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Texas Wins the Census

Plus: Oregon ditches high school proficiency requirements, new vaccine rules in San Francisco and New Orleans, and more...


The big news out of the 2020 census data released yesterday is that the U.S. is becoming less white. As Reason's Ron Bailey noted yesterday, "the population identifying as white alone decreased by 8.6 percent since the previous census in 2010," while the number of people identifying as multiracial rose by 276 percent. But these aren't the only big changes American demographics saw in the decade between 2010 and 2020.

While growing at its slowest rate since the Great Depression (from 308.7 million residents in 2010 to 331.4 million in 2020), the U.S. also saw a shift in where people are choosing to live. The biggest gains go to Texas, Western states more broadly, and metropolitan areas across the country. Certain areas of the South also saw some significant gains.

Big cities see big gains.

Most metropolitan areas—that is, counties containing a city with at least 50,000 people living in it—saw their populations go up.

Some 81 percent—or 312 out of 384 metro areas—experienced a population increase, compared to only 48 percent of "micropolitan" areas (a.k.a. counties containing a city of more than 10,000 but fewer than 50,000 people). Overall, "the population of U.S. metro areas grew by 9% from 2010 to 2020, resulting in 86% of the population living in U.S. metro areas in 2020, compared to 85% in 2010," according to a U.S. Census Bureau press release.

Between 2010 and 2020, the population of U.S. micropolitan areas grew 1 percent but still decreased as a percentage of the population, from 9 percent in 2010 to 8 percent in 2020.

The majority of U.S. counties—about 52 percent—saw population decreases between 2010 and 2020.

Population winners and losers:

• Only three states—West Virginia, Mississippi, and Illinois—and Puerto Rico saw population declines overall.

• States with the most population growth were Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, and Washington. ("These five states accounted for nearly half of the total numeric population increase in the United States between 2010 and 2020," the Census Bureau says.)

• The fastest-growing state over the past decade was Utah, which increased its overall population by 18.4 percent. Utah was followed by Idaho, Texas, North Dakota, and Nevada, which each increased by at least 15 percent.

• Texas saw the most supercharged city growth:

• The Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metropolitan areas gained at least 1.2 million people apiece between 2010 and 2020, as did the New York-Newark-Jersey City metro area.

• The latest data still put Los Angeles County as the biggest county in the U.S. and New York City as the largest city.

• The metro area that grew the fastest: The Villages, in Florida, jumping from approximately 93,000 people to 130,000 people.

• The next biggest gainers were the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown area in Texas; St. George, Utah; Greeley, Colorado; and the Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach metro area in South and North Carolina.

• The five U.S. metro areas with the biggest population gains were: Harris County, Texas (Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land); Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler); King County, Washington (Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue); Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise); and Tarrant County, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington).

• Phoenix has now overtaken Philadelphia as the fifth-largest city.

• The populations of Buffalo, New York, and Cincinnati, Ohio grew for the first time in 70 years.

Race and ethnicity shifts

America's Asian and Hispanic populations are booming, 2020 census data show:

• The number of people (of any race) identifying as Hispanic or Latino was around 62.1 million, up 23 percent from 2010. (In Texas, the "Hispanic population is now nearly as large as the non-Hispanic white population, with just half a percentage point separating them. Texas gained nearly 11 Hispanic residents for every additional white resident since 2010," notes The Texas Tribune.)

• About 24 million people identified as all or partially Asian, 9.7 million as all or partially American Indian or Alaska Native, and 1.6 million as all or partially Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.

But the biggest racial shift came in the number of people identifying as multiracial—up to 33.8 million in 2020, from 9 million in 2010.

"The 'in combination' multiracial populations for all race groups accounted for most of the overall changes in each racial category," the Census Bureau notes. "All of the race alone or in combination groups experienced increases. The Some Other Race alone or in combination group (49.9 million) increased 129%, surpassing the Black or African American population (46.9 million) as the second-largest race alone or in combination group."

White people still make up the bulk of the U.S. population, with 204.3 million Americans identifying solely as white. An additional 31.1 million identifying as a combination of white and another race.

As NPR points out, "what the new census data shows about race depends on how you look at it."

The Census Bureau warns that "data comparisons between the 2020 Census and 2010 Census race data should be made with caution, taking into account the improvements we have made to the Hispanic origin and race questions and the ways we code what people tell us."

An aging population:

"The share of children in the U.S. declined because of falling birth rates, while the share of adults grew, driven by aging baby boomers," notes the Associated Press. "Adults over 18 made up more than three-quarters of the population in 2020, or 258.3 million people, an increase of more than 10% from 2010. However, the population of children under age 18 dropped from 74.2 million in 2010 to 73.1 million in 2020."


Shift in Oregon education standards. Gov. Kate Brown signed a law in July that ends certain proficiency requirements for high school students. Is this simply a knock at bureaucratic testing standards, or "the soft bigotry of low progressive expectations"? The Wall Street Journal says it's the latter:

The new law extends until 2024 a temporary suspension of the state requirements that kids demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and math to graduate from high school. Previously, in addition to demonstrating proficiency via Oregon's Assessments of Knowledge and Skills test, students had the option of taking other standardized tests or submitting a work project to teachers. The new legislation gives the state's Department of Education until 2022 to write new standards.

The purpose of public education is to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in the world. It is a terrible disservice to issue a diploma that fools them into believing they've mastered basic skills they haven't. It is particularly cruel for the minority students who will pay the highest price when the real world confirms that their high schools have defrauded them of a real education.


San Francisco to require proof of vaccination for many activities. Of course the Bay Area is among the first to up the vaccination status ante. "San Francisco will become the first major city in the country to require proof of full vaccination against the coronavirus for a variety of indoor activities, including visiting bars, restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues that serve food or beverages," the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The new rules take effect August 20.

Somewhat surprisingly, New Orleans is also joining in:

New Orleans announced Thursday that people will have to show either proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test result within the last 72 hours to go to bars, eat indoors at restaurants, work out in a gym, or do other activities in public.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell said that the new rules will go into effect on Monday and enforcement will start on Aug. 23.


• The federal cop who devised a bogus sex trafficking ring and falsely imprisoned a teen for two years can't be sued, a federal court says.

• "The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked part of an eviction moratorium in New York State that had been imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a move the law's supporters said might expose thousands to eviction," The New York Times reports.

• Lenore Skenazy looks at the cruel treatment of inmates at a Texan prison for sex offenders.

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  1. The big news out of the 2020 census data released yesterday is that the U.S. is becoming less white.

    Well, that’s just going to make America more white supremacist.

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    2. One of those things you are only allowed to notice if you praise it. If you say it is govt policy to replace the current population, you are evil, unless you approve.

      1. Evil, and crazy. Dont repeat the same Conspiracy Theories that Proggies incessantly brag about openly

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    3. The big news out of the 2020 census data released yesterday is that the U.S. is becoming less white.

      I actually read Bailey’s article from yesterday which I feel reaches a more accurate conclusion from the latest census than Nolan Brown’s. From Bailey’s article:

      ‘America’s second largest ethnic group? People who either picked multiple racial boxes or checked “Some Other Race.” These folks now number 49.9 million—surpassing the African-American population, which now stands at 46.9 million.’

      So doesn’t the census suggest that not only is America less white, but also less Black, less Latino, Asian, less whatever racial myth society has constructed?

      Terrifying news to those whom everything begins and ends with race politics.

      1. The miscegenation!!!

        Seriously, though, one of the best ways to end racism is to mix all the races together. I’m the proud to have done more part by fathering mix race kids.

        1. Yet you seemingly support teaching kids to divide by race. Weird.

          The odd thing of leftists is they have focused on race for 200 years. A school in Atlanta was actually segregating students by race, ordered by a black principle. The left has convinced races to race to the biggest victim groups, and you tacitly support it because conservatives are speaking against it. Strange.

        2. That’s a profoundly racist mindset, white mike

        3. LOL, jesus fuck, what pathetic fetishism.

          Did you count their blood quantums to ensure they had the proper mix of non-white genes for your taste?

        4. Lots of gray, ankle-biter boxes.

          1. Lots of steaming piles of bullshit from a lefty asshole who only wants to read other lefty assholes.

          2. Well, sure, because you’re too much of a bitch to take the criticism.

            Seriously, bragging that you have mixed-race kids like it’s some kind of bucket list item to check off is creepy as fuck.

            1. Robin DiAngelo addresses this very thing. You do not get a pass by interbreeding and especially not when you brag about it. Racist.

              1. I guess. Nobody is asking for a “pass”.

                1. They are in Oregon.

              2. Send the ankle-biters after her.

        5. So you picked a mate based on her race and that’s not racist?

        6. Make sure to hit your quotas.

      2. I always considered “Whites” as those from Scandinavia, Germany-Poland, France and Great Britain. So my Mom is white but my father’s family is from Italy, Latin came from Italy so I always select Latino or Latin Mix. I suspect a lot of people do the same. The whole less white thing has been going on for over a hundred years, when my great grandparents immigrated here they were not considered white by those already here in Texas.

        1. What is “white” is kinda fuzzy, but categorizing Italians as non-white is pretty old school.

          How do you categorize the Irish?

          1. awesome. erin go bragh.

