Vaccine mandates

Los Angeles Orders Local Businesses To Serve as Vaccination Enforcers

The fines for failure fall not on the unvaccinated, but the people serving them.


On Wednesday evening, the Los Angeles City Council voted 11–2 to approve a new ordinance forcing local businesses and venues to demand that patrons provide proof they've been vaccinated for COVID-19.

People who want to eat dinner in a restaurant, see a movie, get their hair styled, or spend any significant amount of time inside an indoor business will be required to provide documentation that they've been vaccinated.

You'd think that Los Angeles taking such drastic measures is an indicator that there's a struggle here to get people vaccinated or that the city and surrounding area are in the midst of a massive COVID-19 spike. Nothing could be further than the truth. More than 77 percent of eligible Los Angeles County citizens have gotten at least one vaccination shot. Nearly 70 percent are fully vaccinated. That full vaccination rate is 10 percentage points higher than the rest of the state (59.5 percent) and nearly 15 percentage points higher than the national rate.

And new COVID-19 infections in L.A. County are also plunging. They are not quite to the level that they were before the delta variant began to spread, but every day they are getting closer to the level at which the city previously lifted its indoor mask mandate.

Nevertheless, the L.A. City Council and mayor are pushing forward with this plan in the hopes it will push the remaining holdouts to get vaccinated.

"These new rules will encourage more people to get the shot, and make businesses safer for workers and customers—so that we can save more lives, better protect the vulnerable, and make our communities even safer as we fight this pandemic," Mayor Eric Garcetti explained in a statement.

But let's be very clear here: What the city is actually doing is outsourcing responsibility for getting people vaccinated to private local businesses. Fines for failure to comply with the law fall not on the unvaccinated people attempting to get into restaurants and movie theaters, but on the businesses that fail to catch them. Fines start at $1,000 (beginning with the second violation) and can reach as high as $5,000 per citation.

The ordinance is going to be a nightmare for compliance. There is no single set standard for checking vaccinations. A photo of your vaccination card on your phone is enough, according to the ordinance's text. While it's good that L.A. isn't trying to force everybody to download some app or use one tool for proof, it's going to make things very messy for business employees trying to make sure they're properly checking so that they don't get fined.

Furthermore, the mandate does have exemptions for people who won't get vaccinated due to medical conditions or religious beliefs, which requires that the patron "self-attest" his reasons and provide a recent negative COVID-19 test (though the test results aren't necessary for outdoor seating). This, of course, means that anybody still refusing to get a vaccination will continue to be able to do so and still visit these same places if he says the magic words.

And that's the unvaccinated person's choice, just to be clear. Don't read this as an argument that L.A. should be trying to use its authority to force people to get vaccinated.

But it's certainly not any better for L.A. to be using its authority to force local businesses to monitor the citizens on the city's behalf. This is essentially a form of collective punishment. Thousands of businesses in the city and county (which is implementing its own vaccination mandate) of Los Angeles will be forced to take responsibility for the behavior of those who have declined to be vaccinated. Businesses that make mistakes will be forced to fork money over to the city, even though they are not responsible for patrons' failure to get vaccinated and don't have the authority to make them do so.

As such, one councilmember, John Lee, voted against the ordinance, noting that it was "punitive toward businesses, doesn't provide an incentive to encourage those who are unvaccinated to get the vaccine, and only furthers the patchwork of regulations that exist across the region."

The other councilmember who voted no, Joe Buscaino, tried to amend the ordinance to make it a crime to harass employees enforcing the rules and to get city staff to analyze possible funding sources to help businesses comply. He couldn't get a second councilmember to endorse his amendment. Even though some of the bad consequences of the ordinance are eminently foreseeable (I guarantee that some patrons will harass staff who follow the law, and other patrons will call the police and accuse businesses of ignoring the law as revenge for some petty dispute), Councilmember Mark Ridley-Thomas said those amendments needed more vetting before councilmembers could consider them.

Some L.A. businesses will be more than happy to serve only vaccinated patrons. Some have already voluntarily introduced vaccination checks. But the ordinance's enforcement scheme creates significant financial risks to people who are actually vaccinated and just trying to go about their lives.

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  1. Isn’t there a word for the merging of government and private business?

    1. Wait, I know – it’s f…fa……fantastic idea, comrades!

      1. You just wait and see what will happen very quickly after they invent implanted brain-scanners that can detect hateful or terrorist thoughts… The implants will be “voluntary”, BUT there will be some AWFULLY big “buts”! (Big butts are bad enough, but wait till you see THESE!)

        1. Your scan came back negative.

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    2. Social media?

