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The U.S. Quietly Departs Its Largest Military Base in Afghanistan

Plus: Sha'Carri Richardson might miss Olympics over positive pot test, 130 countries agree to broad strokes of a global minimum corporate tax, and more...


The U.S. military fully departed its largest base in Afghanistan last night, giving the surest sign yet that all American forces could be out of the country by September 11. On Thursday night, American forces stationed at Bagram Airfield quietly left the massive facility, the Associated Press reports.

U.S. troops pulled out of the base without any formal ceremony, or even an attempt to coordinate with local Afghan officials, who are now responsible for Bagram. The hasty withdrawal resulted in a wave of looters rushing the unsecured base and ransacking several buildings before Afghan security forces were able to regain control.

Bagram, first built by the Soviets in the 1950s, served as the center of the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan. At the height of the American presence there, over 100,000 troops were passing through the base each year. It was infamously home to a detention center, where prisoners captured during the war were held and, on a number of occasions, tortured.

There are currently somewhere between 2,500 and 3,500 U.S. troops still in Afghanistan, although precise numbers are hard to come by given the inconsistent ways that the military tallies up troops in the country. The Biden administration has committed to pulling all these troops out of the country by September 11, save for a couple hundred to guard the U.S. embassy in the capital Kabul. Most troops should be gone by July 4.

That's an extension of the May 1 withdrawal date that the previous Trump administration had committed to.

Most of the 7,000 European troops stationed in Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission there have been withdrawn over the past month, according to the A.P.

Even with most military personnel gone, there's still a distinct possibility that the U.S. will continue smaller-scale, covert operations in the country in order to target Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The American military troop withdrawal has increased the urgency of addressing the huge backlog of visa applications of Afghans who'd worked with the U.S. military as interpreters, and whose lives are now in danger from a resurgent Taliban.

The Taliban has doubled the amount of Afghanistan it controls over the past several months, NBC News reported last week. The Afghan government's security forces that the U.S. has spent billions of dollars and two decades training have proven ineffective at stopping the group's advance.


U.S. sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson might miss the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Tyler Dragon says that Richardson is facing a 30-day suspension that would prevent her from participating in the 100-meter dash. Even if suspended, she still would be able to compete in the 4×100-meter relay.

Bleacher Report has more details about Richardson's potential suspension:

Andre Lowe of Jamaica Gleaner reported "traces of the substance" were found in Richardson's sample collected at the Olympic Trials, yet that doesn't mean an automatic suspension is looming.

The World Anti-Doping Agency's prohibited substance list includes all natural and synthetic cannabinoids—with the exception of cannabidiol—but specifies those are banned during competition. As Lowe noted, if an athlete can prove they did not use the substance during the trials, they may only be looking at a three-month ban, which could also be reduced if the athlete submits to an approved treatment program.

Should Richardson have her spot on the Olympic team revoked, Jenna Prandini—who placed fourth in the 100-meter—will serve as a replacement.


The Biden administration has gained international support for its plans to create a "global minimum tax." On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reports that officials from 130 countries agreed to the broad strokes of a plan that would impose a corporate tax of at least 15 percent wherever a corporation is headquartered.

"Today's agreement by 130 countries representing more than 90% of global GDP is a clear sign: The race to the bottom is one step closer to coming to an end," said U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who'd been leading the negotiations.

A report from the Tax Foundation notes that most studies have found that the majority of the corporate tax burden, as much as 70 percent, is paid by employees in the form of reduced wages.


• House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) announces the members of the House's select committee that will investigate the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

• A new working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that minimum wage increases in Los Angeles were paid for by customers in higher-income neighborhoods. Business owners and commercial landlords primarily absorbed the costs in lower-income areas.

• California gubernatorial candidate Caitlin Jenner suggests the state's homeless could be moved to "big open fields."

• Federal prosecutors have hit the Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, with criminal charges for an alleged multi-year tax fraud scheme. Former President Donald Trump said in a statement that the charges were a "political Witch Hunt by the Radical Left Democrats."

• Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance announces his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Ohio.

• An approaching tropical storm is complicating search and rescue efforts at the site of a collapsed condo building in Surfside, Florida.

• Trumpworld figures launch new social media platform GETTR.

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  1. There are currently somewhere between 2,500 and 3,500 U.S. troops still in Afghanistan, although precise numbers are hard to come by given the inconsistent ways that the military tallies up troops in the country.

    And somewhere between 25,000 and 35,000 CIA agents and contractors attending to the poppy harvest doing super-secret intelligence work.

    1. Maths are hard.

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    2. But they are helping the GOOD poppy harvesters and punishing the BAD poppy harvesters! So it’s all GOOD!

      1. Spaz flag

        1. Its Friday. Sarcasmic hits the bottle early.

          1. Squirrelcasmic?

            1. He has been caught forgetting to switch user names multiple times. He has posted sqrsly copy accidentally under sarcasmic.

              1. Plus the mental problems are too similar to be a coincidence.

                1. R Mac and Tulpa evil trolling are tooooo similar to be a co-oinky-dink! (Note that R Mac and Mary Stack even rhyme!)

                  “Dear Abby” is a personal friend of mine. She gets some VERY strange letters! For my amusement, she forwards some of them to me from time to time. Here is a relevant one:

                  Dear Abby, Dear Abby,
                  My life is a mess,
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                  1. Poor sarc.

                    1. Here, along with your “smart pills”, the below may help you…

                      Everything You Want to Know About Vaginal Yeast Infections

                2. Really? The Tim the enchanter and dear Abby nonsense seem like a totally different approach than sarcs……. whatever.

                  I dunno, the squirrel just seems like a unique kinda crazy. Distinct, anyway. I could be wrong.

  2. NR has a good takedown of Colorado’s government failures in recent years. It’s what happens when far left progs take over.

    1. Honestly, Polis is less of a problem in the state than the idiot California-adjacent trend chasers in the Colorado legislature.

      1. That isn’t a terribly difficult bar to clear though.

  3. The U.S. Quietly Departs Its Largest Military Base in Afghanistan
    Did we strip out all the copper wire before we left in the middle of the night?

    1. No, but rest assured, the Afghan commanders have their soldiers doing that right now. Their commanders will be moving in with their ever increasing harem of “dancing boys”. Then the civilians will get a crack at whatever isn’t burnt up in the burn pits. They are packing those US supplied Ford Rangers with everything that the can before the “big skeedaddle”. They never wanted the buildings anyways, only US officers had a use for them. I was present during a handover to Afghan forces. The first day looked like the looting on Michigan Ave in Chicago last summer, but all of them were in uniform and driving US government supplied vehicles.

  4. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) announces the members of the House’s select committee that will investigate the January 6 riot at the Capitol.
    Still pissed about the shoes on the desk.

    1. She should have had more officers on duty.

    2. Yes, those dang insurrectionists were planning to take over the country using all those signs as formidable weapons. The guy in the Viking hat was especially intimidating.

