friends”? Family? Out of my life. They are shitty human beings.

          1. Sorry to burst your bubble, block30, but the "Orange Man" was the one who got us into this pandemic in the first place, by laughing Covid-19 itself off as a hoax, deliberately lying to the American people and saying that it was a bad case of the flu, and refusing to do a goddamned thing about it until it was way too late to contain and control the Covid-19 virus.

            We also have the anti-vaccine people and the conspiracy theorists to thank for the fact that not only are we not out of the woods yet, but also for the fact that over 800, 000 people have died--unnecessarily from Covid-19 itself, not the vaccines.

            1. 1. Who tried to shutdown the threat vector, Chinese travel and got labeled a racist and a xenophobe?

              2. How are vaccines doing at preventing transmission and contraction of Covid?

              Signed someone Pfizer vaxxed and still got and spread Covid.
              In the words of Homer Simpson-DOH!

              1. More died under FJB's watch.

                1. You just proved that lockdowns worked. During the height of lockdowns in 2020, there were fewer Covid deaths than there were in 2021 after the lockdowns were lifted. Thanks for your contribution to this important topic. Lockdowns work.

                  1. You're wrong. Again.

                  2. Simplified to the point of irrelevelance and absurdity.

                  3. To assert that lockdowns work, you would have to do much more than say there were more deaths later without them than earlier with them. One could use the same information to show that the lockdowns did not stop the virus because there were more deaths later.

                    The point of the paper under discussion is that the lockdowns had minimal effect when looking at the data. To have a valid claim otherwise, you would need to address that data.

              2. Trump accelerated the vaccine development. Leftists said they wouldn't trust the Trump vaccines, then they loved them when he was gone. The vaccines worked well, for a while, until the virus mutated and moved on and it turned out the vaccines weren't really vaccines and only helped for a few months.

            2. Have you commies always been so delusional as to be ready for institutionalization, or did your TDS tip you over the edge?

            3. U r but a mouthpiece of pure bullshit. A clown show of epic proportion and a cancer upon society. How is it possible for one human to be so full of shit?
              The Phucko Knows

            4. "Sorry to burst your bubble, block30, but the "Orange Man" was the one who got us into this pandemic in the first place,..."

              One more TDSS-addled asshole telling lies.
              Fuck off and die, shitbag.

          2. “Lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”
            Unless Donald Trump gets back into office.
            Then it doesn't matter how much damage we do to the world's economy or how many people die.
            The whole hoax will need to be resurrected, or a new one created.

            1. There is certainly no hoax regarding the disease, nor the vaccine. If you do not believe the disease exists, I will show you xrays from today of patients who have it.

              1. The response was the hoax.

    2. Psay it ain’t pso…

      1. That would be dipsinformation.

    3. govt tried to do everything, spent a lot of money, and caused worse outcomes than if it never existed.

      Also known as the California model

    4. Pissed away lots of money just to get nasty inflation and broken lives.

    5. Not meaningless, it was all on purpose.

      The shifting narrative is a part of the demoralization phase. Take the latest John Hopkins study on the lockdowns as an example: Now all of the people who bought into them and believed they were good, right, and true - well - John Hopkins just set that dream on fire with their latest study that they were quite detrimental. This kind of thing wreaks havoc on people.

      1. I created an account just to say that that article is freaking excellent Rancor.

        I haven’t yet made it all the way through Second and third videos, but The first one is extremely informative. Thanks for posting this!

      2. I'm not sure how you could believe a lockdown was ever good when it was based on a 14 year's science fair project then (after some iterations and interaction) presented to prior administrations to be accepted. Then you had past historical record of effectiveness and even stories such as the masque of the red death giving you clues. I feel sorry for them in general.

    6. So I guess we can all use the same reasoning to tear down the isolation signs on the doors that reads Tuberculosis or Ebola. Thanks John Hopkins. It makes sense now.

      1. Dummy

      2. What’s the fatality rate amongst all those juxtaposed with Covid, there genius?

      3. Targeted isolation for known pathogens with extreme detrimental outcomes across all age groups and demographics, vs public wide lockdowns for a pathogen with minimal poor outcomes except for a small percentage of the population? Yeah, you win the illogical statement of the day.

      4. Yup, totally the same thing.

      5. Yeah, if tuberculosis or ebola killed 0.6% of those infected, and mostly people too old or too sick to be working anyway, and had little effect on children. Then maybe the same argument would apply.

      6. Only a wanted fool would compare the Kungflu with those others u list. So congrats on having the intellectual depth of a two week old mud puddle.
        The Phucko Knows

      7. "So I guess we can all use the same reasoning to tear down the isolation signs on the doors that reads Tuberculosis or Ebola. Thanks John Hopkins. It makes sense now."

        What is clear now is that:

  2. Hey reason, thanks for supporting the least libertarian presidential candidate in 2020. And the one who championed these destructive lock down and mandate policies.

    The one who wrote, sponsored, and passed the 94' crime bill, the most racist bill written post segregation.
    Eulogized his close friend in the KKK.
    Filibustered the first female black Supreme Court nominee
    Pulled an illegal quid pro quo in Ukraine and is involved in all kinds of shady business dealings with his son
    Has uttered numerous non-racist comments like "if you don't vote for me you ain't black" and "I don't want my kids growing up in a racial jungle".
    Supports government censorship of private companies
    Pushed every single lock down and mandate, tried forcing 2/3 the countries labor force into taking an ineffective, high rate of side effects, quickly waning vaccine.
    Dropped the ball massively on covid therapeutics.
    With quickly rising inflation only proposes policy that will further increase inflation
    Creeps on both underage and of age women, including multiple accusations of sexual assault and even more accusations of creepy behavior and inappropriate touching/sniffing
    Shit his pants TWICE in TWO DAYS on one single European visit.
    And generally shits the bed every time he opens his mouth.

    Thanks for supporting this guy reason, he's doing great things to further liberty!

    1. Also just wanted to throw this in. I didn't follow the election of mayor Adam's in New York very closely because new York government can eat a dick. I hoped he would clean the city up but didn't get invested. But now that Adams has been thrust infront of cameras with the recent police officer murders in his city... Oh my God.

      Watching him and Biden yesterday was like watching two retards with rocks in their mouths trying to talk to each other. Bidens a senile fascist who can't remember what he's supposed to say even though they're whispering it in his ear piece. And mayor Adams sounds like he quit English in 5th or 6th grade.

      It was actually depressing seeing how pathetic, ignorant, and flat out stoooooopid the leader of our country and the leader of its largest city are.

      1. To further this, I guess it's no surprise Adam's speaks like a moron coming through new Yorks cities public school system. This report is from Baltimore, but the most recently reported numbers for my city, Pittsburgh public schools, were just as bad. And knowing how bad the schools in New York are, I bet it's the same.

        And it's reports like this that have me convinced democrats are intentionally trying to keep black people and minorities uneducated and dependant on them. Democrats control every lever of the education system in these inner cities, from mayor's and councils to school boards and the teachers unions.

        "The last available edition of the Nation's Report Card, released in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, showed that only 37% of grade 12 students could be considered proficient readers, according to the Department of Education's standard.

        Now, a teacher at Patterson High School in Baltimore has informed a local news outlet that 77% of students there were reading at an elementary or even kindergarten level, indicating that the nation may see a precipitous drop in the reports for 2020 and 2021."

