Gavin Newsom

California Recall Opponents Warn We Might All Die if Newsom Gets Ousted

No, really, the difference between Newsom's and Larry Elder’s positions on COVID mandates are being presented as “a matter of life and death.”


The latest political ad in California attempting to discourage voters from recalling Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom doesn't just suggest people will suffer if the governor is ousted, it outright says so.

"What's at stake in the September 14 recall?" the ad opens. "It's a matter of life and death."

Looks like Newsom's side has realized that voter apathy might bounce him out. Early confidence that Newsom's numbers were high enough to weather this political storm has faded as polls show undecided voters increasingly turning against him, which makes turnout a bigger factor.

California is overwhelmingly run by Democrats and far more voters are registered as Democrats than Republicans. But polling shows a nearly even chance of Newsom getting recalled not because he's losing the support of his own voters, but because they're telling pollsters they're not as likely to vote.

Thus the warning: Vote against the recall or people will die. The advertisement leans heavily into the friction between Democrats and Republicans in terms of COVID responses and support for related lockdowns and mandates. It suggests Newsom's directives have helped to protect the state, also noting that he has ordered vaccination mandates for health workers and teachers. Then the ad argues that Republican recall frontrunner Larry Elder (they don't say his name, but they use his image and one of his tweets) would get rid of mask and vaccine mandates "on Day One."

The ad seems to be trying to frighten apathetic Democrats into voting to protect Newsom, because of his importance in fighting the pandemic. But the oppressive mandates that weren't tied to the scientific understanding of COVID's spread, and his own flouting of those guidelines, means his credibility has taken a hit. If Newsom hadn't made a mockery of his own lockdown demands by having a fancy dinner at French Laundry with lobbyists, would Republicans have gotten enough signatures for the recall?

Beyond the comically extreme fearmongering, a secondary line of attack outside of these campaign ads has involved questioning the legitimacy of California's recall system. Steven Greenhut noted this dynamic last week, arguing that Newsom protectors are attempting to claim the whole thing is unconstitutional because the end result may be a winning candidate who received fewer votes than Newsom. There's currently even a federal lawsuit against the recall.

Though this is mostly misleading hogwash, there are differences between how we view the recall and the actual legal construction of it. It may look like a bunch of people are running against the governor as though they're opponents in a typical election. In a certain practical and political sense, this is true; Elder is campaigning against Newsom.

But in the legal construction of the recall, Newsom is campaigning to keep from being fired. The first question in the recall election is whether to boot him from office. The second question is which of the 46 candidates should replace him. The winner will be whichever candidate gets the most votes. The misleading attack on the recall posits that Newsom could lose the first question, but whoever wins the second question could succeed him, even if he or she got fewer votes than those who chose to keep Newsom. Therefore those who voted to keep Newsom are being unconstitutionally deprived of their choice for who should replace him in the event that he is ousted. But that's not true.

I noted earlier this month that anti-recall advertisements featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) made a point of telling voters to vote against the recall, but appeared to deliberately omit that even opponents of the recall could choose Newsom's successor should he lose. I thought at the time this seemed likely to backfire if Democratic voters ended up losing their chance to pick an alternate.

Now that actually seems like the plan. I received a vote reminder card in the mail over the weekend that encouraged me to vote yes or no for the recall but also told me—in big, bold letters—that I did not have to choose a replacement candidate. It seems as though the hope here is that recall opponents don't select a replacement. If they don't, then it seems very likely that, yes, Newsom will have gotten more votes than his replacement because so many people didn't cast a second vote.

What a cynical and anti-democratic approach that courts will hopefully see through if legal challenges progress. It's amazing how Democrats point out voter suppression by Republicans as an argument against this recall while at the same time deliberately trying to trick Democratic voters into not choosing an alternative. Publicly, California Democrats are demurring when asked if they agree with the scholars who argue that the recall is unconstitutional. But it's impossible not to notice how recall opponents' approach involves deliberately not telling voters they can oppose the recall and still select a successor.

The actual loser of this tactic may not be Elder, the frontrunner among Republicans, but Kevin Paffrath, 29, a real estate broker with a popular YouTube channel running as a Democrat. One recent poll had Paffrath ahead of Elder by four points. Paffrath presents himself as a centrist, with infrastructure and education spending plans that would appeal to those on the left, but he also wants more housing, more toll roads, no state income tax for the first $250,000 of income, and fully legalized gambling, among other things.

It seems like many of these potentially lost replacement votes may not ultimately be going to Elder but to candidates like Paffrath. He, not Elder, is likely to be the one most harmed by Democrats' tactics.

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216 responses to “California Recall Opponents Warn We Might All Die if Newsom Gets Ousted

  1. Why greaseball is concerned with *ANY* of his opponents is a mystery.
    He needs 50% minus one to vote for his recall, so why piss off those who like Elder?

    1. Heck, why piss off voters who hate the mandates, the masking, the social distancing?

      I don't much care who wins if he is recalled; the Dem super majority will work right around anybody. But I want Newsom gone, and I want the next (Dem!) governor ot bear his exit in mind.

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    2. Why is everyone else but him wearing a mask?

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  2. Oh, and as a CA voter, this might be the only time your vote means anything at all.
    Vote YES on recall!

