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No, Biden Isn't Coming for Your Burgers

Plus: Donor disclosure fight hits Supreme Court, school choice momentum, and more...


Conservative politicians and media have been inflamed over President Joe Biden's plan to drastically curb American meat consumption. There's just one little problem: It doesn't exist.

The root of the rumor: a story in the British tabloid the Daily Mail. Noting that Biden wants to slash greenhouse gas emissions, the Mail added that "while Biden hasn't released details on what life could look like for Americans, experts and recent studies have laid out what would need to change by 2030 to reach the goal." The paper then pointed to a random University of Michigan study (released in January 2020) saying that cutting beef consumption by 90 percent while halving other animal product consumption could cut diet-related greenhouse gas emissions in half.*

Biden never cited the study as a blueprint, nor did his administration have anything to do with it. And the Mail didn't actually say as much in its article text, either; rather, it speculated on a range of different ways to drastically reduce emissions. But the headline was a bit more misleading: "How Biden's climate plan could limit you to eat just one burger a MONTH." And that was enough to launch a twisted game of Republican telephone.

On Friday, former director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow told Fox News viewers that "Biden announced a 50 percent cut in carbon emissions in only a few years" and that "there's a study coming out of the University of Michigan which says that to meet the Biden Green New Deal targets, America has to, get this, America has to stop eating meat, stop eating poultry and fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, and animal-based fats."

While Kudlow didn't directly attribute the food restrictions to Biden policy, Fox Business implied as much, headlining a story about his comments, "Kudlow: Biden's Green New Deal means no meat for the 4th of July, have grilled Brussels sprouts instead," and adding as a subhead, "Kudlow says Biden's climate plan comes from 'ideological zealots' who don't care about America."

A Fox News graphic listed "cut 90% of red meat from diet" under "Biden's Climate Requirements":

Before long, some of Congress' biggest kooks had taken up the message.

"Joe Biden's climate plan includes cutting 90% of red meat from our diets by 2030. They want to limit us to about four pounds a year," tweeted Rep. Lauren Boebert (R–Colo).

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R–Ga.) called Biden the Hamburglar, tweeting a photo of him eating burgers under the caption, "No burgers for thee, but just for me."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Donald Trump Jr., and other prominent Republicans also shared this fake news.

Sustainable systems researcher Martin Heller, who co-authored the University of Michigan study at the center of this hoopla, told CNN's Daniel Dale he had "no idea what Biden's plan has to say about our diets."


The Supreme Court hears oral arguments today in Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Rodriquez, a case concerning disclosure of charitable donations.

The case stems from the 2010 demands of the California attorney general's office and subsequent arguments from now-Vice President Kamala Harris:

When several nonprofit groups challenged this practice in 2014, then-Attorney General Kamala Harris argued that she needed the information to streamline investigations. She promised that individuals' confidentiality was carefully protected. Neither assertion was true. When the matter came to trial in 2016, state officials conceded that they hardly ever used their database for investigations. And the challengers unearthed tens of thousands of confidential documents, including contributor lists, left unsecured on the attorney general's website.


Corey A. DeAngelis, senior fellow at Reason Foundation, talks school choice movement in states:


• Why is anyone listening to Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.) on criminal justice reform?

• Markets in everything!

• "Increasing police militarization risks transforming law enforcement in minority communities into national security operations, with corresponding greater authority to use force and restrict liberty," writes Milton C. Reagan of Georgetown's Center on National Security and the Law in a new paper.

• Why prosecutors promising not to prosecute prostitution isn't enough:

• It's not just U.S. lawmakers who don't understand how the internet works:

• The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is fighting for pro-choice students' speech rights:

CORRECTION: This post has been updated to note that the study looked at cutting beef (not all red meat) consumption by 90 percent and all other animal product consumption by 50 percent.

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  1. Conservative politicians and media have been inflamed over President Joe Biden’s plan to drastically curb American meat consumption.

    So Biden doesn’t care about the environment or the country’s obesity problem?

    1. A true monster.

      1. But he has polite tweets – – – – – –

        1. Maybe. He probably has tweets. Have you or anyone you know ever looked at any of them? I know I haven’t.

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          1. This is a weird hill to advertise your chosen ignorance on.

            1. Birds gotta squawk.


          3. Sorry, WK. I don’t know what came over me that made me make a non-sequitur comment having nothing to do with anything you said.

            1. Suck a dick White Knight, and learn what either non-sequitur means or analepsis.

              1. Heart you, too.

          4. Dee, you bitch!

        2. Some of you have really convinced yourselves that the reason millions of people never liked Trump, and he never managed to crest 50% approval once in four years, was because of the impoliteness of his tweets, eh?

          The deranged tweets were a minor symptom of everything else that was terrible about him. Trump lost because he never attempted to expand his base beyond the minority of chuds who already loved him, and to everyone else he was the most transparently obvious con artist in history.

          1. Well, all those Black and Hispanic folks did enjoy their record low unemployment numbers under Trump. Oh, and all those Black prisoners did appreciate having their cases reviewed and being freed under Trump’s First Step Act. Then there’s all those traditionally Black colleges gaining extra support under Trump. But yeah, so racist, and mean tweets. Dipshit.

      2. He could probably do a lot of good by looking into getting rid of agricultural subsidies that promote unhealthy and wasteful practices, as well as the leasing of federal lands for grazing.

        1. It benefits us to have federal and grazed. Grazing improves the health of the grasslands while reducing fire danger. Not to mention those ranches with grazing leases were grazing there before the federal government took the land away via fiat. Nothing libertarian about ending grazing leases. If the feds are going to own land it should be open to be used by the people who live there.

          1. The federal government took that land long before the ranchers were there.

            However, there were ranchers using the land for grazing long before the federal government instituted a permitting system.

            1. Depends on the ranchers. And the area. In New Mexico and Arizona some of the ranches pre date the US.

              1. I stopped eating beef to try and put welfare queen ranchers out of business.

                1. Nobody cares.

                  1. Good one!

                2. Instead, it all goes up your ass, and in thick quantities.

                  1. Better one! Way better.

    2. Hard to judge since the man lives on jello.

      1. Jell-O ain’t vegetarian.


          Makes sense you don’t actually research anything you post.

          1. JesseAz, JesseAz, JesseAz. I guess you cannot help being JesseAz…

            The original comment was about “jello”. I specifically talked about “Jell-O”. You change the topic to gelatin so that you can “own” me.

            You are pathetic.

            I thought that I am supposed to be a “lefty”. If I were a lefty, wouldn’t I know all about veganism?

            1. That’s exactly the kind of shit you pull day after day, and you have the guts to accuse Jesse of it?
              You’re always lawyering and pettifogging definitions.

            2. No Dee, you’re pathetic.

            3. Sorry, WK. I should acknowledge that you made a really good point about JesseAz’s behavior.

              1. Pathetic Dee.

              2. Suck a dick, White Knight. You’re nothing more than a cheap troll who spends most of your time harrassing Jesse and Ken.

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                    1. Not necessarily. Maybe they’re each other’s gimps.

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              Maybe you need a Kleenex.

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            5. Oh. And you are a lefty. One day you’ll be honest.

              1. Then why would you think I wouldn’t know about vegan gelatin?

        2. He probably eats that weird agar shit.

          1. Nope. If I’m going to eat gelatin, it’s going to be good ol’ Jell-O. Made from horses’ hooves or whatever the hell animal they killed, just like my mom used to put in the dishes we brought to the Lutheran potlucks.

