Cubans Rose Up. America Should Step Up.

Economic freedom is the key to other kinds of freedom.


After thousands of Cubans poured into the streets in early July to protest the island nation's Communist government, President Joe Biden said America "stands firmly" with the people of Cuba.

The demonstrations were prompted by short-term shortages of food and COVID-19 vaccines, as well as long-term dissatisfaction with the hardships created by Cuba's strict economic controls. Protesters clashed with Cuban police, and the government cracked down on the island's already-limited internet access in order to quell the uprisings that were organized spontaneously over social media.

Biden's words of support for the protesters—some of whom waved American flags as they demanded "libertad"—are nice. Actions would be better. And there is plenty the U.S. could, and should, do to aid Cubans in their fight against authoritarian communism.

For starters, Congress could lift the 59-year-old U.S. trade embargo against the island country.

Some leftists blame the embargo for impoverishing Cuba, but this is misdirection. Communism has destroyed Cuba's once-prosperous economy. Still, the trade embargo, in place since 1962, has plainly failed to accomplish its primary goal of toppling the Cuban regime. If anything, it has helped to strengthen it by giving former President Fidel Castro and his successors a way to deflect blame for communism's failures—a strategy that Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel also deployed during the initial wave of protests in July.

From America's perspective, what has the embargo accomplished? That it remains in place nearly three decades after the fall of the Soviet Union suggests that America has failed to learn the primary lesson of the Cold War: Economic development is the best weapon to aim at communism.

Americans who support the embargo argue that increased trade and tourism would enrich and strengthen the Communist regime while failing to aid most Cubans. "There is zero reason to delude ourselves into believing that 'engagement' will get the tyrants in Havana to change their ways," Sen. Marco Rubio (R–Fla.), the son of Cuban immigrants, wrote in January.

But where is the evidence that disengagement is working? Demanding political reforms before economic changes is exactly backward—and again ignores the lessons of the Cold War.

Economic freedom is the key to other kinds of freedom. Consider what happened when the Obama administration loosened some of the rules on American travel to Cuba as part of an effort to reestablish diplomatic relations. Even with the trade embargo still in place, that slight policy change induced then–Cuban President Raul Castro to relax state controls on private commerce. While accurate figures on Cuba's economy are understandably difficult to come by, a 2017 Brookings Institution report estimated that "the number of authorized self-employed people (cuentapropistas) rose from some 150,000 in 2008 to about 580,000 in 2017."

Increasing entrepreneurship reduces Cubans' reliance on the Communist state. And when people are allowed a little freedom, they tend to want more of it.

Since taking over as Cuba's president in 2018, however, Díaz-Canel has cracked down on the island's private sector. Former President Donald Trump inadvertently helped him by reversing some of Obama's attempts to normalize relations between the two countries and by slapping new economic sanctions on Cuba just before leaving office in January 2021.

Biden could undo those Trump-era policies even without the congressional approval that would be necessary to end the full embargo. He could also lift the 1996 order banning privately owned American vessels from entering Cuban waters. If Americans want to bring food or supplies to Cubans, they should not face prosecution for doing so.

A more radical (and exciting) plan, initially proposed by Florida's Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, calls for the White House to allow private companies to beam internet service into Cuba to circumvent the government's blackout and help protesters organize. Technologically, this is possible: Balloons anchored miles offshore could broadcast mobile internet signals into Cuba. The same tech was deployed near Puerto Rico after two devastating hurricanes crippled the island's digital infrastructure in 2017.

Even if Biden does nothing more than re-instate Obama's travel and economic policies and call on Congress to end the failed trade embargo, it would signal to the Cuban people—and to the country's potential future leaders—that the United States recognizes trade and tourism as vital economic and political lifelines for the island's long-suffering residents. It also would remove the biggest excuse that Cuba's government uses to distract people from the failings of communism.

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  1. Economic development is the best weapon to aim at communism.

    This is exactly what Richard Nixon knew and why he opened relations with Red China and we can all see what a rousing success that has been. Nothing works better to export American values than engaging more closely with countries that reject American values, we have plenty of evidence of how well that works. If we keep at it, we can have plenty of other countries pursuing anti-racist and pro-trans and cancel culture policies as well as cracking down on free speech and individualism and natural rights just like us.

    1. If libertarians weren’t giving us bad advice they’d be giving us no advice at all.

      1. Libertarians advise that Nemo Aequalis should keep right on eating, drinking, and breathing air. That is, libertarians advise that Nemo Aequalis keep on turning oxygen and food into feces and carbon dioxide, because this is a useful function that heterotrophs perform for autotrophs, in Earth’s biosphere(s)!

