There's Never Been a Better Time To Be LGBT in America

We've come a long way, baby. Don't let anybody try to convince you otherwise.


Welcome to Pride Month, a celebration of LGBT culture and activism across the world!

Unless you live in a cave, you probably already know this. That the general public knows it's Pride Month is itself a massive marker of huge culture shifts in public attitudes about LGBT people. Just a decade or so ago, most Americans only knew it was Pride Month from news coverage of local parades.

Back in my college days, I would march in those parades. It feels like more than a lifetime ago, though in reality it's been only 25 years. I was in the parade representing a very small college LGBT organization that I had founded myself. When I marched on the streets of St. Louis, there was no legal recognition of gay marriage, the military banned service by anybody discovered to be gay or transgender, and AIDS was still a life-threatening virus. Missouri had sodomy laws on the books.

There were corporate supporters of Pride activities, even then—primarily alcohol companies. Absolut Vodka was famous for marketing to LGBT people, and their full-page magazine ads are well-remembered by many LGBT boomers and Gen Xers.

There was little by way of ad marketing directed toward the general audience that was developed with LGBT people in mind, or inclusive of them at all. That has certainly changed. Now almost all major brands commemorate Pride Month, putting rainbow colors on their products. If anybody really, really wants a rainbow-colored sonic toothbrush with a "yaaas" setting (for teeth whitening), it's out there.

One of the last big barriers to LGBT equality in America tumbled last year—during Pride Month, actually—when the Supreme Court ruled 6–3 that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protected gay and trans people from workplace discrimination. This Pride Month, we're waiting for a ruling from the Supreme Court on whether church-sponsored foster care agencies can reject gay couples as potential caretakers.

But had the court ruled against LGBT employees, and even if they ultimately rule against LGBT foster parents, our culture has shifted so much that the impact of these rulings is much more limited than it would've been just a few decades ago. Employers these days jockey to be on lists of "best workplaces for LGBT people" (and my inbox is flooded with press releases about them every June). The rejection of a Catholic foster agency, for example, does not actually stand in the way of a same-sex couple becoming caretakers for needy children; there are alternatives. For every Christian baker who refuses to make a gay wedding cake, there are hundreds of bakeries who are happy to oblige.

The market was adjusting to these cultural shifts way before government, as it always does.

We're in the midst of a culture war over trans acceptance, a bit of a backlash to this advancement that has resulted in some bad state-level legislation based on bathroom panics. Some of it is a terribly blatant attempt by trans skeptics to interfere with medical treatment decisions that should be made by trans teens and their guardians in consultation with medical professionals and should not involve the government.

The backlash is real, is significant, and shouldn't be ignored. It's also worth noting, though, that even the nature of this fight represents how far we've advanced culturally. At the exact same time I was coming out as gay in 1990, a friend of mine was coming out as trans (back then the term was transsexual) after becoming an adult and graduating high school. Most LGBT people didn't come out until adulthood, even though many of us had known for years before then that we were gay or trans. Transitioning was generally something a trans person did as an adult, not a teen.

So this culture war battle we're having now isn't fundamentally about whether people are really trans but about when and how to recognize it. Obviously, there's a big chunk of opposition still motivated by a belief that there really isn't such a thing as a trans person and that these people are mentally ill or liars, regardless of what science says. Those anti-trans folks may be able to pass legislation in some states, but polling shows them as cultural dead-enders. A majority of Americans oppose laws targeting trans people for discriminatory treatment. Politics remains a lagging indicator.

Further evidence of the LGBT movement's overall successes comes from the increasingly petty fight over who gets to take credit for its successes and pettier gatekeeping over who gets to celebrate it. It seems as though every June brings with it a debate over who was actually "responsible" for the Stonewall riots, as though that was where the gay rights battle began. (Activists had been protesting for better treatment under the law for years prior.) Some people seem to want to argue the opinions or desires of those who look most like those early organizers should carry additional weight 50 years later. It's a silly and wholly unnecessary fight. The riots were the handiwork of a diverse crew of LGBT folks drawn together at Stonewall by virtue of having few other options available at a time where police were targeting gay and trans people—of all ethnicities and backgrounds—for cruelty.

Pride Month's transformation from a political organizing tool to a celebration to what it's becoming now—an entrenched, marketable institution—is a marvelous accomplishment of cultural accommodation. As a former newspaper editor who was in California for the passage of Proposition 8, which temporarily blocked same-sex marriage recognition in the Golden State, fighting over who gets credit for the gay rights movement's successes is certainly preferable to bickering over failures.

But better than either of those is actually celebrating this success and taking time to enjoy a life that was impossible in 1969. It was impossible in '79, '89, and '99 as well. After Pride Month ends, I'll be turning 50. The world for an LGBT person in 2021 is wholly unrecognizable from what I grew up through in the '70s and '80s in the best possible way.

I'll be blunt: I thought I would be dead decades ago, from getting AIDS or from despair-driven suicide. I had no concept of my own future beyond day-to-day living for most of my teens and early adulthood. It was unfathomable to my teenage self that someday I'd be, legally and culturally, treated pretty much the same as heterosexual people.

Though there's still work to be done, we should reject anybody who wants to sell the idea that life is still very, very bad for LGBT folks in America. Perfect? Of course not. The targeting of trans people through state legislation is a cynical manipulation often pushed by people who have opposed LGBT rights all along.

To throw a common anti-gay refrain right back in their faces: It's just a phase. It is a backlash that has come with the enormous success of LGBT people in changing the dominant culture.