    1. Good luck with that, Sevo. I hope Newsome is toast.

      Sadly, we do not have recall rights in the People's Republic of NJ.

      1. "Sadly, we do not have ___ rights in the People’s Republic of NJ."

        Fixed that for you bro! New Jersey, what the rest of the country would be like had we not fought and won a revolution, or lost the Cold War.

        1. LOL...thanks bro. It was a great catch. You're right, we lost our rights.

          And Phuck Phailing Phil Murphy.

      2. Fuck Phil Murphy. And vote him out in November.

      3. Oh, yes you do. Soap box - ballot box - ammo box. If one on the left is missing then you move to the next available one to the right.

      4. I hear you folks in N.J. have such honest and upright governors too.

    2. Yeah, the only way the Republican Party can actually win an election is to have a process where 25% of the people get to choose who wins. It’s kind of like the Electoral College, but worse.

      1. Are you saying only 25% of Californians get to vote in the recall?

      2. Keep trying lol buddy, one day you’ll beat shriek at the stupid post game.

      3. The electoral college is what prevents the legion of low info socialists who gave Cuomo 80% approval rating from taking over the country with their numbers.

      4. Yep; it takes a National Socialist (i.e. Nazi) to pretend the USA is but a single autocratic monarchy (i.e. Feds) of [WE] mobs RULE!

        That's the problem with you Democrats; you can't even be bothered to learn about the USA and it's political structure. It's all infantile [WE] mobs RULE gangster-land.

    3. Wait, I thought we should vote for the guy with the pet bear or the guy who is no longer a guy any more or GARY Coleman. Which one, Sevo? Which one?

      1. Who cares.

      2. Wait, commie shit thought he was clever. How stupid are you, commie shit? Too stupid? Way too stupid? Which one?

    4. If newsome wins there will be nothing to stop his madness. Now that would be a good add

      1. Crazy Uncle Joe?

  3. That study that showed left-leaning people were like eleventy times more likely to "unfriend" someone on social media than right-leaning people for having a different opinion is now beginning to make sense.

    1. It's the religion that replaced Christianity for trendy fundamentalists when Christianity was no longer hip. Of course it's gonna have the shunning of heretics.

  4. One recent poll had Paffrath ahead of Elder by four points. Paffrath presents himself as a centrist, with infrastructure and education spending plans that would appeal to those on the left, but he also wants more housing, more toll roads, no state income tax for the first $250,000 of income, and fully legalized gambling, among other things.


    1. He 'wants more housing' - and he'll do it by setting in place policies that will further discourage more housing being built rather than remove the policies that are already in place preventing it.

      1. Well, it IS California.

  5. Otherwise we'll be immortal, huh?

    1. Newsom is a blood sucker..

    2. In the end, there can be only one.

  6. Without Newsom, who will arrest a paddle boarder on an empty beach?

    1. I'm sure they'll figure something out.

    2. He'll get London Breed after she totally fucks the San Fran economy.

  7. I'm not a republican and have never voted (not a protest, i have lived in heavy prog cities where elections are predetermined so its not worth my time) but I may register to vote for Lary just for the entertainment value of telling people that was my only vote

    1. You're voting for the Black face of white supremacy!

      1. I assume if I write in uncle Tom Larry will get the vote

    2. Don't live in California anymore but donated to Elder, the first time I donated to a republican. The smears against him by the LA times are disgusting.

  8. Publicly, California Democrats are demurring when asked if they agree with the scholars who argue that the recall is unconstitutional.

    Tom Benn, left wing British Parliamentarian produced five basic questions to determine how robust your democratic system was.

    This set of questions should be politically universal:

    “What power have you got?”

    “Where did you get it from?”

    “In whose interests do you use it?”

    “To whom are you accountable?”

    “How do we get rid of you?”

    1. Wouldn't any issue of being unconstitutional be tossed because it's the established process? There has been no change from the recall of Davis and the same party officials had nary a word to say about that.

      And the no or bust tactic is purely so they're not supporting an out versus Newsom to the electorate turning the two ballot issues into one.

    2. *Tony* Benn - the communist. Not 'left wing' - communist.

      And he only asked those questions to figure out how to get rid of his opponents. Once the communists were in power you wouldn't need to worry about things like that, Comrade.

      1. Indeed, the only worry was where to bury all the dead opposition.

  9. I'm begging Koch / Reason libertarians in California to do everything you can to oppose the #RepublicanRecall.

    After all, California is the model for what Koch / Reason libertarianism (specifically our open borders agenda) will eventually do for all 50 states — transform them into racially diverse, single-party Democratic governments with extremely high rates of poverty and economic inequality. Don't let this illegitimate recall slow our progress.


    1. I love you OBL, keep fighting the good fight.

    2. I've come to love you too OBL [remembering my first WTF encounter all those years ago] but I have to ask again, DO YOU NOW HAVE A TEAM OF WRITERS WORKING FOR YOU?

      1. No, the foreign-born cost-effective labor I want to import isn't for a personal writing staff. I have enough free time to post in 5 or so threads per day.

        1. Like all good libertarians, OBL intends to run a monocle factory with his low cost foreign orphan labor.

          1. The difference is, we won't have to import our low cost foreign orphan labor, since we're planning on running our factory in their own shithole country, to take advantage of the exchange rate.

