Senate Considers Requiring Women To Register for the Draft

A proposal obtained by Politico would get rid of male-only language in an upcoming military service bill.


Senate Democrats have legislation in the works that would require women to register for the draft, according to a report from Politico.

The publication obtained a draft of the National Defense Authorization Act written by Senate Armed Services Chair Jack Reed (D–R.I.) that would expand the Selective Service System—a national database that contains the names and information of potential draftees—to include women. Currently, only men are required by federal law to register for the Selective Service System, but Politico reports that Reed's proposed language would replace all references to men with "all Americans." 

The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service issued a report in March recommending that Congress "eliminate male-only registration and expand draft eligibility to all individuals of the appropriate age cohort," because "expanding draft eligibility to women will enable the military to access the most qualified individuals, regardless of sex." Women have been eligible to occupy all combat roles since 2015. 

Last month, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case challenging the male-only draft filed by the National Coalition for Men alongside the American Civil Liberties Union. 

"Like many laws that appear to benefit women, men-only registration actually impedes women's full participation in civic life," says the ACLU on its website. "Limiting registration to men sends a message that women are unqualified to serve in the military, regardless of individual capabilities and preferences. It reflects an outmoded view that, in the event of a draft, women's primary duty would be to the home front—and, on the flip side, that men are unqualified to be caregivers." 

As libertarian writers have pointed out in response to the commission report and the aforementioned lawsuit, getting rid of the draft altogether is far more preferable to conscripting women. Just because men between the ages of 18 to 35 are required to sign up for possible forced labor—at the threat of a $250,000 fine and a 5-year prison sentence—doesn't mean that women should be roped in as well. As Sheldon Richman said, we should end, not extend, the draft. 

If Democrats are considering making changes to the draft, they should not exchange women's liberty for gender equality. Rather, they should extend to men the privilege that women already enjoy.

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  1. Fair is fair.

    Good for the goose good for the gander.

    Let’s see how this plays out.

    1. No. No. No. Women do not belong in the military. No. And no again.

      1. Excellent argument. How could we disagree?

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      2. My mom was a WAC from 1943-1945.
        So don’t tell me women don’t belong in the military!
        She came home with PTSD from going through the V-1 & V-2 Blitz after being stationed in London!

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    2. Shouldn’t that be: “What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.”

  2. Well, there goes my diet plan. I’d rather be fat and eat a cheesecake than be skinny and fit for military service. Though I suppose blindness and heart murmur exempt me anyway.

    Why not go the good ol Roman route of military service? Women married and raising their kids are exempt? I’m willing to give up my “right” to vote over it.


      Do you want to know more?

      1. But the movie is nothing like the book, and completely opposite in philosophy. Heinlein may not have been spinning in his grave, but he probably wished he could find the director in a dark alley (as do many of his fans).

      2. Service also teaches discipline, honor, teamwork and teaches a trade. Every citizen should be conscripted to serve their country for at least 2 years; civil service or military, your choice, but you serve for 2 years, period. AND no lame, lying ‘bone spurs’ excuses.

        1. Shall we pay reparations to these slavrs?

        2. Mandatory service in the state militia, not the National Guard, the STATE MILITIA. Everyone male, female and tranny would be REQUIRED to have a fully-automatic M-4 safely stored in their homes as the Swiss. Except the Swiss changed their law to allow storage in an armory, the U.S. should require storage in the home. This should be required of everyone 16 – 66, even for people who HATE guns. Every year one would be required to demonstrate adequate marksmanship skills. Anyone who fails gets sent to rifle camp until she or he demonstrates adequate marksmanship skills, even if the person is a gun-control asshole who ABSOLUTELY HATES firearms. If by their standard it is OK to prohibit or severely restrict firearms, why not require firearms ownership, if the use of force is OK?

  3. Democrats have legislation in the works that would require women to register for the draft

    Get ready for a lotta folks identifying as neither men nor women.

    1. They shall be known as Tony.

      1. Or Pat, to bring back an old SNL character.

    2. Unfortunately I don’t think will work either since the draft legislation replaces “men” with “all Americans.” I assume that would any of the other 70 something gender identities as well as men and women.

    3. That’s okay. We have service dogs, service seals, service dolphins, and service horses in the military. Not a problem. If you are able, you serve – it’s the least you can do for the privilege of living in this country.

