Elizabeth Warren Demands That Amazon Crack Down on COVID Misinformation

Amazon's customers are apparently unable to judge the veracity of COVID-related information for themselves.


In the 19th century, we had snake oil salesmen. Today, we have Amazon—or so Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) seems to suggest.

If not the salesmen themselves, then Amazon is certainly the enabler, the means by which the salesmen successfully lure their gullible customers, at least according to Warren. Last week the senator sent a letter to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy with "concerns that Amazon is peddling misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and treatments through its search and 'Best Seller' algorithms."

"During the week of August 22, 2021, my staff conducted sample searches on of pandemic-related terms such as 'COVID-19,' 'COVID,' 'vaccine,' 'COVID 19 vaccine,' and 'pandemic,'" wrote Warren in her letter. "The top results consistently included highly-ranked and favorably-tagged books based on falsehoods about COVID-19 vaccines and cures."

"Warren asked Amazon to conduct a review within 14 days and provide public reports on both the extent to which Amazon's algorithms are directing consumers products containing misinformation and on a plan to change the algorithms," reported The New York Times.

She's right: The top result for COVID-19 in Amazon Books includes Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins' "The Truth About Covid-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal," which has been blasted for its inaccuracies. Mercola has been a natural health proponent since the 1990s, hawking alternative remedies on his website, sounding off about everything from grain-free diets to the purported harms of 5G. He casts doubt on the efficacy of COVID vaccines, playing fast and loose with efficacy percentages, implying that medical journals and public health officials have lied about the vaccines working. His book may have some nuggets of truth in it—questioning the efficacy of lockdowns, though not appreciated by the public health establishment, is a worthwhile pursuit—but plenty of writers out there manage to question COVID public policy while not peddling bad scientific information that strains credulity.

Still, Mercola's books should not be banned; people should have access to alternative information, however foul, and be able to judge the veracity for themselves. Other books that pop up when you search COVID-19 in Amazon Books include those authored by mainstream sources like Scott Gottlieb, former Food and Drug Administration commissioner, carried alongside charlatans like Alex Berenson, New York Times reporter turned COVID quack. ("As his conspiratorial nonsense accelerates toward the pandemic's finish line, he has proved himself the Secretariat of being wrong," wrote The Atlantic's Derek Thompson.) There's a self-published book on COVID through the eyes of the author's Jack Russell terrier. Even former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's pandemic memoir on what a great governor he is/was pops up on the first page of search results for COVID-19. Just as I don't recommend following Cuomo's leadership advice, I wouldn't recommend following Mercola's COVID prevention and curing advice, or Berenson's. Content moderation decisions are hard, and Amazon customers are, by and large, adults who don't need to be nannied by the government.

But Warren's complaint, which hinges on the idea that Amazon already engages in content moderation, choosing to remove some books rife with misinformation from its virtual shelves, suggests that the American public truly cannot decide for themselves which authors and products to trust. She attempts to insert the government into the buyer-seller relationship, purporting to act for the public's own good. Warren, a font of bad ideas, does this a lot, proffering the idea that the government ought to intervene out of an always-benevolent, vested interest in consumer welfare.

Amazon doesn't need to explain its content moderation framework to her, nor should it err on the side of doing more of it; employees have circulated petitions calling for the removal of Abigail Shrier's book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters and the company already made the controversial decision not to run sponsored ads from Shrier's publisher promoting the book. (It ultimately chose to sell the book despite the outcry.) When the company wades into ultra-politicized topics like whether people ought to be able to buy books that critique trans orthodoxy—or COVID vaccines, or the efficacy of lockdowns—it runs the risk of making the wrong call, bending to the employees and naysayers who shriek the loudest. It's probably better for Amazon to allow the Mercolas of the world to sell their products, to let people judge for themselves what to read, and to stave off potential persecution complexes the grifters can later capitalize on.

Time and time again, Warren reminds us that she views wealth in America as a fixed pie, one where the richest overlords are hoarding money, creating little of value at the expense of the poor and downtrodden. She's been chomping at the bit to regulate Amazon (and those affiliated) for years. So maybe Amazon does need to explain its process to Warren, since she's appointed herself the guardian of right-think, here to protect the American public from themselves.

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  1. In the 19th century, we had snake oil salesmen. Today, we have Amazon—or so Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) seems
    to suggest.


    1. Not to lend too much credence to The Last of the Fauxhicans but, well…

      ‘ “This product does not contain oil from a snake.” ‘

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    2. Don’t forget the little snake oil salesgnome Anthony Fauci.

