Prison Life

He Wouldn't Wear a Mask on a Bus. One Thing Led to Another, and He Ended Up Dying in Jail.

Given the dangers of jails and prisons, the pettiest of crimes can become death sentences.


Maurice Monk was arrested in June for shouting threats, not carried out, at two bus drivers in the same day after both told him he had to don a mask. He spent two months in a psychiatric hospital after the arrest, and Monk then missed an October court appearance regarding the charges. This resulted in a bench warrant, and then to Monk being held in custody at the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, California. And there he died—one of two such deaths in the jail last week.

Alameda County Public Defender Brendon Woods told local TV station KTVU-FOX2, "There is absolutely no reason I can think in regards to why the court would keep Mr. Monk essentially locked in a cage when he's suffering from mental health issues for missing a court date."

Monk was diagnosed with bipolar disease and schizophrenia, and he suffered as well from diabetes and high blood pressure. His sister told KTVU that she ran into bureaucratic trouble getting his psychiatric medication, Haldol, to her jailed 45-year-old brother. A judge denied an attempt to get his bail reduced from $2,500. The Sheriff's Office referred to the death as being from "natural causes."

The Santa Rita Jail is a particularly dangerous place to be, with at least 45 prisoners showing up dead in custody there in the second half of the last decade. Elizabeth Nolan Brown has reported in Reason on that jail's awful record with pregnant prisoners.

Monk's fate embodies a tragedy of our penal system: Jails and prisons can be very hazardous places, and people often end up in them for the pettiest of reasons, sometimes compounded by an inability to keep up with the system's procedural steps or to handle its financial costs. This combination has led all too many people to die unjustly in custody. You should never pass laws that call for imprisonment unless you are prepared to say someone could ultimately die for the action.

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  1. He should have followed the law. COVIDiots don't have the right to endanger others by not wearing a mask.

    1. I'm pretty sure you're a parody account but lots of people assert that with a straight face - and it's objectively absurd. In a world where vaccines are easily available, you're risking no one but yourself.

      1. The Rab usually flies further from the Sun. Not as obviously a parody as OBL.

        Any law the State enacts, is a law they will---in theory---have no problem killing you for, if that preserves their powers to enforce the law.

        Though it's looking like this guy died because Santa Rita's Jail is as much or more of a shithole than the rest of them. Take a good look, because this is what anarchotyranny looks like, and it's coming to more places in this country.

        1. It would be a much less unpleasant place if people actually considered the effect of law, and declined to pass any law they would not personally accept a commission to kill to enforce.

          Once the law is passed, the state will kill you to enforce it if you resist. There are those who say this is as it should be. Interestingly those who say this are usually unwilling to put their own precious butts on the line to take you out - they prefer to send young, disposable men with uniforms and guns to do their dirty work and suffer whatever casualties may result from that effort.

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      2. No, you're risking everyone because, by helping it to spread, you're letting it live to develop possibly lethal variants. Spreading biological weapons is, by black letter law, terrorism. The USA is, through the Authorization to Use Military Force law passed after 9/11 in a War on Terror. Therefore all American terrorists are also traitors. Treason can carry a death sentence. Therefore it is legal to kill all the un-vaxed, or at the very least confine them to their homes wearing ankle monitors, and then shoot them if they leave for any reason. Oh, and we should take their kids away too.

    2. Another Gavin Newsom murder victim.

  2. So another death from the Communist Chinese Virus?

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  3. >>arrested in June for shouting threats

    seems necessary.

  4. Conclusion: Mask mandates are racist.

    1. And murder.

  5. Rosa Parks 2021

  6. If only he’d lived in an ultra proggie county, there would have been a more humane jail system in place. Oh wait…

  7. Reason voted for Biden. They wanted this.

    1. "I will cast my ballot for Joe Biden in Michigan, a swing state, because there is no bigger libertarian cause right now"

      "Who do you plan to vote for this year? Joe Biden. The nationalists said the libertarian-conservative consensus is dead, and I take them at their word. Also, Stephen Miller is a white nationalist."

      "I will vote strategically... for Biden."

      "I will cast my first ever vote for president for Joe Biden in the battleground state of Pennsylvania."

      "I've been vacillating between sitting out this election, as I did in 2016, or voting for Joe Biden. The strongest argument for the latter choice is that it's an opportunity to support the repudiation of both Trumpism and AOC" (lol)

      "I'll be voting for Joe Biden, primarily for three reasons: (1) A feeble president Biden seems like an opportunity to erode the power and glamour of the dangerous cult of the presidency and also push socialists, nationalists, and identitarians back to the margins, creating space for a more libertarian-friendly coalition to emerge." (Oh wow! lol)

      "If it was going to be close in my state, I might have considered holding my nose and voting for the person most likely to supplant the eminently fireable incumbent."