  2. Public Accommodations? What are those? This is Jim Crow, Y’all!

    1. Exactly, for those who understand what Jim Crow was actually about this is it. This if forcing all the businesses to exclude certain customers because the ones that do don’t want to lose business. We saw that here. When the mask mandates where lifted HEB, Walmart and Kroger all three started to allow mask less shopping but then the Karen’s go involved and HEB and Kroger re-imposed theirs. However, Walmart did not and that is where the shoppers went in droves. Because HEB and Kroger could not get the county to re-impose the mandate and they did not want to go under they lifted theirs as well. People are free to wear a mask if they like but it is not forced on the patrons.
      I am guessing something similar here, if they actually give patrons a choice a lot of business will go next door where they are not forced to show proof of vaccination, better if they have to suffer too.

      1. Yup. Even the chain businesses in my area are letting people come in unmasked without objection, against guidance from their corporate overlords. They want business, and don’t want to be a front in the culture wars. But too many of the Elite have taken this up as their crusade and are trying their best to mandate these bad-for-business rules.

      2. I think there’s a better analogy than Jim Crow when the unvaccinated are scapegoated for the pandemic, where they are denied the right to travel or to do business, where they are treated as if they were diseased rats, where they must present papers to prove their right to be out in public, where the general population becomes comfortable with the idea of treating them as less than human and calling for them to be punished and to be isolated from the rest of society. True, only a few people are as of yet calling for them to be put into quarantine camps and there’s not yet a demand that the unvaccinated should be forced to wear a special badge that identifies them as unvaccinated much less a suggestion that we need a final solution to the problem of the unvaccinated, but I’m confident in predicting that it’s coming.

        1. It will make for a good movie. Liam Neeson can grab a little girl out the line for the train and hold her up to a guard saying, “Does she look sick to you?”

        2. I believe Germany is leading the way for vaccine badges, and yes they are gold

          1. Given that they, you know, had murdered most of the Jews in Germany so there won’t be much opportunity for Jews present there now to be offended by this.

            1. That is considered a win-win by the left.

              1. I’m a leftie.
                I do not.

                Wait. Am I still a leftie?
                Been a while since I checked.
                Where’s my ACLU card? Oooooh….maybe that’s the problem!

      3. if YOUR mask really works, what does it mater to YOU whether I slap on a mug nappie?

        If YOUR “vaccine” works, what does it matter to YOU whether I get the poke?

        This is the stupidest thinking Ive ever seen, and I’ve watched nation after nation fall under the control of the Soviets over two generations.

        Further on what CONSTITUTINAL basis are these city counncilcritters DEMANDING private business people do THEIR work? Are these business folks deputised to enforce the law on sots? No? HThen they can NOT enrroll them as deputies to enforce this ridiculous law.

        How long will it be before some lawyer fiiles a lawsuit for a client who was denied entry to apubicly accessible space because the citizen refused to a swer questions about his perosnal health, stating that the questioins being asked violate federal HIPPA laws, and there is NO provision for ADA exemptions. Collect a sdozen or so such cases, then file a big one against the LA City COuncil members in both their public and private capacities. They are attempting to force or coerce others into violating international and US laws.
        Further, the Nuremburg Convention, to which we are sngatory party, specificaly states that NO PERSON shall be forced, coerced, pressured, biribed, into accepting ANY medical proceedure without first fully informing the person of all the reisks and conseqeunces and adverse possible reactions, and THEN freel conenting to the proceedure.

        HOW many of these inoculatioins have had anything explained to the one being poked, OR given them any option to refuse AFTER being fuly infomed?

        LA City Scheisters are treading on very thin ice here. ome some good lawyer goes for the jugular. Make CERTAIN they are sued in their PERSONAL capacity as well. Oh and seize their bonds as civil servants…

        Until some folks with some real authority stand and oppose this in the legal system, they will contue their tyranny. Josef Göebels is dancing in his grave.

  3. Mandating police powers to businesses does not make your police state less of a police state.

  4. The government also forces businesses to validate drinking and smoking ages and to collect taxes. This is just how government works.

    1. So this is ok?

      1. Of course not.

    2. But can the government mandate that you cannot serve a particular class of people? Like, say, you simply cannot board a plane or have a job if you smoke cigarettes in your spare time?

      I’m going to go ahead and say yes they can, but only because no one is apparently willing to die on this hill. They get away with what people let them get away with.

      Not implying that people SHOULD die over this, of course, but rather that lawfare should probably begin yesterday on this issue.

      1. As was said in Stossel’s beer censorship article, yesterday, these battles must always be fought on the margins, since by the time we get to something mainstream, it’s too late- the precedents set.