            1. Yeah, the carbohydrate gelling agents just aren’t the same.

              1. I have to take your word for it. I don’t think I’ve ever tried vegan gelatin.

                I had some vegan “bacon” once. It tasted like cardboard with a picture of bacon drawn on it.

                1. The Impossible Whopper is actually decent

                  1. I had an Impossible Burger recently, and yes – I doubt you would notice if fast food places started using it in place of whatever it is they use now.

                    1. Would bovine fetuses count as either vegetarian or vegan?

                    2. Good point. If they just started surreptitiously doing that, as long as the lettuce, onions, pickles and tomatoes were fresh I think people would enjoy them largely the same as those from dead cows

                    3. Does the “moo too” crowd support bovine abortions?

                  2. Compared to a regular whopper? Maybe so. Compared to a home grilled fatboy cheeseburger, no way.

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    4. Biden will be to busy collecting your guns he is not coming for to collect your burgers.

  2. Sustainable systems researcher Martin Heller, who co-authored the University of Michigan study at the center of this hoopla, told CNN’s Daniel Dale he had “no idea what Biden’s plan has to say about our diets.”

    That’s OK, Martin. The President will soon spell it out to Congress.

    1. The issue being more that the Biden plan has no realistic idea of how to reduce greenhouse emissions by 50%, which encourages such speculation.

    2. I think you meant “executive order”.

    3. Biden has no idea what Biden’s plan has to say about anything.

  3. Before long, some of Congress’ biggest kooks had taken up the message.


    1. If even one kook believes it, it can’t possibly be true.

      1. You shouldn’t be calling anyone a kook. Golden plates, garments, and native Americans coming from Israel (pre Columbus).

        1. LOL! You listened! How sweet. We really are buddies.

          1. To be honest it was interesting to find out that some Jews made it to the new world that far back.

            The Book of Mormon is still bs.

            1. Yet they’re not commie traitors.

              Not like you.

    2. Cruella DeBrown has no room to talk about kooks….

  4. More bad news from India.

    AP PHOTOS: Mass funeral pyres reflect India’s COVID crisis

    “The nation of nearly 1.4 billion people set a global record of new daily infections for a fifth straight day Monday.”

    The Koch / Reason libertarian solution? Encourage every one of those 1.4 billion people to immigrate to the US. Just think of all the cost-effective labor they’ll provide for billionaire employers like’s benefactor Charles Koch.


    1. All they need is 1.4 billion masks, problem solved.

      1. Unless it’s being transmitted by cows.

    2. And what are those funeral pyres doing to the atmosphere? Maybe India should invest in huge magnifying glasses and cremate their dead with clean solar energy.

      1. Wood is renewable.

        1. That’s what I tell all the ladies.

          1. ^POW! good one! LOL

          2. Thread over

        2. I bet they are using LP or natural gas.

        3. Wood is also the most polluting fuel, bar-none. It has every last pollutant as coal, but delivers half the heat So it might not mean much for long term CO2, but it means a lot to people’s lungs

          1. Wood is also the most polluting fuel, bar-none.

            WTF? Not even close. Wood ash can be used as fertilizer, coal ash can’t. Wood carries fewer heavy metals and toxic compounds. Not saying that either one is the least-polluting overall by any stretch of the imagination, and I’d agree that wood is a terrible option for grid-scale power generation, but to say that wood is the worst, you have to get into some pretty selective and tangential interpretations that ignore mining and/or consider logging equally as polluting and treat all combustion waste byproducts equivalently.

            1. It’s probably among the worst for particulate pollution. But it’s also something you can just go out and find and keep yourself warm in the winter, so I like it.

              1. It’s probably among the worst for particulate pollution.

                Nope. The only way wood comes out worse is if you (e.g.) compare green wood to anthracite and, even then, forget about heavy metals as contaminants. If you compare dry/cured wood to anthracite or green wood to lignite, wood is just as good (still ignoring metals).

                The big caveat is If you have to generate 1MW of power on demand, it’s faster and easier to have coal on hand, which you can clean up after the fact.

              2. The statement that wood “delivers half the heat” is patently false. It absolutely delivers less feet per cu. ft., but per unit CO2 or theoretical/practical yield, the difference is only about 8%.

          2. What about dung?

            1. Go on…

              1. Ha ha ha ha…Jesus H Christ…

            2. What is brown and sounds like a bell?

          3. Coat isn’t being replenished at the rate it is being extracted. Harvested forests regrow. The net addition of CO2 is zero if the harvest rate equals the growth rate (minus carbon emissions to harvest and transport). Trees also remove PM from the air. Now if the trees are harvested 300 miles away from where they are burned and that area has few trees them air quality will suffer for sure.

  5. The Supreme Court hears oral arguments today in Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Rodriquez, a case concerning disclosure of charitable donations.

    Are we going to open the constitutionality of campaign finance can of worms?

    1. “We must close the charitable donation loophole!”

      1. Only government should provide charity.

        But rebrand it as entitlements, UBI, reparations, etc.

  6. No, Biden Isn’t Coming for Your Burgers

    Elizabeth, could you post something similar about guns?

    1. Less meat = less grain needed for livestock. We can melt down all those plow blades to meet the demand for bullets.

    2. Why? So we can laugh at that too?

      The UM agriculture researcher reminds me of a talk I attended where Kevin Trenberth and some NOAA department head were discussing CO2 and climate change to the oil and gas industry. “Now we’re not making any policy suggestions or anything, with these fossil fuel consumption, CO2 emission, and temperature change models… Just merely reporting the SCIENCE.” LOL.

      The hell you aren’t.

  7. When several nonprofit groups challenged this practice in 2014, then-Attorney General Kamala Harris argued that she needed the information to streamline investigations.

    The Bill of Rights is all about making law enforcement’s job easier.

  8. Have they forgotten that as Hennepin County Attorney she declined to prosecute Chauvin when he shot and killed another man, Wayne Reyes, in 2006?

    No. No they haven’t forgotten. But she’s a Democrat.

    1. Not only a democrat but one who played the game and bowed out to make room for Biden. Clearly a national hero.

  9. #BidenBoom update.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth has increased by: $5.81 billion

    After suffering tremendously under Drumpf’s draconian anti-billionaire policies, Mr. Koch is on track to rejoin the planet’s top 10 richest people by the end of the year.


  10. This is why we don’t get THAT excited when this DA or that one announces they won’t prosecute sex workers.

    Because they have said before, and it’s usually not really TRUE.

    And it’s never permanent.

    If you can’t trust a lawyer on the government dime…

    1. But they won’t come after your burgers. You can bank on that.

    2. But we TOTALLY trust the eco-freaks arent coming for our burgers

  11. Even if there were a way to keep minors away from sexual content, there is no way without vast collateral damage.

    Then collateral damage in pursuit of an unattainable goal it is!

  12. If you have kids in school, get ready, because they’re about to try to mandate that “critical race theory” get pushed down the throats of every kid in every school in America.

    And not just any old critical race theory, they want to implement the most extreme and virulent forms of critical race theory and hatred of whites esposed by guys like Ibram X. Kendi, who makes Obama look like Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. I learned from critical race theory to never trust a black engineer or doctor, because black people are incapable of using reasoning and numbers,and don’t care about facts. Thank you kendi for telling me this.

      1. To be fair, most people of all colors can’t use reason or numbers. But black people (in the guise of BLM and the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture) have been the latest to directly reject reason and numbers.

