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U.S. To Continue Cruel Treatment of Haitian Refugees—But Not on Horseback

Plus: Debt myopia, tech trade groups sue over Texas social media law, abortion providers ask SCOTUS to reconsider, and more...


The horse patrols aren't the point. Democrats promised a different sort of immigration policy than what former President Donald Trump offered. But with a few tweaks around the margins, the Biden administration has continued—or even expanded—its predecessor's policies.

It gets away with this in part because of symbiotic bullshitting between the Biden administration and the people opposed to it. The latter really want their base to think that Democrats are ushering in "open borders" and an influx of scary criminal immigrants, so they rant and rave as if President Joe Biden isn't just largely continuing Trump policies. And since Democrats don't want to seem like Trump 2.0 on immigration, both teams of bullshit artistry benefit.

Every now and then, however, a little bit of reality permeates this big stinking bubble—forcing Democrats to own up to what their own party is doing. That's what happened this week, when images of border patrol agents on horseback rounding up would-be immigrants with what were initially described as "whips" got out.

The spectacle sparked outrage over ongoing border-policy cruelty and further highlighted how the U.S. is treating Haitian (and other) refugees.

"This is a stain on our country," tweeted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.).

"It is unconscionable. The Biden Admin must act," opined Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

"Our federal government should not inflict this cruel violence. Period. Migrants have the right to claim asylum, and the federal government has a duty to treat them with basic respect," said Rep. Katie Porter (D–Calif.).

"These are human rights abuses, plain and simple," tweeted Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.). "Cruel, inhumane, and a violation of domestic and international law. This needs a course correction and the issuance of a clear directive on how to humanely process asylums seekers at our border."

Vice President Kamala Harris claimed that she's "deeply troubled" by the situation.

The administration's tone-deaf response? To announce that border patrol agents would stop riding horses, for now.

"We have ceased the use of the horse patrol in Del Rio temporarily," a Department of Homeland Security official told reporters on Thursday.

They'll still be capturing and sending home asylum seekers on sight. In fact, they'll be doing more of it. But by foot! Or by truck! Not on a horse! Doesn't that make you feel better about our government rounding up migrants, chaining them, and shipping them back to their countries of origin without so much as a chance to plead their case for a better life here?

About 1,400 people have already been sent back to Haiti since Sunday.

At the same press conference where she announced the no-horses pledge, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki "said 3,206 Haitian nationals have been moved to Customs and Border Protection custody to either be placed in removal proceedings or expelled through Title 42, a Trump-era health law that denies certain migrants the opportunity to apply for asylum," notes CNBC.

A federal court recently said the government must stop expelling migrants under Title 42, but the Biden administration is appealing that ruling.

"We are still under Title 42 because we are in a global pandemic, so we are still operationalizing that," Psaki said Thursday.


Tech trade groups sue over social media law in Texas. NetChoice and the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) filed a lawsuit this week challenging a new Texas law that limits the free speech rights of social media companies. The law limits platforms' ability to moderate content. "These restrictions — by striking at the heart of protected expression and editorial judgment — will prohibit platforms from taking action to protect themselves, their users, advertisers, and the public more generally from harmful and objectionable matter," the groups' complaint states.


Debt myopia. At National Review, Charles C.W. Cooke wonders why more Americans aren't upset about government spending:

Judging by its current behavior, the federal government has decided to completely give up on reality. But you haven't, right?


What the Democrats are trying right now would be nothing short of a catastrophe. The president's approval rating is around 43 percent — and dropping. His party holds a 50–50 Senate, it has a cushion of just three seats in the House of Representatives, and it enjoys no obvious mandate beyond "not being Donald Trump." We are not in the middle of a recession, or a crisis, or a war. And, in the last 18 months alone, we have spent an extra $6 trillion on top of an already-bloated budget — a sum that, when adjusted for inflation, comes to more than one-and-a-half times what we spent on World War II.

Read the whole (utterly depressing) thing here.


Abortion providers are asking the Supreme Court to reconsider their challenge to Texas' new restrictions. "Essentially, the groups, which include the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, are asking the court to take up the case before there is a definitive ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, which won't hold a hearing at least until December," explains The Washington Post.

"Although Respondents' appeal is pending in the Fifth Circuit, that Court has now issued an order that effectively forecloses Petitioners' claims against the government officials," the groups write in their brief. "The question presented is whether a State can insulate from federal-court review a law that prohibits the exercise of a constitutional right by delegating to the general public the authority to enforce that prohibition through civil actions."

This is separate from other recent legal developments around the Texas law, the Post notes:

The new filing at the Supreme Court is only one strand of the legal maneuvering involving the law, known as Senate Bill 8. The Justice Department has filed suit seeking to have the law declared unconstitutional. A hearing before a federal judge in Texas is scheduled for next week.

And a Texas doctor wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post on Saturday saying he had violated the law by providing an abortion forbidden by the state. The admission essentially invited a lawsuit that could be used to challenge the statute, and three private citizens have filed suits against Dr. Alan Braid.

More on those lawsuits here.


• Government shutdown is looming, again.

• The end of sex-positive feminism?

• Gabby Petito and why cops shouldn't handle all domestic violence calls.

• "No, Vaccinated People Are Not 'Just as Likely' to Spread the Coronavirus as Unvaccinated People," cautions The Atlantic.

• Protecting and serving:

• New York City moves to make more delivery workers unemployed. The state is considering setting minimum pay requirements for independent contractors who do food delivery. The new legislation would also let workers refuse to deliver to certain areas.

• The European Union wants to mandate that all phones and electronics use the USB-C charger, locking all device manufacturers into the current standard. "We remain concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and around the world," Apple told the BBC.

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  1. The horse patrols aren’t the point.

    Optics are the point.

    1. If by “optics” you mean “Look, a squirrel!”

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    2. Horses? Meh. How about a border zone stocked with grizzly bears and tigers?

      1. Preferably grizzly bears and tigers raised on a diet of journalists.

      2. No lions?

        Stay on the yellow brick road, or else.

        1. Maybe this is the place where a libertarian United States could grow it’s first legal field of


        2. The lions are cowardly and will run away from the aliens illegally crossing the border.

    3. Getting the press all the way up off their back about the 20 other terrible stories about the Biden administration is the point.

      I think they all forgot who is in charge of the administration, and therefore who employs these horrifically racist slave master cowboys.

    4. So Dems would rather the Border Patrol uses 4 wheelers? Isn’t that bad for the environment?

      Turns out horses are a very practical transportation option on roadless, hilly areas, particularly when pursuing fugitives who are on foot.

      1. So, does it disturb you one iota to watch video of people on foot, just trying to grab some food and survive, being chased down (regardless of whether the chasing is being t done on horseback or helicopter)?

        1. Thats an emotionally histrionic way of putting it.

        2. >>just trying to grab some food and survive

          you don’t know this.

        3. Hey look, Mike Laursen has volunteered to feed and house any migrants, at personal expense.
          Someone get Mike Laursen’s address and we can send them on their way.

        4. Does it bother you at all to see illegal aliens just wandering back and forth between the US and Mexican border with nothing stopping them?

        5. Not any more than the concept of actual slaves within other borders getting chased down on horseback and beheaded without getting ‘whipped’.

  2. We have ceased the use of the horse patrol in Del Rio temporarily…

    Ha, I didn’t realize they admitted the “temporarily” part. I just assumed they would wait for the public’s/press’s next shiny distraction to quietly pull the horseys back out of the stable.

    1. They were given the customary two weeks out to stud with apple and oats.

    2. Maybe they were just horsing around. Was the temporary part straight from the horse’s mouth?

      1. Of course, of course, Wilbur.

    3. She should just flat out say “and we’ll restart them when this media blitz is over” and it the media would still lick her boots.

  3. More emails regarding hunter.

    Per phone conversation I met with #2 son. He wants $2 per year retainer +++ success fees. He wants to hire his own people – it can be close circle of people for confidentiality. His dad is deciding to run or not.