            1. Hey pretty soon we're going to have our OWN shithole country!

              1. Yeah but we have lazy, entitled orphans. They just expect all kinds of benefits to be handed to them instead of working their tiny fingers to the bone to earn them.

        2. "I have enough free time to post in 5 or so threads per day."

          Making the most of your retirement then, I am happy to see.

          But seriously, if you were to hire some gifted talent such as Jorge, Sanjay, and Wu from their native domiciles and of course have them work carefully under your tutelage, you could expand your talents into so many more venues.

          Go big; just think about it. A bigger world needs you.

          1. OBL, birthed in the 90s, and already retired?

            God bless America.


        Mike, sarc, jeff, commie shit, M4e, turd; they all give him more than enough material.

    3. Don't forget the secod-rate schools and the common-sense restrictions on everything.

      1. Second-rate schools like Stanford?

        I mean yeah, the slobs who are reduced to defecating on the street will probably never send their kids there. But that striking level of social inequality is exactly what Koch / Reason libertarianism wants to produce.

        1. You've either had a stoke of genius, an ongoing conversation with a muse, or you've have hired yourself some talent.

          1. Ok I get it; you've hired Shikha [off the streets] and you're making a parody out of everything she says. Totally makes sense now.

            1. Ze is a true genius.

  10. Newsom is a scumbag of course, but the DAs of two of their largest cities are clearly doing some illegal shit. One connived the mafia Cuomo into pardoning a convicted murderer. Classic corruption but Newsom seems OK with it.

    Vote to recall.

  11. One does not have to study the relative histories of free markets and collectivists societies much to conclude that left-wing politics kill far more people than right-wing politics.

    1. Socialists murdered 100 million people in the 20th century. That's outside of war. Simple plain murder.

      1. Indeed and some complain of Hitler. A choir boy compared to lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pott.

  12. Unless of course I just want PEOPLE TO DIE!!!

    1. For the good of the many; don't forget that part, it makes it all worthwhile [unless of course you're one of the dead ones].

  13. >>Paffrath presents himself as a centrist

    lol how do you even type that about a California (D)?

    1. Easy. If he's not Pol Pot, he's middle of the road.

      1. when I lived in the OC we had Pete Wilson running the show

  14. Having a hard time picking a 'for' vote.
    Whacko lefties/Ds/'former educators'/'activists' all got removed first go round, but there remain several appealing candidates.

    1. I'm debating between the libertarian (sigh) and this guy Ted Gaines who seems to be about as libertarian as an R can be. It's not a a great list of options but all non-D non-green are better than newsome really.

      1. I thought Doug Ose (the first Repub in the voter guide) had the best write-up of how Dems (and Newsom) have failed California. Better than the Libertarian candidate (Jeff Hewitt) who sounded very centrist. Larry Elder's write-up sounded like a pretty standard conservative, not some Trump-supporting bogeyman.

        But with close to 50 candidates running, and the plurality winner take all (no runoff) rules, this is one election where it makes sense to vote strategically. 15 or 16% might be enough to win, so voting for the front-runner on the side you support makes the most sense.

        1. Ose had a heart attack and opted out of the election.
          The former mayor of San Diego is interesting, but it sure would be pleasant to have some one with business experience.

  15. '"Then the ad argues that Republican recall frontrunner Larry Elder (they don't say his name, but they use his image and one of his tweets) would get rid of mask and vaccine mandates "on Day One."'

    What that actually means, of course, that it would return control of such things as "mask mandates" to local jurisdictions, where it used to lie, before Gruesome went all power-crazy with his Edicts From On High. Not that local jurisdictions are necessarily any better, but local control is certainly more democratic than "remote control."

    1. Using the coercive power of government to force people to do things against their will really is what progressives are all about.

      1. Yes, goes along with their eugenics history and racism in general.

        1. Shoot, there's a damned funny campaign slogan just waiting to get out --

          "Three years of Newsom imbecilities is enough!"

      2. Now do abortion shit for brains.

        1. Now pay your mortgage no brains at all.

        2. Lol look how the snowflake is getting angry because of all the mean name calling 😀

        3. I wonder if American Socialist is aware that there's historically been an open debate within libertarianism about abortion. I don't think they even put abortion in the LP platform until recently--because they recognized that there were more than one legitimately libertarian way to look at that issue. They should probably go back to that.

          I'm on the side of keeping elective abortion legal because using the coercive power of government to compel women to carry a fetus to term is unacceptable, in my view, but I don't think it's necessary to pretend that killing fetuses is an ethical or libertarian thing to do--and I see no reason to disqualify a libertarian candidate on the basis of that issue alone. Because I'm not persuaded doesn't mean there isn't a perfectly libertarian argument to make about how the legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights--including the rights of unborn children.

          Because I'm on one side of any argument, doesn't mean I need to pretend that the other side doesn't have any good arguments to make, and I wouldn't disqualify, say, Rand Paul or Ron Paul from getting my vote on the basis of their opposition to abortion alone.

          I don't know why American Socialist keeps bringing abortion up as if it were a litmus test for libertarian capitalism. It simply isn't. If American Socialist thinks that's a deal breaker for libertarian capitalists, then that's more about American Socialists ideas than it is about libertarian capitalism itself.

