Fauci Wants To Kick the Unvaxxed Off of Airplanes

Should the no-fly list include another 70 million Americans?


On Monday morning, Anthony Fauci, the chief White House medical adviser, re-floated the trial balloon of imposing a federal vaccine requirement for domestic air travel.

"That is just another one of the requirements that I think is reasonable to consider," Fauci told MSNBC, while refusing to divulge whether he has made that recommendation to President Joe Biden. "You know, there's requirements that you might want to get if you want to get into college, or you want to go to a university, or you want to work in certain places. When you make vaccination a requirement, that's another incentive to get more people vaccinated. If you want to do that with domestic flights, I think that's something that seriously should be considered."

This is not new territory for the country's most visible public health official. "I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people, that you should be vaccinated," Fauci said in September. But that was before the more infectious omicron variant, and before vaccines had been authorized for kids between ages 5 and 11. Biden had just announced a vaccine mandate on private sector employers, but it had not yet been snagged in the courts.

Asked by ABC News on December 23 about a vaccine passport for air travel, the president said, "It's been considered but the recommendation I've gotten, it's not necessary….Even with omicron. That's the recommendation I got so far from the team."

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, when pressed on the issue on December 22, said that, "We know that masking can be, is, very effective on airplanes," and that "we also know that putting in place that additional restriction might delay flights, might have additional implications."

But, like Biden and Fauci, Psaki kept the door open, in case the medical advisory team changed its mind: "We would do it, though, if the health impact was overwhelming. So we rely always on the advice of our health and medical experts. That isn't a step at this point that they had determined we need to take."

The positive health impact of barring the 70 million or so non-fully-vaccinated Americans ages 5 and older from air travel is likely to be closer to marginal than overwhelming. Airplane trips thus far during the pandemic have been almost preternaturally safe from COVID spread. Existing vaccine mandates, meanwhile, have failed to move the needle on vaccination rates.

In fact, as Reason's Christian Britschgi pointed out in October, discouraging comparatively safe air travel makes people more likely to use far more dangerous automobiles, a substitution that had measurably negative effects after the post-9/11 security measures adopted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

"The added hassle the agency's pre-flight security screenings added to air travel encouraged people to substitute driving for flying, resulting in an estimated additional 500 auto deaths per year after 9/11," Britschgi wrote. "That almost certainly outweighed whatever terrorism-caused deaths the TSA's security screenings prevented."

Such cost-benefit analyses are extremely unlikely to move the types of people who favor strenuous pandemic restrictions. Many (mostly Democratic) politicians, public health officials, and voters have a visceral anger toward the minority of Americans who have yet to avail themselves of the lifesaving vaccines. The punishment of the refuseniks is the point.

"To put it simply, if you have been living vaccine-free, your time is up," Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted on December 21, when unveiling new vaccine passport requirements for indoor activity in the Windy City. "If you wish to live life as w/the ease to do the things you love, you must be vax'd. This health order may pose an inconvenience to the unvaccinated, and in fact it is inconvenient by design."

In an excellent Wall Street Journal op-ed Monday, David R. Henderson and Charles L. Hooper pointed out that, when it comes to pandemic policy, "If we accept that the difference between choice and coercion is insignificant, we will be led easily to advocate policies that require a large amount of coercion." So it is with restrictions on movement between the states, an activity that has historically been considered a constitutionally guaranteed right.

"We know the only way to protect flying in this country is to mandate vaccines. So why are we waiting to do it? I mean, I just don't get it," an exasperated University of Washington epidemiologist Ali Mokdad told CNN Monday. "Why wait if we want to have safe travel and we want to visit and we want to rebuild our economy, why are we sending mixed messages to the public? I mean, that's what really blows my mind as a public health professional."

The notion that air travel is not currently safe rests entirely on the hunch that omicron is ripping through airplane cabins in ways that the delta variant and original strain never did. (Ventilation on planes has been particularly effective in blocking aerosol spread.) This is of course possible—omicron is contagious to a level not previously encountered, so previous understandings may be out of date.

But the variant also thus far seems less lethal, particularly for the vast majority of Americans who have elected to receive vaccine protection. In a masked environment, with excellent ventilation, using a mode of mass travel that was as safe as it gets prior to omicron, some people who are protected from most serious illness by vaccines are declaring that not knowing the vaccination status of their fellow passengers makes them feel unsafe. I feel genuinely sorry about their anxiety, but I don't think that should be the basis for federal pandemic policy.

A vaccine requirement for domestic travel would almost certainly necessitate the creation of a single national vaccine database, a task carrying significant I.T. challenges and civil libertarian concerns. As Psaki pointed out, it would likely produce even more delays and unintended negative consequences to an already stressed system, which helps explain why airline companies have been opposed to the idea. It would also likely increase the already heightened level of social conflict that has been seen with airlines trying to enforce federal masking policy in high-stress environments.