    2. Disgusting. I really hope there is a lot of backlash against this shit. There is some, but I don’t know if it’s enough.

      1. There is definitely backlash taking place, but I’m not sure it’s going to matter, because our wonderful new administration appears determined to push this by any means necessary.

        1. It’s really frustrating how many people just take this crap at face value.
          “Anti-racsist”? I don’t like racism, so that must be good, right?

          1. Same as anti-fascist. It is American Newspeak.

          2. Just look up the “anti-bad guy squad” meme, it’s basically the same mindset.

  13. Kudlow says Biden’s climate plan comes from ‘ideological zealots’ who don’t care about America.

    After four years, the sensationalist shoe is on the other breathless foot. I appreciate everyone’s orderly move to his opposite position now that the White House has switched hands.

    1. If anything, Kudlow is understated

    2. “I need to trade my ‘Resistance Sucks’ t-shirt for a ‘Resist’ in an adult XL please.”

  14. “Biden never cited the study as a blueprint, nor did his administration have anything to do with it.”


    This is beside the point. This is a trivial objection fallacy.

    This is like defending Biden’s outrageous spending bills against those who claim they will add to inflation by saying that nothing in any of Biden’s spending bills specifically calls for more inflation by name.

    The fact is that in order to hit Biden’s targets, it will require us to make big sacrifices in our standard of living in all sorts of ways–something most Americans haven’t really come to terms with yet.

    Ignoring the kinds of sacrifices that will need to be made if and when Biden’s Green New Deal goes through would be wrong, and other news outlets are not wrong to bring the kinds of sacrifices that will be necessary to the attention of the American people.

    1. Biden never cited the study as a blueprint, nor did his administration have anything to do with it.”

      But he likes what he sees.

    2. It also ignores the fact that the beef industry has been a target of climate warriors for years.

      Will Biden enact a law that forbids Americans from eating more than 4 lbs of beef a year? No.

      Will he dump so much regulation onto the beef industry that it puts ranchers out of business and beef becomes so expensive that Americans can’t afford to eat more than 4 lbs a year? Probably.

      That’s how all of it is going to work, because the required sacrifices are not sacrifices Americans are willing to make on their own, so it will all be done through regulation of industries to make their product unaffordable. Then Americans have no choice but to “sacrifice” for the GND.

      1. Disagree, they will target the small independent ranchers with burdensome regulations leaving the large politically connected with less competition. Biden will claim a small victory and that the much more needed work will come in the future.

        1. Good point. But the end result will still be beef that is unaffordable for regular Americans.

          1. Agree on that, well at least that prices will be higher. Americans may still afford the big mac but they will need to cut back on something else like movie tickets. The net result will be less economic activity.

            1. And a lower standard of living.

              When you have to pay more for the same basic things you could buy for less before, that means you have less discretionary spending.

              Whether it’s less savings or one less trip to get ice cream with your kid, you’re sacrificing something that was important to you for climate change.

            2. Big Macs won’t be affected as they’re not made with real beef.

              1. I was watching “The Founder” the other day, and wondering how good a McDonald’s hamburger and fries must have been back in the 1950s, when they used real beef without the pink slime or preservatives, and cooked the fries in beef tallow.

                1. Did they make cheese burgers from the beginning? Probably really good cheese whenever they started too.

                  1. Yeah, they did both hamburgers and cheeseburgers. And I’m sure it was better cheese, as well, not this processed “cheese food” that’s basically just cheap-ass fillers.

                    I’ve read posts from people who worked at fast food places that, as late as the 1970s, a lot of these stores were still sourcing most of their food from local grocers or butchers, not getting it delivered via a centralized warehouse. Taco Bell, for instance, prepped nearly all of their food fresh every day, except for the spice packets and taco shells, which corporate provided. Pizza Hut made their dough fresh every day as well.

                    A lot of that changed around the early-to-mid 80s when these large corporations started buying out the fast food brands and started streamlining their operations. Industrial efficiency is the model, not making good food.

                    1. All my life cheeseburger cheese has been that slimy stuff Kraft invented and I was invented a few years before McD

                2. Try 5 Guys.

                  1. Freaking burger.

                  2. I like their burgers, but can’t stand their fries. They’re basically just barely cooked potatoes slathered in grease, and they give you a shit-ton. I actually prefer Freddie’s if I’m going for a burger and fries.

              2. Touche

        2. “Disagree, they will target the small independent ranchers with burdensome regulations leaving the large politically connected with less competition.”

          As someone from a family of small, independent ranchers, I can tell you that the ship has already sailed on the destruction of small, independent ranching.

          1. A sex farm doesn’t count as a ranch

            1. Ooh, burn.

              1. Oh come on….Spinal Tap

                1. Dee doesn’t do humor. It usually goes sailing over her head.

                  1. No kidding. She is worse than Margaret McPoyle

      2. Among other promises on his campaign website (linked below), promises he will be:

        “Partnering with farmers and ranchers so that better agriculture practices and deployment of digesters generate new sources of revenues . . . . He will create new opportunities to support deployment of methane digesters to capture potent climate emissions and generate electricity.”

        The reason ranchers everywhere haven’t already deployed these “digesters” to turn methane from cows into electricity is because it’s an inefficient source of energy, and the equipment that generates electricity is insufficiently efficient to justify its cost. If it were profitable to do this, the government wouldn’t need to make ranchers do it. They’d be doing it already.

        Meanwhile, regardless of whether Biden plans to make taxpayers foot the bill for this equipment or whether he plans to mandate its installation and force beef consumers and electricity consumers to pay higher prices than they would pay otherwise to foot the bill, the point is that Biden’s climate change promises do not ignore ranchers.

        1. I saw a Dirty Jobs where one rancher had deployed a digester to collect methane and also used the solid byproduct to make flower pots. Not sure how much that could be replicated across the industry – only so many shit pots you can sell -, but the company still seems to be in business after a quick DDG search.

          This isn’t in support of regulations mind you. Only to point out without regulations ranchers are looking to make the most off their herds. Best to leave it in their hands and theirs alone.

          1. This only works if you happen to have a giant operation. Goodbye small rancher, nice knowing you.

          2. You can buy manure fertilizer at any home depot, my friend. Where do you think they get it? The digestion stabilizes the sludge and it’s dried out before being sold.

            The issue is the methane collection. The amount produced is so far below the level of usability that the equipment never breaks even.

        2. The sad part is I doubt any of reasons editors here have ever read Joe’s campaign site.

          1. Considering how many times they’ve expressed surprise at his policies since being elected, it would appear you’re correct.

        3. If the idea was feasible, it would be done with the multi-million-gallon wastewater plants in every city on this planet. Instead, essentially every last one of them uses some form of aerobic activated sludge system because it actually digests the material and gets the water clean, while anaerobic collection digesters just don’t. Not on the scale we need.

          1. The sludge is different. Municipal waste won’t produce much methane. Cow manure does.

    3. Biden makes promises about “decarbonizing the food and agricultural sector” on his campaign website.

      1. I thought that meant he would stop burning the steaks at family barbecues.

        1. You know Biden eats his steaks well done. A true monster.

          1. Took me years to get over the child abuse that my steak burning dad put me through.

          2. He couldn’t even manage to be better that Trump on preparation of meat. He truly is a monster.

    4. You are really bad at being our resident rhetorical fallacy cop.

      For it to be a “trivial objection”, ENB would have been using the tale of this meme getting out of proportion to object to something. Never in her blog post above does she say anything like “so, the lesson we should take from this is that Biden’s climate plans should not be criticized.”

