Military Draft

Washington Wants To Be Able To Draft Your Daughters Into Military Service, in the Name of 'Equity'

Here's a better idea: Abolish the "Selective" Service.


"The current disparate treatment of women unacceptably excludes women from a fundamental civic obligation and reinforces gender stereotypes about the role of women, undermining national security."

Go on, fancy national commission, tell this #GirlDad more!

"After extensive deliberations, the Commission ultimately decided that all Americans, men and women, should be required to register for Selective Service and be prepared to serve in the event a draft is enacted by Congress and the President."

Go f-f-f-f-f-f-lush yourself.

Last Thursday, the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service, a body created by Congress in 2017 to reassess the oxymoronically named Selective Service System and brainstorm ways to increase public participation in the military, at long last presented its final recommendations to the Senate Armed Services Committee. In a nearly year-old report whose official delivery was serially delayed by COVID-19 and other distractions, commissioners reacted to our newish reality of having fully integrated female combat troops by urging Congress to ungender President Jimmy Carter's 1980 reinstatement of compulsory draft registration for 18-year-old males.

And, because this is the world we live in now, they did so in the name of equity.

"That women register, and perhaps be called up in the event of a draft, is a necessary prerequisite for their achieving equality as citizens, as it has been for other groups historically discriminated against in American history," the commission concluded. "Reluctance to extend the registration requirement to women may be in part a consequence of gender stereotypes about the proper role for women and their need for special protection."

There is indeed a compelling moral and legal case for women and men to be treated equally under the law when it comes to military obligations. Which is why I, like The Volokh Conspiracy's Ilya Somin and most libertarians I'm aware of, prefer the equality of no military obligations whatsoever.

In consequentialist terms, the draft has not been used since 1973, and military capability has improved markedly since switching to an all-volunteer force. But the root argument against pre-conscription is moral: We do not truly own our own lives if the state can lay theoretical claim on them between the ages of 18 and 26. The Declaration of Independence elevated first among our unalienable rights "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness," not "Death, on-call Servitude, and whatever else you can Manage in the margins."

The most common rejoinder to registration refuseniks is that, c'mon, it's just a piece of paper; no one's going to jail for not signing up, and most importantly no one's getting drafted (Congress would have to pass additional legislation for that, after all). To which I would respond, 1) if you don't sign that paper, goodbye college loans and probably also your driver's license; and 2) the state does not share your no-one's-getting-drafted confidence, at all.

Let's look at some more of the commission's verbiage, shall we? "The next time America must turn to a draft, it will need to include everyone who is capable and qualified. It would be harmful to the Nation's security to leave out the skills and talents of half of the U.S. population." That's a when, not an if.

Hippies during these debates tend to overuse such phrases as "cannon fodder," but the military establishment that seeks to extend more control over the civilian populace has some dehumanizing metaphors of its own (bolded):

Should future circumstances become so dire that a draft is required, it is in the national security interest of the United States to be able to draw on the best talent in the country for military service. Roughly doubling the pool from which the Nation might obtain conscripts would improve military readiness by raising the quality of those who might serve, as some women would be more qualified to serve than some men. Defense officials in recent years have noted that changing national demographics and low eligibility trends for qualified military recruits do little to alleviate future uncertainties. Indeed, these trends exacerbate concerns over meeting military personnel requirements in the event of an emergency. The population growth rate in the United States is at its lowest point in more than 80 years, and 7 of 10 young Americans—male and female—are currently ineligible to serve because they fail to meet physical, moral, educational, and health standards, including mental health criteria. Consequently, the number of young people eligible for military service in the country is shrinking. Of those eligible, data from DoD's Joint Advertising, Market Research and Studies (JAMRS) suggests that young women are on average equally likely to qualify for military service as young men—29.3 percent of female qualified military applicants versus 29.0 percent of male qualified military applicants.

Because the existing registrant pool may prove inadequate to meet the personnel needs of DoD if a draft is required, it is critical to create a broader pool that includes women.

Feel empowered today, punk?

The commission took pains to emphasize that it solicited the full gamut of opinion—from those who believe "that women and men should have equal obligations under the law to register for the Selective Service System," to those who "support women's right to serve voluntarily in the military but oppose requiring women to register for a potential draft." Allow me to gently suggest that there are some other views across this great land.

