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Biden Says $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill Has a Price Tag of 'Zero.' That's Dubious.

Democrats are now relying on the same "dynamic scoring" technique they've previously criticized.


One of the most persistent, annoying, and dangerous lies regularly told in Washington, D.C., is that everything is paid for in full.

Let's be clear: The federal government hasn't fully paid for its normal, run-of-the-mill spending in a single year since 2001. If you believe the projections of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), there is not a single year in the next 30 (the longest length of time for which the office projects spending and revenue) in which the budget will balance. Despite that, lawmakers from both parties continue to peddle this line whenever they want to make big policy changes. Democrats promised that Obamacare would be revenue-neutral. It hasn't been. Republicans promised the Trump tax cuts would pay for themselves. They didn't.

Now it's the Democrats' turn to play this game, and President Joe Biden has dutifully stepped up to the plate. Speaking Friday about the combination infrastructure package and budget reconciliation bills that the House may vote on sometime this week, the president declared that anyone worried about the latter legislation's $3.5 trillion price tag should calm down.

"We talk about price tags. It is zero price tag on the debt," Biden said. "We are going to pay for everything we spend."

Sure, Joe.

Democrats are proposing to pay for their $3.5 trillion reconciliation package with about $2.3 trillion of tax increases and $700 billion in savings from changing how Medicare and Medicaid purchase pharmaceutical drugs. The rest is written off as being paid for with future economic growth—the idea being that increases in government spending will cause more hiring and greater economic activity, which will cause future tax collections to be higher than projected.

It's a little bit like saying that your drinking habit can pay for itself, as Reason's Peter Suderman has explained.

The math doesn't add up. In order to achieve the amount of "dynamic scoring" necessary to offset that last $600 billion or so of new spending, the reconciliation bill would have to boost America's economic output by about 3.5 percent by 2031. That's far in excess of what every independent assessment of the package says it will do. In fact, at least one assessment of the package says the bill's tax increases and borrowing will more than cancel out the benefits of heightened spending, dragging growth lower.

The debate over those projections is pretty esoteric. But regardless of which forecast you believe, there's no getting around the fact that some of the lawmakers now championing the magic of "dynamic scoring" used to be quite skeptical of it. Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee—the very committee that put together the details of the reconciliation bill over the past few weeks—blasted Republicans for relying on "dynamic scoring" to make it look like the Trump tax cuts would balance over the long-term. In the Senate, meanwhile, Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) used to call dynamic scoring a "gimmick" meant to "conceal" the real cost of legislation. Now, he's fine with using it because Republicans did it first.

If hypocrisy could be taxed, maybe we'd be able to balance the budget.

That isn't the only dubious assumption behind Biden's promise that everything will be fully paid for. It doesn't fully account for the long-term budget impact of the newly expanded child tax credit, which allows Congress to claim $700 billion in "savings" that are unlikely to materialize. The reconciliation bill also calls for boosting IRS enforcement in the hopes of generating $239 billion in revenue from taxes that are currently going uncollected. That is likely an overestimation, as the CBO says the provisions would generate no more than $120 billion from increased tax compliance.

If any of the overly rosy assumptions underpinning the reconciliation bill don't come true, the excess cost will be added to the national debt. That means it will be added to the $1.9 trillion in one-time spending that Congress approved by Biden's behest earlier this year—none of which was offset by spending reductions or paid for with tax increases. The national debt already matches the size of the nation's economy and is on pace to keep growing for the foreseeable future even without adding to it.

If the bill is truly paid for, Democrats in Congress should prove as much by asking the CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation to provide a detailed analysis of the "dynamic scoring" promises contained in the reconciliation bill. Without that, argues Chris Edwards, director of tax policy studies at the libertarian Cato Institute, Democrats' claims that higher spending will generate sufficient economic growth have no hard backup.

"There is no magic money tree in Washington," Edwards says. "Rather, taxpayers will ultimately pay for the spending through current tax increases, debt and future tax increases, and inflation."

Some lawmakers, notably Sens. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D–Ariz.), have refused so far to back the president's plan due to their concerns about adding to the national debt. They should not be convinced by Biden's phony promise of a "zero price tag"—even after the White House doubled down on that claim on Monday.

And taxpayers should not be comforted by another round of Washington's favorite lie.

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  1. Biden Says $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill Has a Price Tag of 'Zero.' That's Dubious.

    Dubious. Strong words against a president more popular than Barack Obama.

    1. Boehm's alternative to this headline was:

      Biden Says He Still Gets Rock Hard and Claims 'I Always Buy An Extra Shoe, Because I Have An Extra Foot.' That's Dubious.

      1. Fake News - Boehm's alternate headline was

        Trumps' a Big Ickypuss and Everything's Still His Fault

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        2. That’s a bingo!

    2. Who are we to argue with the same experts that expertly predicted the successful defense of Kabul?

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    3. Obviously he misspelled "a blatant lie".

    4. Did I imagine it, or did that headline previously say "Ridiculous"?

    5. The fact that reason can't call it a lie is telling.

      1. It’s normal for Reason to refrain from calling anyone a “liar” in their reporting. I bet you can’t cite an example where Reason specifically called Trump a liar.

      2. Reason has morphed into Emote!.

        Where is OBL when you need him/her/it?

      3. It's the Trump doesn't have to have a reason for me to lie about it. Example....Trump lost the latest recount yet still claimed victory. Why?

    6. Hey, it's just as true as everything else he's ever said.

    7. All those white supremacists who voted for Trump remembered which party they should be voting for.

      1. Lol he set you up for this answer.

  2. The steaming pile of shit Biden also said the Taliban would not take Afghanistan.
    Maybe he thinks his nose will grow longer the more lies he tells; the endgame will be that he could sniff women's hair from across a room.

      1. No pun intended.

    1. It is simple math...the Republicans give $Trillions to the rich and they take it and buy their own stock and /or increase their own bonuses....which equals ZERO jobs. Democrats spend $Trillions building bridges, infrastructure, etc. creating millions of jobs who spend more $millions and create millions more jobs and so on. See Bill Clinton and the surplus years.

      1. The Gingrich Congress? Less rent is a good thing. Fewer public-funded cowboy poetry festivals. Bridges and roads are mostly paid for with the gas tax. There was that pipeline infrastructure but I think the evil Republicans killed it.

      2. Hey dbruce- what happened after Obama spent his hundreds of billions? Deflation. WHy? Because they couldn't actually spend the money.

        And if you think it is Republicans taking their money and buying stock, you are deluded. Go look at the leaders of Wall Street and Silicon Valley who are getting rich from Too Big to Fail, and the Government's lockdowns ruining small businesses. They weren't republican.

        1. Even leftist think takes begrudgingly admitted 80% of the tax cut went to the middle class.

        2. Obama handed Trump 75 straight months of jobs growth....Trump blew it all and ended up with 3,003,000 jobs LOST. Obama couldn't spend the money because the Republicans took over the House and the Senate and refused to pass anything to make Obama look good. Trump has finished next to last on all the Surveys done by Historians. He even does bad among the Republican Historians. Trump made 663 promises to get elected and literally never accomplished even one, since he is the worst liar in history with 0.87 lies per HOUR for his entire 4 years !!

            1. Win a lot of debates with.....parody ? Does it have anything to do with the Arizona recount which Trump lost again yet still claims he won ? Despite winning Texas by nearly six points in 2020, former President Donald Trump, in a letter published Thursday, called on Gov. Greg Abbott to add a forensic audit agenda item to the third and current special session of the state legislature. He won Texas....I think he needs to take his mental test over....wins are starting to look like losses.

              1. No. Youre a parody. Or as uneducated and leftist as SPB. It isnt worth debating your nonsense.

                1. I only deal in facts, which is how debates are won. Trump's attempt to overturn the 2020 election by propagating baseless claims of mass voter fraud have cost taxpayers more than $519 million, Trump uses words and directly incites violence. Research on violence shows that rhetoric can be more efficient than specific orders or direct assaults in causing epidemics of violence.

                  1. You offered no facts, you offered opinion and suppositions. For example you blamed trump for governors shutting down the economy. You credited Obama for job growth post him leaving, which policies did that? Those aren't facts. They are leftist opinions unsupported by reality.

                    Youre a parody. You aren't debating.

                    1. You are wrong again, keeping you perfect losing record. History doesn't care about the Governors.....Trump lost over 3 million jobs....FACT. Same with Obama, history doesn't care about the 75 months of jobs is a FACT. In 500 years the History books will list Obama with handing Trump 75 straight months of jobs. I can discuss how Obama did it which was amazing since GW Bush left him with 1 Million jobs lost in his first 6 weeks. Historically it goes on Obama's record because it is a fact.

                    2. “History doesn’t care about the Governors…..Trump lost over 3 million jobs….FACT.”

                      Definitely parody.

                    3. Lol. Dumber than white Mike. Parody wins.

                  2. Hahahahahahahaha

                  3. I mean just now you said words directly incited violence. Which words. He said no violence. The conflicts started before his speech ended.

                    Youre a parody. Lol.

