Kamala Harris Campaigned on a Kinder, Gentler Migration Policy. Now She's Telling Guatemalans, 'Do Not Come.'

By discouraging Guatemalans from coming to the U.S., Harris hopes to keep migrants away from a legal immigration pathway they’re eligible to pursue.


Vice President Kamala Harris went to Guatemala this week on her first official trip abroad. The visit came in connection to her new leading role in the White House effort to stem Central American migration to the U.S.-Mexico border. Arrivals there have surged in recent months, leading Harris to lay out a plan to tackle factors driving migration from Guatemala.

Alongside announcements of aid and collaborative anti-corruption initiatives, Harris issued a direct warning to would-be migrants: "Do not come. Do not come." She continued, "I believe if you come to our border you will be turned back."

That statement couldn't be any more different from her campaign trail rhetoric. In a 2019 interview with National Public Radio, Harris marketed herself as the antithesis of former President Donald Trump and his harsh immigration policies. "I disagree with any policy that would turn America's back on people who are fleeing harm," Harris said. "I frankly believe that it is contrary to everything that we have symbolically and actually said we stand for."

Yet that's exactly what Harris proposed yesterday, despite the fact that Guatemalans are eligible to pursue a legal immigration pathway at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Migrants arriving at the Southwest border may apply for asylum, a process they can only initiate from U.S. soil or at a port of entry. This differs from refugee status, which people apply for and attain before arriving in the U.S. Gaining asylum tends to be quicker than receiving refugee status—valuable for migrants who face hostile conditions at home, as is often the case among Central Americans. Anyone may apply, but eligibility hinges on an applicant proving that he's been persecuted on grounds of race, religion, nationality, belonging to a certain social group, or political opinion.

In effect, Harris is trying to convince migrants not to pursue the first step necessary to legally gaining asylum.

David J. Bier, an immigration research fellow at the Cato Institute, explains that there are many frameworks in place outlining migrants' rights to do this. "On paper, there are numerous laws and treaties that purport to protect the rights of asylum seekers and other vulnerable people," Bier says. "The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, Refugee Act, Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, the Convention Against Torture, and 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol" all provide domestic and international protections, Bier notes.

That apparently isn't enough to appease Harris—or, at least, her current politics.

Though she now calls would-be border crossing "illegal migration," she previously supported eliminating criminal penalties for that action. Her presidential campaign site called Trump's border strategy "disastrous and cruel" and she promised to "ensure those fleeing persecution have a full and fair opportunity to make their claim" in immigration court. Those previous sentiments have seemingly vanished.

Bier says that Harris' "proposed solutions are somewhat more dialed back versions of Trump's ideas," despite the Biden-Harris administration's supposed commitment to rolling back the former president's immigration approach. "She wants to continue to expel migrants who cross the border back to Mexico, which was precisely Trump's preferred policy," he observes.

These policies are likely to be ineffective as well. "I don't foresee Harris's proposed solutions having any significant effect on migration from Central America," says Bier. "The main reason that immigrants come illegally is the lack of legal options." Without meaningful efforts to make legal immigration easier, we're doomed to repeat the same mistakes at the Southwest border. Bier warns that Harris' proposals will backfire, creating "a greater perception of chaos when the situation hardly changes."

The Harris of 2019 had no problem advocating that migrants get their day in court. "I would not enforce a law that would reject people and turn them away without giving them a fair and due process to determine if we should give them asylum and refuge," she said then. Let's hope Harris has another change of heart.

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      1. Paid. Like Kamala wants to pay the Guatemalan government to keep their people there.

        1. G. isnt the problem. Mexico is. The Guatemalans arent coming here on the Love Boat. Mexihole is allowing them to violate MX law to arrive here.

          We need to invade and take over Mexihole. Its a mass humanitarian crisis

          1. Meh. I like the love boat reference, I guess.

          2. No. Given our recent (post WW2) history of “nation building” in Iraq, Afcrapistan, Syria, Libya, etc we have no business going into Mexico to fix anything. We’ll fuck it up with muddy objectives, corruption, and a generally fucked up attempt.

          3. And how much US life and treasure would you like to give towards the cause?

            We did so well in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    3. Right-wing media are trying to hold President Joe Biden responsible for one of the effects of former President Donald Trump’s flawed tax cuts …….click here.

    4. I said the progressives are not really going to like him from the start. He had to pander to them to beat Trump. Throw them a scrap every now an them to keep them on the farm.

