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Against Faucism

The White House COVID-19 advisor and his ilk admit they will never let some mitigation measures expire.


Last week, the CEOs of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines told Congress that they do not think mask requirements make much sense on airplanes, where the air filtration systems are superior to what is typically found in an intensive care unit.

"I think the case is very strong that masks don't add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment," said Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest. "It is very safe and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting."

Unwilling to let anyone undermine the case for keeping a government mandate in place, White House coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci threw cold water on the idea.

"You have to be wearing a mask on a plane," he said bluntly on television Sunday.

When ABC News' Jon Karl asked Fauci specifically if he thought we would ever reach the point where we did not need to wear masks on planes, he responded: "I don't think so. I think when you're dealing with a closed space, even though the filtration is good, that you want to go that extra step when you have people—you know, you get a flight from Washington to San Francisco, it's well over a five-hour flight. Even though you have a good filtration system, I still believe that masks are a prudent thing to do, and we should be doing it."

This is Faucism distilled down to its very essence. For the government health bureaucrats who have given themselves sole authority over vast sectors of American life—from travel to education to entertainment to housing—it doesn't matter what the CEOs of these companies think. It doesn't matter what their customers want. It doesn't matter if maskless air travel is, for the most part, quite safe (especially for the vaccinated). It doesn't matter if the mask mandate makes air travel impossible for families with young children. All that matters is the calculus of the most risk-averse people: unelected public health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Like Fauci, NIH Director Frances Collins said this past weekend that air passengers should be masked—and should think twice about large gatherings, and even about going anywhere at all.

"I'm not going to say you shouldn't travel, but you should do so very carefully," he said, before adding that the unvaccinated should definitely remain at home.

These pronouncements come during another pivotal moment in the pandemic: the rise of omicron variant, which appears to be at least as infectious as delta, capable of evading some amount of prior protection, but perhaps less lethal. Taking their cues from the public health establishment, political leaders are rushing to reimpose punitive mitigation efforts. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser ended the city's "brief experiment with letting people make their own choices about masks," even though the mayor herself has flouted the mandate at various social gatherings throughout the summer. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul initially said that the state would not enforce the new mask mandate, but as cases continue to rise she abruptly reversed course and promised to send out inspectors.

These efforts reflect government officials' need to appear like they are doing something to battle COVID-19, even though it is no longer clear that mandates, lockdowns, and closures are doing much to prevent death. After D.C. reimposed the mask mandate over the summer in response to the delta wave, cases continued to rise due to the variant's increased infectiousness, but the death rate remained exactly the same—probably because vaccination rates are quite high.

Indeed, the vaccine is the only public health innovation doing much to save people's lives from COVID-19, but it's obviously not the case that we are just one more round of booster shots away from triumphing over the disease. The reality is that COVID-19 will be with us for years to come, no matter how faithfully people wear masks, practice social distancing, and get boosted.

Yet the Faucists talk about COVID-19 as if the pandemic is still some kind of we're-all-in-this-together civilizational struggle that justifies and necessitates the suspension of civil liberties, whole industries, and school time. In his ABC interview, Fauci told Karl that he's never walking away from his position of authority until COVID-19 is defeated.

"You know, we're in a war, Jon," he said. "It's kind of like we're halfway through World War II, and you decide, well, I think I've had enough of this. I'm walking away. You can't do that. You've got to finish it—and we're going to finish this and get back to normal."

But the U.S. government is unlikely to ever defeat COVID-19 in the same sense that it defeated Nazi Germany and imperial Japan. In the meantime, the government is claiming more and more power for itself; this power is being wielded by the agencies least accountable to the democratic process, and it is being used to enact harmful restrictions on people's lives that will apparently last for years, for decades, or forever. Americans still remove their shoes and belts in order to board air planes, even though the event that inspired this policy happened more than 20 years ago—and even though the evidence against this policy is overwhelming.

The Faucists clearly want to make masks just as permanent as the TSA: Indeed, they have said so explicitly, as Fauci just did. At every stage of the pandemic, public health bureaucrats have uttered some version of the sentence Now is not the time to ease up. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Not as long as they are in charge.

NEXT: D.C. Ends Brief Experiment With Letting People Make Their Own Choices About Masks

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  1. Over a year late.

    1. And didn't Robbie have a tweet about how he was glad Berenson was banned from Twitter over covid misinformation despite the tweet in question about the vaxxed spreading covid now admitted to by Fauci himself?

      1. Yes he did, but better late than never. I hope he eventually apologizes to Berenson before they're both arrested for heresy.

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        2. Add that one to a long list of apologies that he owes.

      2. And didn't Robbie have a tweet about how he was glad Berenson was banned from Twitter over covid misinformation despite the tweet in question about the vaxxed spreading covid now admitted to by Fauci himself?

        Is that a rhetorical question? Or do you see an actual contradiction there?

        Robbie is an establishment hack and a journalist. Of course, he likes seeing "the wrong people" banned from Twitter.

      3. Berenson claimed vaccines have "a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile", "It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine".

        This is not claiming that it is still possible for the vaxxed to spread covid. It is horsesh*t run-of-the-mill anti-vax misinformation.

    2. Hey, maybe we'll eventually get an Ashlee Babbitt story after a few years.

      1. Now it can be told!

      2. Current editorial plan is an article two years into Harris's term.

        1. Ho? I mean ' who?'

          Jeebus can it get any worse?

    3. Maybe it’s waaaaaaaaaaay past time to remove these fakes from their office!! If masks vaccines boosters won’t defeat China virus, then why should we do it!!?????? Replace TSA employees also for those who have better common sense!! I am extremely tired of petty little tyrants telling me what I should do. I am OLD enough, more intelligent than the, to know better than they how to protect myself from a virus. I don’t do flu or pneumonia, & I don’t get either the flu or pneumonia. In fact I did not even get a polio shot or the polio sugar cube & I Did Not Get Polio!! Who would have thunked it?!?!?! Merry Christmas y’all!!

      1. "If masks vaccines boosters won’t defeat China virus, then why should we do it!!??????"

        For some, the argument is having tens of thousands less dead Americans. For others, the argument is keeping the health care system functioning, since letting it overrun and decimating the health care work force will have a lot of negative side effects even beyond the deaths of Americans, if that alone is not an issue of interest in your particular moral universe.

    4. When you've lost

      When experts or agencies deliver information to the public that they consider possibly or definitively false to further a larger, often well-meaning agenda, they are telling what is called a noble lie. Although the teller’s intentions may be pure—for example, a feeling of urgency that behavioral change is needed among the lay public—the consequences can undermine not only those intentions but also public trust in experts and science. During the first year of COVID-19, leaders were faced with an unknown disease amid a politically sensitive election in the era of social media, and the preconditions for noble lies became especially fertile. Not surprisingly, we witnessed several examples. More than anything, these examples illustrate the destructive potential of such lies.

      1. They are messaging to the stupidest of us instead of to the more educated and intelligent.

        As obvious, they NEVER delve into mask research (doing their jobs- journalism) and attempt to educate people THAT masks dont work most of the time, nor explain why.

        1. Of course, that's not actually what "mask research" says.

          e.g. CDC summary here:

          A more critical take here, but still acknowledges significant effects (better with surgical masks / filters and much better with N-95)

      2. Hmmm. Sort of like climate alarmism. Not sure how noble that is tho.

        1. Feel free to apply your superior education and intelligence and explain the flaws in greenhouse warming and climate change as taught in textbooks today.

          Please, make my day, I have a bit of time off work.

        2. Though, you are accidentally correct in your main point – "sort of like climate alarmism".

          Yes, quite a bit like that topic. Eerie and continual repetition of tropes, fallacies and conspiracy theories, in fact.

      3. This isn't really aimed at you, but I absolutely hate the way we always throat clear about these statists being "well-meaning" and having "noble intentions." Wanting to exercise control over your fellow man, particularly through the use of government violence, is evil. Full stop.

        These people are not well-meaning. They are authoritarians attempting to impose their own radically idiosyncratic sense of risk tolerance over millions of people through force. Well-meaning left the station two years ago.

        1. "radically idiosyncratic sense of risk tolerance"

          Functioning hospitals after all being a bizarre and extreme thing to worry about. And 800K dead Americans – freakishly trivial.

          By the simple rules of logic, it follows there can only be one interpretation of global policy efforts around this – a massive conspiracy of evil.

  2. It'll never end.


    1. It always ends; sometimes at the ballot box, sometimes in the streets, but it always ends.

      1. Depends what "it" is.

        1. Exactly.

          Been through an airport recently? Taken off your shoes, had to stand in a scanner that shows under your clothes while holding a pose like you're a criminal being frisked? All for a near zero benefit based on a near zero risk over an exploit perpetrated 20 years ago that could never happen again because we locked cockpit doors 19 years ago?

          TSA aren't elected. And now they're a massive unionized organization exercising power and sucking the government teat. You can't vote them out.

          People like Fauci are not elected. He's the highest paid employee in the US government and has been there for a lifetime. These people have untold power now, and will never give it up, and we can't vote them out. Wouldn't be surprised if a conservative vote could be rallied around a candidate who promised to fire Fauci as his first act, though.

          The only way we get to live an almost normal life where I am is that we completely ignore Sacramento most of the time. But, technically, we're filthy lawbreakers now.

          1. I've offered to strip several times for TSA. Never got past the jacket before they wand me through.


            1. You should expose yourself to female TSA staff unsolicited. You would have plausible deniability against prosecution for indecent exposure.

            2. Goddamn Anarchist.


          2. "He's the highest paid employee in the US government and has been there for a lifetime"

            He makes in a year what I make in a couple of months. He could make more in the private sector.

            "Wouldn't be surprised if a conservative vote could be rallied around a candidate who promised to fire Fauci as his first act, though"

            Why in the world would anyone be surprised at that. A conservative vote could be rallied around anyone who says the election was stolen from Trump, that covid isn't real, or any of a long list of viral conspiracy horsesh*t claims.

            1. “He could make more in the private sector.”

              Lol. He wouldn’t have his ugly mug all over tv screens across the country in the private sector. And he wouldn’t have fanboys like you in the private sector.

              But, yeah, no, dudes totally legit. Haha.

              1. Totally legit and razor sharp comment dudeling.

                Sounds like you also noticed that the comment about salary isn't particularly meaningful. (That was actually Stuck's comment, but perhaps the threading confused you.)

                "Fanboys like you" – this is your insult, seriously? If you're not equipped to use your brain for reasoning, at least make an attempt to power the trolling with some wit. I suppose there tends to be some correlation in the relative paucity of both.

        2. It will end, but only after people are sick of it and force these guys back into their holes. This isn't new. Epidemiologists have been calling for lockdown measures practically every time anyone sneezes anywhere in the world for decades, the pandemic just gave them power and an audience. I suppose here the mask part specifically is new, too, though Fauci now insists that he knew that masks were good all along and was lying when he said otherwise 2 years ago... since that's apparently better than ever thinking masks weren't necessary.

          1. Oops, reply fail... oh well

            1. I am fully un-vaccinated.

              Isnt " fully" whats required?

              As in Id like to shove my foot " fully" up Faucists ass.

              1. "As in Id like to shove my foot " fully" up Faucists ass."

                It's the only way to kick him in the head.

                1. ( golf clap )

              2. I think it would be deeply ironic, and funny, if Fauci “fully” died of COVID.

          2. for a portion of society, it will never end. they think about masks and boosters and variants more then a high school boy thinks about girls.

          3. It is understandable that people lash out at public health officials to vent their frustration over Covid and the mitigation measures it requires of us. Dr. Fauci is in a thankless job. Who wants to tell people they have to be uncomfortable on a flight or to get a vaccine that might make them sick a bit from side effects. But its his JOB. He recommends what the science and numbers tell him actually REDUCE, not ELIMINATE Covid DEATHS. That's the name of the game. We save SOME lives by doing what is recommended by the Public Health officials, like Fauci. Are masks uncomfortable? YES. Is being forced to take a shot on penalty of losing your job taking away your individual freedom? ABSOLUTELY. But BOTH will save lives. Think of it like the DRAFT. We sometimes FORCE people to serve the greater good. If FAUCI and his "ILK" are wrong, you had a wear a mask and get a shot. BIG Friggin deal. You won't fall apart. Stop being such snowflakes! But if he's right, we will save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives, and most of those lives will be those FORCED to take their medicine (Trumpers mostly!) And that's a good thing!

            Man up folks. Bitch all you want at the messenger, but he's not in the "feel good business". He is talking to us about a killer virus (800,000 and counting) which doesn't give a damn about your "feelings" of "discomfort" wearing a mask, or your feelings of your loss of personal autonomy at being FORCED to take your medicine.

            Semper Fi America. Time to rise to the occasion. Stop attacking the messenger.


            1. Fuck off and die, slaver.

            2. Fuck off slaver.

            3. What science tells us that mask wearing saves lives?

              And saying that vaccines save lives is like saying insulin saves lives. Doesn't mean everyone needs it.

              1. The majority of folks dying have been unvacced. The funderal home folks love the unvacced and fund their protests. Can't bury them fast enough.

                1. I'm sure they also "love" diabetics and morbidly obese people. What's that got to do with my comment?

                2. How many and name one funeral home that knows that..


                  You couldnt prove what day it is with a truckload of calwndars...

            4. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
              Oh and fuck off slaver.

            5. Who wants to tell people they have to be uncomfortable on a flight or to get a vaccine that might make them sick a bit from side effects.

              Every Karen on Earth. 98% of the people who live on Next Door. Every vegan. And the particular politics doesn't matter.

              With the exception of hospitals that might reach capacity or bottlenecks, there is virtually no significant threat to the vaccinated from either the unvax OR covid. Fauci/ilk has nothing to do with hospital protocols. The unvax have already made their choice - wise or not.

              We are now at the point where increasing numbers of people will ignore Fauci and the CDC just as they have ignored admonitions about eating broccoli.

              1. "'Who wants to tell people they have to be uncomfortable on a flight or to get a vaccine that might make them sick a bit from side effects."'

                "....Every vegan..."
                pot this one. And that includes my wife. Most of them? Yep, probably.

