Why Americans Can't Trust the CDC's COVID-19 Advice

The agency continues a pattern of arbitrary, dubious, and ever-changing recommendations.


"My promise is that CDC will continue to follow the science as our guide," Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told senators last week. While Walensky thinks the CDC already is doing that, her premise is contradicted by the agency's history of arbitrary, dubious, and ever-changing advice about COVID-19.

Early in the pandemic, the CDC, together with the Food and Drug Administration, disastrously bungled the rollout of virus tests, making it impossible to curtail the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing. Its obstruction of independently produced tests was coupled with irrationally narrow guidelines that initially recommended screening only for symptomatic travelers from China and people who had been in close contact with them.

The CDC, which at first dismissed the idea that Americans should wear face masks in public places to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, later decided such coverings were "the most important, powerful public health tool we have." It even insisted that people who had been vaccinated should continue wearing face masks in many indoor and outdoor settings, both public and private.

That advice went by the boards last week, when the CDC decided that fully vaccinated Americans generally do not need to wear masks, except when required to do so by businesses or the government. While Walensky suggested that shift was prompted by new data, the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing asymptomatic infection as well as serious disease and death had been clear for months.

At the end of March, an emotional Walensky warned that the country faced "impending doom" if states prematurely lifted COVID-19 restrictions. Although governors who favored reopening sooner rather than later paid her no heed, the disaster she predicted did not materialize, and last week she welcomed a vaccine-enabled "return to normal life."

In April, the CDC published impractical, absurdly restrictive recommendations for summer camps, including a requirement that kids wear face masks during outdoor activities, which infectious disease experts slammed as "cruel," "irrational," and "unfairly draconian." During her Senate testimony last week, Walensky allowed that "our summer camp guidance is probably going to have to change," but only because vaccination of 12-to-15-year-olds is now underway.

Three days after the CDC issued its widely ridiculed camp guidelines, Walensky said "less than 10 percent of documented transmission[s], in many studies, have occurred outdoors." As critics such as New York Times columnist David Leonhardt and Reason science correspondent Ronald Bailey pointed out, that statement, which was widely echoed by the press, was true but highly misleading, since it implied that outdoor transmission's share of infections is close to 10 percent—a figure that may be off by two orders of magnitude.

The study that Walensky cited to back up her estimate, which she misrepresented in several significant ways, was inconsistent with the notion that outdoor transmission accounts for anything like 10 percent of infections. The actual number may be as low as 0.1 percent.

"I always considered the CDC to be the gold standard," Sen. Susan Collins (R–Maine) told Walensky at the Senate hearing. "I don't anymore."

Collins worried that the CDC's excessive conservatism "undermines public confidence in your recommendations," including "the recommendations that do make sense." Kavita Patel, health policy director during the Obama administration, expressed similar disappointment, telling CNBC "the CDC's credibility is eroding as quickly as our cases of coronavirus are eroding."

Sen. Chris Murphy (D–Conn.) sprang to Walensky's defense. "I frankly appreciate the fact that we have leaders today who recognize that we still have gaps in information [and] who occasionally may err on the side of caution in order to save lives," he said.

Murphy assumes that "gaps in information" explain the CDC's reluctance to relax its recommendations, that the agency is actually saving lives, and that erring on the side of caution means disregarding the burdens imposed on Americans yearning for "normal life." The CDC's track record provides little reason to believe any of those propositions.

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  1. There are over 1000 stars in the sky.

    Over ten thousand people live in the state of California.

    There are hundreds of idiots in the government.

    All technically true. All off by orders of magnitude.

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    1. Democrats use the cdc as a political tool to get what they want. That is why that retard defended her.

