Public Defenders vs. Gun Control

A Supreme Court decision against New York's gun control scheme would be a victory for both criminal justice reform and the Second Amendment.


The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments this fall in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, which challenges the constitutionality of a state law requiring that anyone seeking a license to carry a concealed handgun in public first satisfy a local official that he has "proper cause" to do so.

Like other big cases about hot-button issues, this one has attracted a lot of amicus curiae ("friend of the court") briefs. Many of those briefs will have zero influence on the ruling. But one filed in July just might have an impact.

The brief comes from a coalition of public defense lawyer organizations, including the Black Attorneys of Legal Aid, the Bronx Defenders, and Brooklyn Defender Services. They urged the Supreme Court to overturn New York's gun licensing scheme both because it violates the Second Amendment and because it disparately harms black and Hispanic people who carry firearms for self-defense purposes.

"Each year," the groups told the Court, "we represent hundreds of indigent people whom New York criminally charges for exercising their right to keep and bear arms. For our clients, New York's licensing requirement renders the Second Amendment a legal fiction. Worse, virtually all our clients whom New York prosecutes for exercising their Second Amendment rights are Black and Hispanic." And that "is no accident," the brief argued. "New York enacted its firearm licensing requirements to criminalize gun ownership by racial and ethnic minorities. That remains the effect of its enforcement by police and prosecutors today."

According to the public defender groups, New York's scheme has had predictably "brutal" consequences for their clients. They have been "stopped, questioned, and frisked," "forcibly removed" from their homes, locked up "in dirty and violent jails and prisons," and "deprived….of their jobs, children, livelihoods, and ability to live in this country," all "because our clients exercised a constitutional right."

It's possible that such arguments will resonate with Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the Court's leading critic of overpolicing and related law enforcement abuses. As the public defenders make abundantly clear in their brief, a Supreme Court decision against New York's gun control scheme would be a victory not only for the Second Amendment but for criminal justice reform too.

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  2. According to longtime libertarian activist Michael Hihn, libertarians should demand comprehensive gun safety laws.


    1. Hihn link was posted by Zeb (thanks, Zeb!)…

      Hihn is deceased!

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      Your contact point for appealing for supernatural intervention:

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      1. I refuse to believe this. That must be a different Michael Hihn.

        1. The Hihnister One, Michael Hihn is dead! Long live the Hihnister One, Michael Hihn! Left minus right = Zorro the Gay Blade!

          1. His spirit certainly lives on in you.

            1. Squirrel wishes he was half as entertaining as Hihn was.

              1. Or a quarter as smart. When Hihn wasn’t foaming at the mouth, he was usually on the mark. In his earlier days, before the wall o’ text all caps copy & paste rants became the norm.

                1. Making lists makes all posters go crazy.

                  1. I had four entries n his website’s enemies list. Each one was a badge of honor. I’m just sorry I didn’t get to number five before he croaked.

                    1. I remember those; creepy.

                      Do we know for certain that Hihn died? If so I am supposing it was by his own hand?

      2. Rodent control officer’s calculation confirmed. The entrenched looter Kleptocracy is in fact itself, hysterical screaming to the contrary notwithstanding. However, 3-K=Libertarian. A third party is like a spare tire. It is what saves you from herd insanity and lynchings on election day.

        1. I never knew spare tires saved you from lynchings.

          1. Yes, because Comstock and the Corn Laws.

            1. Someone should have told those poor black folk in the south about this. Would have saved countless lives.

          2. Yep… eat more fatty food and drink more beer!

        2. I never quite understand Hank’s posts. I am not sure if they’re a machine learning algorithm practicing, or …

          Maybe I’m reading them wrong. It seems as though they’re full of catch phrases that are tropes for a community I’ve never belonged to. Possibly they should be read like beat poetry, with a cool jazz backing like Charlie MacKensie doing his Woman Woman Woman shtick.

          1. I think he’s an really old hippie who believes that the squares, prudes and authority fetishists are still on the right.

          2. I used to think Hank was the latest Hihn sock puppet. Back to the drawing board on THAT one!

          3. No, he’s just a kook. Hers the link to his website. Which is pretty much the same shit he posts here.


            1. “I also interpret executives, heads of state and people under arrest.”

              What is your hourly rate and when are you available!!!!!

      3. God bless you, Hihn. I’m sorry we never lived up to your expectations.

      4. Huh. I was wondering. I knew he was up there in years. While his later year rants grew more and more incoherent, I remember some earlier Hihn posts making me do a little thinking.

        Good job on Zeb for doing a little digging. And RIP Mr. Hihn.

    2. “libertarians should demand comprehensive gun safety laws.”

      LOL! Libertarians should demand laws???

      BTW, just what are “gun safety laws?”

  3. “deprived….of their…ability to live in this country,” all “because our clients exercised a constitutional right.”

    So public defenders want to overturn 18 USC 922 (g)(5)(a)?

    1. Aren’t legal immigrants ejected if they are convicted of a crime?

      1. No. How are you so ignorant?

        Deportations of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes like fraud, assault, money laundering and driving under the influence will soon be curbed by new Biden administration rules tasking officials to instead focus on those who pose a “national security risk,” the White House said Monday.

        1. Gun=yes
          Fire extinguisher =no

          1. Wrong.

            Gun or fire extinguisher wielded by a mixed-race transgender progressive = yes
            Gun or fire extinguisher wielded by a white MAGA redneck = no

            1. Imaginary fire extinguisher wielded by peaceful trespasser = death penalty.

              1. Nothing more dangerous than a cowardly cop.

                1. That Pelosi lackey finally got to live out his fantasy of killing a Trump supporter.

        2. Well those illegal immigrants who have children will be proto-domestic-terrorists. One school board meeting and they’re outta here!

      2. Context. Nominated USAttorney for MA created/ enforced a policy in her State Attorney office that ALL prosecution of 15 felonies would never be prosecuted. Trespassing, breaking and entering, shoplifting, receiving stolen goods, drugs…… Why would there be deportations?

  4. So this is only bad because it disproportionally effects non-whites?

    1. It’s one of the only two arguments that has a wide following these days. The other one is that Trump lost the elections due to EVIL meddling by Lizard People! (Pick one, and ONLY one, and clutch to it firmly, to announce, LOUDLY, your tribal affiliations! It is your ONLY hope for survival, in these troubled times! Chose wisely, now!)

      1. Trump was orangehitler… announce, LOUDLY, your tribal affiliations!

        All the self-awareness of a potato.

        1. WHEN is Trump taking back His Big Lie? Also…

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          Yeah, sigh.

          Hey MammaryBahnFuhrer, Expert Christian Theologian! Did Jesus appear to You in a vision, and tell You that ID theft is a GREAT, wonderful thing? Or ARE You Jesus, returned to us, maybe?

          1. flags for the spastic asshole!

          2. Sorry Sqrlsy, but the real Big Lie was the Jan 6 Reichstag Fire and the turning of an unrelated stroke victim into Horst Wessel and lay him in state in the Rotunda.
            A lie big enough that it allowed you to purge the military, ring the capitol in barbed wire and troops, censor the internet and the media, detain people indefinitely without charges, and declare PTA members “terrorists”.

            If you, sarcasmic and Shrike were actually libertarian, regardless of these people’s political affiliations, those things would’ve frightened you.
            But they didn’t because you three aren’t actually libertarian.

            And now, because you’re lazy and stupid, instead of addressing what I said, you’ll post an unfunny fifty-line copypasta rant with retarded name-rhymes in order to deflect.

            1. Says MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer the Jesus-Killer! Who FERVENTLY clings to Trump’s Big Lie!

              You are a pure dog-piler, trying to use brute gang stupidity to get your way! All the GOOD Trumpista believer this, so YOU must, too!

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              So in this case, the dog-pile has decided that we are all intellectually equal, whether that’s actually factual, or not!
              When human societies try to over-ride the facts using the dog-pile, this is what happens: … For just one example! THIS was a major contributor to agricultural failure and starvation in the USSR!

              The dog-pile phenomenon also occurs right here in the comments here! “You can NOT be both a publisher AND a comments forum “common carrier”, because the dog pile has said so!”
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              The dog-pile-ism in this case is more ethical-moral and less “scientific” or strictly-rationally data-driven, but the ugly results are the same! And those of you who are WRONG, resent the HELL out of those of us who are RIGHT! Because we are better people than you are!
              Ye wannabe Jesus-killers, Mahatma Gandhi-killers, and Martin Luther King Jr.-killers should look to rectify your souls about this, but the truth is pretty ugly. HIDING the truth ALWAYS leads to MORE ugliness in the long term! Always!
              For the truth about dog-pilers in the moral-ethical domain, see

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                  1. Got more flags than spastic asshole’s got bullshit

                  2. That’s a whole lot of words when you could have just said you eat feces.

                    1. His long posts are a stool tactic.

                    2. That one didn’t come out as clean as most of yours others, Chumby.

                    3. Squirrel wipes back to front.

                  3. Just as foretold. When Sqrlsy doesn’t have an answer he spams 300 lines of piss-poor alliteration and copypasta as cover.

                    1. “When Sqrlsy doesn’t have an answer…”

                      Perhaps he does have an ‘answer’ now and then, but to ask anyone to dig though the piles of shit he posts to find it is the vain hope of a spastic asshole.

                  4. That looks so weird. I see a bunch of nonsense from Squirrely, a couple cracks from our resident punster, and a bunch of grey.

                    1. “It’s actually all about meeeeeee… Pay attention to meeeeeee….”