    His positives are he is Chairman of UN World Food Program, son of #2 who has Libya file, access to State, Treasury, business partner SofS [Secretary of State] J. [John] Forbes K [Kerry] son and since he travels with dad he is connected everywhere in Europe and Asia where M. Q. [Muammar Qaddafi] and LIA [Libya Investment Authority] had money frozen. He said he has access to highest level in PRC [China], he can help there.

    His negatives are that he is alcoholic, drug addict – kicked [out] of U.S. Army for cocaine, chasing low class hookers, constantly needs money-liquidity problems and many more headaches.

    We should meet in Gstraad or London to decide next steps.

    1. For those who haven’t seen it, Business Insider (I think they did original reporting) said the $2 = 2 million.

      1. And the Libyan rep openly notes hunter was claiming to have high access to China. Wonder if trips with his daddy VP helped with that.

      2. A true renaissance man, Hunter is opening an art gallery.

        Nobody would be paying him if he wasn’t delivering access.

        1. There are also more emails showing Hunter paying most of The Big Guys bills. Mixing of funding. Which is heavily restricted allowance for members of government outside of spouses.

          Just more evidence the bribery pathway was using his son.

          1. Also nice to see that Biden might owe $500,000 in back taxes.

            1. Remember how Shrike and chemleft insisted that Trump’s tax returns hid terrible evil somewhere, and if only we could see them Trump would be finished.
              I wonder if they’ll be as concerned here?

              1. Narrator: In the end, Shrike and chemleft didn’t give two shits about Biden corruption. Because they’re Democrat shills.

            2. Mr Cooke. Do you remember when tea party demonstrators/protesters showed up to protest/demonstrate. In an actual peaceful manner? Even, in some cases, cleaning up after themselves. How did the media treat them? Now multiply that by a factor of say….10, for anyone showing up to protest/demonstrate these insane government spending plans.

        2. Oregon’s doing the same thing for football players now, thanks to NIL rules (players can cash in on name, image and likeness now, instead of playing for tuition and fees alone). Auction off your artwork to boosters. Auburn will have a field day. Someone don’t tell the SMU boosters, because the Pony Express is going to be back.

          Now you don’t even need fake jobs to give the student-athletes, just let them create non-fungible tokens and auction them off anonymously to boosters.

          1. Good, unlike the Biden’s they’ve earned that money fair and square by the fruits of their own labor.

    2. Evergreen video of Hunter and his dad: – 1min


      Stop the kraken! Errr steal! Stop the steal!

      What’s it like being wrong all the time?

      1. “A hand recount of Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential election vote has reiterated official results that showed Joe Biden won, an election audit draft report has said.”

        A hand recount of fraudulent ballots isn’t the actual audit, you utter idiot. The provenance of the ballots where the fraud is alleged is what a proper audit needs to address.
        Of course you (and Newsweek) know this, but you both have a junta to defend.

        1. They still don’t understand. I’ve already told him they weren’t allowed to revisit the adjudication process as the original ballots were not maintained. They were barred from random sampling for calling voters to see if they voted or not. This was just ultimately a recount. A facial audit. The same as the IRS checking the numbers on your tax return, not the IRS calling your employer and bank to figure out if the numbers were right.

      2. Well, there you go. Maybe people shouldn’t have freaked out so much about the audits. It was exactly what people who were trying to hide something would behave. And that’s a big part of why a lot of people trust nothing coming from the traditional institutional sources.

        1. Yup.
          Nobody hires 100 lawyers to hide an election victory. Nobody has the DOJ interfere in a state ordered audit because they won fair and square.

          DOL’s article just says that they counted the phony ballots twice. It doesn’t address the crux of the argument that the ballots were fake.

          1. Neither dol nor the reporter even bothered with the front summary if the report. They only reported the recount numbers.

        2. Got it. Criticize = “freak out”

          1. Multiple lawsuits, ignoring subpoenasegally issued… yeap. Just criticism.

          2. I’m sticking with it. There was opposition and people trying to stop it, not merely criticism. That’s not going to convince anyone with doubts about the election of anything other than that there is something to hide.

            1. Do you acknowledge that it was shown that the management of CyberNinjas were openly biased?

              1. Seems like that’s probably a fair assessment. Better open bias than secret bias, I guess.
                I think it would be great if every election were picked apart by as many people as want to. So I don’t find that terribly disturbing.

                1. Should the Arizona legislature hand out $150,000 to anyone who wants to “pick apart” the election results? If the state of Arizona is paying for an audit, should they at least make an attempt to hire an experience, non-partial auditor?

                  1. They did. It’s just you whiney cunts on the left who found a guy’s old Twitter posts and lost your marbles.

                    Keep in mind Joe Biden literally eulogized a former KKK leader and wrote the 1994 crime bill. That’s far more offensive and tangible than any of the cyber ninjas guys tweets, but you still voted for Biden.

      3. Lol. And dol rushes in to defend the bidens. Bit claims he isnt a leftist.

      4. I don’t really care who won because we seem to have Biden following Trump’s policies, and speaking as unintelligible as Trump did, so I don’t see a difference in that sense.

        However, for a side that liked to spout off about transparency and “democracy dies in darkness”, they seemed to be very reluctant to actually put those ideals into practice. That looks as bad as whipping migrants from horses.

        1. Biden is following his own worse policies. He is solely responsible for his actions, not Trump.

      5. You’re better off reading the actual report–and waiting for the final draft–before you proclaim anyone wrong.

        There will be plenty of discrepancies highlighted.

    4. I still can’t imagine how much of a firestorm this would have been for Trump if this was his son.

      1. A third impeachment for starters.

      2. Totes different, because Trump is an old, privileged, corrupt, white man.

    5. The problem is choosing low class hookes, not the high end ones. If your going to do something atleast do it the best you can

  4. “These restrictions — by striking at the heart of protected expression and editorial judgment — will prohibit platforms from taking action to protect themselves, their users, advertisers, and the public more generally from harmful and objectionable matter,” the groups’ complaint states.

    They had me then they lost me.

  5. Finally the national nightmare over J6 has ended. They convicted the guy who stole a beer from Pelosi fridge.

    1. Will he be sent to the can? Eight months to resolve this suggests there is a bottleneck in the system.

      1. Maybe he can used the prison gym to develop a six-pack.

        1. “Hooch” wine is more their speed, but, of course, they can get barley and hops smuggled in there too, so anything is possible.

      2. No, he’s being sent to the cooler.

        1. He’ll need a baseball in there.

      3. Seems like they hopped on the accusations early on what was barley a crime.

      4. Sounds like he’ll be eating some Humble Pie in the big house. “Newcaste Brown, sure can smack you down.”

    2. Heavily. Armed. Insurrection.


      1. What happened to 9/18?

        1. Their hyperbole machine is completely broken.

          Maxine Waters on the “whips” photograph:

          “What we are withnessing is worse than slavery”

          How the hell did the cancel crowd restrain themselves?
          Gina Carano was fired for making an ablique reference to the Holocaust – it is hate speech to minimize the Holocaust by invoking it like that – in saying we should all refrain from dehumanizing one another.

          How the hell is claiming that a guy riding a horse for crowd control is “worse than slavery” OK with that crowd?

          1. Maxine needs a summer at Slavery Camp.

            1. Is it near a gas-o-line station?

        2. 9 / 18 was also worse than 9 / 11. Fortunately Mr. Buttplug gave us 5 days advance warning there would be a SECOND INSURRECTION BY RIGHTWING EXTREMISTS — literally saving my life by convincing me not to leave home all day.


    3. If there was any justice, Trump would be in prison for the rest of his life.

      1. And so would Obama and Bush and Biden and a whole fuck load of other politicians. There should probably just be an automatic 10 years in prison for anyone leaving political office.

        1. But most of the classic politicians should get extra time for lying about who they really were, and what policies they stood for.

          1. Yeah, probably. I did appreciate that about Trump. But I guess most people prefer politicians who pretend to be something other than what they really are.

      2. Totally not a lefty folks. Lol.

      3. Hey Stolen Valor. Prison for what?

        What did Trump actually do that was criminal? Did he employ the Director of the FBI, the Deputy Director of the FBI, the Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI, the Director of the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and members of the Justice Department and the State Department to gather dirt on members of the opposition political party in an effort to ensure his former Secretary of State wins the Presidency?

