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Don't Call CPS on Parents Who Mask Their Kids; Don't Call the FCC on Tucker Carlson

Plus: 15,000 marijuana prosecutions pardoned, the latest sex trafficking urban legend, and more...


Fighting authoritarianism with authoritarianism? Just when you thought outrage mongers couldn't wring out another masking debate news cycle, Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggests that not only is it silly for people to wear masks outdoors but it's actually child abuse when parents make their kids do it. On his program last night, Carlson said that when people see kids wearing masks outdoors, they should "call the police immediately, contact child protective services."

For someone who "backs the blue" and thinks crime is out of control right now, that's showing remarkably little respect for police time and resources. Imagine if people actually took Carlson's advice, and the cops were actually called to respond to countless incidents of…children wearing masks.

And for someone who often rails against excessive government intervention, or for parents' rights when it comes to things like school choice, that's also a pretty big reversal. It might not be necessary for kids to mask up outside, but children aren't being hurt by it, either. The idea that child protective services could or should do something about it just because Carlson doesn't like it is ludicrous.

You can't reasonably argue that people should be able to choose whether to get vaccinated, but not whether to put a piece of cloth over their faces in public; that parents should be able to choose how their children are educated, but not where they wear personal protective gear during a pandemic; that it's an unconscionable overreach if the government were to try to control what people eat, but not if it locks parents up for being overzealous about child safety.

But it's a doomed project to expect consistency from conservative commentators these days. Whatever Democrats are against, they are for; whatever Democrats are for, they are against. And when being oppositional isn't getting enough attention, we get ante-upping of this variety.

Alas, the same goes in the opposite direction, too. For progressive pundits looking to stand out from the pack, it's not enough to merely condemn Carlson's comments and point out the fallacies in his thinking. No, they need to call his comments "hate speech" and "incitement," and insist the federal government should somehow intervene.

For example:

There are so many things wrong with this statement it's hard to know where to begin. First, merely suggesting that a behavior should be sanctioned is not incitement.

Second, the Fairness Doctrine—a Federal Communications Commission policy that required broadcast licensees to cover issues of "public importance" and to ensure opposing viewpoints about these issues were aired—did not apply to cable networks and hence would have had no bearing on Fox News programming. Some people might suggest making sure a new Fairness Doctrine applies to cable news, too. But doing so would likely be unconstitutional. ("Even in its mid-20th century heyday"—and applied only to broadcast—"the fairness doctrine was constitutionally suspect," notes the nonpartisan Brookings Institution's John Villasenor.)

Third, even if a new Fairness Doctrine did apply to Fox News, it wouldn't do what Carlson's opponents seem to want: prevent him from saying things they don't like on air. It would simply mean that Carlson's views would have to be tempered by an opposing viewpoint. This is something Carlson frequently does anyway—bringing on guests who oppose him to serve as foils—and critics still flip out about his comments, suggesting that merely airing a challenger isn't really enough to satisfy people who think he shouldn't be allowed to speak to large audiences at all.

The Fairness Doctrine also seems unlikely to satisfy the people calling for its renewal for another reason: It wouldn't just apply to conservative media. A new, cable-applicable doctrine would also mean that outlets like MSNBC would have to give daily air time to conservative viewpoints, platforming the very people or opinions that cause so much consternation when coming from Fox.

Critics of David Weissman's Fairness Doctrine tweet—which this morning included me and author Jillian C. York—were met with some truly depressing responses. Some suggested the Fairness Doctrine has nothing to do with the First Amendment, even though its core is government-compelled speech—one of the main things the First Amendment guards against. Some simply dismissed us as right-wingers for daring to suggest the First Amendment matters. (Remember when free speech was considered a liberal value…anybody? Anybody?) Do progressive proponents of a renewed Fairness Doctrine realize they're on the same side as Mike Pence and Josh Hawley?

A lot of people seemed to think the Fairness Doctrine would somehow prevent Carlson from having a platform altogether (which is nonsense), or that if it didn't, we should find a policy that would. A number of people suggested this while insisting they do support the First Amendment, but that this had nothing to do with free speech because Carlson could still speak freely in private and it was only his platform they wanted the government to take away.

The First Amendment does not merely mean you have a right to speak freely within your own home or in private conversations. It means that while no private company is required to platform your speech if it doesn't want to, it's also allowed to do so (with a few exceptions) without government interference. To say otherwise is authoritarianism. A government that can simply order the press or other private actors to ban certain speakers has no place in a liberal democracy.

And can you imagine the uproar if conservatives suggested that banning calls from the airwaves to defund or abolish cops were constitutional because people could still talk about it among themselves? Or suggested that the federal government should be able to decide who is and isn't allowed on CNN? Do you remember the outrage from the left when former President Donald Trump made any comments disparaging the press or questioning the right of certain programs to exist?

That anger wasn't misplaced—it is outrageous for public officials (or anyone) to suggest that the government get to control what viewpoints Americans hear. It was outrageous when Trumpian conservatives did it. And it's outrageous when progressives do it today.

