Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo Resigns as New York Governor at Long Last

After allegedly sexually harassing 11 women and issuing nursing home COVID guidance that led to massive outbreaks and huge death tolls, Cuomo is out.


Well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's own actions catching up with him. Today, the New York governor announced his resignation after a solid 18 months of consecutive and overlapping scandals involving his flubbing of the state's early COVID response and his alleged pattern of sexually harassing female employees. Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will take over as governor two weeks from now.

The resignation comes on the heels of an explosive report by state Attorney General Letitia James which indicated that the governor sexually harassed 11 women, nine of whom are or were state employees, while creating a hostile work environment and retaliating against one of the women who came forward.

That these women can experience some form of vindication, however delayed, is a win. But this is also a vindication, however indirect and long-awaited, for the family members of those who died in April and May 2020 in New York state nursing homes as a result of the governor's horrible early-pandemic guidance that required such residential facilities to admit elderly folks coming from hospitals regardless of whether they'd tested positive or negative for an active COVID infection. Had these people been tested and isolated, as we knew was the appropriate protocol even then, some not-insignificant number might not have died and COVID might not have spread like wildfire through these residential facilities, killing more than 15,000 elderly people—the majority of whom fell sick and died over the course of just a few weeks. Worse still, Cuomo's team covered up the true nursing home death toll, failing to count about 4,000 deaths, telling on themselves and implicitly admitting via a bald attempt at corruption that the total death toll was an embarrassing stain on their record.

As my own reporting at Reason shows—and as folks at places like National Review and the Wall Street Journal and New York Post also made clear—Cuomo engaged in similar malfeasance with his guidance to residential homes for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He diverted scarce COVID tests to VIPs and family members early in the pandemic and played court jester with his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, joking about their Italian schnozzes and who Mom likes the best, at a time when 20 million New Yorkers were grappling with limited testing availability, financial insecurity due to state-ordered business closures, and the inability to see their elderly or infirm loved ones.

The incompetence would have been funny had it not been so heart-rending for the family members who lost their loved ones due to the cosmic misfortune of being New York residents; as one family member of two people who died in a residential facility told me back in March, he wishes he'd moved his loved ones to a different state. Adding insult to injury was the fact that Cuomo felt it appropriate to publish a mid-pandemic memoir on how to be a good leader. When reports surfaced that he'd used people on state payrolls to work on a book that he got several million dollars for, nobody in his orbit ever thought to greet those reports with a posture of humility. No, his office made fan art and Cuomo kept counting up his book proceeds.

It's great that these chickens have finally come home to roost, and surely Californians in the thick of their own gubernatorial recall initiative will be watching with envy as New Yorkers rid themselves of executive blight. But it's also worth remembering that media cheerleaders played a significant role in propping up Cuomo and failing to take him to task for his manifold failings. Folks like Fox's Janice Dean, who started sounding alarms in May 2020, were regularly pilloried for their efforts to get mainstream news reporters to see the light; The New York Times finally began to report substantively and thoroughly on the nursing-home death scandal in February 2021, nine months after Dean first did; in the meantime, reporters at Fox, National Review, the Albany Times-Union, the Newark Star-Ledger, and, yes, Reasonsounded the alarm to very little mainstream acknowledgement.

This is a reminder that the partisan blinders of the press too often serve to help those in power hide from accountability. A fierce, oppositional press comprised of people from different ideological traditions serves as a useful check on bad politicians.

"Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change," said a downtrodden Cuomo in his outgoing presser today. He can repeat this mantra as many times as he'd like, reassuring himself that his tenure helming the government was a net-positive for New Yorkers. But the family members of those who died, and the women who allegedly had to endure his lecherous advances, would probably like a word with him.

NEXT: Is the CDC's Eviction Moratorium a Third Amendment Violation?

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  1. Killing Grannies, smacking fannies.

    1. Truly an Emmy winning performance.

      1. I suppose the Pulitzer committee has to rule him out now. If only he’d been able to hang on a little longer, he could have been in the same august company as Walter Duranty.

        1. Still time for his anabolic brother.

          1. I can see it now…….

            ‘Fredo, an Autobiography’, by Chris Cuomo

            1. I’m guessing that it would be a pop-up book.

              1. The pops ups provided by his big brother. A little something for the ladies.

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              2. Three pages of random gibberish and 140 blank pages.

      2. Cuomo’s next performance should be: sad-ass looking convict behind bars. Murphy should join him.

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    2. Sad part: he’s resigning for the latter, not the former.

