Trump Laid the Groundwork for Biden's Infrastructure Boondoggle

It's Biden's bill, but Trump helped set the stage.


The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that passed in the House last week is largely a product of the Democratic Party as organized under President Joe Biden. The bill—a hodgepodge of spending on roads, bridges, rural telecom, and public transit that will surely increase the deficit and probably make constructing new infrastructure more onerous and more expensive—was passed via a Democrat-controlled House and Senate, and backed by a president who has served as an avatar of Democratic Party policy priorities for his entire career. When the bill inevitably fails to produce clear benefits, when it bogs down construction work and produces the same sort of absurd yet predictable nonresults as the stimulus bill passed in 2009 under former President Barack Obama, it will be fair to place the blame on Biden and his party.

But the bill also resembles Trump-era federal infrastructure initiatives. And it was backed not only by the vast majority of congressional Democrats but by 19 Republicans in the Senate and 13 GOP lawmakers in the House; indeed, given Democratic defections, it was arguably House Republican support that pushed the bill into final passage. So it is also fair to say that the trillion-dollar infrastructure boondoggle is the product of former President Donald Trump and his lingering influence on the Republican Party, and its failures will belong to them as well.

Trump, you may remember, constantly touted a federal infrastructure plan as one of his major policy objectives, holding any number of supposed "infrastructure weeks," to the point where the phrase became a joke. There was indeed something absurd about the charade and the consistent manner in which it was interrupted or overstepped by more attention-grabbing events. But the goal itself was very real.

Trump famously has a background in real estate, and described himself as the "builder president." His administration backed a number of infrastructure proposals, most in the $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion range. Trump's plan was admittedly somewhat smaller in scope than Biden's: It planned to leverage $200 billion in new federal spending in hopes of attracting state, local, and private spending to projects. As was often the case with Trump policies, many of the specific project details were vague.

But Trump's plan shared a core sensibility with Biden's infrastructure bill, which doles out much of its funding in large grants to states: The idea was that the federal government, one way or another, should spend hundreds of billions to back various building and construction projects around the country in the hopes of creating domestic jobs and boosting national competitiveness. Naturally, both Biden and Trump framed their infrastructure plans as investments.

Biden's plan, which according to Congressional Budget Office estimates will add as much as $400 billion to the federal deficit, might be better characterized as a disinvestment in the future, since it is funded through borrowing. But there, too, you can see Trump's influence on the bill: Under Trump, the Republican Party gave up even the pretense of caring about the growth of federal spending. It passed a series of giant spending bills prior to the pandemic, and then supported roughly $4 trillion in deficit-financed COVID-19 aid in 2020 while Trump was still in the White House, leading to the largest annual budget deficit in history by far.

The Republican Party, of course, had run up deficits while in power in Washington before, but never at the scale we saw in 2020. And Trump's total lack of interest in meaningfully limiting the growth of federal spending or debt and deficits—his campaign-trail plan to eliminate the debt was a joke—helped condition some in the party to go along with big, deficit-financed spending packages. It was Republicans under Trump who brought back trillion-dollar deficits, and it is Republicans under Biden who are helping his spending plans along.

To be fair to the pro-infrastructure Republicans, some have argued that their support for the infrastructure bill is designed to drive a wedge into the Democratic caucus in hopes of preventing an even bigger partisan bill from passing later. But it's just as easy to see the GOP votes as easing the process along. 

And to be fair Trump, he sent out a missive castigating Republicans in the House who voted for Biden's infrastructure plan. But consistency has never exactly been one of Trump's hallmarks, and the Biden infrastructure plan looks an awful lot like the infrastructure week that Trump kept trying and failing to have while in the White House. In any case, at least one of the pro-infrastructure Republicans, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R–N.Y.), credited Trump for having "laid the groundwork for this infrastructure to pass." It's Biden's bill, but Trump helped set the stage. 

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  1. This is CNN.

    1. Basically worse because people at CNN aren't traitors. Maybe traitors in a very broad sense of the word but not actual traitors to their own side.

      1. >> people at CNN aren't traitors.

        no, they're mostly violent sex offenders.

        1. I thought they were predominantly potatoes.

          1. Toobin, Lemon & Cuomo, LLP

            1. You’ll get TLC whether you want it or not.

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      2. They are traitors to their own original reputation as objective and unbiased journalists. But that was a long time ago.

        1. When was that? Before Watergate? Before WW2? Was there even a single day of actual objectivity in the entire history of journo-ism?

          1. I do remember the Vice President murdering a political rival due to things said in newspapers that their parties controlled.

            I think they made a musical about it. An obscure show that is still running somewhere.

          2. Objectivity is a myth in itself. What makes journalists stand apart is whether or not they are deliberately manipulating the narrative to deceive people. This article is clearly reaching. The author seems to be implying that there is little difference between middle ground, common sense infrastructure spending and the far left extreme. Its like saying a centrist lays the ground work for political extremism. Also keep in mind there are some libertarians who are closet anarchists who want open borders, mob rule and no infrastructure. There are factions within factions.

            1. I know a guy like that:

              I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.

              Thomas Jefferson

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    2. CNN should charge Suderman with plagiarism, theft and cultural appropriation.

    3. No, this is Emote & Pout!. You see JesseAZ, there used to be a libertarian publication called Reason. But then their collective brains turned to shit, they suckled at the teat of Vox and Daily Kos, and are a shadow of what they once were. Which is why the commentariat abuses them so badly.

