Until Today, Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, and Rochelle Walensky Were All Publicly Opposed to Federal COVID Vaccine Mandates

"That's not the role of the federal government." What happened?


Right up until the moment that he declared all large private employers in the country would be forced to require COVID-19 vaccinations, President Joe Biden consistently opposed COVID vaccine mandates. And he was not alone: Speaking in her capacity as an official White House spokesperson, Press Secretary Jen Psaki explicitly stated "that's not the role of the federal government."

Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), also said there would be no mandate.

On December 4, 2020, Biden said the vaccine would not be imposed by mandate. "No, I don't think it should be mandatory," he said. "I wouldn't demand it be mandatory."

Psaki's comments came even more recently, on July 23, 2021. "That's not the role of the federal government," she said when asked about such mandates. "That's the role that institutions, private-sector entities, and others, may take."

A week later, on July 31, Walensky corrected a comment she had made that some interpreted as being supportive of a federal mandate. "There will be no nationwide mandate," she said. "I was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government. There will be no federal mandate."

What a difference a month and a half makes.

NEXT: Biden Rolls Out Industrial Policy Plan To Overcome Government-Created COVID-19 Testing Shortages

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  1. What happened is you dumbasses at Reason actually think these people are not habitual liars who only care about Power. You are so deranged from Trump you can’t see straight.

    No more Mean Tweets. Are you happy now?

    1. Can you point to one statement by a Reason staff member where they said that Biden’s promises could be trusted? If not, you have no reason to believe they ever trusted his word more than you have.

      1. Lol. This line of defense is just pathetic at this point. You’ve been shown where multiple editors said they would vote for biden as a return to normalcy. They ignored bidens own platform prior to the election. They claimed he was a moderate meaning they thought his policies were moderate despite the campaign platform.

        Youre just pathetic at this point.

        1. You think they were sincere, or concern trolling?

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        2. Preferring Biden to Trump obviously isn’t the same as believing Biden is 100% honest and trustworthy 100% of the time.

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      2. Yeah dummy, keep defending slow joe and reason.

      3. For the benefit of the thread, arguing with Mike is arguing with someone who will never take responsibility for what he says. In fact, within days he will be acting as if he never said these things in the first place. He is a completely disingenuous adversary and you would do better arguing with the main character from Memento.

        That is Mike insisting that he “would never look to Rolling Stone” for news, after spreading their bogus ivermectin story only days earlier. Consider that: He didn’t apologize. He didn’t even try to ignore his mistake. He brazenly tried to dunk on Rolling Stone to make himself look like an arbiter of truth.

        The pathological narcissism required to disrespect the truth and readers so heavily should make him ashamed. It won’t though, so I advise others in the thread to avoid engaging with someone that argues in such bad faith.

        1. He is exactly as stupid and dishonest as turd; lying one day, being called on it and then blithely repeating the same lie an hour or a day later, as if he never heard the correction.
          This is, truly, beyond dishonesty; it is abysmal stupidity causing dishonesty.

        2. Lol. I’ve avoided piling on mike cuz I figured that was pretty well covered. But, you know what they say…… when you’ve lost Overt to this degree you must be really bad.

          Ok, no one said that exactly, but still….. it’s a good benchmark.

      4. Fuck off Nazi Asshole Mike.

      5. LOL. Imagine simping for Reason magazine in the year 2021 after all the kid glove treatment they gave shutdowns, domestic antiterrorism, and now forced vaccines.

        The only value to Reason any more is in the debate “Is Koch world cancer” their publication is exhibit A in the affirmative.

        “But..but..they have an old man in a leather jacket and a middle aged woman who dies her hair.” LOL

        1. Why are you spending time here? Don’t you values your own life’s minutes enough not to lurk in the comments section of a publication you don’t respect?

          1. If it makes you feel better, I don’t respect you either

          2. You should ask the same of sarcasmic, and why the only reason he comes by every day is to get in slapfights with his nemeses.

            When someone keeps coming back every day to a community that they claim is abusive to them, then the only reasons I can think of to justify that is because they are either masochists or attention whores.

            1. I like this place. I haven’t been here long, and I can appreciate that it isn’t what it once was. And there are likely better places. But man, there’s so much worse.

              Might be a low bar, but…..

      6. They did a post here before the election where the writers said who they were voting for. More of them were voting for Biden then were voting for the libertarian. Only one of them was voting for Trump despite him giving us 3 originalist supreme court justices. Now we have the most absurdly authoritarian regime this country has ever seen and half the Reason staff voted for the twat.

        Maybe they’ll learn from this and go back to being Libertarians and not controlled opposition globalists but I doubt it.


      1. Said nobody at Reason.

        1. Said everyone at reason you dumb asshole.

          1. There is literally 3 articles on a row of reasons editors shocked they were lied to. Lol.

    3. 650,000 Americans dead. Are you happy now?

      1. Are you happy now?

        Are you asking if, in spite of the fact there is a mildly lethal strain of virus, financed by U.S. taxpayers, developed and negligently released by the Chinese, that prematurely kills a very identifiable segment of the population of advanced years and a set of comorbidities and the fact I am governed by a bunch of prevaricating thugs who think they have the moral authority to use a gun to deprive me if my rights, I am happy?

        Pretty obvious answer.

        1. So, happy then….

  2. How long before someone says “Reason was mean to Trump which means they wanted this! Waaahhh! So mean to Trump!!!”?

    Oh, too late.

    1. Fuck off shit for brains.

      1. Right on cue….

        1. He’s right, troll.

          1. You guys line up in a queue?

            1. Reminder that sarcasmic is here only to troll:

              August.12.2021 at 4:45 pm

              I only show up to watch the clowns duke it out, while tossing in this or that provocation. Bread and circuses. This is a circus.


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                Where you link to someone impersonating me and insist it’s me because to do otherwise would mean being honest! Can’t have that!

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                    4. “Next up he was hacked the other 20 times he forgot which name he was logged in as. Lol.”

                      Hacked means someone else gained access to your account. Which never happened. If you’re going to lie about me, you could at least make the lies plausible.

                    5. Lol. God damn you are a lying piece of shit. Twice you came into Monday threads claiming you were hacked over the weekend you raging alcoholic.

                    6. I never claimed to be hacked. This just shows how stupid you are. You don’t know the difference between someone with a new account spoofing someone’s name with spaces, and someone gaining access to another person’s account.

                      You literally don’t know the difference.

                      And you call me stupid.

                      It’s like the Sixth Sense. “I see stupid people! They’re everywhere! And they don’t know they’re stupid!”

                      I see you. Everywhere. And you don’t know you’re stupid.

                    7. Holy shit. Youre in full denial. Even though you’ve been proven a liar literally in the last few days you deny deny deny.

                      Only white Mike is this terrible with his “i dont post rolling stones articles” 3 days after he did it.

                      At this point I’m going to say your memory is so fucked up from alcoholism you actually believe your lies.

                    8. I see stupid people…

                    9. Tulpa has bragged about running multiple accounts and using spaces to impersonate people, yet you cling to the idea that I’m running the entire show. Why is this so important to you?

                      I know why. It’s because you know it’s a lie, and you know that I’m bothered by the lie. So you further the lie because you’ve got the maturity of a thirteen year old girl and you’re playing the same rumor game you played in middle school.

                      You do realize you’re an adult now, right?

                    10. You know you’ve been caught lying so many times nobody believes you right? You know everything I’m saying will be backed up by others here right? Yet you persist.

                  2. Today I muted both him and Mike.


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                    3. If the proof is so strong, show it.

                      Mother’s Lament inadvertently proved that someone was spoofing my handle


                      and you still insist it was me. Which makes you a liar.

                      Then you say you’ve got “proof” that I’m Squirrely?