          2. “I’m Black an’ I’m proud.” — The Commitments. Probably now have to cancel the flick because of that line.

            1. Relevance of your comment to my comment?

              1. Whoosh! Again.

        2. The Irish are also not included in the “white” category for many people

          1. Hey I’m using that from now on; Other: Irish

            We have our own music, beer, language, culture; fuck all you haters!

            1. And rashers. Holy smokes are they good.

            2. There are the black Irish…

          2. What about Scottish?

            1. if it’s not Scottish it’s crap.

    4. Is it an actual demographic change or just less people who want to answer the question with ‘white’?

      I’ve been putting myself down as ‘other’ since the 90’s at least.

    5. I have also decided that I am not white, too.

      1. I’m Irish, apparently [see above] a category all its own.

        We’ve been oppressed, hated, and literally starved for generations; where’s my comeuppance?

        1. A seven course Irish meal is a potato and a six pack of stout.

          1. No whisky?

            1. It is in the jar.

          2. No Corned Beef, Cabbage, Green Eggs & Ham, and Kerry Gold Butter? That’s not very imaginative.

    6. Does 1/1024th Cherokee still count as white? Asking for a frie… asking for someone who claims to be 1/1024th Cherokee.

    7. I’ve only met one white person in my whole life, and he was albino.

      Many “white” people have darker skin than some “POC”, if they get enough sun.

      And we’re all from Africa if you go back far enough.

      Plus the USA has the 14th Amendment, which prohibits the government from discriminating based on race, so they shouldn’t even get to ask the question on any government form.

      1. And we’re all from Africa if you go back far enough.

        As the Atheist bumper sticker so rightly points out.

  2. Oregon ditches high school proficiency requirements

    Remember when this wasn’t happening and it was the fever dreams of Fox News Hosts?

    1. Conspiracy theorists are so dumb!

      1. Because they come true?

    2. We’ll, no. It’s been reported as something actually happening, here at Reapon at least. If anything ENB’s post above explains that there’s an explanation behind it, and it isn’t as crazy as originally reported.

      1. Lol. Ending standards to graduate isn’t crazy? Wow white Mike.

      2. That wasn’t even a good attempt at justifying that shit.

    3. Same old story. I’m old enough to remember the constant demand for toughening up schools by with more teach, more learn, more homework, more tests. Kids were getting soft! Then they got in an overnight it became a whine that kids had too much homework, no time to be kids, etc. Then we needed schooling standards because test scores were down, so we got Teaching to the Test and the whines started again.

      Government is of course the big problem with public schools. But a secondary problem is that parents often get exactly what they demand.

      1. There are two paths to fairness:

        1. Hold everyone to a high standard and expect them to learn something.

        2. Don’t hold anyone to any standard and pass everyone.

        Oregon chose the easier path.

        1. Slackers; making the rest of us look good [and employable] for thousands of years.

    4. I ‘member!

    5. It was an foregon conclusion this would happen.

    6. Read an article recently and the notion of “remember when they said it wouldn’t happen, but now that it is happening so what?”

      Which brings us to the Law of Salutary Contradiction, whose formulation is: “That’s not happening and it’s good that it is.” While the Law of Merited Impossibility applies to the future, this one is about the present. It’s what the ruling class immediately switches to after what they insisted would “never” happen is happening before everyone’s eyes.

      The coinage is Rod Dreher’s and goes back to the early debates on homosexual marriage. As Dreher formulates it, the Law of Merited Impossibility holds: “That will never happen, and when it does, boy will you [homophobes, transphobes, racists, sexists, whatever] deserve it.”

      Its second purpose is to dismiss out of hand “slippery slope” arguments—despite, or because of, the fact that every single such argument over the last twenty years at least has proved true. Worried that allowing people to “self-identify” as whatever sex they want will lead to pervy 50-year-old men exposing themselves to’ tween girls? Insist, loudly and indignantly, that that will NEVER happen and anyone who suggests it might is an alarmist bigot with a heart full of hate.

      The third purpose is to enforce the new caste system. Those who get to impose fresh irrational indignities on the rest of us are the upper caste. Those who object, or even have reservations, are lower. The latter are not allowed to harbor, much less express, any doubts. Whatever humiliation the upper caste has planned for us, we deserve and must meekly accept. Hence when said pervy 50-year-old actually does start waving around “her” equipment in the girls’ locker room, if any parent dares object, let ’em have it with both barrels. That thing that ten seconds ago you said would “never” happen? Now it’s righteous punishment for the retrograde.

      1. Of course, though, Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option” as a response to the Obergefell ruling could also be code for: “Lock me in the basement! Stop me before I Gay Marry!”

  3. The biggest gains go to Texas…

    Enjoy the influx of blue voters.

    1. Many immigrants to red states are migrating to them because they want to live in a more red state. Often they are more red than the people already there. It’s all part of the great partisan cultural battle and sorting that has been going on.

      1. Type A: City folk wanting to live in the country. More and more people don’t have to live in urban centers for their job, don’t have to live within a half hour of their job, so getting a where one can afford a home with a lawn and backyard and just telecommute is what they do. (You can see this in this in a California as a microcosm, where Los Banos has become a bedroom community for San Jose).

        Type B: Progressives who think OTHER people should be paying the taxes. So move to a state without an income tax or just low taxes in general. These are the ones who are “exporting” California style progressivism to Texas. You see it in a Microcosm in the Boston area where proggies move to New Hampshire faster than the Free Staters do. Moving to west Mass is pointless as they’re not escaping any taxes. So they escape to New Hampshire (but not Vermont).

        1. Prime example of Type B: Virginia.

          1. Hence, why Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada grew so much.

            1. Yup. Huge uptick in vanity plates in AZ. Had two CA friends move there because of the state of CA. Stumped for Biden all during the election.

              1. No offense, but you should have called them out for acting like a fucking virus and trying to turn Arizona into the very thing they fled.

        2. Just anecdotal, but I’ve also seen family where husband is more conservative and is the one who pushed for moving to red state, wife is more liberal. However, I know way more families where both are very conservative, and both wanted to move to red state.

        3. It’s also how you know climate change is not a crisis. People are still moving to warmer climates, and homes on the coasts are the most expensive.

        4. Some of those Massholes moved to souther Maine too and commute to Boston from York County. Those of us living north of Disgusta refer to that place as Northern Mass.

        5. Type C: Relatively a-political, and therefore left-leaning, CA person who has shrinking prospects in an increasingly expensive state gets offered a transfer to TX, where they crunch the numbers and find they can afford a way nicer lifestyle, move, look around and say “hey, no one said this place is full of Republicans!”

          1. Depends on where you live–it’s not just Austin; Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio are overscaled Democrat shitholes now, although I doubt any neo-yuppie Californians are living in the heavily Democrat Rio Grande Valley.

    2. People think of Texas as some dry cattle land plus Dallas and Houston. But six of the twenty-five most populous US cities are in Texas:

      4. Houston (2.3M)
      7. San Antonio (1.4M)
      9. Dallas (1.3M)
      11. Austin (1.0M)
      13. Fort Worth (0.9M)
      23. El Paso (0.7M)

  4. Gov. Kate Brown signed a law in July that ends certain proficiency requirements for high school students.

    To be replaced with proficiency standards on starting a Zoom.

  5. Officials have found no evidence of a superspreader event stemming from the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, city health commissioner says.
    They don’t look like a very sophisticated crowd in the picture.

    1. Science, bitches!!!!

      They all got the vaccine that either does or does not work depending on whether the media wants to terrify everyone or feel smugly superior.

      1. Here at reason, it is the later.

    2. Chicago is so dangerous, the coronavirus won’t go there.

    3. Large outdoor events aren’t super-spreaders because fresh air and sunshine are good for your immune system, and the wind dissipates the virus particles.

      Which is sort of the opposite effect of lockdowns and mask mandates, concentrating everyone indoors breathing recycled air.

  6. “The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.”

    1. That is a quality you look for in a slave.


    There is a fundamental question that haunts the pages of history and it is one that has never been addressed in a satisfactory manner. There are many schools of thought on why and how tyranny rises in any given society and all of them miss the mark in terms of explanations, primarily because they all allow their biases to rule their conclusions and blind them to the deeper aspects of power and conspiracy. In other words, they are willing to go down the rabbit hole only so far, and then they deny that the rabbit hole even exists.

    1. The bottom line is this: Tyrannical systems are planned by elitists groups and governments and it is they that benefit most from the destruction of public freedoms. It is indeed a conspiracy, and the pandemic lockdowns and forced vaccine response are no exception. However, tyrannical systems could not be executed without the help of a larger psychopathic contingent of the population, and these people congregate together to make terrible things happen. It’s as if they hear a silent dog whistle as totalitarianism rises, or they smell the blood of innocent victims in the air.

      Call them leftists, call them communists, call them collectivists, call them whatever you want; but know that the globalists are not our only concern. There is a wall of self absorbed and power hungry peons in the way, and they want whatever scraps they can get from the big boy’s table. They are not oblivious; they have not been tricked into doing the things they do. They are a sad and pathetic bunch but they are still dangerous in their ambitions, and they will continue to slither out of the woodwork as the covid agenda progresses.