I am not going to buy a stupid rainbow toothbrush. It even fails at virtue signaling—who is going to see the thing besides you and those you live with? But a world where there's a market for something as silly as that is a world I'm very happy to live in.

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  1. There’s Never Been a Better Time To Be LGBT in America

    Whoa, check out right wing Douglas Murray over here.

    1. The better time was when you got help to overcome your mental illness.

      1. The only thing better than a dead Jew, is a dead gay Jew, amiright Bobby boy?

        1. That’s some feeble mental gymnastic.

          Jumping from getting help to overcome mental illness to poor dead Jews.

          Very entertaining retard.

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      2. Your bretheren “helped” LGBTQ+ people out of existence. Hard pass on your “help”, Nazi!

        1. Nah, they just ran out of their retarded letters fuckwit.

  2. I thought my refusal to care about your sexual orientation or activities was literally hate speech. Which is it?

    1. But don’t you dare use the wrong pronouns.

      1. Exactly. It could lead to all sorts of trouble. Lose your job, get harassed by ANTIFA or BLM. Who knows? Within five years it may be a criminal act.
        Of course the great moral charges of the internet, Dorsey and Suckaturd will ban you forever.
        You will become an unperson. Very soon you won’t be able to access your savings or checking accounts. Your credit cards will be canceled. And if you think I’m joking, better think again. This is what it’s leading up to.
        Now what sort of name will they give to this heinous act?

    2. If you really didn’t care, you would not be posting comments about it.

      1. I don’t care, and I’m posting comments about it.

      2. Why do you care so much about his comment?

      3. Chipper,

        Sure, bro. The fuck do you even mean? I care about the fact that not celebrating LGBT culture by kissing its collective ass and telling it how special it is is viewed by some members of that culture as a form of hate speech and/or violence. I give no shits about their sexual orientation or the configuration of their genitalia, or what bathrooms anybody uses, but I do resent being called a bigot when I actually don’t fucking care.

        1. isn’t it funny how we went from it’s no one’s business, to tolerance, to forced acceptance, and now to compulsory cheerleading. And it remains a sign of heresy to say that boys and girls who do not conform to gender stereotypes really can grow up and be happily straight or gay.

          1. South Park is sometimes terrifyingly prescient.

    3. Ive seen a bunch of people on Twitter super triggered because the Texas Rangers baseball club won’t do an official Gay Day like many other teams do now.

      It’s definitely not enough for these guys to have the freedom to be left alone to put their dick in a man’s ass (which of course they should). They demand to be recognized as a certified Special Victim Group. Because government sanctified victimhood is the holy grail of modern American politics, with billions of dollars in money and power attached to it.

      1. Law and order special victims group. Episode 1: opens on a Jewish guy in New york getting beaten into a coma. They start investigating and find out its a palistinian that beat the crap out of him. Finish with the trial where the Jewish guy need to pay the palistinian $10 mil for assaulting the attackers baseball bat with his face.

        1. I would have thought that would have resulted in some sort of celebration by you.

      2. They do anal licks and eata da poopoo!

    4. “I’ve just flown in from California, where they’ve made homosexuality legal. I thought I’d better get out before they make it compulsory.” Who knew Bob Hope was a prophet?

      1. Right; we’ve moved beyond do your own thing and live and let live to I’ll do my thing and you had better celebrate it or get cancelled.

        That is my fundamental problem with “wokeness.”

        1. Hopefully people have finally figured out “live and let live” hasn’t been operative in decades. We’ve moved onto “that which is not forbidden is compulsory”. Keep that in mind the next time you hear a demand to legalize a lifestyle choice.

          The proper response to, “Why should it be illegal? It’s nobody’s business but my own!” is “Because we want to make sure your business stays your business. We don’t need it constantly up in our faces.”.

          1. Lol wut?

      2. How tired were his arms?

        1. “I…gotta…tell ya!”

  3. It seems as though every June brings with it a debate over who was actually “responsible” for the Stonewall riots…

    It was George Soros.

  4. ” that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protected gay and trans people from workplace discrimination.”

    The civil rights act is inherently discriminatory as it attempts to list which groups are to be considered minorities from a political standpoint.
    Libertarians should oppose state discrimination and implicit inequality before the law due to the explicit listing.

    1. The civil rights act is inherently discriminatory as it attempts to list which groups are to be considered minorities from a political standpoint.
      Libertarians should oppose state discrimination and implicit inequality before the law due to the explicit listing.

      Libertarians DO oppose it. Leftists support every expansion of it.

      1. Except for white people

    2. Indeed. Shackford certainly came across as supporting this anti-libertarian decision.

  5. Now this was right out of the Democrats propaganda dept. That isn’t surprising beings that mainline libertarians hate cops too. It’s all peachy except if you aren’t to happy with mob law and the liberal way. There is no tolerance in the gay ghetto bubble for any thought except their own. So I happily out of it. I think that Christians and gays can both live in this country and retain both our Constitutional rights. And excuse me if I think children should be protected from permanate damage done by followers of unscientific medical practices. When did protecting women’s sports become anti women? Buy the way, if trans are so equal where are all the trans boys competing in collegiate sports?
    So back to your bubbles. It seems like it is the only place you can find footing.

  6. Now this was right out of the Democrats propaganda dept. That isn’t surprising beings that mainline libertarians hate cops too. It’s all peachy except if you aren’t to happy with mob law and the liberal way. There is no tolerance in the gay ghetto bubble for any thought except their own. So I’m happily out of it. I think that Christians and gays can both live in this country and retain both our Constitutional rights. And excuse me if I think children should be protected from permanate damage done by followers of unscientific medical practices. When did protecting women’s sports become anti women? Buy the way, if trans are so equal where are all the trans boys competing in collegiate sports?
    So back to your bubbles. It seems like it is the only place you can find footing.