      1. Yep, follow the science except when it goes against your political agenda.

      2. Yesssss, everything is a massive conspiracy to enslave you.

        1. Fact: The CDC, FDA, NIH and all Federal health related agencies are nothing more that enforcement arms of the p-harmacutical ( not a typo ) industry.
          Fact: The PCR test used at the levels recommended by the WHO and CDC, to determine if someone is infected with or died from Covid 19, produces 97% false positives.
          Fact: If nothing had been done, no face masks no social distancing no shutdowns and no false positives, the death rate would be no higher than during any flu season.
          Fact: mNRA vaccines have never been successful in animal studies.
          Fact: According to the VAERS over 3800 people have died from the vaccine.
          Fact: Fewer than 10% of adverse events from drugs or vaccines are reported to VAERS.
          Fact: Public mediums are censoring information concerning adverse events from Covid vaccines and all vaccine for that matter and the HONEST medical professionals who criticize all the measures taken by the WHO,CDC etc. etc.

    2. It’s over 9000!

      1. OT: Dragon Ball Super was such a great idea. “Hey guys, nobody actually cares about the plot; let’s just focus on giving everyone seizures.”

  2. The real gap of information is in between Walensky‘s ears.

    1. She was originally one of the more sane ‘experts’ before joining the Biden admin:

      1. Yeah, she got her chain yanked early and hard by her political masters.

    2. The tetm is ” Echo Chamber.”

      CDC heads are politickers. The Media are 100% boot licking political Leftists. The Talking Heads lime her make statements, her bullshit is spread by the Communist Media.

      Notice that at NO tine have the likes of she or Dr Fakkey ever EXPLAINED how and when masks are supposed to work.

      The mark of a liar…

  3. I don’t know, I’m not convinced. I’m going to need more evidence that this government agency is full of shit.

    1. Racist!

    2. For the history books: COVID 19 was a highly infectious, non-lethal virus in populations of healthy or young people. Healthy people protected un-healthy people by isolating and halting normal life. Since 93% of the dead were older than 55 years, the “lockdown” strategy was ineffective and expensive vs the “protect the vulnerable” strategy which was not emphasized in the campaign.

  4. Maskless open states were starting to make the CDC look bad. Gotta get in front of that train and start taking credit!

    1. Politicians are not leaders, they are followers, and Walensky is a politician, not a scientist.

      1. Political scientist

      2. She is in a job now which is on the border between politics and science. However her background and career are non political. She is an academic physician and spent most of her career as professor in infectious disease at Harvard medical school and Mass General Hospital. She was intentionally picked because she is outside the beltway.

        The <10% number comes directly from the abstract of the article she cited. If you look at it the confidence interval is very wide (95% confidence interval, 6.0–57.9). So the level of uncertainty in arriving at a number is high. The only real conclusion you can draw is intuitively obvious.

        I do not think there was any attempt to misrepresent anything. She was trying to answer a question with the best information she had. You can only get a rough estimate and perhaps she could have made that more clear.

        1. Wasn’t she the one that was about to start crying and how scared she was just a month ago? 180° turn around now.

          She may have been outside the beltway but she’s looking like an old pro now.

          1. The doctor is a human being not a robot. She has shown the ability to respond to new evidence and not her own ego and is under a great deal of pressure. Believe it or not doctors make errors in judgement and have emotions.

            People ultimately have autonomy. We each decide our behavior as individuals. The CDC is just a resource. Judge for yourself.

            One thing we do know. The vaccines we have are highly effective. They are easily available now. Masks and distancing are at best weak defenses.

            1. “People ultimately have autonomy. We each decide our behavior as individuals. The CDC is just a resource. Judge for yourself.”

              Laudable notions. Too bad the government and the enabling media see it as:

              “People must be governed at all times. The interests of the collective always overrule those of the individual. The CDC is the paramount authority on this matter. Do not question any of this.”

              1. Yes they have but we don’t always follow those rules. Nor are they always enforced.

                I am vaxxed but if the establishment I am in has a rule about masks I do that as a courtesy.

                Of course you can question the CDC. I think the rules about kiddos are ridiculous. This contagion is unprecedented in our lifetimes. This is the first time many people have heard of the CDC and what it does. As a society we are still figuring this out as is the scientific community worldwide. In the MMWR this week the CDC has an article and guidelines for diagnosis and treatment for Botulism but that is not controversial.