But after 21 months of the kinds of government intrusions into private behavior that would have been dismissed within living memory as implausibly draconian, I would not bet against the internal vaccine passport. The United States already requires vaccination, plus a recent negative COVID test, on every inbound international traveler. Residents and businesses of New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and several cities besides, have been subject to heavy vaccine requirements. In places that Democrats control, the battle between choice and coercion usually has a clear winner.

There were 369 million domestic passenger trips in the annus horribilis of 2020 (I accounted for maybe 12 of them). The number of those passengers fully vaccinated? Zero. And yet the flights were safe.

CNN put a funny sort of headline on its piece about vax passports: "Are vaccine mandates for domestic flights our ticket out of the pandemic?" Good Lord, people, at least be honest with yourselves. The airplane requirement won't even get the masks off, just as pediatric vaccines did nothing for removing cloths off young faces in blue states. There is no logical endpoint to where restrictionism will take us, except the limits of our own tolerance for marginalizing others and inconveniencing ourselves in the name of unproven science. If you don't like Fauci's trial balloon, I suggest you reach for a needle.

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  1. There is no logical endpoint to where restrictionism will take us, except the limits of our own tolerance for marginalizing others and inconveniencing ourselves in the name of unproven science.

    Better late than never, Welchy boy. Perhaps there's a bit of libertarianism left in you motherfuckers after all.

    1. Yet he makes quite the obtuse statement of "Americans who have yet to avail themselves of the lifesaving vaccines." Mike to save you the time asking this in a response what I mean does this mean children? Is this statement really valid for them?

      1. Give it time.

        The winds of opinion are shifting. People are tired of the bullshit. The obvious is clear. Once it is nice and safe, Reason and its cadre of third rate "journalists" will pivot, as they are apt to do, into deep throated denunciations of the medical tyranny that ripped through our country and will write many articles exploring how such a dark period came to pass.

        They'll pretend they have always been against the insanity gripping the nation, and will plead for another round of donations as a reward for doing such a good job defending liberty.

        1. I feel resignedly (not with you) but in agreement with you on that path.

        2. Bullshit like that is why I refuse to give corporate media (of which Reason is a member in proud standing) any credence.

        3. Reason and its cadre of third rate Editors...


        4. Why do you hang around the cite of a magazine which you hate so much? It's quite odd.

          1. Why do you annoy the shit out of everyone here?

            1. Answering a question with a question, how trollish of you.

              1. Asking a question in the first place, was trollish. Everyone knows that.

                1. Really? You don't think it's odd to hang out at a site you claim to disdain?

                  1. It’s very odd, but I think I figured it out.

                    The Reason comments section has virtually no moderation, so it’s one of the few places a bunch of ill-behaved people who are interested in politics can hang out without being subject to any possible consequences for their behavior.

                    1. It is amazing watching the intellectually dumbasses here wish for echo chambers.

                    2. “People interested in politics should suffer consequences “.


                    3. Words are violence.

                      — Dee

            2. Seriously,

              just mute people you don't want to read. It makes the site so much easier to deal with

          2. Gotta have some kind of pushback, you boot licker.

          3. Why do you comment on a ‘cite’ where everyone hates you and de o started what little bitch you are every day?

        5. Which medical tyranny the ripped through our country? During the AIDS crisis, establishments were closed, those who infected others were criminalized, and the GOP advocated for tattooing of citizens and internment camps. Is that the tyranny of which you speak, or are you talking about the wearing of masks?

          1. I'm sorry, I meant the medical tyranny that ripped through your mom's ass.

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            1. Lol, these Farmers For Trump, they gots nothing.

              The interesting question is: why do they hang out here? Certainly there's a Four-H comment board more inclined to them.

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                Now, fuck off.


            You mean like that time that Anthony Fauci teamed up with Pat Buchanan to spread false information about how babies get AIDS?

            1. Fauci did no such thing. You're demonstrating the same willful ignorance as the author of the article you for which you provided a link. Please, just don't. You have no idea what you're talking about. Fauci has a lot of faults, and believe me, back then he took far stronger criticism from me and my colleagues than you will ever cough up. But so what? None of that has anything to do with my original comment.

              1. Reality is calling. It misses you.

          4. Here, let me help you see through the shit you've painted your brain with....

            During the AIDS crisis, establishments where the virus was spreading virulently with a disease that, at the time, had a 100% mortality rate were closed,

            those who deliberately infected others were criminalized,

            and the Democrats advocated against any type of quarantine, or lockdown or anything that might prevent the spread of a disease which, at the time, had a 100% mortality rate as far as anyone knew

            There, hope that clears things up a bit.

