Military Draft

House Votes To Make Your Daughters Eligible for the Military Draft

With minimal debate, Selective Service was doubled in a "must-pass" $778 billion defense bill.


Thursday night, because Washington is no longer serious about rudimentary governance, the House of Representatives took what will likely be the decisive legislative step of expanding mandatory age-18 Selective Service registration to include women.

The House voted 316–113 on the "must-pass" annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which at $778 billion this year gave President Joe Biden $24 billion more than he asked for. The up-or-down passage came after consideration of a series of amendments, from requiring congressional approval for troop deployment in Syria (which failed, 141–286), to allowing cannabis-related companies in legal-marijuana states to obtain banking services (which passed by voice vote).

Amazingly if not quite surprisingly, the effective doubling of the federal government's claim on the lives of American 18-year-olds was never submitted to a standalone vote on the House floor, because Democratic leadership refused to allow it. The Senate's version of the NDAA, which is expected to be voted on next month, already includes mandatory draft registration for women. So unless that changes in the amendment process, potential lady-conscription will be sitting on the desk of a willing Biden this fall.

"Under no circumstances will I support a NDAA that requires my daughter—and thousands of other young women—to register for the draft," Rep. Chip Roy (R–Texas), a member of the draft expansion–opposing House Freedom Caucus, said in a statement after Thursday's vote.

But Roy was outnumbered in his own party. "The NDAA is never perfect, and this is the case where the good far outweighs the bad," Rep. Jim Banks (R–Ind.), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, told the Washington Examiner, in a concise encapsulation of how "must-pass" bills enable questionable lawmaking.

The Selective Service System was first founded in 1917 to feed bodies into America's World War I efforts. It was disbanded in 1920, fired back up in 1940, re-formatted in 1948, and then terminated in 1975 as part of Washington's decisive shift to an all-volunteer military. Then a panicky President Jimmy Carter in 1980, alarmed by the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan, reinstituted draft registration as a just-in-case rite of passage for boys to complete within 30 days of their 18th birthday, under theoretical penalty of five years imprisonment and (eventually) up to $250,000 in fines.

While there have only been 14 convictions for Selective Service refuseniks, and none since 1986, those 100,000 or so young men per year who disobey Washington's marching orders are typically barred from working government jobs, receiving student loans, and (in around 40 states) obtaining a driver's license.

The move to double the federal government's imposed burden on 18-year-olds accelerated in 2016 as women finally became eligible for all combat positions in the U.S. military. Exposing young women to the same penalties as young men has been seen by many, including the American Civil Liberties Union, as a fundamental question of fairness and equity.

"By reforming the Selective Service to be gender-neutral based registration, we draw on the talents of our entire nation in the time of a national emergency," Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D–Pa.), a former Air Force officer, said in a statement September 1 after the House Armed Services Committee approved the measure by a 35–24 vote. "The current male-only registration sends a message to women not only that they are not vital to the defense of the country, but also that they are not expected to participate in defending it."

That is one way of looking at it. Another is that the best way to equalize a government burden across populations is to remove the burden altogether. Particularly when it involves something so antithetical to human freedom as having the state laying potential claim to the very lives of its citizens.

It's jarring but instructive to see the language of inclusion meld with the language of militarism. "If it's so grave that we have to go to a draft, we need everybody," Rep. Michael Waltz (R–Fla.), a Green Beret veteran, said in a statement after the September 1 committee vote. "We need man, woman, gay, straight, any religion, Black, white, brown. We need everybody, all hands on deck." Like a Benetton ad, only with guns.

The equity framing also makes it easier to portray and dismiss opponents of drafting women as retrograde loons. "Conservatives have howled about 'drafting our daughters,' but other lawmakers in both parties argue there's no reason to exempt women from registering now since combat jobs were opened to them in 2016," reported The Hill in a straight news piece. "Conservatives are riled up," echoed Roll Call.

"Some staunch conservatives," The Hill asserted in a different piece, "have sought to pull the issue into their broader culture wars."

The more frequent journalistic play, though, has been to present the issue as an obviously logical next step. "Considered controversial just five years ago," The Washington Post wrote, in its lone paragraph Thursday on the change, "the idea has gained bipartisan support as combat roles previously closed to women have opened."