      1. Call them Jefftists. If we blindly follow their guidance we will all be JFree.

        1. Call me a Jefftist anytime. chemjeff is a thoughtful libertarian and I’m proud to be associated with him.

          1. chemjeff is a thoughtful libertarian


            1. I can be convinced that the dude just went and posted that Fail article downthread to blow up this whole argument.

              1. Just saw chemjeff posted an article about a Republican being mocked as a RINO for not going with the big stolen election lie. Is this what you are referring to?

              2. It’s what trolls do; haven’t muted this one yet….

          2. ChemJeff is a radical individualist and you are an excellent JFreedom fighter. Carry on.

            1. Sounds rad!

              1. Your sarc detector is every bit as poor as your mental capabilities.

          3. “For those that go above and beyond and cast aside all personal principle in order to further the goals of the system, they might even enjoy a modicum of wealth beyond their peers. You see, in a despotic society, the people who are most without honor are the people that are most rewarded. They don’t need merit, or accomplishment, or skills, or even brains; all they have to do it sell their souls and do whatever it takes to catch the eye of the oligarchy. They don’t have to be good at anything, all they have to do is be evil, and for some people that’s easy.”

          4. He’s dishonest. That’s why you like him.

          5. I just spit coffee. Ha! Good one!

            …you were joking, yes?

          6. Chemjeff is not a thoughtful libertarian. He’s not even libertarian. During the run up to the 2016 election, during the primaries he was a devout poster over at Ace of Spades HQ. He was furious that Trump won the Republican nomination. He would post his usual arrogant holier than thou bullshit about Trump and conservatives abandoning their principles. Post after post antagonizing anybody that didn’t spit bile about trump and finally the blog owner banned him from the place permanently. He would threaten to leave and mentioned posting over at Hence him being here. The point is Chemjeff never claimed to be a libertarian until this was his only choice. He was a Cruz/Paul Republican IIRC. If you don’t believe me checkout Ace of Spades HQ archives. The only change to his handle was adding Radical Individualist. Everything else is still the same. He is posting the exact same anti trump bullshit he was posting in 2015. Nothing thoughtful or honorable about him at all, unless bitterness and resentment are virtues to you. Just your run of the mill junior high contrarian libertarianism.

    2. i feel like i first heard some version of this in the comments here:

      Reality is more people don’t want freedom or democracy or whatever, they want a tyrant that they agree with

  8. New Orleans announced Thursday that people will have to show either proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test result within the last 72 hours to go to bars, eat indoors at restaurants, work out in a gym, or do other activities in public.

    You get a bead necklace if you show your titers.

    1. I suspect fake vaccine cards will sell for $50 on Bourbon Street, but for just $10 in poor black neighborhoods in the Big Easy.

    2. Have any of these places been shown the be major spreaders of the virus? Why besides control if not? I don’t get the reasoning if they aren’t besides fear right?? Full disclosure I haven’t looked it up but in our region it’s never been talked about (I’m guessing I missed articles on Bars) especially gyms.

      1. One of the most perplexing aspects of the pubic health response is that no serious attempt has been made to trace where/how people get the virus. The modern marvels of high volume genetic sequencing are being used (barely) to track which variants are circulating, but virtually no lineage testing is happening.

        There have been plenty of “outbreaks” reported in public spaces like bars and restaurants, but the definition of an outbreak is something like 3 households testing positive in 2 weeks that report having been there. It is a totally useless standard to apply to a public space because the vast, vast majority of outbreaks are going to be coincidences.

        Of course, that is all pretending that this has anything to do with directly stopping the virus. NYC pretty directly said their goal is to inconvenience people into getting vaccinated.


      1. Sorry, busy trademarking “Girls Gone Viral”…

      2. Had to google the punch word.
        Hahaha now!

  9. In July, Kate Brown signed the No Dinger Left Behind bill.

    1. A. That’s in very poor taste Gumby.
      B. It isn’t funny.

      That’s a comedy death sentence right there Gumby.

      You’re off to a terrible start today

      1. I’m just the messenger. Progressive sports reporters and fans heard something that wasn’t there. And they should be called out and ridiculed for such. And to address the miserable performance of their failed and expensive education system, Oregon decides to codify social passing. This is woke on woke. Be disappointed with Hipsterlandia.

        1. Lack of humor is a sign of lower intelligence.

          1. I’m all for jokes in bad taste if they’re funny. If they’re not it’s excruciating. Gumby made the same joke yesterday. I chuckled then, but he needs to move on. He’s being an anti-pc warrior. That’s worse than a SJW in my humble opinion.

        2. Talk about being overly PC and Cancel culture. People genuinely misheard something and when shown evidence admitted they were wrong.
          “I’m just the messenger” but you’ll keep making the same joke and criticizing them.

          1. I started a campaign to get the Rockies removed from MLB? And to get the sports journalists that repeated the lie fired? As well as having all of their Twitter accounts banned for misinformation? None of this. Calling out fake race hate stories as fake is not cancel culture.
            I still occasionally reference the Duke men’s lacrosse team incident. Deal with it, ignore it or mute me. 🙂

            1. I watch and view a lot of (mainstream) sports media and I haven’t heard of any of that.

              I don’t take the trolls on Twitter into account.

            2. I don’t live in Colorado, so maybe the local media is overreacting. However, ESPN and MLB network have admitted it was a mistake.

              SJW Adam Jones admitted he was wrong.

              1. So not do any journalism before sharing the story and instead just say “Oppps” when someone else does it for them and finds out they are full of shit? It took 3 minutes to watch the local broadcast replay to see it was not what was initially being reported. Nobody is perfect but this was a non-story that became a story when folks chose not to do any due diligence. Reminds me of the fake fire extinguisher story. Or the reverse of Tiger Woods’ escapades with diner waitresses.

                1. Hey Tiger’s dick is newsworthy.

                  The Marlins broadcasting team addressed as it happened basically, so it was going to be news no matter what.

                  1. Tiger was given a cloak of secrecy from the press. “…the reverse of…”. Iirc it was the National Enquirer that finally broke it.

                    And had any journalist reporting DingerGate done actual journalism, if it was newsworthy, it would have been, “Dumb broadcasters hear something that wasn’t said.” Three minutes of work. But it became a witch hunt.

                    1. Oh the poor fan who hasn’t been identified and probably feels silly.

      2. You think poor taste a comedy don’t mix?

        Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the poster boy for 3rd-trimester abortion.

        1. That being legal is a miscarriage of justice.

          1. I see what you did there.

            1. Chumby: pun king of Reason

          2. That’s funny.

        2. Not too soon enough.

      3. Just change to All Mormons Left to Die and KAR would be all for it.

        1. Fuck Mormons

          1. This is hilarious! And the first time hearing this take.

            1. If you like that you should hear my thoughts on Scientologists.

              1. That actually would be new. The Mormon bashing is more stale than expired hardtack.

                1. Until people start taking it seriously I’ll be motherfucking Paul Revere when it comes to telling the truth about Mormons.

                  1. Keep that up. As long as you don’t use dinger more than once. 😉

                    1. When it comes to bigoted jokes I’ll laugh if they’re funny.

                      Again it was funny the first time. It was stupid the second time. It will be pathetic from here on out.

                      You’re a funny guy(or gal, if that’s the case are you single?) so I’m sure you can come up with lots of dinosaur jokes that don’t use the D word that rhymes with ringer.

                      Have you tried jokes about how black people are different from white people?

                    2. You can interpret however you want. If it bothers you then mute me.

                    3. Why would I mute one of the few funny righties on here? To be fair there are zero funny non-righties.

                    4. Gumby’s funny. Dillinger is funny. Even Eistau Greevance guy is funny in a “mocking a intellectually disabled child” kind of way.

  10. Officials have found no evidence of a superspreader event stemming from the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, city health commissioner says.

    They don’t vote red.

    1. The virus attended Sturgis instead. More fun.

    2. They passed a hat for BLM, which creates a super-vaccine.

    3. Maybe the virus was afraid of getting shot.

    Here’s how Rosa Koire, a land use and development expert, described the U.N. document: “an inventory and control plan of all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production all food, all energy, all information, and all human beings in the world.” Even from that brief description of the opening of the novel, it’s easy to visualize the parallels with Koire’s fears: a seemingly innocuous plan of “sustainable development” for the 21st century is in fact a social engineering program to achieve global governance. With surveillance, individual liberties will go, and with individual liberties gone, representative governments will perish. The erosion of government as we know it has already begun — with the slow strangling of local government.

    Agenda 21 was introduced at the U.N. Earth Summit in 1992, along with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), as the “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.” Together, they toll the death knell for wealth creation and economic and personal liberty, based on the fallacious assumption that development will lead to the extinction of life on Earth. With top-down controls, they aim to end local power and vest it in a global governance system. Environment protection is the excuse and weapon for this draconian program to fundamentally transform human lives, force citizens to surrender their liberties, and enforce socialist global control. The agenda is political.

    The Convention on Biological Diversity was created under the pretense of restoring biodiversity in the U.S. It was a proposal to set aside land in North America for “rewilding” — to protect biodiversity from human influence and reintroduce animals into areas of human habitation. Anti–property rights directives that implemented a Wildlands agenda called for the eventual elimination of private property to use it for the “common good.”