                      Put up or shut up.

                      I’m curious to see this “proof” of yours.

                    4. Be an adult and admit you’re a lying sack of shit who is allergic to the truth.

                      You can do it.

                    5. Be an adult; fuck off and die.

                    6. I’ve proven you lied multiple times the last week sarc. You denied those interactions even happened even though I can link the exact threads. Morning roundup 2 days ago. God damn clown.

                    7. Nobody “proved” anyone was spoofing your handle, you retarded drunk. It’s time to take responsibility for when you post shit when you’re loaded.

            2. Does your mom say that sarx?

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        1. You of all people shouldn’t be making wife-beating jokes. Isn’t that why your ex took you to court?

          1. Nice one! Next you accuse me of molesting my daughter, right? No day at Reason is complete without you saying I fuck children.

            1. You ready to confess?

              1. Right on time!

                What else do you got?

                1. Someone got up on the wrong side of the single-wide.

                  1. Thanks for once again being as predictable as the sun. Exactly like the people you hate.

                    1. You’re like some special needs oracle.

                    2. And you’re just another sack of shit who will cling to lies if it means being popular.

                      You haven’t matured a day since thirteen.

                    3. Oh no. He’s gone into victim mode again as if he didnt start the insults with his first post.

                  2. Dude. Him and 10 other people rented a half million dollar air bnb for a weekend. Stop being jealous.

                    1. You’re just jealous that I have friends. Boo hoo. So sad. No friends.

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                      Does it make you feel superior?

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                      Pleasure yourself with your comments to me.

                      I just hope you’ve got a razor blade to clean the jizz off your monitor.

                    4. Me repeating what you’ve said isn’t bringing you down. It is repeating what you’ve said me calling out your lies only brings you down as you were exposed in your lies.

                      Youre free to stop trolling at anytime Mr victim. You were the second post in this thread woth a troll response. Grow up lol.

                    5. I literally posted your lie below shit for brains. And you’re still denying it. Holy shit.

                    6. I can’t believe that you think you’re fooling people into believing that you were spoofed, sarcasmic.
                      Own up to your fuck-ups like a man for a change.

            2. Nice one! Next you accuse me of molesting my daughter, right?

              Strange way to confess the point …

              1. Booze can make people do that.

                1. He’s been drinking since at least 6am (tbqh I don’t think he’s stopped since last night). You should read his shit show in the morning Roundup. Like a slow motion car crash.

                  1. I’ll have to check it out.

                    1. By that he means him doubling down on his insistence that I was spoofing myself, or that spaces in names don’t matter, or whatever other lie makes him feel good. Being that you’re similarly allergic to honesty, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it. Enjoy!!

                    2. Everyone picking on poor sarcasmic, the dear little lamb. He never starts shit, it’s fifty or sixty other people here who are the assholes. Never him.

    3. sarcasmic
      August.23.2021 at 1:21 pm
      Flag Comment Mute User
      Except that I’m not supporting or ignoring the other. People like you just glaze over posts where I’m critical of Dems because it doesn’t fit your cognitive biases.

    4. One minute before you commented, esteve7 made your prediction come true.

      1. One minute before he trolled?

      2. Fuck off Nazi Asshole Mike

      3. They sure are predictable.

        1. This from sarc; an amazing show of a lack of self-awareness.
          Fuck off and die.

          1. You’re rarely too polite, Sevo… but in sarcasmic’s case…

  3. What happened is you you are a MORON Robby. They were always going to do this. You would have denounced people as “conspiracy theorists” if they’d said this a few days ago.

    1. Robby, like the entire staff, is only as “libertarian” as the NYT editorial page allows for.

  4. You elected a tyrant. His administration is all psychopaths. He’s a fucking senile nutjob. His cock sucking supporters are batshit insane.

    Do not comply. Fuck Joe Biden.

    1. translation: Reason was mean to Trump! They wanted this! Waaaahhhhh!!!!!!

      1. Poorly translated.

        1. It’s a troll festival!

          1. Tell us again about missing spaces and highlighting your name and all that shit. We’ll make sure to pay attention this time around, you soon to be disposed of faggot.

            1. I know you don’t care, because the last thing you could give a shit about it truth, honesty or integrity. You’re a proud liar. Just like you were when you were thirteen and spreading rumors. You haven’t matured a day.

              1. I don’t care. Now pretend to ignore me, faggot.

                1. I’m sorry that your repressed homosexuality causes you so much emotional turmoil. Calling me “faggot” isn’t going to help. Maybe you could try fucking Mother’s Lament in the ass. That might ease some of your tension.

                  1. Sometimes “faggot”
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                    2. True. The other 99.9999999% of the time it reveals someone to be a repressed homosexual.

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                  2. Faggot jeffsarc still hasn’t muted me, oh well.

                    Hey shitstain, when you get off your knees blowing the editors here and have some rational thoughts on oh say Biden’s dictatorship let us know. Until them spit or swallow your choice.

                    1. I’m sorry. I didn’t quite get that. You were gargling on Trump’s cum so all I heard was “g-g-g-g-g-r-r-r-b-b-g-g-r-r”

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                    3. sarc thinks we care about his erotic fantasies.
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              2. You are literally still denying you were caught in a direct lie with direct posting evidence just 2 days ago in the roundup… and you call others liars?

          2. It’s: “tums festival “

      2. sarcasmic
        August.23.2021 at 1:21 pm
        Flag Comment Mute User
        Except that I’m not supporting or ignoring the other. People like you just glaze over posts where I’m critical of Dems because it doesn’t fit your cognitive biases.

        1. You keep trying so desperately to find some post that confirms your lies about me, and you can’t do it!

          Then you confirm what I say about you!

          It’s like you have no self awareness!

          1. That post is word for word your post.

            Here we are in yet another thread where it is pretty easy to criticize the government and you chose to attack conservatives instead.

            So you lied.

            1. Attack? All I did was mock you and your buddies by saying “REASON WAS MEAN TO TRUMP WAHHHHH!” which is all you guys say anyway. The only thing offensive about what I did was that I times it right and made you look like a crybaby. Boo hoo. Go cry about the election more. Let out the tears. It’s ok.

              1. Yes. You created a strawman attack against your perceived enemies shit for brains. You were straight up trolling to deflect from something that is fairly easy to fucking criticize. But you can’t have people talking badly about the left! Run and protect them sweet victim!

              2. Haha. No, man. It’s about Biden today.

                If you just can’t do it…… well, maybe the “mean girls” have a point.

                1. Sock accusations aside. I ain’t getting into that.

          2. And by the way… how hilarious it is you ask for citations of your lies then claim you are being stalked when I provide them?

            1. Thing is, you have so far provided exactly zero citations that prove any of your lies about me.

              It’s pretty funny.

              But that won’t stop you from making more stuff up.

              Keep it up! I’m almost curious to see what you dream up next in the hours and hours that you spend thinking about me.

              1. It is all about you, isn’t it?

                1. When people are posting lies about what I said, and insisting that impersonators are me despite proof to the contrary, then yeah. It is about me.

                  I’m really glad for these exchanges. They show everyone except you and your half-dozen troll buddies that you guys are liars with no integrity and the maturity of teenage girls.

                  You think you’re “winning” when you’re just looking like tools.

                  1. Here we go again. 2 days ago i said you were using idiotic strawman like “if a vaccine isn’t a 100% effective nobody should do it!”

