Capitol Riot

The Capitol Police Will Open Offices in the States To 'Investigate Threats to Members of Congress'

The House of Representatives gave the agency $2 billion in additional funding.


The January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol thrust its police force into a sympathetic national spotlight; like any other government agency, the U.S. Capitol Police has seized this opportunity to expand its mission and acquire additional funding.

Now the Capitol Police plans to build regional field offices in the states: California and Florida, for starters.

"The Department is also in the process of opening Regional Field Offices in California and Florida with additional regions in the near future to investigate threats to Members of Congress," notes the department in a press release.

The Capitol Police will also procure more riot gear, invest in use-of-force training camps, and provide "psychological trauma and stress" counseling for its officers. ("New wellness support dogs, Lila and Filip, will spread the message of wellness by helping engage the wellness team with our employees," notes the press release.)

It is vital to ensure that the actual U.S. Capitol is protected. The events of January 6 must never repeat themselves; fortunately, the proximate cause of the Capitol riot—the sitting president encouraging his followers to delegitimize an election that he lost—seems very unlikely to recur. The Capitol Police require sufficient funding to provide security for the building, and with an annual budget in excess of $600 million, including an $88 million increase over last year, they undoubtedly have what they need.

The department does not need to become yet another unaccountable intelligence agency involved in the dubious and often nakedly political project of conducting widespread surveillance on the American people. Opening field agencies and monitoring "threats to members of Congress" are actions that dilute the Capitol Police's very clear mandate to guard the Capitol building. The FBI, National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Homeland Security, and CIA are already empowered to investigate threats to political leaders; the federal government does not need to hire additional spymasters for this purpose, especially given that the agencies burdened with doing so have tended to violate the rights of innocent Americans.

But make no mistake: The Capitol Police has every intention of becoming just like the FBI and the NSA. According to the press release, it aspires to move forward "along a new path towards an intelligence based protective agency."

This development should be vigorously opposed by all civil libertarians. Unfortunately, funding for the Capitol Police is tied into a larger, fraught political narrative about right-wing threats to law and order. For many on the right, Trump and his unhinged supporters are the good guys, which makes the Capitol Police the bad guys. For liberals, it's the reverse. This has hopelessly scrambled what should have been a clear consensus that the U.S. does not need another domestic spy agency.

Case in point: Contrary to the conservative notion that liberals are trying to defund the police, the Democrats proposed $1.9 billion in additional funding for the Capitol Police and House Republicans voted unanimously against the bill. Several Democratic members of the progressive "squad"—Reps. Cori Bush (D–Mo.), Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.), and Ayanna Pressley (D–Mass.)—stuck to their police-skeptical principles and joined with Republicans to oppose the funding. But Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), Jamaal Bowman (D–N.Y.), and Rashida Tlaib (D–Mich.) voted "present" rather than "no," and the bill passed the House by a vote of 213–212.

"As a result of AOC's craven act in refusing to join with the other three Squad members in uniting with the GOP to stop it, there is now yet another federal law enforcement agency attempting to assert its power outside of Washington: the Capitol Police," writes Glenn Greenwald. "They intend to open 'regional offices' in two of the country's largest states with plans to grow even further. Perhaps even more significantly, they are turning themselves into a preventative 'intelligence-based' private police force for Congress which, by definition, will monitor and spy on Americans beyond what the FBI, NSA and CIA already do."

One does not need to minimize the horrible spectacle at the Capitol in order to reject the idea that its police force should get millions or billions more dollars and an increased presence outside of Washington, D.C. All Americans should condemn the deranged, lawless mob—and the man who summoned it—while still zealously opposing the relentless expansion of the national security state.

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  1. Only the best for our “Top Men”.

    1. Steve Scalise wonders why this was done in response to AOC getting scared instead of himself getting crippled.

      1. and Ashli Babbit wants us to know WHO killed her as she stood there unarmed. It was, according to what the lamestream claim, one of CapCops’ finest. As yet he is not important enough to have a name. But Ashli’s family want to know. So do I.

        1. Tionico, he was a hero. That’s who he was. Break into the Capitol and expect to get shot. That’s the deal. It’s a workplace for government employees that has historical significance and is open to the public in a limited and controlled capacity. It’s not by any means a free-for-all.

          1. Whoever bashed the shit out of Cheistopher David was a hero as well.

            1. Whoever takes Bill301’s life will also be a hero.
              World needs fewer bootlickers.

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          2. Poor lefties. Jan 6, 2021 was count the EC vote day which is usually open to the public for viewing and protests.

            Democrats wanted to close capitol building and that should not be allowed. They have to have a good reason to close taxpayer funded buildings. Kungflu is not a good reason.