    The project was created in the 1990s by eco-terrorist David Foreman, who in 1979 had founded Earth First, the most militant environmentalist organization in the world. His core beliefs show utter contempt for human life: “Life of the Earth comes first, not life of the people” and “We humans have become a disease — the Humanpox.” And Reed Noss, co-author of the project, says, “The collective needs of nonhuman species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.”


      The bellwether for corporate infiltration of a Democratic administration is BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager in charge of $7.32 trillion across the global economy. Hillary Clinton’s campaign actively courted BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in 2016, and he quietly built out a full Treasury Department-in-waiting of well-established Democrats ready to keep oversight of mischievous financiers light. In the years since, BlackRock has only gotten larger, which means it only has more to lose from a muscular Biden administration. So what does BlackRock care about from the next administration, and whom might they seed in a Biden administration to get it?

      BlackRock is the world’s largest investor in fossil fuels, an industry (ironically) gasping for air during the pandemic. Yet BlackRock is currently trying to close a massive new stake in Saudi Aramco, the mostly state-owned oil company of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s atrocities in Yemen and the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi did nothing to slow Fink’s business with the Kingdom—he personally attended a confab with the Saudi finance minister in Riyadh six months after Khashoggi’s death, and one day after Mohammed bin Salman’s government executed 37 people, including one via crucifixion.

      Biden’s promises on environmental and foreign policy run counter to protecting a Saudi oil pipeline just because an American investment titan has a stake in it. Yet BlackRock Investment Institute Chairman Tom Donilon is reportedly in the running to be Biden’s secretary of state. Donilon was Obama’s national security adviser, and his brother Mike is a longtime confidante of Biden’s. Why might a top investment firm hire someone with no apparent prior money-management experience to run a major division? Perhaps it is the possibility of political influence.

        1. Smacks of stupidity.


      With $27 trillion under various forms of its management, BlackRock towers over the finance, insurance and real estate sectors. This much consolidated financial power may be unprecedented, but with BlackRock involved in virtually every major corporation across the planet (including the media), even BlackRock’s competitors (if that word even applies) are quiet about Fink’s appointment.

      …But let’s be clear: the central banks on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border have now placed BlackRock in a primary position for effecting monetary and fiscal policy in both countries. That is much more than “bad optics.” That is flagrant corporatism.

      1. Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

        The COVID-19 crisis presented the perfect opportunity to execute this proposal in the US, with BlackRock itself appointed to administer it. In March 2020, it was awarded a no-bid contract under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) to deploy a $454 billion slush fund established by the Treasury in partnership with the Federal Reserve. This fund in turn could be leveraged to provide over $4 trillion in Federal Reserve credit. While the public was distracted with protests, riots and lockdowns, BlackRock suddenly emerged from the shadows to become the “fourth branch of government,” managing the controls to the central bank’s print-on-demand fiat money. How did that happen and what are the implications?

        …Exchange traded funds are bought and sold like shares but operate as index-tracking funds, passively following specific indices such as the S&P 500, the benchmark index of America’s largest corporations and the index in which most people invest. Today the fast-growing ETF sector controls nearly half of all investments in US stocks, and it is highly concentrated. The sector is dominated by just three giant American asset managers – BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, the “Big Three” – with BlackRock the clear global leader. By 2017, the Big Three together had become the largest shareholder in almost 90% of S&P 500 firms, including Apple, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, General Electric and Coca-Cola. BlackRock also owns major interests in nearly every mega-bank and in major media.

        …Although BlackRock has a controlling interest in all the major corporations in the S&P 500, it professes not to “own” the funds. It just acts as a kind of “custodian” for its investors — or so it claims. But BlackRock and the other Big 3 ETFs vote the corporations’ shares; so from the point of view of management, they are the owners. And as observed in a 2017 article from the University of Amsterdam titled “These Three Firms Own Corporate America,” they vote 90% of the time in favor of management. That means they tend to vote against shareholder initiatives, against labor, and against the public interest. BlackRock is not actually working for us, although we the American people have now become its largest client base.

        In a 2018 review titled “Blackrock – The Company That Owns the World”, a multinational research group called Investigate Europe concluded that BlackRock “undermines competition through owning shares in competing companies, blurs boundaries between private capital and government affairs by working closely with regulators, and advocates for privatization of pension schemes in order to channel savings capital into its own funds.”

        1. Although BlackRock has a controlling interest in all the major corporations in the S&P 500, it professes not to “own” the funds. It just acts as a kind of “custodian” for its investors — or so it claims.

          Isn’t that basically what happened with the “synthetic CDO” game in the early-mid-2000s?

          That means they tend to vote against shareholder initiatives, against labor, and against the public interest.

          A company with that much power that won’t even be accountable to its own shareholders deserves to be nuked.

          1. The BlackRocks of the world (all like 3 of them) are a ripe target for expanded antitrust regulation. There’s a lot there that just ain’t right.

    3. Agenda 21 was introduced at the U.N. Earth Summit in 1992, along with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), as the “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.” Together, they toll the death knell for wealth creation and economic and personal liberty, based on the fallacious assumption that development will lead to the extinction of life on Earth. With top-down controls, they aim to end local power and vest it in a global governance system.

      It’s important to keep in mind that people have been calling for a system like this since the Wilson administration. There’s a Time Magazine article from 1942 titled “American Malvern” (you can pull the whole thing up in a search) about a meeting of major American church leaders where they basically outline their support for world government.

  12. The federal cop who devised a bogus sex trafficking ring and falsely imprisoned a teen for two years can’t be sued, a federal court says.

    False imprisonment is too valuable a tool to take out of the law enforcement toolbox.

  13. Looks like someone didn’t turn on the server this morning…

    “Rights group says Hamas rockets at Israel a clear war crime”

    Someone (finally) noticed that lobbing rockets randomly into a populated area is really the act of a scumball organization.

    1. Won’t be surprised if New Yorkers march again in support of Hamas.

    2. I’m sure Hamass will stop, now that someone has told them it’s unseemly.

      1. “We didn’t mean to be rude”.

  14. “The fastest-growing state over the past decade was Utah, which increased its overall population by 18.4 percent. Utah was followed by Idaho, Texas, North Dakota, and Nevada, which each increased by at least 15 percent.”

    Hmm. Could I be right that Mormons fuck like rabbits and are trying to take over?

    1. Fuck off leftie shit for brains.

      1. What crawled up your butt Seatbelt?

    2. If you have to ask, I suspect not.

    3. Allow me to provide some clarification about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often referred to as Mormons). Members of the church do tend to marry younger than the national averages where they live and have more children. Members also report having comparatively high sexual satisfaction rates (some studies suggest that this is because members tend to report the sexual satisfaction of their partner as the largest factor in their own satisfaction). So Mormons do, in fact, have lots of sex.

      As for ‘trying to take over’- I am not sure what you think it is we are trying to do. The truth is, we believe we have something special and awesome that we want everybody to have, or at least get a chance to have. That’s why missionaries go out and teach- because, in the end, we want people to accept the same truths we have and be happy. That being said, if you don’t want to listen, we aren’t going to force you. If you tell the missionaries that you don’t want to listen, than they shouldn’t keep bothering you.

      1. KARen is just someone’s sock troll. You should put any effort into engaging with it.

        1. Keep thinking that Mac and Cheese.

      2. You’re outbreeding everyone and using deception and coercion to force your lifestyle and stupid goddamn beliefs on everyone.

        You know Joseph Smith was a proven charlatan?
        You’re stupid for believing the nonsense you believe.
        You’re evil for forcing it on others.

        Enjoy your stay in hell you horrible demon.

        1. I don’t know why Mormons would be on a libertarian site. They’re big government social conservatives and authoritarian as fuck.

          To be fair they’re really god damn stupid. That and their dogmatic stubbornness is what makes them so dangerous.

        2. I am not sure what deception and coercion you are afraid of, so I can’t really respond to that.

          Joseph Smith was not a perfect person- there has only been one such, and that was Christ- but claims he was a ‘proven charlatan’ have been made, disproved, and remade for generations. I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, like Noah, Moses, Simon Peter- other men who were imperfect, but chosen by a merciful God to do an important work for the salvation of His children.
          As for being stupid for believing what I believe- well, I am sorry you feel that way. I disagree, which is why I believe it. However, I think you are free to live according to your convictions; in fact, that is one of our articles of faith ( a description of what we believe).

          1. Interestingly enough, the Articles of Faith were written by Joseph Smith.

            1. There are exceptions, but Mormons are lying cowards and just ignore the truth about their evil church.

              Pussy ass pervert worshipping scumbag.

              The only good Mormon is 16 million dead Mormons.

          2. The Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price has been discredited.

            It doesn’t take a theologian to assume that the Golden Plates only witnessed by people who had a financial stake in the church are BS too.

            Your church lies to you. I know you all think you’re only doing what is right. Hitler thought he was doing what was right.

            1. Actually, there has been some confusion as to the Book of Abraham. The Book of Abraham is not a translation, it is a revelation; it has not been ‘discredited’ in any meaningful sense.

              Additionally, the testimony of witnesses to the Golden Plates was not done in a ‘financial stake’ sort of way- many of the witnesses to the plates fell away from the church because of financial issues or personal disagreements, but never recanted their testimonies, even after decades and when offered financial compensation to do so. Obviously, you are free to discount them, just as many discount the testimony of the ancient Apostles because they were a close-knit group.
              Obviously, I don’t imagine I will convince you that you are wrong; however, I respectfully but firmly counter your call to violence against us with a call for politeness and a return to virtue.

