Gun Control

Andrew Cuomo Declares a Gun Violence 'Disaster Emergency' and Signs a Bill That Invites Lawsuits Against Firearm Suppliers

New York's new law seems to conflict with a federal statute that protects manufacturers and dealers from liability for gun crimes.


Early in the COVID-19 pandemic last year, New York's legislature authorized Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue "any directive" he deemed "necessary to cope with the disaster." Second Amendment supporters should be thankful that the legislature rescinded that authority a year later, since the Democratic governor yesterday declared that gun violence in New York qualifies as a "disaster emergency."

Under current law, that executive order, which Cuomo proudly described as "the first-in-the-nation gun violence disaster emergency," still allows him to "temporarily suspend" laws and regulations "if compliance with such provisions would prevent, hinder, or delay action necessary to cope with the disaster." Cuomo is using that authority to suspend statutory restrictions on "contracts, leases, licenses, permits or any other written agreements that may be entered into for purposes of mitigating" the emergency he declared. He also is relying on that statute to require that the state's Division of Criminal Justice Services collect data on "shooting incidents, shooting victims and individuals killed by gun violence" from police departments in certain cities and counties every week rather than every month.

Cuomo says "the disaster emergency allows the State to expedite money and resources to communities so they can begin targeting gun violence immediately." Although Cuomo yesterday signed a bill that aims to facilitate lawsuits against firearm manufacturers and dealers, his order says nothing about unilateral gun control measures.

Maybe that's because Cuomo no longer has the statutory power to issue "any directive" he thinks is appropriate to deal with an emergency he declares. Or maybe it's because New York already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Among other things, the state requires a permit to purchase a handgun; mandates background checks for all firearm transfers except those involving immediate family members; bans the open carrying of firearms; prohibits concealed carry for all but a select few residents; bans the manufacture, transportation, or possession of "assault weapons"; prohibits magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds*; and authorizes court orders barring people from possessing firearms when they are deemed a threat to themselves or others.

These laws obviously did not prevent the surge in shootings to which Cuomo is responding. In New York City, police counted more than 1,500 shootings last year, nearly twice as many as in 2019. The New York Times notes that "some 886 people have been shot in 765 incidents this year through July 4." And although "the violence appeared to ease in June," it remains "well above 2019 levels." New York City homicides rose 45 percent in 2020 and climbed further in the first five months of this year. Other New York cities, including Buffalo and Rochester, have seen similar increases in shootings and gun homicides.

Undeterred by the manifest failure of New York's existing gun controls, legislators last month passed a bill that aims to expand the civil liability of firearm suppliers. Under the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, gun manufacturers and dealers generally cannot be held liable for crimes committed with their products. That 2005 statute specifies several exceptions, including cases in which a gun supplier "knowingly" violates state or federal law if "the violation was a proximate cause of the harm for which relief is sought." S.B. 7196, which Cuomo signed into law yesterday, seeks to exploit that exception by authorizing lawsuits against gun suppliers who fail to "utilize reasonable controls and procedures" aimed at preventing unlawful use of the firearms they sell. It defines such a failure as a "public nuisance" and says the state, local governments, or injured private parties can sue violators for damages.

The new law's supporters argue that the threat of potentially ruinous litigation will make it harder for criminals to obtain firearms by encouraging gun dealers to behave more responsibly. But that strategy runs into the same problem as President Joe Biden's plan to crack down on "rogue gun dealers": Only a small percentage of criminals obtain guns directly from licensed dealers, and those transactions are legal as long as the buyer is not disqualified from owning firearms, typically by a felony record. The vast majority of criminals—something like 93 percent, according to a 2019 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics—obtain guns from other sources, including underground dealers, relatives or acquaintances, and theft.

If they are for some reason determined to buy firearms from gun stores, disqualified individuals can always enlist people with clean records to do it for them. While such straw purchases are illegal, dealers are not breaking the law unless they have reason to believe the ostensible customer is acting on behalf of someone else. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act allows lawsuits against dealers who knowingly complete a straw purchase, deliberately fail to conduct a background check, or knowingly sell a gun to a disqualified buyer. But that was already true without S.B. 7196. The new law, the first of its kind, purports to expand liability beyond such cases.

The law says the "reasonable controls and procedures" it requires include "screening, security, inventory and other business practices" aimed at preventing theft and stopping sales to straw buyers, "traffickers," or people who are not legally allowed to own guns. S.B. 7196 also demands that gun suppliers avoid "deceptive acts and practices and false advertising."

These provisions leave a lot of room for interpretation, to put it mildly. To get a sense of the lawsuits that New York is now authorizing, consider a case involving the 2012 shooting that killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The plaintiffs—a survivor of the attack and relatives of nine people murdered at the school—alleged that Remington Arms violated Connecticut's Unfair Trade Practices Act by marketing the rifle that the perpetrator used in a way that emphasized its "militaristic and assaultive qualities."