    1. Now this was right out of the Democrats propaganda dept

      Not at all. Democrats would have us believe that we are still so far in the Dark Ages, that we still need a full load of new laws giving LGBTQIXYZ people more privileges.

  7. What do the Ls, Gs, and Bs have to do with the Ts?

    1. This is something I always wondered and have had a few gay friends tell me how much they dislike being tied to transgender issues. They are completely different things.

      1. In a lot of ways, they’re conflicting.

      2. Radical feminist lesbians: The female sex needs to stick together. Gender is an oppressive, exterior social construct. Transgender men are females who have joined the patriarchy to lighten their burden. Transgender women are male imposters who threaten the intregity of womanhood.

        Trans: Gender is an essential interior identity. And I’m the opposite one.

        Nonbinaries: There is no opposite gender. I can make one up for myself and demand people call me by the pronouns of my choosing.

        1. I wonder if the feminists will ever realize that the T movement is an existential threat to womanhood. We had members of Congress saying “birthing people” around Mother’s Day. What the actual fuck. The few women who do speak out are then tarred, often by people they thought of as allies.

          1. “We had members of Congress saying “birthing people” around Mother’s Day.”

            They were Democrats

      3. I, like everyone, have a gay uncle. Him and his boyfriend would agree with your friends, and have said all their gay friends would too. But they’re in their late 60s, so I wonder if it’s different with younger gay people?

        1. Young gay men are being wiped out because gay boys are being convinced they’re actually girls. Did you know the country with the highest rate of male-to-female transsexual surgeries is Iran?

    2. Nothing. Ls, Gs, Bs, and Ts are distinct groups with different interests. It makes no sense to lump any of them together. Ts, though, are especially misfits among sexually minorities. Gays and Lesbians have been fighting for decades against the idea that ones physical body and sexual nature must be in accord with each other. That idea, which is sexism itself, is at the core of transgenderism.

      1. Nail on head. (Heh, heh…head!)

        Anyway, for years it was the Bs who were the most reviled, because not only did they catch flak from the straights, but also from Gs & Ls, because the very assertion of the existence of Bs seemed to cast shade on G & L identity.

        1. Now how would they like it if someone told them that they didn’t exist?

      2. Most lesbians suffer from penis envy.

    3. Ts are the definition of delusional psychotics, and they target the young for surgical mutilation.

      1. I think that depends on the T, but that does seem to be the in-your-face position these days.

    4. “Ls”, “Gs”, “Bs”, & “Ts” all suffer from similar mental illnesses.
      They’re all delusional to a degree that they think it proper to live a lifestyle that promotes and celebrates it.
      Admittedly, only “Ts” go so far as to chemically and physically mutilate themselves to succumb to the delusion.
      It was not too long ago that mental health professionals regarded these as conditions to be treated, not pandered to.

  8. As a non-binary (they / them) person, I endure unimaginable bigotry on a literally daily basis.

    Just because my overall presentation (facial hair, deep voice, enormous Adam’s apple) hasn’t changed from back when I was 19 years old and still identifying as male, ignorant people just assume I use he / him pronouns. When strangers want my attention, they address me as “sir.” I cannot begin to describe how hurtful this is.

    There is so much work we in the LGBTQIA+ community need to do. Maybe it’s time we demand a federal law that criminalizes misgendering us trans folk.

    1. Nobody here is gonna believe you have an enormous Adam’s apple, dudes. Pics or STFU.

    2. If you were truly inclusive CDEFHJKMNOPRSTUVWXYZ-/* would be on the list. Of course S,W and M don’t stand a chance.

      1. They include S & M.

        1. And “O” for “Omnisexual” and “P” for “Pansexual.” (No, you won’t find the latter at the kitchen section of IKEA.)


    Whereas Pride used to support the initiatives for acceptance and equality, it is now complicit in the grooming of psychologically vulnerable teens and children into making life-destroying decisions they’re not truly able to make and also pedophilia. Happy Pride Month.
    Queer Theory actually opposes acceptance and (marriage) equality because they deradicalize most of the base and uphold the general notion of normativity.
    Pride has been coopted by a movement no decent people should support.
    Queer Theory openly seeks to deconstruct (or “to queer”) the idea of the innocence of childhood, which it sees as upholding oppression of children (including through age of consent laws) and being a means by which society can instill oppression (via socialization through family).
    Critical Social Justice Theory generally believes that the oppressive structure of the family is the first site of reproducing cisheteronormativity, patriarchy, misogyny, and white supremacy and therefore seeks to dismantle the family and deconstruct the innocence of childhood.
    Whereas supporting Pride was at one time on-balance valuable and good, and good elements remain, it is now complicit beyond tolerance in some of the worst human evil in many decades and cannot be supported by any decent person. Painful as it may be, let it go. It changed.

    1. This is why I won’t support Pride.

      It’s a disgusting manipulation by these radical groups, to use non-controversial language and ideas- “LGBT people are entitled to dignity and the same rights as everyone else,” “Black people are entitled to dignity and equality under the law,” or, “Policing and criminal justice in the US has gone off track, and we need to rein it back in,”- ideas that are generally supported by a majority of Americans, in order to buy support for their radical agendas. It’s predatory. It preys on Americans’ sense of fairness and fundamental decency, and tricks them into supporting a set of radical positions they don’t even know they’re supporting. Nobody wants to be thought of as a homophobe/bigot/racist/whatever, and activists use that to bully regular people into accepting increasingly more absurd and outlandish positions.