The craziest part is that both sides would hate the world created by their theatrical calls for a more authoritarian approach to speech. Even if whoever is in power when they're proposing them would mostly make calls they like, those same powers would be granted to the next person in power, and the next, and the next. Do they honestly believe another leader they dislike will never again be in office? Or that laws powerful enough to randomly kill speech they don't like would never be used against speech they do like?

Perhaps they should read up on how the Fairness Doctrine was actually used the first time around


Sex trafficking urban legends continue to get attention. Read about the latest from Lenore Skenazy here.



• Democrats are trying to make child tax credits permanent.

• "It is true that the new circumstances give traditional conservatives new opportunities," writes Michael Brendan Dougherty at National Review. "However, I submit that being liberated from libertarians is probably not one of them."

  • This is a really good read:

• Another FOSTA lawsuit—this time, against Reddit—that has nothing to do with sex trafficking.

• Another reason not to ban menthol cigarettes.

  • "The U.S. Supreme Court today agreed to hear oral arguments in a major new Second Amendment case whose outcome is likely to have significant ramifications for the future of gun control laws around the country," notes Reason's Damon Root.

• Is the surveillance state coming for crypto?

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  1. Fighting authoritarianism with authoritarianism?

    The great culture war has entered its attrition phase.

    1. As Sun Tzu rightly observed in The Art of War: “Never interrupt the enemy when he’s about to make a mistake.”

      And when two enemies are about to make the same mistake against each other…JACKPOT!

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    2. Why is freedom unpopular?

  2. Imagine if people actually took Carlson’s advice, and the cops were actually called to respond to countless incidents of…children wearing masks.

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    1. The version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers based on 2020 politics would just have everybody standing outside pointing and screaming at each other.

      1. And your fascist pals storming the capitol.

        1. Fuck off sarcasmic.

      2. Would they pop out of watermelons or out of avocados used for toast?

        1. “You see, avocado toast is a thing among Hipster Gen Y and Gen Zers!…”

          –Johnny Carson trying to explain the joke and plot-spoiling at the same time.

    2. I thought libertarians could take a joke. But not the fuckwits at reason.

      1. “I thought libertarians could take a joke. But not the fuckwits at reason.”

        Yes, that. Those same fuckwits probably would not appreciate and do not recognize that those same child mask abusers that Carlson “advocated” be called on for masking their children are the very same ones that would be calling about anyone else’s unsupervised children at the park.

  3. If CPS didn’t respond to bs claims of child abuse in order to exert power and ruin people’s lives they wouldn’t exist

    1. Well, they wouldn’t have anything to do, they would have no purpose or function, and they would be a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

      They will continue to exist, however, as long as their employees pay union dues.

    2. Have we got a report on how many times CPS has been summoned by reports of parents allowing their kids to run around without masks? I know there’s at least one airline you’re not allowed to fly on if your two-year old isn’t wearing a mask. No airline as far as I know is kicking anybody off flights if they insist on wearing a mask. Maybe Tucker Carlson is right – let’s turn this shit around, fight the Karens with their own weapons.

      1. As we’ve seen, unilateral diskarenment only invites more aggression

      2. We were saving lives those times.

      3. Doubt if there are many cases of CPS being summoned by reports of kids not wearing masks, or Fox News would have showcased them. I don’t doubt there are some, but I can’t recall hearing the outrage story about it, so it probably isn’t happening much, if at all.

        1. Except for all the stories about airplanes and toddlers…

  4. You can’t reasonably argue that people should be able to choose whether to get vaccinated, but not whether to put a piece of cloth over their faces in public…

    We lost any semblance of reason five years ago.

    1. Lost? One has to have before one can lose.

  5. Comedy is misunderstood by those under 40 unless they’re woke and broke.

    1. Johnathan Swift was a cannibal

      1. I’m outraged!

  6. For progressive pundits looking to stand out from the pack, it’s not enough to merely condemn Carlson’s comments and point out the fallacies in his thinking. No, they need to call his comments “hate speech” and “incitement,” and insist the federal government should somehow intervene.

    Can’t we all just agree that chasing Trump administration officials out of restaurants is the upper limit of civil discourse and be done with it?

    1. Didn’t see it but my take is that most of what Carlson says is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.
      “Why is Tucker Carlson allowed to incite harassment?”
      For the same reason Maxine Walters is. And Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton and so on.

      1. I tend to agree he learned well from Rush Limbaough

      2. “my take is that most of what Carlson says is meant to be tongue-in-cheek”

        I’m pretty sure ENB realizes that… but it was late and she needed something to write about, and the hell if she’s going to attack the crazy shit her own party (lol no, not the LP) is doing.

        Anyway, Carlton is public enemy number one for her fellow bein pensants, and she had a JournoList quota to meet.

    2. And gas-o-line stations too.

  7. Read about the latest from Lenore Skenazy here.

    Lol that fucking story.