New York is inviting similar claims by explicitly allowing lawsuits against gun suppliers based on "false advertising" or "deceptive" practices. It also is inviting lawsuits that cite criminal use of guns sold by licensed dealers as evidence that they failed to adopt adequate safeguards—the very sort of litigation that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was meant to prevent.

That law was based on the fear that such lawsuits would make it harder for Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights by driving gun manufacturers and dealers out of business, which from Cuomo's perspective probably counts as an advantage. If gun dealers can be sued for failing to prevent gun violence, perhaps politicians like Cuomo should be liable as well.

*CORRECTION: The New York SAFE Act originally banned magazines that can hold more than seven rounds. After Cuomo and state legislators realized that seven-round magazines were not generally available, that decree was changed to a rule that allowed gun owners to possess 10-round magazines as long as they did not put more than seven rounds in them (seriously). In 2013 a federal judge deemed that provision unconstitutional, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit upheld that decision in 2015. Contrary to what the Giffords Law Center claims, the current version of the statute includes a note saying the seven-round limit is "suspended and NOT Effective."

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  1. This is what happens when you let government violate the constitution without any consequences.

    1. This is what happens when leftists learn how to fuck over people and their freedoms, by copying the thoughts, lusts, and power-grabbing examples of the power-pig rightists!

      Thank Trumpanzees for this!

      Trumpanzees blazed the path for Biden and Dems to go gun-grabbing! Using the EXACT same language as Trump (and Trumpanzees) use against Section 230!
      From the article:
      “Section 230, which is a liability shielding gift from the U.S. to ‘Big Tech’ (the only companies in America that have it—corporate welfare!), is a serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity,” the president recently tweeted.
      There’s your “logic” from Der TrumpfenFuhrer, and MANY conservaTurd commenters on these pages.
      By the EXACT SAME logic, ANY laws shielding gun and ammo manufacturers and-or sellers (Remington for example) need to be held accountable for the shootings of crazy users of their products! Remington, exercise better editorial control of your bullets!

      Hey conservaTurd assholes-commenters! Ye moochers off of a “liability shielding gift from the U.S. to ‘Big Guns and Ammo Tech’”…
      You ready to pay $90,000 per gun and $15 per ammo-round, or pay out the ass for insurance, for your guns? No? Then you are hypocrites ass usual!

      1. There are no good guys in any capacity running anything in this shithole country.

        Cuomo is an embarrassment to Italian Americans everywhere. And the human race.

        Trump was brutal, and now the dems are trying to figure out how to wiggle of the hook for setting the stage for the first female black presidential candidate, because she is so inept and unlikable that she will probably even lose to Trump the Chump.

        You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.

        1. Trump was brutal? Maybe on Twitter. For the most part his policies were reasonable. Better than anything we’ve seen for decades. If we expect more than that, the democrats will need to be eliminated as a party, and Marxism criminalized.

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          3. Trump’s policies were not reasonable. They created the worst Federal budge deficit in history, enabled the death of more than 600,000 people from COVID, and created racial strife unlike any since the Civil War. He is one of the worst, if not THE worst, Presidents in our history.

        2. Donald “Lock her up!” Trump has the nerve to complain of a political witch hunt, when he clearly deserves it in a cosmic sense.

          However, the investigative power of government should not be turned on political enemies. That’s the real reason behind the 4th and 5th, not protecting yokels out in the street.

          So it’s a sad state for America as one side, then the other, spends years doing this. Gleefully and openly.

          All it does is confirm the wisdom of the founding fathers in creating these limitations to begin with.

      2. That’s right, the left only started trying to ban or otherwise significantly curtail lawful gun ownership in 2016. At no time before that did they attempt to impose liability on manufacturers for the misuse of their products. And certainly such efforts did not lead to passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act as a response. Do you see how your post is next level stupid.

        1. Simpler for morons: “R” Party says: “It is OK for “R” Party to be evil power pigs, because “D” Party was evil power pigs first!”

          “D” Party says: “It is OK for “D” Party to be evil power pigs, because “R” Party was evil power pigs first!”

          Endless logjams… SOMEONE needs to just STOP being evil power pigs! Vote “L”!!!

        2. No. It’s the squirrel. Of course it doesn’t.

      3. When has one party (in the broad sense, one group of people) EVER made things better, by copying (or continuing to do wrong, counter-productive, even EVIL) things, from other wrong-doers, and excused it by saying “he did it first”? Is this not just plain hypocrisy, to take the low road, and excuse it by finger-pointing? HOW do we collectively do better, when we constantly copy the low-road approach of the other side? HOW do we break the endless cycle of power-pigging?

        My tribe right, your tribe wrong, my violence good, your violence bad… Has this ever been tried before? What were the results?

      4. Are you sure that is the “exact same language”? Because it doesn’t seem to be even similar language, let alone the “exact same language”.