      It’s gone from, “Trans people should be left alone to live their lives the way they want, and we won’t tolerate violence, bullying, or discrimination against them,” to “If you don’t support giving dangerous, life altering treatments to pre-pubescent children who can’t possibly understand what they’re doing, you are commiting LITERAL violence against all trans people everywhere.” Or, airing a television show about de-transitioners, who have valid veiws that deserve to be considered, is committing LITERAL violence against trans people. At this point, it’s no longer about equality and acceptance. It’s bullying and tyranny.

      1. It’s become a political ideology, aligning with the race-based marxism of the far left. I’ve seen interviews with both Andy Ngo and Abigail Shrier, both of whom say that Ts make up part of Antifa at disproportionate levels.

        1. All of these identity group political movements are just horses for Marxism to ride in on. The American middle class is too big, and generally reasonably satisfied with their position in life, so they have to create class struggle based on race, gender, and sexual orientation. All despite that fact that, as the article points out, it’s never been better in America for minority groups, and, but for the interference of groups like Pride or BLM, it will only keep improving.

    2. That’s the way it always seems to flow. Slaves aren’t truly liberated until they join the slave-owning class. Labor unions become bosses’ and/or mafia unions. “The New Kid” finds acceptance in bullying the NEW new kid.

  10. Excellent article. I remember the first gay pride festival in Philadelphia, I think it 1984 or 1985. It was in a small park and consisted of one guy selling gingerbread penises. I must ask: did you go to Wash U in St. Louis? I did, starting in ’68. Gays used to cruise around Forest Park, there was one bar (where I witnessed a Mamie Eisenhower lookalike contest in the 70s), and one bathhouse. You are so right about how far we have come, and how far straight people have come.

    1. “You are so right about how far we have come, and how far straight people have come.”

      Now that kind of talk, which is so contrary to victim narratives, can get you cancelled.

      1. Let them cancel me, the weenies! Thanks for your comment.

    2. I still don’t have to like them. In fact I don’t like them at all.

  11. As a soccer fan, I love watching MLS games with rainbow flags flying in the supporters sections all season long. “Our local sports team just scored a goal!!! Hooray, gay pride!!!”/sarc

    Not sure why someone would want to fly a rainbow flag at a soccer game. I don’t see other groups flying flags at games. Not really sure why it is condoned.

    1. Who else would watch soccer?

    2. Because haveing an activity that regularly ends in a 0 to 0 tie is the gayest thing ever

  12. What if your a gay cop? Is now a better time then ever?

    1. No, that was in the 70s.

    2. I heard they were told they’re not welcome at one of the parades, but don’t remember which one.

      1. Give it time. The Irish won’t be allowed to march in the St. Pat’s parade.

    3. Being a gay cop hasn’t been a thing since the Village People.

  13. Obviously, there’s a big chunk of opposition still motivated by a belief that there really isn’t such a thing as a trans person and that these people are mentally ill or liars, regardless of what science says.

    Science has nothing to say about this, unless you count social science. This is not a question of fact, but opinion. You can’t do any measurements and determine whether someone is transsexual. It’s even in doubt as to whether you can do any objective measurement to determine whether someone is in a trance!

    1. Didn’t Szasz have something to say about this silliness? Maybe in Sex By Prescription.

    2. They are mentally ill.

      1. Are you a Doctor or play one on TV? How do you come up with this prognosis for whole swaths of people?

        1. If you saw someone with a compound fracture, would you know what it was? How, if you’re not an orthopedist?

          Right now I see rain falling outside. I know it’s raining, even though I’m not a meteorologist.

          Is it legal to kill people without provocation? How do you know? Are you a lawyer?

          1. All these are a far cry from knowing the inner workings of someone’s head, as JohnZ claims to do.

            1. You completely missed the point. It is rarely necessary to know the “inner workings of someone’s head” to observe that they’re off their rocker. Perhaps you lack experience with mentally ill people.

    3. When the bones of a deceased trans person are discovered that person will be labeled the gender associated with that bone structure. In the end truth wins.

  14. “there really isn’t such a thing as a trans person and that these people are mentally ill or liars, regardless of what science says.”

    But the science DOES say they are mentally ill or liars.

    1. Lie detection is a lie, and mental illness is misnomer.

      1. Lies are detected by comparing assertions to reality.

        1. That much is true. No lie.

        2. Not quite. Not all untruths are lies. Lying requires intent.

          1. Or delusion, hence, mental illness.

            1. Shhh! All this talk about lying might trigger Misek and we’ll all be railroad bound!

    2. Gender dysphoria, of which transitioning is but one (the only politically correct) treatment.


      1. No, treatment for mental illness is better suited.

        1. The U.S. gave up on that in 1971 and The Chinese finally gave up on that in 2001. Why don’t you?

      2. “Transitioning” is not a treatment. It is a dramatic exacerbation of the disorder.

    3. I don’t know if they’re lying, but I can sure as hell say that the movement as a whole is living some kind of fantasy, and is hellbent on making me believe something I know not to be true.

      Want to cut your dick off and walk around in a dress?

      Cool. I don’t give a single shit. I simply can’t be bothered to care what you want to do. But the minute you’re trying to tell me that I’m a bigot for not believing that cutting your dick off and walking around in a dress makes you an ACTUAL woman exactly the same as those who were born women, you can get fucked.