    1. I suspect there’s someone somewhere shaking their head right now over how shamefully unrecognized his brilliant parody was. “IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE, YOU ASSHOLES!”

      1. But there are plenty of idiots who will take it seriously.

  8. The first part of the bit on Tucker Carlson started off ok by pointing out the obvious — that he’s a two-but hack— but then it went decidedly downhill and divulged into a bizarre 13 paragraph screed against the Fairness Doctrine because ENB didn’t like what someone wrote on her Twitter page. Geesch… terrible… sounds like someone is PMSing.


    1. Yeah. It was a weird rant mostly designed to allow her to both sides abd virtue signal and ignore the fact she’s done shot like threaten to dox people over a tweet about a sandwich. Is also is a means to pretend she is against both sides while she never seemed to call that shit out the other way previously. We had a year of stories about arrests for refusing to wear masks, fines for doing so, etc. Far less vitriol from her regarding that. When has she even ever called out a liberal pundit? Far to selective for the fake sanctimonious rage she pandered to about 2/3rds down.

      1. Remember when robbie did the round up? Good times

        1. I found Mr. Soave’s Roundups insufficiently devoted to stories involving access to abortion care.


          1. Don’t forget hookers! The most sacred and inviolable right we have as humans is the right to sell our sexual services. It’s right there in the constitution!

            1. Commerce cause, right?


      2. I actually agreed with her at first too regarding calling cps, but to say there is no harm whatsoever for children to be wearing masks is blatantly false. Going a whole year with minimal learning and expression of nonverbal cues, the fear mongering, etc. is definitely harmful to a child’s development.

  9. Imagine if people actually took Carlson’s advice, and the cops were actually called to respond to countless incidents of…children wearing masks.

    The fun really begins when you imagine responses to unarmed Black children wearing masks!

    1. “I can’t breathe!”
      *Officer removes mask*
      “Oh, that’s better!”

      1. Ha ha ha ha


  10. Great, the round up has devolved into stupid shit said on twitter.


  11. Mayor of Birmingham will pardon more than 15,000 marijuana convictions that were imposed over past decades, clearing an obstacle to employment from people’s records…

    As a potential employer I have the right to know if the guy I’m hiring was once a pawn for prohibitionist rent seekers.

    1. I will give one counterpoint. A felony conviction makes it impossible to get any form of state license. I can’t speak about elsewhere, but this has been a problem for water departments in some areas of Texas. You’d think that digging ditches for sewer pipe would be an ideal job for an ex-con. Minimal contact with people and no money to steal means that you don’t need nearly as much trust. However, you need a license, and you can’t get one. Some areas have such a problem with marijuana that they can’t find anyone who is both willing to work for the water company and actually allowed to.

      1. “a pawn for prohibitionist rent seekers.”

        This is a clue, Ben.

    2. Shhhh!….Don’t get Hank started.

      1. Hey now!

        1. I for one want to know more about Comstock and the Corn Laws.

          1. What about the 72 LP platform that assisted the SC in making it a constitutional right to be able to vacuum out your mistakes and sell them to govt contractors for biowarfare research?

  12. I knew the Biden Era would be awesome. I just didn’t know it would be THIS awesome.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth has increased by: $5.99 billion

    Mr. Koch earned $179,000,000 yesterday. His roughly $6 billion increase this year has already erased the $5 billion he lost in 2020 due to Drumpf’s draconian anti-billionaire policies, with “border enforcement” being the most egregious.


    1. Too bad SleepyJoe is going to audit him and take 43.4% of the gains away.

      1. Always keep in mind OpenBordersLiberal-tarian’s First Law. It doesn’t matter what Democrats pretend they’re going to do with respect to economic issues. The only important thing is what actually happens. And I am confident the rest of Biden’s term will continue to produce substantial increases in billionaire wealth just as we’ve seen during his first 100 days.


    2. Don’t worry moron… he’s going to raise his taxes so you’ll get what your stupid parody account wants, ok?

      1. Who told you it was a parody account?

      2. Actually, Biden explicitly told a roomful of wealthy donors that nothing would fundamentally change for them after he became President. Billionaires, Wall Street, and Koch-funded libertarians overwhelmingly backed Biden knowing he wouldn’t inconvenience the 1% the way, for instance, Bernie Sanders might have.


        1. Biden believes in the 50s tax era where marginal rates were higher but he could add breaks to those he liked so they didn’t pay those taxes. That is the real reason behind the tax increase push. Income becomes punative with taxes, then lessen that if the citizen plays nicely for government.

      3. Stay mad bitch.

  13. a major new Second Amendment case whose outcome is likely to have significant ramifications for the future of gun control laws

    An interesting take: Making Sense of the Limited Cert Grant in NYS Rifle & Pistol Association v. Corlett

  14. The U.S. Supreme Court today agreed to hear oral arguments in a major new Second Amendment case whose outcome is likely to have significant ramifications for the future of gun control laws around the country…

    We’re about to find out exactly how conservative this court isn’t.