                    You then said I lied about it. I told you it was a week prior knowing where to find it (I’m not an alcoholic like you so something a week old is fairly fucking easy to remember). You called me a lair. I posted this:

                    August.30.2021 at 11:46 am
                    Flag Comment Mute User
                    Either the vaccine is 100% safe and effective, or there is no point in taking it at all. If you say it’s a good idea then you’re saying it’s 100% safe and effective, and you’re wrong. Just to prove it people who’ve been vaccinated have died of the disease. That means it’s a joke. It doesn’t work at all for anyone. It’s all a big lie being pushed by Democrats who want to take away our freedoms. Don’t you know anything?

                    And theblast 2 days you’ve continued to deny you said that. All you do is lie lie lie. That or you’re such a fucking drunk you can’t remember this morning.

                    1. Wait. Or both. Sorry.

                  2. No response sarcasmic? Are you caught in your lie again? Sarc? Hello? Above you said I was lying about this again. Yet that is your post buddy. Don’t run away from your lies. Embrace them buddy.

                    1. He’s probably passed out. His poor fucking liver.

              2. Need me to post the roundup from 2 days ago yet again? Lol. God damn man. Are you that big an alcoholic you don’t remember 2 days ago?

    2. He can’t be a tyrant unless he’s wearing a uniform and has a silly mustache.

      1. False. The Bad Orange Man was a tyrant and he never wore a uniform or a silly mustache.

        1. I can’t always be perfect!

        2. Trump had a mustache? Robby told me was an authoritarian insurrectionist. And he started WW3. Your mustache theory isn’t working.

          1. Damn got beat again.

    3. Fuck Joe Biden

      Can I get that on a T-shirt?

      1. I’ve already thought of one with this on the front. N then on the back a picture of the wicked witch of the west with the words “and his little kunt kamala too!” underneath

        1. You’d do better with one that said EISTAU(tm) on the front, and Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair!(tm) on the back.

          Coming soon to a non woke retailer near you. Catch the wave.


    4. “You elected a tyrant. His administration is all psychopaths. He’s a fucking senile nutjob.”

      None of it hyperbole.

    5. “You elected a tyrant.” That was inevitable When you have two tyrants on the ballot.

  5. Biden opposing mandates was as much a lie as Obama stating in 2008 that marriage was between a man and a woman. On cue, progressives lie until their hand is forced. Then the truth comes out.

    There will be lawsuits, Biden will be 0-3 at SCOTUS.

    Waiting on Fauci to finally admit creating coronavirus in a lab in Wuhan for more effective transmission to humans was gain of function. The friend he funded was bragging about it until December 2019 (thank you internet).

    1. Well… Obama did set the record for 0-9 decisions. Biden has a ways to go.

    2. I’m not so confident he will lose in the SC. There’s all kinds of bullshit precedences they can use: interstate commerce clause, measles vaccinations required for schoolchildren…these are just the first to come to mind.

      This is the action of a tyrant, but he’s got bad case law in his corner. I’d flip a coin.

      1. Biden should lose. Precedent for health care is that it is a state’s issue, same reason why there isn’t interstate sales of insurance policies. Courts have already held that employers can mandate masks or vaccines. Even measles, polio, DTAP, etc are state mandates.

      2. Me neither Bender. I really don’t trust either Roberts or Kavanaugh to not go along with this.

        As far as caselaw… we’re kind of in a post precedential analysis world at this point, don’t you think? Sebelius was my blackpill moment there.

    3. Don’t count on it. Watch Cheese Justice Roberts pull a rabbit out of his ass again.

    4. If you’re waiting for the courts to save you, consider that the courts ignored the first clause of the first amendment for the better part of a year and the “libertarians” at Reason thought it totally fine.

      Your consitution only protects abortions and gay sex now. That’s it. Enjoy the jab

  6. What happened is they lied in order to obtain power and the idiots populating the editorial board of Reason believed the lies because orange man bad!

    You stupid motherfuckers.

    1. They didn’t even lie. The DNC including leaders like Pelosi openly said they wanted mandates of all types last year during the election.

    2. Fact check: They did not lie.
      Read the damn party platform, will you?

  7. Somebody is pulling the puppet’s strings but he did a good job reading the teleprompter this afternoon. Obviously he hasn’t reached that heartbreaking dementia stage where he can’t recognize DOCTOR Jill, Hunter or his grandkids.

    1. He’s already not recognizing one of his grandkids.

      1. LOL-remember folks, somewhere in Arkansas is a child whose mother is a stripper, father is a drug addict and grandfather is President of the United States.

  8. What happened? Targeted polling with a pre-determined outcome is what happened. We haven’t had principles in the White House since Jimmy.

    1. “What happened?…”

      You got your preferred daddy-figure, little boy. That’s what happened.
      Unfortunately, we got what you deserve.

    2. ” Targeted polling with a pre-determined outcome is what happened.”

      Oh who the fuck do you think you are fooling? You wanted this guy and now you’ve got this guy.

  9. Well, it’s not like we didn’t all know they were lying.

  10. They realize that cases have peaked and now want a way to take credit for it, to deflect criticism over Afghanistan and Biden’s unpopularity.

    “Thanks to Biden, we beat Covid” will be their mantra

    1. Wow, that is a brilliant example of partisan thinking that has been hermetically sealed against any falsifiability. Kudos!

      1. For the benefit of the thread, arguing with Mike is arguing with someone who will never take responsibility for what he says. In fact, within days he will be acting as if he never said these things in the first place. He is a completely disingenuous adversary and you would do better arguing with the main character from Memento.

        That is Mike insisting that he “would never look to Rolling Stone” for news, after spreading their bogus ivermectin story only days earlier. Consider that: He didn’t apologize. He didn’t even try to ignore his mistake. He brazenly tried to dunk on Rolling Stone to make himself look like an arbiter of truth.

        The pathological narcissism required to disrespect the truth and readers so heavily should make him ashamed. It won’t though, so I advise others in the thread to avoid engaging with someone that argues in such bad faith.

      2. Fuck off Nazi Asshole Mike

      3. Every time DNC shill White Mike concern trolls about partisanship, a little Tom Perez gets his wings.

    2. This is exactly it.

      I predicted it around labor day based on something I read during the UK’s summer surge. So… I didn’t predict it, I repeated someone more knowledgeable, but…

      Surges last 2.5 months or so. And the December surge here was like 12 weeks from start in Mid Nov to precipitous drop by mid Feb.

      By the time we saw the numbers rising in August, we were already a month into this. Now we’re 2 months in, so it is time it starts dropping.

      Looking at local numbers, we’re on our way down. A friend is in Florida, and they don’t give a shit about anything. Numbers have plateaued there, too. Maybe we get a turn around in two weeks, but if it’s like other surges we’re in for a precipitous drop.

      So, you gotta grab the power while the emergency is still emergencying. It’ll look lot worse for them if the numbers are on the back side of those peaks.

      1. There’s another case surge brewing in the northeast. It’s going to be panic city around NYC by the end of the month.

        It’ll be a real treat when that happens in a well vaxxed area with loads of prior community spread. Hopefully that will break us out of the case-focused monomania we’ve all been dealing with.

        1. WTF, you are referring to a bunch of people catching a viral disease by saying, “it’ll be a real treat”.

          1. Silver linings: the treat is the reaction that happens if such a thing comes to pass. The pandemic doesn’t end until we decide that the risk is tolerable. Community spread without attendant chaos is literally the only way that occurs. Lockdowns don’t convince; vaccination doesn’t convince – policy will be made to assuage the fears of the neurotic until some alternate track comes to shake up the status quo.

            “In a well vaxxed area with lots of prior community spread” might imply that those things are worth something, shit for brains. And I count myself in said upcoming wave.

          2. … Has somehow never heard someone use the phrase “it’ll be a traat” sarcastically before.

        2. Well, Southern California *is* a well vaccinated area with loads of prior community spread. That would make it a good model, though places like NYC are far denser. My county is 75% fully vaccinated, the one next door is similar. LA is a clusterfuck, I don’t know about them, but they’re the ones who had the hugest of spikes end of last year.