      1. And now we have subhuman Marxist garbage like Mikey, Jeffy, Buttplug, etc. here claiming to be libertarian.

    4. I had no idea Trump was such a powerful man.

      1. The left made him that way.

    5. Basically.

      "This bill was written by Biden and passed by almost all, obviously, it is Trump's fault" is an AMAZING take.

      1. Yep. Trump's not the President, he had nothing to do with this legislation. These "journalists" start with their conclusions, and fill in the rest of their stories with whatever bullshit supports it.

    6. META
      Make everything Trump again

    7. Can't argue but would add: Biden has ended most of Trumps' EO's and he could have eliminated 45's input, too- to make it his crowning glory only.

    8. No shit, they just can't help themselves. 200 billion to leverage private money versus a trillion and a half of pork. The even ruin the good articles with the whataboutism....No wonder I don't tune in much anymore save for Too Chilly

      1. I thought the same. The largest I can remember trumps infrastructure plan being was around 450 billion. And It was always intended to be dispersed through the states. (trump was such a dictator he was a federalist! Or something...)

        But you'll notice suderman never actually gives the details about trumps plan. Because they blast a hole in his narrative.

        Also, if anyone saw the back and forth I had with an Adam kinzinger lackey... Sudermans take is almost identical to the bullshit spewed by kinzinger. "we only voted for the infrastructure trump wanted, roads bridges etc" while literally ignoring the remaining 800 billion of provisions and pork in the bill.

        It seems pretty clear this talking point was handed out to all anti-trump, yet right wing, outlets and politicians. The same way miketard and Jefftard always parrot the same talking points each day

  2. No treatment for TDS yet, apparently.

    1. Indeed. As I often predicted, TDS will outlive Trump's Presidency. It'll outlive Trump too, you'll see...

      1. Umm, Trump is giving every indication that he is going to run again in 2024. That makes continuing to pay attention to him a rational thing to do.

        1. Paying attention and having TDS is not the same thing.

          1. Mike isn’t capable of understanding that.

        2. It sucks we have to wait that long for him to get bidens shitty economy back on track.

        3. It's amusing to me that when Reason doesn't support Trump in some particular area, they are accused of TDS. This would indicate to me that even the rump worshippers, who are just as blindly ardent as were the Obama worshippers, are prevalent among Reason readers. These folks have confused Libertarians with Republicans, a party which has little to do, these days, with conservatism.

      2. Suderman has a terminal case. Too bad, I recall a lot of great pieces about Obumblecare back in the day.

      3. I think this is something that predates TDS. Its a libertarian version of bothsidesism. On any given debate, many libertarians feel they have to make it clear both Republicans and Democrats are bad so they can offer themselves as a third solution. It doesn't matter the issue, because they start with the premise both sides are bad and then work towards an argument. If the facts don't fit their premise, they massage the facts until they do. TDS of course fit this like a hand in a glove but made the insanity of the approach more obvious.

    2. Adequate waterboarding in rainbow KoolAid.

      1. That would be brown koolaid

    3. When there is, there should be a mandate regarding it and employment.

    4. Damn shame it isn't fatal.

    5. It is an incurable chronic condition. Think arthritis of the brain.

    6. Reason staffers made bad investments and life choices. They put a lot of savings, real estate holdings into and got into bed with progressive (socialist) cities. Now they can’t walk outside without risk of feral teens smashing their heads with a hammer, carjackings, robbery, medieval diseases whatever. But yeah, both sides and Trump.

      No one likes to admit they made a bad investment and Pravda gets the good potatoes.

    7. It's apparently terminal.

    8. TDS has made Trump immortal. TDS may get Trump reelected. I would have forgotten about him long ago and looked to other conservative candidates for 2024 if not for the TDS.

  3. I knew it! It's still Trump's fault, somehow.

    1. He gets half the blame but none of the credit, for every issue.

    2. Trump is responsible for every bad thing that has happened to humans since the evolution of the third chimpanzee.

  4. indeed, given Democratic defections, it was arguably House Republican support that pushed the bill into final passage

    99% of Democrats and 1% of Republicans vote for this shit, and it's the Republican's fault? What the actual fuck?

    1. Oh, and I should also point out that Reason did far more than Trump to lay the groundwork for the Biden regime's infrastructure boondoggle with propaganda pieces like this in support of the one-party rule we have now.

    2. Fuck those 13 Senators though.

      1. Indeed. Fuck them and Fuck Joe Biden.

  5. Are you sure it wasn't George Bush's fault?

    1. That's the previous all-faults-guy. He's now a venerable member of Team Blue so his past, and the past of his former detractors are now fully retconned.

  6. Damn! I thought we were done with these types of idiotic articles.

    1. I mean, it is Suderman…

      1. This is the kind of article that makes me relish the idea of Trump winning in 2024. It's idiotic enough to pile on the orange guy a year later, but I sure do wonder how Suderman would top himself.

        1. My schadenfreude is strong enough to vote for him now. Dems and their bootlickers have been vile beyond compare.

          1. I always hold out hope that such an event would push the leftists far enough that they finally commit mass suicide.

      2. "It is Suderman..."

        No! It's even Tucille now. This must be coming from the top.