          1. "I wonder if American Socialist is aware that there’s historically been an open debate within libertarianism about abortion..."

            Commie shit doesn't care.
            He thinks he's got a zinger which disqualifies anyone opposing abortion from consideration as humans.

    2. True. 90% of the pandemic rules in California came from the county level. At the state level half of the counties just ignored the governor. Like Trump he declared that he was in charge of the local rules, but just like Trump he was wrong.

      1. "...Like Trump he declared that he was in charge of the local rules, but just like Trump he was wrong..."

        Stuff your TDS up your ass, along with your "both sides", steaming pile of shit. Your head's asking for company.

      2. You say a lot of stupid, unsupported things.

        1. Invariably about Trump, even when Trump has nada to do with it.

          1. Brandyshit supported droolin' Joe, since Brandyshit is an adolescent asshole incapable of rational thought.
            Since then, Brandyshit has been spouting bullshit left and right, hoping to deflect attention from his fan-boy idiocy.

      3. I believe that the complaint about Trump is that he said he was NOT in charge of the local rules, which is why we had to vote in Biden.

        1. Hey! Branedyshit's trying to get you to look over there! Don't bother Brandyshit with facts; his fan-boy feelings will be hurt!

      4. That's correct. The 7 Bay Area counties (and other liberal hotspots like LA) went farther than the state required in adding and enforcing non-sensical restrictions, and the conservative counties declined to enforce the state level edicts.

      5. It's so funny to see TDS still rampant and as always, so off base. The big whine about Trump was NOT his authoritarianism but his LACK of pushing control over things proggies wanted to control.

      6. goddamn that was a shit take.

    3. Which is a really dumb ad. Lots of people who were planning not to vote now have a reason to go vote to get rid of Newsom and vote for Elder. If only 15-20% of the state hates lockdowns and masks and government edicts, that's enough to win a large plurality in a field of 47 candidates.

      1. "If you recall Newsom, we'll die!"
        "Your terms are acceptable."

  16. The ad presents a hypothetical, but the documented fact is that Newsome has actually caused needless deaths with his policies.

  17. I think they're blowing it in these commercials I see by accusing Elder or promising to oppose vaccine mandates the first day he's in office.

    That's like accusing President Trump of caring more about Americans that he does people in other countries.

    They're mostly just going for the no vote on the whether to recall Newsom question, but still--if you don't want vaccine mandates, the advertising is telling you to recall Newsom.

    Why do they assume California's swing voters want vaccine mandates?

    1. "Why do they assume California’s swing voters want vaccine mandates?"

      I mean, the reason we're having a recall is because people are mad at him over the Covid response?

      1. Ya think?

      2. Newsom is arrogant and tone deaf. Why would his efforts to fight the recall be any different.

        1. Newsom is arrogant and tone deaf.

          That's the future of the Democratic party.

        2. The progressives may have just given up on trying to get swing voters to support him--and are going straight for the get out the progressive vote campaign.

          That being said, the progressives are definitely susceptible to imagining that they're far more popular than they are. Part of that may be because of the media they watch.

          CNN, MSNBC, the LA Times, the Chron, and the government officials all say the Democrats are doing great! How can hundreds of screaming banshees all be wrong?

          1. According to them, Biden was and still is doing great in Afghanistan.

        3. But to go full arrogant and tone deaf, they brought in Warren to nag people. After which Newsom's approval ratings fell further.

          1. If I wanted to make anyone look bad or worse, I'd just put them next to that vile harpy.

            1. You mean, a beer swilling, affirmative action harpy...

          2. The fake Indian demographic must be small in CA.

          3. Biden's up next! I think his public support may just do the trick.

    2. > Why do they assume California’s swing voters want vaccine mandates?

      Democrats in California assume everyone is a loyal Democrat. They concept of a swing voter is an alien concept. They recognize the existence of red districts, which they ignore, but swing voters, moderates, decline to states, all that stuff is beyond their comprehension.

      1. No, Brandysyhit, they rely on fan-boy "both sides" assholes like you.

      2. It's either arrogance or they're really depending on the get out the vote campaign--and it really is all about the recall Newsom or no recall Newsom question.

        People who are angry at Newsom about the lockdowns may be willing to walk barefoot over broken glass to vote against him, and the people who are for him probably don't care much either way.

        The more I think of it, it really is a get out the progressive vote ad--rather than trying to appeal to swing voters. But I think it really does also push swing voters to want to vote for the recall, too.

        The people of California have a funny way of voting against what the progressives want them to do--going back to Prop 8 and just about every question on the last ballot. The people of California voted against affirmative action, sentencing reform, and against getting rid of cash bail.

        Intellectually, I know that Californians are nowhere near as far to the left as the progressives in Sacramento, but it still surprises even me when I see them vote like they're in Wyoming on issues like that.

        After last summer, what would you say was more likely, that Gavin Newsom would be recalled or that the people of California would vote to keep George Floyd paying cash bail? If Newsom is recalled, I'll be surprised--even though I know I should be surprised at all.

        1. What the Democrats forget is that not everyone is an affluent liberal whitey. They take the Black, Latino, and Asian votes for granted. When it came to gay marriage, it lost on the ballot primarily due to the Black vote who wanted none of that. Similarly, the Latinos tend to go Democrat because of union issues (because of California history) but they are still very much social conservatives. And Southeast Asians are migrating over to the Republicans (or merely independent status) in droves.