A military that openly brags about "playing shell games to not make clear to our [civilian] leadership how many troops" we have in Afghanistan is a military that has lost any claim to treating U.S. citizens like droplets in its water supply. The Founding generation would likely be sickened by our current status as hegemon-on-autopilot, forever indifferent to legislative influence on the power to wage war. The federal government was supposed to secure our rights, not our blood loyalty.

Congress should take the commission's recommendation as an excellent opportunity to dismantle Jimmy Carter's late-term Cold War panic once and for all. As the report—titled "Inspired to Serve," natch—makes clear, "The current practice of registering all men—even those ineligible for military service under today's All-Volunteer Force standards—is intentionally designed to limit potential inequities in the draft process."

The best way to remove inequities in the draft process is to remove the damned draft. Hands off my daughters, Washington.

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  1. You should be more concerned about the military turning into a supportive arm of the DNC. Biden’s purge of undesirables should be leading to calls of him being a fascist but Reason’s actual owner is making bank so Reason won’t.

    1. Reasonoids applaud the removal of icky troglodytes who might not support tranny bathrooms in combat zones and welcome our new SS

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    3. How about we require everyone to contribute something to the nation’s benefit? It’s bad enough we abolished conscription, but if the nation required service from every U.S. citizen in either a civil service or military service capacity for a period of 2-4 years, we could job train thousands giving them transferrable life skills, instill national pride, AND teach honor, discipline, and service to others.

      1. “How about we require everyone to contribute something to the nation’s benefit?”

        How about you fuck off, slaver?

      2. That might be a good idea if those who chose to do civil service instead of military service both earn the same wage rates and are promoted using the same parameters. At one time civil service was one of the lower paid jobs in the US now though it is one of the highest.

      3. There is no percentage of anybody’s life that you or the federal government can make a legitimate claim on.

        So F.O.S.

        1. except the portion of their life where they earn income

      4. How about following the 13th Amendment, and neither enslaving anyone nor drafting them into involuntary servitude?

      5. How about we instead recognize that the 13th amendment means just exactly what it says? That IS the reason we went to the all volunteer service, after all.

      6. You sound an awful lot like my late father who passed away at age 68 back in 2000.

        As a teenager, facing possible conscription at the end of the Vietnam conflict, I thought he was just being an overbearing, conservative father.

        As I grew up and developed many friends that had served as well as some in the military, I began to realize that my father may have been on to something.

    4. Get your facts straight, Jack. In real life, the military was briefly turned into a supportive arm of the RNC when they were enlisted to gas and terrorize a peaceful crowd so that dictator-wannabe Trump could shamble across the street to hold a holy book upside down.

      1. There was never a purge of DNC minded military individuals as there are RNC minded individuals. Stop lying.

  2. They should only draft pregnant women, I’ve heard they make the best fighting force.

    1. But then who will pay for tranny surgery?

  3. Will there be co-ed showers? And why doesnt Denise Richards use them?

    1. When I was in the military we had Co-ed dorms. But about 2 months after I was their they got rid of it.

      1. you dog!


    2. And why doesnt Denise Richards use them?

      Fleet does the flying, MI does the dying.

  4. Maybe registering to vote should equal registering for the draft? That would be a quick way to “suppress the vote.”

    1. I remember coming back from an extended sabbatical in Southeast Asia to find that not only did I not have to wait another year to vote, but 18-year olds could vote as well. Women at university recognized the haircut I had been given and said they would have never served like the coward I obviously was, not that they were subject to the draft, and they could all vote as well.
      The argument for 18 year old voters was, if you could be drafted, you should be able to vote. They couldn’t be drafted, but could vote anyway.
      I understand there is a push to have 16-year olds vote. Why not 10?

      1. Ten-year-olds should vote INSTEAD OF adults.

      2. 16 year olds should have 10 votes?

        1. You don’t know too many 16 year olds. Do you?

      3. Maybe anyone who is a dependent on someone else’s tax return should be ineligible to vote.

        Adults only

        1. Net taxpayers only.

        2. I like it!

          That would stop the confiscation of my money and property by others.

          And yes, I’ve heard the refrain that the the U.S. was founded on the principal that only property owners should have a say in the government. A bunch of land owning old white guys no less.

    2. “Service Guarantees Citizenship!”

      1. …. if you survive the bugs.

  5. “After extensive deliberations, the Commission ultimately decided that all Americans, men and women, should be required to register for Selective Service and be prepared to serve in the event a draft is enacted by Congress and the President.”

