Michigan Moving To Make 'Emergency' COVID-19 Mandates Permanent

Nothing is more permanent than an “emergency” mandate.


Almost every state instituted emergency rules to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. This included statewide mask mandates, limits on gatherings, school shutdowns, and more. Michigan has had and continues to have some of the most severe restrictions across the country.

But what makes the Great Lakes State truly unique now is that it wants to make its emergency rules for businesses permanent.

State bureaucrats are moving to impose permanent regulations that would mandate the following and more on all Michigan businesses: mask wearing whenever employees are within six feet of someone else, daily health screenings, extensive record keeping, and keeping a "COVID-19 safety coordinator" on-site. Retail stores, personal care services, and other businesses open to the public would have to become the mask police: They would be required to make all customers wear masks, vaccinated or not.

Many of these rules are based on mandates put in place last spring by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. As such, many are based on outdated scientific knowledge about how COVID-19 spreads. For instance, employers must "increase facility cleaning and disinfection" and "prohibit workers from using other workers' phones, desks, offices or other work tools and equipment." These rules were dreamed up when public health experts thought the virus could easily spread via surface contact. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently said there's a one in 10,000 chance of getting infected from touching a contaminated surface.

The rules make no accommodations for vaccinations. The word vaccine doesn't even appear in the rules. This means that even if a movie theater or bowling alley has fully vaccinated its entire staff and is in a community with no cases, masks are mandated at all times.

Other mandates in the proposed rules may be impossible for businesses to comply with. Sports stadiums must, for instance, "establish safe exit procedures for patrons," such as dismissing attendees by section. Would the Detroit Lions need to prevent people from individually leaving Ford Field early during a blowout loss (a common occurrence)? That may be illegal

So how can this be? Aren't there limits on the state's power? Yes, but Michigan's executive offices have fought them every step of the way.

Whitmer put in place orders last spring under a state law that requires the legislature to approve the continuation of emergency powers after 28 days. Initially, Michigan lawmakers approved their continuation for another 22 days. But even after the legislative approval expired, Whitmer continued issuing emergency orders. She claimed a 1945 law aimed at controlling local riots enabled her to maintain unilateral control over the state's pandemic response for however long she alone determined was necessary. The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of three medical providers who had been shut down, and a patient who had been denied care, and the Michigan Supreme Court eventually ruled that the governor had acted illegally and could not extend these emergency orders indefinitely.

Whitmer, nevertheless, maintained unilateral control. She merely switched to using a law that authorizes the director of her state health department to limit gatherings during a pandemic to reinstitute most of the mandates the Michigan Supreme Court had just invalidated. Other state departments, such as the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA), followed suit with their own emergency rules that mirrored the governor's original orders.

The permanent rules being discussed are being put out by MIOSHA. As part of the rule-making process, they have to submit a "regulatory impact statement." In it, they cite only one state with permanent COVID-19 rules—Virginia. But that may be incorrect, as Virginia's workplace regulators say their rules are "temporary standards."

In 2020, MIOSHA went after gas stations for employees wearing face coverings inadequately, roofers who were not social distancing, and forklift drivers working outside and not wearing masks. It has issued dubious fines for transgressions, including to the city of Port Huron, even though the inspector admitted he didn't see any unmasked workers, but simply had a "general feeling" that masks "were not being taken seriously." The agency can fine or put companies out of business or even put people in jail. The permanent rules being discussed would comprise a different process with different punishments, but this shows the extent to which the agency has gone after those violating regulatory mandates.

What can lawmakers and the public do? Not much. The legislature can slow down the implementation of these rules, but not stop them. MIOSHA must hold a public hearing and receive comments from the public, but it doesn't have to take those comments into consideration. Barring a successful lawsuit, if the governor and her department want these permanent rules put in place, they will be in effect indefinitely until the law is changed or until a different governor changes them.

Ultimately, one person can control the lives of all 10 million Michigan residents to an enormous extent not only during a declared state of emergency, but potentially for years going forward.

If that doesn't show the dangers of the administrative state, I don't know what does.

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136 responses to “Michigan Moving To Make 'Emergency' COVID-19 Mandates Permanent

  1. Glad I do not live there though it is withing a 3 hour drive.

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    2. Is there a better way for demotivating people to take the vaccine?