                    1. His speech used the word "FIGHT" 20 times. I'll define that for YOU....fight : to use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone, to defeat an enemy, etc. : to struggle in battle or physical combat.

                    2. Want the videos of the left using the word fight? Youre a parody.

                  4. Like targeting the unvaccinated we see happening today?

          1. SQRLSY, is that you off the meds again?

            Show me on the pie chart where the BadOrangeMan left you touched in the head - yes, you can eat all the colors.

      3. Plus the 87,000 new high paying, good benefits jobs the Dems created.... at the IRS. Those pay for themselves by extracting more from the productive taxpayers.

      4. Those days,as is Bill Clinton are long gone! How cute of you to believe any Schiff the Dems push,I know we gotta pass the bill to see whats in it!

      5. The tax cuts almost every American got?

      6. The lie of the budget surplus continues. Debt went up every year under Clinton.

        1. WRONG LIAR...Bill Clintons last 4 years were surplus. The 2 years before that were surplus if he didn't have to pay interest on the debt. Trump promised to PAY OFF the National Debt....4 years he added 7 $TRILLION.

          1. Here you go parody.


            Adding 4 years was a nice touch lol.

            1. actual a parody site like the onion only more "idiotic". More than 18.6 million new jobs were created, more than any other president.
              Unemployment dropped from 7.5% to 4%.
              Homeownership was 67.7%, the highest rate ever recorded.
              The budget deficit dropped from $290 billion to a budget surplus of $128 billion.
              The poverty rate dropped to 11.8%. During his presidency, Clinton created a total budget surplus of $63 billion.
              Clinton created 10 years of U.S. economic growth by raising taxes on top income earners, reforming the welfare program, and signing NAFTA.
              Clinton is also credited for being the president that created the most jobs, adding 18.6 million job opportunities to the market.

              1. You called a site listing the yearly debt over time a parody site. Numbers directly from the government? Lol. Wow parody. Good work.

                1. That is why is says "NOT SECURE" and does not use https with a S. It also does not use the .GOV. It is literally only used by idiots.

                  1. You... Are unfamiliar with reality and the internet protocols, I see.

                  2. Lol. Full on parody. A little too obvious though.

                    1. “People who are sociopathic demonstrate a number of things
                      One is the absence of conscience. 
                      Two is to hurt people and take advantage whether it’s lying, cheating, stealing—on a habitual, regular basis. 
                      Three is they take pleasure in their destructiveness and have a very limited range of close relationships.
                      Mushroom dick is 3/3.

                  3. So you have no argument.

              2. "" is a more reputable site than the one you seem to be using to produce your "facts" -

                1. It is just a 200 year table of the US debt.

                  1. Bill Clinton
                    Total = $63 billion surplus, a 1% decrease

                    FY 2001: $128 billion surplus
                    FY 2000: $236 billion surplus
                    FY 1999: $126 billion surplus
                    FY 1998: $69 billion surplus
                    FY 1997: $22 billion
                    FY 1996: $107 billion
                    FY 1995: $164 billion
                    FY 1994: $203 billion

                    1. He's here all week, folks.

      7. Hahahahahahahaha

      8. Dbruce

        "Rich people with stocks create ZERO jobs"

        I guess Amazon employs Santa's Elves to deliver the packaged goods.

        1. I stand by my statement, giving rich people tax cuts create zero jobs, they buy their own stock, which is the easiest way to make money. Or they give themselves a bonus which is also an easy way to make money also. Each of them create zero jobs. The $Trillion dollars given to the billionaires would have created more jobs if they would have took an airplane and dropped cash all across America because people would have found the money and spent it on anything but stocks and bonuses and created some jobs.

      9. Your thought process is whack. Remember what Reagan did where he focused on one part of the economy and he get knocked for it? He was playing the long game. Those jobs Clinton had were passed over. Do t forget it was also Clinton who signed the Bill that caused the 2008 financial crisis. In April of this year, the USA lost 20 million jobs. Biden keeps producing lackluster results. In September he was only off by 400,000 jobs.
        Looking at the debt all you have to do is look at the debt clock.
        Is your argument really about the rich? Really? You don’t want that argument because Trump raised taxes on Rich in the 400k tax bracket. He also limited tarp tax deductible to $10,000. He had lowest unemployment in over 70 years. The government took in record amount of money in 18,19.
        I can tell you don’t work.
        You raise taxes on the rich, they pass the costs onto middle and lower class. They have spending power. Middle and lower class don’t. They pass the costs onto everyone else while they still make the money they did before taxes. Except now, it’s at everyone else’s expense. That includes people they let go from work.
        Then politicians, like Pelosi will bring back the TARP deductible that Trump limited to $10,000. She got $137,000 back in 2017. Another thing the rich get more of. Another thing is paid time off. If you make $500,000 and more you get $10,100 a month when taking off for baby leave.
        For everyone else, it’s $300. Sticking it to the rich, hey? If you buy a $89,000 electric vehicle you get $12,500 back. Do middle class and poor buy $89,000 cars?
        Your points sound exactly what is said on tv. The debt thing is hilarious. Like you don’t know how easy that is to check. That infrastructure bill Trump wanted to pass was for $200 billion and Democrats whined. But their $3.5 trillion dollar one is just fine, right?
        Trump had to go around and get money from military just to get $2 billion for the border wall. Spending lots of money, hey? It’s obvious you don’t know anything about Trump economy because the media ignored it. Before Covid, Trump only carried 1.1 trillion in debt in 3 years. Joe has already done over 4 trillion in 7 months. How long will it take before you figure it out? 20 million jobs lost in April. Not a peep!

  3. Tax cuts don't have to pay for themselves, because the government is not entitled to taxpayer's money in the first place.

    1. They still have to cut spending. Because they're not entitled to your children's and grandchildren's debt either.

      1. No they don't. Fuck off. Freezing spending is more than enough. Why can't you ever bitch about the actual spending. Cut taxes to zero. Fuck them.

        1. You and Trump suffer from "the Dunning-Kruger effect", which is the phenomenon which describes how people with low ability are too incompetent to recognize their own incompetence. Bankrupting 6 casinos where every game has an over-all guaranteed winning edge is a perfect example. US Poison Control Centers across the nation had a 40% hike in cleaning-chemical exposure cases because of Trumps stupid remark. When asked about this Trump said "I can't imagine". Trump received dozens of daily briefs about the pandemic in Jan and Feb and still said on Feb 27 "It's like a miracle, it will disappear". He also got many updates and still said "the virus snuck up on us" and calling it a "very unforeseen thing".

          1. Lol. Just pure parody. White Mike levels of idiocy.

            1. Trump sat down with Fox News' Sean Hannity in June 2020, who asked the president to talk about his priorities for a second term. According to the transcript, this was the Republican's full answer:

              "Well, one of the things that will be really great -- you know, the word experience is still good. I always say talent is more important than experience, I've always said that. But the word experience is a very important word. It's a very important meaning. I never did this before. I never slept over in Washington. I was in Washington, I think, 17 times, all of a sudden, I'm president of the United States. You know the story, I'm riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our first lady and I say, this is great. But I didn't know very many people in Washington. It wasn't my thing. I was from Manhattan, from New York. Now, I know everybody and I have great people in the administration. You make some mistakes like, you know, an idiot like Bolton. All he wanted to do was drop bombs on everybody. You don't have to drop bombs on everybody. You don't have to kill people."

              1. What exactly do uou think that proves parody?

                1. Can YOU derive what Trump planned to do in his 2nd term? Experience is good? Talent is more important than than experience? Priorities ? He has a serious dementia (see Steve Bannon) problem along with the people who voted twice for an insane maniac.

                  1. I can see you're a parody. Yes.

                    1. Trump declares victory again...According to the 110-page report, Cyber Ninja's audit actually found that former President Donald Trump received 261 fewer votes than the official Maricopa County canvass and found 99 more votes for Biden. His DEMENTIA has reached epic proportions. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A PARODY.

    2. The government is entitled to taxes sort of by definition.

      You want to live in anarchy, go find some unoccupied land somewhere and knock yourself out. I'm sure there are pockets of Antarctica where nobody will bother you with public services.

      1. Hardly MY fault the government overspends massively on so many wasteful things.

        1. Sure it is. You’re a citizen who has failed to convince 51% of the virtue of your plans. Do better!

          1. Well, I do have difficulty overturning fictitious votes invented on a computer.

          2. "The government is entitled to taxes sort of by definition.", NOT FOR NAZISM THEY'RE NOT!!!! Never-mind that SUPREME LAW of the people over their government!

            You left leaning Nazi-Scum always likes to pretend the USA is a [WE] mob rules democracy. Not only is pretending into existence a Nazi-Regime treasonous to the USA - the only time leftards even respect their own treasonous Nazi-Democracy is when they win some slave's and stolen money.

            So; YOU leftards can MOVE your ass off to a national socialist nation and knock yourselves out instead of trying to OVERTHROW the USA for you Nazi-Regime...

      2. Wow Tony. No they aren't. They are granted powers to raise taxes to cover the costs associated with their granted powers. They can't raise taxes for shits and giggles.

