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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld a lower court ruling that the Manheim Township School District violated a student's rights by permanently expelling him for joking Snapchat messages he sent after school hours. The student, identified in court proceedings as J.S., sent a friend two messages making fun of a third student with a penchant for wearing a T-shirt for death metal band Cannibal Corpse. One was a photo of that student singing into a microphone with the caption, "I'm shooting up the school this week. I can't take it anymore I'm DONE!" The second was a video showing the same student playing a guitar and was captioned "Many will perish in this storm." The second student briefly posted them to Snapchat before J.S. asked him to take them down. But some students had already seen them and reported them. Police investigated and found there was no threat. But school officials decided the messages were threatening and expelled J.S. In its ruling, the court said the messages were clearly not intended to threaten anyone.

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  2. Once again, solve this crap by eliminating public schools.

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  3. The schools' attitude is that they own your kids, if you can't control your kids' behavior to their satisfaction they have the right to step in and do it for you. This bullshit that they can punish kids for stuff they do outside of school needs to be smacked down hard. For that matter, half the brainwashing shit they do in school needs to be smacked down hard as well. Maybe they should stick to trying to teach reading and writing and arithmetic, they're pretty pathetic at that.

    1. I'm surprised they didn't try to expel the kid being mocked.

      1. I would put down $100 that 'Cannibal Corpse' is probably on several keyword watchlists now.

        1. "Necromancer" might be on the list as well, I bet. However, "Negromancer" is NOT! This, right HERE, is some OUTRAGEOUS bias, dammit!!!

        2. Also, I've heard it said that if you take a 'Cannibal Corpse' album and play it backwards, it says "The Lizard People stole the elections from Donald Trump"!!!

        3. Cannibal corpse has been around since at least the 90s. They’re old cannibals by now. Fairly slow and harmless.

    2. Well said. However, you've only identified half the problem: "The schools' attitude is that they own your kids."

      We're at that point because a majority of people think it's the schools' job to parent their children. It's like a codependency of societal disfunction.

      1. Hey, why even have kids if you have to waste all your time and money caring for them?

        1. Cheap monocle mine labor?

    3. Many school districts have a "Code of Conduct". The students supposedly agree to abide by it. That's what they say gives them the authority to do things like this. Many times the agreement is hidden in something the student signs, like the form that says that they received their Student Handbook. Several years ago my Nephew was given a three day suspension for smoking. I'm not going into the whole "smoking bad" thing. He WAS smoking. On a Saturday, in his yard and he was old enough to smoke. He lived on a street that lead to the High School and was seen by a teacher on the way to the School. I took my Sister up for the conference about it. When they told us about the "Code", I told my Sister that we were leaving to go see my lawyer. When I was asked why, I told the Administrator that their Code was a legally binding contract and that my Nephew was a minor when he signed it. That's illegal. The suspension quickly went away.

      1. In order for there to be a legally binding contract at all, there must be consideration by both sides. For a public school, education itself cannot be the consideration, since that's generally considered a right. So those codes of conduct usually can only get you banned from extracurriculars, not suspended from school.

        (Of course, they can suspend the student for smoking on school grounds, but they can do that whether or not anyone has signed anything.)

  4. Shouldn't they have expelled the kid in the actual picture? He's the one in the photographic evidence they're pretending threatened the school.

  5. Whoa!!! A court actually rules that a school system is overreaching in enforcing zero tolerance policies?????

    Now I know we are either living in a simulation or a dream sequence. Trump winning the presidency was my first clue..... But this? Come on, man! The courts aren't going to dial back FYTW zero tolerance policies.... No way.

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