The FBI Destroyed This Man's Life With Bogus Spying Accusations

The law enforcement agency has a disturbing record of drumming up the very conspiracies they're investigating.


For the last year, many Americans have believed that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was targeted for kidnapping last fall by a group of domestic terrorists. New reporting reveals that the scheme was partially orchestrated by the FBI.

As that revelation ripped through social media this week, many people balked at the idea that federal law enforcement would do such a thing. But the FBI is no stranger to fomenting a conspiracy in order to bust it.

Consider that of Dr. Anming Hu, whose life was upended when FBI agents levied bogus spying charges against the now-former professor at the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK).

Hu, a nanotechnology expert, lost his position after the government accused him of Chinese espionage, put him on a no-fly list, told his superiors that he was working on behalf of the Chinese military, and concocted false information to surveil him and attempt to strongarm him into agreeing to spy on behalf of the U.S.

FBI agents conceded under oath that those accusations were bogus. Nevertheless, in February 2020, Hu was arrested and charged with fraud. At trial last month, when asked by Hu's attorney Phil Lomonaco if the agency even knew the last time Hu traveled to China, FBI Agent Kujtim Sadiku responded that he wasn't sure, though he had been withholding Hu's passport. Hu testified that Sadiku pressured him over the course of their yearslong investigation to attend a conference in China so that the FBI could "protect" him.

It would soon become clear that was not their goal. The witch hunt was part of the U.S. Justice Department's "China Initiative," conceived in 2018 to target "economic" spies acting on behalf of the Chinese government. The agency zeroed in on Hu because in 2012, he received a contract to teach part-time at the Beijing University of Technology, something he disclosed on his forms with UTK, which hired him in 2013. Sadiku found news of that contract, along with a Chinese speaking engagement, via a Google search in March 2018, which is the sole evidence he used to conclude that Hu was a spy via China's Thousand Talents Plan. The program zeroes in on gifted Chinese citizens who ventured abroad in attempts to attract them back to their homeland. The FBI maintains it is an espionage tool.

A federal jury last month deadlocked on the charges against Hu, and he is still on home confinement. Dozens of other Chinese professors have also lost their posts as a result of the China Initiative.

Hu may have some recourse. In December of last year, the Supreme Court ruled that three Muslim men could sue the FBI agents who tormented them at work, took their passports, and put them on the no-fly list—all tactics also used against Hu—because they refused to spy on their own communities.

That the FBI operates this way still inspires disbelief, but should not. The agency has instructed those in its employ "to bend or suspend the law and impinge on the freedoms of others" when they think it's necessary.

Take the "Newburgh Four" of Newburgh, New York, who in 2009 were arrested for scheming to shoot military airplanes from the nearby Air National Guard base and bomb two synagogues in the Bronx. The men were all convicted and sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment. But the four did not hatch the plot: An FBI informant was paid to dupe them into joining the imaginary scheme with offers of big cash payoffs. Like the Whitmer plan, it is fairly certain that no such domestic terrorist plot would have developed beyond fantasizing had the FBI not provided resources and encouragement. An appeals court upheld the men's convictions in 2013.

When it comes to Hu, however, the FBI failed to find any proof, despite their attempts to manufacture it. "He said he wanted to protect me," Hu testified last month, referring to his interactions with Agent Sadiku as the FBI sought to drum up espionage charges. "You just wanted to protect me, right? That's what you told me."

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  1. Great, so libertarian white supremacists aren't the biggest threat to Democracy? Jesus, I've got post-it note addendums plastered all over my wall of push pins and yarn!

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      1. I suppose as a sis gendered white male I could be a target for FBI searching for domestic terrorism. But there are still so many of us to choose from. Sigh>

  2. No mention of Richard Jewell? That probably happened before you were born, so I'll let it slide.

    1. Lol.

    2. He didn’t even mention carter page or Flynn. The tds crowd here was fond of saying “well he broke the law” or “oh yeah that happens to black people all the time”back then.

      No one would ever gasp in disbelief that the fbi would do this. The tds crowd had to pretend that the fbi was a incorruptible force of good and that trump inspired every act of hate for obvious reason.

      1. 18 months for selfies in the Capitol. Silence.

        They didn't even bring up the fact that the 2 people convicted so far were made to make statements of fealty to President Biden prior to sentencing. Both were forced to publicly admit in court Biden was the true winner and true president of the country.

