Biden Reverses Trump's Showerhead Deregulation

"You have showers where I can't wash my hair properly. It's a disaster!" said Trump in 2015.


Big business and environmentalists don't agree on much. But they both cheered the Biden administration's late-July reversal of a short-lived Trump administration rule easing restrictions on the pleasing flow of multi-headed showers.

Beginning in the 1990s, showerheads sold in the U.S. could emit no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Former President Donald Trump was a frequent critic of this requirement as well as of an Obama-era regulatory change that required whole shower units, and not just individual showerheads, to comply with the limit. That effectively outlawed the multi-headed showers then on the market.

"I go into areas where they have tremendous water…and you have sinks where the water doesn't come out," Trump said at a 2015 campaign rally. "You have showers where I can't wash my hair properly. It's a disaster!" In December 2020, Trump's Department of Energy (DOE) undid the Obama administration's restrictions, letting multi-headed showers flow freely again.

A few short months later, the Biden administration kinked the hose. "As many parts of America experience historic droughts, this commonsense proposal means consumers can purchase showerheads that conserve water and save them money on their utility bills," a Department of Energy spokesperson told the Associated Press.

Contrary to the implication, Americans were also free to purchase water-conserving showerheads under the Trump rule. The Biden administration is giving them no other choice.

The changes that Trump made in 2020 were not without controversy. Environmental groups complained they would result in more water use, and showerhead manufacturers complained about competition from new companies that hadn't sunk money into compliance.

The Trump administration's proposal would "negate significant investment costs the industry has taken to comply with the existing DOE regulations and guidance" and create a "potential competitive disadvantage for U.S. manufacturers who have developed products to comply with the current requirements," the American Supply Association said in October 2020.

If multi-headed shower units are legalized, "some manufacturer out there will make them and will probably garner some market share," says the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Ben Lieberman. "From the perspective of manufacturers who are now making the compliant models, they see nothing to be gained by allowing the heavier-flow models onto the market."

When the Obama administration first proposed its more restrictive standards for showerheads in 2010, manufacturers got pretty steamed. "Leave my shower alone," one showerhead seller told The Wall Street Journal. "It was not the legislative intent of Congress to authorize DOE to regulate the bathing habits of Americans," said another. What a difference 10 years of regulation makes.

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  1. Something like 97% of water use in the US is for agriculture (cf. Cadillac Desert). Low-flow shower heads make no appreciable difference in water consumption; they merely exist for virtue signaling and to screw people over.

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        I understand no EDIT button; it allows revising history unless you allow seeing all versions of edited comments. Spam? This is simple.

        1. Agree; I’ve used the mute option a some trolls but mostly on spam bots. “Brason Tay” has as you state been popping up for about a year now.

        2. Because people like sarcasmic would flag every comment he disagrees with as spam.

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    1. It’s also lawns. People in arid regions want their massively massive green lawns. Make sense in Florida. Makes no sense in California or Texas. Still a fraction of agriculture, but at least agriculture is necessary. Lawn competitions with your neighbors is not. (Watch Penn and Teller’s Bullshit episode on the subject).

      Having spent times in mountainous drought areas where the shower water was literally a tank, one learns how to shower differently. It’s not a hour long luxurious episode of pretending you’re standing under a hot waterfall. Instead it’s get wet, soap up, rinse off. And no, just because the shampoo says “rinse, lather, repeat”, you do NOT need to repeat.

      But the answer is not regulated showerheads, the answer is a price on water. Pay for water based on what you use. That means water meters, which are even more unpopular than low flow showerheads. People demand “free” water. But water is not limitless, and especially in the western states, should have a price per gallon. The difference between a $15 water bill and a $50 water bill should be enough to get people to take shorter showers and not insist on water hungry lawn varieties.

      1. There are plenty of jurisdictions which require green lawns. No veggies, no arid plants, just nice green lawns.

        1. Yes, like Lancaster, CA, a desert community run by a shyster religious conservative lawyer whose name sounds like Hitler “wrecks Paris”.

      2. Still a fraction of agriculture, but at least agriculture is necessary.

        Not all of it, not in CA and TX.