              1. I will stop calling for violence when the members of your church quit using the theocratic Utah government to push your beliefs and lifestyle on everyone.

                Joseph Smith claimed he had a document that was the same “reformed Egyptian” as the BOM. He claimed it was written by Abraham. That document is a common Egyptian ritual with nothing to do with Abraham.

                I know I won’t convince you. That’s what makes you people so dangerous and why your extermination is necessary. You think you are doing the lords work when you are actually harming people.

                Why do your garments have Pagan symbols? Care to share your temple oaths where you put protecting other Mormons above all else? If a Mormon molests a non Mormon child, not all, but most Mormons will support the Mormon.

                You are goddamn demons.

                When your in hell you will wish you had listened to me you stupid fucking sinner.

      3. Without being like our resident lunatic Mormon-Genocider, let me just say we can all share canning recipes and prepper stocking techniques without all the talk about Gold Plates and Phony Maroni. I won’t bother the bicycle boys if they don’t bother me.

    4. You really are a loathsome, racist little sack of bile, you know that, right?

      This isn’t right vs left shit, I’m talking bare minimum of basic human decency here. You fail miserably.

      1. What have I said that’s racist?

  15. Overall, “the population of U.S. metro areas grew by 9% from 2010 to 2020, resulting in 86% of the population living in U.S. metro areas in 2020, compared to 85% in 2010…”

    And then the Rona hit, as did mitigation efforts.

  16. HUNTER: ‘I think he’s the one that stole my computer. I think the three of them, the three guys that were like a little, like group. The dealer and his two guys, I took them everywhere. Fu**ing everywhere, crazy out of your mind sh*t.

    ‘The Russian [inaudible] she’d walk out with a fu**ing bathing suit in her hand.

    ‘They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy fu**ing sex fu**ing, you know.

    PROSTITUTE: ‘How long ago did this happen?’

    HUNTER: ‘Summer.’

    PROSTITUTE: ‘So it would have been out already if they-‘

    HUNTER: ‘No no no, because my dad [inaudible] running for president. He is, he is, he is. I talk about it all the time. If they do, he also knows I make like a gazillion dollars.’

    PROSTITUTE: ‘They’d try to blackmail you?’

    HUNTER: ‘Yeah in some way yeah.’

      1. The usual not a scandal people will be by shortly. But hunter even admits it leaves him open to blackmail abd his dad also knows about it. Then the reference to his gazillion dollars which you have to be an idiot to believe was earned through valuable work.

        1. You don’t like his artwork? I hear Joe is very proud of it, pins it to the fridge and everything.

          1. JB likes the ‘big Guy’ commission he gets for hosting the gallery.

        2. Picture the reaction if this was don jr.

    1. The FBI has been controlled by corrupt left wing deep staters for many years, as they tried to sabotage Trump’s presidency, and they had this (and lots more) dirt on Hunter Biden before last year’s election.

    2. I assume the FBI is already spying on Hunter and the Biden administration, to determine if someone’s being blackmailed.

  17. “City data shows that only 28 percent of Black New Yorkers ages 18 to 44 years are fully vaccinated, compared with 48 percent of Latino residents and 52 percent of white residents in that age group.”

    Looks like the left wing media propagandists (er news reporters) at NYT, WaPo, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and even Fox News, etc., etc., have yet again falsely blamed white Republicans of engaging in the behaviors displayed by left wing urban Democrats.

    1. That’s partly true. But plenty of white Republicans in red states feel emboldened to flip the bird at the vaccine.

      Thanks to feckless media marketing of vaccinations, it’s become a White Affluent Liberal thing, which turns off both the Blacks and the Red Staters. THe solution of course is to get Elizabeth Warren (America’s Karen) to scold us even harder.

      1. “Stupid dingers aren’t capable of making up their own minds.”

      2. She should have used that in her campaign. “I’m Elizabeth Warren, and I would like to BE your manager.”

        1. Shorter Warren:

          The big banks and big corporations are evil. Give me your money instead.

      3. Yes… Twice the gap, but still white Republicans’ fault.

        Your reasoning is spotless.

      4. I love how Newsom’s standing in the recall polls started tanking right after the Warren ads started hitting TV.

        It’s like they didn’t learn from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, when Warren’s endorsement had the same knockout effect.

  18. Democrats favorite president FDR was friendly pen pals with Hitler and tried to get Hitler to enrich his friends in newly discovered besties letters.

    1. FDR also met with Stalin and was cordial with him as they worked to defeat the Third Reich.

      You got a real story there.

      1. They are new letters dumbass. Let me guess, not a story like the hunter laptop? Weird how nothing is a story that looks bad for democrats.

      2. turd lies, as always.
        FDR claimed, after Yalta that ‘Stalin didn’t want to gain territory from the war’.
        FDR wasn’t ‘cordial’ to Stalin; by that time FDR’s brain was functioning at slobberin’ Joe levels and he thought Stalin was an OK guy!
        Man should have been jailed for criminal negligence for leaving Truman in the dark.

    2. Wasn’t there a Dem President a few years back that wrote Iranian Mullahs a personalized “let’s be friends” letter, along with sending them pallets of cash?

    3. House of bush house of saud!

      1. Your attempt at misdirection is noted, and then ignored lefty troll.

    4. If history is kind to FDR even after he setup Japanese internment camps, historians aren’t going to turn against him now.

  19. Pretty ironic given the 629,000 “Why I’m Leaving New York” essays published since the previous Census.

    Except for the 100,000 “Why I Left New York” essays from the past 18 months.

    1. yeah, the Census data are already dated.

    1. Fauci needs to answer for his crimes.

    2. Who admitted that?

  20. “The big news out of the 2020 census data released yesterday is that the U.S. is becoming less white.”

    Fantastic news for’s benefactor Charles Koch.

    Although Mr. Koch is an elderly straight white cis-male, he knows that the key to increasing his net worth is to import millions of people who don’t look like him. His decades of business success have taught him that foreign-born Black and Brown bodies (especially from Mexico) make the most cost-effective laborers.


    1. Skin color is the most important thing ever.

  21. As NPR points out, “what the new census data shows about race depends on how you look at it.”

    LOL. Every piece of data on race tells the story the narrator wants it to tell.

    1. NPR is there to tell their listener how to look at the data, to free them up from any chance of that pesky critical thinking or independent thought. Op/Ed versus journalism.

    2. In a country with the 14th Amendment, the question shouldn’t even be asked on any government form or document.

    3. “Hmmm…Hmmm…Hmmm…”

    1. Movie actors are terrible people.

    2. From a man who knows a thing or two about Nazis….

  22. Not satisfied with Iran getting its ass kicked early in the pandemic before vaccines became available, the Iranian government willfully chose to fuck the Iranian people by prohibiting the importation or use of American or British vaccines. They’ve been relying on Chinese vaccines and vaccines developed within Iran instead. So, how’s that going?

    “The number of new cases in Iran has now reached about 40,000 every day this week, with more than 500 dead on Thursday, both higher than the previous record set during the last major coronavirus wave in late 2020. The official death toll is nearing 100,000, though critics say the number is far higher, while the total number of cases has reached 4.3 million, according to the country’s health ministry.”

    Public unrest in Iran is growing to the point that the Iranian government has finally capitulated and is accepting vaccines from wherever they can get them. It should be noted that, just as the pandemic and the lockdowns played havoc with our internal politics here in the United States, the havoc caused by the pandemic hasn’t played itself out yet in the developing world. We keep hearing about hot spots like Belarus and Haiti, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve seen the U.S. economy bounce back, but that isn’t what’s happening everywhere in the world. Lebanon’s economy, for instance, is in free fall.

    Expect to see civil unrest spread and exacerbate throughout the world in the wake of the delta variant.

    1. “Since fall 2019, the Lebanese pound has lost 90 percent of its value, and annual inflation in 2020 was 84.9 percent. As of June, prices of consumer goods had nearly quadrupled in the previous two years, according to government statistics . . . .

      All but the wealthiest Lebanese have cut meat from their diets and wait in long lines to fuel their cars, sweating through sweltering summer nights because of extended power cuts . . . . The price for generated power is nearly 10 times what it was before the crisis began.

      —-The New York Times, August 4, 2021

      The chances of social unrest and conflict erupting under those circumstances must be approaching 100%.

      1. That’s what faith in the system gets you, ken

        1. If there’s anything the people of Lebanon don’t suffer from, it’s faith in the system.

          1. No, I’m sure they don’t anymore.
            But they let it get there, just like we are.

            You might consider that your faith in the system is misplaced.

            1. What system are you talking about–markets and capitalism again?!

              Capitalism is when the means of production, prices, and wealth distribution are all controlled by individuals through markets.

              Socialism is when the means of production, prices, and wealth distribution are all controlled by the government.

              Yes, I’m a capitalist if that’s what you mean by “faith in the system”.

              And Lebanon is hardly an excellent example of that. For goodness’ sake, the part of Lebanon that isn’t under the control of a corrupt government is under the control of Iran by way of Hezbollah.

              How Lebanon could somehow be an example of failed faith in capitalism is beyond me.