  2. Fuck Joe Biden

    1. Tell that to Liz Warren, but maybe she already has?

      1. Right there on top of Plymouth Rock.

        1. not even B would hit that.

    2. I feel your pain, loser.

      1. Joe Biden is his pain. You feel Joe Biden? Do you sniff his hair when you do?

        1. His exit hole feels Uncle Joe.

      2. Which Ken of our resident faggot progtards are you.

        1. One of the dumber ones.

      3. “I feel your pain, loser.”
        Steaming piles of lefty shit, totally ignorant of history, claim others to be ‘losers’
        How does it feel to be both a loser and too stupid to recognize that you are, loser?

  3. “Warren asked Amazon to conduct a review within 14 days and provide public reports on both the extent to which Amazon’s algorithms are directing consumers products containing misinformation and on a plan to change the algorithms,”

    Proggies and their book burning.

    1. So how much different is this than a police officer without a warrant asking a passerby to kick in the door because he can’t?

      This bitch is the tyrant that could never make the last mile.

  4. Guillotines were invented for a reason.

  5. Fauxcahontas is clearly an expert on peddling misinformation.

    1. That’s different. She is an oppressed indigenous persyn and womyn. What part of intersectionality do you not understand?

      1. What part? I don’t understand a single part of the whole made-up mess.

      2. Is she a birthing person?

    2. She didn’t have a problem with Amazon selling her fake Native American recipes:

  6. It’s not that Warren thinks the public is so stupid they’ll fall for COVID misinformation, it’s that she wants the power to decide what’s misinformation – and a lot of what these people declare to be misinformation is actually the truth. Consider that early on, Fauci declared that this was of some concern but it shouldn’t be a big deal for the United States, that wearing masks was a bad idea, that the idea this virus may have escaped from a lab was just silly, that creating a vaccine would take several years at a minimum – all of these were statements you’d be accused of spreading misinformation if you contradicted them. More recently, if you were to express some reservations about how efficacious these vaccines would be, whether or not the vaccine actually made you immune to the virus, that too would be misinformation. As it turns out, the “experts” just don’t know half the shit they pretend to know, but they are incapable of admitting that they just don’t know since saying “I don’t know” rebuts their claims of being omniscient and omnipotent.

    1. I highly suspect that the tales of Adam and Eve and the serpent and the apple and crap, is just that… Crap and fibs. Symbolic crap at the very best (maybe you can shoe-horn some good meanings, if you want to, and are benevolent, into the fairy tales… I don’t dispute that).

      Anyway, WHO will proves these tales to be factual? They are misinformation, are they not? How long till Fauxcahontas calls for confiscating Bibles?

      (It depends on whose ox gets gored, and what is politically possible. It has NOTHING to do with fairness or consistency).

      1. About half the content of Jordan Peterson’s latest book was shoe-horning meaning into Bible stories. He still had a few great insights, as he always does, but nowhere as good as the first rules for life book.

        1. Go clean your room homo

    2. I’m sure she does believe the public is stupid. A lot of them voted for her, after all. She just doesn’t care about people dying, and as you say, the whole point of her posturing is to push the lefturd agenda of total control.


  7. Elizabeth Warren’s opinion doesn’t even matter to the people of Massachusetts–she came in third in the 2020 primaries in her own state!

    By way of comparison, Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas, beat Trump in the Texas primaries of 2016. John Kasich beat Donald Trump in the Ohio primaries of 2016.

    Almost 80% of the voters in Massachusetts voted against Liz Warren in the Democratic primaries in 2020–why is she telling Californians to go vote for Newsom when she can’t even get the people of Massachusetts to vote for her?

    Why are we paying attention to what Liz Warren thinks about anything?!

    In terms of the national conversation, she’s a non-entity. She’s like the Paris Hilton of politics. She’s famous for being famous–not because she has any other relevance. If every notable progressive in Massachusetts isn’t lining up to challenge her in the next primary, I’ll be surprised.

    1. We pay attention because she’s a Senator and might get her way. An odd question from you, considering your regular warnings that the progressives are pressuring social media companies to do their bidding.

      1. What you mean “we” white man?

  8. Fact: most progs are against GMOs and think organic foods are healthier even though there is no “science” to back it up

    1. I get really annoyed when I have to buy organic, because normal is sold out.

      1. Self check out ring it up as normal

        1. That might be unethical.

    2. Anti-GMOs and anti-Vax movements have been by the anti-science wing of the Left, with the right now joining the anti-vax stupidity. Climate denialism and fundamental religion has been the anti-science wing of the Right.

