If Sha'Carri Richardson Can Get High and Still Outrun Everybody, She Should Be Allowed To Do It

Banning the American sprinter from the Olympics for using marijuana is completely ridiculous.


Sha'Carri Richardson ran 100 meters faster than any other woman at the U.S. Olympic trials, but she won't be able to compete in the event at the Olympic Games in Tokyo after testing positive for marijuana.

There are so, so many things wrong with this. The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), which officially announced Richardson's month-long suspension on Friday, should be ashamed for how they've handled the situation. More importantly, they should change their policies to ensure more athletes aren't subjected to an unnecessary punishment for using a substance that is obviously not going to provide a competitive edge.

And while the situation seems fairly absurd on its face, it actually gets worse the deeper you go.

Start with the fact that the USADA doesn't actually classify tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis, as a performance-enhancing drug. But the USADA—whose sole purpose, ostensibly, is to ensure the integrity of athletic events—tests athletes for THC anyway because it regards marijuana as "a 'Substance of Abuse' because it is frequently used in society outside the context of sport."

In the statement announcing Richardson's suspension, the USADA acknowledged that "Richardson's…use of cannabis occurred out of competition and was unrelated to sport performance."

In other words, Richardson's positive test had no bearing on the fact that she out-raced every other American woman at the Olympic trials—which were held in Eugene, Oregon, where marijuana is legal. Richardson engaged in legal activity that did not bestow upon her an unfair competitive advantage…and yet she's been suspended anyway.

Yes, the USOC and the USADA are private organizations that can set whatever rules they want. And, yes, Richardson should have been aware of those rules and known she would be drug tested. None of that changes the fact that the rules are beyond stupid.

And not just stupid, but enforced with more than a touch of creepy paternalism. Take a look at the statement released by Travis T. Tygart, CEO of the USADA, in which he described Richardson's suspension as "heartbreaking" before going on to say that "hopefully, her acceptance of responsibility and apology will be an important example to us all that we can successfully overcome our regrettable decisions, despite the costly consequences of this one to her."

Okay, dad. Richardson is a 21-year-old woman who already took responsibility for her actions, not a child who needs a public reprimand for engaging in completely legal behavior. Yes, Tygart is just doing his job and applying the rules to the situation—but spare us the moralizing.

In an interview with NBC on Wednesday, Richardson admitted to using marijuana to cope with the emotional stress caused by the unexpected death of her mother last month—a death she learned about from a reporter. "It sent me into a state of emotional panic," she said. Even world-class athletes, it turns out, are human.

But here's where things get even more ridiculous for the USADA. If Richardson had learned of her mother's death and emotionally coped by getting drunk instead of high, she'd still be allowed to compete in the Olympics. These rules governing what athletes do outside of competition (when there is no competitive advantage to be gained) are indefensible.

Richardson's suspension drew widespread condemnation on social media Friday. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R–Fla.) and Sen. Cory Booker (D–N.J.) tweeted their opposition to the USADA's ruling. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D–N.Y.) said the incident showed why "we need to get rid of archaic rules" regarding marijuana.

Jen Psaki, the White House's press secretary, called Richardson "an inspiring woman" on Friday but indicated that the Biden administration would not intervene. "This was an independent decision made by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and not a decision that would be made by the U.S. government, as is appropriate, and we will certainly leave them the space and room to make their decisions about anti-doping policies that need to be implemented," she said, according to Politico.

"Banning Sha'Carri Richardson from the Olympic 100-meter race is an absurd act of injustice. It should outrage every American who believes in common sense, compassion, and fairness," Matthew Schweich, deputy director at the Marijuana Policy Project, which advocates for legalization, said in a statement. "Like millions of other Americans, Sha'Carri Richardson is an adult who used cannabis in a state where it is legal. She should have the right to use cannabis without the fear that it could severely impact her athletic career and deprive her of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities."

There's still a chance that Richardson and her iconic hair could be a part of the 4×100 team relay race at the Olympics. That's because the event is scheduled for August 6, after her 30-day suspension ends.

"If I'm allowed to receive that blessing, then I'm grateful for it, but if not right now, then I'm just going to focus on myself," Richardson said during her interview with NBC on Wednesday—arguably demonstrating more maturity than the supposed authorities have throughout this whole mess.