      1. Just because the insurrections executed their insurrection poorly doesn’t mean it wasn’t an insurrection.

        1. Just because it wasn’t an “insurrection” means it wasn’t an “insurrection”, steaming pile of lefty shit.

          1. You watch The View daily don’t you?

            Your simple thoughts and parroted language is something to behold.

            1. This was meant for white Mike I think?

            2. I try to keep it simple so TDS-addled lefty assholes don’t get confused.

              1. Ya. Sry

        2. You believe a single fire extinguisher almost overthrew the country white Mike.

          Youre a sad sad leftist.

        3. People that call it an insurrection, don’t really understand what an insurrection is. There may be a few people that really thought that’s what was going on. If it can be proven, charge them accordingly. But painting everyone as insurrections is like calling all protestors in 2020 rioters. It fails to consider individual motives and just applies a generalization for the purpose of making an entire group of people look bad. It’s a tool in the us vs game. The left seem to demand that we carve out the rioters vs the peaceful protesters, yet they do not want to extend the same curtesy here. It’s an example of how they are not really interested in equality.

          Protestors stormed the Capitol in an attempt to keep Kavanaugh from bring confirmed. Granted, they didn’t riot. But their purpose was to interfere with a constitutional duty of congress. I don’t think any of them were charged with obstructing that duty. Mostly just trespassing and disorderly conduct.

          1. I would point out that Catholic Nuns were arrested for praying in the Rotunda, so arresting people for enter restricted areas and destroying property seem responsible. As to what individuals were insurrectionists and which were just following the mob, I think that will be sorted out in court.

            1. That’s something you should sort out prior to charging. Not prior to court.
              How much overcharging will be done to compel guilty pleas on lesser charges? If the feds will go after Flynn’s family to get him to plead guilty, the little guy doesn’t stand a chance.

        4. There was no ‘insurrection’.

          Protesters stormed the Capitol in support of the existing administration against the travesty that was about to occur.

          An ‘insurrection’ would have been an action taken to supplant the existing government. This did not happen.

      2. Your honor, the attempted murder charges against my client should be dropped because he really botched the job.

        1. Your honor, the attempted murder charges against my client should be dropped because he was armed with some kleenex.

        2. Omar: That wasn’t no attempted murder.

          Levy: Then what was it, Mr. Little?

          Omar: I shot the boy Mike-Mike in his hind parts, that all. Fixed it up so he couldn’t sit right.

          1. Greatest TV show ever.

        1. Why do you feel you need to whine about a protest?

          1. He supported 2 billion in damagea across the country and over a dozen murders last summer. But shoes on Pelosis desk is too far.

            1. What we saw is the difference between peasants rioting on peasant property and peasants rioting on ruling class property.

              Remember how some mayors did nothing about riots until the rioters came to their house?

              1. What we saw were peasants rioting directly after being incited by the former president in an attempt to prevent the certification of the election which donald trump lost. (He did, and if you think he didn’t, well you might be a cultist.) This was an insurrection attempt by Donald Trump.

                Yes, it was poorly executed; which is further evidence that this was the work of Donald Trump.

                1. “”Yes, it was poorly executed; which is further evidence that this was the work of Donald Trump.””

                  Does this mean Donald Trump is your dad?

                2. Hey, lying piece of lefty shit DOL! Ever find that one cite where you caught Ken lying? Just one?
                  Didn’t think so, and now your at it again!
                  Fuck off and die, lying pile of lefty shit.

                3. rioting directly after being incited

                  Since the mob started entering the Capitol before the speech was even over, it seems like you’re full of shit yet again. Oh, and the pesky speech itself about remaining peaceful.

                  Yes, you’re full of shit as usual.

                  1. Come on, don’t you know his mere presence was incitement? That’s how the left has felt about him from the beginning. His very existence on this planet is incitement. So it’s natural they would make the claim.

            2. Jesse has to make up his opponents’ arguments because they are too reasonable from the original source.

              1. DOL lies. It’s what he does.

                1. He even lied about military service. He’s not known as Stolen Valor around here for nothing.

                  1. sDOLen valor

                    1. I have been vetted twice now. Anyone else care to make a total ass of themselves, I offer an unlimited monetary bet if I cannot prove my special forces veteran status.

              2. Are you a sarcasmic sock? He tries the same pathetic denial for what he’s posted. Even after giving him links he denies it. Just like you do woth your claim JSF was built by Raytheon. Hilarious.

        2. Stunning and brave!


        3. From riot to insurrection. They certainly used the word riot a lot during the film. And cherry picked the content. But it wasn’t really fun until the media labeled it an ‘insurrection!!’
          I wouldn’t apologize for any of it. Started as a protest. Morphed to a riot. Common mob reaction. No one person incites that. It is a group vibe that courses through the mob.
          Congresscritters were scared. Adding the label of Insurrection gives Congress the validity to put up walls, troops and guns. Protect the elite at all costs!

          1. “”Adding the label of Insurrection gives Congress the validity to put up walls, troops and guns. Protect the elite at all costs!””


          2. Thats what white Mike and DoL actually want to happen.

            Those 2 and Jeff even aplauc the killing of Babbitt, and unarmed veteran, for the crime of trespassing.

            They are statist pieces of shit.

          3. that handle…Prince would be proud

            Also he probably owned one

      3. “The guy in the Viking hat was especially intimidating.”

        It was an assault helmet. We need common sense helmet control.

        1. Nobody needs a helmet that carries 2 horns!

          1. Their that thingy that goes up?

    3. Unfortunately for accountability, transparency and honesty, Pelosi’s extremely biased “Blame Trump Committee” will NOT:

      – fault Pelosi or DC Mayor Bowser for rejecting Trump’s request for many more National Guards at the Capitol on January 6,

      – expose the several dozen Deep State FBI/CIA/DOJ agents who actually broke Capitol fences and windows, and then urged Trump supporters to follow them into the building,

      – acknowledge that Brian Sicknick was not beaten by any Trump supporters (as Biden, Pelosi and the left wing media have falsely and repeatedly claimed), but rather died of a stroke a day later, or

      – disclose the name of the Capitol Police Officer who murdered unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

    4. One republican. Will they will call it bipartisan?

      Just the other day we were discussing how many it takes to make it bipartisan.

      1. One drop rule applies.

      2. And white Mike showed from 2 out of 3 of his attempts jt requires 2 parties to agree, not a small subset of people from both.

        1. 1 out of 3 definitions agree so that is partisan support for the definition of partisan.

          1. Haha. Nice.

  5. Donald Trump Among the Nation’s Worst Presidents, According to New Survey of Historians

    Trump came in 41st among all of the nation’s former presidents, according to a group of historians

    Donald Trump ranks among the worst former presidents according to a newly released C-SPAN survey of historical experts.

    The poll, which comes out every four years and launched in 2000, surveys 142 historians, asking them to grade former commanders-in-chief on 10 characteristics, including administrative skills, moral authority and economic management.

    Among the grades for individual characteristics, the 75-year-old Trump came in last in moral authority and administrative skills. In terms of overall rankings, he came in 41st — ahead of only James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Franklin Pierce.