      1. Yeah, the fact that the Democratic party will cover for him for causing hundreds of not thousands of unnecessary deaths, but will throw him out for squeezing on tit too many speaks volumes.

        One problem with holding him accountable for the nursing home deaths though is that he was not the only democratic governor that had the same nursing home policy.

        California, Newsome, Michigan, Whitmer, Pennsylvania, Wolfe, and New Jersey, Murphy, all issued orders to nursing homes ordering them to take covid positive patients, that they had no capability to keep from infecting staff and other patients.

        1. Then those Governors need busting too. Hung separately or together, they’ll make great buzzard food. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

        2. Just for the record, they are not throwing him out for squeezing tits; they are throwing him out because there is no way even social media can overcome 179 witnesses that he did, in fact, squeeze tits. They will use the resignation to permanently memory-hole the nursing home fiasco and all other criminal and incompetent actions.
          In five months it will be “Who? A Democrat? Did what? Nothing to see here.”

          1. haven’t they already memory holed the story of old folks needlessly having to be buried in actual earth holes?

        3. I’ve seen some reports on criminal proceedings that might be relevant.

          People will defend their friends and family through murder charges far more often than rape charges. After all, there are legitimate reasons to kill someone (defense of yourself and others), and there are more that are understandable, even if they aren’t excusable. There’s no excuse for forcible rape.

          Similarly, people can and have made up justifications for Cuomo’s actions. It was a mistake. We needed to free up hospital beds, so it was a necessary sacrifice. They weren’t contagious and its all exaggerated. He did what he thought was best at the time. Et cetera. Et cetera. However, there’s no excuse for sexually assaulting your staff and forcibly silencing them when they complain. There’s no twist of logic that you can stand behind. There’s no excuse.

          That’s why his defenders are falling away on this issue instead of the greater one.

      2. You can kill all the grandmas you want, but you grab one pussy . . .

        It’s like McGregor the Bridgebuilder.

    3. I really don’t see why he had to resign. Governor Coonman is still KKKicking it in office, so why can’t this schmuck?

      1. In Virginia, the Democrat Lieutenant Governor had a sex scandal of his own, and the next person in line was a Republican, so Coonman got the full Party rally.

        1. Was this before or after the Democratic governor got outed as a blackface participant?

  2. What about the poor cuomosexuals?

    1. The number of people calling themselves Cuomosexuals is expected to decline at about the same rate as Germans calling themselves Nazis in 1946.

      The I Was Not A Nazi Polka

      1. No Nazi would have actually called himself a Nazi, that was a derogatory term used by opponents of the Nazi Party in Germany. I would have expected “Cuomosexual” to have similar origins and usage, but alas it apparently does not

        1. “No True Nazi” may be a fallacy, but due to the Nazi’s heavy use of Argumentum Ad Bacculum many people were afraid to point that out.

          As for “Cuomosexual,” it will go down in infamy the same way. Really, LGBTQ+ people should have drowned this damn term in the bathtub before it became a thing.

      2. I wonder if the Mitchell Trio would have been woke enough to sing “Venezuela Was Not Socialist” today.

        1. In today’s environment, they would have been canceled very quickly.

      3. Damn! That was wonderfully funny! John Denver, we hardly knew ye!

        1. The have another one – Friendly Liberal Neighborhood KKK that’s worth listening to.

          1. I think you or someone else posted that one earlier too. That was a scream! They were precursors (or perhaps just pre-cursed ones) to Frank Zappa and Dr. Demento. 🙂

      4. What does Cuomosexual even mean? Seriously, I’ve no idea, and any guesses I make at it are absurd for people to call themselves.

        1. The difference between “Cuomosexual” and all the other “-sexuals” is that the other “-sexuals” can be followed with: “Not that there’s anything wr-o-o-o-ong with that!”

    2. They are engaging in quid cuo mo

      1. +1

      2. No mo.

    3. They should get better orientations and fetishes.

  3. And Chris will be along soon to tell us how wonderful, wonderful his retirement speech was!

  4. When will Fauci answer for his crimes against humanity?

    1. Depends. Are there any plausible claims that he’s a serial groper?

      1. Were women’s feelings hardest hit?

      2. Dr. Fauci forced himself on me over a period of a year. Commented constantly on the clothes I wear at the workplace despite my many protests. And even tried to get me take an experimental cocktail, which in light of Bill Cosby and the teachings of Nancy Reagan, I said, “No” but he kept insisting and telling me that things would be better for my family if I did and threaten confinement if I didn’t. I’ve felt helpless at the hands of Dr. Fauci. He’s a monster.

