The Provincetown Outbreak Shows Vaccinated People Can Be Infected by the Coronavirus, but the CDC's Director Grossly Exaggerates That Risk

Researchers are still trying to determine what role vaccinated carriers may have played in the Massachusetts cases identified by the CDC.


Three-quarters of 469 Massachusetts residents infected during a COVID-19 outbreak in Provincetown earlier this month were fully vaccinated, according to a report published today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Nine out of 10 cases involved the especially contagious delta variant of the coronavirus, and the CDC reports that it found "similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people," which it says "raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus."

The outbreak in Provincetown, Cape Cod's most popular destination, is Exhibit 1 in the CDC's case for recommending that vaccinated people resume wearing face masks in public places. The study, which was published in the agency's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, illustrates a point that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has been emphasizing recently: COVID-19 vaccines do not provide complete protection against infection, especially when people are exposed to the delta variant, which accounts for the vast majority of recently identified cases in the United States. The CDC's findings also suggest that vaccinated people infected by the delta variant may transmit it to others, although so far the evidence on that point is inconclusive.

The possibility of so-called breakthrough infections has been well-recognized since COVID-19 vaccines were first tested, and data from England, Scotland, and Israel suggest that risk may be higher with delta than with earlier variants. But the evidence indicates that the vaccines are still very effective at preventing COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths—as reflected in the Provincetown cases, which included five hospitalizations and zero deaths. Furthermore, it is important to keep the risk of less serious infections in perspective. Walensky has not been doing a very good job of that, as illustrated by her comments during a CNN interview on Wednesday.

"Every 20 vaccinated people, one or two of them could get a breakthrough infection," Walensky told CNN's John Berman. That statement, which implies that 5 to 10 percent of vaccinated people will catch COVID-19, grossly exaggerates the odds of a breakthrough infection. Walensky seems to have misconstrued the meaning of the effectiveness rates reported in vaccine studies, which is a pretty serious mistake for the head of the CDC to make.

When a vaccine is described as 90 percent effective against infection, that does not mean 10 percent of vaccinated subjects were infected. Rather, it means the risk of infection among vaccinated people was 90 percent lower than the risk among unvaccinated people. As the CDC noted on Tuesday, when it issued its revised mask guidance, post-approval studies of COVID-19 vaccines typically have found that they reduce the risk of infection by 86 percent to 99 percent. That means the odds of a breakthrough infection were much lower than Walensky suggested on CNN.

In one U.S. study of adults who had received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, for example, the incidence of positive COVID-19 tests among fully vaccinated subjects was 0.048 per 1,000 person-days, compared to 0.43 per 1,000 person-days among the unvaccinated controls, yielding an effectiveness rate of 89 percent. A study of U.S. health care workers put the incidence of infection at 1.38 per 1,000 person-days when the subjects were unvaccinated, compared to 0.04 per 1,000 person-days when they were fully vaccinated, yielding an effectiveness rate of 97 percent. In both cases, the risk of a breakthrough infection was at least an order of magnitude lower than the 5-to-10-percent estimate that Walensky offered.

That is also true in studies that suggest vaccines are less effective at preventing infection by the delta variant. The CDC notes a recent population survey in England that found full vaccination reduced the chance of infection by 72 percent, notably lower than the effectiveness rates in studies involving earlier variants. But even in that study, just 0.07 percent of fully vaccinated people tested positive for COVID-19, compared to 0.24 percent of unvaccinated people.

In the United States, breakthrough infections still seem to be rare, notwithstanding the delta variant, as the CDC acknowledges. "The 125,682 'breakthrough' cases in 38 states found by NBC News represent less than .08 percent of the 164.2 million-plus people who have been fully vaccinated since January, or about one in every 1,300," CNBC reports. CNBC notes that "the total number of breakthrough cases is likely higher," since "nine states, including Pennsylvania and Missouri, did not provide any information" and "vaccinated adults who have breakthrough cases but show no symptoms could be missing from the data altogether." But even if the true number is two or three times as high, it would still not be remotely consistent with Walensky's risk estimate.

CNBC also quotes Erin McHenry, a spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Health. "Our most recent data shows that 99.9 percent of Minnesotans who are fully vaccinated have not contracted the virus," she says.

Last spring, the misconception that seems to underlie Walensky's risk estimate generated an erroneous CNN story that claimed vaccinated air travelers face a 10 percent risk of infection. Confusion about vaccine effectiveness rates continues to show up in press coverage of COVID-19. Yesterday NPR quoted Kathleen Neuzil, director of the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health at the University of Maryland, as saying that "even with a 95% efficacious vaccine, you will have one in 20 vaccinees who are exposed get the disease."

I emailed Neuzil about that statement, which is similar to what Walensky said on CNN. "I was actually misquoted on that one," Neuzil said, "and you are the first one to pick up on it (or at least reach out to me about it!). Sometimes in simplifying we don't get the message right. The bottom line is that vaccine isn't 100% protective, and even at high levels of protection we will have breakthrough."

That bottom line is certainly correct. But in warning people about that possibility, public health officials like Walensky should not distort the underlying science by implying the risk is much bigger than the evidence indicates. This episode is reminiscent of Walensky's hyperbole about the risk of outdoor COVID-19 transmission, which misrepresented the study she cited in several significant ways.

What about the risk that a breakthrough infection will spread the virus to others? The CDC attributes the Provincetown outbreak, which occurred from July 3 through July 17, to "densely packed indoor and outdoor events that included bars, restaurants, guest houses and rental homes." The Washington Post reports that "at least five events sparked the outbreak, so it is not possible to blame it on one party or one bar." Nor is it yet clear how many of the infections were acquired from vaccinated carriers. The Post says researchers "are analyzing the genetic fingerprints of the virus samples" to "trace chains of transmission and determine how commonly fully vaccinated people were infecting one another."

While the CDC's press release says "high viral loads" in nasal samples from vaccinated people infected in Provincetown "suggest an increased risk of transmission," the study itself is more circumspect. "Cycle threshold values [in RT-PCR tests] were similar among specimens from patients who were fully vaccinated and those who were not," the authors say. But they caution that "Ct values obtained with SARS-CoV-2 qualitative RT-PCR diagnostic tests might provide a crude correlation to the amount of virus present in a sample and can also be affected by factors other than viral load." And even if the viral loads in nasal samples from vaccinated and unvaccinated people were indeed similar, it's not clear whether that means the two groups were equally likely to transmit the virus.

An Israeli study of 1,497 fully vaccinated health care workers, reported this week in The New England Journal of Medicine, identified 39 breakthrough infections, the vast majority of which were mild or asymptomatic. Three-quarters of those subjects "had a high viral load…at some point during their infection." Yet "no secondary infections were documented."