    Peanut sadness and tears.

    1. Other people’s options matter so much!

      1. Apparently for Buttplug’s “historians”, the president who negotiated a much better trade deal than NAFTA, arranged peace between the Arabs and Israelis and the Serbs and Kosovars, got the DPRK to the negotiating table for the first time ever, and reversed 40 years of Black targeted crime bills, is far worse than the president who gave everyone Libya and Obamacare.

        I suppose they must be good ol’ fashioned fascists to come to that conclusion.

        1. Not to mention the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment ever recorded.

    2. Gee, what a surprise. And here I thought academic historians would love Trump.

      1. Considering FDR was No. 3, I question their objectivity as historians. Kennedy nearly destroyed two (or more) nations in a ball of nuclear fire and Pierce was still worse because Lincoln couldn’t prevent the Civil War.

        1. Well, “great” and “good” can be very different things when talking about powerful leaders. Historians like well-spoken presidents who do big stuff, even if it’s mostly destructive.

        2. I mean, of *course* they’d like the Democrat president who put American citizens in concentration camps. They’re hoping Biden will emulate that behavior. Hell, since Asians have “made White”, the Japanese might even get to be included in the *second* round too.

    3. 9 out of 10 dentist agree.

    4. “Among those who topped the list are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt — at the Nos. 1, 2 and 3 spots, respectively.”

      WTF?! Racist slaveowner George Washington ranks ahead of Barack Obama?! Like, the Barack Obama who personally created the strongest 8-year run in US economic history?

      Apparently WHITE SUPREMACY and SYSTEMIC RACISM are more widespread among historians than I’d realized.


    5. Obama still ranked first by that group or did he get pushed to second by Biden?

    6. Hi peanuts, of course I love to post gaslights and I don’t plan to stop. Here’s a recap of some of my greatest lies:

      COVID came from a wetmarket
      Conservatives are all terrorists
      Ivermectin doesn’t work
      HCQ doesn’t work
      Biden doesn’t have dementia
      The jab isn’t making anyone ill
      Fauci was consistent
      Masks work
      COVID passports
      Cuomo didn’t kill old people
      Dominion systems were secure
      Hunter Biden is an artist
      Trump colluded with Russia
      Jan 06 was an insurrection
      Transwoman are real women
      BLM is mostly peaceful
      Trump had a pee pee tape
      Antifa is an idea
      George Floyd didn’t overdose
      Advanced coursework is racist
      1619 is real history
      Hunter Laptop wasn’t real
      Trump caused asian hate
      White rage is the problem
      CRT isn’t poisonous
      All white people are racist
      A pipe in ATL stopped the count
      Jussie Smollet was attacked
      China travel ban was racist
      Words are violence
      The military isn’t woke
      The FBI is apolitical
      Shokin was fired for corruption
      Obama didn’t build cages
      Iran never got cash pallets
      Churches should be closed
      The border is under control
      Voter ID is racist
      Biden is tough on Putin
      Blasey Ford was credible
      Swalwell isn’t compromised
      Kids should get the jab
      Teachers had it the worst
      China managed COVID well
      WHO is an independent body
      The Great Reset isn’t real
      Renting forever is just fine
      Bailouts are necessary
      Gain of Function wasn’t funded
      Hunter isn’t incestuous
      Double masking is best
      Own nothing, be happy
      Hillary had 98% chance to win
      Melania was an escort
      A video caused Benghazi
      Ban fully semi-automatic guns
      Trump camp wasn’t spied on
      Hunter was hired on merit
      Hands up Don’t Shoot happened
      AR15s are weapons of war
      Bubba Wallace noose was real

      1. Covington Catholic kid is racist
        Trump will start WW3
        If you like your Dr., Keep your Dr.
        Trump said drink bleach
        Assange is a criminal
        Putin hacked VT electric grid
        Trump threw out MLK, Jr bust
        Kushner never got a Peace Deal
        Trump banned Muslims
        Mueller proved Trump-Cohen lie
        Trump Jr had WikiLeaks access
        Global warming is #1 threat
        Arkancides are a myth
        Iraq had WMD’S
        Russia hacked DNC
        The science is settled
        There are no Uyghur camps
        Elizabeth Warren is native
        The icecaps are melting
        Steele Dossier is bulletproof
        Seth Rich mugging went wrong
        Bernie lost primary fair&square
        Coyotes aren’t carrying humans
        Guns cause Chicago violence
        Wall-Street isn’t rigged
        Fast & Furious = conspiracy
        Joe never hid in the basement
        15 Days to Slow the Spread
        MAGA rallies = super spreaders
        Late-term abortions are normal
        Only vaxxed can enjoy July 4
        There’s a War on Women
        Gates isn’t buying up farmland
        Russian bounties were real
        Stormy Daniels is credible
        Kavanaugh is a drunk rapist
        Monsanto has a great product
        Wildfires are bc climate change
        Gen Flynn is a traitor
        Omar didn’t marry her brother
        Anita Hill story was true
        Trump votes were whitelash
        Trump called Nazis fine people
        The media is tough on Biden
        Trump tried to nuke a hurricane
        Cops kill 1000s unarmed POC
        Green New Deal is affordable
        Hurricanes are all stronger now
        Kamala never witheld evidence
        Everything is infrastructure
        America is structural racism
        IRS never targeted Tea Party
        Defund the Police
        Austere religious scholar dies
        Joe never fingered Tara Reade
        17 Intel Agencies agree
        Imran Awan did nothing wrong
        Greta Thunberg is authoritative
        Giuliani warned of FBI raid
        Social Workers can stop crime
        Joe Scarborough is innocent
        No Las Vegas Shooter motive
        Brexit was undemocratic
        Moderate rebels aren’t terrorists
        GOP baseball shooter apolitical
        Dangerous Lockdown protests
        Scaramucci had Russian ties
        CIA doesn’t plant news stories
        NSA isn’t spying on your calls
        Trump preparing Martial Law
        Border Walls don’t work
        You didn’t build that
        Racism is public health crisis
        Walls closing in on Trump
        Bitcoins a worthless scam
        Gillum did no wrong
        Trump said all Mexicans rapists
        5 people murdered at Capitol
        No immunity via C19 infection
        Trump tear gassed Lafayette Square
        Hillary didn’t hide any emails
        Its illegal to view Wikileaks
        Trump had secret Russia server
        Clinton-Lynch Tarmac was fine
        Katie Hill is the victim
        Toobin made a small mistake

