Military Draft

Dump the Draft Forever Instead of Making Women Register

Why is registration for involuntary servitude still a thing?


In an era when the Bad-Idea Fairy runs amok through the ranks of policymakers, it was inevitable that conscription would get a new look from the political class. While lawmakers happily refrained from calling up unwilling troops to retake Kabul or invade Texas, the House of Representatives did vote to double the pool of Americans threatened with compulsory service for the state by extending draft registration to women.

"Last night, we made history," boasted Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.), an Air Force veteran who pushed the registration amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. "The military selective service system hasn't been used to draft Americans in decades – I hope it stays that way. But should our nation face a catastrophe so large we need to activate our selective service system, we must be ready to have all hands on deck. That includes women."

Depressingly, the American Civil Liberties Union (which should find another name) agrees, arguing earlier this year that "The requirement that only men — but not women — register for the draft is one of the last examples of overt sex discrimination written into our federal law." As recently as five years ago, the organization emphasized that "involuntary military conscription is a violation of civil liberties and constitutional guarantees, including the right to freedom of association, the right to be free from involuntary servitude, and the right to privacy," and advised registering women only if the federal government foolishly insisted on maintaining Selective Service. Since then, equitable suffering under the state's boot has become a higher priority than getting rid of the boot.

But do you know who is not OK with extending draft registration? The American public itself—and it's getting less OK with the idea as time goes on.

"In 2016, 63% of Americans supported drafting women, as well as men, if the military draft were reinstated," Ipsos reported last month. "In this most recent poll, only 45% of Americans are in favor."

Admittedly, over half of men favor registering women, but that's more likely because they want to share the pain than that they're enamored of conscription itself. "Fifty-six percent (56%) see no need for a draft," Rasmussen reported of respondents to a 2019 poll.

In fact, if the government were to once again send out draft notices (perhaps by text message given the deterioration of the Post Office) 31 percent of male millennials told YouGov pollsters they would "try to avoid being conscripted into the armed forces" while only 23 percent said they wouldn't try to avoid a draft. (An even greater percentage of Gen Z men said they would fight conscription, but their numbers were too small to be considered representative.)

In bad news for the federal government, Houlahan, and the zombie ACLU, "About one-third of female Millennials (32%) say that they would 'try to avoid being conscripted into the armed forces'."

So, not only would new and improved conscription be more equitable but dodging the draft would also help to bring men and women together in a shared experience of contempt for the government and its compulsory ways.

I have a difficult time believing America's recently concluded (fingers crossed) experience in Afghanistan made anybody more inclined to go along with a new draft that would turn men and women into fodder for whatever military project struck political leaders of either of the major political parties as a must-do. Restraint in the waste of lives and wisdom in the choice of targets aren't considered virtues in Washington, D.C., and I doubt many young registrants are eager to become evidence for that point.

That means Houlahan and her fellow lawmakers might want to give just a little more thought to the potential public reaction to what they're doing as the monstrous grab-bag National Defense Authorization Act makes its way to the Senate with the draft-registration provision included. Arizona history, for instance, records a famous shootout between a family of heroic draft resisters and law enforcers who just wouldn't let them be. The event left four people dead.

"These weren't a bunch of hotheads; these weren't a bunch of outlaws," Arizona State University historian Heidi Osselaer commented in 2018. "It was brought about, in my mind, solely because of World War I. Men who didn't want to fight really saw this as an intrusion on their ability to earn a living, to take care of their families, that they didn't want to go fighting in Europe for some old-fashioned aristocracies. This was a young country — we were a democracy, and a lot of people sympathized with men who didn't want to go fighting overseas."

Similar sentiment against allowing politicians to use involuntary servitude to fill military ranks resulted in mass resistance during the Vietnam War and the torching of Selective Service records. Even among those who answered call-ups, over 420,000 soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen deserted between 1966 and 1972.

Herding unwilling conscripts, fighting defiant resisters, and chasing deserters is an expensive business. During the Vietnam War era, economist Walter Oi "showed that drafting soldiers led to a loss in well-being that cost the country $6 billion to $8 billion a year (after adjusting for inflation since 1967)," as Reason's Jason Russell noted in a 2016 piece for the Washington Examiner. Oi's argument played a key role in ending the draft, augmenting the moral argument against compelling people to serve the state that politicians had, sadly but unsurprisingly, found unpersuasive.