    When the Chinese outnumber you 4-to-1, you take what you can get. You take the gimps, the fags, the fatties, the trannies, the pregnant ladies, the retards, the racially confused, the mentally confused, the old and infirm, the children, and even the pacifists and you send em’ to the front lines! For every regular, minimally competent soldier in a platoon, you need at least three irregular freaks in the mix to bite the bullet in his place.

    Ever seen a pregnant lady get turned inside out with a bayonet? Well, better her than the guy behind her that can actually fire a rifle and kill a man without crying! Fags, on the other hand, come with the advantage of being able to resist some really cruel Chinese tortures. There is nothing they can stick in that guy’s ass that will make him talk! And the children? Ha! The best part about the children is you can strap bombs to their chests and send them innocently into a crowd of Chinks and ….. BOOM! Now that’s equity.

    That’s how you win a war, boys.

    1. Fags, on the other hand, come with the advantage of being able to resist some really cruel Chinese tortures. There is nothing they can stick in that guy’s ass that will make him talk!

      *Read in Mr. Slave’s voice from South Park* “Ooh, that sounds like fun! Jesus Christ!”

    2. You’re either quoting someone or you need publish some books

    3. A war between women and the Chinese? Just put all the guns on the top shelf and call it a day.

    4. Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out.

      Actually, we’ve found that to be true in gorilla warfare where friendlies and enemies are not distinguishable.

  6. Involuntary service has another name. The courts just decided the 13th Amendment gave the government a monopoly on the practice.

  7. I don’t know what you are comparing about this is fantastic news. Any man can sue now when required to get his draft card and the courts can’t pretend it’s not a violation of equal protection under the law. The USG has ceded the arguement, which means the law will have to be overturned by the courts unless congress gets an amendment to the law passed in time.

    1. There have been a number of lawsuits on this subject for quite some time and they’ve all lost or been dismissed. Challenges have been based on due process or equal protection. This doesn’t change anything. The latest lawsuit is National Coalition for Men v. Selective Service System.

  8. I haven’t stopped laughing since the “Camouflage Ceiling” arguments of the late nineties.

    Feminists will never be happy until they are unhappy.

    1. Feminists will never be happy until happy women are as screwed over and miserable as necessary to make them feel better for being unable to attract and keep a husband.

      So when all the hot, kind, and loving women are dead in ditches, I hope you don’t mind reproducing with hairy, fat, blue haired harpies and hags.

      1. WHY do they so frequently have a weird hair color though? WHY?

        1. Because it’s “in”. This too will change.

  9. Thank god for our progressive leadership. Why shouldn’t women have the privilege of being potentially conscripted to fight in pointless, never ending wars that having nothing to do with our national security interests?

  10. “That women register, and perhaps be called up in the event of a draft, is a necessary prerequisite for their achieving equality as citizens, as it has been for other groups historically discriminated against in American history,” the commission concluded.

    Nothing says “equality” like being equally treated as potential slave soldiers.

    1. We’ll all be equal when we’re dead.

  11. ” . . . and 7 of 10 young Americans—male and female—are currently ineligible to serve because they fail to meet physical, moral, educational, and health standards, including mental health criteria . . . ”

    SO – too many republicans?

    1. they fail to meet physical, moral, educational, and health standards, including mental health criteria

      More like too many low-T estrogen addled twinks (physical), immoral sadists and narcissists (moral), dumb asses (educational), and mentally ill anti-depressant addled twats (mental health).

    2. More like city people who can’t shoot. And the ones who run around holding their handguns sideways don’t count.

      The United States Army will no longer require recruits to pass a test which ensures they can throw hand grenades 25 meters. Why? Because many of the recruits can’t pass the test.

      My wife is a pediatrician, and reports so many kids who fail their development skills tests because they can’t ride a tricycle. A lot of them go on to never bother to learn to ride a bicycle. You think these kids can throw, run, anything else?

      1. They can do all those things virtually and look much better doing it. Why bother with real experience.

    3. Sorry boy, you are too moral to kill.

    4. Seems to me they have too many cooks in the kitchen. It may have worked for stealing the election, but how can they get rid of all the terrorists if they are trying to kick them out of the best vehicle for their slaughter?

    5. No. I want to know what morally disqualifies one for military service.

      I thought that’s what the Marine Corps was for?