            The capitol is not just a workspace like the the CIA building at Langley. Its a place for public viewing of the legislative process. Just like courts are public place to view the judicial process.

            Lefties hate that defendants have a right to a public trial. Lefties want private show trials. Lefties want backroom legislative deals.

          3. “Tionico, he was a hero. That’s who he was…”

            The left LOVES cowardly pieces of shit!

        2. Michael Byrd

      2. Steve Scalise wonders why this was done in response to AOC getting scared instead of himself getting crippled.


      3. You mean AOS….Alexandria Ocasio Smollet.

    2. Democrats cant stop civil war 2.0 now they started it.

      Notice its only Commie democrats that are scared of the serfs and require additional security. Republican congressmen mostly live in areas that antifa and BLM cant operate with impunity, so they arent begging for security.

      Democrats know that their greatest weakness if the serfs coming for them with pitchforks.

  2. All police are a progressive socialist institution.

    The Sheriff is constitutional, American law enforcement.

    Police are traitors and should be treated as such.

    1. The county I grew up in had sheriff with an “old boy” network of corruption. He grew pot just over the border of his ranch. Wasn’t on his land, and the neighbors were too scared to go dig it up. The juvenile prison was basically his personal slave kennel.

      So no, I don’t idolize sheriffs as God’s Own Gift to the Constitution and Americanism. They’re all politicians, and as such they fall under Skwire’s Law which states that all politicians are asshats. Like all politicians they need to be changed as often as babies and for the same reason.

      That the power has been decentralized does not mean it’s not power that needs to be limited and curtailed.

      1. I wil lay the blame for that sheriff’s continued corruption at the feet of those who were too scaraed to ACT. There ARE ways of dealing wiht that sort of thing on the sly, and get the cleaners in to do their job.
        If everyone winks and looks the other way, they get what they deserve.

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  3. Good.

    When we in the progressive / libertarian alliance say we want to #DefundThePolice, we of course don’t mean all police. We’re specifically talking about the local cops who theoretically keep ordinary citizens safe, but who actually spend all their time oppressing Black and Brown bodies.

    Capitol Police, OTOH, deserve more funding because they protect VIPs like AOC.

    1. On point. Also, throw in something about prioritizing preempting extremists from committing crimes against the state vs crying over spilled milk and persecuting minorities for deeds done in the past.

    2. Maybe some of that money will help them to produce the 14k hours of video on January 6 that Nancy won’t release… somehow I think this will become yet another bureaucratic agency…..

      1. Yes, that money will be wasted on the ones who let the protesters into the Capitol. It’s real use is to create yet another overreaching useless and wasteful federal intrusion into all of the States.
        How is having an office in the States going to do any good at all?
        There are only bad effects from that ridiculously bad idea.
        We’ll see if Congress and the States approve it or not.

        1. They will be able to confiscate all those Leggo kits before they are used to foment insurrection.


    “….fortunately, the proximate cause of the Capitol riot—the sitting president encouraging his followers to delegitimize an election that he lost—seems very unlikely to recur.”

    1. Almost as obvious as the “proof bigfoot really exists” links.

    2. At this point I have to ask if reason is unaware of multiple shooting and bombs going off in the Capitol in US history? Of presidents getting shot?

      Instead they act like jan 6th was even significant. An unarmed protest that became a less than 20 minute riot as the vast majority of rioters stayed within the pedestrian paths of the riot taking pictures.

      The gaslighting is unreal.

      1. Reason is totalitarian scum.
        No way to deny it at this point.

        1. Nardz is a treasonous pig.

          No way to deny it at this point.

          I’m pretty sure he suffers from some intellectual disability too.

          Anyone who thinks conjecture and speculation in a comment section is “mountains of evidence” is not playing with a full deck.

          1. asshole gets flagged

            1. But he/him makes us laugh

              1. Not sure; asshole gets flagged without a read on my part.

      2. and who was responsible for at least one bombing of the Capital. I’ll give a hint. She had her sentence commuted by Clinton and is now a senior member of BLM. Gee who have thunk?

      3. In 1954 Puerto Rican separatists opened fire on the House Floor.
        Last summer, mostly peaceful protestors looted stores, set fires, one of them a church and committed general mayhem.

    3. Unlike the peaceful protests of 2017, when the coronation of Queen Hillary I went awry.

      1. I didn’t see anyone taking cops’ guns at the pink hat marches.

        1. How about burning police cars? Burning buildings? Looting? Burning limousines?

          Get up off of your damn knees.

        2. No one did on J6 either. Stop reading fairy tales

  5. the one the gubment does well….sell lies, expand, overlap, waste, repeat.