        1. Willfully blind people won’t see… What a surprise! More news at 11:00!

          “R” Party power pigs argue that Section 230 is a “liability shielding gift” to Big Tech, preventing TRUE justice, which would allow me to sue Facebook for the writings of PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT FACEBOOK! Who are merely using Facebook’s product!

          “D” Party power pigs argue that the current laws and legal traditions are a “liability shielding gift” to Big Guns and Ammo, preventing TRUE justice, which would allow me to sue Remington for the shootings of PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT REMINGTON! Who are merely using Remington’s product!

          What does it take for ideological hyper-partisans and idiots to take their blinders off?

          1. Sooooo…. Exact same language? Have you even read the statute in question?

            There really is almost no similarity in the statutes at all. The gun statute clarifies an existing legal principle… It is basically analogous to “stand your ground”, not section 230.

            Under American law (or British common law), no manufacturer would ever be liable for some third party using their legal product to commit a crime, in a situation where the product worked precisely as intended. That is bog standard.

            Your rhetorical flourish is grounded in profound levels of ignorance cross pollinated with intense motivated reasoning.

            1. So then, you can see the injustice of blaming Remington, for what some out-of-control people do with their bullets, I take it.

              Can you see the injustice of blaming Facebook for what some out-of-control people do with their Facebook pages? It is a pretty simple question, and a pretty simple analogy!

              Or do you have a YUUUGE punishment boner, wanting to punish Facebook for the writings of OTHER (non-Facebook) people? Did you take Justice 101? Would you like to be punished for MY writings?

            2. “…no manufacturer would ever be liable for some third party using their legal product to commit a crime, in a situation where the product worked precisely as intended.”

              I would like to see you marketing a “booby trap” to trap and-or harm criminal trespassers (thieves) on the properties of the buyers of such traps! Even if you told your buyers (wink-wink) that the traps were intended to trap bears, not humans, you would be shut down and punished pronto! I DARE you to try selling such a thing!

              Booby trap laws: Is it illegal to go the full “Home Alone” to stop bad guys?

      5. Just curious, were opioids responsible for that post or just regular alcohol?

        1. Right-wing Marxists lost the argument, so they resort to childish insults! Who’d have thought of THAT?!?

      6. the property owners (the web site owners) should decide!

        “Website owners = property owners” – SQRLSY One

      7. My dear, dear friends. Perhaps the most important thing to learn from history is that granting emergency powers to Dear Leaders or Dear Leader wannabees is a baaaad thing.

        Surprise! They misuse it.

        And, Republicans. You were warned of this when Trump overreached to build the wall.

        Ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Germany in the 1930s. Venezuela, Turkey, Russia more recently. All fell from what passed for democracy, or something close, when they stupidly did so.

        It’s so important a point George Lucas made it the central point of the Star Wars prequels. The Phantom Emergency got him emergency powers to deal with it, and, as with history, he immediately sets out to use it to cosolidate his power.

        If there’s one thing Trump could be praised for, it was refusing to order a national lockdown, instead making recommendations and letting the several states handle it themselves. And even that got criticized by the ignoranti. The ignorant of history.

      8. You vote for leftist like Cuomo and Biden and then blame others for the results? They learned it from the GOP is a really weak deflection. Apparently you think lefties are so weak minded they have to be watched or they pick up bad habits and are unable to control themselves. Apparently you are right as you seem out of control and unable to form rational thought.
        Power grabbing is like ending the filibuster or passing election laws to make it impossible for the other party to win. Did they learn that from the right also?
        Lefties already were mentally challenged but adding TDS to the mix seems to put them around the bend. Seek help.

    2. What is with Italians loving Fascism? I mean, it is likely not a coincidence that the only government that referred to itself as Fascist was Italian.

    3. the last time New York elected an intelligent and honest politician was in 1866 when they elected boss Tweed and Tammany hall. After that they have all been liars and traitors.

  2. Can we declare Andrew Cuomo’s existence a “disaster emergency” for New York’s elderly and female residents?

    1. Why limit it to elderly and female residents?

      1. Not an inclusive and, but yes, it’s a disaster for the young / male as well.

  3. When are we going to get an article about Cuomo’s amazing comeback after killing nursing home patients and groping women?

      1. Fake? Not hardly. Even the liberal media came down on him for all this. His own underlings outed him.

        You are one of those who upon hearing bad news about “your guy” just puts their hands over their ears and starts screaming….right?

        1. OBL is our resident parody artist. Often imitated, never replicated.
          Though I admit it can be hard to tell at times, he actually does pretty good work at pillorying the other side. Regardless do not take him at face value. Or literally.

        2. Even the liberal media came down on him for all this. His own underlings outed him.

          You mean went down on him.

          1. And then outed him after he finished.

    1. Here you go:–new-yorkers-mixed-on-cuomo-s-political-future

      Not as well as the previous polls this year; only 33% want to see him do term #4 whereas it was 53% about a month ago. I expect more grandstanding as a result.

