Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo Sexually Harassed 11 Women, Retaliated Against 1 Female Employee, According to A.G. Report

"There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment," Cuomo tweeted in 2013.


A 165-page report released today by New York State Attorney General Letitia James has found Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, guilty of sexually harassing female employees via unwanted groping, kissing, comments, and questions. The report also indicates that he created a hostile work environment, going so far as to retaliate against one of the women who spurned his advances and went public with her accusation.

The report includes situations involving nine different current and former female employees, some of whom remain anonymous, others of whom have already publicly come forward. It also includes two non-government employee complainants alleging that Cuomo touched them inappropriately in two different instances. The 11 women's accounts together paint a more complete picture of Cuomo's inappropriate conduct, in work events and outside, that the governor has repeatedly come under fire for since allegations first began to surface in December 2020.

These accounts include things like Cuomo reaching under an employee's blouse to grab her breast; butt-grabbing while hugging an employee; asking an employee whether she had cheated or would cheat on her husband; asking a member of his protective detail to help him find a girlfriend, saying his criteria would involve someone who "can handle pain"; asking an employee whether she "had been with older men"; kissing an employee on the lips against her will; joking to the same employee that they should play strip poker; telling one female employee that her outfit made her look like a "lumberjack"; calling two employees the "mingle mamas"; addressing an employee exclusively by "sweetheart" or "darling," and also touching her waist and kissing her cheeks.

James' report "conclude[s] that the Executive Chamber's culture—one filled with fear and intimidation, while at the same time normalizing the Governor's frequent flirtations and gender-based comments—contributed to the conditions that allowed the sexual harassment to occur and persist."

When many of these women first reported incidents that made them uncomfortable, their concerns were regularly swatted away by senior members of the governor's staff, with one accuser saying "even though it was strange and uncomfortable and technically not permissible in a typical workplace environment, I was in this mindset that it was the twilight zone and…the typical rules did not apply."

Though Cuomo has denied almost all of these allegations, investigators "found his denials to lack credibility and to be inconsistent with the weight of the evidence obtained during our investigation." In a video released today, Cuomo alleged that in the case of Charlotte Bennett, one of the accusers formerly on his staff who had previously been a victim of sexual assault, he had actually been trying to check in on her, saying "her story resonated deeply with me" due to the fact that one of Cuomo's own family members had been a victim of sexual assault-related trauma."I thought I could help [Bennett] work through a difficult time," Cuomo said, awkwardly hovering on the Bennett case for four minutes.

"Trial by newspaper or by biased reviews are not the way to find the facts in this matter," said Cuomo in the same video. Previously, Cuomo alleged that he was a victim of cancel culture when calls for his resignation surfaced due to sexual harassment allegations. Objecting to "trial by newspaper" is particularly nonsensical, since these charges are now detailed in an attorney general's in-depth report attempting to suss out who is telling the truth.

Cuomo also spent much of his address today criticizing what The New York Times deems newsworthy, saying that him kissing people on their cheeks "is meant to convey warmth, nothing more," and that it's not front page–worthy. He then began playing a strange slideshow with pictures of him caressing people's faces and kissing their cheeks to prove that, in fact, it happens all the time.

"The findings of the report could fuel support for impeachment proceedings against Mr. Cuomo in the State Legislature, which Democrats overwhelmingly control, lead to additional calls for his resignation and influence public opinion as he considers running for a fourth term," reports The New York Times. "Outside lawyers hired by the Assembly's judiciary committee are currently looking at not only the sexual harassment claims, but a series of scandals with a common theme: whether or not Mr. Cuomo abused his power while in office."

The report's findings add significant heft to accusers' accounts, most of which had already surfaced earlier this year. But voters shouldn't let Cuomo's purported sexual misdeeds take all the focus away from prior scandals involving his pandemic-era incompetence and thuggish intimidation techniques, not to mention the fact that the friendly media, which includes his younger brother in CNN's primetime slot, means it's unlikely the "love gov" will face consequences after all.

New York state law doesn't allow for recall initiatives like the one California voters are attempting to use to get rid of their lockdown-happy, French Laundry-dining, playground-padlocker Democratic governor. Cuomo can only be gotten rid of via impeachment, and New York's Democratic-controlled legislature has so far cared too little about his myriad misdeeds—or cared too much about its own partisan stranglehold on power—to start proceedings.

"As citizens, we should be able to extraordinarily punish elected officials who have done an extraordinarily bad job, rather than counting on elected legislators to do the heavy lifting," writes Reason Editor at Large Matt Welch. Perhaps we should have a zero-tolerance policy for governors who issue bad guidance that allows a deadly virus to ravage nursing homes, with improper testing and containment measures, leading to many thousands of deaths (all while securing testing and special favors for VIPs).

Or maybe a zero-tolerance policy for governors who then cover up those numbers, or a zero-tolerance policy for penning a self-aggrandizing memoir about what successful leadership looks like. Or maybe we should have, as the governor himself suggests, a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment and the creation of hostile work environments rife with abuse when one has a mighty big job to do—the job of combating a once-in-a-century pandemic, for a state of 20 million people which includes the largest city in the country.

NEXT: New York City Adopts Vaccine Passports

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  1. A 165-page report released today by New York State Attorney General Letitia James has found Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, guilty of sexually harassing female employees via unwanted groping, kissing, comments, and questions.

    “Guilty” as in a legal sense, as implied by the author being the state attorney general, is probably pushing the libel envelope.

    1. I see what you’re saying, although Cuomo got FAR more due process than most men who face these accusations.

      1. Yeh, I know, but that word “guilty” triggered every emotion I have concerning government ignoring due process. And especially with a governor famous for his temper, the report itself mentioning his retaliation against his accusers, and his public record of tantrums and tirades.

        On the other hand, it might be a calculated dig, knowing that the last thing his lawyers would advise is bringing on a long slow expensive lawsuit which keeps the report and its subject matter in the public eye.