        If you price water per gallon, how are almond milk growers supposed to grow the necessary ingredients of their vital product that they dilute out to compete with soy and cow’s milk grown elsewhere?

      3. I’m confused. Does anyone not get metered water? Even if you have your own well or river withdrawal, Texas requires that you meter and measure it, even down by me, where the land would be a swamp if we hadn’t improved drainage.

        1. Yes, there are places with no metering, and resistance to putting it in place.

            1. I’ve got well water with no metering in MO. Never heard of metering well water.

        2. Am aware of just one small, insular utility that does not meter.

    2. Well, virtue signaling and self flagellation. We white people must suffer for our sins.

  2. Crony businesses often agree with environmentalists. It’s a variant of the old baptist-bootlegger alliance.

    And it’s sad how Reason continues to be willing to ditch “Free Minds and Free Markets” for the sake of another Two Minute Hate of the Bad Orange Man.

    1. Did you miss your meds this morning? This article says nothing bad about Trump.

      1. Shh. The facts get in the way of his morning signaling to his fellow right-wingers.

    2. Tell me more about how the orange protectionist and rent-moratoriumist should appeal to those in favor of free minds and free markets.

  3. Technically, it is more effective at reducing the energy to heat the water. Heating water is one of the higher energy costs in a typical household. Of course, the writers here are not smart enough to know that. That would take effort.

    Also, I am quite good at removing the restrictions.

    1. “Technically, it is more effective at reducing the energy to heat the water.”

      How does that work when I take a five minute shower with a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute or a ten minute shower with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. That’s all that’s being accomplished by restricting the flow. Just like the toilets with the smaller tanks. You have to flush twice. The problem with most environmental rules is that they are just for show. They accomplish nothing. I’m also good at removing the restrictors.

      1. Where did you get that quote from? I don’t see it in the article.

        1. He’s quoting the comment he’s responding to.

          1. Ah, thanks. I have that comment grayed out.

            1. You didn’t miss much. It was a typical “Reason writers are doopid.”

              1. Why aren’t you talking about the issue and instead talking about rbike? What was wrong in his comment?

              2. Oh, darn. I can’t see JesseAz’s comment, either.

                1. Why don’t you just make a “list”?

      2. The showerhead I bought last year had the restrictor along with a tool and explanation of how to remove it.

    2. I want to know if they’ll limit the amount of shower heads because you know Nancy P has those fancy multi headed ones that shoot water out of the walls and ceiling.

      1. THANKS FOR THAT IMAGE!!! Pelosi in the shower. I need mind bleach! 🙂

        1. Now do Hillary in the shower….touching herself ever so…

    1. Fuck Joe Biden

      1. Fuck Joe Brandon.

      1. Does she enjoy getting her hair sniffed?

  4. “What a difference 10 years of regulation makes.”
    Companies like regulations that disadvantage their competition.

  5. this commonsense proposal means consumers can ONLY purchase showerheads that conserve water and save them money on their utility bills,

    Fascism at its best

    1. Literally fascism. First it was low glow crappers. Next come jack-booted thugs.

    2. It may or may not save them money on their water bill.
      They can also switch to a composting toilet or install an outhouse and use less water.

      1. I have well water. Water bills can go screw themselves.

        1. Many with water bills get an allocated amount as part of the minimum fee. Even if they don’t use it.

          And those on a private well may be discharging into the same watershed. So no net loss from that watershed no mater what the showerhead or toilet volume is.

    3. Rationing the water saves even more money. Same for all goods and services, including information. But totally not fascism.

    4. In the past you had freedom to. But now it’s better. You have freedom from.

  6. You see? These are the kinds of issues that libertarians should concentrate on: Trump allowed for golden shower heads. Putting aside his sadistic treatment of immigrants for a second it was his wins against low flow toilets and showers that really made him great. Oh thank you Dear Leader. Thank you!

    1. Yes actually, little things like this are why Trump was a great president. Trump’s actions here were choosing quality of life improvements for the vast majority of people over the complaints of a minority of activists. Most presidents aren’t willing to do things like that.