        1. Name one government ever that couldn’t raise taxes for shits and giggles if it really wanted to.

          The US government doesn’t raise taxes to cover any costs. It has a money printing machine. The taxes get taken to an incinerator. Taxes exist for the public policy goal of taking people’s excess wealth.

          1. lol.... Name one government ever that couldn’t raise taxes for shits and giggles ------- UM; Democrats Nazi-Regime......... That was easily answered.

            It doesn't matter if you print the only acceptable 'representation' of wealth or STEAL it by taxation; then people's VALUE stolen is still the same.

            You know what's great about those poverty stricken nations that "*steal* people's 'excess wealth'", until every citizen is dirt broke and struggling to put bread on the table and members of the *stealing* government are the RICHEST people in the world.

            You really are very stupid Tony... Or else maybe your just a useless politician trying to *STEAL* more from the citizens. Where is the RICHEST place in the USA??? That's right; Washington D.C.

          2. You just listed a non sequitur in response tony. Try reading the constitution some time.

            1. The Trump Soprano Crime Family is a culmination of a 5 1/2 year crime spree breaking every law possible in the Constitution.....High Crimes, Misdemeanors, Treason, Emoluments foreign and domestic, Hiring illegals, Bribery, Election payoff, Obstructing Justice, Hush money, Abuse of power, Obstruction of Congress, Tax Fraud, Misappropriating government funds, Lying to the American People, Aiding and abetting in the murder of thousands and Rendering himself obnoxious.

        2. In 1980 the federal deficit was soaring and Ronald Reagan campaigned on a singular promise: He planned to cut taxes on everyone, but especially the rich. He insisted that those benefits would quickly trickle down to everyone and supercharge the economy. Throw in some social safety net cuts, Republicans said, and the whole plan would pay for itself. It would make a great parody written by White Mike...HAHA

      3. Funny you mention Antarctica, Tony. It’s probably where we dump you traitors off after you’re removed from society.

        1. You mean I get to live somewhere where my only neighbors are scientists and penguins? Oh no anything but that. I want to remain here surrounded by idiots.

          1. I did hear that our station there is always well stocked with food and alcohol. So there’s that.

  4. Biden lie? That's unpossible

    1. Biden doesn't lie, he makes "Dubious" statements.

      1. Amazed reason went that direction.

    2. I doubt Joe Biden is capable of forming intent. And intent is a necessary component of a lie.

      1. Trump sure knows how to lie...0.87 lies PER HOUR for his entire term. Nixon's 1st Article of Impeachment was lying to the American people. He decided to resign. I doubt Trump has slowed down one lie per hour.

  5. >>The math doesn't add up.

    es mi dia primera.

  6. "Biden Says $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill Has a Price Tag of 'Zero.' That's Dubious."



    That's fucking ridiculous.

    1. P.S. Progressives are so stupid.

      They'll go all over the internet and defend this stupidity, too!


      1. 9 minutes later... Brandybuck.

        1. I'm not defending it. Both sides are fiscal idiots. Cut the spending.

          1. "...Both sides are fiscal idiots..."

            You steaming pile of shit, WE got what YOU deserve, asshole.

          2. And one side jacked up spending from 4 trillion to 6 trillion, mostly for lockdown bailouts. The other side wants to spend another 4.7 trillion on top of the 6 trillion baseline (and not counting the first 2 trillion Fix America plan they already approved.)

            Both sides are bad to be sure, but one side is a lot, lot worse.

          3. The fact that you think tax cuts are costs proves you're defending the leftist bullshit.

            1. ^THIS.... lol... Perfectly Put 🙂

            2. “Not only will this tax plan pay for itself but it will pay down debt,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin famously boasted in September. But his own department’s analysts now peg the 10-year cost at $2.3 trillion given the administration’s assumption that tax breaks for individuals and large estates will be extended past 2025.

          4. Both sides as in how you speak from your breathing mouth.

          5. Mhm. You deflect and attack Republican policies every time a Dem fucks up. But in a totally nonpartisan manner.

      2. Hell, WaPo fact checker says it is true.

      3. Progressives are evil.

    2. Is it any different form a Republican tax cut that isn't combined with an equivalent spending cut? Reagan cut taxes but our debt and deficits ballooned.

      1. ^ whataboutism. Basically what Ken said would happen just above.

        1. Add to that, raising taxes to enable more spending is NOT just like cutting taxes to reduce the funds available to government.

          1. This explains Trumps massive spending increases. I see.

            1. Trump killed the $3.5 trillion stimulus just before he lost the election. Trump signed a pandemic relief bill, consisting of unemployment benefits, etc., and I won't defend that.

              However, the Democrats spent $1.9 trillion in Covid-relief on March 6, 2021--which wouldn't have happened at all if Trump had been reelected. That bill passed both chambers without a single Republican vote.


              Meanwhile, the $3.5 trillion monstrosity under consideration at the moment is another bill that wouldn't pass if Trump had been reelected. I hope it's defeated now, but if it passes, it'll be without a single Republican vote--and that's another $3.5 trillion we wouldn't be spending if Trump had been reelected.

              So, by my count, ($1.9 + $3.5), that $5.4 trillion we wouldn't be spending if Donald Trump had been reelected. That's a big difference between them! Is this tu quoque expedition still going where you expected?

            2. Try explaining your raging stupidity, TDS-addled piece of shit.

            3. Most of those spending bills were shoved down his throat by veto proof majorities. By democrats, with the help of RINOs. People like you, not me.

            4. Remember how one of the spending bills the House gave Trump was vetoproof and how Trump reduced one and killed another?
              Apparently Brandybuck doesn't... or more likely won't.

              1. They’ve been instructed on the narrative.

      2. I'm really not interested in explaining why tax cuts are a good thing even if the legislature doesn't have the balls to cut spending yet. Suffice it to say that 1) the benefits of cutting taxes are more and varied than the downside of inflation and 2) the solution to inflation isn't higher taxes. The solution to inflation is cutting spending.

        If the problem is that drunken sailors are spending all of our money, the solution is not to give them more money to spend. The solution is to give them less of our money to spend (aka cut taxes). If Sacramento were able to get around Prop 13, they would not have used those extra funds to pay down the debt. They'd have spent it all on hookers and blow just like they did the rest.

        Anyone who genuinely believes that the government will someday become so flush with cash that they decide to cut spending is delusional.. That makes no sense at all. Any real cuts to the rate of spending will always need to be precipitated by cutting taxes. The penalty for spending beyond what your taxpayers will finance is a high interest rate, and while it's to be avoided electively, it's also a good thing--when it stops governments from borrowing more than they should.

        1. Income and outgo have to have some reasonable relationship or eventually the entity fails. That includes the US Government.

          1. Yeah, see my mention of Greece below. See any references to inflation. Ultimately, the problem is overspending, and the solution to overspending is not raising taxes. The solution to overspending is to cut spending.

            Raising taxes may alleviate inflationary pressures for a while, but it also enables more spending over the long run.

            . . . among other nasty effects of overtaxation.

            1. Sure, it would be great if they’d cut spending. It would be great to see a unicorn. It would be great if I were crowned King of Sweden.

              None of those are realistically going to happen in my lifetime.

              1. Again, they'll only cut spending when they have no other choice. Refusing to raise taxes is one of the other choices, and they need to be denied that before they stop spending more. Governments have done that in the past--when they couldn't raise taxes. Meanwhile, the idea that they'll cut spending after they raise taxes is absurd. If the government is flush with tax revenue, they will not cut spending. They have plenty of other choices--including to spend more money.

              2. They don't need to cut spending to get the deficit under control -- just stop spending more every year. Or even hold the rate of increase down to 1 or 2% or something. Tax revenues would eventually catch up.

                Gary Johnson or Rand Paul had plans to balance the budget just like that.

                1. Freezing spending growth for 6 years would make the debt essentially zero.

                  1. *citation needed
                    Really- I'd love to see the cite.

                    1. I'd have to find the numbers from OMB when they scored the Paul Ryan plan that never was passed because most GOp are feckless.

                      But basically take the current tax revenue growth, multiple 1.027^n * spending (subtract the one time budget increased like covid, only do baseline) - baseline. Solve for n to see number of years to meet current baseline debt minis revenue.

                      Right now the baseline budget growth percent is 3.6% before congress adds a single dime in appropriations. That's yearly assumed fixed growth. More than gdp growth. It needs to be zero.

                      Baseline budgeting is one of the hidden gimmics never talked about increasing debt.

                    2. 3.5T * 1.027^N - 3.5T

                      At 6 years that is 600 billion reduced debt. So 6 years is off.

                      9 years is just under 1T which is the 2019 deficit pre covid spending.

                      And that is assuming just 2.7% growth. If you get 3% it is about 1.1.

                      But freezing federal spending growth is the key.

                    3. The cite is his ass, cuz that is where he pulled it out of. Trump thought he could eliminate the national debt that way, like his casinos....just keep bankrupting them and eventually they won't let you buy any more casinos.