  15. Democrats are trying to make child tax credits permanent.

    Meh. How many children pay taxes?

    1. Richie Rich?

      1. Nope; his lawyers are too good.

        1. Oh, right. Richie Rich is in a comic book Universe, so there’s that.

  16. Democrats have begun flailing over story Kerry leaked intel to Irans foreign minister in regards to Israel.

    Ben Rhodes
    Republicans pretending to be outraged about John Kerry talking about things that were widely and publicly known at the time is the classic disinformation campaign: try to launder a lie through sufficient right-wing media outrage to get mainstream attention.

    First. As a holder of a clearance one is not allowed to publicly admit to information that is classified merely for it being in the public domain. It is only unclassified when the classification owner declassifies it. The clearance holder is under requirements to not admit or deny information that is public.

    Second. This goes back to one of the publicly known issues of Iran where Obama. Rhodes, and Kerry were often texting and emailing Iranian agents. Denial this happened is hard to believe.

    Last. The same above were often icy towards Israel. Look at the remarks Kerry made on regards to Isreal and Palestine as he left office. Obama campaign helped a political party try to win an election against the Isreal incumbent on an election. He spied on congress to get messaging against the Iran deal.

    This should be a bigger story than it is. But nearly all the media is running one of a few stories. Republicans pounce. Information was public. Or straight denial.

    This is the same media who keeps pushing the story of trump giving polling data to Ukraine. Defensive intelligence is far more harmful.

    1. JesseAZ, the media picked their side….statism and collectivism. That is the real story, to me.

      1. They’re propagandists, and ENB is their useful idiot.

    2. This whole nonsense story was leaked by that bastion of right-wing conspiracy mongery, the New York Times.

      1. In something like the 23rd paragraph. Unfortunately some people read past the headline.

        1. They hate it when you do that.

    3. “You don’t put John Kerry in charge of something because you think it is an existential threat that requires a substantive response — you put John Kerry in charge of something when you want self-regarding summitry and highly refined New England umbrage. On that front, John Kerry always delivers.”
      -Kevin D. Williamson

    4. Kerry can say all he wants about Israel. It still didn’t stop the Israelis from blowing up Iranian facilities…with explosives they planted over a decade beforehand! Wow!

      Things like that make me think that Israel’s National Anthem should be AC/DC’s “Big Balls.”

      1. Or mozzelstruck

    5. Investigate Trump for giving classified information to KGB agents that was NOT in the public domain, and Kerry for giving classified information to Iran that WAS in the public domain. Let’s see how that turns out.

      1. Well your first example already turned out to be journalistic “creativity” (lying) and your second examples information wasn’t public domain, so sure.

  17. On his program last night, Carlson said that when people see kids wearing masks outdoors, they should “call the police immediately, contact child protective services.”

    If it was the clip I saw it was an intentional hyperbolic statement as he has often talked about those who had the cops called on them for not wearing masks.

    We also just had the case of a teenage track and field runner who collapsed linked to mask wearing while at practice.

    What a weird story to get up in arms about.

    1. It’s the same as yesterday’s cheesburger nonsense. Grabbing onto some trivial bullshit and inflating into an issue, to distract attention from the ACTUAL issue, which is mask wearing outdoors (or really, at all) is unscientific virtue signaling, and mask-wearing virtue whore feel entitled to harass anyone who declines to join the cult.
      Making your kids wear masks outside may not rise to the level of actual physical abuse, but terrifying them into being tiny psychotic germophobes certainly is.

      1. It is all they have at the moment. Instead of writing how awful the current t administration has been on essentially every libertarian position, they focus on the tiny nonsense instead.

    2. So yeah. Went and looked. enb basically took lefty Twitter outrage from last night hook line and sinker. She used a small clip pushed by the daily beast while ignoring the segment in totality.

      Others noticed lefty Twitter outrage regarding this clip last night.

    3. Making them wear masks while exercising is definitely child abuse.

      Even the goddamn CDC specifically says that you should not wear a mask while exercising.

      1. Extremely nanny state.

  18. I never knew Cruella DeBrown was a flaming racist….just look at that picture with the hands rolling a J.

  19. Justin Amash
    If you don’t want to wear a mask outside, then don’t. If you do want to, then go ahead. Respect other people’s choices, including the choices of parents. Absolutely do not call the police or contact child protective services. Leave people alone as you want to be left alone.

    Is this selective? Don’t remember these tweets last year about cops being called.

    1. Elizabeth Nolan Brown
      Apr 27, 2021
      Condemning his speech. Accepting that in a free country, people have to be allowed to say things you don’t like. Realizing that anything otherwise would kill the speech you do like too

      You threatened to dox someone over a joke.

      1. “Yes but that’s different because shut up”

  20. “Do you remember the outrage from the left when former President Donald Trump made any comments disparaging the press or questioning the right of certain programs to exist?”

