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Biden Seeks $1.8 Trillion for Public Child Care, Preschool, College

Plus: ACLU opposes menthol cigarette ban, student Snapchat case comes before Supreme Court today, and more...


Biden spending spree continues. After consigning America to a $1.9 trillion tab for a Democratic policy wish list disguised as pandemic relief, and pushing for $2.25 trillion in "infrastructure" spending (under which anything Democrats like is defined as infrastructure), President Joe Biden is now seeking another $1.8 trillion for an "American Families Plan."

The new spending will allegedly go toward health care, child care, and education—though if it's anything like Biden's previous spending proposals, some of the funds will go toward those things and some will go toward whatever the hell Democrats think will get them votes.

The plan will reportedly expand publicly funded schooling by four years—two years of government-funded preschool, and two years of government-funded community college—for anyone who wants it, regardless of family income. The plan is also expected to subsidize child care entirely for low-income families and partially for middle earners, expand child tax credits, expand the federal government's investment in paid family leave, and set a $15 minimum wage for child care workers.

In addition, "the president also will propose more money for Pell Grants, and lowering tuition at some colleges, including historically Black colleges and universities," and "make permanent the temporary tax credits for health insurance in Obamacare exchanges that were part of the American Rescue Plan," Axios says.

As always, Biden's plan to pay for it (and his infrastructure/American Jobs Plan)—which together come to a total of around $4 trillion—is to raise taxes on businesses and people earning above a certain income threshold. The proposal would "nearly double the capital gains tax from a 20% rate to 39.6% for households making more than $1 million," USA Today reports.

Biden plans to pitch it to Congress today.

With this request, notes Axios, "Biden will have asked Congress for approximately $6 trillion in new spending, outside of his annual budget request" since taking office a little more than three months ago.


Cheerleader Snapchat case comes before Supreme Court today. The case explores the limits of schools' ability to punish students for off-campus speech. From CBS News:

Marked by a string of obscenities beginning with the letter "F" and a raised middle finger, the post from Brandi Levy, the cheerleader at the center of the case, has paved the way for the high court to clarify the reach of school officials in policing the conduct of their students.

"The seminal importance of this case is the Supreme Court will determine how far the arm of school authority extends off campus," David Hudson, a professor at Belmont Law who works on First Amendment issues, told CBS News. "That's a vitally important question because right now, school officials, students, parents — really, anyone interested in this issue — really doesn't know. The court needs to provide some guidance."


The American Civil Liberties Union opposes Biden's proposed ban on menthol cigarettes:


• Republicans keep trying to pass abortion restrictions that have been ruled unconstitutional in other states. The latest is Idaho's Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act, which would make abortion illegal as soon as fetal cardiac activity can be detected, which occurs a few weeks after conception.

• The Real ID deadline has been extended once again:

• Arizona bans abortions spurred by parents' desire to avoid having a baby with genetic abnormalities, making it a felony crime for doctors to perform abortions for this reason. Such legislation has become popular among state Republicans despite lacking any meaningful impact since no one is required to state a reason for seeking an abortion.

• Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) is beyond parody:

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  1. Biden spending spree continues.

    Mexico is going to pay for it.

    1. I just don’t know how we missed his advocating for increased spending during the campaign.

      1. Cruella DeBrown said nothing about Candidate Biden’s profligate spending plans. Now the Harpy is shocked. Fancy that.

        Cruella DeBrown is about as Libertarian as Karl Marx.

        1. “Cruella DeBrown”

          See my Roundup, see my Roundup,
          Kinda childish, never grownup
          I’ve dropped principles libertarian
          to be woke and millenarian

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        2. Just no sandwich comments or she will dox you.

          1. Cruella DeBrown is nothing more than a flaxen-haired Harpy.

            1. Who happens to make a good rueben.

        3. The way I heard it, Karl Marx was pro-prostitute as well.

          1. Marx was too busy screwing the maid to worry about prostitution.

    2. Mexicans are going to pay for it. Why do you think Joe’s eager to get as many of them as possible into the country?

      1. Point of order. Only 40% are Mexicans. He wants latinx taxpayers of all nations. Well at least half of them based on welfare usage studies.

    3. I would really like for some TV interviewer to ask a high ranking Democrat what is not infrastructure. Keep the video and bring it back later when the answer given is denied.

      1. “ask a high ranking Democrat what is not infrastructure”

        Anything to do with guns.
        Anything to do with parental choice concerning their children.
        Anything to do with any religion, especially Judaism.
        Anything to do with individual freedoms.

    4. Trump wanted a wall. Biden wants a paywall?

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  2. The new spending will allegedly go toward health care, child care, and education…

    ALLEGEDLY? This isn’t the Trump administration we’re talking about. This is the presidency that’s going to bring federal governance back to norm-


  3. “Biden will have asked Congress for approximately $6 trillion in new spending, outside of his annual budget request” since taking office a little more than three months ago.

    “In the long run we are all dead.”

    1. Man, the lack of mean tweets must be HELLA valuable to the writers here.

    2. The man doesn’t have a plan that isn’t ~$2T. If he keeps going at this rate he’ll have spent nearly $90T by the end of his first term. It would be cheaper if he’d cut everyone a check for $50,000 per year.

  4. In addition, “the president also will propose more money for Pell Grants, and lowering tuition at some colleges…”

    Because that’s what government subsidies do.

    1. If the government has to pay you to do it because it’s not something you would otherwise choose to do on your own, it’s almost certainly something stupid.

      1. Have you taken a class at a community college? You will definitely encounter stupid.

        1. I worked for one. Rafts of people go to college instead of just going to work. So many end up dropping out because they never should have been there in the first place. They come in having barely completed HS, no thirst for learning anything, no idea of a study habit, & no goals – other than avoiding going to work. Watching dumb jocks having their equally stupid girl friends doing their term papers for them pretty much encapsulates the whole scene. This is what Biden wants more of.

          1. But then the people have student loans. So they are beholden to the govt. And the politician that absolves them of that (and hands off the tab to others) becomes their savior. So you either have them by the financial balls for a long time or you have bought a lifetime of votes. Win-win.

  5. The Real ID deadline has been extended once again

    Why does the government hate poor minorities who cannot get IDs? WHY?!

