The Federal Government Cautions Incoming Afghan Refugees Against Moving To California

Both liberals and conservatives could take some lessons from the U.S. State Department's list of cities that it recommends Afghan refugees relocate to.


The federal government has some helpful advice for Afghan refugees trying to start a new life in America: for the love of God, do not try to rent an apartment in California.

Many of the Afghans who have been airlifted out of their country in the wake of the Taliban's takeover will be able to come to America under the U.S. State Department's Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program, which provides visas to translators who worked with U.S. forces and helps place them in a new city once they get to America.

SIV participants who opt to receive resettlement benefits can also choose to be relocated to one of 19 cities identified as having "reasonable cost of living, housing availability, supportive services, and welcoming communities with volunteers and resources."

These cities include several in Texas (Houston, Austin, and Dallas), the Mountain West (Salt Lake City and Denver), the Southeast (Raleigh-Durham and Atlanta), and a couple of lower-cost cities in the Mid-Atlantic (Philadelphia and Baltimore).

Noticeably absent from the list are any cities in California.

Indeed, the State Department's website explicitly warns arriving Afghans against trying to move there, saying that "some cities in California are very expensive places to live, and it can be difficult to find reasonable housing and employment. Any resettlement benefits you receive may not comfortably cover the cost of living in these areas."

Six out of the 10 most expensive cities to rent a one-bedroom apartment are located in California, according to an August report from rental listing website Zumper.

The Washington D.C. metro area—which was ranked the sixth most expensive city in the Zumper report—is also singled out by the State Department as a particularly expensive place that incoming migrants should avoid unless they have friends or family who will be able to assist them financially.

Ultra-expensive New York City—the traditional entry point for past waves of immigrants coming to America—is also left off the State Department's list. The much more affordable area of Northern New Jersey, in contrast, is a recommended destination for Afghan refugees.

One reason for that is that northern New Jersey is much friendlier to new housing development. The Big Apple has added about one unit of housing for every 3.6 jobs from 2009 to 2018, according to one city report. Northern New Jersey, meanwhile, has managed to add more housing units than jobs.

The State Department's list of refugee-friendly cities is mostly dominated by high-growth sunbelt cities with high rates of housing construction, including places like Houston, Dallas, Raleigh-Durham that have both added a new unit of housing for every job over the past decade.

This de facto list of most welcoming cities for incoming Afghan refugees has some important lessons for both the left and right wings of American politics.

Folks on the right, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson, have argued that America shouldn't admit Afghan refugees because the country just doesn't have enough housing for them. That's simply not true for many fast-growing cities that are adding more than enough housing to accommodate newcomers, whether they're coming from Kandahar or Kansas City.

It's also not true of low-growth, low-cost cities like Baltimore, Maryland, and Buffalo, New York, which also made the State Department's list. If anything, these cities have too much vacant housing, and could really benefit from the revitalizing effects of new immigrants.

On the other hand, liberal-leaning residents of America's bluest cities should probably do some soul searching about the fact their communities, while rhetorically accepting of immigrants, are also so expensive that new arrivals are being actively warned to not try to resettle there.

By ditching restrictions on new development, these cities could make themselves more welcoming to refugees. Leaving excessive red tape in place, meanwhile, would prove that many progressives' messages about accepting refugees aren't worth the multi-lingual yard signs they're printed on.

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  1. Transfer them all to Martha’s Vineyard.

    1. You’re on the right track. I’d say divide them up for sponsorship by all the executives for Lockheed/Haliburton/Raytheon or any other war profiteering outfit, all the higher ups in the pentagon as well as every federal senator, congress person who voted for the war. Make them each completely financially and criminally responsible for the behavior of the sponsorees. You broke it, you bought it shit stains.

      1. There are some 4stars who have an extra room in their official accomodations.

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      2. So like reparations then?

        Your scheme should include about 330 millions citizens who twitted away while ignoring their responsibilities. Yes, the MIC is a thing, but it is only symptom of the much larger problem.