    I remember when they took him to court to prevent him from blocking people on Twitter.

  21. You should only call the cops when kids are playing outside without adult supervision.

    1. What if they are going to vote?

      1. As long as they have voter ID.

    1. The organization did not immediately respond to The Federalist’s request for comment.

      The organization will respond in due time, one may be certain.

      1. Hope the Federalist editors have fire insurance.

  22. Uncle Sam Does Not Belong in Girls’ Dorms or Showers”

    “We were thus forced to file our lawsuit, represented by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), to protect our female students and the integrated Christian education we excel at providing. The lawsuit explains that the HUD directive contradicts the historical judicial interpretation of the Fair Housing Act, under which “sex” means what everyone knew it to mean then, and what most people know it means now: biological sex. The suit also points out that the Biden administration issued this bureaucratic fiat in violation of laws requiring them to seek public input first — an opportunity we would have used to underscore the drastic effect this executive action has on the religious liberty of educational institutions.

    This policy, advanced by President Biden, forces College of the Ozarks to decide between defending its religious liberty from government overreach or violating our core reason for existing. Young women should not be forced to share private spaces — including showers and dorm rooms — with men, and a religious institution should not be forced to betray its religious beliefs. The government’s threats include harmful fines that could easily amount to six figures, in addition to punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. Fair Housing Act violations can even put someone in jail.

  23. A look at some of the items on the FDA wishlist for aborted baby parts.

    an estimated $2,000 for each aborted child, adding up to $12,000 per average box of tissue with shipping and packaging fees.

    sale of a 21-week old baby with Down Syndrome. This child’s limbs, organs, and skin were sold at hundreds of dollars apiece. ABR made $2,600 in total from the sale of this baby.

    babies from 8-24 weeks gestation for use in experiments.

    1. How much do they get for a clump of cells? Is anybody even offering to buy a clump of cells or do they demand a discrete, identifiable, particular set of cells?

      1. I’m more curious as to why they needed PPP loans or any government funding at all. If they can’t make a profit at those price points, they are doing it wrong.

        1. Why do you think they oppose ideas like requiring admitting privileges? Have you seen healthcare costs lately? You can create aborted baby parts in a back alley for pennies on the dollar.

  24. Per Nielsen Live+Same Day preliminary national numbers, an average of 9.85 million viewers tuned in on Sunday evening to watch a more intimate and stripped-down version of the Oscars in the midst of a pandemic. That’s a 58.3%, 13.75 million viewer drop-off from last year . . . . 2018 delivered the previous smallest viewership tally with 26.5 million viewers.“.


    Some people blame the pandemic or streaming for people not wanting to tune-in to watch Hollywood give awards to each other for being the wokest of the woke. I think the pandemic and streaming are just masking what’s really happening here.

    There are always excuses for the why the ratings never seem to show up for the wokefest. NFL ratings were down because there weren’t any fans in the stands. Elizabeth Warren came in third in her home state because . . . well, whatever the reason was, it wasn’t because she was so woke.

    This is a bit like the end of Vaudeville. Vaudeville didn’t just fall to cinema because of the new technology. Cinema started in Vaudeville halls as one of the acts. And the films were doing something different. Vaudeville was doing the same things over and over again on the circuit. People got sick of it. They wouldn’t pay to see the same acts over and over again, and the cinema was the only act that survived.

    You might say that Hollywood just isn’t making the kind of cinema I’d want to see, but if you look at the ratings, you’ll see that I’m not alone. Maybe a lot of people can’t spend a Friday night at the movie theater during a pandemic, but look at the list of nominees for best picture in 2021, and tell me which one of those woke movies anybody wants to see for fun after work on a Friday night?

    1. I hate it when that happens.

      Dee, you bitch!

    2. Besides which, who wants watch a TV show only to be lectured on their opinions and actions by a lot of people whose skills are limited to pretending to be someone else?

      1. And who also happen to mostly be scumbags.

        It always pisses me off when you hear some story of some elites being scum, then other elites come out and say “We as a country, have to be better.” Sorry, but where I live, and in most parts of this country, if some dude treats a woman or child like shit and people know about it, they face consequences real quick.

      2. whose skills are limited to pretending to be someone else?

        And those are the exceptionally talented ones.

    3. I can tell you what people want to see, based on the box office.

      They want to see
      1: A giant monkey punch a giant lizard
      2: A magic warrior killing demons
      3: A bunch of magic ninjas fighting each other
      4: A music teacher help a child find meaning in life

      Interesting what these movies have in common, and what they don’t.

      1. In 2019, 1917, Ford vs. Ferrari, The Irishman, Joker, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood were all nominated for best picture.

        Each of the pictures nominated for best picture in 2021 were all trying to out-woke each other, and could not have been tailor made to appeal to a wide audience, but the things they nominated (and made) as recently as 2019 were both good and made for a general audience.

