U.S. Is Becoming More Urban and More Ethnically Diverse, Says Census Bureau

People who checked the "Some Other Race" or racial combination census boxes are now America's second largest ethnic group.


"U.S. population is much more multiracial and more diverse than what we measured in the past," said Nicholas Jones, the Census Bureau's director of race and ethnicity research, in a press release today.

According to last year's census data, whites remain the country's largest racial or ethnic group. About 204.3 million people described themselves as white without also identifying with another group. (Another 31.1 million Americans identified both as white and with another group.) Still, the population identifying as white alone decreased by 8.6 percent since the previous census in 2010.

America's second largest ethnic group? People who either picked multiple racial boxes or checked "Some Other Race." These folks now number 49.9 million—surpassing the African-American population, which now stands at 46.9 million.

The fact that more Americans are checking multiracial census boxes tracks the steady increase in racial and ethnic group intermarriages over the past 50 years.

America's Hispanic population, which includes people of multiple races, now stands at 62.1 million. About 24 million people described themselves as Asian (either alone or in combination with another group), 9.7 million as American Indian or Alaska Native (alone or in combination), and 1.6 million as Pacific Islanders (alone or in combination).

The total U.S. population grew at the lowest rate since the Great Depression, rising from 308.7 million in 2010 to 331.4 million, a 7.35 percent increase.

More Americans became urbanites, with 52 percent of the country's countries losing population from 2010 to 2020.

Already-big metropolitan areas tended to get bigger, while smaller cities tended to decline in population.

The Census Bureau defines metropolitan areas as counties that contain a city with at least 50,000 residents; micropolitan areas have between 10,000 and 50,000 people. A full 81 percent of U.S. metropolitan areas increased their populations from 2010 to 2020, but only 48 percent of U.S. micropolitan areas grew over the decade.

Three states—West Virginia, Mississippi, and Illinois—lost population, as did Puerto Rico.

The point of the decennial national census is to figure out how many members of the House of Representatives will be allocated to each state.

As result of these population shifts, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and California will each lose one representative. The congressional delegations from Oregon, Montana, Colorado, Florida and North Carolina will each grow by one, and Texas will gain two.

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  1. Dems lose this round.

    1. Huh? The places which lost the most people were rural and pro-Trump. Metro areas, where Democrats are strongest, did surprisingly well, especialy NYC. When Philadelphia and Allegheny counties gain population, and a place like Susquehanna County (70% pro-Trup in 2020) lost 11% of its population, that is not good news for the PA GOP. https://www.pennlive.com/data/2021/08/44-pa-counties-lost-people-in-the-past-decade-see-which-counties-gained-the-most.html

      1. See the states that lost a seat.

        1. Which states lost seats was determined weeks ago (and waan’t as bad for Democrats as they feared–MN and RI were thought to be in danger of losing seats and didn’t, while NY was thought likely to lose two seats and barely lost one.) What *today’s* data is about is population gains/losses *within* the states, and on the whole that is bad news for the GOP. Upstate, not NYC, will lose a seat in NY; the heavily D Chicago area won’t lose any seats in IL but heavily GOP downstate will, etc.

          1. until they get reapportioned

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          2. In IL it didn’t really matter where the population change was, the lost seat was always going to be a GOP seat

            1. Why would you say this? You wouldn’t be crying about gerrymandering would you? For if you are, I wonder what your opinion was when the SCOTUS ruled in favor NCGOP’s gerrymandering?
              What’s sad is that IL would not be losing a seat if we would have promoted every resident in the state, even the illegals, to fill out the census. But wasn’t that the GOP’s plan all along?
              Maybe the ILGOP will start to pay more attention to the rural communities’ depleting population by realizing that proximity to access social services is vitally important. If the ILGOP would stop acquiescing to RNC and begin to fight for Illinois’ tax payers, our state could begin reinvesting and creating opportunities in our rural communities.
              We are one of 11 states who actually pays the bills of our nation; we’re forced to support the 39 mooching states, most of which are controlled by republicans, especially those states where the majority of their voters are forced to live under republican minority control.