      1. Not to disagree with his drop in popularity but the assertion that it has anything to do with the policies implied. It’s been known for months, if not years, that he wrongly locked people in nursing homes and groped women. What’s changed in the last month?

        1. I’m not sure it isn’t just part of the slow unwinding of the media’s emergeny “only Trump does wrong” stance.

          1. Better yet, “Only Trump does wrong and Trump only does wrong”.

            Let’s see if Biden kills a top al quaeda, CNN presents sob stories of people who miss him.

      2. If I were a NY resident, I wouldn’t want to see Cuomo do term #4, but I would like to see him do a term of no less than 4 years, without parole.

        1. I’m convinced that residents of NYC might well be the most moronic imbeciles on the planet.

          1. I have thought the same, and wondered how Stalin would do in an election there. They certainly seem to like the authoritarian statist types, and don’t mind being told what to do, eat, drink, think…

    2. Can’t remember where I read it but Cuomo is just a very skilled politician, which of course is expected since he’s also a first rate scumbag. You’ll notice the liberal media was trying to force a resignation by playing up the sex scandals and to a lesser extent the nursing home scandal but it didn’t stick. Cuomo stuck to his guns and continues pushing stupid but popular policies like this. It won’t necessarily pay off – his popularity still damaged by the scandals. But things can always turn around in politics and Cuomo is counting on that.

  4. These laws obviously did not prevent the surge in shootings to which Cuomo is responding. In New York City, police counted more than 1,500 shootings last year, nearly twice as many as in 2019.

    Anyone notice that Democrats literally create the violent conditions that they claim to be fighting?

    1. By the end of the July 4th weekend there were 540 shootings with the resultant 189 people killed. Chicago alone had become a bloodbath while mayor Lightfoot made an hysterical case of a man with a rifle in a motel room. The total for Chicago was 104 people shot including a number of children.
      Not bad for the July 4th weekend hey Lindsey?

      1. “”while mayor Lightfoot made an hysterical case of a man with a rifle in a motel room.””

        Notice how she doesn’t rail against gang ownership of guns.

    2. I agree I wish sometimes they’d talk about why crime went up.

      1. Why? It’s not like they would be honest. It’s Trump’s fault

  5. Holding people (and shareholders) accountable for crimes they didn’t commit is fundamentally unjust, and nothing about being in an emergency changes that.

    This sounds like when Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War and started trying people in military courts without all the usual protections they enjoy in civilian courts.

    It was declared baloney, and it was also wrong when the Bush Jr. administration tried to do more or less the same thing–citing an emergency. No civilian should be deprived of their life, liberty, or property without due process of law, and that doesn’t change because Cuomo says it’s an emergency either.

    How many times a day do we see progressives who seem to imagine that they can violate people’s rights with impunity? Progressives live in a world of make believe, where reality can be ignored and rules changed without any negative consequences in the real world. If and when New York reverts back to the out of control crime infested hellhole it was in the 1970s and 1980s, however, it will not be for no reason.

    1. No this is not even remotely like suspending habeas corpus during a state of war. You DeRps are completely trapped in your narratives – hyperventilating in your paper bags until you get the o lawdy me vapors and pass out.

      I had a relative during the Civil War who could very easily have gone down the road of habeas corpus. He chose different ways to avoid imprisonment and getting hanged – that never involved habeas corpus or courts. And the case that involves Merryman is very different from the one involving Milligan. All of which is to say that the Civil War was an actual war – with a ton of fog.

      Stop using history to beat up your hobby horse.

      1. “”Stop using history to beat up your hobby horse.””

        Like the last 400 years?

    2. Wasn’t Lincoln a Republican?

    3. One of my biggest problems with progressives is their eternal desire to force others, by any means necessary, to enact their beliefs. Often this is in conspicuous absence of the progressives enacting their beliefs themselves (witness all the wealthy white progressives lecturing other white people on why they must give up anything they have for the cause of equity; hey, if you want to give your wealth away, go ahead and show the rest of us how that goes), but even when it isn’t, the arrogance and hostility inherent in these maneuvers is nauseating to behold. Progressives rarely try persuasion because it rarely works for them, and their occasional attempts to inspire fall flat because they don’t mean to inspire *you*, just the people they feel sorry for (at least this week). Using force, by proxy as much as possible, is their preferred method. There are exceptions to this, of course, but progressives who truly mean what they say and are willing to live by example are exceedingly rare in my experience.

      1. This is the “brass ring” giant memeplexes like political platforms-qua-parties strive for when evolving their groups of memes to spread to more hosting units.

        Once they have the power, they no longer must rely on seductiveness of information to transfer to new units to control them, but can now use physical force to control recalcitrant transfer failure units.

    4. “” a day do we see progressives who seem to imagine that they can violate people’s rights with impunity? “”

      Rights? Those are part of a systemic racist society and should be undone.

      1. The only valid government form is charismatic demagogues with the gift of gab. How dare old dead white slaveowners get in the way of vox populi vox dei!