      1. “You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”

        ― Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  15. Why do we even care if someone is LGBT, or gay, or whatever?


      1. That’s right…and you’ve probably victimized many poor victims now suffering from greivous victimhood because of your victimizing.

      2. This is why the social sciences and CRT should be obliterated from schools.

        1. Even better we should obliterate public *cough Marxist* schools.

    2. Because it isn’t enough to be non-homophobic. You have to be actively anti-homophobic, or else.

      1. Thank you.

    3. Who? WHO doesn’t want to wear the ribbon?!

  16. Can we change the abbreviation to GBLT? It’s just easier to say “giblet”.

    1. It bugged me that they changed it from GLBT, because I used to pronounce that. But it got hard when it became BLGTQ. I never understood what the “queer” part was supposed to add, unless it be taken literally as “strange”.

      1. When I was younger queer was just a synonym for gay, and IIRC it was one of the first “reclaimed” words. Not sure when they changed the definition though

        1. I remember playing “smear the queer” in PE class in elementary school in the 1960s, and yes, the gym teacher called it that.

          1. It was still smear the queen when I was a kid in the 90s and didn’t really have any conceptions about homosexuality

            1. *smear the queer

              F you woke autocorrect

              1. Close enough.

          2. Sleer the queer in the 80s- 90s for me

      2. “Queer” started out as a sort of overarching label for minority sexualities. Now it seems to be for the sort of “other” category of sexuality.
        I suppose the labels are useful if you are looking for someone to have sex with. Then you know what they are into. But a pretty weird thing to build your identity around. Be whatever kind of freak you want, you don’t need a special word for it.

        1. I still don’t get “queer”. As near as I can tell it means “gay but edgier”.

          “Yes, I still sleep with men, but being queer means I march in a different group than those uptight gays during the pride parade.”

          I mean look, you like sex with men, or with women, or with both. There ain’t too many more (legal) categories than that. Gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Lots of euphemisms and slurs, but they all boil down to either those three, or something gross and illegal. Like children or kittens.

          1. Well, in my personal experience there is a woman I know well who calls herself queer who I have had some kind of relations with at various times. For her it seems to be that she’s not into monogamous relationships, is mostly lesbian in orientation, but still likes dick.

            1. So she’s a bi slut. Not the rarest thing in the world.

              1. Yeah, pretty much. But weirder. So pretty much what you said, I guess.

    2. GBLT? Is that like the Lettuce, Olive, and Adam Sandwich that Terry Gilliam regarded as a “more classical dish?”

    3. It probably will change in the future since this ideology rejects any sort of objective truth. look how many other letters have been added since its inception. We now use the arbitrary term “people of color” The rearranging of letters would be based on intersectionality.

    4. pronounced giblet, or giblet?

  17. I could really care less who other people sleep with, so long as they’re sleeping with them in public. And I could care less what someone has between their legs if I’m not sleeping with them. Some guy wants to wear a dress? Sure fine. That same guy wants a surgery to make him female? Sure, fine. Just don’t make me pay for it via taxes, or demand that I be fired for using the “wrong” pronoun.

    But one thing I have always been stuck on, is wanting to be something other than what was one born as. This is not anti-trans, as I feel about it in many other situations. I disagree with Rachel Dolenzol identifying as Black when she is not Black. I disagree with that lady that had a doctor blind her because she identified as a blind person. I mean I really disagree with those things and things like it. Sure, some people are in between these categories. But I’m not talking about edge cases, I’m talking about identifying as something they are not.

    Ditto for trans. After the transition I will use the “correct” pronoun. But I’m still uncomfortable with the whole idea of changing their body to match their preferred identity. And it IS a preference. There is not literal female inside the male body begging to get out. That’s just horseshit.

    It’s the desire to be someone different that I don’t like. Be who you were born as! That is all. Holy fuck, I don’t even like too many tattoos or body mods more extreme than a simple piercing. That’s not who you are. Be who you are.

    There are a hell of a lot of things I don’t like about myself. If I can change them on my own I will try to do so. I will try to lose weight, try to get in shape, try to keep myself groomed, try to expand my skills, etc. I wear glasses because my eyesight is not too good. But to change who I fundamentally am is something I just can’t consider.

    I can’t change my identity because my identity is who I am.

    p.s. I have no problem at all for people on the edge of these things. Some people are indeed born intersex, and were surgically assigned a gender in infancy. Some without even knowing it. I have no issues with them making choices other than what their parents and doctor made.

    1. For me, it’s not even that. I agree in general. Trying to physically change yourself into something you are not is not something a mentally healthy person does. Dolezol could only make cosmetic changes to look kind of like a black woman. She wasn’t actually black and never will be. The blinded lady- well, that’s just bonkers. There are tons on looney tunes who have endless plastic surgeries to turn themselves into a Barbie or some other craziness. There was one lady who had surgeries to basically rearrange her face into a cat. Changing your outward physical characteristics does not turn you into the thing you wish you were, because that’s not what you are. All you’re ever going to do, at best, is make yourself look like what you wish you were. You’ll never be satisfied, because it’s not real. Maube that’s why there’s such a high suicide rate among trans people- despite all the hormones and all the surgeries, it’s not real. It didn’t change you the way you wanted it to.

      But, that being said, I have no emotional investment in other people’s mental illness. I may think it’s mentally unhealthy, but that’s neither here nor there, and nobody has to care what I think about how they live their lives, especially strangers. Trans people are free to do whatever they want with their bodies, and and it’s really not up to me.