        1. Article I, Section 8, Clause 1:
          The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;.

          Trump taxed by executive (tariffs) which is in direct conflict with our Constitution. American forefathers fought a rebellion under the banner “No Taxation without Representation” and Trump pissed all over them.

          I’d happily list my charges for Obama but beware it’ll make a Ken post look like epigram.

          1. You’re absolutely right. It is in conflict with the constitution, but there’s also centuries of precedent. Literally every single predecessor did something similar.
            And do you think that it rises to the level of an imprisonable offence which is what Stolen Valor is calling for here?

            1. Yes, thieves deserve prison sentences.

              1. Did Trump take the money or did the state? If the cash is sitting in Trump’s account, if he benefited, then he should be in jail.

                But, I think you’re treading dangerously close to hyperbole here, Notion. That’s something I’d expect from Jeff and Mike, not you.

            2. Also not centuries but decades IIRC. 1970s I think started the trend. Tarrifs prior were enacted by Congress, so legally enacted.

          2. See Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, the Trade Act of 1974, and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977

            Much like immigration and war, Congress essentially abdicated the power to the Executive and refuses to take it back. Nominally, hard to convict a President of tariffing while those laws are still on the books.

      4. Along with fauci and the entire nih

      5. And soon, so will 10% for the big guy and his pedophile son.

        Do you leftys realize there’s explicit photos of hunter and his underage neice (beaus daughter) on that laptop? And that they were already confirmed in the lawsuit brought against hunter by beaus widow, whom hunter seduced and then drained the bank account of (which was also his dead brother’s money). In that case she even provided text messages to big guy Joe asking for help with hunter and his abuse of her daughter. Joe’s reply was “maybe you should talk to a therapist”.

        Now that politico is on the story, it’s only a matter of time before we see how truly strong all you leftys cognitive dissonance really is.

    4. “Ericson, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of illegally protesting inside the U.S. Capitol, which has the maximum penalty of six months in jail.”

      “Ericson’s sentence is expected to be handed down by U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden on Dec. 10.”

      He was initially arrested on January 22. I’m not sure if he’s been in jail the whole time or if he was allowed to post bail. But if he has been, that’s 10.5 months served waiting for court proceedings on a maximum 6-month sentence and most likely probation. Man, the feds are good at making the process the punishment.

      1. Why do you think so many folks are pleading out? The Feds will keep them in jail, without indictment or trial, for as long as they can. So much for “speedy and public trial”.

        1. We no longer live in a country, but rather a dictatorship.

      2. He should be released for time served then.

    5. You mean not Klondike Bars?


    (1/14) If something surprised me in the latest elections, it was not how Putin forged the results, but how obediently the almighty Big Tech turned into his accomplices.
    (2/14) The giants Apple @Apple and Google @Google have complied with the Kremlin’s demands and removed our app from their stores. My beloved YouTube has deleted our video, and the Telegram messenger has blocked our bot.
    (3/14) These programs, which Putin calls “extremist”, only contained information about opposition candidates in your constituency.
    (4/14) By law and common sense, each of us has the right to campaign for voting (or not voting) for any candidate.
    (5/14) In our case, the very intention to organize voters in order to put competitive pressure on the ruling party was declared criminal, and Big Tech agreed with this.
    (6/14) This means that it recognizes the right of an authoritarian thief to subjugate the Internet, turning it into an instrument for seizure of power.

    1. Greenwald:

      But the most severe episode of all was the joint campaign — in the weeks before the 2020 election — by the CIA, Big Tech, the liberal wing of the corporate media and the Democratic Party to censor and suppress a series of major reports about then-presidential frontrunner Joe Biden. On October 14 and then October 15, 2020, The New York Post, the nation’s oldest newspaper, published two news reports on Joe Biden’s activities in Ukraine and China that raised serious questions about his integrity and ethics: specifically whether he and his family were trading on his name and influence to generate profit for themselves. The Post said that the documents were obtained from a laptop left by Joe Biden’s son Hunter at a repair shop.
      From the start, the evidence of authenticity was overwhelming. The Post published obviously genuine photos of Hunter that were taken from the laptop. Investigations from media outlets found people who had received the emails in real-time and they compared the emails in their possession to the ones in the Post’s archive, and they matched word-for-word. One of Hunter’s own business associates involved in many of these deals, Tony Bobulinski, confirmed publicly and in interviews that the key emails were genuine and that they referenced Joe Biden’s profit participation in one deal being pursued in China. A forensics analyst issued a report concluding the archive had all the earmarks of authenticity. Not even the Bidens denied that the emails were real: something they of course would have done if they had been forged or altered. In sum, as someone who has reported on numerous large archives similar to this one and was faced with the heavy burden of ensuring the documents were genuine before risking one’s career and reputation by reporting them, it was clear early on that all the key metrics demonstrated that these documents were real.

      1. “trading on his name” is the biggest lie by euphemism ever.

        Nobody gives you millions of dollars because you have a cool name.

        They expect the person in power to do something that justifies those millions of dollars.

        1. I wouldn’t call it a lie. Everyone knows that it really means what you say it does.

          1. Literally every “mainstream pundit” I heard use that phrase was using it in the context of “he is just trading on his father’s name. There is no corruption here, just bad judgement by the son”

            Nobody said it in terms of “trading on his family name equals taking bribes and official corruption”.

            1. Ah, well I stand corrected, then. I would have assumed that it means something shady.

              1. Pre 2020? Sure.

                But we are now in a post-Orwell world. Words don’t actually have meaning any more..


        The more it is investigated, the more Trump lost. And still no connection between hunter’s emails and Joe.

        All of you baby fascists need to remind yourselves that elections are the foundation of freedom.

        1. “A hand recount of Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential election vote has reiterated official results that showed Joe Biden won, an election audit draft report has said.”

          Here DOL pretends that a hand recount of possibly fraudulent ballots is the actual audit. A stuffed ballot box doesn’t become unstuffed because you counted it twice.
          The provenance of the ballots is where the fraud is alleged. Are they fake is the question and is what the audit is supposed to address.

          Of course DOL (and Newsweek) know this, but they operate on lies.

          1. He ignored the rest of the report about 44k questionable ballots and focused solely on the recount numbers. As usual.

          2. In 2020, a congressional seat in NY was literally overturned to the Republican after they investigated the voting machine anomalies for that election.

          3. Espresso is a servant of the dictatorship

        2. And still no connection between hunter’s emails and Joe.

          ??? What planet are you on?

          1. Liartopia.

            The planet where Stolen Valor is a 6’5″, muscular, Special-Navy-Green-Forces-Seal-Beret superman, who is asked by hot stewardesses to defend their airplane (Yes, he actually claimed this).

        3. DOL- What the fuck does this have to do with the thread? Seriously, you complain about Trumpaloos, and then you come into threads with off topic bullshit in a deliberate attempt to stop discussion on other stuff. You realize you are part of the problem, right?


    Because it’s the construction workers who are resisting forced vaccines, Australian police are pulling over and bashing anyone who looks likes a “tradie”. They’ve deployed riot police and even counter-terrorism police. This is police state stuff.

    1. If it saves just one authoritarian bureaucrat!

      1. I wonder if this will teach gun control nuts any lessons…

        1. Not if they identify with the righteous dictators.

        2. That it’s super effective? The gun control nuts are generally in the jab mandate crowd as well.

    2. whenever you start feeling bad about what’s going on, just remember you could be living in Australia.

      Oh wait, no, I’d be gone from there already.

      1. How? They’re airports are locked down.

        A long boat ride to Irian Jaya?

    3. Telestra even shut down their internet service, while Facebook has been blocking livestreams. This is the kind of shit that authoritarian regimes have done going back to the 2009 color revolution attempt in Iran.

      The differences between these protests (as well as the similar yellow vest ones in France prior to the pandemic) and the soshul jizztizz ones are stark–the latter has the support of the oligarchs, and thus are allowed to go apeshit without consequence, while the former does not, and is ruthlessly suppressed.