        That is why I am so disappointed by people who CLAIM to be opposed to mandates but can’t be bothered to criticize it. By the time the government gets to infringing on something they do care about, it will be too late. For all of us.

    3. they are ONLY mandated to do this when someone is using or purchasing those products Dont try and buy booze, they’ll NEVer card you for age. Different colour of horse. Try and keep up

      1. Further only those businesses selling/serving those products are required to check. Jack in the Box don’t ever try and card me, ever.

  5. IRONIC since California is at a covid low but they want greater enforcement.
    Can’t tell me its about our health and not about power and control

    1. This is insane. We see sportsball stadiums on tv that are filled with screaming, maskless fans. Didn’t see that a year ago! But we are told that the threat is just as great. Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes.

      This is near a breaking point. Narrative and reality are not matching up.

    2. It’s not ironic. It is taking laps. These liberal groups had to suppress their assholery while the Recall was ongoing. The train almost came off the rails when prominent Elites were seen disobeying their own edicts. Since breaking their own rules was potentially costly to the election, and LIVING by those rules was hard, they kept the rules to a minimum. But now they can hypocritically do what they always wanted- rub the Plebe’s faces in the dirt while enjoying their place of privilege.

      1. This. Precisely.

        I have mentioned here before that this was by plan. Newsome imposed vaccine passports for things like concerts and large gatherings to “combat the surge” back in August. But they didn’t go into effect until the week AFTER the recall.

        Days after the recall Newsome was quoted as saying that governors have been too timid on restrictions and should be restricting MORE.

        Note, as predicted, we peaked last week of August on our surge. It has been coming down since Labor day. My county reported weekly numbers about where they were the week after the 4th of July. Most of it is unvaccinated (hospitalizations are 25x more likely for unvaccinated) and it’s absolutely NO chance of imposing a dangerous burden on the health care system.

        Increasing restrictions now is closing the barn door after the horses ran out. By the end of the month, it’ll be after they have been found, brought back to their corrals, and are happily eating some alfalfa like normal.

        1. Increasing restrictions now is closing the barn door after the horses ran out. By the end of the month, it’ll be after they have been found, brought back to their corrals, and are happily eating some alfalfa like normal.

          This will be taken as proof that closing the barn door works, and that you shouldn’t question the timing of such sensible steps in the future.

          1. I wish this was sarcasm.

            Of course, it isn’t.

            Seriously, Delta is super infectious. But so infectious that, sooner or later, everyone is going to run into it. So even with a non-naive populace, 2 months and numbers fall off. Like every surge, everywhere over the last 18 months. There’s not a damned thing you can do about that that wasn’t already done in the spring.

            But, you know, keep cranking on that ratchet.

        2. People were most worried about COVID last March when it was still new and panic was high. California clamped down harder than anyone, then claimed victory when case counts fell as expected in the summer with warmer weather and more people getting fresh air and sunshine outdoors.

          When case counts started going back up again in November (with shorter days and more people staying indoors), California clamped down again, but case counts kept right on rising into December (due to Christmas shopping and holiday visits), only falling again in late January when California weather hits the 70s. Yet no one was all that concerned by then, even though the winter surge was far higher than the March/April/May surge.

          Then panic set in again with Delta Variant, even though Californians were getting vaccinated at a high rate compared to other states. Now they think they’re so lucky we kept Newsom instead of Elder turning us into Florida and killing everyone off. Even though another surge is no doubt coming this winter.

          1. Even better, California had varied reactions. For example, Los Angeles closed up tighter than AOC’s scowl, while neighboring Orange County remained pretty open. Los Angeles had a much worse performance through the december surge.

        3. quote: “Most of it is unvaccinated (hospitalizations are 25x more likely for unvaccinated)”

          Didjya niss the sleight of hand they pulled there? The CDC have redefined the meaning of the term “vaccinated”. NOW no one is “vaccinated” until FOURTEEN DAYS AFTER THEY RECEIVED TH EIR INJECTION.

          How conVEEEEENyent. *
          85% of signficant adverse reactions occur within the FIRST SIX DAYS after getting the injection. Thus 85% of the adverse reactioins are automatically, by a change in definition, occuring in the UNvaccinted… who have in fact taken the injection, but since not enough time has passed they are not counted as “vaccinated”.

          These guys lie in their sleep!!! Rigging statistic is the odest and dirtiest way to change an outcome of anything. And they want ME to trust THEM that their injection is SAFE and EFFECTIVE? Bollocks.. they are neither.