      1. Also from

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? Jo Jorgensen. Some of my libertarian friends plan to vote for Biden because they view Trump to be a unique existential threat to liberty. I think that underappreciates the audacious scope of the Biden agenda, which would bring a daily onslaught of new initiatives and regulations from every corner of the federal bureaucracy aimed at controlling the personal and economic choices we make on virtually everything. These ideas aren't just rhetoric from a blowhard. Depending on what happens in the Senate, they're likely to become law, undermining economic growth and moving us backward on First and Second Amendment protections, school choice, property rights, consumer freedom, campus due process, worker freedom, energy choices, and so much more. Expect endless new opportunities for adversarial encounters between citizens and law enforcers on every level. Jo Jorgensen is the only candidate who champions liberty and reflects my views.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? Jo Jorgensen. I have no problem with her at all. I hope she wins!

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? No one. Both Trump and Biden are awful enough that I can't imagine voting for either. While I wish Jo Jorgensen well, the cost of figuring out which state I'm still registered in and how exactly I'm supposed to cast my ballot during COVID exceeds any benefit I'd get from supporting her doomed presidential bid.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I just registered to vote in my home state, Ohio, where I'm living for the next few months. I plan to cast a ballot for Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen this November. As libertarians seem to have less and less in common with either Democrats or Republicans, I've started to shed earlier apathy about Libertarian Party politics and become more convinced that we do need a viable electoral vehicle of our own.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I will be voting for the Libertarian Party's Jo Jorgensen. I will candidly admit that I spent much of my 2019 preparing to vote for certain Democratic candidates should they have won the party's nomination. In the end, Jo Jorgensen's principles and empathetic outreach during the emotional yet important Black Lives Matter moment solidified my desire to vote my conscience and not my disappointment with the current president, particularly his poor public treatment of important black figures and his failure to stand firmly on Charlottesville when his condemnations would have made the most impact.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I'm voting for Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate, because she comes closest to representing my political views.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I don't vote, and I won't this year, even though I am reliably informed by my Instagram and Twitter feeds that this is the most important election of my lifetime. Again.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I've come to think of voting as the equivalent of those fake steering wheels on tourist boats that exist to keep children busy with the illusion that they're steering the ship. Since I have no interest in wasting my time, being laughed at by those in power who are wise to the scheme, or helping legitimize a pointless and fundamentally corrupt enterprise, my mail-in ballot and I will be staying home.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? Political representation is illegitimate in theory and a sham in practice. I don't plan to vote for anyone.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I'm voting for Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen for president and absolutely no other human beings on the ballot whatsoever. As is typical here in California, the ballot initiatives are much more important and impactful than the candidates.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I do not plan to vote for anyone, for reasons that Katherine Mangu-Ward laid out in her 2012 feature, "Your Vote Doesn't Count." But also because I regret the one presidential vote I did cast.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? Texas has stringent requirements for absentee ballots, notwithstanding COVID-19, so I may not vote at all. But assuming I do, the choice is obvious: Jo Jorgensen. Given the odds, voting is best viewed as an expressive activity rather than an attempt to influence the outcome, and I have no interest in expressing whatever horrifying message would be implied by a vote for Trump or Biden (although I am morbidly curious to see what a second term for Trump would mean).

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I live in Maryland, where trying to have an impact on which candidate carries the state is the ultimate act of futility. I will cast a protest vote for Jo Jorgensen, which is also futile but doesn't feel as dirty.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? Jo Jorgensen. If it was going to be close in my state, I might have considered holding my nose and voting for the person most likely to supplant the eminently fireable incumbent. But New York has chosen the Democrat by at least 16 percentage points in every presidential election since the end of the Cold War, so I prefer to add votes to the party that aligns much more with my values.

        Who do you plan to vote for this year? I live in New York City, so my vote thankfully does not matter one iota in an ocean of progressives. I will not vote this year, since Jorgensen has squandered her opportunity to win libertarianism new converts—despite this botched pandemic reminding us that politicians are incompetent, self-serving, or both. Trump has been a tremendously terrible president if you care about immigration and free trade, and Biden is just a pliant, unprincipled career politician (and former drug warrior) who will do nothing for freedom. No to everyone.