    2. It’s odd that they have so much Covid. All the women wear masks!

    3. No surprise here. A few years back, Pakistan had to dust off old iron lungs because Polio made a comeback after the Islamic Mullahs started telling people that Great Satan America and Little Satan Israel were poisoning and sterilizing the population with vaccines.

      Evidently, the “Peace” in “The Religion of Peace” means the “Peace” of a graveyard.


    The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) published new guidelines introducing “lactation-related language” such as “human milk feeding.”

    The new guidelines were published to affirm the organization’s “commitment to gender equality and health equity,” including new terminology for “lactation-related” language. Terms for lactation include “chestfeeding” and “human milk-feeding individuals.”

    “ABM recognizes that not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female and that some individuals identify as neither female nor male,” the guidelines read.

    1. Science, bitches!!

    2. At some point the academic journals should just collaborate on a SJW / gender-neutral style guide and agree to adhere to it. That’s all this really is.

      Nobody is ever going to speak like this. It’s unnatural. And in a social/mass media culture like ours that’s what’s really drives the development of language. Maybe this creates a formal vs. vulgar Latin-type split, but that’s as far as I think it goes.

      1. So you’ve missed the latinx fiasco?

        By the way, congratulations to my autocorrect for not accepting latinx without trying to change it

        1. Let’s make up unpronounceable words!

        2. You mean something that nobody actually says? No, I didn’t miss that. It ends up in prestige journals and corporate HR seminars, but everyone goes right back to Hispanic or simply Spanish right after training ends.

          1. I have heard plenty of urban/suburban upper class whites say, out loud, “latin-x”

            1. It’s pronounced “latin-equis,” right? Anything else seems racist.

              1. Lah teen eh keys
                Lah teen h

      2. At some point the academic journals should just collaborate on a SJW / gender-neutral style guide and agree to adhere to it. That’s all this really is.

        *Re-*collaborate and then adhere to them *again* you mean. All the terms they’re replacing have already have a gender neutral defintion or interpretation and for some they were explicitly gender-neutral to begin with and any gender connotation is explicitly contextual.

        At least, if I say a woman lifted her shirt and showed me her chest, it’s pretty safe to assume I’m not staring at a chicken’s lactation glands.

    3. If I see more “pink ribbon” bullshit about breast cancer I’m going to spray diarrhea all over Twitter!

    4. Nothing says “ignore everything I say” like failing biology 101.

    5. Actually, they have found that males can lactate…but only under conditions of extreme privation e.g. famine victims, Holocaust survivors, etc.

      Offhand, I’d think solving those problems would be more important than “inclusiveness.”

    6. Men, even the ones with a Y chromosome, can have breasts. Replacing the term breastfeeding is just silly.

  24. “the population identifying as white alone decreased by 8.6 percent since the previous census in 2010,”


    When society applauds victims based on race and demonized everything white… whatd you expect self identification would do. Warren says she’s Indian. Talcum X says he’s black. Baldwinsville wife lied about being Latina.

    Like having a trans kid, not saying you’re white is popular.

    1. I’m in the 8.6% decline. I no longer identify as white.

      1. I’m more beige now than I used to be.

  25. Nate Silver
    Pretty ironic given the 629,000 “Why I’m Leaving New York” essays published since the previous Census.

    What the fuck happened to nate silver? A 1 year trend can be different than a 10 year trend.

    1. Nate Silver hasn’t been right about a single thing since 2012

      1. Almost every article on 538 now is either explaining why he was right even when he’s wrong or why he’s less wrong than everyone else.

        I remember when his “poll aggregation” method was going to revolutionize the way we look at political forecasts when he called one election.

        1. A wise man once said, “you can stack your garbage as high as a house, but that doesn’t make it a house”. If the polls you aggregate all share the same flaws (people who don’t answer the phone, people who choose to mislead pollsters, and pollsters who bias the results with their own biases), it doesn’t matter how many of the polls you aggregate.

      2. He (or someone in his shop, I don’t remember) was dead on about the 2016 outcome, though they considered it an outlier scenario.

        One of the fun things about being a statistician is that if you provide enough scenarios you’re always right. Of course, you’re always wrong too, but it’s important to focus on the positives.

        1. If they considered it an outlier scenario, they weren’t dead on

          1. Art vs. Science. I’m sure there’s someone out there that earned a mint on Leicester a few years ago, but it’s not a good idea to plow your resources into that outcome.

          2. The data are pointing to a Trump win in 2016, but that can’t be right.

        2. Three statisticians go hunting and spy a rabbit. The first fires and misses a foot to the left. The second fires and misses a foot to the right. The third jumps up and yells, “We got him!”

          1. Their aim was a hare off.

  26. “Pacifica is where new surfers go to learn. But its schools face a shake-up after equity complaints”
    “…”Whenever I came to a beach, it was always male-dominated” with very few women of color, said Lopez, a former student who is now an alumni surf instructor for City Surf Project, a nonprofit that advocates for equitable surfing and beach access…”

    Note this woman was not excluded from these schools, they’re just “male dominated” since more guys like surfing than do gals. So the solution is easy if you’re a government official: Hand out permits to schools which are racist or sexist until stuff!
    Oh, and the article makes the point that surfing is ‘cultural appropriation’ besides.

    1. Oh, and the article makes the point that surfing is ‘cultural appropriation’ besides.

      So Lopez should get the fuck out then.

    2. If surfing is racist, sexist, and cultural appropriating learn to ride a fucking skateboard.


    The Biden Admin is discussing mandating vaccines for interstate travel [link]

    1. Does crossing into Texas from Mexico count as interstate travel?


      Science, bitches!!

    2. What a bunch of fucking dumbasses. Do they not realize this actually opens up the door for red states to bar anyone from blue states from entering the place?

      Oh, never mind, carry on.

  28. I knew the Biden Era would be awesome. I just didn’t know it would be THIS awesome.

    The 10 richest Americans have gained a combined $225 billion this year.

    This unprecedented concentration of wealth at the very top is exactly what Koch / Reason libertarianism has been trying to accomplish since its inception. And Joe Biden has managed to make it happen in half a year.


  29. “the population identifying as white alone decreased by 8.6 percent since the previous census in 2010,”

    Although the percentage of Americans who are white has changed very little during the past decade, about 10% of whites (almost all of whom are Democrats) now simply “identify” as another culture or race (just like some men and women, nearly all of whom are also Democrats, now identify as LGBTQWXYZ).

    So it appears that lots of stupid Democrats believed that telling the Census taker they now identify as non-white would entitle them to more government entitlement programs/subsidies and/or more job opportunities.

    1. I’ve been putting ‘other’ down for years. Tired of being penalized for the circumstances of my birth.

  30. As I mentioned in the other Census article, I was a Census enumerator in Houston. I also worked in some rural parts of East Texas.
    You’ll notice that every time they mention white it has to have the not identified as something else qualifier. That’s because of the Hispanic/Latino question that then followed the race question. The majority of Hispanics I interviewed chose white, but a chose other because they didn’t feel white was the right answer but had no other option. I had only one black Hispanic.
    I don’t disagree with the general concept that America is more diverse. I saw how diverse it was. I also saw that because of that the definition of race is becoming harder to cram into or old preconceived boxes.
    I interviewed lots of Asians. I would estimate 3/4 of them were Pakistani. I also interviewed a few “white” people that were from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey. That is the category the Census considers Middle Easterns even though some of those countries are in Asia. It’s just bizarre.

    1. ” I also saw that because of that the definition of race is becoming harder to cram into or old preconceived boxes.”

      Add to that a perhaps-not-insubstantial percentage of “whites” who put down “other.” A friend of mine has been doing this for thirty years. I asked him “why?” He replied that “it’s none of the government’s business what race I am.”

      In the last census, the small, rural, county in which I was living (which is close to 90% “white,” based on my observations of living there for twenty years), “other” was a very close second to white. Fewer and fewer people are willing to be classified by race. By anyone.

      1. Most of my interviews were done in Houston and its Suburbs, but I did also do some in rural east Texas. I had one white guy blatantly lie about his race. I had about 3 tell me other because they didn’t want to be white. I had one check white and Native American because his great-great-grandmother was Cherokee. I had one dad let his early elementary-age kids choose if they wanted to be white or Asian even though I explained they could pick both. One chose white and one chose Asian. Several refused to give me any info but the number of people living there. As stated above the vast majority of my “other” were Hispanics.

        1. I suspect the vast majority of Hispanics don’t really give a shit as long as you don’t call them Indian. The real Hispanic ethno-nationlists tend to be urbanite strivers with college degrees, not the blue-collar types that they were in the 60s and early 70s.

          1. The only thing they really cared about was making sure I knew when the kid was born in the US. They really didn’t want to list the kids as Mexican or of other heritage if they were born in the US.

    2. I interviewed lots of Asians. I would estimate 3/4 of them were Pakistani

      The British Press refers to Pakistanis as “Asian” only when there’s some kind of terrorist attack.