      1. They are not thinking if your gonna mandate face coverings and other things to those that also took the vaccine why should we take it smh I swear they trying to make the USA China mandatory this mandatory that and if we continue to let them out freedoms gonna be ripped from us and our children seeing our kids online no friends no social life like come on we should have the freedom to choose what we want this also makes no sense we’re compromising our health by staying locked in and not socializing our immunity is being compromised what is the vaccine ummmm idk lol it’s the freakin virus they putting in you for your body to fight off and recognize it well if we go out and about we’re exposed and our body fights off colds flus germs ect everyday but we’re are killing ourselves and making ourselves more vulnerable locking ourselves in and what did they tell us about children all our life we’ll let them get dirty let them play it builds their immunity well somethings off here is all I’m sayin

    3. History has many examples of the powerful asking for emergency powers, then never giving them up. Ancient Rome, Greece, Hitler’s Germany, more recently Venezuela, Russia, Turkey. It’s the primary lesson to learn from history.

      George Lucas used it as the political intrigue in the prequels. The Phantom Menace was the trumped up problem he needed to justify requesting, and getting, those emergency powers.

      Thanks, Jar Jar.

      Who are the Jar Jars in this situation? Who are the drooling senators and media and public that Padme spoke of when she sighed and said, “So this is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause?”

    4. I do, and the bitch is a cunt.

      And yet you can drive through a city like Grand Rapids and see an electronic billboard, proclaiming

      [I can only hear that in a school child recitation voice]

      Way more about virtue than virus, and it’s not working

    5. If this happens and becomes a trend it will be time to wipe out the democrats once and for all. It’s absolutely a bridge too far.

      It’s a shame so many democrats are determined to die because they just can’t stop assaulting Americans.

  2. Look at those eyes. Like a predator.

    1. I will lance her with my spear.

      1. Dude. Gross.

    2. She’s got “resting evil face”, a tragic condition I first noticed in Chuck Schumer. It must be contagious, it’s becoming endemic among Democratic governors.

      1. Don’t forget slapsey Maxey Waters………

      2. Some people in leadership may fear they will do too much.

        Quite the opposite with the Gretch; you can never do enough seems to be her byline.

    3. You mean a nut?

  3. Why hasn’t this cunt been removed from office yet?

    1. Supposedly some brave souls were willing to take a shot at it. The FBI intervened.

      1. And probably planned it too.

        1. The FBI is planning a lot of things these days.
          Gotta disarm the serfs


        1. Such faith in the system

        2. Republican? Don’t they have Libertarians in Michigan?

          1. It’s the cities that all run blue; very difficult for a Republican to get elected in a statewide election. They like this kind of thing, experts, authority, someone to tell them what is and what to do. Then it becomes all about virtue and being with the right program.

            1. I am originally from Michigan and planning on visiting in June. My understanding is nobody is following this nonsense in the rural areas. Anybody know if this is true? I am coming through the UP by travel trailer, going over the bridge and stopping in Northern lp for a bit. Driving over to fennville to park my travel trailer and visiting in Kalamazoo which will be the only city I go into. I live in Washington State where life is mostly normal as long as you don’t go into the communist run cities. I did agree to go into Seattle and visit the better half’s uncle. We met in a crowded part of the U district and you couldn’t find anybody outside or inside not wearing a mask. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. No matter what nonsense they pass people don’t have to obey. What are they going to do? Declare martial law and put police on every foot of soil across the state?

    2. Well, if all goes well they’ll only have to put up with the idiot until next year.

      1. Michigan is becoming like NY; doesn’t matter what Cuomo did or what disastrous consequences it produces; he’s their guy and there are plenty in MI who just love this bitch.

    3. You’ll probaby have to wait ’till next year.
      Hopefully the idiots that elected that thing will realize it’s a dictator-wannabe and get rid of it.
      If they’re clever.
      But you never know.
      Maybe they’re masochists and vote to be ass-raped again.

  4. I am shocked, shocked I say.

    1. Me too. I expected SleepyJoe to do this first.

      1. Trial run.

        1. And Whitler’s got plans, too. She ain’t plannin’ on stoppin’ at govna’!

  5. “What can lawmakers and the public do? Not much.”