        1. meme this. today.

          1. I give express permission to anymore with social media chops to do that.

        2. Truly impressive.

        3. Well as Dr. Blakey-Ford has demonstrated, that is a credible accusation. Time for the hearings. You are so brave for coming forward.

        4. Go on…

      3. Not sure if the word “Depends” should be used as part of the answer.

    2. I hope Cuomo and Emperor Xi and all the members of the Chines Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army who covered up and facilitated the spread of COVID-19 need to be on a new Nuremburg docket.

      Then we can see if masks keep out Cyanide, Lead Hollow-Points, or 1500 Volts.

  5. Always fun when a person who is a complete scumbag finally has to pay for it.

    Also fun to watch all those people who knew he was a giant scumbag the whole time pretend that they are now just finding out in order to save face.

    80% of life is just performative garbage.

    1. He’s not paying for it. He raked in money off sales of his book and nobody is demanding that he pay a single dime of that back because of his lies and cover-ups.

      1. he will probably get a job along side his brother at CNN

      2. Oh, he’s paying for it. Does that mean he’s not going to be a rich man in the end? No. But there is at least some justice on this.

      3. His book needs to be side-by-side with DiAngelo’s, Kendi’s, and Francis Fukayama’s The End of History…all lined up at the woodchipper, ready to be made into particle board tables to hold all the better cut-out books at The Dollar Store!

    2. Retiring with a shitload of cash is hardly “paying for it.”

      This PoS needs jail time, and plenty of it.

  6. “Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change,” said a downtrodden Cuomo in his outgoing presser today.

    Maybe he should have tried that.

    1. Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change, killing people.

      1. That how social change is accomplished.

      2. He should have taken the honorable way out. Like Frank Pentangeli did on The Godfather Part 2.

        1. It would take two consecutive life sentences to have enough time to teach him what honor is.

    2. Positive social change is the best vehicle for good government.

    3. “Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change,” said a downtrodden Cuomo in his outgoing presser today.

      THAT is the problem with Democrats. They play ignorant to the fact that Government *is* Gov-Gun-Forces.

      Saying — “Personal Enslavement is still the best vehicle for making positive social change” *is* at it’s basis the *exact* same thing and they’ll hold on to such a corrupted view like their life’s depended on it. Heck; they fought and killed thousands to keep their ‘enslavement’ camps. Nothings changed on the left.

    4. You know who else tried to use government to make positive social change?

  7. I’ll be interested in hearing what Paul Krugman has to say about this. As I recall, he thought politicians like Cuomo were the future of this country. And who knows? He may turn out to be right.

    1. Future? Politicians like Cuomo are all we’ve had for the last couple decades

      1. Politicians Like Cuomo are the past, present, and future of our country.

    2. Paul who? Andrew who?

  8. Sad. Just Sad.

    That it took so long.
    That he was even elected.

    Yes, just so sad.

    1. But amazing that Reason reported on such local news. On the same day, no less.

    2. I have always said New Yorkers (especially those in NYC) deserve everything they get. They haven’t had a governor worth a crap in decades.

  9. That these women can experience some form of vindication, however delayed, is a win. But this is also a vindication, however indirect and long-awaited, for the family members of those who died in April and May 2020 in New York state nursing homes…

    I agree that if these women had just come forward or been believed while it was still much more politically inconvenient to do so, those particular deaths might have been avoided. A different governor without the abject cover provided him or her by corporate media might have made different choices. Instead, they all needed their Trump foil, false as that facade was.

    1. A different governor without the abject cover provided him or her by corporate media might have made different choices.

      Just as with Weinstein or Cosby, let’s be clear about this; it’s not like Cuomo himself went around and hushed up all the cases with his own two hands. Women (and men) on his staff scheduled appointments with female lawyers to silence these women so that he could stay in power. Female (and male) reporters almost certainly covered stories about these women and looked the other way. Female (and male) editors almost certainly read the stories and said “Below the fold. No deeper story to be had here.”

      Instead, we’ll pretend that he’s some sort of exceptionally toxic male sociopath that mysteriously woke up as Governor and started groping women without anyone knowing about it.

      1. Do you mean just like Bill Clinton?

    2. “A different governor without the abject cover provided him or her by corporate media might have made different choices. Instead, they all needed their Trump foil, false as that facade was.”

      MSM is not content with mere reporting and informing; no, they want to influence, they want to “be the change.”

    3. Any New York governor would have been a Democrat, and thus received the same media cover.

      1. But he might’ve made different decisions regarding the pandemic.

    4. the women will not be vindicated until they get their day in court. retiring with full benifits is not vindication.