        1. Trump pays no taxes
          Brazille never leaked questions
          Manafort visited Assange
          China never paid Hunter
          Pelosi’s hair salon set her up
          W.E.F. is a benign organization
          Meat is bad for the environment
          Feinstein’s staffer wasn’t CCP
          Podesta emails were doctored
          Omar didn’t pay husband $2.8M
          Amazon = ‘Lungs of the Earth’
          Clinton foundation helped Haiti
          Nothing was on Weiner’s laptop
          Hillary didn’t collapse into a van
          Nike doesn’t use slave labor
          Trans Story hour is beautiful
          The Asymptomatic spread C-19
          Stacey Abrams was cheated
          Zuckerberg saved 2020 election
          The NBA isn’t supporting CCP
          Trump failed Puerto Rico
          Rittenhouse showed up to kill
          AOC staff didn’t divert $1M
          C.Cuomo didn’t break isolation
          Baturina never wired Hunter $$
          China stopped fentanyl export
          Chauvin jury was impartial
          Maxine Waters made no threat
          Ed Buck was just a fundraiser
          Schiff didn’t leak classified info
          COVID Spring break will kill you
          Boulder shooter Alissa is white
          Biden attended Delaware State
          2-Scoops was a Big deal
          Weinstein shocked Hollywood
          Guns owners don’t stop crime
          Brian Williams Heli was shot at
          Hillary did land under sniper fire
          Lauer’s behavior was unknown
          Joy Reid’s blog was hacked
          NY DA will take Trump down
          You should report GOP family
          Solyndra did nothing wrong
          Prince Andrew isn’t a Pedo
          Kaepernick unsigned because racism

          1. Avenatti will be great President
            Coal miners: learn to code
            No, Blackrock isn’t to blame
            Trump last-ditch war with Iran
            Uranium One wasn’t a scandal
            Carter Page was Russian asset
            Burisma did nothing wrong
            AR15 used in all mass shooting
            Trump stimulus is breadcrumbs
            1/6 riots planned assassination
            Trump wants to Nuke North Korea
            FISA warrants aren’t abused
            Democrats freed the Slaves
            Tucker wasn’t spied on
            The GOP opposed Civil Rights
            Biden never plagiarized
            Trump hates the environment
            The parties flipped
            USMCA is a disaster
            Biden didn’t kill keystone jobs
            Trump destroyed US leadership
            Vince Foster committed suicide
            CCP wont manipulate currency
            TPP is going to be great
            Boycott Goya Foods
            Classical Music is Racist
            Trump wont have magic wand
            Paris Climate Accords help US
            Trump is Anti-Semite
            Math is Racist
            What difference does it make
            Manufacturing isn’t returning
            Trump will crash stock market
            There is no deep state
            Abolish gender pay gap
            Football is gay
            POC have trouble getting an ID
            Seattle’s CHAZ isn’t dangerous
            CNN townhall wasn’t scripted
            Trump hid in bunker
            Ma’Khia was in schoolyard fight
            The NC bathroom bill was evil
            Epstein committed suicide
            McAfee committed suicide
            Biden won the election

            1. We all know full well that turd dis not capable of writing that, so it’s a copy/paste from some TDS-addled shit’s site.
              Besides which few are lies or even attributable to Trump: “Trump is Anti-Semite – Math is Racist – What difference does it make”, etc.
              Fuck off and die, turd.

              1. Lol, it’s definitely not Buttplug, Sevo.

                1. “Lol, it’s definitely not Buttplug, Sevo.”


              2. U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson might miss the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for marijuana.

                Let’s remember that the Olympics are a private organization and so can make any rules they want.

                1. Fucking Reason servers.

                2. I mean, obviously everyone knows that marijuana is a huge performance enhancing drug, especially in Olympic competitions like the 100 Hour Netflix Binge and the 50 Bag Potato Chip Consumption. Which events are usually held concurrently.

                  1. Aren’t pretty much ALL of the snowboarders in the _Winter_ Olympics major potheads?

                    1. yes and smrt enough to pass their tests

                  2. That pot smoking swimmer won too many medals. Can’t have that again.

            2. Quickly scanned the list and so much of it is incorrect that there is no need to actually refute it. Who sold you this bill of “trumped” up lies

              1. It’s not turd; someone is ‘impersonating’ him and pointing out HIS lies.
                I fell for it too…

              2. “Who sold you this bill of “trumped” up lies”


      2. My first mute!

        1. It’s not Buttplug.

          1. Ah. Didn’t actually read it. Too long.

    7. Goddamn you’re obsessed with Trump. There are other incompetent politicians to make fun of. It’s a booming market. But you’ve only got room in your heart for Donald.

      1. Ah, if incompetence had been his only fault…

        1. Ah, if stupidity was your only fault.

    8. I’d put tank him as better than Jackson and Wilson, too.

      1. “put tank” -> “rank”. Thanks spelling “correction”.

      2. Better than FDR, LBJ and Carter too.

        1. The leftists here that pretend to be libertarian believe the guy who created 2 large departments in Ed and Energy is a libertarian.

    9. Yes, Kennedy and Clinton had such stellar moral authority, far ahead of Trump’s.

      1. Trump did get elected on the premise of a missile gap that help fuel the arms race. And then his involvement with a corrupt South Vietnam government that helped result in sending American troops to SE Asia. But Kennedy did have that ME peace accord gold star on his record though so…

    10. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
      July.2.2021 at 9:43 am
      “Peanut sadness and tears.”

      turd’s TDS.

      1. Pedo is fixated on pea nuts.

        1. I always assume he’s referring to the cartoon children. Which is why it’s super creepy and I keep asking him to stop.

    11. Lol. Rankings from a liberal set of historians to prove you aren’t a lefty.

      This was like you posting links on how to download CP 5o prove you weren’t a pedo.


    UST IN: Anti-Kavanaugh protesters take over the Hart Senate Office Bldg. atrium on Capitol Hill.

    …”the protest happening behind me.. is by far the largest,most well organized protest against Kavanaugh I’ve seen yet this week.. after this announcement from Heidi Heitkamp she would vote ‘No’ gave a boost of energy to the opposition

    1. They should have been shot in the face for trespassing on public property, right Jeff/Mike?

      1. Hmm, still no answer from Dee.

        1. A bipartisan panel of 1,000 Democrats and 1 Republican said the events were substantially different.


    3. “”after this announcement from Heidi Heitkamp she would vote ‘No’ gave a boost of energy to the opposition””

      Isn’t giving it a boost of energy considered incitement these days?

  7. New York Times Article Lays Out Circumstantial Evidence for Lab Leak Theory

    If you take all of human history, the vast majority of pandemics have been caused by zoonotic spill-over – which would suggest the prior probability of a lab leak is quite low. However, sophisticated research labs have only been around for a few decades. (We can’t pin the Plague of Justinian on inadequate safety protocols.)

    “A better period of comparison”, Tufekci notes, “is the time since the advent of molecular biology, when it became more likely for scientists to cause outbreaks.” In fact, nearly every case of SARS since the original outbreak in 2002 has been due to lab leaks. There have been “six incidents in three countries, including twice in a single month from a lab in Beijing”.

    1. Fauci must answer for his crimes of funding the creation of this virus.

      1. There should be a Nuremberg like trial.


    A parable from my time in American academia:

    One day, the Gates Foundation descended on a field related to mine, with enormous bags of money. They wanted to fund /encourage a certain flavour of historical research. The orders had come on high, from Gates himself.