    Been there, done that:
    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness . . . “

    1. The people of Michigan should call for a state constitutional convention. Based on the Declaration of Independence, the federal courts should support it.

      1. None of that is needed. Just vote all these clowns out of office.

  6. Speaking of Michigan and mandates, I want to bring this up again, because it’s important.

    Short summary:

    Court rules last minute 2020 election changes by the Sec. of State were in fact illegal thus having no right or authority to loosen signature requirement rules. The court makes no statements on the effects of the election (which can’t be known as the chain of custody and evidence is long destroyed). The court denied the defense’s position that the suit should be dismissed because the moment had passed and therefore there was “no controversy”.

    1. Michigan is hilarious.

      Subsequent events do not leave me wishing that Trump were in office but lmao at Michigan letting her retain power after blatantly defying the legislature like that.

      1. The Michigan GOP are enablers and cowards.

        1. You are absolutely correct. They have no balls. They all handed them in a long time ago.
          As a Michigander, I am ashamed of the way the Republicans allowed this little female Hitler run over them.
          And as for her little lesbo Atty. Gen., I can only say It will be a great day for Michigan when she is removed from office.

      2. Gretchen almost had a revelation this morning when she realized they had high numbers despite the harshest lockdowns measures. Then blamed red states for her covid numbers.

        1. Wreckers and kulaks ..

      3. Then you’ll get what you deserve, bubba

        1. Unfortunately, we get what TDS-addled shits like Bubba deserve also.

    2. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  7. OK, who wants to be on the “Committee to determine the best use of an empty Michigan”?

    1. i already know how to empty Michigan, just flush!

      1. Nah, cut off all welfare and give out U-Haul vouchers. Hey, same thing with illegals.

    2. Depends on how GM, Ford, FCA, and the UAW feel about it.

    3. Dan Campbell for governor.

  8. The only thing Whitmer has to offer is cowardice.

    1. And evil. Don’t forget evil.

      1. Her three chief weapon are cowardice, evil and a lack of intelligence. Er, among her chief weapons are: cowardice, evil, a lack of intelligence and near fanatical devotion to the Woke.

        1. Many people have been predicting the Progressive Inquisition for years.

    2. How long before she’s handily re-elected?

      1. Elections are fortified now. They’re not necessary.

      2. at least she had the wrong skin tone to be picked for VP

  9. This is your brain on Botox.

  10. This legislation won’t save any lives. It’s just another naked attempt by the government to make itself relevant. But this dynamic isn’t unique to dems: republicans are doing the same thing in Florida with their new anti-rioting laws. Ultimately the goal is civil war over rival ideologies.

    But of course it’s all very silly. The solution is to realize we simply don’t need big government any more. We’re all grown up and can take care of ourselves now.

    1. It isn’t legislation. It’s bureaucrats making ‘administrative’ rulemaking decisions, outside of the typical process.

  11. Anyone want to buy a 24 acre homestead in Michigan? I’ve got one I’ll sell you.

    1. Just set it up as a baronage.

    2. I do. Is it in SW MI?

    3. Unfortunately homesteads in michigan don’t include underlying mineral rights.

    4. I wish. I had to leave my own back in 2008, when I lost the only job in my profession within commuting distance. At this point my wife refuses to move to anyplace that has real winters, having experienced warm weather.

  12. Barring a successful lawsuit, if the governor and her department want these permanent rules put in place, they will be in effect indefinitely until the law is changed or until a different governor changes them.

    Constitutional is in the eye of the office holder.

  13. Did you not pay attention when we told you this was going to happen? Because we told you this was going to happen last year after it went past 2 weeks.


    1. We were focused on a Trump tweet that week so we didn’t hear the warnings.

      1. Oh my God. That asshole made a public statement this week. Reset the clock on the 2 weeks.

    2. Never believe ANYTHING a democrat politician tells you.

  14. Hey, at least Michigan Democrats are openly admitting now that the vaccines don’t work.

  15. the inspector admitted he didn’t see any unmasked workers, but simply had a “general feeling” that masks “were not being taken seriously.”