  6. Just another example of the goalpost shifting that government at all levels has been engaged in since this shitshow began. If the vaccination rate hits 99.9%, the remaining .1% will be all the excuse they need to keep the punishment going.

    1. You left out booster shots. Which even the CDC and FDA aren’t fully endorsing. The only question will be if they will need to be annual, or every 8 months, or every 5 months, or every day when you show up at work. And expect to wear masks forever, since they helped quash the pandemic.

      1. That’s one thing that made me happy. The FDA are NOT endorsing boosters. Only for older people.

        CDC is full of shit, as long as that crybaby is in charge we know they’re political above all else.

        But the FDA’s decision makes sense. Contrary to the mass of sock puppets here spewing anti-vax FUD, the efficacy of the vaccines 8 months out for people under 50 is 90%. The only place where efficacy declined is in older populations, and there’s no compelling evidence that efficacy will be significantly reduced against Delta for younger people in time. The reason it looks bad when you look at the overall number is due to an anomaly in statistics.

        So, yeah, efficacy wanes. But against the elderly mostly. The FDA told pfizer (and Biden) “no — you need to show evidence of benefit” on that one.

        Yet, here I am, surrounded by people who want MORE restrictions, living in fear, repeating the lie that the unvaccinated minority are danger to everyone and sometimes believing it. They’re not. They’re taking their chances they way they decided to, and if you’re vaccinated you’re as safe as you were during the 2018 flu season.

        I’m afraid you’re right. And, frankly, I find masks everywhere disturbing, especially around people who expect me to be as afraid as they are. Karen is always looking to pick a fight. I weep for our future.

  7. This will sure bend the curve of businesses fleeing California.

  8. “patrons will call the police and accuse businesses of ignoring the law . . . ”

    This is good. We need citizens to help out so we can go out and enjoy life without selfish, maskless, vaccineless pigeons ruining it for us.

    1. If you see something, say something.

  9. A photo of your vaccination card on your phone is enough, according to the ordinance’s text.

    This should be a big boost to enterprises churning out counterfeit vaccination cards.

    1. Speakeasy restaurants, theaters, and salons should get interesting. Go ahead, start shooting and locking up people not for getting vaccinated, or for maintaining 6 ft. of separation, but because they’ll give people food o put on a show without checking everyone’s paperwork.

      Remeber, when the issue was that nobody was calling for vaccine passports? Life comes at some people fast.

    2. Easier to download a photo of someone else’s vaccination card to your phone. They’re not checking IDs, too, are they? Because that’s racist, or so I’m told.

      1. There was a local news story in WI that the number of busts for underage drinking on a fake ID has gone up because the name on the two IDs don’t match.

    3. uh…or just print a blank card from google images for free and fill it out then take a picture of it? its 2021 if you weren’t aware.

  10. More force with no evidence. Suprise!!

  11. The great unpersoning continues.

  12. Fascism combined with vigilantism, what could possibly go wrong?

    (what happened in Italy and Germany are misinformation and not relevant)

      1. Stealable!

        1. Vacscism may be better.

  13. What percentages of LA’s precious BIPOC’s are unvaccinated? I bet that, as in NY, the City Council is acting with knowledge that its policies will disparately impact blacks, etc.
    But it’s not racist, the way voter ID is.

    1. Vax ID: mandatory
      Driver’s license: mandatory
      Voter ID: not needed and racist

      1. I’m ok with dropping the driver’s license and the car registration.

        In Palo Alto it is technically illegal to not register a bike. Fuck those people. Unnecessary bullshit.

        Don’t get me started on gun registration. Unnecessary.

        1. You are 100% wrong on gun registration. Without registration, how will the fascists know where to go confiscate the guns?

        2. AND uncosntitutional. I have a right to PIVACY.

    2. I don’t know LA. My county, which is nearly 80% vaccinated, it’s over 2/3 of white and 70% of hispanic, 90% of Asian, Pacific islanders 99% (not anomalous, we have large PI communities here and they have one of the highest risks of severe covid for some reasons so they ALL went for it).

      Black and Native/American Indian are each less than 45%.

      LA numbers might be different, but that seems to be the trend in the few counties I look at numbers for.

      1. they have one of the highest risks of severe covid for some reasons

        I can think of a big one.

    3. Amazing how mainstream journalism, which has been droning on about the Disparate Impact theory for most of my adult life is deathly silent on this.

      1. deathly silent

        Must’ve been all obese 80-yr-olds advocating theories of Disparate Impact.

    4. Well you see this makes them even more sure of themselves because they can be seen as championing BIPOC health initiatives that will save more BIPOC lives. They are true saviors of the BIPOC communities.