        2021 is a woke break with the past, and it isn’t just about the pandemic.

    4. I think the pandemic can’t be dismissed as a huge factor, just because none of these movies were viewed by many people to begin with, but the massive drop in and of itself was definitely due to politics. Roughly half the country basically sees these people as adversaries now, and isn’t going to be interested in listening to their tedious, self-important flatulence. Especially during a year when they haven’t been able to go to the movies anyway.

      The biggest problem is that these people are so fucking boring now. The Oscars used to be a fun way to pass a Sunday evening, wondering if your favorite film was going to win any awards. People have thousands of outlets they can pick to get their political fix. An entire evening of political lectures wearing a movie awards show like a skin suit isn’t going to appeal to anyone who isn’t looking to be preached at already.

  25. The lead (and major) story is a recount of a twitter battle between ENB and others?
    Seems journalists were supposed to go out of their way to avoid becoming even part of the story as opposed to being the only subject of the story.

    1. Most journalists these days prefer to write about their favorite subject.

    2. Twitter battles between reporters are national news.

    3. Journalism is a broken profession when it’s primarily an outlet for social media. There may be hope.

      They say Substack has only 500,000 subscribers, which doesn’t sound like much, but the New York Times only has 7.5 million subscribers.

      That’s a big number for a new service–compared to the NYT. Now, Substack added support for podcasts, journalists host interviews on Discord for their paying subscribers, discussion threads for paying subscribers, etc., etc. If Tony, ChemJeff, and other trolls had to pay to comment, they wouldn’t.

      And since the platform isn’t driven by the concerns of advertisers, like social media is, the journalists over there are more or less insulated from Twitter mobs, etc. Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Greenwald, and Matt Yglesias have all jumped to Substack from their liberal homes to escape cancel culture.

      I think that’s the future over there.

      People aren’t willing to pay for journalism when it’s indistinguishable from social media, but they will pay for quality journalism. It’s just that you have to give your subscribers something more valuable than the cost of the subscription. And it isn’t just the cost of the subscription. It’s the investment of time and what you get for it. You may need to spend a lot more time on Twitter to get what you want than you would on Substack.

      1. And that’s why the progs are gunning for substack now. Narrative building is much harder when there’s an alternative source of information, free of gate keepers.

        1. There isn’t much the progs can do to Substack–because it’s a subscriber based model.

          Woke mobs are dangerous because they scare advertisers. Social media is an advertising driven platform.

          Substack is subscriber based. If your subscribers won’t abandon a journalist like an advertising driven platform would, then the woke mob can’t get any traction.

          Some of the journalists who jumped to Substack didn’t just do it after they were cancelled by the woke mob. They went there to avoid the woke mob preemptively.

          They’re not completely immune, but they’re thoroughly insulated. If your subscribers keep paying you, there isn’t much the woke mob can do.

          1. Who owns substack’s server?

      2. You’re 100% correct. We need(ed) to move journalism from trying to please the advertisers to trying to please THE READERS. I thought that crypto would be the way to do that, but Substack stepped up first. When they are inevitably cancelled, maybe we will turn to crypto afterward.

    4. You see it as I do.

      American Socia1ist
      April.27.2021 at 9:58 am
      The first part of the bit on Tucker Carlson started off ok by pointing out the obvious — that he’s a two-but hack— but then it went decidedly downhill and divulged into a bizarre 13 paragraph screed against the Fairness Doctrine because ENB didn’t like what someone wrote on her Twitter page. Geesch… terrible… sounds like someone is PMSing.


      Something has gone terribly wrong with my analysis! What am I missing, MR. G.I.?


    NEW – 20 retired French generals and 80 other ex-officers call for MILITARY RULE in the country if President Macron cannot halt society’s “disintegration caused by Islamists” – sparking political uproar ahead of elections (Daily Mail)

    1. Ah the ole military juanta take over….

  27. God I forgot how awful ENB is. Give us Robby back!!

    1. You might want to think that one through – – – – – – – –

    2. Never forget.

  28. Libertarian moment!

    NYC: A uniformed cop processing the scene of a robbery in Queens yesterday was brazenly hit in the face with a sharp stick in a random attack. [Video]


      1. Maybe even CONTROL

        1. Not to mention an EDIT FUNCTION.

    2. Eric Idle was right about pointed sticks.


    Griffin doxxed a private citizen, published his wife’s name and the town where they live, all on the basis of an obviously out of context video of a dispute between him and two people. He’s now been fired from his job and people are harassing his wife and family. This is evil. [Link]

    1. Isn’t that always the way? According to the guy she doxxed, he confronted the teens about their behavior because they were being loud and obnoxious and using fowl language in a family restaurant. (Newsweek article, lost the link, too lazy to find it). But it’s just assumed that the middle aged white guy accosted the kid about his dress. It’s not that a male wearing a dress in public in order to be aggressively weird and prove a point, was confrontational and obnoxious when asked to pipe down so other people could enjoy the meal they’re paying for.

