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In Gangbuster Night for Republicans, Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor's Race

Plus: The Twin cities both say yes to rent control, Eric Adams will be the next mayor of New York City, and more...


Tuesday was a very good night for the Republicans, who won one governor's mansion in a blue state and might still pick up another. The GOP's clearest win of the night came in Virginia, where Glenn Youngkin beat out Democrat and former governor Terry McAuliffe in a nail-biter of a race.

Youngkin managed to capture just over 50 percent of the vote in a state that hasn't elected a Republican governor since 2009 and which went for Joe Biden in 2020 by 10 points. Republican former state legislator and Marine Corps veteran Winsome Sears also won her race for the open lieutenant governor's seat, becoming the first woman and the first black woman to win that office. Republican Jason Miyares also managed to defeat sitting Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring.

Meanwhile, the governor's race in deep-blue New Jersey—where Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy is running for reelection against Republican former state Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli—remains too close to call. This is despite predictions that Murphy would win easily.

The Virginia results are even more startling when one looks at the partisan swing in individual counties.

Republicans' victory comes after a contentious campaign where battles over education, and particularly whether to open schools and how much control parents should have over schools' curriculum, featured prominently.

Youngkin, a businessman and political neophyte, campaigned on opening Virginia's schools and giving parents more say over the kinds of books and materials their children were assigned. He also supported a ban on state-sponsored "critical race theory" curriculum.

McAuliffe, in contrast, ran on the riskier message of telling parents to butt out of their children's education. In a fatal debate gaffe in September, the Democratic candidate said bluntly "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

When that message strangely flopped, McAuliffe spent much of the campaign embarrassingly trying to clarify his statement while doing everything he could to tar Youngkin as a racist acolyte of Donald Trump.

He called Youngkin's messaging on schools a "racist dog whistle" and even went so far as to claim that Trump was holding a rally with him in the state, when in fact he wasn't. The pro-McAuliffe, anti-Trump, anti-Republican Lincoln Project went even further, sending actors dressed up as tiki-torch wielding white nationalists to stand in front of a Youngkin campaign bus.

None of those attacks seemed to stick, in part because Youngkin did his best to avoid Trump and some of his signature issues during the campaign. The Washington Times reports that the governor-elect ran zero ads about illegal immigration. (That compares to 2017 when Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie tried to tar then-candidate Ralph Northam as an MS-13 supporter.)

Reason's Matt Welch notes that those attacks on Youngkin as a not-so-closeted white nationalist also carried the electorally unhelpful implication that parents' own concerns about their children's education were also fundamentally racist.

"If you tell parents that attempting to exert influence on their kids' school policies is just some kind of 'Let's Go Brandon' wink-nudge for hating on the dark-skinned, those parents will rightly tell you to go fuck yourself. Such choices do not successful political strategies make," writes Welch.

Youngkin's win has pundits predictably prognosticating on whether it's a model for a successful post-Trump Republican party.

Journalist Zaid Jilani argues Youngkin was successful because he merged a broadly popular conservative message on education with more populist policies like raising teacher salaries and eliminating grocery taxes.

National Review writer Michael Brendan Dougherty framed Republican successes last night as a victory over Democratic excesses on both the culture war and COVID-19.

The real reason for Youngkin's victory, of course, is that McAuliffe failed to endorse state-level repeals of zoning restrictions.


An election night that was broadly good for conservatives also saw voters endorse some radical, left-wing solutions to high housing costs. Minnesotan voters in both Minneapolis and St. Paul approved rent control ballot initiatives.

The Minneapolis initiative, as mentioned in yesterday's Roundup, is the more modest of the two. It amends the city's charter to allow the Minneapolis city council to pass their own, as-of-yet unwritten rent control ordinance or to refer a rent control policy to voters in a subsequent referendum.

Over in St. Paul, voters approved something much more far-reaching. The ballot initiative there places a 3 percent cap on rent increases citywide. The St. Paul initiative, which was written by a coalition of left-wing activist groups, also does not include typical exemptions from rental price caps for new construction and newly vacant apartments.

There's been a recent effort to rebrand and retool rent control as an "anti-rent gouging" or "rent stabilization" policy that can prevent unfair rent hikes while not suppressing the construction of new housing. In places like Oregon and California, state legislators say they've managed to achieve this balance with rent control laws that respectively limit rent increases to 7 and 5 percent plus inflation, exempt new construction for 15 years, and generally allow landlords to raise rents as high they want on vacant apartments.

St. Paul's initiative makes none of those allowances and will likely prove disastrous for rental housing supply as a result. Minneapolis, meanwhile, risks undoing all the good work they've done trying to increase housing supply by repealing burdensome zoning regulations.


  • Minneapolis voters also roundly rejected a ballot initiative that would have eliminated the city's police department in favor of a Department of Public Safety.
  • Former New York City police officer and state senator Eric Adams, a Democrat, easily won the city's mayoral election against Republican gadfly and Guardian Angel founder Curtis Sliwa.
  • New York voters also rejected statewide referenda that would have allowed the legislature to pass bills permitting same-day voter registration and no-excuse absentee ballots.
  • Byron Brown, incumbent mayor of Buffalo, New York, appears to have won as a write-in candidate against socialist Democratic primary winner India Walton.

  • City councilor Michelle Wu was elected the next mayor of Boston.
  • Dark horse candidate (and Republican) Edward Durr might have unseated New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney.

NEXT: Glenn Youngkin Defeated Terry McAuliffe Because Democrats Betrayed Parents

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  1. Tuesday was a very good night for the Republicans...


    1. I read that Terry McAwful is planning to contest the election. Does that make him an insurrectionist? Asking for a friend.

      1. Existential threat to our democracy

        1. I would say watching them tie themselves in logical knots will be entertaining.. but it won't. They simply ignore any lies and inconsistencies and move on in true doublethink fashion... Never even entertaining the thought that they might have something wrong.

          1. Virginia is bizarro america, where a bearded governor rules wisely after his schooling in black face and klan costumes.

          2. Good. "Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake"
            Napoleon Bonaparte

      2. Will there be fire extinguishers?

        1. No, but there will be magical mail-in ballots that just 'magically appear' like something out of 'I dream of Jeannie'. Just watch.

          1. This also concerns me. I think if this happens again, there may be actual insurrection. Any chance of coincidence will be ignored and Virginians will storm the castle.

          2. Fairfax kept shutting down counting last night randomly.

            I just don't get how the law doesn't require a full count of the number of ballots prior to vote counting starting. And this is why last day ballot drop off is so dangerous. Keeps the counting going for multiple days post election.

            1. The WaPo and CNN called it for Youngkin last night, so that means team blue knows they can’t come up with enough ballots. Maybe they got left out in the rain here yesterday?