Lack of political controversy translates into lack of media interest, just as lack of individual laws or amendments translates into lack of legislative debate about issues of fundamental importance.

Would an up-or-down, full-chamber vote on expanding the Selective Service to include women lead to the same outcome as cramming the provision into a must-pass defense spendapalooza? Maybe, maybe not (public opinion has tilted slightly in favor). But without allowing for that discovery process, Washington has yet again furthered both the perception and the reality that decision making at the Leviathan level is immune to democratic accountability.

Girls yesterday were placed on a collision course with a system that could impact their education, licensure, livelihood, and potentially even lives. Yet you probably heard less about that than you did about the tears of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.). America's political culture is sick.

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  1. Conduct line item voting.

    1. My libertopia is exceedingly simple: every legislator can introduce any bill he wants. After 30 days of public review, if 2/3 of other legislators have signed approval, in every chamber, it is enacted. Any revisions restart the 30 day clock.

      If any law ever gets more than 1/2 signatures from any chamber on a repeal petition, or is a law is voided for unconstitutionality, or inconsistency in words or enforcement, or being unclear or vague or otherwise not understood consistently, it is repealed immediately. No severability. No appeals.

      Parties could set up all the shadow committees and subcommittees they want, with expulsion from the party for approving bills not on the party list, or not approving bills on the party list. But they would only be shadows, not the real McCoy.

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    2. But where’s the pork?

      1. If you don’t know that at -least- 50% of any military budget is kickbacks and pork then you aren’t paying attention.

        1. Only about 20% is kickback and pork, the other 30% is for all the black (can we say that anymore?) projects.

  2. No congressman should be allowed to vote for war without first convincing 1 first degree relative, or 2 second degree relatives to volunteer for combat.

    They moved a lot of combat support roles to the National Guard in an attempt to make it impossible to wage war without activating the Guard and getting the attention of the electorate. That didn’t work.

    1. That’s because the all-volunteer force shifted the burden to a small group of people. Most Americans don’t know anyone in the military.

      Probably the only benefit of the draft is that ot shifts the burden back to everyone else. If there’s a draft, and there’s a chance it could be your kid who gets drafted, people may be a lot more reluctant to invade a bunch of third world shit holes all the time. Of course, you’d have to eliminate most exemptions so people can’t buy their way out.

      1. Well, I know that someone I was talking to (of a mostly lefty persuasion) who was bitching about how we have a responsibility to clean up the mess we made in Afghanistan shut up real quick when I said that if we were going to do that it would need to be a full court push and oh by the way how old are your boys again?

      2. This is a libertarian site. We don’t refer to totally voluntary actions as burdens.

    2. I say declare war by referendum. And everyone who votes yes signs up for service.

      1. Don’t declare war at all. If people want to fight a war, they can already do so.

        1. Even better. But unless we get rid of the standing army (how the heck is the army we have constitutional anyway?) there will still be dumb, optional wars.

  3. Finally equality in open contracts to enslave citizens. What a great advancement.

    These people are evil.

    1. I got drafted in 1968. Upon my return from Vietnam I was called a baby killer and moral coward by women at UCLA. They said that if they had been drafted they would have gone to Canada. Imagine my surprise in finding out on my return that I could have voted before I turned 21 because of the fact that I could be drafted. Imagine my disgust in finding out that 18-year old women could vote as well.

      1. I honestly don’t know what I would have done in your shoes. It is really easy to criticize other people’s decisions when you have no skin in the game.

        Ironically, I am sure that a not insignificant portion of those women criticizing you were also saying that restricting abortion access is the greatest infringement upon bodily autonomy. Ummmm how about conscription where the government owns the rights to your life?

      2. Lol, easy for them to say. What a shitty time to be a soldier.

        1. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going …

    2. I registered in ’74 while the draft was in full force. I was prepared to go to Canada, 40 miles away, and they probably would have let me stay. But Nixon ended the draft before my number came up. I knew a lot of people who were not so lucky. The ones that came back were damaged by the war and treated like shit when they got back. For thousands of years our son’s have been used as cannon fodder for the benefit of tyrants, bankers and weapon manufacturers. Now progressives demand our daughters as well. This is the opposite of progress.

