A Different Approach to Anti-Racism

"If you want to fight the impulse that we human beings have to feel better than others," says Chloé Valdary, "it's a bad idea to make people so insecure."


Chloé Valdary had an unusual childhood. She grew up in a Christian family, but one that celebrated Jewish holy days. She was raised in New Orleans, a city dominated by Catholicism and its symbols, but her church was anti-Catholic. She's black, but her first steps into identity politics and activism were in opposition to antisemitism. And even with her religious upbringing, it was something an agnostic professor said that provoked her eureka moment.

So it's perhaps unsurprising that her approach to anti-racism is different from that of best-selling leftist consultants such as Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo. Instead of pushing people to feel guilty and complicit in everything from minor slights to systemic racism in workplace trainings, Valdary's company, Theory of Enchantment, wants participants of every background to learn to be more curious about and compassionate toward those who are different from them. "This attempt to correct injustice is laudable," she wrote last year in USA Today of the protests over the police killing of George Floyd that erupted across the country, "but the work of anti-racism must be rooted in the moral ethic of love and acknowledge the profound sacredness of human beings."

Valdary uses popular culture to teach about age-old ideas. Unsurprisingly, many people seem to prefer her positive curriculum over ones that insist they feel shame for having been born and raised a certain race. Valdary is frequently asked to speak at universities and corporations. In July, she spoke with Reason's Nick Gillespie via Zoom about the problems with most modern "diversity, equity, and inclusion" programs and why she thinks her alternative stands a better chance of breaking down barriers.

Reason: What's the elevator pitch for Theory of Enchantment?

Chloé Valdary: Theory of Enchantment is a startup. It's my company, and we teach anti-racism in the corporate boardroom and beyond. We have a very specific approach to this particular practice that combines popular culture, the arts, with a kind of mindfulness understanding of how to fight against and combat prejudice and bigotry.

What is the landscape in corporate offices? Is racism afoot? Is it like a wildfire? Is it a muted smoldering? In other words: How bad is the problem that you're talking about?

This is actually a challenging question for me. Because on one level, it's not as if companies are being bombarded with the spirit of Jim Crow, right? That's not what we're talking about here. And to that point, as I'm sure you know, there's been a giant proliferation of diversity and inclusion programs over the past year and a half, due to some of the events of last year.

One would assume that because of that proliferation, there's actually not much prejudice in the workplace. But the problem is that because a lot of the trainings that are super popular today are in some ways creating results that end up promoting prejudice, you have this byproduct effect where people are being inundated with an approach to anti-racism that creates the likelihood of more prejudice, not less.

Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo are probably the two best-known advocates of that approach, where every situation is seen as fraught with a massive amount of unacknowledged racism. And the job of facilitators is to come into, say, National Public Radio's headquarters and help people there realize that they're racist. But you're saying that approach is part of the problem.

Yes, because it's based upon a couple of things that are problematic. If you believe that anything and everything is white supremacy, for example—as it seems to me especially individuals like Robin DiAngelo believe—then, ironically, you are sort of claiming that white supremacy is this all-powerful, all-pervasive thing. You're actually accepting a premise that white supremacists professed. In doing so, you sort of perpetuate this belief, or stereotype, that people of color are helpless victims and will always be helpless victims. That creates a caricaturing of both black and white people, which actually just leads to more prejudice in the workplace, as opposed to getting rid of it.

That has a cultural effect in the long run, because people are essentially saying to themselves, "I want to be a good person, I want to do the right thing, this is super in vogue, and this is what I'm being told makes me a good person." So it just metastasizes.

Let's say I run a corporation and I want to bring you in to facilitate better relationships across my staff. How do you proceed? What does the Theory of Enchantment look like?

You could have us come in and do an actual day-long workshop, just to pilot a program to see if you really agree with or like our approach. Or you could enroll in our self-paced program, which anyone can enroll in at any time.

Those are structured differently. But both of them are based upon the three foundational principles of the Theory of Enchantment, which are: Treat people like human beings, not political abstractions. Criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down or destroy. And try to root everything you do in loving compassion. So the objective of both of those approaches is to get the practitioner embodying those three practices.

What are the exercises that lead to that?

In our workshop, for example, when we talk about treating people like human beings, not political abstractions, we then have to unpack what it means to be a human being. Which is quite inexhaustible, actually, and quite vast, which is part of the beauty and the wonder of what it means to be human. So people go through different practices that have to do with vulnerability, that have to do with exploring tools like stoicism, which helps us as a species deal with things like our need for control.

The reason for this is very simple. When we talk about the concept of supremacy, supremacy is not just a racial concept. If someone cuts me off in the street and I begin to see that person as less than me, to see myself as greater than or better than that person, I have entered into a supremacist superiority complex, right? And when I'm doing that, I'm basically acting out of insecurity. I'm using supremacy as a defensive mechanism, because I am operating out of a sense of lack. So all the exercises in the Theory of Enchantment help the practitioners develop tools to deal with their insecurities—because all human beings have insecurities, unless you're the Buddha or something—so you'll be less likely to overcompensate for them by being attracted to supremacist ways of thinking. And again, it's not strictly racial. It's a fundamentally base human instinct that we get looped in as a defensive mechanism.

One of the things I found really interesting is your use of literature and popular culture. You use music, books, movies, etc., to explore these themes. Can you talk about that? It seems like a really good way to break down abstractions, because you're talking about a common text. But then it also seems like the minute you start talking about a particular song (and you use some hip-hop stuff) or particular writing (you use a lot of pieces by James Baldwin), you're immediately going to start fighting with each other. What are some of the specific texts you use, and how does that play out?

I love the arts. I've always been drawn to the arts. I love literature. I love dance. I love music. And the reason we use these as tools to give people the sense of an affordance of a common humanity is because, even though we're living at a time where it's politically in vogue to caricature people and to reduce people, the task of the arts is to give expression to the full range of the human condition. This is something that one learns, for example, when going to acting school and being in theater.

We use, as you said, sources from hip-hop. We use Kendrick Lamar. In our full self-paced training, we use songs by Lil Wayne. But it's a full range. So there's songs in there by John Mayer. There's literature in there by John Steinbeck. There's literature by Cheryl Strayed. There are snippets of Disney films that are used as prompts for exploration and identity discovery.

What's a sample snippet of a Disney film?

In our module on stoicism, we teach individuals how to assume the posture of sympathia, which is a great term that means "to look up." This corresponds with an idea in The Lion King, which is embedded in the song the "Circle of Life." The "Circle of Life" is arguably an incredibly stoic text, if you will. Because Simba has to learn how to mature from a young cub to an actual king. And in doing so, he has to learn certain principles which are stoic in nature, like taking the view from above and understanding the interconnectedness of all things. So this is how we sort of play with ancient wisdom that's hundreds or thousands of years old and have that be in conversation with contemporary art and contemporary stories.

I was an English major in college and beyond, and I would love the idea of taking time off from work to talk about Kendrick Lamar, or a Disney movie, or an essay or a short story by somebody like James Baldwin or John Steinbeck. I could also see a lot of people being like, "What the hell is this shit?" Are people open, in your experience, to working through their humanity?

The truth is that some people feel at this point there's no choice. Because we are so polarized as a community, as a nation, and we are so much at each others' throats, it seems, especially on social media. So this is meeting a demand and servicing a pain point that people are having in different sorts of avenues. To date, there's been no outbound sales strategy on the part of the company. In terms of getting customers, everything has been inbound. So I think that that's really a testament to the demand and to the pain points.