      1. Well, if all he did was things like repealing silly shower head regulations he might have been a great President. But then he went and attempted to overturn the results of a legitimate Presidential election, which puts him way down at the bottom of the presidential rankings.

        1. Unlike Hillary, whose campaign invented fake scandals for the FBI to chase down, and whose followers denied Trump had been properly elected and twice impeached him with tea so weak it wasn’t even water.

          1. That’s nice. I didn’t vote for Hillary, I’m not a Hillary supporter, and we weren’t talking about Hillary.

            It’s a stretch to refer to the Democrats during the Trump Administration as her “followers” to try to blame their actions on her. She was not part of the government during that time, nor particularly political active.

            1. Hey retard. You opposed trump prior to j6th. Stop gaslighting.

        2. And Mike pushes leftist rhetoric yet again. But not a leftist folks.

        3. The 2020 presidential election was the least legitimate in U.S. history.
          And that’s saying something.

    2. Have I ever mentioned how much I appreciate self-described “socia1ists” who constantly defend a political party that, in about 9 months of controlling Washington DC, has already concentrated a quarter of a trillion dollars in the hands of the 10 wealthiest Americans — and hasn’t raised the minimum wage even one cent?

      In case I haven’t mentioned it, I will now. As a Koch / Reason libertarian who only wants to see billionaires get richer, I sincerely thank you for your contributions to this website. I’m sure if Musk and Bezos and Gates and Page and the rest of them posted here, they’d thank you too.


      1. PS — And of course’s benefactor Charles Koch would thank you for pointing out that Bernie Sanders is wrong on immigration, and we should in fact have 100% open borders like billionaires have been advocating for decades.


      2. The Democrats are not trying to increase the wealth of billionaires (although it’s a side effect of propping up asset prices). They are bailing out failed cities, namely NYC, Chicago and LA and failed Democrat run cities and states public pension plans. Again, it’s about government union pensions period. They also gave a 25percent increase to free food or SNAP or whatever they call it nowadays, so all those open border stash housing networks are getting, at least, free food.

    3. ‘Putting aside his sadistic treatment of immigrants for a second,’ often spoken of, never proven. This is more or less why your team had to start calling the righties a cult, no? Because you live in fantasyland?

      1. Not to mention that Biden hasn’t actually changed any of Trump’s immigration policies

    4. see the next article for how much the immigration activists prefer Biden….

  7. This is yet another example proving Democrats are now the party of the wealthy, well-connected elite — and therefore the natural home for us Koch / Reason libertarians.

    I mean, can anyone really claim Biden’s billionaire base won’t be able to get whatever showerhead they want, regardless of regulations? Of course not. This will only affect the little people. You know, those pathetic middle class folks who are worried about rising grocery prices or government spying on $600 transactions or mandatory CRT classes in their kids’ public schools. Well, screw ’em. Democrats have shown they can win without those voters.


    1. OBL…You’ve been on a tear lately. 🙂

  8. “Big business and environmentalists don’t agree on much.”


    1. But they do agree on costly new regulations serving as a barrier to entry for competitors.

      1. Oh!

        And how do they feel about trillions of taxpayer dollars being lavished on them in the name of climate change?

        1. We’d have to ask their Beijing based lobbyist, Cha Ching.

  9. “Contrary to the implication, Americans were also free to purchase water-conserving showerheads under the Trump rule. The Biden administration is giving them no other choice.”

    Using the coercive power of government to force people to make sacrifices for what progressives see as the greater good is what being progressive is all about. Anyone who is surprised to see the entirely foreseeable and avoidable consequences of putting progressives in power should probably be subjected to ridicule for their own good. And those who can’t tell the difference between the government inflicting progressive policies on the unwilling and free people making fun of progressives idiots should probably have their heads examined.

    1. You may want to go back and see who signed the shower head regulations into law in the first place before continuing your diatribe against progressives. Hint: it was 1992.

      1. Shhhh! Don’t let facts get in the way of the narrative!

      2. Wow, you proved Ken wrong about progressives. They totally want people to do whatever they like, with minimal government controls.