The CDC's Provincetown study also warns that "data from this report are insufficient to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, including the Delta variant, during this outbreak." About 69 percent of eligible Massachusetts residents had been vaccinated at the time of the Provincetown outbreak, one of the highest rates in the country. "As population-level vaccination coverage increases," the study notes, "vaccinated persons are likely to represent a larger proportion of COVID-19 cases."

The authors nevertheless suggest that "jurisdictions might consider expanded prevention strategies, including universal masking in indoor public settings, particularly for large public gatherings that include travelers from many areas with differing levels of SARS-CoV-2 transmission." That recommendation goes beyond the guidance that the CDC issued on Tuesday, which was limited to "areas of substantial or high transmission," a category that did not include Provincetown prior to the outbreak.

In her CNN interview, Walensky conceded that "the vast majority" of COVID-19 transmission "is coming from unvaccinated people." She noted that 80 percent of counties with high transmission have vaccination rates below 40 percent. But she added that "we wanted people who are vaccinated to understand that they could potentially pass this virus if they were one of those breakthrough infections."

That danger represents the combination of two probabilities: the probability that a vaccinated person will be infected, which is much lower than the odds that an unvaccinated person will be infected and much, much lower than Walensky implied, and the probability that an unvaccinated person who is infected will transmit the virus. The CDC's Provincetown study may ultimately shed light on the latter issue. But at this point, we still don't know how many of those cases (if any) can be traced to vaccinated carriers.

"Predominantly," CNN's Berman noted, "this is something coming from unvaccinated people to unvaccinated people." Walensky agreed. "So then you can understand the frustration in those of us who are vaccinated," Berman said. "[We are] saying, 'Why the hell do I have to pay the price for this?'" Here is where Walensky claimed that vaccinated people have a one or two in 20 chance of being infected, which is not remotely true and can only further undermine confidence in the vaccines she is urging everyone to get.

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    1. I have a question for which I have not been able to get an answer. There is a recent study, published in “Scientific Reports”, in which researchers in Italy found higher levels of monolaurin in healthcare workers who didn’t get infected versus those who did. I’m attaching a link to the article, which seems to indicate that monolaurin, taken as a dietary supplement, might be an effective tool for combating the infection. I have been taking monolaurin for some time, and wonder whether doing so in conjunction with getting vaccinated might provide a second layer of protection.

      Here’s the link to the article:

      1. Isn’t Nature one of those alt-right MAGA rags?

        But their opening sentence gives away the irresistible urge of too many health and science types:

        “The ongoing epidemiological emergency caused by the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 infection requires the rethinking and reorganization of our society. “

        1. “rethinking and reorganization of our society”

          Of course. Whatever other possible solution could there be?

          1. And who will arrange this “reorganization”?

            1. The survivors.

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        2. Yep, when it comes to politicizing science and demanding heavy handed statist solutions for everything, Nature is the worst

          1. So the opposite of alt right MAGA.

          2. What is Scientific American, chopped science?
            Actual recent headlines (I’m not making this up):

            “Act on Climate Emergency Now to Prevent Millions of Deaths, Study Shows”

            “Electric Schoolbuses Reduce Pollution, But New Infrastructure Deal Slashed Funding”

            “Infrastructure Deal Whittles Down Climate Spending”

            “Kids Get ‘Long COVID’ Too”

            “We’re Fumbling the Return to Physical Offices”

            “Red States Seek to Block Biden Update to Key Climate Metric”

            ” ‘Advanced’ Nuclear Reactors? Don’t Hold Your Breath”

            1. SciAm used to be a great magazine. That stopped when they were sold to a German publishing company in the late 80’s.

              1. Did not know that happened, but by the early ’90s, I let the subscription lapse as the articles seemed more and more like editorials.

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  1. “[We are] saying, ‘Why the hell do I have to pay the price for this?'”

    Because your overlords at the CDC and NIH fear that they are losing power. And they are.

    1. Appeasement only invites more aggression

      1. Ya think. Look at you plotting genocide in the open.

        1. Stop with the projection already.

        2. “Ya think. Look at you plotting genocide in the ope”

          Look at pod. Making a public asshole of himself once more.

        3. Of all the stupid things I’ve read, this is the latest.

        4. No, we’re just working out how to best defend against YOUR ongoing genocidal efforts.

  2. Caption:
    You are fulfilling your destiny, Rochelle. Become my apprentice. Learn to use the dark side of the Public Health Administration.

  3. COVID hates gay and rainbow-friendly people

    1. What if I identify as a coronavirus?
      And what’s my color in the Q&2SLGBTWTFBBQ rainbow?

      1. I believe you are a virus of color. Unless you choose to identify as something else.

        1. “I am the Rainbow” ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

          1. Taste the rainbow? Oh, that’s skittles.

      2. Infra-yellow.

        1. Ultra violent, and infra dead.

    2. No, coronavirus doesn’t think but it does adapt to replicate & survive just as any organism does. Pull up your pants while you are at it; your homophobic underwear is showing. “P” isn’t just for Providence town, it’s also for PARTY town. Nothing like a series of summer parties to spread disease.

      1. A P-town wedding (insert gay joke here). But seriously, couldn’t the geniuses at the CDC also conclude that the vaccines are not effective at preventing Covid transmission from butt/oral sex?

        1. Note though that at least one gay commenter has blamed the outbreak on deep kissing, which apparently typically accompanies that anal sex.

          The point though is that this happened during and right after “Bear Week” in P Town, and the bulk of the people affected by this superspreader event were male gays. You pack a big bunch of gay guys closely together, for many of them, for the first time in a year or so, and things will happen that may be inimical to controlling the spread of the virus.

          1. It may be inimical, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, damn it.

  4. In this hysteria wrapped article there is no mention of the health outcomes of those vaccinated with breakthrough infections. Don’t look there is what they want, because there is simply no significant risk to those vaccinated persons. This is nothing new or nefarious for covid, as the same is true for other run of the mill vaccine preventable illnesses such as measles, and chicken pox.

    Covid is just another vaccine preventable illness. Anyone who wants a vaccine can get one, no lines, no waiting.
    More than 200,000,000 Americans are vaccinated. There is no need to hold them hostage to masks, restrictions, shutdowns, lost wages, and other harms simply because some number of folks choose not to use the protections of vaccination.

    Covid + vaccine = no meaningful risk
    Covid + masks, social distancing, shutdowns = you still might die, especially if BMI>30

    Those who have chosen vaccine should not be held hostage to those who have not.

    1. +

    2. Weren’t we at an estimated 148,000,000 previously infected Americans at the end of 2020?

      1. Hush! Any suggestion of immunity not derived from a federal vaccine mandate is sedition and therefore unpossible.

      2. The 200 million couldn’t include the previously infected as they all died iirc.

    3. But fear mongers (and fear addicts–yes we have far too many) prefer not to understand the differences between:

      testing positive, aka a “case”
      having significant symptoms, i.e. getting sick
      being likely to transmit the virus to others
      hospitalization for serious but not life-threatening symptoms
      ICU-level hospitalization
      death resulting from COVID on top of other serious health issues
      death from COVID of a healthy, fit person

      These things were never easily correlated, and certainly not properly discussed in media. And with vaccines, the correlations are more extreme (in a good way).