    1. The minority talk show is called The Real. Discounted aftermarket high end clothing site marketed to minorities is the Real Real. Real ID? I sense pandering.

  6. Biden will have asked Congress for approximately $6 trillion in new spending, outside of his annual budget request…

    Gonna be puttin’ y’all back in spare change.

    1. He gonna make it rain up in here.

    2. When the tax rate is increased to 100%, will people will still say it’s not socialism?

      1. Dildo will remind us that Trump didn’t pay for his tax cuts.

      2. 48% of Americans pay no taxes to begin with. They see no down side to any of this.

        1. But they pay sales tax at the store when they buy something with their EBT card! So they pay. #derp

        2. My tax deductions grew up too fast.

          1. You get your PPP loan yet Welfare Queen?

            1. Any business that qualified for the PPP and didn’t take the money is a fucking idiot who put their business at a distinct disadvantage to their competitors who did. When the government fills the trough, only the runts don’t feed.

              The $180k in PPP funds came in last May. It is already forgiven. If we had paid people to stay home, we could have received as much as $500k based on our payrolls. We still can’t hire as many as we need for the public’s lack of interest in working.

              I personally didn’t benefit at all, as I don’t own the business and I worked without a break through the entire panic. Some of the employees did benefit as I encouraged the owners to implement a new sick policy to keep anyone form trying to hide symptoms to keep working, but we were never forced to lay anyone off. I never caught the coof though I was supposedly exposed asymptomatically a number of times.

              Your slanders are as silly as your little tiny pecker.

              1. I just find it funny for a so called libertarian to brag about receiving handouts.

                1. How about this. They pay the loan back and get exempt from business taxes for the next 20 years. You think they’d be sad? You sad bro?

              2. The fundie mormons sign up all their wives for welfare as single mothers. They call it “bleeding the beast.”

                Is that what your rationale for being a welfare queen?

                1. They call it “bleeding the beast.”

                  & You call it a tax refund.

        3. No federal income taxes, anyway.

  7. Not The Bee:

    Why Genghis Khan was good for the planet
    Laying waste to land scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

    Genghis Khan, in fact, may have been not just the greatest warrior but the greatest eco-warrior of all time, according to a study by the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Energy. It has concluded that the 13th-century Mongol leader’s bloody advance, laying waste to vast swaths of territory and wiping out entire civilisations en route, may have scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere – roughly the quantity of carbon dioxide generated in a year through global petrol consumption – by allowing previously populated and cultivated land to return to carbon-absorbing forest.

    1. Stop giving them ideas!

      1. Pretty sure they arrived at this conclusion almost 140 years ago. They just never had the clout to put it into practice.

    2. Does that include the black death (excuse me, the China Black Death) his armies unleashed as they conquered?

      1. I imagine the bubonic plague had a similar effect on 13th Century Europe.

        Maybe this was China’s goal after all.

      2. Not all asians are chinese, buddy.

        1. The CCP believes all Asians should be chineese

          1. And everyone else, eventually.

    3. Just how much global petrol consumption was there in the 13th Century?

    4. And yet they are staunchly against mass killings.

    5. So how does Khan compare to Mao and Stalin and Hitler were they even more successful?

      1. Well, humanity had not yet reached the 1 Billion mark on population until 1800, so millions killed by Genghis Khan (as well as Bubonic Plague, starvation,Jihads, Crusades, Inquisitions, Hundred Years’ War, The Thirty Years War, etc.) would be proportionately higher parts of humanity than Twentieth Century genocides and democides.

        From a libertarian, standpoint, however, premeditated un-natural death of rational beings with malice afforethought is murder, no matter how many are exterminated or by what means.

    6. At least he didn’t allow his troops to use evil guns – – – – – – – –

    7. It would be nice if we could get an Infinity Gauntlet and snap these Malthusians out of existence.

      1. Don’t get me started on the ruining of one of the greatest comic arcs in comic history for the movies.

    8. Fuck these idiots. Carbon dioxide is vital to life.

      Yes, there can always be too much of a good thing, but that definitely wasn’t the case in 13th century Eurasia.

      For the last 500,000 years, Eurasia was dominated by grassland, not forests. It was natural and good. Heavy forest cover is not indicative of a healthy environment.

      1. I imagine that the parts of Eurasia which have been grasslands for 500000 years are not the parts where forests would grow if people weren’t there.
        But this idea that reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is always a good thing is indeed completely absurd.

        1. “I imagine that the parts of Eurasia which have been grasslands for 500000 years are not the parts where forests would grow if people weren’t there.”

          Actually no. Most of the Northern Boreal forests, Taiga and tundra were grasslands during glacial interstadials from 2.6 million years ago as late as 8000 years ago.

          Another name for them was mammoth steppes and hundreds of millions of bison, horses, mammoths, mastodon, moose/elk, wapiti/red deer, saiga, muskox, woolly rhinos, aurochs, etc. kept the forests away.

          The huge forests that cover most of Russia and Canada are portrayed as natural, but are caused by the extinction of their megafauna. In fact cities like Jericho, Damascus and Sanlıurfa are a few thousand years older than the forests at 9000 ya.

          1. Well, that’s very interesting. Thanks.

          2. No way. It was always just like it was just before we started driving cars.

            1. Oh, three feet deep in horseshit?

  8. In addition, “the president also will propose more money for”

    Oh, *please* let it be for Warp-Speed development of a time machine!

    1. I’d rather they worked harder on my flying car. I don’t trust them with any time machines.

  9. Cheerleader Snapchat case comes before Supreme Court today.

    Save the cheerleader’s speech rights, save the world’s speech rights.

    1. Before the proceedings started the cheer leeder said “bring it on”

      1. Well played.

    2. Seems this story provided the opportunity for a picture of a cheerleader, instead of another one of Biden.

      1. Or a picture of creep Joe either leering or groping a cheerleader. Maybe the author was too bust making sammiches for the commentariat.