          3. In IL and NY the blue counties which are the metropolitan areas grew because of influx of migrants which mostly can’t vote. They still lost large numbers of American voters. This is the results of sanctuary cities and counties. We are seeing white flight in action. Areas in the large metropolitan areas with high crime and poverty will increase in size and population as they spread out and even more will leave.

            1. You must not have read the findings or just like regurgitating the great #CHARLATANinCHIEF’s propagandist pontifications. People are leaving rural communities due to the lack of opportunities. Truth is that Iowa’s percentage of population loss has been greater than IL’s, but Iowa is one of the 39 mooching states which depend on IL & NY for existence.
              Funny that you mention multicultural inner city poverty when the overwhelming majority of Americans receiving gov’t assistance are rural white southerners…but don’t let facts get in the way of your alternative reality.

      2. Allegheny County lost 3k people lol. It’s just wasn’t big enough of a loss that the dems wanted to have themselves look bad so they’re trying to ignore it.

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  2. I ain’t moving.

    1. Not from your van down by the river, no.

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  3. Can we nominate which representative CA looses?

      1. I can think of a special lady in Pacific Heights whose departure from public life would indeed make a difference, but I’m sure Nancy isn’t ready to collect her congressional pension just yet. So it will probably be some low level undesirable like Mike Garcia (R Santa Clarita). I’m actually quite interested in how it’ll be determined.

        1. Even if they eliminated her district she’d just run (and probably win) in a different district

  4. Less people in rural shitholes means less Trump worshipping traitors.

    I like, I like.

    1. Nobody cares lefty traitorous shithead. Don’t cry when they bend you over in your jail cell.

      1. What would I go to jail for? I hate Biden, but believe in following the law. The Trump worshipping traitors only follow the law when it benefits Trump.

        You have a lot to learn kid, but keep your head up seatbelt.

        1. “I hate Biden”


          He’s delivered the vaccine, liberated the concentration camps, restored America’s standing in the world, and made billionaires substantially richer. Are you disappointed he hasn’t also cured cancer?

          1. Any President would of delivered the vaccine(it’s not like Trump or Biden put on a lab coat and were themselves developing the vaccine).

            The border is still a shitshow.

            I don’t care what a bunch of Limeys, Krauts, Frogs, Maygars, Turks, or Ruskies think of us.

            Billionaires going to billionaire. Doesn’t matter if it’s dem or GOP.

            I know you like to paint Koch as some sort of commie or Obama globalist lib, but I’m 2022 they’ll be supporting Tea Party types.

            Conservatives usually aren’t funny. You certainly aren’t. Or clever.

            1. *in 2022

            2. “would of”

              Just pathetic, and demonstrates a complete in ability to learn.

              1. Thanks for the tip! I would of used “would have” but I enjoy you correcting me.

              2. inability is what you meant

                1. Yes, that’s called a typo (space inserted between “in” and “ability” when going for the word “inability”). Typos are mostly the product of mechanical error and/or muscle memory.
                  Substituting “of” for “have” isn’t a typo, and is not the product of mechanical error or muscle memory. It’s a tic of low class writing ability. You’re thinking “would’ve” instead of “would have” but typing “would of” which is complete gibberish.
                  I pointed this out to you less than a week ago, and we discussed it, yet you make the exact same mistake. The hilarious part, other than how foolish it looks, is that, if you’re on your phone, auto-complete suggests “would’ve” after the 5th character, and actually requires fewer steps than typing out “would of”.
                  Though I do often suspect you come here intending to be/play the clown, so… good job?

                  1. I genuinely made the mistake twice. I don’t fucking care if a Trump worshipping moron from Jacksonville thinks I’m low class.

                    It’s a compliment.

            3. He’s obsessed with big Koch.

    2. Yeah but Utah gained population and they’ll all end up Mormon so it’s not all good news.

      1. Yeah they fuck like Rabbits and raise little fascists.

    3. Urban areas are magnets for crime, high taxes, congestion, pollution and unhappiness. I’m fine if these folks stay away from rural utopia. Ymmv.