        1. Some decades ago, then Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke began a campaign painting city benches with “The City That Reads.”
          Baltimore instead retained its monicker of “The City That Breeds.”
          Joe Biden’s war on super predators hasn’t helped young black men in Baltimore be present for and contribute to the upbringing of their kids.
          A friend graduated from Mervo High School and said that female seniors that weren’t pregnant and didn’t already have at least one kid were in a lower social caste as a result.

          1. A recent investigation into Baltimore's public education revealed that only 12% of the children could read at their grade level.
            Only 12%.

          2. Locals know Baltimore is "The City That Murders People."

        2. To think Moynihan was a Democrat and knew where his parties policies would lead minorities through government grants and welfare. It is a shame.

          The endorsement of single parent households, abortion as birth control, and a culture of dependence has done more harm than the dems in the south under the KKK could ever dream of.

      2. Fuck you, Adams has the voice of an angel. New York AAVE is one of the great dialects of this country, and I will cut anyone that disagrees.

        1. I grew up on Talib kweli and Mos def, their blackstar album is the greatest hip hop album ever recorded. But Talib kweli is 100 times more well spoken than Adam's.

          1. Those two are particularly articulate.

            1. and clean.

        2. The Hulu show about them is pretty entertaining. Definitely hit me with some nostalgia.

    2. Ideological purges in government when his party already represents well over two thirds already. That is why they keep pushing power to unelected bureaucracy.

    3. Reason writers who actively supported Biden should be called out in every single blog post they write for their poor judgment. They spent years maligning POTUS Trump, his supporters, and Team R in general.

      In the fullness of time, these very same Reason writers have been shown to be fools, liars and hypocrites. They are deserving of ostracism.

      1. Not a single one of them has had the guts to admit they were wrong.

    4. Slow clap for Dizzle! Outstanding.

    5. So you fell for the Reason Rationalist Ripoff that theyre Libertarian?

      This site/group is just softer sell version of Radical Left Wing Democrat propaganda. The shifting targets prove it.

  3. I'm sure the usual suspects will be along to inform us that lockdowns were in fact a brilliant plan but it was sabotaged by the stupid peasants who wouldn't obey; and they'll say we should lockdown harder--that'll do the trick!

    1. Close. Joe Friday just popped in below to say the best policy is to only lockdown those that don't obey.

      1. God, he is so dumb there's no way he's still in business as a contractor or maybe he never was.

        1. Considering he also said he’s an architect it’s safe to assume he’s neither.

          1. And retired LAPD, don't forget.

    2. I don’t think anyone here has made that argument.

      If you substitute “vaccination” for “lockdowns”, there are people (including me) who have made the argument that people not getting vaccinated for stupid partisan political reasons screwed up the plan — but we were taking about vaccines, not lockdowns.

      1. I'm pretty sure someone has a link to you being full of shit and trying to weasel out of it.

        But nice to see you making an effort to deplane!

        1. Notice how the statists explain away all their failures by blaming the people who refused to go along with their plans?

          Communism failed because it would only work if it was adopted by the whole world. So it’s the free marketers’ fault that we aren’t living in a global workers’ paradise today.

          Apparently the same thing is true with the vaccines. If 100% of the world population had gotten this shitty, leaky vaccine, COVID-19 would have been eradicated.

          1. That the vaccines were “leaky” is a misunderstanding of what is meant by leaky vaccines. The authors of the original livestock study that introduced the concept have explained that in depth.

            I’ll try to find the link again and cite it here. (I’m at the gym right now.)

            1. Mike I have to admittedly raz you a bit, but when I'm working out I don't have time to type responses.

              1. Yeah, I should be more focused, but I was on an elliptical at the time. When I'm doing the part where I lift weights, I'm not checking my phone.

            2. They do not prevent infection or transmission and never did you mendacious twat.

              Why is this so hard to grasp?

              Because it's the lynchpin of your bullshit or something?

          2. Here it is:


            "Nothing in our paper remotely justifies an anti-vaccine stance. That misinterpretation – if it causes people to choose not to be vaccinated – will lead to avoidable, and tragic, loss of life."

            1. Nobody cares about your cult.

      2. How's that working out for you? Obviously, vaccination isn't the answer to eradicating anything either.

      3. Where in the world vaccinated enough to stop covid?

        1. Vaccinating the whole world is a daunting task, and was never likely to happen.

          Vaccinating most adult Americans could have been easily accomplished. As I linked to yesterday, it is estimated we would have halved our deaths if we had had Denmark’s level of vaccination.

          Will try to find the link again and cite here.

          1. Estimated by bad modeling that incorrectly made predictions throughout the entire pandemic.

            You don't understand what you actually linked baby sea lion.

          2. Don't think we don't see how you changed the 'hospitalization' claim to 'deaths'.

            So I'll ask you, where in the world has vaccinated enough to stop covid? Surely SOMEBODY has done it or you wouldn't be so confident.

            1. You are absolutely correct. I misremembered what the tweet said, but it is linked below.

            2. It isn't possible to vaccinate the entire world and stop COVID. But I never claimed such a thing is possible.

              1. Are you sure?

                "Mike Laursen
                February.4.2022 at 9:41 am

                If you substitute “vaccination” for “lockdowns”, there are people (including me) who have made the argument that people not getting vaccinated for stupid partisan political reasons screwed up the plan — but we were taking about vaccines, not lockdowns."

          3. When they do an accurate count seperating those who actually died FROM the Flu Manchu from those that died with Kung Flu the death count will be halved, jackass.

          4. U can't find it because it was determined to be but more bullshit. How is it possible that your such a clueless fool? Really dude... EVERYTHING u utter is but manufactured lies. If u don't work for big pharmaceutical..., u should. As what they propaganda out..., is what u piggyback on. Two peas in a rotten pod.
            The Phucko Knows

        2. Here it is:

          "Th FT estimates that US hospitalizations for COVID would have been *halved* if vaccinations in Us matched Denmark"

      4. So they realize that lockdowns were a mistake? Good. Let's see them come out and say that.

        1. I’ll start. I never thought lockdowns were a good idea.

          I’m not sure there are any commenters who can say they changed their minds on lockdowns because there hasn’t been anyone here advocating lockdowns in the first place.

          1. You sure as hell demanded everyone follow the spirit of lockdowns and only used weasel words after to say you don't want a mandate. You completely supported the spirit and intention of them.

            1. It’s funny listening to the bulldogs who jacked their jaws and tweety fingers try to back away like Homer Simpson fading back into the bushes. Sorry losers, some of us didn’t forget who you are.


        1. "I don’t think anyone here has made that argument."

          Yeah, this Heraclitus guy showed up to prove me wrong. He is technically correct in his analysis of the tradeoffs between draconian lockdowns vs. freedom and more deaths, and, if you read carefully, he stops short of advocating for lockdowns.

      5. It’s funny the number of Covid scared (almost entirely libs) family friends and acquaintances
        who wore the mask….in public….
        espoused social distancing….when in public….
        verbalized support for lockdowns….when in public.

        The these same people Later privately invite me over to break all of the shitty rules they “support.”

        But they claim it’s the unvaccinated prolonging Covid. Mmmkay.