    3. That damn commercial….

  10. We need Big Brother to beat this virus
    Don’t let the civil liberties lobby blind us to the fact that greater state surveillance, including ID cards, is required
    Clare Foges

    Monday April 20 2020, 12.01am BST, The Times
    ‘Hands in the air! Step away from the Easter eggs!” The Keystone Coppery of recent weeks has had some people muttering darkly that we are heading the way of a police state. Those who style themselves as defenders of ancient British liberties will soon have bigger fish to fry: the digital surveillance tools that government hopes to use to trace the infected. Prepare for dire warnings of state intrusion and an avalanche of Nineteen Eighty-Four quotes on social media warning that Big Brother is upon us.

    Yet if we are to beat a path out of this pandemic without destroying our economy, overblown concerns about threats to our liberties must be countered by pragmatism. To recover some semblance of normality before a vaccine is found,…

    1. The Future of the State

      We are all statists now. Since the coronavirus pandemic struck and the global economy unraveled, we have looked to governments to mobilize medical resources, implement containment measures, and spend previously unimaginable sums to support workers and businesses. Out of these emergency policies could arise new institutions and ways of solving problems that will benefit us long after the pandemic.
      There is a dark side, too. Governments have assumed new powers to trace, track, and control. Some of them have already abused these powers, and it is entirely conceivable that they may never give them back.

      To help us understand how the pandemic will permanently expand government powers—for good or for bad—Foreign Policy asked 10 leading thinkers from around the world to weigh in.

      1. The Pandemic Will Be a Boon for Good Government
        By Alexandra Wrage, president of TRACE, founded to advance commercial transparency worldwide

        First, the bad news: As the world pours trillions of dollars into stimulus programs and the medical sector, there will be endless opportunities for corruption and graft.Authoritarian governments will almost certainly face a backlash for concealing the scope of the problem.

        The good news is that the inevitable stories of squandered resources and opaque dealings will ultimately turn the pandemic into a boon for good governance and increased accountability. From the Arab Spring and other movements, we know that societies have little patience with corruption when the population is suffering. This will be especially true for authoritarian governments, which will almost certainly face a backlash for concealing the scope of the problem and allowing officials to profit from the pandemic.

        By comparison, governments that are responsive, data-driven, energetic, collaborative, and innovative will have proved superior to autocracies in delivering their societies from the coronavirus and its economic costs—leaving these governments strengthened and enjoying greater public trust in the future.

        The Shape of Future Government Will Be Forged in Asia
        By James Crabtree, associate professor in practice at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and the author of The Billionaire Raj

        The coronavirus pandemic is set to usher in a new era of bigger, more intrusive government in almost every advanced economy—but that change will be felt most dramatically in Asian nations that have long prided themselves on their relatively lean, minimal states.The pandemic will usher in a new era of bigger, more intrusive government in almost every advanced economy.

        Most rich countries have moved quickly to turn on the spending taps, protecting their citizens and businesses with wage support schemes and cash payouts. That is true in the United States and Germany, but also in places like Singapore and Malaysia whose leaders have traditionally shied away from expensive fiscal expansions.

        Future pandemic management will clearly require larger governments, too, as states rush to create expansive new tools of disease control, workplace management, and social surveillance in the hope of curbing future outbreaks in advance of a vaccine. Again, this is an area where Asian governments such as South Korea and Japan are likely to take the lead, given their mixture of high state capacity, technological knowhow, and relatively relaxed approach to privacy regulation.

        In short, the era of big government is returning, but it will manifest itself in in ways that are quite different from the previous era of large states during the 1960s and 1970s—and much of its new shape will be forged not in the West, but in the East.

        1. Looks like a bowl of copypasta for Tony.

        2. From the Arab Spring and other movements, we know that societies have little patience with corruption when the population is suffering.

          Considering the Arab Spring was basically a CIA-inspired color revolution that ultimately threw the entire region into upheaval and brought back slave markets in Libya, I’m not sure this is the best example of how mass movements are inherently positive.

  11. Gotta pay for all that inflation

  12. Having passed through the meat grinder of political interrogation, the human being was physically crushed in body: he had been starved, he hadn’t slept, he had frozen in punishment cells, he had lain there a beaten man. But it wasn’t only his body. His soul was crushed too. Over and over he had been told and had had demonstrated to him that his views, and his conduct in life, and his relationships with people had all been wrong because they had brought him to ruin. All that was left in that scrunched-up wad the engine room [a metaphor for interrogation room] of the law had spewed out into the prisoner transport was a greed for life, and no understanding whatever. To crush him once and for all and to cut him off from all others once and for all – that was the function of interrogation under Article 58. The convicted prisoner had to learn that his worst guilt out in freedom had been his attempt somehow to get together or unite with others by any route but the Party organizer, the trade-union organizer, or the administration. In prison this fear went so far as to become fear of all kinds of collective action: two voices uttering the same complaint or two prisoners signing a complaint on one piece of paper. Gun-shy now and for a good long time to come of any and every kind of collaboration or unification, the pseudo politicals were not prepared to unite even against the thieves. Nor would they even think of bringing along a weapon – a knife or a bludgeon – for the Stolypin car[11] or the transit prison. In the first place, why have one? And against whom? In the second place, if you did use it, then, considering the aggravating circumstance of your malevolent Article 58, you might be shot when you were retried. In the third place, even before that, your punishment for having a knife when they searched you would be very different from the thief’s. For him to have a knife was mere misbehavior, tradition, he didn’t know any better. But for you to have one was “terrorism.”
    — The Gulag Archipelago

    1. “1984” but real life; sadly, his writings are increasingly applying to our time and situation.

    2. We now have defense witnesses being harassed and demands for them to be fired.

      Of course reason has been silent on this.

      1. If you don’t like it, create your own angry mob.

  13. The letter cites Eric Garner, Michael Brown & George Floyd and says ban will “lead to unconstitutional policing” & ‘trigger criminal penalties.”

    Well, Garner at least. But if you wanted an end to the everything-is-criminal state, you elected the wrong fucking duo.

    1. Make resisting arrest legal again.

    2. Nice list.

      Dude who was assaulted and arrested reportedly after being the good guy in a conflict because a cop knew he had a history of selling “loosies” (if that is criminal, you have serious issues with your tax policy).

      See seems relevant.

      Mix with strong-arm robber who attacks a police officer and attempts to take his gun while he is still in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. And a guy arrested for counterfeiting who was resisting arrest, hiding evidence by way of overdosing and died because of the way he was held on the ground….

      Yeah.. you were not trying to bolster your argument or win over people. That is virtue signaling to the team to get people riled up.