      1. Part of the problem is that *all* of these are significant in some way, but you can’t really talk about all of them at once.

    4. Which, is why coronavirus “passports” are a good thing. Show us you have been inoculated, and enjoy ALL of life’s perks that involve large groups of people. Pass on inoculation, stay home under that rock.

      1. This is why there must be war.

      2. Fuck off, slaver.

      3. It’s starting to look like the “vaccines” don’t do much if at all for the person getting it 6 months out. Also is starting to look like the it’s the “vaccines” that are helping to create the variant strains not to mention the side-effects like blood clots, heart problems, etc…. The “vaccines” might make you feel good about yourself but it does nothing to protect you or me.

    5. Particularly when those who have not don’t actually care if you wear a mask or not. It’s not their thing and they aren’t asking it to be your thing. To be clear, only those seeking unlegislated power over the masses are in favor of forcing people to be injected or wear the sign of compliance on their face.

  5. No matter what Biden & Co. say or do in their fight against covid, I’ll still be a supporter — as long as they don’t close our borders.


    1. Never stop.

    2. Ah yes, Biden’s CDC decided to stop tracking infections in vaccinated people back in May.Brilliant idea…simply brilliant! Can you imagine the shit that would be thrown at them if Trump were still in charge?

      1. They also aren’t putting out any information about who these “breakthrough” infections are. Just like with the first Covid, there will be populations more at risk of serious health trauma or death than others. If it were true for instance that the entirety of the seriously compromised individuals were obese smokers over 80 who have diabetes, how does this require an entire population to do anything at all?

  6. ” Walensky seems to have misconstrued the meaning of the effectiveness rates reported in vaccine studies, which is a pretty serious mistake for the head of the CDC to make.”

    Please, please. What in the world could make anyone think that she made a “mistake?”

  7. Three-quarters of 469 Massachusetts residents infected during a COVID-19 outbreak in Provincetown earlier this month were fully vaccinated

    Two weeks to flatten the curve, we can get back to normal.
    Just wear your mask and stay at home for a year, and we can get back to normal.
    Get vaccinated, and we can get back to normal.

    1. + the science is settled, line up for more shots or we’ll all get killed again like before

      1. I am so sick of being dead it isn’t funny.

    2. Get vaccinated, wear the mask, keep your distance: go anywhere, do anything. No vax? Sorry, no service until the pandemic passes.

      1. Do anything except “not wear a mask” and “approach a stranger,” that is.

        No wonder young people are so extra blase about COVID prevention. You’re basically telling them, “don’t try to get laid anymore.” It’s no surprise that the response is no thanks, I’ll take my chances.

      2. Eat a bullet

      3. Hey moron, only variants will pass, not the whole thing. At nearly 8 billion people, many of whom are highly mobile, the variants of any new virus are endless and there is no way for it to pass because it will continue to cause variants from here forward. We are about 6 billion people and 100 years past that.

        Learn to live with it being in the world and don’t depend on others to not give it to you. Otherwise at least be consistent…. no sex for you until AIDS “passes”. 40 years later, it’s still a thing.

  8. The Provincetown outbreak does look like a real pisser. I don’t really see that the vaccine had much effect there in either preventing symptomatic or hospitalization. Still a lot of data seems missing but at least re events where everyone is basically bathing in delta variant, vaccines don’t look like the cure-all.

    1. Sounds like some real bullshit.

      1. If JFree didn’t have bullshit, he’d have nothing.
        Oh, except his *PANIC* flag…

    2. Vaccines never claimed to be the cure-all for any disease. But dying is – no worries about anything any longer.

      1. You’re gonna die anyways, and likely sooner than you think. Accept the risk and enjoy what you have left.

    3. Another possibility is that gay people, vaccinated or not,!are more susceptible to the delta variant. It was P-town after all…

      1. P Town Bear Week, a super spreader event if there ever was one. First time a lot of the guys there had had a chance to pack as closely together in better than a year.

        1. that’s funny… you said Bear Week and pack in the same sentence. intentional?

    4. Or…. Maybe with rushed production of billions of doses of vaccines at unprecedented rates and volume, they got a bunch of batches that were ineffective.

      1. Then it’s a good thing the vaccine makes you entirely immune.
        To lawsuits.
        If you’re a manufacturer.

    5. Only 5 out of the 469 positives got seriously ill. None have died. And your take away is that the vaccines were ineffective?

      1. the non-vaccinated are not dying either so your point is?

  9. Math is hard!

    – CDC Barbie

    1. DOOOOOOM!

      1. Not for the vaccinated.

        1. Not for 99.5% of those infected.

  10. The gist of the issue here is whether or not one is exposed to the virus. If Wallensky had said, “”Every 20 vaccinated people, one or two of them could get a breakthrough infection (if they are exposed to the virus)”, it would have been accurate.

    The problem with all studies – including the best of those for the effectiveness of the vaccines – is that they aren’t controlling for all factors, most especially exposure (also, masking). What would be required is a “challenge” study, where subjects are deliberately exposed to the virus, in the same viral load. I believe Great Britain was doing that a few months ago.

    Absent that, suffice it to say that vaccines work, but they aren’t perfect (AND, they’re only as good as one’s immune system response). So, you do what you can. Get the vaccine. Mask, because it’s not perfect. But also recognize that Wallensky and Fauci are speaking as public health officials, trying to mold public behavior. Not simply stating the absolute science of the issue.

    1. This 1 in 20 breakthrough infections if exposed to the virus is only follows from the 95% effectiveness rate if you assume that a person who is not vaccinated would automatically be infected and get covid if exposed to the virus. There is no reason to believe this. There is also no reason to believe that the vaccines are 95% effective against the delta variant either.

      1. There is also no reason to think masks would alter the outcome.

        1. Your are misinformed.

          1. Oops – you are misinformed. Masks are effective in slowing the rates of infection for viruses like flu and coronavirus.

            1. Huh? Need to see your work there. My bet is that any such published studies won’t really say that.

              1. The effect must be pretty small. I remember reading papers about this back in the 90’s when masks were a big deal in large Asian cities. They could not come up with good evidence for effectiveness back then. They still seem to be having a tough time getting definitive evidence, despite these huge uncontrolled trials we have been running.

            2. 100 years if actual science say you’re full of shit. Non correlation to mask policy and ckvid says you’re full of shit. Reality says you’re full of shit (see fogged up glasses of mask wearers)

              1. Ten RCTs were included in the meta-analysis, and there was no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.


            4. you got to be a J&J bot Mick. the studies are clear, masks (unless you are using a n95 – which no one is wearing outside a hospital or lab) do nothing.