          We all started going up in July. The next door county has peaked and is falling pretty fast, they have half our rate right now. My county has peaked and started to pull back as well, but not as much. Looking at daily numbers, we were seeing 1100 cases two weeks ago, today’s numbers are averaging 700ish. So we seem to be about a week behind them.

          Just like the experts said. 6 to 8 weeks then the drop starts. Florida are about the same, BTW, though that’s statewide not county.

          So, if it’s starting in the NE, I don’t think they can do a damned thing about it. LA did masks everywhere, San Diego and OC just recommended them, but 75-85% are vaccinated or partially vaccinated. That means it’s just going to happen. It’ll be milder against a vaccinated and previously exposed population, but it’s gonna happen. Delta says “tough shit. “

    3. Peaked only for the fall lull.

      The winter wave is right around the corner, and the NPIs will work just as well as they did last winter.

  11. For a minute there, I was genuinely concerned that abortion might be the driving issue in the 2022 midterms because of that law in Texas.

    The self-inflicted wound of Afghanistan was not a fluke. The incompetence of the Biden administration is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a real.

    This unforced error is the result of the Biden administration’s incompetence, and it’s not going away any time soon. Biden is as good now as he’s ever going to get.

    “Political capital can be understood as a type of currency used to mobilize voters, achieve policy reform, or accomplish other political goals. Although not a literal form of capital, political capital is often described as a type of credit, or a resource that can be banked, spent or misspent, invested, lost, and saved.”

    —-Political Capital

    Biden squandered a tremendous amount of political capital in Afghanistan, and I think he just blew a whole bunch more on this vaccine mandate. I think this is costing him, too, big time, with the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. We’ve seen Pelosi cave on holding a vote on the infrastructure bill, and we’ve seen Manchin publish an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal saying that he won’t vote for the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

    To whatever extent moderate Democrats in both the House and the Senate were reluctant to associate themselves with Biden and the Democratic leadership in the wake of Afghanistan, they’re probably even more reluctant now that Biden is championing vaccine mandates. He may be scraping the bottom of the barrel for political capital already.

    Far as I can tell, there was no pressing need to go after this vaccine mandate before the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill is due on September 27th. He could have waited two and a half weeks, and this wouldn’t have cost him so much political capital. That is an unforced error. He shot himself in the foot. If the moderate Democrats pass the infrastructure bill without the $3.5 trillion in Green New Deal and entitlement spending, it’ll be because Biden has lost whatever pull he had.

    Incidentally, this is the way Carter went down, too. It wasn’t all at the same time. It was issue after issue after issue after issue after issue.

    1. Fire Fauci and arrest his lying ass.

      1. That wasn’t supposed to be a reply. Damn phone and my sausage fingers.

        1. It was a good comment anyway!

        2. Damn Phone and My Sausage Fingers would be a good band name.

    2. Incidentally, this is the way Carter went down, too. It wasn’t all at the same time. It was issue after issue after issue after issue after issue.

      The irony is that Carter’s comedy of errors were all blamed on his being a Washington outsider. Joe’s been in this game since before baseball.

      1. He probably isn’t calling the shots.

        Biden’s handlers may be new to all this.

        Remember that time Tom Cruise fired his long time publicist and hired his sister to handle his publicity?

        Next thing you know, Cruise is on The Today Show condemning Brooke Shields for the way she handles post partum depression, and he’s jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch screaming about how he’s in love.

        I think that’s what’s happening with Biden. Biden isn’t calling his own shots, and his “publicists” have no idea what they’re doing.

        1. True-believer children are running the West Wing. Horribly.

          In the decades I’ve been in DC, I’ve never seen political ineptness like this. They can’t even write a decent policy speech, much less do coherent spin on their idiot policies. Sure, Biden isn’t the best messenger, but the tsunami of shit coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can’t be dumped on him. He just wants to eat ice cream and maybe sniff some hair before the lid is called at 11:30 AM. The wokester clowns have no one around to tell them how dumb and dangerous their ideas are. They’d be the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, if any of them knew the slightest thing about firearms.

    3. “Biden is as good now as he’s ever going to get.”

      Exactly, Ken. Today is Joseph Biden’s best day mentally. It only gets worse from here.

      The problem—as you point out—is that the puppeteers here, are about as incompetent as he is. Usually, the people behind the figurehead aren’t this stupid.

      OTOH, maybe their task is instead, to try and rip this country apart? China might like that.

    4. The vaccine mandate gives cover to CA governor Newsome, who is flailing with his own mandates. By the Fed’s taking point, he is no longer the bad guy.

      And that’s all Newsome needs to eke out a victory in the recall, which will likely mean D Feinstein’s seat will remain democrat when she dies/retires soon.

      It’s no coincidence that the public mandates are happening now.

  12. Give me an M!
    Give me an I!
    Give me a D!
    Give me a T!
    GIve me an E!
    Stop me if you know this one….

    1. We got ya’ Country Joe.

  13. “That’s not the role of the federal government.” What happened?

    The border crisis, the Saigon reenactment in Afghanistan, a 3.2T bill with no chance of passing. They need something to draw attention.

    1. “That’s not the role of the federal government.” What happened?

      It’s called lying, Reason. They don’t believe there isn’t a role for government anywhere; from the role of parent to the role of Romeo in a production of Romeo & Juliet… all government.

  14. O/T – watching Psaki’s interactions with Pete Doocy over the past few months, I’ve become convinced she wants him to tear her dress off, and he’s too stupid to realize it.

    1. Alternatively, he could be smart enough to not stick his dick in that level of crazy.

      1. You know, I’m of two minds there. From the right angle, you know. And with the right mindset, I guess.

        I mean, hate fucking’s good for the soul, right?

        But, mostly, there’s no way in hell. Not that I’d ever get the chance.

    2. Gives the phrase “circle back” a whole new meaning…

    3. I’ve seen no proof that they aren’t fucking.

      1. Knowing DC this would not be remotely surprising.

  15. Gosh, that’s a shock. What’s next, you’re going to tell me these last two weeks weren’t two weeks at all?

  16. I need OBL to get in here and console me and reassure me that the Biden Administration is still the best Liberaltarian bunch in herstory

  17. This comes on the same day that Reason’s presidential candidate’s FDA effectively banned vaping. I pointed out the other day that Robby is a silly little man. And here he is beclowning himself again. Nothing the Biden administration has done was not foreseeable prior to the 2020 election. You own this Robby. Fuck you.

    1. If anyone was “Reason’s presidential candidate” it was Jo Jorgensen. You betray your lack of interest in truth.

      1. Jo Blow? The mentally challenged grandma that never said shit about shutdowns? Oh yeah, she was much better

        1. I didn’t say she was better (although she was). I said she is the only presidential candidate who comes near claiming the title of “Reason’s presidential candidate”.

          1. Maybe re-read how many of them said they were voting Biden and no Jo Blow was a waste of space. Any “libertarian” who ignores the government raiding churches and forcibly shutting down businesses is a waste of space, at best.

            1. Do you not remember all the heroes who saved liberty by bravely voted for von Hindenberg and Thämann? How could you possibly think they weren’t doing the right thing?

      2. Dummy. Go back and read their endorsements. Half of Reason endorsed Biden. One third endorsed Jorgensen. A few endorsed not voting at all. None endorsed Trump.

        Funny how none of them picked a winner.

  18. What happened is that we have all the tools to beat covid and stop the needless deaths and illnesses. We are sick of those who insist on propagating the virus. If you insist not being a dumb ass vector we will make it hard for you.

    1. Sounds like a threat, from a Nazi feckless cunt paid troll.

      But really you are a powerless bitch with no ability to do anything.