    3. AOC is already saying this publicly. She blames Facebook for spreading misinformation and undermining the effectiveness of the wise government policies:

      "There are also things that we want the United States to stop exporting and one of those things is disinformation — disinformation through U.S.-founded companies like Facebook that have absolutely slowed and frankly sabotaged the global effort to fight against the coronavirus," she adds.

  4. So a total success?
    One child was, in fact, saved.
    And the first US trial run of fascism succeeded beyond all expectations.

    1. The January 6th riots failed.

      1. "Go home in peace."

        And who is this Ray Epps guy?

        1. And who is this Ray Epps guy? Uhhhhh….YUP!!

        2. You’ll never get any answers to those types of questions from someone like Dee.

          1. No doubt, but it's fun to send hin scuttling.

    2. And the first US trial run of fascism succeeded beyond all expectations.

      Breaking news from 1918.

      1. 1913 you mean.

        The income tax and the Fed. Everything else was just negotiating how much fascism.

  5. Reason cheered these lockdowns and shilled for the Karen politicians implementing them for almost two years.

    Get an anarchist on your staff to bring a less authoritarian perspective.

    1. Their coverage earlier on was pretty useless from the libertarian perspective and way too credulous. Some principled arguments for individual liberty in a crisis would have been nice. But I wouldn't say they ever cheered or even supported any lockdowns.

  6. The best and safest way to minimize the possibility of future lockdowns is for citizens to get their shots, or ban them from most public events.


    1. Worry about yourself, Joe.

      The best way to avoid future lockdowns is to hold current politicians and bureaucrats accountable for failed and unpopular and sometimes even unconstitutional policy.

      1. If Joe only worried about himself, how would he be able to feel morally superior to other people?

        1. Prancing around while sporting a bald man’s ponytail and a Neil Young shirt without also screeching, “Unvaccinated off my lawn” just doesn’t cut it for mouthbreathers like Joe.

          1. Well, that's fun and all, but are you really superior if you're not causing lesser people to suffer while you tell them it's all their fault for not being more like you?

      2. We did this we voted out the incompetent ex-President.

        1. More died under FJB's watch.

          1. Actually, there was less under Biden, see Newsweek 12/20/2021

            1. Funny, CDC amd everyonre else says otherwise.

              1. I provided a reference can you?

            2. Holy fuck, is this the new narrative? Complete denial of the numbers? We know you're a shill, but christ on a rubber crutch, try to use that lump of fat and gristle between your ears, sunny Jim.

    2. So youre saying lockdowns are apt and good until you bow to a government based on false science but utter control?

    3. "The best and safest way to minimize the possibility of future lockdowns is for citizens to get their shots, or ban them from most public events."

      No, the best way to minimize the possibility of future lockdowns is for *you*, and your side to push back on the leaders who are draconically abridging our freedoms. Stop trying to pick fights with the right. Stop trying to run cover for the tyrants in your party who caused this nonsense.

      You were wrong, Joe. Your side was WRONG. They were wrong when they tried vilifying Florida and Georgia for having more permissive restrictions. They were wrong when they tried lionizing the serial Harasser, Cuomo for turning retirement homes into COVID incubators. They were wrong when they shut down schools. They were wrong when they insisted that cloth masks would stop the spread of COVID. They were wrong when they said vaccination would stop the spread of COVID.

      Your side has been spectacularly wrong. The level of incompetence on display through this ordeal is only matched by the preening self-righteousness as you scolded everyone into being wrong with you. You don't even try to EXCUSE your side's idiocy. You just ignore it happened. And until you actually seek to hold your side accountable, the independents and republicans in this country won't listen to a god damn thing you say. They will laugh at you like the stuck up hall monitor kid shouting that he'll tell on you if you don't go to class. And they will be justified in doing so.

      1. A+ would read again

      2. The "idiocy" Overt is the dead and soon to be dead unvaccinated fools flooding our hospitals and breeding the virus. The stats are unarguable.

        You don't want more lockdowns? Do your part and get your shot.

        1. My doctor told me I don’t need it.

        2. LOL the stats are already going down, idiot. Everywhere. Because spring works every time.

        3. Or we tell the government and it's sycophants like you to go fuck yourself. Because you have been wrong on every single issue regarding the fucking pandemic. We have shown you time and time again. You ignore any science or data that runs contrary to your narrative, ergo you don't follow the science you worship authority. So fuck off, idiot!

          1. +1 plus a finger!

        4. Wish in one hand, shit in the other.

        5. "The "idiocy" Overt is the dead and soon to be dead unvaccinated fools flooding our hospitals and breeding the virus. "

          No you are wrong. You can go look at the statistics, where we see the hospital counts declining, and anyone can say, "Wow, Joe was hyperbolically and idiotically wrong."

          It is hilarious that you still cling to these conceits. You have been wrong THROUGHOUT this pandemic. Go look at what you were typing in 2020 and early 2021. And I guarantee you it was all defense of "The Science!(tm)" that today no one will touch. And yet you continue to have the unmitigated, stubborn arrogance to insist your view of reality is anything but fantasy.

          It would be pitiable if it weren't visiting destruction on the middle class, you sadistic jerk. Seriously, have you no shame? I beg you to think...5 minutes about the harm that lockdowns- the lockdowns you championed- caused. 5 Minutes to think about how you contributed to this catastrophe.

          And now you are here talking about Vaccination as if no one could possibly notice all your other nonsense. Please. Just please. You aren't fooling anyone but yourself.

          1. He's not even fooling himself, that's why Joe's so upset.

            Cognitive dissonance is getting loud.

    4. "Most" public events? Which ones will you exempt?

      1. The rubes can still go to church, obviously. Banning that would be unconstitutional, and they'll only infect other rubes anyway.

      2. BLM rallies and Antifa 'actions', obviously.

    5. "The best way to avoid future lockdowns is to create current lockdowns."

      Seems legit, Dr. Kendi. Or maybe we could create an area of some sort where the unvaccinated can live amongst themselves, preferably in the less-desirable parts of the country, with otherwise equal rights to their fellow citizens. But we need a snappy term to define this innovation; perhaps "apartness" or "equal separation."

    6. OBEY!!!

      Fuck off Joe. You really are an ignorant motherfucker.

    7. Fuck off, Barbie Jack. Come back when you're not immune to facts, because I'm tired of linking reasons you're wrong.

      You never fucking learn, you partisan shit.

    8. The best way to avoid interracial violence is for blacks to move back to Africa. Am I doing it right?

    9. or ban them from most public events

      BURN THE WITCH!!!!!!!!

      You'll make a good slave.

    10. “The best and safest way to minimize the possibility of future lockdowns is for citizens to get their shots, or ban them from most public events.


      This message brought to you by THE FEELZ. Ah yes, the Feelz, when your command of logic is that of a no shit 6 year old.

      Looking at you, Joe Friday.

      1. It's like he didn't read the article at all.

        Which, to be fair, most of us don't.

    11. And what if tose who refuse the shot go yo piblic events despite being banned?

    12. Yeah, and with 70% vaccinated, cases were higher than ever.

      And cities with vaccine passports followed the same seasonal patterns as everyone else.