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    2. I know you are being sarcastic here, but it is a serious problem that needs to be considered. I am generally in favor of allowing trade between anyone who wants it, so I am in favor of eliminating the embargo on those grounds.

      But you cannot ignore the downside: that China has shown how a regime can use the riches of capitalist societies to create an oppressive regime that keeps most people in check through scraps thrown their way.

      1. I am generally in favor of free trade too. My issue, especially over the last 5-10 years, is that has been free trade proponents acting like there’s absolutely no downside to our desired outcome.

        And I think we see this a lot in everything that the government gets involved in, the unwillingness of people to acknowledge there might be downsides to their proposed policies.

        1. Don’t disagree that there are downsides.

          But, consider what would have happened had the whole world not, for some stupid reason, decided that China got special treatment like a “Developing market” well into its ascendancy.

          Here’s on example. Their money didn’t have to float on the open market. It’s traded, but controlled. NO economy trading with the rest of the world can expand at 30% per year without inflation, but the Yuan was hard pegged to the dollar until 15 years ago, and is still soft pegged. So it gets to stay within a range and remain cheap compared to the rest of the world. There’s also an internal and external, all dictated by Beijing.

          If the US and the EU demanded the Yuan trade openly, prices would have to balance worldwide a little better.

          They also game the system in a million smaller ways, too. Like by massively underpricing postage. There’s an international agreement that a country’s post office will deliver international mail. China doesn’t charge anything to ship to the US so companies can direct mail to the US for less than the cost of gasoline for the USPS to deliver it from the port in Los Angeles to their distribution hub. So US taxpayers subsidize Chinese delivery charges.

          Detente is great in theory. China is so dependent on us they’d NEVER start a hot war like when they moved into North Korea. It’d break them. But 40 years of letting them get away with shit like they’re still butt poor and starving has stopped markets from correcting the pricing as they became a modern economy.

        2. My issue, especially over the last 5-10 years, is that has been free trade proponents acting like there’s absolutely no downside to our desired outcome.

          Do you know what advocacy is? Advocacy is not neutral. It is not “fair and balanced”. Advocacy is promoting a particular point of view. Of course a good advocate is going to dwell on the upside and minimize the downside of whatever the point of view is. They wouldn’t be good advocates if they were to start trashing the viewpoint they were ostensibly advocating for! It’s not the advocate’s job to present a “fair and balanced” viewpoint. It’s the listener’s job to seek out different viewpoints.

    3. FWIW Nixon was driving a wedge between China and the USSR. When he went there the Chinese showed him a 1/1 copy of a Boeing 707 that couldn’t fly they didn’t have time to steal the tech yet. AFAIK Nixon had no commercial interests subsequently in China but Kissinger and others cashed in. At this point everyone in D.C. from Biden on down should register as foreign agents of the Chinese.

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    5. The problem is we adopted Chinese values instead.

        1. They can’t resist the way the CCP can lock people up or send them to camps.

    6. 1/2 of the evil communist empires collapsed, and the other 1/2 has abandoned the communist economic model.

      Opening trade with China was a success. The only convincing argument to the contrary would be that Red China (and Soviet Russia) was going to collapse and fall on its own, faster, but for the opening. I assume the not-libertarian argument being made here is there’s something “icky” about trade. Which is how those people feel anyway.

      Or, is this the usual surrender monkey shit in the foreign policy arena I expect from the left (and progressive “libertarians” and Trumpkins) that “it’s not worth it” for us to fell evil empires. After all, God forbid Americans pay less for crap at Walmart. These twits cant muster majority support among themselves for a trade embargo against Cuba, and we’re to believe if only Nixon hadn’t opened China a half century ago we’d have an embargo against them now? It’s bullshit.

      Presumably, they’re just taking left’s position on trade: it’s not yours, it’s the state’s, and pay up if you want it. The real rub for all these twits is salivating over one class of vote: the proud American seamstress waiting for her union to bring back her jerb, after the worldwide market cost to manufacture a blouse fell to 2 cents 50 years ago (and she’s been on the dole ever since). Grandma Myrtle ain’t retooling.

      And said twits continue to tell the false myth of the evil free trade agreement that cost her that obviously obsolete job, that her children and grandchildren might continue to nurse a grudge that makes them prey for progressives, populists, and other lying cunts.

  2. Maybe the USA could just send it’s communists to Cuba and exchange them for the Cubans fighting for economic freedom…

    It’ll be a win-win for both nations!
    Starting with our political communists in the White House.