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    2. Has no one given any thought as to how these people are likely to vote?
      They are fundamentalist Muslims.
      The party of drugs, gay marriage, LGBTQRZ rights, gun control and sex change will be an anathema to them.
      They will find the natural home in the party of family, gun rights , and freedom of religion.
      Even if they like welfare, they will vote GOP

    3. Yep. Good low density areas, like Bel Air. Or wherever Al Gore’s mansion is.

      Expensive, but only the best for our honored guests.

      1. Next to Bill and Hillary in New York.

    4. They can get free meals at the French Laundry!

    5. The Hamptons and Sausalito wouldn’t be bad, either. Upper East Side and Battery Park on Manhattan also look ideal for Afgani refugees. Moving them to Bethesda would also be very good for the refugees. There is a ton of posh places in the blue states. Even Mackinac Island, MI would be a great place to settle Afgani refugees and illegal immigrants.
      This story with immigrants is an unadulterated power grab. Dems are importing their voters. And Republicans and lending a helpful hand.

    6. No send them to California they will wind up voting Democrat anyway. Govt wants to send them to states the democrats want to turn

  2. Make Bernie do his fair share and cough up two or three of his many houses – – – – – –

  3. and a couple of lower-cost cities in the Mid-Atlantic (Philadelphia and Baltimore).

    The violence in these cities may be unsettling to them.

    1. I was going to say they’d feel at home.

      1. Philly & Baltimore have a higher murder rate than Afghanistan. Philly is the safest at only 3x the murder rate of Afghanistan.

        1. Wait until they get a good look at Kennsington……..
          The drug center of Philly.

    2. “The violence in these cities may be unsettling to them.”

      I’m sure once they get the religious police going, they’ll get that under control.

      “Islam” means “submission”, after all.

    3. Yes, your’re right. For someone used to peaceful and pastoral Afghanistan, Chicago, New York or Portland may be unsettling.

  4. That’s good advice. Stay away from Cali in fact the whole left coast is not worth your time. New York State is more your liking.

    1. I’ll take the “left coast” over the asshole of America: the South.

      1. I thought you were the asshole of America.

        1. He only wants to eat the asshole of America.

      2. Good choice. We don’t want your ignorant, liberal ass down here polluting our air and spreading your leftist garbage anyway…

  5. Why should they go to california? There’s enough Democrats there. They should go to swing states to make them blue

    / This is what they actually believe. If someone is far left enough, they will admit this

    1. This is why I’m trying to read through the thread before replying, these days…

      Yeah, first thought that occurred to me: CA’s already Blue. Send ’em to a Purple state.

    2. is why three cities from Texas. Houston took half of New Orleans after Katrina, and there’s a four-block square of homeless outside every day in Austin, but ya “reasonable cost of living, housing availability, supportive services, and welcoming communities with volunteers and resources.”

      1. Austin does not currently have the infrastructure to support thousands of refugees. Water treatment plants and electrical substations don’t appear overnight. We are in the middle of a massive housing shortage that is years away from being resolved.

        Are they qualified to work at the new Tesla plant? Dell, Apple, 3M, AMD, IBM, or Samsung? Because they will be competing with tens of thousands of people who are for resources.

        The State Department is full of shit and damn well knows it. They are punishing Texas for not being purple enough in the last election cycle.

        Everyone knows Detroit is still vacant, but it isn’t on your list, you true blue cunts.

        1. Be honest Chuck: you and your church hate non-Christians and non-whites.

          The only reason SLC is on the list is because no one wants to move to that shithole. It’s objectively the worst city in the country.

          I have non-Mormon hating friends and relatives that agree that it’s just awful.

          1. then why are people moving there?

            1. Mormons are moving there. Not people.

              1. scratch a lefty enough and you get a murderous fascist every time

          2. You do you assume Chuck is a superstitious, gullible slack-jaw?

            1. Haha. The rev and KARen. A match made in heaven. Just tell him that you’re into crappy music and genocide. You’ll be besties.

              I got a good feeling about you two!

          3. Actually, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has one of the most vibrant refugee assistance programs in the United States ( There are more members on the outside of the United States than in it, and some of the largest recent Church growth is in Africa and South Asia. So, in fact, our Church does not hate non-whites or non-Christians; while members are, of course, human, and some members do struggle with prejudice (along with every other sin), it is certainly not Church doctrine to do so.