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      2. Agreed. I don’’t watch the lamestream news media because, well, for the same reasons that I don’t drink from the toilet. But through all this, I’ll bet Cuomo was treated WAY more fairly than Brett Kavanaugh was!
        Did Cuomo endure angry lesbians from from groups such as NOW, Code Pink, etc shouting “I am OUTRAGED!” on the nightly news for weeks the way Kavanaugh did?
        Did Cuomo endure armies of ‘feminists’ marching in the State Capital demanding his head on a platter the way Kavanaugh did at the US Capital?
        Did Cuomo endure scores of women that claimed to be from his college and high school years (that he probably didn’t even know) being interviewed by the lamestream news media,telling of parties that they attended at houses and addresses they no longer remembered, BUT they remembered that Cuomo was there and that he got them drunk and did unspeakable things to them the way Kavanaugh endured?
        I’m betting ‘no’.

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  2. “A 165-page report released today by New York State Attorney General Letitia James has found Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, guilty of sexually harassing female employees via unwanted groping, kissing, comments, and questions.”

    No, she didn’t find him guilty. Didn’t even indict him. Probably going to indict Trump for it, though.

    1. Weaponizing “MeToo” was never meant to be used against the Democrat elite. But like wacky Hanna Barbera cartoon villains, the Democrat’s schemes often backfire spectacularly.

      I hope the fucker goes to prison

    2. Guilty of CuomoSexuality

  3. Cuomo: Killed thousands, lied and covered it up. Also a serial abuser and horrible person.

    Lib’s Reactions –

    Cuomo should be in prison, but he is praised because he’s a Democrat and we can’t make any democrats look bad, because of those EVIL TRUMP REPUBLICANS!

    1. Idk man, he grabbed an ass and a boob, it should come with the position as gov of NY that, ya know, mistakes might happen.

      This isn’t that big a deal other than the fact that it’s total hypocrisy on cancel cultures part. Hopefully new yorkers will be motivated to push for new legislation to recal idiots like Cuomo.

      1. They won’t. People who live in NYC are vermin.

  4. Self-proclaimed feminist turns out to be skeezy, serial abuser of women.

    Yeah, we’ve already heard this one a dozen times already….

    1. the most racist, sexist, whatever people I know are all on the far left who call themselves “ally’s”, “Feminists”, and who spend all their time calling everyone else white supremacists etc

      Scratch a progressive hard enough and you will find that out pretty quick

      1. ….ally’s…… who use the grocer’s apostrophe?

        Draw and quarter them. Bury them in a pit of lye.

        The roots of progressivism are pretty racist and anti-immigrant.

        During the heyday of the Progressive movement in the early 20th century, people on the left were in the forefront of those promoting doctrines of innate, genetic inferiority of not only blacks but also of people from Eastern Europe and Southern Europe, as compared to people from Western Europe.

        Liberals today tend to either glide over the undeniable racism of Progressive President Woodrow Wilson or else treat it as an anomaly of some sort. But racism on the left at that time was not an anomaly, either for President Wilson or for numerous other stalwarts of the Progressive movement.

        – Thomas Sowell in his column of 22 March, 2016

        1. Nothing is more racist than progressives.

          1. Pretty true. Let’s not forget the progressive eugenics movement(s).

            It’s a different form of racism nowadays. Give away enough free stuff to keep “them” addicted to you and voting for you. Discourage notions of self-empowerment. “You need us.”

  5. So? Trump admitted on tape to sexually assaulting women and he has far more then 11 accusations against him. 2016 established the precedent that sexually harassing or assaulting women is not a disqualification from office.

    1. “But Trump!”

      Fuck off.

    2. “They let you”

      Why are liberals incapable of basic English?

      far more then 11 accusations against him.

      Credible ones?

      I’m glad you’re on the case Ms. Nvarro, protect your democrats.

      1. Really. The Queen Almathea (thought could be the royal Molly Godiva) threw the same diatribe out yesterday. 4th grade reading comprehension. No action, an opinion expressed, and not wrong.
        Molly – ‘That means he did it! Outrage! Where is my pink knitted cap!’

      1. NORLY!

    3. Trump’s biggest sex scandal was paying a porn star. Cuomo has 11 unwilling victims.

      But maybe you think being paid to be his aide is compensation, and the ungrateful bitches just didn’t recognize a hero in the making.

      1. “Don’t forget, he said women let you grab their pussies. Sure there’s consent, but we’ve got a narrative to spin.”

        1. Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

          We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

          See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
          “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…

          He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

          All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

          Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

          Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

          We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

          These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

          1. Hey, spastic! Have a flag!


      1. ????????????????????

    5. You crazy.

      Trump’s pussy grabbing does not count because he is a Republican! Their women aren’t like that frigid bitch Gillibrand – GOP women shut their fucking mouths when told to.


      2. Do you have an example, Nuttplug? Or are you just making shit up again?

        1. You know there is a double standard.

          GOP Senator Larry Craig got caught giving blowjobs in the airport men’s room and he didn’t have to resign,

          Dems punish for minor little foibles. Dick pics (Weiner), hands hovering a foot above a woman’s breasts (Franken), a little girlish oral between two chicks (hot! Katie Hill).

          Its the Democrats fault though. They are pussies.

          1. Don’t be homophobic against gay republicans, please.

            1. Is it OK too be annoyed w/the Log Cabin types for not bolting and joining the LP?

          2. Are you deliberately pretending not to understand about rape and consent?

            Larry Craig – consensual sex with willing adults
            Weiner- a minor
            Franken – non consensual
            Katie Hill – a subordinate

            Maybe you don’t want to get it because you’re a pedophile and can never have consensual sex with your targets.

          3. Also, you didn’t answer my question.

            1. Here. Eighteen NAMED accusers that Trump sexually assaulted them:


              All sources are linked.

              For example:

              Amy Dorris (1997)
              Former model Amy Dorris said in September 2020 that she and her boyfriend, Jason Binn, attended the 1997 U.S. Open with Donald Trump, who Binn had described as his best friend. She alleges that Trump groped and kissed her without her consent at the event. The Guardian confirmed that she told her mother and a friend in New York immediately after the incident and that she had told her therapist and several other friends about it over the years; Binn did not reply to the Guardian’s request for comment. Trump denied the allegation via his lawyers.[106] Former top model Caron Bernstein stated that her husband was the New York friend and that Dorris had told her about the assault in 2008.[107]

              See that little 107 at the end? It links to the news sourrce.