    4. Australia apparently didn’t notice what happened in France when they cracked down on the sans-dents gilets-jaunes to save the environment.

  8. The WH and DHS continue to dodge on questions of number of illegals released in the interior, many without court dates to appear.

  9. The European Union wants to mandate that all phones and electronics use the USB-C charger, locking all device manufacturers into the current standard.

    I trust that it is Top Men making this decision and who am I to question Top Men?

  10. Why is Sarah Jessica Parker at the border? Is this some method acting preparation for a new role?

    1. She has been hired in the live action movie of BoJack?

      1. ‘Look at much we can save on CGI!’

        Legit LOLd.

      2. Greatest / most horrific line in the history of Family Guy:

        “They let Sarah Jessica Parker on TV, and she’s got a face like a foot!”

        1. Quote wasn’t exactly word for word… But true to the spirit

    2. It must be early. I thought it was AOC.

      1. She’s still having her dress re-painted.

        1. Would she pony up the money for that?

  11. Next step, imposing a limit:

    Mastercard will let you track the climate impact of your spending habits

    New carbon calculator tool will break down the carbon emissions of spending patterns by category

    1. Bank of England tells ministers to intervene on digital currency ‘programming’

      The Bank of England has called on ministers to decide whether a central bank digital currency should be “programmable”, ultimately giving the issuer control over how it is spent by the recipient.

      1. We Should Shame Frequent Fliers
        Pre-pandemic travel habits were destroying the earth. They must never be allowed to return.

        1. Party Members excepted, because of their vital work.

          LOL, it’s The Nation; what did you expect? The problem is when more ‘normal’ news outlets start agreeing, which is what’s happened already. I haven’t checked, but it’d be interesting to go through articles of The Nation from 10-15 years ago, and see how much of what they were pushing then, is considered common sense conventional wisdom now.

          1. The Overton Window meets the Babylon Bee.

    2. Can’t wait for the game to max out the impact.

      1. Winners get sent to climate reeducation camp.

    1. Milley and his staff needed to get caught up on this quarter’s SHARP training instead.

    2. Cannot figure out why some think Democrats do not care much about Americans.

      1. Perhaps obvious, but the American dream has always promoted success and optimism. Democrats have committed to failure and disaster. Any deviation from the pessimistic view, of past or present, is heresy.

        1. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair! ™

          The left in a nutshell.

  12. Staggering abuse of powers in Los Angeles, where Sheriff Villanueva has a unit devoted to conducting criminal investigations into the sheriff’s critics

    Staggering? I thought all police departments had a retaliation unit to go after uppity peasants who complain about how the king’s men treat them. Seriously. This is news?

    1. Democrat sheriff does something bad. Sarcasmic blames all sherriffs without evidence to lessen the impact.

      No. Most sherriffs do not do this.

      1. You’re joking, right? Filing a complaint against the police is the best and surest way to get investigated and harassed for petty shit until you leave town.

        1. No. I’m not joking. Youre ignorant. You should read and understand the article you post next time so you dont reinforce it.

          Villenueva is a politician first and foremost. He does politician things. Same behaviors as kamala as a DA. most sherriffs are local and not looking to advance through political parties.

          Most sheriff offices get complaints every day. Your assertion is they retaliate on them. You’re just wrong. Lol.

          1. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky enough to live in jurisdictions where retaliation against complaints was SOP.

            1. Maybe you’re just a piece of shit and should stop having run ins with cops.

              1. Ah yes. The standard “Cops wouldn’t kill niggers if niggers didn’t commit all the crimes” response.

                1. You really wanted to get your racism out this morning huh. Lol.

          2. I’ve heard stories from friends, maybe true or untrue, about people filing complaints against the cops and then getting a knock on the door. Same cop, full attitude “You complained about me? Step outside! Complain to my face!” and of course the person finds themselves mute. Last time I went to court I saw a state trooper screaming, I mean top of his lungs screaming, at someone for contesting a speeding ticket. “You question my judgement? If I said you were speeding then you were speeding!” An inch from the dude’s face. He wiped the spit off his face (which had the cop been splattered would be assault and an excuse to kick ass) when Officer Insecure was done. Cop was like 5’5″. Total Napoleonic syndrome. But nobody noticed or cared. Just another day.

          3. Did I ever mention that I despise LEOs so much that if my only child became one I’d never speak to her again?

            Cops make scum look like roasted garlic. And I love roasted garlic.

            1. Oh, so your feelings trump facts when you make assertions.

              Makes total sense.

              1. The only facts that matter to me are the ones that have affected my life. And in my experience 100% of cops are irredeemable pieces of garbage that belong in a compactor.

                1. So youre a post modernist leftist. Got it.


    And conflicts of interest are becoming more visible. “BlackRock recently replaced one departing White House insider with another,” noted Bloomberg. “Paul Bodnar, an Obama-era climate-policy aide, is now the firm’s sustainable investing head, taking over from Brian Deese, who returned to politics as President Joe Biden’s National Economic Council chair. The firm has hired more than a dozen alumni from the Obama administration over the years.”

    It is hard not to get the impression that the real reason Democrats, Blackrock, and Chinese solar makers don’t like nuclear power is because it means we don’t need renewables to address climate change. While Democrats could get away with using renewables to greenwash their anti-nuclear agenda in the past, those days are coming to an end.

    In November, the European Union’s watchdog ruled that the European Commission had failed to fully consider why BlackRock’s investments in Chinese solar, wind, and electric cars created a financial conflict of interest in its ability to create supposedly objective environmental, social, and governance criteria for so-called “ESG” investing.

    It turns out that BlackRock manipulated ESG criteria to favor solar over nuclear, even though solar requires 300 – 400 times more land than nuclear, demands 18 times more steel, and produces 300 times more hazardous waste.

    The dark truth about China’s solar panel production should have been enough to force Democrats to seriously reconsider their 100% renewables agenda, but it may require another highly visible defeat in Congress to make them appreciate why increasing America’s reliance on inefficient, weather-dependent, and made-in-China energy sources is bad physics, in addition to being bad politics.

    1. The dark truth about China’s solar panel production should have been enough to force Democrats to seriously reconsider their 100% renewables agenda, but it may require another highly visible defeat in Congress to make them appreciate why increasing America’s reliance on inefficient, weather-dependent, and made-in-China energy sources is bad physics, in addition to being bad politics.

      Why would it make them reconsider? We’ve been outsourcing our industrial pollution to China for 30 years now so our elites could pretend that they’re “saving the planet” here in the US. They’re lying about this as much as they have been lying that global warming is caused primarily by white majority nations (and not, you know, the ultra-high density, pollution-spewing megacities in China and India).

      1. We need to have ads showing where your solar panels and smartphones really come from.

    2. Why aren’t breeder reactors “renewable”? They literally create more fuel than they consume.

      1. Only if you reprocess. Nobody does but the French, AFAIK. Maybe the Russians do? Cost is one reason why, proliferation concerns have been stated as others. Which doesn’t make sense to me, as Plutonium for bombs requires different waste processing procedures than Plutonium for reactors, but that’s what’s been stated.

        If we brought back reprocessing—not like anyone with a brain is going to recommend Savannah River and Hanford for any non-nuclear related use in the next 10,000 years—we could shrink the existing pile of high-level radioactive waste, down to something much more manageable.

  14. So there will be a temporary ban on whores riding at the Mexican border?

    1. At least “the lady and the mule” are still in operation.

        1. I heard Sister Sarah could take two mules at the same time!

  15. Our progressive betters:

    Is the Man I’m Cheating With Lying to Me, Like He Does to His Wife?

    He refers to himself as my boyfriend and me as his girlfriend when introduced to friends and colleagues. We spend at least one day and night a week together and weekends away when he can, which seems to be twice a month now. He is a great friend as well and takes care of me financially as I am between jobs and now have an injury preventing me from working. My question: Aside from him lying to his wife about his whereabouts when we are together, do you think he is lying to me too? He’s super open and transparent to me about matters he should stay mum about but doesn’t. Can he really be that honest with me and not her? Everything he tells me checks out and is easily verifiable. I know because I check.

    1. “You can’t turn a ho into a housewife” remains an evergreen statement.