At the end of the day, it's both expensive and immoral to force people to work and risk their lives in the service of causes they haven't chosen for themselves. Enlarging the pool of those potentially subject to compulsion doesn't make the policy more equitable; instead, it expands the reach of an evil policy that would make the country less free and less prosperous. Ultimately, if we want to do the right thing, we should end draft registration entirely and give up the thought of mandatory service for men and women alike.

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  1. While I agree that we don’t need a draft, if the Selective Service isn’t going to go away, then its only fair for women to get shafted the same as men.

    1. I concur. Plus, the potential of putting women in “harm’s way” might just be enough to prevent the draft from being reinstated.

      (A personal note: I am one of a very small group that was actually drafted twice. I was drafted in early 1969. Two weeks before I was supposed to report for duty, the Draft Lottery went into effect and my draft orders were rescinded. My birthday was assigned lottery number 61 out of 366. Any man with a number below 196 was drafted.)

      1. Women will be quietly washed out or fill rear echelon functions. Combat roles will still fall heavily on men.

        1. Dump the Draft Forever Instead of Making Women Register
          Sorry pal.
          Ain’t gonna happen.
          You need plenty of warm-body slaves to fight your wars and a volunteer-only army just won’t cut it.

          1. Conscription is nothing more than a form of slavery. Among the many complaints early colonials had with the British, forced conscription by British press gangs was one of the larger issues.

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        2. Many pregnancies/discharges conveniently occur before a deployment.

      2. The draft hasn’t been used in decades for reasons that have nothing to do with women. The military doesn’t want conscripts. Whenever the political class starts beating the war drums they see upticks in enlistments. These volunteers are significantly less disastified and more effective than conscripts.

        Adding women to the rolls might drum up more support for dropping the draft but it won’t make a difference in whether it’s used. If we get to the point it’s considered the country would already be in a desperate situation.

        1. As a veteran, I concur. I don’t want the problems of dealing with unwilling troops. The number of disciplinary problems would increase tremendously. Morale would go to hell.

          I believe trying to add women to the draft is probably the best way to end it. I despise the draft as slavery. I am proud to be a veteran and believe in the nobility of the profession of arms.

      3. No one cares about putting women onharm’s way anymore. That sort of thing went away a generation ago.

    2. MTF trans hardest hit.

    3. If the draft was used to lower the voting age to 18 and there is no more draft, shouldn’t the vote be raised back to 21? If the 18-year olds can’t be trusted to drink and they aren’t subject to the draft, then why do they get to vote?

    4. Two wrongs make a right?

      1. If they don’t, “equal protection under the law” is pretty much out the window.

    5. Fairness is a funny thing. I’m not sure why, but it seems to be a very common view that in justice applied evenly to a whole population is better than having the same injustice only perpetrated against a particular segment of the population.

      1. in justice applied evenly to a whole population is better than having the same injustice only perpetrated against a particular segment of the population.

        From a game theory standpoint it’s probably right. If a population can impose injustice on a segment of the population, it has no incentive (beyond altruism) to refrain from imposing injustice or to correct injustices. An injustice likely to be remedied is more tolerable than an injustice likely to be perpetuated. And an injustice that is broadly borne is more likely to be an injustice likely to be remedied.

        1. Yeah, that’s the better argument than fairness, perhaps. But you need to have some confidence that people will try to buck the injustice when it is applied to the whole population. Which I don’t have much of at the moment.

          1. Given that American women will stage a furious protest over somebody, somewhere dissing yoga pants*, it seems like a safe bet.

            I also can’t forget how rabid my female classmates were after 9/11. The male students had just completed Selective Service registration, and most were more apprehensive. The girls were perfect white-feather feminists**



            1. Yeah, so much for women being the more peaceful gender, right?

              1. They sure weren’t in that class. Or in the opinion polls prior to the Iraq war for that matter.

        2. “If a population can impose injustice”

          That’s assuming the population is consciously deciding what gets imposed.

          If the imposing is done by a corrupt minority and most people aren’t paying attention, then it works just the opposite: divide and conquer, with each imposition only affecting a group not large enough to fight back politically.