              1. Oh this is fun. Give me a moment.
                Please nobody respond to this until after I do.

                1. Always read Buttplug’s links, they’re generally self-refuting.
                  No additional research needed.

                  Also, these complainants who felt assaulted by a greeting buss on the cheek would be crippled doing business in Europe and the Middle East.

                  Here we go:

                  Part 1

                  Jessica Leeds (1980s)
                  An alleged witness to the case who claimed he saw “nothing untoward” upon the flight was former British Conservative county councillor from Gloucestershire, Anthony Gilberthorpe.

                  Lisa Boyne (1996)
                  On October 13, 2016, The Huffington Post reported an allegation by Lisa Boyne.[100] Boyne said Sonja Morgan (then Sonja Tremont) invited her to a dinner with Trump, modeling agent John Casablancas, and five or six models. Boyne alleged that Trump made the models walk across the table, looked under their skirts, and described if they were wearing underwear. Morgan told The Huffington Post that the dinner took place with those participants, did not recall lewd behaviour by Trump, and said: “But I have been known to dance on tables.” Boyne said she called her roommate Karen Beatrice that night to inform her about the incident. The Huffington Post contacted Beatrice, who denied any such call.[100]

                  Cathy Heller (1997)
                  On October 15, 2016, The Guardian reported an allegation by Cathy Heller that she was grabbed and kissed by Donald Trump two decades earlier.[101] Heller said that, in 1997, she met Trump when she attended a Mother’s Day brunch with her children, her husband, and her husband’s parents at his Mar-a-Lago estate. Her parents-in-law were members of Mar-a-Lago. Heller was introduced to Trump, who became angry when she avoided a kiss. He then “grabbed” her and, when he tried to kiss her, she turned her head. Trump kissed her on the side of the mouth “for a little too long” and then he left her.[101][102]

                  Heller’s husband and children, who were present during the event, have corroborated her account. In the summer of 2015, the members of Heller’s mahjong group heard Heller’s account of the 1997 incident; this was not long after Trump announced his candidacy.[103] She decided to go public after seeing the second presidential debate on October 9, 2016. Heller is a registered Democrat, and public supporter of Hillary Clinton.[101]

                  Temple Taggart McDowell (1997)
                  In May 2016, The New York Times reported allegations by Temple Taggart McDowell.[104] McDowell, who was Miss Utah USA in 1997, accused Trump of unwanted kisses and embraces that left McDowell and one of her chaperones so uncomfortable, according to McDowell, that she claimed she was instructed not to be left in a room alone with him again.

                  Amy Dorris (1997)
                  Former model Amy Dorris said in September 2020 that she and her boyfriend, Jason Binn, attended the 1997 U.S. Open with Donald Trump, who Binn had described as his best friend. She alleges that Trump groped and kissed her without her consent at the event.

                  1. Part 2

                    Karena Virginia (1998)
                    At an October 2016 press conference with attorney Gloria Allred, yoga instructor and life coach Karena Virginia said that in 1998 Trump grabbed her arm and touched her breast. Virginia, who was 27 years old at the time, was waiting for a ride after the US Open in Queens, New York.[108] She said Trump, whom she had not met previously, approached her with a small group of other men, while commenting on her legs, then he grabbed her right arm. Virginia continued, “Then his hand touched the right side of my breast.

                    Mindy McGillivray (2003)
                    In an October 2016 article by The Palm Beach Post, Mindy McGillivray stated that in January 2003, when she was 23 years old, she was groped by Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate.[18][93] She said, “All of a sudden I felt a grab, a little nudge. I think it’s [my friend Ken Davidoff’s] camera bag, that was my first instinct. I turn around and there’s Donald. He sort of looked away quickly.”[18] Ken Davidoff, a photographer, corroborated McGillivray’s account, saying he remembered her pulling him aside moments after the alleged incident to say “Donald just grabbed my ass!”[93]

                    Ken Davidoff’s brother, Darryl Davidoff, said he was also present at the time at Mar-a-Lago and that in his opinion McGillivray is lying.[112][113] According to Darryl: “I do not believe it really happened. Nobody saw it happen and she just wanted to be in the limelight.”[112][e]

                    Rachel Crooks (2005)
                    In 2005, Rachel Crooks was a 22-year-old receptionist at Bayrock Group, a real estate investment and development company in Trump Tower in Manhattan. She says she encountered Trump in an elevator in the building one morning and turned to introduce herself. They shook hands, but Trump would not let go. Instead, he began kissing her cheeks, then directly on the mouth.[91][94]
                    Crooks is a public supporter and donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.[94]

                    Natasha Stoynoff (2005)
                    Canadian author and journalist Natasha Stoynoff, who wrote for People magazine and, previously, the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun, went to Trump’s Florida estate in December 2005 to interview him and his wife, Melania. While there, Trump gave Stoynoff a tour of the Mar-a-Lago estate. She says that during this tour, he pushed her against a wall and forced his tongue into her mouth.[18][90]
                    “And I was grateful when Trump’s longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as I tried to unpin myself.”[92]
                    Trump’s former butler at Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Anthony Senecal, 85, was asked about the 2005 incident in which Stoynoff alleged that the butler had “burst in” on Trump while she was pinned down by him; Senecal denied it ever happened, stating that as a butler “I don’t burst in. I knock, then I go in, usually after someone says ‘come in’,” further alleging “And when I went in, there was nothing strange about where she was standing.”[119][120]

                    Juliet Huddy (2005 or 2006)
                    In early December 2017, the reporter Juliet Huddy said Trump kissed her on the lips while they were on an elevator in Trump Tower with Trump’s security guard in 2005 or 2006. Regarding this incident, Huddy said “I was surprised that he went for the lips. But I didn’t feel threatened … Whatever, everything was fine. It was a weird moment. He never tried anything after that, and I was never alone with him.”[121][122]

                    1. Part 3

                      Jessica Drake (2006)
                      On October 22, 2016, Jessica Drake and attorney Gloria Allred held a news conference in which Drake accused Trump of having sexually assaulted her by grabbing tightly in a hug and kissed her and two acquaintances nearly ten years prior.