You look at some of the reports about insane corporate training sessions, where people are either figuratively or literally asked to wear a Chinese Cultural Revolution–style chalkboard saying, "I am a criminal," and forced to confess that they are racist, that they are sexist, that they are homophobic, that they're bad people. Where do you think that's coming from? And why do people—I guess this is an easy question—why do people search out your program rather than something that emphasizes that kind of stuff?

That last question is easier to answer, in the sense that people are looking for alternatives to programs that make them feel worthless. And this is important to point out because of the connection between insecurity and a supremacist superiority complex. It's actually a horrible idea, if you want to fight the impulse that we human beings have to feel better than others, it's a bad idea to make people so insecure. Because that is a driver of the need to feel better than others.

People are seeking out Theory of Enchantment because it's not just an alternative. It's also an incredibly rich humanistic experience. The overall goal is to really get people to come away from that experience with a renewed sense of joy and wonder that they have in relation to their lives and the lives of others, and to see themselves and others with the fullness of the complexity that we all possess. What that does is it means that you will not see the other as a threat. You will see the other as a source of curiosity and wonder.

When people talk about white supremacism in American history, there's no denying that the country was founded coincident with race-based slavery. And it was a slavery that made "innovations," such as the idea that if your mother was a slave, you will always be a slave. Reckoning with that is a legitimate and necessary process that every generation has to go through. So it's not that America is perfect, or anything close to that. But it also seems like, at a moment when things generally are getting better, suddenly people start insisting that white supremacy is even worse today than it was 50 or 100 years ago.

Well, we are sort of still going through a pandemic, right? The pandemic has unleashed, I think, not a meaning crisis but another wave in what has been a meaning crisis that has been confronting us as a nation for a long time. And I think that when you are in a liminal space such as a pandemic, where you don't have the same rituals that you may have had previously, your workspace is the same as your home space, you're not having graduation ceremonies anymore, you're not connecting physically with people anymore—that's an incredible strain on your life as a human being. That breeds insecurity, both in the material sense and in a sort of spiritual-psychological sense. And whenever there's insecurity, there is this probability that we as a species will become more likely to get into these adversarial modes of being as a defensive mechanism, to sort of grasp or hold on to something that makes us feel secure. So I think that what's happening is the same sort of code playing itself out within us.

You grew up in New Orleans. You went to the University of New Orleans. You have talked about how it was really at the college level that you became an activist. Could you kind of unspool what Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye calls "all that David Copperfield kind of crap"?

Well-stated. I'll try to sum it up.

Yes, I was born in New Orleans. I was born into a religious family, whose religious expression contained the seeds of both dogmatism and rebellion, which is an interesting combination. I grew up Christian, but I grew up observing mainstream Jewish festivals and holy days. So I grew up observing Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana.

Is this a large-scale sect such as Jehovah's Witness or Seventh-day Adventist? Or something like that?

It's something like Seventh-day Adventist. Seventh-day Adventists go to church on Saturday, not Sunday. That's how I grew up. It was a very anti-Catholic church.

Well, New Orleans has a lot of Catholics, so they know what they're talking about.

It's true cultural domination. But what that gave me was a sense of affinity for Jewish culture and therefore an allergy to antisemitism, which really culminated in 2012, when antisemitism was resurfacing in France. There were a few terror attacks against the Jewish community, and I thought to myself, how is this still a thing in the 21st century? So I got involved in the fight against antisemitism. I had a pro-Israel student club at the University of New Orleans. I hosted events with friends from Tulane University where we would bring in lecturers and things of that nature.

But I shifted in my outlook when I stopped reading polemical books about, for example, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and started reading Israeli literature—in particular Amos Oz. That really changed my attitude. It changed my posture. But it didn't change it overnight. It was the beginning of a change. The literary approach to humanity is very different from the political adversarial approach, where the objective is to defeat your opponent. The literary approach is able to hold space for all of the complexities and the nuances of the human condition. And I find it to be a much more sophisticated, more mature approach. And that orientation was deeply instrumental in the development of the Theory of Enchantment. So that was happening near my senior year in college, that shift.

Also, something pivotal that happened was I took a class called "Anthropology of Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft" with this professor who I was prejudiced towards in my mind. I assumed because she was agnostic (and I was very dogmatic at the time) that she would know nothing, and not only would know nothing about religion but would condescend to the religious.

She had us watch a film, Jesus Camp, which portrays evangelicals who send their kids to a camp, I think where they're taught to speak in tongues or what have you. It doesn't really [portray] the evangelical community in a positive light. The next day I go to school and there's a student, a classmate who's an atheist, and she starts railing against this community. And my agnostic professor, who I have prejudged, and who I have assumed will say one thing and act in one way, essentially starts to defend the community. She models a literary posturing, which is: If you are not capable of wrestling with all the things that we as human beings gravitate towards—even mistakenly, even in a incorrect way—but if you're not able to grapple with the source of that, which is ultimately a need for meaning and belonging, then you aren't really understanding the purpose of this course.

Her saying that created an existential crisis in my life. Because I had put her into this box, and the boxes were insufficient, which meant my entire worldview was crumbling.

After I graduated, I moved to New York and got a job at The Wall Street Journal and worked closely with Bret Stephens. That is where I began to work on a thesis that was the catalyst for Theory of Enchantment. And that is when I began to study pop culture, in particular, and the arts: as a means to try to pull out this framework that would teach people how to be able to grasp their own complexity and the complexity of the other in a spirit of curiosity, wonder, and joy, as opposed to that adversarial orientation.

This interview has been edited for clarity and style. For a podcast version, subscribe to The Reason Interview With Nick Gillespie.

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  1. Valdary’s program seems to be based on this: (Micah 6:8) What does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

    To me, that is why it her program is positive and uplifting. Hopefully the BigCorp I work for adopts her approach. Thusfar, it has not.

    I really hope the fundamental ideas behind ‘Theory of Enchantment’ gain more cache in American society. Her ideas and applications are a lot more positive than the crap Kendi and DeAngelo peddle.

    1. We had a great one. Brilliant, spiritual man said we should judge by the content of character rather than superficial BS.
      He wound up dead and now we’re told colorblind = racist.

      This unicorn petting BS isn’t any better. It’s just artificial and condescending in a different direction.

      1. It’s overdressed, and no doubt on purpose. But at it’s core – Stoicism, Christianity, etc. it is much more in keeping with the Western traditions that led us to oppose slavery and promote the valuation and autonomy of the individual in the first place.

        It’s not perfect, but it is damn sure better than the harmful tripe being peddled by the heirs of Rousseau and Kant.

        1. Tripe of another flavor remains offal. This reeks of child-mind retardation.

          1. What does that even mean?

              1. “And you get a chamber pot!…And you get a chamber pot…And you get a chamber pot!…”

                Oh, wait, that’s Oprah!

                1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Chamberpots

                  1. Not Hairy Potty?

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            3. Just mute his ass and move on. Don’t feed the trolls…

      2. Some people want to feel good. Some people want to control others. And some people want to feel good about controlling others.

      3. The answer is to stop worrying about your group identity and how your ancestors may have been oppressed or unfairly treated. Focus on making yourself productive and honorable and treating others fairly.

        California just mandated diversity and inclusion training to graduate from high school. If done well it could be a good thing — kids could learn that Chinese immigrants were treated terribly when they first arrived, and are now discriminated against for being too successful.