        Just scary bullshit. That statement has no relation to the crimes they're charged with.

        1. Such a statement is relevant to acceptance of responsibility, an important sentencing criterion.

          1. You've just made a treasonous statement.
            Real treason, not what the capitol protesters are accused of.
            Ready to suffer consequences?

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        2. In the mean time a woman who participated in the 1983 bombing of the Capital, was convicted and had her sentence commuted by Bill Clinton, now has a senior position with BLM. You can't make this shit up.

      2. I did have the thought that the FBI would never do that kind of thing! But I was just coming into adult hood when J.E.H. retired from the FBI and did not learn of what J.E.H. did with and to the FBI until much later. But what really brought doubt to me is when I began seeing and hearing and reading what it did to D. Trump when he started his run for the presidency. How, it seemed, that they were were working hand-in-hand with the democrats to find something that could be used to get rid of him. Every since 2015 the FBI has been working as close as possible with the democrats with making it to obvious that they were colluding with them to eliminate Trump. But now it is going to take a long time to restore my faith in the integrity in our government and its agencies.

        1. When I was a child I believed the FBI protected us from evil; the Easter Bunny brought baskets of chocolate; and Santa read the letters I sent him.

      3. Or Roger Stone

    3. I was expecting the story to reference Brian Kelley (the CIA one, not the musician). It's like the FBI has a playbook for this sort of thing.

  3. So, reading between the lines, Dr. Hu is a Chinese citizen working for a US public university, paid by US tax payers, while simultaneously also working for a Chinese public university and receiving funding from the Chinese government.

    While the FBI certainly engages in a lot of crappy behavior and entrapment, anybody who gets paid by the Chinese government in any form should rightfully be suspected of being a Chinese spy or agent. The Chinese government doesn't pay people without political and strategic objectives in mind.

    Furthermore, if you work for any level of the US government, you should have US citizenship only. This is even more important for public schools and public universities.

    1. Universities "share," "loan," or "rent" professors from other universities all the time. It's been that way for nearly as long as there have been universities. "Visiting" speakers, usually of the academic variety, are generally reimbursed for all, or part of, the cost of their travel and lodging. This is totally normal.

      One of my professors (a linguist) was recording and writing down a dying language in a remote village in Asia (Pakistan, IIRC). He visited there for two months every year for five years. The Pakistani government paid for most of his expenses. Does that make him a spy?

    2. Well Joe Biden should fall in that bracket because of Hunter! But it appears that the FBI shut down any investigation into Hunter and now what ever evidence they have received from Hunter's laptop will have disappeared before there will be a change of presidents that would possibly want to investigation to be completed.

    3. The Chinese government doesn’t pay people without political and strategic objectives in mind.

      TIL that China, a country of 1.4 billion people, has never spent (perish the thought, wasted) a single yuan in furtherance of any objective other than total world domination. Those communists are apparently so brilliant and efficient that they can run the world's third largest country by land area basically for free and use all the resources thereof towards "political and strategic objectives".

      Is 10k talents used for spying? Certainly. The chinese government doesn't segregate functions for nefarious and not-nefarious purposes (just like the US doesn't, looking at you FBI), but implying that every single person involved with it is a spy is as ridiculous as suggesting that every american is an FBI agent.

  4. Ironic that entrapment law has been narrowed by conservative SCOTUS justices...

    1. How so?

      1. I don't mean this as a smart alec, but use the internet to do a deep dive here. Conservatives justices have tended to push the 'objective' test over the 'subjective' test and in other ways narrowed the defense.

        1. How about citing which case you're talking about. Because Thomas has been fairly consistent. Scalia dismissed aims based on entrapment not being argued at trial so it couldn't be used on appeal. So be specific. Or be full of shit. Your choice.

          1. Jesse, I think you're full of shit. But, you could prove me wrong. List the cases where Thomas and Scalia were more friendly to entrapment claims.

            1. Start with Jacobsen Jesse. Then maybe Matthews.

              In other words, as they used to say in my neighborhood, BRING IT.

              Or be a pussy and slink off.

              1. Nothing.

                As I thought.

                1. I'm looking for Jacobsen Jesse and Duckduckgo isn't giving me anything, and which of the innumerable "Matthews" cases are you referring to?