  10. Unfortunate that his accountability is only to slapping hineys when greater atrocities were performed in the name of ‘Government.’ Glad Liz was willing to point out the true failure of this scumbag…I won’t hold my breath that there will be much rending clothes in the rest of the media sphere.

  11. Not for killing people though. He’s clean on that charge. 100%

  12. But what of his little brother?

    1. He can be governor, while Andrew joins CNN.

      1. Holy shit, how long until the ex-governor is a contributor on cable news? Eliot Spitzer had a show for fuck sake.

        1. Plus a multi-million dollar book deal.

        2. To be fair, NPR asked Spitzer about his “troubles” and Spitzer confidently replied that everything that had happened were purely personal matters that didn’t belong in the media. The helpful NPR reporter agreed and they moved on.

          1. “Hmmm….Hmmm….Hmmm…” she said while sucking him off.

        3. I’m guessing 15 minutes.

  13. I am sure Reason will find a way to blame it on Trump, equate it with Trump, or make Cuomo look better than Trump.

    1. Possible angle: “Cuomo’s resignation proves he’s so much classier than Trump.”

      1. I’ve already seen that angle on Twitter. e.g. “Democrats do the right thing, while Republicans…”

        1. Shoulda refreshed.

      2. Too ‘substancelss’ and passive.

        Unlike Trump, Cuomo Was Actually Taken To Task For His Crimes.
        –Both sides have problem with corruption, to be sure.

    2. Yet you’re the one bringing his dumbass up.

      1. It’s a preemptive strike, Mulchie.

        1. Reason had just such an article a few days ago.

      2. Reason had basically that article a day or two ago.

    3. I was amazed that this article made no mention. Must be a follow-up in the works.

    4. “I am sure Reason will find a way to blame it on Trump, equate it with Trump, or make Cuomo look better than Trump.”

      Tuccille’s already claiming you can’t tell ’em apart.
      Let’s see: Best POTUS in at least 100 years compared to a murderous sexual predator.
      Yep, just alike.

      1. Best POTUS – you are fucking high.

        He sucked, just like all the rest.

        Fucking Trump fanboy.

  14. Cuomo Resigns as New York Governor at Long Last In An Attempt To Avoid Criminal Charges

  15. This is so embarrassing for progressives everywhere. He was their hero. He was a featured speaker at the Democratic convention to nominate Joe Biden.

    Some Democrats were hoping Cuomo would replace Biden at the top of the ticket! Dig this quote:

    “While Joe Biden stumbles around to wrap up the Democratic nomination, it’s another Democratic pol — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — who’s emerged as the No. 1 political star of the coronavirus era.

    Cuomo is everything Biden is not — a strong orator who oozes leadership and decisiveness. He’s macho without being threatening or creepy.

    The liberal New York governor’s daily press briefings have become appointment viewing on the national cable outlets like CNN and MSNBC — and even Fox News.

    —-The Boston Herald, March 25, 2020

    “Joe Biden replaced by Andrew Cuomo? Not so far-fetched”

    Maybe the reason progressive heroes so often turn out to be among America’s most horrible people is because progressives are America’s most horrible people.

    1. It would be hilarious if not for all the people he killed.

    2. Maybe the reason progressive heroes so often turn out to be among America’s most horrible people is because progressives are America’s most horrible people.

      And you’ll get no argument there.

      1. Progressivism is very attractive to sociopaths. No morality and purely situational ethics for the sole purpose of advancing narratives and agendas. It’s the perfect place for someone like Cuomo to thrive, and why subhuman garbage like Tony support them.

    3. I wonder the folks who pre-bought Harris / Cuomo ’24 bumper stickers can get a refund.

    4. For reference, the Boston Herald is the foil to the progressive Boston Globe.

    5. He’s macho without being threatening or creepy.


    6. “He’s macho without being threatening or creepy.”

      I still say
      “He’s macho while being less threatening or creepy.”
      is still accurate.

      1. Yes, to make an omelette you’ve got to break some eggs. Thanks for the reminder, comrade!

    7. Male feminist: Someone who traps women in bathrooms and forces them to watch him masturbate.

    8. “…who’s emerged as the No. 1 political star of the coronavirus era…”

      Stars get emmys!

  16. I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of him. I am sure the accusations made against Cuomo will go away after this and he will plot his revenge after licking his wounds.

    1. Much like John Kerry being appointed the Climate Tsar, Cuomo will be appointed as the Sexual Assault Tsar. He has the hands on experience needed for the job.