                  5. OK, time for the Mute Button, again.
                    Thank you, Reason.
                    Fuck-Off , Squirrelsy.

        2. It’s sad when he talks to himself with his sock. Always the after being thoroughly embarrassed like defending Newsome yesterday.

    2. No, but it may move some people who think so. I don’t know about the Supreme Court, though.

      1. It just seems to me sometimes that many people would be just fine with laws like this, or with cops killing people, as long as white people were equally affected.

        That’s what the whole BLM thing was about. Not so much that cops were killing people over stupid shit, but that they weren’t killing enough white people to balance it out.

        1. Study found cops are less likely to shoot minority suspects when controlled for number of arrests or interactions.

          BLM isn’t about equality of the races dummy. It is about power and grievances to smasher in post modernist marxism through activism. This is why you aren’t a libertarian. You don’t see the shit happening right in front of you, instead you buy the leftist lies about their intentions.

          1. In his defense, he did point out that they aren’t really concerned with the number of killings, just the makeup of the people being killed.

            1. as long as white people were equally affected.

              That’s what the whole BLM thing was about.

              The thing was the are less effected when you control for factors such as crime. And that’s not what BLM is about. Their founders have openly stated in the past their intentions. It was political marxism.

            2. It’s so nice having JesseAz on mute.

              1. Remember. Sarc only talks about issues not about people.

                1. He’s such a lying , drunken hypocrite.

        2. I call them on this all the time, and disturbingly enough, their answer is “yes”.

          They always rationalize it by claiming if white people were more affected then the laws would finally get changed, but that’s laughable. The bootlicking instinct runs WAY too strong for that to even be a factor.

          1. Are laws against “assault rifles” intended to disarm white conservatives?

        3. “…but that they weren’t killing enough white people to balance it out.”

          Lots of conservaturncoat nimrods really DO think like that! I see it here on a regular basis… Since the local hardcopy news rag, from time to time, has been successfully SUED for letters to the editor (NOT written by the news rag, of course), then we need to do the same thing to web site owners! They do NOT call for a “Section 230 for news rags”, they call, instead, to SPREAD the injustice, the assholes!!!

    3. Are you really unaware the racist past of gun control? Who am I kidding, of course you are.

      It isnt the only reason to be for gin rights but it is the means of effective change in asshole controlled areas like new york.

    4. To the extent that votes cast by non-whites are liable to affect Kleptocracy candidates for lawmaking sinecures, yes.

    5. vaccine mandates for employees hardest hit

    6. Disparate impact is the sole governing principle in all laws and regulations.

      1. Except for vaccines and conceal carry permits.

    7. It’s not just that there is an empirical disparate impact – that’s arguably unimportant. It’s that the law was passed and is enforced with the *intention* of having a disparate impact. That is definitely a problem.

      1. Most gun control laws have their origins in keeping blacks from defending themselves. Just google “racist origins of gun control” and you’ll get a bunch of hits. I won’t post any links because God forbid I choose one from a “lefty” source. The tu quoque brigade would jump on that. Know what, let me google that for you.

        1. SF’d the link. On well.

        2. Hey. You were already told this just this morning you ignorant fuck.

    8. I know you’re trying to be sarcastic but I’m going to answer seriously anyway.

      No, gun control is especially bad because it disproportionately affects non-whites – the very same population that, in other contexts, the gun control fanatics claim to be trying to aid and protect. This brief is bad for the gun grabbers because it exposes them as either a) utterly clueless about the hypocrisy of their position or b) actively complicit in the hypocrisy and lies.

      Yes, all good laws should be enforced neutrally. No, NY’s anti-gun laws are not good laws. They should be opposed regardless of race. Their racist origins, however, make them especially odious.

  5. What time do our pro-Trump Russian trolls start posting today?

    Their love of anti-democratic right-wing authoritarian strong-man types like Putin, Trump, and Bolsonaro is misplaced on a libertarian web site.

    ML, Jesse, Ray, Ken, etc – you are no friends of liberty. I’m sure some QAnon response will be forthcoming as you cling to the Big Lie of a “stolen election”.


      Katie Couric’s RBG Coverup Shows How We Ended Up With Trump

      The “Daily Beast” is horrible-terrible LIBS, right? But THEY have the capacity (humility) required to engage in honest and self-critical self-examination. WHEN are hordes of brainwashed trumpanzee zombies going to be able to do the same? And start questioning the Big Lie, for starters? I am looking forward to it, but not holding my breath!

        1. Thanks for the link! From there:

          “Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.”

          Anyone who opposes Trump’s assault on democracy is on the side of Truth and Justice on THAT issue, at least!

          Maybe one of these days the “R” Party will come to its senses? Or be replaced by a sensible conservative party? I sure hope so!

          1. spastic asshole gets two more flags

          2. Trump’s assault on democracy

            What assault on democracy, Oberführer Sqrlsy? What did he do that constituted an assault on democracy?
            Mean tweets about Don Lemon?
            Ignoring the neocon war-drums?
            Not being a Democrat?

            Tell me honestly. Do you actually think that the last sixth months have been an improvement for freedom and democracy?

            1. At least we HAVE some democracy left! Government Almighty help us if we re-elect the Trumptatorshit in 2024!!

              Trump’s Big Lie and Hitler’s: Is this how America’s slide into totalitarianism begins?

              The above is mostly strictly factual, with very little editorializing. When I post it, the FACTS never get refuted… I only get called names. But what do you expect from morally, ethically, spiritually, and intellectually bankrupt Trumpturds?

              Totalitarians want to turn GOP into GOD (Grand Old Dicktatorshit).

              1. Spastic asshole getting lots of flags this morning for being a spatci asshole

                1. “Dizzle has a brain that hasn’t totally fizzled yet”… LMAO!

                  You refute stuff by not reading it, right? By not reading ANYTHING on the internet (that You suspect that You might disagree with), you have refuted it ALL by now, right, Omniscient One?

                  1. Man, spastic is being a real asshole this morning!

                  2. If you’re posting Salon you may as well be posting straight from Tom Perez’s Twitter feed.

                    What you’re doing is the equivalent of some brownshirt in the late 30’s using a Goebbels column in Der Sturmer as proof that the Communists and Jews burnt down the Reichstag.

                    Here’s my prediction. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it:
                    In the next three years you’re going to be advocating camps exactly like the Uighur ones in China, for the vaccine hesitant and people who oppose the Democratic party.
                    In the next 10 years you’ll be calling for their execution.

                    1. There are already left-leaning sorts doing just this, albeit the latter by proxy, via denial of access to goods and services and medical care. They may not be fascists, but they surely are not people worthy of any sort of respect or courtesy.

                  3. No. I read lots of leftist publications and authors to see what their latest propoganda and talking points are. Including the NYT, Taibbi, Greenwald, Berenson, and Josh rogin. As well as watching the ABC nightly news to see how the left wants to frame their narratives. That’s why I’m normally out ahead of you, white retard, fat Jeff, and Molly Goddamn she’s dumb, on your pelosi approved talking points.

                    But I also know salon is marxist fever dreams mixed with Democrat propoganda passed off as opinion. And it’s hot garbage, like most of what you type.

                    1. Molly Goddamn she’s dumb


                    2. +1. Funniest nickname in awhile.

              2. Reichsquirreler Squoebbels shilling for his masters again.
                Point for you though because you are more articulate than the mumbling botcher Biden.

                1. “Reichsquirreler Squoebbels”


                  1. He has the reich stuff.

          3. Maybe one of these days the “R” Party will come to its senses? Or be replaced by a sensible conservative party? I sure hope so!

            Or at least revert back to a party with some semblance of principles and morality, instead of the cult of personality it has become.

            1. Maybe one of these days you won’t be a steaming pile of lefty shit. Naah.

            2. You are such a leftist fuckwit. It isnt the right encroaching on your liberties dummy.

              1. Yeah I remember the last time we had a Republican President and congress and they got rid of the TSA, NSA and other means of surveillance, eminent domain, asset forfeiture, deficit spending, a bloated military budget, unneeded agencies like HUD, Department of Education, etc. yeah I feel so liberated when team red is in charge.

                Same goes for the democrats.

                You all think you are fighting for our freedoms. What freedoms? I’m just lucky if I follow the rules enough that the goons don’t notice me.

                Bunch of real libertarians there. Screw all of you team lovers and your stupid hats. Just rival thugs fighting for power and I am the idiot caught in the crossfire.

                1. “Yeah I remember the last time we had a Republican President and congress and they got rid of the TSA, NSA and other means of surveillance, eminent domain, asset forfeiture, deficit spending, a bloated military budget, unneeded agencies like HUD, Department of Education, etc. yeah I feel so liberated when team red is in charge.”

                  Ah, yes! The “both sides” argument of lazy, infantile intellects.

                  1. I’m so sick of this phony “both sides” bullshit.

                    Sure the Republicans are bloated, greedy idiots primarily concerned with lining their own pockets and are completely ineffective, but right now they’re the only viable alternative to a party that’s the living embodiment of totalitarian evil.

                    If anyone thinks that the last six months didn’t destroy more rights and freedoms than the last 245 years, then they haven’t been paying attention.

                    Yes the Republicans are unprincipled baboons playing with their own shit, but the Democrats want to destroy the West and enslave us all. It’s not douche versus turd sandwich, it’s douche versus terminal cancer.

                    1. I mean he brought up the cia and nsa which the left literally weapinized against the gop. The IC is majority left on donations and they don’t hide it.