            2. He's always full of shit.

              1. Fuck off, you suckholing wannabe.
                Mike's sockpuppet isn't going to want to go fishing with you no matter how long you lick his metaphorical sack.

        2. Quuen, I don't normally get all hung up about the burden of production, but you're the one making the accusation. Can you provide us with one case citation or a link to a news article that discusses a specific case?

    2. And now a far left liberal president and his cadre of idiots are using it to their advantage...

      1. Might want to stop supporting people who empower presidents and their cadres to do this, right?

        1. Don't think he supports democrats.

        2. people who empower presidents and their cadres to do this

          But isn't that you?

  5. There's a theme here, and now that FBI is all about white rage more people should see the grift.

  6. The Babylon bee had an article about the fbi discovering and raiding the j Edgar hoover building, because it is where most of the terrorist plots have been planned

    1. LOL. Don't even need the article. That statement is enough.

    2. Conservatives are always looking for a proper answer to proggie late night comedy shows...
      i've been thinking that the babylon bee is consistently so much better than what passes for parody and satire on those shows that they could produce a more than adequate competitor for those lame shows... with the right front man. Tim Allen? ... doesnt seem like the right guy for late night talk - but maybeee...

  7. Welcome to your electric vehicle future.

    Three times the cost, a quarter the value... and oh yeah, "thermal events".

    1. "As of July 7, 2021, only three of the 15 BEBs are available for service," the report says. "Some of the buses have been out of service for very extended periods such as bus 2012 out of service for 275 days waiting for a part, bus 2010 out for 125 days waiting for a part, bus 2017 out for 45 days for a bad transmission and waiting for a part."

      The report notes that Proterra's problems are unique to the electric vehicle buses, which have been much more trouble than the company's fleet of compressed natural gas-fueled rivals.

      "The plastic interior panels, front wheel well cabinets, and driver bulkheads in the [Proterra buses] have deformed due to exposure to heat and sunlight," the report notes. "We have never experienced interior panel deterioration in our fleet of [compressed natural gas] buses."

      Foothill Transit was one of Proterra's earliest customers, purchasing its first fleet of buses from the company in 2010, shortly after Proterra received federal money through the Obama administration's stimulus package. Two of the first Proterra buses acquired by the transit agency are now off the road and "have only been used for operator training due to its very poor build quality and reliability."

      1. You will be shocked to hear that the electric busses that Albuquerque bought from a company in China didn't work out all that well either.

        They have since been replaced with diesel units.

  8. Masks today, masks tomorrow, masks forever.

    King County’s top health official recommends masks in public indoor spaces — regardless of vaccination status

    King County’s top public health official is recommending everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks again in public indoor settings.

    The guidance on Friday comes as the county is experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations related to the disease, driven by the emergence of the delta variant as the dominant variant of concern.

    Another factor driving up cases and leading to the indoor masking recommendation is the changing habits of people who stopped masking when a public indoor masking mandate was lifted on June 29, and people started gathering indoors and resumed traveling, said Dr. Jeff Duchin, health officer at Public Health – Seattle & King County.

    People are now doing more activities while taking fewer precautions, he said during a Friday press briefing.

    “For this reason, universal masking in public indoor spaces provides a more reliable way to ensure everyone is safe as we monitor the increasing disease trends,” he said.

  9. FBI agents conceded under oath that those accusations were bogus

    and were summarily terminated, right? RIGHT?!

    1. Mistakes were made.

    2. All of the agents made it home safely.

    3. Some people did some things.

  10. The horseshit sold by the Democrats and the left and the news media is so deep at this point. You know how social justice warriors say it's not enough to not be racist--you must be anti-racist? I'm starting to think that think that even Reason staff have hit their breaking point. You have to draw the line somewhere.

    P.S. We're yet to hear the whole story about January 6.

    1. P.S. We’re yet to hear the whole story about January 6.

      What are you talking about? A bunch of peaceful, innocent, God fearing, family loving, America loving, intelligent, wonderful, moral, just, amazing, patriotic Americans had a peaceful protest outside the Capital.
      Little did they know, Antifa and the FBI had infiltrated these peaceful patriots, and managed to convince a couple of them to peacefully trespass in the Capital building.
      Then Congress freaked out for no reason, the police murdered a peaceful protester for no reason, Antifa infiltrators trashed the place, and now these peaceful patriots are being maliciously prosecuted.