                  2. Debt or deficit?

                    Erasing the $28T debt will take awhile, but it's obvious to anyone who looks at annual spending vs revenue that revenue lags spending by about 5-8 years (the relationship is not perfect, esp. for outliers like 2009/10, and 2020). E.g. 2013 spending was $3.454T, revenues were $2.75T, but a few years later, in 2019 revenues were $3.463T. Alas, spending by then was $4.447T.

                    Freezing spending growth for ~5 years would tend to reduce the lag and give revenues a chance to catch up with spending and eliminate the annual deficit.

            2. In the short run the central bank can mask the rising interest rate problem by buying a big chunk of the new debt themselves, as they are currently doing -- to the tune of 80 billion a month in Treasury debt and 40 trillion a month in mortgage backed securities. That's 1.44 trillion a year. I wonder who would be loaning the Feds money at 1%, or financing mortgages at 3%, without the Fed buying support, when inflation is already at 5%? No wonder they only want to talk about someday starting to maybe taper the debt purchases a little bit, and not actually end them right now.

              1. sorry, 40 billion a month.... too many trillions running around.

              2. That's a serious problem that they've been trying to unwind since they first started doing it. It was a big mistake.

        2. Except "not giving them money to spend" doesn't work when they have an unlimited credit card plus the ability to simply ignore the lack of funds via the deficit and in full control of the levers of money creation.

          Debt, deficit, and inflation why "not giving them money to spend" doesn't work.

          1. Brandy...there is no amount of income capable of matching the demand for spending of government. At least tax cuts allow ME to spend my money, instead of a politician who was paid by somebody far richer than I to spend my money.

          2. "Except “not giving them money to spend” doesn’t work when they have an unlimited credit card . . .

            I don't think we should be pretend the 20th century never happened, and to say that the government has an unlimited credit card basically does that. Are you familiar with what happened with inflation during the Weimar Republic, what happened with inflation in the Untied States circa 1980 (15%), and what happened with Greece?

            If inflation in United States went up to 10% again, servicing the interest payment would crowd out other spending. The anger at our politicians because voters had a hard time affording to buy homes, cars, credit card purchases, etc. would be palpable. Inflation is a component of interest rates, and the world not being wiling to buy our bonds at rates we can afford is serious brake on Uncle Sam's credit card.

            It's odd because on the one hand, you seem to be opposed to cutting taxes on the basis that it will provoke inflation, but on the other hand, you don't seem to have a good grasp of what inflation is or what it does. How can the effects of inflation be bad, on the one hand, but not create a brake on against spending on the other? And after you've considered the implications of that, realize that one of the brakes on government spending is the public's unwillingness to pay higher taxes. Are you saying that we should raise taxes, here, because the desire to not pay taxes for wasteful spending isn't a real brake?

            There seems to be an awful lot of contradictory stuff going on here.

            1. 30 trillion in debt at 10% would be 3 trillion a year just in interest payments.

              1. That's a big brake on discretionary spending!

              2. It would be far better to just get rid of the left and put a stop to this. Their lives aren’t worth the horrible price we will all pay.

          3. Don't forget they full control of the voting machine levers, too.

      3. The Repub tax cut didn't reduce government revenues:

        So the increased deficits came entirely from spending more. (which Repubs went along with in 2020, but aren't going along with in 2021, except for some "infrastructure" pork a few of them cut a deal on.)

        1. That's the exact opposite of what that article says, which advocates a basic Keynesian approach.

          1. Keynesian theory, mind you, has never once actually worked.

            1. Citation needed.

              1. Can you cite when it was actually attempted?

            2. In Keynes defense, unlike communism, it’s never actually been tried.

          2. Keynesian economics proposes government spending only during periods of negative economic growth and requires spending to be cut and the budget to be balanced during positive growth. You aren't even a Keynesian since you ignore the second half of the equation.

            1. Well, the last Democrats had power during a time that wasn’t following a global economic crisis caused by Republicans, they did just that.

              1. They actually didn’t. But then, you think we can just inflate our currency supply endlessly with no ill effect. So it makes sense you’re dumb enough to have all kinds of idiotic notions.

              2. No, Newt Gingrich and the Republicans did that, with Bill Clinton signing off on it. Every time the Democrats get control of Congress, spending goes up.

              3. lmao.... Every-time Democrats get full control our economy goes to SHIT.. But it's always Republicans fault....

                Seek help for your Narcissistic personality disorder!

                Narcissists like to externalize blame. It’s a fundamental feature of their modus operandi. Why do they do it? Traditional viewpoints assert they simply have to. As the theory goes, it would internally decimate them to fault themselves. It would cause emotional pain too great to bear. And it could crush their “fragile” egos. So, their unconscious mind puts up defenses, Particularly, defenses of denial and projection. They may know a mess has been made. But it can’t be because of them. It has to be someone or something else’s fault. These defenses supposedly keep them from feeling anxious or loathing themselves. But are these really the reasons why narcissists blame others?

              4. "a global economic crisis caused by Republicans"

                I didn't realize Republicans ran wall street and banking industry.

                1. The more you know.

          3. Did you not read the table?

      4. Tax cuts aren't spending you leftist defending fuck. Taxes touch revenue. Revenue increased post the tax cuts. Youre defending it as the same as permanent government spending growth.

        This is why you're a leftist brandy.

        1. At least he’s not as dumb as Tony.

    3. Look, the claim wan’t made by Trump. That’s why Boehm didn’t use Bullshit in the title.

  7. I love my tax cuts! Give me all the tax cuts you have! But if you don't cut spending at the same time you cut taxes then it's bullshit. Tax cuts don't pay for themselves unless we're on the right side of the Laffer Curve, and even then only for the right tax rates combined with the right tax cuts. But no one is able to produce any data that we exist on the right of Laffer. They don't even bother. It's just mystical handwaving "tax cuts pay for themselves".

    Don't use tax cuts as an excuse not to cut spending. Cut the spending first and the tax cuts will follow.

    1. Cut the spending first and the tax cuts will follow.


      1. I think it might be true. If you could ever get actual spending cuts, which has never happened.

        1. Again, that assumes the government will have so much extra money lying around--and the desire not to spend it.

          Keynesians don't even believe that's possible. The whole idea of Keynesian stimulus is to get around the consumers' marginal propensity to save when they're scared. Keynesian stimulus solves that problem by taxing money away from consumers--with the justification that the government can be depended on to spend every penny it gets and then some.

          The idea that the government would cut taxes when it was flush with cash is absurd. They'll only cut spending when there's no other option--like Greece did. They couldn't raise taxes because their economy was so broke. They couldn't raise money on the world markets because the interest rates the world market wanted were so high, they couldn't generate enough tax revenue to service the debt the world market was paying.

          They finally cut spending.

          Even when they went for a bailout to international bodies, the international bodies all said the same thing: We'll help you, but you need to cut spending.

          1. I think you miss my point. Tax cuts already happen sometimes. They are a political possibility. So that's the easy part. Actually getting spending cuts is the hard to come by thing. A legislature that would actually cut the size and cost of government is likely to be one that looks favorably on tax cuts as well.
            This is not an argument against tax cuts. I'm with you on that.

            1. You know that shit's never going to happen through polite means though, so what's the point?

          2. And even Keynes said the government should run a surplus when times were good, not run a deficit all the time.

            But noted Keynesians like Krugman scream "Oh no! Austerity! We're all doomed! At the first sign of any sort of fiscal constraint or self-control."

            1. What you're saying is that Democrats follow the Keynes model and Republicans follow the exact inverse of what they're supposed to do, everything in the world proved Keynes right, and you're still apparently confused about that.

              1. People like you boast of Obama's amazing economy.

                What, uh, spending cuts did he ever enact?

                1. Amazing relative to the global calamity he inherited. Fixed by massive government spending, as almost any economist in the world will tell you.

                  1. Nothing you said reflects history or reality. Kill yourself.

                  2. Obama created the largest entitlement since medicaid and put all the outlays in future years. Ypure not this dumb tony. Partisan yes,

                    1. Trump: Ask Congress for bill repealing Obamacare and replacing with "reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability."
                      My FIRST day in office, I am going to ask Congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability.
                      [Sanford, FL, 10/25/2016] Repeal and replace on day one. HAHA

                    2. He asked congress. They told him no. He followed the constitution and didn't act as a dictator. Amazingly your ignorance and life as a parody thinks this is Trumps fault and not Congress.

                    3. My post was laughingly about Trump saying (see date) that on his first day, which started at noon, he was going to repeal and replace ObamaCare in ONE DAY. Here is another he said he would do in one day.... All illegal immigrants out day one
                      And by the way, do you know that the gangs that you see, all of these terrible gangs that you see, many of those gangs are made up of illegal immigrants, and they're tough dudes. And by the way, they're going -- day one they're going to be out of here. We're going to get rid of them day one.
                      [CNN, 9/24/15] HAHA Another...Get all criminal immigrants out
                      Day one of my administration we're getting all of the criminals out. We have many, many criminals. Gang members, heads of cartels, drug members and they lead all sorts of drug gangs, all of those -- and the police know who they are. They're all getting out.
                      [Manchester, NH, 8/25/16] Day one was going to be busy.