    1. the FEW THINGS gubment does well…

      1. This whole thread is very precise.

  6. Manages to get most details wrong, smears Trump and supporters, and yet asks why oh why are we getting more policing. You pimped for Biden and Pelosi to get rid of Trump, and now you don’t like the new regime’s tactics. This is what happens when far left ideologues conspire with the entrenched military, intelligence, and federal police. Expect to get more of this good and hard.

    1. Wait til they see Bacerras statement earlier about door to door federal agents checking in on Americans.

      1. “There comes a time when a man must raise the black flag, spit on his hands and begin slitting throats.” H.L> Mencken.

    2. Keyword: federal police.

      The local police are still sacred and on the side of the Right.

      1. Lol. God damn some of you.

        Because one side doesn’t think every cop is a KKK member they think the force is sacred?


  7. You know, it’s funny, I keep running across news stories that repeatedly refer to the Jan 6 riot as an “attack”.

    Let’s presume for a moment that that’s a fair description. Let’s allow that for a moment. Let’s, for the sake of argument, refer to what happened on January 6 as an “attack”. We’re not quibbling over “riot” vs “mostly peaceful protest”, we’re elevating “riot” to “attack”. It is entered into the record.

    What would you call this.

    1. You know, it’s funny, I keep running across news stories that repeatedly refer to the Jan 6 riot as an “attack”.

      You know, it’s also funny, that I don’t recall any similar uproar when a gunman shot Scalise and three others.

      1. Or Rand Paul’s unfortunate domestic dispute.

    2. Not an attack. Duh.

    3. Private property burning. Unlike Congress, they’ve got insurance.

      1. I think the proposed election “reforms” are their insurance, so to speak.

    4. That is peaceful protesting.

    5. treason…. on the part of they who make up these fairy tales about” “riot” and :attack” and “armed insurrectioin”, and “initiated by the then-sitting President”.
      ALL of this to destabilise government and bring about chaos, division, conflict. And is used to manipulate the garden variety idiot on the streets that “we’ve got it v=covered, go back to your sports and screens”.

      1. It was a riot.
        An extremely mild riot and a Reichstag riot, but calling it a riot is appropriate in a vacuum.
        But in the context of months worth of “mostly peaceful” protests, less so.

        1. Most of these “rioters” legally owned guns – and left them home. If it had been an insurrection, the Capitol Police would have been outgunned, but this was just a protest – and far more “mostly peaceful” than the BLM/Antifa ones that had been going on throughout 2020.

          On 6 May 1527, the Holy Roman Emperor’s troops sacked Rome. The Vatican Guard (Swiss troops) proved their loyalty: 147 men (of 189 total) died covering the Pope’s escape, and 42 fought their way out with him. If there _was_ an insurrection, would any of the Capitol Police be willing to die to protect Nancy Pelosi? (IMO, she’d have a better chance with a right-wing protection detail than one picked from left-wingers. Oaths mean something to most right-wingers, but on the left wing only crazies die for a cause…)

    6. 4th of July in Detroit or Chicago?

  8. the proximate cause of the Capitol riot—the sitting president encouraging his followers to delegitimize an election that he lost—seems very unlikely to recur.

    Just wait until Jan. 6, 2025, when Trump loses again. He won’t be the sitting president this time, but we may very well see a repeat.

    1. Yeah, and the players will know what the consequences are for simple trespass. If you’re gonna have bail denied and held without charges, why not take it to the extreme? if they are calling it insurrection, then by god, make it count.

      1. Well the interesting thing to me is this: I do not know of a single charging document from prosecutors that alleges the crime of insurrection, or any weapons confiscation (like guns). Not one.

      2. I know, right? How dare individuals who publicly express violent thoughts and desire to murder their political opponents get held without bail for a violent crime committed at the capitol.

        Calhoun also repeatedly expressed his desire for “violent retribution against the media and the Democrats,” and told one Black Lives Matter supporter on Twitter that they “won’t be laughing when patriots go door to door executing you commies.”

        One such post, apparently taking up white knight status for the honor of Tiffany Trump, Calhoun promised “headshots” for certain members of the media who were apparently poking fun at her.

        “God is on Trump’s side,” the veteran lawyer wrote in a separate post. “God is not on the Democrats’ side. And if patriots have to kill 60 million of these communists, it is God’s will.”

        “Think ethnic cleansing but it’s anti-communist cleansing,” he added.

        “We’ve got to get serious about stopping them with the force of arms,” Calhoun said in yet another post cited by the government. “I’m a lawyer saying these things.”

        1. Is this the guy with the “fully assembled Lego Capitol Building” and left a note reminding to remember his assault weapon and magazines? Do you not question the authorities? Or you only question what doesn’t fit the narrative?