      Anyone who says otherwise supports BLM, Antifa, and celebrates all the violence over the summer.

      1. What are you talking about? A bunch of peaceful, innocent, God fearing, family loving, America loving, intelligent, wonderful, moral, just, amazing, patriotic Americans had a peaceful protest outside the Capital.

        On a purely comparative scale, this isn't far from the truth.

        1. If one was to actually be honest in the comparison, they'd be forced to admit that on a purely comparative scale the percentage of violent yahoos likely wasn't much different.

          But that would require admitting that the vast majority of summer protests were indeed peaceful, as were the vast majority of protesters. Obviously that can't be said about Portland, but that city was the exception not the rule. That's why it was big news. The thousands and thousands of peaceful protests across the country didn't make the news because they were boring.

          Not that I'd ever accuse Trump supporters of being honest.

      2. sarcasmic thinks he's being facetious, but he's pretty much written the truth.

        1. My thoughts as well.

        2. thats what i was thinking as well

  11. So still no writeup from reason koch about people held in solitary for months, and being labeled terrorists, not being released on bond, for walking around the capitol building taking selfies. One fellow got eight months. I'd hoped to see more about this, but unfortunately the writers here are taking the side of the DOJ.

    You advocated hard for others and now you are silent.

    1. I just took a trip down Memory Lane:

      "Following the arrest of 13 people who plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan and instigate a civil war, the state's attorney general warns American extremist ideology is on the rise — spurred in part, she says, by President Trump.

      Early reports of the thwarted plan suggested members of two militia groups, including one called the Wolverine Watchmen, were behind the conspiracy to violently overthrow the state government, abduct Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer before next month's election and put her on trial for treason.

      But in an interview with NPR, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said multiple white supremacist and anti-government groups acted "in concert based on a shared extreme ideology."

      ----NPR, October 8, 2020


      The resemblance to the media narrative surrounding January 6 is uncanny.

      1. the only remaining thing that would tie the narrative together is had Governor Whitmer shot someone in the face.

        1. And in particular, if that person she shot in the face was delivering pizza to her house.

        2. We could write the narrative for the next one, too, just from those last two. It'll be the same thing, right?

          Republicans rally in DC to protest the Democrats' $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill or an attempt to come after our gun rights.

          The FBI announces that the protests are being led by white supremacists and the Boy Howdy Militia.

          Biden and Pelosi call in the National Guard, and hilarity ensues.

          Six months later, we find out that the violence was perpetrated by FBI agent provocateurs.

    2. Bail reform is for meth addicts and dudes who attack women with axes.

  12. I clicked on this expecting to see a picture of Donald Trump.

  13. Oh, and we should probably point out that these are the kinds of "conspiracy theories" the Democrats would stop us from discussing on social media if they could.

    1. The only conspiracies I've seen them to object to were anti-vax and the election. I don't mind the former. Give 'em Darwin Awards. As for the latter, well thanks to them fulfilling the Democrats' darkest fears, they have an excuse to do a bunch of authoritarian shit. Which you shouldn't mind, being how you want everyone to vote for authoritarians.

      1. The only conspiracies I’ve seen them to object to were anti-vax and the election.

        Apparently sarcasmic lives under a rock:

        COVID came from a wetmarket
        Ivermectin doesn't work
        HCQ doesn't work
        Biden doesn't have dementia
        The jab isn't making anyone ill
        COVID passports
        Cuomo didn't kill old people
        Transwoman are real women
        BLM is mostly peaceful
        Antifa is an idea
        George Floyd didn't overdose
        Advanced coursework is racist
        1619 is real history
        Hunter Laptop wasn't real
        White rage is the problem
        CRT isn't poisonous
        All white people are racist
        A pipe in ATL stopped the count
        Jussie Smollet was attacked
        China travel ban was racist
        Words are violence
        The military isn't woke
        The FBI is apolitical
        Shokin was fired for corruption
        Obama didn't build cages
        Iran never got cash pallets
        Churches should be closed
        The border is under control
        Voter ID is racist
        Biden is tough on Putin
        Blasey Ford was credible
        Swalwell isn't compromised
        Kids should get the jab
        Teachers had it the worst
        China managed COVID well
        WHO is an independent body
        The Great Reset isn't real
        Bailouts are necessary
        Gain of Function wasn't funded
        Hunter isn't incestuous
        Double masking is best
        Own nothing, be happy
        Hillary had 98% chance to win
        A video caused Benghazi
        Ban fully semi-automatic guns
        Hunter was hired on merit
        Hands up Don't Shoot happened
        AR15s are weapons of war
        Bubba Wallace noose was real
        Covington Catholic kid is racist
        If you like your Dr., Keep your Dr.
        Assange is a criminal
        Putin hacked VT electric grid
        Global warming is #1 threat
        Arkancides are a myth
        Iraq had WMD'S
        Russia hacked DNC
        The science is settled
        There are no Uyghur camps
        Elizabeth Warren is native
        The icecaps are melting
        Steele Dossier is bulletproof
        Seth Rich mugging went wrong
        Bernie lost primary fair&square
        Coyotes aren't carrying humans
        Guns cause Chicago violence
        Wall-Street isn't rigged
        Fast & Furious = conspiracy
        Joe never hid in the basement
        15 Days to Slow the Spread
        Late-term abortions are normal
        Only vaxxed can enjoy July 4
        There's a War on Women
        Gates isn't buying up farmland
        Russian bounties were real
        Monsanto has a great product
        Wildfires are bc climate change
        Omar didn't marry her brother
        Anita Hill story was true
        Cops kill 1000s unarmed POC
        Green New Deal is affordable
        Hurricanes are all stronger now
        Kamala never witheld evidence
        Everything is infrastructure
        America is structural racism
        IRS never targeted Tea Party

        1. Defund the Police
          Austere religious scholar dies
          Joe never fingered Tara Reade
          17 Intel Agencies agree
          Imran Awan did nothing wrong
          Greta Thunberg is authoritative
          Giuliani warned of FBI raid
          Social Workers can stop crime
          Joe Scarborough is innocent
          No Las Vegas Shooter motive
          Brexit was undemocratic
          Moderate rebels aren't terrorists
          GOP baseball shooter apolitical
          Dangerous Lockdown protests
          Scaramucci had Russian ties
          CIA doesn't plant news stories
          NSA isn't spying on your calls
          Border Walls don't work
          You didn't build that
          Racism is public health crisis
          Bitcoins a worthless scam
          Gillum did no wrong
          5 people murdered at Capitol
          No immunity via C19 infection
          Hillary didn't hide any emails
          Its illegal to view Wikileaks
          Clinton-Lynch Tarmac was fine
          Katie Hill is the victim
          Toobin made a small mistake
          Brazille never leaked questions
          Manafort visited Assange
          China never paid Hunter
          Pelosi's hair salon set her up
          W.E.F. is a benign organization
          Meat is bad for the environment
          Feinstein's staffer wasn't CCP
          Podesta emails were doctored
          Omar didn't pay husband $2.8M
          Amazon = 'Lungs of the Earth'
          Clinton foundation helped Haiti
          Nothing was on Weiner's laptop
          Hillary didn't collapse into a van
          Nike doesn't use slave labor
          Trans Story hour is beautiful
          The Asymptomatic spread C-19
          Stacey Abrams was cheated
          The NBA isn't supporting CCP
          Rittenhouse showed up to kill
          AOC staff didn't divert $1M
          C.Cuomo didn't break isolation
          Baturina never wired Hunter $$
          China stopped fentanyl export
          Chauvin jury was impartial
          Maxine Waters made no threat
          Ed Buck was just a fundraiser
          Schiff didn't leak classified info
          COVID Spring break will kill you
          Boulder shooter Alissa is white
          Biden attended Delaware State
          2-Scoops was a Big deal
          Weinstein shocked Hollywood
          Guns owners don't stop crime
          Brian Williams Heli was shot at
          Hillary did land under sniper fire
          Joy Reid's blog was hacked
          Solyndra did nothing wrong
          Prince Andrew isn't a Pedo
          Kaepernick unsigned because racism
          No, Blackrock isn't to blame
          Uranium One wasn't a scandal
          Carter Page was Russian asset
          Burisma did nothing wrong
          AR15 used in all mass shooting
          FISA warrants aren't abused
          Democrats freed the Slaves
          Tucker wasn't spied on
          The GOP opposed Civil Rights
          Biden never plagiarized
          The parties flipped
          USMCA is a disaster
          Vince Foster committed suicide
          CCP wont manipulate currency
          TPP is going to be great
          Boycott Goya Foods
          Classical Music is Racist
          Paris Climate Accords help US
          Math is Racist
          What difference does it make
          Manufacturing isn't returning
          There is no deep state
          Abolish gender pay gap
          Football is gay
          POC have trouble getting an ID
          Seattle's CHAZ isn't dangerous
          CNN townhall wasn't scripted
          Ma'Khia was in schoolyard fight
          The NC bathroom bill was evil