    1. Instead, mainstream America will just continue to replace our disaffected, antisocial, half-educated, bigoted, backwater clingers.

      American progress!

      1. Kirkland must be who Chou Bai-den was thinking about when he said this the other day:
        “Hardworking middle-class folks built this country… It’s about time we start showing them some real respect again”

      2. Hey, Rev, I will contribute to your travel costs to Cuba so you can hang with the cool kids there.

    2. I suspect that there would not be enough room in Cuba for all of our communists.

      1. We need communist camp for young people. They should be required to spend some year in a shit hole.

    3. Correct. Fuck Joe Biden.

  3. Sen. Marco Rubio (R–Fla.), the son of Cuban immigrants

    As a Koch / Reason libertarian who wants billionaire employers — like our benefactor Charles Koch — to have as much cost-effective labor as possible, I have long advocated opening our borders. Especially the US / Mexico border.

    However I am not convinced unlimited, unrestricted immigration from Cuba is a smart policy. Because the other benefit of immigration is that it imports millions of Democratic voters. Do Cuban-Americans vote Democrat as reliably as Mexican-Americans? If not, we should think twice before importing more Marco Rubios into the US.


    1. You are a conduit to the unfiltered ProgMind, OBL.

    2. Global Marxism:
      That link is from the world economic forum. Apparently, remove all taxes and institute wealth taxes or global property taxes. I imagine a carve out for global monarchs, federal reserve chairs, central planners, global agencies and enforcement agents of the state.

  4. Cuban authoritarian assholes don’t like economic freedoms (but are totally happy to blame their failures on American capitalists, because USA capitalists who won’t trade with them).

    American authoritarian assholes don’t like economic freedoms, either, but are totally happy to blame their failures on Cubans and other communists, because EVERY SINGLE IOTA OF WORK EVER DONE in those nations is “slave labor”.

    I personally cannot STAND people from New Jersey (“Armpit of the USA”). So then, ALL workers in New Jersey are “slave laborers”, and the rest of us GOOD Americans should STOP trading with them!

    1. Serious question. Who is blaming America’s failures on communist that live outside of America?

      1. “Who is blaming America’s failures on communist that live outside of America?”

        Those who blame the horrible-horrible-HORRIBLE economic cheating and slave labor of the Evil Chi-Comms!!! We must ALWAYS impose yet more-more-MORE tariffs to PUNISH the EVIL Chi-Comms!!! Never mind that our per-capita income is 6 times theirs; we must ALWAYS punish them MORE!!! And of course, never mind that this policy punishes USA consumers…

    2. Fuck you, Jersey pizza is the best. And Maryland has worse drivers.

  5. “Some leftists blame the embargo for impoverishing Cuba, but this is misdirection. Communism has destroyed Cuba’s once-prosperous economy. ”

    I mean, I wouldn’t say they’re all wrong. China is communist but grows at least 5% a year, a lot of years that was double digits. But then we trade a lot (and everyone else too) with them.

    I get the point you’re making but you can at least be thorough and avoid a generic dig at “leftists”. After all, it’s not like China is some bastion of freedom that we thought engagement might bring. There is no guarantee that engagement will bring about any kind of turn to democracy either.

    1. What, besides cigars, could Cuba trade with us, and how would it make life better for Americans?

      1. Cuba’s main imports are machinery, food and fuel products, while its major exports are refined fuels, sugar, tobacco, nickel and pharmaceuticals.



        Sugar is a bit one! Americans pay about 2.5 times (last I checked) more for sugar than they should have to pay… Because of “special interests”, and “diffuse costs, concentrated benefits”. That is, American sugar growers and refiners kiss Government Almighty’s way-too-fat-already ass, so that we, the consumers, get screwed! And then domestic sugar interests and Government Almighty can get even fatter asses! Government Almighty loves YOU, and wants YOU to pay way too much for sugar!

        1. People should drink coffee without sugar anyway.
          That broad that got burned by McD’s coffee removed the safety lid to put in sugar, so it would save at least one burn to ban sugar.

          1. If it saves one crotch.

          2. I drink coffee without sugar too! That’s TWO of us so….let’s MANDATE it!!!

      2. Fotingoes. For nostalgia.

        1. “Sandwiches”

          Poor sarc.

          1. He should ask ENB to show him how to make a Cuban.

        2. Bacardi left Cuba after Castro confiscated their holdings. We already have the sandwiches. One of Cuba’s major exports is Cubans. We got the best of the lot in 1960.

      3. “What, besides cigars, could Cuba trade with us, and how would it make life better for Americans?”