  12. This is when you realize that the military is no longer a fighting force but a social signaling and vanity project.

    I suppose the ruling American junta needs red guards more than traditional soldiers and who better for bullying than teenage girls.

    1. Can’t we just buy Mexican soldiers?

      1. We already do.

  13. I have never understood why Democrats are still stuck on keeping selective service, and keep talking about bringing back the draft. It’s stupid.

    Dump them both, and tar and feather any politician who wants to bring them back.

    1. I have never understood why Democrats are still stuck on keeping selective service, and keep talking about bringing back the draft.

      1) When have you ever known Democrats to not support a massive expansion of government force or opportunity to force the proles to do what they demand?

      2) What they really want, I suspect, is to be able to force not only the 3/10 people who meet the “physical, moral, educational, and health standards, including mental health criteria” to serve in the military but also the other 7/10 to serve in some kind of civil service type capacity (think “Americorps” or some other bullshit “community organizing” type role).

      Bottom line: Democrats have always been in favor of slavery, especially when it’s the government that’s the slave master. They just don’t like to use that word.

    2. Because nothing says that the people exist to serve the State rather than the State exists to serve the people quite like conscription. Remember, Democrats get gooey over the thought of how US society was run by the government during WWII. It is the source of all their moral equivalent of war hyperbole to justify their policies.

      1. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

        This only applies if you are not one of the political elite though.

    3. Insurrectionist.

  14. Remember the “Draft our daughter’s Meme?”

    Meme Magic is real.

    1. It’s that how that guy stole votes?

  15. The more equity we have, the more it feels like Soviet Russia.

    1. East Germany did it better.

  16. Reason writers will go along with anything if the the alternative is mean tweets.

  17. tit for tit, man. this one-direction pendulum bullshit is bullshit.

  18. Hurray equity!

  19. As a practical matter the conscription of women does not double the pool of potential combat soldiers, it merely doubles the names. There are not many of the female names compared to the male names that are going to make effective front line soldiers, and how long of a logistical tail does the military need? Not to mention that young women have a convenient method of getting out of service, unavailable to men, if they are unhappy with being drafted.

    This is merely radical equity detached from reality. Imagine that all humans are spherical and act accordingly.

    1. Most soldiers aren’t in combat units. And I think most Air Force and navy roles can also be filled by women. Anyone can push a button and shuffle paper.

      1. SSDD, see ‘gender pay gap’.

      2. The question would be what the military actually needs in a situation where a draft would be invoked.

        1. With SleepyJoe at the helm, you may find out sooner than later.

      3. Interesting you mention that. Being employed in a city that also has a very large Air Force Base, I worked with a couple of people that had served in the Air Force.

        One of them, in telling me his life’s story, mentioned how he went into the Air Force after college. Now he wasn’t interested in flying and just had some low level desk job which I thought was odd, considering he had a college degree.

        I shared how I had looked seriously into military service but only as a pilot when I first got out of college and was dissuaded by friends inside the various branches who told me they’ll get you right in and promise you can fly, then they’ll relegate you to a desk job.

        This coworker told me he chose the Air Force because, “They never bivouac”. He’d spent four years abroad, always in hotel rooms. Some of them quite nice he said.

        I’ve never thought of that myself.

    2. So, draft the pretty ones for the comfort divisions? Now *that’s* logistical tail!

    3. When the robots are fighting the wars, every division is logistics.

    4. Well, that would fix the “birth rate decline” problem now. Wouldn’t it?

  20. “Reluctance to extend the registration requirement to women may be in part a consequence of gender stereotypes about the proper role for women and their need for special protection.”

    It may have to do with opposing progressivism and all its works, and all its empty promises.

    What are you gonna believe – the wisdom of ages or the rantings of a bunch of SJWs and commissioners fearful of not looking cool?

  21. ‘Libertarians’ are worse than fucking useless on this issue. They are instruments of evil governance and murder-in-your-name.

    There are only two sources of legitimate authority re this military registration. A virtually unlimited authority to ‘raise and support armies’. An expressly limited authority to ‘organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia’ which is even more limited by checks/balances with the state re some militia stuff and individuals re the decision for an individual to become militia.

