Pro Football Player Carl Nassib's Coming Out Is a Non-Issue, and That's Awesome

The positive coverage shows a culture shift on LGBT issues for the better.


Carl Nassib, a defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, made pro sports history Monday by revealing that he's gay. He's the first man in the NFL to come out as gay while being an active professional player.

This should be the biggest LGBT news during Pride Month, but it has already come and gone and most people have moved on. Nassib's announcement is neither driving debate nor controversy. Representatives from both his team and the NFL have publicly declared support for Nassib. The NFL announced that it would be matching Nassib's $100,000 donation to the Trevor Project, a hotline for LGBT teens in crisis. Several pro players and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr have publicly praised Nassib. New fans are happily buying his team jersey in droves.

It's a remarkably casual response that reflects the massive culture shift in favor of letting LGBT folks live their lives as they choose, just like their heterosexual counterparts. Back in 2014, Michael Sam made history as the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL, but he didn't make it past preseason. The coverage of Sam back then was largely positive, but there were a few critics.

In 2021 there's so little animosity that lazy Twitter aggregators aren't even bothering to search for random homophobes saying bad things. The best folks are able to come up with was The View host Joy Behar making a dumb joke about "penetration" and the "end zone" that was hilarious when the Church Lady did it on Saturday Night Live back in 1987, six years before Nassib was even born.

It's also relevant that Nassib himself doesn't seem to be wanting to make it a massive media thing. Instead, he posted a short Instagram video and didn't arrange for any media interviews. The New York Times decided to characterize Nassib as an "everyman" and take note of his appearance on an HBO football reality show teaching financial literacy to Browns players. There just honestly wasn't a lot to say about Nassib himself.

"I actually hope one day that videos like this and the whole coming-out process are just not necessary," he says in his video, "but until then I'm going to do my best and do my part to cultivate a culture that's accepting and compassionate."

That this is such a non-issue is a good sign for a country that has rapidly come to embrace treating gay people as equal to everybody else under the law.

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  1. “Pro Football Player Carl Nassib’s Coming Out Is a Non-Issue”

    So, we can depend on you to write about other non-issues in the future?

    1. Yes, nothing yet on a major free speech for students decision in the USSC, but we get this.

      1. They’re making up for it with all the coverage of H.R. 1.

        1. Yeah, crickets.

    2. Can we depend on you to comment on Reason’s writing about non-issues? What are you trying to signal with your comment?

      1. Just because every leftist cause must be covered from the left perspective doesn’t mean we should point out the writers are leftists. Got it comrade

        How many articles did we get defending the “peaceful protests” and their billions in destruction and looting not to mention the violence by the protesters. How many “insurrection” stories that had how much damage and violence? Have they even bothered covering the ongoing police and constitutional violations of those protesters?

      2. You may not be using the moniker anymore, but just look at you white knight.

    3. Only when Reason writers want pats on the head from their totalitarian counterparts in the MSM.

      So almost always.

      Reason writers are no threat to totalitarianism. They defend liberty like the Washington Generals play basketball.

      1. “…like the Washington Generals play basketball.”

        I’m swiping this.

  2. The wearing of pink should happen soon. Oh, wait, never mind…

    1. Breast cancer is now one of the most survivable forma of cancer yet every major sports league (including PRCA) has a wear pink day or week. Yet testicular cancer and prostate cancer have a lower survivability rate and most sports leagues don’t raise awareness of these cancers. This, despite the fact, that the majority of their fans are males. Just shows most men are more worried about tits than about their own health.

      1. Major League Baseball does a prostate cancer awareness thing every year around Father’s Day. Players wear blue, use blue bats, etc.

        1. I said most. I knew MLB did.

      2. Depends on the tits.

      3. The American Cancer Society has gear supporting all cancer campaign colors. So basically #AllCancersMatter. I waaiting for either Feminists with Susan G. Koman for the Cure or BLM/CRT Wokesters to pounce on this.

  3. >>but it has already come and gone and most people have moved on.

    acceptance was decades ago. everything is fine.

  4. “Non-issue”? Not sure I agree. This was literally the front page headline at the other day. I seriously doubt that would have been the case if he had been a straight athlete who went on Instagram to express a preference for, let’s say, Doritos over Pringles.

    Indeed, I learned in college that our identity (race, gender, sexuality, etc.) is the most important aspect of our existence. And as I have explained several times, the recent Democratic / progressive obsession with identity works well for us Koch / Reason libertarians. Decades ago, Democrats opposed open borders because they were still a working-class party and didn’t want to cave to billionaire demands. Now, however, Democrats see immigrants primarily as Black and Brown bodies — leading them to embrace open borders to avoid being racist.


    1. Almost got me until I read your user name and realized this was facetious.

  5. Douglas Murray made a comment about how media covers this shit now. He pointed to a major article in the New York Times about how some business executive “came out” and no one noticed. Like a 2000 word article.