          4. As for Salt Lake City, it is interesting to note that, in point of fact, the city has become less and less ‘Mormon’ as time has gone on; at the same time, as it has become a bigger city, it has become less and less libertarian/conservative. This might be because members of the Church tend to support smaller government and more private charities, and preferences for smaller government increase with increased religiosity (

    3. You don’t really think they’d try to seed what they believe are future Democrat voters into swing districts or states, do you? You must be one of those folks who are pretty sure the 2020 election wasn’t completely on the up and up.

      Since sarcasm can be less obvious in written communication, I’ll add [/s]

  6. The first consideration for most of them is finding a mosque, and a mosque is exactly what they probably need.

    Through a mosque is where immigrant Muslims often find jobs, housing, as well as friends, community, and a means to assimilation into American culture.

    No one is more practiced and more prepared to help Muslims from Afghanistan assimilate into American culture than your friendly neighborhood mosque.

    1. That last sentence is some outstanding, next-level sarcasm, even for you Ken.

    2. Sounds like they should move to Michigan.

      1. Too many Arabs.

      2. No sarcasm.

        I’ve spent some time in mosques in Los Angeles.

        American mosques are where Muslim immigrants learn how to be both Muslim and American. I’ve seen Muslim immigrants stand up and talk about it. They were worried that their children were becoming too Americanized and how to handle it, and the Muslims who had been in Los Angeles for a long time explained that it was normal.

        And it is normal, not just for Muslim immigrants but for Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Mexican immigrants, too–worrying about your children becoming too Americanized is a great immigrant tradition. It happened to the Italians, the Polish, the Jews, and the Irish, too.

        1. You left out Scottish, bigot.

          1. Scots are just American.

        2. Yep. Catholic schools early in the 20th century. How to serve god while being a good citizen.

    3. There’s a mosque in Chicago. Farrakhan would welcome them with open arms, I’m sure.

      1. I don’t have any experience with the Nation of Islam, but I don’t think immigrants from Afghanistan are likely to find something especially familiar there.

        “While it identifies itself as promoting a form of Islam, its beliefs differ considerably from mainstream Islamic traditions. Scholars of religion characterise it as a new religious movement and a UFO religion . . . .

        It teaches the existence of a succession of mortal gods, each a black man named Allah. It claims that the first Allah created the earliest humans, the Arabic-speaking, dark-skinned Tribe of Shabazz, who themselves possessed inner divinity and from whom all people of color descend.”

        —-Nation of Islam

        There are numerous aspects of that are highly problematic from the standpoint of conventional Sunni or Shia perspectives. I might say that expecting Muslims from Afghanistan to join the NoI because they’re Muslim could be like expecting protestants from Northern Ireland to become Catholic in the United States because they’re Christian, but NoI and Muslims in Afghanistan aren’t enemies. It’s just that conventional Islam elsewhere in the world is fundamentally opposed to some of the foundational beliefs of NoI.

        1. Nation of Islam is to Islam as the Branch Davidians are to Christianity

          1. Except the government wasn’t as thorough at exterminating the Nation of Islam.

        2. Nation of Islam is nothing but a penitentiary bullshit black concoction

    4. I suspect that many Christian religious will be there to help these people. Most of these group are dedicated to helping people and not to converting them. Many churches have donated space at off hours for Moslem worship.

  7. Don’t move to the western states! The Californians are fuckin things up enough on their own. Hell, move em to Baltimore. That place is already a third world country….

    1. Please NO! They need someplace with a LOWER murder rate!

  8. Given their likely world view, I’d wager an afternoon in San Francisco would have them going back to join the Taliban.

    1. So how exactly do we get this list revised to include SF?

  9. I guess no one did the research to figure out that the currently-largest concentration of Afghans in the country is in Fremont, CA, which is therefore where the vast majority are going to go?

    1. Truly poetic justice, if that is what actually happens = Afghans heading for Fremont CA

  10. “for the love of God”

    Wrong $Deity.

    1. Technically its the same deity, just different ways of worshipping him

    2. Skydaddy 2: Electric Boogeloo

  11. “On the other hand, liberal-leaning residents of America’s bluest cities should probably do some soul searching about the fact their communities, while rhetorically accepting of immigrants, are also so expensive that new arrivals are being actively warned to not try to resettle there.”