    As is always the case, libertarians of Welch’s ilk do not give a damn about actual limited government as long as they can ignore actual self-governance. There is nothing about a mercenary army that can ever remain accountable or ‘friendly to individual liberty’. That has proven to be the case since we are now going on thirty years of post-ColdWar perma hot war – with not one iota of even public debate. And hey – as long as you asshole libertarians can also ignore that the only way you can get people (those who aren’t psychotic) to volunteer is to a)tilt the economic field so tons of young people have no other future and b)manipulate the lizard part of our brains so that those habits of fear-mongering spread into everything else in society.


    1. I think this boils down to we would have fewer wars if the middle class had to fight them.

      I think we have tried this a couple different ways and the lesson is that the middle class is more effective at avoiding the war than at ending it. The fact is that if the TOP MEN want a war they will have one. Recall Teddy sending the great white fleet half way around the world and daring Congress to leave it stranded.

      1. Even if the goal was more accountable wars rather than just fewer wars, a volunteer/mercenary army cannot accomplish that. Can’t be accountable to someone who has no skin in the game – and the US is a perfect example of a people with no skin in the game.

        It is why we are going to get blowback forever as a consequence of the long-distance aerial videogame murder we engage in. No skin in the game – so there are no innocent Americans either. bin Laden formally declared on the US in 1998 and his fatwa received support from around the Muslim world:

        First, for over seven years the United States has been occupying the lands of Islam in the holiest of places, the Arabian Peninsula, plundering its riches, dictating to its rulers, humiliating its people, terrorizing its neighbors, and turning its bases in the Peninsula into a spearhead through which to fight the neighboring Muslim peoples.

        If some people have in the past argued about the fact of the occupation, all the people of the Peninsula have now acknowledged it. The best proof of this is the Americans’ continuing aggression against the Iraqi people using the Peninsula as a staging post, even though all its rulers are against their territories being used to that end, but they are helpless.

        9/11 was in that view tit-for-tat. Chosen symbolically on the anniversary of the day Bush went to the UN to announce his ‘New World Order’ speech to have the UN deal with Saddam.

        Twenty years later – Americans still don’t fucking understand this ‘war on terror’.

      2. If you look at recruiting figures, the middle class tends to make up a large percentage of recruits. Especially the lower middle class. Less so the upper middle class. And greater than 60% of recruits are second or more generation military, . The average recruit in fact is most likely to be white, middle class, likely from a working class family, better than average chance they are from a rural background, at least second generation military and a good chance they have at least some college credits.

      3. Or, the fortunate sons.

        A common anti-war refrain during Viet Nam was, “Let the politicians and the sons of politicians go first”.

    2. That’s a little over the top, but I agree that having a good national talk about the existence of a massive perpetual standing Army is long overdue.

      1. every 2 years, per the Constitution

    3. Standing armies aren’t Libertarian. Neither is Reason or Welch.

  22. Well, so much for guys who don’t want to risk being drafted if a major war breaks out claiming they’re exempt because they identify as women.

    1. During the Vietnam unpleasantness young draftees would sometimes try claiming to be gay. It didn’t work.

      1. Actually, I’d have been very scared to make that claim. I would have been afraid of being anally raped on the spot.

        1. I’ve heard stories, but can’t prove anything…

  23. I couldn’t say whether I would contrast it with smoking. I feel that is somewhat extraordinary. It has a few advantages. Smoking doesn’t.

  24. Perhaps a one stop shop for voting, drafting and carrying a gun?

    1. Don’t forget the alcohol.

  25. There was an effort to put critical functions in the national guard to make it politically more difficult to deploy. That didn’t work.

    I am struggling to remember the last war that morally justified a draft. Maybe WW2 if you consider it in a vacuum but not if you consider it an extension of WW1.

    1. They put combat arms assets in the NG, and medical assets in the reserve. This was in the 90s. Not only did it not work, it never could have worked, and is in fact a huge clusterfuck.

    2. Also consider the fact that the majority of Americans didn’t want to join WWII, but FDR did, and surreptitiously provoked Japan into attacking a US military base.

  26. There shouldn’t be any “selective service” but as long as there is women should be included.
    Western women are the most privileged, pampered, favored people in the world. They’re scarcely sentenced when convicted, no matter what crimes they commit, they can kill men’s babies on whim but men can’t disown kids they don’t want and didn’t intend, they always get everything they want in divorce even if they’re the cause….
    It’s simply time women were compelled to take on real responsibilities they can’t avoid by crying, throwing tantrums, or stripping.

    1. The usual way of overcoming that is to put soldiers into situations where they MUST fight for their own survival, regardless of what the government wants to accomplish.