  14. So sorta like enlisting citizens to enforce abortion laws, then?

    1. The Mommy Dearest Brigade – no more wire hangers.

    2. Not really. TX isn’t threatening anyone with jail time for not bringing suit.

  15. I have to try so hard to not end up in jail for assault.

    During the era of the segregation of blacks I don’t understand how they weren’t all in jail for fighting back.

    1. No need for jail after the lynching – – – – – –

  16. For those of us in the more free areas of CA we could care less about LA. It’s like another country; Mexico actually. Them and the Bay Area people are just a bunch of sheep being led to slaughter by their own choices. Why should we feel sorry when they continually vote in their own oppressors? If one merely looks at the voting map CA is mostly red with a few blue spots, but since they control the cities we get stuck with their bad choices. I say we build a wall around them and let them suffer.

    1. I didn’t vote for my Progressive Caucus rep who won here handily. Is it still my fault for my own choice?

      1. No, its not your fault or your choice, other than your choice to keep living there, which in a way is good that you are staying there and fighting the good fight. Its all you can do and these retards painting everyone with a broad brush are exactly that.

    2. There is a certain amount of irony that the big blue cities are willing to slowly strangle themselves while the rest of the country ignores the whole thing.

    3. Make Escape From LA Great Again

  17. The fines for failure fall not on the unvaccinated, but the people serving them.

    So it would all be okay as long as LA fined the right people?

  18. More downplaying authoritarianism from Reason. Author writes:

    “This, of course, means that anybody still refusing to get a vaccination will continue to be able to do so and still visit these same places if he says the magic words.”

    NO IT DOESN’T. Read your own previous sentence. You have to show proof of a negative test. This does not equate to simply saying “the magic words.” What the fuck kind of cunt fucking totalitarianism apologist bullshit is this?

    1. There’s a reason OBL’s posts here occasionally garner responses from people who think they’re true.

      Reason writers aren’t the sharpest knives on the Christmas tree, and I don’t think any of them are actually libertarian, or understand anything about libertarian principles beyond the cliff’s notes of Atlas Shrugged skimmed through to prepare for their job interviews.

  19. “Thousands of businesses in the city and county (which is implementing its own vaccination mandate) of Los Angeles will be forced to take responsibility for the behavior of those who have declined to be vaccinated” – Shackford

    The only entity that is forcing anyone to do anything is the Democrats that control Los Angeles. But please, shift the blame to powerless citizens. I’m sure the Democrats appreciate it you hack.

    1. file alawsuit agasint the City/county for violation of the HIPPA laws that PROHIBIT anyone asking about ANY health care or medical issues for anyone unless they have legal authorisation (named parties necessary to be complaint) to obtain such information. MY vaccination status is private healthcare information. NO ONE can aske me about that except my own personal health care proffessiinals. That EXCLUDES these city and county government dweebs.

      Another solid case should be made for we who have HAD the disease and kicked it. WE now have lifetime immunity to ALL strains. Further, once having had the silly disease, my risks of severe adverse reactions including death are FIVE TIMES higher than if I had not gotten the disease. HOW is MY healt being protected? I cannot get, nor spread to others, the disease now, no variants even. So WHY are they mandating ME getting the poke? Seems these cuoncilcritters are practiscing medicine without a license, and prescribing medical treatments (the injection) without a face to face consult as my health care provider MUST do.

      The medical rules are in place, and appl y to everyone. panic-demonc or no. Sue these councilcritters forpractiing medicine without a icense. That’s a felony. No more guns for them, no more holding public office. That would look REAL good on them.

  20. Over 1700 US citizens dying every day and approaching 800,000 total deaths from covid in the US.

    We’re this terrorism, the same anti masking anti vaccination fuckwits would be calling for a nuclear strike.

    1. I feel your pain, loser.

      1. Were anti maskers and anti vaccers the only ones to suffer and die from covid I would absolutely and wholeheartedly support and help you achieve your right to die.

        It’s too bad really, but that pain you feel is your own ignorance.

    2. Just as pro abortion women claim it’s their body, us citizens have the right to reject any foreign substance the government wants to inject inside us. 100% of the risk falls on the unvaccinated. It’s called personal freedom. You don’t like it? Move to Cuba.

      1. You don’t have to be vaccinated, if you don’t want to interact in public.

        That is 100% your right. Personally, I won’t miss you.

        1. What if I want to interact with the public despite not being vaccinated against the swine flu?

  21. Noooo problem. I’m sure the ACLU will jump in to defend our civil rights, right boys?

  22. These measures have been in Canada for some time already. Depressing

  23. Expect social venues just outside city limits to enjoy a bump in receipts.

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