    2. What a horrible cunt she is.


    Update: U.S. sends U.S. Coast Guard Cutter to the Black Sea. [Link]

    1. I wouldn’t trust anything that liar says.

      So Nardz why do you refuse to answer my questions about you being called a house n word or uncle Tom?

      Does it happen all the time?

      Do you have any black friends? Are they ultra right dumbasses who believe proven liars too?

      Okeefe, Ngo, and Dsouza are proven liars. To any known fascist you only make yourself look foolish by posting their horseshit.

      1. *non-fascist. Not known

        1. Asshole flag X2

      2. Hi KARen!

        Interrogating nardz about his friends?

        God damn, could you possibly get any cooler?

        Haha. What a doosh.

        1. Hey buddy. Maybe if you visit the NW we could like hang out maybe?

  31. Another reason not to ban menthol cigarettes.

    Because Snoop’s “Gin and Juice” just won’t have the same zing?

    1. What on earth are you referring too?
      I haven’t listened to that song in years, but can’t think of any references to menthols in it.

      1. Asshole flag

      2. Here you even had an opportunity to make a joke about marijuana, and you couldn’t do it. Pathetic.

        1. I’m not here to entertain you.

          I’m curious why he mentioned that song. It wouldn’t surprise me if Snoop smoked menthols at one time, but he’s known for smoking weed.

        2. If Red’s comment is simply “Snoop is black and black’s smoke menthols” then it’s dumb.

          If you’re going to joke about that stereotype at least make if funny and not stupid.

          I realize the vast majority of cons are simply not funny, but that doesn’t let him off the hook.

          1. I’m not here to entertain you.

            1. So your comment speaks for itself?

              It makes no sense.

              1. Why do you believe that black people shouldn’t enjoy a smooth-burning menthol cigarette? That’s racist.

                1. Where did I say that?

                  I used to smoke so I’m against banning any cigs.

                  1. Then stop sperging about it.

                    1. Ill stop if you admit your comment was stupid.

                    2. You just didn’t get it, sarc.

                    3. I’m not sarc, but explain it to me

                    4. I’m not here to entertain you.

                    5. Sorry for pointing out that your post made no sense

                    6. Sorry for pointing out I’m not here to entertain you.

                    7. Not looking to be entertained.

                      You accuse me of being stupid, yet your comment is basically “Snoop’s black. Blacks smoke menthols.”

                      It’s lazy and not funny. I expect more from someone who always tries to prove how smart he is.

                    8. Not looking to be entertained.

                      If you’re going to joke about that stereotype at least make if funny and not stupid.


  32. But it’s a doomed project to expect consistency from conservative commentators these days.

    This is what happens when you continually argue with crazy.

    1. You’re right for a second time Chuck. Most conservative commentators are crazy!

      You’re learning!

      1. As crazy as freaking out about Mormons and shilling for gun control on a libertarian website?

        1. Where did I shill for gun control?

          Mormons are big gubmint social conservatives who want to force their lifestyle on everyone.

          It’s not libertarian to defend mormons.

        2. I tried posting a couple of links highlighting Tucker’s bigotry, but it says “awaiting moderation.”

          He was in the news earlier this month for Christ sake for his “immigrants are replacing us and taking over!” It’s not hard to google.

          1. Give us an actual quote instead of making one up.
            Also, being nativist regarding immigration, as you’re implying, isn’t remotely racist.

  33. ENB does not understand what Tucker just did. he learned well From Rush of pointing out stupidity by using their own words against them. the left has been calling cops for people not wearing mask now he wants to call the cops for the very real harm of forcing kids to wear mask

    1. “very real harm”


      1. A kid died the other while exercising with a mask on. that doesn’t include the psychological harm of fear based living.

        1. So one kid out of how many have been wearing masks?

          “Fear based living”

          So I assume you feel the same about bigoted religious nuts who instill bigotry in their kids?

          Like Chuck.

          1. lol – you calling people bigots? GTFO

    2. Snark and irony are for the goose, the gander’s rhetoric must be examined with utmost earnestness and literal-mindedness.

  34. Parody falls dead alongside sarcasm.

  35. i’m pretty sure that was sarcasm by tucker.

  36. It is true that the new circumstances give traditional conservatives new opportunities,” writes Michael Brendan Dougherty at National Review. “However, I submit that being liberated from libertarians is probably not one of them.

    So much for the notion that libertarians-inside-the-tent will have influence. They are flotsam when the R’s aren’t realigning and jetsam when the R’s are realigning. And target practice at all times.

  37. It’s a good thing most of Tucker’s audience is too incontinent to move and can’t reach the dial-up phone while watching TV.

      1. Of course a dullard like you enjoys Tucker’s brand of racism.

        1. I don’t watch him very often, but I’ve never seen anything racist when I have. I’m guessing that Improbus doesn’t know a single person that does, and is just a bigot like you.