      The primary benefit of organic agriculture is to the soil and energy conservation, but there is little evidence that it can sustain 7.5 billion people. The Green Revolution, which was highly dependent on fossil fuels, effectively ended famine in modern times. How we maintain or expand that is a big question, as is the shrinking of phosphate reserves. There is no synthetic alternative.

      1. Fortunately, we only need to sustain the 300+ million people here. Logistics are much easier to handle when you’re not a globalist shill.

        1. Sure Geiger, we are immune from world problems, including weather.

          1. Assuming you are carbon neutral?

                1. Good for you. I lead a fairly normal American life with a mild attempts at conservation.

                  1. I don’t buy into CAGW. I am because it works for me. I heat with wood; going into the forest is great exercise and a day in the woods is always enjoyable. The pro disaster experts don’t really buy into either. It is a means for controlling others.

                    1. Chumby, I heated with wood for 20 years but not now.

                      I listen to the scientists and the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists is climate change is happening and accelerating. I don’t buy that that is a conspiracy, which is the common refrain of those who don’t want to acknowledge problems which will not be easy to deal with.

                    2. The overwhelming group of climate scientists get more money and notoriety if it is a crisis. This is human behavior.
                      As is trying to control others.
                      The people that believe it and actually live according to those beliefs I can respect.

                    3. Chumby, you are imagining a conspiracy of tens of thousands of scientists, a group that unlike business and law majors did not go through school motivated by making a lot of money. Since their research must be repeatable under the scientific method, the opportunity for faking it or manipulating data are limited.

                      While it is good for each of us to mindful and conserve in our lives, we will not be successful reversing or slowing down the process so we can adjust to it by individual action on a planet with 7.5 billion people. It will take organized and collective action.

                    4. It is t a conspiracy. It’s open,y part of the culture in climate science. Ever seen what happens to anyone in the field who dissents? They generally get fired and lose any funding they had. In addition to prog trash attacking them on social media.

                      So fuck your consensus.

          2. Weather is the same everywhere. Every science guy knows that..

            1. Just ask Bill Nye….the science guy.

        2. Far less if we necessarily thin the leftist herd.

      2. The primary benefit of organic agriculture is to the soil and energy conservation, but there is little evidence that it can sustain 7.5 billion people.

        It’s so much more efficient it can’t sustain where we were 3 yrs. ago!

        1. Organic farming doesn’t conserve soil or energy. Where do these people get these stupid ideas?

          How is something that produces significantly lower yields gonna ‘conserve’ soile when you have to have 50 percent or more extra land in production? It doesn’t pass the smell test.

          1. Since when do facts, logic, or results matter to a leftist?

          2. And, it occurs to me now, he’s only talking about *feeding* 7.5B people. not feeding 7.7B people *and* producing ~150 million gallons of biodiesel every month.

      3. “Climate denialism”

        People are denying the Earth has a climate?

      4. That is kind of bullshit. At least the way organic farming is actually done. You can use fertilizer derived from natural gas and still call it organic. Most do. It doesn’t save any energy in general.

        1. Growing organic requires significantly more soil (in terms of area) to produce the same yields. Even if it didn’t, the idea of ‘soil conservation’ is a non sequitur. Humans are quite capable of living on concrete, asphalt, and steel deck plates and there’s virtually no crop that can’t be grown on inert matter (perlite or sand) or aeroponically.

          Might as well assert that organic farming conserves televisions or parakeets.

      5. The hilarity is to be found in understanding that there is nothing sold in today’s supermarket or grown on American farms that isn’t a GMO. The only question is how long ago it was modified.

        1. They think selective breeding isn’t GMO.

          They think exposing seeds and embyos to chemicals and radiation to damage DNA and cause random mutations isn’t GMO.

          They think there is no gene transfer between complex life forms like plants.

          Splicing is just a safer and more effective way to do the above.

          1. Like, ‘non-GMO’ tomatos and conornare a product of decades of genetic modification.

      6. The climat crises people are illiterate morons. That’s why they have to falsify data, cherry pick time lines, and lie about their models, and harass and vilify anyone who points out their stupidity as a heritic. The climate fundamentalist are far worse than the religious ones

      7. You bring up something interesting. The two major parties try to divide the public on every issue, but the odd thing is they will swap or change positions every once in a while.

        1. Which unprincipled writer are you?

    3. I prefer organic. Better flavor. Iirc, the fat profile from grass fed beef is better than from grain. One can find grass fed conventional (and some organic may be fed non-GMO grain). Also find the prepared meals tend to have less sodium and fat. Yes, one can eat nothing but organic ice cream and cheese…and end up a fatty with all that goes with that. Avoid soy.
      No vaccine either.