      1. I am not able to follow the absurd thought process that leads to adding women to the draft instead of ending conscription for everyone. I can’t believe anyone believes this a step forward (this comment excludes those in the government and defense contractors).

        When I registered in 2003, it was such a shitty feeling. I was certain that the draft was going to be reinstated to fight the war on terror. I can’t even imagine the feeling of registering when the draft was active.

        1. Allow me to explain: A bunch of warmongering DC swampers use war to drum up support from their idiotic constituency. Therefore they see no reason to end the draft because said idiotic constituency believes it to be an honor and their patriotic duty to sign up for a war that isn’t even happening.

          Then the same draft dodging wardrum beating swampers start going more and more blue because they’re spineless and their friends at the bar make fun of them for being outdated neanderthals, so of course women can do anything men can do, all evidence to the contrary, so why can’t women serve in war.

          And if we’re going to say women can do anything men can do and are probably much better front line soldiers, brave, strong, and fierce to the last tampon string, why shouldn’t they serve in the draft?

          End the draft? Why would we do that? There’s a threat out there somewhere and we’re going to find it if we have to create it ourselves.

        2. ‘I was certain that the draft was going to be reinstated to fight the war on terror,’ then you are apparently incapable of separating your opinion and bias from fact and reality. To begin, there is neither conscription nor draft. Next, were there a need in 2003, simple analysis would have given you the numbers required were low. There would be no need for the selective service lottery to be initiated -a draft. Perhaps equally importantly, public reaction to a draft would be so negative that the then sitting POTUS would take a massive hit in performance polling. Lastly, ‘I can’t even imagine the feeling’ encapsulates your entire comment. If one thinks more and feels less about facts, hey presto, critical thinking may occur.

      2. The opposite of progress is most of what Progressives propose.

      3. You’re full of shit. I turned 18 in 1974 and knew I wasn’t at risk. By that time one still had to register and there was still a lottery, but there was no draft. The last inductees were in 1972 and the authority to draft ended in 1973.

      4. Quit lying. The draft ended in 1972. I attended an electronics class (COBET) in Fort Jackson SC in late summer ’73 with the last American drafted, Dwight Stone. See:

  4. So, I think the observation is that in the event of a draft, the shit has truly hit the fan and equity demands that we include “everyone.” Given that we have been fighting wars across the globe for decades without a draft, I think that’s probably accurate.

    1. Equality says that if women can join, voluntarily, then they should be eligible to be drafted.
      Equity says that half of all draftees, at least, should be women.
      The job of the military is to kill people, and break things. Women aren’t good at either.
      Don’t draft women, but don’t let them join, either.

      1. Women break things and kill people indirectly with great efficiency.

  5. They’ll also be setting up the 1st Crazy Bitch Infantry Division.

    1. Cool, maybe your mom could lead it?

      1. Or your dad.

    2. Outstanding!! I never knew being libertarian meant being a misogynistic SOB. Thanks for the enlightenment!

      1. yeah, one stupid comment on Reason is indicative of the entirety of libertarian thought. You got us.

        1. Not to mention that you can push them out of a plane. You can march them off a cliff. You can send them off to die on some God forsaken rock. But for some reason, you can’t call them crazy bitches.

          No bastard bitch pleasant individual ever won a war by dying for his country. He They won it by making some other poor dumb bastard bitch pleasant individual die for theirs.

          Decades of jarheads, dog faces, bullet sponges, poor dumb bastards, and platoons full of swinging dicks marching nut to butt is just how wars are won, that’s the old military. We don’t need to win wars anymore as much as be polite to each other.

          If you can’t stand the heat, go back to the kitchen.

    3. Along with the Heather has Two Mommies Regiment.

  6. They’ll need to draft men and women to fill the military ranks after Biden’s political police in the military get rid of all the white males who voted for Trump, especially since children of woke lefties don’t enlist.

  7. Yet you probably heard less about that than you did about the tears of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.)