        1. You think people will abandon power?

        2. California better hurry up, they’re running out of white people to blame.

      4. Even before that, we had a guy who said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

        Of course, they ended up killing him, too.

        1. There were many guys who said that before and after that so-called “guy”. And none of them ever told you how you should treat yourself well. And doesn’t the concept of desert come in somewhere?

          1. Billions in fact. Sure Hillel the Elder and Jesus of Nazareth enshrined it in global culture, but Encog’s going to have to tip his fedora because you didn’t mention everyone who was keen on the concept.

            FFS, you’re like a parody.

    2. I agree. I’d love to see this approach in the colleges and universities that I’ve been involved in. What I’ve seen so far is backfiring – backfiring badly.

      Micah 6:8 is a great reference. For those who profess to be Christians, Matthew 22:37-40 might also be appropriate.

      1. It just made sense, given her background and upbringing, that quote reflects her philosophy.

      2. “What I’ve seen so far is backfiring – backfiring badly.”

        Of course, this assumes that the intent is to foster understanding and tolerance between people of different races, and not to drive them apart in a divide-and-conquer strategy.

        1. It’s more like divide-and-fleece-the-suckers.

      3. I think she talks a good game, but there is lots of academic research that shows that lots of vigorous finger pointing is the most successful path to racial reconciliation.

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    4. No need for theology or psychobabble. Ms. Valdary could probably just walk into the room and a David Duke would rend his Klan robes with delight.

      1. You don’t seem too different from the guy that raged from watching Jesus Camp. Give credit to theology where its due.

  2. She’s black, but her first steps into identity politics and activism were in opposition to antisemitism.

    Unpossible! Black female privilege! Uh… is she cis? Cis-privilege!
    *Scans SJW heirarchy chart for further aspersions*

  3. I didn’t finish reading it, had to take care of a series of cavities and a craving for diapers that suddenly developed after a few paragraphs…

    Mollycoddled, hypersensitive, lacklustre hypochondriacs need to get punched in the face more until they can mind their own business and function in the real world.

    Diversity is survival; ideologically and genetically, homogenous systems are doomed to extinction events.
    Equity is shit. Your failing to achieve an outcome is your fault, not mine.
    Inclusion is not an option. I don’t want you on my lawn and I don’t want to be on yours. Fuck off and find other friends.

    1. But in the utopia desired by Valdary, there are no people who think like you. How dare you defy her enlightened vision!

    2. What’s astonishing is that you believe that there are people who would want to have you in their yard to begin with, much less have anything to do with you at all in person. You appear to be a very bitter, self-righteous man, with a chip on your shoulder at the world and everyone in it.

      1. Or maybe he just wants the leftist busybodies to leave him the fuck alone. I think he’s on to something though, if only there was a word for it. It describes when everybody is able to freely associate with whom ever they please and lead their own lives free of harassment without being forced to kneel at the utopian altar of “progress”. The word, it escapes me.

    3. The sick and sickly instinctively strive after a herd organization…

  4. Whether it’s good or bad anti-racism I think the world could use a few less sensitivity consultants. Stop shilling for these corporate parasites Reason.

    1. Wow, you have a low bar for what you consider “shilling”. This “shilling” sure looked like a plain, old ordinary interview.

      1. How have you managed to survive so long?

          1. New Sarc sock? Tired of being muted?

  5. So, she just picks at the scab, rather than plunging a knife into it?

    Less worse, I suppose, but maybe we could try letting the wound heal, instead?

    We don’t need people obsessing about race, only in a different way. We need people to stop caring about race. Sadly, we were on our way towards that, when the racial grievance hucksters started getting traction, and undoing all the hard work of convincing people to ignore one another’s race.

    Undoing the progress, because there was no money for them in racial harmony.

    1. Mostly we need people who have little desire to manage how other people feel.

    2. Obama, the mixed race guy raised by rich white people, started the everything is racist theme we are on today. My son could have “looked like Trayvon” was just what we needed at that moment

      The big sporting news today is Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden said mean things about the black head of the planters union the years ago.

      Its ridiculous.

      1. To be fair, if Obama had had a son, it’s quite likely that he would have turned out like Trayvon Martin.

    3. “We need people to stop caring about race”

      Well, yes a colorblind society is ideal. But it’s also Utopian, and in a world with actual freedom it is inevitable that perceptions about race will continue to be a controlling factor for at least some.

      But we go a long step towards diminishing any effects by encouraging people to see it as merely one facet of otherwise multifaceted individuals.

      1. It’s only utopian to the degree perfection is demanded. As long as the institutions of society don’t factor in race and a solid majority try to deemphasize race in their views then you can effectively get there.

        Perfection is not required, but good faith attempts to personally be better are.

        1. ” the institutions of society”

          In a non totalitarian world the vast majority of those institutions are private, therefore, as previously noted, they are free to use whatever prejudices they wish. And this is inevitable.

          So yes, we work towards a goal we will never fully achieve. Colorblind will never happen, color minimized can.

      2. What we need is a colorblind government and colorblind justice system. Restore Freedom of Association, get rid of affirmative action, get rid of legal racial categories which have no basis in reality. Everyone is a bigot in many ways, whether it is left/right handedness, religion, skin color, sex (gender!), height, or anything else. Stop the legal repercussions for showing your inner bigotry, leave it to social boycotts and finances. If some turd thinks he’ll get more business by banning blacks or Jews orIrish, go ahead; everyone else will enjoy eating elsewhere without the bigots.

      3. You’re never going to get literally colorblind, but you could easily see us arriving at a situation where your color matters as much as your being a red head, or having freckles; Where it’s considered a fairly trivial cosmetic matter people might have personal preferences about, but don’t consider intrinsically important.

        In 1967, about 3% of new marriages were interracial. By 2015, it was up to 17% This year it’s up to 19%.

        When one in five marriages are inter-racial, you know what that means? Distinct racial groups are going to go away. It might not happen in a decade, but 100 years from now, it will be fairly rare to meet somebody who isn’t mixed race, unless they’re an immigrant.

        This whole controversy is going to be practically inexplicable to people in a couple centuries. Our job is to raise our children so that happens sooner.

        1. Our job is to raise our children so that happens sooner.

          Fuck you. Raise your children as you see fit. People have been saying for decades we needs to raise our kids to be more colorblind (and more safely, attentatively, academically, etc.). It only bred stupid CRT, helicopter parenting, and anti-racist ideology. Races have been interbreeding and speciating fore centuries whether people raise their kids to do it or not. Cram your telling other people how to raise their kids up your ass sideways.

          1. “People have been saying for decades we needs to raise our kids to be more colorblind (and more safely, attentatively, academically, etc.). It only bred stupid CRT,”

            That is absurdly wrong. The majority of people have indeed been raising their children to be more colorblind. CRT doesn’t come from that, it comes from the race hucksters fighting back, trying to remain relevant by discouraging colorblindness.

        2. Amen.

          Doing my part: the old cliche of a white guy married to an Asian woman, with mixed kids.

          1. White Mike obsesses over his kids’ race again.

          2. So fucking weird how much that gets you off.

    4. Anti racism is just more racism. And all of it is based in Marxism. Therefore ‘anti racists’ are really just Marxist traitors once again using racial division to destroy America.

    5. In what way, specifically, is she “picking at the scab”? What in the interview made it sound like she is “obsessing about race”?

      1. “we teach anti-racism in the corporate boardroom and beyond.”

        You refrain from picking at the scab by leaving it alone, not by fussing with it. She’s not teaching people to ignore race, but to obsess about it.