      1. Chumby, you can end up dead without the vaccine.

        1. Joe, you can end up dead with the vaccine. Or even by the vaccine.
          I’n not in a high risk category.

          1. Chumby, the risks from the vaccines are virtually non-existent and they are among the most safe vaccines ever developed. The very limited danger from the J&J vaccine has been analyzed and a safe and effective anecdote is available for the very few who may develop symptons.

            Those not in high risk categories can in fact die or become very sick from Covid – a predisposition, maybe genetic in nature is apparently causative – and of those who do become sick, about 20% return to the doc later with heart, lung, or brain issues. It is not know if these conditions may return chronically.

            In short, a smart person intelligently gauging risks would get a vaccine. It is idiocy not to, unless you have a condition keeping you from the shot.

            1. “Chumby, the risks from the vaccines are virtually non-existent and they are among the most safe vaccines ever developed.”

              Copy and paste propaganda. You people are lazy.

              1. Libor, here’s John’s Hopkins on the vaccines safety, or are they part of the conspiracy?


                1. A link to propaganda. Now you people are too lazy to copy and paste propaganda.

                  1. So Libor, you are of the opinion that maybe our most respected research and clinical hospital is part of a conspiracy to ………. what? What are they trying to do?

                    Go visit an ICU and see how the unvaccinated are doing.

                    1. Everyone who doesn’t believe your pro-vaxx propaganda is a conspiracy theorist. You people are lazy.

                      And obsessed about getting everyone vaccinated despite the unvaxed not posing a threat to you cuz the vax protects you. Which you believe, right?

                    2. Libor, the unvaxxed are a threat to the vaccinated because we can still catch it, you provide a host for new variants to develop which may impact us all, you are clogging up health facilities, closing down the economy again, and endanger children who at present cannot be vaccinated until they are 12.

                2. JF, here’s a hint:
                  None of your business, asshole.

                  Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID

                  1. Gaear –

                    On the non-peer reviewed research:

                    “..doubt has been cast over the study as news has emerged that a co-author, Josh Stevenson, is associated with Rational Ground, an online group that has opposed public health measures, including mandatory vaccinations, throughout the pandemic.

                    Questions have also been raised over the study’s use of data from the VAERS platform, which relies on unverified self-reports of side effects that have reportedly been used by the anti-vaccination movement to spread misinformation.

                    …Professor Robert Booy, an infectious diseases paediatrician and vaccine expert, urged caution in interpreting the study. While there is considerable evidence that myocarditis is a real, albeit rare, side effect of the mRNA vaccines, he said the true risk estimate is likely to be more conservative.

                    ‘The truth of the data probably rests more at a risk of between one in 15,000–20,000 [5–6.66 per 100,000],’ Professor Booy told newsGP. ‘And, fortunately, it is rarely leading to serious consequences or long-term damage.

                    ‘It’s extremely unlikely for a CAE to last longer than 1–2 weeks and a fatal outcome is extremely rare – I think I’ve read one case report.’

                    It was in July that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) included a warning statement about myocarditis and pericarditis as rare sides effect of Pfizer, particularly among males under 30.

                    In its latest safety report, the regulator said that up to 5 September it had received 370 reports of suspected myocarditis and/or pericarditis following vaccination with Pfizer, including 10 boys and two girls aged 15–17. Five cases occurred after the first dose and seven after the second dose.

                    The rare side effects typically occur within 10 days of vaccination, particularly after the second dose, and more often in younger men.

                    However, the TGA notes that ‘myocarditis and pericarditis are much more common with COVID-19 infection and damage to the heart is frequently severe after infection’.


                    1. We are so early in the mass distribution of this thing. You don’t know shit yet, and cherry pick what you post.

                      So just stop. You embarrass yourself.

            2. Most safe. More bullshit.

            3. 20%

              Citation required.


                “Many with long-term symptoms are otherwise young and healthy: Among those surveyed between ages 18 and 34, about 20 percent experienced lasting symptoms.”

                1. Fuck off and dies, assshole.

                2. July of 2020…long covid has been shown to be a non factor.

            4. “…the risks from the vaccines are virtually non-existent and they are among the most safe vaccines ever developed. ”

              I work in health care; I got the vaccine by choice, because I considered the known [and unknown] risks vs the benefits and conferred with the physicians with whom I work.

              But to state the risks for virtually non-existent: truth is you don’t know, and you have no clue what you are talking about, and as another commenter stated you are offering copy pasta.