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  1. So drugs bad, but testosterone in women’s events OK.

    1. That’s straight up transphobic bro!

      1. Two decades of East German female Olympians denied, for what?

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    2. She should identify as someone that passed her drug test.

    3. The Olympics tests female atheletes for testosterone levels.

  2. Yeah, I thought the anti-doping was supposed to be about performance enhancers. Is anyone claiming that pot is a performance enhancer? I suppose it’s not completely impossible if you don’t smoke it.
    I say let’s have a drugs Olympics too. I want to see what kind of athletic performances people can achieve with the available medical technology.

    1. Amen. And while all the sportswriters stroke themselves about how pure and great the non-drug Olympics are, I’ll be watching someone throw a discus to the sun or high jump over a two story building.

      1. “High jump”…

    2. This is truly some of the stupidest shit I have seen. I understand a strict policy of what gets found in your blood, but can we use a little judgement? Unless there is some kind of evidence that it is a performance enhancer who cares.

      Also, we are seeing it as more medicinal as we progress in medicine. What if they found anti-inflammatories in her system? Muscle relaxants? Some kind of pain medicine? All things that an athlete could need to help recover. All things that likely would have a larger effect on performance than weed. This is just dumb

      1. Should add, she is also a fucking idiot. She is an olympian in competition, who didnt think there would be a drug test.

        I still think its dumb and shouldn’t be considered or held against her, but also she is dumb for not waiting until after or getting some blackmarket clean urine.

        1. She’s an Olympic sprinter: needs just enough brains to run in a straight line and get to the nail salon. Stupid handlers.

      2. BUT THEY’RE ROLE MODELS!!111!!

      3. “…Unless there is some kind of evidence that it is a performance enhancer who cares…”

        Maybe the folks who want medals?
        Agreed weed isn’t any sort of stimulant, but as a mild depressant, it might impede her efforts.

    3. There’s more than one type of performance enhancer. Football players with injuries have been known to go ahead and play with the help of painkillers, and injured themselves more as a result. Marijuana can be used that way, too. Not that Richardson did so.

    4. a drugs Olympics

      It’s called “major league sports”.

  3. According to the DEA, marijuana has a high potential for abuse with no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and that cannot safely be dispensed under a prescription and is therefore classed as a schedule 1 substance.

    So there. And that is not going to change anytime soon. Sleepy don’t like it.

    1. So… care to make a side bet on exactly quo usque tandem, gnosse?

      1. LOL you don’t know Latin. Stop pretending. This is cringeworthy.

      2. And if “gnosse” is weird, wannabe smart way to spell Genosse, you’re cringeworthy like I haven’t seen in a while.

    2. and yet this has nothing to do with the DEA, or US law, but has everything to do with Olympic rules, and the Olympic rules are and International organization.

      Pretty idiotic bringing up the DEA.

  4. “”for using a substance that is obviously not going to provide a competitive edge.””

    How far down on the food chain do you have to be to think stoners are more competitive?

    1. Why don’t you ask the Diaz brothers in the UFC? They have whupped a whole bunch of people that don’t smoke dope.

    2. Wait, Marijuana is NOT the ultimate medicinal plant?

  5. This is all so stupid. She broke the rules of the organization that runs her sport. Are the rules dumb and capricious? Sure. But that’s my opinion, it clearly isn’t everyone’s. I wish they’d let all of them become roided out super freaks so I can watch them hit baseballs to the moon and leave tracks when they burst out of the starting gate. But that’s not the rules they agreed to play by.

    Trying to keep anyone from doing drugs is dumb, especially world class athletes who will find any edge they can and I’m sure Sha’carri Richardson has dome some PEDs in her time in track and field just as they all have. But playing by the rules of the game that the IOC, WADA, USADA and all the others is a condition of participating in the Olympics. She knew it going in and has no one to blame but herself. Kudos to her for not blaming a pork burrito.