          The issue is that California initiatives are NOT partisan measures. So a demographic that will reliably vote for a Democrat won't reliably vote for a Democrat Party backed initiative. As we saw in 2020.

          1. That's why they have to push intersectionality. Its not enough to be anti-gun and pro-LBGT as separate issues, you have to view being anti-gun as a necessary part of being pro-LBGT, and likewise toe the line on every other progressive issue, because otherwise you're not truly supporting ANY issue

            1. Great definition of intersectionality. So you have to be all in for everything or you might be associating yourself with or even lending support to some deplorable.

            2. Gay guns matter.

              1. The Gay-R 15.

                1. When you name it like that it could never be banned in todays culture - right?

          2. "What the Democrats forget is that not everyone is an affluent liberal whitey..."

            True enough, but they're relying on TDS addled assholes like you to claim "both sides!!!!!", and vote accordingly.
            Happy now TDS-assled asshole? You got Biden; you should be like a pig in shit.

    3. To think, I actually considered moving to Cal 10-15 years ago.
      Glad I stayed in Michigan but then we have our own female version
      of Gruesome Newsom.
      You know, the one the FBI wanted to kidnap.

  18. Newsom's tactic will backfire. Just last week a group of otherwise very bright friends claimed they had voted "no". But what about the backside? Who did you vote to replace Newsom if he loses?

    They had no idea there was a second referendum.

    And that's exactly the Democrat's strategy, pretend there is no replacement vote and do not back any of the unknown Democrats who are running. The reason Elder is ahead (15% with this many names is NOT a bad showing) is because Republicans are making an effort to campaign while Democrats are pretending this ballot measure doesn't even exist.

    My friends also asked why the lieutenant governor wouldn't replace the governor if recalled. It's a good idea. I would support it. But it's NOT the law in California. Democrats can't just make up shit as they go along. It's as pathetic at Hillary whining that they didn't know she had to win the Electoral College. Democrats had twenty years since the last recall election to fix this oversight, but their tactic was to ignore it.

    I'm not a huge fan of Elder, but he's better htan the idiot in office. Hell, Jenner is better than Newsom! Holy Cripes on a stick, Angelyne is better than Newsom!

    1. Democrats can’t just make up shit as they go along.

      They've been doing it for years.

      1. They try to, but some things are immutable. THey want to print dollars in California but can't no matter how much they wish it. Because it's in the state constitution that the 1) the budget must be balanced; and 2) can't raise taxes without a supermajority of the voters. (Every night I go to sleep next to my shrine to Howard Jarvis).

        They also can't just make up election rules as they go along. THey will whine about it, but they can't do it. The recall is happening despite the court cases trying to stop it on specious grounds. And that second measure, the one withe candidates on it, is actually on the ballot right now, today, as I type this, and no matter how much they pretend it's not there people are voting on it.

        Newsom is campaigning using Elizabeth Warren commercials, utterly unaware that America's Scold only holds water with a very narrow slice of the Democrat Party. Then he portrays this as him versus Elder, not understanding that he's not running against Elder, he running against a recall.

        This is literally like Hillary losing in 2016 because she forget we had an Electoral College system.

        p.s. I still think the recall is up in the air, but every add the governor rolls out just make me ever more hopeful.

  19. I got some bad news for you, Scott.
    Win or lose in the recall, we are all going to die.

  20. Democrats have a problem with the truth and exaggerate a lot. You do remember Global Cooling, more Hurricanes, more Tornados, the exact date when we were past the point of no return for Global Warming, if Reagan, Trump, or any Republican was elected he would start WW3, nursing home deaths, Illegals with COVID are not a problem, and I could go on.

    1. The overwhelming motivation behind every single left "thinking" Democrat I know is emotion; it just matters how the feel about something, and if their decision or vote supports feeling good about it.

      It is a mind set; some I know are quite successful and actually wealthy; it is not a question of intelligence or acumen, but that mentality just overrules where anything political is concerned. Counter arguments often begin with "Well I'm sorry you don't care..."

  21. Passed out man found with 300 California recall ballots

    Because voter fraud never happens.

    1. Reads like he's a real model citizen.

      1. Sounds like someone who steals mail for a living. I wonder why he wanted the mail in ballots.

        1. It pays more than the $0.50/post here.

    2. Reminds me of when I saw a bum selling Amazon packages to guy with an open trunk in a supermarket parking lot here in NorCal a couple years ago. Same idea.

  22. Sharon Quirk-Silva, the Assembly member in District 65, took it a giant Orwellian step further labeling recall supporters "insurrectionists" and "Big Liars" without mentioning even one of Newsom's multiple affairs, blunders, failures or bribes.

    1. When you replace an incompetent captain, the correct term is "mutiny", no "insurrection". "Insurrection" is when you protest to have an election audited.

      1. I get your point about “insurrection”, but I feel that “mutiny” still doesn’t accurately describe the perfectly legal recall that Our Boy Gavin has found himself in the middle of.

        Perhaps being “relieved of command” would be a better term, following the naval theme.