              2. No, he isn't saying that. Democrats don't follow Keynes, because they always keep spending more, even in good economic times. That's the opposite of Keynesian economics.

                1. When was the last good economic times?

                  1. Trumps Administration DUH.... When unemployment was lower than that of the 60s and the USD was building strength.

                    Then Biden and his Nazi-Regime came along and now there are signs of Hyper-inflation, Tax-Theft increases, and another Depression... DEPRESSIONS are becoming synonymous with DEMOCRATS....

              3. When have democrats stopped increasing government programs Tony? Do you live in a fantasy world? Baseline budgeting itself is greater than gdp growth.

                1. Democrats don’t want to reduce public services. It’s why we vote for them.

                  1. They want to massively increase them. Goddamn you’re an idiot.

                    1. Not compared to how much I want to increase them.

                    2. Youre a communist who has admitted you never want to have to work.

                    3. Who wants to work?

                    4. When Jello Biafra wrote ‘Holiday in Cambodia’, he had armchair leftist hypocrites like Tony in mind.

                  2. How about speaking honesty there Tony,

                    Democrats don't want to reduce public slavery. Being able to enslave other's and take their labors is why criminals vote Democrat.

                    1. Democrats and slavery is like peanut butter and jelly.

                  3. So you were completely lying above about democrats following keyenesian economics. Thanks.

                2. Pulled out of Afghan. after 20 years at a cost of 300 $MILLION PER DAY. I think you are the one living in a fantasy world.

                  1. Sloppy pullout. Abandoned allies. Abandoned citizens. Abandoned equipment. Abandoned our credibility.

                    To our newest lefty sockpuppet; go get sodomized by a roll of barbed wire, you fuckheads are done.

                  2. Did biden pull out or was he forced to by trump. Which leftist narrative are you using parody?

                    1. Everyone who knows anything about the military knows that you are ALL in or not in at all. Trump pulled out 3/4 and left 2,500 to fend for themselves. Trump knew he couldn't when win the election so he left a mess for the winner. Then he got Pakistan to release 4,000 pissed off fighter prisoners in Pakistan with their leader. Bone Spurs thought he knew more than ALL the Generals despite a family history of no military and a deserter from Germany. GW Bush set the example in the 100 hour war, all in and get out with everyone.

                    2. So you know Biden had just as many deferments for military service as Trump, right? Also, Trump has never been a chicken hawk, so I’m not sure where your going with that in the first place.

                      Everything else you said is basically ignorant bullshit. It’s so bad that I’m not sure if you’re this batshit stupid, or a parody account.

      2. "Sarcasm?"

        Stupidity from a TDS-addled piece of shit.

    2. when the author states "Republicans promised the Trump tax cuts would pay for themselves. They didn't.", he's showing that he does not understand tax cuts. that statement assumes that all money belongs to the gov and they're just deciding how much to give us. that is complete bs. my money is mine and any tax cut is simply allowing me to keep the money that i should keep. nearly all taxes are theft. tax cuts don't need "to be paid for". it's my money so there's nothing to pay for. the focus should be on reducing the size of gov and getting taxes as close to zero as possible.

      1. And if Koch thought the cuts were stupid...well, the IRS does accept checks above the bare minimum that you have to pay.

      2. And revenue increased after the cuts. Brandy is a leftist shot trying to deflect from democrats.

      3. And spending $3.5 Trillion is not a price tag of $0. It's a price tag of $3.5 Trillion.

    3. For a story all about Democrat spending, you sure are spending an inordinate amount of time here complaining about Republican tax cuts.

      1. To leftists, tax cuts are spending, so it's really just another case of Both Sides!

    4. Brandy, proving ever the leftist.

  8. Some far left congressthings are threatening to torpedo the infrastructure bill if the reconciliation bill doesn't get passed.

    Accidental Libertarians.

  9. The rest is written off as being paid for with future economic growth—the idea being that increases in government spending will cause more hiring and greater economic activity, which will cause future tax collections to be higher than projected.

    "Oh, very well. We'll write the rest off as being paid for by China -- the idea being that increases in government spending will cause our competitor to be so scared they will eagerly attempt to appease us."

  10. I wonder how many of the idiots who voted for Biden now regret doing so, and for what reason(s).

    - Biden's false accusations that Republicans are racists,
    - Biden's support for racist CRT at schools and workplaces,
    - Biden's inviting and allowing millions of illegal immigrants in,
    - Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,
    - Biden's many false claims about covid,
    - Biden's false accusation against the Border guard who was doing his job by riding a horse,
    - Biden's imposing a covid vaccine mandate on federal employees and thousands of private employers,
    - Biden's mask mandate (that Psaki is exempt from) for all federal facilities (including outdoors),
    - Biden's desire to spend >$5 Trillion that the US doesn't have,
    - Biden's worsening senility and dementia, or
    - All of the Above

    1. Eric's vote was *strategic* ... so everything is okay.

    2. Don't forget that Hunter's laptop is true and Joe's quite candidly pay-to-play.

      1. Do you have a bid in for Hunter's artwork yet?

        1. I'm betting money Koch does.

        2. I'm waiting for his $10 show.

          1. Hunter should come out with a Thomas Kinkade like gallery.

          2. I don’t know much about art but some of it is cool in a trippy sort of way. A bit overpriced I hear.

            1. Honestly speaking, he's not bad. His stuff is as generic and soulless as abstract art csn be, but he's fairly technically adept.

              I would have priced him $500-$2,000 at best, though. I have seen better in college art shows.

      2. Including Hunter fucking his niece from at least age 14.

    3. Biden may already be less popular than Trump. It's within a couple of percentage points at most. There may come a day when Biden gets so bad, Trump doing everything he could to contest the election results will seem like it's not such a big deal. If Trump hadn't done some of the things he did in the wake of the election, people would be pining for Trump to come back already. I wish more people were mad at Trump over trade and immigration, but the fact is that Americans loved Trump's positions on the issues, whether I like it or not.

      1. On immigration; It’s hard for Californians, with a fixed property tax rate, or prop 13, to really understand that expanding teachers unions and public schools to accommodate immigration populations is a property takings, via taxes, in every other state in the country.

        1. I need to think about that.

          Thank you for giving me something to think about.

          Preliminarily, we should probably harp on this from a libertarian perspective. What if the more we're forced to pay for each other, the more xenophobic we become--how does that lead to a tolerant society?

          1. Yep, that's totes the ticket, Ken.
            The walls are crumbling around you, so talking to people about the weather is the most pleasant course.
            I'm sure it will work this time.

    4. Biden’s worsening senility and dementia, or

      Is it really getting worse, or is it getting harder to hide?

      1. Probably both, senility gets progressively worse, which makes it harder to hide.

        1. An on-camera pants shitting would be the shark jumping moment history books would cite.

    5. you left out Biden trying to coerce private companies into banning private citizens from exercising their First Amendment rights to criticize the government.

      1. As judges throw up injunctions for unions.

    6. Which talk radio shock jock told you all that?

      1. You are free to debunk any of it.

        1. Tony is too much of a valid bitch to do that. He’s a lazy banal piece of shit. This is why he sold his soul to vote democrat.

      2. ... Asks the propaganda parrot.
        Whose brain isn't big enough to reason at all but still wants to use Gov-Guns against other citizens according to *feelings*.

    7. None of the above.

    8. None of the above. None of your list happened before the election. A lot of them describe Trump before and after the election he dementedly thinks he won by a landslide.

  11. "A price tag of 0" is a pretty funny way to describe 2.3 Trillion dollars of new taxes.

    Fuck you, cut spending!

    1. Progressivism is a religion, and Biden is a televangelist.

      You've just gotta have faith.

      1. Faith that someone else is paying for it.

      2. As opposed to the economic theory you subscribe to, with explicit tenants about not requiring any empirical evidence.

        1. You mean that less spending and less taxes leaves everyone freer and more money in their pockets? You do know that predates Keynesian economics by almost two centuries?

          1. That leads inevitably to an unacceptable wealth gap, which liberals always have to come and repair. Of course back in the day you’re talking about, liberals were getting more to the point and chopping aristocrats’ heads off.

            1. JFK was a classical liberal and once uttered, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”
              OBL points out regularly how that wealth gap increases under this D near monopoly in DC.

            2. Liberals repair? The biggest wealth gaps are in liberal enclaves dummy.

              1. Progressivism is rebranded, more malicious feudalism

              2. Before Donald Trump was a front-running Republican presidential candidate, the real estate mogul believed that the nation’s economy ran better when Democrats were in control and that Hillary Clinton would be a strong negotiator with foreign nations.

                “In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat,” Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a 2004 interview. “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn’t be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats. …But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we’ve had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans.”