        1. #LibertariansForRacialMarxism

        2. I'm frankly unimpressed with all of the above. It became clear to me very early on in the Trump presidency that people who called themselves libertarian were pretty evenly split on him. I voted Libertarian but I was actually impressed with some of his policies especially regulations and foreign policy. All of the screeching that he was an existential threat to liberty seemed absurd. His bad policies were all the same ordinary bullshit that DC has been doing for decades on a bipartisan basis. If he got overturned he moved on. Hysterical assertions that he was a crazed dictator who would start WW3 simply didn't pan out. Nowhere in Reason did I see the alternate view, shared by many libertarians, represented except in the comments. Every writer without exception parroted the TDS that was ubiquitous in the MSM. Contributors like Harsyni disappeared because he didn't support the party line, or so it would seem. An individual researching libertarianism would likely end up on the Reason website and quickly reach the conclusion that libertarians are just hard core leftists that like guns. There is a lot of diversity of thought amongst libertarians. As the above comments reveal that that diversity is not welcome at Reason outside of the comments section.

        3. Et tu, Reason?! I'll painfully remember this next time the Foundation is asking for handouts. Likewise the DNC and Mises caucus putting a communist anarchist on the ticket. I'll be reciting these things back to panhandlers.

    2. Sarc, you are the dumbest fuck in all of fucktown.

      1. sarcasmic voted for Biden. He wanted this.

        1. He’s so dumb he might even be Biden!

    3. Reason voted for Biden.

      Reason is a nonprofit corporation, not a person. It did not and cannot vote for anybody. A large portion of its staff who were polled did, indeed, vote for Biden though.

      They wanted this.

      True. Not because a huge portion of the staff voted for Biden, but because they wrote so extensively for 18 months on their support for compulsory masking. Just like you did in the comment section.

      By the way, you know how you kept saying for 18 months that anyone who refused to mask up was responsible for killing your grandma? Well I know you live out in the middle of bumblefuck, but I sincerely hope that at least one of the viruses that caused her death was spread or replicated by me. Nothing could possibly gratify me more.

      1. sarcasmic is being sarcastic. Just so you know.

        1. Mike Laursen is a virus

    4. The retards are out in force today.

      1. Should have read Lionel’s entire stupid comment before I commented on it. My bad.

      2. Most ironic comment evah!

      3. Yes, you and your friends are certainly shitting up the comments here. Maybe you and your pedophile pal Buttplug can do you buddy routine.

    5. Well, they REALLY wanted Sanders or Warren, but they had to settle for Biden.

      1. No no no. Everyone knows that Mangu-Ward wanted Zombie Stalin and The Jacket really wanted Fidel Castro's corpse. It is known.

        1. You’re like a bot that knows humor
          exists but can’t comprehend it.

          1. "All your voting bases are belong to us."

        2. Pedo Jeffy can’t do humor.

  8. You know that saying about never passing a law you wouldn't be willing to kill your grandmother for disobeying? Now you know what they would be willing to kill their grandmother for.

    1. I've never heard that expression. Wish more people did.

      1. Before you lost your cocksucking mind when Trump got elected you used to literally use that expression you drunken fucking retard.

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        1. What a bunch of bull. Satan never had that problem.

      2. Man, that could actually be a really cool show. Especially if they played each other's material. I would laugh my ass off over Peter Gabriel covering "Stigmata". Or Al Jorgensen singing "Sledgehammer".

        1. "Games Without Frontiers."

          Nice. Now I want DJ Cummerbund to try and smoosh some of their songs together.

  10. "There is absolutely no reason I can think in regards to why the court would keep Mr. Monk essentially locked in a cage when he's suffering from mental health issues for missing a court date."

    Does he mean "There is absolutely no reason I can think in regards to why the court would keep Mr. Monk essentially locked in a cage for missing a court date when he's suffering from mental health issues"?, because I can think of no reason why missing a court date would cause someone to suffer mental health issues.

    1. Bah Brian is a senior editor. He doesn't make mistakes

  11. This article failed on the most important issue. Did he die from neglect in a public or private prison?

    1. Are you making some kind of coy argument about social media sites “censoring” right-wing content?

      1. You are fucking retarded.

        1. Just like water is wet.

  12. It's hilariously fun watching Reason whiplash back and forth between supporting mask and vaccine mandates, and then castigating them as overreach when it turns out that the people most affected by them are their beloved "inner city youth".

  13. “Good.”

  14. "Maurice Monk was arrested in June for shouting threats, not carried out, at two bus drivers in the same day after both told him he had to don a mask. "

    You can't have it both ways reason. Should we just ignore threats?