    6. “The Fugitive Slave Law isn’t going to go away” Justice Taney, 1857
      “There is as much chance of repealing the 18th Amendment as there is for a hummingbird to fly to the planet Mars with the Washington Monument tied to its tail.” TX Sen. Morris Sheppard, 1930
      “Germany will never surrender” Innsbrucker Nachrichten, 1945

      1. Great reminder of T.E. Lawrence’s famous quote that separates the East and West and make the West the best (as long as the West still adheres to it):

        “Nothing is written.”

    7. Doesn’t matter the situation – everyone is more interested in ensuring that the chains that bind them bind everyone else rather than breaking those chains.

      Humans are no different than crabs in a bucket.

  2. You voted for this.

    1. You either voted for Biden and thus and expansive of Selective service, or you voted for Trump and his chest thumping militarism which is inextricably linked to the draft.

      Or you voted for someone else, or didn’t vote at all. If so, I salute you.

      1. I got it. Drafting women is 100% Trump’s fault. To all TDS addled shit-heads, Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

      2. Thanks for the salute.

        I agree with you on the chest thumping militarism, and I was expecting a war with Iran at least three different times.

        But now that it’s over, intellectual honesty compels one to admit that there were in fact no new wars, in contrast to the previous four POTUSs. There were some modest reductions of existing conflicts. And on a couple occasions with Iran, he showed restraint and a sense of proportionality that we probably would not have seen from HRC. The only major fault I can complain about is his decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal.

        1. The nuclear deal, which Iran did not follow? Iran, who have removed cameras from the TESA Karaj complex? You need to bone up on Iran before shilling for the program that they not respect or follow.

          1. Did they remove the camera before or after Trump killed the deal?

            Oh wait, this was reported in today’s news. There is no deal – because Trump withdrew from it – and therefore Iran can’t possibly be violating any deal with the US.

            It appears you’re the one who is ignorant about the sequence of events. You need to think before shilling for the Saudis.

      3. How many wars did Trump start?

        1. Don’t ask her for an honesty response. Whether male or female, brandy is lying cunt, and probably paid troll.

      4. Trump’s chest thumping militarism got Norks to quiet down, Palestinians and Israelis talking, and us out of Afghanistan – with no new wars in the process.

    2. “At the same time, we must not get involved in a long-festering conflict for humanitarian reasons. If that’s our standard, we should have troops stationed all over Africa, and much of Asia as well. We will provide humanitarian assistance, but when our men and women volunteer in our armed forces it should be with the strict understanding that they will be sent into danger’s way only in cases where our national survival is directly affected. Young people now enlist, thinking they’re signing up to protect America, and end up responding to a palace coup in a country few ever heard of. “ — “The America We Deserve” by Donald J. Trump, 2000.
      Bolded portion is my addition.

    1. Fuck Joe Biden

        1. Fuck Joe Biden.

            1. Fuck Joe Biden and you.

              1. Fuck Joe Biden and brands dumb cunt mother.

  3. The 2020 election put in charge the party that puts equity as its highest value, and I am not sure where liberty is on that list of values though it is surely below security and “unity”. They also surely have no objection to involuntary servitude to “good” leaders.

    Sorry, but the Democrats and ACLU are just not that into your values.

    1. Democrat value$ come with big D-for-donor $ign$, ACLU has clued in.

  4. Draft registration is just a temporary government program, in case we have to fight Hitler again.

    1. More historically, and more in line with current events, it would be if ‘we’ have to fight the south again.

      “The United States first employed national conscription during the American Civil War. The vast majority of troops were volunteers; of the 2,200,000 Union soldiers, about 2% were draftees, and another 6% were substitutes paid by draftees.
      The Confederacy had far fewer inhabitants than the Union, and Confederate President Jefferson Davis proposed the first conscription act on March 28, 1862; it was passed into law the next month. Resistance was both widespread and violent, with comparisons made between conscription and slavery.”

      (And before you jump on the first American revolution, the Revolutionary war drafts were state operations for their Militias)

    2. They tried to impeach him twice, but he may come back in 2024. The Army needs to be prepared.

    3. But you know who else practiced conscription?…

  5. Funny, I thought the Democrats believed in “My body, my choice” at least for women. Or birthing persons. Or gender-fluid otherkin who bleed. Or somebody.

    Apparently not.

    1. More accurately, ‘your body, our choice’

  6. “Last night, we made history,”
    That doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing.