    2. Wait, you can travel and bang someone else’s husband, but you can’t work??

      1. Banging for money sounds like work. I hope she is not avoid income tax.

    3. I’d laugh if he’s actually unmarried and is only telling her that he is, because he knows that she gets off on banging other people’s husbands.

  16. Democrats are ushering in “open borders” and an influx of scary criminal immigrants, so they rant and rave as if President Joe Biden isn’t just largely continuing Trump policies.

    At this point I’m now just wondering if ENB is fucking dumb. One judge forced removal of title 42. One forced them to keep remain in Mexico, which DHS refuses to do. And the DHS chief is bragging they aren’t following trumps immigration policies even after the 9 months of chaos at the border.

    1. Are they still using Obama’s cages?

      1. Nah. Just keep them under bridges now in camps like the homeless. The kids they keep in cages though.

        1. Not cages, “security shelters”.

  17. Derek Chauvin appeals murder conviction and his 22.5-year sentence in the death of George Floyd: Raises 14 issues with his prosecution and will represent himself

    It’s a forgone conclusion that he will eventually be rehired with back pay. Just have to wait until it can fly under the radar news-wise.

    1. Funny.

      Also… Representing himself??? In an appeal? Yeesh, dude. Huge mistake. You probably don’t even want an average trial attorney running your appeal.

      1. He just needs a bench trial with a sympathetic judge. All will be wiped clean.

        1. Any other cop on the face of the earth… Yes.

          This guy?

          He will be lucky if an appeals court doesn’t institute the death penalty (in a state that has no such punishment).

          1. It all depends on news coverage. If something else is in the headlines he’ll walk. If reporters are bored he’ll fry.

      2. Whenever you read about someone representing themselves, you know that they ran out of money.

        1. Political trial. Many of the J6 arrested couldn’t find lawyers.

  18. Read the whole (utterly depressing) thing here.

    ENB.. . This spending was advertised in person, by the DNC, on the biden campaign platform, etc. You and your ilk traded this spending to stop mean tweets. This is embarrassing for you at this point. You chose your priorities. You were fucking wrong.

  19. The Haitian ‘refugees’ are ditching their Chilean id cards to be ‘undocumented’ at the border. They aren’t refugees if they made it to Chile.

    Fuck right off.

  20. Concerning the Atlantic article link above I’d like to pose this from a local report I think you could debate that claim. 9 of the 10 dead were vaccinated so I’m guessing they spread it pretty well too.

    1. From the article: “The company believes the virus got into the facility through an unvaccinated Certified Nursing Assistant.”

      Just be a responsible adult member of society and go get vaccinated. Sheesh.

      1. Do you want me to get you a dictionary for the word believes?

      2. Ohh I can play this game
        “the company believes it was spread by an unvaxinated employee they stated without evidence”

        1. They would have way more of an idea what happened than you, would they not?

  21. Government shutdown is looming, again.

    I’m not running at that football again.

  22. The end of sex-positive feminism?

    If there’s a penis involved.

  23. Turns out the Democratic Party holds the minority whip.

    1. Daaaaaaaaayum.

      Possibly your finest work yet.

  24. Video shows Missouri cops allowing their police dog to maul a black man who ‘threatened to kill officers during arrest’

    The cops are no nonchalant while the dog treats the guy like a chew-toy.

    Just another day at the office.

    “How was your day honey?”
    “Got a good bite. I think Fido still has blood on his muzzle. How was your day?”

    1. Yet you support the murder of an unarmed white woman who didn’t even threaten to kill Capitol Police.

      So consistent.

      1. Arguing with the voices in your head again I see. I’ve never said I back the cop who killed that stupid lady. I’ve only said that when you’re crawling over a barricade to get to fucking Congress and there’s an armed guard in the way, don’t be surprised if you get shot. You know, like don’t wander around a bad neighborhood in a little dress while drunk and then complain when you get raped. Doesn’t mean I support rape or rapists. Just that I have no sympathy for stupid people.

        1. Lol. Wow. You are so full of shit it isnt funny. You have constantly defended the actions of the Capitol Police on J6. You also blame the gop for democrats expanding the surveillance state.

          How do you lie so freely?

          1. Got any quotes of mine to back up your assertions, or are you merely arguing with the voices in your head again?

            1. Here is you blaming the gop for democrats expanding the police state like the ignorant child you are.


              You literally in your post above victim blame ashli for the shooting. You’ve defended the J6 police response multiple times.

              But you’re a chronic liar who doesn’t remember half the shit you say.

              1. Are you arguing that if your conservatard friends hadn’t stormed the Capital that security would still be all increased?

                1. It was increasing before that dumbass. They’ve been talking about domestic terrorism increases and white nationalism since before trump. How fucking ignorant are you?

                  And even of that was the excuse it is still democrats doing it. But you’re so broken now you rush in to blame the gop for every action democrats take. It is pathetic at this point.

                  1. Really? You’re going with that? Ok lady, whatever you say.

                    1. Lol, sarcasmic runs away.

                    2. The Hoser drops a turd. Eh?

                    3. Going with the truth? Yeah. I’m fine with that.

                    4. That’s right pardner, I reckon Ima comin from that there Toronto area. Yeehaw.

          2. Saying “It is known that sarcasmic believes…” might be a persuasive argument among the teenage girls you call friends, but to any honest person with a brain it’s a bunch of shit.

            1. You are openly lying lol. Even above you blamed her for being shot retard.

              1. Is if victim blaming when you fail to muster sympathy for someone who puts themselves into an avoidable situation and then suffers for it?

                1. Citation on you being sympathetic towards her ever?

                  Again. Youre a chronic liar.

                  1. She can find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

                    1. So you were lying then.

                    2. You always demand citations for the shit you say and then never offer them for your claims.

                      Jeff is your idol now isnt he.

              2. “Guns don’t kill people the government does” – Dale gribble

            2. If a recap of a past discussion in these here comments from JesseAz there is 100% odds it is inaccurate.

              1. Woof, talk about a lack of self-awareness on White Mike Pussysen’s part.

        2. Also victim blaming does seem to be your new modus operandi when defending democrats lol.

          Yes. It was her fault she was shot sarc. Not the piece of shit terrible cop known for leaving his revolvers in bathrooms. It was her fault.

          Such a piece of shit you’ve turned into.

          1. Would she have gotten shot if she hadn’t crawled over a barricade in a federal building?

            1. So youre blaming her instead of the cop in an unjustified shooting

              Thanks for proving my point. Lol.

              1. You didn’t answer my question.

                1. Yes. Or someone would have. Byrd was nowhere near being threatened by anyone, he just wanted to kill somebody.

                2. Don’t need to. Youre victim blaming as I said you were.

            2. Would Floyd have been killed if he didn’t pass off a counterfeit 20?

              1. Thank you for reminding us that all laws, no matter how apparently innocuous, come with a potential death sentence at the hands of the depraved-heart thugs we call police.

                1. “Yeah, you just made me look like a dishonest idiot, damikesc, but I’m going to try to play it off as an object lesson on police brutality”.

                  1. Lol. He fails harder and harder every week.

  25. “No, Vaccinated People Are Not ‘Just as Likely’ to Spread the Coronavirus as Unvaccinated People,” cautions The Atlantic.

    Anything in service of talking up The Jab should be judged as suspect (although I believe that’s likely true).

    1. Fist see my post above, it can make a person question what the atlantic just spewed my way.

      1. I haven’t mustered the will to read the Atlantic thing yet.

    2. Biden on the radio moments ago saying 70 million Americans still have not gotten the vaccine and they are wreaking havoc on society.

      One question…. How many of that 70 million have already had Covid? By the numbers it should be, what, about half, if they are merely consistent with random samples? Anyone who has had it should be much, much better immunized than the vaccinated. And shouldn’t people who have had it be much less likely to go get vaccinated?

      But nobody asked the obvious questions. Why not?

      It could be stupidity. I mean, journalists are not really known for being even remotely scientifically literate. In fact, they often speak proudly about not being good at math or interested in science. So that could explain some of it. But it has been a long time now. Surely someone has thought of these questions.