        Fine, obsess about it in a more positive way, but that’s not what we need, we need people to stop thinking it matters, not think it matters more positively.

  6. Nick, the progressive push to be “anti-racist” has nothing to do with fighting racism and everything to do with control. But you know this.

    1. Governments strive to keep their “subjects” divided and “at war” with each other. That way they can claim to have a purpose outside of maintaining the roads and bridges.

      1. And there are so many commenters here who have fallen right in line with that manipulative game, lining up behind the Republican Party and Trump.

        1. Trump-Trump-Trump-Trump, tiddly-ump-ump-ump-ump.

          But remember folks, White Mike totally isn’t a far-left troll here to start shit. Just ask him.

          1. Mike is a non-partisan libertarian. White Knight confirms this.

            1. Did White Mike ever tell you how smart Knight Laursen is? Mike thinks Knight’s a genius prophet.

              Mike Laursen
              July.31.2021 at 12:03 pm
              White Knight pointed out, correctly, that you are very logical, but quite unaware that you often engage in not seeking out information that goes against your narratives, garbage-in/garbage-out logic, and not checking your conclusions for basic sanity. You should have listened to White Knight.


      2. “Given that this power’s objective is essentially to make live, how can it let die? How can the power of death, the function of death, be exercised in a political system centered upon biopower?

        It is, I think, at this point that racism intervenes. I am certainly not saying that racism was invented at this time. It had already been in existence for a very long time. But I think it functioned elsewhere. It is indeed the emergence of this biopower that inscribes it in the mechanisms of the State. It is at this moment that racism is inscribed as the basic mechanism of power, as it is exercised in modern States. As a result , the modern State can scarcely function without becoming involved with racism at some point, within certain limits and subject to certain conditions.

        What in fact is racism? It is primarily a way of introducing a break into the domain of life that is under power’s control : the break between what must live and what must die.”

        -Michel Foucault, Society Must Be Defended

        Apparently the ‘anti-racism’ activists took this as an instruction manual, not a warning – they just want the oppression to run in their favor.

        1. I actually think Foucault is responsible for some of the far-left ills.

    2. He can’t say that because of the stance Jo took during the election.

      1. Jo bent the knee and it didn’t help her. I like her; I think the stage was too big and the lights too bright.

        1. Ultimately the bulb was too dim. She may have some policy ideas but her cluelessness on the state of modern culture was fatal.

          1. JoJo didn’t come across as particularly “hip” to the political culture of the kids these days, and she (or her social media manager) stuck her foot in her mouth. Though no one but the reactionary right wing of the movement seriously took that one tweet as a deal-breaking dog whistle to cultural Marxists.

            To the contrary, Spike’s strong suit during the Jorgensen campaign was communication, meeting people where they were and speaking their own language. Unfortunately, his primary run alongside the Man Who Mistook His Boot for a Hat disqualified him as unserious in the eyes of many people in the movement and in the media.

  7. Which delusion should we embrace? The one that claims all people are equally valuable and worthy, or the one that claims that we can judge worth simply by race and gender?

    I guess most people can’t handle reality, in that some of us are better in some ways than others, entirely because of individual qualities.

    1. I judge by work quality and ethic. What do you do, and how well do you do it?

      Has worked out well for picking friends and acquaintances, irrespective of political views and physiological traits.

  8. I’m not going to read that again to see if I missed what church/religion this woman came up in. Seventh Day Baptist? Church of God? Black Hebrew seems unlikely.

    1. Garner Ted Armstrong’s Intercontinental Church of God.

      1. Didn’t know they were in NOLA

    2. Church of God, or Assemblies of Yahweh. Never really known the former as heavily anti Catholic so my guess is the latter.

    3. Hall of Famer Rod Carew. He converted. Or did he?

    4. She seemed to shrug off Seventh-day Adventist, so my first guess would be independent Black Pentecostal with a strong affinity for the Evangelical “Hebrew roots” movement. It’s true that Pentecostals in general aren’t especially anti-Catholic, perhaps since they lack a strong Protestant consciousness, but black churches in predominantly Roman Catholic areas might be a little different. Still, Pentecostals tend to be much more focused on spiritual experience than on dogmatic content, so maybe she is some form of Adventist. SDAs are relatively Judeophilic, their churches are more racially diverse than Evangelical congregations (rivaling even Pentecostals), and their origins in the 19th c. restorationist movement definitely lends itself to a “Rome ruined everything” outlook on church history.

  9. FFS the best way to be non racist is to not consider race at all. All of this training and the training is stupid. Just don’t judge people by their skin color. Training over.

    1. But race isn’t just a matter of the color of your skin. It’s a whole cultural thing, a mental thing, a psycho-social thing. For example, the idea that blacks are lazy, shiftless, violent, drug-crazed criminals with an inordinate attraction to shiny objects stems from your whiteness that values thrift, hard work, delayed gratification, respect for others, attention to details, respect for the law, traditions and norms. You must realize that blacks take a more casual approach to life and to the extent that they adopt white values, they are acting white and therefore are not authentic blacks. As Joe Biden said, if you don’t know whether you’re for me or Donald Trump, you ain’t black. And this is literally true, you ain’t black if you don’t want to lay around all day smoking crack in your 300 dollar sneakers, fucking all the bitches in between excursions down the block to collect your welfare check or rob a liquor store or bust a cap in some nigga’s ass what been disrespecting you.

      1. Used to live and work on a western Indian reservation. One day a coworker returns from another department and describes an interaction he had just had with a woman there.

        Her: “you are friends with that guy Tom?”
        Him: “yes”
        Her: “how can you do that, he doesn’t like Indians”
        Him:”no, he’s ok with Indians, he just doesn’t like stupid people”

        Racism isn’t always directed outwards. Sometimes it is created inside.

        While on the Res it was quite common to see someone, who didn’t know you, and maybe had never even seen you before, spit on the ground as you passed. Yes they did it because they saw you as “white” (plenty of enrolled tribal members who look mighty Caucasian who don’t get that treatment because they are known) but unlike that lady coworker, I wasnt going to accept or validate any attempted diminishment of my worth – be it real, or perceived – from another person. Because it was not my problem.

      2. Interesting how a slight change could work out:
        ” For example, the idea that hillbillies are lazy, shiftless, violent, drug-crazed criminals with an inordinate attraction to shiny objects…”

      3. And its actually none of those things. Its just your skin color. And retraining is again over,

    2. “Just don’t judge people by their skin color.”

      From the interview, it sounds like Valdary would agree with you.

      1. And yet you don’t seem to believe in that, Mike.

  10. Fuck Joe Biden

    1. Fuck Joe Biden

    2. Let’s go Brandon!

      1. I feel bad for anybody named Brandon nowadays. They probably have to deal with guilt-by-association with people the Feds deem “domestic terrorists.” And they probably take a ribbing from the anti-Biden people too.

    3. You know who else we’d say “fuck him” about if he was still in power??

        1. Too soon.

      1. Freddy Mercury?

  11. Why the left has, since their beginnings, so adamantly opposed Christianity should be immediately obvious when contrasting her approach to that of DiAngelo and Kendi and their ilk.

    1. Jesus warned that people would be outraged by His followers advocating peace, love, and respect for others.

    2. What do you consider the “beginnings” of the left? If the leftist label applies to any cultural orientation subversive of the political or economic status quo that favors a radical leveling of social relations, then Christianity’s own beginnings were quite leftist.

      1. If is a mighty big word.

        Probably too big for what you desire.