    13. What does getting the shot ACTUALLY do for u? And don't give me the psychological bullshit that.., "It makes it less obtrusive". Because that is nothing more then a marketing slogan WITHOUT a single scientific proof behind it. Just like the bullshit.., "My mask protects u and your mask protects me". U r but a clueless f-ing idiot.
      The Phucko Knows

    14. Maybe simple to a simpleton. Sounds like a threat: "get vaccinated or else". What does The Science say about how simple that is to enact and enforce? And not just in the U.S, but all over the world. You know who else had their Science to enforce their will on everyone? F'n idiot.

  7. No shit. Most of us said it wouldn't help in feb of 2019 while reasons science reporter was running around saying to follow The Science. Which many here explained was faulty based on 100 years of science. We knew lockdowns didn't work from research in the Spanish Flu which found the same.

    Reason sold its morals in panic.

    1. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

      1. But they deserve 40k/year in covid unemployment enhancements.

        1. That is why I didn’t vote for Trump.

          1. The left wants that as the new normal. Continuation has been in every bill.

    2. I think you are a year off, Jesse.

      1. And a month. Pandemic era started mid-March 2020. I will always know this because it cancelled the next week's NCAA basketball tournament.


        2. I recall the Pac West basketball conference tournament was still going on right before that. And somehow didn't lead to hundreds of deaths.

      2. Sorry, No coffee when I typed that.

    3. “Reason sold its morals in panic.” Yes. I come here for the comments, and have for a few years.

    4. During the height of lockdowns in 2020, there were fewer Covid deaths than there were in 2021 after the lockdowns were lifted. Lockdowns work. The fact that Covid deaths and cases are higher under President Biden (no lockdowns) than they were under President Trump (lockdowns) proves this.

      1. Read the article, and the study. Lockdown policies had close to 0 effect.

        2021 had more deaths (even with > 60% vaccinated) because the Delta variant was more deadly than the original, and less responsive to the vaccines. 2022 is down because Omicron is less deadly (even though it is even less responsive to the vaccines).

  8. MSNBC from yesterday...

    “With the omicron variant, kids are either going to get the vaccine or they're likely to get a serious condition of omicron,” Dr. Emanuel says.

    1. How has this not garnered significant outrage. Patently spun to cause fear where actual science says there should be almost none. This should be considered malpractice.

      Pushing a still new, experimental med on adults when it could potentially help some (old, fat) is one thing. Pushing it on children and toddlers who statistically have worse outcomes from flu, parainfluenza, RSV, etc...when it has almost zero benefit...fucking evil

      1. Plus the vaccine doesn't stop omicron anyway.

    2. So, they're banned from Twitter now, I assume.

      1. They are not on Miss Information's list.

      2. Wrong kind of misinformation.

    3. “ With the omicron variant, kids are either going to get the vaccine or they're likely to get a serious condition of omicron,” Dr. Emanuel says.” Tell that to my 8 year old. I had 2 dowses of the Pfizer, got sick in January, popped hot for Covid, my wife got what I had, the kid didn’t miss a beat. And I think I got the original Covid back in March 2020 and my kid DID get what I had, and interestingly my wife didn’t.

  9. Notice that when these stories come out, the usual folk on the left side of the aisle generally don't comment, or if they do comment (see Joe, above) it is to try and change the subject.

    Folks on the left need to actually reckon with how wrong these NPIs were. While the start of the Pandemic saw support for lockdowns, masking, and school closures across the board, that is no longer the case. Independents and Republicans have looked at the results and concluded that this nonsense needs to stop. Only the left, and a majority of the people in the Democratic party believe- against the science, and simple, observable reality- that these interventions ought to continue.

    The only way this ends is if the lefty leaders in power understand that their base no longer tolerates these crypto-religious rituals. They need to be talking to their neighbors in Silicon Valley and other blue bastions, pushing back on this hysteria. But see, they can't. They have spent so long vilifying "others" that they are afraid that crossing the left will make them look like deplorables. This is what we call tribalism.

    1. Chemjeff and Tony have been notably silent in a lot of the recent "the left was wrong, of fucking course they were" articles. Not a peep from them on an article with a teacher saying CRT was being force fed to the class. Not a peep when the shit we have all been screaming forever comes out as true (natural immunity is of course real, with/of COVID hospitalizations, cloth masks, lab leak).

      I think they are embarrassed that it took the "scIanCe" (TM) crowd 2 years to catch up with what a conservative with 2 brain cells could put together a week into the pandemic.

      1. You presume they are accepting the truth when it goes 5 rounds of Tyson on their face.

        No, this is pure deflect, seethe and cope. Progshits are too insane to leave their cult.

      2. "I think they are embarrassed that it took the "scIanCe" (TM) crowd 2 years to catch up with what a conservative with 2 brain cells could put together a week into the pandemic."

        Seems you hold them in higher regard than I do; I doubt Tony, turd, sarc and the lot have the intelligence to BE embarrassed.

      3. I’m a pilot and so I view the pilot web boards and I can remember all the pro lockdown loudmouths. The have gone silent and the ones that remain are treading a lot softer. Sorry I remember who the “own the science, not one life, Fauci is god, ‘peaceful protest’ ” types are. And I remember them in my own life. Don’t forget who they are. They will sell us all down the river the next time CNN cries wolf.

        1. ∆∆∆
          | | |

    2. Exactly the case. The red staters aren't going to stand up for you, you have to do it yourself.

      Because the truth of the matter is this — no one else is coming to save you. People in free (mostly red) states are already over covid and have been for a while now. Their kids are going to school without masks, the bars are open, and the football stadiums are packed. Those places are doing just as well as places that are ‘locked up’ tight. And here’s a tip: people in those places aren’t going to protest for your freedom, especially after the ‘experts’ (and Twitter) have been calling them names for at least the last couple years.

      1. Have seen videos of high school students at “must mask” schools marching sans face diapers.

      2. Well, we'll support your efforts from afar. Just don't move here, vote for the socialists, and fuck up our state(s) like you (or your neighbors) fucked up yours... Please and thank you.
        See: Idaho, AZ, TX, FL etc.

    3. the Lefties sit home drinking cheap screw cap wine and jerking off. Why would they care about lockdowns?

    4. Don't comment? They never even see the stories:

      However, the Johns Hopkins study received no mention on any of the five liberal networks this week. According to Grabien transcripts, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC all ignored the anti-lockdown findings after having spent much of the pandemic shaming red states with minimal restrictions and events deemed by critics as "superspreaders."

      It wasn't just the networks avoiding the study. The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, Reuters, USA Today, Axios, Politico among other outlets also turned a blind eye to the findings, according to search results.

  10. Here is another case where QI comes into play. There were government officials who deliberately and intentionally lied to the American public on various aspects of covid (masks, travel bans, lockdowns, covid treatments, etc). And they have come out and said so, offering whatever lame-ass justification they could muster. Instead of accepting responsibility, they offer mealy-mouthed justifications. Screw that.

    It would be wonderful to hold these very same government officials personally liable for their actions. Their lies caused death and needless suffering. Why should they do this and come away unscathed? But of course, QI comes into play.

    There are cases where simply not re-electing a government official because of their serious (intentional) mistakes is just not sufficient. It does not deter similar behavior.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't see those people being held to account unless a mob comes after them. I wouldn't object to the Mussolini treatment for some of them.
      While it isn't the worst thing governments have done to the people, I do think it is the largest in scale crime against humanity that has ever occurred and they really should be facing mobs with torches and pitchforks (and maybe some woodchippers).