                Much of this has been overplayed and botched by the government on the federal, state, and local levels. The greatest success has been in rapid development and supply of effective vaccines. Had that not happened things would be much worse. Operation warp speed which began under the Trump admin has been a success.

                The rest is up to us.

                1. You are a reasonable person. Wish we had many more people like you.

            2. “The doctor is a human being not a robot. ”

              Yet she said, in that speech, “I’m now going to drop the script” then proceeded to continue reading the very script she had been reading. Go back and watch it, it s clear she is still reading all of what she says. Whether she wrote it or someone else did would be irrelevant – she was still going by a script while claiming she had stopped.

        2. False meme you floated. You attempted a Red herring with the statement ” shes a scientist.”

          Not in her capacity to make said statement, she isnt.

          Shes a Political Talking Head.

          Your statement was deliberately deceptive.

          1. She really is a physician scientist. Her most recent position was chief of the division of infectious disease at Massachusetts General Hospital, probably the most well known academic medical institution in the US if not the world. Good luck to anyone trying to get a fellowship or residency there.

            You don’t get that by being a “political talking head”. Infectious disease doesn’t care about politics.

            In her current position as head of the CDC she now needs to step into the muck that is politics and become a lightning rod for public ire. I do not expect her to be very good at that. Her role is to organize and present current knowledge and make a recommendation. The CDC cannot make you do anything. Call your governor.

            1. No, she really was a physician scientist. If you look at her published opinions on COVID before being named to the CDC, she was sane and evidence-based. After getting named to the position, she made one public statement and got her chain yanked hard by the Biden administration. She has been a mere “political talking head” since.

              Note: I’m not saying that I could do any better in the swamp that is Washington DC – but don’t whitewash her current failings just because she used to be credible.

              1. Those credentials do not just go away because she said something you do not agree with.

                Disagree all you wish.

                Someone has to do this job. I cannot imagine a worse one.

        3. I would hardly characterize a Harvard professor as outside the beltway. Maybe geographically, but hardly politically.

          1. Then you do not know how academic medicine works.

            1. I know that the further you get up the ladder, the less actual medicine you do. She has been a director for several years and hence is more political than medical at this point of her career.

        4. I agree with you insofar as I attribute Walensky’s misrepresentations to human error rather than some kind of conspiracy. Obviously she is under a lot of pressure. At the same time, if we want agencies like the CDC to enjoy respect and authority we expect them at least to voice the scientific consensus without pushing a political agenda and this is clearly what we have not seen. If the agency’s leaders can’t resist political pressure to push an agenda in the face of the science nobody should be using them as an authority.

        5. “academic physician”

          So she doesn’t have any practical experience.

    2. 10,000 % right.

      Did you catch Bidens LIE?

      Plugs the Groper said, on TV , they had vaxxed 200000 people.

      there are 355,000 in the US according to a statement Trump made 2 yrs ago.

      Current population data is 80/20 adults/ children under 18.

      Do the math. Doesnt jive.

      Niw the nees us about 35% vaxxed.

      Bidens a liar

    3. The most severe lockdown states had average or worse Covid issues. Florida with the highest % of high risk seniors stayed open and had average results when it should have been expected to be the worst. Fauci and CDC recommendations turned out to be garbage.

  5. “I always considered the CDC to be the gold standard,” Sen. Susan Collins (R–Maine) told Walensky at the Senate hearing. “I don’t anymore.”

    “Libertarians understand a very simple fact of life: Government doesn’t work. It can’t deliver the mail on time, it doesn’t keep our cities safe, it doesn’t educate our children properly.” (Harry Browne)

    1. More true than ever. Kudos to Harry browne

  6. “Collins worried that the CDC’s excessive conservatism “undermines public confidence in your recommendations,” including “the recommendations that do make sense.”

    This use of conservatism as a descriptor shows that American conservatives, in the political sense, are classical liberals and the progressives are authoritarians.

    1. Perfectly put.

      Cons. are liberal. We believe in Individual Rights. Do as you wish, just follow the Rule if Law and polite society and respect others Rights. Thats based on the Credo of the Founders, early on, that every Man come here and worship God as he sees fit.