                      Ninni Laaksonen (2006)
                      On October 27, 2016, a local Finnish tabloid, Ilta-Sanomat, reported an allegation by Ninni Laaksonen, Miss Finland 2006.[128] Laaksonen appeared with Trump on the Late Show with David Letterman on July 26, 2006.[129] Laaksonen claims that before they went on the air, Trump grabbed her buttocks. As Laaksonen describes the interaction: “He really grabbed my butt. I don’t think anybody saw it”.

                      Cassandra Searles (2013)
                      Rolling Stone and NPR have reported that Cassandra Searles, Miss Washington USA of 2013, was fondled by Trump without her consent during the Miss USA pageant of that year.[18][134] In June 2016, Searles wrote that Trump invited her to his hotel room.[135]

                      The only one I could see that was concerning was Karen Johnson’s were she said he touched her genitals.
                      Every other one seems to be exaggerations about public interaction.

                    2. Good post ML.

                  2. Since you like reading so much, here’s one you missed:


                    I’d toss all these motherfuckers regardless of party in the clink. Funny how everyone only dislikes the ones form the “wrong” party.

                2. turd lies as a symptom of it abysmal stupidity; he likely doesn’t really know he’s lying and he certainly hopes others here are stupid enough to accept his lies.
                  Further, you’re right: turd’s links often suggest the opposite of what turd is lying about. Reading is HARD!

              2. “Trump had accusers”

                (1) No one accused him of anything while he was in office and Trump never used his office to threaten anyone who accused him.
                (2) The accusations are decades old and most of them never reached trial.
                (3) Unlike Cuomo, there aren’t (probably) hundreds of page worth of testimonies that corroborated Trump’s alleged abuses.

          4. turd lies always and everywhere. turd is a psychopathic liar

          5. Double standard? Ralph Northam is still in office.

      3. Who did he grab? When were files charged and when was he convicted?

        1. He wasn’t convicted by a jury of His peers, ’cause… Despite being impeached TWICE… The Emperor has NO clothes, and THAT is OK by His R-Party Peers!

          Ain’t that a peach; the Uber-Peachy-Keen Dear-Leader Emperor can ONLY be impeached by a super-majority! ONLY by a super-majority that agrees that YOUR Tribe is Bad!

          1. flag for the spastic!

            1. I have the nazi muted.

              1. Still haven’t muted anyone, even that psychopathic liar turd.

                1. When I am on my deathbed, I will not utter “I wish I spent more time reading comment section posts from retarded, lying fascists.” Hence the mute on the Reichsquirreler. Ymmv.

                  1. Ya got a point…

                  2. But gotta point out that neither the spastic nor the asshole ever get read; the handles alone are enough to trigger the flags.

          2. The Impeachment(s) were about as legit as the Safety Dance. You see an Emperor with NO clothes. I just see Top Men without hats.

            1. Trump was the only public official convicted twice on evidence that completely and indisputably exonerated him.
              The Democrats and the GOPe ran a kangaroo court that even would have made Stalin or Hoxha blush in it’s blatancy.

      4. The walls are closing in!

        1. The walls are closing in, AND breathing! Take some MORE R-Party self-deluding drugs, QUICKLY now! Else reality might WIN, and we don’t want THAT!!!

          (Antidote is MORE of the lies that you WANT to hear!
          Sidney Powell Says She’s Not Guilty of Defamation Because ‘No Reasonable Person’ Would Have Believed Her ‘Outlandish’ Election Conspiracy Theory )

          Which particular lies are YOU wanting to hear and believe today, Gaears-Almost-All-Grinded-Down-Stripped-and-Grinding-Yet-Some-MOAH?

          1. flag for the ssssssssspastic!

    6. “Trump admitted on tape to sexually assaulting women”

      Really? When did that happen, you demagogic fuck?

    7. Molly, show us on the imaginary doll where you imagined Trump touching you.

    8. Stop deflecting. This is Cuomo here. Criminally investigated by his own AG, a fellow democrat. But I guess you’re ok with it.

      Democrats love rape.

    9. Fuck off and dies, TDS-addled lefty asshole.

    10. Jesus, Molly. So whatever Trump did makes this ok, right?

      Politics has destroyed whatever brain material you once has. You really ought to get away from this shit and work on getting your intellectual integrity back.

      1. You’re assuming there was some there at one time; no evidence.

      2. Probably voted for Biden who is on video sexually harassing/assaulting a flute player.

        Molly is just saying what we all know. It’s only wrong when the other team does it.

    11. Holy hell, a factual report came out lending official credence to the voices of dozens of women who have been abused by this guy, and your answer is, ‘but Trump!’
      Some introspection here might be warranted.

    12. Trump said women voluntarily give it to him. he did not say he took it. Listen to the tape. Talk to any celebrity.

    13. Cite the caselaw that established that precedent.

    14. That’s all bullshit. There are no credible accusations against Trump.

      Democrats are murderers and rapists. It’s part of the appeal of the party. I’m sure if we dug into your last that you’re guilty of all kinds of sick shit.

  6. Awfully silent from most dems, their bootlickers, and handlers. If New Yorkers were smart they’d dump the leftie dems and quick. But they won’t and the pain will continue.

    1. They’re just waiting for the Biden Admin to issue talking points.

      1. The MollyGodiva and Buttplug socks are flailing pretty hard above, without a set of talking points yet.

        They’re trying hard to pretend/imply Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush wasn’t about consensual sexual interaction.
        It’s all they’ve got.

        1. The Dotard is being tried for rape:

          Carroll is trying to get a DNA sample from Trump to see whether it matches as-yet-unidentified male genetic material found on a dress that she says she was wearing during the alleged attack and didn’t don again until a photo shoot last year.

          Trump’s lawyers have argued the suit shouldn’t proceed at least until New York’s highest court decides — in a separate case — whether an incumbent president is shielded from all state-court suits unrelated to his official duties.

          Holy shit. Are you that clueless.

          1. You mean the defamation suit in that article, which is not a rape investigation?
            Do you want me to explain why that is what she’s doing instead, or should I let you dig your hole deeper yourself, first?