        1. “They totally want people to do whatever they like, with minimal government controls.”

          Where, exactly, did I say that?

        2. If these showerheads are another example of progressive tyranny, and they’re a result of a bill signed by a Republican, then doesn’t make Republicans progressive tyrants?

          1. No, wrong. You don’t understand how Red vs. Blue Team “logic” works at all.

      3. A progressive policy signed by a Republican president is still a progressive policy. Honestly Republicans these days are just progressives with a different vision of the “greater good”

        1. Trump was the only true Republican. All the others were RINOs.

        2. And who was this President? Why, the most libertarian-leaning GOP POTUS ever— George H.W. Bush!!

  10. When ever government get involved in the economy they create distortions that require corrections down the line. The more involvement the more corrections need to be made and eventually there are so many distortions that none of the corrections work.

    Large companies who can afford to comply with government regulations eventually like the regulations because it helps them maintain their market-share or near monopoly. This quickly evolves into Economic Fascism where there is Crony Capitalism and little division between government and corporations.

    The solution is to have a separation between government and the economy, like the separation between church and state.

  11. Pretty easy to disassemble a shower head and remove the little pieces of plastic that they put in there to throttle the water supply.

    I think that we should go to water rationing to stop deviants like me from having a full water flow in their shower.

    1. Unless it restricts the flow at the valve.

  12. Here’s a crazy idea: Maybe presidential fiat ought not be involved in shower head regulation.

    1. I know it’s fashionable to claim that Biden campaigned as a moderate, so people are surprised to see him govern as a progressive, but all of this was foreseeable before we elected him.

      “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.”

      —-Joe Biden Campaign Website

      “The Biden Plan of a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice”

      Circumscribing a president’s powers through constitutional and legal means is a long term solution, but we should also make sure people are aware of what they’re asking for when they elect someone like Biden. If they want to pull their pants down and grab their ankles so that progressives like Biden can fuck them, then there’s not much we can do about that. We should do what we can, however, to make sure people realize that’s exactly what they’re doing when they give progressives political power. Biden doing things like this shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. He campaigned on doing things like this–and worse.

      1. I still don’t think that we DID elect him.

        1. Based on what evidence?

          1. The election, duh. Trump not winning is proof of fraud.

          2. The fact that he won by a landslide by REAL PEOPLE who showed up at the polling places. But don’t let that get in the way of your ignorance play.

      2. I don’t think that’s all that useful. I don’t think there’s a huge number of people shocked by how Biden is steering the ship. The people who voted for him largely signed up knowing full well what they were getting: A senile relic career politician of the Nixon-era and generally incompetent sleaze ball with chronic foot-in-mouth disease. Educating people that he’s a bumbling goof alternately pandering to and resisting his ultra liberal base doesn’t fix the problem, because the problem isn’t that Joe Biden sucks. It’s that presidents who suck cause so much damage.

        1. “I don’t think there’s a huge number of people shocked by how Biden is steering the ship. The people who voted for him largely signed up knowing full well what they were getting”

          Biden’s approval ratings have dropped dramatically since he was elected, and that decline started before the Taliban waltzed into Kabul. A significant number of Independents and Democrats have stopped approving of him, and it mostly seems to be because he did what he said he was going to do. I think the media mostly let Biden get away with campaigning from within his bunker, and those people didn’t realize what they were getting. They just knew it wasn’t Trump, and they wanted a return to the relative normalcy of the Obama administration after the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the riots. What they got instead, in the Biden administration, was the most radically left government we’ve had since at least the Johnson administration and maybe going back to FDR. They should have known what they were getting in the Biden administration, but they weren’t about to find that out by watching the news media during the campaign. They needed us to tell them about it.

          1. no no there are social media platforms where everyone can talk about politics and candidates and there’s zero censorship of the truth oh wait …

      3. Oh yeah, Americans want to waste water and hate cheap LED bulbs.

        Thanks feds for getting something done on these issues.