      2. Why is this lil Socialist Demoncrat name of Flip Flop Fauci still talking ? The "OminousCron Variant" !?! Hell I'm so old I remember when we called "The OminousCron Variant" a cold ! Soooooo then why is Flip Flop Fauci still getting face time on all Mainstream Media outlets ? His boss "Hey joey Baby" Biden just admitted defeat ! The covid kicked ol Pedophile Joey's azz ! It appears"Hey joey Baby" will be doing thee exact same thing the President Donald Trump was doing ! Kinda like that whole "Remain in Mexico" ! Are the "Trump Hating Socialist Demoncrat CNN Cult Members" still saying the 2020 election was fair & transparent ? They still saying "Hey joey Baby" got 81,000,000 votes ? Does anyone know where 81,000,000 human beings that voted for "Hey joey Baby" are at ? That whole 31% approval rating "Hey joey Baby" is rocking screams for his 81,000,000 voters to come make him "the most popular president ever" (and call me crazy but there needs to be a conversation about losing 81,000,000 of anything all at the same time it's all Twilight Zoning) but 81,000,000 American citizens that voted for "Hey joey Baby" biden and all at thee very same time have been misplaced ? Ol Tara Reade Rapist & lil Kid Molester biden could really use their help ! 31% approval rating ? Kamala"Whitey" Harris doesn't even suck that bad !

    2. For Fauci, I'm thinking more of a helicopter.

  2. Kick Fauci off a plane. Mid-flight.

    1. Needs to be more cruel and unusual.

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        Fuck Faucist

        1. “Window” Paine Stewart approves this message.

      2. Like the beagle thing?

        1. That might be too cruel. No sane rational being would do that to another being.

      3. Sarcasm aside, he should face a Nuremberg style trial for crimes against humanity.

        1. Those ended in hangings, to be clear.

          1. For some. Other received jail sentences. Some got life. Some got less. Some were exonerated.

        2. What crime against humanity has he committed? In the face of a pandemic he's...basically recommended the same things nearly all the other health officials around the world did.

          Here's a hypothesis: maybe he and those health officials all came across similar solutions because they were the best supported by the applicable science and evidence at the times and you, amateur epidemiologist 'Chumby' don't know what you're talking about.

          1. Funding of the Wuhan lab.

            1. That's a stretch that would make Mr. Fantastic proud.

              1. Why do all these conservatives assume Fauci is some kind of evil mastermind? Where do they get this stuff?

                1. He’s evil, and masterminding of things. We get it from his words, and actions.

                  You must be confused, because you clearly get all these things from CNN, MSNBC, Media Matters, etc.. so you’re facts and information challenged.

                2. Shrike, it is really weird when you make socks to talk to yourself.

                3. Because he likes to torture animals?

              2. Covid most likely came from that lab. The one Fauci helped fund. It would be nice to know exactly how it came to be, and if from the lab, how it got out. A public trial would facilitate this. Appropriate punishment for inappropriate behavior may dissuade future incidents.

          2. Proof that those purporting to seek "reason" are hyperventilating at least as strenuously as the rest of the general public.

            1. Cha-ching!

            2. New lefty shit showed up. Fuck off and die slaver.

              1. This is the epitome of Farmers for Trump 'arguments.'

                1. No. We just hate lying marxists. Like you.

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            3. You agreed with a strawman. Lol.

          3. You ignorant slut.
            Fauci illegally repressed any therapeutic that would have stopped the EUA for deadly covid injections and reduce his power. Rat face Fauci used that power to defund and attack any scientifically or medically qualified individual from mounting counter arguments.

            He should be fired immediately, given a fair trial and then executed.

            1. Firing would be good.

            2. You're an idiot and an authoritarian (given a fair trial and then executed). But I repeat myself.

              " defund and attack any scientifically or medically qualified individual from mounting counter arguments."

              Lol, sure buddy, that's why most people who actually know what they are talking about don't agree with you. The conspiracy!

          4. Here's a hypothesis: Government apparatchiks believe that you should never let a crisis go to waste.

            1. Here's another one: highly ideological commenters who don't know what they are talking about come to conclusions they agreed with from the start!

              1. Nice own goal there.

            2. Here’s another: Fauci is an epidemiologist. He has spent his life studying viruses and such, not thinking much about the nature of government or liberty. So, he is inclined to suggest whatever measures will fight the epidemic. He has tunnel vision, essentially.

              There is nothing wrong with that per se. The problem is that his point of view should be balanced against other considerations, such as the economy and civil liberties, when making public policy.

              1. He’s spent most of his life as a bureaucrat. With other people doing the research. He’s primarily a pencil pusher. He’s also clearly a friend of the democrats.