    It didn’t make any sense, what Gates & co. wanted. It wasn’t compelling, it was without substance, it wasn’t something anybody was interested in

    But, there was money behind it. Administrators wanted postdocs & professors doing this thing, teaching this thing

    The reason, I eventually discovered, was that Bill Gates had read some book by a third-rate knockoff Malcom Gladwell type, and he’d been convinced by this book that this research was super important and compelling, and so he wanted to fund it.

    Someone told me that it was during a period when Gates was spending a lot of time walking on a treadmill trying to lose weight & reading various dumb books while doing so & getting ideas. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s the level at which we were operating.

    All kinds of dumb mediocre academics claimed suddenly to be interested in this fake field, to already be working in this field, and so on. Conferences were organised, campus talks organised, guest professorships, the works.

    Then Gates lost interest and the whole thing basically went away, except for a few dumb stragglers who are still doing that stupid shit, probably to this day.

    This is what I mean, when I say that elites are mostly stupid, and that there is no goal.

    Gates wasn’t trying to achieve anything. He just got out of bed one day, scratching his ass, & thought this was a good idea. Then, after his money had caused various disruptions, he forgot all about it & went on to fund some other stupid shit.
    There was no plan, no point, nothing

    1. I’m wondering exactly what the historical research was about.

  9. Laptop shows Joe Biden attended meetings between Hunter and his Mexican business partners

    For instance, Joe invited Hunter’s foreign associates to breakfast meetings at his vice presidential residence and to his office in the White House, the laptop shows. He took his son on Air Force Two to countries where Hunter was doing deals, and on at least one occasion, included one of Hunter’s business partners on the trip.

    Among more than 100 events scheduled in Hunter’s diary at the VP’s residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, there are meetings which appear to overlap with Hunter’s business interests.

    “Breakfast with Dad — NavObs” is one such meeting recorded for 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 19, 2015. Five photographs date-stamped on that day and taken at 10:03 a.m. and 10:04 a.m. appear on the laptop, showing Joe posing with four of Hunter’s business associates, including Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim and Miguel Alemán Velasco.

    1. Hunter Biden’s laptop keeps damning Joe, but most media just ignore it

      1. Hunter Biden’s laptop keeps damning Joe, but most media just ignore it

        The latest, of course, is the photographic evidence that then-Veep Joe attended an April 16, 2015, dinner with shady Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh “businessmen” and even posed for photos with the unseemly guests.

        To put some face-saving cover on the event in the private “Garden Room” at Café Milano, a posh Georgetown eatery (“Where the world’s most powerful people go,” run its promos), Hunter billed it as “ostensibly to discuss food security,” as he emailed one guest, and invited several officials from the World Food Program.

        But the beards were outnumbered by the likes of corrupt former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov (hubby of Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina, who’d paid one of Hunter’s firms $3.5 million the year before), Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev, Karim Massimov, a former prime minister of Kazakhstan, and Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

    2. I’m sure hunter included the value of the flights on his income tax.

      1. Grand Larceny!

    3. Jeff, white Mike, pedo, all think this is normal and not a scandal. It is amazing to watch.

      1. And Reason, apparently.

  10. America can learn from Communist China, says Berkshire’s Charlie Munger

    Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger praised the Chinese government for silencing Alibaba’s Jack Ma in a recent interview, adding that he wishes US financial regulators were more like those in China.

    “Communists did the right thing,” Munger, the 97-year-old longtime friend of Warren Buffett, said about the handling of Ma, who criticized officials in Beijing last year for stifling innovation.

    The comments were included in a CNBC special about Buffett, Munger and Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB) that aired Tuesday night.

    Ma has been largely out of the public eye since making those critiques. Meanwhile China’s government also issued new regulations on Alibaba (BABA) affiliate Ant Financial that have forced the company to delay its eagerly awaited initial public offering.

    Munger said that China essentially “just called in Jack Ma” and told him “you aren’t gonna do it, sonny.”

    “They said, ‘To hell with you,’” Munger added, noting that he thought Ma was looking to “wade into banking … and just do whatever he pleased.”

    Although he would not want “all of the Chinese system” in the US, Munger did say “I certainly would like to have the financial part of it in my own country.”


      Google & YouTube are removing videos and channels of Uyghurs & family members of people who have been disappeared in Xinjiang – per Reuters.


        Elon Musk out here joining in the CCP’s celebration of 100 years of repression & murder.


          PARTY TIME: China staged a night of political theater with a mass performance to sing the praises of the ruling communist party, ahead of the 100th anniversary of its foundation.


            Xi hails ‘new world’ as China marks Communist Party centenary

            1. Iconic American Magazine Fails To Disclose CCP Funding in Latest Print Edition
              Time magazine has taken more than $700,000 from China Daily for sponsored content

              1. Goddam but you’re EXCITED by all this!

                1. Weird way of saying “terrified”, but yeah. Most of us are.

                  You’re not? Why aren’t you?

                  1. That’s a pretty new pile of lefty shit, spent quite a while in mental gymnastics trying to justify CRT several days back.

                2. “Goddam but you’re EXCITED by all this!”

                  Fuck off and die, slaver.

                3. “This isn’t a problem; if it’s a problem, it’s not that bad; if it’s bad, there are worse problems to worry about.”

      2. Muh Pryvit Companeez


    So, just to get this straight, if you smoke pot you can be disqualified from the Olympics, but if you are a biological man who takes a year of estrogen you can compete against the ladies in weightlifting

    1. All for the opportunity to insult the country that sent you there if you get third place.

      1. Oh, come on, don’t sell her short. She’d have insulted the country if she came in first, too.

      2. I’d like to know when goofs like this broad and Simone sanders decided “wildebeest” was a good look for doing their makeup.

    2. And regarding Sha’Carri Richardson: would.

  12. Now leave the rest of the foreign bases.

  13. “Sha’Carri Richardson might miss Olympics over positive pot test”

    I see it as the Olympics is going to miss Sha’Carri Richardson over a positive pot test.

    1. Stay sweet sullum.


    Stacey Abrams now owns two homes totaling $1.4M after starting 2018 campaign in massive debt

  15. Reason is strangely silent on the Cosby ruling. I thought Prosecutorial misconduct was one of their hot button items.

    1. It was covered in yesterday’s morning roundup. Also Volokh posted on it.

      1. Oh, a hot link in the Roundup. Well that’s that then.

        1. They don’t care as much about DA misconduct as they do other things. Can’t attack those new Soros backed political operatives reducing crime rates by simply dropping cases.

    2. They’re torn between race traitor witch hunt and govt over reach. Best to keep quiet.

  16. CNN:
    On a day of projected strength and triumph for the CCP, Xi Jinping hailed the party’s successes and the “national rejuvenation” it has been able to achieve.

    He also said foreign countries that “bully” China will meet a “great wall of steel.”

    The latest.

      As China’s Communist Party marks the 100th anniversary of its founding, “red tourism” — field trips to sites of historical significance to the party — are booming. CNN’s


        In an event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party Thursday, President Xi Jinping claimed that only the party could ensure China’s continued assent and stability, and any attempt to divide the party from the country would fail.