      1. Several of the Pakistani were reluctant to choose it at first but accepted that that is what the Census classified them as. I will also saw that when I say interviewed I really mean took the information for. Probably only half of my Asian interviews were Pakistani but every Pakistani Interview involved a household of at least 5 people with my largest being 14 so the total number of Pakistanis was about 3/4 of the Asian total. In my Houston suburb, I would interview immigrants from Pakistan with 7-10 people living in huge probably 7-8 bedroom houses and then drive less than a mile and interview immigrants from Mexico with 5-6 people living in a 2-3 bedroom trailer home.


    Vaccine passports are systemically racist (by the Left’s own definition) and the Regime and its friends in social media don’t want it pointed out.

      1. Hardly anyone gets satire anymore.

  32. “San Francisco will become the first major city in the country to require proof of full vaccination against the coronavirus for a variety of indoor activities, including visiting bars, restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues that serve food or beverages,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

    Is it just me or does this headline feel like chest-thumping?

    1. “Is it just me or does this headline feel like chest-thumping?”

      I noticed you used “chest-thumping” rather than “breast-pounding.” Good move, else you might be “cancelled” in SF, or even be accused of some sort of “thought-violence.”

      1. Womyn don’t chest-thump, that’s an aggressive, patriarchal behavior. Womyn are more “evolved”.

        1. +

      2. “Upper torso percussion “ is the preferred term.

        1. Yeah, I really need to update my vocabulary.


    Not to alarm anybody, but the CDC does have published guidelines on how to quarantine a population in “community isolation centers” under the guise of public health.

    1. Outbreak was a training film.

      1. in Contagion the CDC chick was in the body ditch in the end, too.

    2. Dude they ain’t even quarantining the Covid positive asylum seekers (*illegals). You’re just an idiot.

      1. That’s a good thing?

      2. So they’re free to roam about the country? Or are those cages a figment of the Reason editorial board?

    3. Can’t they just call them Community And Metropolitan Preventative Services?

  34. They’re so nuts now, even Dan Crenshaw is considered a RINO and a “commie”.

    His crime? Acknowledging reality.

    1. You can’t control crazy.

      1. You would know sock puppet shit for brains.

        1. That was cogent. And mature. And really contributed to the quality of the commentariat.

          1. So, more than anything you’ve provided over the last year?

            1. HO2 was humorous.

    2. As the vaccine passports and mandates continue to escalate the totalitarians will find themselves even more bewildered, because each new mechanism of control will result in even greater impetus for rebellion, and frankly at this point it is going to be us, or them. They will not stop their pursuit of dominion and we will not comply, so we are at an impasse. Our two tribes cannot coexist within the same society, maybe not even the same planet.

      The truth is that if voluntarism was a valued ideal then this whole fight could be avoided. If the collectivist cult was willing to accept the notion that they can choose to live in a highly micromanaged environment while others can choose to live independently, then there would be no crisis. We could easily go our separate ways. But this is not how totalitarians think: To them, all people are chattel, we are property to be staked down and reeducated until we see the light. And if we don’t see the light, we are to be done away with and erased.

      This is why they are utterly to blame for the war that is coming. They cannot stop themselves from grasping for our throats and our minds. They are addicted to supremacy. They are living in a fever dream and the only drug that cools their veins is total oppression of everyone around them. I see what is coming next and it is not pretty for either side, but it will be especially gruesome for the collectivists because they cannot imagine a scenario in which they lose. They are so certain of their preeminence and the safety of their self imposed prisons that they will see failure as a phantom, a ghost that cannot touch them. It would only take a handful of minor defeats to bring them down, but this requires freedom advocates become more organized than they are.

      1. *from the article I linked to by Brandon Smith

        1. You’re living in a fantasy world. Ironically. it’s your insane beliefs and your acting upon them that will get you locked up in some federal prison.

          1. Yes, these types of things have never happened in human history.

          2. “…it’s your insane beliefs and your acting upon them that will get you locked up in some federal prison…”

            Steaming pile of lefty shit looks forward to jailings for wrong-think.
            Knee-crawl up and lick those boots, you pathetic excuse for humanity.

    3. Bobby Piton, a fringe GOP Senate candidate trying to challenge Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth, shouted at Crenshaw, ‘you’re wrong’

      Piton, a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, launched a Senate bid after appearing as an ‘expert witness’ in Arizona at one of Rudy Giuliani’s hearings promoting false claims of election fraud.

      Going back-and-forth with Crenshaw, Piton said, ‘And guess what, it’s going to turn out and it’s going to flip. You watch.’

      Piton’s pinned tweet proclaims, ‘President Trump will be back in the White House this year!!!’


      That’s some good, old-fashioned radical individualism. Loaded with tegridy.

  35. Trump Nearly Enlisted the Justice Department in His Coup Scheme

    All the Trump campaign’s efforts (which continue to this day) to gin up phony “evidence” of voter fraud were initially aimed at creating a pretext for an intervention by state legislators (or Pence, who refused to accept the king-making designation) to overturn Biden’s victory. It’s probably another accident of timing that it didn’t come closer to working: Back in late December and early January, the Big Lie of the stolen election had not yet become GOP orthodoxy — at least, not to the extent that legislators in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, or Michigan felt obliged to steal it right back. Similarly, Clark’s letters were not sent out (which probably would have set off a constitutional crisis) because they horrified Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue. But it was a near thing, as the Washington Post’s Phillip Bump explains:

    [On January 3] Clark told Rosen that he was going to be made acting attorney general by Trump. That led to a contentious meeting in the Oval Office involving all three men in which Trump weighed making such a switch to advance his fraud claims. A number of senior Justice Department officials had promised to resign should it happen, which the New York Times credits with helping preserve Rosen’s job. But that outcome was by no means certain. Replacing Rosen would probably have meant a quick issuance of Clark’s letter and a public rationalization for Georgia’s Republican-led legislature to act in support of Trump’s effort to snatch away the state’s electoral votes.

    Trump is an authoritarian depot with no regard for the Constitution.

    1. Trump is not president dumbass.

    2. authoritarian depot

      I prefer Lowes, but they’re kind of the same thing.

      1. authoritarian depot
        Trump is just a stop along the way to true Authoritarian rule.

    3. Trump is scum. The Republicans deserve him. We don’t

      1. You’re a steaming pile of lefty shit, and the Ds deserve you and everyone like you.

    4. I do love how not doing something is evidence of being an authoritarian.

      While the actual sitting President also signs EOs left and right and gives his blessing to CDC overreach and he’s just Good Ole Joe.

      1. If you are referring to the CDC eviction ban, it started with an executive order issued by … Donald Trump.

        1. Hey fuck head, conservatives didn’t agree with trump. But since then the USSC weighed in amd settled it. Biden didn’t care.

    5. turd lies; it’s what he does. He never posts without lying.
      turd is a pathological liar and too stupid to understand how obvious it is.
      turd lies.

    6. It would be really bad if politicians abused the DOJ with politically motivated investigations into a new presidential administration, wouldn’t it? It would be the work of an authoritarian despot, trying to pass off a Big Lie, wouldn’t it?

      We should never let people like that have power, shouldn’t we?

  36. San Francisco to require proof of vaccination for many activities.

    You can’t crap on that sidewalk until you’ve been vaccinated!

  37. The census data is also reflecting fertility rates. As women become more educated and have more opportunities to earn income outside of the home, they have fewer children–and that outcome is cross cultural and true throughout history. That’s what happens in Italy and Spain, that’s what happens in the Untied States and Mexico, and that’s what happens in Malaysia and Japan. If it weren’t for immigrants, the U.S. population would be shrinking right now. Instead, this is what’s happening:

    “U.S. authorities likely picked up more than 19,000 unaccompanied children in July, exceeding the previous high of 18,877 in March, according to David Shahoulian, assistant secretary for border and immigration policy at the Department of Homeland Security. The June total was 15,253.

    The number of people encountered in families during July is expected at about 80,000, Shahoulian said. That’s shy of the all-time high of 88,857 in May 2019 but up from 55,805 in June.

    Overall, U.S. authorities stopped migrants about 210,000 times at the border in July, up from 188,829 in June and the highest in more than 20 years.”

    —-Associated Press, August 2, 2021

    As women from Central America become better educated and find more and better job opportunities here in the U.S., they will start having fewer children. That’s likely to happen to the grandchildren of immigrants, however, rather than the immigrants themselves. Their culture values won’t change because they walk across the border, but their grandchildren will become increasingly Americanized, just like every other immigrant group.

    In the meantime, the birth rate per woman in Guatemala was 2.8 births per woman in 2019, and the birth rate per woman in the United States was 1.7.

    If 200,000 per month are arriving from Central America, expect current trends to continue or accelerate for a while. over time, their birth rates will trend towards the American mean as the descendants of those women become progressively better educated and enjoy more and better opportunities to earn income–over successive generations–just like it always has with women in every single culture.

    1. Why the fuck would their grandchildren become “more American” when America is racist and evil and hates itself?

      1. Can’t tell if this is a rhetorical question.

        They just do. You can’t resist being influenced by the culture in which you’re raised.

        Even relatively insular groups like orthodox Jews are subject to changes in attitudes relative to the culture in which they’re raised.

        When I attended mosques in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, the Muslim immigrants from all over the Middle East and North Africa seemed to be primarily concerned with how to stop their children from becoming “Americanized”. Even that makes them more like their fellow Americans. My people came here in the 1600s, and the fundamentalists I grew up with in church seemed to be primarily concerned about us kids listening to the wrong music, watching the wrong things on TV and at the movies, and generally succumbing to American consumer culture and the sexual mores of Babylon.