      Why is nobody asking *any* of the salient questions??

      1. Even if 100% were vaccinated he would try to blame it on everything about himself. This was the primary mistake of democrats making covid political. They own it based on their arguments last year and they will pay politically.

        1. Reality argues against it.

          People seem to be incapable of remembering anything Lester Holt doesn’t remind them of.

          If they could, those montages of Biden, Harris et. al. saying they would not trust the vaccine and would not take it would have run them off of the public stage.

          1. those montages exist just you can’t share the links on facebook and the twatter

      2. Naturally acquired immunity screws up the narrative, so for the most part everyone is dead set on having it completely out of the conversation. Vice, to its credit, did a valiant job this week of muddying the waters with its attempt to redefine “natural immunity” in an epic gaslighting.

        1. Vice, to its credit, did a valiant job this week of muddying the waters with its attempt to redefine “natural immunity” in an epic gaslighting.

          What the actual fuck? The lefties are bound and determined to make any discussion about who needs to be vaccinated unintelligible. No wonder they squawk about misinformation all the time.

          Even the CDC hasn’t gone down that rabbit hole.

          Active immunity results when exposure to a disease organism triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to that disease. Exposure to the disease organism can occur through infection with the actual disease (resulting in natural immunity), or introduction of a killed or weakened form of the disease organism through vaccination (vaccine-induced immunity).

          1. Vice’s defenders in the Twitter response claim it’s the headline writer that sucks. The article is supposedly (I won’t read it; seems like another fart sniffing piece for gentry liberals) explaining that nobody has inborn immunity to COVID – the only natural immunity is a confirmed diagnosis and recovery.

            1. That is a complete crock of shit. People have been asking why natural immunity is being ignored by ‘health experts’ for months. The science is finally being reviewed and it finds natural immunity to be much stronger than vaccine-induced immunity. Concurrently with natural immunity being touted, Vice comes along with a story about innate immunity, a topic that absolutely nobody is talking about and pretends that the headline writer is the one that conflated the issue. The story is all about how only vaccines can save us.

              This shit is straight out of the Marxist playbook. From convincing the public that only their government can save you to the kulakization of property owners, it has all been done before.

        2. The linked Atlantic article has a mostly very sensible article appended to it which, for some stupid reason, totally elides the impact of the virus already having spread through a significant portion of the population.

          I can understand why the bureaucratic sort are so gung-ho on vaccines as the only acceptable criteria – the paper trail is much easier to work with. But science writers should really try to include what they learned in their 1st grade health classes.

    3. I hear the mRNA programs your cells to make microchips that can then spread to others when you cough.

      1. strawmanning again eh? It seems to be your favorite pasttime

      2. Does White Knight also promote this strawman?

        1. Would rather listen to white knight. He is always correct.

      3. Mike that’s not fair to the discussion.

        1. Ah, but nobody can prove it’s not true!!!

          1. So? You got your vax, why not just pat yourself on the back and call it a day? Why obsess over what other people choose not to do?

            Your self righteousness is definitely helping. Don’t change a thing.

  26. Vice President Kamala Harris claimed that she’s “deeply troubled” by the situation.

    She cares a lot.

    1. Oh, it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it

    2. There’s something I haven’t heard since I was a kid.

  27. Staggering abuse of powers in Los Angeles, where Sheriff Villanueva has a unit devoted to conducting criminal investigations into the sheriff’s critics…

    Have they ever had a politician in that office that hasn’t been a total piece of garbage?

  28. Incredible moment a kookaburra nicknamed Scruff swallows a dead rat whole while sitting on a couple’s balcony

    Fucking Australia.

  29. The state is considering setting minimum pay requirements for independent contractors who do food delivery. The new legislation would also let workers refuse to deliver to certain areas.

    Something for both sides of the NY aisle?

    1. Isn’t redlining illegal?

    2. “The new legislation would also let workers refuse to deliver to certain areas.”

      Funny, I refuse to make deliveries to NYC entirely.

  30. We remain concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it…

    Yeah, innovating ways to force iPhone saps to buy new connectors every few years.

    1. Not to mention, when does use a standard connector, Apple’s Marketing uses a different name for it.

  31. “The worst time in the world we want to shut down the government is in the middle of a pandemic where we have 140,000 people a day getting infected and 2,000 people a day dying,” the Post quoted Fauci as saying in an interview.

    How about a compromise? Shut down every agency but the CDC.

    1. I would counter and say it is the BEST time to do so.

    2. Funny if the nih was shut down in 2000 and never reopened we wouldn’t have the pandemic


    Biden: “If Haiti — God awful thing to say — if Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot to our interests.”

  33. I saw where Al Sharpton went down to Del Rio to see if he couldn’t stir up some shit to make a buck off of and his speech got drowned out by protesters telling him to go home, nobody needed his shit here. I sure do wish they just started chanting “Tawana Brawley” at him.

  34. “The end of sex-positive feminism?”

    So, womyn will never want to come back to my place?

  35. Please read up on a subject before posting.

    A) whips never happened. They are horse reins and could not even reach the people in the photo.Nobody got struck. False narrative was intentional.

    B). Not refugees from Haiti. From rreports on the ground, they are largely Haitians who already moved to south and central America a few years ago. Many, maybe most already have legal status in these countries.

    C). Nobody is forcing them to cross a river and camp under a bridge. The government is trying to get them to board busses to shelters. Many thousands have.. but the administration refuses to say how many.

    D) although they have sent maybe a thousand to Haiti, thousands more have been resettled to unspecified locations with no hearing set up for asylum claims. By reports of the numbers it should be over 10,000… But the administration has refused all questions on the issue.

    Your blurb reads like a Trump tweet, only sprinkled with false pessimism instead of false optimism.

    People streaming across the border illegally and camping under a bridge are not being “horribly mistreated” by the US government…. Other than the fact that the Biden administration implicitly invited them to illegally enter the country – something the have no legal authority to do.

    1. You can be pro-immigrantion and pro expansion of immigration without being in favor of mass illegal immigration and lawlessness by the federal administration.

      There is a very simple legal process for increasing legal immigration. For some reason nobody seems to be in favor of that, not even immigrant rights activists.

      I wonder why that is?


    In Sydney, which is comparatively sane and where there is at least a decent plan to get back to some sort of vague simulacrum of normal over the next few months, everyone still has to “mask up” when outdoors, even if not around anyone else. The only socialising allowed is under very limited outdoor circumstances, among the fully vaccinated, who are not allowed to travel too far to meet up with one another.

    What makes it most bizarre is that even the state’s health minister recently admitted outdoors was the safest place to be and everyone understands that the mask rule was imposed largely to shut up a depressingly totalitarian press gallery that wasn’t going to shut up until everyone was welded into their homes Wuhan-style….

    This was, incidentally, a wonderful example of the serious class overtones of how the pandemic has played out in Australia, a country that has for decades kidded itself that it was a classless society where Jack was as good as his master. Here as elsewhere it has always been about the “Zoom” classes paying public fealty to the new priestly class of health experts and lording it over those who can’t work from home yet who are the ones who really keep society moving. On the third day of protests in Melbourne, video emerged on Twitter of Zoomerati-caste residents of fancy apartment towers cheering on the cops from their balconies as they chased down protesters firing “non-lethal rounds” and tear gas. One can only hope they get the social credit points they deserve for their enthusiasm

    1. Random acts to inflict consequences upon members of the pajama class are called for

  37. This might be the best description I’ve read of self-described “socialists” who are, in practice, obedient Democrats — whether they’re politicians like AOC or ordinary voters like our own “American Socia1ist”:

    Voting “present” on the Iron Dome issue is an act of political cowardice. Vote yes or no. Let the people know where you stand. Otherwise it’s just a cynical gesture designed to sustain a radical “brand” while performing the status quo.

    That’s exactly correct. American “socialism” is literally 100% branding and 0% meaningful rebellion against the rich.


  38. “Debt myopia”

    In other words, most people don’t want to think about the current $29 trillion dollar debt, especially in terms of $86,000 owed per person (or $226,000 owed per taxpayer).