      Your kind and time are done.

      1. Ya, cause Nazis were well known for their desire not to kill people.

        1. To clarify, that was sarcasm you dumbass.

        2. Unlike you, who cheers when cops kill unarmed protesters.

        3. Nazis were well known for forcing people to do things against their will, so it actually works pretty good. You sound like an AWFL, which is sad and pathetic.

          1. Nazis were also known for brainwashing people into committing heinous acts, voluntarily, enthusiastically.

            1. Like ignoring bodily integrity? Stuff like that?

              1. Think he’s ever heard of the Nuremberg code lmao?

                Here dee, I’ll do like you and Wikipedia it…

                “The Nuremberg Code (German: Nürnberger Kodex) is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation created by the USA v Brandt court as one result of the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War…. In the trial of USA v Brandt, which became known as the “Doctors’ Trial”, German physicians responsible for conducting unethical medical procedures on humans during the war were tried. They focused on physicians who conducted inhumane and unethical human experiments in concentration camps, in addition to those who were involved in over 3,500,000 sterilizations of German citizens.”

        4. Nazis were big on public health measures. Yes, they were also insane and murderous, but not randomly so.

    2. There’s no such thing as beating COVID. It’s here, forever; the experiences of the Delta spread through the UK and Israel should make that obvious. It would be less impactful if more people got vaccinated, but the vaccines do not stop anybody from being a vector, or from propagating the virus.

      1. Vaccines cut down transmission greatly, and also reduce the effects. So if everyone were vaccinated we would beat this.


          30% of deaths in King county are in the fully vaxxed.

          They are also 32% of cases and 13% of hospitalizations, making me think that we’re probably not testing vaxxed people unless they have covid symptoms. (As an added bonus, they might give the bug to an unvaxxed person who WILL get tested, who then becomes a positive unvaxxed hospitalization!)

          1. We aren’t counting the vaxxed as a covid case unless they’re hospitalized. It’s literally in the cdcs updated guidelines as of May.

            Even npr can’t really spin it.


            1. King county must be doing it differently (at least in SOME places) because by that definition EVERY vaccinated ‘case’ would also be a hospitalization, and those numbers don’t check out.

              I can 100% believe they aren’t getting tested at the hospital if they are vaxxed unless they have covid symptoms.

        2. No, we wouldn’t: for too many people, including our public health bureaucracy, beating this means essentially zero cases. That’s not possible. Unless and until we get comfortable with regular, and occasionally severe, flare-ups then we’re going to keep rehashing this bullshit until China nukes the country after a future president’s “Winnie the Pooh looking motherfucker” hot mic comment.

          1. “…we’re going to keep rehashing this bullshit until China nukes the country after a future president’s “Winnie the Pooh looking motherfucker” hot mic comment.”

            As monumentally incompetent as this Administration is proving, I think the above scenario—a no shit shooting war with China, not Xi caring about resembling a Western cartoon character—is not as unlikely as we might think.

            They’re fundamentally malign people, believing in an ideological framework that bears little resemblance to reality, and eventually they’re going to run into a situation where their friends in entertainment and media can’t convince all of the global participants that the Emperor really is wearing a fabulous suit. And hasn’t just sharted explosive diarrhea towards the gathered multitude lining the parade route.

            1. The DOD apparently thinks it’s likely to occur in 10-15 years. Which I think would amount to a “Hitler decided to wait until 1946 to kick off the war” scenario for the West.

              The Japanese seem to smell this rat, but I doubt they have the capacity or wherewithal to go toe-to-toe with China even in a purely defensive posture. Do any of the other regional powers get involved on the Japan/Taiwanese side? Would it matter?

              1. “The DOD apparently thinks it’s likely to occur in 10-15 years. Which I think would amount to a “Hitler decided to wait until 1946 to kick off the war” scenario for the West.”

                Agreed. China’s demographic, social, and economic issues can’t wait that long. They’re trying, but can’t grow a sufficient middle class to be a sufficient market for their industrial production. Moreover, about 30 or so million Chinese men, as it currently sets up, have zero chance of having a wife, family, or any future that isn’t nasty, brutish, and short.

                Add to that, internal domestic propaganda that’s being crafted to Chinese perceptions of both: Being fucked over by the West for the last few hundred years and, in their eyes, the efforts continuing through the present…AND being superior culturally, ethically, inherently to non-Han.

                “Wolf Warrior” foreign diplomacy is this sort of arrogant chauvinism, born of being global parvenus, projected towards its neighbors and rivals. I can’t overstate just how much their leadership cadres increasingly being a cohort of only children (and having all of the Confucian prudential virtues being burned out of their society by events like the Cultural Revolution) has shaped their self-image, and their (lack of) tolerance for resistance.

                Tl;dr: China’s leaders are a nation of spoiled children, and we’re way overdue for a very violent tantrum.

              2. As to Japan, and the rest of East Asia, I think they’re about to see both:
                If they don’t unite, China will pick them off (install China-friendly leadership, culturally dominate the country, etc…) one by one, and…
                If the US is really on the way out, re: Superpower status? Why not instead ally with China and try to carve out some autonomy as a hegemon?

                Thank God that Japan and China, allegedly, culturally detest each other, on deeper than a mere “our governments don’t get along” level. If it wasn’t the various WW2 atrocities, it’s the arrogant behavior of Mainlanders and their business practices, and if it’s not any of those reasons, Covid is supposedly a giant chunk of personal hatred for China.

                Thank God, because the petrodollar is going away. We’re not going back in force in the MidEast/Central Asia, and our allies are probably shitting themselves at just how fast the US is imploding. Uncle Sugar isn’t going to save the ibn Sauds, or al-Sabahs, or anyone else anymore. The catch is, no other currency as it stands now, can really step into the USD’s shoes.

                But a combined Chinese-Japanese currency could. Easily.

        3. Reduction =/= ending, you dipstick. You can’t even be consistent eith your bullshit.

          Oh, and what’s that about ANOTHER variant that ignores the vaccine? Pfizer ALSO is putting out a protease inhibitor pill that’s totally NOT what Ivermectin does?

          Again, you’re missing the whole damn picnic basket when it comes to wits and ethics.

        4. “Vaccines cut down transmission greatly, and also reduce the effects. So if everyone were vaccinated we would beat this.”

          Fuck off, slaver; none of your business.

    3. “Get vaccinated, even though it doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus or giving the virus to anyone else, but we’re going to force you to get vaccinated.”

      1. And you conveniently leave out how getting vaccinated makes it highly unlikely you will be hospitalized or die.

        1. Oh yeah, because the hospitals are overrun again or at least that’s what they’ve been saying for the past two years. Definitely got to trust the “two weeks to flatten the curve” people.

          Your position is illogical

        2. Cdc cites 8000 deaths in the last year if you’re under 74. I’ll accept that risk.

          1. Almost all of which could have been prevented if people were more informed about monoclonal antibodies and they were more accessible everywhere, like they are in Florida thanks to DeSantis.

        3. “And you conveniently leave out how getting vaccinated makes it highly unlikely you will be hospitalized or die.”

          Fuck off,slaver. None of your business.

        4. Which only makes sense if you are likely to get hospitalized or die.

          Young, healthy people are not likely to get hospitalized or die.

    4. And by ‘we’ you mean you’ll pay better men than yourself to do so.

  19. Robby Soave: “That’s the aspect of this story for which DeSantis deserves criticism: His COVID-19 declarations get in the way of individual public schools or districts requiring teachers to get vaccinated as a condition of employment.”

    Also Robby Soave (in the previous article): “It’s one thing for the federal government to require its own employees to be vaccinated. But mandating vaccination for 80 million people who work in the private sector is a giant abuse of government authority.”

