Brickbat: Bang!


West Creek High School in Clarksville, Tennessee, suspended more than 50 students who took part in a TikTok video showing them raising their cellphones and pointing them like guns. Christian Williams, who made the video, said he was told a parent reported it. A school spokeswoman said the students violated a section of the school code of conduct barring "any conduct which is disruptive, dangerous, harmful to the student or others, not otherwise specifically enumerated herein."

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  3. “I guess it like made one of the officers mad, and he was like, ‘What are you laughing at if you think this is funny,'” Williams said. “And then he was like, ‘Because if I would have seen you on the street pointing an object that looked like a gun, I don’t have time to sit and think about if it is or not, I’m just going to shoot you, and I won’t get charged for it.'”

    I think that should trigger a school shooter alert. There's a psycho whose biggest ambition is to shoot somebody. If he can't tell the difference between a TikTok video and real life, I shudder to think of the psychological trauma he must suffer every time he catches a glimpse of a Clint Eastwood movie.

    1. Yeah, motherfucker seems psychologically unsuited to this line of work. Or possibly even just being in public. In fact, it's entirely possible that his psychological state makes him a risk to himself or others. Perhaps he needs an evaluation...

      1. Yeah. Screw the school shooter alert. The naked, in earnest, "I could shoot an unarmed kid in the street and wouldn't get charged for it." is apalling. There needs to be some sort of retroactively applied screening question against people operating under that mentality.

        Even if it's just paraphrasing, this is the impression he generated among the students.

        And people want to teach CRT in the classroom.

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    2. But that's exactly how cops are trained to respond... They see something that could be a gun in that half-second glance, held like a gun and it gets treated like a gun - shoot multiple times in center mass and the officer is more likely to go home alive.

      Sucks for stupid kids. But it's not something to mess around with. Don't, and nothing happens.

  4. Several things to unpack here:

    * Students making a TikTok video.

    * Suspending students after the fact using a rule regarding something being disruptive.

    * A Karen parent.

    * Students with cellphones.

    * The school being a coercively funded institution.

    1. Just imagine kids being able to attend school and use cellphones without a Karen the world.

      1. If I’m not being forced to pay for the school, then all good.

  5. I’m disappointed that none of the parents have wheeled a woodchipper into the school lobby.

    1. Maybe none of them were feeling chipper enough to do this.

      1. I'm sure some official wood bark at them to leaf off, and not mulch would happen.

        1. Heh heheh. He didn’t say wood.

          1. He did. But you can preetend he did not.

            1. was pining for someone to spruce the place up ...

              1. was pining for someone to spruce the place up ...

                what fir...?

                1. Fir is Murder!

            2. O I C wot U did

  6. "any conduct which is disruptive, dangerous, harmful to the student or others, not otherwise specifically enumerated herein."

    I wonder how they teach punctuation there?
    The video was not dangerous.
    It was not harmful to the students. (although the reaction was)
    So without any "or"s in sight, the captain's cloak was not violated.
    According to their web site, "Our vision is all students will be college and career ready. Our mission is to meet the individual needs of each student, empowering them to reach their potential.".
    I would say that the video creation potential of 50 students will not be reached.

    1. Thought for the day:

      An organization that has a "Mission Statement" has at least one overpaid pencilpusher whose job could be eliminated. (Note, I do say "at least one". There may in fact be many.)

      1. You need a mission statement for grants and such, typically.

        But otherwise I agree with the thought...

        1. An organization that has a "Mission Statement" and an organization that requires a mission statement have at least two overpaid pencil pushers whose job could be eliminated.

          Mission Statements - The Twitter of grant-writing.

  7. Would it be better if the students pointed their cell phones like penises?

    1. Only if they were engaging in textual relations

      1. Gonna catch a bug like that.

    2. Icondoms.

    3. You mean at the toilet seat?

  8. Well, at least they weren't brandishing Pop Tarts.

  9. When has suspension ever been a punishment for kids? I understand teacher relief, but you give kids a vacation every time they act up...

    That aside, stupid kids being stupid. Nobody was hurt. Nobody was threatened. Should be no problem beyond talking to the parents and telling the kids not to repeat it.

    1. But if the administration involved the parents in solving the "problem" it might leave the impression that parents have some say in what happens in school.

  10. disruptive like they're slowly giving themselves brain tumors?

  11. "wasn't me"

    1. like a gun - shoot multiple times in center mass

  12. "...any conduct which is disruptive, dangerous, harmful to the student or others, not otherwise specifically enumerated herein."

    How about football? It is much more dangerous than this, and it takes place on the school grounds. Not to mention bicycling, skateboarding, etc. The stats vary, but the number of injuries range from the 1000's to the 10,000's to the 100,000's depending upon age, etc.

    There are no reported injuries from pointing one's cell phone at your head.

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