                He’s also just one person. Plenty of real epidemiologists who do actual research disagree with a large portion of Fauci’s conclusions and pronouncements. Yet your party masters have decided that we will all obey the will of Fauci.

                1. Indeed, his entire career. I wouldn't let him lance a boil on my arse.
                  The government is where people go when they can't make it in the outside world, in private business.

              2. He spent his life as a bureaucrat dummy.

              3. Fauci is an epidemiologist. He has spent his life studying viruses and such creating this one, not thinking much about the nature of government how many people it might kill or liberty.

          5. Fauci is on record using government resources to attack and bury scientists from the Barrington declaration.

            Truly a man of science


            1. He makes L. Ron Hubbard’s ghost jealous.

    2. That would redefine the Fauci Ouchie.

    3. Or just shoot the worthless socialist demoncrat !

    4. Helicopter.

      I'm a traditionalist.

  3. Clearly I've been too hard on Trofim Lysenko.

  4. Fauci's trial balloons are so boring and predictable and useless. Just like a careerist bureaucrat. Mine are far better.

    1. he took both sides of school masks...

      What an Assweasel.

      ( " assweasels" been very effective in triggering Troll anger...what I live for)

      1. Weasels are easier to install than monkeys.

        1. Richard Gere is interested in learning more about this.

          1. Mostly has to do with size and available space.

          2. Gerbils are so 1990.

  5. And Joe Biden wants to kick the ass of whoever it was that didn't order enough Covid tests. "After ten months of the pandemic, we still don't have enough testing! It's a travesty!", said Joe. He sounded pretty pissed off at whoever's in charge of getting shit done. Probably Donald Trump.

    1. I also blame Trump.

      1. Damn him and all that Freedom talk....

        Gotta watch those non- conformists.

  6. Many (mostly Democratic) politicians, public health officials, and voters have a visceral anger toward the minority of Americans who have yet to avail themselves of the lifesaving vaccines. The punishment of the refuseniks is the point.

    Communist are angry, bitter people ... that belong in the ground.

    1. John Birch lives!

      1. Using exclamation marks is a sure sign of being a troll.

        1. No, no, when we are fighting the obvious Communist plot to destroy America exclamation points are necessary!

          1. YOU are part of the communist plot to destroy America.

  7. I missed Fauci's coronation.

    1. Stick around and maybe you'll catch his beatification.

      1. Or execution.

        1. Killing fantasies abound on 'Reason.'

          1. You should indulge in a suicide fantasy, and do it for real.

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  9. So they were wrong about the first two shots shutting the virus down, but I am sure they are right about shot 3, or maybe 4, or 5, or 6, or 93. Trust the Science!

    1. i see molly goddamnidiots here...

      Spreading the Party Line like a good Hitler Youth.

      1. Godwinning is fun!

    2. Who are we gonna believe? The experts or our own lyin' eyes?

  10. Yes. The more isolated the anti-vaxxers are the better. Keep those vectors away from civilized society.

    1. Now do Jews.

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            1. Tell us again shrike how inflation greater than economic growth is great.

              1. Inflation is profit.

        2. Forcing Japanese into Internment camps.
          Or forcing native Americans onto reservations.
          See, non-Godwin examples ARE possible when needed to point the authoritarian apologists to historical injustices that inevitably result from their philosophy.

          1. Jim: "I don't understand what the Godwin thing is about!"

            1. I frequented the same Usenet newsgroups that Godwin did and he was one of many who observed the same progression of some political threads and he was just the first to state it as a "law". Godwin's law was in reference to a specific analogies to Hitler or Nazis, it was not a generic.

              Nor was Godwin's law a contradiction of the validity of using said analogies. In fact Godwin considered it perfectly valid to refer to Trump and conservatives as analogous to Hitler and Nazis, respectively. He does not believe that the person who first uses such analogies as losing the argument.

    2. You should also deny them the vote.

      REALLY send the message.

      1. Tattoo them and everything.

        1. Bring back the gold star status.

    3. I'm having a really hard time figuring out what your deal is. Are you a paid troll? A parody account? Or do you honestly believe things like this?

      Two years ago, I would have definitely thought you were some kind of outrage click baiter or a parody, because I wouldn't have believed that someone could be such a complete and utter scumbag piece of shit. But today, I realize it's entirely possible that you are, in fact, just a complete and utter scumbag piece of shit.

      1. it just changed Socks...

      2. It is probably the same troll that is behind KillAllRednecks, Kirkland, the various iterations of White Knight, Tony, Waxliberty, raspberrydinners, and Queen Amalthea.

        1. And Joe Friday ...

        2. its easy to spot...too short a time between comments.