    1. It isn’t even edgy anymore for a starlet to claim to be bisexual. Now they have to declare they’re pansexual or queer (not sure what those actually are and how they are different than L, G or B) to get any rise and even that is dwindling.

      1. Yup, an actress declaring she was bisexual was indeed an attention getting stunt for decades. And your dead on when you say that being Trans is the new bisexual, but that seems to be on the way out as well.
        Pretty soon coming out as pedo or into animal sex will be the only perversions left that will get attention whore’s names into the papers.

        1. I’m marking this one to revisit later, because I want to quantify how long “pretty soon” is. Yeah, yeah, slippery slope and all that, but it seems as if we are already quite a ways down that slope at this point, and the odds are favorable that pedophilia and bestiality will be the next big things to get attention. Anybody out there got the over/under on the date for this?

          1. When have those not got attention is my question?

        2. You know, Ezekiel shows that he pays inordinate attention to non-human animals and their sexual carrying-on when describing Aholibah in Ezekiel 23:20 “For she doted upon their paramours, whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue is like the issue of horses.”

          Ol’ JHVH-1 Jr. like to refer to his Disciples as “fisher of men” in Matthew 4:18-19 and Mark 1:16-17 (and presumably he thinks of his prospective followers as fish.) He also refers to the “lost sheep of the House of Israel” in Matthew 10:5.

          To this day, televangelists refer to their congregations as “children” and “flocks of sheep” and Evangelicals have their own animal jargon for humans: “Wolves” for criminals and terrorists, “Sheep” for unarmed civilians, and “Sheepdogs” for Military and First Responders such as Police, Fire Fighters, and Paramedics.

          Soooo…Just where does all this confusion of consenting adults with children and non-rational animals really come from, hmmmm?

          I know this much: If I were in the Military or a First Responder, I would consider it an insult to be called a “Sheepdog!”

          I’d say: “Look, damnit, I am what Aristotle called ‘Man, the Rational Animal’ and so are you! I use my rational faculty to fight wars, fight crime, fight fires, and even fight off death itself until Doctors and Nurses can take up the task! And I do it all without prompting from any “Shepherd!”

          And if you just exercised your rational faculty more, you wouldn’t need my services nearly as much, your taxes would be lower, and you would have a society that is both more secure and freer all at the same time! Eat your heart out, Ben Franklin, and have some Shimmer Floor Wax and Dessert Topping on the side!”

  6. Summarize the story, NFL player on a sucky team comes out and no one cares. Sorry, didn’t mean the pun.

  7. BTW, what’s with the split image? Is it like a before & after?

    “I actually hope one day that videos like this and the whole coming-out process are just not necessary,” he says in his video, “but until then I’m going to do my best and do my part to cultivate a culture that’s accepting and compassionate.”

    To be fair, I never came out as straight.

    1. Does the ignorant narcissist not realize that he’s the one pushing the day he hopes for into the future with his actions? The last time most people cared ended about the time he was born and it’s been activists like him and Scott keeping the issue alive and divisive ever since.

      1. I don’t know.
        If I was on an athletic team where one of my teammates was, as delusional as it is, sexually attracted to my gender, I’d have a problem getting naked in front of him.
        Seems like it just might be an issue for others in the locker room.
        That’s why even third world societies have separate men’s, and women’s facilities.

        1. They mandate that teams allow women reporters into the locker room.

          I’m pretty sure these guys can deal with this.

          We dealt with it without needing to resort to violence in the military.

          1. Women sport reporters are usually hot. As opposed to another guy looking hungrily at my glistening wet chiseled naked body.

            1. Go on…

    2. You may want to reference my question to Angry Porcupine below.

  8. Wake me when the NFL has its first lesbian player come out.

    1. That’s this year SB half time show. It may be one I actually watch.

      1. I’d like to see a demonstration.

        1. I doubt you actually would. On this subject real life and fantasy couldn’t be further from each other, generally speaking.

          1. Lipstick lesbians for my vote.

    2. I hear Megan Rapinoe will be their man of the year.

  9. Betting this is no great surprise to his team mates.

  10. Wait a minute. Didn’t a player come out a few years back? No one made a big deal but him. He was about to be cut and the hoopla postponed the termination.

    1. Michael Sam.

    2. RTFA

      1. was written in 2014

    3. That was my recollection as well. No one made a big deal but him and the media.

    4. He wasn’t active when he came out. He was still a draft prospect.

      1. He wasn’t an active member of the homosexual community?

  11. Carl Nassib, a defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, made pro sports history Monday by revealing that he’s gay.

    Should have revealed that he’s black. Seen any GayLivesMatter paraphernalia around lately? Generic white gays are just below Portuguese in the grievance stack these days.

    1. Ha ha

  12. So why is it anybody’s business, but, his. I really don’t care to know. That’s his business, not mine.

    1. It is his business. He should also feel free to tell everyone without fear of being persecuted. That’s also his business.