      2. You’re conflating monasticism with communism. The difference between the two is coercion. “Take up your cross and follow Me” as opposed to “Take up your cross or we’ll kill you.”

  12. “We have a very specific approach to this particular practice that combines popular culture, the arts, with a kind of mindfulness understanding of how to fight against and combat prejudice and bigotry.”

    What do you mean “mindfulness”? Does this “training” involve meditation in large groups?

    “Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one’s attention in the present moment without evaluation, a skill one develops through meditation or other training . . . . Programs based on mindfulness models have been adopted within schools, prisons, hospitals, veterans’ centers, and other environments, and mindfulness programs have been applied for additional outcomes such as for healthy aging, weight management, athletic performance, helping children with special needs, and as an intervention during the perinatal period.


    Are you using the same techniques used by EST and the Human Potential Movement? Because that shit reeks of mind control.

    1. True, but ‘counting to ten before you speak’ is also a form of mindfulness.

      1. Yeah, but by counting to ten, you’re not trying to reach into their souls and alter their biases.

        1. Yes, you are. By creating time for reflection you allow more influence from higher/inhibitory functions of the brain.

          This is Aristotle as much as anything else.

          1. And Marcus Aurelius.

          2. Exactly.

            Aristotle wrote a MASSIVE TREATISE on exactly this.

            Rhetoric isn’t new.

          3. “By creating time for reflection you allow more influence from higher/inhibitory functions of the brain.”

            If you think the group sessions of the Human Potential Movement can be reduced to that, you’re nuts.


            We’re talking about how Buddhists would train their neophytes not to want women, possessions, or anything else (AKA mind control) and adapting it for use against bigotry. Cult movements of the 1970s used it. The Human Potential Movement Used it. China is doing more or less the same thing to the people of Xinjiang to teach them to rid themselves of Islam.

            1. If someone is using a knife to torture someone, pointing out that Aristotle once used a knife to peel apples is absurd. We’re talking about mind control. That’s the stated goal of a seminar to change the way people think.

        2. Yes you are.

          In fact, by taking those few seconds to gather your thoughts before speaking, the entire point is to make sure your rhetoric is as sharp as possible.

          When you take those 10 seconds, the goal is exactly to say the correct thing that will “reach in to their souls and alter their bias.”

          That’s the entire premise behind all rhetoric. To change minds or perceptions.

          It’s a central component of, say, *everything you write here*.

          When you lay out your argument, your only goal is to change biases.

          1. “Discard your misperceptions. Stop being jerked like a puppet. Limit yourself to the present. Understand what happens – to you, to others. Analyze what exists, break it all down: material and cause. Anticipate your final hours. Other people’s mistakes? Leave them to their makers.”

            Marcus Aurelius

            1. FTR personally speaking I distinguish much of what we do here from what happens in day to day life. Here we are “in the ring” at least rhetorically, so I will challenge wat is offered in a manner that I might not do elsewhere.

        3. Counting is White Supremacy.

    2. Yeah, more than a sniff of ‘cult’ here.

    3. EST may reek of mind control, but, “mindfulness” is a widely practice, benign technique used by many, many more people than just those involved in EST.

      1. Lol, as expected of you.

      2. But not many, many, many, many?

  13. There’s only one race, the Human Race. One cannot change one’s genetic makeup. But one can choose one’s character, cultural values, food choices, language skills, career aspirations, adherence to NAP, teams to root for, and personality. Stop defining people by things they can’t change.

    1. Today’s leftists define people even by things they CAN and HAVE changed. If you published just one insensitive remark when you were a teenager, you are forever banned from their society. They utterly reject the idea that you can choose who you want to be in any way.

      1. Good point. So why then have a “discussion” on racism if, when they get you to change your mind and your ways, you are still outside the pale?

        1. They don’t believe you can change; they only want your surrender.

    2. And whether you are a Knight, Lady, or Trans-Jester Who Says: *NIFF!* (Non-Initiation of Force and Fraud.)

  14. Kendi and DiAngelo are nothing but snotty little racist guilt-peddlers. There’s nothing to analyze there. There’s no point in arguing with them. The only response they deserve is being told to fuck right off.


  15. “If you want to fight the impulse that we human beings have to feel better than others,” says Chloé Valdary, “it’s a bad idea to make people so insecure.”

    But that’s the whole point!

    The current Anti-racism isn’t about combating racism and ensuring equality.
    It’s an excuse for letting the wealthy white elite hurl invective against the proletariat and engage in class warfare against them (see also LGBTQ and Climate Change).
    This is being fed by race hustlers and grifters like Kendi and Merrick Garland’s daughter.

    I think that this lady has her heart in the right place; but if you want to fight racism, first go after the antiracists and 0.1% who feed off of it.

    1. By directly competing with them in the open market, I’d say she’s absolutely “go[ing] after them.”

      Or does “go after them” mean yelling anonymously in obscure comment sections?

      1. Oh I get it, in order to defeat Anti-Racism you have to save Anti-Racism. Brilliant.

  16. If you’re doing anti-racism, you’re doing racism.
    That is all.

  17. Sorry, but I’m still pretty sure everyone’s racist.

    1. Sometimes. Doesn’t mean they go around committing hate crimes.

  18. If we all just liked each other we’d all just get along?
    Wow! Heavy!

    1. If we all think the same, we’ll like eachother!

  19. Just another race-hustler looking to make a buck.

    1. She does have some skin in the game.

      1. Tre: “So you gonna give me the skins or what?
        Mother: “Tre, this is your mother.”

  20. Scientific American tackles the thorny scientific question of whether using the term JEDI for warriors for Justice Equity Diversity and Inculsion is woke or not.


    Conclusion: not

    “They’re meant to be heroes within the Star Wars universe, but the Jedi are inappropriate symbols for justice work”

    “…to be a member of the Jedi is seemingly to be a paragon of goodness, a principled guardian of order and protector of the innocent.”

    “the name JEDI can inadvertently associate our justice work with stories and stereotypes that are a galaxy far, far away from the values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. “

    1. Scientific American is a woke joke right now. They’ve become another political house organ for the DNC.

      I prefer to read journals that are relative to what is being discussed nowadays. For example the Archaeological Institute of America has a great online news journal if you’re interested in archaeology, and phys.org has great physics articles.

      1. Yes, too bad about SA, but they cross the leftist ideology line years ago. I get that many people want to be scientists and activists but it is not possible to be both.

          1. IMO the transition started beck in the 80s when they printed some articles contradictory of the gospel of St. Goodall, and the resulting negative feedback started them on the path they are on now.

            1. I recall even in the 80’s, you could reliably predict that the first couple of ‘science’ articles in the magazine would have a political slant, even if the rest of the mag was straight science. Personally, I dropped my subscription when they decided to drop the Amateur Scientist column.

        1. Definition of a scientist: a political activist that wants to take credit for advances actually developed by engineers, entrepreneurs and lay inventors.

          1. Good scientists are rarely heard from. Mediocre scientists become “science popularizers” whoring themselves out to the media.

      2. YouTube is a godsend in helping replace traditional documentary material.

        Religion for Breakfast is awesome if you’re in to religious history, particularly the confluence of Judaism, Christianity, and various pagan religions of the Mediterranean, and near east in the antique period. This dude is a gold mine for good information about early Christianity.

        Another good one is Stefan Milo if you’re into pre-history and human evolution.

        Then of course, the venerable Fall of Civilizations series is incredible.