          Mental problems on full display

        3. It's amusing that you think that only one person could disagree with you.

          1. Everyone knows you run a dozen or so socks in these comments.

            1. Oh, the 'everyone knows' argument. It was bound to come up, right?

              I'm me. I've a long history commenting on Volokh. I come over here sometimes to see the intellectual shitshow. You acting like only one person could notice that in you, well, that's just precious.

              1. How does that eliminate the likelihood that you engage in multiple socks here?

              2. Interesting thought. Yet Queenie posted this just 5 minutes ago...
                Queen Amalthea
                December.28.2021 at 8:22 pm
                "Lol, sure buddy, that's why most people who actually know what they are talking about don't agree with you."

            2. It is shrike. The exact same tells. Peanuts,, etc.

        4. Nope. I have never posted using any other account or name.

          1. Yet you're still a moronic progshit.

      3. This is a population of science denying freaks, who are hell bent to spread covid as much as they can. They have opposed every and all covid prevention measures. Is it so hard to believe that I don't want anything to do with them and want them to stay far away?

        1. No, shitbird, you don't want them to just stay away. You want them to die.

        2. That’s the odd thing. Many of the anti-vax mandate advocates here have been vaccinated themselves, but they don’t seem to realize they can argue against mandates without disparaging vaccination itself.

          It’s like the only way they know how to argue their side in a debate is to use total anything goes warfare — they are arguing against mandates, so they exaggerate problems with vaccines, use personal attacks, lie about and purposely misconstrue what their debate opponents have said. Because, apparently, “winning” on some Internet forum is more important that seeking truth or learning or gaining insight into how we could have better government.

          1. You and saec constantly lie about conservatives who have basically all said get vaxxed no mandates. Who the hell do you think you're kidding? Sarc even did it tonight.

          2. Holy fuck, it's like you held your life up to a mirror then started narrating in third person.

            How are you so obtuse!?

        3. You stupid faggot. It’s a proven fact the administration has been very wrong on a number of COVID related issues. Including this Omicron bullshit.

          You democrats are always wrong in science. Always.

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            Funny thing is, if the roads were covered with snow and ice, he still drove the posted speed limit.

            1. Lol, are you one of my coworkers?
              My audi is just as safe going 45 in the snow as the average domestic FWD is going 45 on dry pavement.

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            1. I’ll accept that as a, “No.” Thanks.

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  11. F Fauci...sawed off Commie Assweasel..
    We bot a new truck and dont need his gdamn airplanes.

    They lose.

    Dont want a Compliance vaccine. I already have permanent immunity.

    Settled science says masks dont work.

    Fuck Biden and Fauci. With a hot poker.

    I Am Fully Un- Vaccinated

    1. You seem to be vaccinated fully against paragraphs.

  12. Well, on the other hand, to be sure, it stopped the Communist Chinese Virus cold in the NFL.

    1. Im sure youth, exercise, health and fresh air had nothing to do with it...

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  13. I think that Fauci is out of line here. In the old days, we had white-people v/s black-people water fountains and swimming pools, in some places... Maybe we try vaxed v/s unvaxed flights? v/s mixed flights for those who don't give a shit? Just an idea... It would be more live-and-let-live, more libertarian!

    However, I know damned well that the anti-vaxxers are no better!!! THEY want to defend themselves from the cooties of the vaxxed!!! I kid you not!!!
    Florida School Run by Idiots Says Vaccinated Students Must Stay Home for 30 Days After Each Shot
    This is the same school where a teacher told students not to hug their vaccinated parents for more than five seconds.
    See? We are ALL data-driven by now! My data says the OTHER (evil) tribe believes in vaccines, so MY tribe must BAN and SHUN the BAD tribe (and their cooties) as much as possible!
    The unvaccinated are now CLEAN and the vaccinated are UNCLEAN! Civic-minded BAD! Afraid of micro-chips in vaccines GOOD! Black is white, and good is evil!

    1. I know a few fundaMENTAList Christians who believe the vaccine is the mark of the beast. If you don't get it then you can't participate in society. That means The Rapture is near!

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            1. I'm not sure if you actually believe that or if you're a liar like the three stooges. Doesn't matter. They're the only ones you're impressing with your childish antics.

              1. I believe it, because we've all seen you fuck it up on multiple occasions.

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  14. Like I said, theyre making it up as they go purely on " statistics..."

    1. "Revised the model". Funny how they continuously base policy on erroneous or failed models.

      1. well yes the Lie is everything
        Its a juggling act.

      2. The Exalted Experts are basing their decisions on SCIENCE, nonbeliever! And if the Sacred Word they spread changes, it's only because the SCIENCE has changed, for SCIENCE is a great mystery, and only the proper Sages can discern its mysteries.