    Or just in terms of current annual spending, the $20,000 spent for each of us this year (and the implication that if you did not pay that much in taxes, then you are free-loading).

  39. They’ll still be capturing and sending home asylum seekers on sight. In fact, they’ll be doing more of it. But by foot! Or by truck! Not on a horse! Doesn’t that make you feel better about our government rounding up migrants, chaining them, and shipping them back to their countries of origin without so much as a chance to plead their case for a better life here?

    They’re not “asylum seekers looking for a better life here.” Most of these fuckheads have been living as legal immigrants in Chile and Brazil for several months to several years, with green cards and everything. They didn’t start moving north until after Biden indicated that he was going to open up the “refugee” floodgates after he took office. They’re not refugees, they’re economic migrants.

    The reason they’re so pissed off that they were being sent back to Haiti is because they had been living in South America. I guarantee if we sent them back there, they wouldn’t have said shit.

    Also, LOL at “whips.” For the dumbshit left-liberal urban strivers here, those are called “reins” and they’re used to guide the horse via a bridle and bit. You morons can go to any vacation ranch in the US and see how they work.

  40. “The European Union wants to mandate that all phones and electronics use the USB-C charger, locking all device manufacturers into the current standard.”

    Meh. If they really cared about people they would mandate phones that don’t need charging.

  41. It is true the horse patrols aren’t the point. The point is how the media ran with this lie that the border patrol was whipping Haitians.

    Why do they keep getting it wrong? We are finding out now about the Hunter Biden laptop story being true even though most of the media deemed russian disinformation.

    And it’s not that we should care about Hunter Biden specifically, but the media clearly thought the story might hurt their preferred candidate and thus suppressed the story. Imagine if the media had suppressed the story about trumps access hollywood tape? A god damn fit would have been thrown.

    The excuse was that it was unverified. The problem is these same people pushed the unverified Russian bounties story. Not only was it not verified at the time, but the CIA still has yet to verify it. And the media was allowed to push lies about ivermectin causing a bunch of hospitalizations and preventing gunshot victims from getting medical attention.

    The media behaves this way and then gets upset when people don’t trust them and call them the enemy. Maybe…do better?

    1. Why do they keep getting it wrong? We are finding out now about the Hunter Biden laptop story being true even though most of the media deemed russian disinformation.

      They aren’t simply getting it wrong, they’re flat-out lying in service of their leftist ideology.

    2. Yes, some of the media is liberal biased. The gaping hole in the conservative victimhood narrative is there is plenty of media giving the information the liberal-leaning media is getting wrong.

      Nobody here had a problem getting alternative reporting on the Border Patrol story, the Hunter Biden story, or anything else. You don’t even have to go to obscure sources; there’s Fox News, AM radio, no numerous websites a click away.

      1. Alternative reporting… mean the truth that is suppressed if at an inconvenient time?

        Be quiet woman and go bleed somewhere else

      2. And yet social media companies are suppressing stories they seem detrimental to democrats. There is no valid excuse for this. Most of the MSM is not conservative.

      3. Ohhhhh, so nothing to see here, since the truth is available elsewhere?

        Damn, dude. You are fucking programmed. Pathetic.

  42. Gabby Petito and why cops shouldn’t handle all domestic violence calls.

    Oh, so using libertarian feminist logic Gabby Petito is the victim now.


    If you didn’t like Trump but you liked Mitt or Jeb, you’re why we got Trump.

    If you’re mad at Trump’s mean tweets but not W starting a 20 year war and limiting freedoms in the name of safety, you’re why we got Trump.

    …”It’s about winnability!”

    Yep, and your boys lost. Except for W. Then we all lost, we just didn’t know it at the time.

    1. Turning a W into an L.

  44. Tech billionaire: Facebook is what’s wrong with America

    The Salesforce CEO and owner of Time Magazine warned these lies tricking social media users are making it harder to solve the biggest problems gripping society.
    “Look at how it is affecting the world. You can talk about the political process. You can talk about climate. You can talk about the pandemic,” Benioff said. “In each and every major topic, it gets connected back to the mistrust that is happening and especially the amount of it being seeded by the social networks. It must stop now.”

    …Over the summer, the White House pressed tech companies, including Facebook, to get a handle on vaccine misinformation. Facebook took action against the so-called “disinformation dozen” a month later.
    “Some of these social media companies, especially Facebook, you can see that they don’t really care that their platform is filled with all of this disinformation,” Benioff said.
    The tech billionaire called for Congress to crack down on Facebook’s disinformation problem.
    “I own Time and I am held accountable for what is produced on my platform,” Benioff said, adding that CNN and other media outlets are also held accountable. “In regards to Facebook, they are not held accountable. So they do not have an incentive from the government. That has to change.”

    1. Wait… CNN is held accountable?

      When did that happen?

      They literally got caught helping to rig a democrat presidential primary. Yet they still got to participate in the next election debate scene.

      Accountability?? You sure about that??

      1. They should have standards on the ISA slot…

      2. A 2020 Dem candidate said it was well known among all the Democratic candidates that Tom Perez gave CNN its marching orders.

  45. When The Atlantic makes a claim I automatically assume the opposite is true pending further info.

  46. The European Union wants to mandate that all phones and electronics use the USB-C charger, locking all device manufacturers into the current standard. “We remain concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and around the world,” Apple told the BBC.

    Gee, ya think?

    Central planners never, ever learn. It’s always just a little bit more central planning that’s needed and everything will be great.

    1. They should have standards on the ISA slot…

    2. On one hand, it’s fucking retarded. On the other hand, fuck Apple. On the gripping hand, Apple consumers deserve what they get.

      1. +1 for mote in god’s eye ref

    3. Instead of mandating the connector, they should have mandated that every Apple customer listen to a 5 minute berating for how stupid they are.

    4. The actual rule being promulgated is that if your device has at least one charging connector (as opposed to, say, using replaceable batteries or wireless recharging), at least one of the charging connectors must be USB-C.

      So Apple (and everybody else) is perfectly free to have as many, and as many different, types of other connectors on its devices (here meaning smartphones, portable video game consoles, portable speakers, cameras, and some types of headphones) as it can cram on to them.

      So, if you’ve got a super-awesome-better design that blows USB-C away, you can just put it on. The only case where this “stifles innovation” is where the alternative connector isn’t enough better than a USB-C to justify adding it to a device that will already have a USB-C port.

  47. It gets away with this in part because of symbiotic bullshitting between the Biden administration and the people opposed to it.

    I’m not sure the GOP pouncing on this one is as big an influence on the result as we might like to think. There are many special interests to which the Democrats are just as beholden who also don’t want increased immigration for various (mostly labor-related?) reasons. The base who the Biden administration are shining on are for the most part willing participants in said shining.

    1. They all want *illegal* immigration. It keeps the low skill jobs filled without threatening the higher skill jobs and union jobs.

  48. At National Review, Charles C.W. Cooke wonders why more Americans aren’t upset about government spending

    It’s called learned helplessness in psychology. It’s like when the circus ties up the elephant every night, and the elephant learns it can never get away. Eventually they just tie a string around his neck and leave it there attached to nothing. The elephant goes nowhere.

    This is the american voter when it comes to spending.

    1. Also, from his article:
      ” There can be no more tax cuts that are supposed to magically pay for themselves. ”

      Bullshit. There should massive, sweeping tax cuts and painful (to government bureaucrats that is) slashing of spending to the bone.

      Do not, under any circumstances, promote raising taxes. good grief.

  49. Abortion providers are asking the Supreme Court to reconsider their challenge to Texas’ new restrictions.

    Isn’t everyone tired of talking about abortion yet?

    1. Seeing another abortion article will cause me to ball up in the fetal position.

      1. Cut it out. This is serious.

  50. 3,206 Haitian nationals have been moved to Customs and Border Protection custody to either be placed in removal proceedings or expelled through Title 42, a Trump-era health law that denies certain migrants the opportunity to apply for asylum

    The great anti-trump freakout of 2016-2019 over immigration is one of the dumbest of all the trump freakouts, and requires the most ignorance.

