Brickbat: Just Come On In


Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority said COVID-19 enforcement officers do not need a warrant to enter residences to make sure the occupants are obeying all rules related to the pandemic. The announcement came after actor Nick Mikhail posted a video online of officers entering his home without a warrant. Under the city-state's current COVID-19 rules, no more than two people from different households can gather at a time and households are limited to two distinct visitors per day.

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  2. I’m beginning to wonder if authoritarians aren’t using COVID as an excuse.

    1. What gives you that impression?

      1. Like god, if COVID did not exist, they would have to invent it.

        (Hmm, now there’s a thought.)

        1. That would change the lab leak theory a deliberate release theory. Meh, definitely plausible.

        2. The Chinese would have managed a deliberate release better, so it was an accidental release. My guess, which accounts for all the facts that have been leaked:

          1. They were doing “gain of function” research on a different type of virus (probably funded by the USA with Dr. Fauci’s knowledge). To do this, they genetically-engineered a spike protein specifically to infect human cells. (The spike protein RNA includes a sequence that does not occur in nature and is commonly used to mark engineered genes.)

          2. In their sloppily run lab, a different virus (from bats) got into their experimental culture.

          3. Two viruses infected the same cell, trying to take over the cell’s replication apparatus. The bat virus was replicated with RNA for the spike protein from the experimental virus, creating the COVID-19 virus.

          4. This escapes from their lab.

  3. It would save everyone a lot of time and trouble if there were government installed cameras in everyone’s home.

  4. Sounds like a progressive’s wet dream.

    1. Building a perfect world, one crushed freedom at a time.

    2. This is par for the course in Singapore.

      Strange Laws of Singapore

  5. Despite being somewhat “free market”, Singapore remains a quite authoritarian government.

    Libertarianism 101. It’s not just economic freedom, one needs personal freedom as well. Otherwise you’re just a conformist who likes low taxes.

  6. “…no more than two people from different households can gather at a time and households are limited to two distinct visitors per day…”

    Sounds like the COVID enforcement officers are breaking their own rules then. They’re not from my household, and I’ve already had two distinct visitors, sorry.

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