      Control Freaks imnediately seized the opportunity, then, to enforce religion at law. Blue Laws are still on the books.

      Progresssives demand the Government be god and control everyones lives.

      1. Except when the left wants legalize infanticide, then they’re like ehhhh maybe put the brakes on that one.

    2. In technical contexts, “conservative” usually means “erring on the side of caution”. The job of the CDC is to be overly cautious in what they pass along to the decision makers. Their focus is supposed to be on what the dangers from a disease are and what it would take to stop the spread at any cost, then the alleged leaders and policy makers in the elected jobs are supposed to weigh the relative costs and risks they’re informed of by the CDC and other advisory agencies with other priorities and make the rules based on some balance of the various factors.

      The idea that policy should just be whatever the CDC says is insane for a disease with the severity of Covid-19. For something like Ebola, a higher level of caution and more incurred cost in the interest of preventing spread would be warranted, but the fatality and mortality rates for Ebola are far higher than for SARS-2 (or even MERS, which is the probably the most severe coronavirus strain found to date).

      Where the CDC, and the current director have really sacrificed their credibility is the instances of promoting politics over science in advice to the policy makers (using language written by Teachers Unions in their guidance about schools rather than something connected to ample global data that was available at that time), and the director going off the science and having her emotional “impending doom” meltdown while speaking in an official capacity (the time for talking about your feelings “as a mother” is when you’re talking to your family, not while actively representing an agency that’s supposed to be science-based).

      It also doesn’t help to have the CDC director stating one position regarding masking for vaccinated people live on CNN while her agency is providing a contradictory brief to the White House at almost exactly the same time. It’s as if Walensky is deliberately trying to destroy her credibility and take down her agency along with her.

  7. Walensky suggested that shift was prompted by new data

    Oh, it probably was. Just not the kind of “data” you might expect.

    1. It was the shitty jobs data. Gotta get that off the front page.

      1. Everywhere the Plugs Admin. turns is bad data.

        Groping Man Bad. “G.M.B.”

    2. “data says that telling people nothing changes if they get the vaccination isn’t good for the vaccination numbers … surveys say we can increase take-up by 25% if we tell them THEY get to do normal things while everyone else can’t”

      That is the driving data here.

  8. Sullum needs to read the warning post by his colleague Tucilli just two posts above him – advocating distrust in the government marks him as a dangerous domestic terrorist. He needs to be careful about what he says.

    1. Keep this up and he won’t get invited to any more proggie dinner parties.

  9. Note her Red Herrings:

    “My promise is that CDC will continue to follow the science as our guide,” Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,”

    “As a GUIDE” IS deceptive. She did not say rule or requirement.

    Her rule is POLITICAL.


    Google the phrase ” porosity if N95 masks” and read HER AGENCIES ” SETTLED SCIENCE” THAT MASKS DONT WORK!

    NIH published research says the same thing.

    She is not speaking as a Scientist. Even a stupid scientist can see a mask cannot stop a 120 nano- meter virus.

    She speaks with Forked Tongue as a Political Appointee

    1. Perhaps the mask catches things like droplets of exhaled water vapor, bits of snot, and other nasty human products that are bigger than 120 nm but contain those 120 nm viruses within them.

      1. Even if that were the case, what happens to that bit of water vapor after the mask catches it?

      2. No. Every state that eliminated its mask mandate this year (before the CDC’s “guidance”) has done better since then, including the neanderthals in Texas. And plenty of places did worse after their mask mandates last year. Masks are for politics, control, and virtue signaling.

        1. How did we go from talking about the size of particles a mask can catch to politics? It’s fucked up that in this country things are so partisan a discussion about particle sizes is perceived as having a political angle to it.

      3. Perhaps, Maybe, Might be effective? Base a mandate on that?

        Simpletons are falling for the “mechanistic plausibility” argument. The virus is expelled through my mouth and nose, surely if I put something over my mouth and nose that will stop the virus….lol.