    Has it occurred to you that this may, in fact, be the reason why they can afford to be so rhetorically accepting of immigrants?

    1. It has not occurred to them, no.

  12. “…Many of the Afghans who have been airlifted out of their country in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover will be able to come to America under the U.S. State Department’s Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program, which provides visas to translators who worked with U.S. forces and helps place them in a new city once they get to America…”

    And many still there also have SIV cards, unless they burned them quickly to avoid the consequences.

    1. Do SIV cards get one into cockfights?

  13. I’m case anyone is interested, since this article doesn’t mention all 19 cities/places:

    Phoenix, AZ
    Denver, CO
    Jacksonville, FL
    Atlanta, GA
    Chicago, IL
    Baltimore, MD
    St. Louis, MO
    Raleigh-Durham, NC
    Northern NJ
    Las Vegas, NV
    Buffalo, NY
    Cleveland, OH
    Portland, OR
    Philadelphia, PA
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Austin, TX
    Dallas-FW, TX
    Houston, TX
    Salt Lake City, UT

    1. I’m not sure how many Muslims want to work in the gambling industry or in a place that serves alcohol, but those that don’t should probably find somewhere other than Las Vegas.

      1. Looking at that list, knowing several of those cities (I’m talking to you Philly and Charm City), some of those places would also be a gamble.

      2. Ken,

        There are over 2 million people in the LV Valley. A vast majority of them have nothing to do with gambling or alcohol.

        The stereotypes are tiresome.

        1. Tell me about it. I seem to constantly explain to people to us in CA are not in an episode of Baywatch!

          1. I thought Baywatch was Florida? CA is grungy surfers and rippled mushroom Karens.

            1. Baywatch is fantasy with actual beach-goers hidden from the cameras, but the original show at least sometimes used real names of towns and islands, and they were in southern CA.

    2. Wish there were more midwest cities. I know some of the refugees will be coming through Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Not sure what skill they bring, but we could use a variety of workers. Tech and medical in particular.

      1. Talk to your buddy Joe about that list of names and folks left behind. Taliban said no to skilled trades leaving.

      2. “Tech and medical…..” haha. Oh boy.

        Hey, weren’t you one of the posters that was saying last week that no one should worry about the killing machines left behind in Afghanistan because those Neanderthal goat fuckers won’t be smart enough to use them?

        Well, maybe you didn’t use those words, exactly. Haha.

  14. What? California is perfect for these immigrants. Pick a city, pitch a tent, voila! you’re home.

    1. I should get mad; but you are correct.

  15. Don’t go to ‘Bama. They’re injecting themselves with deworming paste for horses.

    Well, Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

    1. please send all to NY State…we deserve them

    2. The “deworming paste for horses” is, of course, also de-blinding paste for human-people, but go with what rubs your politics in a joyful way, rather than with icky accurate things.

      1. Amaoc rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.

      2. But the de-blinding is again in response to a parasite not a virus. And not too many Americans have much to worry about from river blindness, that more of a tropical thing.

    3. Joe Rogan just got covid. He’s taking horse dewormer and experimental monoclonal antibodies, but thank god he didn’t have to take that experimental vaccine.

      1. And he seems to be doing great…Joe could kick your ass so you better be nice to him. His spinning back kick is bad ass..hell Dana White said so

      2. I just watched his vid. He don’t look so hot. I think he must go to the gym like every day and eat healthy and all that shit. But there he is looking distinctly feverish.

        Me? Eh, I hate exercise and am out of shape, but I’m out on the town having an empanada and a beer and feeling great. You know why? Because I’m not a fucking vaxxer moron and got the vaccine and the booster shot so I probably don’t have to worry about it. Thank you modern medicine and Phase 3 clinical trials! You are the best!

        1. You’ve never gotten a fever? Well if you ever do, you probably won’t die. And your immune system will be stronger after.

          Meanwhile, I’m also living my life and feeling great. You know why? Because I’m not a fucking immune system denying moron and recovered from Covid just like the last cold I had, so I don’t have to worry about it. Then again I do exercise and am in good shape, because I consider my health to be my responsibility and not yours.