        1. It is. But the top goes higher than reasons editors.

          This is almost the identical take Adam kinzinger, and I'm sure the other 12 rinos who voted for it with him, give when questioned about their vote. It's clearly coming from some entity that has the ear of the rinos and the ear of anti trump right wingers like Lincoln project and reason.

          We know Nancy cuntlosi sends out media talking points every morning to her house members so they March to her narrative. But we don't quite know who gives her the talking points. Could be the same group giving reason it's talking points.

    2. Are we really ever done with Trump? That's like saying you're "done with fashion". Fashion, like Trump is never "done".

  7. 10 months out of office and it's still all Trump's fault. BTW calling it an infrastructure bill is an oxymoron.

    1. Not an oxymoron, just a lie.

  8. Peter, I have some late breaking news for you; Trump lost.
    When the democrats control the legislative and executive branches, what happens is on them, for good or bad.

  9. >>Trump-era

    lol it was four fucking years and T fought both wings of the Swamp Party the whole time

    >>was backed not only by the vast majority of congressional Democrats but by 19 Republicans in the Senate and 13 GOP lawmakers in the House


    1. And those 13 GOP House lawmakers included those who voted to impeach Trump, so clearly it was Trump's fault they voted with Democrats again!

  10. Could any of the 13 Reps who voted for this be called Trump supporters? The rundown I saw in National Review said not. That these were your standard "me too" east coast Republicans looking to get pork for their districts. Suderman should realize he has to do more than "Trump exists" to establish a connection.

  11. Wow, so far this is the spin of the week Sunderman! What a brilliant and original idea: Orange Maaan Baaaaad!!!

    1. What a brilliant and original idea (conveying nothing) to comment: "Orange Maaan Baaaaad!!!", indeed!

      “Orange Man Bad” as a summary from conservatives, of page after page after page, detail after detail, testimony upon testimony, of HOW and WHY Orange Man is a lying hypocritical narcissistic and corrupt, self-centered weasel, who is ruining the good reputation (for years if not decades) of the USA, internationally, shows the utter contempt that conservatives hold the rest of us in! “Here, dummy, I can summarize ALL of the encyclopedic knowledge that has been gathered concerning Der TrumpfenFuhrer, so that YOU (dumbshit) will NOT have to trouble your pretty little head, studying all that boring stuff! It just amounts to Orange Man Bad, end of story!”

      Don’t study medicine or boring medical texts… I will summarize it for you! “The human body is made of icky pus and smegma, slimy blood and mucus, and icky poop!”

      Law summary: “He or she who habeas the corpus, must take proper care of it.”

      Computers? Stop studying, you fool! “Learn to code; garbage in, garbage out; just be logical!”

      Electrical Hardware Engineering? “Don’t stick your diode in an anode! Sparks is as sparks does!”

      And then conservatives and other Trumptatorshit worshippers and ignorance worshippers have the NERVE to say, “We need more SKILLED AND TALENTED immigrants and fewer ignorant ones coming into the USA!”!

      1. Even "Orange Maaaan Baaaad!!!" is a personal attack on the one critical of Trump. Now the conversation isn't about the continuation of his policies, it's about the whiny little bitch who dared to say something bad about him.

        1. It was wholly written after Trump left the presidency dummy. How are you so ignorant? Or are you claiming infrastructure was never mentioned in the history of government before Trump mentioned it?

          You really have gotten dumber.

          1. Probably drunker; not sure dumber is possible.

          2. Don't feed them...

        2. Then quit being whiny little bitches.

      2. He’s a real Sqrlsy Man,
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        Spewing out his squirrely plans,
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        1. Thread winner

      3. TDS-addled spastic asshole flag

        1. The below poetry is dedicated to Super-Perv-Predator-Sevo the Pedo, Hippo in a Speedo,
          AKA “SmegmaLung”!

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          Don't you start away uneasy
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          By you insulting me,
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    2. Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

      We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

      He pussy-grab His creditors in 6 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

      All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

      Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

      Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

      We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

      These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

      1. You need to go jerk off and get some of this out.

        1. He needs to drink Drano.

  12. "Trump Laid the Groundwork for Biden's Infrastructure Boondoggle"
    Yes, and I hold my wife's head under the covers and fart because Hitler gassed the Jews too.

    1. Maybe a bit of Shitler when you try too hard.

    2. The ol' Schindler's Mist?

    3. I literally laughed out loud. Thank you.

    4. At least we still have some ace commentators, loooooool.

    5. Well, so long as you are both consenting adults, you do you, I guess.

  13. Trump also commented on the weather once. Global warming immediately set the dial to 'Florida.'

  14. Technically, Suderman is right. Every president and congress builds upon the precedents set in the past. This is as much George Washington's infrastructure bill as anyone's. I'm sure we can even give some credit to King George III, if we are feeling generous.

    1. That was what I was going to say. Trump called this infrastructure an investment? He championed grants to states so that they would bring their own mix of public and private investment? How is that different from any other president since, at least, Eisenhower?

      To say that Trump "laid the groundwork" for the exact same types of porkbarrel spending that the US has been spending for over 50 years is, to put it mildly, a bit of a stretch.

      At this point, I can only assume that Reason is trolling for clicks. They know that when they say "TRUMP" it adds a zero to their clicks.

      1. It's almost like they write articles specifically to piss off the Trump faithful.

        1. So a magazine named "Reason" has given up on anything but trolling its audience?

          That wasn't the point you wanted to make.