      1. Don’t tell me you live in some backwoods shithole Gumby!

        1. I own part of a forest and live there. No woke street protesters. No homeless camps along the freeway. No rioting. No burning buildings. Low taxes. Little pollution. 70 mph speed limits. Little traffic. Quiet. Free.
          Were you about to talk about the virtues of urbania?

          1. I enjoy the outdoors and can get plenty of places with a short drive. I also enjoy bars, concerts, and city life.

            Despite what the media says my town is a lovely place to live.

  5. I expect some ugly redistricting fights.

    1. I expect this to be true. With fewer people in rural area the computers will have to work even harder to make it look they are a majority.

  6. Looks like Idaho continues to defy becoming urban or diverse. We are a target of Californians moving here. I suppose they are all white and live in the country

    1. I suppose they are all white and live in the country

      That’s just the vanguard.

      1. White Mike is one

    2. A lot of Mormons there

      1. Shut up cock sucker.

        1. Easy there seatbelt!

          Are you Mormon or something?

    3. We are a target of Californians moving here. I suppose they are all white and live in the country

      They all live in that cute little downtown section of Coeur D’lene and bemoan the Trump voters they’re surrounded by.

      1. You can tell where the blues congregate by the number of trendy restaurants, quirky boutiques and edgy galleries and your taxes going up to subsidize them.

        1. You mean civilization?

      2. If it’s a Californian who has moved to Couer d’Alene it’s much more likely a retired cop with the biggest Trump flag in his neighborhood.

  7. >>multiracial

    there are no races. people are people.

    1. Now that’s how you do anti-racist.

      1. Appealing to universal humanity is racist. Keep up. By “not noticing race” you are guilty of “System Preserving Epistemic Pushback”.

        1. ~~ puts SPEP! on shirt with pic of King …

    2. So is soylent green.

    3. The only way to not lose the CRT/Woke/SJW/Identity Politics game is not to enter.

  8. Hypothetically (because I would never leave info off my census form), how do they count your race if you left that question blank?

    1. There’s actually a complicated algorithm by which they guess your race based on what others in your household or your neighbors said. To oversimplify, if you protest and leave it blank, they count you as part of the local majority, whatever that is.

    2. I always check other, I suspect a whole bunch of people do.

    3. when they ask national origin, I wrote USA

      1. How the heck do I know where my great great grandparents lived, and if they were telling the truth about it?

  9. We Koch / Reason libertarians have two main goals in mind when we promote open borders. The first, of course, is to import cost-effective foreign-born labor for our benefactor Charles Koch.

    The second is to import enough ethnically diverse (meaning, Black and Brown) Democratic voters to eventually turn the entire country into a single-party state like California is right now. Indeed, with its staggering degree of economy inequality — movie stars and tech titans living in the same state as poverty-stricken slobs reduced to defecating on the streets — California is the logical conclusion of the Koch / Reason economic agenda.


    1. OK, Bernie.

  10. How many people lie or leave the race part blank? I, er, someone I know well always does that.

    1. Vulcan.

      They do not leave a space for that.

    2. Well there are at least 2 of us I guess. I got the long form 20 years ago and filled the number of people living in the household and nothing else. These poor schmucks came back twice pleading and threatening me. The last time I told the kid she’d have to come back with a federal marshal or I’d put her off the property. And nothing else happened.

      1. To be fair, there are only 94 US Marshals.
        (But they have 6 additional boxes on their org chart without numbers, and a total of 5,500 employees, including the HR and accounting drones)

    3. Probably not enough to skew the numbers from those that were interviewed in person. But as a census taker, I was trained to check whatever they said even if it didn’t match what my eyes saw. I only had one blatant lie. I only had a few refuse to answer or pick “other” just because. It was always white people.

      1. you can’t assume that.

  11. This is nothing to celebrate. It is the result of the demographic changes the Democrats have been pushing for and the white population is contracting thanks to the left’s war on men, especially white men.