    1. ^This. She knew the rules but is complaining that they’re being applied to her when she breaks them. Yes it’s a stupid rule; who on earth thinks pot is performance enhancing? Likewise, who should really give a damn if someone smokes pot? But there’s a federation or commission or some governing body that sets the rules for her sport, and she broke their stupid rules. Kind of like the NFL players that bitch and moan about being fined for wearing gold cleats (big difference is they just write a check and move on, not so in this case). Already seeing other stories that being punished for breaking rules is racist (too lazy to link).

      But all that being said, he’ll yes let’s see the steroid olympics. I’m thinking something like the SNL sketch where the East German weightlifter rips his arms out at the shoulders. Or see if Jose Canseco can hit a 750-foot homer off a 198 mph fastball. I will also tune in to speed-golf where heckling and cheering from the gallery is encouraged during the backswing.

    2. SO the DEA runs the Olympics now? Kinda figures, after all, the Nixon 1971 anti-Libertarian law has been using taxes to subsidize communo-fascist totalitarian party campaigns for 50 years now.

      1. Oh fuck off. You goddamn kook. Go back to watching your abortion porn.

        1. This guy is such a fake. Above the windbag pretends to know latin and what seems to be a degenerate version of german that would possibly make him look smart to 60+ year old, liberal cougars.

    3. There is good reason to prohibit marijuana for athletes.

      Doing drugs is not sportsmanlike behavior, whether it enhances performance, relieves stress, or alters the mind temporarily. An athlete is supposed to represent the best of the human physical condition, and that means training and performing without chemical enhancements.

    4. Concur. From the article:

      Yes, the USOC and the USADA are private organizations that can set whatever rules they want. And, yes, Richardson should have been aware of those rules and known she would be drug tested. None of that changes the fact that the rules are beyond stupid.

      It doesn’t fucking matter how stupid the rules are. If one is going to adhere to the dogma of “Private companies can associate with whomever they want!” then that principle applies just as much to Olympic organizations and their anti-doping/anti-lolweeddudesmokeabowleveryday as it does to Big Tech and their censorious ways. So suck it up and stop whining when private organizations enforce rules you don’t like–because at least USOC provided explicit reasons for suspending her. Big Tech doesn’t even do that when they cancel people.

      1. ” So suck it up and stop whining when private organizations enforce rules you don’t like…”

        I kind of like it when they reveal that their “principles” are nothing of the sort, and are entirely dependent upon the who and the what.

        Flaming dishonest hypocrites that they are.

        1. If they were honest, the article would have been one line–“Private organization, what can you do?”

          Alcohol is legal, but they aren’t allowed to be drunk during events, either.

          1. And everyone knows damned well that were it the left being driven from the interwebs Reason would be decrying the dark night of fascism being imposed by the dark lords of tech.

  6. “More importantly, they should change their policies to ensure more athletes aren’t subjected to an unnecessary punishment for using a substance that is obviously not going to provide a competitive edge.”

    But what if there is a snack machine in view just past the finish line?
    What then?
    It might save just one child.

    1. “”But what if there is a snack machine in view just past the finish line?””

      Stoner racing. Like dog racing but instead of a rabbit, it’s a big bag of chips.

  7. she won’t be able to compete in the event at the Olympic Games in Tokyo after testing positive for marijuana

    Build your own olympic games.

    1. “You didn’t build that.”

      1. Private organization!

  8. I disagree that this is a purely private decision. The U.S. Olympic team gets substantial funding from the federal government. I see no reason why the Feds shouldn’t have a say. (Shows how capricious our national sports organizations are when I have to resort to government intervention)

    1. I agree, but they are spending that government funding on piss tests in a state where the substance is legal.

      1. I would say it makes since that the feds would apply their rules not the states when they fund. It’s still illegal at the fed level.

        Not that I think the feds should be funding piss tests on pot. Waste of tax dollars.

        1. Since – sense. Sense, since. Whatever.

    2. I got a couple Covid checks – does that mean the feds should have a say in my private life now?

      1. You think they don’t?

        Or, at the very least, that there aren’t tens of thousands of Washington bureaucrats who don’t completely and totally believe that they can tell you what to do in a thousand ways?

        Of course they do. You know, for your own good.

    3. The USOC receives no federal funding.

    4. Big Tech’s been getting money from the feds for over 25 years. If USOC has to knuckle under, then so should Facebook and Google.