      1. Like a list of OJ Simpson, Aaron Hernandez and Muhammed Ali. One of these does not belong.

  14. “A trillion here, a trillion there — soon you’re talking real money.”

    1. In Biden’s case, it seems “ten trillion here — “

      1. 6 trillion in 3 months averages out to what, 24 trillion annually?

        1. The entire US economy is $21 trillion. Do you think taxing 40% of the capital gains of only those making over $1 million will cover the $6 trillion?

          1. raspberrydinners
            April.28.2021 at 10:16 am
            “Agree or disagree- he at least plans to pay for it…”

            Some gullible piece of lefty shit does.

            1. “he at least plans to pay for it”. Hardly. He plans to force Other People to pay for SOME of it. The rest goes on the credit card to force future Other People to pay for it.

    2. Democrats are making a token effort to pay for their shit.

      The Bushpigs and Trumppigs did not. They just spent like drunk horny sailors and doubled down on tax cuts.

      1. One more gullible pile of lefty shit heard from.

      2. Democrats love them some tokens.

      3. “Democrats are making a token effort to pay for their shit”

        Hahahahahahahahaha… oh wow.

      4. I don’t see what your problem with the tax cuts is. If they’re going to throw money on a bonfire, I’ll keep whatever I can of mine.

        Advantage: pigs.

  15. Republicans keep trying to pass abortion restrictions that have been ruled unconstitutional in other states.

    If teenage knife fights are to be legal now, might as well give up on the unborn, Republicans.


    1. I believe the term is called a 64th trimester abortion

    2. Just like a right-winger to advocate for giving the unborn knives…

  16. The Real ID deadline has been extended once again

    Unlicensed terrorism continues!

    1. DHS is extending the REAL ID full enforcement deadline until May 3, 2023.

      Yep. The deadline should have been September 11, 2021.

  17. Arizona bans abortions spurred by parents’ desire to avoid having a baby with genetic abnormalities, making it a felony crime for doctors to perform abortions for this reason.

    A second abortion link? This one is like doing a mens rea on abortion. A womens rea!

  18. This is actually impressive. The Tyranny of Big Tech, purchasable on Amazon, advertised on Twitter, tweeted from an Apple iPhone.

    Yet he participates in society. Curious.

    1. Any complaints about limits on speech are unnecessary, if you can say them.

      1. Odd that she sees that because SOME people are trafficked sexually does not mean that ALL people are sexually trafficked but does not get this.

      2. if you can say them.

        I can’t breathe.

        1. I know you were cheering when Garner and Floyd died Chuck.

          1. Flag. Refresh.

            1. You don’t want me pointing out your bigotry?

              You’re the one who’s proud of having a klansman relative. If you don’t want people criticizing your racism then don’t brag about it.

              Don’t belong to a bigoted church either.


    …They also know that despite all of these constant “emergency measures” and incredible sums of money confiscated and spent, none of the Perpetual Crises ever gets any BETTER. The political class never stops sounding its alarms. None of the “emergency” programs ever stop growing.
    Against that backdrop, it’s not surprising that the appearance of a REAL crisis, a real emergency, caused the corrupt ruling class to fly apart at the seams while producing apprehension and cynicism from the public. There were no reserves of trust left to tap.
    We certain aren’t refilling those reserves of trust in the wake of the pandemic. The ruling class is no longer interested in persuasion or earning anyone’s trust. It’s all about attacks, hectoring, insults, and compulsion now.
    The ruling class is addressing its trust deficit by making us distrust EACH OTHER more. The only strategy they can imagine is teaching us to hate and fear each other so much that we stop thinking about how little we trust THEM. It will get worse.
    We have a fair number of REAL crises heading our way, many of them caused by the corruption and incompetence of the ruling class, their constant crisis mongering, and the loss of faith in each other they have inflicted upon us. We won’t hear the real alarms when they go off. /end

  20. Why Power Is Getting Woke

    It’s extremely common to find critics of “wokeness” and critical race theory decrying it as a radical activist- and academic-driven plot to upend the basic foundations of American society. And while it certainly does like to present itself that way, and is even believed to be exactly that by its most true believers, it’s an analysis that fails to explain why every Fortune 500 company, establishment politician, media executive, and entertainer has become an evangelist for these ideas. After all, radicalism is about threatening and upending existing power structures. What we’re seeing now is quite the opposite. Far from seeing these ideas as a threat, the existing power structure is enthusiastically adopting them as something of a ruling class ideology. So unless you think all of these people are critical theory sleeper cells who are just now being awakened to carry out a plot decades in the making, the more likely explanation is that not only are these ideas compatible with power, but something about them must actually lend themselves to protecting and even enhancing that power. In other words, it’s an ideology that seems much more suited not to radicalism, but to the opposite: repression.

    The privatization of politics
    One of the most conspicuous things about woke politics is that it politicizes everything. It inserts politics into every space, interaction, and relationship. It problematizes, deconstructs, and dismantles. It calls out and it cancels. And above all, it personalizes politics. But in doing so, it redefines politics itself away from something that takes place in the public sphere — as a way of taking collective action to solve public problems and hold powerful people and institutions accountable — and instead into a matter of personal morality, behaviors, and actions. It privatizes, diffuses, and decentralizes politics. Something that we used to do collectively with a set of defined common purposes with clear objectives is increasingly becoming something we do in the office, with our friends and family members, or while sitting alone at home on the internet.

    Woke politics makes politics less about what powerful people do, and more about what everyone does. Sometimes it’s even about what dead people did, in which case we might take down a statue if there is one, or just call for a “reckoning” (whatever that is).

    But at a certain point, this stops looking like politics at all, and instead a sort of “anti-politics” — something that diverts energy and attention away from traditional political activity and toward something completely different. And when you see the most powerful people in society, from CEOs to elected officials — the people for whom politics is explicitly an accountability and power-limiting mechanism — championing and encouraging this trend, it has to make you wonder at least a little bit: Maybe the point of politicizing everything is to make you forget what actual politics is?