    2. Wow, misogynist much?

      1. Not in a context that tries to keep on pushing the dumb notion that there are no differences between men and women. Of course, women have access to the sex bonus when it comes to careers. I am drinking a good glass of wine thinking about everyones daughters getting drafted. Yum. Even though, I would prefer to accept gender differences as part of nature and what makes us individuals, so we could draw consequences that fit reality instead of ‘equity’. But that would require a less degenerate political climate.

        I also don’t really want to force anyone to do service, for the record. But then, you only live once (maybe) and this is just waaay toooo amusing right now. 😀

      2. No, it’s accurate. Women demand special privileges and don’t think they should have the same responsibilities.

        This concept of drafting women squarely lands at the feet of feminists – the real misogynists. I’d give up the right to vote and the right to abortion to avoid the draft.

        1. Certainly applies to many. Though I once had a conversation with one who won some kind of “women’s engineering award”. When nobody else was listening she said she rather just have the “engineering award”.

          That’s why my cynicism is more dedicated to the context, environment, political climate that breeds this bs. The woke, the feminists (modern) don’t do anyone a favor. And I think they don’t get it. Even though, if I were a psychopath with an inclination to find an area where bullying is socially accepted/rewarded, I would join the woke crowd. Uhm. Maybe I should. Sounds fucking fun. WTF?

    3. You forgot the ridiculousness of divorce “law”.

  27. A draft places people in the military who more likely than not have no wish to be there.

    At least, with a volunteer force, when it sucks you can say “Hey, man…you signed up for this. Getting shot at, sleeping on the ground, all that shit. Blame yourself.”

    But when you compel people into military service under threat of force, you can’t say that. The conscripts are resentful. Their officers can’t lead them as effectively as people who chose to be there. That’s not a recipe for an effective fighting force. It’s a recipe for mutiny and civil unrest.

    1. Better yet, would could skip hiring murderers for dirty deeds altogether

    2. It’s also a recipe for fewer ‘wars of choice.’
      And this would be a good thing.

      1. more troops, more wars

    3. As oppose to now where the officers are resentful of the enlisted because they don’t have the right ideology

      1. GOs will do or say whatever they must in the political environment in which they find themselves, or they will never get promoted. That’s just reality.

    4. Goobermints don’t care. They’ve been doing it anyway for millennia.

    5. Surely you’ve heard of “fragging”.

      Kill or be killed. Or, knock of the Westpoint’er who’s trying to get you all killed.

  28. Well not to worry when the kids sign up for a DL they will get automagically registered to vote, jury duty, and for the draft.

    If they don’t vote their ballot will be cast for them so sayeth the democrats.

    It’s your duty as citizens to elect woke justice warriors of the true faith whether you like it or not.

    1. I have a Viet Nam vet friend who says that about the Boy Scouts.

  29. Next logical step: showers like the Starship Troopers movie.

  30. I’m sure Washington could find an applicable role for women in the military – perhaps to improve morale, e.g. as “comfort women.”

    1. Prostitution should be an MOS.

  31. I got drafted during the Vietnam war, and even though I didn’t have to go there I hated being in the military.
    As I grew older though, and saw how easy it was for us to send our professional military into war I began to rethink it.
    Imagine if draftees were dying in Afghanistan, Syria or any other shithole that we so blithely send our soldiers to. I have a feeling we’d be a little less likely to end with 20 year old wars.

    1. Right now we send the working poor and lower middle class to fight our perpetual wars. They are easily forgotten.

    2. it would be even easier for politicians to send more troops to fight in wars, with more troops to send

      1. But wouldn’t are enemies take advantage of that?

        I’m not pro military. But I harbor no illusions that there are countries out there that would like nothing more than to destroy the U.S. if given a chance. And, some of them have that capability. Especially those with a lot more cannon fodder than we could ever imagine.

        We continue to live with this thin veneer of civilization. But just under the surface, mankind remains a controlling and violent animal by nature.

  32. “The next time America must turn to a draft, it will need to include everyone who is capable and qualified. It would be harmful to the Nation’s security to leave out the skills and talents of half of the U.S. population.” That’s a when, not an if.

    While it’s not the point the author is trying to make, the war pigs that wrote this report aren’t wrong about it being a ‘when’ and not an ‘if’. Truly terrifying that the evil bastards are being honest and attempting to appeal to woke America.

