Brickbat: Foiled Again


At around 7 a.m. in March 2020, an Alberta SWAT team knocked in the door of the home rented by Joshua Bennett and Jennifer Hacker. At the same time, an armored vehicle knocked out their living room window and cops fired tear gas into the home and tossed in a stun grenade. They arrested the pair, took them to Calgary police headquarters and questioned them for more than three hours, demanding to know where the drugs they expected to find were. Bennett told them there was some marijuana in the basement. But the cops said they didn't care about marijuana. They wanted to know where the meth was. There was no meth. The raid stemmed from the fact that a suspected drug dealer was seen at their home, and Bennett was seen at her home, plus a confidential informant claimed that the woman used rural homes to stash her drugs. Bennett said he only bought some marijuana and used clothes from the woman. The raid caused $50,000 in damage to the home, and now the police are refusing to pay for repairs.