              1. Quo, I know what the data shows – virtually zero serious reactions are illness – and what the scientists and medical community agree on. See Johns Hopkins link above, and of course there are others

                1. It’s probably pointless, but I’m going to try to reason with you. Sure, the vaccine is probably safe for the population, in general. Unfortunately, it’s not “the population in general” that has to decide to get or not get the vaccine. It’s specific individuals. People aren’t averages. They have specific circumstances and situations that vary from our hypothetical average. Some people already caught COVID. There’s little advantage for them in getting the jab beyond what they’ve developed naturally. But real downside risks. As Gaear Grimsrud noted, the risk from heart enlargement for boys is greater than that of contracting COVID itself. Some people have established sensitivities to vaccines. A farmer in rural Iowa has a different risk of exposure than an office worker in midtown Manhattan.

                  You’re assuming, from what I can tell, that the reason people aren’t willing to get jabbed is ignorance or stupidity. But, that is far from necessarily the case. The application of blanket proclamations shows an ignorance of all those circumstances you haven’t considered. There’s a reason ads for even the best medicines tell you to consult your physician before taking them.

                  1. Bill, read my response above to Gaear on the study he cited. Of course those who have medical issues preventing them from being vaccinated do so for sound reasons, but that is almost certainly a very small part of the millions holding off. For the rest of us, the smart choice is obvious when the risks are evaluated. I’m sure some of those resisting are very smart people, but very smart people are capable of doing dumb things, and given the popularity of conspiratorial nonsense these days., a lot of them are.

                2. They don’t really know. Stop your propaganda.

            5. If you need to take precautions, go for it. Without hyperbole.

            6. They are so non exist ant the fda and cdc say nobody should study or report on the side effects or the efficacy

            7. they are among the most safe vaccines ever developed

              Is this anything like the claim that 2020 was the most secure election in history?

        2. You can (and will) end up dead with it too. Covid is not the primary risk most people face, with or without vaccination. So stop with this idiocy. Most people’s chances of dying from covid in the next year are somewhere in the range of the risk of accidental drowning. Stop with this ridiculous hyperbole.

          1. Zeb, your odds of dying or anything happening to you from getting a vaccine are pretty much non-existent. I personally know 2 people who died from Covid – both elderly – and I know 2 who caught it, one who suffered for a month, and another who was vaccinated who suffered virtually no symptons except loneliness from quarantining until he got a negative test.

            I know 2 docs who spend most of their time over the last several months in the hospital treating Covid patients, many of them dying. They are burned out from the exerience of suffering and families and losing loved ones for no good reason.

            Do the smart thing.

            Do the smart thing.

            1. What smart thing? I’m not arguing against anyone getting vaccinated or discussing my own personal decisions on the matter. The simple fact is that most people have little danger with or without the vaccine.

              Much of a physicians job is to watch people die for no good reason. That sucks and it sucks if they have to deal with more of that than normal right now. But it’s the career they chose.

              1. Zeb, dying because you were afraid of taking a shot with very low risk factors is not the same thing as developing cancer. Only one of those things was under the patient’s control to prevent.

                My doc friends are not young guys and have seen a lot. Both said they’ve never seen anything like this in terms of numbers and the completely unnecessary suffering and death impacting families.

            2. Then they should quit

            3. “Do the smart thing.”

              Agreed, asshole: Fuck off and die.

            4. Your odds of dying from COVID are insignificant.

              1. Vulgar, it is significantly higher than any serious risk from the vaccine. Talk to the docs in your local ICU about how unlikely it is that they would have so many dying or suffering for weeks or months in their care.

      2. Iirc, the fat profile from grass fed beef is better than from grain.

        It’s a marketing gimmick, aggrandizing of a narrow superiority. There is no single good ‘fat profile’ and the improvements that are seen from grass-fed beef are inferior, directly or at cost, to other changes. Being more clear; grass-fed beef contains more omega-3s but more saturated fat overall. The jury is far from decided if that’s better or worse. Even if more omega-3s is definitively essential, grain-fed waigyu crushes grass-fed beef. If lower saturated fat is essential, the switch from 80/20 ground chuck to 90/10 ground chuck or even whole cuts is far superior to grass-fed in terms of reduction.

        That’s, of course, not to say nobody should consume grass-fed beef but that the idea that it’s broadly making “you” healthier than grain-fed beef is unfounded.

        1. grain-fed waigyu crushes grass-fed beef

          And, waigyu or not, oil supplements can change the profile far further, far cheaper.

          1. The price for a Waigyu beef brisket runs in the $1000 range.
            You can though purchase Waigyu tallow from a shop in Chicago for about $45.
            Become very popular with the BBQ folks.