        Rum, hot Cubana models, 102 MPH baseball pitchers…

      4. Baseball players

    2. It’s so weird how communist nations depend on trade with the USA to avoid poverty.

      1. Well yeah, that’s how it works all around! Trade gets us ALL out of relative poverty, and makes us ALL richer!

        If trade wars are good, and economic independence is GREAT, then every one of the 50 states in the USA should declare trade wars on every other state… And then county on county, city on city, and finally, SQRLSY One’s household should trade with NO ONE… Good jobs ONLY for residents of SQRLSY One’s household!!! No one else DESERVES to trade with me!!! I will do my own iron ore mining, smelting, tool manufacture, food growing, cloth weaving, home dentistry, you name it… It is actually a straight-line ticket to utter poverty!!!

        1. Oh look, there’s Brian’s point, flying over Sqrlsy’s head at about 264,000 feet.

          1. MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer’s tinfoil hat is obviously FAR better that mine, at remotely sussing out the TRUE, secret meaning of other peoples’ posts! It is a skill magically imparted by God and Jesus, to MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer, by dint of Her Most Holy Christian Theological Expertise!

            Hey Mamma the Highly Esteemed, Expert Christian Theologian!
            Have you figured out yet, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Many of us are waiting with bated breath!

            Also, how is Your Followership building up? I mean, for Your “Expert Theologians for Worshipful Methods of Identity Theft”? Where do we subscribe to Your Newsletter?

            1. Wait, are you saying you’re pissed at me just because I’m better educated than you?

              1. I envy you for your flawless tinfoil hat! Would you be willing to sell it, and if so, how much do you want for it?

                1. Weird non-sequitur, but no. I’m not going to sell you some imaginary hat.
                  You’re already crazy enough, you don’t need it.

                  1. Ya know, muting Squirrelsy and trying to guess the progdrivel he throws against the glass can be a fun weekend activity …

                    1. We probably don’t have much longer where we’re allowed to tell progs to go fuck themselves, so I’m going to enjoy it just a little bit more.

        2. Making totalitarian enemies of the US less poor is not in the interest of the US. Nor is trade with a communist regime ever free trade, since free trade requires free markets.

      2. And then blame the lack of trade with free Markets when the monarchs serfs get a little uppity.

        Rainmans who’s on third, the Marx sequel;
        Which markets are evil?
        All free markets are EVIL
        Lack of free markets are EVIL.

    3. China’s a great counter-example to the labor theory of value.

      Ostensibly, if labor is the source of value, then a communist country like China, with its huge population, should have had abundance. Instead, it lagged for decades, even instituting a child limit policy. You should know something’s up with a theory of value when the central planners start trying to limit the amount of value, ie laborers.

      It wasn’t until they made market reforms that China flourished, and dropped its child limit policy.

      So much for a huge population of “unexploited” laborers enjoying abundance in their freedom from markets.

      1. “It wasn’t until they made market reforms that China flourished, and dropped its child limit policy. ”

        Wrong. It was Capitalist Roader Deng who introduced the one child policy. Mao was a natalist who believed the more the merrier.

          1. He would. Fear of nuclear war was at its height world wide. He thought the winner would be the side with the most survivors.

            1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12281752

              “PIP: In 1949, Mao Zedong encouraged the Chinese to have many children, continuing traditional practices…Mao Zedong had not wished to be pronatalist, only to boost morale. In 1953, the government began to promote birth control. In 1957, Mao Zedong repeatedly stressed the necessity of birth control, …In 1958, Mao Zedong began to promote population growth again, saying it was still good to have more people….In 1962, the government began to promote family planning again…In the early 1970s, the government promoted family planning sufficiently to cause a drop in the population rate of increase to below 2%, after 1974.”

              Sounds like they couldn’t figure out what they wanted to do with population during the Cold War. Do you have a cite for your simplistic version?

              Hardly seems like a clear embrace of the laborer theory of value.

              1. “In 1953, the government began to promote birth control. ”

                Mao paid a lot of lip service to women’s rights. He even banned the ancient Chinese custom of foot binding. Encouraging birth control is probably best seen in a similar light. Deng’s one child policy went far beyond promoting birth control. Enforced abortions and sterilization were some of the most egregious practices. Infants abandoned to the rats in the streets was one of the more horrific consequences.

                1. People call him the Architect of Modern China, since his market reforms pathed the way from Mao’s failures to economic success.

                  But he was a tyrant, and his treatment of the Tiananmen Square protesters was appalling, especially since they just wanted him to go faster.