      4. The research shows that surgical masks in a surgical environment did not alter the rate of infection between patient and non-patients. What did make a difference is “not speaking” during the surgery. Now, one reasonably might think that if speaking was putting vapor and droplets to there that contained infectious material that wearing a surgical mask would stop it. Yet the data showed that masks were not effective – therefor the masks were not intercepting the material.

        Something that needs kept in mind when discussing masks as infection barriers is that in the cases such as operating rooms, masks are but one tiny piece in a larger continuum of preventative steps and equipment. When research isolating mask use is done, we have seen no protective benefit. Even proper N95 use is very strict and involves a host of other PPE being used. Any of us with MOPP gear use can confirm readily that the slightest misfit of your mask means you get “gassed” anyway.

        Research also shows the after about 20 minutes of breathing through it, a cloth mask is saturated and can not stop the vapor and droplets. The research also shows that as early as last fall, we found orofecal transmission was causative in various known outbreak events – masks do nothing about that. Which may be why the CDC not only doesn’t talk about it but isn’t funding research on it that I’ve seen. There is a humorous connection to masks here, though. As many have said “if you can smell farts, the mask isn’t working” and in the case of orofecal transmission they are more right than they know.

        We’ve been doing research on the effectiveness of masks for far longer than the last year, and the evidence they are “effective” is of low quantity and low quality. We have more evidence that they do not work, and some of that evidence is strong. We’ve had this both before and during the last year and a half.

        We also have had research indicating masks can be detrimental – and not just in the breathing obstruction sense. We’ve had this for years.

        Not all government politics is partisan. The CDC has a vested interest in people hanging on their word in terms of funding.

  10. Notice the New Lie, equating ” no mask” with ” fully vaccinated.”

    No correlation. False meme. This is political and social manipulation to segway the Control Game from ” mask” to ” vaccine CARD.”

    They cannot legally enforce vaxxes and cards but they are using or attempting to use CORPORATIONS and Social programming to do so.

    This is right strait out of 1984- 2+2=5

    They have floated the Memes of ” opening up” and ” no masks” at the same time Biteme lied about “200000 vaccinated” and got CAUGHT by the fsct that the majority if US Adults are telling them to stick their Vax up their Ass.

    1. Of course entities can enforce vaccines. Schools and businesses do it all the time.

      1. Of course I can inject you with chemicals against your will. I do it all the time.

  11. Sullum still ignores (and has ignored for the past year) the WORST LIE by CDC, Fauci, and virtually ALL state and local health officials (which are required to adopt/implement CDC guidances as a condition of receiving federal block grant funding).

    The worst lie is that people who contract the China Virus (or any other virus) are NOT immune from future infection, and that the only way to become immune is by taking a vaccine (or two, or perhaps three or more).

    So far, just 13 Americans (and just 72 people worldwide) have had confirmed cases of reinfection of the China Virus
    out of 33 million (i.e. 10.2%) Americans who have tested positive, which means the rate of reinfection is just .0003%.

    And since the CDC has also estimated that 4.6 times more Americans have been infected with the China virus (than have tested positive), about 47% of ALL Americans have been infected, and still have immunity.

    But due to lobbying by Big Pharma and left wing lockdown lovers,
    CDC, Fauci, most state and local health agencies (and of course the left wing media outlets, including Reason) have been falsely claiming (for selfish reasons) that the vaccines are the ONLY way to become immune from the China virus.

    And yet, vaccines have only conferred immunity to about 27% of Americans.

    The good news is that almost 75% of Americans are now immune to the China virus.

    1. …as priven by the FACT that the ” number of cases” plummeted at the time a Doc was on Media saying “55% estimated herd immunity” and the vast majoriyy of the Public had NOY been vaccinated.

      Its the Magic vaccine! Magic Beans are passe’

      1. ps and realize they are also ignoring the fact thus Chink Virus has been in the US since LATE 2018.

        This is 2021. Spanning FOUR calendar years and only a couple % got ill.

    2. You’re an infectious disease specialist, are you? Never heard of the website you cite, but far more have been reinfected worldwide than this post of yours claims.

      1. 70 ish confirmed
        40k suspected

        Out of the total infections all over the world.