        2. Have read the opposite regarding saturated fat.
          Wagyu is a boutique breed and doesn’t represent what most people are consuming. Would be interesting to compare what grazed vs grain does for them (some are apparently grazed). There is also one ranch in Japan that was feeding their wagyu herd olives. I sometimes buy local highland beef, which is grazed, but wouldn’t advocate for using the health stats from them either.

          1. Have read the opposite regarding saturated fat.

            But, again, saturated fat is easily avoidable by much easier means. The only way grass-fed makes sense is if you have some sort of fundamentalist crusade about consuming beef, without saturated fat, without changing cuts of meat or breed of cattle, regardless of the cost.

            A bit like insisting that whiskey is a toxin and that organic beer is healthier than ‘industrial’ beer.

            1. I like the flavor better. I don’t eat grassfed because I think it is a miracle food; it isn’t. But if it is healthier than the factory farm meat I don’t really like, all the better.

              1. Understood and agreed. Just objecting to the tacit ‘superfood’ label. There’s no arguing taste. Unless you like kale.

      3. grass fed isn’t organic though.

  9. >>Still, Mercola’s books should not be banned

    everything else is white noise.

  10. Even if Amazon continues selling these books, using algorithms which promotes them makes them active participants in disseminating bulls..t. Similarly, Governmental action has not been taken, but criticizing them publicly is fair game. People are dying over this crap.

    1. I love when new parody shows up.

      1. Joe is basically like a love child product of Kirkland mixing with Molly G.

        1. Dear God!
          How am I supposed to get that image out of what is left of my mind?

          1. I think rounding up all three of them and burning them alive with a military grade flamethrowe would provide some excellent catharsis. It would also stop their shitposting.

    2. People are dying over this crap.

      An unproven assumption on your part.

    3. Every bookseller participates in disseminating bullshit. GO look in the self-help or alternative health sections of any bookstore or online retailer. Most of that stuff is probably fairly characterized as bullshit. You want censorship and to control what people think. Fuck that bullshit.

      1. You mean androids don’t dream of electric sheep?

    4. “…People are dying over this crap.”

      Would you please join them, steaming pile of lefty shit?

  11. From the beeyatch who brought you unaccountable CFPB.

    Then whined when it was unaccountable from 2017-2021.

  12. If Warren’s staff has time to waste on this ghost hunt, she has too many staffers. Help close the deficit and remove those positions.

    1. Or just remove her from the senate. Nobody needs more than 99 senators.

      1. Removing her vocal chords would be a good thing too. Everyone hates listening to that lying bitch.

  13. “…suggests that the American public truly cannot decide for themselves which authors and products to trust.”

    What else are politicians for? They thrive on gullibility. It’s their life blood.

  14. Blaming the deaths of the pandemic on too much freedom is very convenient for the establishment elite.

    Surely the pandemic would be all behind us except for the pesky first amendment.

    1. Freedom requires responsibility and calling bulls..t when it appears, not promoting it.

      1. Yes. WHich is why people are calling bullshit on Warren’s bullshit.

      2. Then maybe Elizabeth Warren should spend some time looking in a mirror and taking responsibility, rather than whining about the purity of successful people.

      3. “Freedom requires responsibility…”

        No, asshole, it doesn’t:
        “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”.
        These rights are unalienable, not to be earned, and certainly not subject to negotiation with a steaming pile of lefty shit like you.
        Fuck off and die.

      1. Arbeit Macht Fett Frei.

        1. Or mandatory liposuction. And burn the fat to run a power plant. Fatassil fuel is not a fossil fuel.

    2. To people like Warren, “too much freedom” is the cause of ALL the world’s woes, including woes she simply makes up.

      1. Does she really have any credibility at all?

  15. Information like our hospitals are full of dying covid patients, hanging on by their fingernails?

  16. Remember Warren’s entry into politics is due to a propaganda study which erroneously concluded half of personal bankruptcies in America were due to medical bills (the real number is ~5%).

    The left wholeheartedly supports misinformation campaigns useful to their political movement.

    1. Lying about being part Cherokee is also misinformation.

      1. “Lying about being part Cherokee is also misinformation.”

        Not if one “identifies” as being Cherokee.

      2. While true that’s personal, not an effort to influence policy with propaganda.

        But the problem is not just Warren, it’s everyone on the left. They claim more than 1 in 5 women on campus are sexually assaulted, and they claim women only earn 77% of what men do for the same job. These are lies they specifically created to justify policies they want but cannot support with the truth.