    There’s nothing sadder than the tears of a clown.

  8. “allowing cannabis-related companies in legal-marijuana states to obtain banking services”

    At some point the judges are going to have to strike down the federal laws criminalizing marijuana. The laws are so contradictory and absurd.

    1. No, they won’t have to. Who is going force them? Voters? Lol.

    2. Are you still cranky and butthurt that Bill O’Reilly showed you who’s boss on fox news a few years ago, Sullum? 😀

    3. The law is clear and rational. As a product with legitimate medical use, Marijuana cannot be listed as a schedule 1 drug.

      However, none of our ‘elected’ representatives are willing to call out the criminal acts of the executive branch in listing it on schedule 1 in violation of federal law.


  9. Exposing young women to the same penalties as young men has been seen by many, including the American Civil Liberties Union, as a fundamental question of fairness and equity.

    Doubling down on a stupid idea just makes it twice as stupid. If you can’t get people to volunteer for your army, I guarantee you don’t deserve to lead it.

    1. Equity would be forcing everyone who hasn’t served during war time into the draft. Regardless of ability or age. The useless ones can act as meat shields.

  10. Finally, a blow against male privilege!

  11. More freedom!

  12. Good. They wanted equality, now they get it good and hard.

    1. This is probably the best way to end the draft, or Selective Service.

    1. The Guns of L’Oréal.

      1. Raspberry Berets – More colloquially know as The Fighting Pussyhats.

        Hang silver wings from by daughter’s charm bracelet!

  13. I’m just focused on the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that’s supposed to be voted on this Monday, and I can’t help but wonder why Pelosi and the Democrats are piecing these controversial tidbits out ahead of Monday’s deadline. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but maybe Pelosi is trying to show some kind of win before Monday because she doesn’t have the votes she needs for the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill. If the nine moderate House Democrats were on board with the reconciliation bill, they’d have passed it already–to put all the pressure they can on Manchin and Sinema over the weekend. Instead, we’re talking about Haiti and drafting women. It won’t surprise me if the Democrats pull through on Monday, but it won’t surprise me, either, if the fall flat on their faces.

    1. That monstrosity is a pretty big deal for the U.S. (it’s closer to 5 trillion- – capital flight, spying on brokerage bank accounts, wealth taxes, etc.). The commies think it’s squashed:

  14. The House voted 316–113 on the “must-pass” annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which at $778 billion this year gave President Joe Biden $24 billion more than he asked for.

    They’re going to need all that dough for tampons and high heels.

    1. Johnny Carson called, he wants his joke back.

      1. Doc starts playing, “Tea for Two” while Fats of Fury dances.

    2. I thought trump was the warmonger?

      1. Yeah, Milley had to assure China he would warn them about possible nuclear strikes. Even though Trump refused to bomb Iran after they shot down one of our drones.

  15. I’ve been against the draft from day one. I don’t care if you’re male, female, trans, cis, fluidly other, gay, straight, bi, black, white, shades of brown or pink, or pedo, I’m against the draft. Okay, maybe we can draft the pedos. Keeps them out of the church.

    And I have noticed through the decades that the push for the draft and selective service has ALWAYS come from the Democrats. Sometimes the Republicans go along, sometimes they push back. But the push is always from the Democrats.

    I have a shrine to Milton Friedman because he convinced Nixon to get rid of the draft. He’s a hero in my book even if he didn’t vote for Trump.

    1. And I have noticed through the decades that the push for the draft and selective service has ALWAYS come from the Democrats.

      How do you build the New Soviet Man if you can’t press him into service?

      1. If and when they institute the draft, it’ll be to address white privilege or something like that. A highly disproportionate number of new recruits come from the South. If they become increasingly convinced that American society disdains them, we should expect them to stop volunteering at the rates they have in the past.

        “Looking at each state’s share of recruits by the number of 18-to-24-year-olds in the state determines how well or how poorly a state is doing compared to its recruitable population. By that measure, the top five states in 2016 were: Hawaii, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Florida. The five places with the smallest share of recruits were: Washington D.C., North Dakota, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.”