              1. They make left bots FEEL better. That’s not “nothing”. 😀

            5. Wearing a cloth mask is akin to installing a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

              1. You never know… One might hit the wire and bounce off, and that one might the one that bites you. If it saves one bite, isn’t that worth it?

                1. Ernest Rutherford approves.

    2. If Wallensky had said, “”Every 20 vaccinated people, one or two of them could get a breakthrough infection (if they are exposed to the virus)”, it would have been accurate.

      No. The numbers cited say if 20,000 unvaccinated people are exposed, about 10 will get infected. If 20,000 vaccinated people are exposed, you’re likely to have 1 get infected. That’s what 90% effectiveness means.

      1. And if all 10 unvaccinated people are over 65, then 2 of them will likely die from it. If all 10 unvaccinated people are under 18 there’s virtually no chance any of them will die from it. If all 10 are randomly spread by age, probably none will die from it.

        The 1 vaccinated person who gets it probably won’t even notice it.

        1. math is our friend.

        2. There’s a LOT of data missing, like pretty much anything that makes it relevant or irrelevant. If I’m being told I must change my behavior because a black female smoker who is 85 and 300# with diabetes died from it, fuck it… I’m not anything like her. Show me data, not single snapshot stats with interpretation by the same woman who can’t admit that thousands of Covid cases a week coming over the southern border isn’t a problem.

  11. Every article I hate read on this site is some version of “The CDC is overstating the risks so their reasoning for their non-pharmaceutical interventions is not acceptable”. In this article, Jacob quotes a bunch of really out of date studies regarding vaccine effectiveness to make his point. Here is an easier argument. “The CDC and federal government should have no ability to mandate non-pharmaceutical interventions because it takes away the basic rights of the citizens.” It is such a simple argument and it doesn’t require tortured statistics and rationalizations. Sure, it is now absolutely clear that every NPI has done almost nothing to stop the spread of the virus, but that was clear by April of 2020. The vaccines will also fail at preventing the disease. But none of that even needs to be true to make a principled argument that the government should not be involved in trying to control people’s lives.

    1. True. If anything, this article seems to be justifying a ridiculous vaccine mandate.

    2. In other words, sometimes the answer is just “no”. Does not require justification, debating the merits or convincing the idiot wanting this discussion that they are wrong. To do so in this case by default suggests that there is a point at which government does have this authority and the only question is whether it is appropriate at this time. This is the end result of everyone engaging any call to “have a conversation about it”, regardless of how stupid or dangerous the “solution” is being argued by the one wanting to debate it.

      This is something that hopefully most people learn at some point in being a parent. I’m not even having the discussion with my 12 year old on whether he gets the car keys or stays out till 10 pm. The fact that the government thinks it has this authority speaks loud and clear that we have faltered as a society to say no, long before this.

    3. Exactly. All of this is just a government exercise to establish that Americans will accept “public health” as the root password to the constitution.


    JUST IN – SAGE, the UK’s health “expert panel,” warns next Covid “super mutant variant” could kill up to one in three people, and the “vaccine roll-out may even speed up mutant strain’s emergence.” (Daily Mail)

    1. Just in time for the midterms!

      1. We’ll need to postpone the election to stop the fraud!

        1. I have no doubt that lefty shits like you would use any excuse to ‘postpone’ and election if demented D assholes like Joe are challenged.

      2. IF they ignore the science, they won’t make it to the midterms, and the longer any given politician clings to ‘hoax’ theory, the more exponentially his/her chances of re-election tank.

    2. Only a third? If you are only talking about “could” with no reference to probability, why not claim species extinction?

      1. Because that one is reserved for global climate warming change.

    3. I thought super mutants only showed up after the war.

    4. the UK’s health “expert panel,” warns next Covid “super mutant variant” could kill up to one in three people

      Wow. That’s literally 1348-levels of mass death. How divorced from reality do you have to be to think that’s a scenario worth entertaining?

  13. This data needs some serious scrutiny, and for credibility’s sake, that scrutiny needs to come from someone other than the CDC.

    They’re gasping for credibility right now, and I wouldn’t put it past any bureaucrat to manufacture credibility in a pinch.

    Ever hear about how Saddam Hussein was looking for yellowcake in Niger or see the Bush administration’s photos of Saddam Hussein’s mobile WMD labs?

    And they better be right about this. I don’t know how many more blows to their credibility they can take.

    1. The data is entirely consistent with all the other data that has been gathered about the Delta variant, for example from Israel, the UK, and Singapore. Vaccines are substantially less effective against Delta.

      1. So you understand the death rate of delta variant and the vaccinated is 0.0008% right?

        Please trade your freedoms for a false sense of security. But leave mine the fuck alone.

  14. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Physicians of all specialty areas overstate the seriousness of any medical issue. If you tell people that a concern is no big deal, they ignore it. But, if you tell someone that a minor problem is far more serious, they take care of it immediately.

    Also, doctors practice defensive medicine out of fear of malpractice. I still think that public health physicians feel that if don’t over-react, some shrewd class-action lawyer will find a judge who will certify as a class anyone who got Covid, after a doctor said not to wear a mask or avoid large gatherings.

    1. There are people who believe the over-response to the virus is a conspiracy to “reset” the world. I believe it’s largely been a CYA move by politicians, doctors, and corporations, all terrified of being sued.

      1. I’m with renad. I don’t think these petty bureaucrats are smart enough to pull off some grand conspiracy. it’s all CYA.

  15. The data out of the UKbon delta shows 109000/230000 cases had at least 1 dose (roughtly 50/50) and 224/460 deaths were in the fully vaccinated population. Basically the vax has zero efficacy against delta.

    1. This is the UK government that predicted 100 million dead across the globe from covid right?

    2. So delta is as weak against the unvaccinated as alpha is against the vaxxed?

      That’s great news!

    3. If covid vaccines haven’t been effective in the UK, what might explain the 45% decline in new covid cases since July 21 in the UK (and/or the 50% decline in new cases in the Netherlands)?

  16. OK. So the vaccines don’t work. Got it.
    But the ‘masks’ don’t work, especially when worn as they are everywhere I have been. (often touched, pulled away, removed to take phone calls, below the nose, etc).
    So perhaps this virus can be treated like every other virus?
    No mandates, no shutdowns, just tell people there is a new virus and they should be careful. You know, like the swine flu, the bird flu, the “bad this year” flu.

    1. JFree hardest hit!

      1. Herman Cain would like a word.

        1. News flash: People die.

        2. “Herman Cain would like a word.”
          Oh, LOOK! Lefty asshole pod found one person who died of ‘complications’ of the Wuflu!
          Fuck off and die, lefty asshole

          1. Except he didn’t. Caine died of cancer.

            1. So your example is bullshit along with everything else you post, lefty asshole?

              1. Parody of sullums sock.

        3. You mean the guy with advanced Stage 3 colon cancer who died of “covid”?

          1. Asshole claiming “lord” of anything is steaming pile of lefty shit.

        4. Nah – just let Herman sleep – he has nothing to contribute.

    2. “The evidence indicates that the vaccines are still very effective at preventing COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths—as reflected in the Provincetown cases, which included five hospitalizations and zero deaths.”