    Notice that Mr Soave criticizes DeSantis for prohibiting mandates in his government, but gives Biden a complete pass for requiring mandates in the federal government- a far more impactful claim.

    This shows the moral confusion that makes Mr Soave unfit to cover this issue from a libertarian basis. By his own writing, he telegraphs that he would prefer employers bully employees into their medical decisions.

    The time to push back against this social pressure to vaccinate was when mobs were screaming and bullying people to stick needles in their arms for “public good”. That was the time to argue that personal decisions about what chemicals to inject should be left to the individual, and that if the jab helped protect society as well, it was a happy side effect- not some moral obligation.

    Unfortunately we now live in a world where a huge portion of the country believes that we all have a moral obligation to take medicine to protect others from a natural pathogen. Mr Soave helped legitimize that view with his clear preference for “soft mandates” and this latest evolution leaves him fighting a battle that was lost months ago.

    1. >that makes Mr Soave unfit to cover this issue from a libertarian basis

      Wait. THIS is the thing that makes him unfit? Not the fact that he’s not, in the least, libertarian and seemingly has no real knowledge of libertarian ideology and principles. I mean, beyond what he read on wikipedia when he got this job, I guess.

      1. I think Mr Soave has a lot of libertarian proclivities and that makes him fine to comment on certain libertarian issues. But he clearly thinks that people not vaccinating is some sort of societal problem that we as a country ought to address.

        It is, unfortunately, a moral blind spot for him. And it leads him to actually desiring (not grudgingly tolerating from a liberty/rights perspective, but desiring) that employers engage in the deeply-creepy-as-fuck practice of mandating medical procedures as a condition of employment.

        1. But he clearly thinks that people not vaccinating is some sort of societal problem that we as a country ought to address.

          He’s got a similar blind spot for passive racism… and judicial nominees accused of rape… one wouldn’t be conclusively wrong to wonder if he doesn’t have a libertarian blind spot for wrongthink in general or if he can even see the world through libertarian eyes at all.

    2. I’m tempted to think the time to start pushing back was in… and I’m being very generous here… around week six of the two-weeks-to-flatten-the-curve era.

      1. I agree with this. I honestly was pushing back when Trump and Gov Newsance locked people on cruise ships. But I at least understood at the time that this was an emergency and there might be room for debate.

        But this quickly became a battle over facts, which is a debate that no libertarian will ever win.

        1. In the earliest days of the pandemic, I supported brief, complete lockdowns and a total closure of our national borders to arrest the spread of a novel, highly infectious disease.

          It quickly became obvious the ‘elite’ still needed to travel, that it was a fucking flu virus and that a fantastic crisis was not going to waste, so now I can only wait for midterms.

          1. Completely agree with you, Salted. 2nd week of March, IIRC, is when I started saying, “Heyyyyy, waitaminute!”

            Except for the Midterms. I doubt they reverse this. Would be delighted to see the voters repudiate all of this bullshit, and I’ll certainly vote, and encourage others to. I just don’t think it’s going to go as we would wish.

            We Venezuela now.

            1. I do have a sneaking suspicion we’ll beat Mu variant with mail-in voting again… I also have an inclination to make time this year to march on Washington if they try.

          2. ” It quickly became obvious the ‘elite’ still needed to travel”

            Yes, this entire thing has been driven by elites with no real skin in the game at the expense of everyone else who had to pay the price. I called this out 17 months ago:

            Unfortunately I made the mistake of predicting that the elites would pay for this nonsense. Boy have I been wrong.

            1. The buck always gets passed. We’re paying for the ‘free’ vaccine in tax allocations.

            2. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. April 2020 wasn’t that long ago, and yet I saw a lot of names there that don’t post much here anymore. John, of course, but guys like Lap83, Rufus, BYODB, Echo Chamber…a bunch of people I didn’t mind reading.

              I did like this observation from that thread:

              “This is literally Marie Antoinette behavior. No. Really. Literally the same behavior.

              Of course, the people we’re talking about aren’t literal peasants these days. Even your laid off blue collar worker would be a king to French peasants.

              Or, in short, I wouldn’t expect heads to roll over this behavior. Maybe just your eyes.”

              You were right about the Staycationites, and how insufferably smug they were.

          3. In the earliest days of the pandemic, I supported brief, complete lockdowns and a total closure of our national borders to arrest the spread of a novel, highly infectious disease.

            Not to be too critical but this was the wrong reason (that would effectively generate the same policy). Two weeks to make sure the disease wasn’t killing half or more of the patients it infects.

            There’s a case to be made that it’s the government’s job to prevent people from dying. Absent that, there’s no inherent reason for the government to prevent any given infectious disease any more than there is for them to prevent acne or tooth decay.

    3. Koch whores are no different from white progressives and it’s astounding that anyone would argue that position

    4. “This shows the moral confusion that makes Mr Soave unfit to cover this issue from a libertarian basis.”

      It’s not confusion. It is intellectual dishonesty in service of job security.

      The writers here are no more principled that a weathervane.

  20. Bottom line if you voted for Biden, you are a seditious treasonous pile of human garbage that will end up in a camp someday.

  21. The science settled, then it evolved. Simple as.

    1. Science should never be settled, or it’s not science. There should always be questions and new ideas… which were huge warning flags when the Fed went full-on carnival barker to sell brand new drugs and knock down any other options.

  22. Until Today, Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, and Rochelle Walensky Were All Publicly Opposed to

    Something tells me this phrase is going to be a regular feature around here.

    1. It won’t be. It will only get trotted out on the rare occasions when the party allows it.

    2. We got two of the biggest whores in all of politics together in the highest office.

      Neither have a strong conviction past the next financially secured election, and Joe would even change his favorite flavor of pudding pops to horchata if he though it would get him 3% more on the hispanic vote, or Kamala 3% of any election at all.

  23. Biden is playing to the Democratic “Round all the GQPers up and force them to vaccinate” demographic, which is apparently pretty large.

    1. Who, I wonder, is going to be doing the rounding up? There are only so many sociopathic lesbian bull dikes willing to pull a trigger on Americans before they find themselves in the center of a circle jerk where the “money shot” is a beheading. And I bet that would only have to happen once before they call the whole thing off.

      1. “Who, I wonder, is going to be doing the rounding up?”

        Why, the police they’ve been shitting on for the last year or so, of course. Law Enforcement will be thrilled to carry this out. I can just see it.

  24. What a difference a month and a half makes.

    What a difference a few 11th hour discovered ballot boxes and unconstitutional voting rule-changes makes.

    1. Can you point to where any voting rule change was judged as unconstitutional?

      1. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

        All those states made changes to their voting rules by “non-legislative” actors… ie election commissioners and what not, where the voting rules are supposed to be set by a legislative body.

        Now, of course I’m not saying that it caused … widespread fraud… I’m merely going by the Time Magazine premise that all of these little things helped nudge the election in the correct way.

        In fact, it’s late, and I’m working with China right now because 24/7, but I believe that even people on the left have shrugged and admitted that these changes were in fact unconstitutional, but it’s all too late now, none of it mattered anyway, and no one would dare overturn an election over it.

        1. There were 13 rulings declaring rule changes illegal and about another couple dozen dismissed as moot. Not one court upheld the changes. Mike doesn’t give a shit.

        2. And that is so easy to grasp, actually. Tiny nudges here and there. Some slight, but statistically significant manipulation (like suppressing certain opinions on social media and amplifying others). The margin in the GA runoff was about 0.2%. Again, if we assume that those tiny nudges had any impact at all, then…

  25. Well hell – rationing care for the covidiots is looking a lot better ennit.

    The rationing is happening anyway. eg in Idaho now

    Except that that rationing is NOT actually dealing with the capacity squeeze problem. And therefore it also doesn’t solve all the crap that leads to vaccine mandates and such.