          1. Are right-wingers who hang out here Reason’s audience — many, many have proudly proclaimed during the Reason webathons that they will give not one dime to “unreason”.

            1. Yes. Because most of us were here before this current crop of retards writing for them now.

              Also... You do realize libertarianism is a right wing philosophy don't you? As you go to the right of libertarianism you begin to wade into the territory of anarchy, no government. As you go to the left of libertarianism you begin to wade into federalist and then Republicans.

              In a nutshell.. Left is more gov control, right is less gov control.

              Communist > socialist > progressive > liberal > moderate dem - independent - moderate republican < conservative < federalist < libertarian < anarchist

              1. He doesn’t realize a goddamn thing.

        2. Yeah, Libertarians nominated Trump in 2020, right?

        3. I thought you were all about not using emotion in argumentation, but you support it now? Strange.

        4. Talk about adding a zero

      2. I agree, but I do want to be careful how I frame this as well, because it is important for Reason to point out that the precedents set in the past can be used in ways that you do not like in the future, which I think is what Suderman was trying to accomplish. Essentially highlighting that some of the actions taken during the Trump presidency are now being used in ways that many Trump supporters do not like, which, unfortunately happens all the time. It is a never ending cycle of precedent escalation.

        I am not sure exactly why, but to me, it felt especially comedic with Trump as the conduit though. I can just picture Suderman reading the comments section and laughing.

        1. It makes no sense from any rational standpoint. Virtually every president has pushed some form of spending/infrastructure. Trump isn't unique. To make this about trump isn't a reason filled argument, it is simply stupid.

          Likewise the bill is completely written by senators post Trump's presidency. It is even dumber when you consider this. He had actually no vectors to this bill. He was brought up for absolutely no benefit of the argument Suderman is making.

          This goes back to the Obama era meme of "Thanks Obama." It was stupid then, it is stupid now.

          Sometimes you blame the people implementing the policy.

          Likewise those you call Trump supporters probably didn't support the infrastructure bill Trump was pushing for. Especially if it was solely under 25% of the spending. The two bills are apples and oranges to boot.

          This was a stupid article by Reason. You don't have to defend it.

          1. Well said.

          2. I never said it was a well executed article. In fact, if you look at my first post, I mocked it because it was poorly executed.

            Looking back over the article, I may have been trying to give Suderman a little too much of a generous take in that last post. It was a weird article trying to shift blame on the infrastructure bill.

            So I think my first post is a better take.

            1. Yes. Because your second post is retarded. This bill has literally 0 in common with the legislation trump wanted. Which was 2/3 smaller and was going to be given to states as grants to help them incentivise private investment in cooperation with govt funding.

              If we want to use the logic from your 2nd post, as well as this article, I guess we could say Reagan is responsible for Biden discontinuing the border wall because Reagan said something about tearing down a wall in the 80s.

              1. See this is the type of shit I was pointing out in the second post. You hand wave away Trump’s desire to expand government as “it was only a fraction of what Biden wants and and and public private partnerships”. So obviously that means it was not comparable and not an expansion of government. That is total bullshit. Trump still wanted to (and did) increase spending during his term. If the government increases spending it has more control over more of these private companies. We are seeing how this plays out now in the vaccine mandate for gov contractors and employees. The government has found a loophole, they will control us through employment and purchasing/funding contracts since there seems to be no legal defense for this. You can continue to hand wave away the stuff your preferred politician does, but just understand that you are digging the grave that you claim to not want.

                The stuff you hand wave away today will become precedent for the stuff you will be bitching about tomorrow.

                I am not even sure Suderman was trying to make the point I am making above, and if he was, he did a poor job of it. That does not mean that it is not an important point that Reason needs to be pounding on constantly. Yes it was ridiculous to tie Trump to this infrastructure bill, but it is also ridiculous to hand wave away Trump’s desires to expand the government.

    2. It's as dumb as saying that the Trump economy was Bama's (that he inherited).

      But Emote has clicks to sell, cause Koch decided to cut increase the weekly stipend.

  15. Where's the Libertarians? Nothing but BDS afflicted Republicans here, that is, if that old name for the party of Lincoln still applies to the Trump Cult.

    1. Have never seen a poster work so hard to affix a “Kick Me” sign to their own back.

      1. Chumby, nobody here is fast enough.

        1. Nobody wants to get that close. You smell like your posts.

          1. Stupid sumbitch claimed his masochism was driven by a desire to get the 'easy pickings' here, as if ANY of his comments were other than lies or fantasies.
            Whatever he's 'picking', it sure ain't helping his intelligence.
            Fuck off and die, asshole Joe!

        2. Is that your LAPD training, Barbie Jack?

      2. No.

    2. Are you really trying to make "BDS" a thing? That's just sad, and so Johnny-come-lately to be embarrassing.

      1. There's nothing deranged about chanting “Let's go, Brandon!” It's perfectly normal. Everyone does it.

        1. Do you really not get the "Let's go, Brandon" chant or are you purposefully not understanding it?

          Also, check out the term "false equivalency." It will help you in the future.

          1. Oh I get it. It's stupid, immature, asinine, and exactly what I expect from deranged Trump followers.

            1. Seriously, are you honestly able to read your last post without seeing the massive irony?

              1. Considering I'm not deranged, no.

                1. Obviously you ARE deranged.

                2. So you can't see the irony. At least you admit it.

            2. #RESIST!