                1. Stretching is good for the joints.

                2. Lol. Parody and his non sequitur. Is trump an economic genius worth listening to, or not? Make up your mind.

                  1. Only idiots would listen to Individual #1, who couldn't run a charity, Bankrupted 6 casinos where casino owner Merv Griffin was making a $Million a day profit after expenses. Trump "University" scam. Lies 0.87 times PER HOUR, when Nixon resigned for lying to the American people in one of the Articles of Impeachment. The only bank in the World that would let him walk thru their doors was the worlds money launderer Deutsche Bank. The Co-Conspirator literally sued them TWICE for giving him money. He said they should have known. They didn't care, that's how money laundry works. It would be a great parody if it wasn't so sad.

                    1. Now do Joe and Hunter Biden, or try to stay on subject.

            3. When the press showed up and asked Tony why he always tries to rob banks his reply was, "Wealth gap repair. The Bank has more money than I do; that's why I try to rob banks!"

              U belong in Prison; You don't belong anywhere near the Gov-Guns.

            4. Hey Tony, how is that wealth gap working out in Venezuela and Cuba? Or in every other socialist shithole you people idolize?

              1. They're doing all right despite massive oppression at the hands of US corporations and political ideologies.

        2. It takes, one set of "empirical evidence" to turn a $2.3T into a $0 bill and another set of "empirical evidence" to turn $0 payed into *free* shit. And anyone on the planet with 1/2-a-brain can see that as criminal fraud!

          Then on the flip-side there's just basic human sense that no matter how many times an accountant fudges numbers the balance is still what it is; and Gov-Guns doesn't create goods by any other means than STEALING it from someone who created those goods. Seems the only evidence you follow is making fraudulent claims and excuses to STEAL.

          But; Logic and Reason has been on Tony's doorstep for years but has gone unnoticed either by purposeful ignorance ( a criminal in denial ) or just being too brain-dead to comprehend anything other than parroting someone else's propaganda.

  12. Biden Says $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill Has a Price Tag of 'Zero.' That's Dubious.

    No it isn't. Biden's being totally honest here.

    Once the planned inflation is done, $3.5 Trillion really will be worth nothing.

    1. ... But of course with all inflation; those who *EARNED* it will loose all of their earnings. It's just another way to STEAL.

  13. Anniversaries are the perfect time to remember why we are there. Remember why we keep trying, why we care so much and why we want to keep doing it. It's finding your reflection in the eyes of the person you love and realizing the smile in your face.
    It is a moment to look back on time and see the road traveled with all the willingness to keep walking that same stretch, to keep walking by their side.

  14. Got. What. You. Voted. For.


    If there is a merciful fate in the universe, the Dems will implode over the spending bills and fail both.

    1. Wake me up when it's all over.....maybe not.

  15. Don’t worry, though: this will only be paid for by successful people.

    1. Let's dispense with the euphemisms when discussing hard economics. Labeling Don Trump Jr. "successful" stretches things way out of acceptable approximations.

      1. So DJT should be exempt from funding this graft bill and legislation like it?

      2. No, labeling Hunter Biden as ‘successful’ stretches things way out of ‘acceptable approximations’.

    2. But of course; That's a given.....
      No body want's what the UN-successful doesn't provide.

  16. Odds of getting that passed are near zero, but they will keep on trying. That is what fascists do and the democrats love their authority.

    1. Fascists pass laws through the normal legislative process?

      1. By stealing people’s money at gunpoint and bribing people to vote for it?

        1. By stealing people’s money at gunpoint and bribing people to vote for it?
          Summation of the DNC platform right there!!!

      2. Yes they do. All three fascist nations in history had active legislatures, Germany, Italy and Spain. Much of what people deride about fascism was passed by those legislatures at the behest of the party strongman.

        1. Ah, so you want Trump to make laws by personal fiat, I take it.

          1. Trump isn’t in office. The dictatorial wannabe guy there, that fella, pal, his name is Biden.

      3. Reconciliation isn't considered normal legislative process.

        1. Neither is the filibuster.

          1. Actually it has been normal practice for 80 years.

            1. What the fuck point do you think you're making?

              This legislative gimmick is bad because it helps people, and this legislative gimmick is good because it was used to prolong segregation?

              Why don't you try simply having good ideas and a moral compass?

        2. Since its first use in 1980, reconciliation has been used to enact 22 bills as of April 2021 (four others were passed but vetoed by the president),

      4. Once again Tony; The USA has a Constitution - A people's law over the legislative process. And no matter how many times you're told you don't ever, ever, ever acknowledge that.

      5. Only when forced to. As opposed to shit they try to push through by decree. Like Biden extending the eviction moratorium even though he openly admitted it wasn’t constitutional.

  17. 25th Amendment.

    1. Kamala 2022? Really?

      1. Her as well.
        Cackling Kamaltoe.

        1. If they both go, Pelosi is the new president.

          1. Would she have to give it up of house switches in 2022?

            1. They both would need to go at once. Or before a new VP was selected (such as what was done with Ford after Agnew left). And when Nixon left, Ford became president.

      2. Isn't she already one of the puppeteers with her hand up his ass? On principle she has already had her first term as puppet master.

        1. I’m sure she is experienced at both fisting, being fisted, and probably pegging. That sociopathic whore likely has no limits.

  18. I just get a kick out of the fact that they had the amount they wanted to spend before they even knew what they were going to spend it on. And no one seems to care just how atrociously reckless and moronic this is.

    1. When I buy a new gun or a new car I have a price tag in mind for what I want to spend, however, I try to spend under that amount. I don't argue to get the price raised so that it is in line with what I wanted to spend. And even if it is the price I wanted to spend I try to talk the price down. So many of our politicians are so wealthy that they've never learned or have forgotten how to live on a budget.

    2. Sham elections have consequences

  19. Not only is it about lunatic spending but there are other bills inserted into this monster and no one else seems to be interested.
    Of course we have to pass the bill to see what's in it.
    The patients have taken over the asylum.

  20. But it does have a price tag of zero to Joe Biden.
    He won't pay for it, other than losing the 2024 election, which he is already on track to lose anyway.

  21. So now stuff is free if you can put it on your credit card? Or on the Underhill's tab?

  22. Biden Says $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill Has a Price Tag of 'Zero.' That's Dubious.

    Biden says his hovercraft is full of eels, you dog-faced pony soldier. Now finish your pudding.

    1. I think you get Jello at that age.

  23. If you don't like the national debt, then propose some taxes to pay it down.

    Libertarianism is for young children. You want your unicorns and you want your rainbows and you don't want to lift a single fucking pinky to achieve any of it.

    A ledger has two sides. Yes yes, it's all very cute how you want to drown government in a bathtub, but at some point don't you get embarrassed for yourself basing your entire political worldview on a bit of horseshit lies and obfuscation?

    1. My worldview is based on 2+ centuries of history of what governments actually do. The lies and obfuscation are projection from those who want to pretend none of that has happened.

      The budget would be balanced in a few years by limiting spending to current levels (and by "current levels" I mean the pre-pandemic baseline of 4 trillion, not the current 6 trillion baseline), or even allowing a 1 or 2 percent growth rate every year. Just stop jacking up spending so much, and let tax revenues rise to meet spending as the economy grows (and the Fed continues to inflate the dollar, hopefully at a slower pace than they are now.)

      1. What human social need is met by your proposal? Requiring a balanced federal budget at all times may satisfy some niche obsessive-compulsive accountant's psychological needs, but it has nothing to do with sound fiscal policy.

        If we would stop having major economic crises at the hands of Republicans, who either don't know what they're doing or, scarier still, do know what they're doing, then we wouldn't need fiscal stimulus so often. Would that we could have a private-sector-drive economic boom for a change such that a federal fiscal pullback would be appropriate policy.

        1. What human social need is cured by government dependency?

          1. The need for eternal infantilism.

          2. Government dependency is more of a fact of life. You want to go somewhere that’s not governed?

            1. Huge government or anarchy. No other options.

            2. Governing doesn't require paternalism dummy.

          3. Govt. has to be there in case a despotic, narcissist, paranoid, anti-social, sadist, habitual lying, egotistic, demented, wife cheating, ignorant, selfish, fraudulent, grifter, insane, delusional and hateful excuse for a human being gets a hold of the reins and only cares about himself. He got a hold of the reins illegally thru CROSSCHECK. Things to do to become a DICTATOR.....

            1) be a narcissist who likes to put your name on buildings
            2) appoint family members to positions of power
            3) rallies — who has rallies after the election is over?
            4) the press is enemy of the people
            5) Missile parades introduce "new Sherman tank"
            6) use your office for your own personal financial gain
            7) align with other dictators and strongmen
            8) claim minorities cause all the problems except your hires
            9) lie so freely that people don’t know what the truth is
            10) goofy red hat
            11) Bypass Congress/Constitution w/fake National Emergency
            12) Investigate the Investigators and or opponents
            13) claim unlimited powers by completing a coup

        2. More empty partisan tripe from Tony.

        3. Actually, if you look at the history of every economic panic since 1821, the causes are all bubbles created by economic policies that resulted in higher government spending. Since the 20th century, most of this spending has been on social programs or policies passed by Democrats to make things more fair. The Great Depression was largely due to government subsidies to poor farmers and subsidies to manufacturing and protective tariffs, all originally enacted by Wilson (and not ended by his predecessors for any length of time). Clinton created sub prime mortgages as a way to drive up minority house ownership. The Great Society Programs lead to much of the pain of the 1970s doldrums. Carter's spending to try and reverse the doldrums resulted in the 1983 recession. Bubbles generally take ten to twenty years to build up. And then they burst suddenly. We've been printing and spending easy money since 2008, when congress demanded it and Bush agreed to it and then Obama doubled down on it. If history is any indication we are due for a massive recession as a result of the free money we've been printing and spending for 13 years. Possibly even a global depression. High inflation could very well be the trigger that causes it. But somehow I know you will blame COVID and Trump, even though this started under Bush (and a Democratically controller Congress) and Obama.