      1. Are you really asking for involuntary servitude? The 13th amendment might have a problem with that

        1. Nobody gives a shit about the bill of rights. Sad days for the country. A conscientious objector citing the 13th went straight into combat during Vietnam era. So I went into pilot training. That was fun.

  4. Women wanted equality. They should get it good and hard.

    1. They didn’t mean that sort of equality. They meant high paying management jobs that they could just walk into because they’re women and what else do they need to know?

      1. These two comments REEK of sexism. The two of you need to dial it back. Your resentment is palpable.

        It doesn’t matter what gender you are if you are qualified for the job, you should be paid commensurate to your skills. Not because a corporation can get away with stiffing the female workforce or the women’s sports team (especially the team which wins, not just the male team that loses world cup championships)

        1. If the woman’s soccer team was paid comesurate with their skill they should be paid the same as male jv soccer players.
          Also the comment don’t reek of sexism, they reek of fish and look like tacos

        2. There are several YouTube videos that explain in detail how the women actually have a better deal than the men. Do a little research before you use that example. Also, a judge said they already had a better deal too.

          Bottom line is the women wanted the same deal the men have and they wanted to keep their deal too.

          Also, if companies could pay women less (They can’t legally btw), why would they hire men?

  5. Get rid of the draft. Trump had two full years with his party in control of both houses, and he never even tried getting rid of selective service. Too many hardons for the military.

    But imagine the shit storm if the Democrats tried to get rid of Selective Service. The Republicans lost their chance, the Democrats were in charge of the last four drafts, and the anti-war caucuses have rolled over and begged “yes, harder and faster”.

    So yeah, we’ll be drafting women now. That’s what you voted for.

    1. How about drafting people convicted of violent crimes? “Apparently you like to fight.”

      1. How about no draft at all. No draft at all. No. Draft. At. All.

        1. That’s insane on the face of it. Because… reasons.

        2. Like the Democrats are going to break their addiction to slavery *now*…

      2. That is what Britain did to man up their empire.

      3. I saw that movie. Suicide Squad.

      4. Victimizing isn’t soldiering.

      5. The Dirty Dozen!

    2. +eleventy

      The correct solution is to abolish the draft altogether.

      In peacetime, all the draft does is generate a pool of people who have no choice but to fight in some bullshit war.

      And if there actually was a legitimate war that the US needed to fight, it could be reinstituted if absolutely necessary in about 10 nanoseconds.

      But it doesn’t need to be there in peacetime. Not at all.

      1. And if there actually was a legitimate war that the US needed to fight

        there would be no lack of volunteers to fight on US soil.

      2. Ok, to start with – the draft is already abolished.

        What these people are talking about is Selective Service. Not a draft. Its a record-keeping organization that keeps a list of people who would be eligible for a draft should one be re-instated.

        Secondly, no. A draft is slavery. There is no ‘legitimate war’ that can be fought with conscripts. Period.

        1. Yes, Mr. Pedantic, I was referring to Selective Service. Thank you for your pedantic contribution.


          Secondly, no. A draft is slavery. There is no ‘legitimate war’ that can be fought with conscripts. Period.

          I think that would very much depend on the nature of the conflict. If the war was bad enough, and severe enough, and the enemy ruthless enough, and the survival of the very Republic was at stake, then I think there is room for a utilitarian calculation that could justify the draft. But it would have to be a high bar to cross.

          1. Nope.

            Still slavery. You would be destroying the nation to save it.

            If your nation is worth saving – get out there and fight.

            If you don’t think its worth fighting then you don’t think its worth saving. And you haveno moral leg to stand when it comes to forcing others to fight for *your* cause.

            1. ^ yep

        2. The draft is not “already abolished.” It’s in abeyance, but we’re keeping the mechanisms for it in place so it could be started up again faster than the military could possibly be ready to cope with a flood of conscripts.

          And that is quite unnecessary – unless the government is planning to fight wars using a slave army against the wishes of nearly the entire population. In every war before WWII, recruiting offices were flooded with volunteers as soon as men learned that war had been declared. Even in the two least popular wars before Vietnam – the Civil War and WWI – the USA military got all the volunteers they could use for several months. There was plenty of time to create a Selective Service organization before it was needed.

          WWII was different only in that collectivists had taken over our government and established a draft and began expanding the military before the war started. And soon after it did start, they decided to avoid the chaos as volunteers filled the streets outside the recruiting office by running all recruiting through the Selective Service. If they hadn’t had this already in place, it’s possible that they would not have made manpower goals before Dec 7, 1941 (or not without improving pay and conditions), but they’d have had millions of volunteers after Pearl Harbor, and only needed the draft after the pool of young, healthy, single men was considerably diminished.