        One thing I like about all 3 is that they are all acutely aware that everything has a caveat. There are few absolutes in anything, and they acknowledge that there are massive gaps in the information we all deal with. It’s a breath of fresh air when juxtaposed against the anointed Experts™️ and the Truths™️ they impart as featured in modern mainstream documentaries.

        1. + 1 Fall of Civilizations

          My older son has been trying to turn me on the Religion for Breakfast

        2. I enjoy Religion for Breakfast, but he kinda fucked up the one on hell by missing out on (I think accidentally) its destruction in Revelation.

          Glad to see you shilling Milo. The man is an absolute treasure, a true educator. Dan Davis has some pretty good anthropology stuff too.

          Derek Muller’s Veritasium is great for ephemerae.

          1. Do they ever cover the Christian universalist tradition of apokatastasis in Origen, Didymus the Blind, Gregory of Nyssa, Diodore of Tarsus, Theodore of Mopsuestia, arguably Maximus the Confessor, Isaac of Nineveh, and others?

      3. This is as much a function of cultural Marxism becoming the secular religion of academia as it is anything else. Universities churning out these crappy, lazy journalists is a mere symptom of a much larger problem.

        1. Been to a university lately?

          1. You obviously never have… except maybe to bugger someone.

            1. We have Trumpist mole people scratching around polling places hysterical out of their minds about the supposed things their children are being taught, and not a single goddamn word of it is true.

              What kind of sad idiots let FOX News lead them around by the balls like this?

              1. The Trumpist mole people aren’t churning out thoisands of neurotic nutbags every academic year.

                1. Luckily, those neurotic nutbags, being at most 22 years old, have plenty of time to grow up and learn shit like everyone else does.

                  Why don’t you people pick on someone who’s not functionally a child? Do you have any enemies who aren’t adolescents?

                  1. Luckily, those neurotic nutbags, being at most 22 years old, have plenty of time to grow up and learn shit like everyone else does.

                    Not based on my observations, especially in academia.

                    Why don’t you people pick on someone who’s not functionally a child? Do you have any enemies who aren’t adolescents?

                    Yes, all white liberals.

                    1. What did white liberals do again? Keep all this shit together while everyone else took the short train to fucknutsville?

                    2. What did white liberals do again? Keep all this shit together while everyone else took the short train to fucknutsville?

                      LOL, please. Pretty much every urban area these days is a Fucknutsville behavioral sink.

                    3. “Yes, all white liberals.”

                      He said *not* functionally a child.

                    4. He said *not* functionally a child.

                      Point taken.

          2. Made a comment which wasn’t bullshit in the last ten years, shitstain?

          3. I listen to their insane professors and grad students at conferences every year.

            1. So your big problem in the world is people having different ideas from yours, correct?

              1. No, just the white ones. That they’re infecting society with their insanity is just the main problem.

    2. Those that champion extra rights for those of brown…fur are called wokies.

  21. Eye roll please….

    the Jedi are inappropriate symbols for justice work. They are a religious order of intergalactic police-monks, prone to (white) saviorism and toxically masculine approaches to conflict resolution (violent duels with phallic lightsabers, gaslighting by means of “Jedi mind tricks,” etc.). The Jedi are also an exclusionary cult, membership to which is partly predicated on the possession of heightened psychic and physical abilities (or “Force-sensitivity”). Strikingly, Force-wielding talents are narratively explained in Star Wars not merely in spiritual terms but also in ableist and eugenic ones: These supernatural powers are naturalized as biological, hereditary attributes. So it is that Force potential is framed as a dynastic property of noble bloodlines (for example, the Skywalker dynasty), and Force disparities are rendered innate physical properties, measurable via “midi-chlorian” counts (not unlike a “Force genetics” test)…

    1. Star Wars has a problematic cultural legacy. The space opera franchise has been critiqued for trafficking in injustices such as sexism, racism and ableism. Think, for example, of the so-called “Slave Leia” costume…

      Okay, I’m thinking about it now…

    2. The series regularly defaults onto ableist tropes, memorably in its portrayal of Darth Vader, which links the villain’s physical disability with machinic inhumanity and moral deviance, presenting his technology-assisted breathing as a sinister auditory marker of danger and doom.

    3. Have no fear, the prequels explored the politics way more, and we’re all obviously better off.

  22. My foolproof ideology is to value truth, reality as discerned by logic and science.

    The truth becomes immediately apparent when any conflict is represented by a single unambiguous question.

    If you can’t be bothered to find that unambiguous question you aren’t committed to finding a peaceful shared resolution.

    When anything other than logic and science, often belief, is accepted to define truth/reality the existence of conflicting beliefs makes the concept of truth/reality meaningless.

    If you disagree, I’ll simply ask, what makes you believe that to be true?

    1. “My foolproof ideology is to value truth,..”

      Says the Nazi.

    2. Fuck off, Nazi scum.

    3. What makes you believe that to be true?


      1. Only that you claim to be so, Nazi scum.

    4. Scientists studying the fundamental nature of reality can’t decide, after 100 years of thinking, how to describe phenomenology the stuff the universe is made of.

      Unambiguous questions. No such thing.

      1. You have created a conflict by stating that there are no unambiguous questions.

        I’ll resolve the conflict by proving you wrong with logic and science.

        An unambiguous question is one which is by definition

        “not open to more than one interpretation:”

        Here is an unambiguous question

        “What is the current air temperature to the nearest degree using the half round up method of rounding in Fahrenheit where you are right now?”

        This question is unambiguous. Proving your statement wrong and resolving the conflict you created with your lie. For rational people anyways.

        It demonstrates the commitment required to truly find an unambiguous question representing a conflict and the immediate certain agreement for all rational people in the truthful/real answer.

        1. The word “truth” is meant to convey the attribute to communication that it is shared and accepted by all rational people.

          In contrast the word of the year for 2016 was “post truth” meaning facts are less important than emotion in rational communication.

          Emotions are different for everyone. There is no guarantee that people will share and accept them. The word “post truth” represents a meaning which is a lie creating a conflict.

          Whenever a word has more than one unambiguous definition for the context in which it is used rational communication is impossible.

          Changing the meaning of words creates unresolveable conflicts in society. It is a tactic employed by unethical people to do wrong.

          1. The word “nigger” for example is currently defined as “a most delightful name to call someone” if you’re black and “a most horrible name to call someone” if you’re white.

            Having ambiguous definitions creates an unresolveable conflict in communication between two races.

            Why did we do this to ourselves?

            1. Well all that takes is to be socialized in the most minimal way imaginable.

              You’ll notice a difference between scientific facts and claims about how people should live. One is the domain of simple, everyday science. The other is much more complicated, the central question of philosophy, a much harder discipline.

              There is no law against you calling anyone a nigger. You’ll just be ostracized by anyone worth people around. It’s just manners. It’s people living around each other. Manners means taking care not to hurt the feelings of other people. It’s what we do when we’re not being grunting apes, which people traditionally keep to the bedroom or battlefield. But I hasted to remind you, no war was ever fought for a sane reason, so don’t go poking around for one, because you won’t find it, and you certainly won’t find it in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which is something you’d think wouldn’t have to be learned twice.

              1. I’m satisfied that I resolved our conflict and demonstrated that you lie, creating conflict.

                The purpose of this article is to discuss the resolution of conflict.

                You are clearly part of the problem.

                1. But I’m not the one whining about not being able to call black people niggers respectably.

                  1. You’re the one who has been demonstrated to create conflict.

                    I’m the one who has been demonstrated to resolve conflict.