    A sure sign that they’re serious about a draft coming up.

    1. The Earth being struck by an asteroid is a when, not an if. The Yellowstone supervolcano erupting is a when, not an if. Terrible things happen and you don’t have a choice about taking steps to deal with it.

      1. Wars DON’T just happen. We make them.

  33. I saw this coming a decade ago when they entertained the idea of women in combat units and now it is here. Any attempt to physically compel my daughters against their will to report for military duty will be met with my defensive resistance, up to and including, lethal force. I will not stand for this horseshit. I am a veteran combat leader with over 20 years of service and this is a line that I advise them not to cross.

    Here is how it works: If they are physically fit, they can be assigned to combat units. To exempt them from combat units would be an admission that women are biologically different then men and that goes against their whole reason for this policy, so they WILL be assigned just as a male would be assigned.

    When will the last remaining men in this country stand the hell up? I keep standing up on these issues and look around to see only my dumb ass is alone on the issue. Well this dumb ass has had enough and I could care less if no one joins me when I do stand as I have done in the past and will continue to do.

    1. It is civilizations suicide to send your women to war, but what can be expected from feminized men? And why should they even want to stand up and protect women who are hateful misandrists?

    2. I’m curious about something, LR. While I suspect your threat to use lethal force to prevent conscription of your daughter is – shall we say – somewhat hyperbolic, against whom would you propose to direct that “lethal force”? Someone on the local draft board? Maybe all of them?

      And what happens when the fathers of sons adopt a similar posture?

      Inquiring minds want to know!

  34. “It would be harmful to the Nation’s security to leave out the skills and talents of half of the U.S. population”

    Extending that rationale to any citizen that can carry a rifle and pull a trigger: Children, the elderly, etc.. If they do not accept this, then their argument is fatally flawed and cannot compel our women to fight against their will. People would ask me “why don’t you support women that are physically qualified from being assigned to combat units?” My answer was then they would eventually be forced to compel women to be involuntarily conscripted into the armed forces. They laughed and said it will never happen and I was a “Camel’s nose under the tent”, “slippery slope” logical fallacy. Some folks have to touch fire several times to prove it is hot.

    1. You may choose not to have women bear the burden and take the risk, but as long as that does not earn consideration for those who then neither will I.

  35. Why do they have to wait till they’re 18?

    1. So the sex is legal.

  36. Great!! Next on the to-do list; Ending ALL women sexist subsidies like planned parenthood, child support, alimony, housing assistance, etc, etc, etc. If you can ‘fight’ like a man then you can STARVE to death like a man too when one does absolutely ‘nothing’ for anyone else but yourself and your own mistakes all day long.

    No more pimping the ‘poor’ unmarried women with 30-children special protection class.. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean those are YOUR children. Those are the [WE] mobs children and you can learn how to WORK or STARVE just like the bar men have been held to.

  37. lol wokeflakes throwing live grenades

    that should thin the herd

    1. LOL!

      Thank God I’d already swallowed my coffee.

      Have you ever seen the image of R. Lee Ermery where he is saying on one side: “Your generation wants to change the world. But you can’t even change a tire!” With a techie type staring at a wheel on the other with a tire iron in his hand?

      I’d post a link but, can’t find it on the internet anymore. Although I have a copy somewhere.

      It just cracks me up to this day.

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  39. As long as women are 50% of the Congress that decides to declare war, 50% of the executive branch (at least let there be one female president before women are drafted), 50% of the generals and senior officers who decide who goes to war and how it is waged, etc., 50% of the CEOs of defense contractors who profit off wars, etc. If women don’t have equal control over when to go to war, how, and where, they shouldn’t be drafted to fight in them. Also, make it easier and acceptable for women to enroll in military academies and stamp out sexual harassment therein.

  40. I served 2 years in the US Army during the Vietnam era (did not have to go to a combat area). There was nothing I had to do that could not have been done equally well by a woman, and I see no reason not to include them in draft registration. Before WWII most Americans didn’t think women could build aircraft or ships, but Rosie the Riveter showed them to be wrong. Maybe we need a Rosie the Machine Gunner to show us the way.