  6. Best. Governor. In. America.


    1. If you believe that then you are even stupider than I thought, which I didn’t think was possible.

    2. A liberal clamoring for more Trump. Who’da thunkit?

    3. A lot a new guys here today. Again, OBL is our parody artist. What he says is literally the opposite of what is intended.

      1. Then I extend my apologies. I thought he was a friend of Tony’s.

        1. Tony has no friends.

          1. I dunno. Maybe turd.

          2. Robbie and Tony are bff

    4. Well since Harris has no problem working with a sexual harasser she will easily fit in with Cuomo.

      1. He’s rather young for her tastes.

  7. He also signed an order protecting those nursing homes from lawsuits. You know the nursing homes who are owned by the people who donated $1 million to his re-election campaign.

  8. Was wondering when we would hear from this psychotic, retarded ego maniac. Guess the heats off the nursing home deaths he caused.

    1. Don’t forget #NotMeToo


        He ain’t doin so hot lately. Quite a drop from just a month ago. Look for more dramatic signaling from that quarter.

  9. It long past time to sue Ford, Chevy, Chrysler and any other auto manufacturer for not applying common sense car safety measures in their manufacturing process in order to eliminate drunk driving. Big Auto has known for years that installing a Breathalyzer type device in vehicles tied to the ignition will prevent drunk drivers from starting their cars. Yet by doing nothing they have consciously allowed this carnage to continue on the streets of America and I say enough is enough!!! If it just saves one life it will be worth the cost and inconvenience. Who’s with me? Where is the brave Democrat politician willing to take on the Auto/Drunk Driver lobby?

    1. I expect some dimwit will come along any time now and tell us the difference is that guns are inherently dangerous, designed to kill, and cars while possibly dangerous have greater overall utility for society. Same with alcohol, narcotics, or anything else that can and often does cause harm. That will be their argument.

      I say that yes, guns are dangerous [refer to the “4 rules”] but if individuals and municipalities are allowed to sue the manufacturer any time a miscreant uses one to commit a crime, the industry will in short order be destroyed [which is precisely what they want, in addition to directives like this giving politicians cover for their failings].

      We are each responsible for how we manage the firearms in our possession; we are not collectively responsible for how others mismanage them.

      1. Guns’ massive utility for society is right there in the Constitution: forbidding government from outlawing them to minimize resistance to said government when it inevitably goes off into the weeds.

    2. It is long past time for drunk drivers to pay for the consequences of their homicides. Has nothing to do with auto cos but is a huge blind spot in the law and in our culture. Perverse too – since for every other crime we are just about the harshest punishers in the world. But for drunks behind the wheel – nope.

      1. So why should DD be a crime unless you hurt someone else or cause physical damage?

        1. why should shooting a gun in a playground be a crime unless you hurt someone else or cause physical damage?

  10. Most all the gun violence comes from the ghetto and their illegal procurement of firearms. Start there Gov.Homo.

    1. And perpetrated by violent democrats that democrat prosecutors refuse to incarcerate for any length of time. For example, in Chicago, most of the violent crime is committed by a concentrated number of repeat offenders.

    2. no such thing as gun violence. guns don’t commit violence. there is only criminal violence committed using guns. don’t play into the leftist deconstruction of the language.

  11. “There comes a time when a man must roll up his sleeves, spit on his hands and begin slitting throats.” H.L. Mencken.
    This action by Cuomo is typical of the liberal progressive brain trust.
    Instead of punishing the people who use firearms in the committing of a crime, instead, punish the manufacturers and the law abiding citizens.
    Typical backward liberal thinking.
    Even worse are those who attempt to blame the previous president. As they will do so for the next four years. Just you watch.
    The amount of gun violence ie: shootings and homicides over the July 4th weekend occurred in democrat run cities. In some cities such as Oakland, Ca. the police were totally out numbered and the entire city was out of control. In Chicago, a one month old child was struck in a wild gang related shooting.
    Gee, defunding the police was such a great idea at the time.
    Instead of defunding the police, an effort should be made to clean out the gangs, the drug dealers and reinstate the death penalty for those who murder.
    The problem is not the gun manufacturers nor law abiding citizens who these idiot liberals always attempt to place the blame. Instead the real blame belongs on mayors such as DeBlasio, Lightfoot and Wheeler for the violence the loss of control, defunding and demoralizing the police to the point where all members of Portland RapidResponse Team resigned.
    The real problem is leadership and clear thinking.

    1. Oakland is a prime example of this, when jerry Brown was mayor of Oakland he disbanded the gang task force and gangs have come back with a fury.

      1. Cue “California Uber Alles.”

    2. Al ost every problem in our country is caused by, or greatly increased by progs.

    3. “Instead of punishing the people who use firearms in the committing of a crime, instead, punish the manufacturers and the law abiding citizens.” Because the actual goal is to take the guns from the citizenry.