    Not that it matters. We’ll hit herd immunity this fall sometime. Only question is how many dead people – and how far will we instead go down the one-way path of ‘we order you to jump through our meaningless hoops’.

    1. Idaho hospitals: 66% full
      Washington hospitals: 76% full

      Granted there might be areas of rural Idaho where coming to a hospital in Washington is much faster than going into one in Idaho. That’s how geography works.

      1. It’s not “areas of rural Idaho”. It’s pretty much the entirety of Northern Idaho.

        1. So like I said…..

        2. “It’s not “areas of rural Idaho”. It’s pretty much the entirety of Northern Idaho.”

          Were you truly stupid enough to post that?
          But, why am I asking? Of course the lying pile of lefty shit is stupid enough to post that!

        3. Yeah, but is it the cool part of Idaho or the shithole part? Hey, what kind of music do you like? You seem kinda righteous for a fascist. Wanna be pals?

          KARen is on your team, mike. Try to wash that off. Haha.

      2. Hospital beds are near irrelevant for crisis standards of care. ICU beds/capacity matter. This is triage. And Idaho has basically no ICU beds left and overflowing in North Idaho. In Tri-Cities (?), 60-100% of ICU beds are for covid treatment – ‘almost all’ unvax – more 20-50 year olds than over-65’s.

        1. From the Idaho dashboard – there’s been 10 to 15 ICU beds statewide for a week now. I’m assuming that’s the set aside for heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents. Every covid patient uses up an ICU bed for an average of 2 weeks – so that equals maybe 5 or more car accident or heart attack victims.

          The AMA ethics code generally addresses those standards of care
          physicians also have a responsibility “to evaluate the risks of providing care to individual patients versus the need to be available to provide care in the future.”
          Physicians and all workers who risk their health when responding to and caring for others have a strong ethical claim on resources that will preserve or restore their ability to work in the future.

          Both of those are directly applicable to covid.


            ICUs are 90% in use. Typical.

            And if anybody knew anything about Northern Idaho, they would realize you’re likely to be closer to a Washington/Montana hospital than one in Idaho. These are places that simply don’t have capacity IN NORMAL TIMES.


            Just go here and click around Northern Idaho.

            1. Here’s the Idaho dashboard. It is updating daily – which means it is what that state is using to figure out what’s happening.

              But hey – maybe they instituted crisis standard of care purely for shits and giggles

              1. Literally one hospital can call it whenever they want.
                Jeppesen told the Idaho Statesman on Friday that it takes only one hospital to make the request to implement crisis standards of care for the state to begin its process. Implementing crisis standards can help provide a legal defense to a hospital if it were to face a lawsuit, Jeppesen said.

                State officials are relying on hospitals to give them the signal that they need crisis standards implemented, Jeppesen said.

                “We’re really looking to the hospitals to be the ones to judge that they’ve tipped from contingency care to crisis standards of care,” Jeppesen told the Statesman. “It just takes one of them to say, ‘Yes, we’re monitoring this minute by minute, and we’ve passed that threshold.’ ”

        2. Oh and the little factoid – more 20-50 year olds than over-65’s – means that even by regular triage protocols, the chances of a 50+ year old covid patient being admitted to ICU now are about equal to the chances of a 20-50 year old with covid dying and releasing that bed.

        3. You stupid motherfuckers need to learn the difference between total beds and staffed beds….from your fucking link…

          “On some days every staffed bed in the intensive care unit at Kadlec Regional Medical Center is used for a COVID patient, said Dr. Phani Kantamneni, medical director of the Kadlec ICU at a news briefing of the Benton Franklin Health District on Thursday.”

          STAFFED BED. That means there’s a labor shortage not a bed shortage you dumb fucks, just like every other sector that was competing with government stimmies and unemployment bonuses, healthcare is struggling to find workers now. And that’s a problem that’s consistently been exacerbated by this administration which is now compounding into hurting our hospitals. They thought it was cute destroying mom n pop shops so bezos n Co could gain record wealth, but it’s starting to bite them in the ass with Healthcare workers, inflation, and rising cost of goods and living.

          1. Don’t worry, Jay Inslee’s plan is to fire all the healthcare workers who don’t want the jab that doesn’t stop transmission.

        4. “Hospital beds are near irrelevant for crisis standards of care.”

          This from the cowardly piece of lefty shit whining about bed loads for he last 18 months.
          Need help with those goal-posts, asshole? MG is here to help!

      3. “Granted there might be areas of rural Idaho where coming to a hospital in Washington is much faster than going into one in Idaho. That’s how geography works.”

        I used to live in the Idaho panhandle up until about 15 years ago. Up there, and in far western Montana it is an extremely common attitude that, if you want high quality health care, you need to go to the bigger cities. We had friends with family up in Libby and they would drive all the way to Seattle, even though the needed services could be had in Coeur D’Alene or Spokane (Missoula is such a cluster fuck nobody wants to go there.)

        Not being originally from the area it never made sense to me, and in hindsight I can honestly say that the medical care we received in the region was excellent.

        But the practical effect of this behavior is that local capacity is lower than it should be. And this was a major problem – freely discussed even back then – by public health people in our area (Silver Valley.)

    2. Hospitals are short on space because 20% of their hospital beds are consumed by covid patients.

      And also because they are at about 80% capacity, due to a year of lockdowns and inappropriate response to the pandemic causing a labor shortage.

      And also because those hospitals declined to cancel a lot of elective surgeries that have been going on.

      And also because some of those other 80% of beds are consumed by people who engaged in other risky behaviors- like drinking, overeating, staying out in the sun to long, and generally living.

      JSafe would like you to know that because one of those reasons is people he doesn’t like, they should be singled out as the cause of this problem.

    3. Are you allergic to facts about hospital occupancy, JSlave, or is someone actually wasting money paying you to comment?

    4. I arrive at the hospital, I’m sick with COVID.

      Nurse: And are you vaccinated, sir?

      Me: Yes

      Nurse: Can you show me your card?

      Me: Lost it.

      Prove I’m not vaccinated during the admissions process.

      1. If you can’t prove it, you go down as unvaxxed.

      2. Serological test. You don’t build up enough antibodies to show up in a serology test for a few weeks after vaccine/infection. Building them up means you can begin to fight the virus. Because – you know – that’s how the vaccine works. And the reality is that ‘breakthrough’ infections are likely to be sent home at first for monitoring precisely because their prognosis for deteriorating to ICU status is very low unless the other stuff (really old, serious known immuno prob) which is obvious. IOW – being vax w covid (or prev history of covid) is not some magic ticket to get into hospital. Rather it initially will be monitored outpatient.

        And by the way lying to doctors and nurses when it affects your treatment and their prognosis and when the ICU’s are full is pretty much the stupidest thing you can do. Course stupid and at war with even doctors/nurses is pretty much what your ilk is doing here.

        1. “Serological test.”


          How many labs have tests that detect antibodies to the spike protein?

          Does the CDC currently recommend serologic testing for the purpose of assessing immunity after Covid vaccination?

          You spout shit because you have some general knowledge, but that does not mean you actually know what the fuck you are talking about.

          1. And in addition to that, who’s going to do a serological test during the admissions process, wait for the results before admitting you.

    5. Well hell – rationing care for the covidiots is looking a lot better ennit.

      The rationing is happening anyway. eg in Idaho now

      Dividing a resource agreed to be shared equally or in portion of need is rationing.

      Dividing a resource agreed to be shared equally and then wilfully/knowingly sharing it selectively is fraud.

      Taking a resource not agreed to be shared is theft.