      A supporter of every crime bill for the last 50 years is not a progressive. The progressives will eventually learn this. Harris rightfully called Biden out on his sexual harassments during the primary. But then gives him a pass on it to be the VP. Harris is a former prosecutor. People who like throwing people in jail are not progressive.

      The progressives were nothing but useful idiots so Biden could fulfill his life long dream of becoming president.

  2. Hey, we got it! Again, should be the second biggest story in the media, but thank you.

    Borders are a bit like police. The people screeching to defund both always blink. Always.

    1. And like both ‘defund’ policies, it’s lower income Americans -and the same screeching fucktards will have to agree, ethnic minorities, that bear the brunt of negative impact from those decisions. Wealthy white liberal women, academe, liberals/leftists/socialists/progressives, speaking in general, are a remarkably classist and racist bunch.

  3. FYI, someone recently noted that the number of stories essentially admitting that “Trump was right” have been coming so fast and furiously, you can’t even keep up.

    1. Yeah and its priceless…Pelosi and Mad Max cant attack Biden over it!!

      Trump must be laughing his ass off.

      1. Unfortunately, *WE’RE* not.

    2. Trump was never right and his racist rhetoric inspired a terrorist to murder 20 people and injure 26 at a Walmart in Texas. I Googled it because I couldn’t remember how many people were killed and you can’t even find the story because some other fascist rightwinger was just arrested for plotting to murder people at a Walmart.

      1. With fire extinguishers !

        1. And ‘bear spray’ that has yet to be proven to have hit them.

      2. You.
        And too fucking stupid to recognize it.

        1. It is staggering to imagine how much more violence this president may motivate if he continues down this deeply disturbing path.

          domestic terrorism inspired by the ideology of Trumpism. The shooting took place during the height of the 2018 midterm campaign when Trump was inciting fear of an immigrant “caravan” from Central America. The shooter got the message. Hours before his bloody rampage, he accused a Jewish refugee support agency of bringing “invaders in that kill our people”.

          Saturday in El Paso it was deja vu all over again.

          Trump has launched his 2020 re-election campaign this summer by doubling down on the theme of racial and ethnic division and anti-immigrant hysteria.

          1. Now do Biden, dims, and the rise in Asian and Jewish hate crimes. And the rise in violent crime in general. Bootlicker.

          2. You’re a bitch fag jake

          3. Not even a little embarrassed, Jacob?

          4. And video games make people violent, D&D causes kids to worship the devil, rock and roll degrades American youth’s moral fiber, and the movie Taxi Driver got Regan shot.

            Or maybe some people are just totally nuts, and it is time to stop taking what they say seriously. That an anti-semite would somehow get tied to Trump is a particular forehead slapping moment, what with his having Jewish direct relatives and a policy so pro-Israel pretty much everyone united to condemn it.

            1. Bingo.

            2. Yep.

              You can see the bias in people with the way they place blame.

      3. Trump isn’t racist. You are. Just like every progtard.

  4. >>The Harris of 2019 had no

    future in national politics. today is why.

    1. Nooooo. Please no.

  5. “By discouraging Guatemalans from coming to the U.S., Harris hopes to keep migrants away from a legal immigration pathway they’re eligible to pursue.”

    The last time I broke the analysis down in comments, more than 90% of the asylum seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras were either denied an asylum hearing due to not making a claim of persecution, denied asylum by a judge at their hearing, or never bothered to show up for their hearing.

    They may be eligible “to pursue” asylum, but more than 90% of them in recent years were not eligible for asylum. This is especially evil and awful for those who are eligible for asylum.

    Reason ran two stories in recent weeks about how citizens of Afghanistan, who helped us defend the Constitution from our enemies in Al Qaeda and the Taliban, are having trouble getting their paperwork processed quickly enough, and they’re afraid they’ll be left behind to be massacred by the Taliban if their paperwork isn’t approved in time.

    Tens of thousands of people flooding our asylum system with bogus claims–so they can send their kids to live here at the expense of U.S. taxpayers–is not a victimless act. Entitled “to pursue” an asylum claim?! They’re also entitled to pursue a career as a con artist. That doesn’t mean they’re entitled to be con artists, or that our public polices should invite them to become con artists.

    1. Who was the idiot the other day that tried to argue that loading up Texas’ state licensed homes being loaded with immigrants wasn’t using resources meant for the state? It’s the same concept.

    2. Tens of thousands of people flooding our asylum system with bogus claims–so they can send their kids to live here at the expense of U.S. taxpayers–is not a victimless act.