            Do you want to mention how she’s insisting Trump give a DNA sample to her lawyer, and not law enforcement?

            Also, do you want to list all the other famous men E. Jean Carroll has claimed have raped her, or should I? Apparently a lot of very wealthy men have found her rapeable over the years.

            1. Also, how’s your old pal Michael Avenatti doing, Plug?

          2. turd lies. He never posts without lying, such as here.
            If turd includes numbers, they are also either outright lies or distorted such as to be worthless.
            turd is psychopathic liar; nothing he says should be taken at face value. turd lies; it’s what he does.

          3. I think we both can agree that anyone convicted of posting kiddie porn online should face capital punishment.

          4. LOL. You believe the Carroll story?!?!? The woman who tried to make a buck on something she claimed happened 30 years ago??

          5. Have you been tried for rape yet?

    2. They are showing up with, “But Trump!”

  7. “There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment”

    Cuomo has zero tolerance for the women he sexually harassed.

    1. Zero tolerance for a woman that says no?

  8. Obviously I am missing something about the lumberjack remark.

    I once told a co-worker that he was dressed like a teletubby and spent the next 6 hours laughing uncontrollably.

    It might be be rude, but I don’t see how it’s sexual harassment.

    1. That would be more akin to asexual harassment.

      1. Traitor

        1. Antisemite.

          1. Haven’t found me saying that crap yet have ya?

            1. asshole gets another!

        2. asshole flag

        3. No you silly bitch, that’s you. I’m a proud American patriot. You’re a leftist democrat, so you are none of those things.

          You really should just admit it, and kill yourself.

  9. “These accounts include things like Cuomo reaching under an employee’s blouse to grab her breast”

    Wait a minute…that’s wrong? Because at the last place I worked…

    1. We had someone fired on the spot for pinching an ass at a company party

      Elected Democrats have such privilege

      1. I might have that beat – At a Christmas party for a company I worked for (about 30 years ago), the owner gave a speech where he took the opportunity to call people out on their work performance.

  10. Attorney General Letitia James

    Believe all bitches.


        1. Tanks for the mammaries.

          1. They are udderly amazing.

  11. Of course Cuomo did it but at this point he is just another Pussy Grabber.

    1. Just like how you’re just another child rapist?

    2. So he obtained consent like Trump?
      This isn’t what those women are saying.

    3. turd lies. He never posts without lying, such as here.
      If turd includes numbers, they are also either outright lies or distorted such as to be worthless.
      turd is psychopathic liar; nothing he says should be taken at face value. turd lies; it’s what he does.

  12. So far pussy grabbing, and hair sniffing qualify you for president. He needs a more interesting kink. Just harassment won’t cut it anymore.

    1. Jared’s Buttplug forms an exploration committee.

    1. Yeah! He was just horns and needed to get off! How dare those skanks deny him!

      1. Are you gonna kill Inslee?

        1. flag, asshole

  13. The AG apparently is unqualified because she said he’s “guilty,” when she hasn’t even served up an indictment; therefore, she doesn’t know what the word guilty means. That should be sufficient to disqualify her from the office.

    Also, though, why hasn’t he been indicted? Did this actually happen in a Twilight Zone where the rules don’t apply?

    1. Some of the incidents are old enough to exceed the statute of limitations.

      1. Man, awfully convenient for someone who just wants to declare him “guilty” without having to substantiate or follow up on it.

    2. Yes, it’s called a democrat run state.

      1. Don’t you live in one of those traitor?

        When are you gonna drive from shithole Spokane to Seattle or Olympia and kill all the progs? You talk about it all the time?

        Pussy traitor

        1. asshole flag

        2. When are driving south of the Mason-Dixon line or to SLC and killing rednecks and Mormons?

          1. I’d never go back to shithole Utah.

            I thought I explained to you that I’m against killing rednecks?

            I don’t like backwards, inbred rubes. However I abhor violence.

            1. asshole gets another flag.

            2. And Cuomo abhors sexual assault.

              1. Good one!

                I don’t concern myself with New York politics, but Cuomo is a piece of shit.

                1. On this we cam agree.

                2. Hey, asshole! Show up, get flagged!

                  1. Hey, Rummy! You’re senile!

                    Shut the fuck up and go to bed.

                    1. asshole flag

            3. Yeah, you’re a pussy. Thought so. Maybe you can team up with Buttplug and rape toddlers together. That’s about your speed.

              1. Nope. I’m not a fascist traitor like you.

                What are you waiting for?

                Don’t you wanna kill all the progs in Seattle like you always talk about?

                It’s not their fault you live in shithole Spokane: Washington’s ass crack.

                1. Fascist? I’m against socialism. You’re likely too stupid to understand the words you write. Best you commit suicide.

                  1. I suggest you look up both fascism and socialism in a dictionary because they aren’t the same thing.

                    I know all you fascists on here think that if you lie about what fascism is you can say you aren’t fascists, but anyone with a brain knows you are.

                    Enjoy another shitty day in shithole Spokane.

                    1. two flags for the asshole!

    3. Is guilty the word used by the AG or did it come from the author of this article? I’d bet the latter. The AG probably concluded that he did it without saying he was legally guilty.

    4. Iirc Giuliani’s license to practice law was revoked by New York without him having an opportunity to defend himself. Empire State indeed.

      1. Giuliani was given the opportunity to, and did, respond before his license was suspended. He is now subject to further proceedings to determine what more permanent sanction is appropriate, and he will have a full opportunity to participate in that process.

        1. Yeah, I’m sure that will be conducted fairly and impartially. Democrats are reasonable people who would never use such a proceeding as a political weapon.

    5. Isn’t the embarrassment of being caught punishment enough?

    6. I searched the 165 page report for the word guilty and did not find it. Perhaps I’m missing something. But I think the James calling Cuomo “guilty” is something the media is misrepresenting.

      AGs often say they found X person did Y activity. That’s not exactly the same as saying guilty. It’s an accusation that merits a trial which guilt is to be determined.

      James should present her findings to a grand jury.

  14. “A 165-page report released today by New York State Attorney General Letitia James has found Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, guilty of sexually harassing female employees via unwanted groping, kissing, comments, and questions. The report also indicates that he created a hostile work environment, going so far as to retaliate against one of the women who spurned his advances and went public with her accusation.