      —-Jacob Sullum

      I wouldn’t say the vaccines don’t work. We’re smarter than the trolls around here, who are willfully obtuse, and we know what you mean.

      The vaccines protect against hospitalization and death. They just may not stop us from spreading it to the unvaccinated.

      1. “The vaccines protect against hospitalization and death.”

        So does most people’s immune system.

      2. Fauci is encouraging the masks again so that the vaccinated will protect the unvaccinated. This is eerily similar to his statement in the 1980s that Hiv/aids started in the homosexual community but he “saw no reason why” it woudn’t soon be a heterosexual disease. Creating the popular fear which will support his effort. Making use of subtle lies to accomplish that.

        1. Fauci is the guy who claimed masks would just induce a “false sense of security” more than a year ago. He’s hardly pro-mask.

          1. Except when he’s pro-two-masks.

        2. If straight folks engaged in unprotected sex that resulted in fluids crossing a blood barrier, it well could have. Some of these folks were intravenous drug users, but….

          Heterosexual people made up 23% of all HIV diagnoses in the U.S. and 6 dependent areas in 2019. Heterosexual men accounted for 7% of new HIV diagnoses and heterosexual women accounted for 16%.

          People who inject drugs (PWID) accounted for 7% of new HIV infections in the U.S. and 6 dependent areas in 2019. Men who inject drugs accounted for 4% of new HIV diagnoses, and women who inject drugs accounted for 3%.

          Joke from bad old days: “The toughest part of being HIV+ is convincing your parents that you are Haitian.”

    3. no. the vaccines do work. data from everywhere tells us so.

      from Texas: 99.5% of people who died from COVID-19 from Feb. 8 to July 14 were unvaccinated, while 0.5% were the result of breakthrough infections. the agency said nearly 75% of the 43 vaccinated people who died had a serious underlying condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. additionally, 95% of the 43 vaccinated people who died were 60 or older.

      more than 97% of COVID hospitalizations nationwide right now are of unvaccinated people, and 99.2% of COVID deaths are of unvaccinated people.

      the vaccines work.

  17. The Provincetown Outbreak Shows Vaccinated People Can Be Infected by the Coronavirus, but the CDC’s Director Grossly Exaggerates That Risk

    Mainly because the behavior and immune systems of the Provincetown holiday celebrators are not typical of the rest of the population.

    1. Seriously. Fucking Provincetown? Maybe the lesson should be “don’t expect to stay illness free after you spend all weekend making out with random dudes.”

    2. Bazinga. Ditto Florida – beach party bingo and beer pong with lots of ‘losers’.

  18. Probably would help if the CDC Director wasn’t such a drama-queen, but then perhaps that’s how she got her job.
    The actress playing a news-reporter on the CBS evening news can crank up the ‘outrage’ in her voice any time Trump or the Capitol protesters are mentioned, and I’m sure that was obvious in the audition for the part.

  19. Thank you. I have wondered about how appropriate a study of Covid-19 transmission was that took place in a vacation spot in high season among a group of transient young people that tend to create a summer petri dish and who also were likely to have an atypically high level of vaccination. While I could not predict how all that might specifically affect results, I can imagine numerous ways it would be highly atypical and complex.

    1. I’m guessing you meant ‘LOW level of vaccination’?
      Even the Chron, which is near capsizing to port and trying to characterize the vax-rate as a Trump-vs-TDS-addled-asshole issue had to admit that younger folks are simply making a choice.
      The Chron has also ignored (for YEARS) the anti-vax cult in oh-so-blue Marin County.

      1. Since I, and a few others commenting here, are libertarians, could we agree that both Team Red and Team Blue are at fault for promoting vaccine hesitancy? Remember during the Dem presidential primaries how doubt was cast by candidates on any vaccine that might emerge from Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed?” As time went on, hesitancy became more of a Trumpista thing, but it remained high among certain pro-Donkey groups, notably African-Americans. It’s not just US culture and politics. Higher hesitancy among minority ethnic groups crops up in the UK.

        This will save lives, maybe yours! vs I don’t trust you!

        1. Because libertarians should be much more receptive to the government demand “take this relatively untested medicine for which I am completely immune for damages, or I will unconstitutionally oppress you” than Ds and Rs?

  20. Oh, btw, the “zero covid” strategy is hack science. Anyone pushing the theory is proliferating “misinformation”.

    1. Amen – smallpox, polio, measles, flu, Ebola, and coronavirus will eternally crop up somewhere in the world from now forward. There will always be a segment of population that keeps it alive.

      1. It’s possible to render a virus extinct, if it mutates slowly, is restricted to one species, and isn’t a retrovirus. And doesn’t look promising for a biological weapon, of course. Otherwise, pretty much impossible.

    1. I highly recommend this podcast. Shriver SLAMS the religiosity of Covid restrictions, and the people who went along so easily.

    2. Will watch. The blue pill libertarians are indeed useless. Just beaten dogs that don’t bark and won’t stand up against abuses to their freedoms.

  21. Based on the theory of “Disparate Impact”, the following 60 restaurants and bars in Seattle are racist.

    With the highly infectious delta variant of the coronavirus spreading through Washington state, at least 60 Seattle bars and restaurants as of Friday afternoon are requiring customers to prove they have been vaccinated to eat or drink on their premises.

    The self-imposed mandate is headlined by many big names on Capitol Hill including The Unicorn, Linda’s Tavern, Rumba and Canon, and it comes as the state faces a fifth wave of infection. At least a dozen bars temporary shut down last week after their employees had tested positive for COVID-19 or came into contact with an infected person. That led many bar owners to announce over social media that proof of vaccination will now be required to dine or drink on their premises.

    Black people (I’m told) have lower vaccination rates than their white counterparts. Therefore, black people will be not be allowed to eat at the lunch counters of these establishments at a higher rate than white people. Therefore, the policy is racist.

    *drops microphone*

      1. So? Only white people spread COVID? Or is it just white evangelicals?

        1. That’s just as obtuse as saying “Children can’t catch/spread coronavirus…” Human? You can contract it and you can spread it to others. Coronavirus doesn’t care if you are 3 or 103 – black, white, Asian, First Nation, Latino – vaxxed or unvaxxed – male or female. It’s all the same to a virus – a host is a host.

          1. The title and sub-title of the article seem to have nothing to do with the article itself.

            1. Welcome to the Reason website – – – – – – – –

          2. Ummmm….. I think you mean “Latinx”, you misogynistic mick.

          1. The problem isn’t the government refusing to give up there new found power over us. The problem is we allow it. It’s the flu. THE FLU. How weak and compliant we’ve become. It’s disgusting.