                1. err..not pot... NOT.

              2. The Association of Funeral Homes supports your right to die for your cause. Keep it up!!

                1. People dying makes economic activity according to Nutsy Pelosi.

                  Shes a 'Broken Window' fan.

                2. "The Association of Funeral Homes supports your right to die for your cause.
                  Assholes like you drag strawmen all over the place.
                  Fuck off and die, slaver.

            6. So to you, manning up means cowering in fear and obeying your masters? Interesting take.

              I would rather die of COVID than continue living under the regime of Science Jesus.

              1. Yeah, Jim 7 is kind of a pussy for a leatherneck.

              2. As stated the Association of Funderal Homes supports your stance. Great for our business!

                1. Fuck off and die, slaver.

                2. Is that a "yes", mendelfendel?

            7. +10 Jim.

              The "freedom" snowflakes here are convinced they're living in a Gulag when they are the luckiest son of bitches to ever live. Think any of our ancestors during the last 300,000 years might have wished for vaccines if they knew what they were? F..k yeah they would and that 78 years life expectancy would look pretty damn good too. Thank the scientists and doctors that you don't have 5 or 6 dead siblings who never made it out of infancy or parents who croaked on you when you were 10. That was the rule, not the exception. And these poor pansies here want to fight anyone telling them to shut up and do their part, no matter how easy it is.

              Fauci doesn't want to control you or me - what's in it for him? He's doing his job as best he can by his own lights.

              1. How do those boots taste, Joe?

                1. Your fantasy life is getting out of hand Steve-O.

                  1. Your stupidity stays out of hand.

              2. Fuck off, slaver.

              3. Man o' man. Aren't u the counted on little turd. YOU... ARE... THE...PROBLEM!! It's clowns like u who should NEVER EVER leave thier home prison.
                The Phucko Knows

              4. Babies have very little risk from COVID.

              5. No ever batted an eye when 20k or 50k or 90k Americans died from the flu virtually every year; no one demanded mask mandates or forced vaccinations when flu killed 90k Americans in 2017-18. The CDC doesn't even ask hospitals to attempt to identify and count flu deaths, but it does accept data if it provided and lumps them in with pneumonia deaths, so the reported flu numbers are almost certainly undercounted.

                COVID is markedly more dangerous than flu for a small portion of the demographic (esp. in those over 65 years old), but outside that at-risk group, the flu and COVID are pretty comparable in the risk presented--COVID is not like an airborne Ebola killing 60% of those who breath contaminated air.

                Like the flu, the vast majority of people who contract COVID will recover on their own without medical intervention; like the flu, a small percentage will need some medical treatment; like the flu, a small fraction of those needing medical intervention will require hospitalization; like the flu, a small fraction of those hospitalized will require extraordinary intervention like a respirator; like the flu, a fraction of those will die.

                Sure, COVID is more dangerous than the flu. But it is worth considering how much more dangerous is it, really? COVID is not airborne Ebola, even if the media has managed to convince a large part of the population that getting COVID is a death sentence.

            8. What a douchebag democrat shill. Seriously, fuck off with your bullshit.

            9. Fuck off slaver, catch up the the science and then go fuck yourself.

            10. Sorry to break this to you, but, Dr. Fakey is NOT the Messenger, but the Creator of the Pandemic! And he and Gates of Hell, et. al. are making a fortune off of it too!

            11. Man o' man. Aren't u the counted on little turd. YOU... ARE... THE...PROBLEM!! It's clowns like u who should NEVER EVER leave thier home prison.
              The Phucko Knows

            12. Shut the fuck up, dipshit. You've managed to get the arguments from folks here completely wrong, so why don't you semper fi yourself back to wherever you came from? Bonus: masks don't do shit, fuckwit.

            13. None of this has been necessary or required. States and countries that never did any lockdown or mask requirements and who aren't demonizing the unvacccinated have done just as well/badly as anywhere else.
              Do some of these measures save some lives? Probably in some sense. But they also cost lives and did great harm to a great many lives. You need to make the case that the costs are worth it, not simply that it "saves lives".

              1. The Association of Funeral Homes agrees 100 percent. Masks are useless. Vaccinations? Just injecting poison into your arms. Silly. Keep up the protests; we support you to the end, as it were.

                1. Did you miss the part where masks and lockdowns made no significant difference? And caused huge harm, including many deaths?
                  Your silly assumption that people protesting or refusing masks or vaccinations are at great risk is cute as well. Most people have well under 1/1000 chance of serious illness or death.

                2. Fuck off and ddie, slaver.

              2. The CDC’s recent data suggests that mask mandates might be responsible for a 0.5% reduction of COVID infections relative to places without mask mandates. Which is it say, that if you might get 1000 infections without a mask mandate, you *might* get *only* 995 infections with a mandate in place.

                If you are concerned, get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance. You don't need a law or government order or even employer mandates to do that for yourself.

            14. I prefer freedom.

              If you are so scared (justifiably or otherwise), go hide in a plastic bubble.

              1. The Association of Funeral Homes agrees with you. Freedom to infect others must be preserved. We support you to the end, so to speak.

                1. Normal life soreads infection?

                2. Fuck off and die, asshole.

                3. @mendelfendel

                  Read mpercy's reply above.

            15. Virtually no one has ever advocated that people wear masks in public to prevent spreading the flu, despite the flu killing 30-50k people in the US most years. I never remember hearing anyone advocating that we wear masks around town just in case we might infect someone else with the flu. I know I never did. No one ever made flu vaccines mandatory (well, they did once for the swine flu and a lot of people got hurt by it). Mandatory social distancing? Never for the flu. Lockdowns to prevent spead of flu? Never. School closures? C'mon man.

              Will you be wearing your mask every flu season forever once COVID is erradicated? Or do the thousands on people killed by flu every year not count? Sure, sure, "COVID is different" but I'm not arguing that at all. I'll grant that COVID is more dangerous, especially if one is over 75 and generally unwell already. But people spread the flu virus by not practicing social distance, not wearing masks, not washing hands and thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of people are killed every flu season. I'll echo your comment here "Apparently most of America is just fine with [10-90K flu deaths] EVERY YEAR." and always have been. You HAVE to wear the mask IF IT SAVES EVEN ONE LIFE, isn't that the mantra?

            16. Facial hair hampers the ability to wear masks effectively. We must have an executive order that bans facial hair! Your beard is going to kill my grandma, so I should be able to force you to shave it off!

            17. You're the reason this will never end.

              Correction, this will end when the rest of us round you people up and burn you alive as a warning to all future tyrants. Don't think it's not coming either.

              This ends when the fascists fear for their lives. And the only way that happens is when we start making examples of them. That day can't come soon enough.

          4. People don't want to deal with is the fact that many of the things that they've been doing has been exposing people to illness and death.

            The reality is that masks significantly lower transmission of airborne diseases, as witnessed by the collapse of last year's flu season. We should have been wearing masks on packed public transportation all along, but we weren't.

            Just like how we weren't wearing safety belts for a long time, but now we do.

            It's basically the same thing. Some basic safety precaution greatly decreases some problem.

            It's kind of telling that the same people who shriek about being told to buckle up shriek about being told to wear masks.

            The sad reality is that there's something wrong with them - something they just don't want to admit to themselves - and they feel increasingly empowered to be awful to other people.

            1. These people just want to go about their business. It’s assholes like you who are imposing their will on others.

              1. Everyone has a right to go about their business to infect others.

                1. My sense is you think all risks can be mitigated, but that's a juvenile view. Imposing your will on others is the half of this equation that can be eliminated.

                2. Fuck off asshole and then die.

                3. "You have no right to breathe in public" is quite a far stretch from "Wear a seatbelt when operating a car or maybe face a small fine", don't you think?

                  No no of course not. To fascists, all government diktats are equally noble and justifiable.

                  It's perfectly reasonable for the government to mandate literally anything in the name of the 'public good'. There is no limiting principle. Everything is now on the table, including destroying people's livelihoods and ability to function as free individuals in public places. And it won't stop.

                  We've made breathing a major public health risk in the minds of millions of people, and are now codifying it by precedent and statute. There is literally nothing stopping the government from doing ANYTHING against the population now.

                  But yeah, seatbelts. Totally.

            2. Did you ever think to do actual research with your flu assertion? Because they have decades of mask and flu real world examples involving doctors and dentists showing zero effect.

              In fact the most plausible explanation is people staying away from the ER and relying on drive thru covid tests while skipping flu tests. The flu has a short test span of under a week compared to 3 months for covid.

              1. And there was never widespread testing for flu.

              2. Asshole, all I say is fuck off and die.

                1. Reason's web side jumped; this is aimed at our newest chicken little, not Jesse.

            3. People don't want to deal with is the fact that many of the things that they've been doing has been exposing people to illness and death.

              So normal life is deadly?

            4. Whenever something is a matter of degree, and people refuse to see the "slippery slope", I'm reminded of the old canard about the man who asked the women if she'd have sex with him for $1M. She ponders and says she would. The man then asks her if she'd have sex with him for $20. She becomes offended and says "Do you think I'm some sort of whore?" He says "Madam, I thought we'd established that you are some sort of whore and we're now just haggling over the price."

              I can't help but think of it like the government asking if you'd wear a mask for the sake of everyone's grandma. You ponder and say yes, that seems reasonable.

              Then the government asks if you'll wear a hazmat suit whenever you leave your house, and you say "What do think I am, some sort of sheep who will follow stupid orders on flimsy reasoning?"

              And the government says "Oh, I thought we'd already established that and are now just testing our boundaries".

            5. We have a vaccine for the flu but only about 60% of people get vaccinated each year. And we also have flu-specific drugs like Tamiflu. But flu still kills tens of thousands of Americans every year.

              With no vaccine for COVID, with no COVID-specific treatments, with no herd immunity, I say again, COVID is is not much of a virus, doing only about 10x more deaths than the flu, and mostly in the 75+ age cohort?

              Flu fights through vaccines, mutating seemingly at will to break through the lines, it laughs at Tamiflu, and kills tens of thousands. COVID doesn't have to fight any of that and barely does better than the flu at killing people?

              No one making all these demands for COVID ever looked up and saw 20k, 30k, 60k people (2017/18 flu season killed between 60k and 90k, estimates vary because flu deaths are not required to be reported) and said "Gee, we need to social distance and wear masks all the time to save these people!" and if/when COVID is solved, I suspect they will go right back to ignoring flu deaths.

              If preventing one COVID death is worth everything we've been through, why was preventing one flu death not?

            6. People don't want to deal with is the fact that many of the things that they've been doing has been exposing people to illness and death.

              Yes, we call that "being human" and "civilization". That's why hunter gatherers used to have such low rates of disease and why they were wiped out by European diseases. I'm sorry this seems to be news to a large part of ignorant, pampered leftists, but, geez, get a clue.

              It's kind of telling that the same people who shriek about being told to buckle up shriek about being told to wear masks.

              Well, that's not particularly surprising, since neither failing to wear a seat belt nor failing to wear a mask actually endanger anybody else. My body, my choice, and all that.

              The sad reality is that there's something wrong with them - something they just don't want to admit to themselves - and they feel increasingly empowered to be awful to other people.

              That describes you perfectly: there is something profoundly wrong with you, and it isn't just your ignorance.

          5. All that said, I would not fly on an airplane with my family without everyone being masked.

            1. That's ok. You be you and do what you think is prudent.

              If you feel like you’re in an at-risk group, then by all means take whatever measures you feel are reasonable for yourself.

              You can politely ask me to help you protect yourself, but don’t expect me to make any effort to help you though and if you try to force me to do so, there is going to be backlash.

              If your kid is deathly allergic to peanuts, I expect you to teach your kid to not eat peanuts, to carry an epipen in case he accidentally does so, and to politely ask me if the cookies I’m serving might possibly have peanuts in them. If you inform me before hand, I’ll probably even make an extra effort to avoid creating an issue for your kid.

              But if you say “No one who sends a kid to this school can be permitted to have any peanut products in their home because they could be uncaring assholes and let their kids eat peanut butter toast and wipe their hands on their jacket before coming to school and killing my kid,” then I’ll probably say “Fuck you” and slick my kid’s hair back with peanut oil and send them to school with a PB&J for lunch. Good thing I don’t have kids, I guess.

            2. Well, some people won't step on grout lines either. I'm sorry you are irrationally afraid of things.

            3. Asshole, all I say is fuck off and die.

      2. It always ends; sometimes at the ballot box, sometimes in the streets, but it always ends.

        Sometimes Odoacer ends it, sometimes Chicxulub does.

    2. "It'll never end."

      History, virology and epidemiology suggest it will, though not nearly as quickly as we'd like.

      We could bet on what you imply, whether covid policy restrictions will continue when covid is no longer straining public health capacity or sending Americans to their graves by the hundreds of thousands, but who are we kidding, you are no more likely to pay up when the time comes than the many climate science contrarians who were foolish enough to bet against global warming in past decades...

      1. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair (tm)!

        Stay fearful brah. Haha.

        1. Again, you seem strangely confused about who made what comment. I'm not the one grievance signaling about how unfair it all is and how it will (lays hand against brow) *never end*.

          FFS learn to read the threading. The dotted lines help line up comments with replies.

  3. It is heresy to criticize science-jebus.

    1. I am The Science. There is no path to The Science but through Me.

      Fauci 21:17

      1. I thought it was 20:19.

        1. Don't kid yourself. It's been all over the Faucian Bible since the AIDS epidemic.

          1. Will all the democrats be putting up Nativity scenes, with a baby Fauci in the manger?

            1. I think they'll stick to votive Fauci candles. They can glisten as solitary reminders of solidarity from the windows as we all are permanently boarded into our homes.

          2. Yeah, Fauci bet on ineffective vaccines back then too, delaying drug development and resulting in hundreds of thousands of avoidable AIDS deaths.

        2. As written on the Dead Narrative Scrolls discovered inside a tomb in Damaskus.

          1. You mean Dumbasskiss.

            1. Uh..hh.hhhh.hhh he said ass!

        3. Splitter!

          1. The Circus would have a field day with the pandemic.

            1. I got to see; “life of Bryan”
              when I was 14. My dad saw on the news that Jim baker
              Was protesting it. So he said:
              “Everybody we are going to see a movie!”