  15. Kick the unvaccinated off of planes while still requiring everyone to wear a mask?

    Why people can't see this guy is a parody of himself I will never know.

    1. It's in his self-interest to keep up the panic porn. Much like the way neocons couldn't bring themselves to admit they were wrong about invading Iraq and failing to leave Afghanistan for years beyond completing the mission and instead insisted on doubling down, Fauci cannot admit that the policies he's pushed are at best ineffective. Who would listen to him then? How would his legacy shake out? Best for him to keep fear alive as long as possible. Unfortunately for him and his ilk the public will eventually tire of all the illogical bullshit.

      1. You do know that the policies Fauci has suggested are pretty much the policies most every other country is doing too?

        1. Well, that's that, folks; if most other countries are doing it, it must be good!

          1. No, it's clearly a New World Order global conspiracy I guess. I mean, they got the health officials in every country on board! Thank god we got brilliant amateur scientists like you to expose them.

            1. Weird how I never said or even implied there was some kind of New World Order global conspiracy. Strawmanning the best you have?

              1. About all they have. They are transitioning from Trump to Alex Jones and John Birch Society. Fifty cents is fifty cents.

                1. They're just so boringly predictable, aren't they?

                2. yeah but theyre only worth a Nickel...

              2. Of course not. All those different regimes came to the same policies just by a miraculous coincidence!

                1. Right? It's not as if positions of power attract people who want to wield power over others or anything.

                  1. Well, except for Sweden I guess, which I'm sure turned into a giant mass grave because of their refusal to force masks on faces and drugs into arms.

                    But on the bright side, all the Amish died off as well, since they shunned the miracle medicine and masking too.

                    Oh wait, neither happened.

                2. You’re still pushing your strawman? Lol.

        2. How many other countries are masking children in school?

        3. Actually, that's not the case. Fouci is so full of pride that he can't admit to being wrong. Instead he doubles down when he's proven to be wrong. And rather than have debate with people who disagree he has teams to smear the reputations of his detractors. That's not what honest men of science do. He's not a man of science, nor does he represent science. He's a bureaucrat who represents his own lust for power, and nothing more.

          1. Fauci has an MD from Cornell. He played an important role in dealing with HIV/AIDS. George W. Bush awarded him the Medal of Freedom for his accomplihsments there.

            You're a highly ideological weirdo on a comment board.

            1. How many people died of AIDS because Fauci was too busy fucking around with a vaccine to put any effort into therapeutics?

            2. He got schools to shut down drinking fountains over aids. Very successful.

            3. You're going to base your confidence in his dictats on his HIV / AIDS record?

          2. Switch out the name sarcasmic with fauci and see how this comment goes.

        4. you ignorant slut.
          Japan has instituted the use of Ivermectin and their covid death rate has dropped to 0% in less than 2 months. Case rate dropped from 6000 in August to less than 100 in October.

          Do you consider yourself the hall monitor or the enforcer for the cartel?

          1. You're a quite silly fool. Anyone who watched the Olympics knows Japan was quite restrictive in dealing with COVID. You're cherrypicking because you 1. don't know what you're talking about but also 2. ideologically desperate to push your pre-determined conclusion.

        5. You know what's awesome about being an American? I don't have to give a fuck what any other country is doing.

        6. So? That doesn’t make them right. ‘Everybody is doing it’ isn’t a compelling argument to do something. Except to a democrat. Where everything is groupthink.

      2. lying about Iraq Troll?

        The Coalition war that stopped Hussein from making chem weapons that the UN MOVIC Inspectors found in Iraq May 2003?

      3. They werent wrong to invade or not leave.
        We were wrong to not have a coherent plan on what to do after "winning". We *were* also wrong since we werent actually willing to win.


    CBS right now....Communist Broadcasting System

    They know the lies are exposed...

    1. It's like if Glenn Beck had a stroke.

      1. Bring back Joe Friday.

        1. Hey, I'm no fan of comments that cannot form paragraphs, have lots of all caps, use hyperbole, etc.

          But I get YMMV.

        2. No, leave that slimy pile of lefty shit to rot wherever s/he is.

    2. Hmm, CBS... Are they the ones that put rocket motors in chevy pickups to prove they blew up in accidents or the ones who fabricated military documents about GWB? It's so hard to tell in today's maker society where 3d printed guns kill 120% of the population annually - or something like that.

      1. Just googled it: NBC, GM trucks, and something that happened in 1993 (nearly 30 years ago).

        1. Demonstrates consistency. Like you consistently being an idiot and the sun rising every morning.

        2. That’s your problem. Not old enough to remember it.

        3. Oh right, NBC Dateline was the ones who blew up pickups. It was CBS who forged the military documents. Just googled it. They're all gas lighters all the time because it sells. Maybe you'll grow up and face the facts. Maybe you'll learn what "the meaning of the word ‘is’ is."