            2. Right on cue, as I predicted. Phailing Phil Murphy magically got thousands of mail-in ballot votes and now leads. Color me surprised.

        2. Bears spraying fire extinguishers to balance themselves on top of flagpoles. It is going to be awesome!

          1. Might cause a stroke among some!

        3. You do realize there are videos of MAGA rioters chucking fire extinguishers at Capitol police. Are you saying your cool with that?

          1. LOL! Does White Mike seriously not understand the references to fire extinguishers are mockery of himself?

            Oh, and here he is last night fucking up H2O again.


            No half-spaces in front of his name. Be sure to bookmark it to mock him in the future.

          2. Are you saying your cool with that?

            I am.
            Contrary to your constant lies on the subject, nobody got hurt by either extinguisher. And IMO it was better than the thousands of bricks and molotov cocktails your team spent the whole year throwing.

          3. You said an officer was killed due to being hit with fire extinguishers Mike. You kept on that narrative for over a week even after CNN rescinded that narrative.

          4. You do realize that everyone on this site knows you’re a Democrat shill, right?

          5. There was lots of chances to stand against things being thrown at the police in 2020. All year long. Why is a fire extinguisher a problem and a frozen bottle of Poland Springs water not?

            Let me guess, the who is more important than the what.

      3. No, he's fighting for Our Democracy. Count Every Ballot means Count Every Ballot, multiple times if need be.

      4. If sullim writes under 50 articles condemning the contesting it is not an insurrection.

        1. Printers jammed.

          1. Probably something like that. Would also explain why The Party's propaganda outlets called it for Youngkin despite it being "close" by 2020 standards. Surprising how merely requiring a signature on mail-in ballots changes a 70k-vote lead from a definite win to a definite loss.

            1. First thing Youngkin needs to do, if he's smart, is get in touch with DeSantis and ask how he managed to turn Florida's 18-year run of election night fuckery into a quick, drama-free process in 2020.

              Any Elections Supervisor in Fairfax and Louden County should start writing up their resume or their retirement papers if he does that.

      5. Only if he tells his followers to storm the Virginia capital.

        1. ??? Trump never did that but he's still an Insurrectionist.

          1. Brandy lies because of her TDS.

        2. Hahaha... because Brandybuck knows somehow that when Trump said “Go home with love and peace, and remember this day forever“on January 6, it was a super-secret dogwhistle code for iNsurrEction.

          1. Brandyshit's still stupid enough to confuse Biden with Trump.

      6. Fantastic news! Congratulations, XY. Morgan Freeman and I were wrong.

        1. Whoops. Got my allegedly rigged races wrong. Sorry. Good news for VA though.

          Murphy leads in NJ by 0.3%, with 88% of the ballots in.

    2. Wow, talk about leading off the morning with some signaling to the right-wingers here. Jeez.

      1. Fuck lying ass Dee!

      2. Remember folks, White Mike may simp for the Democrats every chance he gets, but he swears he isn't one.

        1. FoE best poster.

        2. Whatever works for ya.

          1. Do you think being a dishonest lefty shill is working for you?

            1. He gets paid to shitpost doesn’t he?

  2. The GOP's clearest win of the night came in Virginia, where Glenn Youngkin beat out Democrat and former governor Terry McAuliffe in a nail-biter of a race.

    Wait. Parents vote?

    1. Only experts should vote.

      1. What page is that of the jeff bible?

  3. ...McAuliffe spent much of the campaign embarrassingly trying to clarify his statement while doing everything he could to tar Youngkin as a racist acolyte of Donald Trump.

    So you're saying Trump won big in Virginia?

    1. Yuge!

    2. I think it is the opposite. Trump lost huge. McAuliffe spent the entire race running against Trump, using every dirty truck in the book to go after him, and Trump got hardly any votes at all.

      I think that we have to declare the McAuliffe campaign an enormous success based on what it was evidentially trying to accomplish; after all, McAuliffe got over 1.5 million more votes than Trump. The fact he won't become governor due to an entirely unforseeable problem: Trump wasn't actually competing for the governorship. However, this is entirely Trump's fault, and therefore, McAuliffe decision to run against the wrong person should not be held against him.

  4. Meanwhile, here in the People's Republic of NJ, Phailing Phil Murphy is in a close race. This progressive libtard managed to kill thousands of elderly nursing home patients with his incompetence and idiotic progressive policies.

    Phuck Phailing Phil Murphy!

    LGB....T (Let's Go Brandon....Totally)

    1. LGBTQ - Let's Get Biden To Quit (seen on a t-shirt)

      1. Love it!

        And phuck phil murphy!
        Bye Sweeney. 🙂

  5. NBC this morning on Today:. Big feature on "Let's go Brandon".

    Gave the actual backstory with nascar reporter... But entirely missed that half of the gag is making fun of THEM.

    Started with "there is a long history of presidential insults"... But ended with about a minute long montage of people saying that this is uniquely offensive, that a gun store using it to market gun parts means that it is uniquely scary and dangerous, and that the whole thing is actually because Trump is so terrible that people are now following his lead.

    1. This feature was at least as long as the coverage of the governor's races. In fact, they spent more time on the "important mayor's races" that elected historic people of color.

      1. The MSM completely lacks any self-awareness. Do they not remember ancient history (2016-20) where it was TDS all the time?

        Laughing my ass off at their conniptions.

        1. They are not suppose to have self-awareness. They are suppose to be the cheerleaders for the democrats. That's why Pelosi is offended that the media didn't do enough.

      2. "important mayor's races" that elected historic people of color

        And I'm sure zero time on the VA Lt. Gov. Because she's not really Black.

          1. The black face of white supremacy. No wait, that's Northam.

        1. And no, I do not recall her getting a mention. And certainly not a "historic" puff piece.

    2. The hypocrisy of the left is staggering. Four years of Fuck Trump echoing from every lefty enclave, but Let's Go Brandon is dangerous insurrection. This kind of disconnect will get the slaughtered in them midterms.

      1. Not just fuck trump, but headless trump photo shoots, plays in the park murdering him, active resistance open in government, etc.

        But let's go Brandon is tooooooooooooo far.

        Notice who on these boards agrees with that narrative. Both in yesterday's roundup.

        1. Oh, I didn't mention: Today ended with the South Carolina gun store using "let's go Brandon" to sell gun parts and said "NBC news has reached out to the Secret Service and the FBI about this, but we have not received a reply".

          I am sure the ATF agents will be dispatched shortly.

          1. Is chimpman on the case?

        2. As I said, open hypocrisy. What I find hilarious is the Babylon Bee picking up LGB because FJB isn't Christian. Also the amount of black Americans openly chanting LGB.

          1. "Let's Go Brandon" is my second favorite thing that has happened this year.