        1. She lied to get her Harvard job; would she be a senator if she were still “all white” teaching at Pepperdine?

  17. Can’t wait to catch Lizzie in her sexy social justice designer gown at the next $30,000 a ticket Democrat Gala:

    1. Bet one needed to show ID to get into that event.

      1. The also had their wetback servants masked up 6ft away from them while they larped socialism with their $25,000 Tax The Rich fashion gowns. Somebody ought to smash a champagne bottle right across AOC’s flat dick shaped nose and donkey teeth. These people deserve the wrath of the mob descending upon them.

  18. Governmental action has not been taken, but criticizing them publicly is fair game. People are dying over this crap.
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  19. Why are they always malevolent with their benevolence?

  20. Can we apply the same standard to the CDC and NIH?

  21. “Donald Trump demands that Amazon crack down on fake news”

    If your reaction to that headline is any different than this article, you need to have your head examined

  22. Who is the arbiter of truth? I’m certainly not comfortable with Elizabeth Warren assuming that role. She has a problem with the truth and like to stretch and twist it to fit her narrative.

    I would much prefer Elizabeth Warren being run out of office as a fraud. This is regardless of her political positions, I view her as being unethical and not suitable to hold elected office.

    1. Agree she is horrid, no matter what party she identifies with.

      But it certainly isn’t a coincidence that this mendacious piece of shit is a progressive Democrat. And wants to tell us all how to live, likely to the point of how many brands of toilet paper we can choose from.

      But even though she came in third in the presidential primary, I would be very surprised if the big government loving fools in Mass. reelect her to the Senate.

      1. ..if the don’t “REELECT her. As CA has cone with Boxer, Feinstein, and Pelosi.

  23. Truth has a leftist bias. Get over it, peanuts.

    1. Did you mean Pravda?

  24. Does this include the lies from the CDC?

  25. Understand Wolfe, she’s not ‘asking’ that they be banned.

    Only that the search algorythm be modified to make it impossible to be directed to material she finds offensive.

    Totally different.

  26. Well Liz, they did lie about vaccine efficacy. This is not controversial.

  27. American’s Mother in Law.

    Elizabeth Warren was the darling of the DNC, and all the pundits assured us she would be a shoo-in for the presidency. But she didn’t even make it past the Democrat voters during the primary. NO ONE LIKES HER EXCEPT THE CLINTONITES IN CHARGE OF THE DNC!

    As bad as Biden is, imagine a Warren in his place. Thank God we dodged that bullet! Biden may be a dumpster fire, but Warren would have been a flaming abortion on the griddle.

    1. It is amazing how tone deaf the DNC is in choosing which candidate to put their weight behind.

      1. Almost as amazing as your continued shoveling of bullshit.

      2. On the other hand… without the DNC’s superdelegates Bernie would have been the nominee. And Bernie isn’t even a freaking Democrat.

        With some exceptions, primaries tend to narrow down to the least unlikeable candidate. And that happened to be milquetoast Biden. The exception being 2016 when we got Hillary versus Donald. WTF? Talk about a dumpster fire year!

        1. Hillary vs Donald was depressing.

          1. No one cares, asshole.

          2. “Hillary vs Donald was depressing.”

            To you, Brandyshit, sarc, jeff, Zeb and other TDS-addled slimy pieces of shit, most still trying against hope (yes, Bandyshit, YOU) to justify abysmal stupidity.
            I was happy the hag lost, but expected nothing other than a SCOTUS nominee who was not quite capsizing to port, and instead got far more that that!
            Enough to turn me from a Trump-critic to one who was, frankly, surprised at what he accomplished, in spite of his boorish behavior which remained the focus of TDS-addled piles of shit like you, Brandyshit, and many of the Reason writers.
            Unlike steaming piles of shit like those mentioned, I do not hope that a politician be suave, nor that s/he represent a ‘parent-substitute’; that s/he be ‘likable’; I want to see what policies that person attempts (and sometimes succeeds) in implementing.
            The rest of you infantile assholes gave us what YOU deserve. Get fucked with a running rusty chain saw; you deserve that also.

            1. Let’s put this another, more clear way:

        2. Poor, poor Brandyshit, still trying to deflect attention from his love-affair with his new daddy-figure’:

          “The exception being 2016 when we got Hillary versus Donald. WTF? Talk about a dumpster fire year!”

          Yeah, the year we got the most libertarian POTUS in a century, and assholes like Brandyshit really didn’t like his mean tweets!
          Hey, Brandyshit! Tell us which policies you didn’t like!
          Or, please, fuck off and die.