              1. Watching it as a kid, and now watching it as an adult, are 2 completely different experiences. You miss so much the first time through.

                1. There is a lot you don’t see as a kid.

                  1. “Holy grail” is still the best.

                    1. We're docs of the round table
                      We lie whenever we're able
                      We spout routines to push vaccines
                      With bullshit im-pec-able...

                    2. Flesh wound

    2. "Thank you parish for gathering online today. I see many from our San Antonio contingent – wonderful! Mr. Burns if you could enable your camera, thank you.

      Today's sermon is about the fact that science is a False Jebus. Its advocates spread lies and undermine our faith. They make promises they cannot keep, and tell falsehoods about truths as fundamental as the age of this very world gifted to us by God.

      Sorry, you can’t hear me? Why this is exactly my point – science promises advances but always fails to deliver them. You say I just need to unmute? One moment. There. Better? Good. As I was saying - there is no False Jebus more false than science, whispering its lies about “habitats” and “viruses”. How long are we good citizens going to sit by and be part of a nation that so centrally laid its worship at the feet of this False Jebus rather than our Real Jebus, back unto its very founding??”

  4. History will not be kind to Fauci.

    Faucism is Lysenkoism.

    1. The way to 'take down' Fauci is a dry recitation of everything he has gotten wrong. There is plenty of material out there. That is what I would tell a Senator or House member. Nevermind the drama, simply ask: How did you get this wrong? Ask that repeatedly, about the many things Fauci blew the call about. I mean, you could have a series of Senators just ask the same question, but vary the topic. Get under his skin, and bug the shit out of him. But be really polite. Then shake him up with a question along the lines of how many deaths is he personally responsible for, due to his bad decisions. And would he like to now respond to the families who lost loved ones due to his incompetence.

      I guarantee, the slippery sob will lose it and implode. His ego cannot allow him to admit error (or fault). That implosion would be a 'made for social media' moment. That it hasn't even been attempted speaks volumes.

      1. everything he has gotten wrong

        Now that you mention it, he's been getting it wrong for over 40 years and the only consequences he's suffered for getting it wrong have been positive. How many millions of other such technocrats do we pay to reward for screwing us over that we've never heard of because they're not on the news for the better part of two years?

        1. Most democrats fail upwards. See Biden, kamala, buttigieg, etc.

          1. I thought Kamala went down?

            1. Went down so hard she fell through the floor and landed in a presidents lap.

        2. Public employees frequently tend to fail upwards.

          1. You mean always?

      2. Fauci has made mistakes for sue. Nevertheless, I can't think of anyone else whose advice I would follow.

        1. Asshole here has yet to do anything other than admit s/he's scared of reality.
          Fuck off and die, pile of shit.

    2. An excellent comparison, the biggest difference being the Faucists aren't brave enough -- yet -- to cancel anything more serious than Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    3. Precisely. Fauci is Joey's Lysenko. Eventually Fauci's "science", just like Lysenko's "science", will be exposed as nothing more than bullshit. Fauci, like Lysenko, will slink away in disgrace.

    4. Who will write the history though?

    5. Depends on who writes it.

      1. You're right. There are Lysenko apologists out there trying to credit him with epigenetics (even though he denied the very existence of the genome).

  5. Fauci told Karl that he's never walking away from his position of authority until COVID-19 is defeated.

    Which it never will be, so, never.

    Nice that Robbie can finally see what has been painfully obvious to many of us for 21 months or so. He even made a veiled reference to the glaring fascism with Faucism. Let's keep the Libertarian ball moving forward.

    1. Or until he strokes out, or some hero puts a 9mm into his brainpan.

    2. Unlike Faucism, fascism actually has some practical uses.
      Somebody has to clean up the mess left by liberalism.

      1. I don't know what you are trying to say. What we call "liberalism" (i.e., progressivism) in the US is largely indistinguishable from fascism.

        1. Given that what you call "liberalism" inevitably evolves into progressivism, it hardly makes any difference. One is just the larval state of the other.

          At the end of day, a liberal is a liberal. The myth of the "good" liberal is a joke.

          1. The term "liberal" has been hijacked in the US by progressives. Historically and in much of the rest of the world, the term means "classical liberal" or "libertarian", ideologies diametrically opposed to progressivism.

    3. Not even if the science changes? Like it has changed?!
      Not very “we believe in science “ of him.

  6. We're supposed to believe that it's pure coincidence that a global coronavirus pandemic started in the same city as a well-known coronavirus research lab, that American taxpayers funding gain-of-function research at the lab is "worth it" (Fauci's words) even if it leads to a pandemic, and that torturing puppies is part of the normal scientific process. And that mask mandates are a valuable mitigation tactic against the pandemic (despite the evidence), that lockdowns are worth the cost in economic and health impact, and that we only have a pandemic now due to the unvaccinated (despite a growing number of breakthrough infections.)

    1. And please note that the Communist Chinese Party allowing worldwide travel to and from Wuhan for months while not allowing internal travel to or from Wuhan is NOT a form of germ warfare. It just accidently happened to assure that all countries suffered the economic impact as well as Communist China.


      Fuck Joe Biden
      Fuck Anthony Fauci

    3. As an experiment, I think California or some other blue state might want to try closing their airports, sea ports, train stations, and posting road blocks on all roads into the state. No one in or out. Then order a real lockdown, where people are not permitted to leave their homes for any reason. Close the beaches, the parks, the attractions. Close all businesses that cannot be done from home: the McDonalds, the grocery stores, the WalMarts. Close all the schools and colleges. Use the California National Guard in full MOPP gear to distribute food and medicine. None of this is constitutional, but if it saves even one person from the cruel fate of catching COVID, it's okay, am I right?

  7. Everyone says that this was obvious a year ago, but at least Robby is finally acknowledging it. Unlike his peers.

    Good work Robby, you deserve kudos for this one.

    1. Not even a "to be sure, Rand Paul is literally Hitler" throat clear to be found.

      Makes me proud!

  8. How The Fauci Stole Christmas

    Bitter and hateful, the Fauci is irritated at the thought of the nearby village having a happy time celebrating Christmas. So disguised as Santa Claus, with his feebleminded president made to look like a reindeer, he raids the village to steal all the Christmas things. The village is sure to have a sad Christmas this year.

    ...much deleted...

    Then the Fauci thought of something he hadn't before.
    "Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.
    Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."
    And what happened then?
    Well, in You-ville they say...
    that the Fauci's small heart
    grew three sizes that day.
    But that was probably just a side effect of the booster shot.

  9. Articles like this give me hope that maybe, just maybe, all the virus panic that has gripped wrecked destroyed the world over the past year will eventually go away. The "fair weather" libertarians like Robby are finally blowing towards freedom, that means the winds are blowing from somewhere real. The end is far off, but like light at the end of a tunnel, it will come eventually.

    1. This article is Robby demonstrating that he is only fit to follow.

  10. [T]he vaccine is the only public health innovation doing much to save people's lives from COVID-19

    Is it doing anything? Serious question. People that are vaccinated still get COVID, and still get sick; some still get hospitalized, some still die.

    What metric are we using the determine efficacy? "It would have been worse had they not been vaccinated!" is unscientific nonsense.

    1. And what about treatments? From what I hear, the monoclonal antibodies make a pretty huge difference in keeping people from being hospitalized and dying. And using steroids for inflammation. And I don't think we can rule out some effectiveness for Ivermectin and HCQ in early treatment. But the first two are pretty uncontroversial. Why aren't they being promoted a lot more? Why aren't there bilboards and TV ads saying that if you are sick from the Rona, you should look into these treatments? Vaccine isn't going to do you any good at that point.

      1. Death is still heavily tied to comorbidities. This is a a disease of the old and the unhealthy. Yet we can't speak on the latter for fear of fat shaming.

        1. Age of 'covid death' almost exactly matches age of 'anything death' -- with the exception being that the very young don't die of covid but do die of a lot of other stuff.

          1. If it doesn't kill those of breeding age it is not an existential threat and should not be treated like one. They should only count COVID deaths under 55. Anything above that can be attributed to age as much as COVID.

            1. This, I think is where it all went wrong. People decided that saving lives was the metric that mattered. Which is what should matter to doctors treating patients and people caring about each other as individuals. But for public health institutions and officials to take the position that saving every possible life (from one particular cause of death) is what matters, as we have seen, leads to awful consequences. The concerns of public health should end at doing what they can to keep society functional and make a disease outbreak or pandemic minimally disruptive to normal life.
              People seem to see that as cold an uncaring. But when you are wielding the kinds of powers and tools that they are, that's what you have to do. They fucked up bad when they decided that rather than protecting society as a whole, the job was to protect the people dying from one particular virus and nothing else matters.

              1. Was saying it almost from day one.

                The proper metric is years of life lost, not fatalities.

            2. Anything above that can be attributed to age as much as COVID.

              good point; but 55 is too young to die of old age in our times...make it 65 instead...

          2. That's one of the things I've been telling people since last year. Covid death rates match the death rates of age from all causes. Which points to a died with instead of died of.

            The life expectancy by age is equal to all of 2004, and I don't remember a panic then. It is amazing to see.

            1. Actually, no. We had about 10% excess deaths in the past two years, which is a pretty big number. SOMETHING caused all those excess deaths. (Possibly an illness all of them caught just before they died?)

              And beyond just deaths,
              - Hundreds of thousands of people have been essentially permanently disabled by long COVID. And many times that have lingering COVID symptoms they may never recover from. (Given that long-Covid odds and severity are tied to severity of the original disease, even just reducing severity helps, a lot.)
              - EVERY measure said our healthcare workers have been screwed over and burnt out by this pandemic, especially now by the unvaxxed. Thank you.

              1. We had about 10% excess deaths in the past two years, which is a pretty big number.

                need a citation please; something other than the self serving CDC...

              2. Bullshit moron. The statistics don't show anything of the sort. The overall population has increased..., yet the death totals r less or within the expected deaths per country's across the world.
                The Phucko Knows

              3. Is COVID also the source of your cognitive disability?

              4. long COVID

                Long COVID is a myth. It's caused by syndrome X or gluten sensitivity. As long as you don't have syndrome X or gluten sensitivity, you can't develop long COVID.

                1. More to the point, long COVID is the latest Munchausen's fad.

                  It's not a surprise at all that most of the participants in the study that supposedly showed how prevalent "long COVID" is are women.

                  1. Again, before COVID, Ron Bailey was touting the CDC's numbers of 300,000 cases of Lyme Disease sans diagnosis, sans tick bites every year.

              5. Hey dumbass... your non sequitur is bullshit. I gave you a specific claim and you ignored it to try to change the argument.

                A 10% shift in a modeled death assumption is elss than 1 standard deviation. We have seen deviations that large multiple times over the decade shit for brains.

              6. By the way, people who use model projections to prove reality is worse are quite frankly retarded.

                There is no such thing scientifically as excess deaths. It is simply a deviation from a model. Have you ever investigated that model?

              7. There is no such thing as 'excess deaths,' so it's easy to tell that your claim is simply silly bullshit based on this. Your next assertion, that 100ks of folks are permanently disabled by long covid, is also spurious, imaginary symptoms for the stupid outrage society are not a disease. Also silly bullshit. Your third assertion, including a baseless attack on the unvaccinated is risible. Healthcare workers chose their profession, should they not like the job, they are free to select another. Your inclusion of 'EVERY measure said...' is a buffoonish attempt at an appeal to authority, and like the rest of your silly bullshit, it fails. Slink back to wherever you came from and come up with intelligent arguments.

              8. "...Thank you."

                Fuck you with your bogus stats and general bullshit.

        2. Apparently 800,000 Americans have died of the Chinese Flu over the last two years, most elderly and with comorbidities. Yet three times as many, or 2,400,000, have died of cancer and heart disease. The heart disease number goes up every year. Yet we haven't damaged our society, perhaps irretrievably, to stop the spread of cancer and heart disease. Apples and oranges? No. Just look at the numbers. Would say a person's chance of death from heart disease/cancer, regardless of age, is rather greater than dying of the Chinese Flu. Fauci is the enemy of the American people and of American life as we know it.

          1. Heart disease and cancer are not infectious.

            1. Doesn't change the fact that they're both "preventable", like COVID. You're not taking anything away from his point.

      2. Why aren't they being promoted a lot more?

        Because then they'd be banned from a bunch of hospitals and the mere mention of them would get you depersoned off the internet for Medical Misinformation?

        1. Same question again. Why are they doing that? It's fucking insane.

          1. Power. And money. But mostly power.

            1. Schadenfreude effect. Some folks get their jollies on taking and/or restricting activities of others.

        2. Also, my understanding is that vaccines cannot receive emergency authorization if treatments are available.

      3. Because it would mean the EUA’s for the vaccines were bull and void?

      4. Follow the money.

    2. Vaccine definitely seems to be having an effect. Folks in the hospital are disproportionately likely to be unvaccinated, even though the highest risk folks (seniors, immunocompromised, etc.) are disproportionately likely to be vaccinated. I haven't seen any areas/studies where that isn't the case. Even better, the analyses tend to cluster around 80-90% effectiveness against serious illness. So, it is a situation in great contrast to masks, where you'll notice you can't even find any estimates of the effectiveness because the quality of the data is so poor and the few comparisons they do make come to wildly different conclusions.

      Note that I am just talking about fully vaccinated vs risk of serious illness/hospitalization. Are vaccinated people less contagious and less risky to be around? No idea. The balance of evidence appears to be that vaccinated folks are somewhat less likely to actually get infected (especially within 4 months), but if they do get infected, they are more likely to be asymptomatic. As it is the asymptomatic folks who are walking around unknowingly spreading the virus, I believe that in terms of spread, the vaccine may well prove to be roughly a wash.