            1. What was your first?

              1. Something much more directly personally relevant.

        3. Not just fuck trump, but headless trump photo shoots, plays in the park murdering him, active resistance open in government, etc.

          And who could forget "Putin's cock-holster."

    3. Well it's that or trying to convince the public that the Pope really is the famous African-American baseball player.

    4. When the media and police go after the BLM demonstrators who brought a guillotine, complete with a Trump mannequin, to the White house last year, then maybe I'll believe they're nonbiased.

  6. I think McAuliffe's biggest failure was not calling enough people racist

    1. Clearly. And he really should have insisted on tying children down in their seats and gluing their cherubic faces with face diapers.

      But now, all he can do is contest the election because...reasons.

    2. When everyone is a racist, no one is a racist. No, wait, that doesn't work for racism... dammit!

    3. Not enough false flags.

    4. Not so ironically, the only white supremacist rallies in Virginia in the last year was organized by the McAwful campaign.

      1. Well, the current governor and AG have both admitted to wearing blackface at various points in the past.

    5. A 3rd racist hoax would have won it.

    6. hilariously, this is the take the dems are going with.

      Basically all they learned was "man, a lot of angry racist bigots showed up to vote...probably because of how racist and bigoted they are"

    7. Needs MOAR Randi Weingarten

      1. That was a very perplexing way for him to wrap the campaign. That bitch is toxic.

      2. My dogs started howling when her speech was played on TV.

        1. #Frau_Blucher

  7. There's been a recent effort to rebrand and retool rent control as an "anti-rent gouging" or "rent stabilization" policy that can prevent unfair rent hikes while not suppressing the construction of new housing.

    Pandering to rentseekers by punishing rent seekers.

    1. I foresee absolutely nothing bad coming of this.

    2. "Unfair" rent hikes - what are those?

      1. The kind that make you choose between paying rent or getting shit faced at the bar?

  8. "Reason's Matt Welch notes that those attacks on Youngkin as a not-so-closeted white nationalist also carried the electorally unhelpful implication that parents' own concerns about their children's education were also fundamentally racist."

    Hey wait just a minute! We shouldn't abandon the my-opponents-are-white-nationalists tactic just because it didn't work this time.

    Calling people racist if they disagree with us is an important strategy for Koch / Reason libertarians — it's how we pressure them to support our benefactor Charles Koch's open borders agenda.


    1. OBL, could you address the fraudulent election claims in VA, coming from Terry McAwfuls campaign?

      1. If there is one thing Democrats value, it's the legitimacy of our elections. So when any unsuccessful Democratic candidate cries foul, you can be sure it's not just whining from a sore loser. There must be compelling evidence of wrongdoing.


        1. Ok fess up; just WHERE did you get all of this recent inspiration? I mean this is hot stuff, man!

          [still harboring suspicion that you've hired a panel of overseas writers]

          1. He takes inspiration from SPB.

          2. He is a National treasure.

        2. OBL...You are truly priceless.

    2. Yep. Because there's nothing that motivates moderates to vote for you like calling them racists.

  9. While the school board stuff no doubt was a factor in Virginia, it simply doesn’t explain how the Rs outperformed the expectations of the “experts” just about everywhere in the country that had off year elections yesterday.

    Independent, centrist type voters don’t care about the culture war shit nearly as much as they care about the economy, period. Most normal people right now are primarily concerned about the fact that JoeBama’s first 9+ months have been pretty much an across the board unmitigated disaster, with his shitty policies incentivizing people to not work, the gas prices, the inflation, the product shortages, the stalled delivery times, etc.

    Just wait until the sky high home heating bills start slamming people now the weather is starting to turn cold and winter is coming.

    1. You don't think the MSM played around with polling numbers, do you? Naaaaah. They would never knowing misrepresent polling data.

      1. Polls are always accurate because they use science.

    2. Someone posted a poll of Virginia voters yesterday. Half of Virginia voters *strongly disapprove* of Biden's performance.

      Oddly, only 8 percent "somewhat approve" and 28% "strongly approve".

      Who in the world "strongly approves" of this mess. Even if you are on his side 100%, can you really approve of the mess we are in? Oh, well... I suppose there are folks who believe in alien abductions and flat earth too...

      1. They're called useful idiots for a reason.

      2. The progressives they call are rocking the media narrative. It's the polling answer equivalent to picking Boaty McBoatface.

        They want more Biden and they want it harder, and they want people to think that's what Virginians want.

        1. They want more Biden and they want it harder

          Even with the pills, semi-erect is the best they are going to get.

          If they are willing to wait for Harris, she has a strap-on that would make Catherine the Great hesitate.

        2. ""They want more Biden and they want it harder, ""

          How many naps does he need to take to do that?

      3. Who strong approves? Garlanda son in law for one. Connected democrats are making bank.

        1. Hunter; he does.

      4. Who in the world "strongly approves" of this mess.

        Federal Employees

      5. People that swallow CNN whole. Like Dee.

      6. Who in the world "strongly approves"
        I assume the closer you are to D.C. the stronger the approval.

    3. It seems Dangerous Misinformation Conspiracy Theory Populists are a much bigger Danger to Our Democracy than anticipated.

    4. The experts have been consistently egregiously off the mark since, at least, 2016 and likely before that. The political and media class can continue wasting their money on that shit, but whatever modeling they are using is worthless.

    5. Biden's plummeting popularity is dragging down the rest of the Dems.

      Good thing they pushed through their 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan and 3.5 trillion dollar (now 1.75 trillion dollar) reconstitutionalization plan while they still had control of Congress, and didn't hold the somewhat marginally bipartisan infrastructure plan hostage to the strictly partisan progressive plan to save American families with more free stuff and address climate change with large subsidies to favored businesses.

      Oh wait.

  10. Dark horse candidate (and Republican) Edward Durr might have unseated New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney.

    Hot take: this would be a disaster.

    1. It would be too good to be true = Sweeney going down in flames

      1. Sweeney's no great shakes, but he's also no rubber stamp. The Murphy puppet that's sure to take his place as President won't be an upgrade.

    2. Gloucester county (which W. Deptford is a part of), swung further right than I expected. To put this in perspective, there are no county-level republicans in elected positions. Same for my township (Monroe, on the other side of the county).

    3. It happened.
      The bleeding continues.

  11. Minneapolis voters also roundly rejected a ballot initiative that would have eliminated the city's police department in favor of a Department of Public Safety.

    So, Minnesota is just as racist as Virginia?

    1. On the one hand, we know the progressives narrative is bullshit. On the other hand, it's surprising when people turn out to be sane.

      In the media narrative, everyone is either a progressive, social justice warrior, or they're a racist idiot. In reality, Democrat voters care about law and order and the economy, too.

      1. 42% of people turned out to be insane. While less than expected, it is still disconcertingly high.