    2. Tar + feathers + railroad tie = functional Republic.

      I'm a fan of the classics. I also approve of taking fingers from career thieves - can't sign that bill after three strikes, Nancy.

    3. Unfortunately, not being lied to by the government is not a constitutional right.

    4. How dies QI protect them from vigilantism?

  11. —-The withdrawal of civil liberties, attacks on freedom of expression and the failures of democratic accountability that occurred as a result of the pandemic are grave matters," The Economist's Democracy Index 2020 reported early in 2021.—-

    I always wondered how citizens, en masse, succumb to de facto/de jure authoritarianism when given ample, voluntary chances to do otherwise. Eg,, Germany ca ‘40s

    Then I saw how the USA-yea, the USA-acted in pandemic mode. Jesus. When did we become such pussies.

    1. You don't even have to look at a situation that far removed from 40's Germany. 40s US put West Coast Japanese into internment camps. Fortunately, the US was protected by two oceans, retained fully intact industrial and agricultural sectors, and the interned population was relatively small. What would it have been like if the US was facing a situation like Germany: total war, completely exposed to an enemy just hundreds of miles away with the civilian population suffering under impoverished conditions, an industrial sector considered to be fair game for bombing and sabotage, and a substantial population forced to be unproductive but requiring resources to keep alive. I'd like to think we wouldn't get to the "gasing" stage, but forced labor and deaths from malnutrition seem highly likely.

      How FDR hasn't been cancelled yet...I still don't know.

  12. Once again 20 months too late -- at least.

  13. Did Brandon forget your good media lapdog cheque or something?

    Are you SURE this isn't BadOrangeMan's fault? You've had so much practice ignoring science and a livid, educated commentariat so far, I'm shocked at this stumble, I tell ya.

    Just shocked.

  14. Go to the report and use the find function and enter the word "China". What do you find? One mention on the first page and that's all. This report is seriously flawed because we know lockdowns work great because China and other Asian countries have been doing it with enormous success. The so-called "lockdowns" in the Us are half-assed attempts by weak governments that are politicized and impotent.

    I get it, there is a huge trade-off. China may have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of sickness but sacrificed their freedoms and economy. But to suggest they have not saved lives is silly. And they may have to eventually open up and the deaths may come then. That's a fair argument to make as well as Australia is finding out.

    We have to face it. Our policy is a death panel policy. We know that our policies yield extra death. We are willing to make trade-offs for the healthy. You get to have your freedom and economy but we know it yields thousands of deaths that could have been prevented. Oh sure you say, they had comorbidities and were old and going to die soon anyway. Remember how that argument went down when Obama was passing the ACA? They yelled out about death panels. Only in that case the ACA only allowed for end-of-life counseling. Out Covid policies are actually killing old people early.

    1. LOL you think China is telling the truth.

      1. I can't Xi why they would lie about something so serious.

    2. "Our policy is a death panel policy. We know that our policies yield extra death. We are willing to make trade-offs for the healthy. You get to have your freedom and economy but we know it yields thousands of deaths that could have been prevented."

      Man somebody needs an editor.

      "Life has a death panel policy. We know that exiting one's home yields extra death. We are willing to live life for the healthy. You get to have your cars and food and travel but we know they yield millions of deaths that could have been prevented."

    3. Do you mean Asian countries like Japan, which had no lockdowns at all but fared better than just about anywhere in the world?

      1. Hmm, you've just pointed out that a near-homogeneous population on an island fares better than a melting pot in a huge country like the United States. Thanks for that.

        1. Not sure what your point is.

          Anyway, the homogeneity that would most likely be important in Japan’s case is the lack of fatties.

        2. Hmm, you’ve just pointed out that, contrary to the common trope, that our diversity is in fact, not our strength? Thanks for that.

      2. I read on Natural News it was mainly due to ivermectin and ground up rhino horns.

    4. The so-called "lockdowns" in the Us are half-assed attempts by weak governments that are politicized and impotent.

      WE DIDN'T LOCKDOWN HARD ENOUGH! Wreckers! Kulaks!

      LOL @ "politicized governments." Literally every government to ever exist is politicized, you tard.


      There's the tell. Guess what: when you're number's up, it's up. That's life. I miss the old left, this new one sucks.

      I always liked the concept behind QALY and applying it to the NPIs. Bonus there is it undercuts the current all quant, no qual zeitgeist of the current age, and the China envy of wannabe totalitarians like you.

    5. Fuck off and die, you lying pile of lefty shit.

    6. There's a lot to unpack there in this comment - but a lot to agree with.

      1. Fuck off and die, you lying pile of lefty shit.

      2. So you're saying you agree the US should go full on tyranny like China and sacrifice all freedoms and the economy to maybe decrease deaths by a small percentage? Glad to know.

        1. A bold statement, but I applaud you for making it obvious and standing by it, while I also condemn you as an authoritarian bootlicker.

        2. No that's not what either I nor heraclitus said. What he said was - China may have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of sickness but sacrificed their freedoms and economy. But to suggest they have not saved lives is silly.

          IMO, the initial Wuhan lockdown and Hubei quarantine actually saved millions of lives in China. Using methods that would not have worked in the West and could reasonably be judged as not worth the cost either. But do not just lie about the lives saved merely because the cost ain't worth it.

          1. Firstly, do you ACTUALLY believe any of the information from China?

            If the answer is yes, I have a wonderful investment opportunity that cannot fail for you...

            1. The Chinese information re deaths in Wuhan DURING the Wuhan lockdown is quite bogus. Initially because the Chinese government was trying to lie and cover things up. Then, because they simply stopped trying to do autopsies of people who died outside hospital because they were overwhelmed. The best guess I've seen re the excess 'crematory production' during that lockdown is 40,000 or so excess dead in Wuhan in Feb/Mar 2020.

              The info from outside Hubei province - or inside Hubei after the lockdown ended - seems reasonably accurate. Not because I believe shit about they say. But because their verifiable ACTIONS confirm the data 'story'. They moved 50,000 medical workers from around China to Wuhan during the lockdown. That doesn't happen if covid is simply spreading all through China and the lockdown/quarantine do nothing. But it did happen.

              And the way Wuhan was opened after lockdown confirms that the lockdown there did not just flatten a curve. It stomped the virus out of existence there. So there is no post-lockdown 'second wave'. Most covid cases in China since then are re-imports of covid from outside China.

              1. And the post-Wuhan covid cases in China are confirmed not by what people may say - but by the utter lack of covid variants that originate in China and/or spread elsewhere AFTER April 2020. The VIRUS itself confirms that either the population of China is irrelevant and small - or the virus itself is not spreading and mutating there.

    7. They murdered animals and probably people. They saved zero lives.

    8. So the country that for the past three decades has put policies into effect that limit their population growth..., NOW care about "saving" thier population? Interesting concept....
      The Phucko Knows

    9. Probably going to regret it, but I made an account to refute this: "And they may have to eventually open up and the deaths may come then. That's a fair argument to make as well as Australia is finding out. "

      Wrong. The TL;DR is that lockdowns were given up because they'd stopped being effective, months BEFORE Omicron caused a tenfold increase in cases.