                    2. “I’m so sick of this phony “both sides” bullshit.”

                      You are sick of it because you think there are only two sides.

                    3. There’s lots of sides but only one viable choice to keep the Democrats away from holding all the levers of power.

                  2. Consider the source. Not the brightest bulb in the self-identified libertarian camp, but consistently touting its own superiority.

                  3. “Both sides” worked when one side wasn’t being taken over by fascists.

                    1. To be sure, it did. Make no mistake…

                2. Trump didn’t even keep us safe from the dreaded Flute Police!

                  But I will!

                  To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

                  1. spastic asshole gets a flag

                  2. The FBI, NSA and CIA are all emulating the KGB right now, but Sqrlsy’s going to handwave it away as flute whatever.

                    What a fascist fuck.

                3. We aren’t team lovers.

                  Were just pragmatic enough to realize the republican party at least has some crossover with libertarian ideas, and especially on major issues they’re ideals are much closer to libertarians. While the democrats have almost gone full Marxist and are doing everything they can to undermine the constitution and persecute, deplatform, cancel, and silence all dissent or disagreement from their narrative.

                  1. Yeah diz, this really freaks them out. As much as they try to put everyone who is revolted by the current assholes in charge into a tidy basket of deplorables, they just can’t fathom that reasonable people with no love for R’s could come to the conclusion that they are the lesser of two evils. And it’s not even close.

                    1. So tell me the last time that HillaryPanzees went apeshit, lusting after the demise of democracy? Please? Did HillaryPanzee insurrectionists ever drive 4 cops to suicide?

                      Four officers who responded to Capitol riot have died by suicide
                      More than 100 D.C. and Capitol police officers were injured defending the Capitol on Jan. 6.

                      And “R” Party claims to be the “Lawn Order”, and “Blue Lives Matter” party! Go figure!

                      (Hypocrisy MIGHT explain it? Maybe?)

                    2. Republicans are kind of terrible, it’s just that the Democrats are so far worse. On every policy point they are either as bad or so much more terrible, it’s kind of astounding.

                  2. Were just pragmatic enough to realize the republican party at least has some crossover with libertarian ideas, and especially on major issues they’re ideals are much closer to libertarians.

                    Like what? Republicans used to give lip service to economic liberty, but now they’re all protectionist and merchantilist. They’ve never given a shit about personal liberty. Sure they lower taxes now and then and bitch about spending when the other party is in power, but they borrow and spend like drunken sailors when they’re in power. They support LEOs no matter what they do.

                    Yes the Democrats are worse. But at this point we’re just talking degrees of bad, not good.

                    Ken said Democrats are totalitarians and Republicans are “mere” authoritarians. And he was right. Republicans are authoritarians. Democrats are totalitarians.

                    Then I pointed out that his insistence that libertarians support Republicans means he wants us to support authoritarians. It’s logically true. He didn’t like that much so he muted me.

                    1. And sarc with the straight daily beast narrative. Lol.

                    2. He didn’t like that much so he muted me.

                      I like to think it was because you are an insufferable cunt. Not that you will get the message because you muted me for pointing out your logical fallacies.

                4. And dems did that when? What was the congressional vote on TSA. So you use those things to justify nationalization of the Capitol Police, 1a investigations from garland. Vaccine mandates, aca, everything being passed through reconciliation, etc?

                  Youre a blind leftist too. You can’t stop rushing to defend any criticism of the left no matter how obvious.

            3. I mean that is now two threads in a row of leftists being authoritarian douche bags where you spent your time fighting against the right.

              Please continue to say you dont lean left. It is pathetic.

            4. “Or at least revert back to a party with some semblance of principles and morality”

              When has that ever been true of either party? Trump won because the Republican establishment has consistently compromised their principles and their campaign promises.

        2. That was a most excellent (and even uplifting, hopeful) link! Thanks again!

          An apparent hero in the whole deal was Mike Podhorzer… In all honesty, it worries me just a tiny bit that he had labor ties. Hopefully Biden and the “D” Party in general, won’t feel that they owe too much to labor unions (Yeah I know, this is generally the case already anyway).

          I’m pretty pissed off at greedy labor unions right now. To see why, please read this…

          Lazy crane operators making $250,000 a year exacerbating port crisis, truckers say

      1. They do already! In 1920 Hitler’s socialist platform loudly and repeatedly endorsed Christianity. Fearless Leader’s Enabling Act speech reiterated: The national Government, seeing in Christianity the unshakable foundation of the moral and ethical life of our people (seeks Lateran treaties of its own) . Hitler, like Teedy Rosenfeld before him, was admired for his altruism, temperance and piety. His paintings of churches and Madonna and Baby Jesus were precious… before 1939. But today’s Republicans swear that none of that ever happened; it was all The Big Lie.

        1. When you reach this many “The Big Lie”s, with a capital T, I think you guys need to start numbering them, so the rest of us can keep track.

    2. Big Lie of a “stolen election”

      I cannot overemphasize how offensive that idea is. It’s like, if you’re going to call an American election illegitimate, you need ironclad proof. For example:

      Bush stole the 2000 election in Florida.
      Bush stole the 2004 election in Ohio.
      Drumpf stole the 2016 election because Russia hacked it.

      And of course this one is especially relevant to you Mr. Buttplug because you live in Georgia — strong beautiful Black woman Stacey Abrams was cheated out of the governorship by yet another stolen election.


      1. OMG! I just realized this means the Republican Party has not won a legitimate Presidential victory since 1988, several years before I was born!

        In fact, can we declare the 1988 election illegitimate as well? I think I learned in college that was the year of the racist Willie Horton ad.


        1. Now that I think of it, 1984 was also suspicious. A 525 to 13 Electoral College landslide? When the incumbent wins by that margin it’s natural to suspect cheating.


          1. Crikey, Mondale was a putz.

              1. Mondale got a great laugh out of that. Even Reagan had trouble keeping a straight face. And he was great at throwing out zingers. “There you go again!”

                It really was a different era in politics.

                Mondale tripped over a lot of landmines. Trying to be the “honest” candidate and having Ferraro as his running mate, promising more taxes, etc.

                Anyone remember Bloom County? They ran Bill the Cat for president of the “meadow party” and had their convention across the street from the Democrats. It really did sum up the enthusiasm America had for Mondale at the time.


                1. Thanks!

                  For those needing a “fix” of Bloom County…


                  The “Meese Piece” orbiting anti-porn weapon is my persona fave… I can’t find a straight link to it, sad to say, that isn’t pay-walled…

                  Here, try this as second best…


                  Set “Google phasers” to “images” and go!

            1. Imagine running on a platform of raising taxes. Who would be so dense?

            2. Yeah but here’s the real question: Hillary vs. Geraldine? Which is more palatable? Discuss….

      2. Another triumph, OBL.

      3. The Democratic platform of 1880 stoutly decried: The great fraud of 1876-77, by which, upon a false count of the electoral votes of two States, the candidate defeated at the polls was declared to be President. Slick Willie’s old lady reiterated this message in 2016 and Christian National Socialists to this day believe Dems stole the 2020 election. They also believe that once pregnant, women are not individuals anymore and have waived individual rights, and should be hunted by men with guns–like in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. “The catching business, we beg to remind them, is rising to the dignity of a lawful and patriotic profession.”

        1. This is what stuck-in-the-sixties looks like. The Democrats are the enemies of freedom and bodily autonomy, Grandpa. Not some fuddy-duddy bogeymen from a half-century ago.

    3. This fifty-center calls Jan6 an insurrection, and misrepresented the origins of a phony poll on QAnon that he posted yesterday. But somehow everyone else is repeating a “big lie”, and not the actual liars.

    4. turd lies. It’s what turd does. turd is a pathological liar, entirely too stupid to realize he’s lying and also too stupid to understand everyone else knows it.
      If turd posts numbers, they are either outright lies, or cherry-picked such to be worthless.
      turd lies; it’s all he does.

    5. How are you enjoying this inflation, Weigel? Considering how morbidly obese you are, we know you’re shoveling it down like it’s no tomorrow, so that much be getting expensive for you!

      1. He’s still denying there is any inflation.

        1. Meanwhile btc over 62k! I’m lovin the inflation!

    6. You mean the authoritarian right wing strong-man who let a good pandemic go to waste by not seizing federal power? And left the pandemic response up to the individual states?

      Or the bumbling left wing not-so-strong-man who is currently threatening a nationwide vaccination mandate?

      1. Pretty sure both of these people you refer to are “bumbling”.

    7. You wouldn’t know liberty if it kicked you in the ass and knocked out your teeth.

    8. I’ll just cite your history of pedophilia.

  6. Last week, a woman was raped on an elevated train in Philly.
    Other passengers didn’t intervene. TV News was all over it, tut tuting about lack of intervention. One interviewee opined that maybe the other passengers were scared to do anything. Of course, no one mentioned that maybe it would have helped if an armed passenger had been onboard.

    1. Wait. I need to know the color of everyone’s skin before I can judge.

      1. Assailant was black. Not sure about victim.

        1. Another interesting question is, what were the races of the onlookers/occasional videographers?

          Those are the people who’re going to be saving any white knight who interferes, stops the assault, and has the victim flee the scene on him. Which isn’t unknown in rape cases.

          What an awful thing our progressive policies have done.

          1. Sex of onlookers, as well as ethnicity and age. The fact that they filmed it kind of screams young and urban, but that could be anybody. Though, I differ from JesseAZ, think that the assailant was Asian.