          1. Oops in the wrong spot.

      2. Citation required.

        “far more have been reinfected worldwide than this post of yours claims.”

    3. Big study out of Israel…

      “Even in vaccine-obsessed Israel, researchers from Tel Aviv University concluded that their research “puts into question the need to vaccinate recent (up to six month) previously-infected individuals.” A study of 6.3 million Israelis showed that the estimated protection for those already infected was 94.8% from reinfection and 96.4% from severe illness, as compared to effectiveness of 92.8% and 94.4%, respectively, from the vaccines. There was just one death in the entire country of someone who supposedly already had the virus, and he was over 80 years old.”

  12. I think it was the summer camp guidance that broke the camel’s back. When even the idiot Fauci is laughing at you, you’ve lost the room.

  13. This has never been about maintaining public health. It’s always been about controlling public *behavior*. Bureaucrats, ideologues and demagogues are ruining what used to be a great nation.

  14. And now we also know that the Teacher’s Union colluded with the CDC to keep schools closed. They are all wretched, dishonest scoundrels who cannot be trusted with even a little power.

    1. What? Reputable citation required for such outrageous claims.

      1. Citation required.

        “far more have been reinfected worldwide than this post of yours claims.”

  15. If Big Brother tells you that the chocolate ration is being increased to 20g does it really matter if you have a wrapper for a 30g chocolate bar in your back pocket? You can get on the rooftops and shout that it’s a lie, and maybe it’s true, but what effect would that have? All it will do is get you in trouble and at best some other people will see you enduring punishment for your slander of Big Brother and realize that they would be wise not to do the same. Nothing is going to change. There’s no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. No one else will join you in your uprising, the great majority of them genuinely prefer things as they are now.

  16. The President needs the CDC for matters of international and interstate matters, federal employees, and appointees around the world in case of emergency risk due to disease.

    I don’t think that the CDC plays much of a role if you won’t be entering federal territory or a federal building.

    Governors have certain power to approve and lead in applying control over state employees and buildings & properties that belong to the state. I don’t think it matters much unless you plan to enter a state property or building, or go to the polls. However, state law can cover public gatherings and events, or so I rather reckon.

    People have doctors who may be turned to for representation. People also have common sense.

    So, obviously government property and buildings could be subject to any of the laws.

    And then private property, the owner or controller (i.e., corporation) makes the rules. They follow the rules sometimes, and but any policy they do make would be a policy of their own.

    Really that leaves the question of the public sphere, where the rule being promoted was a “six foot minimum distance.” Normally people do not get very near each other anyway unless using provional seating.

    So I don’t think the CDC to be much other than an internal resource and scarcely in a favorable position to lead moreso than a particular state. Nonetheless, it has its place. And the President can refer to the CDC in deciding matters that apply to appointees as well as Armed Forces who interact with peoples in other national territories.

    But CDC controlling what you do? I do not find that plausible, aside from federal jurisdiction.

    1. In strict legal terms, you’re correct. However, the very fact that once the CDC changed to “vaccinated == you can stop wearing your mask” places from governments to stores and bars have removed their mandates in a way that mirrors the CDC.

      Ignoring the actual power given to them over the last year in favor of their legal authority limits is not wisdom.

  17. Of course, the guidance is changing. It will continue to change, as we learn more about COVID and as conditions change in regard to infection and vaccination rates, emerging variants, and other factors, including the weather. Their guidelines are only arbitrary if you refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of a disease that has killed over half a million Americans.
    I’d much rather have the CDC out there providing some leadership and guidance than have the total ignorance and neglect that we endured under the Trump Administration. Trump and his idiots failed to recognize the problem at all, much less do anything about it, and they have the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans on their hands as a result. Our economy will be years recovering from his willful professional malfeasance. It’s a good thing most governors were not so neglectful in performing their duties.

    1. Loser.

  18. No one is ever supposed to change their findings based on new information ever. If they do it proves that it’s all based on made-up nonsense.

  19. The headline itself paints with a HUGE brush. The CDC was damaged hard by the last administration, but it has done its best under extremely abnormal circumstances. Who or what has done better? Not the politicians who think they have, that’s for sure.