    1. Interesting; I’ve suspected that the Fortune 500 class have glommed onto “wokeness” as a hedge against being attacked on social media [and it doesn’t take many keyboard warriors to effect barbarians at the gate] and primarily as a means to avoid negative public relations. Conservatives and libertarians just do not have the same enthusiasm, effect, or ability to utilize race and gender to bring about outrage like they do. Rather than a nefarious scheme, corporations are, I think, just taking what they see as the easy way out. Of course there will be no end; identify politics and the appropriation of race and gender has worked for them, and they will continue to utilize it as long as it does.

      It will of course hit a wall with corporations as soon as the demands actually costs them money.


    Anarchism is the recognition that you are far more likely to be invaded by America than by China, far less likely to be able to protect yourself, and absolutely certain that this assault would be done with the approval of virtually all your countrymen.

  22. The American Civil Liberties Union opposes Biden’s proposed ban on menthol cigarettes

    It’s nice to see the ACLU acknowledging the fact that Biden’s a white supremacist.

    1. They just want to keep black men sick and their life expectancy low.

    2. American Cigarette Liberty Union?

  23. New report put describing how democeats in California had direct lines to social media companies. Includes emails from a judicial watch lawsuit.

    This is after repeated testimony to congress by these companies that moderation is flagged for moderation by algorithms. It turns out democrats have the ability to shut down posts for political reasons.

    1. “In the email, Facebook outlines its goals to directly work with ‘electoral authorities in every state’ so that they can ‘report instances of voter suppression on Facebook directly to our team, so [Facebook] can look at them quickly and remove them from the site,’” the report states, noting that a Twitter representative also gave the state his contact information for the purpose of removing posts quicker.

      “Sure – I’m 98% sure this is the one you chased with an email directly to our FB contacts which resulted in it taken down that day. I can confirm that process works for the future?” Dresner replied.


  24. If not for credit and debit cards, I would be at Home Depot right now buying a wheelbarrow to carry cash a la Weimar Germany.

    1. I recall the picture of that very thing; some poor bastard in 1920s Germany pushing a wheelbarrow full of worthless marks.

      But according to modern monetary theory, a government that prints its own money and that can control it with interest rates and taxes, cannot default on its obligations. In fact it can print as much money as it needs, and when inflation appears it just increases taxes [sound familiar thus far?] to keep the prols from over driving it.

      So any notion of deficits and debt, that you and I worry about in managing our own affairs, just do not apply to such an entity. And it is quite apparent that the current administrations [be it Democrat or Republican] truly believe that “deficits don’t matter.”

      1. That tax thingy is nothing new. That’s supposedly why they passed the Income Tax Amendment at the same time as the Federal Reserve Act. So they could tax income to reign in any inflation. So that was their story. It’s all just words and cover up BS to let them get away with stealing. Didn’t work, doesn’t work and won’t work. The Magic Money Theory is the same old Big Guv print and spend BS.

    2. We know what came after the Weimar Republic. Socialism. National socialism. Tony, WK an Amsoc are all getting boners right now.

      1. I’m a fiscally-conservative libertarian, but whatever you want to believe.

    3. Actually, the limit one can place on prepaid debit cards is $500. So, really, even with endless creation of digital money, you still might need the wheelbarrow to haul your prepaid debit cards.

      1. I believe you can go over at the discretion of the card issuer. One can get your paycheck direct deposited to them as well as your tax refund. At least this is what Greencard tells me. Some may not have a $500 paycheck but those same folks should then have a larger refund.

  25. Agree or disagree- he at least plans to pay for it. Better in every way than the 2 trillion in debt we took on giving tax cuts to the wealthy for……no reason at all other than Rs to pay their friends back.

    1. No he doesn’t. The estimates on increased tax revenues are a lie.

    2. Also youre a fucking idiot. Even liberal economic think tanks say you’re a liar. Likewise your implication that tax money is the government’s says you’re a statist.

    3. “Agree or disagree- he at least plans to pay for it…”

      This stinking pile of lefty shit just bought controlling interest in the north anchorage of a nearby bridge.

    4. I’m going to finance a new Lamborghini. I plan to pay for it by cashing in soda cans I find on the road.
      Is that a plan?

      1. Hey, he’s buying a loto ticket besides!

    5. Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

    6. There is zero chance this shit gets paid for by tax revenues. It’s simply not possible.
      Trump was bad on spending. Biden is being far worse. The only way to any kind of fiscal responsibility is huge cuts in spending. If he were proposing tax hikes and spending cuts, it might be believable that there is plausible plan to pay for government spending.

  26. Glenn Greenwald has an article up at Substack about CNN hiring reporter Natasha Bertrand–denouncing her as a conspiracy mongering disgrace and a mouthpiece for disinformation by the CIA.

    “CNN’s New “Reporter,” Natasha Bertrand, is a Deranged Conspiracy Theorist and Scandal-Plagued CIA Propagandist”

    —-Glenn Greenwald

    Yes, I believe the article is free.

    Greenwald tears this reporter’s work apart as well as CNN and the other news media companies that have employed her like MSNBC and Politico. According to a blurb added to the end of his article since it was published yesterday, the rest of the media seems to be rallying around Bertrand and calling Greenwald a misogynist for writing it, which strongly suggests he’s hitting a nerve.

    When he’s going after Bertrand for her disgraceful coverage of everything from Russiagate to Hunter Biden (her bullshit reporting was cited by Facebook and Twitter as the reason they suppressed the Hunter Biden story on social media before the election), we need to remember that Greenwald is by no means right wing. He’s a committed liberal. Watching Greenwald go after the left wing media is like watching Orwell (a true believer in socialism) go after communism. Greenwald is going after the Ministry of Information. He’s not only ripping Bertrand apart but also the rest of the left wing media, as well.

    “Another illustrative mascot for this lucrative career path is NBC’s national security correspondent Ken Dilanian. In 2014, his own former paper, The Los Angeles Times, acknowledged his “collaborative” relationship with the CIA. During his stint there, he mimicked false claims from John Brennan’s CIA that no innocent people were killed from a 2012 Obama drone strike, only for human rights groups and leaked documents to prove many were.

    A FOIA request produced documents published by The Intercept in 2015 that showed Dilanian submitting his “reporting” to the CIA for approval in violation of The LA Times’ own ethical guidelines and then repeating what he was told to say. But again, serving the CIA even with false “reporting” and unethical behavior is a career benefit in corporate media, not an impediment, and Dilanian rapidly fell upward after these embarrassing revelations.