            1. German gun control had a lot to say about ethnicity beginning in the 1930s.

            2. Can’t find it, but they had his picture on an article.

              1. “Fiston Ngoy” sounds Asian to me, but he looks black! They show what is apparently his mug at the beginning of this…

    2. In Philly you will probably get charged with assault for stopping a crime and everyone knew it.

    3. If the rapist was raping in a blue city but not trespassing in the Capitol then it is progressively acceptable.

      1. There are other colors in the visible spectrum beside blue and red. What if it were a green city? Or Indigo?
        It takes special lenses to see only two colors for any issue.

        1. You seem to be unable to tell the difference between red and blue; are those special lenses.

        2. Someone touched a nerve. The “both sides” nonsense always gets trotted out when Team Blue is caught being awful.

          1. Or when someone points out that, aside from lacking couth and being a loud-mouth, Trump turned out to be about as good a POTUS as we’ve had in my lifetime.

        3. You are blue based on the last 2 days. You keep attacking only the right in two negative threads about democrats. Youre not a centrist.

          1. Well maybe a centrist if you think san Francisco is a common makeup of the populace.

    4. In Norway last week a whacko with a bow and arrows killed 5 people, all after police had already arrived on the scene. It turns out even the police were unarmed, one of the goals of the reform movements in the USA.

      1. Never bring a woke argument to a bow and arrow fight. Unless you want to quiver…

        1. I see your point.

          1. Glad you didn’t try to nock it.

            1. I see a string of puns about to take flight.

              1. Arrows had them quivering

                1. This will compound the issue.

                  1. Right on target.
                    And no one needs a bow with one of those sights that stands off to the side.

                    1. This should be investigated by a commission with a scope that is broad, headed by someone capable.

                2. I’m sure it would have some drawbacks.

              2. There’s such a range of targets to get shafted.

                1. We’ll just string them along.

              3. As you can see below, puns are being slung. Everyone take a bow!

      2. I had a discussion with a leftist who moved to my town from western WA. He thinks police should be required to hold degrees in social work and only be allowed to use their weapons after contacting headquarters for authorization.

    5. Or how about that “raging Trumper” who got kicked out of the Loudon County school board meeting last month and arrested for poo pooping crt?

      He was actually there to grill the superintendent as to why the anal rape of his 15 year old daughter last month (proven by a rape kit) committed by a “trans student” who decided to use the girls bathroom, was not reported to the police considering it was THE SECOND RAPE COMMITTED BY THIS STUDENT IN THE PAST 6 MONTHS. both of which the school attempted to cover up.

      This is how heinous the left is. They tried to cover up TWO SEPARATE RAPES by a trans student because it would crush their “use the bathroom you identify with” narrative.

      And really, the solution to this whole bathroom issue is simple. Change the signs on the doors from men and women to penis and vagina. Problem fucking solved.

      1. Supporting CRT >>>> addressing the anal rape of a child. Progressives have their priorities.

        1. It’s feeling more and more like 1933 Germany everywhere.

          1. Italy, General; don’t forget Italy.

          2. I thought women had a ‘hole’ lot of feeling about anal rape, none of them good.

            1. #metoo closed shop after creepy Joe Biden got the Democratic Party nomination.

        2. Her anus is only an imaginary border and although his penis gained illegal entry, it was given a far off date for a guidance counselor meeting and allowed to roam freely around the country.

      2. Media is still not saying the assailant claimed to be gender fluid.

        1. There was gender fluid….

      3. Amd the media really wants that story to go away.

      4. Citations on this being a second incident?

    6. And one streamed a video of the attack to social media. Exactly as you see in other Third World casualty events. Don’t try and help, give aid, or get someone who can; film the whole fucking thing instead.

      The rapist was a 35 year old illegal, who’d overstayed his visa from the Congo. I’m sure this was his first violent criminal offense here…

      The sheer balls on the Philly chief of police, to castigate people for not getting involved, when that asshole would be the first to pillory them for doing more than calling 911, and being a good witness.

    7. That was one of those headlines I saw and it tripped my “fake news” senses. I didn’t bother reading the story because the questions I would have, I did not feel would be answered-like, how many supposed onlookers were there?

  7. ‘…anyone seeking a license to carry a concealed handgun in public first satisfy a local official that he has “proper cause” to do so.”‘

    Anyone seeking to post something online.
    Anyone seeking to gather with others.
    Anyone seeking to leave their house.

    Onward to the glorious future!

    1. ‘I support the first amendment, but…’
      No, you don’t.

  8. “A Supreme Court decision against New York’s gun control scheme would be a victory not only for the Second Amendment but for criminal justice reform too.”

    If progressives don’t consider it a victory for criminal justice reform, but a good reason to pack the Court, then whether it’s really a victory for criminal justice reform may not matter much to the Court. I suspect the Court is too scared of the progressives not to pull a penaltax ruling. They’re scared the progressives will pack the court–like McConnell caved for fear of the progressives getting rid of the filibuster.

    Wait ’til the Republicans take one or both chambers, and then maybe we’ll see a real ruling. Until then, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Like the fear that the progressives will kill the filibuster and social media’s fear that progressives will break their companies up if they don’t censor what they’re told, if the Court isn’t afraid of what the progressives will do to them if they protect our rights, they probably should be.

    Ask them when the mike’s off and I bet McConnell, social media, and the Court all agree–that progressives are America’s most horrible people.

    1. The social media companies don’t just censor out of fear of government anti-trust action. They censor out of fear of their activist employees, that they will pressure them to censor a certain way or go work elsewhere. And out of fear of their customers, who may go to another social network (not likely) or may pressure or boycott advertisers who support the network (more likely).

      But they don’t have to cave. Netflix told employees upset about one of their comedy specials to “simmer down now.”

      1. “The social media companies don’t just censor out of fear of government anti-trust action. They censor out of fear of their activist employees”

        One of these things probably represents an ongoing series of violations of our First Amendment rights, and the other one, while it’s something I don’t like, isn’t a violation of anyone’s rights.

  9. Do you need to get permission from a government official to give a speech, or go to church, or write an op-ed piece?

    Case closed.

    1. In blue states that had lockdowns, ypu did

      1. Good point. Hence the CDC’s efforts to define gun violence as an epidemic….

        1. Guns are not a public health issue but gunshot injuries are. So is any sort of trauma. Spend the weekend in the south side of Chicago to see it first hand.

          1. No. It is a blue city in a blue state that has demonized 2A and the right to defend oneself for a long time. Chicago is an example of Peak Progressive. No thanks.

            1. Lol. The city which was home to Al Capone and Richard Daly. The mayor and political machine might call themselves democrats but there is nothing progressive about Chicago. Latin Kings were founded in 1952. They control their turf. Not the city. The politicians and police are no different. They just wear different clothing.

              I know you see a progressive lurking in every closet and around every corner but you won’t find a lot of them there.

                1. Nah they are too soft and squishy. You won’t find much progressive in places like Chicago or Cleveland. You’ll find democrats because they have always controlled things but there is not much interest in that east or west coast hippy dippy stuff.

                  1. Because the city didn’t rose up to believe Jessie smollet was attacked by white trump supporters? They don’t have a defend the police movement? CRT doesn’t exist? They work with DHS for illegal immigrants deportations? They don’t have high taxes to pay for social programs? They don’t want to tax the rich more?

                    No true progressive fallacy.

                    1. Well said Jesse.

                    2. I think you are conflating progressive with other things. It has nothing to to with real or perceived police violence. And yes the Chicago cops have had an issue with that.

                      High taxes would occur with progressives but is not unique to them. Tax rates were highest from WW2 through the 80s when Reagan cut the highest bracket. Progressive was not even a political term used in those years. There were liberals and conservatives.

                      What distinguishes progressives is they want to use more government, taxes, and business for issues like social equity, education and environmental goals. They are to the left of centrist democrats. They are basically social democrats or socialist.

                    3. That is why there is a progressive caucus in the DNC and they are fighting some bills that don’t give them everything they want. They are a subset of the democrats and want to be.

                    4. Yes echo. I’ve explained how you are using the no true progressive phallic. Which one of those things doe aoc or Bernie not support?

                    5. Progressive House Caucus endorsing legislation to ban firearms and accessories that millions of law-abiding Americans own:

              1. No true progressive fallacy.

                1. The fallacy would apply if I said that Bernie Sanders is not a true socialist although he identifies as one. He actually gets attacked as not a true socialist because he has three houses.

                  What you are doing is labeling a whole city and state as progressive which is clearly not true.

                  1. Which item listed above does aoc or bernie disagree with?

                    Name one. Name one not currently supported by the government in Chicago. Just one.

                    Youre flailing.

                    1. Flailing? Spinning and echoing.

                  2. True socialists always have lots of property. At least the ones in power do. He would probably take over some billionaires mansion if he had his way.

                2. To oppose something you have to know what it is, not just label things you disagree with as progressive. I think they are really just social democrats or democratic socialists who started using the term because it is more palatable. You don’t want to fall in that trap.

                  1. I provided you a fucking list and you can’t point out one non progressive item on it.

                    Sorry. Youre full on fallacy mode and you know it.

            2. And do you know why they push gun control? Who benefits from that? They out gun and out number the cops. You don’t think they have influence at city hall?

              1. A government that doesn’t respect individual rights including 2A. Chicago has been blue for a time.

                1. Find me a government that respects individual rights. You really don’t understand Chicago politics.

                  1. Have had more than a few LEO contacts in this part of America and none of them have given a shit about me exercising my 2A rights.