  12. "Minneapolis voters also roundly rejected a ballot initiative that would have eliminated the city's police department in favor of a Department of Public Safety."

    Ugh. Another disappointing result for Koch / Reason libertarians and our #EmptyThePrisons agenda.

    Did you know police are merely the modern equivalent of the patrols that hunted slaves? Of course we should #AbolishThePolice. (Except the Capitol Police; give them more funding.)

    1. Don’t ever stop.

      1. OBL is a better writer than the authors.

  13. The Atlanta Braves winning the World Series is hilarious from a repudiation of cancel culture perspective. On the one hand, you have a commissioner who wants to signal his disapproval of Georgia for the laws they pass. On the other hand, you've got a team that beat everyone else in the league to win the World Series. In the battle between progressive signaling and reality, it's feels great when reality wins.

    It's easy to fall under the influence of signaling ourselves. We start to internalize the narrative on an emotional level, even when we know, intellectually, that the narrative is insane. So, enjoy eating your shit sandwich courtesy of the Atlanta Braves, Commissioner Manfred. Baseball is about performance on the field, not about you projecting your favorite political opinions on the rest of us.

    1. The commissioner was very loudly booed last night as well.

      1. Deserves al the boos he gets.

      2. I hope the Braves do everything in their power to rub this into Manfred's face. Every time they are in a joint press conference. Every time he gets up to award something. They need to be making the argument that they are there to play baseball, not virtue signal.

        On the other hand, I doubt that will happen. The Braves themselves didn't try to say "Let's play ball!" When the All Stars were pulled, the Braves' statement was, "We were hoping the All Stars would be a platform for further discussion on equal voting rights."

        At the end of the day, I hope major sports teams drop the woke acts and just focus on playing sports. But if they don't, never forget that the Braves are nothing without the MLB. They will ultimately get on that wagon if the choice is between Atlanta politics and losing the franchise.

    2. Last night was a bad night for cheaters, all around. I like that the Houston Astros lost their second World Series in three years, both times at home and in front of their own fans.

      Fuck Manfred, the Astros, McAuliffe, and most especially Joe Biden and his handlers.

      1. Let's go, Brandon!

        1. Maybe the Rockies mascot Dinger will be renamed Brandon.

    3. Also great to see the Cheatin' 'Stros lose.

    4. Baseball is about performance on the field, 

      I thought baseball was about doing massive amouts of cocaine and having sex with multiple women in every city?

      - Darryl Strawberry

  14. If you tell parents that attempting to exert influence on their kids' school policies is just some kind of 'Let's Go Brandon' wink-nudge for hating on the dark-skinned, those parents will rightly tell you to go fuck yourself.

    It's almost as though parents of every race want their children well educated and ready for the real world, and to have a say in how that goes.

    1. Twitter isn't the real world - some philosopher

      1. Some awesome philosopher. FIFY.

  15. An election night that was broadly good for conservatives also saw voters endorse some radical, left-wing solutions to high housing costs.

    How was the proposal reported in local media, I wonder. How economically literate are newsrooms?

  16. The entire thing is funny.

  17. Minneapolis voters also roundly rejected a ballot initiative that would have eliminated the city's police department in favor of a Department of Public Safety.

    Condolences, Antifa. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose.

    1. The Dude abides....

    2. The old man told me to take any rug in the house.

    3. I just have to go find a cash machine.

    4. Antifa is getting what they want anyway. Minneapolis isn't meeting their charter requirement for number of cops because they literally can't hire them fast enough to replace the number quitting.

  18. Former New York City police officer and state senator Eric Adams, a Democrat, easily won the city's mayoral election...

    Congrats, NYC. Your mayor will enjoy his Second Amendment rights while you remain on the outside looking in, unarmed.

    1. Poor Curtis, he got his shot.

      1. John Gotti Jr. is laughing somewhere.

    2. Ugh. De Blasio filed to run for governor.

  19. New York voters also rejected statewide referenda that would have allowed the legislature to pass bills permitting same-day voter registration and no-excuse absentee ballots.

    That sounds as racist as voter ID laws.

    1. Am I wrong in assuming that NY has stricter Jim Crow laws than TX and GA?

      1. It's James Crow to you rube.

  20. He also supported a ban on state-sponsored "critical race theory" curriculum.

    Why the quotes? The VA school system trained teachers in CRT and were teaching lessons derived from CRT. This is the districts own documents.

    Those are primary documents. Stop pretending it isnt happening.

    1. On this front there is a strange convergence. Or maybe divergence. I'm not sure which way to look at it .

      Kids in college are completely indoctrinated in the woke language. Even kids raised in conservative households who go off to college are completely indoctrinated in what language to use and how to think about hot button issues, particularly race and gender.

      Yet, perhaps because the drum is beating so loudly, there is an odd rise of an ironic use of these terms .

      All of my kids go to majority minority public schools. All of them have friends from multiple countries and of multiple races. Additionally, I work with hundreds of kids at church and at their schools. And they all use a tongue in cheek-ish insult with the frequency that Eddie Murphy used to drop the f-bomb.

      "That's racist".

      It is a go-to insult. It can be used as a generic version of you are wrong, but it is often used ironically as well. The proper vernacular was captured in the movie The Suicide Squad. One of the characters insults John Cena for wearing tighty whities underwear, and he replies, "That's racist".

      This is how it is used by the kids today. At least those who have not been to college yet and who live in my area.

      1. Maybe it is because arizona has been fighting this shit for 10 years when they passed laws barring teaching of racial inferiority or superiority in 2010 due to MAS.... But this shit is being taught. They didn't hide it until this year after parental push back. They truly teach kids as young as elementary to base interactions on race.

    2. The problem is that the Left keeps trying to hide behind "we're not teaching Critical Race Theory to kids". Meanwhile, NO ONE on the Right is actually saying that.

      So should it be in quotes? I guess maybe...if you're trying to fend off the Left's attack up front.

    3. He also supported a ban on state-sponsored "critical race theory" curriculum.

      Why the quotes? The VA school system trained teachers in CRT and were teaching lessons derived from CRT. This is the districts own documents.

      Why the quotes?

      Because leftists are trying to force the idea that people on the right think that schools are teaching a complex college level subject to children rather than teachers who've been trained in critical race theory using critical race theory as a lens through which to teach everything-- from art to ABCs, to children as young as they can get their hands on.

      1. Which is equivalent to saying that high schools don't teach Euclidian geometry because the students don't read Euclid's "Elements".

  21. I think those who shout "Racist!" loudest are the ones trying to overcome their own racism.

    1. They're not trying to overcome it at all. They're wallowing in it.


  22. New York voters also rejected statewide referenda that would have allowed the legislature to pass bills permitting same-day voter registration and no-excuse absentee ballots..

