The Chair Makes Comedy Out of College's Absurd Status Quo

Sandra Oh leads Netflix's satire on the state of academia today.


The Chair. Available now on Netflix.

Henry Kissinger once said that academic politics are so vicious because the stakes are so small. (Kissinger being Kissinger, naturally he stole the line from somebody else.) That, alas, was before modern cancel-culture got academia by the throat. There's nothing trivial about the professional fires blazing through Netflix's uproarious but terrifying campus comedy The Chair.

Sandra Oh stars as Ji-Yoon Kim, the new chairman of the English department at Pembroke University, a small school at the lower end of the Ivy League gene pool. Even before the chair at her desk collapses—literally, symbolically and hilariously; slapstick physical comedy is a staple of the show—she realizes she's inherited a mess. Enrollment is shrinking, budgets are being gutted and her department's racial demographics defy the laws of wokeness: 87 percent of the professors are white, and way too many of them have penises. "I feel like someone handed me a ticking time bomb," broods Kim, "because they wanted to make sure a woman was holding it when it explodes."

It doesn't take long for tick-tick to go boom-boom. As Kim conducts her first departmental meeting, one professor is delayed while he drinks himself senseless in an airport bar, loses his car and pees on somebody else's, then steals and wrecks a security officer's golf cart. It's all part of a downhill slalom of drunkenness and absenteeism for one-time department star Bill Dobson (Jay Duplass, Transparent), who's been systematically demolishing his life since his wife died a year ago.

To make matters worse—a phrase that can be used about every 90 seconds in The Chair—Bill is the long-time best friend and maybe almost-boyfriend of Kim, which leaves her open to charges of favoritism, especially when he actually shows up to one of his classes and, while trying to make a point about absurdism as a response to 20th-century fascism, jokingly flashes a Nazi salute.

Choose your post-modernist buzz words: Cell phone. Viral. Triggered. Soon the quad echoes with chants of "Professor Hitler must go!" Bill protests that he's not a Nazi, but on modern college campuses, that's not the point; he joked about Nazis, an arrogant flaunting of white male privilege and a violation of the vague but iron-clad principle of safe spaces for tiny minds. With blood-curdling speed, his disciplinary hearing turns career-threatening.

Bill is the most deadly of Kim's personnel problems, but hardly the only one. She's under pressure from administrators to force retirements of several elderly professors with high salaries and low enrollments. They include windy Chaucer scholar Joan Hambling (Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men), who teaches to mostly empty classrooms and hasn't read a student evaluation of her course since Ronald Reagan was president.

When Kim gently persuades her that doing so might enable her make her classes a little more popular, the results are disastrous: The first evaluation says only "KILL ME NOW," and the second is a dismissal of Chaucer so brutal that Hambling tracks the kid down to the campus library to furiously defend the readability of The Canterbury Tales, including a vignette in which "some poor schmuck asked a woman for a kiss and ends up making out with her butthole."

Then there's Melville specialist Elliot Rentz (Bob Balaban, Wormwood), even more bereft of students than Hambling. (Among his failings in the eyes of his students is his refusal to acknowledge that Melville's literary merits were nullified by reports of his wife-beating.) Kim tries to make his numbers look better by folding his class in with that of a popular young black professor, but the arrangement collapses almost immediately when Rentz discovers one of her teaching techniques is encouraging her students to tweet their favorite lines from Moby-Dick. (Most popular: "Call me Ishmael." I'm sure it's only coincidence it's the first sentence of the novel.) Worse yet: a rap lampoon of the lack of women in the crew of the 19th-century whaling ship on which the novel is set. "Low-hanging fruit," sneers Rentz, as dismissive of the technology itself as he is of the teaching technique.

In many ways, The Chair is a chronicle of the last stand of the baby boomer academics who took over campuses in the 1970s. Written by actress Amanda Peet (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and Harvard doctoral candidate Annie Wyman, the scripts are blackly funny, extraordinarily insightful and nuttily outside the box. There's a bonkers appearance by David Duchovny as himself, offered a teaching slot by a smitten trustee. And he's outdone by 7-year-old newcomer Everly Carganilla as Kim's adopted Hispanic daughter JuJu, whose behavior (asking to see the vaginas of strangers, among other things) is the terror of the town babysitters.