    2. He also said foreign countries that “bully” China will meet a “great wall of steel.”
      Yeah, but it’s cheap Chinese steel, so no big deal.

      1. There’s a pretty hilarious set of videos about a belt-and-road project that China is doing in Africa. One video shows the Chinese guy scolding an African project manager for his people not adapting to higher technologies after colonization like China did, which is why the continent is still mostly a pretty fucked-up place. Another one has the Chinese guy complaining to the African guy about a broken hammer and saying that’s just another example of the continent’s dysfunction, and the African goes, “It says ‘Made in China.'”


    A picture paints a thousand words. Ball-boys and ball-girls wearing masks while the rich and privileged don’t.

    1. Some people LOVE that “the help” is all masked up.

    2. Right Said Fred. Huh.

  18. Our elections are totes safe and secure
    “Red-faced city election officials held an apparently illegal, secret meeting Wednesday to discuss the botched vote count that threw the Democratic mayoral primary into chaos, The Post has learned.”

  19. Washington Post, NBC News push White House talking points that GOP, not Dems, wanted to ‘defund the police’

  20. Biden’s and the Democrats’ spending bills–both the infrastructure bill and the budget reconciliation bill–appear to be falling apart due to lack of support on all sides.

    I) Republican senators withdrew their support for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal when Biden stated that he would veto it unless the $4-$6 trillion budget reconciliation bill were on his desk at the same time. Biden tried to walk that back when Senate Republicans abandoned the infrastructure bill in response to that statement, but Pelosi has since stated that she won’t take up the Senate’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill unless the Senate passes the$4-$6 trillion reconciliation bill first.

    It should be noted that the $4-$6 trillion reconciliation bill can be passed without any Republican support whatsoever. When Biden threatened to veto the infrastructure bill unless the reconciliation bill were passed, he was putting pressure on the House Democrats who want to spend more on the budget reconciliation bill than he does–and don’t understand why the Senate Democrats won’t authorize more spending.

    As things stand, there may not be any Republican support for the infrastructure deal whatsoever.

    II) The big news of the day: Democrat Senator Joe Manchin stated last night that he will not support the $4-$6 trillion reconciliation bill. You can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth at around 4:08 in the video linked below:

    Reporter: “If the reconciliation bill they’re envisioning on the progressive side is $4 – $6 trillion, you’re not going with that?”

    Joe Manchin: “I don’t think I could ever get there to that”.

    Again, House Democrats, from AOC to Bernie Sanders (who is now the Senate Budget Committee Chair) are saying that they won’t support the infrastructure bill unless the reconciliation bill is in that range.

    All of Democrats’ plans have been operating under the assumption that the Democrats would be able force the reconciliation bill through the Senate because budget reconciliation bills aren’t subject to the filibuster and only need a simple majority to pass. However, if Joe Manchin won’t vote for the reconciliation bill, then the Democrats don’t have the majority necessary to pass it.

    So, where does that leave us now?

    A) The House Democrats and the progressives won’t take up the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill through the House until the Senate passes a $4 – $6 trillion reconciliation bill that’s made up of Green New Deal and social spending.

    B) Neither the Republicans nor Manchin will vote for a $4 – $6 trillion reconciliation bill in the Senate, which means the Senate Democrats don’t have enough votes to pass it.

    C) The Republican won’t vote for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill in any significant numbers if it’s in addition to $4 – $6 trillion in the reconciliation bill rather than instead of a $4 – $6 trillion reconciliation bill.

    Conclusion: Biden’s big plans for spending on infrastructure, the Green New Deal, and social spending appear to be in great peril from all sides–including from within his own party on both the moderate side and the progressive side.

    1. The Dems plan to just spend and spend is the worst thing about them.

      1. They seem to have a psychotic break when it comes to the negative consequences of their foolish choices. They’re like an out of control teen on a trashy talk show. Maybe they need to go to a boot camp for bad girls in Alaska before they learn that the bad choices they make today have bad consequences tomorrow. And, no, when the grown-ups won’t let them do whatever stupid thing they want, it doesn’t mean the grown-ups are racist and mean.

        1. Don’t think they have a psychotic break. They just believe in economic ideas like Keynesian stimulus and Modern Monetary Theory, or are just plain bad at math.

          I don’t understand why Republicans cannot civilly argue against their ideas, rather than going with demonization, divisiveness, and playing the victim. It’s almost like Republicans don’t have confidence in their own economic ideas, or have no economic ideas.

            1. How did you get a video of Pelosi before her makeup?

              1. That’s Dee!

            2. Poor Dee.

          1. I DO understand why D’s get really defensive when called on their bullshit: Mike gets really upset when someone gets honest.

    2. Good news. Nice to see some gridlock on massive spending between Democratic Party factions.

      1. Lol. Youre not fooling anybody dumbfuck. There was an easy way to avoid spending 12 trillion this year. But you backed the democrats the last few years because if mean tweets.

    3. Looks like Biden and the Dems will begin lobbying Senator Romney, Collins and/or Murkowski for their 50th vote need for budget reconciliation.

      1. I suspect Romney still has dreams of being the party’s establishment leader, and if he does that, he’ll be the biggest traitor to the Republican cause.

        How does the Green New Deal help Alaska?

        Collins might be a ripe candidate for a flip, but she just got herself another six years, so it’s not like she needs to worry about what happens when her political career as a Republican is over.

        I can’t help but wonder if the path of least resistance just has Biden failing as a leader, nothing getting passed on this, the Democrats getting spanked in the midterms, and Biden pushing President Kamala Harris forward as the solution to the Democrat’s problems when he retires ahead of the 2024 election cycle.

        One of the complicating factors is Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, too. She’s already promised not to seek the Speaker’s chair after the next midterm, so it’s not like AOC has nothing to gain if the House establishment and leadership fall on their faces. If Biden and Pelosi, and Schumer need to fail in order for AOC and Bernie Sanders to win, AOC and Bernie may be okay with that. Whether the reconciliation goes through or not, it’s kind of a win for them either way.

        No doubt, it’s a bigger win for them if the Green New Deal goes through.

        1. “he’ll be the biggest traitor to the Republican cause”

          Thought he was already branded a traitor or RINO for not exhibiting slavering loyalty to Donald Trump.

          1. Poor Dee. Everyone’s laughing at her and she doesn’t realize it.

      2. Collins votes for it and she will lose her next primary or bow out. Similar to what happened to Olympia Snowe (she lost the straw poll primary and decided to not seek reelection). Anus King, the undocumented Democrat, will vote for whatever Biden wants.

  21. More Than 10,000 Canadians Died Waiting For Their ‘Free’ Healthcare

    Every lib I know regurgitates the same line: “If free healthcare works for Canada, it will work for us.” But, unfortunately, for more than 10,000 Canadians, it didn’t work fast enough to save their lives. Quebec didn’t even count how many died waiting for healthcare, so they aren’t even a part of the nationwide total. These deaths took place between April 1, 2019, and December 31, 2020. The report, Died On a Waiting List, was released by think tank

    1. For many years now, what would very often happen is that Canadians with some money saved up and serious health issues would cross the border and get the emergency care they needed rather than gamble their lives waiting on the Canadian wait list.