            3. Hey remember when you creamed your jeans because Robert DeNiro said "FUCK TRUMP!" at an awards show? Or when you threw a hissy fit tantrum about pussy hats, or armed black bloc Antifa retards smashing through the capitol and trying to break into the Kavanaugh hearings? Or hey, remember that time when you spent 9 months excusing a the summer of chimp-outs that killed 3 dozen people, injured hundreds more, caused 3 billion dollars worth of property damage, and tried to murder hundreds of people by arson?

              Oh I get it. It's lies, propaganda, mental illness, and exactly what I expect from deranged, alcoholic, leftist sacks of subhuman fucking shit. Goddamn I hope I get the chance to Rosenbaum you one of these days. Of course you'd be quivering under your bed like the pathetic faggot pussy you are when the shit hits the fan.

              1. I seriously doubt sarcasmic “creamed his jeans” over that, or that sarc would be caught dead watching the Academy Awards.

                1. Well your doubts are wrong.

                  1. White Mike is wrong, even when fully confident.

            4. "Let's Go Brandon" is media speak for "Fuck Joe Biden". Either of which gets your tear ducts flowing.

        2. Criticizing the current president is now against the norm? For years you claimed you always attacked those in power. Now you deflect from biden? So pathetic lately.

          And yes, bookmarked.

    3. If you think it's clever in your head...

      Remember you're an idiot, and it isn't.

    4. BDS doesn’t exist. His massive chain of failures render that impossible. Trump was at least moderately successful. The only metrics where Biden succeeds in any way are Marxism and oppression.

  16. Republicans obviously deserve a share of the blame. Blaming this on "Trump's influence" seems like a stretch.

  17. "Make America Great Again!"

    1. Impeach!

    2. I would, but you're a self-confessed felon who can't possess a weapon and therefore I'll probably never get the chance to justifiably, legally kill you.

  18. "The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that passed in the House last week is largely a product of the Democratic Party as organized under President Joe Biden"

    Suderman deserves credit for not referring to the bill as "bipartisan", like other Reason staff have, but trying to conflate Biden and Trump is probably just as bad.

    94% of the Republicans in the House voted against the infrastructure bill.

    97% of the House Democrats voted in favor of the infrastructure bill (and those who opposed it wanted the BBB bill passed first).

    When Trump was pushing this bill, it was before a lot of the pandemic spending we've seen since--including the Democrats' $1.9 trillion pandemic bill they passed in March of 2021 (without a single Republican vote) through budget reconciliation. It is not clear that even Trump would have supported this extra spending--in addition to all the pandemic spending.

    94% of Republicans against this spending vs. 97% of Democrats in favor of this spending indicates that there is a serious and real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans on this and other spending bills. And even IF IF IF Trump had supported the infrastructure bill after being reelected, I doubt the many of the Republicans in the House would have voted any differently under these circumstances than they did. 94% of Republicans against it is about all the opposition that we can reasonably expect.

    Progressives, after all, got their asses handed to them in Virginia for trying to conflate a Republican candidate with Trump, and some of them have learned from that mistake. Between now and the 2022 midterms, we might expect to see apologists for the Democratic party try to conflate the Democrats with the Republicans, on the one hand, as well as try to conflate Biden with Trump, on the other--as if there were few differences between them.

    1. 94% Republicans and 3% Democrats voted against this. Ergo, bipartisan opposition.

    2. One drop rules. If even one RINO is preserved...

  19. Cut the crap. 38% of Senate Republicans voted for it and both presidents Trump and Obama tried to, though fat boy was too lazy to actually work to pass anything.

    1. Stuff it up your ass.

    2. both presidents Trump and Obama tried to, though fat boy was too lazy to actually work to pass anything.

      Tried to... vote for a bill that was passed by congress after both of them left office? Are you having a stroke, or are you actually, literally, clinically fucking retarded?

      Oh also, hot trip for you, congress passes legislation, not presidents.

      Good to see you again after all these years btw, Joe from Lowell.

    3. So not many Republicans in the senate voted for it then.

    4. Given the array of forces (including your Marxist masters) against Trump, he was very successful in getting legislation passed. It’s traitors like you that prevent actual progress in this country.

  20. I can't believe how hard I rolled my eyes at this headline. Political analysis is just so cliched and predictable anymore.

    1. What do this article and political analysis have to do with each other though?

      1. Are you being sarcastic?

  21. And it was backed not only by the vast majority of congressional Democrats but by 19 Republicans in the Senate and 13 GOP lawmakers in the House....So it is also fair to say that the trillion-dollar infrastructure boondoggle is the product of former President Donald Trump...

    Here's a list of the 13 House Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill:

    Don Bacon (NE)
    Nicole Malliotakis (NY)
    Don Young (AK)
    Adam Kinzinger (IL)
    Fred Upton (MI)
    Jeff Van Drew (NJ)
    Chris Smith (NJ)
    Andrew Garbarino (NY)
    John Katko (NY)
    Tom Reed (NY)
    Anthony Gonzalez (OH)
    Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)
    David McKinley (WV).

    Of those, four of the 13 were among the ten House GOP members who voted to impeach Trump. That means, if you were a House Republican, you had a 6% chance of voting for the infrastructure boondoggle. But, if you were a Republican who voted to impeach Trump, you had a 40% chance of voting for the boondoggle. That's a pretty strong correlation. And it's not a correlation that says what Suderman thinks it says.