    Sad when even heavily democrat voters understand the vote integrity issues and Reason seems not to. The fact that NY rejected this is shocking to me. Who knew so many racists live there to suppress voting?

    1. What shocked me is that there's still a fudge factor in these elections that the Republicans managed to exceed. I honestly expected that they wouldn't risk a pre-set amount of fraud like in 2016 and the election workers would keep counting ballots until the Democrats won like in 2020.

      This result has made me the most hopeful I've been in almost two years that democracy might still have a chance. Too bad we have to rely on the Republicans, but yay.

      1. Don’t get me started on fudge factors.

  23. The exit polls posted in the linx are really informative.

    In any given election, there is usually a dominating issue, where one side or the other wins the day. For example, in the Bush elections, it was first education and then terrorism. Voters on both sides felt that these issues were most important, but more people felt Bush was most qualified.

    However, in the Virginia race, we see the opposite. There is not agreement between the left and right on what is the most important. Among those who think Covid, Climate, Healthcare and Racism were the most important, they overwhelmingly voted for the Dems. But the majority of people actually care about the economy and education, and they overwhelmingly voted Republican.

    I'm worried Biden will decide this means they need to turn the country COVID terrified again if he is going to save the Dem majorities.

    1. The CNN exit polls stunned me. Dem voters in VA had Covid at the top of the list. So the drum beat of doom and terror over covid does work for that group. They were highly motivated by this fear.

      1. Exactly- the problem was that only 17% of the electorate felt that was the top issue. Economy (35%) and Education (15%) gets you 50% of the electorate and those split overwhelmingly towards Youngkin.

        Again: Education gets 15% of the vote!? It is a bigger issue than Climate Change (7%) and Racism (5%) combined.

        If Democrats were smart, they'd be passing their infrastructure bill as fast as possible, insisting that it fixes the economy (which it of course does not do). Instead, the progs are trying to sate 7% of the electorate with Climate Change nonsense while telling 35% of the electorate to fuck off. This is all self inflicted.

        1. Climate change never polls as a top issue of voters.

  24. Now you'd think Democrats would realize they have to
    1) do more than just run against Trump and
    2) do ANYTHING when they get power.

    But like normal, they won't. Then they'll wonder why no one votes for them.

    1. Fuck off and die, asshole.

    2. Biden should cancel student loans and legalize mj. It's a shame they're such cowards.

      1. So your answer for dems is to buy votes?

        1. A good place to start.

          1. You’re right about pot of course, but wrong about free college for everyone, Sullum. If you were a real libertarian instead of a far leftie you’d understand that everything in life can’t be free, it’s just not possible.

          2. Fuck off and die, asshole.

          3. Get up off of your damn knees.

      2. Biden should cancel student loans

        Why are you even here again?

        1. You're not even an American. The fuck are you doing here? It's a bad enough habit to care so intensely about politics in your own country. You're over here living and dying on this shit. Get a fucking life.

          1. Ha Ha Ha. White nationalist.

          2. Why are you even here again?

          3. You're not even human; why are you here, asshole?

          4. Thanks commie, I was hoping you'd ask that:

            1. Most of my family are Americans. My brother and sister are both naturalized Americans, as are all my nieces and nephews. I have an American godchild. My maternal Grandparents lived in America in the 30's before returning to France, but the rest of their family stayed, so I have significant extended family who are Americans. I also have many American friends.
            I care deeply about all their futures.

            2. I still follow Canadian politics to a greater extent than American politics, but American politics are vastly more important than Canadian politics... even in Canada.
            Everything that happens in the States impacts Canada massively. Biden blocking pipelines is destroying the economies of two provinces and is beggaring millions. Every one of those peoples lives are affected far more by the Democrats than any Canadian party.
            Trudeau Sr. once famously likened our relationship to the states like being in bed with an elephant "no matter how friendly and even-tempered the beast, we're affected by every twitch and grunt."

            There, I've explained why I'm here.

            So again, why is a Top-Man fellating, authoritarian apologist like you trolling here on an ostensibly libertarian site?

            1. These complaints about Canadians paying attention to American politics are weird. Everyone pays attention to American politics. And for good reasons.

            2. thats a pretty good response!

            3. Well I hope all that American imposed and Liberal Party colluded economic misery results in a substantial change in Canada.

              Because at the present the country is being run by progressive leftist assholes.

              1. Me too.

          5. Why are you here?

    3. Re:2, and yet, somehow, they are still doing too much. Between paying people to be out of work for months after the vaccine was universally available, hectoring/blackmailing employers to start firing their unvaccinated employees (I have a colleague Biden is forcing my employer to fire; I don't agree with my colleague's decision but I sure as heck disagree with firing him for it), and making absolute fools of ourselves on the world stage, and that is just the national politics.

  25. "‘Heartbreaking’ Madagascar is wake-up call to climate crisis"
    "“Madagascar was heartbreaking,” Beasley said, referring to his recent visit there. “It’s just desperate," with people reduced to selling their household pots and pans to try to buy food, he said.
    Some 38 million people worldwide were displaced last year because of climate change, leaving them vulnerable to hunger, according to Beasley. A worst--case scenario could an see that number soar to 216 million people displaced due to climate change by 2050..."

    So things are bad and they're bad because he thinks something is happening, and evidence?
    HA! Get trueman to give you a cite.

    1. Did he forget to mention there is kind of a civil war going on there?

      1. Civil war? Brought on by Climate change? Hmmmmmmmm?

        1. Of course not. Brought on by white nationalists.

      2. "Did he forget to mention there is kind of a civil war going on there?"

        I read the story; there is not one mention of that, nor even a hint as to why c/c might cause what supposedly concerns him.
        Turns out he's a former Governor who now finds himself running an NGO, lying and camera-whoring all over again.

    2. Madagascar?

      I mean, the movies looked pretty terrible, but heartbreaking?

  26. Maybe the biggest story from last night is that it popped the progressive bubble again. Progressives have this horrible habit of imagining that the American people are behind whatever progressives want to do--when we're not. They like to project an aura of invincibility, too, especially when they have the media behind them. We see the progressive media narrative on TV, and start to believe it ourselves. Seeing reality assert itself into the midst of a situation like that is hilarious.

    I mean, in normal humor, is there anything funnier than a character who is absolutely sure he's going to win somehow fail spectacularly, especially when everyone else knows he's about to fail--and he should know he's about to fail? It's like Lucy pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown for the three thousandth time. It's not as funny as that time the progressives lost to Trump, but, yeah, the progressives fell for their own bullshit again!

    1. Which is why MSNBC was must see TV last night. Watching Maddow and company attempt to explain how a bunch of white nationalist neo-nazis elected a black woman as leiutennant governor because they are only motivated by racism was pretty epic.

      Relevant retort that someone forwarded me:.