  9. It’s not that drugs are bad per se, but she’s committing a micro-insurrection.

    1. The only hope she has, I think, is to work the systemic racism angle here.

  10. So she got Dick Pounded.

  11. Using pot lets her abuse her body to a greater extent than someone who feels a natural level of pain, fatique, etc, so it becomes a performance enhancer.

    1. I smoke every day and it doesn’t do shit for my aches and pains.

      1. Wow…really? Millenials swear by usage, particularly after surgery. Maybe you should try an olive oil infusion using weed; the experience is quite different. Lots of recipes out there for making that olive oil infusion in a Crock Pot or Instant Pot.

        You should try that, IceTrey.

          1. They have edible suckers too.

          2. Retention enema?

    2. She could break every bone in her hand, and she wouldn’t feel it for a week.

  12. If Taco Bell was an Olympic sponsor are they now dropping out?

  13. Maybe she insisted on carrying a bag of chips with her during the run.

  14. In the first Olympics athletes were nude; now they have to wear clothes. Try not wearing clothes an you will be DQed. Talked about silly rules.

    1. Well, we can’t use those old rules. Not only were the contestants nude, they were all men.

  15. First off, marijuana is not “completely legal” as this article claims. We all know it’s illegal; the President is just disregarding his oath and not enforcing the law. That’s not the same thing. (Although there are arguments to be made about the constitutionality of such laws, those clearly aren’t being considered by the President because if that were the reason there would be *way* more laws that would also not be enforced.)

    >The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), which officially announced Richardson’s month-long suspension on Friday, should be ashamed for how they’ve handled the situation. More importantly, they should change their policies to ensure more athletes aren’t subjected to an unnecessary punishment for using a substance that is obviously not going to provide a competitive edge.

    Why should they be ashamed? Because they’re enforcing the rules? Are you aware that, beyond the US Anti-Doping Agency, there’s also a World Anti-Doping Agency, and that organization prohibits THC? What exactly do you think happens if the USADA officially refuses to enforce the rules of the WADA? Do you think anything good happens to the rest of our Olympic athletes?

  16. Eh, I won’t miss the inevitable protest against the US should she end up on the winners podium somewhere.

    Fuck ’em

  17. There are no rights violations here.
    Sports have always had requirements of various sorts whether Reason thinks they are stupid or not.

    Either the person here did not know those rules or didn’t care in the final analysis.
    I have little sympathy for people who knowingly violate the rules they agree too – as long as it is not a question of rights.

    1. “I have little sympathy for people who knowingly violate the rules they agree too”

      Agreed, and this one was damned explicit, unlike Tech Lord TOS.

  18. held in Eugene, Oregon, where marijuana is legal.

    No, it isn’t. Not outlawed by the state government is not the same thing as legal. Just because your state has no laws against possession of a made-since-1986 machine gun without an FFL doesn’t change the fact that you’re breaking Federal law if you do.

    Richardson engaged in legal activity

    No, she committed an act punishable by up to one year in prison and a minimum fine of $1,000.

    Believing marijuana should be legal and falsely claiming it is legal are two very different things, and you persistently fuck up that distinction, Mr. Boehm.

    1. Credere, Obbedire, Combattere!

      1. If you think correctly stating what the law actually is is somehow the same thing as fascism, you need to go burn down the nearest law library before its existence causes you to be dragged off in the night by the secret police.

        The only people who benefit from pretending that something that’s illegal but winked at is actually legal are statist fucks who then use the law as a trap. As Marc Emery found out when he mistook Canada not prosecuting people for marijuana as marijuana being legal, and wound up in US prison for five years for his actions in Canada as a result. (If pot had actually been legal in Canada, the extradition treaty wouldn’t have applied, and Emery would have been safe. But since it wasn’t, the treaty did apply.)

        Yeah, sure, there’s an annually-renewed moratorium on enforcement; you want to guess what happens if the renewal is ever messed up by a partisan battle? You think there aren’t a whole boatload of FBI and DEA agents just salivating at the chance to safely walk in on a dozen registered dispensaries and seize every asset in them while getting the operators on distribution, trafficking, and manufacturing charges?

        People who claim that marijuana is currently legal anywhere in the US are irresponsible morons who should be slapped hard every time they repeat the falsehood.