          I’m not sure if the Korean War could have been fought with only volunteers – after our leadership showed their ass by being caught utterly surprised and unprepared. It’s easy to convince young men to put their lives on the line for a just cause if they trust the leaders, but a whole lot more difficult when they see battalions being slaughtered by pure incompetence.

          The Vietnam War was a war that shouldn’t have happened, and probably would not have if they’d had to pay and treat the troops well enough to keep the volunteers coming. (And it would have gone better if much more of the manpower came from experienced troops who re-upped after their first enlistment, rather than guys planning on two or three years and out.) But with a draft, most of the cost was born by a relatively small group of unlucky young men rather than by the voters…

          After Vietnam, we’ve had an all-volunteer force for about 45 years, and the typical modern soldier – a volunteer who _wants_ to become a good soldier in training, and who will often re-enlist so the service retains that training and experience – is worth several unwilling draftees. The Army expects things from its troops now that you couldn’t hope for from the Vietnam-era troops. This also means that our fleet of troop transport planes can deliver several times the effective military power as it could carrying draftees, even if we could give them the same equipment and expect them not to hurt themselves.

      3. The draft is a relic of the “human wave” era of warfare. I doubt the military would even have a use for masses of reluctant conscripts these days.

        But it’s really not about wars anymore. It’s about control and keeping large databases of citizens. From that perspective, expanding the draft makes perfect sense.

      4. Drafting women seems like an effective way to increase opposition to the draft.

    3. So why don’t you move to Canada?

    4. Did you seriously just blame Trump for the draft? You’re an ass.

    5. But imagine the shit storm if the Democrats tried to get rid of Selective Service.

      Because tax hikes, urban riots, inflation and rising crime are just honkey-dorey. But, getting rid of the draft is just a bridge too far.

      1. I think it’s the opposite problem. In their heart of hearts the Democrats love the draft.

        1. People should love their country and have pride in themselves as members of the military.

        2. In their heart of hearts the Democrats love the draft – because they are still the party of slavery. They just want us all enslaved to a faceless, heartless bureaucracy rather than just some of us enslaved to individual owners.

    6. They literally passed tax cuts for the rich. If that doesn’t show people what their priorities are then I don’t know what will. Spent 7 years bitching about the ACA and had jack shit to replace it with too.

      1. The GOP never intended to replace it. They intended to eliminate it entirely and throw American citizens to the wolves. Why on earth would they waste time formulating a plan?

        1. Wow, you got annoying fast.

  6. At last, women have the chance to become equal slaves to the Military-Industrial-Complex! Hoorah!

    1. Just call it the Military-Fashionable-Complex and they’ll be lined up to join.

      1. Shallow as a mud puddle, and just as astute.

        1. fuck off

  7. “Like many laws that appear to benefit women, men-only registration actually impedes women’s full participation in civic life,”

    “That’s right ladies! Now you can go be cannon fodder for globalist kleptocrats, oligarchs, neocons, corporatists and the communist international, too!”

    I guess our Malthusian lords and masters have finally realized that the key to population control isn’t cutting down superfluous males, but fertile females. And that the key to controlling populations is to put the guns in the hands of impressionable young women.
    The tanks at Tiananmen wouldn’t have stopped rolling, and Yeltsin wouldn’t have climbed one in Moscow, with a gender studies major at the helm.

    1. Uh oh, we’re doomed

  8. Will transexuals also be required to register for the draft, and will they be given separate bathrooms, showers and sleeping quarters?

    1. We are definitely at a parallel with the Roman Empire, as when it was on the skids.

      So who will the Visigoths be that take over from the dissipated Americans?

      1. Anti-Visigoths?

      2. “who will the Visigoths”

        I’d like to say the Nigerians, but I bet you that Xi Jinping knows the real answer.

  9. I assume they’ll be offended if we don’t.

  10. Equality, FTW! Just as long as no one dares suggest getting rid of selective service registration altogether. That would be crazy talk.

  11. Excuse me, but I think the correct hot take is that we don’t have a draft, and haven’t had one in decades, so that’s why selective service isn’t discriminatory against men.