  22. Those dastardly Republicans always seem to be responsible for anything bad that happens regardless of who is currently power. How do they do it?

    1. It was the dastardly Democrats that are responsible for the debt under Trump's presidency. Same with every Republican president. Republicans are fiscally restrained and don't grow government. Only Democrats do that. Besides, you can't spell "Democrat" without "rat." That surely means something significant.

      1. Hey, more strawman arguments made of ignorance. Congrats buddy.

        What were the Democratic vote totals on those spending bills under Trump?

      2. So you hate spending and growing government, yet you are a leftist? How do you jive those two positions?

        1. When have I ever said anything supportive of leftists?

          1. Stupid sumbitch really posted this.

          2. I actually think you are serious with this question. How can someone lack so much self-awareness?

          3. Also:

            November.9.2021 at 2:17 pm
            Flag Comment Mute User
            There's nothing deranged about chanting “Let's go, Brandon!” It's perfectly normal. Everyone does it.

            Only the leftists and leftist media is saying this statement is stupid. Remember when you claimed you always attacked those in power?

          4. There was that time when you spent 9 months defending Antifa terrorists with weapons and explosives murdering 3 dozen people, hurting thousands more, committing thousands of acts of arson, and attempting to burn down a federal courthouse after locking people inside. Or when you creamed your jeans over a cowardly, pussy cop murdering an unarmed woman despite there being a 4-man SWAT team with M4 rifles standing less than 10 feet behind her. Or there was that one time earlier in this thread when you had a mental breakdown over people saying "Fuck Joe Biden" after you spent 5 years snickering like a 12 year old over people saying "Fuck Donald Trump".

        2. Seriously dude, if you think I'm a leftist then you don't read what I say, you believe the trolls, or you're a fucking moron. Which one is it?

          1. No, you are a leftist, regardless of your false-flag bullshit.

          2. Seriously, dude! LOL!

            None of the above. I read your posts and roughly 80% of the time you cover for Dems and leftist positions, 10% of the time you actually post libertarian ideas, and 10% of the time it's just garbled nonsense trying to pass as sarcasm.

            1. Not quite. 1 percent of his posts are on libertarianism, 9 % covering for leftism and 90% posting his mute list.

          3. 98% of your posts these days are attacking the right. Even in threads purely critical of biden or democrats.

          4. Yep, centrists like sarcasmic support murdering unarmed people for saying "Fuck Joe Biden", and if you think otherwise you're just a deranged Trumpista cultist.

            1. He was even anti gun/self defense this morning defending M4E. It was amazing to see. I thought it was one of his last principles. But since conservatives support self defense with Rittenhouse, he has to be against it apparently.

              1. Think about it. Rittenhouse killed a deranged, psychotic, violent leftist child-fucker who ran his mouth and couldn't hang. You don't think that hits a little close to home for sarcasmic?

                1. Thought it was from the 5'4 life loser bipolar druggie being shot that made it too close to home for him.

                  1. Are you all this sociopathic in your normal lives?

                    1. Nothing sociopathic in that statement dummy.

                      Now talk about how you want government to make life decisions for everyone.

                    2. You're the ones expressing a desire for the government to murder all of your political opponents.

                      I just want updated roads and bridges.

          5. I read what you say, and if you're not a leftist your a very dumb example of "the other side is always worse".

            You seem to have almost no principles other than getting ticked of by criticism of democrats.

          6. We read what you say. This has all been explained to you many times. You’re a leftist. You’re not like Tony, but you’re not a libertarian either.

    2. Not even dastardly Republicans, but Trump specifically.

    3. Decades of careful planning.

      1. Is THAT how you leftys become so retarded?

        I could've swore it was from shitty public education, especially in city schools. Or... Maybe sending the bulk of your voters children to terribly underperformung schools IS what you mean by decades of planning. Keep em dumb and voting D.

  23. It "might be better characterized as a disinvestment in the future, since it is funded through borrowing"

    Huh? One of the cornerstones to the modern economy is to borrow from investors to invest in large projects that will yield productive gains into the future. Yes, it creates a deficit, but those are financed through treasury bills among other investment instruments. This is not much different then floating boinds to build high rises or factories, something big business does every day. Sorry Reason, you need to up your game on your anti-government criticism.

    1. "...Yes, it creates a deficit, but those are financed through treasury bills among other investment instruments..."

      As a lefty shit, you probably believe that.
      No, government debt is *never* paid for, regardless of propaganda from lefty shits like you.

    2. This is not much different then floating boinds to build high rises or factories

      In the same way that making tender love to your wife is not much different than stalking a woman in the park, snapping her neck, then raping her corpse.

    3. And what's the return yeild on those bonds?

  24. Who are articles like this for?

    Really, the motive for this sort of extremely obvious bullshitting is hard to guess. Do your Washington friends really hand out kudos for such poor attempts? Do you really think so very little of the people who read this — that you think anyone will buy it? Are you being held hostage and forced to read a statement? Is there a hidden cypher in this?

    1. I truly believe it keeps them on the invitation list for the cool kid parties.

    2. It's for Brandy and Sarc to keep thinking they are libertarian as they gaslight and protect Biden and democrats.

      1. Don't forget about Mike and SQRSLY!

        1. I said sarc on the latter name.

    3. Who are articles like this for?

      Chuckie Koch, the guy who puts the bills inside the brown envelopes.

