Brickbat: Obedience Training


Salisbury, North Carolina, police officer James Hampton has resigned after a local TV station broadcast video of him lifting his K-9 partner by the leash, slamming the dog into the side of a patrol car, and hitting the dog. There was no date on the video, and the police police department did not say when the video was shot. "We're good, no witnesses," someone in the video can be heard saying. That person was not identified.

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  1. Only a sadistic POS would do that to a dog. This guy might have been in the right line of work. What other jobs can he do? Loan shark payment collector? CIA interrogator? Mob enforcer? Oh wait, he’ll probably just go work as a cop in another city.

    1. “Mob enforcer?”

      The mob has an honor code.

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  2. Fuck that guy with a rusty chainsaw.

    1. That would be hard for you to do after I run him through my woodchipper.

      1. You can both have what you want. Rusty chainsaw first, then woodchipper.

  3. They expect unquestioning obedience. They’re conditioned to use violence in pursuit of that.

    Imagine being his wife.

  4. Aside from the humanitarian aspects of his behavior, a good police dog doesn’t come cheap either.

    1. The humanitarian aspects are the typical issues with morons having no clue how sausage is made. And once again, I can appreciate the sentiment “I don’t like sausage.” or “People shouldn’t or don’t need to eat sausage.” but the idea that “people should be free to eat sausage as long as it’s humanely produced” is fascism masquerading as manners.

      Aside from the shouted command, the trainer wasn’t mad and didn’t beat or torment the dog and the trainer was correct, the dog shouldn’t be jumping out of the car at random.

  5. So is this a case of police on police violance?

  6. Oh, no! Not resignation! Oh the horror, the inhumane treatment! How can such a severe punishment possible fit such a mild crime? I mean he was only training his partner. Maybe he deserved it, maybe he didn’t pick up the command to indicate during a traffic stop and let a citizen get away unmolested. #bluejobsmatter

    It would be a shame if someone neutered this guy, kept him in a cage and only took him out occasionally to treat him as he did this dog.

  7. It was okay because the dog was not immediately compliant. The dog is damned lucky they didn’t shoot his girlfriend.

    Procedures were followed, the dog was not White, so nothing to see. Move along.

  8. there isn’t even any snark appropriate for this asshole I hope he gets eaten by dogs.

  9. Beating up dumb chattel animals is The Kleptocracy’s way of training its illiterate First Responders™ for beating dark people, longhairs and women’s clinic dykes to a pulp before shooting them in the back for trying to get away. This is reinforced when God’s Own Prohibitionists dedicate their Staat-subsidized Law and Orders political platform to those same First Responders™. It’s kinda ironic the b*stids can’t read their dedication.

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