          Make no mistake, they all lie and it isn't enough to read Pravda, you have to know how to read Pravda.

          1. OK, all I did was fact check your claim. Not sure how that indicates I didn’t grow up or I don’t face facts.

  17. Ya know, it's almost like the government can't force people to do what they don't want to do. Looks like it's about time to bring back the re-education camps.

    1. Impedance opposes Change. It generally increases with Frequency.

      1. Inductively true.

        1. HA! Exactly.

    2. Public schools?

  18. They’re really not going to let us solve this peacefully. May god help us all

    1. Wolverines!

      1. No, secession.

        1. Like E OR.?

          Last time I counted, all or parts of 21 States were considering it. Cut off Pissland and Shitattle/Tacohole and the whole Northwest becomes united.

        2. You're an incredibly brave patriot William!

    2. Thats great. Lets get to it.

      Theres a man in E WA that has 100,000 rounds of ammo. Another has an RV with two inch armor plating in the walls.

      Just a couple examples.

      Let the maggot Starbucks Twitter unarmed crowd " brang it."

  19. Since we are all about science, and we follow the science and he is the science, where is the science that says that airplanes are what we need to focus on? Where is the science that says that people are catching covid-19 on airplanes and huge numbers? I mean, it's possible. It would just be nice if we actually, you know, did the science before we started discussing the policy.

    1. That's crazy talk. Scientific method is do the policy and then make the science to justify it.

      1. And coordinate a smear campaign against other scientists who say maybe your lockdown strategy might be a bad idea.

        1. Remember this?
          The Great Barrington Declaration

          Got memory-holed in a New York minute.


            Fauci coordinated an organized campaign to discredit the GBD.

      2. ...make "up" the science...

    2. The beauty of being a "public health" bureaucrat is that you don't need to show your work because you will never be held accountable.

    3. But, but, Omicron! It had to be people on airplanes that brought it here asymptomatically and we know that the vaxxed are perfect and immune to all and sundry. Anyone saying different is a heretic so make the Faucian deal and get shot up - or something like that.

      1. This is starting to sound like the Spanish Inquisition!

      2. “and we know that the vaxxed are perfect”

        Really? Because it’s been reported all along in the mainstream media that vaccinated people can catch omicron.

        1. The cry of the Deelion.

        2. So why all the hate on the "unvaxxed"? If being a carrier is acceptable why does it matter if you're vaxxed or not?

          Oh right. Mandates. Conform or be shut out even if there's no difference. That's why the mask mandate is still around - they know that vaxxed people are still carriers. Typhoid Mary would be proud to know that but people wouldn't blame her if she had only gotten a shot. Yeah, right.

          1. Well, hatred isn’t appropriate.
            But the original and delta flavors of COVID-19 are still around, and the vaccines are very effective against them.

            Also, the vaccines appear to reduce the severity of omicron. I personally had omicron last week and recovered in four days with only mild symptoms.

    4. Just stop all flights after 10 PM. The curfews seemed to work in the bars last year.

  20. Good, long overdue.

    You can't do your part? F..k off, stay home, or walk.

    1. So much Science!

    2. If you are too scared, stay home.

      1. He, Molly, and other progressives aren't actually scared. They enjoy fucking with people.

        1. True. They are evil pieces of shit.

    3. Now do the economy.

    4. Fuck off and die, slaver.

  21. Easy solution. Just open the windows at 36,000 feet. The virus can't survive under those conditions, and surely the covid wonder masks are designed to work as oxygen masks too!

  22. Events are compelling me to consider buying an airplane next year. Maybe also get instrument rated. Otherwise I just rent and fly for fun and use commercial airlines for long cross-country travel. (Tough to rent for multiple days from the local FBO.) Even without Faucism taking hold flying commercial is not terribly pleasant. We're vaccinated but I don't care for the infectious-until-proven-otherwise assumption of the authoritarians.

    1. I wont put up with Trained for Sexual Assault

      Damned Granny Gropers.

  23. Fauci apparently not collecting dinars from the airline industry.

    1. not yet...Hell get Biden to extort, I mean requst, kickbacks, er, funding for research..

      Biden extorted the Ukraine official...

      Fuck Joe Biden

  24. It's not about the science, it's about the control. Fauci is rather forthright that this is a push to punish those not falling in line, rather than an actual safety measure.

    He's been a politician far longer and more sincerely than he ever dabbled in science.

    1. Meh, Its some sort of tunnel vision.
      As a systems admin, if my only goal was to prevent the spread of malware, the restrictions necessary to make that happen would cripple our company.