        1. true, the recall is completely legal and constitutional. but for Dems who consider it a power grab, it's more like getting rid of a bad captain (mutiny can be the best course of action in such circumstances, to increase your odds of survival)

  23. In related news, Johnson & Johnson says its bottom line [people] would benefit from the government paying for millions of their booster shots, and they've got the data to prove it.

    I'm not saying the science is wrong, but it's funny how often the data seems to support the conclusion that will make the most money for the person crunching the numbers.

    Just for the record, the question on these boosters shots shouldn't be whether they will benefit people. The question should be whether the benefits justify the costs.

    I strongly suspect the benefit of booster shots that lower the chance of hospitalization from 5% to 1% won't have the impact of vaccinating the unvaccinated.

    If the already vaccinated want to pay for themselves to get a booster shot, I think they should be free to do so.

    1. I haven't followed the booster shot science particularly closely, at least not as closely as I've followed it with the regular vaccines, but if one got a Pfizer vaccine, can they get a J&J booster? Or are you locked into Apple's walled garden now?

      1. I don't think they're recommending mixing the vaccines because they don't really know what the effects of that are (gee, if only there was an established process to determine those things).

        Kids under 12 still can't get the Pfizer shot, incidentally, even though it's " fully authorized."

        1. They can, under the continued emergency use authorization. I've also seen it recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

          Still no long-term data on anything. Science!

    2. The mRNA in particular are appearing to wear off quicker - 4-8 months resistance to strains most similar to their target.
      J&J should theoretically provide longer resistance to a wider range of variants... But also is most likely of the vaccines to have adverse side effects thus far.

    3. Or telling people to take the clot shot.
      Investigate Fauci.

  24. It's funny how the commercial will show a picture of Larry (I guess the evil black man), but won't say his name? But his name is on my bumper

    1. Because the ad is targeted at a very select group of far-left voters, and they know that the many centrists seeing the ad will say "No vaccine mandate? He's got my vote.....but wait, who is he?"

      1. Surely there's a democratic replacement who's further left than Newsom. I mean, it's California, there's got to be a couple of card-carrying Marxists running.

        1. There appears to be 9 people running as Democrats, and another 11 as independents, 2 Greens, a Libertarian, and a bunch of Republicans.

          The thing is the Democrat establishment has effectively put all their eggs in the Newsom basket, none of the candidates running under D banner are getting any support from the party at large. My guess is they aren't sufficiently "establishment" so they may not toe the party line on all issues

        2. There are several Dems left of Newsom running. But many Dems are advising people not to vote on the second question. Which is like the French strategy in WW2.

      2. It's even better than that. 35% of Californians vote Republican, and if they weren't sure which of the 3 dozen Republicans to vote for, now they know there is one who will end the lockdowns and mandates and who the Dems fear. So they will coalesce in support of that candidate. And it's obvious who it is.

      3. “No vaccine mandate, who is he”. Larry Elder is the black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned. —- according to the LA Times.
        Instead of NIMBYs, maybe the progressives will start calling anyone of any race against mandatory section 8, a white supremacist. That might backfire, but it’s California..???

  25. Yeah, Dems are also warning people that the "Republican" recall is wasting taxpayer money. As if Newsom and the Dems are some sort of prudent fiscal stewards, and as if Newsom didn't spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer money in handouts trying to buy public support for keeping him in office.

    1. Fade to photo of Donald Trump auctioning Larry Long Dong to voters and keeping Jeff Hewitt out of the picture. More images at

  26. California Recall Opponents Warn We Might All Die

    And not from COVID.

  27. "The scary Black man is out to murder you and your whole family."

    And just like that, the progressive movement comes full circle.

    1. This election is about the Progressive Poster Boy, a white hyper-affluent San Francisco proggie, versus Black candidates, Latino candidates, gay candidates, and trans-candidates. And that's JUST those with "Republican" next to their names. Seriously.

      1. ?!! Gay and trans I can see, but Latino and Black?

        1. Larry Elder is black, and he's the Republican frontrunner. Based on the names on the ballot I would guess Diego Martinez is Latino

        2. Brandyshit is a TDS-addled asshole, still trying to justify his "both sides" whining about Trump, who, as an adolescent fan-boy, Brandyshit did not find to be an acceptable father-figure.
          Ask Brandyhshit which one of these makes him warm and comfy; might be someone not a D, but given Brandyshit's history, don't bet on it.

    2. I guess a straight line could be a circle depending on how you look at it.

    3. Democrats -- the Original Party of Slavery.

    4. By Jove! It's a replay of the Cocaine Negro from the 08FEB1914 New York Times article endorsing passage of the Harrison Act!

  28. Look on FB about when he was in Pville yesterday and the dude with the airhorn calling him a d-bag(Which he is BTW). Funny shit!

  29. The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes! ™

    1. I've heard that before...

  30. Some ballots have holes in the envelopes that allow the 'yes/no' vote on the questions to recall Newsom, to be seen from the outside.

    1. In CA’s recall, everyone received a mail-in ballot, and the envelopes have holes punched in them (mine had 4 total). If you don’t pay attention to how you fold the ballot in the envelope, how you voted in the first item (“shall the governor be recalled?”) is visible through the holes.