        Otherwise, recruitment rates seem to be a function of the local unemployment rate. North Dakota has a low number because the unemployment rate was really low with the fracking boom back then.

        If recruitment starts tracking unemployment rates nationally, rather than a sense of patriotism, etc., progressives will probably want to address that with the draft. In the absence of patriotic kids who’ve been chased away from volunteering by social justice warriors, the social justice warriors will draft them to address issues of white privilege.

        1. Funny thing is this would be backwards from past wars, when lower black participation was seen (rightly so) as discrimination.

      2. Easy, you credibly threaten to shoot him and his family if he disobeys!

    2. The Democrats may sometimes be squeamish about using the military, but they love the idea of sacrifice to the collective as good for the soul, as well as a pool of forced labor.

      1. Democrats squeamish about the military? LBJ and HRC beg to differ.

      2. Democratic presidents led the country into WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. And the Democratic antiwar movement that was so vocal during the Bush, Jr. administration packed up their signs and went home as soon as Obama took office. HRC was ready to go to war with Russia. Their rhetorical opposition to militarism is all cheap talk.

        1. It is funny the leftys like to memory hole jfk as the first president to move troops into Vietnam.

          1. There were over a thousand ‘advisors’ in the nam in 1959.
            JFK “merely” kicked it up to 24,000 and lost the cover of being advisors.

    3. The Democrats seem to love the idea of national service like many European countries have. They want subjects, not citizens.

  16. The Democrsts have indulged themselves on a culture war issue at a time when the consequences of doing this are negligible, as no one expects a reinstatement of the draft.

    Of course, a draft is an emergency measure and the question is will the military need a large influx of conscripted women, for, despite being eligible for combat roles it is unlikely that many will be suited for combat.

    I wonder what the provisions are for women older than but still of draft age. I can imagine a large number of twentysomethings being annoyed at having to do this paperwork in order to fully participate in society.

  17. Something to point out, that almost every woman of military age has a ticket availablevto her to avoid service she does not want that is not available to a man.

    1. Worth mentioning Bill Burr’s point about illusory bullshit ‘equality’ again too: When equality meant toiling in the fields and developing black lung disease in the coal mines women didn’t give a shit about equality. Now that it means sitting in the AC, conducting drone strikes remotely after we ended the country’s longest war, equality is a human right.

      Nothing stopping a force of 100,000 women from voluntarily going to Afghanistan and enacting a feminist agenda the old fashioned way, whichever gender’s definition of ‘old fashioned way’ you may mean. They don’t want that, they want the equal share of a likely win at the risk of a no-cost loss.

    2. Nope, they’re US property at that point so the abortions are just maintenance on the war machine. Sorry ladies.

      At this point this change had to happen otherwise just think of all the men who would identify as women sorry selective service and the lunatics in charge would go along with it.

  18. Seriously, can we not make this Federal government any worse? Actions will need to occur to get rid of all of it. What peaceful mechanism is there to make all of Washington DC irrevant? They must be ignored/unemployed, disbanded, or sidelined.

  19. This is rather ironic coming from the party that loudly yells “her body her choice”. Kinda makes you think they don’t really mean that, doesn’t it?

    1. If you catch some shrapnel in the uterus it kind of evens it out maybe?

      1. Raspberry berets?

        1. Predat-her drones.

  20. Damn, my “actually, its Ms. bobbyj” excuse won’t cut it anymore. Back to the drawing board.

  21. Amazing.
    “…the idea has gained bipartisan support as combat roles previously closed to women have opened.”

    Not that the latter was a good idea, or has even proven practicable, except for certain values of “combat” that nicely align with the physical capabilities of women. And yet it now serves as justification for ANOTHER stupid idea.

    It’s hard to predict if this era will be first portrayed in broad comedic works, or in histories of mass insanity.

    1. Mass insanity gets my vote.


    countin’ bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums …

    1. You and I seem to have some similar tastes in music.

      1. 17 tool shows & 3 perfect circles.

  23. Selective Service was reinstated 40 years ago. There has been no draft and it is highly unlikely that there ever will be one.

    The nature of warfare has changed. War is much more destructive and it happens much faster than in previous eras.