      My problem is with being forced to validate it, or forced to agree that it’s great and wonderful and stunning and brave. I don’t think it’s great and wonderful and stunning and brave. My problem is being bullied to accept that “trans women are women.” Trans women are not women. They are biological men who have chosen to live their lives cosmetically as women. My problem is that, it’s no longer enough for me to just accept people’s differences, treat people with dignity and compassion, and keep my unsolicited opinions to myself because silence is violence. Now I have to celebrate a life choice that I personally disagree with, or I’m LITERALLY killing trans people.

      1. A trans-woman is not a cis-woman. Still woman … IF … there was transition surgery. Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, a trans-woman. Not a cis-woman. That the LGBT came up with those distinctions means that the LGBT community KNOWS there’s a difference.

        So Caitlyn Jenner isn’t part of the “sisterhood” of those who grew up female, the sisterhood of those who have monthly periods, the sisterhood of those who were never a member of the patriarchy. In short, Caitlyn Jenner now has the shape of a women, but she share nothing else that means women distinct from men.

        I have a friend who is trans. One day she was walking along and I just had to shout, “Dammit, stop strutting like a man! You look like Ru Paul!” Seriously, she didn’t even know how to walk as a woman.

        1. Jenner is a man. Surgery at best can obscure sex but it can’t change it.

    2. “Be who you were born as! That is all.”

      Yes. That is the essence of sexual liberation. “Be who you were supposed to be” is the essence of sexism, and sexism’s most extreme manifestation, transgenderism.

    3. >>so long as they’re sleeping with them in public


    4. “It’s the desire to be someone different that I don’t like. ”

      Have you been to Hollywood? Something tells me you wouldn’t like it.

    5. You might engage in dialogue with a trans person to see what’s really going on. You’re likely to find your assumptions are not exactly aligned with reality.

      Quick primer: Gender expression is a social construct. Kings used to wear gowns and heels. If a person feels more comfortable in a dress while having a penis, that’s just something you should get over, because culture is arbitrary, and you have no right to force anyone to accept yours. Yours is probably dumb and inhumane, especially if it’s gone relatively unexamined in 1000 years.

      As a matter of science, the cultural assumptions you bring to the table are quite simply wrong. People with all manner of X and Y chromosome combinations exhibit a huge spectrum of sexual expression, orientation, and gender expression preferences in a given culture. It’s not binary, not at all, it just isn’t. Did you read the Kinsey report?

      Anyone arguing from a place of “the majority does it, therefore that’s the only correct way” has been put in his place over and over again, especially in American culture. That’s a fallacy. It’s not an alternative viewpoint, it’s simply pig-ignorant.

  18. The gaslighting is strong with Scott Shackford.

    Specifically, he pretends to be libertarian.

  19. “a common anti-gay refrain right back in their faces: It’s just a phase.”

    It is absolutely true that some adolescent boys go through a “gay phase” and then grow up to be heterosexual. I’ve seen it firsthand many times. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  20. The new Skittles package giving up the rainbow for Pride Month is ridiculous! It looks like grey package from State Store in Old Soviet Union!

    In Old Soviet Union, closet was home and rainbow tastes you!

  21. the 90s called. said dude we’ve all been happy for you for ten years already. is innocuous at this point. but hey, have a month who am I to deny anyone their month?

  22. They would be straight if they knew the kinds of shit I take each morning.

  23. I have it on good progressive authority that the alphabet people are still dreadfully oppressed by heteronormative social structures, such as sexual dimorphism, a lingering positive outlook on the nuclear family, and the transphobic preferences of superstraights.

    1. I have it on good, progressive authority that trans men are, in fact, entitled to sex with me, and if I don’t want to have sex with trans men, I am transphobic.

      1. Does that make you transgay?

    2. Superstraights. Like Clark Kent? Or Steve Rogers? Gotta exclude Diana Prince because she grew up on the island of the Amazons, just saying. Not sure any of the other tight undergarment wearing crew is straight though.

      Steve Roger’s ass is America’s ass only because Steve Rogers is a superstraight.

      1. They wear their underwear on the outside. How much more out can they get?

  24. IF you think this is crazy,some mentally retarded liberal in congress wants woke crash test dummies.
    Rep. Eleanor Norton (D./D.C.) has introduced legislation that would require auto manufacturers to use both male and female crash test dummies in order to advance gender equality.
    Just when I thought the Dems couldn’t do anything more stupid, they go and prove me wrong. Crazy is the order of the day in the Democrat Party.
    I’m sure Joy Behar will take up this most worthy cause by tomorrow’s show.
    Better yet, let’s just use these idiots for real crash test dummies.

    1. She’s not even a real Rep. I didn’t know the non-voting delegates could even introduce legislation.

    2. Having worked briefly in automotive test facility, both male AND female crash test dummies are used. As well as child crash test dummies. The goal is safety, so all shapes and variations of human beings are used.

      She really is an idiot for thinking only “male” dummies are used.

      1. Well, Brandy, I guess they’ll have to hang a mop-wig on the dummies and all will be good.

    3. Just you wait. Sooner or later some democrat in congress will introduce a measure to ensure that transgender/intersectional crash test dummies are included, along with other various intersectionalities .
      I seriously believe these democrats are taking suggestions from the women on The View.

  25. and rather than take the W, the alphabet crowd has chosen to expand, to include a group that can only be a destabilizing force among gays. In what must be heresy to the trans people, it is perfectly possible for boys and girls who do not conform to gender stereotypes to grow up and be happily straight or gay. It’s what happens almost all the time.