      The only reason why it’s not “victimless” in this context is because the government has not allocated enough resources to process asylum claims. That is not the asylee’s fault.

      If it takes 3 hours for a cop to show up at my door after I report a crime, it is not my fault for calling 911. That is the government’s fault, for whatever reason, for tolerating crappy response times.

      1. The only reason why it’s not “victimless” in this context is because the government has not allocated enough resources to process asylum claims. That is not the asylee’s fault.

        The best kind of correct: Technically correct.

        No, it’s Joe Biden’s, Kamala Harris’s fault, and the fault of the Democratic Party as a whole.

        However, the choice to enter the country illegally is a choice, and it has consequences. Justin Trudeau will happily tell you that.

        1. I don’t recall an outpouring of support for additional staff to adjudicate asylum claims when Republicans were in charge. That is one reason why they had the entire Remain in Mexico policy in the first place.

          But you are right that neither one has actually done much to alleviate the real burden.

      2. Are you volunteering your time or resources for the increased strain due to your buddies policies?

      3. “If it takes 3 hours for a cop to show up at my door after I report a crime, it is not my fault for calling 911. That is the government’s fault, for whatever reason, for tolerating crappy response times.”

        If it takes 3 hours to show up at your door because 300 people called the cops about bogus crap and the cops had to send a unit out to each to find out that it was bogus crap, then the responsibility for the cops taking 3 hours to get to your front door lies with all the people making bogus calls to the cops.

        1. If 300 people are continually calling the cops requesting their services, for whatever reason, and the police have no way to know if the requests are bogus or not ahead of time, and the police department does not change their behavior, leaving a department that is understaffed to meet the apparent demand, then yes it is the fault of the police department for not adjusting their budgets accordingly.

          1. GordonGekko
            “because 300 people called the cops”

            chemjeff radical individualist
            “If 300 people are continually calling the cops”

            Sometimes his dishonesty is more subtle than others, but dishonesty is still at his core.

          2. More concentration camps.

            Are we still calling them that?

      4. Calling the cops is foolish unless you need to put down your dog, your kid, yourself, or some other family member. Then there’s the whole problem of not knowing exactly which outcome you’ll get. Well, other knowing the cops will get qualified immunity that is.

      5. The easy way to deal with it is to turn away all asylum claims that are not from Mexicans or Canadians. Everyone else has to go to the nearest safe country, which isn’t America.

        No forum shopping.

      6. Isn’t the taxpayer a victim? Especially if you want even MORE to “allocate enough resources”?

        1. That horse has left the barn. That’s the result of the 1967 treaty that the government has signed.

      7. I wish a cop would take 3 hours to show up at your door. Hopefully someone could end your misery

    3. Entitled “to pursue” an asylum claim?

      Yes Ken. It’s a part of US law as well as a part of international treaties.

      1. They are not entitled to abuse that system, when they have no valid claim of asylum. You are one stupid fat fuck, jeff.

        1. Open borders at a costs!

        2. They are entitled to make their case, just like anyone else.

          1. We are not the battered women’s shelter of the world.

          2. They are entitled to wait in line too.

  6. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

    — Mike Tyson

  7. Are we still “wrong within normal parameters”?

    1. Perhaps we’re “normal within wrong parameters”. 8-(

  8. “Don’t come”
    She meant in her mouth.

    1. She has never uttered those words in that context. This is why she has a career.

  9. “I believe if you come to our border you will be turned back.”

    “Hey, you’re the *Vice President*! Don’t you *know*?!”

    1. …but no ones being turned back!

  10. Anyone care to guess what the media coverage would’ve been like had Trump sent Pence to Guatemala to tell them to stay home?

    1. like theyre going to not come just bc she said that

    2. That was rhetorical, right?

  11. Like Trump, Harris has been compromised by Vladimir Putin.


  12. The tears, they are real. Liberaltarians hopes dashed.

    1. Close hikayu!
      The tears they are real
      Libritarian hopes dashed
      Better luck next time

      There I fixed it for you

  13. This would be the first time she told someone not to ….” come”…

    A child molester and prostitute walk into the White House….

  14. “Kamala Harris Campaigned on a Kinder, Gentler Migration Policy.”

    She campaigned on her BACK. Migrations got naught to do with it!

    1. She campaigned on her race and gender.

      1. Kamala Harris is a dumber version of Hillary Clinton. She will do or say anything to get elected, and she believes nothing. But she lacks Hillary’s cunning, because she doesn’t have to be smart at all. She has her race and her gender to carry her.