      I have also not yet seen any good information on the effectiveness of the booster at stopping severe disease. It does cut down on the risk of getting infected (whether it will be like the primary series and this effect only lasts around 4 months is TBD). However, Pfizer's study (the most advanced one that has published on the effectiveness of the booster) didn't have a single severe illness, even amongst the 'placebo' (fully vaxed but 'boosted' with saline), so it is impossible to estimate a severe disease effectiveness from the study. We'll learn more once public health officials start splitting out hospitalization rates by boost vs vax vs non-vax. Currently, the information that I see lumps boost and vax together, so it is impossible to determine whether boost is actually effective at keeping people out of the hospital.

      1. Why do we also though not consider past infection in discussions of risk of spreading?

        1. Personally, I consider all claims about 'spread' to be somewhat dubious. No country has done what I thought should have happened which was to choose a metropolitan area and genomic sequence literally every positive sample taken in that city. With that, we could do a lineage analysis and have a pretty good idea of who infected who and from there could break down the demographics of the 'infectors' (vaxed, prior infected, young, old, symptomatic, etc.).

          Without that, they are trying to use a bunch of proxies for infectiousness. Which I might find a bit more credible, if public health officials hadn't spent nearly the first year of the pandemic claiming that the virus spread via droplets instead of aerosols (i.e. their models/proxies are obviously garbage given that they mislead them until observational evidence became impossible to ignore).

          1. No country has done what I thought should have happened which was to choose a metropolitan area and genomic sequence literally every positive sample taken in that city

            Iceland did that.

            And covid lineages ARE being tracked worldwide by There were 10,000 or so mutations/variants as of a few months ago. It's why they have surmised that the parent of omicron is from roughly April/May 2020.

            So omicron went for a year and half - undiscovered and mutating - until it was discovered in Botswana. Meaning there are likely three scenarios:
            1. It started and developed and remained in an area where there has been no testing or vaccines or nothing. The only two places that could be close to that are Tanzania and Congo.
            2. It infected someone who is very immunocompromised and not being treated for the immuno suppression stuff. So the person never defeated the virus and it mutated within them.
            3. It crossed back over to animals for a year or so and then crossed back

            1. Good for Iceland! Unfortunately, I haven't seen that they have been able to use that data to figure out spread risk factors yet, but at least they are on the right track.

      2. With the CDC recently having to revise their vaccinated vs unvaccinated numbers by 5-10% i question this. We see in other countries things such as:

        1. They had to revise their vaccinated vs unvaccinated numbers because some municipalities we're reporting 99% vaccination rates, then giving huge numbers of new or second dose vaccinations to their residents, but still reporting the same "99%" vaccination rates.
          - When municipalities are caught fudging the numbers, you HAVE TO revise the results.

            1. It just made that shit up, like its other bs claims.

      3. And another thing to consider.... did you parse the vaccination data by age? Seeing as under 5 can't get shit abd most under 18s don't need it and parents aren't bothering?

        I now know 2 cases where kids were hospitalized solely for observation after they got it, parents being cautious to an idiotic fault. They get wrapped into your numbers despite them showing no symptoms other than a runny nose.

      4. Show us all the scientific studies that SHOW for the FIRST TIME in human HISTORY that the asymptomatic SPREAD...., ANYTHING amongst the public? YOU.... r but another idiot dressed up in a parrot suit. A rather pathetic and gross ass human.
        The Phucko Knows

    3. That quote is so dumb - I believe Jim Cramer used it today after being "boosted" and testing positive still

      1. Jim Cramer is such a loud stupid asshole. I have no idea how this idiot has a career in anything relating to finances investment.

    4. "What metric are we using the determine efficacy? "

      Drug co. stock prices.

      Silly boy...

    5. Masks, social distancing, and vaccines have all had very significant positive effects in fighting COVID.

      People who wear masks are less likely to get sick and die.

      People who social distance are less likely to get sick and die.

      People who get vaccinated are less likely to get sick and die.

      The more layers of protection you add, the more benefit there is.

      1. Your citation fell off.

      2. Young, healthy people, regardless of social distancing, vaccination status, or mask-wearing, are not likely to die of COVID-19.

      3. There is a cost to adding protection that you need to weigh against the benefits. A negligible increase in benefits does not justify substantial costs.

    6. Are you asking if the vaccines save lives? Of course they do. From the beginning the effectiveness of the vaccine was reduction in severe symptoms. It was never that the vaccines would prevent you from getting sick. So even today, a person who is vaccinated, and gets mild symptoms is not considered (technically) a break through. Eventually, if everyone is vaccinated, the only infections you will see are vaccinated break throughs.

      I mean, look at deaths per day in New York. It's pretty clear the impact of the vaccine.

      1. From the beginning the effectiveness of the vaccine was reduction in severe symptoms. It was never that the vaccines would prevent you from getting sick.

        Uh, isn't a vaccine supposed to do exactly that? What you're describing isn't a vaccine, it's a prophylaxis.

    7. Is it doing anything? Serious question. People that are vaccinated still get COVID, and still get sick; some still get hospitalized, some still die.

      Unless the data has been faked, mortality among the vaccinated is clearly much lower than among the unvaccinated, even if you take into account vaccine-related deaths.

  11. Authoritarians being reluctant to give up power? Nobody could have guessed!

  12. "Like Fauci, NIH Director Frances Collins said this past weekend that air passengers should be masked—and should think twice about large gatherings, and even about going anywhere at all."

    Aww, Lighten up, Frances.

  13. our government is just terrible.

  14. So, we're about halfway through the 1970s. Then it was wage and price controls. Does the new Reagan show up in '24, or '28? The one who says directly to the camera that government is the problem, and then gets voted into office.

  15. Fauc Joe Biden

    1. Please God let him catch COVID and croak..

      1. He'd probably had the real vaccine before they released it.

        1. Well then Id settle for ' catching a bus by the bicycle rack .'

  16. If we are in a war, is Dr. Fauci doing as well as Gen. Westmoreland?

    1. If we don’t lock up all the unvaccinated, the rest of the population will fall like dominos.

      1. How about we just lock u up and get on with life?
        The Phucko Knows

    2. More like Sgt. Maginot.

    3. I was thinking Gen. Almond, who refused to believe his field commanders that Chinese troops had crossed the Yalu river in force and were preparing for a major offensive. Or even better, Almond's boss, Gen. Macarthur who ignored all Intel on Chinese troop movements, refused to listen to his CiC and advocated starting WWIII by nuking China.

  17. Nice article but where was it in April 2020? Or June 2020? Or November 2020? Or April 2021? Or.......

    1. Robby was too busy wailing that BUT THIS TIME WE NEED GUVAMINT TO SAVE US!

      1. If this site was nothing but headlines and then comments, it would be worth more than it is with the articles.

        1. Which you apparently never read, or else you’d know Reason has covered this topic many times already.

          1. Youre just a sad little man.

          2. Reason is excellent at covering its ass, isn't it.

      1. Mike to be fair you need to find something after people became terrified for right or wrong on this. March 2020 would have been easy for anyone to write that article.

        1. You’re kidding me. ElvisIsReal asks specifically for an article written in April 2020. I find one from March 2020, and your take is it was too early?

          1. MT-Man has a point, everybody was thrown off by the virus at March and we weren't sure what to make out of it. It became more and more clear as time went by that the government authorities are showing their hunger for power.

      2. "We should all be on guard to make sure that temporary COVID-19 restrictions—as necessary as they may be—remain temporary."

        They then immediately dropped their guard.

  18. As long as dumbasses refuse to get vaxxed, yeah.

    I'll make a deal with you- if you remain unvaxxed you sign away rights to any hospital treatment when you pop hot on a covid test. Seems fair- you don't bog down the hospitals with your dumbassery and get to keep your "freedumbs." Something everyone could live with. Well, except all the idiots that die from covid while unvaxxed but that's a sacrifice we're willing to make. They apparently are.

    1. Kind of telling that you want to abolish the Nuremberg code don’t you think?

      1. The Nuremberg Code, the UN Declaration on Human Rights, and several US federal laws.

    2. Something tells me you wouldn’t say this crap to gays or IV drug users who have HIV, even if they got it through their own actions.

      1. HIV is an airborne virus.

        /Fauci actually said this when he was ruining AIDS research.

        1. So many historical revisions. No wonder he made it so far in government research.

      2. You mean like with what was then GRID, and Anthony Fauci had the opportunity to curb the initial vector of spread by closing bathhouses and kowtowed to Democrat mayors?

        Fuck that guy with a giant syringe.

    3. Interestingly, I've been to dozens of events with tens of thousands of people, no bitch masks, no rude questions about people's medical backgrounds, lots of people up to their 80s, and no one has died.

      Lots of liberals shitting their pants and refusing to attend, though. So I think that once again, liberalism is the problem.

      1. It took me 18 months of normal living to finally catch the virus -- and I shook it off in a few days exactly as I expected.

        1. About exactly the same here.

        2. 18 months of normal living, no problemo. Then my wife brought it home. Hard to avoid her.

          Interestingly, she has such mild symptoms she didn't think it was COVID. Until it was too late for me.

          1. My wife got it last spring. She didn't quarantine, although we had to quarantine the kids at home. All of us under the same roof, taking no precautions and she was the only one who got it. She wasn't sick at all.

      2. Well, yeah. No people attend those events. Only animals. Lots of those animals have died.

        But not any *people*.

    4. One does wonder how much of the Republican senior citizen voter base has died from their own partisan stubbornness.

        1. Wishful thinking on his part.


          Places with more Trump voters have higher COVID death rates; the reddest counties have more than 5x the death rate than the bluest counties.

          It's not even remotely surprising.

          It's why Mitch - who actually cares about the future of the Republican party - wants people to get vaccinated and otherwise take appropriate precautions - because COVID is literally killing off the Republican party.

          The overall effect is small, but given how tight a number of elections have been, the Republicans losing a few hundred thousand extra people could tilt a number of states.

          The last election had several states decided by a few tens of thousands of votes. Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and maybe Pennsylvania could all plausibly be influenced by such.

          The Republicans have won the popular vote once since 1988, so are incredibly reliant on thin margins in a small number of states to win elections. If those margins go away, they may well end up locked out of the presidency, doubly so because the Republicans have failed to win the youth vote since 2000 - it's been 20 years of election after election where young people have voted against the Republicans, and it's getting worse over time.

          It's becoming an increasingly uphill battle, which is why the Republicans are leaning so heavily on anti-democratic measures, trying to suppress votes, outright election rigging in North Carolina, and of course trying to whip up their declining base to turn up and vote for them.

          We're now at the point where every age group below the age of 40 has a significant Democratic lean, and there's no clear end in sight.

          The older people dying off was always a problem for the Republican party, but not only are they killing off older people with COVID, they're doing so disproportionately in Republican areas.

          The Republican Party seems utterly incapable of courting the youth vote successfully. Unless they change that, the Republican party will cease being able to win the presidency by 2040.

          1. Trump won how many counties vs Biden?

            Do you even understand what you post or are you that big of an idiot?

            Likewise do you know how to normalize by age? Kind if significant no?

          2. outright election rigging in North Carolina

            New Mexico and Illinois would like to have a word with you.

      1. Going couch Toobin at the thought?

      2. Not enough to make a difference, given the low mortality rate of COVID.


      You'll make a good slave.

    6. Why stop there? Close the hospitals to the obese; smokers; users of any recreational drugs; heavy drinkers; anyone who consumes refined sugars; anyone intoxicated or violating a traffic law when injured in a motor vehicle collision; anyone wounded during voluntary military service; anyone injured by their own guns, knives, or other hazardous household items; anyone injured a second time by a domestic partner; anyone who hasn't had a complete physical exam including all recommended screenings for more than two years; anyone suffering an allergic reaction while eating out....the list could go on. Why waste medical resources on people who asked for what they got?

    7. The absolutely last place I want to go if I have Covid-19 is a hospital! They immediately put you on a death protocol and eventually blow your lungs out. The people I know who came down with the virus and went to the hospital are now dead (despite pleas from the families to treat with ivermectin, zinc, z-paks, Vit C, and Vit D.) One doctor told a family that they couldn't give ivermectin because their father might overdose on it. As if the father was going to crawl from his bed down the hall to the pharmacy and take all the ivermectin available.

      Everyone I know who came down with Covid-19 and treated with normal flu remedies (Tamiflu) or with ivermectin and vitamins recovered and are now doing well, although a couple of them had a rough few days.

      I've instructed my family concerning the treatment I want if I get sick and I've written those instruction down. At home, we can try different remedies. At the hospital, it's Fauci protocol only and he believes he is "science".

      1. Dying people go into hospitals therefore hospitals caused their deaths? I think you mixed up cause and effect there.
        - MOST people with a certain severity of illness go to the hospital. Cancer patients, flesh eating infection patients, and end stage brain eating amoeba patients all go to the hospital. It does not mean the hospital killed them.

        1. Most cancer treatments are done as outpatients. Try again Skippy.

          1. Cancer patients who do not respond to treatments DO usually end up in the hospital. And you didn't address any other example. Try again Skippy.

            1. Oh so that's why my brother with inoperable cancer died in his own bed. Try again Skippy I was a nurse for 17 years and most cancer patients don't spend a lot of time in the hospital. Keep digging Skippy.

          2. The worst, hardest to treat cases of 'flesh eating infection' come from the hospital.

        2. MOST people with a certain severity of illness go to the hospital. Cancer patients, flesh eating infection patients, and end stage brain eating amoeba patients all go to the hospital. It does not mean the hospital killed them.

          It does when the hospital shoves a vent down the person's throat and kills them from sepsis or ventilator-induced pneumonia.

          As a vaxxed person, the last place I'd go if I got a breakthrough infection would be a hospital. And I'd caution any unvaxxed person from doing the same until they stop this insane policy of venting people whose problem isn't that they aren't getting blasted with excess oxygen, but that the oxygen can't get processed through the inflamed tissues irrespective of how much is flowing in to their body.

    8. The vaccines don’t protect you from disease or transmission you mental midget. I get it, if I bought into something hook line and sinker and treated it like a religion it’d be hard for me to let go to but you’ve been lied to. You were fooled into injecting some experimental shot into your body. Sorry but those are the facts. You can remain an ignorant little sheep or wake up to what is happening.