    1. I remember the night I personally made history. In a few months that should be finally expunged from my record.

      1. Hitler made history too.

  7. I think the numbers are wrong; there’s no such thing as men amongst Millennials.

  8. Will this make the public less supportive of wars in the future? That might be a good outcome.

    1. That’s always the promise. It’s never kept.

      1. And the current all-volunteer army tends to come overwhelmingly from military families and conservative Southern states. If you want an Imperial Guard you need to have a more politically and geographically diverse pool to draw from.

  9. “the American Civil Liberties Union (which should find another name)”

    Suggest ‘American Communist Lawyer Union’

    1. As always, Anti Christian Lawsuit Union.

    2. That would be true to their founding roots.

  10. At the least, pass a law that the draft can be used only in the case of a Congressionally-declared war.

  11. I think everyone is forgetting 4 d chess.
    Forget about the military part; look at having a list of everyone in the country.
    Then consider that a certain party with a fascist agenda considers there to be a “war” against the environment and the climate.
    Then realize that the ‘selective’ service can select everyone.
    Now there is a national pool of workers that can be compelled to undergo ‘training’ in the area of political thought (indoctrination) and put to work on projects that firmly entrench one party in the areas of medicine, power, “infrastructure”, and education.

    1. I predict this will be one of those conspiracy theories that turns out to be prophetic.

      1. Yeah; over the last year and a half, I thought I was turning into a conspiracy theorist, but now I think I am just a realist.

        1. The conspiracy theorists are the ones who know history, can follow patterns, and have not bought into the highly suspect dogma of “that could never happen here.”

    2. I worked with a guy terrified of a Bush Jr being elected because he would be drafted into universal service. Wrong! No Republican was calling to activate the draft, and only 1 or 2 Democrats wanted to have a universal service for public service.

  12. The draft however is designed to force citizens into becoming indentured servants to the authoritarian federal government.

    I would be more favorable of mandatory public service for every citizen if the mandatory public service included protesting against the authoritarian federal government, protesting against the endless undeclared wars, protesting against corrupt officials.

  13. I think it looks different with a constitutional amendment that militia conscripts can not be sent overseas. Only volunteers.

    1. Space Force doesn’t care about your seas.

    2. That is actually the 13th Amendment the Supreme Court misconstrued when Russia in flames quit WWI. American banks and companies had made loans to “the Allies” drug cartel, and if Germany won, those loans would never be repaid. The Court considered the economy, politics, but not the law or individual rights.

  14. Even if we did need a draft in the future the government keeps enough records on everyone that selective service registration is no longer needed to implement it

  15. In the future, you’ll get drafted to fight your fellow countrymen.

    1. “But should our nation face a catastrophe so large we need to activate our selective service system, we must be ready to…” – heroic brave Air Force veteran congresswoman Houlahan (D-Pa.)

      ‘Catastrophe’? The military is for fighting wars, WTF do you mean by catastrophes?

      While lawmakers happily refrained from calling up unwilling troops to retake Kabul or invade Texas

      Oh, I think I see what she means…

      1. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. I mean, it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” — Obama Administration Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in 2008.

        1. The usual progression is crisis leads to catastrophe leads to disaster.

          Like criticizing the draft in WWI was likened to shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic, to justify a limit on free speech. Crisis or catastrophe makes it easier for authority to impose unquestioned because unquestionable power that would be unjustifiable if there was allowed time for calm, logical reflection.

    2. Why not? Our government already seems to be at war with it’s citizens.

  16. When only 20% of eligible men can pass the physical, and an even smaller percentage of women, seems to me to be pretty moot.

    1. They’ll put the ones that fail into fat camps.

      1. shouldnt they put everyone else into camps… to protect the fatties from covid?

    2. Because the military hasn’t been lowering physical requirements for 2 decades now?

      1. They haven’t. At least the Navy PRT requirements aren’t lower than they were on 2000.

        1. And the Army is fighting an internal war over their new ACFT where something like half of women soldiers can’t pass some of the events.

          The Marines added in an CFT back before 2010 and its brutal.

    3. that’s why they will need to draft everyone — the yield is so low.

  17. Voter ID for 10% of the populace is discriminatory, impractical, and oppressive. Selective service for 50% of the population is just how government works. Will immgrants, er, illegals, er, foreign nationals be required to sign up for selective service?