        1. Keep you Nazism to yourself wanna-be Hitler.

          1. Indeed TJJ, who can forget the outrage of the low flow shower heads at Auschwitz.

            1. Well, the zero water-flow showerheads at Auschwitz were problematic to those forced to use them.

      4. Read….Ummm, are you aware of literacy rates in blue cities. That and the literate nouveau urbanists are too busy fawning over food trucks, craft beer and avocado toast to know what is going on in the country. Gee, how do supply chains work, what is a risk taking entrepreneur who started with nothing, where does money and energy come? Progressives and public unions are creating the idiocracy.

      5. #PoliticalClimateChangeNOW!

    2. Here’s an idea: Charge for water based on water usage. That’s at the municipal level. Want long luxurious showers? That means a $50 bill instead of $15. We pay for the electricity we use to heat the water, why not the water we heat as well?

      Funny thing is, arid Fresno occasionally tries to put in water meters, but the voters vote it down every time. Arid Fresno that has a real problem with water wants their “one low price pays for all” water plan. That’s not even changing the pricing, just the existence of water meters gets voted down. Voters know they’re using too much and fear that meters will allow use pricing. And so Fresno has cops going around making sure people aren’t watering their lawns when they aren’t supposed to.

      1. If Fresno wants to handle its water supply like that, that’s Fresno’s choice. Most of the country uses water meters already AFAIK. But yes, you are correct. If local governments want to reduce water usage there’s a simple solution: raise the price of water.

      2. I have never heard of a municipal water system that didn’t meter water use. Hell, I used to own a house that had two meters-one for inside water use, and one for outside use.

      3. Most water utilities do charge based on usage. Sometimes with an allotment (say 800 CF/quarter) included in the minimum charge. With minimum charge and additional beyond the allotment based on meter size.

      4. According to the City of Fresno they meter water. Used to live there a ways back and I remember them adding water meters to the apartment complex I was living in. Maybe the County isn’t full on board…I have no idea. But great talking points, lol. Maybe there’d be more water if the coastal environuts didn’t let all the snowmelt flow out to sea to save some minnow and not let evolution take it’s course.

    3. Hey, why even have a president if he can’t control every aspect of life.

      1. He is our National Father after all

  13. Wondered how long it would take that Sponge-Bathing senile Empty Vessel to get around to this …

  14. While, on the other hand, we are expected to waste gallons of water washing the food and fluid residue out of plastic and glass containers in order to prepare them properly for recycling (or, more realistically in most places, being placed in landfills).

  15. This is the kind of leadership our country needs. Instead of tweeting all day, this president is getting shit done! Up next, Net Neutrality!

    Is this the way things are going to go now? One president deregulates from his throne, the next regulates, the following then deregulates that? Back and forth, back and forth. This seems unsustainable.

    1. The Presidential fiat pendulum is not new.

      1. And so it is okay NOW…

        1. Sure, that’s what I said.

  16. Manufacturers got pretty steamed? Those drips!

    1. Business going down the drain…

      1. All washed up.

      2. They used to be flush with cash but they pissed it all away.

        1. Now they’re all wet! WTG guys, Nozzle Tov!

          1. They really tried to faucet it on us.

    2. But all punning aside, these SHOWER regulations must present a GOLDEN opportunity to somebody out there…

  17. God bless Joe Biden for banning these assault shower heads. My grandfather was flayed alive by the Nazis at Auschwitz with high powered water cannons! They literally blew the skin off his body to make their sadistic lamp shades.

  18. “As many parts of America experience historic droughts”

    Then shouldn’t those be the places enacting these regulations? The many many places not experiencing these droughts might like to have a nice shower…

    I understand the frustration of business when regulations change back and forth and they have to invest in multiple changes to stay competitive. The answer though is to remove the governments authority to regulate these things.

    Lastly, how is this even something the government can regulate? I doubt these regulations are only written for companies selling products across state lines.

    1. And if my shower pours out more water, doesn’t that water still go down the drain and back to the water treatment plant? Where exactly is the water being lost?