          1. He blindly trusts the government like every individualist should.

          2. “Do you not question the authorities? Or you only question what doesn’t fit the narrative?”

            First time meeting Lying Jeffy?

        2. That must be why none of those arrested was charged anything remotely close to murder. Or was armed. Meanwhile, leftists who committed actual violence get a pass.

        3. And this person was found armed on January 6?

        4. So what you’re saying is, holding someone without bail on charges that amount to trespassing, based on his “wrong think” is okay with you when it’s your political opponent.

          You’re such a fucking facist, it’s disgusting.

          1. So what you’re saying is,

            Oh look, a big giant strawman.


            When the person could pose a threat to others
            If a defendant displays signs of instability, a judge will deny bail because the defendant could be a threat to him- or herself or others. In such cases, the defendant might be sent to a mental health treatment facility instead of being held in jail until trial. Regardless, bail is not offered to defendants who are flagged as potentially violent offenders.

            There is a difference between “wrong think” and violent threats.

            If you are opposed to denying bail when the accused was arrested for a violent crime and has a history of posting violent threats online, then clearly explain why. Otherwise STFU about your ‘wrong think’ crap.

            1. I forgot. You also think it’s okay to shoot people in the neck for trespassing. My bad.

              1. So, explain why the guy I mentioned above should get bail despite his violent threats.

                1. Because he’s never actually committed any violent crimes, he was charged with tresspassing, and he wasn’t armed during the riot.

                  He typed words in the internet. And then didn’t do them.

                  It’s not like he shot an unarmed woman in the neck or something.

                  1. He was arrested on January 15 and charged with entering a restricted building or grounds; violent entry or disorderly conduct; and tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant for his role in the January 6th insurrection.

                    That is more than mere trespassing.

                    And I thought vandalism is a violent crime, violence against property, is it not? The guy’s rhetoric is beyond mere debate. It is violent fantasies about murdering people that he disagrees with.

                    1. And you’re cheering, and doing what you can to aid, the totalitarian state.
                      You are worse, and a greater threat to the public.

                    2. “…And I thought vandalism is a violent crime, violence against property, is it not? The guy’s rhetoric is beyond mere debate. It is violent fantasies about murdering people that he disagrees with….”

                      As is obvious from this stinking pile of shit, anyone who has seen your pathetic drivel would question whether “thought” was among your skillls.
                      Fuck off and die, shit-for-brains.

                    3. Since when did “violent fantasies” become criminal? Especially when he didn’t actually do any of them?

                      You are exactly the kind of scumbag facist piece of shit who will rat his neighbors to the CPDC for having a Trump sign on his front lawn, because you enjoy using the power of the state to punish your enemies.

                    4. And I thought vandalism is a violent crime, violence against property, is it not? The guy’s rhetoric is beyond mere debate. It is violent fantasies about murdering people that he disagrees with.

                      First, property isn’t “alive” and doesn’t feel pain, theref….. ah, fuck it. Short version: You’re a fucking moron. By definition there is no such thing as violence against property.

                      Second, you totalitarian fuck, usually jailing people for exercising their 1st Amendment rights is seen as a bad thing by most libertarians.

                      And most individualists as well – so stop describing yourself as something you clearly are not.

                      I mean you might as well define yourself as King of All Universal Truth – as that defines you as accurately as your current moniker….

                2. Preet Bharara, is that you?

                  1. Naah. The asshole jeff doesn’t use hi real name.

        5. “I know, right? How dare individuals who publicly express violent thoughts and desire to murder their political opponents get held without bail for a violent crime committed at the capitol.”

          I thought Tony held the gold in lies/post, but shit-for-brains here is giving him a run for his money.

      3. You want to claim that some of them are being treated poorly? Then make that claim, with specifics. But don’t turn the whole lot of them into martyrs. Because quite a few of them are at a Nardz-level of violent ideation against their opponents.

        1. You said we may see a repeat. I’m saying if we do, make it count. I found it hysterical watching pols cower under desks.

          1. Mormon traitor

        2. Bitch, you’re the most violent commenter here, you’re just too much of a pussy to say it directly.
          You’re totalitarian shit who demands government enslave and murder the rest of us.
          Please do give me the opportunity to put an end to your parasitic existence.

          1. Nardz you talk about killing progressives all the time.

            Don’t point out I talk about killing Mormons. Mormons aren’t people so it’s ok to kill them.

            Pretty sure your pussy traitor ass muted me anyway.

            Big fucking pussy

            1. Hi KARen!

              How many Mormons have you killed?

              Little fucking pussy.

              1. If I’m such a pussy then you shouldn’t have an issue telling me what shithole suburb of Portland you live in?


        3. “HoW dArE aNyOnE sPeAk oF pHySiCaL oPpOsItIoN tO tHe RuLeRs!”