        1. Yeah where is Killary? odd how she and Piglousy and Waterhead vanished?

          Smart moneys on ‘ strokes’

          1. “Piglousy”


        2. Hillary is clinical psychopath. Harris is just a conniving idiot who got the opportunity to fuck the right influential guy.

          1. My guess is the Party found her such a liability they shut her up.

  15. So, she’s a hypocrite. I’ll take it.

  16. Kammy is so full of crap her eyes are brown.

    She has no fixed political views. Whatever is best for her is the position she takes.

    1. Missionary, doggy style, suspended congress?

      Never mind, I don’t want to know. Would someone please pass the brain bleach?

  17. When Kammy was asked why she made no acknowledgement of D-Day, she responded “at least they got to go to Europe”.

    1. Now that’s an immigration policy. Anyone who makes it to our border while taking heavy fire can stay.

  18. “Kamala Harris Campaigned on a Kinder, Gentler Migration Policy.”

    Kamala Harris campaigned on Orange Man Bad and whatever she thought would get her votes. She doesn’t actually care about illegal immigrants.

    I take zero Democrats seriously on their whining about illegal immigration, because they have done absolutely nothing to put forward any real, substantive immigration reform. Just like criminal justice reform, their only platform was Orange Man Bad, and zero substance. They have no plans to change anything, which is why their proposals and positions are absurd. They put forward ridiculous garbage that they know will never pass, and then blame it on Republican obstruction so they won’t actually have to do anything about the problem.

    1. Needs moar both sides.

    2. look at their pissing and moaning on tax code loopholes…that they are making money on and refuse to change when they have a majority.

      GD hypocrites.

  19. It takes some real doublethink to look at Kamala Harris, a woman with a record a mile long as the country’s most visible example of overreaching prosecution, and say “Now here is a champion of undocumented immigration/drugs.” It’s not like you couldn’t have known what her position would be on these things. She’s been overwhelmingly public about her positions for going on twenty years now. She is everything wrong with the calcified law enforcement mafia. It’s absolutely baffling to me. How do people see this type of person who has been all over the news for decades espousing Position A and now they are running for president and they espouse Position !A and everyone just… believes them. Trump did it in 2016 and it was crazy. Is all you need to succeed in politics the ability to smile and lie straight through your teeth?

    1. There it is. See Cronut?

      1. Yes, I see it now. I learn so much here at Reason.

  20. All lip service. Their are newsreel videos from the 50’s showing the same swarming of the fences. You and I have to go through the let’s pretend this matters charade when crossing the border, antagonistic questioning searching of vehicles, but if you’re trespassing into the country, as tens of millions of shown, the government suddenly becomes apathetic.

    1. I wish some wealthy Texan would buy up all the border land and set mines along the border and put up warning signs.

      One boom and the whole story ends.

  21. First of all her words don’t change the law. Those people will or wont get a hearing no matter what she says. And all she said was “dont come” which is what Republicans have been demanding of Biden but of course since Republicans are dishonest pieces of shit Harris gets attacked by the fascist media for doing what they asked for.

    1. LOL

    2. And Democrats have been smearing anyone who says what she said as “racists!”

      1. Racism is when the fascist media fearmongers it and covers it obsessively and dishonestly.

        1. I’m sorry, but the narrative is that borders are racist.

          1. That’s true. Also, they’re an artificial barrier to the free flow of commerce. Why do you let a socialist like me read you back Economics 101?

            1. Drop the border and watch all the white people of medium wealth flood the tourist towns like flies on shit. Then socialists will want to raise the border to keep them out.

    3. “First of all her words don’t change the law…”

      This from the slimy pile of lefty shit who did little other than whine about Trump’s words for the past 4 years.
      Fuck off and die. A slow, painful death, asshole.

    4. Her words are literal violence, and they make Guatemalans unsafe.

    5. I’m amazed at your lack of shame Jacob.

  22. My head is spinning. First, you guys bitch and bitch and bitch about illegals hogging all that cheap Welfare money and then when someone says that immigrants shouldn’t come you still are unhappy. It’s all so hard to figure out what libertarians believe any more.

    My position is pretty simple. First, there basically shouldn’t be any border. Second, anyone coming here should be entitled to equal protection under the law outlined in the 14th amendment. Third, immigrants should have robust access to a comprehensive set of social programs as part of a societal safety net. That last bit comes from a weak-willed adherence to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Sue me.