    1. P.S. Progressives are America’s most horrible people.

        1. Their pretensions to moral superiority aren’t a diversion either. It’s part of their central argument, their elitist excuse for inflicting themselves on the rest of us using the coercive power of government. Exposing progressives as the horrible people they are is an important and necessary part of our mission as libertarians and capitalists.

          Progressives are not priests–holier than the rest of us with ways higher than our ways and thoughts higher than the thoughts of average Americans. Their elitism is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Their good intentions are an empty lie. Their contempt for average Americans is disgusting, and exposing them for it is a step forward on the path to liberty.

          1. Now, do Trump posing with Jerry Falwell, Jr.

            1. Now do, Obama posing with Farrakhan.

              1. nice return!… still waiting for his smug rejoinder

                1. “nice return!… still waiting for his smug rejoinder”

                  He could have also listed that racist piece of shit whose congregation Obo attended trying to build street-cred in Chicago.
                  Regardless, the scumbag Mike seems to have muted everyone except Ken; the only one he replies to with painfully embarrassing bullshit.

              2. Remember when Falwell, Jr. called for the elimination of the Jews and Trump wa… Oh wait. That was Team (D)’s lightbringer.

                1. There was that “chickens coming home to roost” reverend as well that Obama chaffed and redirected for until eventually parting ways.

              3. I’m not the person claiming that progressives are especially ethically worse than right wingers. Ken is.

                1. Ken is correct. You people are the worst. You have no morality. Morality, the law, etc. are merely weapons you use to consolidate power. You’re a sociopathic political movement that is completely amoral, and uses that as a selling point.

                  Basically, you’re an evil motherfucker.

                  1. Yes, evil!

                    There is no legitimate ethics without respect for the agency of others. Violating our obligation to respect the choices of others is what makes rape and theft wrong or evil. The government violating our obligation to respect the choices of its own people is the very definition of injustice. And being a progressive is all about contempt for the agency of others.

                    Progressives openly advocate using the government to violate our rights (for the greater good as they see it) because they have a depraved sense of morality. They project themselves as the moral elite and the average American as morally deplorable because they hope to justify their unethical abuse of our rights in pursuit of their goals by denigrating the agency of the average American.

                    There might be some situations in which the greater good really should be considered, but progressives cannot both be moral people and openly advocate ignoring the agency of others as the solution to practically every problem. And from forcing people to wear masks to forcing them to sacrifice their standard of living for climate change, from forcing us to pay for each other’s healthcare to violating our right to free speech online, ignoring the agency of others seems to be their standard solution for everything.

                    That is a moral failure. Their lack of ethics is a central issue in the criticism of progressives. Whatever else is wrong with progressives and their ideas, they are also morally depraved–because they consistently and enthusiastically advocate ignoring the agency of others, especially the supposedly stupid, deplorable agency of average Americans. Their elitism is indefensible, and when the evil of a progressive like Cuomo is exposed, it speaks straight to the issue.

                    1. Pure Ken casuistry. You spend several paragraphs describing one way of being evil, then conflate it with another way of being evil: sexual harassment. Then you gloss over the well-established fact that there are many examples of sexual harassment on both sides of the aisle.

                    2. Pure Mike bullshit.

                2. Uh, the article is about Cuomo. His reported sexual assaults a prime example. Not to mention his diabolical policy of sending covid positive people to nursing homes to infect and kill thousands. He’s a grab ass, kill seniors kinda guy. A top progressive. Still hoping for a Cuomo-Harris 2024 ticket?

                3. Everyone with a brain is

                4. “I’m not the person claiming that progressives are especially ethically worse than right wingers. Ken is.”

                  You’re a steaming pile of dishonest lefty shit.

            2. “”Now, do Trump posing with Jerry Falwell, Jr.””

              Were you not complaining about Whataboutism not that long ago?

              How about Biden and a flute player?

      1. No Mormons are.

        1. Fuck off and die scumbag leftie shit.

          1. Their elitism is so important to them. Believing themselves to be superior to their fellow Americans drives so much of their thinking. It’s part of their identity. It’s why they think they should regulate speech on social media. It’s what drives their belief in forcing lesser Americans to sacrifice their standard of living for climate change.

            The elitism of progressives makes them think that bureaucrats should make choices on our behalf rather than individual Americans making choices for themselves in the context of markets. It’s what makes them obsessively bureaucrat experts like Dr. Fauci–even when he’s saying shit that everyone knows isn’t true.

            Why don’t we just do what we’re told? Progressives can’t let Americans think they’re smart enough to make choices for themselves about what they should do. Progressives want Americans to hold themselves and their own opinions in as much contempt as progressives do. Stop trying to think for yourself, you idiot!

            Don’t you know that average Americans are selfish and stupid? They don’t believe in science. They can’t be trusted to make choices for themselves about when to lock themselves down and when to open the schools. Americans are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and sexist, too. That’s why they need paragons of progressive virtue like Cuomo to make their choices for them!


            Finally, we’re getting to the heart of the matter.

            1. Not at all false. I remember a dinner experience with a guy named Cliff who parroted no end of lefty talking points.

              He said: “80% of people are stupid and need other people to run their lives for them.” And he truly believed it.

              I asked, “What makes you think you’re not one of the 80%?”

              1. Cliff was so gung-ho on big government that he believed private charities should disappear, and all that wonderful help should come from the government.

                3 big lies:
                – The check’s in the mail
                – I won’t *** in your mouth
                – We’re from the government and we’re here to help

          2. Are you Mormon seatbelt?

            1. asshole gets another flag!

        2. asshole flag

  15. It must be nice to have the (D) shield to protect you from being guilty of rape and murder

  16. “totes thought T said they let you grab them by the boobies.”

  17. As if it weren’t already obvious, but if you still need a reach around, the dems won’t give you one while they butt fuck you. They have different standards when it comes to harassment, climate change, covid, or any other policy for you peons.

    Keep voting for dems and you keep getting this behavior. Learn to change yourself and your voting habits.

  18. “There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment,” Cuomo tweeted in 2013.