          1. Immigrants make our country dirtier.

            He called Iraqis “semi-literate primitive monkeys” who “don’t use toilet paper or forks”.

            He claims Dems want illegal immigration just to get more votes.

            Of course a dull, unfunny racist like you will have no problem with these things.

            Jesus he was just in the news for it earlier this month. You’re either don’t get your news from non-fascists, obtuse, or a racist yourself. I guess all 3.

            There’s a difference between being bigoted towards people WHO CHOOSE to go to a bigoted church and the racism and homophobia tolerated by most commenters on here.

            If you don’t see that it’s because you’re a stupid bigot.

            1. Sorry bout the typos

              1. He called Iraqis “semi-literate primitive monkeys” who “don’t use toilet paper or forks”.

                Media Matters, the source and your employers, never released the tape for these supposedly racist remarks they’ve been shilling everywhere.

                Also, Iraqis don’t use toilet paper or forks.
                They wash after a poo with water using the left hand or with an odd number of smooth stones/pebbles (if water is unavailable) called jamrah.
                When eating they use their right hand.

                You’re like all those nuts who called an American pastor racist for saying Mohammed was pedo, even though the hadiths say he consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was nine and he was in his fifties.

                Pretty pathetic KAR.

                1. Didn’t get it from media matters. To be honest I originally saw it on John Oliver.

            2. You seem to watch him a lot more religiously than anyone else here.

              1. I don’t watch him. The only Cable News show I watched was Stossel.

                His antics and racism has been covered by other media extensively.

                1. So your opinions are based on the opinions of other media outlets, rather than actually watching the show itself?

                  1. Yes. I have seen clips of the bigoted things he has said.

                    Do you have any evidence that he hasn’t said these bigoted things?

                    1. I look forward to the cites of your claims.

                    2. Oh? And what “bigoted” things are those?

                    3. Do you have any evidence that he hasn’t said these bigoted things?

                      Do you what the fallacy of proving a negative is?

                  2. I tried citing a wall street journal article but it says “awaiting moderation.”

                    He was just in the news earlier this month. It’s not hard to google these things

                    1. Are you too stupid to copy and paste the headline and parts of the article?

                    2. No I’m lazy. Are y’all too stupid to use google?

                    3. y’all

                      Hicklib faggot confirms he’s a hicklib faggot.

        2. “Tucker’s brand of racism”

          I’ll bite. What racist things has he said, done or advocated?

    1. They could use LifeAlert: “Help! My Daughter’s making my Grandkids wear masks outdoors and I can’t get up to yank her by the earlobe!”

      1. Wow, did your grandma do that to you?

        1. Of course she didn’t do that! Hell, my Grandparents laughed their asses off at that commercial back when the product was called LifeCall instead of LireAlert..and they were normally the nice, polite types who never said an ill word to anybody.

          Johnny Carson explains the joke: “You see, Inprobus made a joke about the incontinence and the Luddite tech of Tucker Carlson’s and FOX’s geriatric audience and I followed up with…”

          Talk about somebody who doesn’t get humor!

          Well, for your dining, dancing, and Geritol-swigging pleasure, YouTube has the original LifeCall commercial that everyone laughed at in the late Eighties and Nineties. Just search for: LifeCall “I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!”

          Oh, and to explain the humor yet again, almost no one who laughed at that commercial would laugh if the events happened in real life.

          What people were really laughing at was the ham-handed way the commercial makers used physical Three Stooges humor to sell a serious product. Also, the slogan was a catchy meme that took off on stand-up comedy and TV sit-coms. Wikipedia has a whole page on the slogan: “I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!”

          Now then, back to the panel with Doc and Ed…

  38. Masks on children is child abuse. It might not be coat hangars, but it’s still abuse.

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  40. I’m disappointed in this piece about Carlson because it is NOT responding to the entire 17-odd minute piece but a little over 2-minute sliver. It is taken out of context. Before I continue, here is the link to the entire piece:
    Clearly, in context, Carlson is exaggerating for effect, saying to give the wokesters a taste of their own medicine. He’s saying in effect there’s a better argument that the mask mandate is harmful to children so use the wokesters arguments against them. I’m certain that’s what Carlson was doing and I figure that Carlson is now of the view that no matter how innocuous something he says actually is, the establishment media will take it out of context.

    ENB’s piece is just sloppy because she obviously didn’t watch the whole thing.

    This is a good place to add that, although I’m a subscriber, I’ve been very disappointed in Reason going back to when I found out that the largest single group of Reason staff/contributors voted for Joe Biden this past election. I’d have some respect if people had did something along the lines of what I did in 2016 – I wrote my own name down. If you can’t do that, throw your vote away properly and vote for the Libertarian. Even better, quit talking about the Instant Runoff Voting scam and spend a little time studying Condorcet Voting.

    1. ENB’s piece is just sloppy because she obviously didn’t watch the whole thing.
      If it isn’t posted on Twitter, it’s not going to be a part of ENB’s “research”.

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