  25. Wow this content is a nice article ,commenting on this article is just a heart touching

  26. Dr. Fauci should be on the "not allowed to leave his cell" list.

  27. Faux-chi should be wearing his pharmaceutical corporate advertising badge every time he shows up for a propaganda/advertisement session with his MSM sycophants. It amazes me how many people in this country are licking his fentanyl stained boots.

    1. I like where you were going there...

      Dr. Faux Xi?

  28. Fauci Wants To Kick the Unvaxxed Off of The Planet Earth..

  29. So we're back, at Reason, to pretending natural immunity doesn't exist.

  30. The airlines will lose business after they have gone through 2 years of lost business. More layoffs to come if this goes through. Fauci is a doctor that cares nothing of the side effects of his political prescriptions.

  31. In the People's Democratic Republic of Canada, hospitals sent all unvaxxed nurses home, fired from their jobs. Now the same hospitals are begging for them to come back as the they are suffering from staffing shortages. The fired nurses should respond by telling them to go fark themselves and refuse to return.
    As for little lord Fauci and his latest decree, instead of preventing the unvaxxed from flying, why not allow little lord Fauci a nice flight over the pacific and then kick him out of the plane from 35,000 feet.
    He can pretend he's D.B. Cooper and enjoy his retirement.
    Fraudci needs to be removed from the CDC and sent into retirement before he causes anymore damage. A nice set of charges and a swift trial would be the next thing of order.

  32. "some people who are protected from most serious illness by vaccines are declaring that not knowing the vaccination status of their fellow passengers makes them feel unsafe. I feel genuinely sorry about their anxiety, but I don't think that should be the basis for federal pandemic policy."

    How many times do these people need to be informed that the fully injected spread covid too? If the injection works, don't worry about others' injection status.

  33. Imagine a world where COVID was treated like the flu: With widely available vaccines for those who wanted/needed them, but without the iron fist of government smashing those who didn't take it. Imagine that the CDC confined itself to printing posters, to be posted by anyone who wanted to put one up, encouraging people to wash their hands and maybe avoid mass social gatherings if they felt unwell or considered themselves especially vulnerable. Imagine that no city would even dream of a mask mandate because of how immensely silly that would be. Imagine if schools had just stayed open the entire time like nothing had happened. Imagine if a legion of businesses hadn't been shuttered and their owners driven into poverty.

    It never had to be this way. It could have just been that. Everything would have been the same or better, but it wasn't, all because Top Men made Bad Decisions with no input or oversight and the appearance of Doing Something was more important than simply letting it be.

    Imagine if we didn't hurt ourselves.


  34. One big problem here is that the policies don’t take into account natural immunities, that are far better than the immunity conferred by these “vaccines”. Natural immunities are typically close to sterilizing, which mean that they mostly prevent catching and passing the virus along. These vaccines are far from sterilizing, and indeed don’t seem to do much in preventing the spread of the virus, but rather just reduce the severity of the illness, when you, ultimately get it. So, this policy would let those fly who can get and pass on the virus (the “vaccinated”), but not allow those who cannot get and pass on the virus (those with natural immunities). Nonsensical? Very. But not surprising when public health bureaucrats are in charge.

    1. Im not sure natural immunities work all that well with colds and flus. Probably the same reason that vaxes for them barely work.

  35. NOT TAKING ADVICE FROM CNNs Ali Mokdad. Who cares what this idiot has to say about domestic air travel in the US or anywhere else.?.?

    “Ali Mokdad, PhD, is Director of Middle Eastern Initiatives and Professor of Global Health at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. In this role, he is building IHME’s presence in the Middle East through new research projects, dissemination and uptake of IHME’s methods and results, and consultation with regional leaders in population health. IHME was founded in 2007 at the University of Washington to provide better evidence to improve health globally by guiding health policy and funding.

    Dr. Mokdad leads IHME’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Health Tracking project, which is creating an integrated health surveillance system for the Saudi Ministry of Health to monitor long-term and real-time burden of disease. He is also the principal investigator for the Salud Mesoamérica 2015 Initiative impact evaluation.

    Prior to joining IHME, Dr. Mokdad worked at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), starting his career there in 1990. He served in numerous positions with the International Health Program; the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity; the National Immunization Program; and the National Center for Chronic Diseases Prevention and Health Promotion, where he was Chief of the Behavioral Surveillance Branch.

    Dr. Mokdad also managed and directed the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), the world’s largest standardized telephone survey, which enables the CDC, state health departments, and other health and education agencies to monitor risk behaviors related to the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States.”

  36. When are All Sane Americans going to tell the Fakey so-called dr to “Let’s go Brandon, FJB”???? Whatever Fakey says is truly NOT WORTH listening to!!! (emphasis only)

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