      1. It takes a thief…

  17. “It’s great that these chickens have finally come home to roost …”

    NO. He killed people. And then, he was taken down …. for copping a feel. If he hadn’t come on to staff, he’s still be governor. Where is the investigation of how many people died directly as a result of his decisions? How long has it been, and it’s still been swept under the rug? He probably killed thousands, and 11 white, middle class women took him down for being naughty on the clock.

    I’m ashamed to be an American. My parents are rolling over in their graves.

    1. ^^^ All this

    2. Don’t forget that he also covered up the statistics on killing people as well, while preferentially routing state resources for COVID testing to Fredo and other favorites at the expense and contrary to the benefit of NY citizens.

  18. and issuing nursing home COVID guidance that led to massive outbreaks and huge death tolls, Cuomo is out.

    Hilarious. Does actually believe that’s the reason he finally got the boot? It’s 2021. No one cares about dead grannies. #METOO is the only police force and it investigates only one crime.

  19. Why does it take 2 weeks for Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul to take over?

    1. Yeah, that’s more or less what I will give when I retire next year; yet this guy is being hounded from office in order to avoid impeachment and criminal charges.

      1. He can still face criminal charges. Civil lawsuits seem inevitable.

        He’s like that outcast from a mob organization. The head of the family says he’s no worth protecting anymore, so everyone is after him.

        1. Leave the gun. Grab the cans…cannoli.

    2. He wants one more chance to grab her ass.

    3. She has to get dressed again after Cuomo ravaged her.

  20. Cuomo will be gone from the news by the end of the week and TMITE can get back to portraying Gov. DeSantis as Jack the Ripper and Charles Manson.

  21. But the family members of those who died, and the women who allegedly had to endure his lecherous advances, would probably like a word with him.

    If I was one of those family members I’d want more than just word with that lying shit weasel.

    1. I’d want a Nuremberg style trial with capital punishment on the table as a sentence. He is the architect of a crime against humanity.

    2. This is New York. You have whatever your one word is engraved on your knuckledusters and deliver the message personally.

  22. Odds that any of the other Governor’s of Death are out?

    1. Depends on how many of their subordinates they got handsy with.

      1. *Uh!* There’s that word “Depends” again! Stop that! 😉

    2. Charlie Baker is too stupid to realize what he’s done.

      Besides, if he resigns, we get the Lt. Gov. Polito, who did a Barry and held her birthday part (or maybe it was some big family gathering?) shortly after lockdowns were first announced.

      Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t…..

    3. I want to see him sat down and forced to detail his reasoning.

      If not in front of a judge, then congress. Whoever will force him to go on record about why exactly he went against the advice of medical staff which resulted in thousands of excess deaths.

      1. This was supposed to be in response to Chumby’s Nuremberg comment.

      2. Nothing to see here, let’s go back to talking about Trump even though he hasn’t been in office for 7 months now – our ratings are in the damn tank!

        In fact, let’s blame Trump for Cuomo’s behavior because he thought grabbing pussy was OK.

        This resignation is strictly so he can be pushed off the news cycle and get away with murder.

  23. “This is a reminder that the partisan blinders of the press too often serve to help those in power hide from accountability.”

    Uh this is one-directional only. Whether Fox is blind to any Republican or not, does not affect that Republican being pilloried by the rest of the press.

    1. Which no right wing person ever sees anyhow because “they’re just biased.”

      1. Which no right wing person ever sees anyhow because “they’re just biased.”

        It’s awfully difficult to constantly point out specific instances of something that you never see, isn’t it?

  24. It’s nice when the trash takes itself out.

    1. Yeah, you don’t even have that ability.

  25. sdfx gtr gtdeyt

    1. That’s the best analysis I’ve read in a while

      1. Well stop reading CNN, NYT and WaPo then.

      2. Just need a top hat with a hole in it and a seer stone to translate.

        1. No. This is actually real. Gibberish, but real.

          The Book of Mormon is fake.

          1. The Book of Mormon is very powerful and has changed the life of millions of people. Very. VERY powerful. And it will never go away. 🙂

    2. finally someone more cogent than Laursen

  26. cfg dthyfrt yh

    1. You’re drunk. Put the keyboard down and step away from the computer.

      1. Yeah, WTF is that?

        1. It’s a leftist trying to become human?

      2. Now, now, let’s not be hasty!

        Tell uncle Andrew about yourself, Lisa…….

    2. Is that like the computer-hacked headline in Pravda: “Gorbachev Sings Tractors! Turnips! Buttocks!” from the comic strip Bloom County ?