    1. Voter ID for 10% of the populace is discriminatory, impractical, and oppressive.

      For 100% of the populace is discriminatory against 10% of the populace. Fuck it, I’m getting tired of parsing the narrative bullshit. Just vote with bullets.

      1. Isn’t that an old Corrosion of conformity song?

    2. The democrats must be very confident in their ability to not loose elections if they’re getting behind this horseshit.

      1. The field tests in GA and AZ were successful.
        When no one cares that the number of mail ballots received exceeds the number mailed out, the elections are no longer relevant.

  18. To avoid being drafted when you register for the selective service also register as a republican, the political purges will ensure you are tossed

    1. Nice try.
      All republicans will be drafted first, but not into combat arms.
      When they can shoot you for disagreeing, their life is much simpler.

  19. The draft, and in fact the entire selective service system is 100% unconstitutional. This is a fact regardless of what scotus has to say on the subject. The court’s reasoning in Selective Draft Law Cases., 38 S. Ct. 159, 245 U.S. 366 (1918) is so mind bendingly daft that it defies comprehension. It is completely at odds with the exceedingly plain text of the 13th amendment. The courts implication that the people who had just finished fighting the Civil war were unaware of what they had written, and the country had thereafter ratified is of the same scope as Korematsu in torturing the law. “The law imposes neither slavery nor involuntary servitude. The Thirteenth Amendment was intended to abolish only the well-known forms of slavery and involuntary servitude akin thereto, and not to destroy the power of the Government to compel a citizen to render public service.” What absolute balderdash!

    1. It pays to remember that the first national draft was instituted by those slavery loving democrats, the same ones who created the KKK.

    2. The law imposes neither slavery nor involuntary servitude. The Thirteenth Amendment was intended to abolish only the well-known forms of slavery and involuntary servitude akin thereto, and not to destroy the power of the Government to compel a citizen to render public service.

      This is easy. Government is that portion of ‘the People’ that exerts the will of ‘the People’. The same way the brain exerts the will of the body. Public service is simply the brain compelling the arm to defend the body. To expect the arm to do otherwise would be folly.

      It is even libertarian. Refusing to serve in the army is actually a violation of the NAP. It would be like if a body tripped and the arm refused to break its fall for fear of injury. The body could end up in an ICU with a traumatic brain injury instead of in the ER with a broken wrist. Breaking a few wrists in the army is the only way to prevent brain damage.

      While we are at it, does the ass get to tell the brain it doesn’t want a shot? Take the shot, you asses!

      1. And when government no longer represents the will of the people, is it still right. No Aegis is correct, the draft is unconstitutional, it is forced servitude. Also known as slavery.

        1. It is just no longer possible to parody the left if calling conscientious objection a violation of the NAP doesn’t raise alarms. I even made a direct reference about service in the army preventing brain damage.

          Perhaps going full Swift and proposing those unfit for service get processed into MREs for those serving would do it?

  20. I think the Dems believed that the courts were about to either get rid of the draft or reinstate the combat exclusion for females and they didn’t want either of those things to happen so this was their only option.
    Females really shouldn’t be anywhere near actual close quarters combat, but that isn’t the prevailing narrative, so make ‘em all register for the draft.

  21. Maybe drafting women is a necessary corrective.

    Female Trouble

    1. When they start coming back dead and maimed, maybe opinions will change?

      1. “Be the first one on your block to have your girl come home in a box!” Country Joe MacDonald?

  22. Dump the Draft Forever Instead of Making Women Register
    Sorry pal.
    Ain’t gonna happen.
    You need plenty of warm-body slaves to fight your wars and a volunteer-only army just won’t cut it.

    1. Seems to have cut it OK for the past 40 years or so.

  23. You can cut the military and IC budget in half too, since they proved incapable of handling even simple tasks.

  24. >>In 2016, 63% of Americans supported drafting women

    that poll can’t have been more than 46 people.

    1. Maybe 63% of Americans realized that, so long as women can join, voluntarily, there is no reason they shouldn’t be included, should a draft be necessary.
      Women have no place in our military, either as draftees or volunteers.

  25. “Last night, we made history,” boasted Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.)

    Fake News. Tonight’s the night we make history.

    1. styx? guessing before clicking.

        1. loved my Paradise Theater cassette. non-sequitur heard Escalator of Life on the way in today.