    Yes, our jails and prisons should be way better. But your stupid remark about "not carried out" has absolutely zero bearing on the story. Should we ignore threats to shoot up a place, to carry out violence of any kind, etc.? Don't be daft.

    1. Words are violence.

      1. I find it’s unwise to mention that when crossing back from Canada, and asked if I’m carrying any weapons.

  15. Is it too much to ask for a coherent thought in an article. I see the unfleshed out start of three stories but no details for any of them to support the assertions. Bad things happened to this guy by his actions or the State's but without those details I cannot tell how much is bad policy vs bad luck. Maybe the erratic behavior and the death are related to the mental health issues, maybe he's just an ass who fell in the shower and died. From this reporting I can't tell. Do better if you're trying to convince people you're a journalist.

  16. ".... in the second half of the last decade."

    Sub: .... in the last 5 years.

    Whoever's the editor at Reason needs to show up for work.

    1. They’re not quite the same thing. But close enough that the phrasing is weird.

  17. So....I am trying my best to avoid tinfoil hat territory. However, I was trying to dig up some conversations we had about Vaccine mandates in the last 6 months or so, and I could find...very little.

    Go to google and search:
    " overt moral obligation"

    (I chose this, and similar searches because I know for a fact that I made several posts that included, "there is no moral obligation to protect others from a natural pathogen". There were many variations, but "moral obligation" was common.)

    I am trying to find any of the earlier conversations we had. When I limit by "results in the last year", I get very few results. When I release that limit, I get more stuff from the 70's - 90's, but nothing recent.

    I am trying my best to not leap to the conclusion that Googs is excluding certain results where the science and logic was being discussed...So I am asking others to try and find searches that will return some of the results from debates we had in the July - September timeframe.

    1. You don't need to use Google. There are other search engines you can use. Duck Duck Go is one that I use as a default. It may provide you with what you are looking for. Other than that, I suggest maybe you become a Reason staff writer rather than a lowly commenter to increase your search profile.

      1. And I suggest you get bent. Overt's description is absolutely believable and Google results are deliberately biased. Reason gets a good amount of foot traffic. Hence the 50 centers, etc.

        1. Thanks for your suggestion. You might want to check Duck Duck Go search results. They don't differ much from Google results. You might want to use an alternative to Google if you disapprove of what they offer. There are others. Search Google for 'google alternatives.'

          "and Google results are deliberately biased."

          It's called an algorithm, something which changes and is always under review. Once upon a time the top result for a google search for 'black girls' pointed to page after page of black pussy pornography. Not any more. Why, ask? Because google changed their algorithm.

  18. Today in what passes for fact-checking these days:

    Saule Omarova not that bad, because she only "explores the idea of eliminating private accounts, but does not demand it." Yeah, as an academic she explored the idea of the government controlling all of your money. If she were appointed Comptroller of the Currency she would actually have the power to make it happen.

    If Your Time is short
    A Biden nominee wrote a paper in which she explored moving all private deposit accounts to the Federal Reserve in the advent of digital currency.
    She called this work a “thought experiment.” She did not demand that all private bank accounts be eliminated.

    Okay, just a thought experiment, nothing to worry about.
    Did his nominee for Secretary of the Interior do any thought experiments about burning everything down? Asking for a friend.

    1. Conclusion:

      During a January 2021 conference, Omarova said that she wrote a paper exploring what would happen if the Federal Reserve system offered deposit accounts, and private banks did not. She called her paper a thought experiment. She did not demand that this happen. The conference occurred more than six months before she was nominated.

      The headline and story use words like "demand," and "vowed," to give the impression that she said that she would eliminate private bank accounts in her position as comptroller of the currency. She has not done that.
      The statement contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression. We rate it Mostly False.

      1. Or maybe mostly true?

        She said her paper pushed the idea of "Fed accounts," or digital dollar deposit accounts for everyone, "to the limit, and to imagine what would it be like if instead of being just a public option for deposit banking, this would be actually the full transition, in other words, there would be no more private bank deposit accounts, and all of the deposit accounts will be held directly at the Fed."

  19. Sure it sucks the guy died in jail, but the good news from the governments point of view is he was not a covid casualty, do all is right with the world. Only deaths labled covid matter.
    Only Covid Deaths Matter, the new "cool" group!

  20. I'm beginning to suspect that even the most seemingly innocuous rule is backed ultimately by death by government.

  21. Convert a bunch of prisons to mental hospitals. This will save lives. Jails are too harsh and punitive and are inadequate in dealing with America's increasing mentally ill population.