    One has a “general feeling” that Whitmer et al. will find they are “not being taken seriously” by a lot of Michiganders.

  16. Gonna be interesting at the OSU/Mich game when OSU fans start chanting “Michigan Sucks!” and Michigan fans have no reply.

    1. No reply?

      They’ll be chanting “Michigan Sucks!” too…

  17. What the hell is wrong with Michigan?

    1. What the hell is wrong with Michigan?

      Large-population blue shitholes.

    2. Detroit and Flint.

      1. Ann Arbor, Lansing, Marquette, Benton Harbor…..
        plenty of liberal idiots in Traverse City too.
        Just drive down town and see all the BLM signs in shop windows. I avoid that place like the clap.

    3. What’s wrong with MI is people like my dear brother. We grew up with the same friends, same experiences, mostly the same viewpoints, sharing a room, until I left for college. Much of that time in MI, the rest in IL. After that he became more and more left politically, and I became Libertarian, now right-leaning Libertarian.
      We can’t discuss politics anymore. His retort is “I’m Socialist and proud of it!”.
      So he sits locked down in Lansing, MI. He called me two weeks ago. I was sitting in my favorite bar in Phoenix, nobody with any masks, chatting with friends just like normal. He couldn’t even leave home unless it was a necessary trip to a doctor or grocery and only then covered in masks. Poor SOB. Loves his governor. “Socialist and Proud of It.” I put my favorite lady bartender on the phone to cheer him up.

  18. Just checking…the guys who wanted to kidnap her were “bad”, right?

    Because it seems few people deserve a head on a pike more than she does.

  19. Looks like the governor and the legislature are vying to capture the coveted award, currently held by Illinois’ JB Prickster, of U-Haul Salesman of the Year. If they carry through, Michigan may become deserted even faster than Illinois. What an honor!

  20. I call BS on the legislature not being able to do much. If it’s a law that Whitmer and the health department are using, as stated in the article, then the legislature can make a new law. There’s no such thing as a legislature being able to tie the hands of a future legislature.

    1. Claiming their hands are tied allows greater leeway for cowardice.

  21. but, but Josh Hawley said….

  22. Does this incompetent tyrant think people really want to live this way? Why would anyone want to move to Michigan, or visit there?

    1. Try doing business here in Michigan. Putting unnecessary, department of redundancy department regulations, permits and licensing, each with attending fees, you’ll think your getting further from startup every day. On top of that, constantly shifting and conflicting regulations and new agencies to contend with. Compliance Officer is a necessity to even start a business here, along with $2-$3 million for studies, permits, submitting plans, etc. That’s before breaking ground. It can take 2-5 years from start to startup.

      One of the smaller businesses I’ve started was a limousine company. The state required the limos to be owned/be financed, have logos, be inspected and insured before filing for licensing. The State dept had up to 90 days from filing to finish fulfillment. They had time to send me threatening letters not to operate before I got my license 9 times. I had to pay limo insurance of $2400.00/month (plus 3 vehicle payments) and if it dropped, one letter informed me, I’d be denied licensing. On day 89 I got my license, a mechanically signed letter of authority and a sticker for each limo. Unfortunately, I was out of money. On day 91 the insurance agency informed the State I didn’t pay on time. On day 94 I got a registered letter from the state revoking my license. So they can fuck you in 3 days, or they can take 30 times as long to do their fucking job (also fucking you). Btw, they cashed my licensing fees check on day 2.

  23. In a country with Cuomo and Newsome, Whitmer remains the worst sitting governor by far. I was in the UP last spring/summer and most people weren’t wearing masks in public, Well, they were up in Houghton. Restaurants were takeout COVID was almost nonexistent in the Western Counties and in neighboring Wisconsin along the lake.

    1. The UP knows Whitmer and her goons are never going to venture up there.

      1. Not ever. She’s safely ensconced in her little castle in Lansing.

  24. 10 million people don’t have to listen to her.

    1. I would be quite amused if the crowd at a press conference overran her security and literally tore her apart.

      That would be a good start, relative to our democrat problem.

  25. Michigan is in for tough times. The legislature, controlled by GOP, passed some devious shit that would shut down restaurants. They are just as inept and devious as Whitmer.