  27. “Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change,” said a downtrodden Cuomo in his outgoing presser today.

    Funny how nobody has ever used it for that. The only thing politicians use that vehicle for is driving on the road to riches.

    1. Just read through the list of 18 accusations against Trump Reason linked in their “I have trouble seeing the essential difference between Donald Trump and Adam Lanza” article. It’s hilarious.

      -First, none are within a decade of his running for office. One was from the 70s!
      -Second, unlike Cuomo, none are with members of his staff.
      -Third, between half and a third contain some sort of quid-pro-quo (The harassment charges were dropped when Mar-a-Lago settled a separate and ongoing membership dispute or the ‘victim’ was a candidate running an anti-Trump political campaign).
      -Fourth, almost 2/3 of them are don’t contain anything even remotely immoral and/or the sexual nature is in no way explicit to the allegation. “We met during a dress rehearsal, there were lots of people around and some of them were naked women.” or “He grabbed me by the arm and his hand brushed my breast when he did it.”*
      -Fifth, again unlike Cuomo, none have any sort of allegation of professional or social consequences that traditionally was the impetus for sexual harassment litigation.

      *In Cuomo’s defense, at least a couple of the accusers are levying accusations along the lines of “He looked down my shirt.” and “He said I was beautiful in Italian.” Those kind of accusations, especially with the COVID deaths in the wings, need to GTFO. Don’t want people looking down your shirt? Wear a fucking collared shirt bitch. Nobody gets to walk around naked and then demand people not look at their sex organs.

      1. Yeah. And the accusations against Trump are often like, “This happened in 1998, but I didn’t say anything until August 2020. I’m not political at all (ignore the fact that my friend who convinced me to come forward is EXTREMELY political).”

  28. Narcissistic megalomaniac will live to ride again. The sheep expect no less. If he buys some hunter biden “artwork” he’ll be back in before you know it.

    1. Yup, your people will vote him back in for sure.

      1. If I remember correctly and am not mixing up names, Truthteller1 isn’t a leftist.

        1. You’re right, I think. I fell victim to Poe’s law a couple of times when reading his comments and didn’t search his name.

  29. How hot does it have to get before Governor Hairdo(Newsom) has to resign?
    He’s got his winery to fall back on, if you don’t mind drinking rotgut wine.
    Will he take Andy’s advice and skate before it gets to hot for him?
    Or will he be like Paul Reubens and stick it out?

    1. Are there still gay porno theaters?

      1. Asking for a friend? ????

      2. Any theatre is a Pansexual Theater, even the non-X-rated ones.

    2. What was the problem with Ruben anyway? What else are you supposed to do in a porn theater?

  30. Lil’ Duce is out. Unfortunately, there are [only crazy New York Democrats behind him.


    1. Lil’ Duce

      Nice one.

    2. Li’l Duce bag. You should use his full title.

  31. The man violated the peoples’ rights almost day in and day out, especially the 2nd, used his executive powers so incompetently that it looks like active contempt for his fellow man, and thought he could survive the #MeToo era unscathed despite being a very hated man by many. As an upstate New Yorker who feels alienated by his governance and by his view of the world, I will not miss him. I hope that his accusers of sexual misconduct are telling the truth, but it is sad that THAT had to be the nail in the coffin for his governance.

    1. I’m sure everything is going to be better now that he’s no longer the governor.

    2. If Cuomo went down for the nursing home pogrom, it would endanger the left’s covid narrative

  32. As you can see, the left shaking in their boots about “asking for papers” when it comes to voting and immigration was nothing but political theater. For certain collective good and safety, they will gladly curtail your personal rights.

    Look at how they made a hero out of Cuomo and the rest of his state for acting like totalitarian asses. NY closed down playgrounds and sent cops after orthodox Jews for the most petty reason. NYC is about to mandate vaccine passes on restaurants. “If you want to participate in a society, you better get vaccinated” This was said by Blasio without a hint of irony. Yes that’s the same guy who wanted to give citizenship to illegal aliens.

    Now these people say clinically insane things like “you have no right to breathe viruses on me”. And that includes elected officials, not just online cranks. Did you for a second think that these people actually cared about criminal justice reform? These people, who want to segregate or criminalize American citizens for not getting vaccinated, when they’re not required to by law?

    1. “American citizens for not getting vaccinated, when they’re not required to by law?”

      Give them time…everything will come to pass. They’re just being proactive. I mean we need laws to protect the 0.001% of vaccinated people who could die from COVID.