                    Do what you’re good at.

                    1. You are saying Tony is being niggardly regarding conflict resolution?

                    2. It’s worse than that.

        2. I reject your unambiguous question on the grounds that using a thermometer to gauge the amount of heat energy in a room is racist to the core as many People of Color would never define heat energy in absolute terms. POC prefer to use relative terms to define the amount of heat energy in a room and forcing them to use absolutes is a form of white supremacy. Also, I read on FaceBook that some of Fahrenheit’s decedent’s were Nazis.

          Now try and convince the above using logic and rationality!

  23. I wonder if The “Reverend” Al Sharpton talks about today’s version of shakedown artists like us older types talk about millennials not knowing their heads from their asses.

    Although the top tier ones do seem to generate mountains of more money than good old Rev Al ever did, and all of it above table.

  24. Can people just accept that anti-racism (as adopted by Kendi and the PC corporatists using his stuff) is just beating whitey down with the cudgel of “you were a bad boy” ? In all the anti-racism diatribes, PC corporate seminars, and CRT in schools, the end point is if you have ANY non-white non-straight identity in you, you can latch onto victimhood status, and otherwise you need to stfu and sit down to pay for your ancestors grievances.

    It is a power and control play, nothing more. And itll only work so long as those it is being used against allow it to.

    1. It is not inherently anti white. That is merely a practical effect resulting from the world as it currently exists. Inherently what it is is no enemies to the left.

      In practice this could eventually. Be as anti black, (or anti female!!!!!) as it is anything else

    2. People who are envious, bitter, and have a chip on their shoulder (along with deep seated feelings of inferiority) drive this crap..they are upset with outcomes and have to blame “them”…its as old as time.

  25. Why do we even need anti racism, other than to enrich consultants like Chloe?

    Humans have all sorts of flaws. We don’t have anti-jealousy programs or anti-avarice programs. The very idea sounds absurd. Why then do we have anti-racism programs when laws already protect against the significant manifestations of racism?

    1. There is an anti-avarice program..called the IRS Tax Code. Alas, it only works on the victims, not the enforcers.

  26. Working with Brett Stephens..right there she lost me. And the dishing of Catholicism and seeing antisemitism..well it sounds so familiar doesn’t it for a race grifter.

    Why are we even discussing this in Reason? The govt can’t discriminate or pass laws forcing people to and that is it..there is no other reason for govt to get involved (or constitutionally) with a free society. Sure be focused on ensuring govt doesn’t discriminate or pass forcing people to but if you don’t social outcomes don’t run to the govt..first see if cultural norms are the primary problem..if it is s specific company boycott.

    New Orleans..huh? And she focused on antisemitism and not anti Italianism (the largest lynching in America occurred there to POC called Italians.

    Let’s focus on the Fed and Garland’s grifter family please Matt!

  27. When I was in Finland, visited a gentlemen’s club where the talent specialized in entertaining patrons while seated in their chairs. It was called Lapland.

    1. As George Carlin asked: “How would you like to be a hooker in Bangkok?”

      Or Phuket I might add.

      1. There is a town in Croatia named Pula. In Romanian, pula is the vernacular for penis. Basically dick. There us a travel pic from Croatia with a bunch of young women in bikini bottoms each wearing a “I heart Pula” shirt. Fun to share with Romanians.

        1. “I’m taking my wife to Portland, Maine for our honeymoon, then I’m going to Bangor.”

        2. Would these women make you wanna pull-a the Pula?

    2. As there are no Lapps in Finland , you must have been in a lap of luxury imported from the Benelux.

      Do give Nick the address.

      1. You think he’ll lap it up?

  28. I for one am dealing with racism by building a secret attic hideaway. I don’t know if they’ll come after the gays this time, but it’s a pretty good bet, and we all know they’re coming after the trans.

    I do wonder, when the Trumpers are executing black people in the street on national TV, how much longer will their government last? I guess it’s just a question of what the military wants to do.

    As for microaggressions, tbh my mother was less awkward before she started trying to be woke around my black sister-in-law. Let’s just not talk about uncomfortable things in polite society. It’s always worked before. If you notice someone’s race, try to pretend you didn’t. All the economic parity stuff is for voters to care about, and as I’ve explained, there’s no real guarantee that we’re going to have democracy or liberal government anymore, at least until the Trumpers are smooshed beneath American tanks.

    1. we all know they’re coming after the trans

      All 7 of the real ones, plus 15,000 mental cases and 2 million attention whores.

      “I do wonder, when the Trumpers are executing black people in the street”

      Probably only after the Democratic Party ends it’s 200 year run of lynching blacks.

      1. Or the D controlled cities that run rampant with black on black crime.

      2. So it’s just the 2 million you want to exterminate?

        1. Is it 2 million white liberals? They definitely deserve it.

          1. When your political platform involves murdering millions of people, I think it’s time to reevaluate your politics.

            1. People that unironically and favorably compare their ideology to Ebola and AIDS warrant political vaccination.

              1. It’s not my tribe actually infecting itself with an actual virus out of political spite.

                1. Doesn’t change that your side is an ideological virus.

                2. Why do you care as long as it’s The Other Side?

        2. So it’s just the 2 million you want to exterminate?

          I don’t want to exterminate anyone.

          You’re the guys calling for death camps and reeducation centers. Stop projecting your psychotic intentions on me, nutbag.


    2. “I do wonder, when the Trumpers are executing black people in the street on national TV, how much longer will their government last? ”

      Nice troll, but thus far the 2 largest causes of black genocide have been:

      – blacks killing each other in HEAVY democrat controlled and regulated cities
      – blacks having abortions (recent stat was around 40% of abortions have been black moms…for <15% of the population), sanctioned heavily by democrats

      Clean up your own house first, hypocrite. Trumpers could starts "executing blacks in the street" daily and would take 100 years to catch up to the amount of democrat sanctioned black murder that has occurred in this country

    3. Tony needs Jesus.

    4. As for microaggressions, tbh my mother was less awkward before she started trying to be woke around my black sister-in-law. Let’s just not talk about uncomfortable things in polite society. It’s always worked before. If you notice someone’s race, try to pretend you didn’t.

      This might be the only sensible advice you’ve ever provided.

    5. Treat people as trying to be good and they will want to work with you. Realize that everyone has rights and is allowed to pursue their interests. Realize that everyone can be good but can also make mistakes.

  29. “Wanting to feel better than others”
    The fuq does that even mean?

  30. I don’t care about your problem anymore. I don’t care about racism. Just go away.

    1. All black people should go away or just the uppity ones?

      1. All steaming piles of lefty shit should go away, steaming pile of lefty shit.
        And take your strawman with you.

      2. Fuck off Tony, you race-baiting Nazi sack of shit. You Democrats care about black people like a pedophile cares about kids.

        1. If you people keep calling the liberals Nazis, how long do you think it will take before the general public notice you’re the one in the armbands and exterminating minorities?

          Eh, probably a while. People are fucking dumb.

          1. Why bother with minorities? White liberals deserve liquidation more than any minority ever did.

            1. Because of how our control of culture and civilization makes you feel bad about yourself?

              1. Your control doesn’t make me feel bad about myself, it’s the simple identification of a mortal threat.

              2. Look on the bright side, though, at least the minorities you fetishize will still be around after you’re gone.

                1. Now you’re just talking fairy tales.

                  White people have built history’s most powerful violent machine to protect us from everyone else.