    If an all out war were to happen vs China or Russia (or other near peer), we would run out of targets or weapons before we ran out of soldiers.

    1. we would run out of targets

      ‘ain’t no end of people need killing’

    2. The way things are going, we may find out if you’re right far too soon.

      And much as it pains me to say it, it won’t be Biden’s fault (and no, it won’t be Trump’s either), it will be the man who would be Emperor of the world: Xi the Poo.

  24. What this tells you is there is never going to be a draft again. And if dire conditions force one they’ll just change it back.

    1. No, they will not change it back. If anything, you will find that a large amount of female draftees quietly washed out or were assigned to support roles.

  25. Yeah, we should get rid of draft registration, but if we aren’t going to do that, putting the burden on the entire population is fairer than only putting it on men.

  26. Good. People might rethink frivolous military action when it mean girls getting killed.

  27. This is just symbolic. This country’s never going to have a draft again. They would go nuclear before they went to conscription.

    Anyway, Sheldon Richman’s brother-in-law is still free. I can’t remember his name.

  28. The Constitution never gives Congress the power to conscript anyone, and you’d think the 13th Amendment would make it really clear. Hmm.

  29. Well, the insane lefties DEMANDED equality, not they’re getting a taste of real equality and not the racist and sexist version they envisioned

  30. Ah, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; ain’t it great!

    1. Should apply Affirmative Action and draft 10 times as many women as men to make up for the years they were denied participation.

    2. Wouldn’t true equity first require 80 years of only requiring women to register for and be subjected to forced military conscription?

  31. House Votes To Make Your Daughters Eligible for the Military Draft. With minimal debate, Selective Service was doubled in a “must-pass” $778 billion defense bill.

    Good! Women wanted equality. That should include being used as cannon fodder for pointless wars. Maybe women will start voting a bit more rationally once they are held to the same standards as men.

    Next, we should ensure that there is 50% female representation among lumberjacks, sanitation workers, and other dirty and dangerous jobs and that female life expectancy drops to the same level as that of men.


  32. Yeah, the Squad will cry over defending Israel from terrorism, but not about drafting your daughter.

  33. One step closer to “equality”. Congrats, feminism.

  34. Because clearly an army of slaves is beyond reproach and unlikely to desire to get the fuck out of Dodge at the first possible opportunity. Well, unless you’re Roman and decimation is actually a thing.

    1. No doubt in the near future: news at 11; “Roman decimation coming to a military theater near you.”

  35. Equality between the sexes is great, amirite ladies?

  36. On one hand, equal treatment. On the other, fuck the draft.

    And as ever, fuck Joe Biden.

  37. “Girls yesterday were placed on a collision course with a system that could impact their education, licensure, livelihood, and potentially even lives. ”

    Well boo hoo. The same has applied to men for 40 years (with the most recent Selective Service program, and of course for many years prior to that). It should never have been men only. Abolish the whole thing, or it applies to everyone.

  38. Dems are dying to make us Europe. Republicans just want more bodies for their war machines. True bi-partisan agreement on this one.

  39. I don’t care if women morally deserve to be drafted.

    Nor do I care if they can be assigned to military duties where they can perform well (eg, operating the computer behind some giant fighting robot, etc.)

    They are women. Women shouldn’t be drafted. They shouldn’t even be *permitted* to fight in combat.

    Does the rule have exceptions? Supporters of Joan of Arc certainly think so, but the most fervent of her supporters have generally been traditional types who didn’t think they were establishing a *general rule* for a unisex military. Indeed, there was an extraordinary situation where the male leadership had lost their country to an invader, and a literally inspired girl led them to victory. How often, in practice, will such a situation recur?

  40. “Under no circumstances will I support a NDAA that requires my daughter—and thousands of other young women—to register for the draft,” Rep. Chip Roy (R–Texas), a member of the draft expansion–opposing House Freedom Caucus, said in a statement after Thursday’s vote.

    In other words, our sons’ lives are less valuable than your daughter’s. Chip, unless I see legislation with your name on it abolishing the whole thing, F U.