          1. We could have a pool: which of the Reason writers is the CIA mouthpiece? Or is there more than one? Is there a permanent operative, or does one of the writer/editors receive 'suggestions' from a handler? Or have they all managed to maintain journalistic integrity?

            1. Strazzle sollum

            2. Mike Laursen/White Mike is definitely staff. I'm not sure who, maybe they're an intern, maybe a writer, but they're definitely staff.

              1. Oops misunderstood the question.

                I think Sullum is just writing Brown Envelope articles for Charles Koch and seems too obvious.
                ENB is just an idiot who regurgitates things she hears from her beard's colleagues.
                Maybe Binion and Boehm when their balls drop, but right now they're still writing high school essays to impress their lefty Social Studies teacher.

                Maybe Bailey, Tuccille, Suderman... Definitely Gillespie.

  14. There is no mention in this article regarding the FBI's malfeasance (criminal actions) in what they did to former President Trump and his supporters. Why?

    What they did to General Flynn alone should be enough to have the department disbanded!

    All the articles on this site regarding criminal actions by law enforcement, and little (or none--I don't read the articles here every day), regarding those held in solitary confinement for the crime of "trespassing"!

    Don't mention crimes by law enforcement and the DOJ unless you include those items.

    1. Why should Reason cover those things? Hannity and such talk about them every day.

      1. I mean, that is kind of germane to the article.

        1. sarcasmic isn't very bright, but he's quite passionate about defending Billy Binion's honor.

  15. It was actually reported at the time that the feds were involved, but, one supposes that the story was not as compelling as letting whitmer engage in hyperbolic fantasy using the national media. See also pretty much every damned story that cascades and about which libertarian/center/center-right folks say, hey, this is bullshit.

  16. “As that revelation ripped through social media this week…”

    But strangely never made it in the MSM.

  17. Here's a problem. Republicans may criticize the FBI but their "solution" is often to create an even more fascist organization using the US Marshal office. I'm in favor of supercharging the 4th Amendment and hammering crooked cops into the dirt but the Republicans can't even agree to modest reforms so here we are.

    1. but their “solution” is often to create an even more fascist organization using the US Marshal office.

      Lol, who the hell do you think that you're fooling?

      1. "I'm just going to make up some compete bullshit accusation and nobody will notice" - t. Stroozle

      2. Sarcasmic...

    2. Republicans oppose police reform because Democrats support it.
      That's the only reason. If Democrats opposed police reform then Republicans would demand it.

      1. You Democratic party shills are so full of shit. Three times in the last two years the Democratic party has turfed police reform bills because Republicans proposed them.

    3. Sullum....why not post under your own name?

  18. Correction request:

    Reason writes "The agency zeroed in on Hu because in 2012, he received a contract to teach part-time at the Beijing University of Technology, something he disclosed on his forms with UTK, which hired him in 2013."

    The accusation in trial is that he didn't disclose it - if that's a typo, it's a big one.

    According to press coverage of the trial, Hu admits that he didn't disclose his Chinese employment, but argues that it was an honest mistake:

    "[Hu's lawyer] admitted that Hu failed to list his employment at the Beijing University on his mandatory disclosure forms but said that was caused by confusion, not deceit."


    1. You didn't really think that Binion did his own research on this, did you?

      1. I like Reason's coverage a lot, but one of my pet peeves is that in law enforcement cases, Reason's writers often don't bother telling the prosecution's side of the story.

        I'm very sympathetic to Hu, but tell me both sides of the story so I can judge it without doing research.

        1. Calling them 'writers' is indeed the best (least worst) option. Stenographers is more apt.

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