  22. The Gold Standard for immunity has always been getting a disease and surviving it. The polio and smallpox vaccines and others eventually went to “inactivated” vaccines to allow a pretty good version of immunity, but the best version is getting it or a mild version of it.

    1. They went to the inactivated vaccines when they’d beaten the diseases back enough that the majority of cases were actually being caused by the live virus vaccines.

  23. We’ve had a mask mandate here in St. Louis for the last week.

    I looked at the data, no one has died in the last week from it in the metro area.

    1. Well, then, I’ve changed my mind completely. I mean, how can I refute proof of that caliber.

  24. This article mischaracterizes the data. The Provincetown data shows that the proportion of the infected being vaccinated is about the same as the proportion of population vaccinated, in statistically significant numbers. The implication is that vaccination provides little protection against catching covid. It may still provide some protection against having a case serious enough to be hospitalized; of the 5 people hospitalized, 4 were fully vaccinated, but unlike the cases for just catching covid, not enough people were hospitalized to be statistically significant.

    This is consistent with the other data we’ve seen. The latest Israeli data indicates that their vaccines (mostly Pfizer) reduce the chances of catching covid by only 39%, although the chances of getting hospitalized are reduced by over 80%. Their numbers show a reduction in the effectiveness of vaccination over time; six months after the second shot, being vaccinated only provides a 16% reduction in the chances of catching covid.

    Like it or not, preventing spread of covid requires distancing, masking, and hand washing. Vaccination is not a silver bullet.

    1. If these Israeli studies are accurate, it raises the question of why we are not getting better studies and reporting. We have hundreds of millions of test cases. Surely the CDC is following some of them!?!

      We should absolutely know the difference between 16% and 95% by now.

      Also, we keep seeing absolutely scrap data.

      The national press reported about “breakthrough” infections. In the same report they said the vaccine protects from hospitalization… And then said a bunch of the hospitalized patients were vaccinated and infected with the delta variant.

      A bunch more digging showed that the officials were conflating “people who are hospitalized due to Covid” and “people in the hospital who tested positive”. Turns out, they were testing everyone on admission and a bunch of vaccinated pregnant women who were asymptomatic tested positive.

      It seemed to be incompetence and intentional spin from the government and the press.

      1. ” Surely the CDC is following some of them!?!”

        Nope. The CDC just follows polls.

  25. Aaaah! Oh no! We are all going to catch a nonlethal variant of a virus identical to the virus that has caused human colds for thousands of years (not hundreds of thousands- it is
    relatively new). I’m done. I work at a school and am well compensated with a crapload of paid time off. But if they make the little kids mask again I will quit. It goes without saying im never masking so much as a wall I want to paint- but I refuse to stand by as these sadomasochists abuse our children for another year. I thought it clever last year to talk about being a witness to the suicide of a civilization, but Christ on a Cracker, we are through the looking glass at this point.

    1. Go get a job in a private school – or are you addicted to tax dollars?

      1. Shut up asshole and mind your own business.

  26. The problem isn’t the government refusing to give up there new found power over us. The problem is we allow it. It’s the flu. THE FLU. How weak and compliant we’ve become. It’s disgusting.

  27. I wonder if Walensky knew “1 or 2 in 20” was wrong when she said it. Maybe she sees it as a “noble lie.”

    Anyway, this is a good catch by Sullum.

    1. The good catch was in actually reaching out for a followup. Nutty right wing pundits had picked up on this in minutes.

      This is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with the 4th estate. When your only objective is protecting your team and attacking the other team, you are going to get a lot wrong and miss a lot of important stories. Worse, nobody can trust any reporting, regardless of team orientation.

      1. Anybody know if journalism schools require a course in statistics? The J-school at my university required some first year microeconomics, but only for those who wanted to work in the business side of publishing, not for those who wanted to be reporters! (circa 1982) I’ve seen too many journos regurgitate a reduction in the projected increase is a cut to expect the scribes ever learned any stats.

        1. “…… a reduction in the projected increase is a cut….”

          Haha. One of my faves, and a founding “grievance” of the “Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair!!!!!! ™” mindset.

  28. “You are the first to reach out to me” is a damning quote.

    There was a time when we expected journalists to be prepared for their beat. The guy covering the city council would know who all the players are, know the local issues, know business concerns… And thereby be in a position to properly interpret statements and actions of politicians and ask appropriate questions.

    The Covid-19 public health beat is 18 months old one, and should be an add-on the the science and health beat. The press should be well prepared by now. But you can still count the intelligent questions on one hand. And there has been almost no serious analysis.

    Part of the problem is the dearth of dedicated science reporters. But worse is the “everything is politics” culture that has overrun the press. The reporting on Covid seems to be primarily being done by national political reporters. Their only objective is to get the proper spin out there, so they are even worse than incompetent.

    1. Drops in circulation resulting from people getting “their paper” online and competition from 24-hour news beamed and streamed to us have led to massive layoffs at local newsrooms. Some have merged their local reporting with TV stations. I take a look at local papers hereabouts and they are shells of their former selves. Late in the Oughts I had moved ~ 1.5k miles and bought several Sunday papers to help in job hunting. The thing were so chock full of ads I wouldn’t walk home with them. I always rode my bike and stuffed them in my panniers. Local reporting co$t$.

  29. If it’s a communication problem, she is not alone. Comparing some samples of tested people with other sin other circumstances, as is done in this article, omits adjustments which are always necessary when doing these comparison. And the author also fails to take into account the quick waning effects of the vaccines. At first, 1 shot was to be sufficient, then 2 and now its 3, but naturally sold as a protection against variants (with emphasis on the Delta). But the 160 million have not been vaccinate the same day. First shot gave lower protection, the boost for the mRNA lifted this between 90 to 95%. This wanes with 6 to 12 months according to Pfizer itself in their press release on July 8th ( ). In Israel, it was measured that after 6 months, the efficiency of protection goes down to around 60%. Since not data is considered of when and for how long the samples concerning either vaccinated or un-vaccinated are considered. Since the CDC has mostly abandoned the presentation of estimated total illness at one single time, but helps focus the conversations on “confirmed” cases only or cumulative data mixed up with time windowed data…nobody addressing this topic talks about it intelligently in scientific and statistical terms…it just becomes an out of context war of numbers. It’s the problem with this situation…the political always dominated the tone.
    But it’s interesting that the CDC has taken the habit of observing a Pandemic every time Big Pharma is ready to launch a new Pipeline Technology: Think of Diabetes type II/Metabolic Syndrome Pandemic and SLGT2 inhibitors, Food allergies Pandemic and Epipens, SARS-CoV2 and mRNA vaccines…the list is long.

  30. Researchers are still trying to determine what role vaccinated carriers may have played in the Massachusetts cases identified by the CDC.

    “We may never know what caused the high level of contagion observed during a Summer holiday in Provincetown.”

