Brickbat: Dog Gone


In Australia, an animal control agency run by the Bourke Shire Council shot and killed several stray and abandoned dogs rather than allow volunteer animal welfare activists to travel from Cobar, some 165 miles away, to pick them up, according to the New South Wales Office of Local Government, a watchdog agency. Animal control employees reportedly thought it would be a violation of COVID-19 restrictions to allow the volunteers to travel to pick up the dogs.

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  1. During lockdowns, Down Under state agents are making their dog-shooting quotas one way or another.

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    2. Wait, if state agents (is animal control a state agency in Aussieland?) are shooting wild dogs rather than going into peoples’ homes and shooting domestic dogs during lockdowns, are libertarians suddenly in favor of lockdowns?

  2. So the travel restrictions are going to be permanent, or at least longer than a dog’s lifespan? These state agents are doing Taliban-level shit. Assholes.

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    2. They’re doing this shit because their Muslim immigrants ignore their laws, spreading disease and causing death.

      Since they can’t very politely single out a single group for Covid restrictions, they restrict everyone.

      The right thing to do is to admit who the problem is, arm the populace, and let them solve the problem.

      But government never does the right things, which is how they wound up with a mass of ignorant immigrants in the first place.

  3. I guess they could have waited until the volunteers made the 165-mile trip and then shot the volunteers, but it’s hard to imagine how these people could have missed the warning signs that what they were doing is just plain evil.

    1. How is shooting a wild dog evil? Violation of property rights? Non-aggression against a wild animal that can’t conceptualize let alone assent to or observe non-aggression? Be explicit.

  4. These dogs will be considered COVID-related deaths by the Aussie authorities.

  5. Soon, Progressives will be suggesting that the un-vaccinated should be shot to protect…well…something. Probably “The Children”.

  6. Shooting dogs, pepper spraying children… If it saves ONE LIFE, it’ll all be worth it.

  7. Hundreds of millions of stray dogs are killed every year.

    1. That was mute worthy.

    2. Which doesn’t change the fact that these dogs could have been rescued but for some petty bureaucrats engaged in hygiene theater.

      1. The closest thing to a decent argument on this thread and still about 50% ‘Muh Dogz!’.

        1. I guess I should be elated that in championing libertarianism, you at least managed to avoid conflating animal control shooting wild dogs with the Taliban.

    3. Millions of dogs are euthanized by shelters and/or breeders unable to adopt them out or sell them to families every year.

  8. Just a small example of what the STATE is willing and able to do, should the need arise.

    And as this is COVID related no protest to any degree on any venue or media will be permitted.

    Oh, and Christ what assholes.

  9. And when there are no more dogs to shoot, they’ll switch to humans.

    1. Dogs as proxies for humans; until there were no more dogs, then they…

    2. Because every deer, bear, coyote, elk, prairie dog, pronghorn, bighorn, moose, cougar, muskox, bison, goat, pheasant, dove, quail, fox, and caribou hunter who doesn’t bag their limit will just slake their bloodlust by going to the local Walmart?

      Holy fuck. I was under the impression that libertarians were libertarians because people could be generally trusted to own guns, take care of their own, and generally distinguish between moral/legal and immoral/illegal acts. Your conflation of shooting wild dogs with shooting humans is demonstrating that’s generally untrue.

      Good fucking God. Every time a dog eats a bullet on this forum it’s “Fuck libertarianism a furry got shot!”

  10. Wow it is terrible to see a formerly decent nation turn into such authoritarian douchbags. The seeds of this were planted long ago when they banned many firearms. And commonwealth nations have never been big free speech advocates. I’d like to say can’t happen here but we all know how the left likes their fundamentalism and their love of authoritarian punishments. Hopefully we can turn the tide in 2022 and 2024 but the IC and military may not allow it. Big tech certainly won’t since they are in the pay of such cretins.

    1. Australia has always had a totalitarian streak.

  11. It’s not like the poor doggies can either give or recieve COVID-19! What the Hell are those Aussie assholes thinking???

    1. Just being assholes.

        1. Still better than Massholes.

    2. No, dogs carry rabies, roundworm, scabies, and many other diseases. On top of that, they bite, claw, and flail prey and even non-prey objects just for fun.

      The point to disagree with is that the *people* shouldn’t be restricted from travelling because of COVID but, once again, no libertarians give any actual shits about liberty because dogs. My 1A says that if somebody 160 mi. away is willing to adopt a dog that I need to shoot. I’m perfectly fine telling them to fuck off.

      JFC, do you Karens turn into a dysfunctional puddle of tears every time the Sara McGlaughlin commercial comes on?