    Exactly why I believe Cuomo is innocent. Democrats are legendary for their commitment to practicing what they preach.


    1. No no no.

      You’re way behind on your liberaltarian talking points.

      Cuomo did it. It can’t be denied.

      We’re going with “The Bitch had it coming” defense this time. All he has to say is “She told me she was a squirter so I moved in fast!”.

      It’s Trumpian. It worked for him.


      1. Another particularly obvious Impostor Buttplug post.

        Real Buttplug would never encourage Democrats to behave like Drumpf. Or treat sexual harassment and assault like a joke. Or copy / paste statistics that indicate the Obama economy was even worse than the Carter economy.


      2. turd lies. He never posts without lying, such as here.
        If turd includes numbers, they are also either outright lies or distorted such as to be worthless.
        turd is psychopathic liar; nothing he says should be taken at face value. turd lies; it’s what he does.

        1. You’ve been up too long today Sevo.

          Time for a nap.

          1. turd lies. He never posts without lying, such as here.
            If turd includes numbers, they are also either outright lies or distorted such as to be worthless.
            turd is psychopathic liar; nothing he says should be taken at face value. turd lies; it’s what he does.

          2. You should be in prison. Maybe you two could be cellmates and he could unleash his urges on you.

          3. BTW, turd, did you get your coke fix tonight?
            Seems you disappear early; maybe the coke has some effect that makes you even more assholic than normal?
            And no, running a successful company really doesn’t allow time for naps, not that a lying, coke addled, piece of lefty shit like you would ever understand that issue.
            At one time, turd claimed to be in ‘banking’; I posited he emptied the trash after people went home and turd never claimed otherwise.
            Then s/he claimed to be in ‘finance’, and was promptly called out by a former poster here who challenged turd to a bet; turd lost and never paid off the bet.
            turd lies. turd is a psychopathic liar. turd is incapable of posting without lying.
            turd lies; it’s what turd does.

            1. He is in finance. At the beginning of each month, successful people are forced to finance his EBT card.

        2. I’m betting buttplug will be blaming trump for his kiddie porn habit also

      3. Just be a man and take an L on this.

  19. “There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment,” Cuomo tweeted in 2013.

    Come one, if he’s known that might come back and bite him in the ass he… would have still tweeted because he’s a lying shitweasel with no self awareness and no conscience.

  20. Gotta love when the political party of identity politics , intersectionality, kneeling in kente cloth and whiteshaming their own children starts devouring all the old white guys.

    “They’ll come for you” is an understatement.

  21. The thing that bugs me is Cuomo’s insistence that he never touched anybody inappropriately. I don’t like being touched at all and I don’t think it’s your call as to whether or not you’re touching somebody inappropriately. Keep your hands to yourself.

    I don’t like having you run your hands all over me and having you sniff my hair either, Joe, just in case you’re preparing that sort of “I’m just naturally a touchy-feely sort of guy” defense for yourself, you pervy old man.

    1. Do you got a little change in your pocket going Jing a Ling a Ling? Georgia satellites style?

  22. Even if you are not guilty, you should be punished. This is a despicable crime, and just mentioning it calls for punishment.

  23. I’m hoping CNN assigns Chris to cover the story; does that make me a bad person?

    1. I’ll call in. “Hey Chris. In my book, “No Democratic Party Governor Cumo, stop sexually assaulting me” still means no. “

  24. I agree that there ought to be zero tolerance for sexual abuse, but for President Biden to ask Cuomo to resign and not say one word about the, what is it, 20 women who accused Donald Trump of rape or refrain from criticizing Matt Goetz for his alleged sexual affair with a minor, suggests that Biden is trying to show how the Democrats are a morally superior political party, not that he truly cares for the safety of women.

    1. Gee, one more TDS-addled asshole!

    2. He was probably too busy thinking about Tara Reade and forgot.

    3. Fang Fang no bang bang Eric? Salon is calling you

    4. Hint, TDS addled piece of lefty shit, try citing one believable accusation.
      Of course, given that you are a TDS-addled piece of lefty shit, you have none; there is none.
      Fuck off and die from getting ass-fucked with a running, rusty, chainsaw, TDS-addled piece of lefty shit.

    5. Biden, the guy that sexually assaulted a flute player according to my NYC mandatory sexual harassment training. Which is on video.
      That guy?

  25. No way he resigns. His ego is titanic. They will have to drag him out of the Governor’s mansion.

    1. “…They will have to drag him out of the Governor’s mansion…”

      We can hope, but CNN will mention that the cops who do so voted for TRUMP!
      Only to be ‘corrected’ later like the cop killed by fire extinguisher!

  26. What about all the old folks he had killed by his stupid policy?

    1. What the hell, they can still vote, right?

  27. Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions – GKC

  28. “There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment,” Cuomo tweeted in 2013.

    Sounds familiar:

    What should happen is the woman should be given the benefit of the doubt and not be, you know, abused again by the system.
    Joe “Stinkfinger” Biden (2018)

  29. OT: I’m really loving the “Mute User” button. Although it’s both sad and hilarious at the same time when almost half the comments are now hidden. Oh well.

  30. And now Biden, of all people, piles on…

    1. Like OJ criticizing Robert Blake.

      1. No not Baretta!

    2. Well, it takes one to know one. Biden has probably been raping women and children longe than Cuomo.

      1. Hunter didn’t turn out a waste of space and addict because he had a stable home life.

  31. It is unfortunate that Reason has seemingly decided Cuomo is guilty until proven innocent. I am also shocked by the allegations, but they are just that. Accusations are not proof of wrongdoing and what this whole debacle is really about is a civil war inside the New York Democrat Party in which the state A.G. is leading the charge.

    It is unfortunate that Reason decided to base their conclusion on The New York Times rather than investigate this themselves. To the best of my knowledge, none of the ladies accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment have even filed a police report. If so, that is a huge red flag since if Cuomo committed crimes then the police should also investigate and it can start a paper trail.

    Most times sexual harassment accusers end up collapsing during cross examination in court and Bill Cosby’s case should be looked at too since the credibility of his accusers are lacking too. For example, one woman changed her story when it was found out by police that Cosby was not in the time or location she accused him of.