        1. Right, but many states have sodomy laws but don’t enforce them because we’ve evolved away from them and realize two married people can do what they want in the privacy of their own bed.
          Dude, you just don’t get it. You’re stuck.

          1. “Many states” don’t enforce their sodomy laws because the US Supreme Court ruled those laws unconstitutional in Lawrence v. Texas. But until the Supreme Court did so, the fact that they were rarely enforced was of no comfort at all to the people that got prosecuted under them, like John Lawrence and Tyrone Garner.

        2. You’re trying to use facts and logic with a barely lucid, abortion-obsessed drug addict. Thank you for your service.

          1. ” a barely lucid, abortion-obsessed drug addict”

            Hank is ENB???? Who knew.

    2. Okay Daddy Warbucks. Wow, you just don’t get it. It’s because you love, love, love rules. They made you feel so strong and powerful, and they gave you warm fuzzies because it made you feel better….better than everyone else. These rules are the path to stupidity, especially dumb rules that have no bearing. I needn’t go on as to why it’s a very dumb rule.

      1. ☝️Another fucking dumbass moron who can’t tell the difference between accurately describing reality and endorsing it. Another unwitting accomplice of statism who doesn’t understand a law that merely goes unenforced isn’t freedom, but a tool of arbitrary power.

  19. Irregardlessfully, someone should cunt punt her mother for naming her that. I’m shocked she doesn’t have a hyphenated last name.

    1. It’s Sha’Carring how many folks are given names which will cause HR drones to throw out their resumes.

    2. Her mom’s dead. Read the article.

      But yes, it’s a stupid name.

  20. Private business Boehm.

    Or are the rules different this time?

  21. THC is a bronchodilator…this is a proven fact over and over again. Many “hobby joggers” take edibles or smoke pot before a race. Did she smoke pot to get an but the rules are the rules and she knew them. Should pot be ok as long as it is smoked or eaten 48 hours before a race? Yes…but it is what it is. Turning this into a POC shit is idiotic…seriously if Jenna Pradini (the runner up in the 200 meters and an Italian-American got busted for this would the media care? Would Reason care? There does seem to be a double standard these days..isn’t there?

    1. Ah! A fascist infiltrator complete with Credere Obbedire Combattere!

      1. Oh fuck off.

      2. This is a mind-numbingly stupid take. If one voluntarily engages in an activity or job and accepts the rules or contract, then breaking the rules or violating the contract would result in some sort of penalty. Why this is difficult for some I can guess, but prefer not to engage in making assumptions. If we all were to simply follow only the rules we liked, there would certainly be some issues, no? But, then, you wouldn’t be quite as able to smear people w/ the fascist label, the DNC wouldn’t be so quick to call the knuckleheads who entered the Capitol terrorists, lefties/progressives wouldn’t refer to 6 January 2021 as a deadly insurrection…

        1. Hank one again demonstrating that many so called libertarians are all about imposing their preferred outcomes, not about any sort of shared principles.

          Progressives with a slightly altered agenda is all they are.

    2. It might be a POC issue in the general media, but for Reason it is a War on (Some) Drugs issue. They have opposed the Wo(S)D since their founding.

  22. It shouldn’t matter the persons race in this case which is what i mean by those playing the POC card…

  23. Look into The Alabama Citizen on Google News Archive Search and you’ll realize that mystical bigots will stop at nothing to coerce women, especially black women, and especially if televangelist superstition can be enlisted to light the torches and sharpen pitchforks. I used to volunteer on the school track team and support the Olympics, but with quacks and whack jobs meddling, I’d be ashamed to have anything to do with what they’ve been turned into.

  24. Complete bullshit. I’m actually surprised that they are suspending her. Where are all the cries of racism. It works on most corporations, I’m sure the Olympic committee would buckle.


      “The criminalization and banning of cannabis is an instrument of racist and colonial policy,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Friday afternoon.”

      They never fail to deliver

      1. “Even a stopped clock is correct two times a day…”

        1. A stopped clock can never be relied upon for the correct time. Never.

  25. If Sha’Carri Richardson Can Get High and Still Outrun Everybody, She Should Be Allowed To Do It

    I missed the part in the article where she’s forbidden from ever running again?