    —-Glenn Greenwald

    I maintain that general principles are far more important than the facts of any one story. People have been trying to manipulate our opinions by manipulating the facts in highly sensitive stories since before Plato wrote anything about “noble lies”. Principles established by looking at the data over the course of decades remain valid regardless of the facts of any developing story, and the failure to recognize that makes us highly susceptible to manipulation. The dumbest redneck in the bar is behaving wisely when he scoffs at anyone who believes anything just because it was reported in the news.

    1. Criticizing young 36 year old women for being bad at their jobs is sexism.

      1. Being bad at her job doesn’t quite get the gist of what Greenwald is saying.

        She’s bad at her job like a professional firefighter who turns out to be a mad arsonist.

        1. It turns out that her job is to be a mouthpiece for the CIA. It also turns out that these major media companies know that, and know that they need someone on staff to fill that role.

          It is almost as if people did not live through the last 5 years.

        2. Good analogy.

      2. Like criticizing a 40 something year old “intern,” with decades of journalistic experience, who was listed as the lead reporter for Useless A Today.

        You truly cannot make this shit up, and if you did you’d have to be crazy.

      3. Yeah, it appears she’s actually very good at her job.

    2. Thanks; depressing, but thanks for the link.

    3. What’s particularly hilarious about the Bertrand case is that she’s clearly gotten to her current station for two specific things–1) she’s good-looking, and 2) she’ll reliably push a desired political narrative.

      20 years ago and for many years thereafter, the people on her side were bitching about how the bubbleheads on Fox News couldn’t be taken seriously because of those two precise reasons.

      1. To be fair Laura Ingram isn’t on Fox because of her looks. Just for her homophobia and xenophobia.

        Shannon Bream on the other hand… I wouldn’t mind having my dick breamed up into her vag!

        1. I may be wrong, but I assume you would like her. Seeing as you hate gays and immigrants(the brown ones at least).

          1. I may be wrong,

            Tattoo that backwards on your forehead so you can be reminded every time you look in the mirror.

            1. Sorry I knocked your gf Ingram.

              She is a fascist, bigoted, ugly cunt.

              1. The fact that you’re fantasizing about banging Fox News newsreaders is the funniest self-own today.

                1. How is me mentioning I would bone an anchor a self own?

                  I didn’t say I’d bone the ugly cunt Ingram.

                  1. Nigga, if you want to bone her, at least spell her name right.

                    1. Are you drunk or something?

                      I thought you were a loser 12 stepper like Sevo?

      2. Hell, 20 years or not much more ago, many on the left were bitching about the lying, biased corporate media.

    4. GG was the best $50 I’ve spent in the last year, and it’s not even close.

  27. “After consigning America to a $1.9 trillion tab for a Democratic policy wish list disguised as pandemic relief, and pushing for $2.25 trillion in “infrastructure” spending (under which anything Democrats like is defined as infrastructure), President Joe Biden is now seeking another $1.8 trillion for an “American Families Plan.”

    Where’s SPB2 to tell us all how bad this is? He was doing so well three or four months ago.

    If you stacked a trillion dollars (0.15 mm thick) and then laid the stack down, it would take a commercial jet four hours at cruising speed, to fly from one end to the other. That’s a heck of a plan.

    TBQH, I don’t think that they have any plans to even service the debt. They’re planning for inflation that will make this all manageable.

    1. I don’t run. Just been busy.

      here – just posted this fact:

      Democrats are making a token effort to pay for their shit.

      The Bushpigs and Trumppigs did not. They just spent like drunk horny sailors and doubled down on tax cuts.

      1. Democrats love tokens.

      2. Gullible pile of lefty shit is impressed by D lies!
        Film, ah, the hell with it; you’ve seen it all before.

        1. Token means “barely worthwhile – a meaningless gesture” you dumbass.

          1. Gullible pile of lefty shit loves D lies! Again or still.

          2. So why are you defending it?

      3. What’s wrong with tax cuts, you hicklib pedophile?

      4. But they didn’t post child porn… Ohhh I see why you hate them

      5. I see the sheep have learned to bleat “2 legs good 4 legs baaad” right on schedule.

        1. You fascists sure love refrencing that socialist Orwell.

          1. The only fascists here are you and the fifty-centers, KAR.

            1. Do you know where I can sign up for that “50 cent” Soros money?

              I call you fascists out for free, but I wouldn’t mind getting paid for it.

              I’ve pointed out that you’re a fascist. You either play dumb or lie.

          2. Orwell knew what he was talking about. Unlike you and the rest of the cowardly little bitches in Portland, Orwell braved a real socialist experiment and went to the USSR. What he wrote was a direct result of the experience.

            I prefer to take Orwell’s word for it. List after list of the 60 million lives that Stalin and his cohorts ended that surfaced after the fall of the Iron Curtain confirm he onto something. Stalin liked to sign them himself.

            Come back and share after you have lived in Venezuela for a year or two, you weaselly cunt.

            1. Where did I claim to be a communist or socialist. Where did I claim to want to live in Venezuela or the USSR?

              I love America. Hell I’m the one calling you traitors out for supporting Trump’s followers treason.

              Rather be a “cowardly bitch” in Portland than a fat Mormon redneck in Texas.

              Didn’t you used to live here? I doubt in Portland though. You strike me more as someone who would live in a trailer outside of Estacada.

              Am I close?

              1. I do enjoy fishing the Clackamas. It just sucks there’s so many rednecks out that way.

              2. Your screeds never have anything to do with anything I actually write. It’s not even so much frustrating as it annoying for the sheer idiocy of it.

                I respect Orwell because he knew what he was writing about. The way you throw the word fascist around, you clearly have no idea what it means. You use it ironically like the Antifa thugs in the street use it while kicking people in the head. You use while hating someone for nothing other than having the audacity to disagree with you.

                Your rants against Mormons are insane. Compared to what Hindus, Muslims, and other Christian sects believe, to cover a few billion people, they are not even out there. Even Buddhists, Confucians and Shinto have some weird-ass beliefs. Yet, in your ignorance and prejudice, you mock the word of wisdom and polygamy while bragging about getting drunk and trying to fuck anything you can rub up against. It is rankest hypocrisy.