      1. For that water to be used in another shower, it has to evaporate from the ocean, rain or snow on some mountain somewhere, and then flow from a reservoir to the house’s plumbing. That natural cycle is likely to take at least a year.

        (Disclaimer: I am not arguing for shower head regulations here. I’m just explaining the obvious.)

        1. But you’re not explaining the obvious. You see, you’re just describing a single region, which is where this whole problem comes from. People in California are short on water, so they regulate showers in Minnesota, to preserve all of that fresh water in the imaginary mountain reservoir north of Rochester.

          Where I’m at, I pump my water out of the ground, and then it flows into my septic system, and then into the leach field. The water returns to the ground. Municipal sewage treatment plants take the place of the septic system for those on municipal water and sewer.

          We have so much water, we send our water to join the nearly 4.5 million gallons of fresh water per second that get turned into salt water in the gulf of Mexico.

          1. When you add in the egregious mismanagement of water in California where the only boogey man is a company paying full market rate to make bottled water while municipalities don’t even meter water and agricultural users are on a use it or lose it quota model then it’s really questionable to regulate these things in places that don’t make these mistakes.

          2. Good for you! You aren’t most people.

            1. In the US, I’ll bet he is. Most Americans are not in drought areas.

        2. Yes, and the water I used today (per your natural cycle comment) started the cyclical process a year ago. What’s your point?

          1. That Ajsloss doesn’t seem to understand how most water systems work.

      2. Water is never lost except for the negligibly miniscule amounts lost to space and water permanently removed from the water cycle due to industrial processes. The issue is not saving water per se, but overtaxing the ability of certain regions to produce water for their human population. Everyone who lives in the US east of the Mississippi except for Florida lives outside of a region that has this issue. That’s most of the population of the US.

    2. The decision should be made at the utility level unless the water resource is shared, then at whatever minimum level is needed to accomplish this.

  19. So basically we have a regulatory regime where one man gets to decide all this stuff. This is the government you asked for, this is the government you got. A strong man in charge is what we have. All power is concreted in the hands of a single elected position. I hope you’re happy.

    Biden has all of the power you demanded that Trump have.

    This isn’t new with Trump/Biden however. This shit has been going on for decades. Every new gets a bit more power, and the next president inherits it. Over and over. Baby steps to authoritarian rule.

    The answer is not another president. The answer is to roll back and decentralize the power.

    1. Precisely. Ken Shultz went off on a rant against progressives above, but he may want to check who was President in 1992, and put his signature on the new law that imposes shower head regulations.

      He may want to check which President created the EPA.

      1. Ken has us on mute because only trolls use facts and logic.

      2. not counting 41 as some kind of conservative are you?

    2. One man putting power back into the hands of the individual =/ strong man.

      1. ^THIS; These Trump usurping power claims is just ignorance at it’s finest.

    3. Since when did any of the real libertarian or conservatarian types on here advocate for handing more power to Trump? Pretty sure the commentariat and even the Reason staff used to decry the unfettered authority given to the President since 9/11 but Reason has become soft ever since Obama started really pen and phoning it in and the liberaltarians on here cheered it on…then hated when Trump did it…now are happy to both sides it. Hilarious. Your overall point is true but you just as much cheered it on when it was your guy in office.

      1. Cheered it on = wrote an article with nuanced reasoning that went over some people’s heads


    1. Shower heads manufacturers in every State! Funny how the tyrant feds want to pretend they even have authority to dictate everyone’s shower heads.

      1. They’re a bunch of dick heads

  21. “As many parts of America experience historic droughts, this commonsense proposal means consumers can purchase showerheads that conserve water and save them money on their utility bills,” a Department of Energy spokesperson told the Associated Press.

    This is called “lying..” Remember when we cared about that?

  22. fortified elections have consequences.

  23. Much ado about nothing. Thanks to the economic prosperity that the Biden administration is brining us, pretty soon we’ll all be taking golden showers!

    /Yes, ripped off The Simpsons

    1. didn’t need the cite lol.

  24. And the Progressive war on progress (and modern conveniences) continues apace.

    1. CE, progress and good design both dictate efficiency. Or maybe you want a coal powered steam driven dishwasher. I’ll bet that sucker would be smokin!!! The soot on the quartz countertop might be hard to clean though.