    1. Men can be sent to prison for failure to do the paperwork and women can’t, so that’s discriminatory right there.

  12. The women who show up because they want to are demonstrably less capable. IME, adding in women who don’t want to be there isn’t going to improve things any. I’d rather carry around an extra 150 lbs. of lead to do the job. At least the lead would sit still, be quiet, and let me eat my entire meal.

    1. I’ve got nieces that I don’t want anywhere near military service but part of me is laughing pretty hard about this. Feminists insisted that women should be able to join the combat arms, where they absolutely do not belong, and this is the entirely predictable outcome. Embrace the suck ladies!

      1. Exactly. When they put women in combat arms, the badasses that they are looking to recruit will just not join. They avoid women at work like the plague because they know it only goes bad. They have seen fellow operators throw away careers, the good ones just segregate themselves. Not only that, most guys join combat arms because they want it to be hard. If it isn’t hard, they will just do something else. There will be nothing but woke dudes that want to try to bang the fit little girl in their unit. The Team Sergeants will deal with an unholy amount of Equal Opportunity Investigations, and personal nonsense. Everyone at the ground level knows that it is a shitshow. They change the tune they sing when they make O-6.

        1. There will be nothing but woke dudes that want to try to bang the fit little girl in their unit.

          On the plus side, the enemy will work harder to take out those douchebags. Less pillaging and more raping will make their recruiting efforts that much easier.

          1. The enemy won’t have to work hard, you’re talking about woke douchecanoes. Cultist fucktards that end up hating the ones doing the fighting. Not the type to fight for their team mates, or themselves, when the chips are down.

  13. Yes, yes, diversity is our strength. Here is some reality. The Illinois National Guard had a transportation unit in Baghdad that was 50% women, 50% men. They lost two females in no time at all. So, to avoid any more political unpleasantness, they removed all females from the road and the men continued on at half strength.
    We received a tip that there were 200 bad guys in wait to ambush a US convoy, south of Baghdad. We told every unit there to not go near that town, we were forming a massive envelopment mission. We needed a day to get assets lined up and briefed. An MP unit blew us off and drove through the town with seven semi-trucks and got shellacked. Every truck burned, every KBR truck driver and co-driver were killed. The MP’s vehicles were shot to crap and most of them were wounded. The bad guys all got away. To make this utter ass-whipping, “a win”, they claimed that a female MP got on a machine gun and saved the day. They awarded her the silver star, yep. Diversity is our strength! The truth is, a 19-year-old male was on that gun. I met him. The female was curled up in the back of the vehicle throughout the entire ambush, curled in a ball.
    All of this nonsense is to divert your attention away from the criminal action of these generals. They lost a war, got rich, and now they are blaming it on sexism and racism. They are claiming that they lost the war due to white supremacy. They need to execute these bastards as a message to the current generals.

    1. I believe what you say but the part of that story that gets overlooked is that SSG (later MSG) Timothy Nein was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for that action. Everyone goes on about Leigh Ann Hester because she was the first female since WWII to get the Silver Star, but Nein deserved his decoration.

    2. Everyone’s heard of Jessica Lynch. Very few are aware of SGT Donald Walters. So it goes.

      .Mil doesn’t want draftees, last I looked at opinion articles ostensibly asking field-grade and higher about the subject. No time to integrate them anyway. The next war between Great Powers will be a come-as-you-are war. Which is ‘great’ for the US, considering the difference in industrial capacity between our likely foe and ourselves.

      1. Make them cooks, mechanics, medical orderlies, computer operators, supply clerks, radar technicians, or any one of the hundreds of support jobs the military requires then. There is a job for everyone in the military, every job is important, and every job is not battle. Drones are the new battle force.

        1. fuck off, slaver

        2. Those are all technical jobs. Even cook, to a certain extent. How long do you suppose it will train a draftee to become a proficient radar technician? The war will already be over.

        3. In a modern war, there front lines but no protected rear area. Rear echelon jobs turn into combat jobs with no notice. Troops have been killed by terrorists even on stateside military bases. The military leadership has been nearly criminally slow to adjust to the new situation, but we’ll only be ready for a modern war when an electronic technician (as I was once), working at a base in the states and renting a house off base, is ready to roll out of bed, grab his M4 from under the bed, reach in his closet and don battle gear, armor, and a chemical warfare protective suit if called for, and be ready to confront any threat.