                There is no logic in anything you write. You claim to call out intolerance while spewing hate. You need help, dude.

                1. I find most religions silly.

                  The problem with mormons is theyre terrible people. It’s a rotten culture that produces bigots who hate non mormons.

                  I don’t knock polygamy. If consenting adults wanna do that it’s their business. Your church is against it because it’s embarrassed about it’s past. That’s part of the reason your church lies about it’s past.

                  The Trump nut gobblers on here supported Trump overturning the election. Nevermind what the voters said Trump says it’s mine! That’s fascist as hell. It’s not incorrect to call the folks on here who repeat his lies and support him overturning the election fascists.

                  I have said this many times but will repeat it: people can’t choose their ethnicity or sexual orientation. They can choose what church they go to. You choose to go to a church that hates non-christians and gays. It also is full of hypocritical assholes who rant about “free agency” and loving everyone yet feel non mormons can be forced or tricked into Mormon bullshit. I heard fag and kike all the time I Utah. Because MORMONS ARE HATEFUL BIGOTS. When you throw in them trying to force their ridiculous believes on everyone? I’m going to defend myself. MORMONS NEED TO DIE.

                  you can joke all you want, but deep down you’re a horrible fucking person Chuck.

                  Scum of the earth!

                  The only good Mormon is 15 million dead mormons!

          3. Unlike you, Orwell fought real, actual fascists.

            The only things you’ve ever fought are high viral loads and the overwhelming urge to not stick a loaded gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

            1. DId some gay guys kick your ass and take your milk money? You sure get homophobic quick.

              My grandfather fought fascists too. He must be spinning in his grave seeing all you fascists putting your hard on for Trump above your own country.

              1. My grandfather fought fascists too.

                Funny that his grandson ended up being such a genetic dead-end.

                1. Did some gay guys kick your ass?

                  You sure hate the gays.

                  1. Did some rednecks kick your ass? Explains why you hate them so much.

                  2. Jesus – just move on already. Everyone already understands your a bigot. There is sincerely no desire to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    2. “I don’t think that they have any plans to even service the debt. They’re planning for inflation that will make this all manageable.”

      This has been obvious for years, and why bitcoiners no longer have to work.

  28. No comment about CA and NY losing seats, Cruella?

    That has implications for the next election, and the Electoral College.

    1. Loca… eh, forget it.

    2. You mean “losing GOP seats” don’t you? Just who do you think is going to draw up those new districts in Cal and NY?

      1. Listen to this man…

        McClintock might want to think about retiring.

  29. Josh Hawley
    Apr 27
    The corporate media and the woke mob don’t want you to read this book. They tried to cancel it. They failed. One week until publication – order here
    Kathryn Watson
    This is actually impressive. The Tyranny of Big Tech, purchasable on Amazon, advertised on Twitter, tweeted from an Apple iPhone.

    She’s delusional if she thinks that this hasn’t been deleted for any reason other than the algorithms were not tripped by Hawley’s post.

    Or maybe she does, and is just being cheap. I’d say ENB was too in posting this, but I suspect that she really is this dumb.

    1. Gotta support your fellow Fascists.

      Hawley is a traitor!

        1. What’s Ironic R Muck?

      1. Traitor to what? Govertopia? The deep state?

        1. America.

          His support for overturning an election makes him a traitor.

          I know your going to just post some disproven lie about election fraud.

  30. How much revenues are the new Biden taxes expected to raise, understanding that any such numbers coming from the Biden administration are going to be rosy at best. Does that number even begin to cover the existing deficits, much less the financial spew of new spending the Democrats are proposing?

    1. The Con Man didn’t try to pay for anything – he just spent like a wartime Nazi.

      Granted, Biden’s tax increases won’t pay for 1/3 of his proposed spending.

      (both parties suck )

      1. Gullible pile of lefty shit loves D lies!

      2. I thought “whataboutisms” were a bad argument?

        The Biden administration is flat out lying about his tax plan paying for much of anything.

      3. A Prius and charging station in every driveway. A liberal arts master’s degree on every wall. Rejoice!

      4. Yes, Trump was also bad when it comes to fiscal responsibility. But he gone now. Let’s worry about the new guy who wants to be even worse.


    1. Living in the past.

      1. Living in the future.

    2. Gullible pile of lefty shit repeats lies!

  32. Biden and Hawley need to be tied together, slathered in bacon grease and dragged behind a boat about a mile off West Palm.


    One defense witness already had the bloody head of a pig left on what intimidators thought was his front porch in punishment for testifying on behalf of Derek Chauvin. Now, state-sponsored intimidators are targeting another defense witness in the trial of the police officer accused of killing George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020. His offense? Wrong-think.

    Dr. David Fowler, the former Maryland medical examiner and forensic pathologist, testified for defendant Derek Chauvin on day 13 of the trial that the former cop’s actions weren’t solely responsible for George Floyd’s death. And because of this opinion, Maryland will now investigate 17 years of his findings in state cases, which includes the case of Freddie Gray, Anton Black, and other high-profile perps who died in police custody. Fowler ruled Gray’s death several days after being in police custody a “homicide,” a medical term which means another contributed to his death. Police officers put on trial for his death were exonerated.

    Specifically, Fowler testified that George Floyd died because he “had a sudden cardiac arrhythmia due to atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease, during his restraint by the police,” as trial watcher attorney Andrew Branca put it.

  34. The new spending will allegedly go toward health care, child care, and education—though if it’s anything like Biden’s previous spending proposals, some of the funds will go toward those things and some will go toward whatever the hell Democrats think will get them votes.

    No one ever talks about the long term effects of early child care, but studies show it leads to behaviors like aggression and academic deficiencies which, in turn, lead to juvenile delinquency and then crime. (seriously, it’s why Finland doesn’t start kids on academics until 7 and they have superior results in education….because little kids learn by playing and and being at home)

    So they don’t necessarily have to choose between “free universal preschool” and whatever will get them more votes. With all of the extra criminals they produce, the latter will be the direct result of the former.

    1. I find the push towards more “universal” school at younger ages quite disturbing. The last thing we should be doing is putting kids in the hands of the state at an early age (or any age, but that’s a tougher sell). Kids need to learn to figure things out on their own.