          1. I’m a personal friend of Gloria Vanderbilt!

  26. Dump the Draft Forever Instead of Making Women Register

    Not gonna happen. Line up bitches.

  27. This is a kick in the balls to MTF trans women.

  28. “Dump the Draft Forever Instead of Making Women Register”

    If/when Joe Biden, Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin get their way, everyone in the military who voted for Trump will be fired (as all have been labeled domestic terrorists), which will require a million replacements, which will require drafting new recruits.

    And since there probably aren’t enough males available (who voted for Biden) for replacements, women (who were more likely to vote for Biden) will be needed.

  29. Dump the Draft Forever Instead of Making Women Register

    Right now, the draft exists. Right now, equality under the law should require that women register for the draft. Women are the majority of voters in this country. If you exempt them from government enslavement, they are happy to let the government enslavement continue.

    Reason makes the same stupid argument over and over again. It’s like saying that it’s OK that 20% of US taxpayers carry the burden of financing the US government because, hey, 80% don’t have to pay net taxes! Libertarian moment!

    1. But they are making the argument that the draft is wrong. To say that it’s better if everyone can be subject to the draft is like saying that the 13th amendment should have permitted people of all races to be held as slaves because that would have been fair. Equality under the law is a fine principle, but I’m not convinced that everyone being equal slaves is a preferable situation. Especially right at this moment where a lot of people seem quite happy just to be slaves.

      1. To say that it’s better if everyone can be subject to the draft is like saying that the 13th amendment should have permitted people of all races to be held as slaves because that would have been fair.

        No, it is like saying that slavery would have ended sooner if it hadn’t been race-specific. Which it would have.

        Equality under the law is a fine principle, but I’m not convinced that everyone being equal slaves is a preferable situation.

        A system of race-blind slavery is unequivocally preferable to a system that enslaves people based on race.

        1. I would point out that slavery did quite well even in societies that didn’t exempt their own from enslavement.

          I see no historical basis to support the idea that white slave owners would be in any way hesitant to take white slaves or for white freemen to care about white slaves.

          1. I’m not sure what you mean. In most societies, slaves were identifiable minorities. And the issue isn’t who slave owners want to enslave, but which groups of people society allows to be enslaved.

            In the US, white slavery was abolished before black slavery. And laws like the fugitive slave act would have been unenforceable without race.

            (Your reference to “white slave owners” is telling about your biases. In fact, most slave owners in human history have not been white.)

        2. I’m just not sure that’s the way people actually work. I’d like to think so, but these days an awful lot of people seem to think that abusing people’s rights is just fine as long as it’s evenly distributed. If you lose your assumption that injustice falling on everyone makes it more likely that there will be reform, then I think your argument falls apart.
          And in any case, we should all be arguing for the abolition of the draft.

    2. The same argument was made about the draft – because it sucks up rich and poor alike we can be sure the rich and powerful will be careful about what conflicts we get into.

      Didn’t happen. Instead the rich and powerful just got exemptions.

      Same shit here. Women will get deferred because someone’ll be worried about the optics.

  30. There are more than 50 million Americans between 18 and 35.
    If only 20% pass the physical, that’s still 10 million who could serve.
    If a modern war required 10 million grunts, it would be due to an invasion of the U.S. If Rep. Houlahan doesn’t think Americans would voluntarily defend the U.S. in that case, then U.S. doesn’t deserve to survive. And she doesn’t deserve to represent her district.

    1. George Orwell thought conscription laws were a wunnerful thing to show the Hun “we” meant business. But that was before bright flashes persuaded Japan’s godly Imperatur to surrender. We’ve seen that it is not a good idea to hand conscripts fragmentation grenades. One of the reasons the Soviets collapsed was that they dared not put nuclear bombers and submarines into the hands of conscripts. All they had left were ICBMs vulnerable to Second Amendment SDI ABMs.