    9. Vaccine hardos are a riot.

      1. So hospitals are only four people who bow to the governments will?

        1. The timeframe I agree with that proposal is only when the hospital bottleneck (generally ICU) is full and rationing is done anyway through crisis standards of care.

          It is not intended to be punitive or spiteful. It is intended to be a major criteria for the rationing that is going to be done anyway and that is being done solely because the unvax with serious covid are filling up the hospitals then. And ideally, the point would be to TELL people what is going to happen. So that people can figure out that the risk of remaining unvax is NOT the risk of dying from covid but the risk of getting a case of covid so serious that it requires hospitalization in order to prevent you from dying. Hopefully some of the smarter folks get the fucking vax. The others - I no longer give a shit about.

          1. And btw - I am not talking about this in addition to all the harebrained mandates and other bullshit. I am saying this is it. It is the ONLY thing that is needed because it focuses on - and fixes - the problem - hospital capacity.

            1. No worries, I'd triage you out of receiving care based on your viewpoint too, seems like a very libertarian stance.

            2. We had twenty-one months to expand hospital capacity.

          2. Now do fatties.

            1. Yeah, the fatties worked a lot harder for a lot longer and have been costing healthcare (and supply chains) a lot more money than someone who eats right and just may not yet have found the time between marathons to get the jab or booster.

              Even just cutting people off after their first heart attack would be more understandable than cutting someone off because they didn't get their latest booster.

          3. I did read a post on another forum dealing with this rationing issue.


            "People have argued this is a triage situation. If a vaccinated person is having a heart attack and a unvaccinated person is suffering from COVID-19 complications, why should the unvaccinated person get the one remaining hospital bed.
            What if the vaccinated person having the heart attack was morbidly obese? Suddenly, the answer is not easy.
            Or how about choosing between an unvaccinated person suffering from COVID-19 complications and the following:
            a drunk driver who had just killed three kids
            a violent felon shot by police after having just committed murder in their presence
            a serial sexual predator shot by his latest victim's daddy
            Is the answer clear?"- dbz77

      2. Of course you do, JSlave.

    10. I’ve got a much better deal for you progs. Get out. Leave all your shit and just get the fuck out. Forever.

      In return, you get to see the next sunrise. THAT up is your ultimate place in the scheme of things.

      1. I prefer Oderous Urungus' vision: their place is on their knees digging their own graves with the bridge of their noses.

    11. Sounds fair to me. As long as you and the mandate supporters all chip in to pay all medical expenses forever to those harmed by the experimental vaccines.
      Ever wonder why these magical medicines require immunity from lawsuits?
      Or why the government stopped asking to reports of adverse reactions?

    12. U literally haven't a f-ing clue to what bullshit is pouring out that shithole of yours. My GOD man. You r nothing more then a clown
      The Phucko Knows

    13. So you want to deny people health care because of personal choices.

      This is proof enough that taking this vaccine constitutes formal cooperation with evil.

      How can formal cooperation with evil be ethical?

    14. But I thought health care was a "human right"?

      How about in addition to your unvaxed-get-no-care, we add in "no one with a BMI over 30 gets care"? COVID kills morbidly obese people at several multiples higher rates than people who are not obese. Choosing to maintain a BMI is just as deadly as choosing to remain unvaxed, so you should be punished for your bad decisions.

  19. The silver lining about mask mandates and lockdowns is that the longer they go on, the more the donkey party loses.

    1. This is more of a crisis for the GOP. A strong majority of Americans are on board with COVID authoritarianism, but those voters who oppose it are predominately Republican voters. Republican candidates can't win without the anti-authoritarian voters, but if they come out against COVID insanity to keep them, they lose the majority of their base. It's a no-win situation for them. I predict Democrats will take over several currently GOP governorships and Senate seats in the next couple of years.

      1. Yeah, those evil Republican voters who are against authoritarianism are so ignorant and uninformed. I think the democrats should really push that narrative. A great campaign slogan would be "Democrats for Authoritarianism". Wouldn't fit well on a baseball cap or bumper sticker, but something along the lines of "Kill All Who Disagree" could be shortened to simply "KAWD" and it may catch on!

        1. COVID:

          1. Nice....
            But it ACTUALLY stands for:
            Which IS the shot.
            The Phucko Knows

      2. That’s ridiculous. Have you been in a bunker the past year or two. Democrats are losing ground by the mile. Twenty something house members are retiring. The list Virginia for crying out loud. The dems are in big trouble. Thank god for that.

        1. They lost Virginia

          1. Nope. I checked, Virginia is still there.
            But I hear the faint sighs of all the historical Virginians who fought and died for individual freedoms.
            I wonder if Facebook and Twitter would ban the Virginia flag as violent?

            1. Plus I’m pretty sure Stacey Abrams won the governorship for the Dems.

        2. We'll talk again in a couple of years. Republican voters who oppose COVID fascism will NOT vote for RINOs who haven't been on board with them for the last two years. Those voters are a minority of Republican voters, but they're a minority that Republican candidates can't win without.

      3. Let's check the polling. GOP favored by +5% points in today's insider advantage poll, a historic high for them.

        1. Additional polling has independents labeling democrats as the biggest threat to democracy.

          1. '140 world leaders.'

  20. "Unwilling to let anyone undermine the case for keeping a government mandate in place..."

    I am coining this the "secret toxic motive fallacy". That is, claiming without a ounce of evidence that the subject has some hidden horrific motive for doing whatever they are doing.

    Motives are tricky to prove with even moderate certainty, secret motives especially.
    - And proving that this motive not only exists, but showing that, within a person's thought processes, IT was the reason for action? F****ing impossible.

    When you see someone making impossible-to-know claims like this, stop reading. Because whatever else they have to say (true or false) is too unreliable to be trusted.

    1. Secret motives are easy to see if you know a priori, in your heart of hearts, your partisan opponents are evil, evil, evil.

      1. Hitler had good intentions though, right Mike? Thats all that matters. Not his actions. But if intentions are noble.

        1. Everything with progs is feelz and intentions. Definitely not results.

      2. I hope that comment was meant to be ironic. Because what you described was not "a priori" rationality, but simple irrational prejudice and confirmation-biased speculation.

        Knowing "who a person is" doesn't prove anything. It is just very weak circumstantial evidence that raise the odds that someone "did" or "would do" something by a few percentage point. Otherwise,
        it means nothing.

        1. Mike Liarson is a squawking bird named Dee, and should be treated as such.

        2. It was meant to be ironic. Well, sarcastic.

    2. You are one to write about 'claiming without a ounce of evidence,' as that is all you've done.

    1. Egyptianisis? I thought it was verboten to name diseases after locations.

    2. Actually, it doesn't matter if Mike Laursen is a "squawking bird" or not. Who he is is nothing compared to what he does.
      - It is his evidence and the quality of his arguments that matter.

      In his case, his arguments and claims were proveably BS. But HOW they were BS did advance the discussion a bit.
      - A priori conclusions still require strict internal logic, with rational argument structures for making judgement calls.
      - in his claim there actually was little logic beyond his own emotional opinions.

      1. I remember my sophomore year...

      2. “Who he is is nothing compared to what he does.”

        And what she does is squawk all over these boards, because she’s a bird named Dee.

  21. Fauci isn’t the problem per se. He’s an epidemiologist and is going to see things from that point of view. The problem is that he should be an advisor, not a decision maker. And the decision makers should be also consulting economists, psychologists, business leaders, civil libertarians, etc.

    1. Mike I can agree with that premise

    2. He hasn't been a scientist in decades. He is a bureaucrat with visions of grandeur.

    3. Which is what Dr Anthony Fauci is - an advisor to the president, director of an infectious diseases agency, a scientist with extensive experience with both infectious disease research and public health policy, and a skilled communicator.
      - He does not 'make' any public health policy decisions (that is NIH and the President), but those who do make decisions listen to him, with good reason.

      1. Cite?

        1. His record is available on NSAID website (which his critics have scoured for errors), wikipedia, and many public sources. Go ahead. Check.

          1. It’s what you read while pleasuring yourself, isn’t it?

          2. He’s a bureaucrat. Other people do the scientific work. He’s also frequently wrong. He isn’t smarter than his peers or really special in any way. Other than being well known.

      2. That reason is?

        A lengthy record of being wrong on most situations?

        1. He has a much, much longer record of being right. Definitely was right more often on COVID than the last President.

          1. Can you list this record of him being right? We'll wait.

          2. Now do his performance with HIV.

          3. Can you name a single time he was correct on COVID? The media cannot but maybe you will be more successful.

          4. To be fair, if over time one person publicly espouses all sides to an argument, they can always say "I was right". Fauci has changed positions more times than a restless sleeper, so like a stopped clock eventually he had to be right. Fauci has also admitted lying to the public "for a good reason". Why should we believe anything he says?

      3. Good reason? That is a matter of opinion, not a given fact.

      4. I’d agree with everything you said about him, except he is not a skilled communicator. He has demonstrated over and over that he is a poor communicator.

    4. That’s dumb. When you are an advisor you aren’t supposed to lose all pragmatism and advocate based on only one criterion. He can provide information, in which case he provides information on his field of expertise, or he can advise, in which case he should advise using the same criteria and information as those who he’s advising. (He can do both). Can you imagine a CFO advising a CEO on how to structure their debt and the CFO saying “Sorry, we can’t have any debt, despite the tax and ROE advantages, because it adds risk to the capital structure and I feel that my job is to eliminate risk at all costs?”

      1. I don’t think you are following what I am saying. He is trying to be an advisor but he has tunnel vision.

    5. Bullshit.. Fucci is an Evil prick. He used this same bullshit during the AIDS lie. Forty years ago big pharmaceutical COULDN'T even advertise on TV or in Newspapers and Magazines. Only in trade journals was it allowed. Faucci is the MAIN MAN in handing out billions of dollars in "research" grants. Which mostly went to "the right kind" of vaccine research. Without that little price and the scum and the CDC.... BIG PHARMACEUTICAL dose NOT even exist. PERIOD!!
      The Phucko Knows

    6. Yes. Thank you. Epidemiologists and public health puritans should certainly be part of an interdisciplinary task force to advise on policy. But they really only care about one good and don’t give a shit about competing goods.

      The U.S. handles (handled?) its atomic bomb policy by drawing on a wide range of experts in different fields, from generals to doctors to ethicists to mathematicians and game theorists. It got us through the Cold War pretty well.

      Letting Science Jesus have the first and last word on COVID policy would be like leaving nuclear weapon deployment up to the sole discretion of Curtis LeMay.

  22. But really, doesn't it only matter what wikipedia says? The last time I looked it said fauci was the smartest, most bestest scientist at least since the SCOLASTICS! Stick to your most reliable sources there mr. investigative journalist extraordinaire

    1. Fauci has no degrees in science, no terminal degree in anything, and hasn't seen a patient since he was an intern 50 years ago. It is inaccurate to call him "Doctor".

      1. He has a white coat though.

      2. He has an MD, which qualifies him for the title "Doctor".

        And an MD involves a lot of science, so he has a science education
        - Plus he has decades of hands on-work in science and research, which gives him plenty of science knowledge.

        1. He has an MD, but has never practiced medicine.
          an MD involves a lot of science
          So does an associate's degree in HVAC or Diesel mechanics. An MD is basically an especially difficult trade school diploma. It is not a degree in science.
          he has decades of hands on-work in science and research
          Which includes some horrific failures.

          1. An MD degree requires a months or years of dedicated chemistry, biochemistry, and medical study (including lab work in all those fields.). About the same amount as any other science degree.
            - HVAC and engine repair techs get about a day or two of chemistry, at most. NOT a reasonable comparison.

            And trying to claim that decades of science experience (including a lot of major scientific breakthroughts) doesn't count because he messed up a couple of times?
            - That is like saying Trump has NO business experience because some of his projects failed.

            1. Trump was a total failure as a businessman. His only success has been as a TV personality.

              1. Stop with that bullshit. Seriously. It’s wrong, and just boring.

              2. That's *Doctor* Trump to you!

            2. Funny, I know more than a few MDs with far more hands on experience that completely disagree with a number of things Fauci says. But somehow Fauci is special. Even though he has an abysmal track record with epidemics.

            3. 'HVAC and engine repair techs get about a day or two of chemistry, at most.' Wrong. And obviously so in the case of the diesel technicians. But, you spend a lot of time writing about topics about which you have zero experience or information, just opinions.

        2. “Plus he has decades of hands on-work in science and research”

          We should call him Dr. because he gets off on torturing beagles?

          1. You mean the beagle research story written by a "animal rights group" consisting exclusively of Republican PR operatives? The story that had no evidence of Fauci involvement beyond a single copy/pasted cover page containing unverified, retracted eference to NSAID (not even Fauci himself.)

            Your standards for "facts", especially facts use to cast judgement of people, need work.

            1. So you believe they were funding DIFFERENT experiments on beagles at the same lab in Tunisia, not the ones in question? Do you also believe they were funding definitely not gain of function research that just sounds like gain of function research in the same lane the Chinese were doing actual gain of function research?

              Has the NIAID even responded about the U of G experiment yet?

              Or the SRI International experiment?

              “Redacted documents, obtained by the White Coat Waste Project via FOIA requests and shared with PolitiFact, show that the experiments involved 44 beagle puppies that were euthanized and had their vocal cords cut, a procedure called a cordectomy.

              The American Veterinary Association says that such devocalization “should not be used as an alternative to appropriate animal management and facility design” in laboratory settings.”


              So, all just coincidences, and even though Fauci was head of the agency, he’s not responsible for any of it.

        3. He qualifies as a mass murder. Do some real research there fanboy. The man is but a piece of shit.
          The Phucko Knows

        4. 'And an MD involves a lot of science, so he has a science education.' You are staggeringly ignorant.

  23. What does the filtration system have to do with someone contagious coughing? Seriously? That’s alll they got?

    1. If you are next to someone contagious and coughing for 5 hours, your mask isn't going to help either.

      1. Not unless it's a full-on HAZMAT helmet.

    2. Better than a mask dingbat.

    3. ive never caught coughing from anyone.

      I got the virus and it wasnt as bad as a cold.

      1. I was sick for a little over a week. I had minimal respiratory symptoms, but a mild to moderate fever that was largely controllable. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the flu I had three years.