                    1. Where I have lived pretty much nobody has, democrats included.

                    2. In any case it doesn’t have much to do with being progressive which is more about using government to promote social change and environmentalism. It is socialism or soft socialism.

                    3. Are you suggesting Democrats are similar on 2A as libertarians or Republicans?

                    4. No just relating my experience.

                      I think it is a non issue until some big shooting happens and everyone starts yelling “do something”.

                    5. So there are no bills put forth except after an incident when folks demand daddy do something?
                      GAO suggests something different:

                  2. Mayor Lightfoot is a far left kook.

                2. In certain parts the streets tend to turn red.

                  1. With blood.

                3. Look how quickly Australia ramped up authoritarianism after banning guns.

                  1. That is the first thing they do.

            3. Actually you can get a gun in Chicago they just don’t make it easy in the city. My nephew is there and shoots. But hey, pot is legal now. I wonder if that is cutting into the business from the Disciples and Kings.

              1. It is very easy here. Can your nephew legally carry? We just need to not be a felon. But we don’t have the violent crime rate of Chicago…or of any other place in the US for that matter.

                1. I doubt he is interested in that. More of a hobby. I don’t know the laws about that there. There are plenty of gun shops in Chicago and surrounding areas.

                  1. So no easy legal carry.
                    Looks like he must have separate ID to merely own a firearm and a waiting period to possess after purchase:

                  2. There are plenty of gun shops illegal dealers in Chicago and surrounding areas.

                    Fixed it for you.

                2. If your crime rate is low it is not because of that. In most cities with high crime rates pretty much everyone has or carries a gun, legally or not.

                  If you want to carry a gun the reason is self defense not the crime rate.

                  1. Your cites fell off.

                  2. If you want to carry a gun the reason is self defense not the crime rate.

                    If there was no crime, what are you defending yourself from?

                  3. Some guys I knew from East

          2. You know what else you’ll find in South Chicago?

            A massive black population that’s been living under nearly 100 years of straight Democrat rule. There’s no Republicans there, barely any white people. That means there’s no white supremacy or “systemic racism” based on demographics. It should be a thriving utopia of POC living joyously free of the dreaded white republican.

            But, instead, it’s literally the place with the highest crime/murder rates and one of, if not the, lowest graduation rates in the country.

            It would seem the democrats are holding these black folks down considering there’s no white Republicans around for miles.

            1. He ignored those points.

            2. Democrats wanting to control black peoples? Quelle surprise!

          3. Any sort of trauma is a public health issue? Well, no, that’s not true. After saying that, don’t claim to support civil liberties, the policies and regulations that you are tacitly espousing are only going to be possible if a large and intrusive state maintains them.

            1. Trauma is a leading cause of death and morbidity. It is certainly a medical issue. A very big one. Looking at it from a public health perspective lets you see the big picture. So you can break it down by causes, age, and so on.

              The role of medicine should be to present information. Sometimes organizations overstep those boundaries. People get over excited when the topic is guns. It is emotional and political.

                1. No but we study the causes of injury from car accidents and find ways to prevent them like car seats for children, air bags. Cars are much safer now because of that.

                  As I said I don’t want to ban guns. Was just telling my wife we should go out to the range sometime. She is actually better at it than I am.

                2. The good thing is the car industry has an interest in building safer cars so they can market them as the safest. My wife’s car has all these sensors and things for that.

                  1. Well if the criminals would only wear the RFID tags that are put on them after catch and release then guns could have sensors to know who to shoot.

            2. I am not promoting any kind of regulations. That is not what I am interested in. Every adult in my immediate family has at least a handgun and knows how to shoot it.

          4. “Guns are not a public health issue but gunshot injuries are. So is any sort of trauma…”

            This guy claims to be a libertarian rather than a statist shill, but occasionally the mask slips a bit.
            No, ‘any sort of trauma’ ISN’T a ‘public health issue.
            Fuck off, slaver.

          5. And if gunshot injuries are a public health issue, what exactly is causing them? Because it’s not guns randomly going off.

            Chicago is basically a low intensity war zone, but no one wants to admit that law enforcement there has basically failed.

            1. I’m sure there are statistics. I think domestic violence and suicide are high on the list.

            2. It always has failed. The police are outnumbered and outgunned. Always have been.

              I saw that sometime back they started arresting the gang leaders. The result was more violence as the leaders had been keeping some order and discipline. The gangs split into factions and were fighting each other for control.

            3. Just to add parts of Chicago are a war zone. Downtown and the north side are mostly OK although there is still some stuff going on there.

              I have family there. The north side is where the Jewish community is centered. So they were getting harassed by punks driving by as they walked to services on Shabbat. The cops actually did a good thing. They assigned officers to walk with them and have a foot patrol.

              The community was thrilled. They got to know the officers and would invite them in their homes for a good meal. The harassment stopped.

          6. Center for Disease Control you ignorant git. How exactly are guns or gun injuries tied to disease?

      2. I lived in a red state with lockdowns. I guess those don’t count.

        1. What party was your mayor?

          1. I lived in a small suburban city. I have no idea what her party was or even if she had one.

            We had a Republican governor and the state went Trump.

          2. During the height of things 43 states had some sort of lockdowns and closures.

            1. According to balletopedia 19 of the 26 Republican governors issued stay-at-home orders.

              1. Yeah, a lot of them jumped on the bandwagon to be seen “doing something”. But few kept changing the rules and reinstituting various orders every few weeks like Newsom.

                1. Goal post moved.

                  1. No they didn’t, you dishonest fuck.

                  2. No, that’s you.

            2. Wrong. About 20 of them allowed cities or counties to have lockdowns, such as Arizona. The state didnt endorse but allowed. While bad it wasn’t a red state ordering a lock down.

              I find it curious you didnt find out who actually issued your lockdown.

              1. I believe it was the whole state.

              2. So they shut down all of what they thought as non essential and encouraged people to go out except for what they needed. No gatherings. This was when you couldn’t get toilet paper. It was crazy time to be alive.

            3. “During the height…..”

              Yeah, all the scared politicians were doing stupid things at the time. The ones who wanna double down on stupid shit a year and a half later are just fucking evil.

    2. Maybe not directly from a government official, but via certain “social” media outlets who take “suggestions” from the white house, you damn well do need permission.

  10. Block Insane Yomomma “steps in to gin up flagging Biden support.”

    In reality, it’s his own behalf he’s stepping in on. He’s the real (albeit behind the scenes) shadow president, and it’s 100% his agenda: the “:fundamental transformation of America” to a socialist welfare state.

    1. It seems like someone on the left has been sabotaging Democrat contenders for the 2024 presidential nomination. First Harris was made the border crisis czar, an albatross she has mostly tried to ignore. Then Cuomo was sacked over allegations that were ignored for years. Then Biden’s Afghan withdrawal was botched (although he may have done that himself.) Newsome survived a very close recall (52-48% in the polls the week before) that turned out to be not so close (65-35%) thanks to a great “get out the vote” (aka “ballot harvesting”) operation.

      I would suspect the usual suspect (Secretary/Senator Clinton) if she were still young enough to run. But maybe she has another candidate she plans to back.

      1. Hillary comes back like herpes, she got it from her husband.

      2. “I would suspect the usual suspect (Secretary/Senator Clinton) if she were still young enough to run. But maybe she has another candidate she plans to back.”

        Watch Chelsea Clinton step up to “save democracy”. It will be a big sacrifice for her, but that’s what I’m expecting.

        1. Hillary really needs to retire. I don’t think she has many friends and Bill is not much of a companion. Nobody likes her. Maybe she could hire a housekeeper and they could have lunch together out on the porch and talk.

          She needs a hobby like painting or making cute children’s purses. I hear she likes cats so a pet is a good thing. She also likes vodka so that eases things.

    2. Obama’s a lazy puppet, whose greatest concerns are getting the next tee time, and doing what he’s told. Figure out who has their hand up his ass—besides Reggie Love—and you’ll find the people who are responsible for the fundamental transformation.

      1. That’s not entirely true. He also wants to hang with celebrities.

  11. Only in a clown world is it still a right if you need to beg a bureaucrat permission.

  12. Smith and Wesson leaving Massachusetts due to bill that would prohibit them from manufacturing many of their firearms:

    1. Their business is nearly shot.

    2. I didn’t have time to read the story, just give me the bullet points.

    3. Let me try this (I know it’s a fail)

      The state really put them over a barrel.

      1. The new law restricted their capacity.

        1. I saw that in a magazine.

          1. Not with the caliber of reporting these days.

            1. The good ones had been negligently discharged.

              1. It’s a shell game.

                1. We hoped they would debate in good faith but even their best argument merely had a hollow point.

            2. I recoil from thinking about that. Makes my therapist old feeling. But how about the editing? That can really make readers bolt, even if they were targeted. Sometimes you see a slug left in. It’s like they never left the days of hot lead, but how can anyone miss the page automatically reloading? At least now they drink and smoke less.

              1. Hmmm. Bot puns.

              2. Roberta, please don’t bring up therapists in this thread, I find that triggering!

                1. I brought the rapist up because I couldn’t think of another way to get in a pistol pun. So shoot me.

          2. Keep it up, Massachusetts and your exit door is going to be a real revolver! Ah shoot! That one totally missed the target! Time for me to skeetadle!

      2. They will probably go out with a bang.

    4. Build your own… wait… I had something for this.

    5. “Smith and Wesson leaving Massachusetts …”

      Interesting, thanks!