      1. And, in fact, any regular reader of Reason knows that they are themselves critical of Biden’s climate change plans.

        1. So critical they’ve had 2 articles this year.

          “Biden Pledges to Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement”

          Not actually critical at all to it.

          “Biden Debuts Massive New Climate Bureaucracy”

          Where ENB literally says:

          As with many of former President Donald Trump’s executive orders, it’s a bit hard to tell whether the Biden climate order portends huge changes or is basically just something to keep bureaucrats busy and get the president good marks for speaking the language of his base.

          1. Ah, JesseAz, JesseAz, JesseAz. I guess you cannot help being JesseAz…

            Let’s look at the “Biden Debuts Massive New Climate Bureaucracy” to see what you left out in your cherry picking:


            First of all, there’s the title of the blog post itself, which, in the context of being posted on a libertarian website, is not approval.

            Right off the bat, ENB describes the plan as: “a behemoth that features new bureaucracy creation and international summits interspersed with pledges to tackle everything from minority representation in certain business sectors to union job creation under the mantle of climate change.” Not exactly a flattering description.

            “… drips with officialese but doesn’t really tell us much, plus oodles of ordering various agencies and departments to prepare reports—on their own environmental impact, how they are considering climate change concerns in initiatives abroad, and so on.” Hmm, not exactly flattering.

            “Alas, this seems to be our new political normal, where Congress basically only exists to approve budgets and hold show hearings against disfavored industries, the president governs unilaterally through executive directives…” Gosh, that sounds like she doesn’t approve of what Biden is up to.

            1. Hey retard. I mentioned the fucking ENB article and quoted from it you retarded shit.

              My God man. Did you even bother reading my post before your ignorant rant that literally repeated what I already put in my post.

              What a fucking idiot.

              1. And you cherry picked one quote out of the entire article that didn’t even support your point. Then I went to the same article and quoted some words that you left out in your cherry picking.

                1. Sounds more like criticism of the process, not the policies.

                2. Jesse quoted and linked to the article. That is not cherry picking, which is presenting examples that support one’s argument while ignoring those that run counter to it. You might have a point if he misrepresented the whole of the article with his specific quote, but he didn’t.

                  Gosh, that sounds like she doesn’t approve of what Biden is up to.

                  How can you assert that when none of your quotes are actually critical of his plans? She only criticized the way the plans are being implemented without ever touching on whether or not they should be implemented. You actually reinforced Jesse’s assertion.

                  You really struggle with logic. People keep trying to show you and you insist on doing it wrong anyway. If you could stop attributing malice to people you disagree with, you could probably make some progress.

                  1. It’s not my fault I’m retarded.

                3. You’re not clever, and you’re always wrong. Why do you try?

                  This is all time that could be spent best ending your own life.

        2. The intern pounces!

          1. I’m not a Reason intern, but if I were I’d be proud of it. Reason is awesome.

            1. You’d be proud to be an intern? Are you 18?

              1. Me and George Burns both wish we were 18 again.

                1. “me…….wish we were 18 again”?

                  1. Is your point that I used an object pronoun instead of a subject pronoun in my informal comment?

                    1. Yes, “me” is not receiving the action (giggity).

                    2. Now hurry down thread and reply to my comment about Glenn Close being an advertisement for euthanizing milk nags living off past glories

                      Fucking shameless twat she is

                    3. Why I should want to talk about Glen Close?

                    4. Whoosh! (Again)

                    5. Why do you come here at all? Other than to threadshit.

        3. “And, in fact, any regular reader of Reason knows that they are themselves critical of Biden’s climate change plans.”

          When Bush Jr. invaded Iraq, Reason had staff there both in favor of it and staff who were against it.

          Because some people on staff are critical of Biden’s Green New Deal, doesn’t mean others are trying to defend him and the Democrats.

          Biden really is promising to sacrifice our standard of living on the altar of climate change, and beef production really does appear to be a part of that. So, what is the point of saying that Biden isn’t coming after our cheeseburgers? Do you think ENB is just pointing out a typo?

          1. “Do you think ENB is just pointing out a typo?”

            She is telling a tale of how a story based on pure speculation can blow up in the press and chatter-sphere.

            1. The news media is right to be critical of Biden’s Green New Deal and the sacrifices we’ll be forced to make because of it–in beef production among other things. And that remains true regardless of whether the Biden administration cited the study in question.

              1. “The news media is right to be critical of Biden’s Green New Deal and the sacrifices we’ll be forced to make because of it–in beef production among other things.”

                I agree. Ken, has it ever occurred to you to check whether I even disagree with you about the issue before you start arguing with me?

                1. That would involve having respect for you. That ship sailed a long time ago.

      2. You literally didn’t understand was ad hominem was over the weekend and you are trying to call others out?

        ENB focuses on minutiae so she doesn’t have to discuss things at a certain level. She does this constantly. You do it as well. Constantly.

        Example: Instead of talking about BLM/Antifa riots all last summer, you focused solely on asking people to provide proof of membership to either organization. Ignore them marching/protesting/orally stating their side/etc. That was how you attempted to dismiss an entire summer of riots.

        1. I didn’t dismiss the rioting. I just pointed out that it is pure right-wing invented narrative that Black Lives Matter organized the rioting. What, you have no interest in truth over narrative?

          1. Wow. This is a dumb rationalization of your arguments even for you.

            Unless you have a paper plan signed by multiple people, you will never except actual truth. It is quite sad.

          2. pure right-wing invented narrative that Black Lives Matter organized the rioting

            They organized BLM protests in _______ (insert name of city here) and a riot broke out. How many repeats of this did we see last year? It happened at least 3 times in Austin.

            “Virtue, without which terror is destructive; terror, without which virtue is impotent. Terror is only justice prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue.”
            ― Maximilien de Robespierre

            Anarchy can’t be organized. But it can be anticipated, encouraged, and used to an end. Both BLM and Antifa are fans of the Jacobins. Their leaders and sympathizers have been quoted as saying the riots are justified.

            1. In Portland the black leaders of the city are asking the knuckleheads to stop breaking windows and setting fires.

              You need to do a better job of hiding your contempt for blacks who DARE TO SPEAK OPINIONS YOU DONT AGREE WITH.

              Lds klansman. I bet you think your church fucked up in 78?

              1. In Portland the black leaders of the city are asking the knuckleheads to stop breaking windows and setting fires.

                You need to do a better job of hiding your contempt for blacks who DARE TO SPEAK OPINIONS YOU DONT AGREE WITH.

                I have no contempt for these people and their opinions are in alignment with mine. Why are you confused about this?

              2. contempt for blacks

                Do you even realize which one of us actually sounds racist? Your prior comments about Polynesian peoples were particularly vile.

                1. Polynesians who are mormon I have a problem with. Mostly Samoans and Tongans.

                  Sorry for not reminding you of your praise for Walter Payton because he’s not like these woke up blacks nowadays.

                  Mormons are bigots. Plain and simple.

                  1. Bigotry? You’re soaking in it.

                    1. This coming from the traitor who hates gays.

                      Being bigoted towards bigots who choose to go to a bigoted church is fine.

                      Being bigoted against gays is wrong.

                      Eat shit you anti-American fascist!