      1. Right; As-if Obama didn’t dictate diesels just waiting to burn up blowing tons of smoke into the air. Stupid is; is stupid does.

      2. If people end up using the same amount of water per shower by doubling the amount of time they spend in there, that is the opposite of efficient.

  25. The same is true of dishwashers; Trump deregulated them and the government was no longer intruding into our baths and kitchens; Biden of course wants to reimpose regulations on how much water your shower head can spray and how fast your dish washer can cycle.

    Mine is working fine but I am seriously considering buying a “fast cycle” dishwasher before they are banned.

    And some thought is was just guns the government wanted to manage.

    1. Yeah, Quo, I’m tired of the police breaking into my house and checking out the bathroom too. This will not stand!

    2. Some people prefer fast cycle dishwaters and high volume shower heads because they wash and rinse faster, when, if you want the same level of wash and rinse, you can simply run the lower pressure appliances twice.

  26. Low flow shower heads save about 15k gallons per user per year. Since Americans take hoy shower, you’re also wasting the energy to heat water.

    F…k Trump’s ridiculous hairdo and whatever is living in it.

    1. Meanwhile, Democrats (and republicans) continue to support Ethanol mandates and subsidies. That doesn’t use any water.

  27. Correction:

    Since Americans take HOT showers, you’re also wasting the energy to heat water.

    1. Oy if you leave it running after showering.

      1. No chumby, you see the extra water uses btus whether you are in the shower or not as long as the water’s running.

        1. No one gives a shit; Move your sorry *ss to Cuba already and take your retarded group with you. Your dream dictator nations are all over the place MOVE….

          Oh what’s that; You’re a complete hypocrite?

          1. Sorry buddy, you lost this one 25 years ago. Americans don’t want to waste water and love their cheap LED bulbs.

            1. No one wants to waste water, but it’s nice to have enough flow and pressure to get the job done right.

              As to LED’s, it’s turning out that the only sense in which these things are “cheap” is as a pejorative. Lifespan of the light emitting diode itself may be long, but once you start turning it on and off, not so much. Once you factor in the rest of the circuit that goes into the incandescent socket, not so much at all. And the spectrum sucks.

  28. A few short months later, the Biden administration kinked the hose. “As many parts of America experience historic droughts, this commonsense proposal means consumers can purchase showerheads that conserve water and save them money on their utility bills,” a Department of Energy spokesperson told the Associated Press.

    Only a bureaucrat schooled in doubletalk could reverse “can” (is able to, but may be able to other things) for “must” (the only permissible course of action).

    1. p.s.

      Let’s go Brandon!

  29. Remember when the people gave the feds the authority for this sh*t?

    Yeah; me neither.. They’re a rogue agency taking over the USA.
    Just like Hitler did.

  30. INdeed TJJ, I think that’s how Grohe and Kohler got started.

  31. You can see what Trump cared about. The orange dipsh!t waited until the end of his term to do it. However, he wasted little time imposing tariffs on American consumers and killing free-trade deals.

  32. This is most disappointing. I saw “Shower Head” and giddily assumed that “The Fountainhead” was being serialized… a soap opera, of course….

    1. With a new set of actors each episode.

    2. If so, the producers would have likely taken a hosing.

      1. Know who would have been great as Dominique Francon, though? The late great Farrah Faucet!

  33. Lest we forget, Trump was no small-government advocate. He just wanted more shower for his 4-hour daily hair routine. This is the arbitrary whim of a madman more than any political philosophy.

    But I see libertarians continue to demand unfettered access to a vital natural resource while insisting on absolutely no social responsibility. I guess everyone in the room is a totalitarian child.

    1. My water doesn’t come from the watershed you live in or the one you use.

      1. I suppose it was generated out of the ether as a result of your low tax rate.*

        *This is the way libertarians pretend to believe it actually works

  34. Joe Biden’s slogan: Less water, more dirt.
    I have brought more dirt to the Office of the President than any other President.

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