      Australia's experience doesn't support lockdowns. What worked here was quarantining incoming travelers; lockdowns were used to eradicate the virus when it breached quarantine. It wasn't used in attempt to reduce cases (well VERY early on it was to "flatten the curve" but then it resulted in eradication) when the virus was already widespread, as in the US and Europe, which as the meta-analysis shows, multiple studies have proven is a cure worse than the disease.

      Only the two most populous of the six states and two territories (New South Wales and Victoria) accepted incoming travelers from overseas. Travelers were required to do two weeks of quarantine and have a negative PCR test when they left it. Victoria had a massive failure of its quarantine program, leading to an outbreak with well over 40,000 cases, which was eventually controlled after months of lockdowns, and so didn't take in travelers for most of the pandemic. It was overwhelmingly just NSW that brought in overseas travelers and the rest of the country freeloaded to achieve 0 cases.

      Most of the other states and territories lived life as they had before the pandemic, barring the major fact that they couldn't leave the country. Lockdowns were at most a few weeks, often just days, to contain an outbreak of the virus from one of the two states that did bring in travelers.

      However, Delta broke out in NSW in July 2021, and the measures that worked in the past didn't work there. The leftist bootlickers smugly talked about how the Labor (lefty socialist morons) government in Vic "knew how to beat the Coronavirus" after its own fuckups caused the 40,000 case outbreak in 2020. Delta eventually spread to Vic and the state government did yet another severe lockdown, bringing cases down to 0. They declared "doughnut day", and the lefties made snarky comments for that brief shining moment about how stupid the right-wing government of NSW was. Then the next day there were cases again and it doubled every few days until the bootlickers strangely fell silent and the lefty government admitted it couldn't eradicate the virus.

      Whether it was just that Delta was more infectious, or there was less compliance with restrictions after a year and a half of this shit, I don't know. It really doesn't matter though: the fact is, lockdowns stopped being effective as a means of eradicating the virus from July 2021 onward.

      NSW's Premier (Governor) resigned for unrelated reasons, and her successor turned out to be gung-ho for reopening. Once he started doing that everyone began scrambling to follow because it became obvious voters wouldn't stand for lockdowns anymore - they've basically all sworn not to do lockdowns or close borders again, bar Western Australia (again, Labor) which remains a hermit kingdom.

      This all predates Omicron: NSW went from a peak of something like 2400 Delta cases per day down to 200-300 daily for weeks if not months before Omicron hit. Victoria also went down marked from its Delta peak figures for months before Omicron. And even though Omicron basically increased cases tenfold over the worst days of Delta, with both Vic and NSW having days of over 50,000 cases, the ICU cases have been dropping, not increasing. Even the hospitalizations the lefty media had to admit is mostly WITH not FOR Covid; people come in with a broken leg or heart attack and test positive but they weren't brought in because of it or even need treatment for it. And peak daily deaths are something under 50, if memory serves, for both Vic and NSW, which have 6.8 and 8.1 million residents apiece.

      So yeah, always a bad idea to try make a point using a country that you know jack shit about...

      1. It really doesn't matter though: the fact is, lockdowns stopped being effective as a means of eradicating the virus from July 2021 onward.

        I'd restate that as - lockdowns completely change efficacy and require a different policy rationale/implementation once vaccines are introduced - and especially once vaccines are delivered differentially to those most vulnerable or exposed to covid.

        Countries that had previously gone whole-hog for the 'zero covid' strategy (and generally quite successfully if measured in terms of lives - at the expense of all the liberty restrictions) have had a very difficult time pivoting to the vaccine/endemic/live-with-it strategy.

        1. Zero Covid seems to be classic case of prisoner's dilemma. Making a big sacrifice to eradicate the virus might be in one's best interests but only if everyone else is doing it at the same time. If another country can't or won't eradicate it, then local eradication just puts off the inevitable.

    10. I would be interested to know what Asian countries did specifically that helped. China has imposed really strict lockdowns in certain regions and not allowed people outside of their homes at all. As far as I know, Japan and South Korea never did anything like that but they still enjoy very low death rates. What did they do that worked that Americans or Europeans didn't do?

      I'm not sure about your notion that we are seeing a lot of deaths because of our policies. My impression is it has more to do with a lot of older people not taking precautions, including vaccination, because of politics. While this study is flawed, in general I don't see much attempt by public health experts to distinguish between effects of voluntary precautions from effects of mandated precautions. Perhaps it is too hard, but in that case we should err on side of freedom.

  15. Notice how the GBD hit the news, and promptly disappeared?
    No claim of any conspiracy, but, by its content, it was intended as a more calm approach to the issue at hand and as such, the actors and actresses posing as news reporters would have had to tone down their acts; not good for ratings. Or image.

    1. Fauci and his cronies made it disappear. It was a coordinated attack.

      1. Just like he did with lab leak evidence.

    2. But when DeSantis appointed a public health commissioner who signed the GBD, the media used that as "proof" that he was a conspiracy theorist nut job and unqualified.

  16. So…….When do the lawsuits begin?

    1. have begun in Austrailia.

      Coincidentally, thats when the Great Backing Away started in the US.

    2. When the convoy hits Ottawa?

      1. Covoy has been parked for a minute. Right around when Trudeau caught Coward-19.

  17. Careful,...straying outside the the tiny envelope of allowable opinion will lead to bad things. After all words have consequences and uttering heresies can lead to all sorts of accusations and further banishment if not outright burning at the political stake.
    We live in times when we must choose our words with caution so as not to offend the wrong people who at the slightest offense can make life miserable for the offender. So unless you wish to be a victim of the Inquisition, having to go before the grand Inquisitor of all things woke, just watch what you say. Nothing can save you.

    1. No one expects the Biden INquisition!

      No comfy chair for you, Heretick!


  18. Lock down healthy people in poor conditions to cause poor health

    Put VIRULENT patients in a HOSPITAL where almost EVERYONE is at risk, and spread it by a dozen vectors, mainly the building HVAC systems which dont get exchanged.


    Fuck Fauci and his Knee Pad Wearing Boy Bided.

    Oops, forgot, Reason doesnt like pounding on their Altar Boy Biden...

    1. You forgot sending the infected elderly back to old, cramped buildings with lots of other elderly people.

  19. More worthless j.cking off by the usual fools. You don't want more lockdowns? Do your part and get your shot and urge your buddies to do the same. The stats are unarguable - the new cases, the hospitalizations, and the deaths are heavily weighted toward the unvaccinated fools in both red and blue states.

    1. BURN THE WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The lockdowns didn't work. Thus there'd be no need for more lockdowns. Stupid fuck.

      1. During the height of lockdowns in 2020, there were fewer Covid deaths than there were in 2021 after the lockdowns were lifted. The fact that Covid deaths and cases are higher under President Biden than they were under President Trump proves that lockdowns worked.

        1. "Lockdowns in Europe and the United States only reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% on average,"

          The early strains were also less virulent than delta and omicron. Not even close. So unless you're adjusting for that (and you're not), you're comparing apples with Volkswagens.

      2. Let me guess, The Science says so.

    2. More sycophantic clapping for authoritarian showboating that does no good by the imbecile Joe Friday. The science says it didn't work, Joe's answer is if you don't want my side to continue to use these useless, tyrannical steps just fucking bow down and do what we tell you to do or else.
      The rest of the country is saying fuck off, you were wrong all along we aren't going to listen to you now.