  26. I’m sure you will be cheering them all the way JSafe.

  27. Robby is a legit dumbass and this article proves it.

    “They said they opposed mandates. Oh well. Hey isn’t Desantis the worst or something.”

    1. Why does reporting on this new development make him a “dumbass”? He’s just writing about what happened today.

      1. Because, dipstick, as you well know, Reason has been bending over backwards to promote Biden as the next best thing since Wheaties to get him elected.

        Waste of a comment, really.

      2. Why do you always ask a stupid or rhetorical question to amy poster who mentions robby by name?

        1. Because the lying pile of lefty shit is too stupid to recognize what he does.

  28. To be fair, back in December of 2020 they didn’t yet realize just how much shit the American people were going to be willing to eat. Now that they know better, they’re more comfortable letting the public know just how much they hate and despise them for being loathsome worms.


    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, again, can we move on to properly opposing these sock puppets, or will Reason continue to fellate the Democratic pogrom?

  30. I’m waiting for the article about how the aclu reversing its history long point of view that medical mandates were unconstitutional, to now saying it’s a bigger violation of rights for you to be unvaccinated around others than it is for the government to force something in your body.

    My body, my choice, except in pandemics. Texas should have just said that to pass its abortion law too I guess.

    1. I would think that abortion clinics would be excellent places to set up emergency COVID patient overflow centers from the overstuffed hospitals. And it should be mandated.

      1. Then what are we supposed to do with those filthy unwanted clumps of cells that illegally cross the vagina, huh? It’s not like they’re all refugees from a region that was trying to kill them as policy.

        You probably think we should set up some sort of system where we separate them from their parents, lock them in little cages, and then systematically document them, vaccinate them, and send them on their way.

        Next you’re probably going to tell me they join the workforce, generate jobs, and that we’re losing out on revenue by killing them on their side of the border.

    2. Those kinds of articles are only written by Glenn Greenwald these days.

    3. ACLU is neither civil nor in support of liberty these days. Another wing of the Democratic party.

    4. Just reframe the issue as a disease that kills 2500 babies a day nationwide.

      1. Seriously, just count every pregnancy as a case. Make up numbers about every missed period being an asymptomatic case. Conflate miscarriage (died with abortion) and induced abortions (died of abortion) in the death numbers. No names, but insist you have a right to do research and inform the public. Maybe require abortion licenses to go out in bars and restaurants, prophylaxis in all public spaces (it’s not like women can know where they might catch a pregnancy). Report it all and call it a day.

    5. Texas should should change their law to grant an exemption to anyone who can prove they were on contraceptives at the time they became pregnant.

  31. King County to distribute $20 million of COVID aid to theaters, arts organizations

    Right, King County, because a few mimes and people prancing around in black leotards were hardest hit.

  32. LOL

    Seattle cracks down on food delivery apps with one of the strictest laws in country

    Seattle has been one of the most aggressive metropolitan cities in trying to rein in the practices of food delivery services. Last year, after small businesses and customers around Seattle complained that delivery services were “price gouging” during the pandemic, the city imposed a 15% cap on commission that third-party, app-based services can charge to deliver food.

    1. “…Last year, after small businesses and customers around Seattle complained that delivery services were “price gouging” during the pandemic, the city imposed a 15% cap on commission that third-party, app-based services can charge to deliver food.”

      Should go a long ways to making sure food does not go where it is desired and those wanting to make money delivering it stay on unemployment.

    2. Tucson literally has a “Tucson fee” to cover the whims of idiot politicians.

  33. Employers in other sectors are also worried. Washington’s largest private employee, Seattle-based Amazon, hasn’t imposed an employee vaccine mandate — reportedly because the online retailer fears a mandate could spur a mass exodus among its hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers, many of whom are skeptical of coronavirus vaccines.

    Would those be the “people of color” in those low-wage Amazon jobs we keep hearing about?

    The Biden administration is the most awesome in memory.

    1. Brandyshit THRILLED!

    2. But the news says it’s only white Republicans!


    3. I thought Amazon paid living wages?

      I wonder if someone at Amazon has done the math on (perpetually) raising wages and covering health insurance costs and isn’t beginning to see that between all the various mandates, something’s got to give.

      1. ” something’s got to give.”

        The something was bathroom breaks.

    1. “Mu mu Land…Mu mu land. All bound for Mu Mu Land…”

      The KLF were not only ahead of their time, they were prophetic. (In who they borrowed inspiration from.)

    2. You’re surprised that the virus has a new variant? Why?

      1. It’s a bit interesting, from several angles (on both the pro- and anti-vax sidez!), that in the almost 18 mos. without vaccinations we got to delta and in the 8 mos. since, we got to mu.

        1. Almost like we should’ve waited until we knew how quickly it mutated and had a few variants to innoculate against before developing a prophylac, I mean, vaccine.

  34. Biden should be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible. He won’t, of course. The Democrat’s are not exactly against an authoritarian government

    1. Well, they’re not exactly against it.

    2. “Biden should be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible. He won’t, of course.”

      On the technicality that there’s not cause for it.

  35. What changed? I guess the fact that we are approaching 2 years of this and 1500 Americans are dying a day and the virus is affecting the economy and the vaccine is the number 1 tool we have.

    1. the vaccine is the number 1 tool we have

      No it’s not. Being young and healthy is far more effective. If you can mandate vaccines, why not exercise and reproduction? It’s not like those people own those bodies or anything and, even if they did, larger numbers contribute to the economy and increase the odds of survival. I’m just following the science.

      1. Being young and healthy isn’t a tool. It’s a state of being.

        1. Being vaccinated is a state of being.

          He has a point you know. People could just stop being whiny, fat, mollycoddled, defeated dead ends of evolution. That would really help. I’m sure there’s tools for that. But the left are very ardently trying to preserve themselves. So being fat and unfit, you know, being really whiny and a snowflake and you know that stuff, will probably remain to be treated like it is worthy of protection. Like some sorta precious feature of biological diversity, being fat I mean 😀

          1. “the left are very ardently trying to preserve themselves. ”

            Why can’t they just commit to intentionally spreading the virus like the other guys want to?

      2. “Being young and healthy is far more effective.”

        Sure, if you have a death wish and/or are prone to wishful thinking.

      3. ” If you can mandate vaccines, why not exercise and reproduction?”

        Texas is two steps ahead of you.

  36. I look forward to this massive face plant by the Biden admin. Already the Postal Service is exempt. In NY police and teachers unions already fighting back against the NYC mandates. This is not legislation but a statement from the President. It does not have the rule of law.
    Another wake up call for the People to defend liberty.

  37. Just a reminder that a HUGE number of Reason staff openly declared they would be voting for this fascist. I said during last years elections that there is absolutely no excusable reason at that time to vote for Democrats who want to greatly expand the power of the government after witnessing damn near a year of tyrannical medical martial law first hand. And the tyranny is getting worse by the day as I’m proven more right by the day.

    1. You LIKE living under “medical martial law”, it seems. Else, why are you doing everything you can to preserve the need for it?

  38. “‘That’s not the role of the federal government.’ What happened?”

    what happened is a bunch of dumbasses decided that spreading viruses is a political act.
    there’s a small number of people for whom taking the vaccine is medically not advised. There’s a large number of people who want the lockdowns to continue, so they’re intentionally trying to prolong the pandemic. What changed is that they were considering the former group before, and now are faced with the latter.

    If your stockbroker told you to buy Tesla last quarter, and advises selling this quarter, do you assume that your stockbroker is a flip-flopper or that that your stockbroker has learned something about Tesla since last quarter?

  39. What happened is that Biden is 78 years old, and suffers from memory loss. He has no memory of having opposed vaccine mandates.

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