    I mean, no one is stopping her from running. Or running fast. They are just saying that they don’t want her running in their PRIVATE event. They don’t want her on their platform because she has violated the IOCC’s terms and conditions.

    She can always start her own olympics. Hell, she can just go there anyway and run really fast down the road outside the stadium and post her time on TikTok.

    1. So, was Boehm too stupid to see this reply coming, or is he really that
      Intellectually dishonest?

  26. She’s an actual woman, right?

    1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  27. It would appear that the committee’s policies are inconsistent, specifically noting that alcohol would have been permissible. It would certainly be more consistent for the IOC to punish those who use other intoxicants if they would maintain their position on marijuana. The problem here is that marijuana is not “Legal” as the author states. Indeed it is still a controlled substance under U.S. Federal law and there are differing state policies across the country and the World. The overriding concern here is that this athlete made a decision to use marijuana knowing the likely consequences. It’s hard to feel bad for her unless you’re a diehard 4/20 guy looking for a role model beyond Shawn White.

    1. Holy shit, dude, where the fuck have you been the last six or seven months?

  28. “But the USADA…tests athletes for THC anyway because it regards marijuana as “a ‘Substance of Abuse’ because it is frequently used in society outside the context of sport.”

    So is beer.

    1. Wrong. Sports is a prime context for consuming beer.

  29. So,

    -She should have obeyed the rule, but

    -There’s no good reason to have this *particular* rule.

    A genuine both-sides situation.

  30. Declaring an inconsistancy because alcohol is not banned but Marijuana is does not make sensible argument. Like it or not, alcohol has been a socially acceptable intoxicant in most cultures for all of human history. Boehm may not like that distinction, but it is not inconsistent, by the standards used.

    1. This typifies the codification of “acting white”.

      Ban the things darkies do and not the things whites do. Then blame the negroes for failing to act white.

      They should have known better!

  31. Pot is not a performance enhancing drug per se, but it supposedly help dull the pain and heighten certain senses. I’ve heard anecdotes of esport participants playing stoned out of their minds.

    I’m assuming the Olympic committee can already put athletes on diet and other restrictions. They could be kicked out if they also took LSD or heroine. Or maybe even dog meat. So let’s all do the song and dance again – you’re not entitled to play in the Olympics, you know what the rules were, so the debate ends. If we’re talking about private company, well, no drugs for you.

  32. Nobody gets stoned before running a race.
    Anybody who’s gotten high knows this.

  33. When a person agrees to enter a competition that is governed by a specific set of rules and regulations, you are bound by these rules and regulations. Ultimately, there is no difference between enforcing written drug rules and running the race at a specific time and place. If the athlete decides they want to race at 3 PM instead of 8AM because they don’t perform well in the morning, do they get to change the rules that every other athlete has agreed to follow?

  34. Biden is really sticking up for his black voters.

    She broke federal law and has been banned from representing the US.

    She should walk off the track in protest during the relay. That would be epic.

  35. The Olympics have been irredeemably corrupt since at least 1992, when they insulted the legacy of Jim Thorpe by allowing NBA players to compete on the “Dream Team,” so no one should be too surprised anymore.

    1. Didn’t Thorpe violate the amateurism rules himself?

  36. I pay no attention to the Olympics, nor to organized sports in general. This is a good example of why.
    I’m gone. Long gone.

  37. I pay no attention to the Olympics, nor to organized sports in general. This is a good example of why.
    I’m gone. Long gone.

    1. Too bad this Japanese baseball player is crushing it. Literally he has 31 HR. And he pitches! It’s incredible.

  38. It is a stupid rule but a rule all athletes are aware of going in. No sympathy.

  39. So can pilot, nurses and Drs use it too at work?

  40. ‘I’m sorry Mr. Rose, but the rules are the rules, no?

  41. If the rules exist, they need to be followed. Also, the IOC is clear on this and the USOC is bound to that for Olympic competition. I agree it’s outdated (the rule) but if everyone competing has to abide by it then it’s unquestionable. If the USOC does not do this then the IOC steps in and it gets worse.

  42. Why shouldn’t the IOC decide what kind of people they want to participate in the games they organize?

    1. Why should they be fucking morons about it?

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