          Yea, that would be totes un-American…

          1. It’s only American when Democrats do it.

          2. I don’t support murdering people who disagree with me politically. I guess that’s just one of those irreconcilable differences between us.

            1. No, you prefer the state do your murdering for you, so you can pretend you’re not responsible.

              1. Not a big fan of the state murdering people either.

                  1. I’m pretty consistently against the death penalty around here, ask anyone.

                    1. But shit-for-brains here is more than happy when a cop shoots an unarmed protester.

            2. It isn’t murder when it’s self defense and/or revolution, dimwit.

        4. It’s projecting again.

      4. As stated by that well known radical Pat Henry, “If this be treason, make the most of it.”

        (I believe he also said “the Crown is full of it!” – Doonesbury)

    2. chemjeff radical individualist
      February.9.2021 at 8:56 am
      Flag Comment Mute User
      What is there to talk about?

      From a libertarian perspective, Ashli Babbett was trespassing, and the officers were totally justified to shoot trespassers. Again from a libertarian perspective, the officers would have been justified in shooting every single trespasser.

      1. The building is not private property though.
        It is a building of the people of the United States and therefore the people’s building, therefore a public building. It was paid for with the taxpayer’s money.
        Not private property.

  9. Now the Capitol Police plans to build regional field offices in the states: California and Florida, for starters.

    Yeah, this seems like an incredible waste.

    1. No no, it’s a totally legitimate thing to do. The only question is why this wasn’t done sooner.

      Obama and Pelosi knew that white supremacy was the largest domestic threat when he was president. She should have directed this expansion of a completely unaccountable and opaque police organization in 2009. Maybe they could have saved us from the horror of the Trump presidency.

      1. I really hope this is parody, but nowadays it’s hard to tell.

      2. How about the word: Gestapo or KGB or CHECKA or Brown Shirts.
        Surely you don’t for one minute believe in the idea of such a police force to be used on political enemies?
        Then America no longer exists. It will have fallen into the same old trap that nearly every other nation has fallen into: tyranny.
        And believe me, you won’t like it either.

        1. I’m thinking he was being sarcastic.

    2. Seems like an appropriate response to a violent insurrection.

      1. 200$ mil for mandatory extinguisher training

      2. You mean….mostly peaceful protest.

    3. Will Jeff realize that people like him promoting and gaslighting protests like on jan 6th turning into police state measures are a favorite of authoritarian regimes…

      Literally unarmed people at the Capitol giving an excuse to statist supporters like Jeff to implement further federal over reach into the states.

      Congrats Jeff.

    4. Just wait until Florida builds an office in DC to investigate the capitol police.

  10. They could just use the FBI, who already have offices in every State.

    But the FBI has not been exempted from the Federal FOIA.

    Yep Reason you voted for this.

    Totes libertarian.

    1. Not only voted but are still actively promoting the narrative that allows the federal over reach to occur.

      After a summer of saying riots were fine.

    2. came to say the same thing and why are the capital police essentially duplicating what the FBI does already. as many on other sites have stated this is the start of a federal police force and we need to stop this incursion in to state soventry. note per Forbes article they are getting new equipment and spying apperatuses this is not a good turn of events

      1. Not only duplicating the FBI, but the Post Office has already said they are going to ramp up intelligence operations against domestic extremist organizations.

        Throw in Federal Marshalls, the Secret Service, Homeland Security, and the Federal Protective Service, and we literally will have 7 separate federal agencies that have jurisdiction to track down extremists threatening the Capitol. Of course extremists are only a threat if they have weapons, so the ATF also will come into play making 8.

        1. And you haven’t even mentioned their public-private partners, the tech oligarchs.

        2. Because Congress acting to directly suppress domestic dissent State by State is exactly what the Constitution intended.

          The FBI (ostensibly) has to have evidence of criminal activity before they start any investigation. Congress’ Personal Cops are bound by no such restrictions.

        3. Make some popcorn, sit back, and watch all the federal agencies trip over each other…

  11. I don’t know why they need to open these field offices to identify possible domestic terrorism threats – all they need do is look at your Facebook page and your Twitter feed. If you don’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter feed, you’re an imminent threat.

    1. Fuck, are cat memes ok or are they now considered threating**?*quickly downloads Facebook in the meantime*

      ** I am guessing that by just asking that question I’ve been flagged for wrong-thought.

      1. I can haz cheezburger is definitely an existential threat. Promoting obesity, transfats, and climate destruction — because one hamburger takes ten thousand gallons of water and hundreds of acres of land and cow farts produce methane or something like that.