  24. Fascists feed and thrive on control, coercion, force and violence. Without these, they are nothing and today's democrats are looking more like classic fascists with each passing day.

    1. Do you consider laws setting speed limits in school zones "control" and "coercion"?
      - Because the only mandates Democrats have been pushing a similar: proven low-impact restrictions that have potentially catastrophic consequences of not imposed.
      - Masks have less negative impact on personal health than even shoes or pants/underwear. But we require those without a bat of an eye.
      - And vaccines have been proven radically safe just by the hundreds of millions of people repeatedly vaccinated with no ill effects. Just like seat belts or speed limit laws.
      - Masks and vaccines both go a LONG way towards preventing overloaded hospital deaths and reducing the odds of infecting others.
      - BUT, of people choose, they CAN avoid Democratic mask and vaccines mandates, because both are not universal. You can simply avoid workplaces or public indoor locations. Just like someone chooses not to wear pants or underwear.
      - But, if you do CHOOSE to do things that cost society and/or place others at risk, like the school zone driver, expect restrictions.

      1. What a steaming pile of horse shit.

      2. Cite?

      3. that was a load of bullshit false comparison, overgeneralization and gaslighting.

      4. "low impact restrictions": You've just proven yourself insane, an idiot or a liar.

        "hundreds of millions of people repeatedly vaccinated with no ill effects": And thousands with serious adverse reactions - or possibly many more, since it is clear that government agencies are hiding data.

      5. You’re a real piece of shit, and a democrat shill. Things are going to get real fucking bad for your kind soon enough.

      6. Do you consider laws setting speed limits in school zones "control" and "coercion"?

        Are they backed with the threat of force? Then yes.

      7. Because the only mandates Democrats have been pushing a similar: proven low-impact restrictions that have potentially catastrophic consequences of not imposed. unlegislated diktats with no 4th Amendment protections or semblance of due process.

        FTFY. Democratic my ass.

      8. My GOD... EVERYTHING u said was complete and utter bullshit. Yuck dude... U be ine gross ass human.
        The Phucko Knows

      9. All laws with penalties attached are control and coercion. The question is when is it appropriate to use control and coercion (backed by the use of deadly force).

        1. Whether you agree with it or not, an exogenously imposed limit is the definition of control. When I set the cruise control to limit my vehicle's speed to 55, my car or my feelings on the issue don't change the facts.

      10. You really like showing beyond any doubt that you are a fascist, don't you?

        JohnFL4435: "Because it's OK to exterminate rats, it's OK to exterminate people we don't like if enough people vote for it."

      11. If you didn't make this same argument for mandatory masks and vaccinations for flu, which was killing upward of 90K Americans as recently as 2018, STFU.

  25. Faucism is the perfect term for his agenda as long as he continues to faucet on everyone! About time Reason unmasked this drip!

    1. So is it a Faucinian Bargain?

      The Wheres the Beef lady put it succintly:

      1. Faucinian Bargain

        Nice one!

        1. "Ridicule is a dish best served cold."

          1. It helps when the ridicule includes a devilishly clever reference

  26. "At every stage of the pandemic, public health bureaucrats have uttered some version of the sentence Now is not the time to ease up. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Not as long as they are in charge."

    Well then, we now know exactly what we need to do to get back to normal.

  27. When you give away your freedom, you don't just ask for it back. That's not how it works. When you give away your freedom, it is no longer yours. It belongs to someone else. If you want your freedom returned to you then you have to take it by force. So, that's where we are as a nation. Hard truth, but the truth nevertheless. I'm old. Too old to fight. It will be up to our children and grandchildren to fight to regain the freedom we, as a nation, willingly surrendered.

    1. 100000000000000000000,
      0000000000000 %right.

    2. Damn straight. Government forcing us to wear pants (i mean masks) in public is tyranny.
      - We must fight for the freedom to keep our genitalia (i mean faces) uncovered in restaurants, gyms and the workplace. Otherwise, we are just sheep oppressed by pants (mask) fascists.

      1. As a libertarian, I am opposed to anyone being punished by the government for not wearing pants.

        1. "No shoes, no shirt, no service"

          Pants optional?

          1. Private businesses.

      2. Most people can tell the difference between genitalia and faces. Explains a lot about you though.

        1. Based on it’s posts, I’m guessing it’s a 15 year old.

          1. You beat me to it. Should have scrolled before posting.

          2. Or a progressive/DNC shill, so intellectually pre-adolescent.

        2. Nice way to attack the person rather than the argument made.

          The question is, how is the longstanding way the law treats pants any different than the way Democratic proposals treat masks?
          - Is there some rational reason why a mask mandate is wrong that would not also apply to current pants mandates (aka indecent exposure ordinances)?

          And, if there is little difference between them, how can a mask mandate be considered some from of abusive tyranny when pants mandates have never caused the end of democracy or society?

          1. JohnFl4435
            December.20.2021 at 11:13 pm
            Flag Comment Mute User
            Nice way to attack the person rather than the argument made.

            December.20.2021 at 9:12 pm
            Flag Comment Mute User
            You mean the beagle research story written by a "animal rights group" consisting exclusively of Republican PR operatives?

            Sarc level hypocrisy.

          2. Is there any reason you can't tell the difference between genitalia and faces?

            1. I think I just figured it out—if you talk out of your ass, wearing pants seems as much of an inconvenience as wearing a mask.

          3. There is a long standing social convention that people don't expose their groin in public. That's why people wear pants. I don't think a law requiring it is necessary.
            There is a long standing social convention that you don't cover your face in public. There are good reasons for this. Ignoring the consequences of this is foolish. As is ignoring the discomfort and real health effects of wearing a mask so much. It may not be a big deal for people who only have to put one on to go to the store, but for those who have to wear it every day for many hours, it is not "no big deal" and has real psychological and health consequences.

          4. I actually addressed your argument as well as insulting you.

            I'll start with the low-hanging fruit--my children have gone their whole lives without seeing the genitalia of their teachers, neighbors, and friends with no negative cognitive or psychological effects.

            Now it's your turn with faces.

          5. People have been mocking your stupid arguments, after pointing out why they are fallacious. And now they are mocking you for continuing to make the same stupid arguments that have been trotted out here time and again by dimwits, like you.

          6. Maybe the difference is that covering your junk has been a social norm across 95% of human cultures for the past 50,000 years.

            On the other hand, being forced to cover your face has traditionally been a hallmark of subjugation (see Islam).

          7. Is there some rational reason why a mask mandate is wrong that would not also apply to current pants mandates (aka indecent exposure ordinances)?

            The conservative and progressive answer is that covering up one's sexual and excretory organs has been known for millennia to be important for hygiene, gender equality, and social functioning. Masks do not provide a significant benefit, which is why they have never been universally mandated before in the thousands of epidemics humanity has experienced before this one, many of them far more serious.

            The libertarian answer is that government should mandate neither masks nor pants on private property, and that most property (including schools, roads, etc.) should be private; the property owner should make such decisions.

            And, if there is little difference between them, how can a mask mandate be considered some from of abusive tyranny when pants mandates have never caused the end of democracy or society?

            A mask mandate is abusive tyranny because there is no rational, cultural, or historical justification for it. Imposing unjustified and arbitrary dictates on the population pretty much defines "abusive tyranny".

      3. If your face is as ugly as your politics, please wear a mask.

        Is it ok for kids to be naked when doing remote learning? If not, must they wear a mask when remote learning?

        1. Well, the feminists say it's OK for girls to go to school naked, and if you have a problem with that, you're a pervert who is "sexualizing" them.

        2. I don't know your kids. I don't know your house. And no Democratic mask proposal applies there anyways, so the question is irrelevant.

        3. "Is it ok for kids to be naked when doing remote learning?"

          "Yes," said Joe Biden, " especially little girls with nice smelling hair."

          '...eyeing little girls with bad intent...'


      4. You’re making a lot of false comparisons. Typical shitweasel arguments from a leftist like you. As if forcing an experimental MRNA vaccine on people is the same as all that shit you gave as examples.

        Basically, you have no real defensible argument. Leftists never do.

      5. So just proved that neither mask nor pants limits the spread of anything but your ass.
        The Phucko Knows

  28. It's clear as day we have a problem.
    It's clear as day where the political battle lines are drawn.
    It's clear as day what the solution is, but also Reason will never admit voting Republican is the only way to put these control freaks into retirement.
    What, Reason, you really see no correlation between the covid control freaks and what party they are in?

    1. Radical Democrats in Libertarian Clothing.

      Theres no Trojan Horse they wont occupy.

      Im fully un- vaccinated.

      1. Why would that surprise you? The Libertarian Party itself isn't libertarian. If you are a big-L Libertarian, you are not a libertarian.

  29. “Especially for the vaccinated” , give me a break Robbie, the vaccines do nothing. Everyone and their mother is now getting infected and they have been double vaccinated and boostered. The vaccines are a joke and so are you because you constantly promote them.

    1. Theyre up Shits Creek now bc. the drug cos are admitting the vaccine dangers.

      Its over.

      No vaccine commercials on TV here.

      Once they lose the Complicit Media, they cant message.

      1. It's amazing to me that the main corporate media, who thrives on "if it bleeds, it leads", has willingly gone along with the suppression of vaccine injuries and deaths. You would think the sob stories of the families who loved ones have died from the vaccine would be a daily segment. The stories of athletes who have died from "heart" conditions at the prime of their life would be a money-maker. But nope, they refuse to report on those stories. So, you have to ask why? There must be more money in suppressing the stories than there is reporting them. Is that why just about every news report is "Sponsored by Pfizer" or other medical corporation?

        1. 50,000 + deaths.

          Nazi Germany covered up millions.

          U S Democrats ignore 60 million abortions.


          I Am Fully Un-Vaccinated

        2. Because 800,000 have died of the actual disease.

          Every single one of their causes of death was a conspiracy and a lie, I'm sure.

          1. You know that's an untrue statement, I'm sure. The CDC already told everyone that they count any cause of death as a COVID death if anti-bodies were present. In New York state, the estimate is that only 1/10th of deaths have COVID as the primary cause.

            It doesn't change the central point, which is that it has taken lives. But not being honest about the count is exactly the kind of equivocation and shading of the truth that is destroying your credibility.

            1. So don't get vaccinated. Encourage the same for all your Trumper relatives.

              I don't know what you think the CDC and global health orgs are in a conspiracy about. No government wants to deal with this shit. But whatever.

              1. Yes, governments do not like gaining more power unto themselves.

                1. So they invented a disease?

                  Do you never stop to think, "Hm, I wake up in the morning believing my toaster is involved in a conspiracy. I leave the house and know that my mailman is an agent of The Left trying to steal my bodily fluids. I believe every single conspiracy theory the internet shits in my ears. Maybe, just maybe, I'm a gullible sack of shit"?

                  1. “So they invented a disease?”

                    Hey look, Tony’s lying about what people say so he can win the argument in his head again.

                    1. I just want a clear description of the conspiracy that's going on.

                  2. "So they invented a disease?"

                    Engineered one, yes. China made a virus in a lab and Fauci helped fund it.

                    "Do you never stop to think, "Hm, I wake up in the morning believing my toaster is involved in a conspiracy. I leave the house and know that my mailman is an agent of The Left trying to steal my bodily fluids. I believe every single conspiracy theory the internet shits in my ears. Maybe, just maybe, I'm a gullible sack of shit"?"

                    You should not assume your daily affirmations are for anybody else.

                    1. So what does any of that have to do with whether you get the vaccine?

                    2. @Tony

                      You asked a question, he answered.

                      "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
                      For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." - Matthew 7:7-8

                  3. Someone woke up on the “little bitch” side of the bed this morning.

            2. If you’re waiting for honesty from Tony, you’re wasting your time.

          2. You finally crawled out from under your rock to throw shit.

            1. For tony

              1. Tony throws shit at himself.

                1. Tony IS shit,

          3. They didn't ALL die of the flu. Google Debbie Brix press conference from April of 2020. She tells the WORLD that the CDC will be changing ALL deaths from dying WITH Corona... To dying OF Covid-19. And she also states that the hospitals will have up to 24-days to test the dead for Covid-19. The CDC says that ONLY 6% of these "deaths" were ACTUALLY caused by a virus. Do the math u fool. It works out to LESS then the deaths per year from the flu. The CDC also says u have a 99.97% chance of survival if u actually get sick. BOTH of these statistics r within OR LESS then the yearly flu. YOU.... clownboy r but one ignorant ass human.
            The Phucko Knows

          4. Every single one of their causes of death was a conspiracy and a lie, I'm sure.

            By his own criteria: Biden killed the majority of them.

            And by his own criteria: Biden isn't fit to be president and should resign immediately.

            So should Fauci, who is responsible for all 800000 of these deaths.

        3. It's obvious—the pharmaceutical corporations are the biggest sponsors of television news programs. They'll be out of business if they cross them.

          1. Id be willing to sacrifice both....

      2. "No vaccine commercials on TV here."

        Shit I hadn't noticed, but you're right. A few months ago it was a vax commercial every break. Now they have been replaced by (no shit) blood clot medication commercials.

  30. Once upon a time, in 2019 B.C. (before covid) there was a happy land where the stores, restaurants, airlines, bars and just about every other business was privately owned. The owners, the employees, and the customers freely interacted with relatively light government regulation. But then a plague from the far east swept across the country, and the benevolent, wise leaders had to declare a state of emergency and temporarily suspend civil liberties For The Greater Good. The Enabling Act of 2021 let the CDC, NIH, OSHA, FDA, and their subordinate state counterparts become the royal rulers of this newly established kingdom for the protection of its subjects. Businesses were private in name only, as they were only allowed to stay open as long as they enforced the realm's diktats.
    But there may be a happy ending . Current Surgeon General Czar Director Commissioner Dr. Athony Fauci VI stated that the emergency Covid restrictions could be loosened as soon as 2093 if the vaccination rate hits 99.99993 % worldwide. The we will live happily ever after, comrades.