  20. There is nothing government could have said that libertarians would accept. Doesn’t matter if it’s mandates or just guidelines, if government says it, libertarians automatically react against it and reject it.

    There is only way libertarians think pandemics should be handled, they shouldn’t be handled. Just let what happens happen and individuals will make what they think are the best choices for themselves. If such a way leads to a situation were the virus is everywhere and people are dropping like flies, a situation which government could have prevented, oh well, you can still choose as individual to shelter in your bunker.

  21. Agreed! What an odd 2 past months. First, my age group became eligible on April 5. Made an appointment for April 12 (first dose). Second dose scheduled for May 1 (a little under the 3 week recommendation) but they made the appointment at the site – who was I to argue, right? By the time the second appointment came due on May 1, the CVS directly across the street from my home had the J&J vaccine available for multiple appointments on multiple days, including my scheduled second dose!!! (Weeks earlier, the same CVS was none available.) Now two weeks after my second shot — it’s all clear for the mask removal! LOL!!! This ease of rules should have been gradual and not so abrupt.

  22. Government cannot keep up with emerging scientific data but is unwilling to admit that fact. Instead it chooses to call their current best guess “the science”. If the CDC just gave advisories but laws restricting our Liberty is what results.

  23. Once again- would rather be right 50% of the time than wrong all the time.

    But reason sticks with the latter anyhow.

  24. Such buffoonery from the CDC head would result in calls for her to resign if she had been appointed by a non-donkey party president

  25. Progs enjoy being miserable and depriving themselves of life’s pleasures, which is why you see them still wearing masks and demanding the same of everyone else (except of course from their leaders).

  26. Yes, libertarians express many simple and formulaic ideas. And that’s doubtless because the party has an attraction. You should see the simple and formulaic ideas espoused by the other two political parties. It’s not embarassing to see newbies and tell-tales in action, just different sorts of edgers.

    Candidates — they know best what they stand for, and anyone’s going to help them find out what they want them to know about how they stand.

    To elect a qualified person to office, that should remain viable regardless of party. Just as each political party has its quirks, none of the candidates necessarily have to pick the wrong quirks in order to impress their voters 😉 After all, at polling time, everyone’s on the menu … unless you vote absentee, in which case, even the dog can have its vote.

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  29. Back in the day the two government agencies that had reputations for being functional and logic and reason based were the CDC and NASA.

    It helped of course that both of those agencies were all about the science and betterment of mankind.

    Well the Obama administration made it abundantly clear that NASA is a joke. Hell we can’t even get a person into orbit with NASA anymore and have to rely on the Russians and Musk.

    Now the last vestige of trust in the government being competent has been shattered. Pretty much everyone agrees the CDC is acting political these days, and not just following the science.

  30. We had all the data we needed from that cruise ship early on to make all the subsequent decisions.

  31. Why Americans should not trust the CDC, etc, etc, blah. blah…
    I’ll tell you why.
    I’m almost 70; the government, and all its minions have been lying to me ALL MY LIFE. I trust NOTHING the government or anyone working for the government says about ANYTHING.

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  34. determine if someone is infected with or died from Covid 19, produces 97% false positives.
    Fact: If nothing had been done, no face masks no social distancing no shutdowns and no false positives, the death rate would be no higher than during any flu season.
    Fact: mNRA vaccines have never been successful in animal studies.
    Fact: According to the VAERS over 3800 people have died from the vaccine.
    Fact: Fewer than 10% of adverse events from drugs or vaccines are reported to VAERS.
    Fact: Public mediums are censoring information concerning adverse events from Covid vaccines and all vaccine for that matter and the HONEST medical professionals who ,criticize all the measures taken by the WHO,CDC etc. etc.

  35. If you think wearing a mask, or getting a shot makes you safe then go for it. I don’t understand why I have to wear a mask or get a shot if I don’t want to. You have your mask and shot so are safe from my choice. Unless the mask and shots don’t work of course. But if that’s the case, why use them?

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