      1. But what good does it do him?

  25. Yeah, both sides bad. The guy who spent 6 trillion and the guy who wants to spend 12 trillion are both bad, so what difference is there between them?

    1. Invites to Washington DC cocktail parties if orange man gets blamed.

      Or maybe now that the FBI is raiding the homes of journalists, people like Suderman are thinking they need to demonstrate loyalty.

    2. One of them is continuing to try to set the constitution on fire and install himself as dictator.

      1. At least you're finally criticizing Hillary.

  26. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump...
    Trump is not longer President Reason. get over it. Biden's "boodogle" is Biden's and Biden's alone (well and the puppet masters behind the puppet).
    Come on Reason, admit you were wrong to back Biden, admit the Biden administration is a disaster. Admit that the Biden Administration is trying to end democracy, end a free economy, end liberty and install a Socialist Dictatorship. Whatever Trump's flaws, and he had many, the Biden administration and their socialist, repressive polices is not one of them. Reason may as well admit it now, as they will have to sooner or later.

    1. They are still trying to justify the TDS-addled Reason staff.

    2. They'll never going to admit it tho.

      1. Maybe when the New Socialist regime lines journalist up against the wall and start shooting them?

  27. Haven't read it yet, but...did HyR's editors expect us never to ask, and them never to answer, why is it so gods-be-damned important that they never appear to make Biden be much worse than Trump about anything? What, adverse to us, or to the Reason Foundation, or to any of their employees, would occur if they did appear to say, yeah, looks like Biden's far worse than Trump ever was? There are lots of people in the world who are saying that, and nothing particularly bad comes out of it for them. And by the ways we'd usually judge these things, although there's plenty of room for disagreement as to scale or priorities, etc., overall, Trump does come out anywhere from significantly to enormously better — to the degree that anyone who seems to be looking at things that way and yet not seeing this must come under suspicion of ulterior motivation.

    It's like somebody's been telling you how to bake the best cake, and then they judge a bake-off, and the bakers who fill that person's criteria the best come out no better than those who make a rotten cake. It makes you think either they were lying to you about what constitutes good cake, or some people bribed them to fix the contest.

    1. "This cake appears to have been baked with cement instead of flour. On the other hand, the preceding cake had a thumbprint on the icing. So baking has been going downhill for a while, and it's hard to say when things went seriously wrong."

      1. Although the great majority of those who put in the cement were Democrats, a few of them were Republicans, so there's no greater blame for the cement cake among the Democrats than among the Republican bakers.

        1. But REALLY, we all know it was Trump's fault for baking racist cakes.

    2. In what specific way is Biden worse than Trump?

      1. Lol. Still hilarious. What metric is he not?

        1. He achieved infrastructure week, for one.

      2. Border, economy, spying, taxes, spending, censorship, oil independence, inflation, mandates, executive orders, memory, pedophilia, influence peddling, corruption, military preparedness, freedom, liberty, transparency, political retribution, authoritarianism, sleeping in meetings, press conferences, "getting in trouble" (but we don't know with who), mumbling incoherently, wandering off during press conferences, manual dexterity (he can't even get his pen in his pocket). Do you really need more?

  28. "roughly $4 trillion in deficit-financed COVID-19 aid in 2020 while Trump was still in the White House, leading to the largest annual budget deficit in history by far."

    Where the hell did that figure come from? Total budget over his entire term? Oh; right CUTTING Taxes "The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" supposedly added $1.8T to the debt (NOT a deficit figure).

    This is EXACTLY Shovel Ready B.S.

    1. Also here is the vote total on the CARES act:

      03/25/2020 Senate Passed Senate, under the order of 3/25/20, having achieved 60 votes in the affirmative, with an amendment by Yea-Nay Vote. 96 - 0. Record Vote Number: 80.

      So solely Trump's fault.

      1. 07/17/2019-6:57pm House On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (2/3 required): 419 - 6 (Roll no. 493). (text: CR H5958-5959)

        And the House. Again, Solely Trump's Fault.

  29. Exactly what good does it do this Nation to blame the lesser evil of every GD pin in a haystack??

    Is there some kind of d#mb#ass theory that blaming the 10%-Nazi's will eliminate the 100% Nazi's or WHAT???

    Oh yeah; That's right its MORE Democratic PROJECTION!

  30. I actually feel bad for ideological libertarians these days. You've gone from men without girlfriends to men without a country.

    It's not just the ludicrousness of the implied claim that the free market will build a functioning national and global infrastructure. It's not just that this country's infrastructure has been crumbling before our eyes as we've lived under the oppressive, dismal weight of Reaganomics.

    It's that the Republican party openly disdains small government theory now. They realized they can't possibly make it work while advocating infrastructure spending and forcing all Americans into a nuclear family and banning masturbation.


    1. Tony sez when deep blue cities like LA can't fix potholes, pave roads for freeway and fix their crumbling government buildings, its the fault of "reaganmics". I guess a core tenet of reaganomics is that state government discourage infrastructure with huge red tapes and high cost of building anything.

      Remember that Tony belongs to a cult that says we can print money endlessly to fund all their dream projects, because inflation is some right wing myth. Oops. And several developers have halted projects in at least one state that capped rent control.

      Tony and his friends are also oblivious to the notion that a buildings and bridges are not some structure that you put in for sight seeing. Commerce take place there, rent is collected, and money is spent for their upkeep, security, etc. If you want to defund cops, leave homelessness unchecked and minimize return on investments, they'll just sit empty. Look at ALL THOSE buildings China can build, they're still dirt poor in most places.