    1. It's always an "emergency" that takes a thriving free country from economic freedom to fascism or communism. For the good of the country, of course, the government officials must take control of the thriving private sector in order to make sure the emergency is handled in the most appropriate way to benefit the segment of the society that should, of course, benefit the most during the emergency which is currently a threat to all. Of course, those officials are the ones who are most entitled to the benefits, for they truly need the milk and apples in order to be strong enough to make the decisions needed for the good of all.

    2. I'm sorry you're so frightened and weak. The future may hold even bigger crises, so I'd make a sincere effort to nut up.

      1. Are you the Reason designated idiot?

        1. Yes it is. Its a poster child for mental illness

          1. And stupidity.

            1. He also lies a lot.

              I’m sure he’s got a good side though.

              1. His boyfriend probably thinks so...

        2. As in the literary fool? The one who ironically tells the truth in a den of lies called Reason?

          1. Anyone feel like refuting this guy or should I take the honor?

      2. This from the same twerp that squealed when I pointed out that his allies got chunked by a weepy, soft teenager.

      3. The future will no doubt hold bigger crises than this non-crisis.

        Among other things, we are headed for a massive fiscal crisis and economic crisis, thanks to the Democrats spending plans.

      4. Haha. Tony, you have no place calling people “frightened and weak” after your “people will die!” pants shitting over a comedy show.

        Crawl under your bed little bitch, until they outlaw comedy.

  31. So we now have the Executive branch, the Legislative branch, the Judicial branch and the Dictatorial branch?

    1. A.K.A. Bureaucratic branch

    2. That branch is used for caning.

  32. If I stuff a sock in my mouth and cotton up my nose, does that count as a mask on a plane?

    1. No but if you stuff drugs down your throat and a burr up your ass you can be a democrat!

      I Am Fully Un- Vaccinated

  33. Doctors are not about rights and liberty. They are about doing everything possible to keep patients alive.

    When then-Illinois Governor Jim Edgar had by-pasd surgery, his cardiologist said in no uncertain terms, no more bacon-double-cheeseburgers.

    Doctors are like auto mechanics. Auto mechanics want you to do regular maintenance in order to keep a car running well, rather than do nothing until a transmission starts to slip, a radiator boils over, or an engine seizes.

    I know a gentleman who, despite having had three heart attacks, won't quit smoking. He thinks it's his job to punish his body, and the doctors fix it.

    That is not how doctors want their patients to behave.

    I have read of doctors who now plan to mask themselves at hospitals while making rounds, in the office, while shopping, and on any sort of public transport.

    The Japanese, for decades, have masked while in public, if feeling under the weather.

    But, Dr. Fauchi does forget one thing. Airlines are unionized. Even if work stoppages are limited under the Railway Labor Act, I can see unions doing selected work stoppages, in order to get DOT and FAA to ditch mask requirements, especially if TSA chimes in that masking permanently could present security concerns.

    1. The Japanese started wearing masks because of air quality, not disease. Then it kind of caught on, but not by mandate,

    2. MAYBE....., the doctors TRY to save life's. But..., the Administration of each hospital r most certainly NOT. And it is these WALL STREET whores who call the shots. They r but chasing the money. Money SUPPLIED by the US GOVERNMENT.... As long as the hospitals follow the path of money along each step of the way. ChaChing..., is all they care about. U literally have the intellectual depth of a two week old mud puddle.
      The Phucko Knows

  34. Want to know a secret? Your conspiracy theories are wrong, but we want you to keep believing in them.

    Republicans are dying at 7 times the rate of Democrats because of your insane bullshit.

    Stop. Don't. Come back.

    1. And murder rates in your cities are going through the roof.

      With any luck, you'll catch a stray bullet, and that right soon.

      1. That's why I want to terk yer gerns.

        1. You have a lot more to worry about from Tyrone or Pedro's guns than mine. At least for now.

          1. Lol you're such a fucking racist.

            1. Shush, white boy.

    2. More discredited bullshit from Tony.


        Big, beautiful NPR study. The average is Trump voters dying at 3 times the rate of Biden voters, controlling for a whole bunch of factors.

        But of course it's all perfectly logical. Logical in the sense that even Trump is getting booed by his own followers for taking the vaccine.

        You guys wanted "herd immunity." Moo. Moo cow.

        1. “Republicans are dying at 7 times the rate of Democrats because of your insane bullshit.”

          “The average is Trump voters dying at 3 times the rate of Biden voters,”

          So busy lying out your ass you think 7=3. Saves me time from reading your cite.

          1. Arithmetic is racist.

        2. “ Since May 2021…”

          That’s a weird date to pick. I wonder why they picked that one.

          1. Because it excludes the hundreds of thousands of deaths in deep blue areas.

            1. Must have included Cuomo's incident at nursing homes. Why omit that?

    3. Wow dude!! Prove that f-ing ridiculous statement? This whole Plandemic is about getting rid of as many liberals as possible. It is WHY your cities r so full of cameras. The purge has begin. It's harvest time fool. So please continue to do your part and Vax up. Oh... And keep wearing that mask. It's a mark for the stupid..., and soon to be dead.
      The Phucko Knows

    4. Well, aren't you a nasty vile piece of shit, wishing death on your political opponents.

    5. Care to provide evidence for your claim? The Virginia election certainly does not support your statement.

  35. "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

    1. "Also, everyone should fear vaccines."

      1. I hope that they invent an AIDS vaccine and mandate that every homosexual male is forced to take it, even if improper administration causes massive heart inflammation. And every gay who refuses it loses his job and ends up locked away in quarantine.

        Did I do it right, Tony?

        1. Sexually active gay men are already on HIV prophylactics, no thanks to decades of evil, hate-filled Republicans ignoring the disease solely because it was affecting a vulnerable minority.

          Now those selfsame Republicans are the bug chasing faggots, and demanding on every microphone they can find to be bug chasing faggots.

          I maintain that we should have called it Airborne AIDS so maybe it could penetrate the tiny brains of you sex-obsessed moralists. Do you even realize your worldview is totally incoherent? How do you people even get to the mailbox?

          1. "Sexually active gay men are already on HIV prophylactics, no thanks to decades of evil, hate-filled Republicans ignoring the disease solely because it was affecting a vulnerable minority."

            Given its impact...AIDS research has been grossly OVER funded.

            1. Not as much as breast cancer, am I right.

              1. How nice that you ignore Fauci.

              2. Tony, if anyone deserves to die a horrific death from AIDS, it’s you.

              3. Breast cancer is funded to a proper amount. Impacts many, many people.

                But a disease that, like it or not, is over 90% caused by the activities of a small's funding was far too high from the start.

                1. A small group like the continent of Africa?

          2. Wow... U literally know nothing of AIDS. The drug AZT which Fucci was responsible for...., IS the leading cause of the 23-million deaths. This piece of shit also used the PCR test so as try and blame HIV for the cause. Ask ANYONE diagnosed today with AIDS if they r willing to take the AZT poison today. U r nothing but another moron dressed up in a parrot suit.
            The Phucko Knows

  36. Fauci is a right-wing media scapegoat. It's empty hate calories. Pure unadulterated five minutes hate. It's shameful for this esteemed magazine to indulge in this fascistic horeseshit.

    How can you people not see the leash you are on? Yeah, Dr. Fauci is a big scary villain doing evil things for... some reason. Bwahaha, life is an Austin Powers movie!

    I don't understand how you can be so stupid. Maybe I need to have a hypnotic reversion to when I was 3 so I can remember what it's like to have a brain so empty and ready to be filled by the nearest pundit.

    1. *giggle*

      Trump obsessive whining that people dislike somebody.

      1. I did not see "Trump" referenced anywhere in Tony's post. How did you get "Trump obsessive" from that?

        1. He did in a number of other comments above. And usually does so in every article where he comments.

        2. not when youre deliberately blind...

        3. Ah, you've never read anything from Tony before.

          Cool...odds are, Tony does not read his own scratchings either.

    2. He proposed that casual contact with HIV positive people could result in its spread, helping to ostracize a generation of gay men.

      He fought to allow people in contact with ebola to avoid quarantine when returning to the US.

      He has said both that masks work and they don’t work. He chose not to wear one at a baseball game when it was the requirement (and the directive) so he has little credibility here.

      He lied to congress about what NIH was funding in Wuhan, China. That happens to be the same place covid first appeared.

      Not good to be Fauci’s dog in this fight.

      1. He fought to allow people in contact with ebola to avoid quarantine when returning to the US.

        A disease with a 50% kill rate.

        Oh, and the Walensky at the CDC was just caught lying about vaccine side effects. By the CDC.

        1. That makes my point that the likes of Liewenski are not CDC spokes-idiots, they are political operatives madqurading as CDC.

          They claim " science' but never quote research papers from CDC that show masks dont work.

          I found that info from a Google search.

          Theyre political appointees.

      2. I don't care about Dr. Fauci. He doesn't really have anything to do with me. He has no power. I don't see the universe as a battle between good and evil.

        Except when fascists come to town, then it does, of course.

        1. An authority figure pushing authoritarian measures when at a minimum he has no credibility. And worse, he gets it wrong when the lights are bright. Nothing to see here. Move along.

        2. We'll be happy to fight fascists like you, Tony.

    3. It's an open secret that the job of a constitutional judge isn't to judge legislation based upon the constitution, but rather to come up with some way to justify the legislation by stretching the meaning of plain words like "shall not be infringed."

      Fouci is a medical mouthpiece whose job isn't to come up with recommendations based upon medical science, it's to justify government action with whatever he can come up with.

      Anyone with a bit of objectivity can see it. It's not a secret or a conspiracy. It's entertainment. A big charade.

      1. Then why didn't Trump fire him?

        1. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not get?

    4. "Fauci is a right-wing media scapegoat."

      Hey Tony, remember the true-life story, later turned into a 2013 movie called "The Dallas Buyers Club", about a group of AIDS patients fighting for the right to use cheap, effective drugs against a bunch of bureaucrats in the pocket of big pharm?

      The bad guy was Dr. Anthony Fauci.

      In the 80's and 90's thousands of gay men with AIDS thought he was the devil, but look at you now.

      1. Actually, no. That wasn't Fauci (and DBC wasn't a history lesson either.)

        Congratulations: you posted an actual example of right-wing media scapegoating Tony mentioned. Good job helping prove his point.

        1. Typical ' no it isnt ' Troll comment.

          Prove your Negative.

          You cant.

      2. That's bullshit Mother. Tony's right. You fools will believe anything your handlers feed you.

        "Peter Staley, an HIV/AIDS activist who informally consulted on the film (Dallas Buyer's Club) told the Post:

        The true story was that we made the system bend, and we used the system and needed the system. I wouldn’t be alive today without the companies this film paints as evil, and I wouldn’t be alive today without civil servants at the FDA who worked incredibly hard in the 1990s to get these drugs out there quickly."

        1. That doesn't prove Tony right, Joe Friday. Peter Staley still had a difficult time dealing with the system that was supposed to help him with his health. The difficulty was intense to the point that a film was based on such a reality.

          I couldn't get to college without graduating from a high school whose education system was garbage and where big changes couldn't be made so easily. In one aspect my experience doesn't differ so much from Peter's where the system was terrible but you had to use it to advance your goals. I suspect neither you nor Tony are capable of understanding this, given your histories.

      3. Maybe he is the devil, but that's not why you're setting your hair on fire and screeching like an insane badger about him. He's simply a focus of your perpetual ire, stoked by Pillow salesmen.

        1. Not so, Tony. There are plenty of valid grievances that can be made against Fauci.

    5. Your talking points were late coming through?

    6. U literally know not a damn thing about Fucci. He is one of the most evil ass humans in history. From AIDS onto WHO got the billions in funding over his 40-yr career of being the man WHO decided on the direction of science. U can't possibly be this f-ing stupid?
      The Phucko Knows

  37. When ABC News' Jon Karl asked Fauci specifically if he thought we would ever reach the point where we did not need to wear masks on planes, he responded: "I don't think so. I think when you're dealing with a closed space, even though the filtration is good, that you want to go that extra step when you have people—you know, you get a flight from Washington to San Francisco, it's well over a five-hour flight. Even though you have a good filtration system, I still believe that masks are a prudent thing to do, and we should be doing it."

    This is the time when I should be loudly demanding an apology from every scientismist in the comments, but I'm on vacation and so it's not worth hearing it even if they were so inclined. I was right, I've been right all along, and I continue to be right.

    1. "Even though you have a good filtration system, I still believe that masks are a prudent thing to do, and we should be doing it."

      Not " masks are proven to work" just " I think."

      Thats the statement of a deliberate liar.

      Fuck Anthony Fauci.

      1. Masks are worthless bullshit against this virus.

        1. Thats whatvolumnous research says.

          CDC & NIH- masks are not filters and fail to trap small droplets.

    2. Actually, that is the way an honest person talks: Use of phrases like "I think" to mark claims as personal judgements, to separate them from verified facts.

      It is liars that expess facts and opinion as the same thing.

      1. You really love Fauci huh.

        1. It’s pathetic. Is he one our regular democrat asslickers, or some new prog?

          1. Seems new. Don’t remember anyone else so specifically obsessed with Fauci’s honor.

          2. New. As shitty as most of the old shills though.

      2. Not very confident coming from a guy with a prominent position on science, is it John? You gotta do better than this.

    3. You're a legend on the Reason comment board Diane, which is kind of like in your own mind.

      1. A legend indeed, one which you cannot provide a counterargument to.

  38. Oh...

    I Am Fully Un- Vaccinated.

    And Fuck Joe Biden while were at it.

    That cant be over stated.

    1. Good luck Dave.

      Now, get your shot.

      1. Good luck Joe, get yours.

        1. Preferably with a .45.

      2. I glad I didn’t. I’ve already had COVID, so now I have natural immunity and no need of a vaccine. Which is far better.

        1. That's not what the science says, but then again, you are apparently my mortal enemy, so carry on.

          1. Pre 2020.... THAT'S EXACTLY what science said. It said it for hundreds of years. U r but another fool who belongs to a religion called "scientism". U probably also belive in the man-made global warming chapter in your little Bible of falsehoods.
            The Phucko Knows

      3. Nah. But keep up your impotent crying about it. Make your masters proud.

    2. In Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), the United States Supreme Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. Justice John Marshall Harlan delivered the decision for a 7–2 majority that the Massachusetts law did not violate the Fourteenth Amendment in enacting such a law mandating smallpox vaccinations.
      The Court reasoned that "in every well ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand." The Court reasoned further that "[r]eal liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own [liberty], whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others."