          Thank you modern information about the benefits to my health due to exercise and healthy eating!

          Now go fuck yourself.

        2. Unless you are immunocompromised, your taking a booster is no more “following the science” than the anti-vaxxers.

        3. So, when your vaccine immunity fails against the inexorable march of viral evolution, your comorbidities that come with being a fat fuck are gonna put you in a higher risk bracket than I’ll ever be in without the experimental shot… Oh wait, the vaccine already doesn’t work.

          Better put down the sweets there, senor diabeto, and run in the sun. You can even wear your trash panda uniform to help sweat the lard out.

      3. To be fair even if both are experimental in his mind one is probably temporary (not talking about side effects in this point) in his system versus the other for ever is what I’m assuming he’s thinking.

        1. And neither one is really experimental in the way that the mRNA vaccines are expermiental. Ivermectin has more than half a century in human and animal use and monoclonal antibody therapy has been used around the world, even in children (off-label), since 2003.

    4. Shitstain watches MSNBC that is certain

    5. Most of the articles reviewed showed that blood vitamin D status can determine the risk of being infected with COVID-19, seriousness of COVID-19, and mortality from COVID-19. Therefore, maintaining appropriate levels of Vitamin D through supplementation or natural methods, eg, sunlight on the skin, is recommended for the public to be able to cope with the pandemic.

      Getting enough vitamin D can *lower your risk of getting infected*, getting sick if you get infected, and dying or being incapacitated by the illness, but no vitamin A D supplements or injections because those are for livestock (except when they’re for humans). Science!

    6. Oral aerosol treatment is the optimal delivery route, as most of the virus is present in the throat and airways. Broad spectrum injection can work, but the concentration required can leave the patient feeling ill afterwards.

  16. Come to cities ruined by yenta welfare wokes from NYC in central NY. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse..plenty of abandoned homes, nightly shootings that will remind of American drone strikes…and you can vote without showing any proof of citizenship..the mail in ballot that is in your mailbox you can use…don’t worry about the name not being yours…just vote democrat..

  17. The Federal Government Cautions Incoming Afghan Refugees Against Moving To California

    Because the Regime wants to settle Afghans in Red states as punishment for being deplorable.

    1. Election 2022 is coming. Democrats need all the help they can get.

      1. Block voter ID.
        Build houses.
        Put people in them.
        Mail them all the ballots they can fill out.
        Achieve Democracy.

    2. I imagine the refugees that settle into red states become hard-working owners of convenience stores and laundries, as refugees tend to do, seeing how they came from a hellhole of a country and appreciate being in America more than the current crop of non-working Americans do. You may not agree, if you haven’t been paying attention for the last 50 years or longer.

      1. First generation immigrants, especially those fleeing tyranny, typically are fantastic, sensible and hard working people. But their kids are gonna grow up to be entitled shits like the rest of America.

  18. St. Louis is where they should try to settle them. We got a lot of Bosnians from the Clinton era, and before that, in the Carter era, Iranians.

  19. Remember you and I get to pay for these peoples housing/resettlement. Meanwhile we starve during a pandemic. Locksmith Denver

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  21. el presidente Biden’s banana republic wants Afghanis to go into ghettos in Democrat controlled cities.

  22. California’s high prices in the SF Bay Area aren’t accidental. They are by design, specifically to keep People of Color out of affluent liberal White areas. The trendy places where hue-impaired affluent proggies live have the most restrictions. Redlining wasn’t a myth invented by an Arkie president, it’s actively pursued on the sly west of I-5.

    1. Any time I have to drive there from EDCO I just want to be sick

  23. Great Idea! Take people from one of the poorest places and put them in one of the most expensive. Newsome think of this? We have enough beaners now, don’t need any imposters. People with laundry on their head can go to MN with that chick who married her brother.

  24. So they shouldn’t reduce their red tape and welfare burden to make themselves more prosperous, to be more accomodating of their poor and countrymen, or to generally avoid oppression and theft, they should reduce their red tape and welfare burden to accomodate refugees whose country they blew up and failed to rebuild. Brilliant.

    1. Sorry, poor and diverse countrymen. Fuck reducing the red tape and welfare burden for Mexicans and poor white trash, we’ve got refugees to accomodate!