  22. The headline makes this look like a masking issue. With the list of issues this guy was dealing with it could easily have been jaywalking. This is not a mask issue, it's a how-to-deal-with-mental-illness issue. Please stop with the click-baiting.

    1. Yes, this man not look to be in the best of health. But those are the people who suffer under “one more straw” of rules and regulations. “It’s just a little burden” “Just a small inconvenience” They add up.

      Do you know people are used to LIKE to fly on airplanes? Now after the shrinking seats , the security theater, bad food, overbooking, the waiting on the tarmac, now masks - airlines can’t figure out why the passengers keep snapping and attacking cattle herding flight staff. Every time it was just one more little thing. But it adds up.

      Yeah, a large problem.

      1. "Do you know people are used to LIKE to fly on airplanes?"

        They used to like traveling by trains, too. Something these days is seen as the ultimate in commie fagginess. Americans used to be trustworthy with firearms, too. Now the country has the highest murder rate of the Western world. Clearly, increasing mental illness has to bear some of the blame, but also the indiscipline, resentfulness and entitlement of 'sane' Americans

        1. Now the country has the highest murder rate of the Western world.

          Not even close or clear by any method of subdivision and recategorization save "Between the US and Canada, the US has the highest murder rate." Setting aside nebulous territory such as PR, USVI, BVI, etc., even "N. America" includes Greenland and Mexico.

          1. The Western world is often a term used for wealthy democratic countries. Countries like Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand, etc, even those two are more Southern than Western. Needless to say their murder rates are just a fraction of that of the US. Switzerland, another Western country, somehow manages a tenth of the US murder rate in spite of the most liberal gun ownership laws on the planet. Wealthy democracies of the East like Japan or South Korea have even lower murder rates. They are sometimes lumped in with the West for convenience. Similarly we use the term the South to refer to poorer countries, even though they might be located north of the equator. In short, these are often not used as a geographical terms. Indeed, how could it be? There is only one world. Not an Eastern World, Western World etc.

            1. Have you ever left the country. The world does not act the way you think it does. Other places are not as safe as you pretend. I am Magine place with the lowest Official murder rate would be North Korea, You should go there.

              1. We must think alike. I would love to visit North Korea, especially to see Pyongyang, the capital, and Mount Baekdu, a volcano with a lake in its crater. Unfortunately travel in North Korea is only for guided groups. That's not how I roll. Vietnam, Laos and China are some of the communist countries I've visited, and they have a lot to offer. They are not as dangerous as you might believe. Keep a close eye on your belongings. One photographer I knew took the precaution of taking all his gear with him when he took a shower. And don't mix alcohol and opium. And don't get mixed up with Myanmar military intelligence. I did and it's the only time I've been on the scary end of a death threat.

    2. This is not a mask issue, it's a how-to-deal-with-mental-illness issue.

      OK so, in your "how-to-deal-with-mental-illness issues" book, would "Throw them in jail for not wearing a mask." fall into the "Do" or "Don't" chapter?

      1. Jail is seen as the answer to too many issues in the US. My internet sources tell me that 25% of the earth's prison population is American. Although restraining the mentally ill from harming themselves or others is defensible, there are more humane ways to do this.

        1. In a lot of other countries they just summarily execute serious offenders and lie about their incarceration numbers. China, Iran, Venezuela, and others come to mind.

          1. Driving while black. Does that come to mind? The fact remains that other wealthy democracies like the UK, Canada, Germany, Norway, Austria, New Zealand, Iceland, Taiwan, Holland, and Belgium etc all have lower significantly incarceration and murder rates than the US. Denying this shameful fact with 'well, some country has to come last' isn't making your feeble equivocations any more persuasive.

  23. so he threatened violence and was rightly charged...then he didn't show up for his court date and was sent to jail...and rightly so...then he died of natural causes (meaning he would have died even if he wasn't in jail) and this is somehow a problem? he wasn't killed by inmates...he died from his own life choices...same reason he was imprisoned. If you don't want to wear a mask fine but you don't have the right (nor should you) to threaten violence for being asked to. there is no reason he shouldn't have just put on a mask or gotten off and walked, I have no sympathy for such idiocy. there is nothing to report. It's only being reported because he was black...didn't expect reason to go alt-left like this. there is no problem here

  24. "then he died of natural causes (meaning he would have died even if he wasn't in jail)" - Ignoring the part about the jail not giving him his medications.

    "he died from his own life choices...same reason he was imprisoned." - Funny thing, crazy people tend to make poor choices, an often don't even understand their "choices".

    There's something quite messed up in a system that can always find room in jail for lunatics, but not in an institution for treating mental illness.

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