      1. The Supreme Court was also responsible for the infamous Dred Scott case, which said that slaves were considered property.

        SCOTUS is a piss-poor choice as an authoritative voice and as your god.

  39. Where is the competent press?

    Questions not asked:

    It has been almost 2 years now... Where is the evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of mask mandates?

    Everyone has acknowledged that the virus is endemic. With this in mind, you urged a 2 week pause to slow the spread of the virus to avoid overwhelming the hospitals. We have not been in danger of overwhelming the hospitals for a year. Why are we still following A policy of lock downs and mandates in a world where the healthcare system is not overwhelmed? And why are you mandating the firing of healthcare workers if overwhelming hospitals is the problem to be avoided?

    Where is your data on outbreaks on airline flights? The only data we have seen suggests that it is actually quite rare to spread on flights...

    Why are you recommending boosters to stop omicron? The data seems to suggest exactly the opposite.

    Why are you pushing for teenagers to get vaccinated? Doesn't the data show that the mRNA vaccines are more dangerous for young boys than the virus, due to myocarditis?

    Sweden took the opposite approach, protecting seniors bit not locking down. Has anyone studied this approach and the result? How did they fare compared to everyone else?

    Why do you keep focusing on the vaccine without ever talking about prior infections? Is there any data on the safety of vaccinating someone who has already had the virus?

    What is the overall immune status of the population? New York had one of the worst initial responses in the world ... And then they did not have much further until this new variant. This would seem to indicate that they had extremely high initial infection rates. What are the levels of natural immunity in New York? Natural immunity plus vaccinations?

    How many of the unvaccinated actually already had the virus?


    For any question answered with an assertion, ask for the study that backs it up.

    What study do you have that says we have to wear masks on planes?

    What study says double cloth masks are effective?

    What study says mask mandates work?

    What study says vaccinating 5 year old kids is helpful to the 5 year old kid?


    He follows the science.... Yeah, right. Too many scientifically implausible things have come out of his mouth for that to be taken as an article of faith.

    Come on, press. Do your job. Ask the salient questions.

    1. I haven't worn a mask in months except to the doctor's office. Mostly I just walk in a shop like nothing ever changed. For private events and such, proof of vaccination is sometimes required. But that's what vaccination gets you: freedom, in more ways than one.

      1. Work VaxCard Will Set You Free

      2. I haven't worn a mask in months except to the doctor's office.

        Don't forget all those trips to the bondage clubs.

      3. Yeah...

        The point isn't "What did Tony do?"

        It isn't even "Is the mandate for X good or bad?"

        The point is that we have nobody testing what we are being told or putting their rationalizations to the test. There is no 4th estate.

        They simply take what they are told and put it in a story. If they are talking to someone on their team they defend it as holy writ. If they are talking to someone on the opposing team they will go get the talking points to denigrate it.

        But nobody is acting as an actual investigator, asking questions that require understanding the subject matter, the statements and the answers and getting proper clarification.

        "You have to wear a mask on a plane" is a declaration. The CEO of an airline has data to back up "you don't need a mask". That insists on more than transcribing a declaration.

        But that is what they went to get. CEO spoke herecy. Team reporter runs to Fauci to get condemnation quote. Mission accomplished.

        This is not being a free press. This is being a party propagandist.

        1. This is why a large chunk of the people do not trust our institutions, including the press.

          Fauci could be completely right. Mr. CEO could be completely wrong. But the way they handled this, you would have to be a fool to trust Fauci's answer. He made it pretty clear that he was stating opinion as fact. Any honest and competent reporter should have heard that in the way he equivocated after issuing A blanket declaration. That answer screamed for a follow-up or two.

          But they got what they needed. "Fauci says you have to wear a mask". Print it!!

          1. A large chunk of people don't trust institutions because you are told not to by your media diet.

            Read things smart people read instead of drunk Bubba from the local chop shop.

            Christ, it's not actually that hard to be informed.

            1. Dude. Self awareness was never your thing, but damn.

              It is like one of those early chat-bots got turned loose. "ooh, look, I can put this phrase here!!!"

            2. Tony, has the thought ever come to you that Cyto has more of a point than people like you?

              The airline CEO made a stronger case than Fauci. Stuff like that causes people to distrust institutions such as the press. It doesn't take "drunk Bubba from the local chop shop" to understand this.

    2. Youre waiting on an honest press= waiting for water to boil in the freezer.

  40. Theres a root problem here. Its 4 A.M....

    There is a vast population that are psychopaths.

    The definition of psychopath includes not being able to understand others suffering.

    Then theres Tonys type of Sock thats just plain insane.

    Theres a very simple explanation how mass psychopathy could occurr- mass isolation in an echo chamber of isolation caused by mass media bias and the internet.

    40 years ago begore internet, people interfaced with each othetlr directly.
    There was no 24- 7 mass media to be used to brainwash the Public.

    Niw, millons hide behind their phones and internet, spoon fed by self fulfilling prophets in the similarly psychopathic media telling them they're normal.

    Spoon fed a load of rubbish that they are unable to detect, far beyond unwilling.

    'Unwilling' implies having ability and desire to do so. They not only have no ability to do so, but descend from a population that never had it.

  41. I was willing to give them including Fauci the 2 weeks to flatten the curve, but it's been nearly 2 years now. It is a tossup if Faucists and Faucism is more of a religion or simply authoritarian. Fauci has completely discredited himself and the Faucists who consider that science is a noun and not a verb.

    With follow "The Science" and Fauci's claim that he is "The Science" it is apparent that the Faucists and their Faucism is either evil or dishonest or both.

    The reality is that we are not in a Pandemic, but instead Covid-19 and it's variants will be with us for many more years and perhaps decades and beyond. Covid-19 is becoming more and more like the common flu where there is a seasonal aspect.

    I'm not anti-vaccine, but am adamantly anti-mandate. I don't want other people to decide what I have to put into my body just as what I can and can't put in my body. I also don't want to be forced to carry around documentation, an app or a chip that determines if I'm a first-class or second-class citizen.

    The Faucists need to take a close look at themselves and realize that Faucism is tyrannical down to the core and they are part of the problem. Any good introspective people caught up in the movement should extricate themselves.

    1. Im anti pushing a THREE YEAR OLD VACCINE off on people with the 26th (the Omigod variant) some variant of the virus.

      Thats criminal incompetence.

      Recall the hysteria during Bush 2 of " big pharma?"

      Its OK now?

      I Am Fully Un- Vaccinated


  42. Mr. Soave, since when are airline CEOs reliable sources of medical advice? And why do you impute to Dr. Fauci a desire to control people, rather than to fight contagion? Do you read minds?

    1. The lie that masks protect against viruses is CONTRARY to science.

      1. Depends on the kind of mask and surrounding circumstances. I wear a good mask whenever I'm around folks. Don't want to run the risk, however small, of infecting myself and my family; but each to his own. I see it like putting on a seatbelt when I drive.

        1. mendelfendel, the CEOs actually provided data. The masks aren't as effective as you think.

    2. I can handle that.

      The airline guy has actual scientific studies on his side. They say that the airflow on the plane stops transmission pretty effectively.

      He also has data from over a year of flights.... No outbreaks traced to flights.... You would think that would be easy. Enclosed tube. 500 people for 5 hours.... If it is a hot box of transmission, one infected person should result in more than 100 cases the next week, all traced to the flight. This should be happening all the time.

      So he might be wrong... But he does have actual data.

      Fauci offered up "Because I say so" and "It is just common sense" to debunk these claims, even as he acknowledged that he knows about the air circulation and HEPA filtration.

      So that is "reliability" handled. And our first hint on reading minds.

      But to understand that Fauci is primarily trying to control rather than inform, you have to watch him over time.

      The masks is the easiest one. At the beginning, he said a mask would not help you. Do not wear a mask. Do not go out and buy N-95 masks.


      Because he wanted to control people.

      He wanted that PPE reserved for healthcare workers. So instead of telling the truth, he sought to control people through disinformation.

      Then they changed their minds. Wear a 2 layer cloth mask. Why? Because there still was no way to provide N-95 masks to everyone, but people needed something. So surgical mask it is, even though there was zero evidence supporting that.

      So there we have two contradictory statements within days, entirely for the purpose of controlling people.

      He has done the same thing with vaccines. Lockdowns. They issued an idiotic mask mandate that everyone on federal land must wear a mask. So I visit Kennedy Space Center this summer and you have to wear a mask outside, widely separated. And the poor lawn guy has to wear a mask in the 90+ degree heat as he cuts grass 100 yards from the nearest person.

      It was stupid. But they were trying to control people. They wanted to model a behavior so everyone would follow.

      The motivations are debatable... From "this is the best we can do" to "increasing pharmaceutical profits" to "FYTW".

      But the official recommendation to get additional boosters to combat Omicron is extremely scientifically shaky. the hand waving about " raising antibody titers" would not have gone over well in a grad school journal club, and was definitely unworthy of the top medical official.

      There is no question that a lot of the information coming out of the CDC is designed to control rather than inform. They seek to obtain compliance through their statements, rather than inform. So ambiguity is removed. Useless actions are pushed for the sake of uniformity (notice that there is no exception for people who have recovered from covid.. Everyone gets a vaccine.. Even though prior infection confers 30 times greater protection. ).

      No, you don't need to read his mind. Simply listen to his words.

    3. "Mr. Soave, since when are airline CEOs reliable sources of medical advice?"

      Bill Bracey, since when are you allowed to stick your nose in the activities of others?
      Fuck off and die, slaver.

      1. You're quite the gentleman, aren't you, Mr. Sevo?

    4. Since when are doctors reliable sources of information about the operation of aircraft?

  43. These people have lied to us or been wrong about everything repeatedly from day one. Masks no, yes, two, three. Vaccines 97% effective, 75%, 60%, or virtually ineffective (Omicron). Vaccines will last at least a year, 9 months, 6 months or not at all. Two jabs to be fully vaccinated, no three, no four, every six months. Wear masks outdoors even though you don’t catch COVID that way and Vitamin D is crucial. Social distance because football games are super spreaders except they aren’t. You need to wear masks and lockdown. I’ll be monitoring you from my maskless dinner party in Napa.

    1. Mistakes are not lies.

      1. Yet Fauci and the others have committed more than just mistakes. But nice to see you at least admit one part of the problem, that they've made mistakes.

  44. Let's face it: it's easier to make radical changes to a society if an 'emergency' exists.

  45. Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism

    According to a "parasite stress" hypothesis, authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions characterized by a high prevalence of disease-causing pathogens. Recent cross-national evidence is consistent with this hypothesis, but there are inferential limitations associated with that evidence. We report two studies that address some of these limitations, and provide further tests of the hypothesis. Study 1 revealed that parasite prevalence strongly predicted cross-national differences on measures assessing individuals' authoritarian personalities, and this effect statistically mediated the relationship between parasite prevalence and authoritarian governance. The mediation result is inconsistent with an alternative explanation for previous findings. To address further limitations associated with cross-national comparisons, Study 2 tested the parasite stress hypothesis on a sample of traditional small-scale societies (the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample). Results revealed that parasite prevalence predicted measures of authoritarian governance, and did so even when statistically controlling for other threats to human welfare. (One additional threat—famine—also uniquely predicted authoritarianism.) Together, these results further substantiate the parasite stress hypothesis of authoritarianism, and suggest that societal differences in authoritarian governance result, in part, from cultural differences in individuals' authoritarian personalities.

  46. That is the kind of theory best described as "not even wrong".

    To be sure, there are clearly relationships between famine, disease, and forms of government, but the framework in which that study examines those relationships is nonsense.

  47. Life is risky - and we all die eventually. COVID is becoming endemic, more and more people have been vaccinated, and new effective treatments are becoming available.

    To Fauci I would say that the public is becoming well aware of the risks from COVID - and they are ready to get back to normal life - with all its many risks. Masks on airplanes forever is stupid - and unnecessary.

    1. No masks on airplanes? yet thousands of flights cancelled stranding many folks on Christmas eve.

  48. And yet I can walk out my door unmasked to restaurants, gyms, sporting events and so on. For all the Fauci-deranged hoopla I'm not seeing much government intrusion at all in my flyover town. I where a mask in public places at work but that's about it. My biggest beef is that the government won't come out and admit that cloth masks and those surgical masks are not effective. If we all wore good N95 masks that fit well things would be better. But articles like this keep sending the signal that we shouldn't do anything except vaccinate (but not mandate them). Meanwhile, I go to another website and they say the opposite. Fauci is operating in a context of insanity. A giant darned if he does, darned if he doesn't situation.

    1. Where I am in "flyover" land, it's mixed. Lots of places to go unmasked, lots of places require them. A few events and venues are requiring vax papers.

    2. "...A giant darned if he does, darned if he doesn't situation."

      Yeah, poor Fauci!
      He could, just maybe, tell the truth, but you're a lefty, so that isn't really an option,

  49. 2093388-62-4
    BETd-260, also known as ZBC260, is a potent and selective BET inhibitor or BET degrader.

  50. AFM Probe Functionalization Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a surface characterization instrument which utilizes a tip to “feel” the surface.

  51. "it doesn't matter what the CEOs of these companies think"

    This is a central point many are likely to miss. Frankly it's criminal that CEOs aren't even included in peer review of relevant scientific studies – much less asked whether some kinds of scientific research should even be funded in the first place.

    1. If someone objects, they should demonstrate why.

  52. And what about the kids? From today's Washington Post,

    "Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York have been hit particularly hard. As of Thursday [Dec. 23] , there were 1,987 confirmed or suspected pediatric covid-19 patients hospitalized nationally, a 31 percent jump in 10 days, according to a Washington Post analysis. Since the pandemic began, nearly 7.4 million children and adolescents have been infected, with 170,000 more added to that total in the last week alone, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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