  33. “Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change,” Ah, there’s your problem. Government never was and is actually the worst vehicle for making positive social change. However, it IS the best vehicle for violating individual private property rights, forcing people to do what you want them to do and taking their stuff.

  34. Fredo will fall next.

    1. I wish I could fall with either of these asshole’s bank accounts.

  35. Oh, no!

    Now the Democratic majority in New York will elect a Republican Governor.

    Or so say the readers of the Washington Post.

    1. …and then things will really get bad.

  36. Cuomo did a great job with COVID–unlike many other leaders who refused to take unpopular measures to protect the citizens.

    But his criminal behavior with his staff and others erases that, and renders him unfit to serve in public office.

    1. His protection plan, killing off the elderly, was a bit of a stumble.

      1. You ignore the Medicare funds saved – – – – – – – – – – –

    2. Omg, it’s serious!

    3. Yeah sending infected people into the midst of the most vulnerable population was genius. Then covering yup the statistics. This AFTER defunding and closing a bunch of hospitals.

      Yeah, fucking brilliant.

      He was unfit if he was a choir boy regarding his staff.

  37. This is great news for the Republicans who will work very hard to get a Republican elected as governor who will pardon Trump and his family for crimes currently being investigated. Republicans get pardons for crimes, Democrats pay the price.

    1. Sarc or stupidity?

  38. Cuomo is gone!
    Yes, a good thing. He was a mendacious, venal, egoistic fool, interested only in MORE for ME and to hell with you.

    But, sadly, he is gone for all the wrong reasons.

    Ms. Wolfe, bless-her-heart, believes that his stark complicity in the death of thousands had something to do with his removal. It should have! But it doesn’t. That’s ‘old news’ that receives nary a moment of airplay on the national media. Heck, if they chased that wild goose they’d have to confront the degree to which that same murderous ‘mishandling’ occurred in Overlord Whitmer’s state, in Richard/Rachel Levine’s state, et al. But no one (that counts) wants to go there. If that were Andy’s only sin, he’d still be on the talk shows with a wink and grin.

    Rather Cuomo’s fall is due entirely to the fact that he grabbed too many (later annoyed) asses, (#sototallytrivial). Taking at face value the litany of complaints, certainly we can say his behavior was rude & crude & entirely unwarranted. But being rude & crude is a very large nothing in comparison to the ‘excess’ death of thousands.

    And yet, that’s what did it. That’s what threw Yertle from his throne. And it shouldn’t have. Not in any kind of rational or just universe.

    He groped and grabbed and hugged & snuffled. He made some women “feel uncomfortable”. So what? Why was all of that entirely repulsive behavior ACCEPTED by those who ‘suffered’ it. Why was nothing said then, at the time? Why was his face not slapped? Why did the victim not push him away and register a complaint THEN?

    How could it have been tolerated for decades (for surely these latest women are not the only women) and nothing done & nothing said until now (not even a ripple)?

    Do we not understand that silence, for assholes like Cuomo, becomes endorsement? That a nice smile and an eagerness to remain in the Cuomo Circle enables the very type of behavior that now they all say they found offensive?

    So let us take Andy at his word: THAT is why he remains baffled by the complaints: it’s what he does; it’s what he’s always done. It’s his signature, touchy-feely public move, his persona. “I give everybody hugs and kisses (especially the cute ones)! And NO ONE HAS EVER COMPLAINED. MY FACE HAS NEVER BEEN SLAPPED. NO LAWSUITS EVER FILED. NO HR DIRECTOR IN MY OFFICE TELLING ME TO BACK OFF. NOTHING”

    And please don’t tell me about “Affirmative Consent” and the need to have proof that one’s partner specifically agreed to have her lower back touched, her hand kissed. That she never said he could call her ‘sweetheart’. (Andy calls everyone ‘sweeheart’ doesn’t he?) Affirmative Consent is garbage…and impossibly inhuman. Real life doesn’t, hasn’t, and won’t ever work like that save in the fevered dream of Woke HR Consultants.

    So in the end, it was this idiot trivia which threw him over. And that is a shame. He deserved to fall for so many good & legitimate reasons, this is not one of them.

    1. He isn’t out for the groping. The groping is the pretext for removing him. He’s out because for some reason the powers that be in the Democrat party want him removed.

      I’m not clear on what they have against him, but if they’re not kicking a scumbag like Ellison out for beating his girlfriend, then I don’t believe for a second that they’re dumping Cuomo to protect women.