      1. From the sound of it msnbc doubled their viewer totals last night as conservatives and others switched over to watch their tears and histrionics.

        1. After seeing a few clips I’m sad I didn’t switch over last night.

    2. Speaking of popped bubbles, it is noteworthy that the standard lefties aren't here.

      It is funny that they will parachute into these comments to imply or make explicit that "Conservatives" and "republicans" are obviously extremist whack jobs derailing the more centrist agenda of the Democrats.

      So of course, on days like today where it is clear that the GOP candidates were the ones that the centrists prefer, Mike, Jeff, and SPB are nowhere to be found. Hell, even Sarc isn't here, even though he protests the hardest about being an equal opportunity hater.

      1. Straezel is here, but he's just an idiot more than anything.

      2. Or maybe people like me who don't vote don't give a shit.

      3. And if you think I'm a lefty you're a certified moron.

        1. Speaking of certified morons...

    3. I think the infrastructure bill might go through, but the B-cubed bill goes down in flames.

      The best outcome is both bills consume a lot of time, and fail spectacularly. Then watch Team D screw the pooch on the debt limit. The best outcome there would be sequestration.

      1. Forgot about the debt limit. If they need to do it via reconciliation, shouldn't the Democrats be getting started about now?

        McConnell was pretty clear he wasn't going to help out again. Though if Schumer screws the pooch again, my preferred response would be for McConnell to offer to raise the debt ceiling $10B at a time. Force them to vote on it practically every day, including over the holidays. Cloture still allows several hours of debate; Rand Paul chewing up every legislative morning hectoring his colleagues, preventing the Senate from accomplishing anything would be perfect. And a righteous punishment for Schumer being too cowardly for a voterama.

        1. I like your scenario even better: force daily votes on the debt limit.

  27. "Racism," which McAuliffe vaguely tried to make his topline message in the last week of the race, at 5%."

    This just can't be true...can it? It's been to go to response to anything team D doesn't agree with for decades. What will they do without it?

    1. They’re trying to transition it to domestic terrorism. Get ready for more FBI plots.

      1. Right. All those school board meeting hooligans.

  28. For some reason Reason isn't discussing the Rittenhouse trial despite sometimes being pro 2a. It is weird.

    But in the prosecutors opening statements they claimed they had FBI arial IR showing Rittenhouse chasing after the first person shot that night. We have the fucking video. We know Rittenhouse was being chased. But the prosecution openly lied at the outset.

    Likewise new video just came out showing Rittenhouse on film asking if anyone needs medical repeatedly before the confrontation began, hampering the prosecution thesis he was looking for confrontations.

    Just unbelievable reason is ignoring the attempted prosecution of self defense rights.

    1. But the prosecution openly lied at the outset

      Isn't that literally illegal?

      1. Not if you work for the government. See McCabe, Lerner, Fauci, numerous IC heads, etc.

    2. "It is weird"

      Local story Jesse. Rittenhouse who?
      Plus White Mike assured us that these aren't deliberately being ignored by Reason, they just don't rise to the level of importance a internationally published newsmagazine demands.
      Like, say, Trump's lawyer's lawyer once claiming that his client said something she didn't mean. That got a good dozen articles.

      Also, rich Uncle Charles said "No".

    3. "But in the prosecutors opening statements they claimed they had FBI arial IR showing Rittenhouse chasing after the first person shot that night. We have the fucking video. We know Rittenhouse was being chased. But the prosecution openly lied at the outset."

      I would highly doubt that. The Defense gets to do their opening statements after the prosecution. And if the video shows the opposite, they could easily stand up point out that this is horseshit, and the prosecution loses credibility for EVERYTHING they say after that.

      More likely, the FBI overhead footage shows Rittenhouse moving in the direction of people who would eventually attack him- and it is ambiguous as to WHY he was doing that. You can look at overhead footage where someone is moving towards a crowd and say it looks like a lot of things. Is he chasing that person? Going to offer help? Trying to break up a fight?

      We know Rittenhouse was being chased, but we don't know everything that happened that night. It is very possible that they have some 2 minute footage (cherry-picked or otherwise) where he is running at one of the people who would end up getting shot.

    4. I'll give Reason credit for being consistently very good on 2A (though perhaps less consistent on the broader right to self defense in public). But it is weird (OK, maybe not too weird) how little they have done with this story. There was the one article about the judge ruling on what words can be used to describe people, but I don't remember anything else.

      1. The weird thing is that they don't even have to have an opinion on it- do a symposium if they want. Just survey multiple sides. But it is extremely relevant, and would likely get a 1000 post comment thread for their ads.

      2. Didn't catch anything from today, but yesterday was pretty boring, in my opinion. Prosecution opening statement was slick but lacked substance. Defense opening statement took forever to get to the point and had a bazzion exhibits that largely showed the same stuff that we hav seen before.

        First few prosecution witnesses, I honestly couldn't figure what the prosecutor was even trying to accomplish. I would have thought that the prosecution would have tried to downplay the riot. But then their own witness claims that he had to stop rioters from burning down the dinosaur museum. Like if your goal is to try to claim that Rittenhouse went there just to shoot somebody when his claim is that he was there to do first aid and protect property, how is it useful to have witnesses talk about the indiscriminate property damage and reckless behavior of the crowd? Establishes that it was stupid for for him to be there? Sure. But the prosecutor wants to put him in jail for murder, not get him grounded for a month for being an idiot.

  29. "Georgia official: Trump call to 'find' votes was a threat"
    "ATLANTA -- Donald Trump was threatening Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger when he asked him to help “find” enough votes to overturn his loss in Georgia to Democratic President Joe Biden, Raffensperger writes in a new book..."

    Never-Trumpers seem to think the TDS-addled assholes are a large market.

    1. This was in heavy rotation on my "suggestions" yesterday... Bing and google news and YouTube all tried to push it under my nose.

      1. It means they have absolutely nothing else they'd rather talk about, so they have to recycle a narrative from a year ago.

      2. Pretty sure it was his sister who "ghosted" a book on how horrible he was, made several appearances on TDS-addled assholes' talk shows; she and the book disappeared in 5 minutes.

  30. Nobody seems that surprised by the results here-they new McAuliffe was screwed for the past month at least. NJ is bigger news IMO

    1. Fingers crossed that the incompetent son of a bitch Phailing Phil Murphy gets his libtard ass voted out of office. The useless POS.

      1. Enjoy that petty satisfaction because that's about all you'll get.

        1. shitlord's tears are wonderful.
          Fuck off and die, asshole.