      1. So you're suggesting there's gleaming modern infrastructure in Bumfuck, Alabama?

        1. I mean my roads in rural PA are pretty good now because they've used fees from nat gas to maintain them and allow municipalities to use private contractors or their own workers. Which is A lot better than when the Democrat and union run Penndot had a monopoly on the work.

      2. I doubt someone like Tony as ever carefully looked at the wonders of economics produced by China ,or Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea - Or even an plain old commune - The kind Bernie Sanders got kicked out of, in his youth.
        I wish Steve Squirrley ect. had the courage to move to these wonderful near utopian places. And leave us to our benighted burden of freedom, capitalism and a higher standard of living.

  31. Certainly the former Trump administration brought the idea of infrastructure to forefront with the number of infrastructure weeks that it started. The difference is that the Biden administration had the political competency to get something done.

    There is no doubt that there is a need in this country for addressing infrastructure. Far too much of our existing infrastructure is outdated, some things dangerously outdated. So fixing the infrastructure seems responsible and I suspect that that had a lot to do with the small Republican support that the bill did get.

    I am not impressed with Reason complaints on the bill for two reasons. First they have not suggested a better alternative. Much of the complaints have center on what is not liked and not on what should have been done instead. I also think that they might have gotten more had they encouraged Republican involvement. In our current political environment bills are most often crafted by a single party and this inhibits new ideas that might approach the infrastructure program in a better way.

    1. I just love how leftards complain about their infrastructure so they have to go running to the National Government for MORE MONEY...

      Lefties pushing their own failures onto everyone else.

      1. Not sure how infrastructure belongs to one group. Do the left and right use different roads and bridges? Different internets? Different drinking and waste water systems?

        I noted that Republicans may be complaining nationally, but on a state level now talking about what this means for improving things in their states.

  32. Infrastructure is the LIFE BLOOD of a country and it's economy. Are there some boondoggles? Of course, but we HAVE to have good infrastructure. China is way way WAY ahead of us, not to mention a lot of the rest of the world.

    1. Yet; The Great Repression in the USA just about destroyed China.
      Almost as-if the USA government was subsidizing them all along.

      Pretending only Gov-Gods can produce infrastructure is pretending only GUNS can create infrastructure when that is entire NOT TRUE while also being the very FALL of every GUN toting Nazi Nation.

  33. "The infrastructure bill was a democrat project. But Trump also had a thing for infrastructure. So Trump paved the way for BBB plan"

    Um, ok.

  34. As I recall the infrastructure deal was an attempt by Trump to reach across the aisle and work with Pelosi for The Good Of the American People. They had a meeting in the Whitehouse where Nancy screamed pouted and shit her panties. Not because she objected to the cost but because Trump might look good to the corporate media. Same thing with the "dreamers". For decades DC has been making immigration easier in exchange for increased enforcement. Trump offered the same deal. Legalize the dreamers in exchange for security in the form of a big beautiful wall. That time Pelosi not only shit herself she shit all over the dreamers too. Because Orangeman Bad. These conversations get sillier with every passing day. The inevitable collapse of the empire precedes Trump but has accelerated greatly in the last 10 months. Maybe we should talk about that.

  35. Dear Pete,

    It takes an impressive amount of mental masturbation to get to where you went. FFS, give it a rest. Trump isn't president, the other douche bag, Biden, is and he's the douche bag who signed the bill. Can you please seek help and try getting over your obsession with the past?

    Lok, I've got a nice Anejo (which you may not use for margaritas because that's what plata or respasado in a pinch is for), Knob Creek, Black Seal Rum, etc. Come on buddy, step away from the ledge and come back inside. None of them are worth it and we can discuss it over a mighty fine sip.

    Just name your poison and come back in. I got you man, I understand it's tense but we need to take it down a bit. I poured two, they're on the table just inside.

    What do you say bud? Let's put that all behind us.

  36. Didn't read the article. Just came here to see the comments and have a good laugh. Thank you commenters.

  37. And the Trump-ghost strikes again from it's hidey-hole in this idiot's little brain.

  38. Trump's fault!

  39. According to you, lots of business investment and certainly most real estate investment is actually a disinvestment! "[Biden's infrastruction plan] might be better characterized as a disinvestment in the future, since it is funded through borrowing." That is simply ridiculous. Borrowing for investment is widely done, and is usually a sound strategy (if you're not making risky investments). It's a matter of whether the return on the spending is greater than the interest rate on the borrowing, which is the case much of the time. In today's world, it's usually a win. Different parameters for government? Yes. Different definitions? No.

  40. That someone once promoted actual infrastructure doesn't make him responsible for someone else promoting Orwellian "infrastructure".

  41. You guys are unbelievable. I'd say you suck balls, but I'm well aware you consider that a compliment.

  42. Proposed by Biden, and passed by a majority Democrat congress.

    But somehow it's Trump's fault.

    I'm no Trump fan, but for God's sake, stop invoking his name every time somebody does something stupid.

  43. Look at the butt-hurt Trump-humpers! Their orange hero was a big spending New York lefty protectionist, but they were too distracted by his nationalism and triggering the libs that they didn't notice.

    Suderman points this out and now Reason is CNN. Or Koch controlled. Or something-something-blame-trump.

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