    1. There is a reasonable argument to be made that women should be spared from the draft: women have babies, they only have a limited period in which they can have babies, and their draft-eligible years are the same years when they’re most effective baby makers. Men can make babies till they die.

      If there were another draft, that means the shit has significantly hit the fan, and we’re probably going to need as many baby makers as possible once the war is over. It doesn’t make sense to kill off large amounts of young, healthy baby-makers in the war effort.

      1. Also, pretty sure that “The only alternative to oppressing no one is oppressing more poeple equally.” is not the most libertarian position.

        This would be the false equivalence that “Both Sides”-ers would normally oppose if the notion hadn’t been hijacked as a stalking horse by partisan hacks.

      2. Nothing in that legislation is about making sense.

  41. ‘No longer serious about rudimentary governance,’ disagreeing with an outcome doesn’t make one’s opinion, such as this one, factual. There are many bills that are voted through like this, but this one means that the government is failing? ‘Effective doubling of the federal government’s claim on the lives of American 18-year-olds,’ histrionics makes for an unconvincing argument, given the unlikelihood of a draft. Less convincing given: ‘Girls yesterday were placed on a collision course with a system that could impact their education, licensure, livelihood, and potentially even lives.’ This isn’t an argument about equality or civil liberties, or governance. It’s revealed in the closing lines, the injustice to the poor, helpless creatures who need strong, smart folks who know what’s best for them. Folks who will keep them safe and tell them they can do anything, be anything they want, but never put them on the same legal footing as men.

  42. There is no legal justification under present laws for a male-only draft or draft registration requirement. Judges can twist language and masturbate on their law books to find one, but the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits that view of law unless it has been “slimed” by one or another quick-handed judge.

    Whether it makes sense to impress women in the combat arms branches is another question. It suggests that this “deep concern” with equality is azalea fertilizer. But it may be indicative of a country that no longer really desires to survive.

    Either way, combat arms involves sacrifice just to serve, unless you’re planning to make the uniform a career. Being in combat arms branches in combat involves sacrificing more than just time. Why should men bear all of the pain, deformation and amputations, scars, and death for a society that vigorously denies men any advantage for the sacrifice they bore or risked – indeed, a society that has numerous provision of law to favor females over males. Not me.

    “Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be soldiers!”

  43. Without this, men who become women can dodge the draft, right?
    Must have fascist legislation.

  44. I am fine with women being required to register for the draft. But it should have been a separate item so that legislators can actually discuss it.

  45. Why does nobody get what’s going on? This is NOT. ABOUT. THE. MILITARY. This is about making draft registration universal so that Democrats can the eventually pivot to using it for some kind of universal national service. Why the hell else would Democrats want to extend the reach of draft registration?

  46. Just another reason not to vote for any democrat. In fact another reason to avoid voting at all. F***’em!
    Besides, if you vote, you have no right to complain.
    I graduated in 1969 and spent the next several years keeping my arse out of the way…..going to college and doing what ever to avoid getting drafted. I can proudly say I never served. F*** ’em!
    I then burned my registration card. I saluted Father Berrigan for vandalizing recruiting offices. I promised myself if I ever have children, I would personally drive them to the Canadian border if there was another draft.
    But hey girls….now’s your big chance! Now you can go out and get those rag heads for abusing women. Just remember you’re going to have to admit trannies into your ranks….you know, the ones with the dicks.

    1. Oh yes and as for Nancy Piglosi, there are no words harsh, nasty or vile enough to describe that vicious female impersonator. Someone who is as corrupt, as vile, as evil and grasping as her, serves to reminds us that evil knows no bounds and the pity is, that there is no hell for her to go to.

  47. The government is the enemy of the people. The worm is turning, right now. I can feel it in the air. The billionaires and the election-stealing virus-making Marxists can taste the anger of 8 billion people.


    1. Buy her a ‘military style assault rifle’, teach her the proper way to use it, have her refuse to register, and when they come for her, both of you go out in a blaze of freedom loving glory.
      When enough freedom loving citizens do this, there will not be enough police or military to enforce the slavery.
      If every Jew in Germany had taken a shovel or kitchen knife and fought to the death against the camps, the entire German army could not have filled even one camp.

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