  25. “On the other hand, liberal-leaning residents of America’s bluest cities should probably do some soul searching about the fact their communities, while rhetorically accepting of immigrants, are also so expensive that new arrivals are being actively warned to not try to resettle there.”

    Do you really believe the racist “Woke” people in the liberal leaning cities want to have immigrants nearby? They love telling the rest of us how to live as long as it doesn’t affect them.

    My suggestions:
    Washington DC
    San Francisco
    Martha’s Vineyard
    The Hamptons
    Cambridge, MA
    Beverly Hills
    Fairfax County, VA
    Prince Georges County, MD

    The nice estates in those areas should accommodate numerous families each.

  26. Depends if they like democratic sh*tholes or not doesn’t it?

    A better determination:
    If you like Nazism move to CA.
    If you like Individual Liberty and Justice move somewhere besides CA.

    1. If you like Nazism move to CA.

      How do you say Holocaust in Arabic?

      1. “Bz’nes ah’zhu’ju’hul”, I believe, but this is spelled phonetically.

  27. Both liberals and conservatives could take some lessons from the U.S. State Department’s list of cities that it recommends Afghan refugees relocate to.

    You mean lessons in how to use human bodies to manipulate demographics and elections?

    Because, make no mistake about it: that’s what the Biden administration is using immigrants, refugees, and illegals for.

  28. Waiting for one of the left-wing nuts authoring articles for Reason to pick up on the fact that Joe Manchin just wrote an op-ed in the WSJ declaring his opposition to spending $3.5T. “YOU SEE!!! BOTH PARTIES ARE EQUAL WHEN IT COMES TO SPENDING!!!”

    1. They’re still drinking grimly and salting the rim with tears.

  29. Advising that cities allow more housing in order to lower its price is futile. Urban planning boards, all of them, are run by and for the owners of existing homes, who already have theirs and therefore use the boards as cartels to raise the price as high as they possibly can and keep it there. That is why shortages of housing exist.

    To solve it will require either that states return full control of land use to individual owners, preferably with no limit except the common law of nuisances; OR, that federal antitrust law be changed to enable actions against local jurisdictions that don’t want to allow any further building now that they’ve got theirs.

  30. No one can stop California from spending millions of dollars to assist refugees. They don’t care about their trillion dollar debt, and they have long history on spending money on non citizens who are likely to be a slight negative on the budget.

    Most Afghans SHOULD go to big blue states. These people aren’t coming from developed countries like Korea or even Mexico. They have no choice to be reside in regions with a significant Muslim community where they might not need to speak English to find jobs. Why won’t Asians just massively settle in states like Montana because cost of living is cheaper there?

    Liberals exist in some happy fun diverse Kumbaya land, but in real life, human beings prefer the company of their own people. Immigrants erect their own settlements in the New World, that hasn’t changed since the days of the pilgrim.

  31. How much safer is Baltimore than Afghanistan? Can’t be by much.

    1. I’d say, just the opposite.
      The crime rates in B’more are appalling.

  32. They should settle them in areas that remind them of home. Death Valley comes to mind.

    1. New Mexico is getting a large batch, actually.

  33. I honestly don’t give half a fuck where they go (best of luck, play nice) so long as a decent dose of how-to-America school is included. At least a skeleton of common shared culture is all I ask for, and no shit tickets in the trash cans really helps.

  34. I would caution anyone against moving to California. Their cities are crime ridden, filled with homeless drug addicts and mentally ill; the liberals have deliberately created and passed restrictive housing and development regulations, that prevent building multiple family units, hell, you can’t push a shovel into the ground until you pay out thousands in fees and licenses.
    Then there’s the crime, the gangs, idiots street racing, did I mention the hoards of homeless defecating in the streets, dirty needles, and worst of all Gavin Newsom.
    On the other hand, there are hundreds if not thousands of empty shop spaces available due to the lockdowns that caused so much misery. So in that respect, yeah, move to Cal and set up shop in downtown L.A. There’s plenty of empty space .

  35. That’s good advice. Stay away from Cali in fact the whole left coast is not worth your time. New York State is more your liking.

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  36. Detroit has tons of available housing. Why not recommend they move there?

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