      One of the many unfortunate consequences of the Coronavirus hysteria is that the border has been almost completely closed in both directions for nearly a year and a half now, and getting an eligibility waiver is all but impossible for most. Not everyone is Canada supports continuing this stupid ongoing policy, but the solid majority of that country is still n the grip of irrational fear and is still afraid to allow Americans back in to visit. As a result, many Canadians whose lives would have normally been saved in America are now dying on the wait list instead. It’s quite sad.

      1. And then ironically recorded as a Covid death.

    2. The Canadians I know all believe completely in their system and insist that stories like this are lies/fabrications.

      1. I wonder what Mother’s or Rufus’ thoughts on that article above are?

        1. Healthcare is run by the provinces rather than the federal government, so we didn’t see much of this in my neck of the woods. However in places like Ontario and the Maritimes were most of it occurred, the people are white hot.

          And not to distract from the obvious fact that most of these healthcare systems are shitty, but the deaths were the result of political decisions. Not failures in the systems.
          Those provincial healthcare ministers made conscious decisions not to do those treatments, even though the systems were capable of doing both.

    3. Why would we, as Americans, care about what’s going on in Canada?

      — Dee

      1. O Cawnada

  22. Really Reason? NOTHING about SCOTUS and the Arizona voting law?

    1. Local news.

  23. “…130 countries agree to broad strokes of a global minimum corporate tax,..”

    And the rest are licking their chops.

    1. Not everyone is on board with SleepyJoe’s price fixing scam.

    1. Result of SCOTUS getting Heller wrong.


    Conservatives have long warned about Big Tech companies censoring speech that strays from the leftist narrative, but on Thursday, Facebook launched a more proactive — and terrifying — campaign against “extremism.” It seems the company is notching up its invasive surveillance to the “Orwellian” level.

    “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” one notification asks. “We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.”

    The notification includes an “i” for information icon featuring the message “How you can help: Hear stories and get advice from people who escaped violent extremist groups.”

    1. See something, say something.

    2. I wonder if deep state money is funding this.

      1. No need to wonder – – – – – –


    In a move that bites the hand that feeds it, Atlanta recommends moving to abolish the suburbs ahead of the Biden administration requiring the city to do so. Buckhead is not what is traditionally considered a suburb. Residents there provide about 20% of the city’s budget, and their children attend Atlanta Public Schools. However, it is an area of the city primarily made up of neighborhoods with single-family homes…

    If you wonder why BlackRock and other investment firms are outbidding traditional home buyers, plans like this are a clue. Even though this is the plan for residential neighborhoods within the City of Atlanta, it is precisely the kind of initiatives the Biden administration is trying to force through the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing policy using highway funds as leverage.

    Investment firms really can’t lose. If the Biden administration is successful, or if cities like Atlanta voluntarily adopt these rules, as Minneapolis and the entire state of Oregon already have, it is a win. Investment firms can carve up single-family properties and add additional units of varying sizes and shapes to them. Depending on local rules, the new housing will be sold or rented. In cases where an entire development is purchased, as it was outside Houston, investment firms can knock them down, build high-density apartment buildings, and create an endless income stream. If the Biden plan fails, they still have long-term investment rental properties.

    1. So, buy some Blackrock stock?

  26. As an addendum to what I wrote above about Republican support for the infrastructure bill, the House passed their version of the infrastructure bill yesterday (for $715 billion in spending) and here were the vote totals:

    219 yeas
    0 (zero) nays
    0 (zero) abstain

    2 (two) yeas
    201 nays
    8 (eight) abstain

    In the minds of Britschgi and other Reason staff, I suppose this means it passed with “bipartisan” support. After all, two Republicans out of 211 did vote for it!

    In the minds of knowledgeable and reasonable people, on the other hand, that infrastructure bill did NOT pass with bipartisan support. It passed over the objections of the Republicans, and as far as I can tell, there is no good reason, at this point, to think that the infrastructure bill will enjoy any more “bipartisan” support in the Senate than it did in the House.

    P.S. In order for the bill to make it to the president’s desk for signature, it will need to pass through both chambers of Congress in the exact same form. Pelosi didn’t break her vow not to take a vote on the Senate’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill by holding a vote on a $715 trillion infrastructure bill last night. She’s promising not to take a vote on the Senate’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill–if and when it’s passed at some point in the future.

    1. Can you imagine that Bernie Sanders is in charge of a budget of any kind?

      1. It’s a nightmare.

        He’s threatening Biden from his perch as chair of the Budget Committee for not spending more on the Green New Deal.

        “Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, said Sunday that he will not support the bipartisan infrastructure plan that the Biden White House endorsed last week if it is not paired with a broader legislative package containing major investments in climate action and other progressive priorities.

        “Let me be clear: There will not be a bipartisan infrastructure deal without a reconciliation bill that substantially improves the lives of working families and combats the existential threat of climate change,” Sanders tweeted. “No reconciliation bill, no deal. We need transformative change NOW.”

        Just in case somebody thought I might be reading something into this, and please note that as the chair of the budget committee, putting together the budget reconciliation bill is Bernie Sanders’ responsibility. That’s his job! As things stand, you can’t get a reconciliation bill created unless Bernie Sanders approves.

        The Republicans in the Senate won’t sign onto the infrastructure bill if it’s in addition to the budget reconciliation bill, and the Democrats in both the House and the Senate won’t bring the infrastructure deal up for a vote unless the budget reconciliation bill has passed.

        All the pressure is on Joe Manchin to support budget reconciliation, but a huge component of the budget reconciliation is Green New Deal, which is practically tailor made to destroy the coal industry in West Virginia. He said he’s not interested in becoming a Republican in that interview I linked above, but he’d become a Republican before he voted for the Green New Deal, which is what House Democrats and Bernie Sanders are demanding as a condition for the infrastructure bill.

        The infrastructure bill is good for West Virginia because it contains spending that will complete highways and connect Appalachia to the interstate highway system. That would make manufacturing and distributing from West Virginia more viable to a lot more companies. We’ll see what happens when push comes to shove, but for the time being, it looks like Manchin would rather not have the Green New Deal–even if it means he doesn’t get to connect West Virginia to the interstate highway system.

        His primary support in the Democratic party is presumably coming from the United Mine Workers, and until the coal unions come around and start supporting the Green New Deal, he’s probably unlikely to do so. There isn’t much support in West Virginia for a Democrat outside the coal unions anymore. If he loses the coal unions, he’s got nobody.

        1. Ken wrote:
          “The infrastructure bill is good for West Virginia because it contains spending that will complete highways and connect Appalachia to the interstate highway system. That would make manufacturing and distributing from West Virginia more viable to a lot more companies.”

          Many interstates already go through West Virginia and the rest of Appalachia, and the traffic volume has declined (due to the sharp decline in coal mining, manufacturing and declining population.