          1. I was just reading a story about an SF team that got into a big fight in Niger. They had two support troops with them, a CBRNE specialist and a wheeled vehicle mechanic. Because of a screw up the team and their Nigerien allies got into a fight in what could only be described as the worst possible circumstances and both the support soldiers, as well as some of the SF operators, were killed. I suspect neither thought that they would end up in a dismounted firefight against an overwhelming force when they signed up for their MOSs, but that’s what happened. From what I can tell both fought well and did their duty to the best of their ability, but what you say above is spot on.

  14. Sure, whatever. Half the kids will claim disability, some drug addiction, the others pose as trannies. Nobody wants a forever war.

    There will in the future be some tragedy, they happen every century, and maybe that will get people motivated again.

    1. What makes you think trannies will be exempt. Everyone, man, woman and tranny that doesn’t want to be drafted will identify as pregnant women or children of politicians.

    2. I think a global pandemic that killed 605,000 and counting people in our country ALONE with climbing morbidity due to Delta well qualifies as ‘some tragedy’.

      1. I believe Sevo has some advice you should follow

  15. A crime is not remedied by doubling the number of victims.


    1. Now that the women don’t want to sign up, maybe we can talk about ending selective service. No one seems to care what the young men thought.

    2. isn’t there some old saw that goes, to get rid of bad law zealously and universally enforce it?

      The all volunteer force has had little problem filling the ranks, but yeah, register everyone or end the draft registry. maybe this will nudge the overton window on this (and all the other related equality inequalities)

  16. Just draft every dead-beat Dad in the country and make them serve. Teach them that crotch-droppings cost money. If you draft ghetto women they will take that opportunity to get pregnant to get out of work, deployments, and combat. Pregnant women are treated very well in the military, I totally agree with it. But it is hard for a unit to keep up unit strength, training, and readiness. They are an absolute burden on war-fighting capabilities.

    1. You strike me a person who thinks that the nation would be better off if more people had military-style discipline.

    2. Define ‘dead-beat Dad’ in a legally viable and concise manner. Now do it without opening the door for bureaucratic abuse.

      1. Hunter Biden

        1. my nigga!

    3. Want to get out of draft service as a woman? Have a lot of sex, get pregnant.

      Want to get out of draft service as a man? Shoot yourself in the knee.

      Either way, ouch.

    4. Nauseating.

      It’s not like the men sit on the sidelines crying victim while the women artificially inseminate themselves. Keep your d*** and your d***head ideology to yourself.

      1. Is this a parody account?

  17. If i didnt think these politicians were a bunch of moronic twats id consider this a way to generate support for ending the draft. Given what I know about politicians and most voters though I have low expectations. The only freedoms any of them seem interested in extending or preserving involve ‘free’ stuff paid for by confiscating the wealth of others.

  18. chicks and guns and fire trucks and hookers and drugs and booze oh wait you said draft not bachelor party.

    1. +1 OD’d donkey.

  19. With all the data bases that exist on Americans, why the expense and time spent on a Draft data base? Like they couldn’t find you if they wanted to.

    1. Exactly.
      Today’s military can’t use cannon-fodder mass infantry attacks anyway. The draft is useless.
      If we ever got into a situation where masses of half ass troops would be of use, we can just sweep the streets for warm bodies and shove them through basic and send them off. No need for a huge draft bureaucracy.

    2. When I was in college I was told that I had to register for the draft. Foolish me thought I was already registered because I was a veteran.

  20. It appears that Harvey Weinstein’s walker wasn’t gaining him any sympathy, so he switched to a wheelchair.

    At the next hearing, he’ll likely also be wearing a neck brace and holding a bag full of his urine with the catheter hooked up.

    And won’t be surprised if Harvey Weinstein changes his sex from man to woman after he’s convicted and sentenced to a CA men’s prison. Does NY also allow men to declare themselves as women to transfer to a woman’s prison?

  21. Phyllis Schlafly saw this coming from 45 years away.

    “Schlafly became an outspoken opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) during the 1970s as the organizer of the “STOP ERA” campaign. STOP was an acronym for “Stop Taking Our Privileges”. She argued that the ERA would take away gender-specific privileges currently enjoyed by women, including “dependent wife” benefits under Social Security, separate restrooms for males and females, and exemption from Selective Service (the military draft).

    Isn’t it interesting how long progressives have been clear about their goals to force people to make sacrifices for what they consider to be the greater good. As Schlafly’s story shows, the consequences of the feminists’ efforts were both foreseeable and foreseen. Forced sacrifice is always the goal with progressives.