                  1. ‘But he was a tyrant”

                    Li Peng was premier at the time of the Tiananmen massacre.

                    ” Mao’s failures to economic success.”

                    Mao’s successes were military and strategic. Atomic bomb, national rail network etc.

        1. Guess Mao needed to make up for all those millions lost during the Great Leap Forward.

          1. I don’t think so. It’s more likely that he felt the lives of those who perished during the 大跃进 were owed to him due to the previously implemented life saving reforms like the 赤脚医生 ‘bare foot doctors’ and the promotion of drinking 开水 ‘boiled water.’

            1. Yeah “Boil your water” was so fucking Maoist.

              1. Exactly. Not just boiling it but keeping it hot in a thermos flask. After the communists took power, there was scarcely a room in China without such a flask for drinking, washing etc. Boiling water goes a long way to making it potable and killing bacteria. Illiterate peasants made up the bulk of the population and had to be introduced to concepts like public health. It was only a century before that Britain had made similar reforms.

            2. And yet physician John Snow never directed policies that claimed tens of millions with the excuse of, “I saved some folks so I’m owed some corpse making.”

              1. Right with commies it is always, “Well they weren’t really communists, but they were still so awesome with these great programs and the downsides were all not really communism in action, but had to happen anyways!”

                1. “Right with commies it is always, “Well they weren’t really communists,”

                  Not true. Mao and Stalin were completely dyed in the wool true believers. Their ‘great programs’ had less to do with communism and more to do with modernism and the Enlightenment that spawned them. Public health, electrification, literacy etc. Nothing inherently communistic about any of that, it came to capitalist countries a century earlier, as I pointed out.

              2. “And yet physician John Snow never directed policies ”

                Never met the good doctor, but I bet he’s no communist. Mao was. And he wasn’t elected, either. He seized power by force of arms. He had little regard for the lives under him. There’s lots of examples of such generals in the history books.

                1. “There’s lots of examples of such generals communists in the history books.”

                  1. Not surprising. Most countries where communism took hold experienced it through a war and armed takeover. Where it had electoral success, it tends to have been quickly smothered out. Guatemala, Chile and Italy, for example.

                    1. The purges were lesser to the starvation caused by central planning.

        2. “Mao was a natalist who believed the more the merrier.”

          This is wrong. Mao believed that at the beginning of his reign. But as they came out of the Great Leap Forward (and resulting famines), Mao tried to suppress the national birth rate. Before the One Child Policy started under Deng, it was the Wan Xi Shao (Late, Long, Few) policy which encouraged chinese to defer babies till later in life, with several years between few kids.

          1. Mao also encouraged women to take up jobs that had hitherto been the work of men. Bus drivers, doctors etc. I don’t think Mao ever instituted policies that punished child birth like the capitalist roaders did.

            1. It’s cute how you use terms right out of the Mao political handbook. Do you have a picture of him in your room too?

              1. I have a rather elaborate badge with an engraving of his head issued during the cultural revolution. The only pictures in my room are a couple of Tibetan tangkas I bought from a renowned artist in Tongren, Qinghai Province. I also have a ceramic plate with a blue scorpion on it said to be hundreds of years old. According to the auction house in Frankfort, Germany.

                1. Figures you have him as an idol. Mao, Mao, a million deaths are not enough for Mao.

                  1. You think I’m bad? Mike Tyson has a tattoo of his face on one of his biceps.

                    1. Are you suggesting that Mike Tyson is far worse than Chairman Mao was?

                    2. I believe that everyone recognizes the sort of intellectual powerhouse that is Mike Tyson.

                2. I also have a ceramic plate with a blue scorpion on it said to be hundreds of years old. According to the auction house in Frankfort, Germany.

                  Oh, well if the nameless auction house in Frankfort told you it was priceless…

                  Hard to decide if you’re so stupid as to be making this shit up or if you’re really so stupid as to be blowing your parents’ money like that.

                  1. “Oh, well if the nameless auction house in Frankfort told you it was priceless…”

                    I got it for free. As the Japanese say, ただより高いものはない ‘there is nothing more expensive than free.’

                    “Hard to decide ”

                    Take it easy. I’m not asking you to decide anything.

      2. Chinese have a talent as merchants, something hated and repressed by the ruling class whether royalty or communists.

        1. “Chinese have a talent as merchants”

          Chinese aspire to independence, and going into trade is the easier way to realize that. Even if it’s something as lowly as selling prepared betel nut from a display case mounted on your bicycle. You can work all day and never have to call anyone ‘boss.’ You don’t need a lot of capital to get started or a lot of brains. If you’ve got lots of both, you can aim a lot higher than hawking merchandise.

