Brickbat: What's Too Painful to Remember


Officials at Bigelow High School in Arkansas ripped out two pages from the 2020-2021 yearbook before delivering copies to the students who paid for them. The pages had a timeline of major events from the school year, including the first U.S. death from COVID-19, riots following the death of George Floyd, the death of Alex Trebek, Apple's market valuation topping $2 trillion, and NASA flying a drone on Mars. East End School District Superintendent Heidi Wilson justified the move by citing "community backlash." In response to an open records request by the Arkansas Times, the school system said there were no emails or other records related to complaints about the pages.

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  1. You know who else removed pages from historical texts?

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    2. First Council of Nicaea?

    3. The Vinland map cartographer?

  2. …the school system said there were no emails or other records related to complaints about the pages.

    The superintendent meant that she was jonesing for some community backlash so she created something for parents and students to complain about by altering the yearbook for no credible reason.

  3. Reflecting on her time as the yearbook adviser and a journalism teacher at the school in central Arkansas, Walton said, “It was my favorite course to teach, and I was able to open kids’ eyes to the world around them. Bigelow is such a tiny, tiny community, and journalism taught them how to look at the world objectively, which I don’t think they get a lot of time at home.”

    Something tells me there’s more to the story here that’s not being mentioned if you’ve got a teacher talking about teaching the kids things they’re “probably” not being taught at home in an “objective” manner. I suspect the reason they’re “probably” not being taught these things at home is because they’re things their parents object to them being taught and they’re not a damn bit objective.

    And when you’re citing NPR for your brickbat? Yeah, that’s a huge red flag that this story is not what it seems. What exactly were these “objective” facts that the school objected to?

    1. Aug. 23 – Protests spark in Wisconsin after police shoot Jacob Blake leaving him paralyzed.

      Yeah, I probably would’ve torn it out for that.

    2. Nov. 8 – Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company, announces a 95% effective COVID-19 vaccine.


      1. Gotta block that news lest we manage to reach herd immunity.

        1. Two weeks to flatten the curve.

    3. Mar. 16 – A gunman shoots and kills 8 people, mostly of Asian descent, in three different spas.

      Beginning to notice that 2020-21 in review seems a bit… selective.

    4. Apr. 14 – President Biden announces that the US will withdraw from the 20-yr.-long war with Afghanistan.

      Yeah, the Biden/Trump narrative is slanted pretty hard in a revisionist history direction.

    5. All in all, NPR and Reason pointing to Alex Trebek, Apple’s Market Valuation, and a drone on Mars is pretty disingenuous.

      No mention of lockdowns, which states had record COVID death numbers first, pretty much anything Trump did besides catch COVID and get impeached… Chadwick Bosemen gets a remembrance, but the list of people who were more famous for more monumental achievements like Chuck Yeager, Eddie Van Halen, Wilford Brimley, Regis Philbin, Carl Reiner, etc., etc. all get a back seat.

      Pretty damn revisionist.

      1. NY Governor condemns 15,000 elderly to COVID deaths.

    6. So, I reread the story and just realized that this was a *year*book, not a textbook. A teacher is trying to teach kids slanted lessons with a yearbook.

      Yeah, those pages can come out and Reason and NPR can go fuck themselves for insisting otherwise.

  4. Mar. 2 – Texas announces it will be the first state to lift a mask mandate. *racist cartoon depiction of a cowboy coughing up virus particles*

  5. Your headline is an allusion to “The Way We Were”?

  6. Having worked in my high school’s yearbook, I find this story (and other like it, this one is not the first) extremely distressing. It’s an administration (teachers don’t have the authority to do this) overriding the student’s and yearbook advisor’s chronicle of the school year.

    These students are being denied agency just as they hit the cusp of adulthood. A few may take the right lessons and turn into rebels, but most will probably go “Oh yeah, this is how adults are supposed to behave. I will go do likewise…” and then end up as Democrats and Republicans.

    1. Having worked in my high school’s yearbook, I find this story (and other like it, this one is not the first) extremely distressing. It’s an administration (teachers don’t have the authority to do this) overriding the student’s and yearbook advisor’s chronicle of the school year.

      My experience, the school hires the photographer, sets aside the time, makes the resources available, hires/appoints the yearbook ‘teacher’ or coordinator… maybe just my school. Working on the yearbook was an extracurricular activity.

      In line with Jerryskids’s comments it absolutely was *not* a platform to teach kids; especially kids outside the group. It was a neutral platform for kids to write ‘Free Mumia’ or ‘Esptein didn’t kill himself’ on, not a place to put those positions in a book bought by people who may not hold them. I can agree the school shouldn’t be photoshopping kids last minute and without consent, but kids and parents buying a yearbook up front only to find they’d donated to a political cause is equally repulsive, if not moreso.

  7. Worthy of the Jen Psacki award for outright deception and dissembling.

    Her claim of no Americans stranded in Afghanistan would under normal circumstances have her laughed out of the room, but the sycophantic bootlickers who reprint CIA agitprop cannot bring themselves to mutter a response.

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