    This is going to blow up in their faces and I suspect there will be another major shift after Donald Trump gets re-elected in 2024. When he does, expect a MASSIVE outflow of illegals to occur on the day he takes office.

    I also fully expect Trump will not only continue to build and repair the border wall, but an effort will be made to hunt down and destroy the Mexican cartels including kicking out the illegals coming up now thanks to their smuggling operations. Not because Trump wants to but Biden made it possible, especially with the criminals and terrorists who are coming up as well.

  12. People who checked the “Some Other Race” or racial combination census boxes are now America’s second largest ethnic group.

    I checked that box. Prove I’m not.

    1. I check the box and add “Human.”

  13. I question the methodology of their analysis of race. I suspect that much of the perceived difference is social protest – people either leaving the space blank or picking “some other” because the very question is offensive and reinforces the very racial divides that we are trying to put behind us.

    1. For the record, I believe America is becoming more ethnically diverse. That statistic by itself means almost nothing. It could even mean less than nothing. Unless you believe in ethnic/racial essentialism, as the critical race theorists do.

    2. I was a census enumerator. There was some of that. A lot of the “some other” I got was Hispanic people. I do remember one Creole, I’m in Houston.
      Many of the Hispanics just weren’t sure what to choose. A majority did choose white but most were hesitant about it. A lot chose “other” because they didn’t feel white was the right answer.
      It really highlighted how bizarre and inconsistent our race definitions are in America.
      My favorite was the one that chose Native American and then told me he was from a small indigenous tribe in South America. Technically he was correct but not what is normally thought of.

      1. Still the right answer. That’s probably true for some of the immigrants from Guatemala, too.

  14. kissallrednecks appears to be a Tony sock. That would truly make him a faggot bending over for Mormons.

  15. I didn’t know libertarians are obsessed with race. Oh my bad. This is Reason not a libertarian publication. Carry on.

    1. Go to census.gov

      What is the topic of the lead article?

  16. The only group citizens lie to more than pollsters is the census busybodies.

  17. I’m a white guy. Family has been here since 1651

    I checked “some other race” because it’s none of the governments damn business

  18. I am not sure you really need the census here to tell us facts. All you really have to do is look around.

    You see a much more ethically blended group of people. It is not unusual to see mixed race couples.

    As for cities, most seem to be expanding and in many cases swallowing up near by towns. There is still plenty of farming but it is much more consolidated and industrialized and doesn’t really require the same size population. I also suspect that a significant portion of the rural population is either undocumented or immigrants on work permits. Much of the human scale work in farming relies on immigrant labor.

  19. I put Korean as my ethnicity on the census. Also that there were 99 living in my house. Then it switched to korean characters and I was unable to finish answering the questions. I think I sent it went through though. Just doing my part to fortify the census.

    1. My thinking on putting Korean on the census was that we are full of other white guys and a large number of Koreans living here might trigger something somewhere. Putting down white never seemed to get me anything.

  20. I declare myself biracial because Greeks are a distinct race, actually much closer to Arabs than Northern European, and with their own language and culture. Arabs are still considered white for some reason, but if kids can declare their own gender, than I definitely can choose what race I identify as since race is a lot fuzzier biologically than what chromosome or genitals you are born with.

    1. Arabs are considered white to make the “white slavers” storyline hold up.

      1. If you go by old racial categories, they’re Caucasian, as are people from India, despite southern Indians being pretty dark.

  21. The only people who actually seem to care about race are white suburban progs whose only interaction with other races is at the Whole Foods checkout, or the guy who mows their lawn.

  22. The US will never be a majority/minority white country. We’ll keep assimilating ethnic minorities that start out as not being white and end up being as white as Fiorello LaGuardia and Meyer Lansky.

    1. Reminds me that at one time the Irish were not white.

  23. When I filled out my census form I put in nordic subgroup of the aryan race. WHITE POWER MOTHER FUCKERS ! Jk

  24. Dual citizenship
    Dual race
    Dual gender

    What’s the matter, can’t you make up your mind?

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