    4. China is an idiosyncratic mix of communism and capitalism. Extreme oppression and increasing personal freedom all stirred up in the same pot.

      1. For the benefit of the thread, arguing with Mike is arguing with someone who will never take responsibility for what he says. In fact, within days he will be acting as if he never said these things in the first place. He is a completely disingenuous adversary and you would do better arguing with the main character from Memento.


        That is Mike insisting that he “would never look to Rolling Stone” for news, after spreading their bogus ivermectin story only days earlier. Consider that: He didn’t apologize. He didn’t even try to ignore his mistake. He brazenly tried to dunk on Rolling Stone to make himself look like an arbiter of truth.

        The pathological narcissism required to disrespect the truth and readers so heavily should make him ashamed. It won’t though, so I advise others in the thread to avoid engaging with someone that argues in such bad faith.

    5. China is communist the way Republicans are republican and Democrats are democrats.

      1. from what i understand – people choose to be R or D but communism was imposed on the Chinese. Are you making a diff point? … are you saying the Chinese gov’t is choosing communism the way actual people choose parties? perhaps. In the end, once they have chosen it is still being imposed on 1.5 billion or so people

        1. I think he’s saying Republicans aren’t really Republican and democrats are really democratic

  6. Anyone know if they make good sandwiches? Someone said they might in one of these threads.

      1. Thanks sarcasmic. I knew you’d show up.

    1. I would be so embarrassed if I was sarc.

      1. He couldn’t help responding as his sock lol.

    2. I saw the Cuban sandwich comment too. Prior to that I’d never heard of it let alone tried one. Speaking of….where’s that “Enjoy Every Sandwich” guy when you need him???

  7. So once again it’s our fault and especially Trumps fault that they keep smacking themselves.

    Fuck you. Hate America first crowd alive and well.

  8. Cubans Rose Up. America Should Step Up

    Because if Americans rise up, that would be racist, misogynistic insurrection.

    1. Don’t fear the revolt!

      All our times have come
      Here, but now they’re gone
      Seasons don’t fear the revolt
      Nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain
      (We can be like they are)
      Come on, baby
      (Don’t fear the revolt)
      Baby, take my hand
      (Don’t fear the revolt)
      We’ll be able to fly
      Baby, I’m your man
      La, la la, la la
      La, la la, la la
      Valentine is done
      Here but now they’re gone
      Horst Wessel and Ashli Babbs
      Are together in eternity
      (Horst Wessel and Ashli Babbitt)


      MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer’s tinfoil hat is much better that mine, for sure! However, mine still works well enough to tell me the below:

      MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer (using the services of the Long Island Medium https://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/long-island-medium/ ) inquired with Horst Wessel and Ashli Babbitt, to see if MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer might join them in a threesome! Sad to say for MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer, they declined. Maybe MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer can SUE them for hurting Her Precious Baby Feelings, now.

      1. Wasn’t your Horst Wessel, Brian Sicknick?

        I don’t think Babbit was the one who lay in the Capitol Rotunda and got Buried in Arlington with senators mourning at her graveside.
        I don’t think Babbit’s death was the reason Nancy Pelosi ordered flags at the Capitol to be lowered to half-staff.
        I don’t think Babbit’s death was the excuse to fill DC with troops and razor wire.
        I don’t think Babbit’s death was the excuse to start a military purge.

        One day you’ll wake-up and notice the little toothbrush moustache on your upper lip, Sqrlsy, and realize that it always was there.

        1. Hey MarxistMammaryBahnFuhrer, can you PLEASE help me to calibrate my sub-par tinfoil hat? PUH-LEASE?!? (I know you don’t owe me, butt I AM asking politely!)

          My sub-par tinfoil hat (right now) is telling me that You and Your Fellow Conservaturds admire respect for Lawn Odor (and abhor disrespect for the same) with regards to Black Lives Matter (since they clearly do NOT matter, for Conservaturds).

          However, Lawn Odor is TOTES irrelevant when Trumpanzees Gone Apeshit riot in order to replace democracy with mobocracy or Trumptatorshit!

          Is my tinfoil hate-hat at least REASONABLY well calibrated now?

          1. Lawn order. Took me a minute. Good one.

            1. fucking autocorrect

            2. Lol, seriously? You’re complementing your own sock on a shitty pun?
              That’s super-sad, sarcasmic.

              1. Lol. He can’t help it.

              2. You do realize that at this point anyone who believes I’m running multiple accounts has revealed themselves to have Downs, right?