    2. cuz a bunch of them want to getoutta the corruption that is DC, but don’t want to lose their cush gravy train position. The answe,r of ocurse, is to build new warrens of corruption elsewhere. Same job better place. Except maybe some parts of California will give DeeCee a good stiff bit of cometiton for the most corrupt prize.

  12. The last thing we need is yet another federal agency to spy on Americans, and waste our taxpayer dollars doing it.

    1. Did you see what Commenter_XY just wrote? I better mark this “priority” and send it upstairs.

      /Some GS-5 in the NSA

      1. What a joke.

        There are no GS-5s in the NSA.

        Even the housekeepers are probably GS-10 minimum.

        1. GS-10 is a living wage dude.


    2. I’m all for spying on Trump worshipping traitors if it means we can get our country back!

      1. LOL. Irony so thick you can cut it with a knife.

        1. Yes it’s Ironic the people wearing “make America great again” are trying to destroy it.

          1. asshole’s really crapping up the thread and getting flagged

            1. Rummy’s being especially senile today.
              You need a meeting!

  13. Let’s see how quickly who voted for this gets memory holed the first viral video of an unarmed POC running afoul of the wrong Capitol Police officer.

    1. Like you or I will ever hear about it.

      Might as well tell me Muslims were trying to kidnap Rabbis or something else preposterous.

  14. Now the Capitol Police plans to build regional field offices in the states

    Oh, FFS! One trusts the states will also have Capitol Police cubicles in DC, personned by new employees. You know, for better coordination.

  15. Course they could instead deal with a centralized threat to the Capitol in a different way. By distributing assembly centers (or whatever you call them) in five or ten or so locations around the US. And use semi-modern technology to link those together.

    Which would allow stuff like certifying an election to be so decentralized that some Trumpist fuckwads couldn’t succeed at their insurrection. Hell it might even be so decentralized that more talented poisoners – say the K street lobbyist crowd – would find it more difficult to succeed at their game.

    And hey – once you’re using modern technology, then maybe congress could instead just open offices in districts so the critter can remain mostly in touch with their constituents rather than the swamp.

    And hey – once you’ve eliminated the apparently unsolveable ‘but how will we find chairs where they can sit’ problem; then maybe we can increase the size of Congress 10-fold to get back to actual representation.

    1. Lol. Of course jfree is okay with the expansion of federal police powers.

      Go fuck yourself with the covid virus.

      1. It figures that you think increasing representation and decentralization is about increasing federal powers.

        Treasonous putz

        1. This measure increases the size if the federal force abd expands into states you ignorant fuck.

        2. “It figures that you think increasing representation and decentralization is about increasing federal powers.”

          It’s not at all surprising that you’d qualify an increase in federal power as something other than that.
          You ARE among the most brain-damaged pieces of shit posting here.

          1. “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face forever.”
            George Orwell/1984

    2. We could divide the country into 13 districts (DC would have to be its own district). They could even have yearly games for everyone to look forward to.

    3. Maybe if the FBI would not organize and plan insurrections with antigovernment groups they wouldn’t happen. Anyone that knows how to think wants to know who is person 2 through 15 in the indictments and why they are protecting them. Considering the founder and leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, is person 1 and he is not being charged should make anyone with any common sense refrain from showing ignorance by parroting “Trump fuckwads couldn’t succeed at their insurrection.” You voted for Biden didn’t you? The only thing dumber then Biden is a Biden voter.

  16. When you provide the propaganda, you shouldn’t cry about what it’s used for.

  17. Contrary to the conservative notion that liberals are trying to defund the police, the Democrats proposed $1.9 billion in additional funding for the Capitol Police and House Republicans voted unanimously against the bill.

    Robbie channels Jen Psaki

    1. Robby is much prettier

    2. It’s infuriating to read.

    3. “Contrary to the conservative notion that liberals are trying to defund the police,”

      Leftists are not trying to defund their police, they are only interested in defunding your police.

  18. Voting against wasteful funds for the Capitol Police is not “defunding the police” and voting for wasteful funds for the Capitol Police is not “funding the police” except in small little minds that love government overreach.

    Ask law enforcement in Oakland, NYC, LA, and Chicago what defunding the police really means.

  19. he events of January 6 must never repeat themselves; fortunately, the proximate cause of the Capitol riot—the sitting president encouraging his followers to delegitimize an election that he lost—seems very unlikely to recur.

    oh brother, now Reason is deebly conzerned about the legitimacy of institutions. since when?

    1. Ever since the right people got control of them.

      Reason ‘libertarianism’ being nothing more than imposing the ‘proper’ outcomes.

      1. Reason’s libertarianism is a put on to get them invited to DC cocktail parties. They play the part of the “edgy” friend.