    1. We may never ADMIT what caused the high level of contagion – – – – – –

    2. It is the sexual version of “Allahu Akbar.”

  31. How about this, as a take away from the P Town Bear Week Superspreader event: don’t make out and have anal sex with a bunch of immune compromised strangers, and your vaccination will probably work better.

  32. “When a vaccine is described as 90 percent effective against infection, that does not mean 10 percent of vaccinated subjects were infected. Rather, it means the risk of infection among vaccinated people was 90 percent lower than the risk among unvaccinated people.”

    This is not true…at all. Vaccine Efficacy is defined (by the CDC) as this:

    Ve = 1 – (Rvax/Runvax) => a normalized risk ratio

    So if Ve is 0.9 then Rvax/Runvax has to be 1/10 which means that Runvax has 10x the risk.

    1. Well, yes… But 1 is 90% less than 10, so the way it is stated by Sullum is also correct.

  33. It has emerged that a very important detail about the Provincetown outbreak is not being reported by the CDC, New York Times, CNN, et al. The CDC study is here:

    If you look at it, you will see an unusual data point: Most of the infected people (85%) were middle-aged men. It turns out that Provincetown is the location of an annual gathering of people who engage in high risk behavior. It’s Bear Week.

    Thousands of men gather here to party and they party hearty.

    There is no distancing; the parties are very crowded; and it is very likely that there is a lot of close personal contact.

    This was a super-spreader event and no one is using that word or that it was almost entirely gay men who got Covid-19 in Provincetown in early July.

    Had this been a gathering of the Proud Boys, the press would not be able to shut up about the Bears ignoring the rules of social distance and masking.

  34. A friend of mine was fully vaccinated (Pfizer x2) and tested positive for COVID recently. He had a slight fever and a runny nose for a day. He did the responsible thing and got tested (not sure I would have), and informed HR at work. No one else got sick. He was still wearing a mask all the time.

    The mask mandates don’t work (and never did). The virus is airborne and much smaller than the typical mask grid. The vaccines don’t stop you from catching COVID, but they greatly reduce your symptoms if you do, and greatly reduce your odds of spreading it.

    1. “The mask mandates don’t work (and never did). The virus is airborne and much smaller than the typical mask grid. The vaccines don’t stop you from catching COVID, but they greatly reduce your symptoms if you do, and greatly reduce your odds of spreading it.”

      This is pretty spot on here. Our hospital has had an uptick of COVID cases, 14 total, 1 in ICU. We are nowhere near over-run and none of the extra COVID units we “opened” during the surge have even been close to needed.

      Of the 14, only 2 had the vaccine. They both have very mild cases and are mostly there as obs with nasal cannula. The sickest ones were not vaccinated. They also are mostly obese +/- diabetes, heart disease.

      Masks have been shown to not work (save the N95 class, which almost no one is wearing). The cloth masks (which most people DO wear due to comfort and convenience) are not effective, and also most people wear them half off. Masks have no role essentially.

      If you want the vaccine, get it. If you do get a breakthrough COVID case (even delta) we are seeing much more mild infections. But its not a guarantee you wont get it. Being that we are seeing breakthrough COVID and variants in vaxxed people, the likelihood of “eradication” is almost certainly not going to happen. It’s mutating too much and is too mild of a disease. Theres a reason flu and cold arent able to be eradicated and this fits in there.

      If you dont want the vaccine, I support your decision not to. We dont live in a communist shit-hole (despite the desires of the left).

      1. As an aside during the actual big wave, we had around 70 COVID patients.

  35. In Massachusetts, their health officials published a study on
    “outbreak” covid cases among fully vaccinated citizens of their state. There were 4,000 covid cases among the vaccinated wherein 400 were hospitalized and 100 died. So ask yourself, if this information, is true, how are the reports of vaccines being “90% effective” also true? How does anyone know if the vaccine is actually protecting them? I would suggest they don’t know and are lying to us. It is so easy to just push out some number and proclaim it is true, when there is no reality behind the claim.

    Another point is the number of deaths due to taking the vaccine. A federal employee whistleblower noted that up to 50,000 have already died by the injection just in the U.S. and that info is over 2 weeks old. Of course, the cover up of that information is damning to the vaccine push and the Biden Administration that is being sued over this, but considering the vaccines are experimental and not fully tested, yet pushed as if they are, it is no wonder. The corruption and lack of concern for human life is appalling and cannot be justified. Only amoral communists who have no concern for any life but their own, or those making billions by these vaccines and have sold their souls for money seem to be the ones pushing the vaccines. God help those caught up in the lie to get out.

    When a vaccine for “swine flu” caused over 50 deaths, it was pulled from the market. Now we have over 50,000 deaths and it is pushed on as if that is normal.

    1. Who needs real facts when you can make up your own, or someone sends them to you in your email, eh?

    2. A federal employee whistleblower noted that up to 50,000 have already died by the injection just in the U.S. and that info is over 2 weeks old.

      This is the worst post hoc ergo propter hoc BS I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s being promoted by the same people who actually do understand that dying with COVID is different from dying of COVID.

  36. The CDC has proven, CONSISTENTLY, that “science” plays NO ROLE in the self-serving regulations they impose, WITHOUT any authority of any kind to do so!
    Using Provincetown, MA, a very unique town, as well as Cape Cod, both unlike any other region in the country as the basis for imposing, again, their draconian, scientifically unsupported regulations is about as close to science they have ever gotten with the “one way then the other” Covid mandates!
    The CDC is an out-of-control Government Medical Bureaucracy that has been able to exercise POWER, which has NO AUTHORIZATION in the law!

    1. To be fair, they do use political science.

  37. CDC Director Walensky did not make a mistake when she misrepresented the statistics – she was being deliberately deceptive, in order to scare people into doing what they are told. Why else would anyone listen to the CDC?

  38. The gold standard for immunity has always been getting and avoiding a disease. The polio and smallpox vaccines and others eventually moved to “inactivated” vaccines to allow a very good version of immunity, but the best version is to get it or a mild version of it. Happy independence day Shayari

  39. Now calculate the breakthrough infection rate for people wearing masks.

  40. The Centers Devoid of Competency screwed up again? Surprise, surprise. Next, you’ll tell me the policies of the Federal Death Agency have killed people.

    1. The Centers Devoid of Competency

      I am stealing this…

  41. The Israeli study of vaccinated subjects shows that 2.6% became infected. This seems wildly inconsistent with the other studies cited in the article.

  42. If they were serious about stopping variants, know what they could do? Quarantine everyone who takes an international flight. Harsh, but not *nearly* as harsh as what they *are* doing. And at least it’s a traditional quarantine measure, rather than implementing measures on the entire population.