  12. What a dick.

    If guns were the real problem: A doubling of shootings in NYC in one year would be traceable to a doubling in the number of guns. I’m sure they have no evidence for that.

    Such a dick.

    1. Cuomo is definitely a dick but he appears to be a grandiose narcissist and possibly a psychopath.

      1. Of course he is. The democrat party thrives on those things. It’s why psychopathic narcissists are attracted to leftist politics. Their philosophy lacks any real empathy, outside of pantomime to advance their agenda, or any real consistent morality.

  13. As usual they will lose in court, but doing nothing of substance is the democrat way.

    1. they are creating more studies for professors to leach off of

  14. Shall not be infringed.

    1. Hell yes, motherfucker.

  15. If he can’t kill the 2A, he’ll kill businesses that make guns.

    1. Better we purge the democrats and save our constitutional republic.

  16. Breaking News!

    The victim of a convenience store robbery is suing General Motors for allowing miscreants to get their hands on the getaway car!

    1. This should be everyone’s reaction to this nonsense.

    2. Ski mask and pantyhose manufacturers.

      1. Every Politician’s Mistress: “You don’t really want to outlaw nylon thigh high stockings, do you?”

        “Nah. That’s just BS for public consumption.”

  17. Next Up; Getting ‘shot’ for wrong-thought… Because all violence comes at the end of loaded wrong-thoughts.


  18. I’d say there’s a “Disaster Emergency” of shitty Democrats running New York.

    1. When I see democrats, I think about how many dump trucks, and how many landfills America has.

  19. Again, anytime they bring up gun control as a solution to violence, just ignore them. When they are ready to take it serious then we can listen.

  20. Reason still can’t hide themselves.

    the Trump lawsuit, crafted to match a SCOTUS a opinion, is an “absurd farce”, while this, which is blatantly illegal and unconstitutional, merely “invites” lawsuits, the merits of which appear to be neutral.

  21. So does anyone know the reason for the increase in homicides? The actual reason not some bullshit political narrative.

    1. No bail policy, dismissal of charges based on skin color or political affiliation, defunding the police.

      In short, NYC, along with a number of other Dem cities, have discarded decades of experience combatting crime, and instead have made committing crimes relatively risk free. If you commit a crime, you can get it easily dismissed in these cities. Most crimes no longer require bail – which means that there is a revolving door in the judicial system, with even violent criminals back on the street, until the police no longer bother. Meanwhile, attacks on police aren’t prosecuted, if the attacker is a minority, but cops are charged if the suspect is such, even when clearly innocent. DAs in particular no longer have the cops’ backs, and the cops reciprocate by minimizing confrontations with criminals.

      Keep this in mind – very little of this country is affected by this dynamic. It is pretty much limited to big Dem controlled cities around the country: NYC, Chicago, SFC, Portland, etc. the rest of the country is not seeing the crease in violence, despite experiencing record gun sales.

      1. This sounds like political narrative. I don’t give a shit about that.

        1. you can always blame sun spots

        2. Well, sorry it is political. Cuomo’s gun grab would do nothing to decrease the violence being experienced these days in NYC, or indeed, in any of the other Dem machine big cities that are being rapidly plunged into violent anarchy. It won’t take one gun out of the hands of their criminal elements. All it will do is make life more dangerous for their law abiding residents.

          I live where there is a handgun in every pickup, rifles and shotguns in every house, and half the men are at least carrying a pocket pistol at all times. Gun violence is extremely rare, except in regards to the local fauna, and when it happens, it is dealt with harshly. Everyone is happy. And Democrat Cuomo is trying to disarm us by bankrupting the gun and ammo manufacturers across the country, on a pretext based on his party’s refusal to prosecute blatant, and often violent, criminal behavior. If he doesn’t want criminals running around his cities with guns, then start throwing them in jail for doing so. And don’t let violent, or repeat offenders out without bail, to offend again, before the ink is dry on their charging papers. He signed the bill eliminating bail for them. It’s as simple as that – the guns carried by criminals in NYC are illegal under NY and NYC laws. Here, you can legally exchange a gun for a chainsaw. Not in NYC. If the gun isn’t registered to the person carrying it, it is a crime. A crime rarely enforced.

      2. “”No bail policy, dismissal of charges based on skin color or political affiliation, defunding the police.””

        Say that if you want, but for me the fault is always the person behind the gun.

        “”Most crimes no longer require bail – which means that there is a revolving door in the judicial system, “”

        That “revolving door” previously existed for people who could raise the money. Bail just lets you wait for your trial outside of jail. You are considered innocent before trial.

        I’m fine with no cash bail but I would tweek the rules so if you commit a crime while on cashless bail it would revoke your bail and you would not be eligible for bail for the new charge.