        1. They are not edgy. The closest they’ve come to edgy in the last decade is publishing Harsanyi. But that got them too many hairy eyeballs from their progressive friends, so they had to stop.

  20. Look what ya did ya little shits! 2 billion more wasted just because you traitors put your hard on for Trump above your own country.

    Shame on you!

      1. Tag!
        You’re it!
        No tag backs!

        1. asshole gets flagged

  21. “The Capitol Police Will Open Offices in the States To ‘Investigate Threats to Members of Congress'”

    What about Joe Biden’s threats of violence against Trump?

    What about the violence committed by Bernie Sanders supporter when he shot GOP Congressman Steve Scalise and others?

    And what about the threats of violence by members of Congress against Trump supporters (e.g. Maxine Waters and the Squad)?

    And what about the actual violence (and destruction of government and private property) by left wing BLM and Antifa

    Democrats, their left wing thugs and the lying news media pose the greatest threat to the truth, freedom and America.

    1. What about them? That’s different.

    2. That’s just whataboutism.

  22. Quick question, do they have a charter to operate outside DC? If they show up at my house am I even obliged to speak with them?

    1. Pretty sure their charter is FYTW.

    2. If you haven’t done anything, you have nothing to fear…..

    3. it seems to me any cop out of his jurisdiction needs permission from the local sheriff, that said most likely the CPDC (capital police from DC) will just offer them money and equipment and boom the CPDC is next door

      1. I’m sure there will be some local PDs and sheriffs that refuse to cooperate. I hope DeSantis tells them to fuck off and directs the Florida state police not to cooperate.

        1. I’d like to see DeSantis run them out of Florida.
          That would make my day.

  23. Why? To spread their gross incompetence? They couldn’t even protect the Capitol building from a crowd of basically unarmed and unorganized rioters. And there’s still no accountability for this gross competence. Sure, Trump idiotically got the crowd riled up but the real scandal is the lack of remotely adequate Capitol security. If Capitol security had been minimally competent, nothing would have happened.

  24. your Christmas Wish List just keeps getting more and more fulfilled.

  25. Does the capital police understand the concept of jurisdiction? I don’t see how anything they find would be admissible in court. I grant they’ll probably work with complicit local leos to manufacture alternate lines of investigation or whatever they call – making shit up to cover the illegal means of obtaining “evidence” we claim to have found – these days.

  26. The next try at having a Secret Police aka Gestapo since their try at making the FBI, CIA and NSA act as such has failed since they are subject to FOIA disclosures. A definite NO as an action unless we have more transparency and accountability to someone other than Nancy Pelosi.

  27. How long before one of the officers shoots a wellness support dog?

  28. the sitting president encouraging his followers to delegitimize an election that he lost—seems very unlikely to recur.

    you did NOT read the transcript of what that sitting president SAID to the crowd. Nor have you any clue as to the timeline for the middle partsof the day, or the physical layout of the entire area. If ou did you would raalise that the “rioters” would have had to have heard Trump’s words, BADLY misquoted them, taken minus half an hour to travel a mile and a half through a crowd of half a million calm and peaceful individuals. In other words, NOT GONNO HAPPEN

    You also seem to have forgotten, or ignored, the many CapCop ossifers who moved barricades and crowd control markers to allow anyone who wanted the abiity move beyond and get a fuller view of OUR building. They were just a bit too friendly and gave NO clues that the masses moving through OUR building would later be rounded up and charged with criminal tresspass, etc. Can’t be convicted of criinal tresspass whan a uniforemd official opened the way and motioned folks to enter here.

    1. It’s easy to tell when woke asshole wrote the article: Can’t spell “protester”? You’re a lying pile of shit, Soave.

    2. You’re right of course. Trump said absolutely nothing about the election between Election Day 2020 and January 6, 2021. He had no role at all in trying to delegitimize the election until that very speech at that very moment.

      1. Now do the 2000, 2004, and 2016 elections.

      2. Shit-for-brains here forgets ‘he’s not my president’ and the fishing expedition after Trump was elected.

      3. Trump didn’t delegitimize a damn thing, you totalitarian leftists and their R accomplices did that all yourselves.

        1. Shut up traitor

        2. And now it has been uncovered the FBI was actually involved in setting up the entire show .

      4. Wow and that has never ever happened before. Gee did Hillary just accept the L, how about Gore or Kerry

        We’re you literally born yesterday?

  29. It took the char-woman 20 minutes to get the shine back on Pelosi’s desk!
    The HORROR!

  30. All fire extinguishers will have armed guards 24/7 ensuring nobody unauthorized takes one and starts an insurrection.

    1. That wasn’t funny. Besides you can really hurt someone with an fire extinguisher. You could use it as a blunt object and I’m sure inhaling that crap can’t be good for you.