      1. DAMN youre on a roll today!

        " Give em hell, Harry!"

      2. The Science says

        Let the congregation pause in silence so that we can better hear The Science speak in our hearts. "It is quant stuff."

    3. I feel your pain, loser.

      Go huff some more of that CNN.

    4. Or do some actual research. States like Minnesota had the 4th highest vaccination rate, but still had the 5th highest rate of new cases when winter hit. It was all seasonal. With 70% vaccinated, 35% of those hospitalized were vaccinated.

      1. Joe? Research?

        Nah, you are talking to the wrong guy. He has managed to ignore everything that doesn't suit his fantasy world where conservatives all die and progs inherit the earth.

        1. My research is reading the f..king newspaper and seeing the facts (I also have a client who is an ER doc in a large hospital and another who works the ICU in 2 others and treats your sick and dying buddies all day). Here's the facts Salted, which neither you or any of the others here trying to avoid them can counter - overwhelmingly new cases, hospitalizations, and covid deaths are among the unvaccinated, not the vaccinated.

          You don't want lockdowns? Simple. Quit looking for nits to pick in "research", and try to handle the truth. Get your shot and tell your buddies to do the same.

      2. Do the math CE - even in your example, if true, by 2 to 1 new cases were unvaccinated in a state where people were vaccinated by 2 to 1 .

        Is this math too difficult?

    5. Prove the shot does a darn thing in combating this madeup virus? Although..., it is a good way to rid the earth of fools like Friday. So thanks Friday for stepping up to the plate and doing your part in ridding humanity of its sheeple.
      The Phucko Knows

      1. Well named commentator - look at admission rolls in your local hospital or read a f..king newspaper, Fucko!

      2. "doing your part in ridding humanity of its sheeple"

        in a world with thousands of unvaccinated dying unnecessarily weekly, driven to the cliff by viral outrage memes and mob fears... Orwellian alternate reality.

    6. If the shot works as good as the data says, why do the libs give a shit about covid anymore? The vaccinated are protected. Covid has been completely defanged for them. Let the unvaccinated fend for themselves and we can all get back to normal life. This shit is over.

      1. "If the shot works as good as the data says, why do the libs give a shit about covid anymore?"

        Would be great if partisans would stop relentlessly trying to brand pro-science and pro-vaccine positions as "liberal". I think this is true only if you reduce the world to stereotypes and/or define conservative as anti-reason and anti-civilization. There is nothing inherently socialist about science, reason or technology, for example.

        A couple of short answers to your question, if we translate to "why do rational people give a shit about covid still"

        (1) 900,000 dead Americans (likely significantly more due to covid, judging from total death statistics) and many more with long term health impact ranging from limb amputation to alzheimer's like neurological fog. There are still moral viewpoints out there that value the lives and health of Americans, and not only "liberal" or "socialist" ones.

        (2) When hospitals are pushed to the brink, as they have been by the continuing load dominated by unvaccinated, everyone's health care is threatened. Preventative procedures are pushed off, etc. A family member's situation was recently complicated by this, so I don't really have the option of not paying attention to covid even if I was purely disinterested in my personal health.

      2. and I suppose I should remark on the obvious, that the continual black & white fallacy around vaccines is invalid. If we assume the "shot works as good as the data says", then both these things are true:

        (1) The vaccine dramatically reduces risks of death and long-term health impact, as well as hospital load at scale.

        (2) Covid is not "completely defanged" for the vaccinated, they are still dying in significant numbers, just at 50+x reduced rate.

        Unfortunately reality isn't always super simple / black and white. Science contrarians tend to blame/demonize scientists for that complexity, but scientists are merely the messengers and not the authors of the complexity of reality.

  20. "The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large"

    The lock downs were in large measure exactly for the reason that one should do lock downs. The problem was that the Trump Administration had no idea what they were doing and basically wasted the time they bought wishing the virus would go away.

    1. Do you really believe what you post? Or do you get paid for it?

      1. I think it is rather obvious. Where you in the US in 2019 and 2020 when the Trump administration was flailing around with an inconsistent and pretty much useless suggestions. I have said before, I don't know if anyone could have done better, I have no doubt that no one could have done worse.

        1. Brutal time to have had a sitting President who was carried into power on a 1930s style wave of conspiracy theory populism. Still an autocatalytic factor in the larger cultural mob break from reality.

    2. 3 weeks to slow the spread. We tried that.

  21. Lemme guess at the total cost in the US for thus stupidity...

    $4 T in econ losses
    $2T wasted in vaccines, useless tests and fake PPE.

    $800M to $1 B in persobal savings at best.
    $6-8T in Fed welfare.
    $3T in

    Getting close?

    And China laughs.

  22. $3T in personal debt esp. CC

  23. Speaking of civil liberties's great to see how far the ACLU has fallen. ACLU Iowa threatens lawsuits to Iowa schools not following Federal Mask mandate

    1. American Communists Libertarian Unicorns using the disabled to push an agenda.

      Typical for lowlife scum.

  24. squirrels are eating my posts. Let me try again.

    Early within that meta analysis is Second, Sebhatu et al. (2020) showed that “government policies are strongly driven by the policies initiated in other countries,” and less by the specific COVID-19-situation of the country.

    Is there any difference in lockdown efficacy between those lockdowns that were done to keep up with the Jones' v those done based on an actual covid situation?

    1. Yes. The ones Central Planners enforce work 100%. Just ask them.

      Fuck Fauci.

    2. Looks like a squirrel just shit out another jfree gem of a comment.

    3. "squirrels are eating my posts..."

      Not nearly enough until they get every one, chicken little.

  25. I for one am shocked, shocked and appalled. Who would think that government intervention and command and control would have such disastrous consequences? Besides anyone who reads history. Besides them.
    Looks like Florida et al had it right all along... Open since June 2020.

    1. The data disproves your claim. There were more deaths in Florida after lockdowns were lifted in June 2020, and there are more in 2021 than there were in 2020. See:

      1. youre a year too late to the party, Troll.

        Any low grade moron can shout " no it isnt" and run away like you are.

        Prove you have an above room temp IQ and prove WHY it doesnt.

  26. Hindsight is always 20-20, and some people are always going to maintain that they "knew it" all along. Meanwhile, over 900,000 Americans are dead as a result of infection with this virus. Including a family friend of more than 30 years, who refused to wear a mask. His wife and children have lost someone very special to them. So have we.

    Lockdowns "only" saved ~2000 American lives, and therefore, we should have just traded those lives to avoid any inconvenience. SIP "only" saved ~27000 American lives, and again, we should have traded those lives. They're only people - they don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

    I just don't understand people for whom 900,000 dead is a nothing burger. I don't. But I understand the frustration and anger of all those who have worked to save those lives. Whose every effort the apostles of "freedom" thwarted in every way possible.

    We really are all huddled together in the same boat. Okay, you don't like us "plebes." Well, we have a right to live our lives, too. And you have no right to decide that we should just be left to die, so you can claim you're "free."

    1. Arrogant assholes like you gaslight and attack others while saying you dont understand.

      Since you admit to being an uneducated fool, why not just get drunk in the kitchen and stick your head in the oven?

      900,001 wont matter.