    1. I live here. When did that happen?

    2. Just look what they did to Marlena Pavlos-Hackney….they won’t hesitate to do to anyone else.

  26. Hurry it up. We need another deep red red state and this seems like a sure way to turn MI from purple to scarlet within a year. Voters of all races will be in a frenzy to elect Republicans to get out from under the boot heel.

    1. Not likely given that UAW remains a religion for much of South and SW Michigan. And they only countenance voting for Democrats.

  27. Emergency gov’t powers becoming permanent?

    Who could’ve seen this coming?!?

    Except, you know, ANYONE who has ever read a f’king history book. (Or seen Star Wars…).

  28. This makes Gov. Mother Superior’s executive ban on flavored vaping products right before the pandemic look quaint in comparison.

  29. Great article, although sadly the author isn’t a very skilled writer. Gotta say, it’s entertaining reading all these ignorant and displeased comments. Whitmer did and continues to do great things for MI, it’s a shame many don’t see that. I’m looking forward to more people like most of those in the comments spewing their silly deductions and hopefully some actually move out of MI as they’ve hinted at.

    1. So what flavor of boot leather do you prefer?

      1. His(?) post reads like some Mad Libs from a translation program. I mean, his phrases are in English, but they don’t make any sense together.

        I guess robots can work cheaper than fifty cents a post.

    2. “…Gotta say, it’s entertaining reading all these ignorant and displeased comments. Whitmer did and continues to do great things for MI, it’s a shame many don’t see that…”

      Well, that’s easy to understand; you’re full of shit.

      1. Or it’s a parody account. Hard to tell these days.

    3. Geez, sycophant much?

    4. Please ….put down the crack pipe.
      Michigan is in shit shape. Rising food and gas prices, Stores and restaurants closed, many forever, schools closed, people dying needlessly because they couldn’t get admission to hospitals and clinics, and the awful lunatic executive orders she produced last spring that only reaffirmed our so called governor doesn’t know what she is doing.
      As for her little lesbo lapdog Nessel who ordered the jailing of a restaurant owner in Holland simply for the crime of giving her side of the story on Tucker Carlson’s show was the last straw.
      They both need to be put out.
      My mistake, Whitmer has been putting out since her high school days in Farmington Hills.

    5. “Whitmer did and continues to do great things for MI”

      I noticed you didn’t provide any specifics there. I suspect the only thing you could reference is how she was first in line to grab however much [public] money Biden is willing to throw.

    6. What great things, biggest covid outbreak despite one of the most restrictive lockdowns? Sending covid positive patients to nursing homes? No sane person would move to Michigan and anyone who can will leave.

  30. My favorite thing about this article (and others like it) is the calm way in which the news is delivered.

    The best writers at reason are the ones who are not on staff. Anyone with any understanding of human nature and power could see this coming one year ago when they shut down the country for two weeks to flatten some damn curve. The coverage of the pandemic in this publication has been a constant source of disappointment. This is big news – where the fuck is the outrage?

    1. It’s weird but every rare once in a while a real honest-to-goodness libertarian will somehow make it through the screening process and have something put up here on the weekend.

      It’s pretty much always just a one-time deal though; Welch, Gillespie, and the gang always see to it that they’re not allowed to come back again.

  31. Dem Yuppers gonna secede. Daz gots dem guns. The trolls will be in serious trouble if they try to stop them.
    (trolls: people from “under the bridge” southern Michigan)


  33. This cunt makes Eva Braun seem like Mother Teresa!

  34. & Michigan is in a surge of cases. obviously, these rules are not helping, but now they want to make them permanent irrespective of vaccination or anything else?? utterly crazy.

    1. The reason for the outbreak is not clear. They have pretty much been doing what everyone else has been doing. People getting less cautious but that is happening everywhere.

      They are saying that there is a lot of the UK variant around which is more contagious.

      I think this is just what infectious diseases do. You get a certain level locally and they just replicate exponentially. I don’t think it says anything about masks which are a weak defense at best. I don’t know what is meant by permanent here but that is obviously ridiculous.

      There are rises going on in Florida and New York as well.

      More needles in arms. They need to kick it up a notch or two.