Carganilla's blasé exposition of juvenile sociopathology may even be the finest performance of the whole cast, which is saying something: Oh, Duplass, Taylor and Balaban all are outstanding as they bounce from pratfalls to Chaucer jokes to poignant meditations on adult diapers and other detritus of old age. College, when I was there, wasn't nearly this funny.

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  1. Hmm, this might be a "funny" show, but I get the sense it avoids any REAL controversy in its humor. Which is fair, I guess. Not everything has to be a referendum on realpolitik.

    1. Well. They set up Rentz as a hero in my eyes. So there is that!

      But I suspect that even if funny I just don’t have the emotional energy to wallow in the Ivy League.

      I prefer Community.

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    2. Seems like the jokes are all going to be "lol, boome" and "haha... millennial"
      And I suspect you're correct that they're going to be cowardly

      1. I remember such a movie from the ... late 80s? Early 90s? Called "PCU".

        Was supposedly going to lampoon "political correctness" but was lame and cowardly about it.

        1. I saw it, it wasn't awful, but Jeremy Piven (whatever the fuck his name is) isn't really funny. And that's one of the few things he's in that I watched in its entirety.

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    4. It might be a good show if they hadn't shamelessly lifted the plot from a 20-year-old Anthony Hopkins film "The Human Stain"

  2. I taught in the evenings for many years as an adjunct professor at one of the country's very good law schools. As I prepared for each class in the faculty lounge, I overheard the 'real' professors talking with each other. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?" is not fiction. It's a documentary.

    1. ^

      That's one of the key things that drove me away from an academic career. A very high percentage of academics are truly awful people, and their machinations make fifteenth-century Italy look like a hypersensitivity support group.

      1. In an interview with Victor Davis Hanson,professor emeritus of Classics at California State said openly he didn't like academics.

        He said they were all left wing, many Marxist who go on about the working class and the downtrodden, but when he has casual conversation with them in the faculty lounge, they'll be musing on subjects such as whether or not to buy the Audi or the Mercedes, go to Hawaii, or the Caribbean for their next vacation...

        1. Yeah - one of the best-kept secrets is that pretty much all academics come from trust funds. Their Marxism is performative, and they know it, and even joke about it. Yet, they are sincere about it at the same time.

          Marx called it "Bourgeois Socialism" - an outgrowth of the guilt felt by the exploiting class in which rather than give up their lavish lifestyle, they pretend that everyone could lead a lavish lifestyle if only we had "socialism."

          But even apart from "isms," since academic work is almost by definition never tested in any real marketplace, academic success is about coalition-building and authority appropriation. The amount of outright lying, sabotage, backstabbing, and character assassination that goes on is truly staggering. Necessary for success, even.

      2. Aren't you a construction worker?

        1. No. I left academia sixteen years ago to go into construction management, specializing in the public education sector. I spent about six years doing project management for a small contractor, but I now manage construction projects at a university that shall remain nameless.

          From this vantage point, I can't tell you how happy I am with my decision.

          1. You don't want to watch me try to swing a hammer - it ain't pretty.

          2. Cool.

      3. And they've all read Machiavelli, as a guide.

  3. PCU and How I Got Into College still sound better.

  4. "her department's racial demographics defy the laws of wokeness: 87 percent of the professors are white, and way too many of them have penises."

    But it's not what's in their pants that matters, it's which pronouns they list on Twitter.

    1. "But it’s not what’s in their pants that matters, it’s which pronouns they list on Twitter."

      Hey, true.

      If they go work at Hobby Lobby for a while and use the woman's bathroom, can they come back to the uni as "women"?

  5. I just bought a brand new BMW after having made $6375 this past one month and just over 12k last 4 week. This is the best and most financially rewarding job I’ve ever had. I actually started this few Weeks ago and almost immediately started to bring home minimum 74BUCKS p/h… Read More

  6. "College, when I was there, wasn't nearly this funny."

    I remember students with a 3' high bong smoking weed in the reception area of my dorm residence, inviting me over to toke. It wasn't funny trying to do my physics homework after that, but I still laughed, and the extra time it took to do my homework must have helped it sink in my head.

    1. Did you say anything problematic?

  7. Jim Morrison's outburst: "Adolf Hitler is alive... I slept with her last night..." would have fit right in.

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