    The little progressive minions may run around with no conception of what the consequences of progressives policy will be, but that isn’t true of the leadership. They knew their efforts would ultimately subject women to conscription and force them to make sacrifices, Schlafly’s day, just like they know, now, that the Green New Deal means forcing Americans to sacrifice our standard of living.

    Forcing some people to make sacrifices because they’re men is wrong, and expanding that injustice to include women doesn’t make it just. Any woman who wants to serve in the military (and can meet the requirements) should be free to enlist, but there wouldn’t have been anything wrong with freeing black women from the injustices of Jim Crow, and there wasn’t anything wrong with exempting women from conscription.

    Mistreating everyone equally isn’t what we should be talking about when we’re talking about equal treatment under the law. And issues like this aren’t always a case of average people not understanding the consequences of their choices. Sometimes, it’s about progressive leaders actively wanting to be able to force you to make sacrifices for what they consider to be the greater good.

    1. As many commenters and the author have pointed out, ending the draft would be preferable to subjecting more people to it.

      However, this could be a first step toward that, in a roundabout way. Right now there’s not as much reason for most women to care about the issue. This could change that.

      1. women: “if you make us sign up for the draft we’ll stop voting (D)!!”

        (D): “lol. no you won’t.”

        1. Women do love the (D).

          1. They always fantasize that the (D) will be kind and soft and gentle, but in the end it’s good and hard and in the ass.

      2. “However, this could be a first step toward that, in a roundabout way”

        Expanding injustice to include everyone equally is not a step on the path to liberty and justice. It’s a step to progressives expanding their power to force everyone to make sacrifices for what they consider to be the greater good.

        1. P.S. Freeing women from the injustice of Jim Crow would have been a step on the path to eliminating Jim Crow entirely. Expanding Jim Crow to include women (if it didn’t before) would have been a step backwards. Making the trees equal by hatchet, axe, and saw is not the path to liberating them.

          1. the maples want their sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas.

            1. And they’re all equal as stumps.

              Libertarian capitalism is about concentrating on our own situation. I don’t begrudge anyone their justice or their wealth. I’m not like anyone else. Why would I want to be treated like everyone else?

              Protect my right to make choices for myself, and that means protecting me for the coveting, lazy ass, idiots who made poor choices but want what I have anyway. If you’re freer than I am, I may want to be like you, but I don’t want to make you be like me.

              1. exactly. also, Red Barchetta is my favorite.

          2. Not a good analogy. Adding women to Jim Crow increases the number of people harmed. This action doesn’t do that. It reduces males’ chances of being harmed. No reason why males should be the only ones with that chance.

            1. What are you talking about?

              Subjecting more people to conscription is not the road to subjecting fewer people to conscription.

              It does, however, give the Democrats a toe hold to force more people to make sacrifices for the common good.

        2. “roundabout” as in, yeah, wrong direction, but the reaction to it could end up going in the right direction eventually.

    2. Back when the the ERA thing was going on the feminists had no intention of being drafted. They were burning their bras and demanding special protections especially for job placements. They bitched about how bad women had it while 50 thousand men were killed in Vietnam. There hasn’t been a draft in 50 years and if someone decided to bring it back the law to register women would be overturned pronto.

      1. “There hasn’t been a draft in 50 years and if someone decided to bring it back the law to register women would be overturned pronto.”

        We haven’t needed a draft in the recent past because there are so many stout lads, especially from the South, who are happy to volunteer out of a sense of patriotism (among other things). If progressives continue on their current track of denigrating patriotism, first responders, and the kinds of people who volunteer for military service, I’m not sure we won’t need a draft in the future.

        Whether women wouldn’t actually called up is an interesting question. It probably depends on the need. They may not be called up for combat roles, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be called up. In the future, people with desirable technical skills may be more likely to be called up regardless of their sex. And if the need were great, I wouldn’t bet against women in combat units–even if it isn’t prevalent.

        1. Israel does things a lot differently with respect to women in combat arms than the United States do. For one, many, and it may be most, of their women in infantry and armor units are within one or two, same-sex units. Caracal is one, IIRC. They have a few male senior officers. They are absolutely not integrated to the degree US armed forces tries to do with women. Those units are based in fairly quiet areas, like the Israel-Egypt border, and to their credit (and with the grain of salt given to Israeli self-reporting on military matters), they serve there well, and honorably. I’ve no idea how they handle the more strenuous parts of infantry or armor life. I imagine they can simply throw more people at it.