      Maybe of interest to you…
      From above…
      “In July, Remington offered a $33 million settlement. The plaintiffs have yet to respond to the offer, the Post says.”
      Remington is being held responsible for the doings of a gone-bonkers user of its product… Classic “Punish Party A for the doings of Party B”. This injustice being applied to guns will screw us innocent gun owners (in violation of our 2A rights, guns and ammo will start costing bazillions of dollars from us, to pay for all the lawsuits).
      Even if Remington is found innocent (in accordance with 2A), they still had to shell out for lawyers!

      The below is for the Section-230-hating crowds…
      Tearing down Section 230 will enable greedy lawyers to do the same with our 1A rights! They will do to words (more than they are already) what they are doing to guns right now! I hope they punish YOU for what I have written!

      1. Wow! Only Sqrlsy can take a story about a gun manufacturer, and make it about how it’s good to censor the internet.

        1. “Punish Party A for the doings of Party B” appeals to power pigs like MammaryBahnFuhrer, for both our 1A ***AND*** our 2A rights, then!

          What I don’t get is, MammaryBahnFuhrer is from Inner Islamic Canuckistanistanistanistanistanistan… What is it to Her… Oh, wait! If our guns and our free speech goes to shit, MammaryBahnFuhrer the QUEEN of the Echo Chamber can LEAD Her troops (from WAAAAY behind the front lines) from Inner Islamic Canuckistanistanistanistanistanistan, and come here to the USA and invade, and take away our rights! THAT is Her Ax to Grind, the evil bitch!

          1. Of course Reichsquirreler Squoebbels would rail against free speech and liberty. After all, he’s a self proclaimed Nazi:

            “SQRLSY One
            September.30.2020 at 12:53 pm

            Yes! This FURTHER proves that Hitler was NOT a racist!
            Since even Hitler wasn’t a racist, we can pretty firmly conclude that racism isn’t a “thing” at all!

            “SQRLSY One
            November.1.2020 at 8:51 am

            Here, this is a pretty good match! Every asshole is a good, right, and TRUE, benevolent asshole!
            “My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see I was right.”
            ― Adolf Hitler

            SQRLSY One
            November.15.2020 at 3:00 pm

            Flute Police are authorized to use everything up to and including field artillery, and nuclear weapons, to enforce The LAW, dammit, citizen, so OBEY!
            Unauthorized civilians are NOT allowed to play the WRONG kinds of flutes!!! Capisce?
            “Germans who wish to use cheap plastic lung flutes should join the SS or the SA — ordinary citizens don’t need these deadly lung flutes, as their having cheap plastic lung flutes doesn’t serve the State.”
            ― Heinrich Himmler

            SQRLSY One
            November.9.2020 at 4:26 pm

            Bimsday, 39 Bemberbember 2020 at 6:66 PM
            I love to LIE my ass off, and suck Satan’s dick! Because I hate humanity! The Evil One is the Father of Lies, just as Der TrumpfenFuhrer is the Stable Genius! So, as the apple falls not far from the tree, I INSIST on telling obvious lies, all day, every day! Butt… Surprise, surprise! Other Evil Ones Junior will fall for my lies… Because they want to!

            SQRLSY One
            December.2.2020 at 7:09 pm

            Bimbosday, 43 Bimbobember 2020 at 6:66 PM
            I lust after being abused by power-mad politicians, because I am power-mad myself! And I suffer under the utterly stupid illusion that power-mad politicians will feed me, like a doggy under the table, a wee few, tiny scraps of their vast powers. Biden came up here to Canoodlestanistanistanistanistan to noodle me and my poodle, and give me nookie, with my Wookie and my bookie, but all that Biden would do, is smell my hair! So I lust after Der TrumpfenFuhrer to come up here and grab my pussy good and hard!

            1. He also eats shit.

      2. Remington got broken up and I won’t forgive them for the ignoring the issues with the Model 700 (and Model 7) firing without a trigger pull.

        1. Whoa, that’s pretty scary indeed! (I have a few guns, but am not much of a “gun nut”. I haven’t fired them in years, so I am not “up” on these things. Thanks for the scary tidbit!)

          1. 4-flag spastic asshole!

  13. Dear folks at Reason, please don’t teach people unsafe gun handling. The person in the picture should not have her finger on the trigger unless she intends to shoot her purse.

    1. I think you need to say “their finger”.

    2. That’s a man, man.

    3. It’s Dianne Feinstein. No, literally, that’s her.

      1. Dianne Feinstein is a man?

  14. It is insane to think position papers are need to explain “shall not be infringed”.
    Even in a “shall issue” state, the concept that you need a passport to exercise constitutional right is just nuts.

    1. According to that same very text, you also need a well regulated militia. But you think those words are completely dispensable, don’t you?

      1. We have a well regulated militia, therefore I, the people, shall not have my right to keep and bear arms infringed.

      2. Excellent point, Tony. The right to own a gun obviously lacks a convincing basis in the plain words of the Constitution — unlike the right to access abortion care, which is so clearly spelled out that only an ideologue could miss it.


        1. Supreme court precedent noted that a woman’s right to an abortion wasn’t “absolute”, and Buck V Bell is the constitutional case which set precedent about vaccine mandates. So my earlier argument that women COULD be forced into an abortion is unassailable.

          ‘My Body My Choice’ literally has no constitutional precedent. It’s just some shit some shrieking Karens say while waving signs. It literally means nothing.

        2. This wouldn’t be an issue if there weren’t people insisting on using the power of the state to force women to gestate and give birth against their will.

          If we consigned that attitude to cautionary sci-fi novels instead of having to deal with it in real life, we wouldn’t have to invent constitutional rights out of thin air like that.

          The problem is not some disconnected pseudo-hypocrisy, the problem is the existence of people who want to protect no life but fetuses, presumably so they have more fodder for target practice when they’re old enough to go to school.

          1. protect no life but fetuses

            Because six to eight months of mild inconvenience, is exactly the same as being ripped apart limb from limb and burnt up in an incinerator.

            There’s good reason why I think that Tony might be a serial killer.

            1. You seem to have been suckered by evangelical horseshit propaganda. I’m sorry you’re so gullible and weak, but can you keep your problem to yourself perhaps?

              1. I’ve been “suckered” by sonograms, and scientific facts about human development, Dr. Mengele.
                You’re the nut that believes a magical birth-canal fairy confers personhood only on those who first pass through its sacred halls. Sooo scientific, but all hail Moloch.

                “gullible and weak”
                Will to power, huh. You’re not even pretending not to be a Nazi anymore.

                1. Ah yes, the right-winger treatise on science.

                  They don’t know much about science, but they know for sure that it has definitively established a) that an embryo is a person and b) a vagina means you have to wear a skirt and act dainty. Science!

                  1. You don’t know fuck-all about science.
                    You’ve proved that here time and time again. I remember a conversation with you where you didn’t even understand how petroleum is processed or how a power grid works.

                    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe only Shrike, out of all the other posters here knows less than you. To be frank, I don’t think that you even graduated high school, and certainly haven’t taken biology and chemistry…

                    So let’s talk about the science Tony. Tell me why you don’t think a 12 week old fetus is biologically a human being.

                    1. Let’s get a little more precise in our terms. You don’t mean human being, you mean “person with legal rights.”

                      Science has exactly nothing to say about who (or what) should have legal rights, because that is a normative, not an empirical, issue. It is the thing politics and political philosophy exist to decide, not science.

                      That’s not some sort of cop-out. Science doesn’t have, even conceptually, the tools to determine the answers to should questions.

                      In a democracy, the people vote on those sorts of things. In an autocracy, the autocrat decides who has rights and who doesn’t (for now).

                      We could talk at length about the history and philosophy of rights, who got them, at what trimester, but you asked about science.

                    2. Let’s be succinct here:
                      Fuck off and die, shitstain.

                    3. We’re talking about what constitutes a human biologically and scientifically, Tony. Medical and biological textbooks have very clear and concise definitions.
                      We’re not talking about you and your ghoulish pals escape to fake legalese and twatwaffle so you can play like priests of Moloch.

                      You claimed you stood on the side of science, so let’s talk about the science Tony. Again, tell me why you don’t think a 12 week old fetus is biologically a human being.

                    4. First, I don’t think you can say definitively that science cannot be used to answer, at least what we think of as, normative questions. Second, science absolutely has the tools to determine the answers to plenty of should questions, this is just dumb. It is plenty obvious that you can do this with conditionals. If I want X, should I do Y or Z is certainly the type of question science can help answer.

                  2. LOL, even the majority of “pro-choice” people want at least SOME restrictions.

                    You know about as much about the abortion issue as you do on western climate history.

              2. Or he understands science and doesn’t have to pretend life begins through a magical vagina gateway.

              3. No religious dogma was invoked. Where are you getting that?

                1. It’s all he’s got. He’s not exactly an honest debater.

          2. “force women to gestate and give birth”

            Yikes! I thought you were a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Tony. You should know the intersectional, trans-inclusive expression is “force birthing people to gestate and give birth.” (Although “force uterus havers to gestate and give birth” is also acceptable.)


            1. Nah. All the trannies are dead now since Dave Chappelle gave “violent bigots” “permission” to murder them.

              Yup. Tony said it. What a ridiculous little drama queen.

            2. Just a plain old libertarian who doesn’t believe the state should force people to do things with their own body they don’t want to do.

              1. You’re not a libertarian.

                1. My pinky is libertarian, and there is more libertarian in it than in this entire comments ecosystem at this point.

                  “Dang it, the socialists are outflanking us on liberty. What are we going to do? I guess we have no choice but to build concentration camps and exterminate everyone who annoys us.”