                  What? Are the inbred simpletons who make up your police force going to be checking our papers to tell who’s a liberal? I can put on a damn tank top with a wolf on it, son.

                  1. Now you’re just talking fairy tales

                    Not at all.

                    White people have built history’s most powerful violent machine to protect us from everyone else.

                    You mean the one that just got worn into defeat by a bunch of goat herders?

                    What? Are the inbred simpletons who make up your police force going to be checking our papers to tell who’s a liberal? I can put on a damn tank top with a wolf on it, son.

                    Why check papers? Just hit the urban centers with a tactical nuke and be done with it.

                  2. Shitstain hopes to be taken seriously here. Do not do so.
                    Shitstain is to be insulted, laughed-at, ignored, heaped with scorn, but in no way engaged.
                    To do so lends some sort of legitimacy to a steaming pile of lefty shit due nothing of the sort.
                    Get fucked with a rusty garden shovel shitstain; fuck off and die.

          2. how long do you think it will take before the general public notice you’re the one in the armbands and exterminating minorities?

            Team Tony is literally putting armbands on the vaccine hesitant, PTA parents and Trump voters, right fucking now. And that first demographic is majority PoC.
            Quit pretending that the right shares your agenda, you Nazi fuck.

            1. Please; engaging shitstain provides him with his jiz. Call the asshole names, ignore him, but do not engage him.

          3. Fuck off and die, shitstain.

          4. From what you have posted so far, you are NO liberal.

    2. Well, if you’d kick Ms. Voldary out of bed for eating crackers, can she stay in mine?

      1. She’s pretty hot.

  31. The current school of thought by DiAngelo and CRT people seems to be that you can never redeem yourself as a racist if you are white, so why bother even trying? But maybe that’s exactly how they want it

    1. Supposedly you can rid yourself of racism only by being antiracist, which means framing everything in the same terms as DiAngelo and Kendi and denouncing other white people for their “racism.” (For idiots like Tony, of course, denouncing other white people is the major draw of this ideology.) Of course, any white “antiracist” can be denounced at any time as racist no matter how many shitty books they’ve bought or marches they’ve attended or fingers they’ve pointed, so it’s all just theater for prog simps (again, like Tony). Valdary’s approach is clearly better, but still condescending and still predicated on the notion that there is a general “supremacy” problem. Given that the equity crowd can’t stand the idea of anyone being better than them, I’d say it’s *their* insecurity that needs to be addressed, and the problem isn’t “supremacy” but the anxiety of inferiority. Any ideology that insists on diminishing some people to build others up is part of the problem.

  32. sympathia, which is a great term that means ‘to look up.'”

    Sympatheia means “suffering or feeling with others.”

  33. Have I mentioned how this sounds like a bad cop / good cop set-up?

    First, some hectoring harpies demand consultant jobs where they say white people should all disembowel themselves.

    Then a nice, easygoing consultant offers, for a reasonable fee, to give a seminar about how everyone ought to be nice.

    The first consultant has put you in a better and more receptive mood to deal with the second consultant.

    I’m not saying they actually work together like the tag-team in a good cop/bad cop interrogation, but the concept seems similar – set up such a contrast between the good cop and the bad cop that talking to the good cop starts sounding like a good idea.

    1. Sure, when IBM offered one kind of PC and then Apple offered a better product, Gates and Jobs were conspiring to be bad and good cops.

      At least you backed off from the whole paranoid story you concocted, in your final paragraph.

      1. What does IBM and Apple/Microsoft have to do with any of this? Their actions have nothing to do with what Valdary has been proposing compared to far-left ideologies.

        You don’t seem so bright, Mike. Need any help?

        1. The guy’s a tech goon, and he’s incapable of relating to anything outside his very narrow frame of reference.

    2. One would have to find out whether DiAngelo and Kendi follow Voldary before you could rightly say that’s going on here. From what I see, DiAngelo and Kendi came first, then Voldary followed.

  34. Why do we have to get rid of racism? Who cares if someone is racist? As long as you aren’t initiating force against me I don’t care anything about your beliefs.

    1. Why force something that will happen naturally as generations of racists die off?

      The only real problem is all the world-destroying technology potentially in the hands of hysterical morons who think their racism is the big issue right this moment.

      1. You don’t have any world destroying technology in your hands at the moment do you? Because you are a hysterical moron.

      2. Fuck off and die, shitstain.

    2. It rarely works out that way.

      1. Works out what way?

  35. She did a great podcast with Simon Sinek a few months back. Link here – https://youtu.be/jckSBkw8_7k . A much more individualist approach to diversity.

  36. This stuff is a waste of time and money.

  37. A Different Approach to Anti-Racism

    How about we have no approach to anti-racism?

    How about we simply acknowledge that people have a variety of prejudices and that we can live with that?

    How about you overcome prejudice by being a better person, rather than viewing yourself as a member of this-or-that group?

  38. “Making people feel so insecure..”. Well, I think the problem lies somewhere else. Because the whole culture created by those who make racist accusation is based on creating new anxieties, and then making subclinical anxiety a mental disease….I think your little subject Valdery should aim at another defective characteristcs of the Emotional Civilization: Overconfidence.
    Overconfidence being a self assessment device is based on perceptions of one self is easily distorted.
    It’s is true that overconfident people have a higher rate of success that people having a more balance or modest as measured by self-confidence.
    But being a subjective measure it is victim to relative appraisal, and becomes often obsessive and fanatic. Self-confidence and overconfidence have no correlation with cognitive intelligence, but overconfidence has strong correlation with dominance, as expressed through character traits.
    This is mostly why in the Emotional Society we witness the collective mushrooming of ideologies whose sole purpose is to create collective subgroup overconfidence…current notion of “racism” are anchored right there.
    Racism is a natural survival reflex which and should be modulated adequately in contextual appraisal. Now it is guided by mass manipulation…because anti-racism rhetoric is racist.
    Racism is not illegal. I love my racism, it helps me survive women’s misandry and canada using ethnic groups to intimidate me.

  39. So another black person has jumped on the expert racism bandwagon, created a company and is now an expert because…. they’re black? It’s all very well to have an opinion but I am tired of all the self promoters who need to start consulting practices, zoom workshops (one charged our city 20K for a series of zoom meetings that turned into bitch sessions by blacks in our city while the city council – mostly white- made mooing and clucking noises )etc… and then proclaim themselves worthy of someone else’s time and money to ‘educate” me on racism etc….. God, I am so over these people and the industry that has arisen around all this bullshit. They know nothing more than the man on the street which isn’t saying much.

  40. Maybe stop telling people they’re racist simply because they’re caucasian or that they must apologize and feel guilty for something they, nor there actual ancestors, played any part in…most of the rich did but not my family.

    how about we call people ACTING racist the racists and stop making everything into a race issue when it isn’t.

    how about we stop shoving racism down everyone’s throats when the u.s. is in fact one of the LEAST racist nations in the WORLD

    1. Has anyone ever asked you to apologize?

  41. Treat people as trying to be good and they will want to work with you. Realize that everyone has rights and is allowed to pursue their interests. Realize that everyone can be good but can also make mistakes.

  42. “This attempt to correct injustice is laudable,…”

    Who says they are “correcting” anything?

    The theory that we should embrace diversity for its own sake is suicidally stupid. Not all viewpoints are worth “understanding” beyond the understanding that they are harmful or downright evil.

    The only way we can have “justice” for things which happened in the past is by personally coming to accept that the past cannot be “fixed,” and that attempting to do so is a symptom of severe mental illness.

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