      3. I was just noticing that despite more than two decades since a Clinton was in the WH, the DNC is/was still effectively being directed by them and, seemingly, to widespread approval of all except the Bernie faction of their base. AFAICT, Trump can still only aspire to such a cult of personality.

    2. “American’s Mother in Law….”
      From America’s whiny adolescent shit who wanted a daddy-figure as POTUS.
      Proud of yourself, asshole?
      Fuck off and die.

  28. How about Amazon curb economic misinformation? Like the lies Warren, Sanders, Biden, and others are spreading?

  29. There is no point in trying to stop the flow of misinformation. It probably has the opposite effect.

    1. After Dr Seuss’ books got banned, folks sought them out more.

      1. I have at least three of those that were banned on the shelf where we keep the kiddo books from when I was growing up.

        Not interested in selling them but they are there.

    2. Probably more than one contrary effect. It could amplify actual misinformation. It could also lead to valid information being labeled misinformation and censored. Or to deliberate misinformation being labeled as truth and amplified.

      1. Hey, adolescent pile of lying shit, cranky old man still waiting for a cite where Trump was trying to be emperor!
        Or are you simply a TDS-addled asshole minus any knowledge?
        I’m betting the later…….

  30. Of course, many Americans are too stupid to figure things out for themselves – that’s how shitheads like Warren get elected.

    1. She got elected in Massachusetts because there’s a helluva lot of Warren clones in Massachusetts. It’s like Angry Old White Lady Central. Boston is like where they hold the annual Karen convention.

      So what we have is a Massachusetts senator who thinks she’s actually in charge of all the other states.

      1. Hey, little boy Brandyshit! Happy with your new daddy-substitute, asshole?
        We’re getting what YOU deserved, pile of shit.

  31. I searched ” Why don’t you fuck off” on Amazon and Elizabeth Warren was the result!

  32. Dear Senator Warren,
    Please go fuck yourself with a rusty saw blade.

  33. A power hungry fraud on a shrill whinge agaisnt a power hungry bully.

  34. Hoaxahauntus as a Minister of Truth seems oddly appropriate.

  35. IMPEACH…. Every Congressman who attempts to abridge the freedom of speech should be INSTANTLY dismissed. Where’s the trial hearings?

    National Censorship by government ISN’T the USA…
    I never thought I’d turn the corner where I’d favor war conditions; but this cannot continue to be accepted by USA Patriots.. If D.C. is so blatantly corrupt that congressmen are abridging the freedom of speech…. then ya; It’s time to defend the USA.

  36. My staff conducted a search of Elizabeth Warren. She is full of crap.

    1. Hope your staff didn’t take long; wasting revenue on that sort of an effort is really hard to justify.

  37. Well maybe they can crack down when the Democratic party denies they were they party that fought for slavery?

  38. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    ― C. S. Lewis

    1. Of course. The unvaccinated can only pose a risk, to others who are unvaccinated.

  39. It’s obvious to anyone with more than two working brain cells, the so called vaccine is NOT working. Otherwise so many new cases would not become apparent, especially amongthose who have been vaccinated.
    Israel is having a very real problem now that a breakthrough infection has occurred among the population that has a very high vaxx rate.
    Not only does the vaxx not work but it also creates other medical problems including causing women to miscarry.
    So the obvious solution is to obtain natural immunity, stay away from the phony vaccine and reclaim your right to self governance.
    Do not allow the vaccine bullies to coerce you into taking something you feel will harm you.
    You have the right to say no.

    1. It’s funny to read all the ‘in the weeds’ arguments about the vaccines that contradict other, wider epidemiological narratives.

      The notion that 50% of the nation is vaccinated and we have case numbers in excess of those when we weren’t vaccinated is a testament against their efficacy, even if not at the individual level, then still unequivocally at the public health level. Even the polio vaccines produced an almost 4-fold reduction in 1-2 yrs. at an estimated efficacy well below 95% (including vaccines that actually gave people polio) and in a portion well, well below half of the population.

  40. She ‘insists’, does she? OK then, am I excused, now?

  41. When I was a kid it was conservatives who promoted censorship; trying to pull books like ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ from libraries.
    We’ve come full circle now and liberals are leading the charge. Unfortunately the ACLU has abandoned it’s original belief that all ideas should be heard.

    1. trying to pull books like ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ from libraries.

      Huh? I think you mean ‘Catcher In The Rye’ or are comletely lost in the whirlwind/drain-circling narrative. The calls to ban ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ were because of the racially-offensive language, not traditionally a Republican/conservative censorship cause. ‘Catcher In The Rye’ was censored as being part of a communist plot.

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