    1. Even god thinks you’re an idiot.

      1. Is it my adherence to the teachings of Jesus Christ or my belief in limited government that is tripping me up?

        1. Pay your mortgage.

    2. Have you decided exactly how racist it is to say they shouldn’t come here?

      1. Have you added anything other than gaslighting bullshit to your debating style? It’s really all you do.

        1. Oh, I’m sorry I offended you, what with your honest, upfront, open-minded, civil conversation.

          1. Dad never spanked him.

    3. Why do they need to come here in order to access that safety net?

      Why aren’t you spending your money helping them?

      Be the change you want to see in the world. Lead by example.

    4. “My head is spinning…’

      Commie kid seems to think claims like this have any interest to the adults.
      No, asshole they have none. Fuck off and die.

  23. Why do we want a bunch of thugs from the government dictating to us who can come and go in this country? Other than the 70% of the people here who are right-wing Trumpian trolls, the rest of us are all libertarians. What is ICE besides a big waste of taxpayer dollars?

    1. Are you volunteering to take some of these illegals in? Are you also volunteering to allow anyone to stay in your house or apartment at your expense? If so, please post your address. I need a place to stay.

    2. You’re not a libertarian.

    3. Do you feel the same way about HUD, HHS, DOE and the rest of the 60’s and 70’s Govt agencies which we don’t need? How about “head start” which is a joke and just pumps money to the grifter nonprofit class…seriously if your a libertarian can we end the Fed? Tie the dollar back to gold and stop govt from forcing economic transactions between two parties? Come on now…are you are not?

      1. I agree, many of those agencies should be scrapped. However, ICE provides vital functions to defending the country from enemies foreign and domestic. Governments exist to protect individual rights and ICE fills that role protecting Americans from violent criminals and terrorists who seek to do harm to innocent civilians, especially Americans.

        Claims that people like myself aren’t libertarian because of supposed inconsistencies instead ignore reality. Get rid of police agencies and the result is armed warfare on the streets between rival gangs. That is why government police forces were created in the first place, to keep the peace.

    4. Why does lefty asshole ignoramus post here?

  24. Migrants showing up at the border are still being let in. Harris is blowing smoke.

    1. I heard she blows a lot….

      1. Hahahahaha!

      2. Yes and she blows in other ways too. 😉

  25. Yeah, of course she said that. Oh well.

    1. Right? I’m also not a leftist, and just think criticizing the Democrat Vice President is boring and silly.

  26. First she is a lightweight who has a media cult of personality due to her DNA (I think MLK said something about that). Tulsi destroyed her and the media hated Tulsi (think about why and its the usual suspects)…and the people of Guat love Trump…they like strong men not some woman who never had kids and pushes critical race theory which the good people of central america know is bullshit. El Salvador is going to accept Bitcoin as legal tender..that is the bigger story here than some joke who can’t answer simple questions off script.

  27. If asylum seekers are being treated terribly because the ability to process them is being overwhelmed, maybe the kinder thing is to tell them to stay home?

    Also, should any asylum seekers from Guatemala be showing up in the US through Mexico?

  28. vjldfgls

  29. When she is in the Oval Office, will her rhetoric change again?

  30. I wonder if construction on the border wall will resume?

    I think that counts as infrastructure.

  31. OT: I’m loving this “Mute User” feature.

  32. Harris and Biden say stay home, but their policies and everything they do still says “Come, you can stay.”

  33. Harris and Biden pronounce the words “stay home”, but their policies and everything they do still says “Come, you can stay.”

  34. They’re not asylum seekers, dude. They’re economic migrants. They usually don’t bother applying at embassies closer to home, nor do they accept asylum in the first country they arrive. South Korea isn’t spammed by thousands of North Korean refugees because the regime will vaporize anyone who attempts to escape their hell.

    The Harrison administration is aware of polls that show the public is not keen on unchecked annual migration. And even the MSM is the noticing the human cost of these unregulated inflow of humanity – people die making these trips, either on the desert or inside trucks. When they make it, they’re stuffed in Biden’s humane migrant relaxation centers.

    It’s not a tenable situation. The bottom line is that AS LONG AS we can’t actually physically stop these people from travelling to our borders, we will see this happen every year. You can try to pretend that fixing Guatamela’s economy and putting up open borders policy will fix this, but it won’t. Again, if thousands of people are free to move across several borders to reach here, the problem will remain.

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