              3. Must be like when Mike cited White Knight. I have sarc and sockasmic muted so I’m missing out on the details.

        2. Poor Babbitt. An innocent tourist shot by a cop for no reason while peacefully milling about the Capital. It’s the worst police shooting that ever happened. Ever. Compared to choking people, suffocating them, beating them to death with fists, this is the absolute most egregious action by police to have ever happened in the known history of the universe.

          But she will remain in our thoughts. Before long we’ll erect a statue in her honor. Saint Babbitt. May she look after peaceful tourists everywhere.

          1. Neat how you implicitly approved of the authoritarian actions I listed, while trying to handwave away an unarmed woman’s shooting.

            I knew that there was never anything libertarian about you. You were always just here to pose.

          2. The police officer who shot her was supposed to magically divine, maybe using ESP or something, that she and all the violent mob behind her were unarmed.

            1. There were only 3 officers on the other side of the door with guns down watching and not alarmed at all.

              I love how you all found the first cop you could jerk each other off too. Someone climbing through a window showing both hands is not an immediate threat.

              1. As a matter of fact, if the shooter had missed Babbitt, it’s entirely possible that he may have hit one of the other Capitol police officers that were behind and to her right, sort of partway down the stairwell.

                For that reason all by itself, it was a bad shoot.

                The fact that she posed no deadly threat at any time, to anyone, up to the moment she was shot, well that fact just makes it an even worse shoot.

            2. White Mike is literally advocating that cops should shoot at crowds if they’re unsure if they’re an armed threat or not, but then is surprised that nobody believes her when she says she’s libertarian.

            3. No, idiot. The LEO just needed to practice the standard of care. He failed to do so when he murdered Babbitt.

            4. It was premeditated murder by an anti-Trump progressive who planned out the entire Jan6 tourism event just to kill her.

            5. I thought the science was settled on this one, that it was declared a bad shoot.

          3. jeffsarc gets a woody thinking about her bleeding on the floor and the black cop shooting her.

            Oh wait that wasn’t a cop, that was a guy working for Pelosi in a group that can shoot to kill with impunity.

  9. Demanding political reforms before economic changes is exactly backward—and again ignores the lessons of the Cold War.

    Could you announce your abysmal ignorance of history any more loudly, Mr. Boehm?

    There have been multiple waves of economic liberalization in Cuba, and every one of them was cracked down on and the assets seized by the Cuban government after a while. And it’s an old Communist tactic. The Soviet Union pulled the exact same trick with both Lenin’s New Economic Policy and Stalin inviting Ford to open factories in the USSR.

    The only time the actual result of one of these “reform” cycles was the end of the Communist regime engaging in the trick was when the US president refused to relieve the economic pressure except after political liberalization — in the case where it happened, the political liberalization was called glasnost — began.

    And if the previous examples of the Cubans and Soviets playing temporary economic liberalization games weren’t enough, the current examples of China and Vietnam demonstrate that even permanent economic liberalization does not lead to political liberalization.

    Thirty years ago, when a bunch of authoritarian capitalist societies liberalized, sure, people were fooled into thinking that economic liberalization naturally to political. This was because they didn’t understand what actually happened. The fact was, the end of the Cold War meant authoritarian capitalist states could no longer rely on US support, since they were no longer allies against global Communism. Faced with the possibility of being left without US military support, they changed as necessary to continue to get US support in a changed geopolitical situation.

    Demanding political reforms, and using whatever pressures (including economic) are available to insist, isn’t “backwards”, it’s the only approach that has ever worked.

    Now, you can say that we shouldn’t be in the business of trying to change regimes through economic pressure, and that that we should liberalize trade because that is a good in itself. That’s a perfectly fine argument. But trade is not a force of political liberalization; you will not advance the political liberation of the Cuban people by a nanometer by loosening or ending the US embargo.

    1. Right- if you are going to support free trade, support free trade on principled grounds. China is living proof that with the right regime choices, economic growth can fuel the totalitarian state.

      That said, we should not ignore that there was still great benefit to opening trade to China. While they have not become a western democracy, hundreds of millions of Chinese have been lifted from famine and poverty to growing affluence. And while I don’t know if they will ever enjoy the freedoms in the west, oppressed and fed is fundamentally better than oppressed and starving in my opinion.

      1. Thanks and good job Overt! Suffering and poverty are not in the long-term interests of humans, other species, or the planet.

        (Also, simple point, but… Starvation means physical weakness, and strength enables positive revolutions, if some other conditions are right. Tiananmen Square 1989, I don’t think, could have ever happened… Sure, sad to say, it failed… But I don’t think starving, dying peasants under Mao could ever have even attempted it. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and all).