  41. My grandfather was born in 1874, and he used to say he would be all for women’s rights the moment they were eligible for selective service; he definitely was no feminist. (And I don’t mean that as a compliment.
    Sorry folks, particularly those of you who claim to be libertarian: most of you got it completely WRONG. First, there was a reason that the Founding Fathers were suspicious of a standing army. You should turn your ire onto that concept. Second, WORSE than a standing army WITH conscripts is one WITHOUT. As “selective” as the service might have been during the war in Viet Nam what with Bonespurs and other deferments – it would have never ended had it not been for the protest of vast parts of the whole of the US population. Too many were affected by the toll it took across ALL sections. Today, just the self-selected wouldbe-Rambos and the most fragile and poorest join and perish, while the rest sings hallelujah on Veterans Day, and goes about their business the rest of the year. And thus, Afghanistan festers on in its 20th year, no end in sight, because let’s face it, deep in their hearts most Americans don’t care enough; they are not affected.
    Third, a society that farms out military service to the few might as well turn it over to Eric Prince and his mercenaries, a society of free citizens it is not. A libertarian society can only be one of active participation not of consumption; the exercise of defense off the commonweal cannot be delegated to others. Whining about the military-industrial complex or elected officials doesn’t substitute for political active citizenry.

    1. Would be rambo’s and the poorest and most fragile? Hardly, see my post above. It isn’t the poorest, and well some are would be rambos most join for college benefits and or out of a sense of duty. It’s hard for some to understand, because they think only in caricatures, but many actually do believe in serving their country and defending others. That’s why I joined, not to be Rambo but to serve the country that I love and what it should stand for and can be.

      1. I apologize for being too flippant. I shouldn’t have disparaged anyone serving.
        This is particularly unfortunate since my beef is with those who don’t serve and shun the thought that selective service is a basic civil duty (I wholeheartedly support exemptions for conscientious objectors).
        Thank you fir giving me the opportunity to correct my gross error.

  42. In 8th grade we played mock Congress, where we all had to introduce mock legislation, and our teacher made our grade dependent on how far it got to becoming a law (what a bitch).

    I, as mock Speaker of the House, introduced a bill to make the draft include women. But I think I was still a Republican at the time, and my attitude was coming from a proto-men’s rights place.

    Nobody bought it and it died. I was too advanced for this world, even as a child Republican.

    1. “I was too advanced for this world, even as a child Republican.”

      LMFAO Omg Tony you made my evening…. 😀 That is the purest grade of narcissistic snowflake self-pity I have seen in a while. Hey Tony, guess what? Maybe the real reason is that you are not that interesting and there is no demand for you? I don’t know for sure, but could give it a guess.

  43. On the article: I like how the left is starting to devour itself. Degeneration seems to end up in that place if it ever manages to reach a state of power.

    Please draft women and non-binaries and apply the same physical standards to everyone. And derive the physical standards from field necessities. Please. Women and men are 100% the same. Please! Now!

  44. “Go f-f-f-f-f-f-lush yourself.”

    “The best way to remove inequities in the draft process is to remove the damned draft. Hands off my daughters, Washington.”

    Delicious tears, brought to you by Matt Welch

    1. “If it was going to be close in my state, I might have considered holding my nose and voting for the person most likely to supplant the eminently fireable incumbent. ”

      The author of the article, when asked about who he would vote for if his vote had a chance to make a difference.

  45. Well the Dems want to ratify the ERA, which would pretty much require this.

  46. Funny how the left yells for equality except when it means that they will have to bear the same equal risk and responsibilities as others in our society.
    They live, vote and have all of the same benefits of living in our society, so if they really wanted equality then they would demand an end to the requirement that all men have to register for the draft.
    As long as the draft registration remains, all people should equally take to take the same responsibilities that they demand from others.

    1. Let’s go woke² and found the ‘men for womens rights association’ and the women for mens rights. And also cis for trans rights and trans for cis rights.

    2. It’s a new kind of meta-association. Cooperative in nature, because the members are dedicated to furthering the rights of a group that they are expressly NOT part of.

  47. Historically men in America and many other countries or societies bore the special burden of being at risk of (or actually being) maimed or killed in defense of their tribe/country, and were consequentially rewarded with certain extra privileges or rights that those who did not bear that burden could not enjoy.

    Now men by law enjoy no extra privileges, and in fact are discriminate against in law and I practice. There’s no way in hell I would acquiesce to a male only draft nowadays – welcome to equality, ladies – enjoy what you’ve worked for.

  48. #feminism

    No issue with this change. It’s time to buck up too ladies.

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