        2. Sullum, GFY. Your writing is shit.

        3. You'll make a good slave.

        4. You got guts for being here at all right now, Streuselkuchen.

    2. Dunno. There were comments that VA is never going to elect an R gov. again!

      1. Why don't you move to Mississippi if Republicans controlling things gets your dick so hard?

        1. why don't you fuck off and die, asshole.
          No one cares about your erotic fantasies

        2. Because tormenting progressive libtards like you is just too easy, and fun to boot.

        3. Someones triggered today. Rough night of buttfucking?

          1. I thought the proper term was "pegging"

        4. Is it cool to #Resist again?

        5. Rough night?

          1. Almost brought to tears, poor shit.

        6. Fuck, Lord Streuselkuchen, my resistance is 'crumbling'... Delicious... CAKE. Cake is all that's delicious in here. Nothing else. I swear. I must sound baked. I'm not. I'm just trying not to give in to the dark side. Where all the cookies are. Fuck.

    3. I'm surprised, but I live across the river.

  31. "and which went for Joe Biden in 2020 by 10 points.

    Lol, okay.

  32. And in what could be a total realignment of politics in NJ, Senate President Steve Sweeney is on the verge of losing his bid for re-election to a 7th term. He trails Republican Edward Durr, a truck driver who reported spending just $153, by 2,009 votes in district.

    — David Wessel (@davidmwessel)

    1. That's actually a story I want to hear more about. How did the guy get his message out on that kind of budget. It seems like there would have to be some other group funding advertising.

      1. Indeed. Baseless speculation: Murphy is heavily involved.

        1. Payback for the budget?

    2. Democrats are trying to find more votes as we speak

      1. In NJ they're checking as many car trunks as possible but they have to get the dead bodies out of the way first.

    3. It's a done deal. Sweeny just got his ass handed to him by a truck driver.

  33. The real question you all are losing sleep over... What is CNN thinking about all this??

    The top story is "Democrats Misjudged the Nation's Mood". Featuring Van Jones and his thoughts on political miscalculations.

    But in the next group is stories, Covid-19 is front and center, and here is the crown jewel:

    A deep dive on a poor woman fighting cancer, forced to choose her life over her marriage as her crazy, right wing husband demands that she ignore her doctors advice to get vaccinated lest he leave her.

    Spoiler: she heroically files for divorce.

    Of course, she remains anybymous, for obvious reasons.

    1. You CAN make this stuff up.

    2. this never happened

  34. "You can bet every Republican in the country is going to run on education in 2022 because of what happened in Virginia tonight."

    I had some great anti-CRT/anti-mandates opposition candidates running for school board in my district. One even posted a Thomas Sowell quote on his Facebook page. But they lost. That's why my pre-Ker goes to private school.

    I think what helped with the Virginia election was McAuliffe being way too obvious about what a sack of shit he was.

    1. >>way too obvious about what a sack of shit he was

      thirty-year trend ... he still fell upwards the whole time.

    2. Are there pre-K public schools?

      1. Yeah, some elementary schools have pre-K programs, limited to four-year-olds and potty-trained three-year-olds, depending on space. They're typically half-day type deals, although some are full-day.

        1. If we just urge our Congressmen to Build Back Better, we can start indoctrinating all kids at an earlier age!

  35. "Democrats Misjudged the Nation's Mood"

    Saw that in my news feed. Who would of thought you cant run on:

    - Parents should have no say in what their kids learn
    - Stop believing your lying eyes, CRT isnt real
    - STFU you racist bigot
    - Its cool to use FBI against concerned parents

  36. I’ll have to give Jacob “Lord of Strazele” Sullum some credit for showing up in spite of how butthurt we all know he is right now. Dipshit Dave Weigel still hasn’t made it quiet yet. He may be fighting hard against his “sad clown” suicidal impulses.

    1. All the more reason to abuse his sorry libtard ass....Sullum is a dipshit.

    2. Blech. Lard Filled Strudel sounds terrible.

  37. The second biggest story may be the repudiation of the stolen election narrative that has some currency among Trump supporters. I think the relaxed voting rules, the media blackout of anti-Biden stories, etc. had a larger impact on the 2020 presidential election than any shenanigans, but I'm not gonna tell you there weren't any shenanigans during the presidential election in 2020. I am gonna tell you that shenanigans are probably fairly common historically speaking.

    There's a lot of money and power at stake in the running of a business, and businesses regularly have their books audited by independent parties for that reason. They're audited by investors, potential partners, lenders, and others. Even despite all that auditing by outside parties, embezzlement, fraud, and other forms of white collar crime are common enough. As long as there's an incentive to cheat, there will be people who do.

    Barry Bonds' record breaking home run baseball has an asterisk on it for this reason. Lance Armstrong was by no means unique in his sport for what he did to win. There wasn't much power or money at stake when Tonya Harding's ex-husband knee-capped Nancy Kerrigan, but there was enough to make someone want to cheat. The outcome of the 2020 presidential election had a tremendous amount of power and money at stake, and only a naïve idiot would think that there weren't any shenanigans under those circumstances.

    What made the 2020 presidential election different, however, was not the presence of shenanigans. It was that the election was so close in so many different places, close enough that the shenanigans could make a big difference in the outcome. There are always shenanigans when there's so much money and power at stake, but usually, like in the outcome of the Virginia election last night, the shenanigans aren't big enough to make a real difference.

    What could make a big difference in the outcome, going forward, is if enough Republican voters stop going to the polls because they don't believe their votes will make a difference--due to shenanigans. It's important to understand that the historical trends we see--especially what happens in House races to the president's party in his first midterm--all happened despite shenanigans. The participation of Republicans will be crucial to breaking the progressives' one party government, but this isn't only important for Republicans to understand for 2022.

    Ultimately, the path of least resistance for libertarians to influence public policy is for libertarians to influence the voters. Joe Manchin didn't oppose Biden's $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill because he's principled. Joe Manchin opposed it because the people of West Virginia opposed it, and if and when libertarians persuade enough of the American people to see the issues the way we do, we will find that the politicians they already have will start falling over themselves to be more libertarian than each other.

    It shouldn't need to be said, but regardless of whether we're talking about voting for one of the two major political parties or persuading the American people on an issue by issue basis, accepting the invulnerability of elitism meme is not the path to a more libertarian and capitalist world. We need a world of people who understand that the choices they make, both in the context of markets and in the voting booth, are the real driving forces of history. What we don't need is self-defeating Republicans who are convinced that the American people can't win an election because the elitists won't play by the rules.

    1. the shenanigans weren't big enough to make a difference [in the outcome of the Virginia election last night]

      I just want to point out that the margin in the Virginia governor's race currently stands at just under 70,000 votes. That would have been called razor-thin on Nov 4, 2020 as ballots continued pouring in to be counted. It's notable that merely requiring that mail-in ballots be signed somehow turns a razor-thin 70,000 vote margin into a decisive enough victory for the incumbent candidate to concede.