        1. Yes, the person behind the gun is responsible. But so is the person who let him back on the street, after having been arrested for legally having it, or another gun. And, yes, that includes Cuomo, who signed legislation eliminating bail for many, if not most, cases. The guns carried and used by the criminal elements in esp NYC are invariably illegal in their possession. They were almost all illegally obtained, and aren’t registered to that person. Lock up those people, as well as those who sold or otherwise provided them with the guns, and their gun violence problem will disappear almost overnight.

        2. So some rich guys make bail. What’s the risk, they might quickly embezzle from another company?

          1. Also, “outcomes analysis” is all the rage with the left, so they can presume racism inherent, and no longer have to deal with pesky chains of causality.

            What’s the outcomes analysis of these new policies in large cities?

            Oh noes!

            …will not be passing any politicians’ lips.

      3. the libturds running these cities decided to stop enforcing the law. without law you get a lawless, violent people. not all that complicated.

    2. Perhaps it’s just people giving less of shit about other people and/or respect for the law. A couple of years ago the NYPD had a bit of an issue with people dumping buckets of water on their head.

  22. Andrew Cuomo is a cocksucker who needs to come out of the closet. Fucking loser.

  23. Let’s start with eliminating a fundamental flaw in society, the initiation of violence, threats, fraud, in the political paradigm. This politics grants an elite a monopoly of force which makes them uncontrollable. They are inextricably corrupted, addicted to that power, which lead them to create more, institutionalizing it by passing tyrannical laws that lead to absolute power.
    The public are slowly destroyed, by their own complicity, e.g., by voting, paying taxes, obeying immoral, inhuman laws that violate rights. One bad law, in principle, discredits the law, lawmakers, law enforcers, and law judges. Why support that? Why not take back your power, your freedom, your sovereignty, by self-governance?

    1. I dunno. That sounds all libertarian, individualistic and stuff. Return to and Obey The Great Collective.

  24. Meh. Cuomo just applied two progressive memes:

    1. No individual has autonomy or responsibility. Absolutely anything a person does or experiences is the fault of someone or something else. (Note, this excuse may not apply to Bad People.). (But then again, it might if politically useful, like the people who would not have stormed the Capitol if not for Trump.). (Your mileage may vary.)

    2. Guns, and people who like, buy, sell, or make guns, are evil and horrible. And like all biblical (that would be the DNC Progressive bible) evil, any action is justified to smite it down.

    1. In the 70s I use to hear “society made me do it”. The left is bringing that excuse back.

  25. I think a big issue here is that 90% of the ‘gun problem’ is a NYC problem. So the governor is implementing a solution fit for NYC but which screws over the rest of the state.

    1. It would screw the rest of the country. He can’t bankrupt a gun or ammo company just in NY state – it affects current and potentially future gun owners across the country.

  26. There is something seriously broken in our legal system when products that work exactly as intended can result in liability for the manufacturer.

    1. Kinda like Facebook? As according to the micro-management power-pig lusts of anti-Section-230 right-wingers at least?

      Facebook policy:
      From Facebook’s web page explaining all these kinds of details, very easy to find:

      We do not control or direct what people and others do or say, and we are not responsible for their actions or conduct (whether online or offline) or any content they share (including offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, and other objectionable content).

      End Facebook import.

      Facebook likes to be free from being held responsible for the doings of others, AND they clearly say as much, but power pigs don’t want to LET THEM be free of such an obvious injustice!

      1. Maybe if Facebook was being sued by individuals because some individuals blocked or shut down other individuals. Or if gun manufacturers limited sales specifically to political allies. Or if Facebook specifically claimed that only left wing lies and/or violent rhetoric were welcome on its platform in their guidelines. Otherwise, no. It’s not really even a similar argument, except that people are being freed up to sue companies.

        1. People are being freed up to sue companies FOR THINGS THAT THE COMPANIES DID NOT DO in both cases! It is that simple, and it is unjust in both cases!

  27. Amazing Cuomo was the direct cause of thousands of elderly losing their lives in nursing homes, and he yells “squirrel” and the media slavishly allows it.

    Fuck him. Fuck all democrats. Next election vote against them and watch this country become crime free and prosperous.

  28. You know who else declared an emergency?

    1. Climate change zealots? They are always harping on about the emerging sea.

  29. There is NO SUCH THING AS GUN violence or GUN Death. only People violence and People caused death. Guns are tools for the protection of Self & Others in immediate danger of Iminent Grievous Bodily Harm or Death.

  30. According to the FBI violent crime statistics, the three safest states in the union are all constitutional carry.

    1. I saw something yesterday on the order of states by most homicides. NY was 37 out of 50. Doesn’t sound like an emergency.

      1. The NYT, along with a number of other media companies, aren’t based up state (yet), but rather in NYC, which has taken a definite turn for the worse, in terms of crime and violence.

  31. Nothing like taking advantage of a crisis of your own making (well, with Di Blasio) to step on 2nd amendment rights. This will have no effect on gun violence. If he really wats to stop gun violence he needs to support, and not defund, the police. It’s not the legal gun owners that commit crimes. He needs to stop targeting them. This is progressive window dressing.