      But not to worry, according to Official State Media KCRA. The holes are there “in order for blind voters to be able to identify where the signature line is on the envelope”

      KCRA continues:

      “KCRA 3 spoke with Ryan Ronco, Placer County’s elected clerk-recorder-registrar, about what voters should know about election safety and protecting their vote.

      ‘There's really only one way to put the ballot into the envelope where that vote shows, and there are literally a dozen other ways that a person may be able to, after voting, place the ballot into the envelope and not have that choice show — and not the least of which is to just really reverse-fold the ballot so that just the white portions of the ballot are showing, so that once you put it into the envelope there's absolutely no way that a person might be able to see that vote,’ he explained”

      I’m sure that a certain percentage of ballots will be submitted with it visible by random chance. Which will give election riggers more than enough of an edge to swing a close vote, giving extra scrutiny (or just “loosing”) ballots that are clearly showing a yes vote. So it may take quite an overwhelming percentage of people voting yes for our boy to get shit-canned.

      I personally would like for three things to happen in this recall:

      1. Newsom gets his ass thrown out.
      2. Larry Elder gets in, if anything to continuously expose the true racism of the CA Democratic Party leadership and their friends in the media.
      3. Key Democrats and their functionaries get prison sentences for trying to mess with the recall.

      We’ll see how it proceeds. There’s been a conspicuous lack of news regarding votes received so far.

      1. Am I really supposed to elevate the warmed over ideas of 1990 conservatism simply because the advocate is African-American? I thought we’re supposed to judge on the content of our character.

        1. Is ending the tyrannical shutdowns and other mandates 'warmed over 1990's conservatism?'

        2. Judging people why the content of their character is so last century, its all about equity now.

        3. You might try 'elevating' to what amounts to a grade-one education, commie shit.

      2. Wow; a person with a cynical bent might actually tend to think there was some deliberate obfuscation going on with this.

      3. There are only 4 ways to put a ballot in an envelope (front or back to the front, upside down or right side up). And the vote shows in 1 of those 4 ways.


  31. Politically, I’m 41% left anarchist, 40% Green Social Democrat from Finland, 8% East German architect, 6% conservative and 5% Dictatorship of the Proletariat so exactly 47% of me is for this recall in order to elect the guy who pulled a gun on his girlfriend and to watch the police round up the homeless and put them into camps. It’s really a toss-up for me.

    1. He didn't pull a gun on his girlfriend and he's not going to "round up the homeless". Back away from the CNN and El Segundo Times, you're brain is atrophying and you're almost incapable of recognizing truth. Get into a 12-step program for cognitive independence immediately!

      1. And in any case, the recall petitions against Newsom's replacement will start circulating the day after the recall.

        1. If we can just spend our time doing nothing but recalls in california that would be an improvement.

    2. 47% of me is for this recall in order to elect the guy who pulled a gun on his girlfriend and to watch the police round up the homeless and put them into camps.

      What's the problem, it's not like your kind never put that in to practice.

    3. Actually, you're 100% steaming pile of lefty shit.

    4. Politically, I’m 41% left anarchist, 40% Green Social Democrat from Finland, 8% East German architect, 6% conservative and 5% Dictatorship of the Proletariat…

      Every dollar that was spent educating you was wasted money.

    5. "Politically, I’m 41% left anarchist,..."

      BTW, this alone tells you all you need to know about commie shit, claiming to be largely in favor of two incompatible organizing arrangements and too stupid to realize it.
      "Left" requires coercion from armed thugs.
      "Anarchy" assumes everybody just sorts of gets along.
      Commie shit is entirely too stupid to understand the conflict.

    6. You're an idiot. Get some boots, get a job and common sense should follow if you stick with it. Get help.

    7. There were collectivist fence-sitters in Germany's 1933 elections: "Selfish Jews? I'd cart them into gas ovens! Then again... not so fast!"

  32. Newsom is now accept multi-million dollar donations from public unions and special interests to defend against the recall. These are simple blood money -- bribes which have a price tag which Newsom will pay for by confiscating more wealth from stupid taxpayers who voted for Gavin Newsom and the smart ones who didn't because well, you don't vote for a turd if you have a brain.

    1. This is different from other elections how?

      1. Touche, that makes it totally okay then.

      2. Amazing! MG pulled a stopped-clock!
        Correct; in EVERY election, the D's rely on the union vote; union members are used to taking direction from the union bosses.

        1. And lefty shits like you, MG.
          "Thinking" is no more part of their mental abilities than it is of yours.

      3. No limits for a recall -- that's how it's different. But I wouldn't expect a progressive turd (you) to bother to know the rules or follow them. To ideologues like you, it's okay if the Governor extorts people or people pay bribes to get access to power and change outcomes ... as long as it is "your guy" doing it. If it weren't for hypocrites, there would be no progressives.

  33. I guess that's why it looks like they've got operatives out stealing ballots right now.

    You know Reason, it gets really hard to accept the 'most secure and fair election ever' line when THE VERY NEXT ELECTION that threatens Democrats has people being filmed breaking into PO boxes and stealing ballots and they're arresting passed out crackheads with boxes of them in the back of the car.

    Like, I believe there was a lot of incompetence in the last election but not significant fraud - but then there's your long list of articles telling everyone to just shut the fuck up about it and now the hijinks over the CA recall.