      1. asshole gets flagged

      2. But the foundation of the insurrection narrative was constructed on the assault extinguisher killing a Capitol police officer.

  31. If they are going to do that, then they should open a DC office to evaluate the threats that Congress poses to the American public.

  32. We can call them “Congressionals” like in that one movie.

  33. The Federal Police are here to save the day? More like they will become the political wing of the Democrat agenda. These folks will be used to roll out new Federal policies which the states will not be able to oppose. In other words…tyranny.

    1. They will be recognizable by the lightning SS insignias they wear.

      1. Your papers please.

  34. New field offices for witch-hunting conservatives and USA patriots????
    My, my; The goal to (“fundamentally transform the USA”, Obama) is back on track.

    How is it that everyone knows they won’t be investigating the massive amounts of threats Rand Paul has been taking on recently. Heck, I almost suspect them to “investigate” Rand Paul himself.

    The Nazi Swamp is in full strength again and everyone knows this time “You didn’t build that” election results — the Nazi’s did.

  35. There is no Constitutional authority for this…

  36. The Capital Police? Really? They are there to keep tourists behind the velvet rope. If they showed up at my door, I would laugh and shut it in their faces. What a joke.

  37. The Capitol Police should only have offices in proximity of the Capitol. They should not be allowed to open up offices in any other jurisdiction. If there are threats to members of Congress these threats should be investigated by other law enforcement agencies. The last thing we need is yet another layer of of law enforcement or another bureaucratic agency performing the same acts.

    Unfortunately, things have moved from agencies having a political bias to having a political agenda. The same is true with the corporate media. We now are living in the beginning stages of a dystopian state where the party in power is using intimidation to force their agenda on people who hold differing opinions.

    I’m relieved that Trump is no longer President and absolutely terrified that Biden is President. We have move from the disaster of Trump to an even worse catastrophe with Biden. At least with Trump as President the corporate media would report in an attempt to thwart his actions. With Biden the sycophantic corporate media are playing cover to hide his actions from view.

    The corporate media and bureaucratic government agencies are absolutely disgusting and lack any sense of ethics. The good news is that people are starting to notice their lack of integrity.

  38. Trump gave the Democrats the ‘gift that keeps giving’ by refusing to concede and helping incite the riot in the capitol.
    And they’re stroking the shit out of it…

  39. Declare that the Capitol premises shall be considered to be the whole country, and make every American an honorary member of Congress. That way they’ll finally get some police protection.

  40. The same CP who made up the cop beaten with a fire extinguisher story?

    Yea trustworthy bunch LOL

  41. I don’t know how it ended up this way, but as what I guess is an extreme leftist this site is about the only one I find accurately calling out this bullshit (Tim Cushing at TechDirt does a good job too. IDK what Radley Balko is up to these days; I assume behind a paywall somewhere making bank). The WaPo could desperately use Balko’s input since they’re just regurgitating the Congressional Democrats’ stance for the most part.

    And I especially appreciate you pointing out the simple fact that Democrats don’t want to defund cops, they mostly just want to turn that power on racist white people, at least at the Congressional level. But even more locally they simultaneously complain about cops being racist yet then look to police for ways to solve racism. Arresting racists isn’t going to stop racism any better than arresting heroin addicts stops addiction.

    1. So you advocate “arresting racists”.

      Define it and what statute stated racism is illegal?

    2. Moron – the article is a troll – the Democrats are the only ones screaming defund the police and everyone knows it, at least those not in willful denial such as yourself.

      & as wreckinball noted, it’s not illegal to be a racist. Even by attempting to arrest racists you are doing nothing more than arresting people for thought crimes. And how do you prove it? That’s right, people like you worship the all knowing state, and just like God can see your thoughts making bad thoughts sins, you are your buddies have the same powers.

      You are either joking completely or you are one of the dumbest people on the planet, but what do I know. Maybe you really have super powers just like this guy who claims he can speak to the dead (of course it’s just one of many other fascinating abilities Mr. Edward has).

  42. Why would anyone be surprised the left want to expand federal police? The concept of “defund the police” is to blame and weaken local police for the crime in Democrat cities so the fed can replace them with federal police. If Democrats remain in power it would make it much easier to implement and enforce authoritarian laws such as gun restrictions or even vaccine mandates. Once they set up a federal police force it will be impossible to repeal it as it becomes part of the federal government institutions.
    I am sure the idea is to protect members of the government and Congress especially when they pass laws most are against.

  43. You can shoot and critically injure a Republican Congressman and nothing happens, but let a Democratic Congress critter feel threatened though never in real danger and you need Capitol police in every state!

  44. This is how freedom dies: to thunderous applause.

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