  32. Interesting how the accusations of sexual assault against Cuomo disappeared, just like those against Biden and Virginia’s Lt. Governor Fairfax (D). It’s nice when your party has the media in their pocket.

  33. The first person to get shot by someone released without bail will now be able to sue the judges and/or legislature. They failed to “utilize reasonable controls and procedures” such as letting these people out who already used an illegal firearm in a crime. Use there own laws against them.

  34. Cuomo says … “targeting gun violence”

    , triggering people who might have supported “quelling gun violence”.

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  36. I just bought a brand new BMW after having made $6375 this past one month and just over 12k last 4 week. This is the best and most financially rewarding job I’ve ever had. I actually started this few Weeks ago and almost immediately started to bring home minimum 74BUCKS p/h… Read More f

  37. He might bring a bill but what to do with the habit of keeping guns like toys, its so common now a days. Would take ages if it has to be controlled, if it can be controlled, which seems very very difficult for now

    1. Why not keep guns as toys? I use mine to play shooting games and in shooting competitions, just like some folks use a baseball bat or golf clubs.

  38. The strategy is clear, defund the police, release criminals without bail, create a crisis and use it to gain more government power to infringe on gun rights and gun ownership. The victims of the crime, the dead and wounded are simply political fodder.

    1. There is no defund the police in NYC. The Billion dollars was never removed from the budget. They did have their budget reduce but every other city agency did too. In the new budget the NYPD received a 200 Million dollar increase.

      Lots of cops are back in the subway system. I haven’t seen this many in subway since 9/11. It’s not 9/11 level, but it’s a lot more than what it has been for the last 10 years.

  39. More Democrat illogical nonsense. The law encouraging lawsuits against gun manufacturers is right up there with CRT. Both expect the innocent to pay for the crimes of the guilty. With CRT, a white person is expected to take responsibility for the injustices perpetuated by people long dead but happen to be of the same skin tone. (I wrote ‘injustices’ because in most cases, what we’re are talking about were not crimes at the time they were committed.) With this new law, companies that produce a legal and popular product are held responsible for the actions of the people who bought it. We don’t hold GM responsible for car accidents or Jake Daniels responsible for DUI. Why should Glock be responsible for some one misusing their product?

    1. I don’t think there are any more gun manufactures in NYS anymore. I could be wrong. But if there are, they should leave. When Cuomo tries to sue one, the gun maker can push it to federal court since the suit goes across state lines. Commerce clause bitch!!!

      1. Remington is still in Ilion, NY
        They have literally thousands of skilled, well paid employees.
        Remington and it’s’ employees pay tens of millions of dollars in taxes to New York.
        Their salaries are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of secondary economic activity as these people buy real estate, buy goods and pay for services.
        Remington of course pays its suppliers and pays for transport of its products are away from the factory.
        Gun crime in New York State is almost entirely confined thieu ghetto parts of New York City.
        So it makes perfect progressive sense to drive away all this economic activity to have no effect on criminals using guns in their city.
        But it does help to disarm ordinary citizens and that is the whole point of Gun control

  40. I know it’s not “PC” to notice this out loud BUT Rudi Giuliani pretty well cleaned up the mess the prior Demo Mayor left behind using common sense approaches: profiling and “stop and frisk” of those who fit the description of violent dangerous thugs. The Democrat solution is ALWAYS 1) yet another law; 2) spend more money to pander to their voter base; and 3) decry any common sense solutions as “racist”. These folks are so very predictable and inept at anything other than gaining political power. Look how LBJ’s “Great Society” program has played out!

    1. Giuliani never meet a right he didn’t abuse. He would block off blocks with the NYPD are require you to show ID to walk down the street to prove you lived on the street. A public street.

      He sued museums to keep them from show art that did not meet his approval. Repeatedly. Fuck that guy. His fall from grace has been an enjoyment for me.

  41. The new trick declare an “emergency” and of course all the legal eagles (just note the Volokh folks) state that anything goes. The executive can do whatever he wants for as long as he wants.

    So this executive wants to confiscate guns, eventually.

    1. Not the ones that protect him, of course.

  42. How is this narcissistic asshole still governor? Absolutely astounding how he has been protected.

  43. Meaningless, feel-good legislation at its WORST. It won’t do anything to reduce violent crime. I challenge ANYONE from the ‘mainstream’ news media to revisit this issue 6-12 months from now and prove me wrong!

  44. Gun control laws do not work! Maybe that is why nearly all of them are cited and recited in so much gun control legislation passed then passed again a few years later. The only thing that has ever worked for reducing illegal shooting of guns is to fully are all of the law abiding citizens who wish to be armed. In 1982 the Georgia county that mandated that the head of every law abiding head of every household own a gun and have ammunition to use it. Gun crime dropped way down and remained that way for many years. To stop gun crime in NYC, all they need to do is enforce the laws according to the constitution, and prosecute and jail the offenders.

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