      1. It’s because he’s an asshole who pissed off a lot of people in his own party, he’s been getting idol worship and seems unlikely to mindlessly follow orders thus presents a problem for Harris (or whatever prop they choose to put up next), and they don’t want the nursing home pogrom to become unavoidable news because it indicts the left’s every take on covid.

        1. So basically it’s because he’s too big a mountain for someone else (or some others) to climb over to gain power?

      2. Oh no question. The King-makers, the Power-Brokers, enough people with Big Money and/or Big Clout decided that he could no longer be their main squeeze. You’re absolutely right. So he’s gone.

        But that much more pathetic that the Slip & Slide (excuse) which sent him from the office was not his complicity in the death of thousands, but the lingering hand, the smarmy kiss, the unwanted ‘sweetheart’.

    2. They use the same excuse for Biden’s serial groping.
      He’ll, at least Cuomo limited it to adults.

  39. Next up; Joe Biden and Tara Reade?

    (Fun fact: Tara does not even get her own Wikipedia page, the link takes you to “Joe Biden sexual assault ALLEGATION”)

    1. Good to know that the Langley crowd are keeping up with their Wikipedia editing assignments.

      1. Wikipedia editors of the looter persuasion list freethinker objectivists as “atheists,” whereas Marx, Lenin, Putin, Jong-Un and Jin Ping are no such thing. Mayhaps they imagine they are driving a wedge to split the “non-communist bloc.” They may simply hope some Christ-like assassin like Robert Dear, Scott Roeder, James Kopp or Eric Rudolph will act on their behalf to avenge national and international socialism. Who knows?

        1. Wikipedia is just fine if you want to know what day TIger Woods was born, or which songs are on which Eric Clapton album. Anything having to do with politics and history is a rewritten revisionist narrative to bolster the Elites and lie to/brainwash the masses.

  40. The sad part: he’s resigning for the latter, not the former.

  41. So, with Fredo’s scumbag brother on his way out, does CNN still have any reason to pretend he’s a reporter?


    1. He has the highest rated show on the network (low bar warning). He tells the libtards what they want to hear, which is all any “news” outlet does any more. Same thing as Fox for a different audience.

      NOBODY reports news, they spin it and filter it for their audience.

  42. Clinton, Cuomo, Biden, Franken, Scheniderman, Ted Kennedy, oh yeah you can throw Trump in there too since he was a democrat until at least 2010. Yet women still keep voting for them, like an abusive spouse.

    1. The Nixon Anti-Libertarian Law makes the IRS pay for those votes fair and square. Male or female matters not, so long as their policy is initiation of force for predatory gain.

  43. “Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change,” said a downtrodden Cuomo in his outgoing presser today.

    And there you have the the true root of all evil: unchecked arrogance.

  44. Honestly I can respect a powerful man taking advantage of his position to gather a harem. It really demonstrates the feminization of our society that this is the thing he goes down for

  45. Violating the basic civil rights of millions of people: no problem.

    Murdering hundreds of our grandparents: no problem.

    Doing things with people in voluntary relationships with him that are construed as sexual: unforgiveable.

    1. “Doing things with people in voluntary relationships with him that are construed as sexual: unforgiveable.”

      Sarc or stupdity?
      Amusing or pathetic?

  46. The pop-up vid on the right has C Cuomo standing in front of the US flag and gesticulating; no audio.
    Trying to bail?

  47. “Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change,”

    Fuck off, you lying slaver piece of shit.


  48. One down, more to go!

  49. Like Bill Murray, I’m gonna miss that jackass guy!

  50. I don’t know, I always got psycho vibes from his eyes.

  51. “Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change,”

    It’s bizarre that in a moment about his own personal failures, he tries to defend the mechanism of government, but I’m surprised more people haven’t connected the dots between the mechanism of government and the outcomes. Cuomo isn’t just a bad actor. Government is a coercive industry that utilizes force to achieve outcomes. It is the industry of the monopolist that seeks to abuse and bleed dry the nation and its people. You can’t have “good” actors in government. Good actors recognize the evil of government and do good in the world elsewhere.

    Government corrupts, simple as.

  52. “Government is still the best vehicle for making positive social change,”

    Cuomo’s Hitler’s last words.

  53. It’s been cringy as hell watching all of the usual suspects who were praising Cuomo as an awesome leader and coining the term “Cuomosexual” when he was killing thousands of old people and are now applauding his resignation over allegations of a little grab-ass. These are also largely the same people who were also touting Michael “Creppy Porn Lawyer” Avenatti as a paragon of integrity and a savior of the democracy. Dumbasses.

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