          Anyway, as sex-segregated units, i imagine there is less pressure there to bullshit everyone that women are just as great as men, and equally interchangeable on a METT-T list. Way different than how the US does it.

        2. That may be but would still be discrimination. Back when there was a big push to get women hired to do what was considered man’s work many of the women were soon moved out of the physical jobs to things like inspectors or supervision.

        3. I wouldn’t be so sure about women in combat units. I worked with the Canadian 22nd INF Regiment, there are women in the ranks, and some saw combat. There are not many, though. Of the female soldiers I worked with in the 22, some of them were shitty, some were good, like any worker, and any organization. And I would be remiss if I left out: Vive le Québec libre!

    3. Are you kidding? What privileges exactly have women given up since the advent of the matriarchy?

  22. First, this does not go far enough. Why limit ourselves to only Americans when truly inclusive language would require all denizens of the US to register. Wouldn’t want to privledge foreigners in the US here would we.

    Second, I demand that this be implemented in a manner that properly redresses the decades of systematic oppression by women and foreigners in the US. That’s right, affirmative action conscription until the scales of blood are balanced.

    Third, I demand that this be done in a manner that in no way impairs the readiness or effectiveness of our armed forces in such times of need. I’ve seen Xena, I know it’s possible.

    For fairness (or is it for the children?) of course.

    1. For fairness sake women and homos should be called first.

      1. Journalists.
        Draft all the journalists, and send them to 38th parallel

      2. Women and children first, it’s only fair.

  23. I don’t know why we need military service at all – if we need people for an army we can just outsource that shit to the Chinese like we do everything else, they’ve got lots of spare army guys. Come to think of it, that may be the exact reason Congress is concerned about getting as many people eligible for military service as possible. As if Joe Biden would lift a finger to stop a Chinese invasion.

  24. Seems like a pretty obvious Constitutional law violation, of the Equal Protection Clause, with men not being protected from the threat of the draft. (The ACLU take would be hilarious, if it didn’t involve extending involuntary servitude to even more people.)

  25. all Americans.

    Democratic leadership just doesn’t get it! That should read all peoples living within the United States. They’re othering of our migrant population!

    1. well, the illegals were counted in the census for representation purposes

  26. the Supreme Court declined to hear a case challenging the male-only draft filed by the National Coalition for Men alongside the American Civil Liberties Union.

    OK. I can see why the ACLU would file this and it really does make sense. But really? The National Coalition for Men? Who are they? Men who throw like girls? Men who actually suggested Fried Green Tomatoes or the ballet on date night?

    There is such a huge opportunity to distinguish between conscription for fighting wars overseas v conscription/registration for local militia service. But jeezus. Libertarians are all wrong on this.

    1. Fag betas that are jealous that women get special privileges but no expectation of responsibility or integrity.

    2. Don’t hate on the ballet.

  27. Does is not worry you to some extent that the Senate is trying to double the number of people it can draft?

    Do you think they’re doing that just for the symbolism?

    1. Nothing to see here, just more diversity and inclusion.

    2. Only in so far as forced national service like the Buttigieg plan will be following. I doubt we ever use a draft again for military service, but I could see all the retiring Boomers forcing the youth to do a year of national community service like elderly care.

      1. I wouldn’t fucking trust ’em.

    3. At least half of politics is virtue signaling, so probably.

      Do you think Democrats want to go to war or something? Did Rumsfeld rise from the dead and switch parties or what?

      1. Since half of politics is virtue signaling, possibly.

  28. “enable the military to access the most qualified individuals, regardless of sex”

    That’s a fairly crude way of putting it.

    I don’t want the military “accessing” unwilling women.

    (To be sure, I don’t think even *willing* women should be allowed in combat positions, but what else can you expect from a sexist?)

    1. Find one woman to access and settle down.

  29. It seems that the ACLU does not know what the draft is for. Is someone, man, woman, or something else, wants to volunteer they just amble over to the recruiting office and take the oath. The military has access to those qualified individuals.
    The draft is for those who did not want to do that.

  30. I’m all for getting rid of the draft. Are they going to? No. And, barring getting rid of the draft, is the status quo acceptable? Well, if you’re claiming “equality” as a paramount virtue, it’s hard to say privileges should be equally distributed and not responsibilities. If they’re not going to start drafting women, they should at least shut the hell up about equality as a paramount virtue.

  31. Now that it isn’t in any way meaningful, I guess it’s alright.

  32. replace all references to men with “all Americans.”