                  –Nominal libertarians, post-Trump

                  1. You do realize that your lot has been building actual dissident internment camps in Canada, Italy and Australia, don’t you.
                    That’s why you’re spouting this nonsense against the non-woke. You can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be doing what you guys are.

                    1. I suspect that’s not true, sadly.

                      I believe in dealing with the non-woke in a very generous way. We’re in a fast-paced time. Social progress is happening faster than it used to, when it used to take generations before a black guy could get lunch. This leaves a lot of people reeling, naturally. I think they should be treated with gentle forgiveness. They’ll suffer enough if they ever evolve a sense of shame.

                      The problem is, the only reason anyone ever built a concentration camp was to preserve some meaningless cultural assumption. I don’t know if you’re aware, but the Jews weren’t actually responsible for Germans’ hurt feelings. It was just a little fib.

                      So as long as the culturally retarded insist on having political power, the issue of who is more vulnerable than whom remains important, and it pays to be vigilant. White people still have a lot of power in this society. Not for long, but still.

                    2. “I suspect that’s not true, sadly”

                      Thanks, I’m saving that “sadly” about internment camps for the next time that you claim to be libertarian.
                      Also a short google search could’ve allayed you’re doubts.

                      What’s really interesting in your response, is that you were first moaning that the Trumpies might build internment camps, and then delighted to hear that the left was.

                      Here’s a “fact check” on the watered down American ones being built.

                      Imagine if they’d done that with Aids, Tony.

                      “White people still have a lot of power in this society. Not for long, but still.”

                      Who the fuck cares you race baiting shit? It’s no secret here that I’m Métis, so your lefty race hustle has no hold on me.
                      Besides, your woke and CRT are just tools in your class war against the workers. Rich white billionaires mouthing leftist platitudes hold all the power.
                      Fortunately brown people everywhere are waking up to the fact that you white lefty shits have actually been the ones wielding race as a hammer.

                    3. So the best you have is a fact check where the verdict is “partly false”?

                      Yeah, way back in August of 2020 when that was written, there was lots of talk around the world about how to end the pandemic, including how to shelter travelers as they underwent quarantine.

                      If you ask me, everyone who wasn’t essential to maintaining basic services should have been given money to stay indoors for a couple weeks, and we’d all have been out slobbering on each other in public again a long time ago.

                      That article does have a long history of quarantines, which are even mentioned in the Bible. It’s not unusual to separate the diseased from the healthy. It’s a pretty rational thing to do. It’s something animals do by instinct sometimes, and which humans are even more facilitated to do what with our big brains, if you’d only use yours sometime.

                  2. How are they outflanking the party that has been for 100% body autonomy for 50 years Tony?

                    Oh that’s right, they aren’t. And on top of that you don’t think the money I earn providing a service to people is really my money, so you don’t believe in economic liberty either.

              2. I finally get it.
                I finally understand why an authoritarian facist like you has been slithering around here, Tony.

                You’ve confused libertarian with libertine.

                1. But I haven’t confused you with a libertarian.

                  “Libertarian isn’t libertine!”

                  Translation: “Government should force women to give birth and cage people who have personal relationships I don’t approve of. Also, sure, lower my taxes.”

                  1. See, you can’t actually debate my arguments so you lie about what they are and attack that.

                    How incredibly pathetic you are.

                    1. Tony being mendacious is a dog bites man story. It is what they do.

                    2. There was an argument in the post I was responding to? Perhaps you could rephrase without the name-calling.

                2. “…You’ve confused libertarian with libertine…”

                  You’re crediting shitstain with entirely too much sobriety; does not happen.

              3. Like taking a vaccine they don’t want.

      3. At the risk of feeding the trolls:
        The way you get a well regulated militia is by every citizen keeping and bearing arms.

        1. Except you don’t want to be well regulated, do you? You want to get drunk and shoot your nuts off.

          If your argument is that the 2nd amendment is anachronistic and obsolete, I couldn’t agree more.

          1. Longtobefree – “At the risk of feeding the trolls…”

            Toony – “Hurr-durr, (Appeal to motive) and you want to get drunk and shoot your nuts off”

            Lol, idiot troll feeding achieved.

            1. Tony only polished a snubnose last night and is feeling unsatisfied hence the trolling.

            2. I have some other Tony quotes. His catchphrases include:

              ‘Hey sailor!’
              ‘Up for brunch?’
              ‘I’m a bottom.’

              Anything more complex turns to gibberish.

          2. Regulated mentioned equipped and functioning Tony. You know this.

            1. I also don’t give a fuck. I’m for repealing antiquated and obsolete laws that get tens of thousands of people killed each year for no good reason.

              1. Yeah. Roe v Wade needs to go. Hundreds of thousands of murders a year. End this endless war on babies.

      4. Are there any states without a National Guard? Or are you saying that everyone should join the Proud Boys? Or…do you even know what you are saying?

        1. It has been explained to Tony countless times over the years what “well regulated” means, that every able bodied man between the ages of 18 and 45 is automatically a member of the militia, and “Shall not be infringed” is an absolute term.

          Tony is fucking stupid, and a dishonest fuck besides.

          1. “…Tony is fucking stupid, and a dishonest fuck besides.”

            And any other comment you could possibly make regarding shitstain is not nearly as complimentary.

            1. He’s a fucking troll who comes here to toss out brickbats and gin up a thread.

              Best served muted.

      5. Do liberals really not understand descriptive clauses and their use in grammar?

      6. SCOTUS says “go pound sand.”

  15. I’ll be posting this tomorrow as well, but Facebook just released an ad explicitly demanding that section 230 be modified so the Federal Government will do its content moderation for it. Facebook, in the ad, explicitly states it no longer wants the burden of content moderation, and demands that congress take up the process in its stead.

    Let’s see how the ‘muh corporations’ wing of the commentariat (and Reason writers) respond to that little nugget.

    1. Well, they could just stop the editing.
      It is not required that someone else take up suppressing free speech.
      Facebook should just delete items that are illegal, and for each item removed, file the police report.

      1. Unfortunately, the communications decency act requires they do so.

    2. I think we must think bigger and redefine what a corporation is.

      It must be terribly difficult for social media companies. On the one hand, an enormous amount of profit can be had (and must be sought according to current standards of what corporations are supposed to do) by churning out a manipulative hate stream to the masses. On the other hand, they’re destroying society this way.

      In the absence of a regulation, a company is to a degree legally obligated to continue doing the destructive thing. In such a situation, a company under enormous social pressure might very well call out to government to take the burden off its hands. Zuckerberg may seem like a soulless asshole for continuing to defend a product that generates enormous wealth for him but which may produce absolutely no benefit to society and might in fact be destroying it. But it is his life’s work, so what is he supposed to do?

      1. Oh fuck, could you be any more obvious?

      2. Any attempt by government to control the economy or flow of information is doomed to fail. Facebook is there because people like Facebook. A lot of people. It will probably fade away in favor of something else.

        I don’t do social media but then again I am not very social.

        1. Social media companies are using technology developed by the gambling industry to generate “engagement” to sell ads. Hate and fear are more engaging than positivity. Facebook is the only source of news for millions of people, sometimes including entire countries’ worth of people, and more than one revolution has started on social media.

          This is an enormous experiment in humanity we’re conducting, and if you want to argue that regulations are always useless, this is the worst place to start, other than perhaps a mercury-laden coal mine or something.

          I get that online speech is hard to regulate, but Facebook is not necessary for civil society and may be destroying it. I can’t believe the number of times I’ve heard people argue the inevitability and indestructibility of two media companies that have been around for about a decade.

          1. If you have to control how people are allowed to communicate with each other for your society to work, then you don’t believe in democracy. You believe in authoritarianism.

            1. You mean like entrusting the entire global political debate to Mark Zuckerberg?

              Pretty sure I was arguing exactly the opposite.

              1. The focus on Facebook is the establishment bitching about someone making more money than they do. The media has been a market for hysterics and fear mongering forever. The “whistleblower” is the most propped-up-by-the-establishment whistleblower of all time, basically asking for and being offered a new government agency in advance, all for the “courage” it takes to talk about a past employer. And for what? To make Facebook stop ranking your newsfeed by popularity?

                If you can’t see how you’re getting set up for censorship and control by the establishment elite, then I don’t know what to do for you, little lamb.

              2. It reminds me: remember when Salon basically ruined their comments section? People weren’t happy because they got to hear things they didn’t like and that didn’t confirm their biases, so Salon stepped in to regulate. And they had complete control of the comment section, no constitution standing in the way. And by the time they were done, their own people were furious.

                But these people, who can’t even manage a comment section, are not only to explain how we should all communicate with each other and manage our entire society?

                Not only that, but they’re the geniuses who decided to go into a career in woke talking points in a market saturated by… woke talking points. Gee, no wonder capitalism is unfair.

          2. You do revel in hate and fear. These things define you.

          3. Tony.

            Everything is an experiment in that sense. Life is an experiment.

            If you can get on Facebook you can get to more sources of news than I can count. To proclaim that the world depends on it is nonsense. People depend on it by choice. Like my space or AOL it will fade away. It is already moms thing in the younger generations.

            There is no place for the government to regulate any of it.