      3. Here’s another source for the same fallacy:

        “The trivial objections are possibly valid; the point is that they are also trivial, and not adequate to the work of demolishing the case which is presented.”

        Biden’s Green New Deal requires sacrifices in our standard of living that include things like beef production–regardless of whether the study in question was cited by the Biden administration.

        Not only has methane from cows been widely acknowledged as a source of green house gases for a very long time, Biden’s own campaign website promises ways to deal with the problem as a solution to climate change.

        1. P.S. The original Green New Deal, which Biden endorses by name on his campaign website, calls for working with ranchers to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

          “Working collaboratively with farmers and ranchers in the United States to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector as much as is technologically feasible.”[87]”

          This shouldn’t even be in dispute.

          1. It isnt in dispute. Wk is a self admitted troll that simply thread shits.

          2. We already do that. Animal agriculture has drastically cut GHG emissions over the past century, especially since the 1970s. If we want them to increase buy organic, grass fed beef, which produce more GHG pet pound of beef.

            1. My understanding is that we produce much more beef from far less cattle than we used to, as well. Is that correct?

              1. Yes it is and far more .I’ll with far fewer cows also. And more pork and chicken with less head also.

                1. “less head”

                  Sorry to hear that.

                  1. Interesting fact: swine have the largest volume of ejaculate among mammals.

                    1. That is fun!

      4. Dee you ignorant slut.

    5. If Triple L (Lying Lipstick Lesbian) says that he’s not, it’s almost a sure thing that he is.

      1. I always thought lipstick lesbians were the attractive ones?

        1. Ooh, burn, R Mac implied that ENB is unattractive. I bet he really hurt her feelings.

          1. What a weird comment to white Knight against. I’m pretty sure she won’t even read it, and probably wouldn’t care if she did. Then again she doxxed a guy for telling her to make him a sandwich so who knows.

            Do you think she’s attractive?

            1. I don’t think she is unattractive and she can probably get you into some hot after hours think tank bars

            2. Did she doxx him so she knew where to deliver the sammich?

            3. Imagine if he had told her to bake him a pie instead.

          2. “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille..”

    6. And now you are engaging in the false dichotomy fallacy.

      Either we must defend the LIE that Biden’s plan REQUIRES people to consume 90% less beef (not 89% less, not 91% less, but 90% less beef), or we are ignoring completely the consequences of Biden’s climate change agenda.

      How about; we discuss truthfully and honestly Biden’s climate change agenda, and we don’t tolerate outright lies said about it, such as the claim that Biden’s plan REQUIRES people to consume 90% less beef? Can we do that Ken?

      You are just trying to rationalize demagoguery as a substitute for reasoned argument.

      1. Shut up Meg.

  15. Sustainable systems researcher Martin Heller, who co-authored the University of Michigan study at the center of this hoopla, told CNN’s Daniel Dale he had “no idea what Biden’s plan has to say about our diets.”

    Well, he’s apparently got some idea – he knows it doesn’t include coming after your burgers.

    In other news, after carefully checking Biden’s past statements and the White House press logs, Joe Biden has no plans to take a shit today and, as far as I can tell, he hasn’t taken a shit in nearly 6 months.

    1. There was no line on his taxes that said “PAYOFF FROM CHINA” so I think we’re all agreed there’s nothing to see here.

    1. What did everyone wear?

      1. Who delivered the obligatory “Trump is a big poopy-head” speech?

        1. It was more cops killed 3 people a day for shits and giggles type of political statements.

    2. Glenn Close has all the shame of Myspace Cyrus

      1. Oh, my God, yes.

        “I will not be ignored, America.”

        And then proceeded to boil a rabbit in front of my unsuspecting eyes

    3. Did Joe win one?

  16. Bring back robbie for the round up

    1. No time. That hair ain’t gonna style itself.


    Here’s the national Black Lives Matter organization’s official statement on Ma’Khia Bryant.

    Anyone interested in fact checking this, or no?

    1. Well, they got her name right.

      1. It looks misspelled when it’s right.

        1. World’s Toughest Job: Hip-hop magazine copy editor.

          1. +3

            I lol’d

          2. Does anyone know the keyboard code for making the Prince symbol?

    2. Wow, they’re still going with it, huh?

      1. Juvenile knife fights are the new normal.

        1. Shakespeare-approved.

      2. When you’ve gotten away with as much bs as they have, why not assume you can keep lying with impunity?

      3. I noticed on my news aggregator that there were a lot of stabbings over the weekend


    Thread to highlight the two tier justice system for the right/left. Some of those arrested as a result of 1/6 are being held w/o bail for what amounts to trespassing.

    Here’s some #BLM/#Antifa who are out on bail for far more egregious offenses.


    1. Many of those antifa/blm who have had their charges dropped have been arrested multiple times as well.

      1. Nu uh.

        — Dee

  19. The left has long targeted agriculture and meat production as a source of global warming. So yes expect them to make overtures for folks to stop eating meat.

    Why defend them at all unless you voted for them.

    Anyway get ready for some serious inflation.

    1. The Biden supporters will blame the evil capitalist grocers, meat suppliers and ranchers when the price of their pork chops skyrockets.
      Obamacare happened when I was working at a state agency. Some of the pro-SEIU employees there would come into my office and have all caps rages on me since I was the lone opponent to the legislation in that building. They were all dumbfounded when their paychecks were smaller as a result of the increased cost of health insurance. But none of them blamed President Obama.

  20. Too late- the idiots have already gobbled it up. Look at the comment above mine for proof.

    1. You are always so pleasant.

    2. The ones like Kens actually linking to Bidens website and not just repeating leftist Twitter like ENB?

    3. Nobody’s ever accused you of being bright.

    4. Can you point to any false statements in that comment, shitlunches?

      1. “Why defend them at all unless you voted for them.”

        Just an implied, but not explicitly stated, falsity: that ENB was defending Biden’s climate policy.

        1. Implied by him or inferred by you?


          1. Nice distinction

        2. LOL. You’re literally defending a troll. More evidence you’re just a troll.

          And since you jumped in, you are welcome to cite the comments he was referring to.

  21. Environmentalism is racism.

    1. Well, what isn’t these days?
      Environmentalism is indeed a privilege that only the wealthy and privileged can afford. I still find it a little funny that socialists latched onto environmentalism. The left is such a weird mishmash.

      1. I still find it a little funny that socialists latched onto environmentalism.

        The better term would be “co-opted.” I sit on a committee that awards grants to “green projects,” and the universal focus is on what is now called “environmental justice.” We set aside things like removing invasive plants and replacing inefficient light fixtures with things like getting more gender-queer BIPOCs involved in the “environmental justice movement” and addressing “food insecurity” in “vulnerable populations.”

        1. And that’s why it’s not so weird. Environmentalism is full of opportunities to exploit guilt and grievance.

          1. You still mad at me buddy? Hope you had a great weekend!

      2. Socialism requires people to be poor and discontent. You can’t have socialism with a prosperous and generally satisfied middle class, so you have to find a way to make their lives suck. Environmentalism is the key- enact GND policies that grind down the middle class, and you create the circumstances necessary for socialism.

        Same reason their using racism to Trojan Horse socialism for minorities. If things are getting better for minoirities (and they have been), socialism can’t succeed.

        The circumstances required for a socialist hellscape don’t naturally exist in the US, so they have to be created.

    2. Nickelodeon ran a story on environmental racism

      1. Did you know that poor people almost universally live in less desirable places than rich people?

        Really makes you think.