    Still wrong. That phrasing leaves out a lot of democrats of the ‘less than perfectly documented’ community. It should be ‘all persons other than legal immigrants, or documented tourists, or diplomats’.

  33. Showering in the WWII era barracks back in ‘71 would have been more enjoyable if there had been female draftees too.

  34. Makes sense. Get both to register. If the public feels outraged enough, maybe they’d just get rid of it altogether.

  35. Hopefully next time the editors can find a picture of an American soldier to post?

    1. I was wondering about the painted nails and wrist bangles when your conclusion hit me.

      Nothing says, “I’m ready to serve in a combat role.” like bright red fingernails.

      1. That and the USA hasn’t used that camo for twenty years and the way those sleeves are rolled. SMDH.

        The Army is allowing ponytails as of a few months ago though.

        But yeah, everything in that picture screams ‘European military’.

  36. Who’ll fetch muh beer if women are drafted?

    1. Draft beer not people!

  37. Or….just get rid of the draft altogether and let the citizens decide if a war is worthwhile.

  38. Notice those assholes never considered ending registration for everyone…

  39. Why not pass the Equal Rights Amendment? That way the draft would follow naturally and we would have Constitutional protection by sex. Would also be nice for women to get to be President maybe Once before the draft starts and 50% of Congress. If your sex doesn’t get to decide when to go to war why should you have to fight in it?

    1. Women aren’t allowed to vote in your reality?

    2. Someone I’ve never met makes a decision, and somehow that’s my decision too because we both have a cock and balls?

  40. Mark my words, they will do this and they will force it through on pain of death. And the Republicans will also somehow get their dirty mits on it and push it through.
    The idea is that China has 1.4 billion people. They would outman us 4 to 1 on the battle field. So that precious little daughter of yours? Well, she might just get her guts blown out of her back side as well.
    And don’t worry you ‘bleeding heart liberals’, your daughters chance will come as well. Aren’t you proud?
    We told you, and have been telling you. Do you need a Kleenex now?

    1. They outmanned us far more than 4:1 in Korea. Except for the initial surprise, we mowed them down until the politicians stopped us.

  41. Now we just need reparations for men. For all the men before that suffered and died in wars while women stayed safe at home.

  42. 40+ years ago when the return of SS registration was a new thing, I took it as a huge issue. Now that it’s been back so long, I realize there’s not a chance in the world it’s going to lead to a new draft. It’s just symbolic. Hardly worth discussing.

  43. Women wanted equal rights. Well one of the rights is the requirement to register for selective service. It seems easy and clear.

  44. Male and female dogs can serve in the military essentially interchangeably. I had an acquaintance who was a dog handler. He loved his dog but resented the fact that the beast not only out-ranked him but also received better rations and enjoyed better sleeping quarters.

    1. When the dog misbehaved, did they threaten to send him to the human house?

  45. How does the draft even make sense? Like, from a logistical standpoint? How do they keep track of your address? I move often and it’s a colossal shit show without exception every time. Banks, IRS, DMV—none of them can keep track of where the fuck I’m at. But you fill out something for the army once—right around the time kids tend to go away to college, the first of many moves—and that’s it? They’ll just…find you? Yikes.

    Most importantly, uh, we might need more soldiers? Fucking really? To the extent that we’re leaving the door open on conscripting citizens? When? How fucking neurotic can one country be? The US military is already bigger than the next whatever the fuck many armies on the planet and outspends them by a eleventy trillion dollars every year. What’s going to suddenly happen that we don’t have troops to handle it? A bigger army is coming? Are we going to fight the rest of the literal fucking world with an army full of guys—err, people!—who don’t know what they’re doing and don’t particularly want to do it in the first place?

    This future war sounds tragically unpopular, and I regret to report that if we don’t continue to have the draft, we may have already lost it.

  46. Get rid of the draft completely, as it violates the constitution.

  47. time to “cancel” the SELECTIVE service? it’s the round ’em ALL up and ship ’em off to war service. they could do this with net guns like on planet of the apes! a real time-saver when rounding up the conscripits. but hell, let’s not stop with the gals, round up the homeless, the mental defective’s, the handicapped (oops, handiCAPABLE) and, to be sure, let’s rope in the oldsters. we will do this to be inclusive and to strive for equity. let’s all sing a verse of country joe’s feel like i’m fixin’ to die rag…


  48. Hey women, you wanted equality! Bend over while we serve it to you.

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