      1. Lol, Leo thinks he’s saying something.
        Want a treat?

    2. It would seem to be the business of those, who are changing clothes, showering, etc. that are the sex he considers the ones he wants to mutually masturbate with – homosexuals can’t have sex with each other, only mutual gratification sessions.
      What if he gets a boner, whenever he sees another dude’s asshole?

      1. I’d educate you to the possibilities of more than one type of behavior that two people could do, but I’m sure it would shock you.

      2. Now this is a new one on me! Are you suggesting that an act is not sex if it is between two people of the same sex or if it isn’t procreative?

        I was just defending First Responders above. Please don’t embarass me.

  13. “Pro Football Player Carl Nassib’s Coming Out Is a Non-Issue”

    Reason refuses to cover the Uighur holocaust in any depth, ignored the Taliban peace deal and Abraham Accords, and pretends that Big Tech’s political collision in the censorship of newspapers, university virologists and elected officials are also non-issues; but can manage an entire article about what they actually acknowledged is a non-issue.

    This magazine is fucked in the head.

    1. ‘Local News.’ Some nfl bullshit, missing that the fans really aren’t a bunch of bigots after all, maybe they just don’t like kneeling during the Anthem, politicization of every aspect of entertainment -this is huge.

    2. If it’s such a non-issue then why are they dedicating so much space to writing about it? Or are they basically saying they only care about non-issues?

    3. We know you hate the gays ML.

      1. What if they’re Mormon gays, bigot?

        1. The Mormon church is against gays. I knew some straight up homophobic as fuck Mormons. Racist Mormons. Most were anti Semitic.

          The fact you stick up for those bigots shows what a horrible person you’re.

          You also feel the need to lie about me.

          Mother’s Lament is a backwards fucking nazi scumbag

          1. LOL ML triggered KARen very, very hard. 😀

    4. They’ve also ignored the murder of Ashli Babbit and Michael Malice’s new book on anarchy.

  14. Carl Nassib, a defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, made pro sports history Monday by revealing that he’s gay.

    He then announced he was leaving the Raiders for a professional soccer team.

    1. Nice!

  15. As with all NFL players I will continue to cheer for CTE

  16. Who cares?

    1. Pro Football Player Carl Nassib’s Coming Out Is a Non-Issue

      Nobody, apparently.

  17. If it’s a non issue why are you reporting it. I like boobs, do I need to tell everybody? Especially your mothers!

    1. If it’s a non issue why are you commenting on it?

      1. He is not commenting on the issue but the act of reporting the issue.

    2. That depends, how hot is your mother?

      Just kidding dude, I’m with you on this completely.

    3. Were you ever denied jobs, housing or customer service, bullied in school, especially compulsory Gummint Skoolz, harassed or assaulted on the street, threatened with burning at the stake, placed in compulsory psychiatric treatment, forced to wear a special patch or dunce cap, or sentenced to a gulag or a death camp for liking breasteses?

      I think there is a bit of a difference between coming out as LGBTQ+ and coming out as a male mammary-phile.

  18. Except that it is not a non-issue. The ‘tolerant’ Left is trying to cancel the guy because he’s a Republican.

    1. Also, I’m not sure how its a ‘non-issue’ in general when a) he was able to ‘come out of the closet’ to a national audience and b) tons of people keep remarking on the thing like it has some importance.

      If it was genuinely a non-issue then he’d never have felt the need to make a press conference about it. You don’t see straight people announcing their straightness to national audiences.

  19. How could you play pro football and not be gay? Come on, look at who you’d be surrounded by at work all day! And we dont even get to see the locker room and showers. I turned gay just typing this comment.

  20. Shouldn’t he play for the Packers?

    1. Not bad icetrey, I was expecting to read a “tight end” joke. Maybe something about “going deep on the receiver”. Guess gay jokes are not back in style.. yet. Maybe we’re not far enough away from the bigot years.

  21. If it is a non-issue and no one really cares then why does he announce it on social media? Who is he trying to convince that he is homosexual? If we don’t care he must be doing it to convince himself.

  22. Defensive end or wide receiver?

    1. Bob Nelson made a whole comedy act of it on HBO in the early Eighties. It should be on YouTube along with his farmer and duck routine and “Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! What? What? What?”

  23. It’s a non-issue to me because I don’t give a fuck about football.

  24. Sooner or later, any successful activist movement learns that the opposite of hate is not love, it is apathy…

  25. “Penis, penis, penis, penis, penis.”
    -Scott “Howard Stern” Shackford

  26. May all your disorders be similarly disregarded by the medical community.

    1. If your idea of “disorders” to be “treated” includes dissenting thought and sexual orientation and your idea of “medical community” includes Josef Mengele, then I am happy to be medically neglected!

  27. It is and should be a non issue. ????BUT……. There is always someone with faked outrage claiming that their religious liberties are being violated etc.

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