      1. The Soviet Navy – including Boomers – was mostly manned by conscripts.

        Same as the Army

    2. you could make a case that there would be a large swath of the populace that would rather serve foreign masters than risk ‘even one life’

      1. True, but another large swath over age 35 is armed, dangerous, and ready to take on any foreign invaders.

  31. Amen. End draft registration for everyone.

  32. Why isn’t the plan to report all financial transactions to the IRS not the lead in this libertarian magazine?

    1. Financial privacy isn’t a sacred cow for this publication. I’ll see if I can list some of the topics that they consider important:

      1. Never Trump
      2. Both sides
      3. “Reproductive Freedom” (lately)
      4. Empty the prisons
      5. Open Borders
      6. Legalized drugs
      7. School choice

      Pretty much in line with the modern Democrat party (with the exception of school choice). With sporadic support of the RTKBA, government fiscal responsibility, and criticism of the US’ military adventurism. They do seem to carry on quite a bit about supporting cryptocurrency. Still the best “mainstream” journalism I know regarding current events from a libertarian view.

      But I agree that Biden’s weaponizing the IRS, as we speak, should be a real kick in the ass to Reason’s writers Senior Editors.

  33. It’s not that we should use the draft to go to war for no purpose but I do see the purpose in retaining the system. People should vote against those who would use it to send us into foreign wars without a purpose but disagreeing with it all makes me think no one wants to be responsible to the society that gives them all this freedom.

    Sure, you’re “born” with freedom but that freedom is guaranteed by those who would fight for it. Seems like everyone wants to be selfish as can be anymore and not responsible to anyone for anything. As if we haven’t been living in a society this whole time.

    1. So, the government must have the ability to take away your freedom, to guarantee your freedom. Otherwise nobody is free.
      Got it.

    2. You would see the purpose on retaining a system of chattel slavery.

      Everything inside the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

      1. Seems like the left has been trying to tie those two words together recently. Freedom as a privilege.

    3. It’s not like they couldn’t institute a draft again if it became necessary. It’s been done lots of times in the past.

  34. Reading this Tuccille article was like reading Reason back in the days of Tibor Machan and Petr Beckmann. The 1972 LP platform planked opposition to the involuntary servitude of conscription and the Kleptocracy never mentioned it again. That same platform demanded “repeal of all laws restricting… voluntary termination of pregnancies during their first hundred days.” To this the Court added an extra week to formulate Roe v Wade. Canadians took the next logical step of eliminating all laws bullying doctors and women.

  35. It’s time for the fairer sex to stand up and take a few bullets. Meanwhile, I’m heading to the buffet table.

  36. As sure as the sun shines, calls for ending the draft come out any time it looks like it will affect women.

    Color me unimpressed. If you’da been calling for the end of it when only men were affected, I’d think you were actually sincere.

  37. The draft reduces our inclination to go to war, because the draft actually takes a broader spectrum of society than the “all-volunteer” army. Adding women is a horrible mistake, because winning wars is actually more important than fighting them with the wokest army.

    But all men should register, because an army of volunteers is an army of cannon-fodder. The draft spreads the burden evenly. Pretending that the duty to defend the country it’s “involuntary servitude” insults Black men who would happily do their DUTY when called upon.

    The idea that draftees serve “the state” and not “us all” is leftist bullshit. We all have a duty of mutual service, but those of us with wombs are too valuable to waste on combat. I’m well aware that notions of duty and specialization have gone out of style, but they will come back when the crunch comes, as it always eventually does. Whether we will be able to saddle up, of course, remains to be seen.

  38. “Why is registration for involuntary servitude still a thing?”

    Uh, because the empire is crumbling, that’s why.

    The only reason they got rid of the draft is because they wanted volunteers deluded enough to believe their bullshit.

  39. DUMP COERCIVE GOVT. FOREVER, and quit complaining about systemized right’s violations. Or, are we going to keep hacking at the leaves/branches of the tree of evil, and not the root?
    Start by boycott of the vote/taxes/edicts.

  40. Women should not be subject to being drafted.
    By the same token, neither should they be allowed to join, voluntarily.
    The military’s job is killing people and breaking things, neither of which being something, at which women are good.

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  42. How has military conscription passed muster since the ratification of the 13th amendment?

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    No qualifications exist to the 13th amendment, and to find an exclusion for involuntary servitude in it, is no different than finding an exclusion to the 1st amendment.

  43. At the end of the day, it’s both expensive and immoral to force people to work and risk their lives in the service of causes they haven’t chosen for themselves. Enlarging the pool of those potentially subject to compulsion doesn’t make the policy more equitable; instead, it expands the reach of an evil policy that would make the country less free and less prosperous. Ultimately, if we want to do the right thing, we should end draft registration entirely and give up the thought of mandatory service for men and women alike

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