    1. They never said "no fraud", they said "no widespread fraud"....

      1. No apparant fraud. It's all fine until Dems get caught, and then it's Trump's fault.

  34. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that 'comically extreme fearmongering' is the normal messaging, and that this has been the case for quite some time now. I might swap 'comically' for either depressingly or nauseatingly, as the situation has long since ceased to be humorous.

  35. There are only 100 reasons to recall Dear Leader Newsom?

  36. So what? Rs run Doom and Gloom ads every election cycle.

    1. Agree, i dont think it matters what progressives do at this point, give them a free pass and let them do what they want. At the end of the day it only matters that they need to be done away with.

    2. "So what? Rs run Doom and Gloom ads every election cycle."

      And we end up with doom and gloom lefty assholes like Newsom and Biden.
      Did you have a point?

      1. No, just the usual idiotic partisan wanking. Flame and move on.

  37. He's not going to be recalled. Tilting at windmills.

    1. Wanna bet? Oops... the entrenched Kleptocracy has "laws" against political betting... nevermind...


    (in more than one way!)

  39. One thing you fail to note: elections in California seem to be decoupled from the electorate at the statewide level.

    Diane Fienstien polls in the mid 30's on her approval ratings in California, yet she gets elected. Kamala Harris had so little support that she only pulled in 7% in the presidential primary, despite having recently been elected Senator in that state. So Newsome doesn't need to worry about independents or Republicans or turnout. He just needs the support of the party machine. If they turn on him... He is done.

    1. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get conservatives to move en masse into Cal and turn it red?
      Boy, can you hear the screaming.

  40. It is nice that Reason, published in the United States, is covering a foreign election.

    1. By "covering" is meant helping "both" looter parties struggle to evade thinking about the Libertarian Party with its honest candidate and law-changing spoiler votes, which is true. Search media election coverage in any Banana Republic caudillo State or single-party Junta and you'll see the libertarian option mentioned as often as in a Scottie the Shackler article in a magazine first published in California.

  41. Honestly, I'm just glad to see that deranged publicity hound of a granny killer getting bounced out of the lead polling.

    No, not Greusome. Jenner.

  42. BTW, Newsom, as SF Mayor, appointed Heather Fong as CoP; she had zero support from the cops, seemed not really interested in arranging matters to apprehend perps, but she was gay and also NEVER got between Newsom and a camera!
    Perfect choice!

    1. Look how well Frisco is doing, especially with their new $20,000 trash cans.
      They got the homeless problem all figured out.

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  45. You know, it doesn't really matter, since I'm told by Liberal acquaintances that we'll all be dead due to climate change by 2035.

    1. I thought we only had until 2030.

    2. Acolytes of grim Gretta.
      How dare you!
      She is kinda cute though. Too bad she's a nut case. out for her...stay as far away as possible from her and women like her. Don't get tangled up with her or you'll regret it.This is your only warning.
      Take it from someone who's been there.

  46. Sounds like Newsom's campaign is vote for me I'll close your schools and businesses and mandate masks for everyone everywhere in the state. If that's a winning message just jettison it as a state and let them form their own fascist state.

  47. Scott holds a job as hostile infiltrator at Reason by working to ignore and undermine Libertarian candidates like Jeff Hewitt, whose name and law-repealing party he pointedly elides. Shackles eulogizes Long Dong Elder as a Republican in an overt confession of bias toward girl-bullying looters. Christianity Today or National Socialist Review could hire him as a token “libertarian” to endorse candidates like Mitt, Greene Teeth or Linseed Graham Cracker, with probably a Nixon-funded pay raise thrown in. When was the last time Scottie Shackles EVER said anything nice about a libertarian candidate running for office?

  48. Just sitting here with the popcorn enjoying the show, and singing a favorite song (to the tune of Beethoven's Ode to Joy):
    "Schadenfreudeh, schadenfreudeh,
    Newsom's going down the tubes...."

  49. You know where else evicting or showing grievance to a tyrant leader was a matter of life or death?

  50. Don't forget, Larry Elder is the black face of white supremacy!
    The L.A. Times said so, so it must be true.
    Next up, the L.A.Times editorial will have a picture of Larry Elder wearing a white KKK hood.
    The Newsomites will dox his home address, send in BLM and ANTIFA to threaten his family while he's out campaigning. You know how brave and fearless they are.
    The reputation for California having the most crazies is on display for the rest of the country to witness. Is it in the air? The water? The food or the big Fault? One thing is for sure, the craziness and
    irrational thinking of these people is a sure sign of mental instability.

  51. The closer it gets to the election the more desperate the leftists become, to the point where they may actually begin threatening people in more direct ways.
    The Newsomites are running scared and the desperation in their manner and tone is becoming quite obvious. They fear losing their power, the power they have over everyone in Cal. This is what really bothers them. It's like a nightmare that won't stop even when awake. It's the bad LSD trip, the delirium tremens and psychosis all rolled into one.
    As Hunter S. Thompson once said," buy the ticket....take the ride."
    Sometime in the future, a bearded bum is seen crawling out of an alley in Berdoo, a once expensive suit now in rags. reeking with piss and vomit stained in the front he howls at the sun, screaming at passersby that he is governor. No one seems to care. A dog lifts his leg and pisses on his back.

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