  12. fuck I wish I hadn’t read that first sentence. dude if animals die in your brickbat, Distant Early Warning please&thankyou

    1. You need a trigger warning because unowned dogs half a globe away died and literally nothing else happened? Go to the dean of your local University and demand a dog-death-free safe space, snowflake.

      1. hi mad. yes it hurts my soul to hear about dogs getting shot. fuck off, and have a lovely afternoon.

        1. yes it hurts my soul to hear about dogs getting shot.

          Would watching a dog, wild or domesticated, torture a rabbit to death and then wait three days to eat the remains cancel out or doubly wound your soul? If it was your dog you saw do that, do you disown the dog? What if it just attempted to do it?

          1. probably doubly. I vividly remember pretty much everything I’ve ever killed it’s not pleasant. and my dogs know not to eat the bunnies but no I wouldn’t disown them if they did.

            1. Did you train them not to chase/eat bunnies with rewards and discipline and everything?

              Surely, you’ve killed ants, flies, roaches, mosquitos, and spiders you don’t remember?

              Trigger warning: About 5 yrs. ago Mrs. Casual and I were driving to dinner when a squirrel got winged by the car in front of us. Fairly sure it was terminal. I swerved and put him out of his misery before she even had time to gasp and put her hand to her mouth. I remember that pretty vividly. Mostly because of the dark humor. It was obvious she didn’t approve but was well aware that it was the right decision.

              1. yes they will sit in my backyard with squirrels and my cat and nobody will eat anybody. the cat doesn’t care about the squirrels but eats bunny faces and leaves me the rest to deal with lol.

                I will kill mosquitos for Mrs. Dillinger. I allow the spiders to live in the house. Roaches I put outside. I used to hunt but the last time I shot a quail was the last time I killed anything on purpose I just lost the taste for it.

                I saw the back half of a rabbit get squished by a truck tire and the front half was dragging the rest of itself across the street … in a rearview mirror … in 1982 and it’s like it happened yesterday.

    2. Mad, don’t be rude.
      However, Dillinger, be reasonable. There’s no trigger warning that would be better than a clean and clinical description of what occurred. It wasn’t in graphic detail, and it wasn’t like there was a picture. At that point, you would need a trigger warning for your trigger warning.

      1. Mad, don’t be rude.

        Read the thread. I’m more inhumane than the Taliban for shooting a wild animal because it offends snowflakes… according to libertariansin the forums.

      2. dude it was tongue-in-cheek … and a Rush reference

  13. Australia, a country populated and run by the descendants of prison guards and their jailers. It should surprise nobody that totalitarianism is a core part of their culture.

    1. When the *fuck* did shooting wild dogs or any other animal become a keystone of totalitarianism? FFS, it’s 90+% of the reason guns were invented. What the fuck happened to the libertarians around here? Oh, wait, that’s right, property rights don’t apply because dogs.

  14. Wait. An animal control agency shot feral dogs that didn’t belong to anyone? OMG!

    But… but… they might have been adopted? Sure, someone might have adopted a feral dog. Of course, they might not have and the feral dogs would’ve consumed resources that more domesticated animals could’ve used and, due to the lack of resources (and the fact that no one wants a feral dog) both dogs get euthanized. Better still, the dog might get adopted by a family and a formerly freal dog winds up attacking a kid! Talk about a win.

    No one owned the dogs. Animal control didn’t kick in anyone’s door on a no-knock raid or because some Karen called them out on the neighbors and shot their dog. Animal control solved the problem the same way they would solve a wolf, bear, skunk, coyote, dingo, opossum, etc., etc., etc. problem.

    I’m sure in NYC, or DC, where every pug and corgi is just the cutest, wootest wittle puppy that would nevaw hawm anyone, shooting a dog is unconscionable. But, in reality, dogs have a wide array of builds and temperaments and not all are conducive with human cohabitation. You can fuck off with your handwringing about shooting dogs, COVID, and more critical to your point ‘Muh Feelz!’.

    1. >>No one owned the dogs.

      no one owns anything. are you also a walking target because no one owns you?

      1. no one owns anything.

        So, no property rights?

        are you also a walking target because no one owns you?

        Unable to distinguish between human morality and the (lack of) morality/behavior of wild dogs?

        Your inability to comprehend both of the above makes *me* the totalitarian sociopath?

  15. >according to the New South Wales Office of Local Government, a watchdog agency.

    We see what you did there Mr Oliver. Nicely written.

    1. They keep reporting on it and the authorities will hound them about it saying they are barking up the wrong tree.

  16. or that’s sad

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