          The future industries in WV and the much of Appalachia are natural gas (if the Dems don’t ban or regulate it out of existence) and recreation tourism (white water rafting, hiking, camping, biking).

          1. I hope it’s getting across that I’m not advocating in favor of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal.

            I’m analyzing Joe Manchin’s motives, regardless of whether I share them or like them, and saying that it appears to me that his motivations are more or less where he’s saying they are.

            He’ll support the infrastructure deal because he thinks it’s good for West Virginia, but it isn’t so good for West Virginia that he would support the Green New Deal.

            P.S. In Biden’s version of the Green New Deal, natural gas is phased out as a fuel source for power generation over a period of 15 years, and so that natural gas in West Virginia isn’t likely to do much good for them if Biden’s Green New Deal spending goes through anyway. Voting for Green New Deal spending is the very last thing he’ll do.

      2. That’s why Mrs. Sanders is in charge of the money at home.

    2. White Mike and chemleft will shortly be gaslighting us again that 0.9% is totally bipartisan and you’re off you’re meds.

      It’s not that they think we’re idiots. They know we recognize their middle school-level sophistry. It’s just what they’re paid to do.

      1. Will they also post 2 different definitions again showing their definition is wrong?

  27. From Pelosi’s statement:, and used twice: ‘ terrorist mob attack on the United States Capitol.’ This language should be concerning to anyone who values individual rights, liberties, not a rallying cry for an in-group to keep up the pathetic gaslighting and smear attempts.

    1. “mob attack on the United States Capitol” is an accurate description of what happened.

      “Terrorist”, nah.

      1. Fire extinguishers of mass destruction right white mike?

      2. The terrorist part is gaslighting to make it sound like Trump supporters are evil anti-Americans.

      3. attack on the United States Capitol is laughable

      4. “…“mob attack on the United States Capitol” is an accurate description of what happened…”

        While an accurate description of you is “lying pile of lefty shit”.

  28. Something to keep in mind reading Reason

    If they can control your emotions, they can control you.

  29. “”The hasty withdrawal resulted in a wave of looters rushing the unsecured base and ransacking several buildings.

    This would be front and center news if Trump was still in the office.


    ???? | NEW: Statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II have been toppled during protests in Canada

    1. So why such a big boner for the British monarchy Tardz?

  31. Biden wasn’t going to tax the little guy but what do you think a global minimum tax is. global taxes are a mistake that will just get out of control in no time and will only benifit tin pot dictators

  32. America, where everyone is free to choose to not subject themselves to peeing in a cup.

  33. I didn’t want to respond in a dead thread from Welch’s article yesterday, so I am going to leave this here:

    I just don’t understand how any rational person can associate the lack of melanin with any benefit or privilege. It demonstrates very poor critical thinking to equate being less oppressed than your neighbor to taking advantage of your neighbor. Even if they don’t believe it, repeating it without denouncing it lends it legitimacy.

    I attended the 7th and 8th grades in Newport, Rhode Island. It was clear to me and to the other intelligent children of working class parents, even at that young age, that the imbalance in power between the 1% and the rest of us is magnitudes greater than the imbalance in power between whites and various minorities.

    That is what is at work in politics today. The lefty elites and their willing minions are leveraging historical wrongs to loot the wealth of the modern equivalent of the kulaks, the class of Soviet citizens whose only sin was that they were more successful than their neighbors.

    Middle and lower class whites are every bit as oppressed as minorities by regulatory overreach (police, taxes, schools, etc.), but the left only amplifies the stories of minorities anymore. They create the illusion of privilege where none actually exists. This is intentional. Conflating race and class to create conflict and inspire political change is straight out of the Marxist playbook. The media is all in because outrage generates clicks even more than it got the last generation to view the news or the previous generation to buy a newspaper.

    1. Easy for a privileged Mormon to say. Your church has been taking advantage and fleecing non Mormons for decades.

      Eat a dick you fucking bigot!

      Kill ALL the mormons

      1. This is a death threat isn’t it.
        Maybe KAR should be reported to the FBI. It seems like he’s plotting a massacre.

        1. I’ll report you to the Mounties for being a fascist.

          It’s not a threat.

          It’s a fact! The Mormon vermin need to be eliminated.

          It wouldn’t hurt to get rid of Mormon loving fascists like you.

          Happy belated Canada day asshole

          1. It is mental illness. Aggressive mental illness.

            1. No way it is mental illness, it is far too deliberate.

              It is an age-old style of argumentation perfected by Marxists and since adopted by others unable to argue effectively. Kill the message by shitting your pants next to the messenger. The smell will drive off anyone who might otherwise stay to discuss.

              1. It’s not political(although most Mormons being Nazis is not a coincidence. Mormon culture encourages fascism towards non Mormons, but “free agency” lip service for Mormons).

                Left or right the Mormons gotta go.

                I’m not a Marxist.

      2. Way to milk that Pantshitter’s Veto. Making sure that no dialogue can result from a post by smearing inflammatory crap all over it so that the responses are all about you. That deliberate fallacy is so lefty, it’s cliché.

        I hope you get immolated trying to impress your dipshit friends with those fireworks you got across the river, you miserable cunt.

        1. I don’t do the firework thing. Especially when it’s this dry and hot. Also I avoid shithole Vantucky as much as possible.

  34. The U.S. Quietly Departs Its Largest Military Base in Afghanistan

    Moving to Indianapolis.

  35. >>all American forces could be out of the country by September 11

    T had ’em out by May. your boy is late.

    1. This might be good for Trump. When the Taliban take over Afghanistan again, Biden owns it.

      1. No. When the Taliban take over Afghanistan again, the peace deal will become Trump’s again.

        1. With the quality of news reporting we have these days, uh, yeah. You’re right.

  36. Agrobacterium Competent Cells
    The genotype of GV3101 Chemically Competent Cell is C58 (rif R) Ti pMP90 (pTiC58DT-DNA) (gent R) Nopaline. Background

  37. Minneapolis protesters hold city council vice president ‘hostage’ to sign list of demands

    No civil person would think this is ok.

    1. Dunno if you saw the stuff that happened at Evergreen college, but everything going on today (and specifically here) is eerily following suit.


    REVEALED: Anthem-snubbing Gwen Berry has history of racist posts on social media

    What a surprise, non whites can also be racist.

    Comments about mexicans, chinese, whites. Some about assaulting and stomping a white person. Also insensitive use of the R word. Tsk Tsk.

    Just imagine if a white Olympian had these posts with “black people be actin up, should slap they ass and stomp them!”

    Would be on media everywhere until the person what in the gallows.

    1. #whitepplkids hellaDisrespectful

      Seriously just imagine a white person in the spotlight openly tweeting this stuff about any other race.

      Leftist activist are, and have always been, the most racist fucks on the earth

    2. That’s known liar Andy NGO’s blog of lies.

      You just look foolish posting it.

  39. California gubernatorial candidate Caitlin Jenner suggests the state’s homeless could be moved to “big open fields.”

    …of tall grass?

    Spill That Wine, Dig That Gurl!

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