        1. To quote the great philosopher Sam kinison “we have deserts, we just don’t live there”

  22. Flailing, disingenuous, obsolete, bigoted conservatives are among my favorite culture war casualties.

    Carry on, clingers . . . but only so far and so long as your betters permit, as usual.

    1. It’s nice to see you in a positive mood this morning.

      Have you recovered emotionally from your outrage at the totally unprovoked execution of Ma’Khia Bryant?


    2. I haven’t seen you in a while, gecko. Subroutine being upgraded?

  23. John Kerry shared possible classified material with Iran’s foreign minister regarding Isreal.

    1. It would be nice if these idiots would make up their minds as to whether Iran is an adversary or not, considering they’re allies with Syria and are thus likely trading intel back and forth with Russia.

      1. Iran is not our ally. Sending them classified material like above will only inflame tensions that already exist. Nobody is calling for boots on the ground, but doing this is just escalating fires.

    2. Did he at least get campaign contributions for the material?

      It’s a wonder that anyone voluntarily works with the United States on covert matters.

      1. After all of the Intel assets in China got killed under Obama fewer and fewer people are working with the US.

    3. Time to dust off the Logan Act?

  24. The biggest woke vs. patriots culture battle going over the past week may have been the Padres v. the Dodgers series, and the good guys won. It was the best seven game series during the regular season I’ve ever seen. Every game was a nail biter. Every pitch mattered. The Dodgers built a death star, but Luke Skywalker plays for the Padres.

    The woke vs. patriots aspect isn’t about the players, necessarily–it’s about the fans. San Francisco Giants’ fans are like wine and cheese people, who also throw batteries at the opposing players in the outfield. Dodgers’ fans are like Raiders’ fans, gangster aesthetics with a woke veneer–people who revere the memory of Jackie Robinson and love Tupac but pay a premium to live further away from Inglewood and Compton.

    San Diego still wears camo uniforms at home on Sundays. Traditionally, they march recruits from Camp Pendleton in during games, so the fans can cheer while they play the Marine Corp hymn to them during the seventh inning stretch. It’s a different kind of California–one that Ronald Reagan would have recognized.

    1. Hope you guys are taking good care of Hoz down there. I root for you guys (and MIL) as my NL teams because of him.

      Also don’t look now but Royals best record in the AL!

    2. San Diego still has a Naval base and the Marine Corps training station there, so it makes sense for them to cater to that crowd. Honestly, the decline of the defense industry in California is one of the more significant factors in California’s dramatic shift leftward over the last 30 years.

    3. You have to mean Tatis as Luke Skywalker

  25. Completely OT: But should interest most Reason readers:

    “The Supreme Court announced Monday it will consider the scope of the Second Amendment next term in a case concerning a New York law that restricts an individual from carrying a concealed handgun in public.

    1. I don’t think we should assume this will go well. Biden and the Democrats are looking for an excuse to pack the Court, and a case like this could be just what the fucking doctor ordered.

      What do they mean by “next term”? Is that October of 2021? October of 2022? October of 2022 would be an excellent date for a pro-gun rights ruling–a few weeks before the Democrats lose the House.

      1. They’re not going to lose the House, Ken. Unless you think the fraud only happened in 2020.

        Agree with you that we should be concerned about the Court wanting to look at this. The Court historically hates looking at Second Amendment cases about as much as they do IP cases (and gets them wrong about the same percentage of the time for both.)

        Heller, as much as it was nice to see that the Court recognized an individual right to bear arms, has holes you could drive a tank through. Who’s going to be pro CHL on this Court? Thomas, maybe Alito, Gorsuch? Barrett? Kavanaugh hasn’t found yet, an exercise of Executive Power he couldn’t get behind, Roberts is Roberts, and then you’ve a ton of lefties/former DAs who hate the hoi polloi having guns.

        I’m not confident, and I don’t like that they’re looking at this. My concern is they’ll find a blanket ban against the law, buuuuut: bring up enough additional factors to take into consideration that cities & states will run with to restrict gun rights even further than now.

        1. “They’re not going to lose the House, Ken. Unless you think the fraud only happened in 2020.”

          If the Democrats fixed the House races in 2020, they did a terrible job considering that the Republicans picked up seats in the House–even in places like California.

          Here’s an analysis I did a while back:

          First column is House seats won/lost. The last column is what I see as the dominant issue(s) of that midterm.

          +9 1934 Franklin D. Roosevelt Great Depression Response
          +8 2002 George W. Bush 9/11
          -4 1962 John F. Kennedy Cuban Missile Crisis
          -8 1990 George H. W. Bush USSR Falls, Operation Desert Shield
          -9 1926 Calvin Coolidge 1st Midterm in 2nd Term (Harding Died)
          -12 1970 Richard Nixon Vietnam, Kent State
          -15 1978 Jimmy Carter Energy Crisis, Inflation
          -18 1954 Dwight D Eisenhower McCarthyism
          -22 1918 Woodrow Wilson Broken Promise not to Enter WWI
          -26 1982 Ronald Reagan Recession
          -47 1966 Lyndon B. Johnson Great Society, Civil Rights Act
          -48 1974 Gerald Ford Nixon Pardoned
          -52 1930 Herbert Hoover Smoot-Hawley Tariff, Great Depression
          -54 1946 Harry S Truman Labor Unrest, Price Controls
          -54 1994 Bill Clinton Gun Control, HillaryCare
          -57 1910 William Taft Republican/Progressives Split
          -63 2010 Barack Obama TARP, ObamaCare
          -77 1922 Warren Harding Republican/Progressive Split

          The median is -24 House seats lost.

          The average is -31`House seats lost.

          The Democrats are six seats ahead of the Republicans. There will be five vacancies. The chances of the Democrats losing less than 12 seats despite their radical agenda are very low. One of the reasons they’re so fired up to get things done is because they know they’re likely to lose control of the House in 2022. The main reason Pelosi has promised not to seek the Speaker’s chair after the election of 2022 is presumably because she fully expects the Democrats to lose control of the House in 2022 anyway. She could also promise not to sprout wings and flutter about the chamber like a butterfly.

          1. I forgot to add the part about how the part of first term presidents almost always have a rough time of it in their first midterm.

            New presidents usually try to deliver on their campaign promises in their first 100 days, and there’s almost always a big reaction to that in their first midterm.

            There are exceptions. Bush Jr. did extremely well in 2022–after 9/11 and before we invaded Iraq. Unless you’re expecting an unexpected event that has everyone in Los Angeles buying American flags to fly from their car windows sometimes between now and November of 2022, expect Biden to land somewhere south of Obama on that list. The more radical the agenda, the bigger the backlash in their first midterm.

            1. This is what I get for tying during a phone conference . . .

              Bush Jr. did extremely well in 2002!

              Sorry for making a mess of it.

              1. You’ll just have to ty harder next time.

              2. Had it been a Zoom call with Jeffrey Toobin participating, we could understand that a distraction popped up.

  26. “Increasing police militarization risks transforming law enforcement in minority communities into national security operations, with corresponding greater authority to use force and restrict liberty,” writes Milton C. Reagan of Georgetown’s Center on National Security and the Law in a new paper.

    I see Captain Obvious has awakened from his 30-year coma.


    Hey @washingtonpost. Why didn’t you report that the leaked audio showed that John Kerry shared sensitive information with Iran, a US State Department designated state sponsor of terrorism? [Screenshot]

  28. He is not coming for your hamburger, but you don’t need all that cheese, bacon, and other things that make the burger very delicious or dangerous looking. And no one needs that many fries!! common sense burger control.