    1. That’s assuming the point isnt to make all of us plebes suffer as much as possible.

    2. I would prefer to quarantine Californians moving into my state, say for about 50 years?

  43. There’s an elephant in this room. 85% of those infected are MEN?
    Provincetown obviously is home to many gays; I believe gay MEN.
    To me, this implies two possibilities: (a) the modal MAN in Provincetown is likely to have had intense physical proximity with one or more other men (also disposed to such proximities); and (b) gay men, perhaps from treatments for AIDS, or having AIDS, may have impaired immune systems, exposing them to the infections.
    Provincetown is an outlier, of its “nature.” I find its implications as to the larger (more extensively heterosexual) population of no value. A panel study of homosexuality in the cases would be informative, but politically impossible.

    1. Not home to all those men. Apparently the town has a population of maybe 10k, but 40k show up for Bear Week to party.

      1. So then, Sturgis, except that Harley is the name of your new friend.

  44. I choose not to vaccine because I just don’t want to. No one’s convinced me. I didn’t see this virus as a threat from when it started, nor when it’s going to end. The virus did more harm to me via economic and shutdowns then it did to my health. I have yet to catch this virus, nor my wife, or any of my other family or friends.

    I went back to work as soon as I could last year. I have made progress in gaining and exceeding the lost income from last year. I have been exposed to all sorts of folks from all walks of life, and places.

    Yet I am still healthy. Everytime I got “exposed” to someone that had it. We had to get tested, everytime negative, at least once a month of those testings I opted for a antibody test to see if I have been infected without knowing.

    Negative. All negative. The intrusion and the hassle of it all, of something that isn’t anyone business just to keep on working. The discrimination against the healthy is silly. I don’t go wondering if someone is infected. No one cared for the flu or the pneumonia.

    The craziness of worrying about what your fellow human has is insanity.

    Now we have the CDC posting maps of vaccination rates, and claiming those counties are somehow the cause of the rising cases, but they neglect to tell you that the deaths have remained flat. Honestly I don’t think anyone died of COVID. they died of underlying issues, and were tested positive to COVID.

    Imagine if we went around testing for the generic form of herpes all sorts of things are herpes related. We would be all in a panic about herpes, but herpes didn’t kill those folks. I believe the testing is just looking for a generic form of sars, not specific.

    So I do remember Democrat doctors on TV crying that if we remove the mask mandates, that the incentive for folks to get vaccinated would drop to 0. That we need to force those that don’t want to get vaccinated.

    Here we are now.. With no CDC maps of those counties not really having an issue, but a new set of rules of vaccination rates, and the states associated with those counties are now bringing the masks back up and telling folks to get vaccinated.

    The obvious is obvious. Next thing you know no one’s going to talk about the Delta variant but we are going to be talking the lambda variant.
    Here’s some studies recently released back in June.

    July 2020 numbers were unreported by 4.8 cases to each reported case.

    The lasting immunity is there. Just wait for the follow up studies that say that immunity continues to stay with you.

    I doubt if everyone got vaccinated 100% that the mandates, or restrictions will end. The nonsense will continue with “new” threats. The only thing evolving here is the goalpost.

    1. Among the people we know at most 1-removed (friend knows guy/gal), perhaps 5 have caught it and were sufficiently affected to take to bed for several days.
      Between business and just acquaintances, wife and I each have to know at least 50 people each, and assuming we’re not exceptions, they all must know somewhere near 50 each; that’s 5,000 folks, of which 1/10 of 1% took to bed. And we’re not young.
      For my own reasons, I got the jabs, but you’ll get no proselytizing from here.

    2. One comment; the Communist Chinese Virus did not cause economic problems, the government response did.
      One question; how did you get two links in your post?

      1. Damn! 2 links!

    3. “I have yet to catch this virus, nor my wife, or any of my other family or friends.”

      My entire family caught it. Then we uncaught it. No drama. Half of us had zero symptoms; the rest had “a flu,” including one with co-morbidities up the wazoo. We still don’t want the vax, but more to the point, we don’t NEED the vax. Why should we need the paperwork?

  45. 40k+ people, multiple bars, parties, etc.

    Zero deaths, five hospitalizations (two with underlying health conditions).

    Draw your own conclusions.

  46. How many Reason staffers do you think were there for “Bear Week”?

  47. “Super-spreaders of digital disinformation’ hindering COVID vaccine efforts”
    “ABC News’ Kyra Phillips speaks with Imran Ahmed, the founder and CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, on vaccine misinformation online and what can be done to combat it.”

    It’s little wonder why people laugh at supposed “news” organizations.

  48. Actually, the (alleged*) Texans violating their oaths and fleeing their responsibilities also proved this, so we can quit spending billions on ineffective vaccines and all go back to cheap “cloth face coverings” forever.

    * alleged because no real Texan ever shirked responsibility.
    Remember the Alamo!

    1. The Alamo

      One of the top military blunders of all time.

      Travis should have followed orders and joined up with Sam Houston’s army to the north.

  49. OT:
    AP has found some folks not using the free-shit money to buy dope:
    “Families paying off rent, food, debts with child tax credit ”
    “NASHUA, N.H. – Christina Darling finally replaced her 2006 Chevrolet Equinox after it broke down several times while picking her children up from day care. But the 31-year-old mother of two was struggling to keep up with the car payments.
    Brianne Walker desperately wanted to take her three children and two siblings camping for the first time but wasn’t sure how she could pay for it. After all, she was behind on her rent, and day care and grocery costs were adding up.
    Then, the two women from New Hampshire got a surprise in their bank accounts this month. They qualified for the expanded child tax credit, part of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. Families on average are getting $423 this month; the Treasury Department estimates that 35.2 million families received payments in July.
    “The additional money does help alleviate the pressure,” said Walker, 29, who took custody of her two siblings last year after her mother overdosed. The $800 credit will help make up for losses she incurred after quitting a kitchen design job to care for the five youngsters, ages 3 to 19….”

    Aren’t you glad you’re paying so these women can have kids they can’t afford? Aren’t you happy AP found two of them not using teh money to buy booze and drugs they can’t afford?
    Fuck you, M4e, Brandy, turd, sarc, jeff and the rest of you TDS-addled pieces of shit.

  50. Good article, great points. No wonder the public is confused when our CDC director confuses absolute and relative risks. Back to statistics 101!

  51. The sky must be continually falling to keep the masses enslaved.
    Stay home, socially distance and mask up all you sheep.

  52. It’s progressively being very hard to take any .scientific”, “Statistic” or social logistical conversations conerning this Virus, that one just feels like hanging the phone on a telemarketer.
    We get both sauces: The virus is the most contagious we have ever witness…and this is the most virulent toxic virus which may well kill 1 out of 3 persons…1 out of 3 what…1 out of 3 already dead people. The only way a virus could experience a Lift in both performances is if it was manufactured, since influenza type viruses have a negative correlation between contagion and virulence.
    But what is scary, is that in the new era of techno artificial intelligence over confident political feminism, it may well be that they will kill 10,000 children to prove to us that it is dangerous.
    Hey, girls! The next time you manufacture a virus, with don’t you put radioactive isotope in them, so they can be traced with more ease.

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