    1. Now that homosexuals have the right to marry, they have become part of the enemy. It’s really bizarre. Being one of the “oppressed” is truly a status marker for these people.

    2. Transgenderism is becoming a genocide of homosexual boys.

  26. Then there are cross dressing rabbits, wabbits.

  27. “We’re in the midst of a culture war over trans acceptance, a bit of a backlash to this advancement that has resulted in some bad state-level legislation based on bathroom panics. Some of it is a terribly blatant attempt by trans skeptics to interfere with medical treatment decisions that should be made by trans teens and their guardians in consultation with medical professionals and should not involve the government.”

    Now, explain why this is OK and gay conversion therapy is not. Neither have even the tiniest sliver of actual science behind them. And your statement fits both to a damned tee.

  28. I don’t let my petite daughter play football, because of the increased risk of injury for her (both my boys play). Why should she have to compete against biological males who identify as female in female sports? The risk of injury doesn’t change (actually, in sports like basketball it probably increases because of lack of pads). Other than that and giving pre adolescents puberty blockers I could care less. As long as they don’t try and force they’re lifestyle on me, I am happy to let them live their lives. Hell I’ll even BBQ for them.
    Also, shouldn’t a libertarian writer support the idea of a church ran organization not being forced to go against their beliefs not celebrating the idea the state may force them to participate in a practice their find religiously intolerable?

    1. What libertarian writer?

    2. “in a practice their find religiously intolerable?”

      Like bar be queing? BBQ is the only form of cooking men are permitted to perform. Outdoors with shoes on, according to the good book. God told us how much he likes the smell of burning meat.

      “Why should she have to compete against biological males who identify as female in female sports? ”

      I suggest your daughter look into the little appreciated sport of ferret trousering. If she really is a female female, she will have the advantage over male males and male females.

    3. Shackford is quite happy to use the the State to force religious organizations to conform to his dogmatic belief system.

  29. I dream of humanity’s emancipation from bien pasant, fear, and dogma.

    I literally want every person to be free. Truly free. To be what they must, do what they must. To be happy. NAP in full effect for everyone, all the time. True equality, where everyone is treated exactly the same before the law. No specially recognized victim classes.

    Liberty is my most sacred and precious personal value. You do you, I do me. And maybe, if you want to do me, or I want to do you, that happens.

    So goddammit, I will not stand for being called a bigot because I want people to be free, because people includes me. People who need social validation and celebration from people who don’t want to give it are assholes. I am leaving you alone to do whatever the fuck you want except hurt other people or violate their rights. I’ll call you any pronoun you want. I’ll address you as Jesus Christ if it’ll make you happy. That is all you are going to get from me, and that is fucking enough. It’s all I want from you.

  30. The irony is that ‘sexual orientation’ is a mental construct that has no basis in science. Human beings are attracted to one another for myriad reasons but the desire for sex is not one of those reasons.

    Humans are attracted to other people because they want for themselves what they perceive in those other people. They only want those things which they know that they have suppressed in themselves for various reasons. It may be beauty or youth or health or femininity or masculinity or humour or studiousness or talent or one or more of hundreds of other human traits. The challenge is to rediscover those things within which they have suppressed. But they are not attracted by the desire for sex.

    Human beings do not need sex. They have a desire for orgasm and you do not need to have sex to have orgasm. There is no human need for sex and no such thing as a sexual orientation.

    Some human beings may decide to have sex with each other but this happens after they have become attracted to each other. It is never the reason for their attraction.

    1. Is that supposed to be parody?

        1. How deep was that faulty logic rabbit hole you fell down?

    2. I’ve met all types. Many heterosexual males were incubated in a culture that shamed masturbation and made vaginal intercourse the ultimate goal of youth, without which you consider yourself valueless.

      Some like arm candy for social status reasons.

      Some like to fuck as many people as possible for another take on social status.

      And healthy people like companionship and intimacy of sex with a committed partner.

      You’re absolutely right to imply that none of it, social status and all the rest, is necessary for a fulfilled life, provided you don’t fill your head with all sorts of arbitrary requirements for such.

  31. 120 posts so far and no gay shit from Tony. Did we run him off?

    1. I think he gets on late. Just wait there will be some real stupid gems from him in about an hour or so

  32. And how long is pride month going for? I mean decades, centuries? Here’s the thing Scott..the great majority of people are live and let live..they don’t care to celebrate you any more than you want to celebrate heteros or say ethnicities or what not.

    And there are parts of what you say that are pushing your agenda through discrimination. Trans sports for example..most high schools best boys 800 meter runner would qualify for an olympic final for the women..let me say that again..most high schools have a kid who runs sub 2 minutes in the 800 meters…world class women 800 meter runners run just under 2 minutes as well. Sorry your biology determines if you are competing as a male or female. Anything else is idiotic and discriminatory.

    On “trans teens”…I understand how minorities love to celebrate their expansion (hell I’m one myself and I’m always looking for ways to increase my tribes influence) but this idea that a youngster who most likely is troubled isn’t easily convinced they are really a different sex by adults with an agenda is bs. For all of us growing up is very hard, you are often confused about a lot of things including your sexuality as you go through puberty, throw in perhaps a bad home situation or even a mom who wants to be woke and the center of attention with her yenta friends and you get in some at best a bad decision…no reason a young person can wait until they are 21 and of legal age to decide on life altering
    surgery. Again I have no issue with govt not discriminating or passing laws forcing people to discriminate but it has to end there in a free society.