    1. And he’s coming for your charcoal and natural gas.

      1. P.S. I have never seen a commercial kitchen with an electric stove, and I don’t think that’s about cost. I think it’s about temperature control. It takes a while for electric stoves to heat up and cool down.–there’s more of a lag. With gas stoves, it’s more or less instantaneous.

        1. And hotter.

        2. In restaurants it’s all about speed, speed, speed. Screaming hot pans bathed in fire can saute in seconds what would take minutes at home.

          1. Microwave and, potentially, induction are the only way to go electric.

            1. And sous vide.

              1. Overrated.

            2. What’s wrong with convection? Unless that is what you meant by induction

              1. He means induction burners. Which are the only electric thing that heats up faster than gas.

                1. Is that the thing that gets water boiling in like 30 seconds or some fantastically short amount of time?

                  1. It’s like science and stuff. Specialized hardware. Expensive.

                    1. A friend of the family was the CEO of a very large company here in SV and they had an opulent kitchen replete with the functionality to boil water much faster than normal ranges.

                      Yes, I am ignorant of how an oven works. As long as my coq au vin comes out tasting as I expect, I am happy with my ignorance

                    2. Some people can afford it. Great for them.

                      Gas is always my first choice.

                    3. Right, “potentially”.

                    4. With induction, the pot is basically the heating element. Varying magnetic fields in the base induce large electric currents in certain materials (e.g. iron and most steel) which gets it hot fast with minimal heat loss to the environment.
                      You can get a single induction burner for not too crazy money.

                2. Literally uses magnets to heat your pans. The magnetic field induces (hence the name) electric currents in the body of the metal pan. Currents have resistance, resistance leads to heat, and ta-da! Hot food.

                  I guess it’s faster than heat conducting from a hot surface or hot gasses to the body of the pan and then to the food. Never used one.

                  1. Hmmmm….what amount of money would I pay to boil water 5 minutes faster….

                    1. When you said ‘convection’ I assumed you meant air fryer. It’s not just about bioling water. I paid extra so that I can have the burners going on the stove and don’t have to shuffle the skillets around a bucket of oil.

                      I haven’t used induction to cook food, but the speed and functionality is definitely superior. Whether that justifies the cost is up to the consumer(s).

                    2. I do have a convection feature in my oven that defo cooks food in about 2/3 time.

                      So I have that going for me…which is nice

                    3. I’ve got a duel fuel. Gas burners, with electric convection oven. The convection oven is great for doing slow cooked ribs, because the circulating air gives a nice crust.

                    4. You can never boil HO2 too fast.

                    5. I will try using convection for some Cornish Game Hens. That should yield the same result: nicely cooked skin.

              2. What’s wrong with convection?

                Usually not an apples-to-apples comparison and, if it is, gas is still faster. I have an air fryer/slow cooker/pressure cooker device and while I like it because it absolutely beats heating up several cups of oil, the pressure cooker doesn’t sear meat as quickly as the NG stovetop.

                1. How do you like the air fryer? I have heard it is best to purchase a bigger unit because the entry level models have too small a yield unless you are feeding a family of door mice

                  1. I’ve got the Ninja with 2 baskets, which is a bigger one. You can cook a good amount of one type of food in both, or set a different time and temp to do 2 different types of food. You can easily do wings and fries for two people at the same time.

                  2. Got a smaller unit to replace an old toaster oven. It is great. Fried chicken in 22 minutes from frozen. Hash browns better than oil fried (outside crispy and inside moist). Mozzarella sticks in 11 minutes. Very happy with it. Ymmv.

                  3. Ninja Foodi Pro (6.5 qt.), would recommend. I could see a 1-2 qt. model if you lived alone or had limited space, but if you want to do more than heat up your leftover McDs fries, I wouldn’t go any smaller than 4 qt.

                    IME, ovens with convection features don’t compare. They’re good, but the convection still feels bolted on to a larger, box oven.

                2. I’m going to be this guy and say “air fryer” is a nonsense word. Frying is when you cook things in hot oil.

                  1. If it walks like a fried duck and quacks like a fried duck…

                  2. I don’t normally endorse murder, but your definition implies oil is required to make pan-fried bacon.

  29. Biden isn’t coming for your burgers but both he and Cuomo will be coming for your buns.

  30. If you see a headline that starts with “No,” prepare to be lied to.

    1. Oral orders and text messages orders were, I thought, a nice touch.

      The whole thing strikes me as bullshit. Wouldn’t you demand such an order be in writing, if you were the operations officer in question given that tasking? Isn’t that bureaucratic survival 101? Besides, what’s a 15C going to do with a crowd of protesters, other than put on an impromptu airshow? It doesn’t carry a/g stuff besides the 20mm.

      1. The free impromptu air show would be pretty sweet. Jet fighters are awesome machinery

        One sonic boom would clear the rabble

        1. “One sonic boom would clear the rabble.”

          Written just like someone justifying only a “show of force” against insurgents, instead of anything useful…

          1. No, I just dig military air shows. Especially the Snow Geese who aren’t subject to the FAA and can break the sound barrier with impunity

            1. Oops…Snow Birds…not Snow Geese…

              Sorry Canada

              1. This is US publication. Why would you bring up something related to Canada? Weird.

    2. In the article one of the guardsmen said it would be an illegal order

      But disobeying an illegal order is insurrection. And the military personel that promised to not break their oath to defend the constitution and not obey an illegal order are all traitors and should be expelled.

  31. Martin Heller, who co-authored the University of Michigan study at the center of this hoopla, told CNN’s Daniel Dale he had “no idea what Biden’s plan has to say about our diets.”

    Neither does Joe Biden.

  32. Biden is modeling his energy plan off the kook Democrat congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal proposal which did have a line in there about seriously curtailing or eliminating beef production. To say categorically claim that these type of food restrictions are not part of the Democrat’s energy plans may be whistling past the graveyard.

    1. To say categorically claim that these type of food restrictions are not part of the Democrat’s energy plans may be whistling past the graveyard.

      They’re being coy about it because American employment is far more dependent on the food service industry now than it was 40-50 years ago. It used to be that these places were run by middle-aged managers and staffed by teenagers, now they’re run by 20-somethings and staffed by adult immigrants of various ages.

      If you curtail beef production by even 10%, you’re cutting back on a primary staple of American restaurant menus, which would have nation-wide economic effects.

      1. Feature, not a bug.

      2. I don’t expect them to come out and say that they will outright ban beef. Buuut, we may will see more pressure to get people to stop eating it, probably in the form of PSAs with a tearful child holding a stuffed baby cow (like with anti smoking ads – kids are the best way to push your agenda). Also, look for progopolises and blue states to start levying a “sustainability” tax on beef (again, think of the sky high cigarette taxes in NYC), and McDs and BK eventually be ordered to reduce the actual meat content in their burgers until it is zero.


    The ACLU Again Cowardly Abstains From an Online Censorship Controversy: This Time Over BLM


  34. In 2006, Chauvin was one of several officers involved in the shooting death of a man who stabbed others before turning on the police.

    Although Klobuchar was the Hennepin county attorney at the time of an October 2006 police shooting involving Chauvin, she did not prosecute and instead the case went to a grand jury that declined to charge the officers with wrongdoing in 2008.

    From the Guardian article. Is it possible that the previous Chauvin-involved shooting was… you know, justified?