        1. Yes, it was a rhetorical question.
          You can pretend that hating America as racist and isn’t the culture that’s being imposed, but it doesn’t change the reality.

          1. *hating America as racist and evil

    2. P.S.

      Highest Births per Woman by Country, 2019:

      Niger: 6.8
      Somalia: 6.0
      Congo 5.8
      Mali 5.8
      Chad 5.6

      Those women have the highest birth rate in the world, and it is not in spite of women in those countries being well educated and having lots of opportunities to earn income outside the home. If the most productive thing you can do with your time, resources, and effort is produce children, then that’s probably what you’ll end up doing. Women in the U.S. generally find more productive things to do after they’ve had one or two.

      1. I imagine the child death rate is much higher in those countries than say in the US. And the life expectancy probably appreciably lower. Not disagreeing with you. Given those, in that situation, having a lot of children may be the most productive thing they can do. There.

    3. As women from Central America become better educated and find more and better job opportunities

      We’re dropping the education requirements. She’s already better educated, just by existing.

    4. American mean as the descendants of those women become progressively better educated and enjoy more and better opportunities to earn income–over successive generations–just like it always has with women in every single culture.

      What happens if they start intermarrying with white people?

      1. If the children are the product of an already acculturated American, I suspect the process accelerates. But I don’t know for sure. I’ve seen studies that look at these things objectively from purely immigrant standpoints.

        When you look at the crime rate among new immigrants to the U.S., they tend to be much less likely to commit crimes than native born Americans of the same socio-economic group. The second generation sees the crime rate move closer to the mean for native born Americans who earn the same income. By the time you get to the grandchildren of the original immigrants, they might as well be Americans in terms of the crime rate.

        American consumer culture is infectious, and I’m not sure any culture has been able to resist it significantly yet. And I suspect the idea that women want to earn their own income and buy stuff for themselves is part of that. David Bowie wrote this song after, I forget where he was traveling–but it was some exotic location to get away from the developed world. And on the way to his hotel, or wherever he was going, he came across a McDonalds under construction.

        That weird tribe at the end of that video is American culture.

        Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

        1. My understanding is the new progressive metric is the “one drop rule”. At least if my Netflix comedy specials are any indication. Megan Markle? That’s like a 1/8th drop rule. Kim Kardashian is blacker than she is.

  38. Suspected U.K. Mass Shooter Said He Was American, Trump-Supporting Virgin

    The man suspected of killing five people before turning the gun on himself in a mass shooting in England on Thursday night was an incel Trump supporter who posted about “devil worshipers” in government.

    The suspected shooter has been named by police as Jake Davison, a 22-year-old who is reported to have worked in construction. Davison allegedly killed two women, two men and one victim who officers described as a “very young girl,” during the rampage in Plymouth.

    did we have any English Peanuts?

    1. Before the shooting, Davison expressed his admiration for Donald Trump on Facebook and posted multiple self-pitying YouTube videos in which he identified himself as part of the incel community. On his Facebook page, Davison claimed to be from Arizona, but his distinctive accent is typical of people from the south-west of England.

      In one post from 2018, Davison shared a Trump quote and, when his friends ridiculed him in the comments, the suspect hit back: “You may not agree with his political views (I do) but he is different from the scum like Hillary or the people running our country like the neo-con sellout that is [then-British Prime Minister] Theresa May.”

      JesseAZ, is this one of your fellow Trump Arizona cultists?

      1. turd lies; it’s what turd does. turd never posts without lying. If turd claims numbers, they are either outright lies or distorted such as to be worthless.
        turd is a pathological liar, and too stupid to understand how obvious that is to others.
        turd lies, period.

      2. Dude could have caught a ride to Amsterdam and pounded some pussy. It’s so crazy and dumb.

      3. Sounds like dude was from England. I’m sure all the details are totes true, tho.

        You’re an idiot.

    2. The man suspected of killing five people before turning the gun on himself in a mass shooting in England on Thursday night was an incel Trump supporter who posted about “devil worshipers” in government.

      Uh, how exactly does a 22-year-old American get a construction job in England AND procure a gun?

      1. He only identified as an American, and that only works if you’re brown and close to the southern border.

  39. Yep, 7 days left before you’ll have to show your tat to eat in a SF restaurant.

  40. During the next several months, left wing propagandists and politicians will be condemning the thousands/millions of fake vaccine cards (that they created demand for by advocating and imposing vaccine mandates), will be demanding arrests, prosecutions huge fines and long sentences for violators, and will begin educating restaurant/bar workers, retailers and employers on ways to spot fake covid vaccine cards.

    But since covid vaccination cards are so easy to mass replicate, virtually all attempts to reduce fake cards will fail.

    So of course the left wingers will once again blame Trump and white Republicans of causing the new nationwide problem (that left wing Dummycrats created) of millions of fake covid vaccine cards.

    1. Forearm tattoos will be the “final solution “ to this problem.

    2. The irony is that if the Branch Covidians hadn’t been posting their cards with the lot numbers all over social media, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

  41. Two weeks to flatten the curve, guys

  42. >>The big news out of the 2020 census data released yesterday is that the U.S. is becoming less white.

    please define a white person lol.

  43. A ray of hope in this progressive nightmare?

    “WASHINGTON—A group of centrist House Democrats threatened to block a vote on the $3.5 trillion budget framework approved by the Senate this week until a bipartisan infrastructure bill is passed, highlighting the predicament Democratic leaders face trying to keep dueling factions of the party united around both pieces of legislation . . . . Democrats can afford no more than three defections on legislation opposed by all Republicans, who are expected to unanimously vote against the budget resolution. If the nine Democrats who signed the letter all voted against the budget framework, they could block its passage in the House.”

    The reason the radical Democrats insist on passing the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation first is because they’re afraid that if they pass the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill first, the moderate Democrats will turn around and say that they can’t vote for the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill because they’ve already spent too much. There is some glimmer of hope that the $3.5 trillion bill could fall apart in that way.

    1. Does this mean if a bill is passed exclusively by Democrats it can be called bi-partisan? It seems like they are essentially 2 different parties at this point.

      This infighting is good news for liberty minded folks though, think of how much damage they could do if they could actually agree on something.

      1. For now, but the Bernie/AOC/Warren wing is much better at theatrics and if they pick up seats in 2022 (a possibility), all bets are off

    2. “look over here, media! we’re infighting! write it up.”

      1. Not to mention that the in”fighting” isn’t ‘taxes vs. no taxes’ or ‘war vs. no war’ or ‘bailout vs. no bailout’, it’s “Spend the $3.5T first! vs. Spend the $1.2T first!”

  44. “Somewhat surprisingly, New Orleans is also joining in:”

    Why surprising? They’re Democrats.

  45. From CNN: Calls for violence online similar to before January 6 Capitol attack, DHS Intel chief says

    Uh oh… I guess that means it’s time for a bunch of bored geezers to “storm” the Capitol, film themselves in their barbaric yawp, and then go home having to explain themselves to their job, family and judge. That’s too bad. Considering the Stalinist-levels of tyranny employed by the Biden administration who can blame them? FREEDOM!!!

    1. As long as Ashli Babbitt stays dead you don’t care either way, right?

      1. As long as Ashli Babbitt’s estate pays his mortgage then that is all he cares about. Consuming the fruits of another’s efforts.

  46. Are we not allowed to post links unless we are bots or R’as Al Gore? I am surprised that my sourced comments are all “awaiting moderation” for some reason.

    1. Only 1 link at a time, otherwise it will never appear.

  47. White people still make up the bulk of the U.S. population, with 204.3 million Americans identifying solely as white. An additional 31.1 million identifying as a combination of white and another race.

    I dare say if you do and ancestry of those who claim to be solely as white you would find that very few of them are only white race. Most people who ancestries came to America years and years ago have some native American blood in their veins. I have not had my ancestry check but my grandmother was a 1/4 native American blood.

    1. I, like Warren, had heard there was Native American Indian ancestry in my family tree somewhere. The DNA test found none. But I am as much African-American and Warren is Native American. Maybe I’ll get reparations.

  48. Kate Brown has added more fuel to the fire that liberals are idiots.
    If there was any easier way to add more support for secession of five Eastern Oregon counties into joining with Idaho, I don’t know what will.
    That woman is delusional beyond hope.However she exhibits typical liberal progressive thinking. Typical progressive thinking means that a certain race is incapable of learning and therefore must be treated as children. Talk about racist. Progressives have always been thus all the while claiming to fight racism. Progressives have been very clever at this, always talking out of both corners of their mouths.
    They are the same ones who cry for freedom to change ones gender while at the same time wanting to isolate and even punish those who dare to claim the right to control what does and what does not get put into their bodies.
    Can anyone take these progressives seriously?
    One can hope this doesn’t catch on but I’m afraid it will. California will be next as will Washington and then every other blue state until America’s public education system will be so bad that eventually it will disappear to be replaced by private, home schooling and other versions more locally controlled instead of dictated to by D.C. bureaucrats. Which might mean the end of the NEA and DOE, which is not a bad thing.

    Kate brown may have mistakenly started something she will wish she hadn’t.

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