    The left is weaponizing sexual harassment laws to destroy the lives of prominent men (like Cosby) who advocate for self reliance or to gain power in the Democrat Party’s apparatus. They must be stopped.

    1. “what this whole debacle is really about is a civil war inside the New York Democrat Party in which the state A.G. is leading the charge.”

      I wonder if it has more to do with 2024 Presidential election.

    2. Gotta be sarc

    3. Progressives are especially vulnerable here because Republicans don’t use feminist wokeness to disqualify politicians, media personalities, and everyday average Americans from political office, management positions, and polite society.

      The wokeness cake is a lie.

    4. You missed that this was a report substantiating said accusations…?

    5. Allegedly is no longer in Reason’s lexicon.

  32. Man, this is amazing! Nearly every lefty shit-poster is here whining that Trump’s locker-room bragging is the same as Cuomo’s ass- and tit-grabbing!
    You’d hope that at least one of the TDS-addled lefty assholes would have the intellect to be embarrassed, but nope!

    1. It’s OK, they’re Democrats. Only RepubliTrump is evil. Always.

  33. nothing will happen since we have the republican Gaetz to focus on

  34. The only reason Cuomo should be punished for his sexual harassment is that stupid tweet of his.

  35. also, and just for fun, this gal JP (retread) is disgusting.

  36. It’ll tell you something about the awful nature of the press and the Democrats at large if this is what takes Cuomo down, but he gets a pass on killing people.

    1. This will not take him down.

  37. If your state’s governor gets convicted of sexual assault, maybe you lose both senate seats for a few years. There has to be some punishment for the progressive masses to stand behind rapey politicians.

    1. Or if your Senator supports made up sexual assault crimes to try and derail a Supreme Court nominee.

      1. Just imagine now if Biden gets a SCOTUS nominee the number of accounts Twitter will ban for posting more credible concerns about the Team Blue nominee.

      2. Nothing will happen to the democrats until we make it happen. Then need to go.

  38. If Cuomo was associated with Trump he would have been raided at dawn and perp walked into the courthouse.

    1. Women marched against Trump. No women are marching against Cuomo.

      1. (D). Nuff said.

      2. It’s hard to walk after you’ve been manhandled by the luvguv.

  39. As long as Cuomo has the public sector unions and the Jewish and urban vote he can pretty much do what he wants…teachers love this guy..he feeds their ego “teachers are so important” and ensures they are compensated well for essentially a part time job.

    The guys is going nowhere…as for decent, law abiding, honest, hard working folks in NY who don’t view govt as a meal ticket ..time to get out..asap.

  40. Total misinformation.
    Anyone posting here who is not supporting the great and mighty Governor will find all social media accounts deleted, their cloud data gone, and all their credit card transactions refused.

    1. Qualifications?
      Cuomo: rape, murder, arson, and rape.
      You said rape twice.
      Cuomo: I like rape.

      1. Arson?

        1. Classical reference.

  41. Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer are calling for Cuomo to resign.

    It’s so sad.

    Actually, it’s fucking hilarious.

    I’d trade it all for less than ten Republicans voting for the infrastructure bill in the Senate, but Cuomo’s big fall is something to laugh about.

    At one point, he thought he might be president!


    Learn to code, Cuomo.

    1. Cuomo’s failure was not starting a “Human Fund” type of foundation where he could use the cash to travel to third world countries like Haiti, have photo op moments during the day and rape the locals at night. Bill Clinton looks at Cuomo as an amateur.

      1. Bill Clinton is the patron saint of rapists.

  42. The Ballad of Andrew Cuomo

    He was the son of Mario,
    To the governor’s mansion he did go.
    “To the nursing homes!” did he cry,
    And sent grandma and grandpa there to die.
    “Don’t care about that,” said the state’s chief counsel,
    “But he fondled women? Now him will we cancel.”

  43. Hey, but at least killing old people in an Emmy award-winning performance was cool.

  44. All women not named Tara Reade need to be heard.

  45. Cuomo forgot the first rule of sexual harassment politics.
    1. Be handsome

    1. He missed that one by a mile; he’s as homely as HRC!

    2. Indeed…….

      Cuomo really should have watched Dennis Reynold’s presentation. He could have learned a lot from it.

  46. Quid pro quo is exchanging one favor for another.

    Quid cuo mo is when one party takes a sexual favor (aka assault) in exchange for not burying the other party with government abusiveness.

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  49. Now a group of Washington Post commenters have settled on the conspiracy theory that this is a GQP plot to replace Cuomo with a Republican governor, and that they are somehow duping the AG.

    1. And they’re capable of doing this since the media is so biased toward Trump, right?

  50. Scumbag. Should resign today but he’s enough of a douche that he won’t.

  51. Had to read about this, as there’s no way CNN ever ends up on any SEVO screen, but CNN had *HIS BROTHER* covering the story last night!
    Ken, what was that regarding proggies and ethics?

  52. Or maybe a zero-tolerance policy for governors who etc. etc.

    Hey, Liz, sweetheart: as a libertarian, should I support or oppose anti-harassment legislation for women in the workplace? Does it make a difference whether the workplace is public or private?

  53. I can’t figure out whether the “it can’t be inappropriate because I do it to everyone” defense is the most self-aware or the least self-aware response that Cuomo could have come up with.

  54. The world is held hostage to an exaggerated flu, economies crash, and devision is manufactured by the media to divide & conquer. But one politician’s hypocrisy gets over 200 comments? A profession liar ? No one is surprised.
    Yea, let’s not focus on the dictates that oppress us daily. Let’s talk about this melodrama. That will solve everything.

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  56. Let’s never mind about Cuomo being a mass murderer. Let’s obfuscate by the distraction of sexual inpropriety.

  57. Then used the full power of the government and PR firms to disparage the accusers. The powerful and predatory and even this report has done nothing so far.

  58. A woman who accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of groping her breast at the governor’s state residence filed a criminal complaint against him, the Albany County Sheriff’s office said Friday.

    The complaint, filed Thursday with the sheriff’s office, is the first known instance where a woman has made an official report with a law enforcement agency over alleged misconduct by Cuomo.

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