          1. This is all revisionist history bullshit I don’t have the energy to debunk, but you should know that it’s revisionist in a particular way: it blames poor black people for all the problems actually caused by rich white people (you know, the ones with power).

            Kind of sick, bud.

            1. You might have a point if those poor farmers, subprime mortgages, and welfare recipients weren’t overwhelmingly white.

              But progressives are horribly racist and automatically think of black people whenever someone mentions the poor and government spending.

            2. You do know poverty correlates better with single parent households than it does race right?

    2. "Libertarianism is for young children. You want your unicorns and you want your rainbows and you don’t want to lift a single fucking pinky to achieve any of it."

      Kind of the opposite of Libertarianism.

      1. So stop complaining about budget deficits without any intention whatsoever, ever, until the heat death of the universe, entertaining the notion of raising taxes.

        This Grover Norquist shit was known in the 90s. How do you possibly subsist on it still?

        1. 50% tax on all government handouts. Problem solved.

          1. Government handouts have a time limit, and have to be paid back in full plus interest.

            1. I like how you just come out and admit that your beliefs have nothing to do with economics principles and everything to do with your lizard-brain moral revulsions for people you deem "icky."

              1. You are free today to make others whole. Give up whatever wealth you have to poor folks.

              2. That's a nonsense statement.

        2. Or we could cut spending only to what is allowed in the Constitution.

          1. And leave the rest to the states and let people vote with their feet.

          2. You mean by what is allowed by the fantasy constitution of your daydreams.

            The real constitution seems to be permitting all kinds of spending at the moment.

            1. Lol. No it doesn't. Start with the constitution. Then read the federalist papers. Only liberal judges have perverted the taxation clause.

    3. Or just cut spending to the bone.

      Increasing taxes doesn't help since it only hurts the middle class and the wealthy can avoid them.

      I realize a dumbass left wing shithead like you couldn't understand basic finance, but that's how it is.

      Anyway our money is backed by nothing as the federal government has no credibility.

      1. Basic finance is taxes are bad because rich people are amoral law-evading dicks. Okay. Must have been sick that day.

        I'm totally open to a method of thoughtfully distributing resources that doesn't involve taxes. There may be some benefit to dispensing with that fraught label, but since we are dealing with pretty simple math here, it makes no difference effectively.

        1. Resources can be thoughtfully distributed through a free market.

        2. Tony... are you one of the idiots who think the top 5% pay no taxes?

    4. "If you don’t like the national debt, then propose some taxes to pay it down."

      OK. 90% tax on all college endowments.

      75% surtax on any income above the average of government pay for five years after somebody leaves a policy position of any sort to the private sector.

      Massive regulation on the accounting of the entertainment industry to insure proper tax payments. According to Hollywood accounting, Star Wars failed to turn a profit.

      Remove ALL deductibility of state taxes from federal taxes.

      End all subsidies of "green" energy and oil.

      Allow oil exploration on federal lands to increase revenues.

      Allow mineral exploration in Alaska to increase revenues.

      Require significant down payments for visas that will only be refunded at the point of exit after you depart at the end of your visa.

      Tax remittances 75%.

      50% surtax on all internet businesses. Facebook certainly should pay its fair share, no?

      1. And just for shits and giggles...a 60% tax on any foreign internet firms business dealings involving the USA. We should use our market clout to get some benefits for us.

        1. 90% tax on all speech revenue and book advances for any ex politician.

          1. Ooooh...good one.

          2. 35% tax on cowboy poetry festival tickets

          3. In the last four years, there have been more than 1,200 unique titles about Mr. Trump, compared to around 500 books about former President Obama. I see why this parody is so hilarious...HAHA

        2. I'm glad we're on the same page about the utility of tax incentives for public policy goals. Now all you have to do is convince 50%+1 Americans that your big idea of taking their Medicare and Social Security away to turn into a Bezos Space Cock is so fantastic.

          1. Nah. I'll just request the voting age be lowered to 5 and then remind the kids that they will be poor because of these policies.

        3. Gotta love how Tony asks for a list then shits all over it because it takes his shibboleths to task.

      2. Shit, tax Facebook 100% for being a menace to humanity.

        1. I kinda want to agree with you on that.

    5. "then propose some taxes to pay it down"
      PROPOSAL; Tax the Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      They want a Nazi NATION make them PAY FOR IT!

      Ironically; Democrats and their voters have ALWAYS had this option at this disposal. Democrats could enact all the Socialist Legislation they wanted to by a 'Club Plan'........

      But what they pretend is for the 'common good' is disquised in their need to use Gov-Guns against the common man to STEAL it from them against their will.

  24. The founders put an min age limit on President, so someone too young didn't end up in the seat. I think the spirit of the law should preclude Biden from having the job, because he has the mind equivalent to that of an infant.

  25. Fuck you, cut spending.

  26. The Republicans just blocked a bill to raise the debt ceiling

    "WASHINGTON—Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic bill that would both fund the government and raise the country’s borrowing limit, escalating a political showdown over the government’s finances just days before it runs out of money.

    . . . .

    Senate Republicans have almost unanimously lined up against voting to raise the debt ceiling, as a protest of Democrats’ party-line agenda, including the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill Democrats approved earlier this year and the broader $3.5 trillion education, child care, healthcare and climate bill they are now working on"

    ----WSJ, half an hour ago.

    I don't think we should give the Republicans any credit for being better than the Democrats on spending, though. When the real world contradicts our favorite theory, the principled thing to do is to stick our heads in the ground and ignore the facts. Why, refusing to be persuaded by the facts is what being principled is all about!

    1. Let the federal government shut down. They are useless anyway.

    2. They're just as eager to spend, but it's usually less and in more sane directions (pork should be slaughtered).

  27. This is de facto MMT, without the offensive label. The Fed, the Treasury, and Wall Street are all in agreement, it's what's best for the country. Just forget your delusions of 1) Democrats ever changing their minds about this, and 2) Democrats ever losing elections again.

  28. And where is the Fed getting the money to buy the Treasuries? If you want big govt have the balls to raise taxes and pay for it..that would be fun to watch the American people realize maybe we don't need "name it" dept. Even Teacher Unions might rethink the communist Dept of Education. This is where the GOP made a huge mistake 40 years ago..Kemp was a nice guy but he honestly was wrong on economics. Govt is not an investment it is a cost. Reducing marginal rates is a great thing but it isn't going to allow you not to cut spending. Congress is really made up of totally stupid morons with few exceptions. Or they don't care as long as their tribe gets enriched..more likely..

    1. Just say what you want to cut spending on. You have to name the programs you want to cut, or else you're just talking out your ass.

      Go tell the old people exactly which dollars you want to "return" to
      Jeff Bezos.

      1. Jeff Bezos exclusively supports Democrats, just to remind you. He's YOUR boy.

        As far as what spending to cut?

        Dept of Education
        Dept of Homeland Security
        Dept of Labor
        Dept of HUD
        Dept of State
        Sell federal lands to get that spending gone and make profits instead.
        Abolish FBI
        Abolish CIA
        Abolish PBS
        Purge majority of military leadership
        Recover every penny of fraudulently received welfare payments
        Limit federal workforce employment to 2 years only
        Abolish Capitol Police
        Leave federal buildings out of this --- but provide ALL lands in DC to Maryland to deal with.

        1. Doubtful even the Libertarian Party platform goes this far. You might get six or seven votes for these ideas. Or a couple more if you add "give U.S.A. back to the indigenous people it was stolen from and send everyone else back where their ancestors came from."

          1. I'm waiting for that. Since I have ancestors from multiple European countries, if I could have instant full citizenship in any one I choose. I would leave in an instant. But of course then we would have to send the "indigenous" people back to wherever their ancestors came from. There were people here well before they were. They just perished. I wonder how that happened.

            1. Also, If I left, the US government would have to refund all the social security I paid in to for resettlement expenses.

            2. But would you want to go to Europe?

          2. If the LP does not go that far...why are they needed?

            THIS is what they SHOULD be demanding.

            And he asked for what I would cut to rein in government spending. These are a few ideas. Jesse mentioned the Dept of Energy which I cannot believe I forgot about...but toss them on the pyre as well.

        2. Dept of energy

          1. Another of your stupid statements....Cut Nuclear Safety and Security
            Enhance nuclear security through defense, nonproliferation, and environmental efforts. Even white Mike is smarter than you....Filmmaking credits....Acting credits TV and film.