  35. Let’s remember that everything Biden is proposing is considered normal and has been in place for decades at all of our peer counties around the world. Those proposals also poll well in the US. Nothing is “radical” and it would be more accurate to say that not having those is radical.

    1. The US has no peer country. But Biden could spend enough to drag the country to that place.

      1. EU counties, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and others are our peer countries.

        1. Umm no. They are all subordinates.

    2. Maybe you should consider relocating your monkey ass to one of these so-called “peer countries”, because most of us aren’t on board with your Block Yomommite fundamental transformation of America.

      America was intentionally created to be different. If everyone who came here wanted exactly the same kind of shithole they were leaving, most of them probably wouldn’t have bothered leaving in the first place. Did you ever think about that for a minute?

      1. If most people don’t want “Block Yommamitte fundamental transformation of America” then why did Biden get more votes?

        I think many people who voted for Biden think all this proposed spending is getting ridiculous (I do), but you traitors are in the minority.

        You can tell yourself you’re “average Americans” or whatever, but you’re in the minority.

        You’re fascist traitors.

        1. Just give in to those “sad clown” urges already, you manic depressive, Ron Jeremy lookin’, morbidly obese faggot.

          1. I look nothing like Ron Jeremy except my sweet stache.

            Why don’t you just leave America if you hate it so much?

            1. Does your mustache match your ice cream truck and clown suit?

              1. I have neither, but an ice cream truck would be cool to have.

    3. the Peer County fair is the best.

    4. “Let’s remember that everything Biden is proposing is considered normal and has been in place for decades at all of our peer counties around the world.”

      Why should anybody give a shit about that?!

      1. “If all the other kids collectivized production while purging any military and intellectual resistance and completely indoctrinating the rising generations would you do it?”

        “Yeah, probably.”

        Damn millennials.

      2. Because it puts what is “radical” and “normal” in perspective. I do not view a government program as radial if it common in many other peer countries.

        1. No it doesn’t.

          Because others have undergone radical change in the past, doesn’t make those changes any less radical.

          You’re talking about your personally preferred perceptions shifting over time. Jumping of a 1,000 foot cliff is radical and the same distance–even if other lemmings have jumped off before you.

          1. If 20 other modern democracies enact the same government programs, then you could possibly argue that it is not good for the US, but you can’t call it radical.

  36. “Healthcare is a human right.”

    “A job is a human right.”

    “Daycare is a human right.”

    The left are so illiterate of history that they fail to understand that slaves were, of necessity, provided these services. All while prohibited free speech, free assembly, possession of arms and due process. They may want to reassess their premise.

    1. Also, they fail to mention how making any service “universal” because it’s a “human right” always seems to makes it worse. If it’s so goddamn important then why do they insist on ruining it for everyone?

    2. It’s funny when you mormons talk about free speech and “free agency.” In my experience with mormons they only believed mormons should have those things.

      You’re not your average mormon Chuck. Partly because you converted as an adult(I still think any adult who reads the BOM and says ‘hey this is the church for me’ must have some kind of mental impairment).

      The overwhelming majority of mormons are terrible people.

      Would the world be a better place if every mormon was exterminated? Of course it would?

      Other than your far right kooky beliefs you don’t seem like a despicable person like most mormons.

      However as long as you support your evil church you need to be exterminated too.

      Sounds harsh but the world would be better off if you and your family were dead.

      Sorry! You can always leave your church. I mean what it believes is goddamn nonsense aanyway.

      1. Jesus loves you, man. He knows your pain. He has felt the raging hatred/self-hatred when you feel intellectually inferior, your burning insecurity about your bodily deformations, and even the soul-crushing shame that consumes you whenever you furiously masturbate to Mormon-themed pornography, always telling yourself, “this is the last time…”.

        He will plead for you at the judgement seat.

        I am going to call in sick that day.

        1. If Jesus was the son of god(which I highly doubt, but that’s a whole other deal) he certainly doesn’t appreciate your church claiming he appeared in North America and preached to a bunch of fictional Israelites/Native Americans.

          Is there LDS porn?

          1. You must be joking.

            There is every kind of porn.

            1. I get enough pussy that my porn needs aren’t that eclectic.

              Also I hate mormons, so why would I view LDS porn?

              Doesn’t your church want to ban porn?

          2. Rule 34.

            1. Why are you replying to me? Don’t yoy know I’m a sock for you?

          3. >>Is there LDS porn?

            have you seen Real Housewives of Salt Lake?

            1. No. Why would you watch that trash?

              1. So you can see how the better half lives, you hicklib faggot.

        2. Fantastic, Chuck.

    3. Yeah, they are human rights.
      You have the right to seek out and use whatever healthcare you can afford or people are willing to provide for you.
      You have the right to seek and accept employment under any arrangement you find acceptable (that one needs some work).
      You have the right to find someone willing to care for your children under conditions you both find agreeable.

    4. “A job is a human right.”

      Fuck that. I’m paying off all my debts so I can live off that sweet, sweet UBI cash and retire really early.

      That’s my idea of a “right”. Can’t wait. Haha.

  37. a conversation with George Will about baseball 1940-1980 maybe.

    1. THE George Will?

      1. there’s a Reason popup about A Conversation With George Will like we’re @National Review or something … I’m down, but only about baseball

        1. I quite agree. Baseball was dying before they kicked Pete Rose out. Fuck those guys if they can’t take a joke.

          I had to switch to Brave to visit Reason. No pop-ups.

          1. G*d answered A. Bartlett Giamatti on Pete’s behalf.

            1. LOL! I had to look that up, but separate stories about him banning Rose and his sudden death both come up on the first page. Even a search algorithm makes the connection between the two events..

              1. He’s actor Paul Giamatti’s brother.

                Fay Vincent was the last real commissioner of baseball. Fuck Bud Selig! Manfred’s not as bad, but fuck em.

                1. Not brother. He’s his father.

              2. Giamatti was a smarmy ass. But I don’t celebrate his untimely death. Pete Rose broke THE rule and was rightfully banned. But he should be in the HoF. It is a museum, not a temple.

        2. I dunno. Will strikes me as the kind of baseball commentator that FJM used to mercilessly lampoon.

          Brave is a fantastic browser.

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