      1. Biden beat Trump by 10% in Virginia a year ago.

        The Republicans reversed a 10 point swing.

        Let's assume there were shenanigans. There were reasons to think so--even if they weren't convincing. For instance, they didn't count they early ballots beforehand, which they were supposed to do. You might think that was so they could add more after the fact. At one point, they discovered batches of ballots they didn't realize they had before (I think they were from Fairfax), and the percent of ballots counted went down from 97% counted to 95% counted. I don't know that these were shenanigans, but there were reasons to think there might have been shenanigans.

        Regardless of whatever shenanigans did or didn't go on, it wasn't enough to overcome a ten percent swing against the Democrats and in favor of the Republicans. And the historical trends we see in elections all happened in spite of whatever shenanigans were going on. I think defeatist Republicans may be more surprised the Republican won than the progressives who were defeated are surprised that they lost. Just because OJ was framed doesn't mean he was innocent, and the Republican winning doesn't mean there weren't any shenanigans.

        1. Or.... There was an epic level of shenanigans that amounted to a 10% margin and putting people in place to monitor those methods made a 10% difference.

    2. Re: the disconnect between the 'elites' and everyone else.
      Lunch yesterday in a tavern with some docu/history channel on the tube; a gassy feature on JFK Jr's failed flying lessons.
      One talking head after the other, all 'news-casters', explaining how they had been best buds with him, how it was a 'loss for the country', why it wasn't an embarrassment to spend that amount of resources searching for him, and why the extensive coverage was justified.
      I remember the accident, probably breezed through an article in the paper about it; that represented my interest and probably that of most of the US population.

    3. "What could make a big difference in the outcome, going forward, is if enough Republican voters stop going to the polls because they don't believe their votes will make a difference--due to shenanigans."

      And who worked hardest to convince Republican voters to stay home during the Georgia runoff -- Trump's supposed dream team: Guiliani, Powell, Wood, and the Pillow Guy.

      1. Let’s go Birdbrain!

        1. Caw, caw, caw caw caw!

  38. An election night that was broadly good for conservatives also saw voters endorse some radical, left-wing solutions to high housing costs

    A quick and easy litmus test to see if you are dealing with an ignoramus is to ask them if they support rent control.

  39. i'm guessing that build back better is done now.

    thank god

    1. Whatever support Pelosi had in the House from moderate Democrats probably evaporated last night.

      She can only lose three votes and still pass it.

      I think the infrastructure bill may be dead until after the new year, too. The progressives probably won't accept defeat until then.

      1. We're assured that everything is Build Back Better is super-popular with voters, and addressing climate change is at the top of the list of their priorities...

    2. "i'm guessing that build back better is done now."

      Lol, no. It's an international directive straight from the World Economic Forum. It may hit snags, but it's still full steam ahead until you own nothing and are happy.

  40. huge swing if the last vote was real.

    also, did anyone check the trunk of the Honda Accord at the corner of Old 14th and East Marshall in Richmond?

  41. also, Freddie Freeman deserved a ring.

    1. And Houston deserved to lose.

  42. Reason's Matt Welch notes that those attacks on Youngkin as a not-so-closeted white nationalist also carried the electorally unhelpful implication that parents' own concerns about their children's education were also fundamentally racist.

    Not even an implication. The Twitterati are explicitly calling Youngkin's win a victory for white supremacy.

    1. Joke's on them, those fucking hayseed racist pricks are so stupid they elected a black woman to Lieutenant Governor.


    2. Baloney. There's no such thing as the "Twitterati". My Twitter feed has plenty of conservatives and Republicans cheering Youngkin's winl.

      1. No it doesn't. It is known that Twitter censors all conservative views and only allows leftists to have a platform. Same with the media and Facebook. That's why conservatives are unable to find news stories and opinion with a point of view that they like. It's all been censored! So stop fucking lying about Twitter! Liar! Besides, you're a leftist so there's no way you have conservatives on your Twitter feed because you're a damn, dirty leftist! Leftist! You voted for Biden! Aaauuugghhh!

        /all the asshats I've got on mute

        1. Who had 1:00 - 1:15 in the pool for when Sarc mentioned his mute list for Wednesday? I had 11:30 - 11:45. He must have a hangover.

          1. He's quite proud of only reading his compatriots jeff and Mike!

        2. Oh look. There they are.

          1. Only ideas, right, asshole?
            Fuck off and die.

    3. I don't spend time on twatter so I wouldn't know, but is anyone pointing out that the only ones who organized any white supremacist rallies during the campaign were all against Youngkin?

      1. Yes, there are people points that out.

    4. cue all the "what's wrong with white women" articles about to be pushed...

  43. "He spent $153 bucks."

    Dark money!!!!!

  44. Some good news on the COVID front:

    Nov 1 (Reuters) - Novavax Inc (NVAX.O) expects regulators in India, the Philippines and elsewhere to make a decision on its COVID-19 vaccine within "weeks," its chief executive told Reuters, after the shot on Monday received its first emergency use authorization (EUA) from Indonesia...

    The Novavax shot was shown to be more than 90% effective, including against a variety of concerning variants of the coronavirus in a large, late-stage U.S.-based trial.

    As I've mentioned before, the Novavax version is a more traditional, protein-based vaccine. Getting this to market will likely close the gap for anyone who doesn't want anything to do with the mRNA or adenovirus therapeutics.

    1. It will be over by then.

  45. If Biden wants to keep things sane, he has to tell Bernie, Elizabeth and Alexandra to sit down and shut up. Several million Republicans voted for Biden because they couldn't stomach Trump's inane behavior, but they didn't want Bernie's budget. The expectation was the Biden would follow a middle-of-the-road set of policies, not veer sharply left.

    1. Biden has veered anywhere. He doesn't even know what's happening. It's his politburo full of stalinist millennials that are making all the decisions.

  46. It was a gangbuster night for "normal" people. They defeated a bunch of the "crazies"

    As Senator Rubio said. It is no longer about Democrats vs Republicans. It is about "crazies" vs "normal" people and normal people won big.

    How do we know this is true? Virginia is a solid Blue state yet many of the Democrats crossed over to vote for a "normal" person.

    Normals also resoundly rejected defund the police crazy policy in both Minneapolis and Seattle.

  47. The upset in Virginia and in New Jersey has the rat faced talking heads at CNN and MSNBC whining and lamenting about how white racists and neo Nazis have taken over and now expect burning crosses and white robed Virginians to harass black people. At least that's the message the talking heads are attempting to get across. One would be led to believe that very soon Jim Crow laws will be re instituted and mandatory involvement with the KKK for every white person. The hysteria being advanced by the liberal talking heads will not soon quiet down....not even by the end of the year.
    Now let's see if Joy Reid will accept the invitation from Winsome Sears and have a little face to face chat.
    Should be quite entertaining.

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