    Anyone who knew anything about immigration policy and border enforcement history knew that trump was like all the rest, or I should put it this way: they are all like trump on immigration and border enforcement and acting like it was otherwise took a unique level of myopic partisan idiocy.

    And now we’re back to normal on immigration/border, meaning same shit as before and before and before.

  51. “I own Time and I am held accountable for what is produced on my platform,” Benioff said

    Who the fuck is this asshole kidding? Guys like him are NEVER held accountable as long as they continue to promote left-wing views and network with the right power-brokers in government to fly top cover for them. Weinstein only lost that protection when several decades of bad behavior–that EVERYBODY fucking knew about, no matter what they might claim–was laid out in detail by another member of the elite class in the early days of a liberal moral panic, but when it was finally confirmed, not a single person was actually surprised by it.

  52. “The latter really want their base to think that Democrats are ushering in “open borders” and an influx of scary criminal immigrants, so they rant and rave as if President Joe Biden isn’t just largely continuing Trump policies. And since Democrats don’t want to seem like Trump 2.0 on immigration, both teams of bullshit artistry benefit.”

    Well, ENB joins in the bullshit artistry:
    Tell us how many of those 13,000 are being allowed to stay ENB.


    “As CDC Director, it is my job to recognize where our actions can have the greatest impact,” Walensky said in a statement late Thursday, according to The Associated Press.

    “At CDC, we are tasked with analyzing complex, often imperfect data to make concrete recommendations that optimize health.”

    1. Where have I lied about or libeled you Nardz? If I’m mistaken about something’s I’d like to know what.

        1. *some things. Or *something.

          Lol. You can’t even correct yourself properly. What an idiot.

  54. “Jan. 6 panel subpoenas 4 Trump advisers, associates”
    “The committee issued subpoenas to “individuals with close ties” to Trump who were working in or had communications with the White House in the days leading up to the insurrection, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Daniel Scavino, former Defense Department official Kashyap Patel and former Trump advisor Stephen Bannon….”

    Probably all have their ‘confessions’ approved for the show trial of the protesters, right comrade?
    And note that UPI hasn’t learned to spell “protest” either. Perhaps they’ll learn to spell “murder” if that woman’s family ever takes action.

    1. I saw the officer… He will probably be suing her estate for emotional distress.

  55. Because they’re coming in quick succession, it’s hard to keep them fresh in our minds, but over the last six weeks, I see three major failures that have cost the Biden administration significant political capital.

    1) Blown Afghanistan withdrawal.

    2) Vaccine Mandate

    3) Mistreatment of Haitians at the border.

    As we see Biden’s approval rating drop with each new blunder, we should remember that Carter’s approval rating was at 75% during his first year in office. His approval rating didn’t drop to 28% until the second half of his first and only term in office. And it wasn’t just the hostages in Iran; it wasn’t just the energy crisis; it wasn’t just inflation; it wasn’t just any of these things and even more. It was all of them stacked on top of each other.

    I think that’s where we’re headed with Biden. The Biden administration can’t stop making unforced errors because they’re incompetent. And it isn’t this thing or that thing. It’s all of it put together. Each of these blunders costs him political capital with the people whose arms he needs to twist to get what he wants–both in the bureaucracy and Congress.

    We can only hope that Biden has lost enough political capital that he can’t get the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill across the finish line on Monday. That bill will be the worst thing to happen to our country in decades. If the bill somehow makes it through Congress on Monday, we might console ourselves with the realization that much of the pro-capitalist policies and thinking we saw come into vogue in the wake of Jimmy Carter was initiated as a reaction to Jimmy Carter’s incompetence.

    But I’m not the kind of guy to hope that something terrible, like the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill, happens to our country so that it will provoke a reaction. I love this country, and I want to believe that we can still prevent bad things from happening out of good sense. That the only good that happens in the world isn’t a reaction to something bad. I don’t want to believe that the atrociously incompetent polices and bills that Joe Biden inflicts on us are the only thing that makes us rise to the occasion.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    1. >>The Biden administration can’t stop making unforced errors because …

      Susan Rice is the showrunner

      1. Progressives are fundamentally wrong about how the world works, too. It’s hard to be competent when your whole ideology is predicated on delusion. And if it weren’t one delusional incompetent running things, it would be another.

        How do you competently squander $3.5 trillion on raising the cost of energy and harming the economy by expanding entitlements? They want to drive our bus over a cliff, and if that’s what they’re committed to doing, the competence of the bus driver isn’t really the issue.

        1. They want to drive the bus over a cliff and they’re trying to install a NOS fogger.

    2. Apparently, in your world view, a sitting President trying to overturn election results because he didn’t get re-elected is not a bad thing happening to our country.

      1. You and your ilk are the only ones worried about it.

        1. Haha. Yup. Keeps em distracted from the “big guys” fuck ups. Although, willful ignorance would be applied in the absence of TDS, so there’s just no dealing with these assholes.

  56. Fuck. Right. Off.
    NEW: The photographer who took the now infamous photos of mounted Border Patrol agents in Del Rio says he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anyone and the photos are being misconstrued.
    However, the false narrative is off and running.

    1. Sarcasmic pushed it just this morning.

    2. How dare you!

      White people are terrible. If he wasn’t whipping them, he wanted to. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair! ™

  57. >>>with what were initially described as “whips”

    only by idiots and died-in-the-wools which are you?

      1. No… They were trampled by sheep. They died in the wool.

        It is a common metaphor for what happens to your individual rights as socialism replaces the ideals of the enlightenment.

          1. That was baaaad.

    1. The left wing Democrats and media propagandists who falsely claimed they were using “whips” are from cities, have never riden a horse, and never cleaned horse shit out of barn.

      Lefties are really stupid, and they insist upon doubling down on their stupidity (every time there stupidity is exposed).

  58. “Democrats promised a different sort of immigration policy than what former President Donald Trump offered. But with a few tweaks around the margins, the Biden administration has continued—or even expanded—its predecessor’s policies.”

    Note to ENB: Trump expanded the wall on the Mexican border, convinced Mexico to halt migrations by illegal immigrants, told illegal immigrants they wouldn’t be allowed in the US, and sharply reduced the number of illegal immigrants.

    In sharp contrast, Biden, Harris and all other Democrat candidates for president invited all of the world’s poorest people to illegally come across the Mexican border (so they can register as Democrats in future elections) by promising them free food, housing, education, healthcare and child care.

    ENB is a liar.

  59. Of course even when the whip story was whipped up into a shocking revelation, the liberal craziness went into overdrive and then…… debunked, however, it hasn’t stopped the liberal crazies from continuing their usual wailing and moaning about the poor Haitian refugees.
    My suggestion as to where all these refugees find homes in places such a Georgetown, the Hamptons, Bellaire( that’s in Ca.) Hollywood Hills….I’m sure Cher would be more than willing to house a couple dozen young Haitian men, San Francisco is another place to resettle them along with Silicon Valley, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago and San Diego. All fine places for resettlement.

  60. where’s the piece on the Hunter Biden emails being legit?

  61. In the most difficult, complicated moments, it is good to receive the warmth of those who love you because it ends up being a spectacular incentive to move forward.

  62. Biden is not just “continuing Trump’s policies.” When did you see 14,000 Haitians rush the border when Trump was president? When did you see this number of Hispanic immigrants, cartel movement and coyotes under Trump? After the Remain in Mexico protocols, the border was manageable. Biden reversed those protocols on Day 1, and all hell broke loose. He’s now frantically trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. If he had continued Trump’s poliies, the border would be closed. And yes, the Democrats and their globalization pals definitely do want open borders, and they don’t deny it.

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  64. U.S. To Continue Cruel Treatment of Haitian Refugees—But Not on Horseback

    True, true. The kind thing would be to build a wall and to deport those who get through as soon as they set foot in the US.

    But (libertarian) socialists and progressives aren’t kind, which is why they encourage millions to undertake dangerous journeys through jungles and deserts and across oceans in order to be subjected to a demeaning and dehumanizing existence under the US social welfare state.

  65. About 1,400 people have already been sent back to Haiti since Sunday.

    And thousands more are setting up house next door to you.

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