    2. Saving lives is important, but you're not counting how many lives the lockdowns wrecked. Economic costs are real costs. And that's not even mentioning the negative health outcomes of the lockdowns and panic.

      1. 'Save' 3 lives by crushing 300.

        Safe! Effective!

    3. Debbie Brix held a news conference in April of 2020 telling the WHOLE world that the "numbers" being reported were but bullshit. Google it jackass. Also notice that ole Debbie "retired" 3-weeks AFTER that news conference. U r but another wantingly ignorant ENEMY of humanity.
      The Phucko Knows

    4. "...Lockdowns "only" saved ~2000 American lives, and therefore, we should have just traded those lives to avoid any inconvenience. SIP "only" saved ~27000 American lives, and again, we should have traded those lives. They're only people - they don't matter in the grand scheme of things..."
      Assertions from lefty shits =/= eviidence; you're full of shit.

      "...I just don't understand people for whom 900,000 dead is a nothing burger. I don't. But I understand the frustration and anger of all those who have worked to save those lives. Whose every effort the apostles of "freedom" thwarted in every way possible..."
      I just don't understand how lefty shits are willing to give up their freedoms for something with a less than 1000th of 1% fatality rate.
      Fuck off and die, asshole

    5. There aren't good measurements of what lockdowns did or didn't save, so I wouldn't believe a 2,000 figure. Even the term isn't well defined, as this paper highlights.

      The main coping mechanism for people with the 900,000 figure is to insist it isn't real. (It is quite clearly real in total death statistics, likely larger.) Denial is an old response of human brains to problems on this scale.

  27. The economists (not doctors, not epidemiologists -- economists) that authored this study are wrong. During the height of lockdowns in 2020, there were fewer Covid deaths than there were in 2021 after the lockdowns were lifted. Lockdowns work. Every conservative that comments about how Covid deaths and cases are higher under President Biden than they were under President Trump proves this.

    1. Never go full retard.

      1. Fuck you, punk.

        1. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ed's being mean to me! Somebody cancel him!

          1. Eds not earning his 50 cents per Troll comment.

            Uncle Soros will be displeased.

            Ive scraped better off the bottom of my shoes...

    2. The "miracle" vax was not out for most of Trumps "covid" days but the vax was out for 100% of Bidens.

      Next The number of covid scared libs who did covid/Fauci ceremony in public then broke the hell out said precautions was happening has only grown with time....and now they have the pills to blame the "unvaxxed"

      So who's shittin' who?

      1. Broke covid precautions **in private** The old covid friends and family plan. Covid doesn't affect the loved ones of liberals in private. Weird how that worked.

  28. Has anyone seen my shocked face?

  29. Well a 0.2% reduction in deaths certainly weighs against the staggering economic cost of the lockdowns, but the leftists will still think it was the right call, if it saved even one life.

    They already admitted that the lockdowns were costly in economic terms, they just wanted to pass the costs off onto the government, and hence our children and grandchildren to pay back the debt.

    But few analysts are bothering to check the health costs of the lockdowns, in depression, obesity, isolation, etc. They just add those losses to "excess deaths" and blame them on COVID too.

  30. When Illinois went into lockdown, Gov. J.B. Pritzker said he would gladly put 100,000 out of work, if it saved one life.

    That's the problem with liberals. They think every last life is precious and must be saved.

    If it's determined that lockdowns saved only 100 lives, liberals would rejoice that 100 families didn't have to bury a loved one, determine how to care for young children, or shut down a family business for good.

    If you were to suggest that Covid deaths might help Social Security (either retirees no longer collect benefits, or people on the cusp of retirement will never collect), a liberal would call you a monster.

    But, the FAA has a figure that is the value of a human life. That number is used to determine how much time airlines are given to make required modifications to aircraft. The shorter the time frame, the more expensive it is for an airline to complete modifications.

    My church says repeatedly that the safety of members is most important.

    Damn liberals. A church's first priority is the spiritual well-being of its members. Better a member get Covid while being a devout Christian than to be healthy and question God's existence, because you have become isolated from your pastor and other church members.

    1. "...That's the problem with liberals. They think every last life is precious and must be saved..."

      So long as THEY are not inconvenienced.

    2. "every last life"

      900,000 lives. So far, if we're counting. Probably more if we're counting for accuracy.

  31. You don't want lockdowns? Get your shot and tell your buddies to do the same. You're dragging down the country. Fucking morons.

    1. Joe Friday trying be all owning of the science while we know the science is owning his dumbass. The shots don't stop transmission dummy! So Joe, how much is Pfizer paying you?

      1. Have seen a few of his posts – agree Joe Friday seems to be a capitalist plant, as you suspect.

  32. I take your point, but Heraclitus' statement was that Australia lifted restrictions and then "began to find out". My point was that, in fact, our "Covid Zero" approach was abandoned because it had ceased to be effective, and that this preceded our current "finding out" by a significant period.

    It was intended that we'd transition to "living with the virus" once we reached 80% vaccination rate, but the outbreaks essentially pre-empted that. Of course by then anyone over 50 who wanted a vaccine could have had it.

    I wouldn't say that Australia has had a difficult time learning to "live with it". There have been some shortages of grocery items due to workers being sick or in isolation, some events have been cancelled, and hospitals have been strained- but we've had peak death tolls of 70 in NSW and 54 in Vic thus far and those numbers are falling. Annually about 160,000 Australians die, or 438 nationally each day. For Victoria in particular the 2020 outbreak was worse in every meaningful way - it's just cases that are worse now but those aren't translating into real harm.

    The chattering class has howled for renewed lockdowns - which the journalists bravely calling for are effectively exempt from - and called the situation a garbage fire. But even among my friends and acquaintances that are rabid fans of the lockdown lustful Labor leader, I don't hear calls for new restrictions much less lockdowns, and they're going to big public events, enjoying their freedom. I think things are going swimmingly and there's just a typical media desire to spread doom and gloom.

    1. “Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair!!!!!(tm)”

      Your media does that too? Same message, different accent.

  33. I believe we must be realistic about why we did the lockdowns.

    When the pandemic first hit, we had two examples to look at. China, which decided that lockdowns worked, locked down everybody. Their "data" showed it worked perfectly. Perfectly. Hmmm.
    Then we had Italy, which didn't lock down until after the disease hit. They seemed to have people dying in the streets.

    Based on these two pieces of information, we decided lockdowns were the thing to do. The severe effects on NYC seemed to confirm that decision.

    But I, along with millions of other people, watched as the pandemic swept across the US. We weren't seeing the severe disease we were warned about. Here in the Midwest, we saw almost nothing at all. We should have re-evaluated at that time. But there were a huge number of people saying, "Follow the science!" and then not following the science. The lockdowns were a thing to do, even if they had no effect. So we had to do it.

    1. "We should have re-evaluated at that time"

      We did, in Washington at least. But more because of the arrival of vaccines than denial of the death toll or of how the virus works.

  34. Ahh Cato Institute science. Such a consistent knack for politically potent if unphysical conclusions.

    For those newer to the wars, Cato previously debunked the hoax of greenhouse warming multiple times, year after year. Didn't stop any warming naturally but still a significant accomplishment for a partisan think tank.

    I like that the strongest argument in this one is that lockdowns are unnecessary because the gains come from populations self-isolating when infection rates are high anyway.

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