  35. Does ENB also write long articles about Democrats when they spread lies about Republican policies?

    1. Like when reason said White was pulled over for air freshners hanging from the window?

      1. What was he pulled over for?

        1. Per this, the initial stop to pull over the car Daunte Wright was in, was for expired registration. Plus the aforementioned air fresheners.

          After the stop, again per that link, was when the cops figured out Wright had a warrant for the misdemeanor, (plus had an aggravated armed robbery charge on him.) Hence the attempted arrest.

          1. Well there you go. First rule of being a smart criminal is having a car that doesn’t invite the police to stop it

            1. “Break only one law at a time.”

              1. Coming soon: Vehicle registration is racist

  36. Conservative politicians and media have been inflamed over President Joe Biden’s plan to drastically curb American meat consumption. There’s just one little problem: It doesn’t exist.

    Oh, FFS! 4 years of Trump being a Russian stooge and starting WWIII with every tweet and suddenly Reason is defending a President’s socialist agenda from tangentially relevant disinformation?

    “You need ID to go buy groceries.” got eviscerated because Trump was a dictator, but “We’re going to end global warming.” gets defended because he may or may not do anything from overtly ban beef to tax and regulate the shit out of anything and everything remotely related to beef production? Fuck off Reason.

    1. “Reason is defending a President’s socialist agenda”

      There was no defense of Biden’s policies in ENB’s blog post.

      1. There was no defense of Biden’s policies in ENB’s blog post.

        You’re right. a defense of Biden’s policies would’ve been more honest. Instead, they took an exceedingly anti-libertarian stance and attacked people who think the President shouldn’t be able to ban beef.

      2. “from tangentially relevant disinformation?”

        Reading comprehension is hard when you’re stupid.

        1. Amen to that

  37. Save the beef burgers. Tofu is a soyrry excuse for meat.

  38. I feel like this only got a fraction of the attention it deserved.

    WaPo ‘Fact Checker’ gets fact-checked.

    Cliffs: Ahead of his giving the Official Republican Response to Biden’s address, Kessler takes aim at Sen. Tim Scott and his “Cotton Fields to Congress in 2 Generations” biography. Glenn, the son of a Proctor and Gamble VP, suggests Sen. Scott is a lying hack who comes from privilege, because his grandfather may have dropped out of 4th grade instead of 3rd grade (isn’t dropping out of 4th grade ‘3rd grade education’? Anyhoo…) and was able to scribble his own name legibly on a land deed.

    So someone does some research into Glenn’s Dutch family, who were in the oil and steel business. And by that I mean his great-grandfather founded Royal Dutch Shell, and leadership passed to his sons. During WWII. they were Nazi Collaborators, using slave labor for the war effort. Someone posts a picture of Glenn’s grandfather, and his response is, “nun-unh, that’s my Great Uncle”. He says his grandfather didn’t collaborate with his great-uncle, and cites a Wikipedia article, edited by Glenn Kessler, as his source.

    The ratio and replies are epic.

  39. “No, Biden Isn’t Coming for Your Burgers”: This article is so obviously fake news. Burgers are tasty, mmm. Me love ’em so much along with my AR-15.

    1. And?

      Christ, at least White Knight tries when he trolls here. This is just sad.

      1. Whoa, caught one on the bottom. Not anything resembling a trophy though, tossing it back.

  40. I hope people are struck by how little the Republican party has to offer. It is now down to telling you that your hamburger will be taken from you. The party has as much evidence for this as that the election was a fraud, we have open borders or that Biden is a socialist. That does not matter because what they learned from the former President was that throwing mud is better than working hard on ideas and proposals.

    1. “I hope people are struck by how little the Republican party has to offer…”

      I wish TDS-addled imbecilic assholes would understand that the government ain’t your mommy.
      Fuck off and die.

      1. But but but…he’s a moderate. It says so right in his name!

    2. Yep they don’t offer to steal your money, they don’t tell you what to wear, what to eat, where to go. They don’t tell you what to think, and they don’t tell you how much you can charge for your work, they don’t offer you money for nothing, and they don’t offer a tiered justice system based on political disposition. You are right there is a lot that the Republicans don’t do that democrats do.

  41. According to the EPA all agriculture contributes about 9% of GHG emissions in the USA, animal agriculture contributes less than 4%. Cutting meat consumption would have negligible impact on GHG emissions.

    1. Look, this is libertarianism, we can’t have kooks opposing the President simply because he may ban beef as part of a larger anti-AGW agenda.

  42. How about a campaign to eradicate termites? They don’t give a crap about thier emissions. If course we might do permanent damage to the ecosystem, but we could cut CO2 and methane emissions on one go.

  43. There are test versions of GMO pigs and cows that fart less. Will these get renewed interest? I’m guessing not.

    1. Pigs aren’t ruminants and don’t perform enteric ferementation. The animals themselves aren’t ‘methane-intensive’ anymore than dogs, cats, chickens, or humans. Their waste products can be methane intensive, but that’s typically intentional and, again, isn’t any different than dogs, cats, chickens, humans, etc.

      1. Ahh. Maybe the pigs just popped less.

      2. Man, you know way too much about animal flatulency.

    2. Maybe regular watchers of The View like Tony and WK can weigh in on whether Rosie O’Donnell has ripped a few on air.

  44. So apparently the Academy Awards had its lowest ratings ever last night. Not a surprise, as they’ve been trending down for years, but I doubt it helped that theaters were shut down almost all of last year, and the Best Picture nominees were all stuff that no one saw or even heard of.

    Apparently Twitter is also in a lather that Chadwick Boseman didn’t win an award for being dead and black.

    1. Ass cancer can’t even get you an Academy Award? Getting shot by a cop gets you deified.

  45. Sheesh people! Chill!

    Biden is not going after your burgers. And, he is not going to open our southern border for covid infected M-13 gang members to cross into the U.S. with no background check.

    He is not going to raise your taxes or try to outlaw your guns. He is not going to ban fracking and cause energy prices to sky-rocket. Gas prices have not risen and there will be no inflation.

    I do not understand why Republicans insist on pouncing on every little thing!

    1. Except he has acted or campaigned on almost all of these.
      -Raise Taxes – Congress has literally passed a measure than bans reducing taxes on the state level.
      -“Common Sense” gun control which means to randomly ban gun brand names
      – Ban Fracking. This has been a Democratic talking point for over a decade.
      – Inflation – Biden’s massive stimuli will necessarily cause inflation. The fact that we haven’t had huge inflation under Obama and Trump already is a bit astounding.
      – Greenhouse Gas reductions. Either Biden is a liar who has no intention of achieving his stated goals, some revolutionary new power source such as fusion has been invented and about to roll out, this is going to be a huge series of accounting tricks that don’t actually change anything, or there are going to be massive, MASSIVE changes extremely soon. California has already announced a scheduled ban on gasoline cars. The Green New Deal asked for a near-ban on air travel. The reductions even there wouldn’t be enough by an order of magnitude. Hypothesizing on what they could possibly do to achieve their stated goals is quite reasonable.

      Again, this is based on what Biden and the Democrats are saying. Are you saying that they liars, windbags, or just bad at their jobs?

  46. “Are you saying that they liars, windbags, or just bad at their jobs?”

    I choose d): all of the above.

    1. Touche, my friend.
      However, after this past year, I don’t believe the “they would never do something so extreme” argument holds nearly as much water as it did previously.

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