      1. What great things, biggest covid outbreak despite one of the most restrictive lockdowns? Sending covid positive patients to nursing homes? No sane person would move to Michigan and anyone who can will leave.

      2. The lockdowns were pointless I am so glad I live in Texas. Grew up in Pennsylvania, blue states absolutely suck on so many levels.

  35. Part of the problem is they are distributing strictly by population. What they should do is set aside a reserve so they can send extra doses when something like this happens.

  36. This covid problem has gone to far. The countries must have to decide what they have to do now. Otherwise there will a massive destruction on earth.

  37. Everything has turned grim over the last one and a half years.

  38. They want to make permanent the failed policies that have led to a recent spike in Covid cases while Texas opened their economy and saw cases decline. Maybe closing and keeping people inside close to each other is not the best idea? You think?

  39. “Michigan” isn’t moving to do this. Michigan’s dictator is moving to do it.

    Five active recall petitions, two of them must hand in their signatures today, and three by the end of the month. Those latter three look to me like chaff intended to divide the effort. One of the set due today was abandoned, the other came up short, and is restarting soon.

    It turns out to be really hard to collect over a million petition signatures when your efforts are subject to the restrictions you’re trying to recall the Governor over.

    1. It turns out to be really hard to collect over a million petition signatures when your efforts are subject to the restrictions you’re trying to recall the Governor over.

      Pretty fucking convenient, that. That’s also why city council meetings are staying online rather than in-person, so they don’t get bitched out directly by their constituents.

  40. Many Michigan residents will not comply with the mandates, especially in a couple of months, after more people have been vaccinated. “Experts” like Fauci and Gottlieb may continue to debate about achieving herd immunity, but the virus continues to spread – and since most infected people don’t get very sick or sick at all, the percentage of the population with antibodies will increase. Add in those who have been vaccinated and we get to herd immunity – or at least close enough to stop worrying about COVID-19 being a crisis.

  41. As a Michigander and living up north, I stay away from place like Lansing and Destroyit. The same goes for the little tyrant in Lansing who just recently spent over a million dollars to fortify the Governor’s residence against “intruders”……maybe she meant BLM or ANTIFA or the latest FBI false flag, anyway I could care less what she dictates…I simply ignore her.
    However the economic destruction that she has caused may be long lasting and will seriously affect how Michigan will regain economic stability. It may be too late, but the liberals don’t care.
    I see too many store fronts and restaurants closed permanently. Too bad for them I guess….as long as it flattens the curve as Dr. Faustus proclaims.
    Unfortunately the Republicans in congress are without the testicular fortitude to do anything to stop her. Yes, that’s right….they have no balls.
    So as springs makes it way into summer and the tourist money no longer flows northward, conditions will worsen for those who depend on summer tourism for sustaining their businesses.
    If I had the money, I would move to Florida or Texas, seems they have it together at least as long as DeSantis remains in office.
    On the other hand there’s nothing to stop me from firing up my BBQ, sitting in the back yard, sans mask and enjoying the summer.

    1. I too live in MI, and agree to stay out of places like Destroyit and our other murder capitals down State. As with many states, we tend to be quite “red” outside of the cities, which includes Marquette, that run reliably blue. Seems virtue and a perverse belief in “following the science” trumps any other concerns, including maintaining an economy.

      And like you I will be enjoying the Summer.

  42. “Would the Detroit Lions need to prevent people from individually leaving Ford Field early during a blowout loss (a common occurrence)” I just had to laugh. It’s funny because it’s so F’n true. One playoff win since 1957. That’s right. 1 Playoff Win in 64 years and counting….

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  48. Of course Mommy dearest takes a little vacash in Florida after ordering the rest of us to stay home.
    F*** that ugly cunt. Piss on her and her little rug munching lesbo Atty. Gen.
    I wish she would stay there but I’m afraid the Floridians probably resent the hell out of her being there.
    At least living Up North has its advantages as her little red squad is too afraid of driving north of Lansing. You see we live up here in the sticks,we all have guns, and we don’t like politicians who think they know what’s best for everyone.
    I envy those living in the U.P. You can easily ignore the crap out of Lansing.

  49. As always, well have to wait and see what happens with the genral pandemic situation.

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