  33. There’s a girl at work that wants to have surgery on her ears so they are pointed like an elf.

    Will E for Elf get added to the alphabet of LGBTQIA+?

    I mean, she would make a more plausible and less ridiculous elf than most transgenders, who despite their best efforts, almost always look like their biological sex (due to those pesky chromosome things)

  34. How is it unpoliticized “science” that transgender people are not mentally ill? Feeling that your body is wrong is certainly not a sign of mental health, and transgenderism correlates with a raft of other emotional issues that results in an extremely high suicide rate which is not removed by transitioning. I understand that trans people might not like gender dysphoria as a mental illness. I also would think that people with depression or bipolar disorder also chafe at those being mental illnesses, but do not have a movement behind them insisting dogmatically that they are not.

    Again, Shackford is dismissive of what he calls “anti-trans” laws as “bathroom panics” without looking at the merits of what is being discussed. For instance, can a minor truly give informed consent on treatments of dubious efficacy and permanently damaging to their natural development for a condition does not understand well enough to give a good diagnosis on? As well as many people reject the trans ideology that “male” and “female” are defined by conforming to stereotypes of behavior rather than being an essential characteristic those stereotypes are built around. Also keep in mind that trans activists were the aggressors in formulating bathroom laws.

  35. From the first days sexual depravity became Alphabet Soup, they said ‘Leave us alone”. So we left them alone, then they pushed to change the laws not only protecting them but turning them into a civil rights class as if they were blacks. And we left them alone. Forgotten for a bit because the Alphabet Soup of Sexual Depravity is rather boring, they then started jumping up and down screaming “pay attention to us!”. Then it was “pride days” (no such thing, they have no real pride), now they’re moving up to men using women’s locker rooms and taking Title IX scholarships and building a tyranny (take away the Y and what’s that spell!) against real women, assaulting them for speaking out (that would be the normal women they cal TERFs). On top of that, they’re now chipping away at the final frontier, adopting and chipping away at the strictures against consorting sexually with children. Yeah, the Alphabet Soup of Sexual Depravity is a mentally ill crowd, no question about it, but sicker still are the corporations and politicians crawling over one another in speech, commercials and legislation forever moving their depraved goalposts. So now normal, real men and women, 95% of the population, should be paying attention and boycotting all the corporate a-holes feeding us the Alphabet Soup in commercials and programming. Again, the Soup has their eyes on your young CHILDREN, people. They like them young. That’s why they want into locker rooms.

    1. Proportionally speaking, Republican speakers of the House are far, far more likely to rape children than everyday gay people.

        1. Gay people rape children at no more than the rate of everyday straight people. I could about 6 Republican speakers of the house since the 1930s, and at least one was a boy rapist. So you do the math.

  36. Good article except where he seemed to celebrate the decision to outlaw workplace discrimination against gays and the right of private foster agencies to reject gay couples. I guess his point is that from the gay activist perspective these are major wins so they have nothing to complain about. Ok but it illustrates the problem with trying to look at developments from perspective of special interests rather than from perspective of individual freedom. Whether you like it or not, whether it personally benefits you or not, employers have a natural right to hire or fire you for any reason, however stupid, and foster agencies have a right to reject your application for any stupid reason.

    It’s like trying to argue for free trade from perspective of a specific group of producers. They might benefit from lower tariffs on the materials they use to make their products, but they certainly don’t benefit from lower tariffs on the imports they directly compete with.

  37. As someone who grew up with an older gay sister I am extremely happy at the progress that society has made when it comes to gay rights.
    Less then 20 years ago it was legal for the government (in some states) to jail and arrest someone for consensual sex with another adult of the same sex. That is a HUGE abuse of the authority and power of government.

    Now gays have the same right to marry someone of the same sex. I once thought that transgender people were mentally ill but they, like gays, state they were born this way.
    Their being transgender does not harm me and if their happier (and a lot are though maybe not all) in utilizing their freedom to be the sex that they should have been born into, then I am happy for them.

    After all mental illness is something that makes you unable or unhappy in your life. IF coming out as transgender does the opposite it is by no means harmful or a mental illness. They were just born into the wrong sex and are now in 2021 having the ability to be what they are without the fear that once existed by others in society. IT still exists but it is transiting (pun intended) away.

    1. Periodically changing the passion for various games in the casino. I love casinos with a progressive gaming policy when additions expand the player’s capabilities 10 bet bonus. It attracts more people with different tastes.

  38. > There’s Never Been a Better Time To Be LGBT in America

    Yes, that’s the problem. Of course, the smoking ruins of what you’ve made isn’t America any more, so there’s that.

    And regarding trans, deciding which antibiotic to prescribe is a medical treatment decision. Chemical castration and lopping off perfectly fine body parts is Mengele-ism.

    1. People choosing what to do with their own bodies is unacceptable to you, libertarian, but culture excluding everyone who doesn’t fit into a narrow 1950s WASP culture is just fine.

      You may see the confusion now.

      1. Prohibiting people from doing what they wish with their bodies is not libertarian. Being libertarian does not mean you must refrain from criticism of what others do with their bodies. It certainly does not mean you approve of people being forced to express agreement with what other people do with bodies. It does not mean you have to accept what other people force upon their children.

        1. Define not accepting what other people do with their own bodies and children. I’m talking about a free society, where it’s genuinely none of your concern.

          If you don’t want any laws to enforce any of your ideas, then flap your pie-hole into the wind all you like.

          1. You’re so indoctrinated into leftist statism that you can’t conceive of disagreeing with someone without trying to outlaw them.

              1. Non-sequitur.

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