      3. “…On the one hand, an enormous amount of profit can be had (and must be sought according to current standards of what corporations are supposed to do) by churning out a manipulative hate stream to the masses…”
        Shitstain can’t spell “Democrat propaganda”


        “ There is a common belief that corporate directors have a legal duty to maximize corporate profits and “shareholder value” — even if this means skirting ethical rules, damaging the environment or harming employees. But this belief is utterly false. To quote the U.S. Supreme Court opinion in the recent Hobby Lobby case: “Modern corporate law does not require for-profit corporations to pursue profit at the expense of everything else, and many do not.””

        1. True. Investors know this.

          1. The people who don’t know this are usually the misinformed anti-capitalist crowd who only understand what their handlers tell them. For people who care so much about policy, they don’t seem to know what it is.

    3. Interesting. How exactly is the government going to build and run the infrastructure to moderate something so massive? Besides there would have to be legal challenges from users.

      He might just be giving them the finger.

      1. “Both sides” is often true and valid!

        “Both sides” imagine themselves replacing Section 230 with something that allows THEM to “pussy grab” their opponents… And their opponents will NEVER be smart enough to pussy grab them right back! “Secular Karma” isn’t a “thing” in their stunted little minds!

        Yet even smart social ANIMALS know about “Secular Karma”!

        Even animals far simpler and less intelligent than humans engage in “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” (but not if you don’t). Research animal reciprocity and animal altruism, kin altruism, etc. From,manner%20at%20a%20later%20time , see this excerpt: “Numerous species of bacteria engage in reciprocal altruistic behaviors with other species.” If even bacteria can see the benefits of cooperation, then surely humans should be able to do the same!

        In higher (and social, intelligent) animals, we see more of the same, and even more complexities. Study “Dunbar’s Number” as a related topic. We keep track of each other, and how each of us treat others, and act accordingly! Politically, even! See Political Animals (Yes, Animals) By Natalie Angier “Researchers who study highly gregarious and relatively brainy species like rhesus monkeys, baboons, dolphins, sperm whales, elephants and wolves have lately uncovered evidence that the creatures engage in extraordinarily sophisticated forms of politicking, often across large and far-flung social networks.”

        If the social (and political!) behavior of intelligent, social animals backs up the idea of “tread carefully, because as you sow, so shall you reap”, then SURELY we as happiness-seeking humans should pay heed to that! So then… Mourn the pains, sufferings, and deaths of others, exercise your “mirror neurons”, practice some fellow-feeling, and you will be blessed with more genuine and long-term happiness!

        1. ‘Nother spastic asshole flag.

          1. Hey Smegmalung!

            Don’t you have more important things to do, instead of thread-shitting here? As San Fran’s foremost homeless hobo, couldn’t you be doing your “squeegee” racket, fighting with the other bums, pooping in the streets, and yelling insane, deluded insults at passers-by?

            1. flag for spastic asshole

    4. Let’s see how Ken responds, since he always paints Facebook as the victims of political pressure from the Democrats.

      1. Remember. Like sarcasmic Mike only talks about issues and not about people.

  16. If you really want to combat ‘gun control’ enthusiasts, you must understand their position, their argument. But you can’t, it’s totally irrational, they have an irrational fear of the actual danger imposed.

    That means it’s ‘phobia’, and if the phobia interferes with rationality, it is a mental illness. Gun control is a mental illness.

    1. It is not irrational.

      If there are no guns nobody gets shot. Simple as that.

      It is completely wrong in that individuals have the right to chose their own risks and benefits. Besides that gun culture is so embedded in America that it will never go away. Not to mention the constitutional issue which has been upheld by the courts.

      1. If there are no guns nobody gets shot. Simple as that.

        Except when they do.

        1. This is how they are thinking I do not agree but it is not irrational. If there are zero guns people do not die from gunshot injuries.

          They will die from some other cause but not that one. That is the flaw in logic. The other is that zero guns is possible in America,

          Was with the family today. We adults talked about going to the range around here as an activity. It is no big deal and no need to make a big fuss about.

          1. This is how they are thinking I do not agree but it is not irrational. If there are zero guns people do not die from gunshot injuries.

            You are just rationalizing. Once you exempt guns from discourse, there are a whole other level of weapons that become more dangerous as a result. The UK has a pretty comprehensive list of bladed implements that they ban as well.

            Guns are the great equalizer. It works within a nation as well as between nations. The founders recognized that in the 2A.

            1. Certainly and you missed the point I was trying to make.

      2. Not to mention the constitutional issue which has been upheld by the courts.

        It’s always disappointing when the courts uphold the constitution.

  17. Oh, by the way, this is from the BBC. Not Alex Jones, not some… what is it.. q-anon something or other. The BBC:

    The UK has become the first country in Europe to pass 50,000 coronavirus deaths, according to the latest government figures.

    A total of 50,365 people have died within 28 days of a positive Covid test, up 595 in the past 24 hours.

    The government’s death figures only include people who died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus – but two other ways of measuring deaths give higher overall figures.

    The first includes all deaths where coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate, even if the person had not been tested for the virus. The most recent figures suggest there had been more than 60,000 deaths by 23 October, by this measure.

    You’re being lied to, and they’re admitting it in print.

    1. That article is from a year ago. Your point is ——-?

      1. More to the point, those numbers were used to justify massive, groundbreaking lockdowns.

        1. And the guy who recommended the lockdowns was out screwing somebody’s wife.

            1. Humans learn. We are part of nature and adapt. Turns out the one and done J&J Jansen routine was incorrect. You need another. So get another. Or do not. Either way you are a part of an experiment to find how to deal with a threat.

        2. Quarantining during plagues is as old as plagues, and those are as old as humanity.

          You’re being told what to feel by political interests who would sooner see you as their cannon fodder than look at you.

          Stop feeling and start thinking.

          1. “…Stop feeling and start thinking…”

            Shitstain’s a laught riot.

          2. You must be speaking from your extensive personal experience in this area.

          3. Tony

            Quarantine is a severe measure. It has terrible cost.

            Anyone sick and positive needs to do that. However on a population basis it has much higher cost over benefit.

            1. That’s a rather casual way of condemning millions of people to their deaths. Perhaps we as a species can have a rational conversation about it first?

              1. You are free to isolate from others now. As is anyone else. Problem solved.

              2. Tony you sit on the internet. I live this.

    2. People usually die because their brains are deprived of oxygen for too long. Determining cause of death isn’t an exact science.

      Your argument seems to be… what? That Covid doesn’t kill anyone? That it’s all a hoax? What is your argument? That someone is lying? Who? All the world’s medical professionals?

      Gee, if the global scientific community is so good at coordinating lies to make conservative feelings hurt, and they have, like, science at their disposal, what kind of chance do you think you stand?

      1. Or they get in a car accident, die of cancer, or anything else in 28 days.

        1. That article mentions three measures of deaths:

          death within 28 days of positive PCR – 50,000 is the number cited then

          covid mentioned on death certificate – 60,000 is the number cited then

          excess deaths over the timeframe in question. A number isn’t mentioned in the article but it is quite easy to duckduckgo ‘excess death statistics in UK’ and get the raw data. which added up to roughly 63,000 then.

          Your ilk continually pretends no one is really dying. That this is entirely about invented PCR test results or forged death certificates. But 63,000 is excess bodies. THIS is why your ilk are nihilists not libertarians. You don’t give a shit about actual dead humans. Only about your stupid denialist politics.

          1. All you’re doing is adding lockdown deaths to covid deaths.

          2. Fuck off and die, Jfuckoff.

        2. Yes they could Jesse.

          So anything is possible. They could die from a drug overdose. What was your point. That people do not die from Covid? That it is not a potentially deadly disease to be dealt with? That people do not suffer from it?

          We still deal with everything else best we can. Come mop the floors with me in the hospital sometime.

  18. MyPillow guy mocked for pushing back Trump’s ‘reinstatement’ to Thanksgiving

    ‘Just keep pushing those goalposts to keep people hanging on so they will keep giving money’

    God… do these people ever quit crying? JFC, get over it.

    1. Does commie-shit ever pay his mortgage?

      1. God, it’s been almost a decade now. I’m looking forward to the next financial crisis, where the banks demand that we, the taxpayer, bail them out while at the same time demand fidelity from the people they loaned money to. Those phone calls were fucking great!

        1. “It’s bad when they do it, but ok when I do it.”

          1. Communism makes a lot of sense to losers. Winning is unequal.

        2. Yes, your democrat friends will demand that, after creating said crisis.

        3. Yep, commie-shit blames his infantile response to financial issues on every one but commie-shit, except the government who caused the problems.
          Some lefty pile of shit was here not long ago claiming the 2008 disaster was caused by financial institutions ‘not under federal regulations’, ignoring the fact that those institutions made loans promoted, and guaranteed by the Fed.
          It wasn’t turd; he isn’t worth a response. Nor is commie-shit worth engagement; the slimy pile of lefty shit is not about to learn anything when he can blame others for his infantile egotism and get away with it (like every other lefty scumbag) by having honest people clean up his mess.
          Here’s the best you’re going to get, commie shit:
          Jam a rusty garden rake up your ass, hope your medical insurance doesn’t cover it, fuck off and die.

        4. I’m looking forward to the next financial crisis,”

          So sell and buy on the dip then?

          Buy bitcoin?

          Why would anyone look forward to a financial crisis. I don’t get it.

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  20. “It’s possible that such arguments will resonate with Justice Sonia Sotomayor”

    I seriously doubt it. Furthermore, I expect Roberts to rule against the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

    1. “It’s possible that such arguments will resonate with Justice Sonia Sotomayor,”

      A bit early to be sitting on the lap of a fat guy in a red suit with a white beard, isn’t it?

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