      2. Instead, we’re (pretty much) abolishing free trade with the Japanese Auto industry. Through the back door of organized crime syndicates called Unions.

      3. And an oppressive and tyrannical government is firmly in control, well beyond the ability of the populace to do anything about it.
        Win some, lose some, eh? Oppressed and starved is desperate enough to change; well fed hogs stay at the trough.

    2. Thank you, my head about came unscrewed when I read this.

      If you give Communists more money, you get more Communism. Same as subsidizing any other poor behavioral trait.

      1. So we shouldn’t buy anything from behaviorally disabled or poor workers? For fear of getting more disabilities and poverty?

      2. Apparently, according to some conservatives who hate Biden, all of the un-american ferriners should STOP buying American-made goods! ‘Cause otherwise, they are subsidizing more for-Biden-voting!

        (For-Biden voting should be forBiden, ass well!)

  10. “Economic freedom is the key to other kinds of freedom.”

    I agree, but since when have progressives cared about economic freedom?

    1. I miss the days when conservatives cared about economic freedom.

      But in four years they regressed three centuries and have become protectionist mercantilists.

      1. Isn’t Cuba home to a thriving artisanal industry devoted to lovingly restoring classic American cars? Thanks to the thrift and resourcefulness that 50 years of communism has instilled in the population.

        1. So I’ve heard. Never been there, and it’s not on my bucket list.

      2. They never cared about it screech. You’re just delusional and believe anything a politician says. Which is why you voted for the unity of senile Joe.

        1. You can always be counted on to say something so stupid that the only possible conclusion is that you’re so stupid you don’t even know you’re stupid.

          1. Stupid like this?

            February.7.2021 at 2:27 pm
            So there’s a difference between law (what society deems to be wrong) and legislation (rules backed with government force)?
            No way!

          2. Boy jeffsarc got so triggered he went on a Senile Joe Biden impression rage. But he’s your guy so I imagine you’re trying to pace him and learn all his tics.

            1. Hey now. He said fuck Joe biden randomly once so now he can go back to sucking the dick of the left.

              1. When you can’t find comments of mine to support your lies, you take my comments and claim they mean the opposite.

                You’re reaching that far.


                You’re fucking desperate.

  11. “Economic development is the best weapon to aim at communism.”

    Sure that has worked so well in China and Vietnam. Let’s do it Cuba. I’m sure it will really work great this time!

    1. I think it has worked relatively well in Vietnam. At least when compared to China. Anyway, we’ll probably need them on our side of we ever get in a shooting war with the CCP.

  12. Americans did rise up to demand a clean election. Pelosi and Biden had one shot dead had others arrested without bail.

  13. They did. And Ashli Babbitt got shot in the face for it.

    1. jeffsarc said she had it coming, he only shed a tear for the poor cop (not a cop) who shot her.

  14. PhDs armed with sustainability degrees, promoting Marxism, are promoted on the world economic forum website, we can assume that it’s not just the United States Marxists running the show.
    It is amazing that these people think that the state will not come for them.

    1. Useful idiots are perpetually idiots but not perpetually useful.

  15. “But where is the evidence that disengagement is working?”

    “The demonstrations were prompted by short-term shortages of food and COVID-19 vaccines, as well as long-term dissatisfaction with the hardships created by Cuba’s strict economic controls.”

    I am embarrased for you.

  16. I think of protesters in Cubs in more-or-the-less the same way I think of protesters in Portland. I’d probably strenuously disagree with aspects of their argument, but as they are willing to sacrifice their liberty and safety in favor of reducing the power of an oppressive government I’d give my conditioned support. So… two out of three cheers for them. Is that ok?

    1. No, you’re still commie scum.

  17. The embargo was a promise made to the USSR and Cuba to calm the Missile Crisis. Their communist altruism makes trade and production a crime–more heinously so than “our” Nixon-subsidized kleptocracy. Voluntary exchange is to communists–as to methodists, lutherans and catholics–something dirty, selfish, on a par with prostitution, gambling and substance enjoyment. All the People’s State need do to get rid of the embargo is repeal its laws against production and trade. Right now it’s kind of like a drowning man insisting on holding onto that anvil. –Boricua

  18. How about letting the Cubans demonstrate their own self-determination. They either want reform or they don’t, and it shouldn’t be our problem either way. End the embargo.

  19. You can’t expect biden to aid anyone in a country run by a dictator, biden wants to be a dictator here! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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