      2. "programs you want to cut" -- Simple; ALL the ILLEGAL Ones.
        If the Constitution doesn't give authority for their existence they a rogue agencies of the Nazi-Regime. (PERIOD; THAT IS THE LAW!)

        Get the 2/3rds Congress and State Ratification for their existence of just tell the Nazi-Regime to F'OFF!

    See? It can be made to work! Nothing dubious here!

    1. If you balance it against money they could have spent, really we're rolling in dough. Gotta be sophisticated to understand.

    2. Given the order of operations, multiplication before subtraction, you are implying that the Left has 3.5T times the magnitude of the right. I got that, but some people might not, so I thought I should point it out . Elementary algebra I know. Math is racist.

  30. Biden has an IQ of 0. Change my mind.

    1. He tricked us into thinking the botched Afghanistan Withdrawal was unplanned and due to incompetence. He tricked people into thinking he was evacuating Americans and loaded the planes with random Afghans instead. Hes smarter than people think. Everything he does that looks like incompetence is done with carefully calculated nefarious intent. Though one could argue hes not the one making the calls.

  31. At least the Dems pretend. There wasn't even a whiff of giving a shit when the Republicans handed stacks of cash to their rich buddies with their one and only "accomplishment" last term being the TCJA. 2 trillion more in debt (a full 10% at the time) and no one cared.

    1. Fuck you, cut spending.

      1. Agreed.

    2. Hey dummy... the left is the party of the rich and has been for a decade lol.

    3. LMAO... Allowing people to keep their *earnings* is, "Republicans handed stacks of cash to their rich buddies" ?????????????

      ... and using guns to *steal* is charity... lol.. 🙂 Ya, we know where the lefts mentality lies.

  32. Zero price tag. Awesome, that means no one has to pay taxes next year.

    1. Or it could mean the price is so high they just didn't put a price tag on it. I've been in stores like that. I just walk out without purchasing anything.

      1. Or restaurants that do that. Although there was this deli I used to eat at that had no prices listed. The owner just asked what you hand and rang it up. I think the prices changed often.

  33. 3.5 Trillion is ONLY $42,424 per industry worker!!!

    Since full time employment is 130M but 47M of those work for the State. Democratic Nazi-Power has always expanded during the worst of economies; I be thinking their desire to put us all into poverty is but a feature for their totalitarian plans; not a bug. Nazi-Government expanded faster during the Great Depression than any other. This spending is but a tactical War-Game to destroy the USA and replace it with a Nazi-Nation.

    1. You'd think such War-Game tactics would be a secret; but Democrats make no secret of their Nazi-Nation plans (def; National Socialist).

    2. I tried pointing out how stupid people are to accept the $2.1T "Relief Bill" in exchange for a $1,400 check. If you distributed $2.1T evenly amongst every adult over 18, that would come to $8,000 per person. Math is racist.

      1. We will all pay this back with interest unless the US defaults, which is looking inevitable at this point. You can only pay off credit cards with credit cards for so long.

      2. I've been saying this since the first stimulus a decade ago

  34. The ACA would have paid for itself if the Republicans had not repealed the taxes on the rich. The tax hikes on the rich and corporations (a few percent) will make the 3.5 trillion bill revenue neutral...unless Republicans come along again and repeal the funding, which is a hike of 2.6% on income over $400, if you make $500,000, you pay an extra $2600 a year.....and corporate taxes would rise to 28%. Last year, the 55 largest corporations in the US paid an average of 3.4% taxes, with billions in tax refunds despite tens of billions in profits.

    1. Leftists must be made to pay.

    2. Indeed ruffsoft, the GOP has worked the "starve the beast" strategy since Reagan - all admitted to by his budget director David STockman - where repeated unfunded tax cuts - which primarily benefit the wealthiest Americans - lay the groundwork for claiming "we can't afford it" when popular programs that would actually help the lower and middle classes, like Biden's latest, are proposed. In the meantime we continue to pay the most - by far - of any advanced country for health care and we can't afford that. We now have 2 worker married households and single parents - those are the rule, not the exception as Ozzie and Harriet bit the bullet a long time ago - who struggle to pay for child care. But hey, let's cut taxes for the top 1-5% again!

      1. It's amazing the amount of stupidity it takes to pretend that sending the richest sectors MORE *stolen* money is going to help the lower and middle class.

        STEAL MORE of the PEOPLE'S MONEY and send it to Healthcare..
        F'en Stupid beyond belief.

        What would help the lower and middle class would be to stop being so stupid and lazy and get a job + being able to KEEP the full VALUE of their work without being FORCED by Gov-Guns to send it all to Washington D.C. FATCATS...

        It's called *EARNING* your living instead of ROBBING it.

        1. Gov-Guns =/= Wealth.

    3. Everything will be perfect if you'd only wear the collar!!1!

      And no, that's shit. First premise, the law is unwelcome. Second, it stifles competition and drives UP the prices of medicine and medical devices by banning foreign options. Third, it failed on the grounds of being a convoluted, illegal overreach. Fourth it increased expenses by subsidizing every party involved - you cannot throw money at a problem to make it magically affordable.

    4. The ACA was a giant handout to the insurance companies.

      I love that leftist idiots like you, Tony, and Joe Friday are here constantly shilling for Big Pharma & Big Insurance. If I wait another couple of years you’ll all be shilling for the Banks too.

      1. Same fatty in a fresh sock circlejerk.

  35. I have thousands of dollars in debt but decide to buy car. I have to pick up extra shifts at work to cover monthly car payments.

    Democrats - "Your car has a net price tag of zero!"

    Taxes already pay for infrastructure and other projects. If we taxed sodas to fund the military, and came up with more soda taxes to fund a new military program, we get to say "the new military program now has a price tag of zero?"

    Is this a new America under democrat management, where spending and expenses are no longer considered as such in a budgetary process if we project the means to pay for it?

  36. I spent all my life up to this point working hard to avoid debt. Little did I know the government was undermining my efforts all along.

  37. The first step in establishing a workforce of indentured servants is to force debt on them so extraordinary that they can never hope to pay it off.

    The second step is duping them in to thinking they are obligated to pay it off

  38. Zero price tag. Like Biden's IQ. Or Kamala's likeability index. Or Nancy's aggregate contribution to America.

  39. "Dubious" you say? Neither the author, nor Joe Biden are in full control of their faculties!!

  40. Biden has the dynamic scoring backwards. The average US job needs $500,000 of someone's invested savings to provide all the stuff a worker uses. Extracting $2.3 trillion from investments and spending it will permanently destroy 4.6 million good jobs and REDUCE GDP. Spending more to train people for jobs that are being erased is fool hardy.

    1. Krugman's got his back. The GDP formula includes government spending.

    2. George, you have it backwards, but that's what the GOP mantra has been for decades now. The 90% of Americans who work owe their jobs to the top 10% he says, but the top 10% has zilcho without the consumers to sell to. That would be the 90%.
      I'm an entrepreneur who's been making weekly payroll for 40+ years and I wouldn't be "creating jobs" if there weren't customers to buy what I sell. The productivity if American workers is among the best in the world, but real wages have not gone up significantly in decades, while the top 10%'s ownership of US wealth has gone up and up to levels similar to the roaring 20's.

      But hey! Tax cuts will pay for themselves and we can't afford things beneficial to working stiffs like child care or dental insurance. GOP governors undercut Medicaid in their states, leaving the working class and blue collar stiffs with no coverage. "We can't afford it!" Hell, we can't afford the GOP anymore.

      1. Your life decisions are not my responsibility. Fuck off, slaver.

  41. in Democrats' twisted logic, something is free if you pay for it.

    1. .... small correction, "something is free if someone else is *forced* to pay for it by threatening them with Gov-Guns."

      Democrats are criminals pure and simple.

  42. The stock markets are crashing with bond yields going up a tiny bit. Imagine what will happen when the Fed stops buying 1.44 trillion a year in Treasuries and mortgage debt to keep rates low.

    Of course the real reason for the stock market crash is Pelosi admitting that the 3.5 trillion Wreck America Silly bill will never pass, and proceeding with the 1.2 trillion dollar Pork Ready to Shovel bill, and the Repubs saying "go ahead and raise that debt ceiling by yourself, Dems."

    1. Next up, Modern Monetary Theory.

  43. I think that America and the racist schemes of the West towards Muslims will end soon, thanks to God


    1. It's not racism when you hate a religion of goat-fuckers.

  44. Biden is wearing "Hot Pants"... Wait they are really on fire. It's at least a three-alarm fire.

  45. Boehm is a spineless cuck.

  46. That’s a lot of beads and trinkets.

    I still haven’t figured how to make a big screen TV out of birch bark and animal skins.

    Or teach values to a kid with 10 baby daddies.

    1. What the fuck is a "big screen TV"?

  47. One of the most persistent, annoying, and dangerous lies regularly told in Washington, D.C., is that everything is paid for in full.

    The idea that it is somehow better or more libertarian when government spending is paid for is ludicrous.

  48. Dubious definition: a big, fat lie.
    Of course it is Biden, so Reason again sugar coats the words.

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